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  1. triton91

    4 Overdose on SD Fishing Boat

    Serious!!! I worked the Boats for a few decades on every level. I never did DRUGS and NEVER Drank on the boat. I have never done drugs and have only drank. You insult so many GREAT Humans with your Comment! Maybe you need to get off drugs yourself!! Are you just a recent Long Ranger?? That...
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    Intel appreciated : Oahu fishing

    Live Bait Sportfishing in Waianae. Heard good things about them, seem to be very fishy!
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    New guy needing advice

    If you run a gas boat here, ethanol free only, I get it for 3.85 a gal right now. truck is diesel and it is 3.80 where I fill up. You can find ethanol free here at some stations.
  4. triton91

    New guy needing advice

    I relocated to the Islands a few years ago and I should of shipped my 26 Cabo out here. Approximate cost on the trailer was 8k, about 29 feet tip of trailer to out drive in down position. Shipping out of Long Beach thru PASHA they have the best set up. Drive rig onto the ship they move it...
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    1999-2019 Hydro Cat 300C

    thanks for adding Trailer pic. Was the boat an I/O and you converted it?? What is the shaft length on the outboards? sitting in the chop do the motors get dunked? John
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    Yamaha's abound here. Lots of Honda's too. You might give the boys at OPM in town a call. They have done great work on my Yamaha's. Last time I was in there they were re-powering a boat with twin Honda 250's.
  7. triton91

    KBay 8/30/19 went for Aku, Ahi showed up

    Aloha all: Been fishing off KBay a bit always getting some Aku etc. went out for quick run for a few to smoke and kona crab fishing. Well Mr. Ahi had other ideas! Hooked on the 1000 fathom line between U and MM. birds in the area etc. but no fish showing. Was about to head in getting ugly...
  8. triton91

    Shurflo Bait Sentry 800GPH Bait Pump

    Had a couple of those get very loud and then die on me, glad had second pump to other bait tank so just tee's off of that one. got replacement same thing happened. I opened it up and it appeared that water would get pushed past the o-ring and burn out the motor and bearing. I believe this was...
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    Affordable EPIRB?

    Got mine at West Marine. ACR rescuQlink a few models to choose from. Garmin amazon has good prices on them.
  10. triton91

    Affordable EPIRB?

    Went PLB route. I wore it last month running boat from Cabo to CA. Boat has an EPIRB, but never know if I fall over board, etc. Plus wear it with my vest in HI when out fishing. Also, take it in backpack when hiking. We had a Garmin inreach and a bunch of family and friends had our user...
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    Longfin Tackle disappointment

    Call Mike at Big Fish Transport in Oceanside. He can do it. Great Reel service. 760-805-0824
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    BOLA / Baja.. The Good and the VERY BAD!

    "I would advise against any adversarial tactics such as photos or arguing or anything that could be perceived as disrespectful. Keep your cool and play the game, you're a guest in their country and their rules are very different than ours. The US is a beautiful country full of incredibly...
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    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    Sure about that??? Unless plan is changed to address this item, all Promises etc. mean nothing! You have to get it changed at some point or you will be walking a long way across that grass to the ramp to get your boat. If not changed some Port Commiss will say hey it's in the plan that this...
  14. triton91

    Cesar, Interested in the transducer. Checking one thing tomorrow on the boat. Would you ship...

    Cesar, Interested in the transducer. Checking one thing tomorrow on the boat. Would you ship to HI? firm on the price?? John
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    Boat Enclosure/Cover

    Thank you will give them a call
  16. triton91

    Boat Enclosure/Cover

    Having a tough time finding someone who does Isinglass enclosures for boats here, anyone know? Also, in need of boat cover. John
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    Fishing options in Kauai??

    Nemesis Sportfishing. Give Darrin a call he's excellent: 4485 Waialo Rd, Eleele, HI 96705 · (808) 635-7412
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    Retirement move to socal

    I don't usually reply to most threads and try to stay on the positive side of things. But, just recently I re-located from So-Cal to Hawaii. I am a fifth generation So-Caler. Born and raised in La Jolla. So-Cal has changed, Yes, so has everywhere you go. One of the main reasons we moved was...
  19. triton91

    Yamaha Mechanics?

    Ocean Performance Marine - OPM Phone: (808) 841 3000 1620 Hau St Kalihi Honolulu HI 96817-4915 Worked on my Yamaha f115's on my Whaler and did a great job, fast. Great source of parts too for Yamaha's!!
  20. triton91

    Restoring/Repainting outboard bracket

    Gary, the bracket on the 226 is filled with foam, open the access plate on top of bracket and you will see that. I removed old outboard from mine and thought bolts inside for the motor. Nope bracket is threaded for the lower outboard bolts. It is a pain to get the foam out and I don't know...
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    Gary: Sorry late reply have been on travel for work!! E-Tec was awesome would love to have...

    Gary: Sorry late reply have been on travel for work!! E-Tec was awesome would love to have them on my whaler here in HI. Great economy and great power gets out of the hole better than 4 strokes and ran like a champ at high rpm's. Maintenance is much less than the 4 strokes too, no oil to...
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    Kauai offshore charter ideas/November

    I second Darrin A. great operation!!
  23. triton91

    Repowering with Yamaha F425 XTO

    Why stop there, throw a Seven Marine, 557 or 657 on it.
  24. triton91

    Custom 23' Aluminum Pilothouse -Honda 225 <100 hrs

    Awesome boat. Too bad I moved prior to seeing this thread!
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    Great boat to fly the kite off of too!!!
  26. triton91


    Waiting for You!!!
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    Yes diesel would be sick! Smoking deal now!
  28. triton91

    40' Jersey Sportfisher 1987

    Let me find more photos and post.
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  30. triton91

    40' Jersey Sportfisher 1987

    Did you go to the listing and see those pics? they should be clear on that site. John
  31. triton91

    40' Jersey Sportfisher 1987

    Well, time to sell the big boat. A sad day indeed but off to greener pastures and she can't go with. Please go see the ad for the boat. I have done many upgrades and she is ready to fish! Price reduced: I am relocating, reasonable offers considered. $79K Here's link to the Ad...
  32. triton91

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Richard: Enjoy the boat, they are awesome. Also, ShadBurke here on BD restores a lot of boats and is a good source of how to do stuff. John
  33. triton91

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Richard: Nice panel! I did one like that on the 266. Yes you can pressure test in place. You can get a gauge and pump and rig it so it fits on the fuel line ports on the tank. Of course you will need to block the fill and vent etc. for the ones not using. Pressure only need to be a pound or...
  34. triton91

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Skydance: Restored a 226 and now my 266: Have sign shop make stickers for the side. Take cracked windshield to plastic shop and have them make you a new one from the old one. go up one thickness and different color if you want. Pressure test the tank! Most likely it is aluminum. you can get...
  35. triton91

    Boston whaler console screws?

    Ace Hardware has a great stainless section
  36. triton91

    Blackman 20

    Awesome 20' FishMachine! any chance that was Thomas's old boat? I remember fishing calicos is his boat way back in the day and that sure looks like the boat? I grew up fishing a 23' Albacore special my Dad had Don build. Any idea on fuel burn?? John
  37. triton91

    SOLD Propellers Michigan Dyna-Quad 24"x27" 1.75" Shaft $700.00 for the pair

    They are bronze and yes can be tweaked by prop shop.
  38. triton91

    FURUNO 1932-MARK2 RADAR FOR SALE, $500.00

    Complete operational: Furuno 1932 Mark 2 48nm radar with 3.5' open array. comes with cable and power cable. Came off my boat was on boat when purchased. Went with Simrad do not need now. $500.00 obo Price Drop call, text or email John 858-922-5977
  39. triton91

    SOLD SIMRAD S5100 Sonar Module for sale, SOLD

    Simrad S5100 for sale, new unit never used except to test system. Went different transducer direction, don't need the module. Comes with all the cables, except two of the 7 to 9 pin adapter cables. Manual included. Unit is in Ventura. Call, text or email. John
  40. triton91

    SOLD Propellers Michigan Dyna-Quad 24"x27" 1.75" Shaft $700.00 for the pair

    SOLD All: I have a pair of Dyna-Quads for sale, 700.00 for the pair. 1.75 inch shaft. 24x27 4 blade props. Came off a 40' Jersey Sportfish. Way too much prop for that boat, so went with correct size. Excellent shape no damage at all. Give me a call, text or email. They are in...
  41. triton91

    Trim Tabs - New Pump or Lenco Electric Conversion Kit

    Just put the Bennett electric conversion on my 40' Jersey. Easy install and so glad the hydraulic is out of there. What a world of difference the electric are. Work very fast and the boat responds so fast with them. no more holding the button down wondering if they are working you know it...
  42. triton91

    Big Fish Transport needs some help

    Thank you all who have donated. Almost there!! You are all the best
  43. triton91

    Big Fish Transport needs some help

    I know some of you have used Mike at Big Fish Transport to help with your trips. Mike is my Best friend and is always on my boat when I fish, if not it is a rare day. Well if you didn't know Mike started Big Fish because of a health issue with his lungs. He is in need and I am reaching out to...
  44. triton91

    US80 Tilefish for Matt

    Wow Impressive work there. Now to put Mike on some tuna so he can put it to use!!!
  45. triton91

    SOLD Trailer Bunk Rails -- $95.00

    Hey Tony: Sorry just sold them yesterday morning!
  46. triton91

    Need Boat Storage In North SD County

    You know the neighbor that complained probably does not up keep there property and most likely has a POS RV or vehicle in the front yard or driveway that has not moved for years. Of course you probably have given this neighbor loads of fresh fish from your fishing adventures. The Gall of...
  47. triton91

    Ventura Boat Repair Shop RAVE !!

    That's awesome Paul, so the motor checked out, that's a good thing!! John
  48. triton91

    Cabo Cuddycon 226 Windlass

    Hey Paul: on the 266 still just have old man pulling power!! I have not anchored enough to warrant one yet!! But Mario's set up is great. Tommy's is a 266 and a great set up. you have room up there to mount etc. Let me know what you go with. John
  49. triton91


    I have four Truline Trolling rods for sale. All early 80's vintage. I fished two of them for years with my Dad, commercial rock cod and they put me through college. all have removable butts. two are aftco and two are chrome brass. Two with aftco butts are: OG80RUB and 80RUB, one is an...
  50. triton91

    Half Tower

    Look at my avatar photo that is it. cost will depend on what you want, mine was in the 5k range. John
  51. triton91

    SOLD Trailer Bunk Rails -- $95.00

    The width of the flange is 5 inches. The U bolts are the ones that will go around your trailer rail so you can get wider ones if needed. I'll double check tonight for you. John
  52. triton91

    Half Tower

    Pacific Yacht Towers in San Marcos. They built mine and it is Awesome. You can bring boat there and he has secure storage and will work with you to get what you want!!!! 165 Balboa St, San Marcos, CA 92069 (760) 744-4831
  53. triton91

    SOLD Trailer Bunk Rails -- $95.00

    SOLD All: Set of Bunk Rails single mount. They are 34" Wide and 30" tall from the mount. comes with all the hardware. I had these for my whaler and had them on for a short time before I upgraded the boat. There in Carlsbad. Call or text. John eight 58-922-5977
  54. triton91

    Fish I.D. Drawing a Blank

    Off Carlsbad!
  55. triton91

    Fish I.D. Drawing a Blank

    Ok, can't figure this one out, or I don't remember what it is. Caught on bottom, dropper loop for YT. put it back in water and it swam down no problem.
  56. triton91

    Cabo Cuddycon Fillet Staion/Bait Cutting Tray ?

    Paul: Here's the Magma filet table that is on my boat. As you see it fits in the front half of one of the fish holds. The mounts are in the gunnel and flush but you can have the mounts that stick up a bit. The table works great and we have fished a lot with it in place this year, doing the...
  57. triton91

    Cabo Cuddycon Fillet Staion/Bait Cutting Tray ?

    Paul: If I remember I will take a few photos of the set up on my Cabo. John
  58. triton91

    Toad yellows in La Jolla

    Nice Fish, surface or bottom???
  59. triton91

    Camp Pendleton?

    You can call the Game Wardens office 760-725-3360 to get info on lic. you will need on base not very expensive also your CA one too. Looks like your at Del Mar area. You can also fish the inner harbor. Can be fun with spotties, Sandies, etc. in there. My boat is stored in the Marina there.
  60. triton91

    Love for the Deckhands

    Sean: So how did the boat do that day? Did you all filet some fish and split that money too? So all the deckhands now a-days want a 20 to 50% tip for Doing there JOB and then charge 10 to 15 bucks to filet the fish people want fileted. I bet you give a good stink eye to those that don't want...
  61. triton91

    Offshore 9/9 Dana point WFO

    We've recycled some of the chunk. pretty amazing to clean the fish and see the same mix of chunks that you just threw out and got bit on!!!
  62. triton91

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    There's Mike hiding behind a Bluefin! Don't make him so busy he can't fish!! BBBBBBAAAAAAHHHHH!
  63. triton91


    I'm in for one.
  64. triton91

    Dodged a 10K bullet thanks to E TEC SAFE mode

    Thank goodness for safe mode. Sounds like the motor is still in awesome shape. excellent up keep on it. John
  65. triton91


    Hey I have a Factory Wrapped Truline 3X. I actually started fishing with it many moons ago. It went to my buddy, and now it's back with me. In great shape for it's age ready for someone to fish it. I have other 3X's that I wrapped. $200.00 obo or willing to be part of a deal for a 6X, LM9...
  66. triton91

    Offshore Chief out of H&M - Question?

    Who knows but the Captain on that trip as too why he stuck it out with crap bait. I am sure the boat baited up with enough for 2 days. Most of it rolled on day one and that sucks and makes things a bit tougher. The bait is what you get and the bait guys do such an amazing job of catching bait...
  67. triton91

    Offshore 7/28 Oside slow for me but good for boats near me

    Damn you murdered those Coors Light Cans good!
  68. triton91

    Big Fish Transport

    Jon (outhouse): Yes Mike is a standup guy. We have been friends for decades, fishing, racing outrigger canoes, restoring boats, etc. When my (wait "our") boat goes fishing Mike is a fixture on the boat, always has a spot and when he is not on the boat something is missing. Of course he is a...
  69. triton91

    Big Fish Transport

    Yep that's the site, Mike can even service your reels too before shipping them back.
  70. triton91

    Offshore Bft yft yt oceanside

    Thanks for the report!!!
  71. triton91

    Offshore Today.....

    Right on, Nice Boat!!
  72. triton91

    Broomtail skirt material

    Excellent will be doing both ideas on the brooms and chair material. thanks for the responses. John
  73. triton91

    Broomtail skirt material

    Ok I have searched and cannot seem to figure out where to get this material. It's the nylon skirt material on the broomtail albacore trolling lures. it is like the lawn chair material. any help would be great for a source. John
  74. triton91

    Fuel cell hatch removal

    Did you cut all the Caulk out with a razor knife?? If there is any in the bottom etc. you need to try and cut it so the seal will break!! John
  75. triton91

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Roger: Beautiful boat. on the deck just in front of the 6" inspection plate there should be a square deck area about 3' by 3' just behind the start of the seat console. It butts up against the seat console and is what you pull up to help get the seat console off. John
  76. triton91

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Sure no worries: The H20 tank most likely is in front of the fuel tank. Where is the fresh water pump in the cuddy in the starboard storage box? Mine is and the tank is directly below the plate under the steering wheel. If you pull the rear plate and can see the fuel pick up and sender than...
  77. triton91

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Roger: Awesome boat you have there. You can get to the fuel tank very easy. I think it will be 18 to 20 screws and taking a razor knife to cut the old sealant. I just had my seat console and rear deck plate off of my 266 to replace fuel lines etc. and to add foam on both sides where the...
  78. triton91

    Offshore Beware Oceanside City and Harbor POS

    Nice I like that one: Here's the one I learned while living there: "O-Side, where the slime meets the grime, and the whores work the shore. You don't break up with your girlfriend, you just loose your turn!!!" Now were you over the center line in two spots? Or were you hanging over the red...
  79. triton91

    Reel service in San Diego area

    Give Mike a call at 760-805-0824. He is servicing reels too, as well as Logistics for your long range trips. He is on BD. Finishrigt John
  80. triton91

    Offshore Oceanside 95 overnight 5/30

    Wow! I tried not to comment but I must: So where was the crew to get the trollers to reel in the trolling rods? Yes, the Captain sets the rules and the deckhands are the ones to be on deck to make it happen. When working on the boats we would be back there ensuring all trollers were reeled...
  81. triton91

    SOLD 1991 cabo 266 cuddycon I/O SOLD

    Bump, great fishing boat!!
  82. triton91

    Shipping rods and reels

    Here's an Option: Check out Mike can handle your needs from shipping your gear to his house, he can take care of all that for you. Plus he will come and get you from the airport with your gear and take you to the boat or hotel, etc. He can make a run with you to any...
  83. triton91

    1989 cabo 226 cuddycon

    Nice boat someone get on it!!
  84. triton91

    SOLD 1991 cabo 266 cuddycon I/O SOLD

    Here's a link to the original thread about the boat. Correct me if I'm wrong about the link. It appears that 266 was the built for the owner of Cabo and in fact he may of gone with a 165 gal. tank. My tank still has...
  85. triton91

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Here's flyer from the 256 & 266, that came with my 266 when I bought it.
  86. triton91

    SOLD 1991 cabo 266 cuddycon I/O SOLD

    Here's an original flyer for the 266:
  87. triton91

    SOLD 1991 cabo 266 cuddycon I/O SOLD

    Great Deal for a Great Boat. Built like a tank! Best So Cal walk around made! Ride of the boat is second to none! I know I own one. Just drilled transducer hole and bottom of boat is solid glass over 1" thick. Zak: You may want to put Fuel Burn, range etc. if you know what it is for the boat.
  88. triton91

    Offshore NOAA public comment on Bluefin limits and fillet regulations ACTION ALERT

    Comment submitted. Idea: Ban all net fishing for Blue Fin worldwide. For the Recreational anglers in Southern California allow sport caught Blue Fin to be sold to local buyers (Blue Fin only). So if I catch my limit of Blue Fin, I can sell my fish to a licensed buyer for market value. This...
  89. triton91

    Need a wiring guy

    Rob: Is that for your 226? I restored a 226 last year and you can access all areas to run wires etc. Pretty easy to do. Are you moving the batteries under the seat? you can pull off the whole seat console and work on it out of the boat. Great time to check the fuel tank and get any foam...
  90. triton91

    Etec mechanic

    I second Wide Open Throttle in Carlsbad!! WOT
  91. triton91

    SOLD BNIB--FURUNO 1623 RADAR--$1,000.00

    SOLD Brand New Furuno 1623 Radar: Radar came with boat I bought, I am heading another direction for system and will not use. Still in plastic and shrink wrap, as you can see in the photos. You can ship on your dime. Cash is best, or paypal. 858-922-5977, if I don't answer a PM or reply...
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    BNIB -- FURUNO 1623 RADAR -- $1,000.00

    Brand New Furuno 1623 Radar: Radar came with boat I bought, I am heading another direction for system and will not use. Still in plastic and shrink wrap, as you can see in the photos. You can ship on your dime. Cash is best, or paypal. 858-922-5977, if I don't answer a PM or reply. John
  93. triton91

    Oceanside Harbor accident

    Came in the harbor about 5 minutes after the boat was rolled. Waited outside for the set to clear, was almost closing out the channel, and that was not even at low tide. I jumped on the back of one of the smaller swells and passed some boxes, debris, and diesel spill. Looked ahead and saw the...
  94. triton91

    226 Cabo cuddycon trim tab recommendations ?

    Paul: New sled is coming along very nice. Just about to pull trigger on tower with bucket on top to stand up there. you could drop the bracket and use pole to against bracket to see when down how far back it is!
  95. triton91

    Guadalupe bluefin

    We used to get them on the north end of the island. Early in the season. Fish Albies on way down, big yellows on the boilers and Bluefin off end of island. A lot of school size fish up to 50lbs. This was on the Q105 early 80's.
  96. triton91

    226 Cabo cuddycon trim tab recommendations ?

    Paul: Lenco's were what I was thinking of putting on the boat. But Bennett came out with electric tabs also, so they may be good to look at and compare to the lenco's. Sweet Boat by the Way!! John
  97. triton91

    Brad: Here's your Parker...

    Brad: Here's your Parker!!
  98. triton91


    So Let's see, Human goes into White Shark Habitat and looks like a prey item while Human is enjoying there recreation. White Shark mistakes Human for prey item, let's go and swims off. Human is injured or killed. All Authorities and Humans are in an uproar and they go out and kill said White...
  99. triton91


    Thanks for sending AD along. Yes funny how small the world is. Now we both have a boat to fish up North and South and don't have to trailer!! Glad someone got it that will really use it. Can't wait for some photos of it at the islands. John
  100. triton91


    Thanks! It was great to bring her back! I found a Cherry Cabo 266!!! Not much work needed on that one!! Photos to come for that one. Except a Tower anyone have an extra?
  101. triton91


    Thanks for all the compliments! Labor of Love and fishing!!
  102. triton91


    Headed to the SB Area! Paul, you will love it enjoy!!
  103. triton91


    Here's link I posted in wrong forum. Help Moderator.
  104. triton91


    RESTORED: 1989 CABO Cuddycon 226/2007 Evinrude ETEC 250hp. I found this awesome boat up in the high desert where it was hiding for almost 8 years. I made the deal for the boat in Late May 2014, towed her back to So Cal, you could see the boat smiling on the way back, waiting to get back to...
  105. triton91


    Sure will take one tonight.
  106. triton91

    Cabo 216 cuddy 1991 with 175 hp Yamaha.

    Brian: First off I would like to say the 226 Cuddycon that I have is hands down the best fishing boat I have operated. That includes growing up fishing with my Dad on a 23 Fishmachine Outerbanks, 23 Whaler Conquest, Montauk 170, etc. for this size boat you cannot beat it! The only thing...
  107. triton91

    ** Updated 1/29/15 Prices**Rods & Reels All Gots to Go

    Thank You Jason: Great addition to the Quiver!!
  108. triton91


  109. triton91


    For Sale: 2 R.W. Bianco 5086 Rods. They are 6 ft. and 50 to 80 lb. in great shape. Early 80's or late 70's vintage. $160.00 for the pair. Would like to sell as pair. John, 858-922-5977
  110. triton91


  111. triton91


    I posted over in rods and reels for sale: John Link:
  112. triton91


    For Sale: Truline D8 Blank: Never wrapped. I bought a long time ago and it has lived in the garage for years waiting for me to wrap it! I have not and don't have the time. Someone should buy this and wrap it up and fish it. Purchased in the early 80's from Dana Landing tackle shop or at...
  113. triton91

    Is it November?

    We were in the Cabo 226 full transom with t-top. I saw the 216 out there without a t-top.
  114. triton91

    Is it November?

    It was a Nice day out there, can't beat the weather. We got one just before you guys did. Heard ya hooting and howlering on the bow! Hooked two but only got this one Slug. dropper loop with deans. John on "Johnny B Good".
  115. triton91

    Monster Cabezon out of Channel Islands

    Hey Mr. CAB DRIVER!!! That's a Toad!!!!!
  116. triton91

    Offshore 11/7/14 YFT 3.5 miles south of Catalina

    Slydog nice meeting hope good times and got some fish. Yes metered bait threw some iron. No bait on boat. Fish ate small maurader. Sunday ran out there again found ponies 5 miles west of where they were. Nothing on them no marks and they were just milling. Water still 70.
  117. triton91

    Offshore 11/7/14 YFT 3.5 miles south of Catalina

    It's my Niece's Bday and wants to see dolphins so we might head out and of course drag some lures if we find them! Still glassy out now!!
  118. triton91

    Offshore 11/7/14 YFT 3.5 miles south of Catalina

    Hey right side up. Better picture. Running race in town now. Maybe try early tomorrow
  119. triton91

    Offshore 11/7/14 YFT 3.5 miles south of Catalina

    Sitting on boat in avalon rocking drinking a beer. Water is 70 in harbor! Pretty cool! There was lots of bait balls on the meter in the ponies around 100 feet. So maybe with some bait they would bite! Shocked the hell out of me a yellowfin in November so close to catalina! Maybe mackerel bank...
  120. triton91

    Offshore 11/7/14 YFT 3.5 miles south of Catalina

    Yes China no wait it was the beers!! No wind whole way over. Saw Damn puffer fish free swimming. We did not bring bait or would of tried that!!
  121. triton91

    Offshore 11/7/14 YFT 3.5 miles south of Catalina

    There it is upside down. Jeez. John. On Johnny B Good.
  122. triton91

    Offshore 11/7/14 YFT 3.5 miles south of Catalina

    Hey got one peanut YFT off the ponies 3.5 miles south of catalina around noon. 70 degree water. Was at island dragging rapalas saw big splash way off. No wind so ran out there mega pod of ponies. Threw blk/prle marauder out. 2 mins later bit!! Small YFT. Worked group for another few hours big...
  123. triton91

    10/6/14, Quality YT, PL on "Johnny B. Good"

    I thought I would share this one, have not seen this quality fish out of this area in a Very Long Time. After long day offshore for many many large paddies only holding super micro tails. Ran to PL to fish dropper loop to try and catch some over a pound. First drift about 15 mins. into it...
  124. triton91

    A smile says it all..

    Nice, I always have my D8's and 5X and 4X's with me! Work everytime! Nice Job!!! Nice Fish
  125. triton91

    Offshore Today.

    Hey Man Nice Shot!!!!
  126. triton91

    Offshore Is this you?

    Nice, and you should all be wearing President Masks and have one guy on the bow shooting his AK into the air screaming its mine all mine!! Now that would be funny!!
  127. triton91

    Offshore 110 Miles & They were just 9 Out!?

    Thanks for the report! YEP only 9 miles! Awesome day! your report was huge in our day as we did not over run the FFEESSHH!! Thank you!!
  128. triton91

    Offshore "Johnny B. Good" does Good! Oside 9 miles

    Yes upside down day! We were on a 245 heading out of Oside towards the 209. My photos suck. I was playing captain, baitboy, hooksetter, gaffer, cleaner, and coach. Moose might add some photos, finishright on BD. As he is my bro and was with me. Yes, it was awesome to get my Pops on the...
  129. triton91

    Offshore "Johnny B. Good" does Good! Oside 9 miles

    I know we are upside down. oh well!
  130. triton91

    Offshore "Johnny B. Good" does Good! Oside 9 miles

    9/18/14 Well We are done restoring the Cabo Cuddycon 226, and the shake down cruises are done for a few fish, stressing about things breaking. Today was the first killing day. Moose, Woody, Squishy and Pops went to kill for the first time. We went out of Oside 9 miles on 250 heading and...
  131. triton91

    Hey is this Tom Cod from the old days on the New Lo An, Sundown? Little John here. If it is...

    Hey is this Tom Cod from the old days on the New Lo An, Sundown? Little John here. If it is drop me a line!!
  132. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  133. triton91

    Stole my pin from my ball hitch/BAM

    Damn bummer to hear about someone stealing the pin. After all the trailer thefts at the launch ramps, I lock the hitch in the truck with a locking pin, lock the trailer ball latch down too! When not in use I put the lock on that blocks anyway to put the trailer on a ball, and lock each wheel...
  134. triton91


    Liner SOLD last night.
  135. triton91


    If it is an 8 foot bed, it just might fit!!! Let me know if you want to try it. John
  136. triton91


    FOR SALE: I have a Penn 349H for sale that I just serviced and installed a slightly used Newell Wahoo Kit. I also installed the Smooth Drag 5+1 Carbontex drags in the reel. What an improvement! I have not spooled any line on the reel but it will make alot of drag and is very smooth. the...
  137. triton91


    Hey: Bedliner from a 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 Longbed 8 feet. It has the tail gate piece too, and the bed rails, all for $30.00. The truck has only 5k miles on it so bed liner is in Awesome shape. Come get it, willing to deal! Heck bring a spac of Stone IPA and it might just be yours! John...
  138. triton91


    Price change to 28,900.00, New truck is ordered. John
  139. triton91


    sorry for delay was out of town. I get with roof racks always on the vehicle. 26mpg on freeway and 22mpg in town. When I tow it get's 21 with my little whaler behind it. take off roof racks and MPG will go up just a touch. Also, it has a certified used warranty good through 60k miles and...
  140. triton91


    Now 29,500.00
  141. triton91


    Time to sell my Touareg, I just need a truck with a bed on it. Great vehicle and tows up to 7k. I tow my montauk 170 around and it does not even notice it is there. Lux Limited Package w/Granite Leather Interior (12-Way Power Passenger Seat and Poplar Wood Interior Trim), Premium Technology...
  142. triton91

    for sale: SS rod holder

    How wide is it??
  143. triton91

    R. W. Bianco Rods

    Rick Thanks for the information. That's about the time frame my neighbor most likely got them. John
  144. triton91

    R. W. Bianco Rods

    Ok I aquired a R.W. Bianco 5086 fishing pole 50 to 80 lb. Does anyone have information on it? John
  145. triton91

    Truline VBG6 6 foot factory wrap

    SOLD Truline 6 foot VBG6 for sale. Factory wrapped. Metal reel seat. In Good condition, still fishable. Only thing is a gimbal was put on it and a screw placed through gimbal, I didn't do it! see photos. $100.00 bucks it's yours. John
  146. triton91

    Tiburon kits

    Do you still have the frames??
  147. triton91

    Old Glass Calcutta Rod Blanks

    Oh my i think it was.
  148. D8d


  149. D8b


  150. D8c


  151. D8a


  152. D8


    D8 photos.
  153. triton91

    Old Glass Calcutta Rod Blanks

    I have two Fiberglass Conolon 8 foot parabalic blanks for sale. I found these at an old tackle shop near southeast San Diego off the trolley tracks. He had all kinds of fishing rod blanks and a buddy and I saw a bunch of these blanks in the corner buried behind stuff. We bought the whole bunch...
  154. triton91

    8' conolon, roddy, truline

    You still looking? I have D8 never wrapped. Bought late 80's or early 90's when I was. Working local boats. John
  155. triton91

    Montauk 170 Bait Tank Set Up

    Hey all: After searching around in the forums and on the whaler sites, I found only a couple informative posts on a bait tank on a 170 Montauk. Has anyone here installed one and how big did you go? I don't think over a 22 gal. where did you put the bait pump? I know the newer montauk's...
  156. triton91

    Whaler Montauk 170

    Got a new toy to play with! Needed a boat and got this awesome little whaler from a friend.