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    1983 Boston Whaler Montauk 17

    Bump’r 🤙
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    1983 Boston Whaler Montauk 17

    Pulled new wire and redid the lights for whom it may consern. I also left the tuna cord in the cable channel for future additions.
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    1983 Boston Whaler Montauk 17

    Nice! I totally agree. Cheers to the BW classics!
  4. 1983 Boston Whaler Montauk 17

    Southern California 1983 Boston Whaler Montauk 17

    length overall (LOA): 17 propulsion type: power Very clean - no crazing 1983 Boston whaler Montauk 17’ - Turn key/ready to fish. Comes with - •Front bow cushion •Bimini w/ cover •Cover for both boat and console •2x Batteries •Fishfinder •VHF w/ antenna •Safety gear •Anchor W/ chain and rope...
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    1983 Boston Whaler Montauk 17

    lips submitted a new listing: 1983 Boston Whaler Montauk 17 - 1983 Boston Whaler Montauk 17 Learn more about this listing...
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    MC Rib

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    20’ Tandem trailer

    Got one.......Delete. Thanks BD
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    20’ Tandem trailer

    Looking for a tandem trailer to haul a 1981 Boston Whaler Outrage 20’ With pink slip. PM any info, pics etc. Thanks all
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    Offshore Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    Best report so far for 2019!
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    Cooler seat with bracket

    New 100 qt Coleman Marine cooler with snap on marine vinyl seat. Total measurements - 38”W x 17”D x 22”H Aluminum cooler holder made for the cooler. Bolts to the deck with 4 screws. Sold
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    1995 200hp Johnson Ocean Runner 25” Shaft

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    17’ Gregor SOLD

    $4,800 OBO
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    $5k for 1st timers set up in San Diego mid August

    I’m sellimg my 17’ Gregor w/ 40hp Evinrude, trailor and extras for that price. LMK
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    17’ Gregor SOLD

    $5000 Or Best Offer....
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    17’ Gregor SOLD

    Nice! I fished a Bayrunner for a few seasons myself. Thanks Tuna Vic.
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    17’ Gregor SOLD

    Thanks man. This rig has bin good to me.
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    17’ Gregor SOLD

    1989 Gregor - Welded hull. No patches No leaks. In great shape. Length - 17' 6" - 20" transom AROS Trailer in great condition - new tires, bearings and spare. Motor - 40hp 2 stroke Evinrude E40ELCO serviced and runs solid. Comes with - 2 - 12volt deep cycle battery's 2 - 6 gallon gas tanks New...
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    Looking for stories of Great White Sharks being fished in California still

    Saw one a couple years ago offshore on my buddy’s 16’ whaler. It cought me off guard off the starboard bow just a foot from the boat. As I looked closer to see what kind of shark he was it proceeded to go vertical in the waterline :eek:. I then tell my buddy as I noticed it was almost as big as...
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    San Diego Nurseries??

    Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery in Vista is one of my favorites. I got my brown turkey figs there along with some others. The selection is awesome.
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    Custom Bait Nets

    Bin making these for some buddy’s and figured I’d post them here if anyone’s interested. 12” dia. 1/4” Stainless ring - 1” x 5’ aluminum handle /6’ total 15” dia. 1/4” Stainless hoop - 1” x 12’ aluminum handle Sold
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    Miller Diversion 180 TIG Welder

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    Miller Diversion 180 TIG Welder

    Sweeten’d the deal with a welding cart and full bottle of argon for the same price. All you need is some tungstens and your off to the races.
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    Miller Diversion 180 TIG Welder

    Selling my new Miller Diversion 180 TIG. Comes complete with: •Diversion 180 power source • 8 ft (2.4 m) primary cord with (2) MVP plugs (219261 & 219258) • RFCS-RJ45 Foot control (300432) • 12 ft (3.7 m) work lead with clamp • Smith Argon regulator/flow guage with hose 12.5 ft (3.8 m)...
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    I make some single sided wall mountable pieces with shape to them. But they're made from 16 gauge stainless steel. Here's a Dodo I just recently finished chasing some macks.
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    New pieces for Day at the Docks

    Hey fellow BD'ers! I've bin goin full speed making new works for my first time at Day at the Docks. Here's a couple swordy bills that will be with me, hope to see you there. 35" Swordfish Sword, with stainless steel and bronze detail grip.
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    Marine Art / Sculpture

    Oxygen 36" x 60" x 3" acrylic on 11oz canvas
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    Marine Art / Sculpture

    Thank you very much! Can't wait to get something started for you.
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    Marine Art / Sculpture

    PM sent. :High_Five
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    Marine Art / Sculpture

    New pieces with prices.
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    Stainless halibut

    Yellowfin Tuna. Made from hand formed 16 gauge stainless steel, candy paint and gloss clear coat. 39" x 19" x 3" -$600. please contact for more info. Thanks for looking. Stay salty.
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    Stainless halibut

    Calico Bass - wall mount 14" x 10" x 3" hand formed stainless steel, airbrush, grind patterning, clear coat. PM for more info. thanks for looking. stay salty
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    Stainless halibut

    What's up guys. Just finished this 30" x 12 x 3" Halibut from handformed 16 gauge stainless steel, airbrush and hand painted details. Light enough to be mounted on a simple nail or hanging hook in drywalk.
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    Swordy bills

    Thank you very much! And yes these are for sale. I have more I'm itching to work on also. I'll definitely be making some swordy swords.
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    Marine Art

    Couple different angles of the Calico Bass I just finished. 14" x 10" x3" More info on my website and video on my Instagram. Thanks for looking, stay salty everyone.
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    metal marine art, pelagic sculpture

    Here's the finished piece.
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    Swordy bills

    The others need to cure.
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    Swordy bills

    I actually ended up getting some. Thanks a lot guys.
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    Swordy bills

    I'm looking for some swordfish bills for an idea I have. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    metal marine art, pelagic sculpture

    Thank you very much! The prices are listed under each piece on my website. I can always do custom commissions also.
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    metal marine art, pelagic sculpture

    All finished with this big "Home Guard" Yellowtail 35" x 14" x 2" . The most detailed fish I've done to date. I chose to do a blue back on this one with translucent blue and yellow paints, then finished with a couple coats of gloss clear. - for sale - PM for more info. Thanks for looking.
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    metal marine art, pelagic sculpture

    Spiny Lobster Sculpture all finished. Steel and stainless steel with heat details, silicone bronze eyes and 3 coats of gloss clear. Ready for a place to crawl home. PM for more info. Thanks for looking, stay salty. better video on my site also.
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    metal marine art, pelagic sculpture

    That piece was a commission, but it I'd be happy to get one started for you. PM you with info and thanks.
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    metal marine art, pelagic sculpture

    PM'ing you a link with price list.
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    metal marine art, pelagic sculpture

    Hey guys, been a while. Hope all is well with everyone. Almost finished with this guy from stainless steel and steel with heat details and 2 coats of gloss clear. California Gold
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    metal marine art, pelagic sculpture

    3D Sand Dollar sculpture for sale. Stainless steel, silicone bronze and heat details, with steel base. Contact for more info. Thanks for looking, Stay salty.
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    metal marine art, pelagic sculpture

    Thank you so much! stoked you like the pieces and they passed the wife test.
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    metal marine art, pelagic sculpture

    Opah - All finished, just needs to cure for a couple days. 27"x22"x2" Hand formed 16 gauge stainless steel, TIG welded, painted and finished with 2 thick coats of gloss clear. Available for purchase PM if interested.
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    metal marine art, pelagic sculpture

    Thought I'd post some of my available pieces I have in the studio at the moment. See something you like? I'd be excited to get it to you, please contact/PM for any questions you may have. heres a link with footage of more pieces. I also do commissions. Halibut and Yellowtail Sold.
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    Marine Art

    A couple recent pieces I've just finished. Stainless steel Dorado with candy paints and a couple Halibut w/ heat details. Please contact with any question's , Thanks for lookin. footage of Dorado for better angles on my website.
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    Marine Art

    Spotted Eagle Rays. Steel with heat details and a thick clear coat. These pieces will be available on my site or contact for more info.
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    Marine Art

    Yes I make a lot of Native American influenced pieces, and have done some interesting commissions from snake handrails to stainless bracelets and custom furniture. And yes BD Outdoors Rules! Always a big thank you to BD for letting me post my works.
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    Marine Art

    Just finished "Captain shiny sides" mounted on a chunk of bloodwood to contrast the stainless. 28" x 16" x 5" Polished 1/4" and 1/8" Stainless steel rod and square stock. Please contact for more info. Thanks for looking, stay salty
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    Marine Art

    stay epic everybody.
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    Marine Art

    Yellows - Yellowtail 36"x12"X1/8" aluminum plate z-clips welded on the back for easy mounting Thanks for lookin, stay salty
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    Marine Art

    The Rusty Sabiki, steel w/ rust patina, thanks for looking stay salty.
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    Marine Art

    Just finished this YFT with bigger sickles for Captain Jodie and the Apollo Lounge, Stainless steel with candy paint and clear coat. This was a commission but I'd be stoked to start another one. Thanks for looking.
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    Marine Art

    Just finished "Breacher" #4 from 14 gauge stainless, mounted on a sealed acacia wood disc. Besides for material preference it's a new take on one I did a long time ago. thanks for looking, stay salty.
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    Marine Art

    Just recently finished this wood burning fire pit from 1/8" steel plate w/ a rust finish.
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    Marine Art

    Here is a link to my Store page for more info and shipping details.
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    Marine Art

    Tiki Warrior Sculpture #2, Tiki Table w/ LED Here's the link for more info, Thanks for looking, Stay Salty.....
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    Marine Art

    Just finished this 35" "Mossback" from 16 gauge stainless steel w/ paint and clear coat. Hand plasma cut, formed, welded and painted. I make them both with and without paint. Thanks for looking stay salty.
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    Marine Art

    Just put the final clear coat on another YFT today. 39"x18"x2" 18 gauge stainless steel, it's always hard to get a good shot, the look changes from every angle.
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    Marine Art

    Bin working on this guy today, White Sea Bass out of 16 gauge stainless steel 30"Lx10"Tx 2"D. Can be hung on a simple hanging hook. Thanks for looking. Contact for info
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    Marine Art

    "The Rusty Sabiki" is almost ready for a couple coats of matte clear and a new indoor or outdoor space to call home. Thanks for lookin, stay salty.
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    Kelp Sculpture

    Kelp Table And Wall Piece. Can be sold sepperate or as a set.
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    Kelp Sculpture

    Breacher whale tail- Aluminum
  67. lips

    Kelp Sculpture

    PM sent. Thanks
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    Kelp Sculpture

    "Golden Stringers" kelp sculpture 60" x 12" x 12" base steel, paint and auto clear coat contact for info
  69. lips

    Kelp Table

    Rasta Feather candy paint./sold
  70. lips

    Kelp Table

    Kelp End Table, 1" square tubing w/ clear coat, 21"H"x30"Wx17"D, 3/4" glass top, can also be made as a set. Contact for info.
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    Steel•Nautical Art•

    "Breacher" whale tail sculpture wall art 27" x 21" x 1/8" 1/8" steel plate with clear coat Contact for info
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    Steel•Nautical Art•

    Tiki Warrior Mask, Art Lighting. Can be made to order in any of the above colors. Measures 40"x8"x12" Steel with Gold Rust patina and clear coat.
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    Steel•Nautical Art•

    Solar Lighthouse with rust patina and auto clear coat. Contact for info. Thanks for looking.
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    Steel•Nautical Art•

    I have no shortage of ideas. PM you with a couple sketches and ideas this afternoon.
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    Steel•Nautical Art•

    Halibut, 1D, stainless and heat details.
  76. lips

    Steel•Nautical Art•

    Hamachi on the plank. formed 18 gauge stainless
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    Steel•Nautical Art•

    Just finished this 38" Wall Mount Albacore, hand plasma cut, formed, welded and auto clear coated steel. Going to leave this one raw steel. Thanks for looking. Contact for info.
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    Steel•Nautical Art•

    Palm Panel finished for a client today. Steel w/ Rust patina, auto clear coat, LED and light diffusing panel. I'd be happy to make one in its likeness. Contact for info. And Thanks for looking.
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    Steel•Nautical Art•

    New Palm Panel in the works for an outdoor entry way. Rust patina and solar lighting next.
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    Steel•Nautical Art•

  81. lips

    Steel•Nautical Art•

    Another angle of the sides and corners. Weld tabs on inside corners for mounting also.
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    Steel•Nautical Art•

    Just finished this Bait Ball Contemporary wall panel / light box 24" x 48'' x 1.5" ,steel w/ auto clear coat, multi color led's w/ remote Contact for info. Thanks for looking, stay salty.
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    Nautical Art show / Sculptures

    Breacher whale tail wall art, steel with patina and auto clear coat
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    Nautical Art show / Sculptures

    Thanks a lot Man. Stoked you like it.
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    Nautical Art show / Sculptures

    I have pieces up for the next month till August 13, at the Art Beat on Main Street Art Gallery in Vista CA. Come by and take a look if your in the area. I'd be stoked, I'll be there periodically threw the week.thanks Stay salty. Contact for any ?'s....
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    Nautical Art

    "Nautical Native" Reception July 16th, Hope to see you there at the Art beat on Main Street Gallery in Vista CA
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    Large Abstract Jellyfish Sculpture

    "Nautical Native" Reception July 16th, Hope to see you there at the Art beat on Main Street Gallery in Vista CA.
  88. lips

    Large Abstract Jellyfish Sculpture

    Jelly lamp lit up. This LED strip has multiple colors speeds/settings Etc... 3 double A batteries.
  89. lips

    Large Abstract Jellyfish Sculpture

    Mossbacks x2 Yellowtail Sculpture 37.5"x35.5"x3/4" formed steel, paint, and clear coat.
  90. lips

    Large Abstract Jellyfish Sculpture

    #abstract #jellyfish #sculpture is finished and ready for a space to call home. Hammer formed 16 gauge steel, torch coloring and glass clear coat, 48"x24"x12" . contact for info. Thanks for looking Stay salty "Sea Arrow" hand formed 18 gauge stainless steel squid sculpture 39"Lx20"Wx2"D
  91. lips

    Tuna Sculpture Trophy Fish

    Check out the new article in @westernoutdoornews Tuna,Tips,Tackle and techniques. Story on the Fish caught by Captain Robert Ross Article by Pat McDonnell. So stoked for this epic opportunity. I had A lot of fun with this one.
  92. lips

    Nautical Art

    Making more kelp Panels with rust patina and auto clear coat for indoor, outdoor. This one is 2'x4'x3/4"
  93. lips

    Nautical Art

    Hello, I do those for $350.00 plus shipping or deliver myself. Thank you.
  94. lips

    Nautical Art

    I don't know where else to post. Either way here's some recent pieces I just recently finished. Got there final clear coat front and back and ready for a wall. 28" Halibut- formed stainless - and regular steel on plank. 12"x12" sand dollar, heat detail, bronze Tig brazing. 38"YFT - formed steel...
  95. lips

    Some New Steel Sculptures

    Started on a big ol 18 gauge stainless steel bug today too.
  96. lips

    Some New Steel Sculptures

    Just recently finished these pieces. All for sale. Kelp Panel 2'x4' rust patina, cold rolled steel Yellowtail hand formed on the plank, stainless steel Halibut- 1D and 3D 28", stainless steel Please contact with any questions you may have. Stay Salty.
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    Yellowtail / Nautical Sculptures

    thank you very much!
  98. lips

    White Sea Bass Wall Sculpture

    Thank you Thank you very much! Stoked.
  99. lips

    Steel Stingray Sculpture

    Thank you!
  100. lips

    Yellowtail / Nautical Sculptures

    Save the Date! ‪‎Reception‬ July 16,6:30pm Nautical Native Art Show at the @artbeatonmainstreet .... hope to see you there.
  101. lips

    Yellowtail / Nautical Sculptures

    These are some pieces I've recently finished. contact for any Questions you my have. Prices and Dimensions on my website. thanks for looking, Stay Salty.
  102. lips

    Steel Stingray Sculpture

    The #bullkelp #sculptures before and after the rust patina finish. #kelp #ocean #oceancurrent #giantkelp #handmade #nauticalsculpture #bullkelpsculpture #forsale #kelpstringers #nofilter #bullwhipkelp #gallartworks
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    Steel Stingray Sculpture

    Just finished this guy the other day also. A big Ol 38" YFT Stainless steel, Hand plasma cut, shaped, painted and clear coated. $400.00
  104. lips

    Steel Stingray Sculpture

    Thank you!
  105. lips

    Steel Stingray Sculpture

    Thanks, I use a Gas Torch and GTAW to make the heat details.
  106. lips

    Steel Stingray Sculpture

    Thanks guys! Stoked the way it came out. Wait till you see the "Jelly Lamp" all finished.
  107. lips

    Steel Stingray Sculpture

    Recently finished this guy the other day. A contemporary style Stingray Sculpture. Hand formed 18 gauge steel, Heat and Bronze detail work. I tried to give it that "sun rays threw the shallows look" . 38"x24"x4" $300 Contact for info. [email protected] Can be made in stainless also.
  108. lips

    White Sea Bass Wall Sculpture

    Just finished this WSB, kinda stoked the way it turned out. This piece is for sale, contact or PM for ?'s/ price. And I just finished a couple other pieces that are for sale also. All pieces Steel, with Tig bronze brazed eye and gloss lacquered. Thanks for looking. Stay salty.
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    Just wanted to say thank you to BD and BD members for the positive support of my art. You guys...

    Just wanted to say thank you to BD and BD members for the positive support of my art. You guys Rule!!!
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    Mossbacks Scraping the stones

    Thank you very much. I have done some torch coloring in the past, it's an awesome look for sure. I'll have to give it a go on a future piece like this.
  111. lips

    Mossbacks Scraping the stones

    Thank you! Yeah Yellowtail are one of my favorite species.
  112. lips

    Mossbacks Scraping the stones

    Almost finished with this Humpback whale tail also. 21"T x 27"W Steel Wall mount
  113. lips

    Mossbacks Scraping the stones

    Just finished these Homeguards the other day. 2 Hand formed yellowtail, steel and aluminum , Mig and Tig welded, clear coated and ready for a place to call home. 48" x 30" x 3/4" $600.00 Contact/PM for any info You may have.
  114. lips

    Nautical Steel Sculptures

    Tried my hand at some airbrushing today, got a long way to go. 38"Lx15"W3"D Willing to let this one go for a lower price seeing as how it's my first airbrush peace. PM
  115. lips

    Nautical Steel Sculptures

    Thank you! That one is at the Art Beat On Main St. Art Gallery but I just finished the last clear coat on another one today. This one has a little bit more rusting on it, and I tried to give that in "heavy current" look.
  116. lips

    Nautical Steel Sculptures

    That's sounds rad! Can't wait to chat and get something going for you
  117. lips

    Nautical Steel Sculptures

    Recently finished these pieces, all for sale. Contact for info / Prices ect... Always willing to make a deal with my fellow BD'ers Mossbacks x2 Steel 36"Tx31"Wx3/4 Stainless Bait Ball Wave The Bull Kelp Steel 32" Tall on 12"x12"X1/4" Stainless Feather Stainless Steel 31"Lx7"W
  118. lips

    Yellowtail wall art sculpture

    Mossbacks x2 all Kelp'd Up Steel /Clear Coated Measures 36"Tx31"Wx3/4" tubing frame Handmade On the wall in this pic And here's some Rust Patina Steel Feathers 31"Lx7"W Clear Coat I made these as a pair for pillars, walkway, stairway, etc... in mind. Or however you see fit.
  119. lips

    Flatties on the chew!

    I can make Yellowtail, WSB, Tuna, Halibut all in different styles and colors . Anything in particular you have in mind. Size style etc.....? Thanks
  120. lips

    Flatties on the chew!

    Halibut Sold. Thanks BD STAY SALTY
  121. lips

    Flatties on the chew!

    Thanks a lot. And I sure do, here's a link to my website, take a look and let me know what your thinking, I always like a challenge.
  122. lips

    Bluefin in the Shop

    Had a school swim threw the shop today Keeping it Seasonal over here. "Charlie" 3D Bluefin Tuna 18 gauge steel Torch Colored and Bronze brazed eyes Clear Coated 38"Lx15"W Sold contact for info/shipping details or pick up/drop off Thanks for lookin Stay Salty
  123. lips

    Flatties on the chew!

    I'll take without clear coat, then add shipping and weight fees. Let me know and I can get one started for you. PM or text/call 760-453-4914 Thanks A lot!
  124. lips

    Flatties on the chew!

    Thank You! and no it will not rust. They have about 3 coats of Clear lacquer front and back, but if you're going to place it outside a regular application every six months wouldn't hurt anything.
  125. lips

    Flatties on the chew!

    3D Cold Rolled Steel Flatty That is! Made from Hand Formed 18 Gauge Steel Bronze TIG brazed eyes Heat marks and clear coated front and back Wall Art Measores 28"L x 11.5" wide PM for any ?'s or any other fish you may like. Stay Salty
  126. lips

    Whale Tale & Mossbacks x2" Steel Wall Sculpture

    "Mossbacks x 2" is 2- 1D Yellowtail breezing threw the kelp Measures 36"Lx31.5"Wx3/4"D Square tubing Wall Piece complete clear coat front and back Indoor / Outdoor Breaching Humpback Whale Tail Series # 4 Is a 14 Gauge cold rolled steel wall piece measures: 30.5"Wx22.5"Tx3/4"D The tale has a...
  127. lips

    Halibut Wall Art

    Yeah the rust colored one does look kinda orange in the pic.
  128. lips

    Nautical Steel Sculptures/H20/Sea Turtle

    Just Finished another Cali. Halibut also.
  129. lips

    Nautical Steel Sculptures/H20/Sea Turtle

    1st-3D Sea Turtle Made from 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel Torch Colored And Clear Coated Wall Piece or can also be Mounted on a Base Measures- 23"Lx16.5"W 2nd- Is a 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Droplet Sculpture Measures: 10"Wx26"Tx8"D Weighs: 21.8 pounds Candy Color Blue Water Affects Clear Coated to...
  130. lips

    Halibut Wall Art Finished

    Put some eyes on the "Prowlin" piece. Ready for a sunny shelf to call home. Make me an offer....make it yours.
  131. lips

    Halibut Wall Art Finished

    Just finished the last Clearcoat on this one. I got a request for an all steel without rust patina Halibut. so I made another one with some Tig welded facial details, gills, mouth. And I always weld on a thick weld tab to hang on the wall, indoors/outdoors. Thanks for looking
  132. lips

    Halibut Wall Art

    I can do the Plain Cold Rolled Steel, or Stainless Plain without patina also. LMK There is better pics and footage on my Instagram
  133. lips

    Halibut Wall Art

    Thanks! Yeah it was hard to make the choice and go ahead with the Patina, but curiosity took over. This Piece took 32hrs, always willing to negotiate price/inbox
  134. lips

    Halibut Wall Art

    "Salty Series" #2 "Calibut" California Halibut rust patina with handpainted detail measures 27"L x 11 1/2"W Clear Coated Cold Rolled Steel Wall Mount . Before and after a pics of patina. I just used the steel backsplash for color contrast.
  135. lips

    Yellowtail/Steel Sculpture

  136. lips

    Yellowtail/Steel Sculpture

  137. lips

    Yellowtail/Steel Sculpture

    All done! I was going to make a base but it sits just fine on its own. #breachingwhale indoor/outdoor Clear Coated Measures 16"Wx19"Tx3"D
  138. lips

    Yellowtail/Steel Sculpture

    Torch Colored WSB on Burnt Plank Clear Coated wall piece 40"Lx12"W
  139. lips

    Yellowtail/Steel Sculpture

    Metal Mossback" with 3D affect Table Piece made from 16 gauge steel Mounted on a large piece of Authentic Malaysian Driftwood Clear Coated PM with any questions you may have Thanks for looking Stay Salty Measures: 23"Wx33"T
  140. lips

    "The Ghost" Wall Piece / Art

    And this one also. The Lighthouse Complete steel Lighthouse With solar LED light Perfect for a sunny window or Yardart Clear Coated Contact for prices or questions. Stay Salty! ⚓️
  141. lips

    "The Ghost" Wall Piece / Art

    #theghost White Sea Bass Piece chasing some squirts. on Routed, Torched and Lacquered 3/4" Plank. I really can't get a good photo, every angle has a different look. Measures: 40"Lx12"W with mounting brackets on back Thanks and Stay Salty [ Steel Lighthouse Solar Light Yardart steel lighthouse...
  142. lips

    Nautical / Art Pieces

    "Anchors Aweigh" Wall Piece Clear coated and ready for a place to set the pick. This one is a larger piece. All 16 Gauge steel Torch colored Anchor Flat bar frame painted Candy Blue. Inbox for any ?'s /Prices etc.... Thanks for lookin! Sold
  143. lips

    Steel Breaching Whale Tail Sculpture

    Here's another one 42"Lx13"W "Native Feather" 16 Gauge Steel wall mount. Thanks for looking. Stay Salty
  144. lips

    Steel Breaching Whale Tail Sculpture

    Just finished these torch colored all steel "Breacher" breaching whale tail and "Anchored up" Wall Art Pieces out of 16 gauge cold rolled steel. Clear coated. Inbox for any questions or prices. Going to try an take better photos tomorrow. Stay Salty:
  145. lips

    Nautical / Art Pieces

    Here's another one 42"Lx13"W "Native Feather" 16 Gauge Steel wall mount. Thanks for looking. Stay Salty
  146. lips

    Nautical / Art Pieces

    Just finished these torch colored all steel "Breacher" breaching whale tail and "Anchored up" Wall Art Pieces out of 16 gauge cold rolled steel. Clear coated. Inbox for any questions or prices. Going to try an take better photos tomorrow. Stay Salty:
  147. lips

    Steel Breaching Whale Tail Sculpture

    Just finished this "Moose in the Kelp" Yellowtail Sculpture English wheeled to get the 3D look 18 gauge cold rolled steel Clear Coated Measures: 32"Hx25"W mounted on Authentic Milaysian Drift Wood. Inbox for any questions.
  148. lips

    Steel Breaching Whale Tail Sculpture

    Thanks man.
  149. lips

    Steel Breaching Whale Tail Sculpture

  150. lips

    Steel Breaching Whale Tail Sculpture

    Tis the season, I made this from 1/8" steel plate, clear coated mounted in 3"Tx12"W natural wood disc stained and lacquered Nautical Art Piece Handmade Inbox for any questions.... :stay salty: ⚡️SOLD⚡️
  151. lips

    Mounted Sheet Steel Yellowfin Wall Art

    Just finished The ol Lighthouse, 20 gauge SS Sculpture ,Solar LED, Light can easily be removed to replace battery for LED. Which should last 3 years Measures 28" tall, wood base is 3/4" 11"Wx 10"D Inbox for questions
  152. lips

    Drone vs Drone

    Fire Dep. needs these ASAP also
  153. lips

    Mounted Sheet Steel Yellowfin Wall Art

    LED YEllowfin all done and Dodo also. Dodo is 36"Lx13"H poplar wood and coco fiber rope/ dolphin: sold. thanks BD
  154. lips

    Mounted Sheet Steel Yellowfin Wall Art

    i was experimenting with some LED's, 1 more sheet metal YFT on cherry red stain with a 3 AA powered LED strip, the lights have multiple colors and speeds, or just single color setting. Finishing up a couple dodos and mossbacks too! PM if interested, Stay Salty! 23"Lx13"Tx2"Deep
  155. lips

    Mounted Sheet Steel Yellowfin Wall Art

    ⚡️SOLD⚡️ Thanks BD! Stay Salty
  156. lips

    Mounted Sheet Steel Yellowfin Wall Art

    Here's a pic with different lighting on both pieces,
  157. lips

    Mounted Sheet Steel Yellowfin Wall Art

    yeah that's the sun light shining threw red curtains. It'll pick up any light it's near,
  158. lips

    Mounted Sheet Steel Yellowfin Wall Art

    Thank you very much guys! Here's another one that's ready to hang. 14 gauge SS YFT plain, grinded and polished on a 3' plank back splash also stained and sealed. PM me for any questions
  159. lips

    Mounted Sheet Steel Yellowfin Wall Art

    things I do when I'm not fishing. 18 gauge Sheet Steel/Wood Yellowfin, YFT, Plasma Hand Cut, Wood sealed and lacquered with hanging rings SS clear coated, Measures 23"Lx13"Tx2"D , thanks for lookin! Stay Fishy
  160. lips


    New blue/silver AVET MXL blem, never pulled on a fish, loaded with 30# PLine.
  161. lips

    YOYO Rod ****WANTED****

    I have a Cal Star WC-660C 6' 20-50# used but in great shape. 100$
  162. lips

    Pro Gear cs 500

    (SOLD) Has some boat rash, recently serviced @ P Coast, loaded with 55# Jerry brown, original clamp and bolts. 90$, Vista.
  163. lips

    sheet metal YFT wall piece

    Thanks Guys. Stay Fishy.
  164. lips

    sheet metal YFT wall piece

    Did this 2'x1' YFT out of 16 gauge sheet metal on a 3' sealed backsplash, mossbacks next!
  165. lips

    Fish N Fabricate

    Fish N Fabricate
  166. lips

    Avet mx or Saltist

    Avet it is, getting the MXL 5.8, thanks for the info guys.
  167. lips

    Avet mx or Saltist

    Never owned or fished either, fished shimano, penn, pro gears but never these, I'm in the market for a new toy and want to try something new.
  168. lips


    I decked on that boat Buzz rules
  169. lips

    Good surf fishing article

    Good stuff
  170. lips

    Offshore Itchin

    Thinking of heading out tomorrow
  171. lips

    Bad Religion Jig Stick

    what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats sick!!!!!8087....
  172. lips

    Why don't Southern California have TV News Anchors like this???

    yes chrissy is hot and she surfs...<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  173. lips

    Name it.....

    "the heavy flow"
  174. lips

    Jigstick for a Charger fan

  175. lips

    Photo Editing PhotoPhix

    this is an old one<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  176. lips

    Great Halibut Monday!

  177. lips


  178. lips

    FUN BAGS!!!!!!

    that was great.......
  179. lips

    white sea bass recepies?

    Hawaiian macadamia nut crusted...
  180. lips

    Dana Kicks Out Another!!

  181. lips

    Hali love bay drift

  182. lips

    flat day.

    27in26 an25,in the water by 10 out by3:45,on the drift.
  183. lips

    California Halibut Tattoo!

    thats hard!
  184. lips

    Kayak Fishing in the Logoon

  185. lips

    Capt. Nick's new tattoo

    thats amazing wait to see the color in it..........thats sick!!!!!!!!!
  186. lips

    This picture needs a caption...

  187. lips

    Baby 'Buts and Bass Monday 4/6/09

    i saw you guys............
  188. lips

    got my new to me boat

    congrats......thats a ride right there.....
  189. lips

    LJ 34 lb. Yellowtail

    hell ya...........go snapple.
  190. lips

    They Tanked in the SWBA DP tourney but...

    sweet!me want one........
  191. lips

    Best reel for yo-yo iron?

    what about a pro gear cs500............?
  192. lips

    White Shark attack

    fuuuuuck..................glad youre ok............
  193. lips

    Boat Ho list for 2009

    Name:Alex Age:27 Boat:soon.... Days Available:any day with a little notice...... References: Experience:bin fishing saltwater since i was a youngster and respect and love it every time im can get out.....ill pitch in on gas and bait and clean after a days fishing......... Drink/Smoke:at the...
  194. lips

    late report La Salina, tail and butt!!

  195. lips


    this is great:rofl:
  196. lips


    gotta open an account............
  197. lips

    This Weekend at FHS Delmar.... who's going?

    leaving soon.............
  198. lips

    10 year old little girl lands 35 pound halibut

    thats so rad....................shes hooked..............
  199. lips

    How do you mix your cocktail?

    one tumbler of Jamison and a smithwicks or three..........
  200. lips

    Need Info On Aqua Hedionda Lagoon?

    amazing area..............bin here my whole life.......
  201. lips

    Drug cash

  202. lips

    W S B and halli

  203. lips

    If Alcohol Labels Were More Realistic

    so true!........
  204. lips

    Best style of BBQ

    my back yard kind!!!
  205. lips

    WSB, YFC, SBB...

  206. lips

    Lets Play With Guns.

    gnar gnar!!!!!!!!
  207. lips


    nice one there buddy!
  208. lips

    Shifting gears: Spring time

    nice flatty.................
  209. lips

    MLPA Proposal.....Your worst nightmare

    fuckin bullshit!!!!!!!!! in shock sorry!!!
  210. lips

    They just keep coming...

    soo sick.....i likem both....
  211. lips

    And Another one....

    sweeeeeeet!!i likey
  212. lips

    Which line for 50# and up

  213. lips

    Tommy on channel 6 news

    i saw that this morning too...
  214. lips

    Best Places To Eat In So Cal?

  215. lips

    Thanks Ceez for the Valentines day gift Idea

    ordering right now.......
  216. lips


  217. lips

    52# Butt - 1/31/08

  218. lips

    Calico Bass Sticker

    thats sic........
  219. lips

    Oside Flattie Report 11/21

  220. lips

    Pacific Voyager - Seaforth

    its all true...........great cap. and crew.........
  221. lips

    Training pays off

  222. lips

    someone just got married...

    oh fuck off man..................this is getting bad now....
  223. lips

    GM bailout.....what do you think

    crap,thats what i think.............
  224. lips

    11/18 Point loma kelp sheephead

  225. lips

    No one eats Pacific Bonita?

    people hate.....but there amazing if cared for properly..................keep hatein haters:Beat_Them
  226. lips

    Would You Have Risked Your Life?

    that guy is amazing......
  227. lips

    Custom Vans with feeeeesh!

  228. lips


    oooooooo fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:Bawling_e
  229. lips

    New Rod Bench

  230. lips

    YT Collar Removal Method?

    i need a video or something.............
  231. lips

    Record Book Bug

  232. lips

    Chick on bike screws up....

    FUCKIN SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!almost fuckin fell out of my chair,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:Poop_and_Run:
  233. lips

    Need prayers for a friends wife

    prayers sent
  234. lips


    2 day old dines,it smells like hell,but it works pretty fuckin good..........if you got anywhere to keep 2 day old dines that is........
  235. lips

    Fun Day

    fuckin ouch,bin there done this....cut the other 2 off,push thrue,cut barb with dikes and pool it back through,take a shot of Jamison and repeat till bottles gone..........get well bro...........
  236. lips

    O'side Harbor Halibut

    is that a float tube?
  237. lips

    When is you first 2008 lobster trip?

    opening dzay
  238. lips

    Smoked Bonita Recipes

    looks good
  239. lips

    Boat Ho List 2008

    Name:Alex Age:26 Boat:soon Days Available:weekdays always and some weekends Referances: Experiance:ive bin fishin since i was a grommit,grew up in carlsbad,s.d.....and fished here my whole life..........good deckin also..... Drink/Smoke:after a days fishin there great. Contact info:pm here
  240. lips

    Good Halibut Fishing

  241. lips

    this sucks big time

    thats pretty lame.....
  242. lips

    What should you and I pay? Owner & Ho

    kick some cash,be a good hand,and bring water/food for yourself,and beef jerky for the cap.
  243. lips

    Dorado recipes?

    if anyone hasn't said it yet.............the fish house/house seasoning...........bbq squirt a lime or lemon........done....
  244. lips

    Redneck Stonehenge

    that guy is ruling.screw the neighbors.
  245. lips

    Lurkers and New Bloodydeckers!

    well brothers,whats crackin?
  246. lips

    what was the worst injury sustained on the water?

    size 6 trebble past the barb in my pointer finger:eyepoppin,i had to push it through till it poped,then cut the barb off and pooled it back through.
  247. lips

    Best bay reel?

    calcutta 200b........ive fished this reel hard for 4 years,no problems. depends on how you treet youre shit i guess.
  248. lips

    What weight line do you fish with the most?

    15 to 20 p-line........
  249. lips

    Earthquake in Yorba Linda!!!

    i live in vista,and it was pretty noticeable,my old ladys cat was trippin right before it happen,cracked me up.the cat that is.
  250. lips

    then the fight started..

    that was good
  251. lips

    sheriff joe rocks!

    hes goog,real good.............
  252. lips

    Epic SB County 6-21-08

    you da man...........
  253. lips

    300 casts later

    i took that picture.
  254. lips

    Halibut/Agua Hedionda

    i got five shorts yesterday,and lost a nice one,busted me off.didnt see it but it made a nice run and chewed my leader.there bein weird this year...........i love it.
  255. lips

    Halibut/Agua Hedionda

    thats how u do it.
  256. lips

    Anyone have cordinates for carlsbad canyon?

    that was good......haha.
  257. lips

    Big Halibut

    good shit bro.
  258. lips

    Fresh Oysters

    that looks amazing........yum.
  259. lips

    Agua Hedionda 2nd Hand Report

    he better have thrown that flattie back,tell me he did.
  260. lips

    LB Flattie Annihilation!!!

    amazing catch,good pics.
  261. lips

    Fishing Carlsbad Lagoon????

    ive been gettin some flatties in the y,on smelt lateley
  262. lips

    Fishing Carlsbad Lagoon????

  263. lips

    Fishing Carlsbad Lagoon????

  264. lips

    Please say a prayer for my son

    prayers sent.....