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    Yes, they have a system. The bite was so fast and steady we could only thrown them in the RWS...

    Yes, they have a system. The bite was so fast and steady we could only thrown them in the RWS when the deckhands were free. Tough doing the over/under dance when you're tripping on tuna! Even the cook came out and helped during the frenzy.....she's a champ!
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    Offshore 9/20/20 Tuna Haul on Mission Belle

    Hopped on a private charter on the Mission Belle 9/20. They have been targeting bottom fish at the islands lately but that's not what we were interested in. The powers decided to try offshore for tuna and we drove right past those islands toward the 425. Hit a BFT shortly after the troll...
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    Offshore Nice Flying Fish Wings

    ...and the rest is history. Never did get the smell out of those flyers!
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    Offshore Saturday 8/1 9-226-302

    Got a late start and hit the bait barge at 7am to wait in line for 30 minutes. In that time, the weather went from brilliant sun to a thick fog bank outside Point Loma. Really thick stuff from there to the 9-mile. Found a paddy 1/2 mile short of the fleet and immediately hooked up. Lost...
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    Breakfast And Box Lunches In CSL

    Helpful Info on Captain Tony's. We are headed down there this weekend. How much is the box lunch?
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    Cabo 2-15 to 22?? For fishing

    We are heading out on the 15th on the Dream Maker. Hoping to bring something back for Gricelda to cook-up!
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    Offshore Where are the fish?

    Went out Saturday and Yesterday as well in search of something. Hit the south 9, the north 9, 302, 182 for nothing. Didn't even see anyone else bendo on anything. saw a whale and dove on a paddy with marks until Mr. Hammerhead showed up. ended up at Catalina Offshore for the swordfish...
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    Offshore 226/302 for nothing 10/14

    Took my son and a couple buddies for what may be the last trip of the season...for us. Headed out t the 226 and found the 3/4 day fleet on a large paddy. Fair action but all really small. Looked like Bonita and skippys. We couldn’t get much of qwith nothing on the way. 302 was dead so...
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    Offshore Saturday 8/6 Hidden Bank

    Pink and white feather both times, despite a full spread of options....we also gopt two bonitos on the same feather.
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    Offshore Saturday 8/6 Hidden Bank

    Fish was iced all day. the photo was before transport up the dock to Sportsmans' for processing. Good eyes on the tuna, yes, we did get one Yellowfin off the second paddy. Couldn't find any more after that.
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    Offshore Saturday 8/6 Hidden Bank

    Left the little boat in the slip and shipped out Friday night aboard the Osprey instead out of MB. Picked up great looking mix of lg, sm. dines and mini-macs and hit it south. Arrived a little south of HB @ 3:30 AM and the fleet was all around us when we arrived. 5:30, trollers in and hit...
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    Ranger 250C Center Console

    Hopefully don't need to do that.....may have found a buyer over the weekend. In any event, not assuming anything until done so bumping back up.
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    Ranger 250C Center Console

    So sorry to those who have responded to this ad by text. I just changed the phone number to my cell, which can receive texts. I accidentally found a file on my computer with texts to my office phone showing various responses (which obviously went unanswered). While they are recorded, there...
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    Ranger 250C Center Console

    Bump....long weekend comin'
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    Ranger 250C Center Console

    1999 Model year. One engine was rebuilt about 3 years/200 hrs ago.
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    delete ad 123

    Take a look at my boat.....Twin Yamaha direct inject. This will get you out smoother and faster than anything else (never been passed except for the Homeland Security guys with their 4x300HP's)
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    Ranger 250C Center Console

    Bump....the Bluefin are coming back and this ride will get you out there in short order. Back even quicker at 45!
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    Ranger 250C Center Console

    Bump...back to the top!
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    Ranger 250C Center Console's the weekend!
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    Ranger 250C Center Console

    No, with the trailer, I have the trailer too and will include it. I don't use it and a friend has it. Can get it back if I need to.
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    Looking for Parker 2120 with budget of 45k

    Check my boat out. I tried buddy boating with a friend on his 26 ft? Parker out to the Islands and we gave up after two runs because he couldn't keep up. His boat was fast but couldn't go fast in a sea. He could do...
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    Ranger 250C Center Console

    Just added some more pics
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    Ranger 250C Center Console

    Bump.....replaced both batteries last night.
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    Ranger 250C Center Console

    Sorry for the Faux Paux. I cut and pasted from our yacht club ad in my haste at work and forgot the price was in a different section. Asking $35K.
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    Ranger 250C Center Console

    25 ft. Ranger 250C Ocean Fish. $35,000. Twin 200 HP Yamahas (2 stroke) get this baby up to 45MPH quick! Deeper V-Hull than most for an exceptional ride, especially in choppy seas. Large enclosed head, outriggers, twin fishboxes, built-in ice chest and an oversize live baitwell make this an...