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  1. old salt

    Badger - 1995 Radoncraft 26 Explorer

    very solid platform. i have fished on this boat in morro bay .very comfortable boat
  2. old salt

    phenix black diamond hybrid PHD 760XH and black diamond PSW 700H

    old salt submitted a new listing: phenix black diamond hybrid PHD 760XH and black diamond PSW 700H - phenix black diamond hybrid PHD 760XH and black diamond PSW 700H Learn more about this listing...
  3. old salt

    Southern California phenix black diamond hybrid PHD 760XH and black diamond PSW 700H

    both rods are in decent used condition . the hybrid in better shape than the 700H. $240 for the PHD760XH and $135 for the PSW 700H .$350 if you buy them both .i have some pics in my phone. im in laguna beach can meet in so OC
  4. old salt

    is the display compatibale with a hd fish finder my c90 display is acting up and now wont power...

    is the display compatibale with a hd fish finder my c90 display is acting up and now wont power up. id like to check it out and see if it will plug in to my boat im at the launch ramp in dana point black commercial lobster 26 radon. mark 949 463 5882 currently fishing lobster with no meter
  5. old salt

    Furuno Electronics - FCV 588, FCV 585, 1870f

    also interested in 1870 and sent message
  6. old salt

    2016 Kokopelli trailer model AL-19-21TAN.

    what size boat was on it and whats the weight rating
  7. old salt

    Yamaha f200 4 cyl outboard

    is this the XB model?
  8. old salt

    1 3/8 shaft SS Spurs line cutter $150

    reduced to $75 or trade. just want it to go to use. i went to shaft shark as well. brass strut lost 2 blocks was done. ideal for stainless strut
  9. old salt

    1 3/8 shaft SS Spurs line cutter $150

    had this on my commercial lobster boat many years ago. it is missing the the strut block.easy to order. i have stainless hardware to mount block. 3 zincs 3 yearly bearings. if you know what this is you know $150 is nothing for this cutter. call or text nine 4 nine 4 six three 5 8 eight two
  10. old salt

    200# rail rod set up.accurate 50 w phenix phd x4h-sold

    this reel retails at meltons for $1450. $200 upgrade ,$175 in spectra.a factory wrapped 700 pHd x4h retails for $560, and ill throw in a $30 bhp #200 top shot.thats twice what i am asking
  11. old salt

    200# rail rod set up.accurate 50 w phenix phd x4h-sold

    Custom wrapped by Tim in Temecula. Phenix PhD 700 x4h accurate 50w blueprinted for 200# by cal easy button.fresh 200# jb hollow. Used a handful of times to fish skipjack for cows.never caught a fish.1 17 day trip.always stored on top deck with cover on.i looked for a...
  12. old salt

    WTB 3/8" line

    i have brand new 3/8 blue steel. med. lay easy to dana point .got hot knife to cut whatever lengths you need.can even splice it for you take about 1/2 hour to do 12 splices
  13. old salt

    WTB 3/8" line

    got tons of new and used 3/8 trap line . how much you need?
  14. old salt

    Trinidad 40n for sale (my last one)

    pretty sure i once owned that reel.glws
  15. old salt

    CA commercial lobster package

    package has been sold.update may 21 package currently in escrow.any intrest in a turn key ca commercial lobster business?way to much to list.boat is completely rebuilt 2014 .26 anderson direct drive .450 vinyl traps.permit and everything you need $ me and we can talk details. boat is in...
  16. old salt

    Showtime on the Star

    you spin quite the tale joe. maybe you should consider writing a book on your fishing adventures.(im guessing you already are) ill buy it.i have done a few of these longer trips and this one was brutal in the catch department for 5 of fishing time and all i had in the hold was an 80#...
  17. old salt

    Royal Star Fly Down/Fly Back April 17/11 Day

    my buddy and I are on the trip
  18. old salt

    2015 Yamaha f 200 4 cyl lower units and cowling

    im a little confused .are these F200 or F150 lower units?
  19. old salt

    avet mxj 2 speed blue $190

    PM sent. ill take it
  20. old salt

    Dana Point halibut 11/22

    you will soon learn that if you share your halibut spots on the world wide web the next time you go there 20 boats will be there
  21. old salt

    What a month

    id say july is off to a good start .went out on the new seaforth yesterday morning.landed a 35 lb bluefin on bass gear. insane
  22. old salt

    need a handle for shimano TN 20

    handle on my gold tn 20 blew apart.looking for gold trinidad handle 16-40 or torium 16-30
  23. old salt

    Went back to the Jumping Yellowfin at the Lower 9...

    how was the water color on the 9 ?
  24. old salt

    Tiagra 16

    numb nuts?
  25. old salt

    shimano trinidad TN40N BNIB w/upgrades

    REEL IS SOLD i bought 2 of these from another member friend already sold 1 of them. i have decided i have to many 40's.this reel is brand new never spooled in orig. box with all still sealed (opened from bottom).upgraded carbontex drags and alan tani clicking dog.will...
  26. old salt

    seeker hercules shs60xh 6ft BFG green factory wrap

    back home with a blue fin. price drop $150
  27. old salt

    shimano tn40

    reel is sold
  28. old salt

    shimano tn40

    headed to point loma tonight. will take $300 no less.cant believe nobody wants this.check ebay prices
  29. old salt

    seeker hercules shs60xh 6ft BFG green factory wrap

    headed to point loma tonight .can meet anywhere in between
  30. old salt

    sold tn16n sold

    i will take it but only with the clamp at that price. Terry 5307228451
  31. old salt

    seeker hercules shs60xh 6ft BFG green factory wrap

    thanks ROD IS SOLD Nice condition, rated 50-100lb. American tackle titanium guides. Couple spectra burns in hypalon. Call or text 9494635882. $175 price drop now $150 firm.rod retailed for $319
  32. old salt

    shimano tn40

    SOLD very clean shimano trinidad tn40.missing 1 lug nut.unknown line.have many of these.cleanest one of all of them.$325 or text mark 949 463 588two
  33. old salt

    173# Bluefin 5 miles out of Dana

    there where some bigguns rollin through.boat shy up and down.had them at my boat once just didnt happen.saw the spearos out there
  34. old salt

    Wtb a trini 16n and 40n

    brand new in box. upgraded daug clicking. carbonex drags. never spooled 500.0 firm 40n
  35. old salt

    WTB SS 2X4

    looking for another super seeker ringed guide rod.will consider new ,used , just the blank, factory or custom.
  36. old salt

    WTB: lobster hoop gear

    i got one of those fancy ones fully rigged $25 in so. OC like new.
  37. old salt

    9 ft kencor jig stick

    pick it up today or tonight or tomorrow morning $100.ill be gone for 8 days .i might just not want to sell it when i get back as ill be making money when im gone need $100 right now.this originally retailed for over $300.biggest of the badest kencor made
  38. old salt

    9 ft kencor jig stick

    no one needs a jig slinger ? $24 cork puppy included
  39. old salt

    9 ft kencor jig stick

    price drop $125
  40. old salt

    Brand New Salas 7x's

    got the described ready to kill yellowtail
  41. old salt

    9 ft kencor jig stick

    open to reasonable offers
  42. old salt

    9 ft kencor jig stick

    SOLD SOLD NOW $100 Kencor GPOS 900 XHC 30-80 lb. Made in usa. $150 obo.price drop $125 Factory wrapped. ill throw in a cork puppy with cut studs and lugs for a tn 40
  43. old salt

    need a guide replaced in so. OC

    got the guide ordered 67.50 shipped.ouch
  44. old salt

    need a guide replaced in so. OC

    i found the american tackle titans on mud hole there not cheap.dont know what size it is .anybody help?
  45. old salt

    need a guide replaced in so. OC

    thats were i went.dave is kinda over the rod repair.dont blame him.but hey it brought me to the shop and i did buy something.said if i got the guide they ould wrap it
  46. old salt

    need a guide replaced in so. OC

    my local shop doesnt have this guide and doesnt want to deal with it.its a SS 10 ft ulua .its the guide closest to the butt the big one.there are no markings on the guide.its a titanium sic one piece guide.looks just like factory guide .the insert fell out.pretty much solid red thread.simple...
  47. old salt

    vintage tady 45 lot

    these are old school tady .4 pointed surface 2 bk/prpl & white 1 mint 1 blue to white wash.some corrosion on blu to white.zap a gaped it so it wont peel. 2 heavy w/tuna hooks blue/wht and scrambled egg.the stamps on these are hand stamped higher on the jig.will text pics 949 463 5882.looking for...
  48. old salt

    6 seaguar 100# flouro top shots

    SOLD SOLD 6 unused in the package BHP 100# seaguar premeir flourocarbon wind ons 25 ft. $155 shipped usps priority mail.these are $38 apiece at fishermans landing
  49. old salt

    WTT Torium 16HG

    they will take it reel right now
  50. old salt

    f/s surface iron

    send me a message and ill give you my email .send paypal gift or friend.and ill ship tomorrow
  51. old salt

    f/s surface iron

    SOLD 5 ironman ss lightweight and 5 UFO pos prolite.most are new just been banging around for many years. 10 full size surface irons shipped to your door for $55.or pickup for $5 apiece
  52. old salt

    WTB Candy Bar jigs starman 150

    fishermans landing still has the starman on the self
  53. old salt

    Coronado Island Report (4/16) on the San Diego

    i was on the boat .flylined bait worked well all day.i went 4 for 6 with one over 20.yes last stop was right on pukey point. could have casted your jig and hit dry land.guys were still hooked up feet from the rock
  54. old salt

    F/S NEW Phenix PHD700X4H Rail Rod SOLD

    PM sent. ill take it if i can come pick it up today or tonight
  55. old salt

    F/S NEW Phenix PHD700X4H Rail Rod SOLD

    that is a beautiful rod.its a work of art
  56. old salt

    FS: Tiagra 16

    what kind of frame is that?looks like the top bar was cut out of the stock frame
  57. old salt

    18ft commercial lobster skiff 2010 yamaha f115 $7500

    putting boat in the water today.available for sea trial .called my tech and will have him verify engine hours in next 2 days.i want it new price is more than a fair deal on a killer commercial skiff.boat will be at commercial docks in dana point. 949 463 5882 mark
  58. old salt

    18ft commercial lobster skiff 2010 yamaha f115 $7500

    still available. tough functional antique with a lot of life left
  59. old salt

    Going commercial

    just be aware of what species you can legally target and keep for cannot sport fish and commercial fish on the same trip
  60. old salt

    18ft commercial lobster skiff 2010 yamaha f115 $7500

    tired of paying storage on boat. nobody has cone to see price $5000 without commercial gear.$6000 as it sits. YAMAHA F115 IS WORTH THAT ALONE. have my tech or yours plug it in you wont find a better deal on a 4 stroke powered skiff anywhere,.need it gone
  61. old salt

    18ft commercial lobster skiff 2010 yamaha f115 $7500

    if I text pics to someone who knows how to post them I would greatly appreciate it.cant figure it out
  62. old salt

    WTB super seeker 2x4

    still on the hunt. haven't heard back on 1 .another fell thru.need rod for trip in april
  63. old salt

    WTB super seeker 2x4

    looking for a ringed guide SS 2x4 .custom or factory. boat rash ok .doesnt have to be perfect cosmetically. or It can be new or near new. lets see whats out there. you can message hear or easier to just call me.(949) four 6 three- 5882 mark
  64. old salt

    20 Ft Wilson

    nice little boat .not that hard to do the work your self. its the time that it takes to do it that kills you. materials are not expensive. I just re glassed and gel coated my 26 Anderson for about $500 in material from surf supply in Oceanside. bought a DA sander from harbor freight for $60 and...
  65. old salt

    PB WSB!

    awesome fish .heard some nice ones were caught. happy for you. time on the water = big fish
  66. old salt

    Survey to Evaluate Project on Potential Improved Spiny Lobster Catch

    good luck even finding a permit for sale right now. how about restricting hoop netting in harbors and breakwaters were large broodstock are being hooped up.
  67. old salt

    free stuff

    trim tabs are gone
  68. old salt

    free stuff

    refitting my 26 anderson. bennett trim tabs working when removed.switch is now toast.tabs crusty but will clean up. resevoir and wiring harness complete. heavy duty swim step and stainless brackets.its wood and could use paint.made by bill anderson so you know its beefy.about 50 lbs or so of...
  69. old salt

    DP ghost 3/24

    caught this beast drifting for halibut. 30# ande dropper loop with an anchovie.had to chase it around for awhile.finally went for the kelp were I carefully pulled it out. personal best 59# bled out.
  70. old salt

    84 Gregor 18ft project boat $600 obo

    boat is sold .good luck with it nick
  71. old salt

    84 Gregor 18ft project boat $600 obo

    boat is SOLD i purchased this boat off craigslist a couple weeks ago.originally wanted the trailer it was on. as i looked at it i got a crazy idea i would fix it up for nor many projects right now its gotta go.swapped it to a POS trailer with no title but clear and pti plate.boat has...
  72. old salt

    WTB: Bayrunner 18' or other Center Console*** Cash in hand

    ive got an 84 gregor 18 side console fully welded .its a project I bought for the trailer.boat has clean title w/2015 tags.90 hp merc 2 stroke.boat has sat for 10yrs needs floors and steering,and some love. need to swap the trailer.comes with dual axle steel trailer no paper work $500
  73. old salt

    Caption Contest - Win a $200 Gift Card to Dana Landing - Fred Hall booth 1005

    when I grow up I wanna be a hammerhead
  74. old salt

    1978 26 feet walk around pilot house

    i own a 26 anderson commercial lobster boat and these things are indestructable. safe in almost any west coast sea conditions.they run down swell better than any boat of similar size.i have had mine out in extremely nasty conditions and come home safely every time.previous owner ran home from...
  75. old salt

    penn 113H with tiburon narrow kit $100

    penn 113h with brand new never used Tiburon narrow kit. brand new carbontex drags. insane freespool. great yellowtail reel. $100 reel is in laguna beach. pick up or meet nearby. the kit and drags were over $140 new and have never seen mark 949 463 5882
  76. old salt

    Pro Gear 454 black excellent cond. $100

    SOLD SOLD SOLD rare black pro gear 454 in minty condition. I will not take less than $100 so don't shipping reel is in laguna beach come and get it or meet nearby. this is a smoking deal on a quality unavailable reel.mark 949 463 5882
  77. old salt

    Iron for Bft?

    returned sunday on the royal star. never seen so many BFT caught on iron .sat morning 4:45 am the fish went full speed on the jigs.i boated 2 in 10 minutes on 100# with a blue and crome tady 4/0 with a massive single hook.the were biting just about any blue /white or chrome jig.i switched to...
  78. old salt

    BFG 8-Day on the RS - Roll Call?

    see ya Saturday.
  79. old salt

    100 lb. BFT - Bring the right equipment

    im leaving sat.on the star guess im going to dust off my 770xh and mak 20
  80. old salt

    fresh dead squid in dana point.

    still have squish left .thanks again to everyone who came and got some
  81. old salt

    fresh dead squid in dana point.

    perfectly legal to sell commercially caught squid .this squid has been landed by a DFW licensed fish receiver and can be resold to anyone.thanks to the guys who came and bought squid. plenty more left if anybody needs squish minutes from DP harbor
  82. old salt

    fresh dead squid in dana point.

    i have 5lb bags for $8 and 12lb bags for $15 of fresh dead frozen .the squid was caught last of right now today you can get it fresh if you call quick as its being bagged up and frozen right now in capo beach.if you want quantity we can work on price.this is commercially caught squid...
  83. old salt

    26' Shamrock Pilot House 1986

    that boat would make an insane commercial lobster boat.
  84. old salt

    BX2 500N for Wahoo?

    whats up justin.use what you feel comfortable with .i agree that the taller reels like tn 40n or a narrowed newell 533 5.5 are better suited for smoking runs and retrieve more line.just make sure you have carbontex drags and bring an extra set just in case.2 speeds is really not neccessary in my...
  85. old salt

    personal best

    $10 bucks says the trap had a pink and blue float.nice fish doc .welcome to the nieghborhood
  86. old salt

    Newell Red R533

    i believe a red newell is now a collecters item.everyone in hawaii wants a colored newell and they are paying $$$ for them
  87. old salt

    avet SX 2spd , shimano tn 16 narrow special

    bump TN16N now $250 shipped to your door
  88. old salt

    Trinidad 16N or 16NA

    check my earlier post ill bump it to the top right 16n in nice condition.not mint but veryy solid nice reel.$250 shipped priority mail to your door
  89. old salt

    trailer for 7 ton 26 ft shaft drive

    need a solid used trailer for my anderson. i will not be towing long hauls with it.the boat is heavy and will need a 3 axle 15,000 gvwr trailer.preferablly set up for a direct drive.i can do some modification work to make it right.lets see whats out there.thanks mark
  90. old salt


    called there gone
  91. old salt

    Shogun Skiff Trip

    hey dean you going on the skiff trip?
  92. old salt

    yo zuri trolling lures

    i believe the pink will dive up to 15 ft.there are 2 spots to rig for different speeds and depth.this was intended for threaser fishing
  93. old salt

    penn 4/0 113HL

    i can box and ship it.i dont know where Ripon is.shouldnt be to much to ship it snail mail and i got a post office a block away give me a call 949 463 5882 mark
  94. old salt

    avet SX 2spd , shimano tn 16 narrow special

    AVET sold.will trade TN16N for TN16, TN20 or TN40 or 40N
  95. old salt

    yo zuri trolling lures

    2 yo zuri trolling pink and a hydro squid $15 for both. mark 949 463 5882
  96. old salt

    nu*mark waist belt and plate

    monster belt by nu mark. fits approx. 32-36 inch waist.not for a big guy. $30 mark 949 463 5882
  97. old salt

    penn 4/0 113HL

    penn high speed light 4/0. great yo yo reel.needs lube and clean up. $40 mark 949 463 5882
  98. old salt

    avet SX 2spd , shimano tn 16 narrow special

    <avet SOLD="" sold<avet=""> AVET SOLD blue avet SX 2 sp new cond. 3/4 full of green 50# trip caught a few schoolie bft $225.shimano trinidad 16N very nice condition.few minor scratches 3/4 full jb light green 65 #$275 NOW $250 obo.both of these reels are ready to fish. mark 949 463...
  99. old salt

    calstar grafighter GX 6.5

    wrapped by fishing rods unlimited .rated 8-20 lb 6 1/2 ft fuji trigger $80. easier to call 949 463 5882 mark
  100. old salt

    need help in the Laguna Beach area

    only 1 public beach in laguna is outside the mlpa reserve.its called 1000 prepared to climb some stairs.
  101. old salt

    So sorry for friends and family of Sean Bickel

    wow. RIP my will be missed
  102. old salt

    furuno fcv 667 fishfinder

    my tube just crapped out on mine.was going to upgrade but dont want to haul out to change transducers.anybody got one laying around?
  103. old salt

    Canister Life Raft, Survival Suit, Fuel Bladder

    ive got a 4 man elloit.needs recert for commercial use.icon in san pedro can do if your interested
  104. old salt

    Going out of Dana Tomorrow: Questions

    as of noon today dana wharf 3/4 boats all have dorado on board
  105. old salt

    Role call, Big Als Excel trip

    good luck jason.glad to see your gettin out there.big Al ,little Al are a blast to fish with.nonstop fun and games from those 2.plenty of good times for sure.
  106. old salt

    Garmin 182 Color w/Chip

    what kind of reels you looking for?
  107. old salt

    Offshore ROUGH 8/14/12

    was out there yesterday outa DP myself.back in by 4pm and it was gettin nastier by the minute the further north we got .did the tour 267,209 ,181 ,182 to 9 mi inside 43 then in towards the north 9 then back up the beach.found 75 degree water on inside line.outside lots of paddies lotsa bait but...
  108. old salt

    Newell 220 & 229 boxes

    ive got a 220 box.sold the reel w/out oc
  109. old salt

    Shogun update

    I recently fished the gun on a 5 day in some rather snotty weather.she rode smooth and i slept well.the crew is top notch in every way.on the spot with a gaff and helping less experienced anglers.i watched cole hook and hand several bft on my trip to newbies.that is above and beyond in my...
  110. old salt

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    this spring on the excel accurate trip as requested
  111. old salt

    COW gear.mak 20SEa calstar 770XH

    sale pending on combo to bigjohnson
  112. old salt

    Shogun 5 trip #2

    i believe bob's tab = about 200 beers.thats what cole said.he buys em for alot of guys. safe to say he prolly downed close to that.i did get 2 bft on that first stop but damned if i could get bit at cedros .i came away with 6 yt 1 on surface and 5 on yoyo.popped alot off on the wind up. switched...
  113. old salt

    COW gear.mak 20SEa calstar 770XH

    brand new makaira 20 sea in box. never used .filled w/800+ yds 100# JB line one hollow.$600 firm. factory calstar 770 xh one boat ride excellent cond. $300 obo.mark 949 463 5882.reel is brand new if you need pics check the world wide web.rod is 9 of 10 excellent cond. factory wrapped.ill sell...
  114. old salt

    Oh Oh! Check out this REPORT!!

    good to hear there bitting im leaving tomorrow on the shogun on a 5 day wooo hoooo.freezers already at max cap.just couldnt help myself i love to fish
  115. old salt


    delete it and repost in general fishing crap
  116. old salt

    GoPro video of my Big Butt 45.5 lbs

    hit it over the head already
  117. old salt

    Goodies for the LR Crew

    i know several of the crew members on the excel enjoy a monster or 2.i always bring a case for myself and a case for the release dvd's are always appreciatted by all aboard
  118. old salt


    the mass of fish that the fleet is fishing is 1 1/2 days from the point.i left on the royal star 6/2 at 9 am the next day at 11:45 i was the first to hook up on bait and first to boat a 60+ lb bluefin.i went 5 for 5 on fish 60-70 lbs on that stop.most increadable school ever.hung with the boat...
  119. old salt

    San Quintin Lots of boats out today!

    was out at martine on the way home on the star yesterday ling a ding ding
  120. old salt

    Blue Fin Tuna located

    getting on the star saturday on.woooo hoooo
  121. old salt

    Coastal Seabass the hard way

    saw the plastic navy showing up in the am as i was leaving with my limit.good job on the yak
  122. old salt

    email re: Q105

    for whatever it is worth i received a full refund in march for a 15 day trip paid in full that did not generate enough passengers to leave the dock. the Q had my money from the previous year when the trip was canceled 1 week before departure due to the same problem they have now with the coast...
  123. old salt

    Coastal tankers etc

    thanks for the intel dave.scratched up a 50# at 3:45 this morning.went in shallower and got a few butts when the sun popped thru
  124. old salt

    Coastal tankers etc

    thats how its done.nice work dave
  125. old salt

    Not Be a Dump Truck

    but its medicine bro.i gotta smoke it on a hourly basis doctors orders
  126. old salt

    Excel report

    the excel is a sweet platform.plenty of room.even with a full load.never once did i feel crowded at the rail w/27 on board.and the rail worked better for me than others ive fished.good luck on your quest
  127. old salt

    Need Mobile Electronics Installer in DP

    stuart is good.hes local too
  128. old salt

    coastal tanker dp

    this fish was caught in a different area than were everyone else is fishing.yes it was close but the background will give it away and id rather not see 25 boats there tomorrow
  129. old salt

    coastal tanker dp

    left the harbor at 4 pm with 1/2 scoop of sardines.1 1/2 hrs later and a couple of boat moves my buddy hooks up with this pig.egg sinker with 6/0 hook on the drift.first coastal c bass for my vessel.
  130. old salt

    Triinidad 16n and 40n

    i saw a brand new one at hogans in dana point yesterday
  131. old salt

    Which Talica II for 40lb (long soak)

    i have to admit that i am borderline much drag? ok you guys got me.i already had a tII 16 for 65# braid w/50-60# topshot so the tII 10 was an obvious choice as i wanted to fish 50# solid and 40 # or less topshot.obviously if the bigguns are there leave the small stuff in the rack unless...
  132. old salt

    Which Talica II for 40lb (long soak)

    i just got a talica 10 for that purpose.40 # bait stealth holds over 400 yds solid 50 #.imo the drags are just to heavy on a 12 for 40#.20lbs at strike is to much for 40# the 10 is 13 lbs at strike.i plan on pitching sardines away from the boat on anchor. not so much for a long soak .more...
  133. old salt

    Makaira 15II

    i got 800 yds of JB hollow 100# on my mak 20sea.after one trip and many fish pulling on it theres still plenty of room left on it.if you were going for 25 ft topshot you could wind on another 50 yds.i believe the 30 sea will hold 1000
  134. old salt

    pro gear 541 $75

    i can do that.left a message call me
  135. old salt

    pro gear 541 $75

    lots of action but really dont want to ship it.anyone local interested?
  136. old salt

    pro gear 541 $75

    no clicker.hole hot glued. usual scratches and left side wear.8 out of 10 cosmetic.excellent mechanical cond.sorry pics suck.$75 pick up so. OC
  137. old salt

    Wahoo Wire Harness

    seen them little dohickeys at hogans bait and tackle in dana point
  138. old salt

    Rods,Reels, & Misc. Quit LR Fishing.

    you might want to list prices.about 40 people are viewing these classifieds at all times.just sayin if you want to sell it let us know what you want for it
  139. old salt

    LR's AMAZING Season

    absolutely epic.first time lower zone angler.experience of a lifetime.can only hope next year is as good or better
  140. old salt

    Countdown to Alijos

    im on the star BFG trip see you there
  141. old salt

    wahoo in June

    i just did the excel march 27 16 day and had 12 wahoo to 50 lbs.lost as many or more.lots of anglers had limits.i had my best luck with bait on 60# 7 strand break offs with that.lots of hits on the jigs but couldnt get um to stick.lost a couple raiders swallowed on the sink.and broke...
  142. old salt

    can't take it anymore!

    i just did it for $6000 + processing.did an accurate trip so no gear rental cost.i did over spend on tackle and flouro carbon but now i have it for next year.that is a reasonable # for trip ,tip,visa,permits and tackle and gear + minimal processing.i spent about $900 processing and smoking all...
  143. old salt

    Any one fished with Baja fish gear group?

    just booked on the BFG 8 day this june on the royal star.called the royal star office and tracey tells me they just had a cancellation .groups of 2 or more on the waiting list but no singles.ya im in.stoked.looking forward to fishing with what ive heard from many is a great group
  144. old salt

    Excel reports on 4/19/12 WFO.....

    timing is everything.glad there WFO on the big models
  145. old salt

    NEED HELP Are the yellowtail biting?

    if i were going Id go 3/4 day with booger or ernie on the san diego or chubasco II,better make a have been on surface and yo yo iron
  146. old salt

    excel accurate 16 day 3/27 late report

    accurate 16 day
  147. old salt

    excel accurate 16 day 3/27 late report

    more pics accurate 16 day
  148. old salt

    excel accurate 16 day 3/27 late report

    here it is.4 days of sea travel.smooth ride with some following weather.down hill no seminars ,poker ,food and day 1. arrive at HB at midnight. 2 am anchor down.i was out on deck about 2:15.watched justin drop a pl 68 glow down and get pinned to the rail.first...
  149. old salt

    Accurate Excel 16 day trip 3/27/12

    great trip.will do it again next year if i can swing the $$$$$.missed a cow by 3.12 lbs.for a first time lower zone angler i was pretty happy with a 196.4 included in my limit of yft and a dozen hoo.
  150. old salt

    Raider jig availibilty

    guys were using the charkbait raiders on my recent trip.seemed to get bit ,but just about everything got and or pink was the hot color at the zone and mostly the tady 6x at or grey pink
  151. old salt

    greetings from the lower zone

    another good morning bite on the tuna.i could not get bit on the salami but those who did got good quality this soon as i switched to 100# and sardine it was game on.finished off my limit and helped others get to theres on 50-80# one after the other for 3 hrs.pulled the hook on another...
  152. old salt

    greetings from the lower zone

    taking advantage of the new free wi fi on the excel.been emailing home but to busy fishing and sleeping to was the last full day of fishing and was not dissapointing for me.i did have a few slow days but the days when i got bit sure made up for it.lots of personal best on this trip as...
  153. old salt

    friends of rollo winner

    if he can afford to pay the tax on the boat keep it.that thing is insane.hard market for boats now.but should not have trouble selling a davis
  154. old salt

    Dana Point/San O sucked today

    water is wayyyyy cold in dana point exteremely jan and feb when it was close to or above 60 fishing was good.wait till it warms up
  155. old salt

    Wind on leaders

    i have about 6 100# and 5 130# seaguar premier made by basil.when those are chewed up im using my guys got me second guessing my serve.went back out pulled every wich way on my orig 100# mono i tested yesterday.ten minutes of on and off and it still held slippage.i think thery'll...
  156. old salt

    where to buy tackle

    x 2 on squid co.they will have all you need there at good prices
  157. old salt

    CALSTAR 90J $65

    good deal.wish i was closer
  158. old salt

    White Seabass and Yellowtail for Kids

    how about halibut? i seem to catch alot of these outa dana point.not much luck as of late on wsb or yt
  159. old salt

    Lewco circulating pump

    hey wayne does it have a bronze impeller?the teel i bought from you a few years back works like a dream.
  160. old salt

    Wind on leaders

    up until today I had 0 experience making wind on leaders.I purchased the shimano hollow ace needle contains a very informative CD by inside sportfishing w/detailed instructions how to make the loop and connections with a nail knot and wound serve.made my first with 100# mono to 100#...
  161. old salt

    2 penn intl. 50 s 2 spds and calstar LRS 655 xh

    rear hypalon kinda hammered solid rod otherwise.$80 obo
  162. old salt

    2 penn intl. 50 s 2 spds and calstar LRS 655 xh

    SOLD .2 nd reel w/100# solid nearly full
  163. old salt

    2 penn intl. 50 s 2 spds and calstar LRS 655 xh

    REELS ARE SOLD>rod still avail. one reel is 9/10 cosmetic 10/10 mechanical $250. the other is 7/10 cosmetic 10/10 mechanical and nearly full of 100# solid braid.$ both reels for $400.both were serviced by hogans in dana point spring 2010 used on royal star 8 day flushed and put
  164. old salt

    Yellowtail Conventional Reel around $170

    i use a torium 16 loaded with 50# braid and short 50ft or less topshot of 30lb mono or flourocarbon.i also have a torium 20 loaded with 65# braid and short 40lb topshot..both those reels retail for about $170 and are excellent for yellowtail.
  165. old salt

    Best Braided line

    absolutely nothing wrong w/ power pro line.I have pulled in 50+ lb yellowfin at alijos on 50# green power pro with 25ft of 30lb flourocarbon top shot on a torium 16.the line was not new then and i still use it and year after year it does the job fine.that set up is my go too for local bait...
  166. old salt

    Crowder and Dip Nets

    how much for just the dip nets? and how long are the handles and whats the diameter of the ring?
  167. old salt

    32 ft Radon

    is that by any chance the ORION?
  168. old salt

    Headlights: GAY?

    i guess that makes me a faggott cause i got 2 on mine
  169. old salt

    wanted to buy

    minnies in newport beach has 1" bronze intake strainers for around 10 bucks.
  170. old salt

    Long Range Cow fishing tips Part 3

    thanks for the info.I have not decided how i will subdue fish on my upcoming trip.I felt awkward using the rail on 60 lb tuna.i could not take a knee.but placed the butt under my belly and widened my stance.this gave me a better angle.once the fish was up and down i stood up more and leaned over...
  171. old salt

    Local Dana Point Report March 10

    ya for your brother .nobody else has caught much in the last 2 weeks or so.i had a 23 inch fish at the point fri.and lots of sandbass the 2 trips prior to that
  172. old salt

    excell march 27 accurate trip

    the accurate 16 day trip is now leaving a day early,17 days on the excell.ill be flying back so really 14 days.cant wait.this is my first ever cow trip.and im hoping i got the right stuff and enough of it.i will be using accurate loaner or boat gear for kite,troll and 130#.i have a brand new...
  173. old salt

    Pacific Yacht Towers.

    is this still for sale? open to offers?
  174. old salt

    Dana Point

    just got back in from evening session on the point.sand bass double hook ups from 5:30 -7 pm some grumps too.drifting the red bouy.right on it really.bumping the boat forward to not hit it on the drift.8 ounces on dropper loop. sardine trap rigged
  175. old salt

    Dana Point

    we fished the 55-70ft hard bottom areas north of DP.trying to get jordan is first legal butt.last 3 times out ive put friends on nice fish 15 lb +.taken jordan lots of times all he gets are big sand dab sized butts.hell get one soon.might have to start cheating w/bounce ball rigs next time
  176. old salt

    New Spectra Spools & Wind-On Leaders

    hey brian ill take the all the wind ons if there still avail. 949 463 5882 mark
  177. old salt

    Larry Brown/ David Choate RR3 16ner

    nice report david.sounds like it was a bit slow but still a great fishing trip .x3 trevor is awesome.fished the chubasco many times w/him .david nobody has the new mak 20 II se .where can i get it. im leaving march 28 on the excell accurate trip.
  178. old salt

    A few new ones by Happy Ending Lures

    after lunch did you punch?
  179. old salt

    Lee's rod holders, horizontal, #4, gold aluminum clamp-on tulip style

    thats a great be all over a couple but there to big.i need some 1.3 for 1'' schedule 40
  180. old salt

    Dana Halibut ... and mistery fish

    way to go dave.nice seeing you out on the water.saw you workin it sunday thinking that area will go off soon.but what the hell do i know
  181. old salt


    im in 11 told the bunks were huge mid ship downstairs.leaving march 28 on the accurate 16 on it lou?
  182. old salt

    Is fish dope any good?

    im on the water all the time and i cant tell my ass from a hole in the wall most of the time.i dont have fishdope but i wish i just to much of a cheap ass.i stopped posting reports here because to many haters and fucknuts
  183. old salt

    Awesome day- San Clemente Coast

    yup they were biting yesterday.reeled in a few flat ones myself
  184. old salt

    micrologic admiral GPS

    this came off my lobster was a back up unit.i replaced it with a handheld unit as i needed the space were it was works and everything is there.manuals ,antena and power cord.the screen is hard to see in direct sunlight.this was the shizniz back in 1993 when it came out and...
  185. old salt

    Lots of Swell !!! San Quintin

    i wish i had a hammer so i could hit myself in the head with it.theres 50 guys out at salt creek when it looks like that
  186. old salt

    Have you seen this article

    i saw them out there in nov. they were on a commercial siener registered out of washington.drove right up to it to see what they were doing.had a big banner tied to it about some enviro crap.
  187. old salt

    no more 8 day spring trips???

    the last 2 years the star has been unable to fill that trip.i have been booked on it both times.hop on the Q 105 16 day april 28. we need bodies to get it off the dock
  188. old salt

    Dp squid intel

    no shortage of sandbass on the sardine today.easy dozen 1-5 lbers C&Red on the hard bottom and structure areas north of the target fish 21 inch throw back
  189. old salt

    Penn 50S 50 Narrow 2 speed

    what are you looking to pay?i have 2.excellent mechanical just serviced w/ looks better than the other
  190. old salt

    Tiburon magnum 30T shimano 30 tld II conversion

    i still have the 20T i bought from you steve.its my go to 50-60 # line tuna reel.sold this one to finance a new mak 20II se
  191. old salt

    Friends of Bill W. or Jimmy K

    friend of jimmy k.coming up on 7 years march 1st
  192. old salt

    Oside Flattie's 2/3 Shitbird whacks a pig!

    nice work guys.great year for the butts so far.dumped one like that last week.still havent gotten over seeing it swim away
  193. old salt

    Tiburon magnum 30T shimano 30 tld II conversion

    somebody make an offer.theres $100 worth of spectra on it.
  194. old salt

    Bonar IB2400 Commercial Insulated Fish Boxes NEW $300

    says $300 right in the guys realize this post is almost a year old?
  195. old salt

    Tiburon magnum 30T shimano 30 tld II conversion

    this reel is in pristine condition.bought this here on BD and never used it.reel was serviced when line was spooled on last year.required nothing but lubrication .tiburon topless 30T frame and side plate.tiburon T bar handle.tiburon drag plate.tiburon bearings.brand new 500 + yds 100# hollow...
  196. old salt

    Baja Trade winds Home

    man thats cheap.i pay that much in a year for rent for an apt in sure its not $169,000
  197. old salt

    7lb. Monstet

    you need to get your scale calibrated
  198. old salt

    Cork puppy

    ill take em PM sent
  199. old salt


    damn I just sold my 220 for $50 .boy did i fuck up. still got a brand new in the box blue 533 4.6
  200. old salt

    Nail gun & Misc stuff.

    how long since the honda motor was last run?if it starts up ill take it
  201. old salt

    Here We Go

    give dave a break.if you could go fishing and get paid you'd do it too.obviously you cant .the guy has made a nice little business for himself. like it or not people cant catch fish and want help.there willing to pay.FYI dave runs the freelance as a relief capt and his family owns and operates...
  202. old salt

    Dana Pt. 1/20/2012

    that fish is a monster.I helped matt get her on the scale at the fuel dock.truely a beautiful and heavy fish. i wish I could say ive gotten in on this winter butt bite .they seem to be a bit elusive for me on my new rig.maybe i need to start fishing the old skiff.always had great luck with the...
  203. old salt

    spearfishing from shore

    you sir are misinformed
  204. old salt

    AS Good As it gets

    that rock is not that big.couple boats could anchor max.I showed it too you bf runs in a line with a big bump at the end
  205. old salt

    Just want to thank Dave Hansen......

    still able to get it in the day time too.i jigged up about 100 pieces in an hour on the point yesterday morning
  206. old salt

    Local Fishing 1/14/12

    saw everybody there saturday.looked like a raft up.hope they left some gear on my lines for me
  207. old salt

    info on makaira 20 II

    thanks for the quick reply david.750 yds is only worry was line capacity.will the reels be on sale at the show.was going to buy it a chark bait as they will fill it for free w/purchase
  208. old salt

    info on makaira 20 II

    i am thinking of purchasing one of the new okuma makaira's.i really wanted a 30 size reel for my 770XH for 100# hollow.but also wanted a topless reel for bait fishing.the mak is not available in topless 30??only 15,20 and much 100# hollow will it hold? the drag specs look fine for 100# to...
  209. old salt

    Did anyone beside me have a wide open bite last Saturday 1-7-12?

    as of yesterday squid is still there and bass and others still on the chew on deep structure and hard bottom.big checkers no where near the kelp.look for the birds find the squid 80-100 ft outside red can
  210. old salt

    First Halibut this Year

    nice flattie dave.i need to get out with a rod and reel soon.squid all over out front.catching live squid in lobster traps first for me
  211. old salt

    thank goodness for the MLPA's

    we dont set the price they do.the chinese.just dropped 75 cents a pound areas i fish outside mlpas in dp i am bombed with gear moved a string that normally produces 40-50 lobster i caught 21 after big swell.
  212. old salt


    ya link is screwed up.and i cant load it through attachments because im computarded.its on youtube "killer whales drag sea lion under boat.mp4 "
  213. old salt


    sealion got munched off dana today.
  214. old salt

    Anyone seen this kind of boat before

    i would think you would need at least a 90 hp four stroke.could work with a 75 hp 2 stroke.youd burn up a 50 fast
  215. old salt

    Dana Wharf Halibut Derby Friday

    spike hitting it at 10 today.let someone else drive the boat and eat burgers and fish laguna rod and reel one last time.
  216. old salt

    thank goodness for the MLPA's

    dana point circa 1960.wide open abalone and lobster back then.i was born decades to fucked
  217. old salt

    Anyone seen this kind of boat before

    how the f do you pull the anchor?
  218. old salt

    Go Fuck Yourself Laguna...

    saw you out there on my way back from laguna.gray/white commercial anderson. thats is one of my fav hali spots.thank god its still open for now.its next on the enviro tree jackers list for sure.saturday will be my last pull in laguna.wire em open drop and retrieve within 6 days is what dfg has...
  219. old salt

    thank goodness for the MLPA's

    now I can join the millions of amercicans collecting unemployement ,stop paying taxes,get food stamps,,lay around and be lazy,and spend all my money smoking crack now that the state has taken away 75% of the ocean were I trap lobster.well maybe not smoke crack but you get the idea.i am a tax...
  220. old salt

    Oversized Sturgeon on the Longfin

    deputy no badge strikes again.why dont you just join up with dfg rodman?
  221. old salt

    Radon 24 V drive project

    hey ed i am lobster fishing one of your boats now and love it.its a unique 26 rear center house with a mid motor and straight shaft with small forwrd sleeper.the KIWI MAGIC.rides like a dream.10 hrs of running on the 453 jimmy burns 10-12 gallons.most economical boat Ive ever owned
  222. old salt

    21' center console aluminum commercial style boat

    is this the old REEL HIGH ?what did you do with the pinch puller?wanna sell it
  223. old salt

    Krillin' and Chillin' 11.2.11

    the krill were thick in on the kelp in laguna.and in some spots in as tight as 15 ft of water that day.bait fish and small cuda were blowin up the kelp beds
  224. old salt

    DFG on the chew in DP

    there are lots of gauges out there.some are way time dfg measures your lobsters check out his/her gauge.that is the one you want.i do this for a living and lobster are my pay check.i use the same gauge as dfg.that way there is no question if im boarded.if the gauge fits over the body of...
  225. old salt

    ULUA and (fill in the blank reel)

    trinidad 40N
  226. old salt

    Enterprise 10/5

    sounds like you had a better day than me jordan.lobster opener was worst in 20 years .horrible weather and no crawl.i was definately crapping and no napping
  227. old salt

    1979 Stringari 18 CC

    ill be dropping wired open traps with it current pics.ill take some when i get a chance.detroit 453 sips diesel run all day for $50.straight shaft.big wheel.slow though.but plows like a tank at 8 knots at 2100 rpm max 12 at 2800 rpm.very stable boat. 1 of a kind out of andersons...
  228. old salt

    1979 Stringari 18 CC

    thanks matt.the pic is when i first bought it.has aluminum trap rack on back now.cleaned it up .front rail is fuel lines, hydraulics and more.and the woodward skiff has a brand new yami 115
  229. old salt

    1979 Stringari 18 CC

    nice upgrades guys.she looks sweet.alot a bang for the buck.they just dont build skiffs like this any more.this thing is bullet proof. what are you guys looking for now?I bought an anderson 26 already rigged for lobster.made more sense than converting the stringari. it was so clean i didnt want...
  230. old salt

    aluminum leaning post $75

    gave it away to irvine FD for there boat a few months ago
  231. old salt

    PENETRATOR Sportfishing

    45 hawthorne 6 pack.boat catches fish
  232. old salt

    spectra on 1.5 day trips?

    what a joke .now there gunna tell you what and how to fish.heard nothing but bad news from that boat
  233. old salt

    Boat sinks overnight at catalina

    the seiner rolled while making its second set of the already had 40 tons of squid on and was coming around dragging the net and rolled in the trough.all are well .and i have a feeling it was heavily insured
  234. old salt

    Custom Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    call him up and go down and check it out.
  235. old salt

    Good News ... for now :)

    this is good news.we need to keep on fighting for our rights to access public resource3s
  236. old salt

    Oside Flattie Report 8/19

    nice fish rick.lotta work no fish for me.glad to see you get out there.
  237. old salt

    Offshore Twilight Tuesday!

    dana wharf .dana point ca. 2 for teusday .basically half dont need 2.
  238. old salt

    Dana Pt - Dodger BUTT

    nice the goose rigs.the whole shootin match is at best of big game .com guys.rick (the goose) makes and sells the best pre rigged bounce ball rigs period.
  239. old salt

    Offshore K&M San Quintin Yellowfin & Yellowtail!!!

    thats what im talkin about.nice catching .
  240. old salt

    20-40lb jig STICK

    I have a calstar 690j with a torium 16 (just serviced) nice shape $200
  241. old salt

    Win a Stryker T-Top - a $1,299 value - Contest ends 8/15/11

    sure could use some shade on my work skiff
  242. old salt


    i think phatt matt had some for sale here awhile back.PM him
  243. old salt

    Oside Flattie Report 7/23

    sounds like your back on track rick.way to get them.fished the west end of cat last night and today am for a nice 18 lb butt and 25 lb wsb.1/2 dozen bats and lots a calico
  244. old salt

    7/20 1/2 day good calico & jacked JP

    sounds as if a sack is expensive.thats were you got jacked.jackpot at 3 bucks you were paid in full at 28 pass. at $ dana point all open party boats sack $1 jackpot $5.and yes they get some big pots.2 for tues on the dana pride I once won a $285 pot.had my galley tab and fish cleaning...
  245. old salt

    Offshore Four Albies

    marlin have shown
  246. old salt

    Why Do It?......

    I spend almost 150 days a year on the water commercial fishing lobster and I cant ever wait to get on my annual long range trip every year.its a disease for me.the addrenalin rush of getting bit ,hooking and landing exotic fish is a thrill that will never go away .good food and someone else...
  247. old salt

    DFG Phone Survey

    they stated that they got the number from my sport license.I dont remember if it was on it or not.I think i just gave my drivers license to the guy when i got it this was on the the old write in licenses for sure.heres the number they called from. 858 277 7645 there is a recorded...
  248. old salt

    rope start?

    yup.used to start my johnson vro 70 with a rope when the battery on my whaler would go low after fishing on the anchor for hours running the bait pump.
  249. old salt

    DFG Phone Survey

    they called me thursday .i missed the call and called back and got a recording stating they were doing a survey and would call back or i could be removed by following the prompts.I have both commercial and sport licenses.I dont think they had that figured out.havent heard back
  250. old salt


    nice problem to rinse the slime off with the hose.just dont rinse the cut meat at all.pat dry with a paper towel and vaccuum pack and freeze or eat it
  251. old salt

    Coastal Tanker Pride!

    you've certainly put in your time.congrats on a pig. and new PB
  252. old salt

    Pt. Loma 7-9-11

    thats a sea cucumber
  253. old salt

    Squid in Dana Point

    dana point + live squid = non existent
  254. old salt

    A 3 hour tour on the "Game Show" boat

    yoooouuuurrrrrrrrrr gayyyyyyy
  255. old salt

    volvo aq131a 4 cyl overheating

    guy on here had an aq 151 w/bronze manifold he was trying to sell complete.but maybe parting it.its the same manifold as the aq 131.message him b4 you buy the cast iron will be replacing it every 2-3 years if you run salt water regularly.I have seen used bronze ones for $250.
  256. old salt

    volvo aq131a 4 cyl overheating

    how about the water pump?get a bronze manifold for it.never worry about exhaust issues again
  257. old salt

    SoCal MLPA Closures start October 1st?

    this really sucks.
  258. old salt


    go around back you should be able to make your own.made 3 scoops in 30 minutes thurs. night
  259. old salt

    pier fishing laguna 1920's

    ran across this old photo of the pier that went out to bird rock in laguna.this was at north main beach.just thought id share .this things been gone for over 60 years.imagine the fish they caught back then.
  260. old salt

    F&G can make stops w/out suspicious activity

    F&G truck pulled me over with lights after leaving a gas station miles from the harbor at 5 am on my way to the harbor????ran my license and i was on my way
  261. old salt

    One Spot Open For Tomorrow night trip aboard the Indian

    you coulda been a movie star
  262. old salt

    I Can't Find a WSB to Save My Soul, But...

    nice haul.there really biting up your way
  263. old salt

    Fishing in Laguna???

    you can fish cress st but its more like shore fishing.not fishing off rocks.try treasure island/montage area or table rock for fishing off of rocks.
  264. old salt

    Fishing in Laguna???

    yup its an older photo of mountain rd on the right all the wat to anita on the left
  265. old salt

    Fishing in Laguna???

    you cannot fish hiesler park it is a can catch more than perch if you know what you are doing
  266. old salt

    Volvo AQ151 Motor

    the cam is the first thing to go on these motors.gotta watch that water be all over this if I still had my stringari
  267. old salt

    DP Barracuda madness!! to cast ,reel ,get bit.been slow in dana lately
  268. old salt

    Tibed TLD20II & TLD30II

    I have both of those reels and I love them.I cant afford the spensive shit .these things are tough.they will wrench in 50-150lb tuna .prolly a 250 as well but thats for the big reels. no problems and work great for dropper loop fishing for beast YT and tuna.I have about $450 invested in both
  269. old salt

    Stringari Repower

    love these boats.thats gunna be one sweet ride when shes finished
  270. old salt

    Offshore scientists say cooler pacific. Similar to the 70's.

    in the 70's they were bearded clams unlike the mostly smooth ones you see today
  271. old salt

    Offshore scientists say cooler pacific. Similar to the 70's.

    in 0ct 1977 on his first boat a 42 ft grandbanks my dad and I did a 12 day sd to cabo trip.yellow fin ,yellowtail ,big calico bass,tons of dodo from uncle sam bank, striped marlin in cabo. I baited a sailfish outside the arches with the bait I would make when we were on the anchor up the...
  272. old salt

    Offshore scientists say cooler pacific. Similar to the 70's.

    in 78 and 79 I worked summer weekend trips as deckhand/baitboy on my dads boss's 60ft sportfisher out of harbor island.always the 60 mile bank every weekend and almost always limits of albies 15-30lbs.always chovies for bait.lots of scrubbing the boat had teak decks.learned alot on that boat
  273. old salt

    Royal Star 5/27 - 6/4

    hey mike way to go on 2nd place.terry and I were supposed to fish the Q105 16 day at the beginning of may but it canceled and the star was full.still trying to figure out where to fish.just left our money on the books for next years some 25lb yellows at the coronados 2 weeks have...
  274. old salt


    nice fish.stacked up in the bay
  275. old salt

    Batiquitos Lagoon

    jig up live smelt in the harbor put it in a bucket or tank with an airator and take it to ponto.deadly for halibut
  276. old salt

    How do I decide on which wind ons to buy?

    hey mc crae I have a full order from basil that i ordered for my q105 16 day that canceled.couple blackwater and the rest seagur premier.100&130 $210 worth all sell for $180 shipped.
  277. old salt

    Dana Pride 5/31/11

    how you gunna remove the hook when the water is 12 ft below you?
  278. old salt

    2 Men Die In Separate Boating Accidents 5/29

    it looked like the bering sea out there yesterday.nobody had any business going out in a "recreational" boat
  279. old salt

    Pimped out my Anderson Greenough

    really nice the twinns.never get stranded that way.just bought a 26 anderson for work.slow with 453 screw.but really stable.rides down swell beautifully
  280. old salt

    did i make a good a good buy?

    i think that was a great deal considering the motor was just rebuilt and the nice T top and galv. did good
  281. old salt

    did i make a good a good buy?

    was this the boat from craigslist in san clemente?
  282. old salt

    Diver Dies Trapped in Kelp

    the kelp in that area is thicker than its ever to bottom.his mom was my dean of students at laguna high.god rest his soul and i pray for his family
  283. old salt

    Rockpile 5/25/11 YT Report

    nice job early was the trick
  284. old salt

    rockpile 5/25 chubasco 2

    trevor works very hard to get you on the fish,we were in em for awhile but the fish did not want to play today
  285. old salt

    rockpile 5/25 chubasco 2

    if you need a deck scrubber let me know.
  286. old salt

    rockpile 5/25 chubasco 2

    fished the chubby today after after seeing the internet slaughter the old days it was all hush hush and you could keep a bite quiet for a day or 2 .no more thanks to the world wide web.parking lot out there were a little gun shy from the pressure.i managed 2 nice grade fish...
  287. old salt

    new yamaha on the skiff

    ya dont take your boat to cal kona.they screwed me pretty good.had james obrien of marine care and repiar working on it last year. hes one of the best outboard guys in OC and hes mobile and very fair.did alot of follow up work when we were trouble shooting the performance issue and didnt take me...
  288. old salt

    new yamaha on the skiff

    at about 1000 hrs on a 2007 etec 115 i started having trouble.starter was first to go.bottom gear went.of course they wont sell you the a $40 part id assume.only the whole thing for $360.then the performance day run fine the next wont plane.stalling at idle.fished a whole...
  289. old salt

    new yamaha on the skiff

    just got the skiff back from rob at san diego boats.couldnt be happier w/the new F115 he bolted one helluva smokin deal too.if your shopping for a new yamaha call rob b4 you buy. pretty sure he'll match or beat anybodies price .thanks to the guys at SD rid of the E...
  290. old salt

    Sat. 5.7.11 On the City

    oh ya was there time for a crap and nap session?
  291. old salt

    Sat. 5.7.11 On the City

    whats up jordan.the kids at that age always have more fun with the bait than anything else.great to get him out there.
  292. old salt

    seahorse or thunderbird

    only if frodo is working
  293. old salt

    what should i do???

    i wouldnt take my boat to cal kona if you paid me
  294. old salt

    How to spool Avet SX?

    shorter the topshot/leader the less drag on the bait.pp 50 is the diameter of 12 lb test with no memory and very little drag in the water.30 lb flour or mono is harder on the bait fish to pull around.its all preference.15 ft works for me and gets my hot bait away fast.i also use rods with whippy...
  295. old salt

    How to spool Avet SX?

    i like the power pro 50.its thinner diameter and just as strong.pulled in many yellows and yft up to 45lbs with a 15ft 30lb flourcarbon leader.i fish a torium 16 like this. SX sould be fine
  296. old salt

    Hydrualic steering hoses

    i have a pair of teleflex seastar hoses 22 ft.good used condition
  297. old salt

    BIG Local 'Butt!!!

    that thing is a hog
  298. old salt

    Chubasco2 Weds the 27th 3/4 Yellows!

    yup that was me.was supposed to leave this morning for a 16 day on the Q.boat issues w/ coast guard canceled the trip 2 weeks ago.worst day in recent memory when I got the call from john.sorry but we gotta cancel the trip
  299. old salt

    1958 "Woodward" 16 1/2' wood boat with trailer, $1000 OBO!

    saw the boat on CL for $2500 now.thats a little much.buddy bought a project in LJ couple years back for $200 .fish my 1960 hard commercial lobster .thangs a tank
  300. old salt

    Chubasco2 Weds the 27th 3/4 Yellows!

    yup I was there too.ill be was slow but not for lack of effort from the crew.worked hard to get us on some but wasnt happening.I was the fat guy with the BD hat
  301. old salt

    Whitey's Rocky Seabiscuit

    nice .enjoy that spot while you can.fuckin MLPA.seen some nice butts caught in that area too
  302. old salt

    Long Range Tipping

  303. old salt

    Anyone have pics of Smitty's Spyder Harness

    you will not be dissapointed with this can pull cars up the driveway with it.
  304. old salt

    Pounded Sand S. oF Dana Pt.

    way to get out there matt.i havent been out much at all this a new boat on the way and a new motor for the skiff .should be back at it soon
  305. old salt

    The Tails went off today!

    i knew they would pop today.looks like a full boat dont have to be a rocket scientist to check fish counts on party boats
  306. old salt

    Selling a Coast Guard Documented Boat?

    i just did it today myself.bought a 26ft anderson commercial boat 3 days ago. had the seller get his stuff notarized.filled out the document backside and the 1258 application form and sent it off to the National Vessal Documentation Center.all forms are available in word or adobe on there web...
  307. old salt

    Selling a Coast Guard Documented Boat?

    you dont need a can use the mary conlin company in newport for a fee.its like $425 for the notary and transfer.or you can do it yourself.seller must have signatures notarized on back of document and buyer can send it direct .the fee is around $125 that way + notary .if you use the...
  308. old salt

    3/4 San Diego out of Seaforth

    only 3/4 day boat ive been on with a rsw tank to keep your catch in perfect sashimi quality
  309. old salt

    engine control handle replacement

    if your interested call me 949 463 5882.some guy is selling the same thing here for like $250.ill take $40 for mine
  310. old salt

    engine control handle replacement

    no debbie just throttle control.came from a volvo powered boat.trim and lift are seperate panel. could be as easy as installing a switch to control it though.
  311. old salt

    The "Why I Hate Tues." thread...

    if 30 is the new 40 is gay the new straight?
  312. old salt

    3/4 San Diego out of Seaforth

    i have fished that boat with 65 people and still had limits of yellow tail.crew is very good and wants you to land fish.larry worked long range for ever.
  313. old salt

    engine control handle replacement

    ive got a morse binnacle. single
  314. old salt

    Oceanside Swapmeet??? Tomorrow 4/9

    thinking about it.good deals in the past.things been going on forever
  315. old salt

    Re-use old gas cans?

    just do yourself a favor and spend the $10 for a new one.
  316. old salt

    Galvanized pipe gate w/chainlink 6'H 17'W

    that woulda kept the tweekrs out frank
  317. old salt

    Homebuilt pot puller-wheel or tire?

    i believe the wheel your talking about is simply a rope coilling device on the crab boats.its a steel pinch wheel that actually pulls the line in.I have a few as im a lobsterman in so cal.there used but stainless steel.different attachment configurations on em all.some where long line haulers...
  318. old salt

    Royal Star 8 day cancelled?

    I was scheduled for that trip steve .it has not generated enough intrest 2 years in a row now.they canceled the trip a month ago.I stepped up and am leaving on the 29th on the Q 16 day, getting excited about a possible new PB yft.current 115 lbs off a panga in puerto escondido, quaxaca 20 years ago
  319. old salt

    18ft stringari CC

    sold the stringari.good luck koby and chris you got a helluva boat for a fair price.
  320. old salt

    18ft stringari CC

    id take a little less but not much.lotta bang for the buck here
  321. old salt

    panga with 740lbs. pot washes ashore in dana point
  322. old salt

    18ft stringari CC

    with the tree huggin lobster petters getting there way in laguna ive decided to go bigger.8k new outboard on the woodward .need to sell this brody said to quinn "were gunna need a bigger boat".2 skiffs with no rocky coast isnt practical.looking at a few bigger boats now .if anyone wants...
  323. old salt

    upgraded the lobster hauler to 18 stringari

    change of plans.boat is now for sale.$8000 firm.wont find a better bang for the buck anywhere
  324. old salt

    18ft stringari CC

    the pics are in the check out my boat title upgraded the lobster hauler to 18 stringari.can someone repost them here?
  325. old salt

    18ft stringari CC

    wont let me load pics as there is another thread w/them
  326. old salt

    18ft stringari CC

    SOLD*SOLD*SOLD*1979 bullet proof stringari.bought this boat last nov. from the 2nd owner who owned the boat since 89.had plans to convert it to a commercial lobster skiff.change of plans.boat is now for sale.custom full boat cover less than 1 yr old.($1200 new).insane custom T top with full...
  327. old salt

    Catch a 300 # cow or your money back

    what a big game safari hunting in africa now.shoot a fish in a barrel.
  328. old salt

    Seeker Ulua 93H

    PM about a shimano tld 50 LRS 2spd 9/10 just serviced by shimano
  329. old salt

    Awesome chance for a three!

    just paid off on this one.looking forward to meeting some off the best cow fisherman around.also looking forward to puttin the wood to em with some beautiful loaner gear from accurate.will wahoo jig sticks be available? how about those big accurate spinners?total cow rookie here.all my gear is 8...
  330. old salt

    riffe island speargun for wahoo jig stick

    SOLD PM's added.these guns sell new for $850.just looking for $300 trade value or CASH $$$$$$$
  331. old salt

    riffe island speargun for wahoo jig stick

    GONE GONE SOLD 6 ft riffe island speargun rear trigger.used but not for seeker ulua or calstar 900h 90 or 100j or comparable 30-60lb jig me what you value of speargun $300.mark 949 463 5882
  332. old salt

    Guy on Freeway

    what an idiot.hop he didnt dump his mixer in the #2 lane
  333. old salt

    RP is going for the record of most over 300#

    hope it holds up.heading there on the Q soon
  334. old salt

    Nor Cal to So Cal, need transpo

    PM sent
  335. old salt


    did that trip last at the rocks was steady 35 -55 lb YFT.with some YT around too.cedros was a bust.on the way home had the best day of offshore BFT and albie fishing Ive ever experienced.
  336. old salt

    Fish Works shorts sz.40

    sent email yesterday .no reply.still available?
  337. old salt


    i dropped 3 benjamins at the show w/baja.good deals.else were would have been like 5
  338. old salt

    cow worthy?

    thanks guys.the trip im on is sponsored by accurate.ill just use loaner gear for the cow set up and keep the set up I have for finesse bite.
  339. old salt

    cow worthy?

    i got my topless 20 from you is a great 50 & 60# reel.the 30 from another member here.if I were to use the penn 50 would 100# spectra work.or would I need 130#.I have 1000 yds of 100# hollow already.
  340. old salt

    cow worthy?

    I have a custom wrapped 770 XH with a tld 30 2spd topless tiburon w over 500 yds 100# hollow ace spectra and BHP blackwater and seaguar premier 25yd. wind ons in 100 and 130 #.will this be enough muscle?I gut the butt and fish the rail.270 lbs leaning on it.never caught a biggun on a LR only...
  341. old salt

    Nor Cal to So Cal, need transpo

    ill ask him when hes coming down and if hes up for it ill get you his number through PM
  342. old salt

    SR-12 for surf fishing??

    I wouldnt take my accurate to the beach.use a cheaper set up.sand does wonders for a matter how careful you are it will get sandy.
  343. old salt

    Nor Cal to So Cal, need transpo

    how big is this rack?my partner lives in junction city and makes the trip to OC frequently.he prefers not to use his tundra as it is heavy on gas but for some $$ he prolly would.
  344. old salt

    How long can a lobster live in a bucket of saltwater?

    a cooler works better than a 5 gal keeps bugs chilled for longer .if its reel hot out throw a little ice in.seaweed is great or a soaked towel too.I would think t5he cooler would keep water chilled longer 2 cents
  345. old salt

    Ever get there pictures of your boat???

    boat pix took shots of my crappy ass 50 yr old lobster skiff one day .I was laughing my ass off when I went to there site and saw the prices
  346. old salt

    Stringari 18

    what motor and drive are in it?
  347. old salt

    Skipjack 24 - Hydraulic Steering or Stick with OEM

    i have a teleflex seastar cylinder HC5328 ill sell cheap. it came off a 24 skippy with a volvo 290 drive.the cyclinder is set up for power assit using volvo oem pump.wont fit in my engine compartment.check the web site for your application
  348. old salt

    A bunch of items for sale ... take a look!

    is the strainer a pump or suitable for engine raw it no tools disassemble?
  349. old salt

    Favorite knot for braid to mono or flouro?

    i like tonys knot for 10-30lb and bob sands with a 2 or 3 turn uni for 40-60 lbs.have put both to the test at alijos and had no failures on bruiser yellows and tuna.loop to loop for heavier stuff
  350. old salt

    770 XH

    looking for a 770XH non roller.factory or custom rapped ok.let me see what you got .cash on hand $$$
  351. old salt

    Kayak Fishing from Aliso Beach to Dana Harbor

    that is the cliff between monarch and three arch bay.both private communities in so laguna.that fence is on private bluff top.cliffs used to be great for jumping in 70's before stalag 13 was erected and round the clock could jump from as high as 70 ft. in one spotwith a running...
  352. old salt

    New Electronics on The Phat Matt

    nice and clean with the flush mounting.when we goin?
  353. old salt

    dana point

    travis was right on 7 lbs even..this is the 3 rd bug over 7 for me this year.a bug this size is 35-40 years old.Im sure there are plenty more out there.
  354. old salt

    dana point

    brought camera along for first out of the harbor about 730 am to fish the swing tide.nice chovies at the barge.first drift produced several sandbass most drift 21 inch halibut drift more sandies and a nice ling released.few boats and yaks working the...
  355. old salt

    WTB Stringari Pilot House Model

    bob stringari made the boats in san diego.he previously worked for don blackman of quality renound blackman boats.he has since sold the molds.he made 18,20 and 27 ft skiffs.they are some of the strongest commercial quality skiffs out there.the 18 pilot house is pretty rare.mostly center...
  356. old salt

    Alijos in Mar/April?

    i am scheduled on that trip also Bud.was scheduled on it last year but unfortunately it never made it out. yes the shogun had a great trip last year at the end of march.I opted to take the next 8 day on the star at the end of may.which was a great trip also with limits of about the same grade...
  357. old salt

    Sum Fun Halibut Derby On The Water Report

    every time pica hits the front page the hotties come out of the woodwork
  358. old salt


    been sniffing resin fumes too much lately?airplane glue is me I know
  359. old salt

    Sum Fun Halibut Derby On The Water Report

    nice job by sum fun gang.have caught many nice butts on the sum fun.
  360. old salt

    Fish handling for each LR boat?

    i just thawed some yellowtail from a 8 day last may on the royal star.I ate some as hamachi and it was as good as the sushi bar.the quality is in the care and time the RS puts into the fish handling.
  361. old salt

    Skippy.....Hydraulic Steering or Not?

    they make a front mount ram,I believe HC5332,its what i am using with a vovlo will need a different bracket than the one for cable or side mount ram.I have a power assit side mount ram you can have for cheap if you need it.HC 5328.specs are on several different sites.just google it
  362. old salt

    Skippy.....Hydraulic Steering or Not?

    cost is about a $1000 for the helm ,hoses and will not need any of the orig. stuff with the exception of the ram bracket on the outdrive.the new stuff is made to mount to have options of rear or top mount helms (small price difference).or even tilting helm(way pricey).mount...
  363. old salt

    Oside Fattie Report 1/8

    right on rick and jeff.way to start the new guys need to come up to DP and bring the grill.very little pressure this winter on the hard bottom up here.dying to get out and give it a try.have some time now.and 2 boats
  364. old salt

    Antique fishing lures lots of pictures

    had some similar and some of the same.put em on ebay few years ago.had about 15 pflueger frog in box sold for over $100.most $20-$ wont get low balled and ripped off on ebay auction determines the price.lottsa collectors regularly surf ebay
  365. old salt

    LNL 1-7-2011

    im a complete fresh water retard and had a limit and release fish there friday with el capo.bang garlic was the trick.
  366. old salt

    UFO Prolites

    ill take em.PM sent
  367. old salt

    Furuno FCV 620

    watched one on ebay few weeks back go for $520 brand new. no transducer.looking to pick one up for the stringari.forgot to bid and auction ended
  368. old salt

    giant squid

    so you wanna catch a jumbo squid?dont think they will show this year but who knows.still plenty of market squid along the coast.just go out to about 500 ft. put a 5lb weight duck taped to inside bottom of 5 gal bucket let it sink to the bottom and start reeling.thats what jumbo squid fishing is.
  369. old salt

    Let the shit talking begin

    there was a boat upside down tied to the dana point bait reciever this afternoon maYBE ITS YOURS
  370. old salt


    i just loss 70% of my income in laquna.Im fucked and so is every lobsterfisherman in dana point. wether they fish laguna or not.were all going to have to fish south twice as much gear were it is all ready tough do you think thats going to affect stock in the open areas? were...
  371. old salt

    Should have gone to the bar

    there still out there
  372. old salt

    aluminum leaning post $75

    anybody want this for $50 ??
  373. old salt

    T-BAG $20.00 obo.

    T -Bag sold
  374. old salt

    aluminum leaning post $75

    $75 or make an offer.says $75 right in the title
  375. old salt

    11 27 2010 ATIHC Halibut report W/Pics!

    nice job bank robber and crew.nothing like catching your PB in a tourney with the $$ on the line.congrats and good fishing
  376. old salt

    aluminum leaning post $75

    aluminum leaning post /seat.painted tear on starboard corner.fixed with black tape hardly noticeable.came off my stringari 18.includes 16 stainless lag bolts for is 38" wide by 38" could slide a tank in the back.that opening is 29" tall by 34" wide.PM or call mark...
  377. old salt

    T-BAG $20.00 obo.

    pretty sure this is the bigger one but not sure.looks better in person than the pics.its not faded rips tears etc. all zippers function well.came off my stringari. i dont need or call mark 949 463 5882. $20 is less than 1/2 the price of a new one
  378. old salt

    upgraded the lobster hauler to 18 stringari

    thanks guys .im really happy with the deal.feel like I stole this thing for $7900.the trailer , T top and radar are worth that.
  379. old salt

    4 Stroke vs. 2 stroke outboard

    i have a 115 evinrude e tec and it will leave a same hp 4 stroke in the flat out runs fast all the way through the rpms.that is when the piece of shit wants to run 1000 hrs now and the trouble has a f50 yamaha my friend.only way to go.if I were to do it again id...
  380. old salt

    upgraded the lobster hauler to 18 stringari

    been wanting one of these for some time.been shopping the last month and this baby fell into my lap yesterday.its almost a crime to turn this clean machine into a trap puller but thats what I do.I love to rod and reel em more than pull traps and this will do double duty just fine.1979 stringari...
  381. old salt

    For Keith, Swords and Opah

    NOAA says NE winds tomorrow and fri . who knows.leslie ann will be the first boat out always is.i talked to brad a couple days after he hooked those swords.he said he had one close enough to gaff if someone would have been with him.said it was really hot though and did not want to try it...
  382. old salt

    For Keith, Swords and Opah

    all the stick boats are at the dock in dana point.
  383. old salt

    sharking tommorow with my dad

    hey joe.while pulling traps yesterday metered huge bait balls on hard bottom 65 ft just north of salt creek kelp.bait was all over the discarded old mackeral from the bait jars.thought to myself there gotta be a t shark around here.
  384. old salt


    PM sent on 30 T
  385. old salt

    R/P Red cup Navy 11/1-11-11

    thats the way to do it.nice PB yellowfin rambozo.its been a long time since I pulled on anything over that thing looked increadable in the back of the truck on the freeway
  386. old salt

    Pro Gear Reels...

    called and left message about 454 & 545l
  387. old salt


    this is not a radon but looks like a smokin deal on a custom 25' diesel pilot house. heres the link below
  388. old salt

    Offshore Sword fishing Video 400 plus#

    i tie next to jon in dana point.doctors orders has sat idle all year.grease slick appears all stick boats leave the docks.they all stick 4 or 5 a day some more for a week .market falls apart.I guess its been good everywhere for swords but there not getting paid well.just how it works.getting...
  389. old salt

    my boy got himself a 'BIGGUN!!!

    now that sir is a nice halibut.they just dont get much better
  390. old salt

    BUTT Fishing DP 11/5 for 5

    nice job matty.thats the way its done.
  391. old salt

    Getting in shape

    im a fat ass and just walk on the boat.I dont work out period.I do spend about 5 months on the water in a small skiff 30-40 hrs a week pulling lobster gear.if I can do that I figure 8-10 days at the rail of a sport boat no problemo.was alittle sore last may after my first day at alijos.couple...
  392. old salt

    South OC Fishing Report?

    ther was a light boat selling live squid outside the breakwall today if that helps
  393. old salt

    spring vs fall 8 day??

    weather can be nice or snotty at either time.thats fishing.I fish the spring trips as i am unable to get away from working in the fall. a cheaper trip in the spring for sure.last 2 years on the star have produced limit style fishing for me.alijos ,cedros and last may epic offshore bluefin and...
  394. old salt

    Finally got a big one! Dana 10-22-10

    at 25 bucks a # at jons you just about got your moneys worth this season outa that skiff.wtg.caught quite a few bigguns this season myself in the commerc. gear.6 over 6lbs.
  395. old salt

    T-Shark Fishing Newport Beach

    been on the boats at dana wharf and they cut a 100 lber for like 20 bucks in tip money.100 bucks is a rip off in my opinion.takes about 20 min. with a sharp knife
  396. old salt

    Oside Flattie Report 10/9

    nice job rick.your back in full swing.epic conditions out there the last few chance for me on the BB for awhile.
  397. old salt

    Hoopin the Poona 10-7 D.P

    did you just buy that skiff off sd craigs list from JD?that thing is sweet I wanted it it but couldnt pull it off.have a woodward already but wanted a spare
  398. old salt

    The "Rainbow Warrior" by Happy Ending Lures

    closest Ive got to the deck of it was when I pulled my beat skiff along side.raibow warrior?does it wear a sequined thong in the park at night?
  399. old salt

    Offshore Any Reports for Today at Hidden Bank ? Thinking of going 9/30

    overnight boat counts look good on Blue Fin Tuna reporting endeavor 19 anglers 4 yft 95 bft. apollo 21 anglers 1 yft 29 bft. holiday 25 anglers 67 bft . hi count 5 anglers 25 bft. all on overnight trips
  400. old salt

    Nice butt in Laguna

    nice corbin.saw you at west marine in the am. with the boat.epic fishin for me to busy with lobster gear
  401. old salt

    Pounded Sand DP South 9/25

    way to get out there jealous as im way to busy to even think about rod and reel fishing right now
  402. old salt

    Oside Flattie Report 9/25

    nice feesh rick.looks like from the hook set it ate the flasher?sorry to hear shitbird didnt make it.need to get him out on my boat soon.
  403. old salt

    2day Fury @ San Clemete Island

    ya rambozo great trip great boat.rick finds em if there there.its been tough fishing all summer.laguna bros know how to catch fish .settin up for bug season . wubba out
  404. old salt

    Offshore 9/16 Wide open afternoon fishing West of 302

    way to get em dave.and yes daves boat is always spotless.
  405. old salt

    DP T shark release and season saver

    trolling a nose hooked live mackeral with a #7 owner circle is the only way I target mr t in shallower for the smackdown and free spool and well as you have proven.nice job and good for you on the release.killed a few freed a few myself this summer.
  406. old salt

    Royal Star 5-Day New RS WSB Record 78

    ill take limits of c bass and yellows any day over tuna.sounds like plan b was a good one.tim is a fishy captain and always gets the star on the fish
  407. old salt

    Tie spectra to topshot knot?

    if your going to fish 60lb top shot go with 80 lb. spectra.more options to go up 80 lb. use 65 lb spectra for 40 and 50 lb top shot and 50 lb spectra for anything under 40 lb.just my opinion but works for me
  408. old salt


    overnite trip $135 dana wharf 949 496 5794 leaves at 9 pm returns next day at 7-8 pm
  409. old salt

    SeaHorse San Clemente Island 8/04

    I went 1 for 1 with a few picked baits.these fish were bruisers.mine was one of the smaller ones.dfg observer weighed it at 24 lbs.they bite like a sand bass then when you swing its off to the races.i was fishing a torium 20 with 65 lb spectra with about 10 ft of 40lb flouro.with a heavy...
  410. old salt

    Cat/SBI 7/31-8/2 Calicos and Flatties

    nice job on the halibut rick.had to move a little offshore but your back in full form.
  411. old salt

    fish cleaning after trip...

    sportsmans aka Mario will take fish at the docks for donation weather you process with him or not is what Ive heard.I have not done this but a guy on my last trip donated about half his catch through sportsmans
  412. old salt

    San Clemente Island on the SeaHorse 07/27

    good job on the yellows.I fished there sunday on the horse and managed one of the few mine on fin bait in the afternoon.nicer models on the fin bait if you can get it away from the boat.
  413. old salt

    How damn big do these get?

    thats increadible.more details please
  414. old salt

    DP trip on the Clemente

    great crew on that b of the best 1/2 day crews around
  415. old salt

    Marine Battery dealers? Where

    costcos batteries are cheap but they dont last.
  416. old salt

    Bait tank help

    i can hook it up.several ways to do me 949 463 5882
  417. old salt

    DP bait barge

    small and large sardines on saturday.they fish almost every night so they may have chovie now.
  418. old salt

    Cool Motorcycle Seat

    only a cop could get away with that shit
  419. old salt

    Another great bay trip

    the look on that kids face is priceless.nice job guys.the juvenile bsb have been thick up dana point way too
  420. old salt

    gaff building

    its actually called cane not bamboo.go see pete at harbor marine on india
  421. old salt

    Good day at SCI. 7-24-10

    nice.I see the toronado had good counts yesterday as well
  422. old salt

    White Sea Bass - Newport

    that fish is measure the fish with its mouth closed not open
  423. old salt

    Halibut rigs and bait.....

    there are many techniques and rigs for fishing halibut.I mainly fish hard bottom 50 - 70 ft.I use a 4-6 oz. torpedo on 10 inches of 30# tied to a swivel rigged to slide on the main line 30 #.then a swivel stopper.and 18 -24 inches of 25 or 30 # flourocarbon leader to trap rig.snelled 1/0 or 2/0...
  424. old salt


    went for a quick 4-7pm trip and struck out too. hooked something large (thinking bsb)that swam away with my hook after 10 minutes of battle.proudly wearing the helmut
  425. old salt

    7/18 DP boilers, Sheephead, DFG, found That Guy

    "that guy" has been showing up alot on the kelp line north of the harbor.I have no problem letting anybody know my opinion.very loudly at that.if your going to anchor to close Ill give you an earful.if you continue to set I would have no problem moving but Im going to drag you aways in the...
  426. old salt

    The Nevada Gangn Women

    those are some nice to see the ladies hook up.
  427. old salt

    hb finnaly!

    way to get em drew.keep at it youll get a keeper soon enough.the offers still open if you and your dad want to come fish salt creek.just split the $25 half scoop of bait .I got the gas covered.
  428. old salt

    Dana Point White Sea Bass Sum Fun

    chris is recently single and lives in san clemente.jess you look like his type of girl.go down to the dock at 3 pm thats when the boats come in.
  429. old salt

    7/18 dana point north

    worked the hard bottom that produced last week for me.was out there twice earlier in the week for no love from the one today.8:30 in 64 ft.32 inch nice fish.fished from 6:30 to 10:30 for 1 butt, 3 nice grumpy sandbass (released).and a bunch of short sculpin and cabazon.and one...
  430. old salt

    More butts and bass on "The Long Run"

    way to work the bites .you guys got the south area wired
  431. old salt

    OZ Loves Halibut Rowe

    way to go gene.point loma has been good to you.dana point hard bottom has shut off.worked it yesterday for 7 hours for sandbass and butts.went in 10ft to catch calico and caught a 20 inch butt though.
  432. old salt

    dana point dissapointment although jackies got a nice butt

    thought mine might have been a black but the head shaking was just to intense.pretty sure it was a tanker but really cant be sure
  433. old salt

    dana point dissapointment although jackies got a nice butt

    set up at 5:00 am with a secret stash of live squirts.5:45 40 # kelp cutter dropper rig goes off.massive head shakes and a frieght train run. and wham brake it off.6:15 my buddy adams glow egg rig is bit .again massive head shakes and straight to the kelp.15 minutes later pulled hook.3 more...
  434. old salt


    thats the way to do it.way to release the big breeder.dont know if I could bring my self to do it.dumped one yesterday so I guess i kinda did.congrats on a fine fish
  435. old salt

    7/9 dana point hard bottom north

    water was pretty clean at salt creek.dont know temp because my furuno is a piece of shit
  436. old salt

    7/9 dana point hard bottom north

    fished my usual selected hard bottom this morning.wasnt expecting much as I heard it rolled and was tuff fishing.drifting sardines on the dropper loop with a trap rig.5:30 am first drop.couple nice cuda prolly a keeper released. couple nice grumpy sandbass also released.few sculpin also...
  437. old salt

    Reel Placement

    put it were ever you feel most comfortable with it.I put mine about 5/8 of the way up the cork.basicaly a little past half way.give or take
  438. old salt

    Norway 2010 - Great Fishing on Senja

    those halibut look meaty and mean.what a beautiful place.
  439. old salt

    Blackman 23' Albacore Speical

    those are great riding boats and can handle heavy seas.I built a pilot house on a buddies many years ago.easy to do it and makes for much nicer boat.we would take it 60 miles out no problem
  440. old salt

    large schools of spot fin in so. laguna

    took my mask and snorkel down to the beach at three arch bay yesterday.just cleared all the crap in the surf zone and was in the biggest school of spotfins I have ever seen.some looked to be 3-4 lbs!!!!.fish were slowly moving north circling around just outside the waves .100's of them.was going...
  441. old salt

    Offshore Tuna Grounds with pics. 265 miles round trip

    nice report.your not gunna catch em sittin at home on the couch.way to get out and scout and give it a try.
  442. old salt

    7/3 Dana

    i catch and release all the time on the dana wharf boats.just keep count and let em know.if I have a J.P. contender calico they will put it in the bait tank for me. i have won many times and released the fish to be caught again.
  443. old salt

    Bouncing South of DP 7/2

    thats the way to do it.few nice sized fish there my friend.might have to try my luck south.seen some big ones in my neck of the woods last couple days.cant seem to nail one.
  444. old salt

    What was the FIRST CattleBoat you Fished.

    grandad used to take me and my cousin out of dana wharf in early 70's b4 he bought his boat.I recall fishing the sea horse in 72 or 73 and dropping a calico in the bow tank trying to measure it myself.had to get the deckhand to fish it was a keeper
  445. old salt

    went out for the killer batray bite....

    now thats what im talkin about.nice butt
  446. old salt

    Got Lucky Again 7-1-10

    if my trailer wasnt such a piece of shit id be down there
  447. old salt

    Zuker 7 Day - 2010

    sounds like a great trip.gotta love yo yo tuna.nice breakdown on the day to day fishing.I was there in the beginning of the month and the tuna were eating the yo yo and the surface iron/plugs.great fishing .thanks for the report
  448. old salt

    Cat 2 Dayer 6.29 6.30

    nice job on the ghosts.glad to hear there still going.and you got home under your own power
  449. old salt

    Trolling for Tuna

    cant go wrong with your basic ceder plug.couple of zukers.a zuchini,rootbeer, black and purple,black and orange,mexican flag.just ask the boat.theyll know the hot colors
  450. old salt

    7/1 dana point hard bottom north

    he called but had summer school going to take him and his dad out for a trip sometime after the holiday weekend
  451. old salt

    7/1 dana point hard bottom north

    fished my regular area from 8am till 12:30pm .drifted sardines on the dropper most of the morning and BB for about 1 1/2 hrs. at the end. nada on the BB.picked up a decent butt on the drift and 2 shorts.a 23 inch lingcod (returned) and half a dozen sculpin.metered sandbass all over but no...
  452. old salt

    accepting jig stick

    absolutely nothing wrong with a jigmaster 500.the spool is good too.I used mine up until about 6 years ago and finally gave in to shimano.I have caught some big fish with a jigmaster.albacore yellowtail etc you name it I caught it on a jigmaster.Im sure plenty others here will back up the...
  453. old salt

    Pounded Heaps of Sand 6/25 & 6/27

    thanks for the report matt.bounced creek fri for a couple sculpin.nasty water.stalled the motor and couldnt start it.had VA on the way but pulled one of the batteries to the back and got it fired up.still having issues.want a fishing partner this week call me.oh ya fished cat sunday for a 25#...
  454. old salt

    Chewing on it, yesterdays hot spot

    nice detailed report spike.heres mine as its not really worthy of its own post. fished the east end bait grounds on a buddies carolina classic 25 catch 22 sunday.not as many boats as I anticipated.I know very little about cat wsb fishing and he knows less.we didnt even know about saturdays...
  455. old salt

    The tale of the $1 million prize that got away

    can you say: retard!! WTF a deckhand with no fishing license.retarded is all I can say
  456. old salt

    One bite-one fish (38-7#'s)

    gene machine.your hot your smokin.get back out there and get another.hard bottom is my favorite for butts
  457. old salt

    6/22 Rockpile

    your son looks like he will be ready to go again soon.fished the parking lot yesterday on the San Diego with 58 of my closest friends.went 4 for 6 on the yt to 25 lbs.was quite a battle after you hooked your fish bobbing and weaving through all the lines.combat fishing at its best
  458. old salt

    NFIO 6/19 The Curse Continues........

    keep pounding rick.if you drag it eventually youll find one.I have not been BB ing for a while.fished 8 days on the star 5/28 and yesterday at catalina .starter went out on my etec and Im waiting on it from tacoma.couldnt afford to pay msrp.after a week of chasing finally found one for $189.much...
  459. old salt

    How to fish for bluefin with irons??

    blue and chrome tady 4/0 with single hook.drop on the slide or yo yo.also small blue and white megabait on the slide or casting at boils or foaming fish.I was catching alberts on the star 6/3 on a big hammer 5" sardine on the slide.
  460. old salt

    Dana Point 411

    bring a $10 or two $5's if your there before 6 am.guys there later to make change.24 hr launching with washdown.hose bibs are on 5 minute can use it longer just have to push it again.if you got a big rig get there early on the weekends.parking can get tight.low tide can get slick 4wd...
  461. old salt


    took a swim this afternoon in so laguna.water felt like a bath.had to be close to 70
  462. old salt

    Fish processing

    i just returned from an 8 day trip on the star.the owners of the boat are partners in the new fishermans one I repeat no one was forced to use a specific processer.we were told our options on the way out and could make our own choice.those who chose 5 star colored there tags...
  463. old salt

    Ekstrom Finds Bluefin

    was on that trip.what an amazing day.I managed somehow to hook a bigger model an hour or so after tim.I know this is an accurate post but got mine on a torium 20 with a short top shot of 40 lb mono on a kencor magna glass rod .a back up rig.59 lbs .another guy got his 60.5 lber on accurate geaR
  464. old salt

    What Iron for a 7 Day in July?

    just returned from the rocks.yellow tail and yft were inhaling the salas 6X blue and white on the yo yo.hooked and broke off a large tuna on a starman candy bar mint /white mix casting on a boil.
  465. old salt

    Royal Star 5/28-6/5

    what a great trip.mike did excellent for a rookie.aside from a few miss managed baits he and everyone on board was right on top of there baits.there were a few tangled spectra balls. but that is to be expected somewhat when everyones bait is in the same spot all bunched up in the corner on the...
  466. old salt

    Tony Pena Knot

    the pena/sands knot is recommended to 80 lb.I use it or a bob sands(same knot with less wraps and a uni locker)with 30-40 -50-60. 80 and above a bimini twist to reverse albright is what I prefer.
  467. old salt

    Alijos Weather

    the Indy just posted the report for 5/26. weather has improved but still a bit choppy.good fishing on same grade fish as last few days.guys are releasing and tagging they went in search of the bluefin and albies they saw on the way down.cant wait. see ya all at the dock tomorrow if...
  468. old salt

    Alijos Weather

    high pressure moving in to so cal this coming is turning by sat.80 deg. forcast for sunday.dont worry mike we will be pulling on fish no matter were we go.IMHO we will have epic conditions when we pull into alijos sunday morning.
  469. old salt

    18' Stringari Skiff

    there was a 20ft commercial stringari for sale last year in SD that had been glassed up with a bracket on it for sale on craigslist .it can be done.I had one of the original prototype 18's it had a volvo 4 cyl. 165 .good fuel economy with a single carb.but slow.I had a single set up and a double...
  470. old salt

    fluke anchor $20 and 250' spliced eye line $45

    line is sold .anchor reduced to $15
  471. old salt

    fluke anchor $20 and 250' spliced eye line $45

    nice fluke anchor of unknown make.shank measures 36 inches and is 28 inches wide at bottom.wieghs 25-30 lbs guessing.$20. 250 ft of quality anchor line. mininum use and no problem spots or chaffing.not sure what size the line is.spliced eye with metal insert and can see in the pic...
  472. old salt

    johnson VRO oil tank and pump $60

    the hole shooten match for $60.this was off a 1986 johnson 70 horse 3 cycl. VRO that i no longer own.this can be used for many applications and years .due your home work.this stuff goes for bank on ebay.easier to just call mark 949 463 5882
  473. old salt

    Jarheads need advice

    the weather is not as bad as the reports .I was out the last 2 nights.last night fished for wsb from 3pm to 10 pm in a 18 ft skiff at salt creek.not much action 1 5ft leopard yanked my chain.the kelp to the north starting at the red bouy all the way to 1000 steps is good area to fish out of...
  474. old salt

    8-dayer on the star, june 5-13

    im leaving on the may 28 trip on the star.reels are gettin lined up and all the gear in order cant wait.
  475. old salt

    Oside Flattie Report 5/15

    right on rick and were way overdue.just got home from 2 weeks working in nor cal .looks like I missed some wsb and butt action this weekend at my favorite haunt.dropping the skiff in tonight for a gray light tomorrow.if you guys wanna fish DP call me
  476. old salt

    calstar 700H $100

    SOLD custom wrapped 700 H.stainless guides.simple wrap nothing fancy.a bit cosmetically challenged with some dings and boat rash .but a solid tuna stick.heck the blank is worth a $100 .not for the guy who wants impressive fancy shit.for someone who doesnt give a shit and wants to pull fish over...
  477. old salt

    Tandem Axle Boat Trailer

    sorry to hear about your retarded hull.Im interested in your trailer.mine is currently a single axle and not beefy enough for my local and can come see it I dont need pics
  478. old salt

    4/27 dana point bounce ball under bait balls

    got up this morning and decided I needed to redeem my self for getting outfished 2 times by my newb buddy on bigger serious and broke out the goose gear .line in 7 am.first fish 8:15 nice one about 9 lbs.kept working the area got another biter that fell off.about 9:15 got another...
  479. old salt

    4/26 dana point north

    nice conditions in the AM.there is so much bait out there right some spots its balled up so tight and puddling you could scoop it with a dip net.Im lazy i bought a half scoop of deans at the barge.made some mac for an atempt at a T on the way back in.spotted one in 100ft off s. creek but...
  480. old salt

    Halibut dry spell officially over for me

    hell say the spell has ended with a thud.
  481. old salt

    Rusty hook on a jig

    X2. many times a single hook is more desired than a treble.ive changed out perfectly good hooks b4.hogans in DP sells 6 stainless replacement hooks for $3.95.cut the old one of with a grinder or small bolt cutters.pinch the new one on
  482. old salt

    Thresher in the Kelp Dana Point

    sounds like a good day south joe.I fished north.sabiki produced every species.sardine ,anchovy,smelt,spanish and green back.was halibut drifting and caught nice quality sandbass and sculpin but no butts.also hooked a T on the dropper and busted it off.water quality definately improved...
  483. old salt

    Another Mex Panga caught in CA waters with drugs

    he's still hiding in the bushes
  484. old salt

    rule 1100 gph tournament series w/new motor cartridge $25

    the teel is working like a dream wayne.the rule is sale pending to stefan.ill look for you down there all the time.
  485. old salt

    Another Mex Panga caught in CA waters with drugs

    would like to know when/where that panga will be auctioned.looks like a nice fast fishing machine
  486. old salt

    rule 1100 gph tournament series w/new motor cartridge $25

    ok ill let you know.was that you workin on your boat at the ramp in DP last week?workin in the bilge on a pump no doubt.
  487. old salt

    rule 1100 gph tournament series w/new motor cartridge $25

    just replaced my bait pump with the commercial duty teel pump I bought from waynesworld. prior to that I made 1 six hour trip on the new motor cartridge on my rule pump.this pump is $55+ tax at west marine.the cartrige is over $ can have this one for less than 1/2 price $25
  488. old salt

    OAC Truney Unoffical Results WOW!

    those are some humungous fish for a 1 day to know were they were caught
  489. old salt

    Livin The Dream Baby !!

    its about fuckin time they started to chew.great job on staying on top of the game.put in your time and they will da man.
  490. old salt

    dana point scratched my butt itch

    headed out at 7 am to drift for butts.usual area hard bottom north.had my construction buddy whoes a newb along so left the BB gear at home.9 am buddy says Im on.tell him nice and steady dont jerk it.nice 31" fish comes to drift same area I bring up a 26 " fish.couple more drifts for...
  491. old salt

    Calstars and Seekers

    thanks gary.I bought 2 rods from gary and they are in great shape.the remaining stuff he has is in like new condition .you wont be disapointed with the quality of this gear.
  492. old salt

    Calstars and Seekers

    gary PM sent on the WC 610
  493. old salt


    if it is a seaway it would be beefy.there built like tanks.probably a backyard project or old kit boat.none the less you have done a wonderful job with it.just tell everyone who asks that you built it because you basically did.
  494. old salt

    approx 30gal custom foam & fiberglass oval tank $25

    tank is gone.nice meeting you dennis
  495. old salt

    Model # on Abu Garcia Conolon

    I have an 8ft 20-30 lb conolon that i got used when i was 18.all my buddies called it the buggy can throw a 6x jr a long ways with has no shut off .completely parabolic.I have caught more fish on it than any rod I own.bluefin to 50 lbs with the whole rod doubled over with the tip...
  496. old salt

    approx 30gal custom foam & fiberglass oval tank $25

    mike aka (facef%$ker) if you would like to see it again you are more than welcome to examine it at your place or anywhere but mine
  497. old salt

    aquaworld UT 29

    tank is sold.thanks pete
  498. old salt

    approx 30gal custom foam & fiberglass oval tank $25

    if anybody wants this fugly thing bring me a tady, a salas or tuna feather and take it away.would make a great bow tank cleaned up and LP painted
  499. old salt

    aquaworld UT 29

    had a few nibblers.cant believe nobody wants this tank.absolutely perfect working .few minor scratches in plastic.these things retail for well over $300
  500. old salt

    Ensenada area, other boats shut down and told to split

    just to clear the topic.a party boat as california DFG licenses them are commercial passenger fishing gerrardo is correct .albeit a business of taking sport fisherman out it is a commercial business
  501. old salt

    Horseshoe Kelp 4/8

    nice fish there .did a seal take a nip at it?.looks like a bite in the tail area.maybe you just put the wood to it when it hit the deck.make sure to vacuum pack it youll be enjoying it for some time to come
  502. old salt


    here a 1983 17 ft seaway I found for sale on CL in maine.looks different than my friends.kinda looks similar to yours.theres another one for sale back there that looks like his with a side console
  503. old salt


    that picture is a classic.thats dana point b4 the harbor was built.lots of guys fished woodwards with tiller outboards and hand crank pullers back then. dont see to many woodwards anymore. this is my 1960 woodward still fishing strong.the floatation boxes were added as originally it was designed...
  504. old salt

    approx 30gal custom foam & fiberglass oval tank $25

    tank measures 24" tall 28" wide 19" front to back.this tank was well made out of light weight foam and fiberglass and is very light .about 10 lbs.needs a good cleaning, a little work around theopening and some paint to look good but functional as is.hey the thing is under a $1 gallon
  505. old salt

    aquaworld UT 29

    uhh 29 gallons. im in laguna.check the web site for the dimensions and make sure its what you does not include the mounting brackets .you will have to find those or order through aquaworld
  506. old salt

    aquaworld UT 29

    this tank is used but in good mounting hardware. . price $70 OBO pics added. you can use the same mounting brackets as the kodiak available at west marine.or on line from for $22.he sells this tank for $263 + shipping
  507. old salt

    8 day rocks and cedros on the Shogun

    hell ya.I was supposed to be on the RS trip that canceled.gunna have to wait til may 28 to scratch that itch now .that is some fine quality fish.what was the total count?did you catch that YFT in the dark on a deserted deck?
  508. old salt

    vintage 1953 penn 49M

    the sticker is gone so I dont know.its got a wood removable butt .varmac seat with a different kind of cork or horse hair? fore grip. black glass about 7ft red and yellow wrap w/roller tip.I know its a harnell bacause all my grandparents rods w/that wrap had harnell stickers.its an early one for...
  509. old salt

    vintage 1953 penn 49M

    SOLD !!!this reel is in awsome like new condition.was my grandmothers wire line salmon reel.hardly used.have the 53 catalog not pictured to be included.$60 or make an offer or trade.will take paypal and ship anywhere in US including AK for $10.if your local and pick this thing up all throw in...
  510. old salt

    what bait tank do u guys recommend

    I had a kodiak 32 oval on my whaler. mounted behind the seat with enough room to move around no problem and im 250lbs.kept a full scoop alive all day in any weather with an 800 gal/hr rule tournament pump
  511. old salt

    What boat does the OC sheriff use?

    the red ones are seaways.the yellow lifeguard boats are crystaliners.the white ones ?looks like a davis
  512. old salt

    Reel Recommendations for BTG90J and 800XH?

    533 for 9 ft is my choice.will hold 300+ yds 50# blue pline
  513. old salt


    yes lynn in DP .they put in the lights about 2 months ago.most of the thieving I believe is by homeless drug addicts.lots in capo area along the creek
  514. old salt

    Wanted- Older Surface Iron / Bone Jigs and....

    see anything that intrests you steve? let me know.much more than whats pictured.there are some bone spoons not pictured and some metal salmon irons
  515. old salt


    I was in on east C for a year and the only thing that disappeared there was a dock cord.all be it a $150 was the guy across from me.some assholes were constantly bustin open the $1 ice machine for small amounts of cash.guy who owned it said they would get 4-5 once a week.but the marina...
  516. old salt

    Calstar 196

    they now make a composite GG 196-7.won one in the 2008 WON halibut derby with an avet SX.spun it up with 25 lb P line and took it out on the searcher.yanked in dorado, albie and YFT with it on the first day to 30#'s and then proceded to dump it over the rail with a hooked fish on the second...
  517. old salt

    Sea Horse charter with the Kids

    I fish the boat all the time.there are 18 single bunks and 8 double crew bunks and one coffin under the wheel house.get cozy guys
  518. old salt

    Some news from the rocks.

    was supposed to be leaving on the royal star saturday.but do to lack of intrest (9 people) as of march 1 they canceled the they could get some intrest now.checked the sogun site.wham nice fish.some YFT to close to 100 #'s and plenty of quality fish.heading down on the star the next boat...
  519. old salt

    Sunday Fun!

    julie you have definately earned the crown of "dana point halibut queen"
  520. old salt

    Threshers on the move

    read in another post that a kayaker was catching them on flylined macs of dana point
  521. old salt


    PM sent
  522. old salt

    How do I use a Squid Crowder?

    well chris makin squid aint rocket science.find squid with fishfinder.attract squid with light .get squid up.hopefully a float and you wont need the crowder.if no float put crowder in water .when swarm swims by lift poles so net catches squid.scoop out with dip net.I wouldnt recommend a pool net...
  523. old salt

    Big yellows at The Rockpile!

    you guys are fish magnets.
  524. old salt

    1 Day Mexican permit, where?

    seaforth and dana landing store for private boat by the week or by the year.cattle boat will have 1 day permits
  525. old salt

    Pounded Sand 3/27

    just like jimbo says .no bad days on the water some are just better than others.I think the only place there chewing is in SD ll happen soon.maybe after the weather this week
  526. old salt

    Bait Tank

    ill take it PM sent
  527. old salt

    First c-bass limits on the new "Pacific Edge"

    nice work.boat looks great .hope there still going heading out tonight
  528. old salt

    Bait Tank

    is this thing glassed up inside?will it take a beating and hold up?looking for a tank for my skiff.blew out a used offshore in 2 seasons.thanks mark
  529. old salt

    Hydraulic Steering

    you can install it your self pretty does take 2 people to bleed the system though.when you pull out the old cable attach 2 small ropes or lines to pull the new hydraulic lines guy pullin the other pushing if there are bends or it is can also mark the lines for...
  530. old salt

    offshore 65 square

    tank pending pick up
  531. old salt

    LB Hally, HS rockfish

    sounds like you shoulda kept fishin the barge.nice fish
  532. old salt

    offshore 65 square

    free tank.major delamination issues but could be repaired .I m over it. has light fixture on bottom.was on my lobster skiff.currently leaking at bottom by fill area.lots of patches.make another and your good to go.tank is in laguna.probably easier just to call.mark 949 463 5882...
  533. old salt

    bounce balling?

    you need to use spectra for the main line.minimum 65 lb.80 lb is what Im switching to.less break offs of the complete rig when snagged.and were I fish its not if you get snagged its when.
  534. old salt

    Sabre Rods

    I have a couple of the kencor magna glassrods that have held up to abuse very well through several years.they are made in the USA.hogans in dana point has acouple 7ft 20-40lb rods for under $50.
  535. old salt


    you can use a dip net but not a throw net.I use a drop net for smelt in the bay or harbor.drop net.chum smelt with bread .pull net.= free bait
  536. old salt

    Another Great Season of Lobster Fishing

    you still have 3 more nights to push the number up dave
  537. old salt

    good 20# rod for inshore fishing

    I fish my S220-5 on a cork wrap calstar gf800xl.light as feather and casts a chovie extremely well
  538. old salt

    3/12 dana point

    got out with a rod & reel today for the first time since summer.headed to the usual hard bottom area .late start line in at 9:30 biter that fell off at 10:00.biter that stuck at 10:10..bounced around for another hour for 1 lost rig.called it a day at 11:30. best of big game bounce rig w/purple...
  539. old salt

    anybody fishing the royal star easter trip?

    mr lopreste informed me that he has 20 booked for the sogun's 8 day.they will be fishing. almost jumped on it but the timing is alittle wrong.sticking with the RS just later down the road
  540. old salt

    anybody fishing the royal star easter trip?

    unfortunately this trip did not generate enough intrest.talked with tim wed at FHS and rebooked for the may 28 8 day.still a chance it might go if they got bodies this weekend at the show.but as back up I got 2 spots on the later trip.
  541. old salt

    Spirit of Adventure

    I fished the boat about 12 years ago on a 3 day bobs tackle charter.mike was the second captain then.we knocked the shit out of the bluefin for 2 days in a trip ever ive been 30- 70 lbs. limits for 3 was great then sure its still gouing strong.some state rooms are...
  542. old salt

    Bait Barge beat up pretty bad at Dana Pt. PICTURE

    just returned from the harbor.there working on putting it back together now.not making much progress.everthing else looked fine
  543. old salt

    Bait Barge beat up pretty bad at Dana Pt. PICTURE

    guess Id better go make sure the skiff is still there.that surge was like a river down the channel.what time wasa that shot ?I imagine my traps at the harbor mouth are probably on the jetty now.fuck!!!!
  544. old salt

    Large Sheephead follow up

    would you have realesed it if the season were open?Im sure you would but just had to ask.I eat the ones 2-3 lbs and release everything else
  545. old salt

    Ringed hooks? I know what I use, how about you and why?

    I like the owner ringed gorilla for offshore when the bite is finicky.i beleve that the bait swims better with the ring giving it more freedom than a knot.when the fish are flyin over the rail ill tie on anything with a barb
  546. old salt

    anybody fishing the royal star easter trip?

    just talked with RS office and the # is up to 8.anybody want to get on an extremely light load trip?book now.never know what we will end up catching with the el nino conditions
  547. old salt


    long hair hippy named wes makes em.haha some other long hair hippy named adam fishes em and sells em too.they are buddies.they always fish the 2 for teus. at dana wharf.they still make can get them off there web site or PM me and ill give you adams #.they live in elsinore area
  548. old salt

    Aqua World Ultra 38 gallon Bait Tank

    just checked AQ website and have found mine is a 29 not 38.never really checked it out just been laying around.$75 will take it.
  549. old salt

    San Diego end of March....

    seahorse in dana point harbor starts running overnight trips to san clemente island march 1 st.rockfish with possibilities for yellowtail and white seabass
  550. old salt

    Fishing Mission Bay "help"

    seaforth sfiff rentals mission bay.dont know if they still have the cheap half day rates from 1 bait too.drift the main channel and the basin opposite quivera
  551. old salt


    why would anyone file out a legit guage?I know the gauges dfg uses and I use the same one to measure close lobsters with and the standard aluminum one to expedite.many time the aluminum one says the bug is short but the stainless gauge will not fit over the carapse.lobster is money in my...
  552. old salt

    Jumbo squid trip tonight from Dana Wharf

    on the first drift I hooked one with about 400+ yds of line out.was like pulling up a 55 gallon trash can.later I was snaging them 50 ft under the boat.that was ok long drop never again.any body want some?let me know.cleaned and unpounded.I kept 3 what was i thinking.
  553. old salt

    anybody fishing the royal star easter trip?

    thanks for all the input guys.the sogun has an 8 day leaving a few days earlier but I opted on the buddy and I are commercial lobster and the time frame works for us as our season ends in late march.was hoping to do a 15 day but the money was not great this year. later I am quite busy with...
  554. old salt

    anybody fishing the royal star easter trip?

    alijos easter special 8 day april 3rd. my buddy and i are 2 of 5 booked.$1650 great deal.pimpin it because we need bodies.13 and it will go is what Ive been told.
  555. old salt

    Lobster Fishing is Good Again!!!

    pretty sure he didnt catch those off the DP bait barge. ha ha now its his turn to give me some lobster
  556. old salt

    Commercial lobster gear washing ashore...

    DFG regulations.every trap will be equiped with destructive door clips.the clips last about 6 months under water and at that point the door hinge is gone. lobsters can crawl out at will.many times were there is no structure the lobsters will make that trap there home.I pulled out 100 traps...
  557. old salt

    Where to Get Rebar Sizes 9-11

    next time you see a major concrete construction project ( freeway,bridge,cason,retaining) stop by and ask about cutt off pieces.most of this work uses #7-# 12 rebar.the workers usually recycle the scrap and its usually cheap to get it out of them
  558. old salt

    Launch out of Daveys in LB, where can i catch some Trigger Fish?

    try rocky areas with no kelp.they hang on rock piles but do not hang in kelp.20-40 ft seems like were I find them.have caught quite a few up to 8lbs. south of dana point the last couple winters and yes around seal rock is good.I use pismo clams.cut squid and shrimp are good too
  559. old salt

    Is spider crab good eating?

    easiest way to get at meat is to cut legs and claws with a hack saw after cooked and chilled into pieces 3 inches in length and take a bbq skeewer and push out the meat.crush em and the shell gets all up in the meat.anybody want any pm me 75 cents a pound got alot right now.all legal as they are...
  560. old salt

    Dana Flattie Report 12/19

    way to get out there and take advantage of the weather window.2 nice days of but fishin.Im jealouus.right now Id rather be pullin on halibut than floats and lines.
  561. old salt

    Have you seen this fish?

    they like the rocky surgy tidal areas near sand and eel grass as others have said.they swim fast and always seem to be on the move.caught one on a frozen pea when I was a kid
  562. old salt

    For Lobster

    try hooping off the jetty on the inside not the ocean side.
  563. old salt

    After Thanksgiving Halibut Tournament November 28th

    that channel can be as gnarly as nor cal on a good wind and swell.getting out is the easy part.its coming back in that makes your balls crawl into your lower intestins.
  564. old salt

    Help with Ling Cod

    I have live octopuss in dana point. if anyone is interested PM me.
  565. old salt

    Dana Pt 11/25

    if you pull up past the exit they have several more temporary? hose bibs with no timers on the left back side of the lot
  566. old salt

    11/25 Another one of "those" days

    how long have you had it rick? isnt there a 3 year warranty on it? guys at cal kona (formerly sunset marine) in oceanside service them cheaper than a dealer if you need work done or parts
  567. old salt

    11/25 Another one of "those" days

    sorry to hear about your friend rick.hows the E-TEC ? havent had any trouble with mine since that day I saw you and was an oil flow issue.keep pounding they will chew eventually
  568. old salt

    Lobster, ling and toad calico. Report for 11-22/23

    anybody in dana point want live octopus?PM me
  569. old salt

    Why California passed the "right to fish" Constitutional Amendment in 1910

    now if we can just get the brtf to join the president
  570. old salt

    11/22 Dana Pt Butt Bounce

    way to go gettin pops on a butt.youve caught alot of good hali this year.
  571. old salt


    plenty of firecracker bonita south of the red can today.guy tied next to me took his kid out and they destroyed his feathers he caught so many.
  572. old salt

    Dana Pt. - 11/19 Bounced

    seems like last year guys were wackin em up in long beach and down san diego like they are now and then it really turned on around dana point.lets hope for a repeat
  573. old salt

    Dana Pt. - 11/19 Bounced

    unless your work is fishing
  574. old salt

    Oside Flattie Report 11/7

    nice fish rick .even nicer sammies shitbird.I m going to have to get in on one off these poobah"s just for the eats
  575. old salt

    NFIDP 10/30

    was pretty nice out there.too bad on the O .it happens.saw dfg just up from you guys was expecting the check didnt get it.
  576. old salt

    Offshore FOG OFFSHORE IS THICK.......

    fog rolled in at dana about 9:30 am.not pea soup about 1/4 mile visability
  577. old salt

    Lobster limits at Catalina and some fish too

    if you keep them in the bait tank with the pump running they will live for days
  578. old salt

    Offshore Newport to 209 area: 60# YFT

    that is fricken unbelievable.I had a whaler and a kodiak 32 fits behind the seat nicely.time to rig it up right.full scoop stays alive all day long
  579. old salt

    NFIO 9/26

    seems herb found em in dp.time to make alittle tow
  580. old salt

    any one else have this problem

    every time I open a post that some nut sack with a lame video clip attached to there reply shuts my system down and ends the can this be avoided
  581. old salt

    Dana Point Flattie Report 9/25

    as usual you guys scratched up a nice one.dont feel bad matt i dumped a good biter too
  582. old salt

    I know the YFT fishing is good BUTT! 9/23/09

    way to go ve been putting in the time on the buts and eventually your time comes.WTG on the big pig.dreaming of catching fish right now
  583. old salt

    lowrance ifinder h20 handheld gps new

    price now $115 pick up me from the ebay hassle.saturday its going to the dreaded fee pay. SOLD
  584. old salt

    Bloodydecks Sticker

    were can you purchase stickers from the site?cant seem to find I retarted or are they hidden someplace?
  585. old salt

    Dana Point Flatties 9/16

    excellent job on the guys know where to get um.might sneak the skiff out monday for a "test run" prior to the opener and get a little BB in while scouting.need a break from all the rigging
  586. old salt

    lowrance ifinder h20 handheld gps new

    anybody want this for $125 B4 it goes to ebay?great back up , yak or ditch unit.totally water proof. I need this thing gone.
  587. old salt

    lowrance ifinder h20 handheld gps new

    found this unit on ebay today for $156 my price is now $135 pickup.$150 shipped.need to sell this thing.
  588. old salt

    Offshore We came, We fished, We meet cool people...

    good people in san clemente.most of em anyway
  589. old salt

    lowrance ifinder h20 handheld gps new

    this will store over 1000 waypoints.removable SD memory card allows unlimited storage.the cheapest I have found this unit for online is $ mine for $150.00.I will ship it anywhere in US to include AK for $ with paypal or postal mark at 949 463 5882 if interested PRICE...
  590. old salt

    Offshore dana wharf fury 5-5

    hopped on the fury this morning with my friend matt.really wanted to see him get a pelagic as he has not fished offshore this summer at all.well he got a nice dodo on the first paddy stop.boat total for 16 passengers of which about 6 new what they were doing for the day was 5 dorado.couple nicer...
  591. old salt

    Offshore big yellow fin

    thats a monster local tuna
  592. old salt

    Need a new rod for my TN 14, help please!

    I would go with a calstar gf800xl or 800l.great for casting chovies or megabaits.and even 1 oz. lead heads
  593. old salt

    its flatty time

    thats a day to remember there.Id say the fish were stacked up pretty good.way to get em on the tide and the chew.not the easiest thing to do.
  594. old salt

    Offshore Dana Pride 3/4 day 19 YFT and a Dodo

    you can see the count at .the landing did not update there count for thurs. what idiots they could pack that boat.anyway believe it or not the pride and the fury both landed tuna within 35 miles of DP. other boats working the same area catching fish the (CATTLE BOATS) were...
  595. old salt

    Searcher 5 Day Aug 25-30th report

    you guys killed it.I was on the 4 day 8/18 -8/22 and the fishing was scratch at best.its all in the timing
  596. old salt

    Offshore Dana Pride 3/4 day 19 YFT and a Dodo

    ya I fucked that up.meant Y F T but cant edit title
  597. old salt

    Offshore Dana Pride 3/4 day 19 YFT and a Dodo

    went down to dana wharf yesterday to say hey to the guys.tommy white tells me were running offshore tomorrow.6-6 for $59 extended 3/4 day.Im on it.21 passengers .now there are about 4 guys that know what there doing. 2 girls who each landed tuna and cher hooked and fought a 80-100lb. striper for...
  598. old salt

    Daisy Leader......thoughts?

    i like em rick.yellowfin wont leave em alone.caught some on mike and crow's rig they let me use on my 4 day trip.most of the fishing was in 80- 100 mile bit first everytime in the spread.
  599. old salt

    Laguna Surf fishing

    that area is my backyard.I have fished /spearfished /lobstered this area since i was a kid.all of it every inch from shore to 30 ft is all of the most important habitat that must remain open to fishing.much of it is very hard to access but of course that is were the critters are.
  600. old salt

    im that stupid.

    crammed a bunch of skipjack and tuna heads(lobster bait) in the freezer.apparrently some slid and opened the door a 1/2 inch.gone for 2 days fishing.back with more skipjack.freezer open.40 lbs. of vacum packed dodo, albie, Yft ,and yellow tail steaks are now also lobster bait.what a fuckin...
  601. old salt

    NFIO 8/29

    i gotta get some of the shitbird fine cuisine.way to get out there and give it a go.with lunch like that who cares if you catch or not.although its always nice to get a few.
  602. old salt


    fish the san clemente a couple small hook sabiki's and take 2 buckets and a rope.throw the rope over and fill the bucket.use the other to freshen the water every 15 minutes.take a loaf of old bread.start cumming sabiki up and down at varied depths.catch smelt. put in...
  603. old salt

    Gentleman's Fishing-DP 8/25

    it is perfectly within the uscg rules for people to share in costs of a fishing trip.IE fuel ,bait, food, long as everyone is in accord that it is a fishing trip with no liability on boat actually charge a set price to unknown fisherman it is a charter.
  604. old salt

    FRIDAY DP Flatty Report Friday

    right on matt.still going for the flatties.havent bounced for months been chasing offshore action for little to show ho 'ing on a few different boats.i think I appreciate the inshore that mich more now.
  605. old salt

    Offshore 8/23 1.5 on the searcher

    load pics into yopur computer.scroll down the page when you post and click the manage attachments click the browse box.this will bring up your photo files.find the file or photos you want and click them.repeat until you have the pics you want then click the upload box.the searcher is a...
  606. old salt

    Make Your Own Sabiki Rig

    for the 1.99 i'll just keep on buyin em
  607. old salt

    happy ending jigs on searcher 4 day

    mike kenny and kevin who both have been running boats for over 20 years were on deck for this trip.they liked the look of the plug and asked "does it swim".well it sure does.swims better than a wood one thats for sure.thanks JP 1,2 &3 went to the only 3 bait albies caught on the third...
  608. old salt

    happy ending jigs on searcher 4 day

    mike hooked me up with a few of his creations for my trip.1 day of travel.trolled his cedarless cigar plug the first day of fishing for a nice 2 trolled his purple mini bike on a mini squid daisy chain for a YFT in the AM and a mexican flag color abalone head mini biker for a dodo...
  609. old salt

    Offshore Epic San Clemente Yellow Bite 8/15

    those yellows fight a bit harder than the flat kind dont they rick.nice job on some quality fish.lets get herb's boat out there soon.
  610. old salt

    Dana Pt. 8/14/2009

    way to go matt.been up north for the last 2 weeks and have not bounced in about 4 weeks.good to hear there still chewing
  611. old salt

    8-12-09 Lajolla Report!Tuna,Yellowtail,Bass,Slimmers!

    :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv:Rambo_Throwing_Kniv:Death_To_Above::Death_To_Above:I just got back from the klamath river in nor cal.check this is 100% legal for the yurok indians to shoot seals with rifles or shotguns if they are within 50 ft of there salmon nets.watched a 16 year old kid unload a...
  612. old salt

    Looking for a trip

    im leaving tues morning on the searcher for 4 days.I think there are 2 spots left.$1195
  613. old salt

    Offshore 7/31/2009 Dana Pt-Offshore Almost

    thats fucked up matt.had a similar situation in SD bay about 8yrs ago.owned a 42 vega "BENTO" with partners at driscols pier 5 .tuna fishing offshore about 60 miles out main quits.had just filled both tanks and topped off 600 gallons.get down in the bilge thinking tank was plugged at the valve...
  614. old salt

    Offshore Local dorado 7-29

    when do I get to go?nice job mike I like dorado
  615. old salt

    Limit$ of sandie$ and log$ on the Dana Pride 7/27/09

    nice haul.I fished with my cousins 11yr old kid on the afternoon 1/2 day on the sum fun mon. .wide open calico bass.couple hawgs too.boat had limits with many legal sized fish being released.won the JP with an estimated 4-5 lb. sport coat.gave it to the crew also
  616. old salt

    miles off the mexcian coast

    i believe mexican waters extend 200 miles from the coast
  617. old salt

    The Outer Limits is there web site.the boat is owned by ken franke who is the current president of the SAC.he has been involved in the san diego sportfishing scene since he was a kid
  618. old salt

    Offshore Do you remember when...

    time to buy a spear gun and force feed em the iron.
  619. old salt

    Few Shots from the Wedge this AM

    talked to my cousin today and she witnessed the whole drowning /rock pummling incident with her 11 year old son.she didnt hang around to see the guy dragged out because she did not want her son an excelent surfer to see the dead guy. she knew he was a gonner when a life guard got tossed up on...
  620. old salt

    NFIO 7/25

    NFIDP either rick.atleast flat ones anyway.calico bite was WFO for the sporties.bounced the usual areas noon till about 4pm nada.water was dirty from the swell.and at the north end of SC full of ripped off stringers.kelp is pretty tore up on that end from the rip tides off the beach ripping out...
  621. old salt

    Offshore Stopped at the 182 for yellows

    thats right.force feed em the long iron!!!
  622. old salt


    you must enter the water at shaws/fishermans cove in order to spearfish outside the cannot enter or exit the water with a spear/speargun in the reserve.I used to spearfish there all the time as a kid
  623. old salt

    The Domes

    depends how often you are there.I get tanked for $25 every time
  624. old salt

    Just off Dana.

    not uncommon to hook or see T shark off dana point.saw a large jumper just south of the red bouy on the point couple weeks ago.and a freind hooked one a week before that on the kelp line just north.
  625. old salt

    Need help with family outing

    I have been following this post from the start.amazing how cancer has touched so many of us and how we are all willing to help.god bless all.small donation sent via paypal
  626. old salt

    86 bayliner trophy WA for $1000.00

    whats the worse that can happen?well for starters the thing could crack apart and sink.and sink fast.the quality of the bayliner in the 80's IMO is absolute garbage.Id feel safer in an inflatable raft
  627. old salt

    Jetty 'But Fishing

    6 years ago when I lived in MB I used to take the girl friend and her kids down there.we fished just out from the end of the parking lot on the bay side.carolina rigged frozen anchovies on the incoming tide.lotts of shorts with the ocassional keeper.
  628. old salt

    7/21 SCI on the Sea Horse white & yellow

    live squid on the dropper loop for both fish
  629. old salt

    Anyone fish GG series Calstars?

    I have a GG 196-7 10-25 lb rated with an avet sx I won in the WON halibut derby.fished it local for bass nothing big on it yet.seems like a good rod.I prefer the grafighters for there light weight.might trade it or sell it for the right deal.
  630. old salt

    7/21 SCI on the Sea Horse white & yellow

    ya mike I sold the whaler.wanted to hang on to it but needed $$$$$.$2200 in recent dental work and a clutch in the truck killed terry's skiff with green light to run it all year in the driveway now.little work and it will be up and running.lets fish .im free to roam about the country
  631. old salt

    7/21 SCI on the Sea Horse white & yellow

    fished with tyler and the gang on the horse today.epic day for me with a 30 # class WSB at gray light and 40 minutes later a 20# class yellow.couple other guys dumped fish in the gray and a large 100#+ black was caught.great calico and sheep action later in the day.10# halibut in the...
  632. old salt

    seahorse SCI for tues 7/21

    just talked to dana wharf 9:30 am now 9 reservations including me.come on guys we need 3 more to get the boat out.sunday they caught a couple nice WSB and toad yellows and a bunch of sheeps and sport coats