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  1. FishinArmo

    CanAm 2019 Defender XT HD8

    Does it come with a trailer?
  2. FishinArmo


    Looking for a aluminium or galvanized trailer for my bostown whaler 190 outrage let me know if you have one in decent shape. Thanks Avo 818-974-1450
  3. FishinArmo

    Custom Crestliner Center Console

    Bump for a very clean skiff.
  4. FishinArmo

    22` Cortez Radoncraft

    Dan can I come see the boat weds or Thursday ?
  5. FishinArmo

    25' Anderson Custom w/ Yamaha Outboard (SOLD)

    Bump for a slick sled, cant believe this hasnt sold.
  6. FishinArmo

    Offshore Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    Good work Ali and thanks for the great write up
  7. FishinArmo

    Best Day Ever...

    Awesome story my daughter is 5 now and my son 3 and i have taken them to the lake to fish bass many times, will look to take them to the bay this summer. One advise ill give is some water toys and plenty I mean plenty of snacks. Also when i see them getting bored ill move let them pretend to...
  8. FishinArmo

    Ford F-150 or GMC 1500?

    I have the 3.5 eco boost and have had a gmc with the 5.3 v8. the 3.5 ecoboost has way more torque and hp and would take it over the 5.3. Both are great trucks and its all personal preference but I would lean toward the ford.
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    COVID-19 Facts & Real Experience

    Sammy we appreciae the info and i hope you feel better soon, do you have any idea how you may have been infected?
  10. FishinArmo

    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Prayers sent for a speedy recovery
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    if im not mistaken you could shoot a doe with that tag as well good luck
  12. FishinArmo

    Last retrieve for Tia 9-12-19

    Sorry for your loss
  13. FishinArmo

    20 VISX Line Capacity

    go 130 it will hold more than enough
  14. FishinArmo

    2012 Parker 2320 Yamaha 300

    Great news hector congrats
  15. FishinArmo

    Offshore Full Speed BFT 7/8

    Nicely done, any color on the stickbaits do better than others?
  16. FishinArmo

    Put trolling Motor on 19 foot BW Montauk

    Go See Nick at Trolling Motor Dr
  17. FishinArmo

    2006 Triton 195cc

    nice boat i can attest i have 07 150 verado on my whaler and have over 1200 hours on it without any issues.
  18. FishinArmo

    Best hunting rifle/caliber

    One major thing to look into if you don't plan on reloading is if your a ca hunter is availability and price of copper ammo. With that being said I would suggest a .308 or 30-06. I owned a 7mm Weatherby mag that was passed on to me and I love it but ammo is to expensive to shoot.
  19. FishinArmo

    3 ft at 7 sec?

    Stay home
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    Hi tom I'm looking for a new leaning post bait tank set up for my bw 190 outrage. I would like...

    Hi tom I'm looking for a new leaning post bait tank set up for my bw 190 outrage. I would like at least a 30 gallon tank preferably 40. I've seen from past posts that you may have something for this. please let me know [email protected] Thanks Avo
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    button it down all the way
  22. FishinArmo

    Entry hunting rifle

    buyt the tikka 7mm thats listed in the classifieds
  23. FishinArmo

    Looking for temporary slip in Newport Beach - Xmas Boat Parade - december

    Hey guys i wanted to attend so the kids can watch can i launch my skiff and crews the harbor during the parade? also i saw the calendar looks like the parade is more than one day is that correct?
  24. FishinArmo

    Lost gear at marina Del Ray boat launch

    wow sorry to hear that im sure i have some gear to borrow if you need some
  25. FishinArmo

    Pacific Eagle 7/2

    Great report and great crew on that boat they really know how to take care of their passengers.
  26. FishinArmo

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    guys for all of you that would like to actually donate but are not the right blood type im sure that would be very valuable information to jason with the exchange program they can find a match for your kidney for someone else and get one exchange for one that will work for jason, So if you are...
  27. FishinArmo

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Jason we are praying for you bud hang in there and I’m sure this great community will come together for you. Guys I had donated my kidney to my dad 4.5 years ago if any of you have questions about the process feel free to reach out.
  28. FishinArmo

    Ideal Bait Tank on 2320

    Ash as large as possible i say 80
  29. FishinArmo

    Leopard Sharks with my son 4-14-18

    awesome that last one looks like a swell shark
  30. FishinArmo

    Oceanside Boat Storage (Free)

    thanks for your service
  31. FishinArmo

    Catalina report 9th-11th

    sorry for your loss
  32. FishinArmo

    Shotguns for Kids

    my dad started me off with $100 20 ga single shot bird hunting. i think id probably go the same route with my kids and then probably moving them to an over under.
  33. FishinArmo

    Water therapy 12/26

    sorry for your loss
  34. FishinArmo

    A-22 Buck

    great job
  35. FishinArmo

    Pig hunting 11/26-11/27

    Great trip thanks for sharing, were you guys hunting a private ranch you have access to?
  36. FishinArmo


    bump for a sweet truck
  37. FishinArmo

    1978 Mako 201 sold

    nice sled aren glws
  38. FishinArmo

    Misc Ammo and Mags

    ill take the 9mm mags pm sent
  39. FishinArmo

    2007 Parker 2320 SL with F250

    how does your f150 pull the 2320?
  40. FishinArmo

    headin fer sheep country

    thanks for sharing your story definitely on the bucket list.
  41. FishinArmo

    MDR - rockfishing and a Mako

    great report and that is a mako
  42. FishinArmo

    Leaving from MDR - any tips from BD members?

    Like kman said if you buy any of the standard charts they will have the number to all the artificial reefs in the bay to the north you have the santa monica ar's and the topanga ar's and to the south the redondo ar's. If you want rockfish look at the short banks these numbers will also be on the...
  43. FishinArmo

    2001 Albin 28 TE SOLD

    wow what a gorgeous boat, do these boat have any upgrade motors available to get them to cruise 20-25 kts?
  44. FishinArmo


    what year is the truck?
  45. FishinArmo

    2006 Ford F-150 4x4 Lariat

    price drop $8900
  46. FishinArmo

    Conditions at PV and Legal White Sea Bass

    solid day nick great report and cant beat fishing with pops
  47. FishinArmo

    A fellow Spear fisherman could use your prayers.

    praying and wishing you a speedy recovery
  48. FishinArmo

    Catalina - Swim it/Fish it

    Wow, great report too. That swim is very impressive and inspiring
  49. FishinArmo

    2006 Ford F-150 4x4 Lariat

    sounds good
  50. FishinArmo

    2006 Ford F-150 4x4 Lariat

    Bought a new truck so this one has to go for sale is my 2006 F-150 4x4 Supercrew Lariat the truck runs excellent just had transmission rebuilt less than 50 miles ago we can transfer 2 year 24k mile warranty from TRC transmissions in Chatsworth. A/c blows great. Truck has never given me any...
  51. FishinArmo

    Choc Lab Pups available...American

    Great price on the pups, fyi I tried to adopt a lab before I purchased mine from raney ranch for double the price of these pups and was denied because the dog would be living outside in a large yard with a huge covered patio for shade during the day. I couldn't believe there response. GLWS...
  52. FishinArmo

    straight spectra to yummy?

    I have very little experience flying the kite but the only reason I would like the larger reel is just to have a bigger diameter spool when all that line is out so you can put line on quicker when you do get bit.
  53. FishinArmo

    Offshore We suck. 6/27 and 6/28 report

    great report Ali, I thought you lose big bluefin only when I'm on the boat with you.
  54. FishinArmo

    Boat Transport Help

  55. FishinArmo

    Boat Transport Help

    so what boat did you get?
  56. FishinArmo

    Looking for Lab Puppies

    Raney ranch i have a choc male from them he is 4.5 now and hes a great hunter and even better family dog. He is amazing with the kids
  57. FishinArmo

    Well this is disappointing (Hewescraft corrosion)

    Just a question, how come the northern guys use so many aluminum boats? I feel for the price you pay for them you can get almost any other glass boat? Not trying to start an argument just want to know the reasoning?
  58. FishinArmo

    1974 Blackman 20ft Center Console

    Wow way to restore that boat and give it what it deserved. Enjoy her.
  59. FishinArmo

    Channel islands 4-15

    nice jello patrick
  60. FishinArmo

    23' Maritime Pilothouse Center Console Yamaha 4 Stroke F200XB w/ Tower

    Great looking set up, what speed do you cruise at and what rpm's, how many gallons does it hold and what would you think a comfortable range is for it.
  61. FishinArmo

    New Del Mar 3/12 AM - wide open smiles!

    awesome, cant wait to take my little ones how old is your son?
  62. FishinArmo

    1999 Jeep Wrangler

    is this a 4 cyl or 6 cyl?
  63. FishinArmo

    Offshore Ready for some Bluefin? My 2016 highlight video

    Great video billy thanks for putting the time to put together to share
  64. FishinArmo

    Rpt.-Tue.-01-31-17 Unreal Bass'n and a big ole Butt!

    I don't keep any bass either Corey I just got used to using it and could never go back especially for fishing stones and deeper water. To each his own, thanks again for all the great reports.
  65. FishinArmo

    Rpt.-Tue.-01-31-17 Unreal Bass'n and a big ole Butt!

    Corey I always appreciate your reports and thank you for always taking the time to keeping us all informed, but I have one question. Why don't you step up from the 15 and 20lb mono and go with 50 or 65 lb braid with a top shot of 30 or 40 lb floro I assure you, you will not lose as many lead...
  66. FishinArmo

    Owens River - Chasing "Snow Bows"

    nice report eric you cant beat the sierras
  67. FishinArmo

    Coues Buck - Team Effort

    congrats on a great hunt and thanks for the write up
  68. FishinArmo

    Late season hunt in Colorado

    wow great story thanks for sharing congrats on 4 great deer
  69. FishinArmo

    1995 Robalo 2120 $9500

    wow this boat resembles my old sea ray laguna so much by any chance did sea ray and robalo's ever use the same hulls?
  70. FishinArmo

    Boat sinks video

    thanks for sharing
  71. FishinArmo

    Camping with Grizzlies and Wolves What Gun?

    If there is one gun to have at camp it would be a shotgun but like everyone else said some common sense and a clean camp with will probably keep you out of trouble.
  72. FishinArmo

    2 yr old Choc Lab...not eating...goin South fast...???

    bert been following the post and want to help out, i have a 4yr old chocolate lab as well and cant imagine what your going through is their a link to help with some vet bills ?
  73. FishinArmo

    AO Buck

    that is a awesome local buck congrats
  74. FishinArmo

    2 yr old Choc Lab...not eating...goin South fast...???

    my sisters golden has similar issue they did an exploratory stomach surgery and found bunch of toys and random stuff she had chewed up that had blocked her digestive system and she was saved they asked for $5k for the surgery we worked them down to $3k and had the surgery done to save her. The...
  75. FishinArmo

    Offshore Tanner bank 11/18

    congrats, nothing better than having hard work pay off
  76. FishinArmo

    FS 2 scopes Leupold VXII 3x9x40 & Bushnell 4x Banner

    hey guys the leupold is currently pending the bushnell is still available
  77. FishinArmo

    FS JL 8' SUB in Poweredge Box $60.00 & Edge programer for 2006 F150 $100

    This speaker has been sitting in my garage for a long time i believe it is a 8 inch JL W 0 speaker. very nice box perfect for trucks i need this gone. Edge programmer for 2006 Ford F150 im assuming it would work for all f-150's from 2004 till 2008 but you should probably call EDGE to confirm...
  78. FishinArmo

    FS Mercury Quicksilver prop 16p

    For sale is a prop that came off a 1989 Merc 135 2 stroke. Needs to go $125.00 located in San Fernando Valley or Pasadena prop has no dings email me if interested [email protected]
  79. FishinArmo

    FS 2 scopes Leupold VXII 3x9x40 & Bushnell 4x Banner

    Hey guys i have 2 scopes i pulled off a couple used rifles i had bought and they need to go so make me an offer 1) Leupold 3x9x40 - this is scope is cosmetically a 7/10 has some scratched on surface but works fine, the recticle looks like a regular duplex no rings or mounts. $75.00obo...
  80. FishinArmo

    Twin Lakes 11/3-11/6

    one of my favorite places eric glad you got to enjoy it with the family minus the crowds
  81. FishinArmo

    Mammoth Lakes Area Predator Hunting

    yes you could hunt coyots in that area and im pretty sure you have to use copper never really checked into it cause all my rifles are sited with copper these days
  82. FishinArmo

    Wyoming Bull Elk(s)- Success- Late Report 10/14-10/21

    ali steve has seen most of my tricks so he was well prepared
  83. FishinArmo

    Wyoming Bull Elk(s)- Success- Late Report 10/14-10/21

    Steve thanks for putting the time and putting a recap of the trip together it was great cant wait to do it again.
  84. FishinArmo

    WY deer down

    wow great trip thanks for sharing
  85. FishinArmo

    R.I.P. Island Tak deckhand legend Jon Ellis

    so sad to hear this i have fished with jon and steve many times and he was a pleasure to fish with he would always crack some funny jokes and put a smile on your face. RIP Jon you will be missed
  86. FishinArmo

    Dinosaurs do exist - New Mexico Elk 2016

    wow is all i can say and congrats on a beautiful elk
  87. FishinArmo

    Running Out 40+ Miles in a 18' Boat - Parker 1801

    I own a 190 outrage and have done plenty of offshore trips up to 120 mile round trip, but before I did the long trips I did many inshore trips to make sure I really have a good idea of my boats capabilities and fuel range. You obviously have to always watch the weather closely and be prepared...
  88. FishinArmo

    2003 Blackman Outerbanks for sale

    how many knots does she cruise at and what kind of fuel does it burn?
  89. FishinArmo

    Parker 2320 w/ Yamaha 225 hp ….change prop? better performance?

    not a pro at this stuff but i would say you should be running 4200-4600 rpm at 25 mph and obviously your gonna get better mileage from running lower rpm's. so yes you need a different prop.
  90. FishinArmo

    Registration for New Boat - Coast Guard vs DMV

    more importantly what did you end up getting ?
  91. FishinArmo

    Maui Kapalua Bay July 9-14

    Hey guys headed to Maui for the first time and going to be staying at a hotel at Kapalua bay is it worth taking a light surf rod? Any info would be appreciated i will also have a car. Thanks
  92. FishinArmo

    Boat went down right next to us.

    Thanks for sharing the story and excellent job on the rescue. I will try to learn as much as possible from this experience you had and try to be more prepared.
  93. FishinArmo

    5/28 report - Lots of big reds (to 7.52lbs)

    nice fish nick gotta make it up there to fish one of these days
  94. FishinArmo

    NORTHRIVER SEAHAWK OS A few pictures added

    Great looking boat do you have some more pics of the deck lay out? Fish Storage ? What electronics?
  95. FishinArmo

    Offshore Friday the 13th Yellows

    He fellas, had a cancellation for a family trip for the weekend and looked like whatever i did things were not going right to get out this weekend and i was starting to think fishing on the 13th might not be a great idea. After making calls my buddy Armen and I decided to go fish with Jamie...
  96. FishinArmo

    Swordfish RAW

    that was an awesome episode Ali congrat on such a great catch
  97. FishinArmo

    I need two of these. Kid's boat

    That is too cool. Does it have a trailer and can you launch it with his power wheels truck?
  98. FishinArmo

    1994 Boston Whaler Outrage 21 Sold

    cant believe this boat is still available
  99. FishinArmo

    Offshore I'm back after 5 year Haitus, epic bluefin tuna fishing

    billy thats a hell of a way to get back in the game good to see you made it on the water.
  100. FishinArmo

    Fishing Vancouver Island Advice

    look it up its called google
  101. FishinArmo

    Can you Name this Knot??

    Looks like a spider hitch much stronger than a dropper loop
  102. FishinArmo

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Only cause I would do anything for my daughter as well good luck
  103. FishinArmo

    Where can I shoot off the 14 or 5 freeway?

    patrick head up to frazier park
  104. FishinArmo

    1994 Boston Whaler Outrage 21 Sold

    I cant believe this boat hasn't sold I'm so tempted to sell my 19 outrage and upgrade if it was closer i would have probably done it, if you know anyone that want and 06 bw outrage with a 150 verado completely rigged let me know and we could do a swap?
  105. FishinArmo

    Wyoming Elk

    Nate I had one point already and applied before deadline so chances are pretty good I get a tag I'd guess 50-60% chance.
  106. FishinArmo

    Wyoming Elk

    Hey guys looking to do an elk hunt next fall in Wyoming, any outfitter or guide recommendations? We have found a few but would like to see if anyone has any first hand experience with any of them? Thanks
  107. FishinArmo

    LK Raw. Watch this NOW!

    BAD ASSS!!!!!!!
  108. FishinArmo

    What would you buy ??

    Radon or Davis !!!!! i have been getting intrigued with the boston whaler 280 outrage but don't know how they ride. Also i dont think you can beat the resale value of a radon or davis.
  109. FishinArmo

    Scenes from the Road - Baja

    Ali congrats on the show, I really enjoyed it looking forward to the new episodes
  110. FishinArmo

    Alaskan Caribou hunt video

    Wow what a trip, thanks for taking the time for putting a great video to share.
  111. FishinArmo


    have it wrapped
  112. FishinArmo

    Bilstein rear shocks 5100 series for 2WD 04-08 F150

    whats the difference between the 2wd and 4wd model ? i have the same truck and could use new rear shocks but mine is also 4x4
  113. FishinArmo

    Montana Elk-2015

    congrats on a beautiful elk what state is your buddies land?
  114. FishinArmo

    Offshore 11/22/2015 Couldn't be easier fishing out of San Diego!

    great post jason, cant wait for the little one to be old enough
  115. FishinArmo

    Pristine Bluewater Boats 2550 Center Console Fishing Boat

    Thats my dream garage and nice boat, GLWS
  116. FishinArmo

    1985 Corvette

    are you the original owner? any history of accidents?
  117. FishinArmo

    4 used BFG Mud Terrain KM2 305/65/17

    Hey guys i have 4 BFG mud Terrains with about 35% tread still left on them selling on craigslist for $250, I'll sell to BD member for $150 obo. Here is the link to the add
  118. FishinArmo

    Hey Center Console guys.........

    make sure to secure while you trailer i bought one and never got to use it.
  119. FishinArmo

    Island conditions?

    eric sent you a pm i will be out on thursday too keep in touch
  120. FishinArmo

    Offshore Wahoo at the 9

    great catch nice boat
  121. FishinArmo

    Giant PEI on Sept 15 - 19, 2015

    Awesome report thanks for sharing, I must go back. Ali you coming?
  122. FishinArmo

    my dad needs your help

    done i left the page open will vote again when it lets me.
  123. FishinArmo

    When you hunt alone, and you F up....and you are in Africa. Oh shit.

    el-toro couldnt have explained this any better
  124. FishinArmo

    Another monster for buck hunter

    great buck what zone?
  125. FishinArmo

    Shakespeare Ratchet Antenna Mount

    Guys brand new in packaging, pulled it out realized it wont work for my application. I paid $38 plus shipping will sell for $25.00 shipped. Message me if you have any questions
  126. FishinArmo

    going out Friday 9/11

    Hey guys probably gonna go out of dana or long beach on friday lets keep ion touch and kill so fish message me and we can work together avo
  127. FishinArmo

    Offshore Epic Kid Fishing trip (Stoked Dad)

    Awesome, he will talk about this for a long time.
  128. FishinArmo

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    He must be from so cal that happens to us all the time join the club
  129. FishinArmo

    Bait tank

    I have a 15 gallon built in tank on bw outrage 19, it holds 2-2.5 passes very well on the 6- 8 inch sardines, but my tank is much wider and shallower if that make any difference? Im sure squid would do fine , you wont know until you try it, also it will make a difference what size pump you put...
  130. FishinArmo

    Good YT on the 150!

    nice haul gary it was good talking to you at the wash down
  131. FishinArmo

    WTB Binoculars & Spotting Scop

    Hey guys anyone have any high quality binos or spotting scope they are looking to sell Pm me. Thanks Avo
  132. FishinArmo

    Dad update - bad

    Sorry for your loss, may he RIP.
  133. FishinArmo

    Channel Islands report

    great job Nick
  134. FishinArmo

    Offshore Big Yellowfin Tuna - 8/8

    Of course it hits the 20 lb rig, nice fish Jonathan why am i not surprised.
  135. FishinArmo

    Offshore Holy Crap!!!

    nice fish ali way to get er done
  136. FishinArmo

    Calicos, Took my nephew and some friends fishing.

    great report they will remember that day for a long time
  137. FishinArmo


    Bravo, great report and thanks for sharing your epic day.
  138. FishinArmo

    28 outrage with cabin

    digging the lay out of the boat though
  139. FishinArmo

    Trailer problems - Bear Trailer saves the day

    So the last few weeks i have had quite the issues with my trailer and my local trailer shop came through. A few weeks ago after a day at the island i had a blow out a few miles short of the house and it ripped my fender right off. So went into the shop for a new fender after that took it to the...
  140. FishinArmo

    Offshore Tropical Storm Dolores #126 BlueFin on #30 Test

    great story thanks for sharing congrats on a local beast
  141. FishinArmo


  142. FishinArmo

    SCI Run 7/12

    wtg, i was always curious how the sea deck was sounds like i gotta get it done on the skiff
  143. FishinArmo

    7mm mag Ammo Recommendation

    what nate said but i like 140 grain
  144. FishinArmo

    Purr-Sea-Stance Retrofit of a 2013 Boston Whaler 170 Montauk

    Patrick this is what i have on my skiff and works great to easly remove and store if needed
  145. FishinArmo

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  146. FishinArmo

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    congrats nick that ride looks awesome
  147. FishinArmo

    Gloves for Cedros?

    if you wear gloves how are you going to take a cool picture of the bass thumb
  148. FishinArmo

    2010 verado 4 cylinder 150?

    i have a 2007 outrage with a 2007 150 verado and get close to 4 mpg
  149. FishinArmo

    Need help with bait tank

    Hey guys I have a 07 190 BW outrage, the current tank is only 15 gallons, I would like to upgrade this to a 25-30 gallon. Has anyone on here done an upgrade to a similar boat? The current tank leaning post set up is nicely molded into the hull and whatever I do I want it done right. Please let...
  150. FishinArmo

    5/29 Long Beach Jellos

    You know the more I think of it I think it was my buddy not the jigs
  151. FishinArmo

    WTS: Rubbermaid 150 qt. Marine Cooler

    Next in line if neither want to drive to the valley im in northridge
  152. FishinArmo

    Offshore WOOH HOOOH! 100lb + Local Dana Point Tuna

    Job well done, what size line did you get him on?
  153. FishinArmo

    5/29 Long Beach Jellos

    Made a run for the local tails on Friday morning, got on the water by 6 am and went looking by the 150 area. We went all over the place and couldn't find any life, i think we had done about 40 miles of going back and forth searching all over finally when the sun broke through around 930-1000...
  154. FishinArmo

    Hunting/Shooting/camping lease avail

    pm sent
  155. FishinArmo


    will this fit on a 115 honda 4 stroke
  156. FishinArmo

    Buyer Beware- Total Cost of Suzuki 4 strokes (used) you should know about

    i don't think you can beat hondas, they probably weigh more and mite not be as efficient but in my book there most dependable
  157. FishinArmo


    Id rather have a cleaner kill as well, better for the meat too.
  158. FishinArmo

    Young Boar

    I also think the amount of memberships has impacted the ranch, there is way more pressure than when i was originally introduced to the ranch. I wouldn't consider myself a veteran but from what i saw the last time i was there a few months ago we worked very hard for our pigs.
  159. FishinArmo

    My son.....iPad nerd to Sports Star!

    way to go that's great
  160. FishinArmo

    Honda 225 4 STROKE repower

    Tony i have been using Eric for over 5 years now and couldn't be happier, he helped me re-power my skiff with a used Honda 115 and couldn't be happier her is my go to. he has always been very fair and very professional i would recommend him without any doubts. Enjoy your new motor, I know Hondas...
  161. FishinArmo

    Penn Down Riggers Manual

    what bases do they fit on?
  162. FishinArmo

    Mercury Prop 4 Blade Stainless Revolution

    so this would fit a 150 verado?
  163. FishinArmo

    Wanted:1980s Boston Whaler Outrage18

    Can't wait to see the pictures
  164. FishinArmo

    6 Pack charter for Channel Islands recommendation

    You will have a great time with larry
  165. FishinArmo

    boat batteries

    costco you cant beat the warranty i get them replaced every 2 years for free
  166. FishinArmo

    Ideal go to, first rod??

    I would go with a 700 m or ml calstar or comparable seeker with a trinidad or torium 20 or comparable avet, daiwa or penn all preference at that point along with budget, all of them make great products. I would probably also stick to a star drag reel, load it up with 65 lb spectra and fish...
  167. FishinArmo

    La Paz on the Tuna Machin

    great report and great pictures
  168. FishinArmo

    Whaler Outrage 17'

    great lookin boat congrats
  169. FishinArmo

    FS Glock 30

    pretty sure he sold this
  170. FishinArmo

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    lookin good nick cant wait to see it finished
  171. FishinArmo

    braid slipping on avets

    this will happen almost on any spool unless you put some sort of tape or leave a couple wraps of mono on the spool
  172. FishinArmo

    Rpt.-02-19-15 A 2 day Yellowtail Frenzy!

    wow great report cant wait to retire so i can fish as much as you Cory
  173. FishinArmo

    2008 Blazer Bay 1860 "Snook Hunter" for sale

    bump for a great rig at a killer price if you ask me
  174. FishinArmo

    45acp and 45/70 ammo for sale

    Tony sorry I missed your post I will call you
  175. FishinArmo

    Tikka T3 Lite

    Congrats my buddy shoots an 06 tikka he loves it and rifle shoots great. Great gift that will last a long time good luck with your hunt in the fall
  176. FishinArmo

    45acp and 45/70 ammo for sale

    ill take the 45 can we meet in pasadena?
  177. FishinArmo

    Sitka Gear And Kryptek Camo For Sale

    damm ali you beat me to it let me know if something doesnt fit
  178. FishinArmo

    WSB + YT - 1/30

    I guess he just has an eye for that jig
  179. FishinArmo

    Offshore Colonet 1/25 & 1/26

    Nice report Ali looks like you got a nice freezer full of tasty critters
  180. FishinArmo

    Humpin' and Fishin'

    i Agree with Jonathan next time you catch a bone bleed it in a bucket for a few minutes and put straight on ice. Serves as sashimi and you would think your eating grade A tuna.
  181. FishinArmo

    FS Glock 30

    bump for a clean glock
  182. FishinArmo

    Kubiak signs on to coach Denver.

    i don't know whose worse kubiak or fox
  183. FishinArmo

    Very Nice '95 F150 4x4 Short Bed

    would you be able to deliver to so cal?
  184. FishinArmo

    2014 Ranger 240 Bahia Loaded - Reduced to $45,999.00!

    good luck with the sale benny bump for a great rig
  185. FishinArmo

    Tagged out

    great story thanks for the report and congrats on a very nice buck
  186. FishinArmo

    Hunting Video.......

    that was hilarious
  187. FishinArmo

    Throwing plastic w/ straight spectra???

    Ashe let me know when you get your new gear or if you want lets go out and ill bring a couple extra outfits and see how you like it. Once you get used to it you begin to think how did i ever fish before. you see such a huge difference in fishing deeper structure as well as the no stretch in...
  188. FishinArmo

    Offshore Season is over? 10/25

    Wtg Ali decent quality on the dodo's
  189. FishinArmo

    My deer Pictures

    good job , so did your dad get one too?
  190. FishinArmo

    KTM 450 MXC

  191. FishinArmo

    PEI Giants - Avo Catches a Grander Tuna

    Thanks to BD and the crew truly an amazing experience with great company. Million thanks to bd and the sponsors for the incredible trip.
  192. FishinArmo

    KTM 450 MXC

  193. FishinArmo

    Report Giant Bluefin Race to Prince Edward Island 2014

    Waiting in Montreal slowest 5 hours ever. Good thing i was able to get into the Air Canada Lounge free booze
  194. FishinArmo

    KTM 450 MXC

  195. FishinArmo

    KTM 450 MXC

    I have for sale a 2004 KTM 450 MXC, this is a 4 stroke bike and it has many hours on it but has never let me down. It always starts right up has electric start and kick start, comes with stand and baja designs head light kit. Asking $1900.00
  196. FishinArmo

    Vacuume sealers

    yes they will
  197. FishinArmo

    Vacuume sealers

    buy the foodsaver from Costco and when it stops working return it. You cant go wrong with Costco.
  198. FishinArmo

    SMB Bonito 8/16/14

    congrats on the boy looking forward for the game fish to move into the bay.
  199. FishinArmo

    which seaguar fluoro

    blue label
  200. FishinArmo

    300lb boar and a $3000 dollar vet bill

    Wow glad the pup made it I can't imagine what the feeling is like. That's is a big pig my biggest was about 225 and I can't imagine how much bigger a 300lber looks in person
  201. FishinArmo

    Check out my butt

    dude thats awesome great fish for the bay
  202. FishinArmo

    Catalina Calico Video

    nice video man
  203. FishinArmo

    Offshore BOAT FIRE !!

    Glad to read that you are ok looks like you did all the right things, thanks for sharing your experience so we can learn from it.
  204. FishinArmo

    For Sale X-Raps , and Rapala's

    if he doesnt take them email me i will
  205. FishinArmo


    sorry for your loss man i have a 2 year old chocolate lab and i cant imagine what it would be without him
  206. FishinArmo

    Radoncraft 18

    dream boat right there nice job
  207. FishinArmo

    Time for new truck tires

    nitto terra grapplers
  208. FishinArmo

    Biscayne Bay Guide ?

  209. FishinArmo

    Biscayne Bay Guide ?

    Hey guys thought I would ask if anyone could recommend a good guide to fish Biscayne Bay I' headed to Miami next week. I Would like to fish inshore for for tarpon, bonefish or whatever is best at the time. Thanks Avo
  210. FishinArmo

    Missing child, please help

    Thanks god
  211. FishinArmo

    Quicksilver Stainless Mercury 135 prop

    Hey guys i have a stainless 3 blade prop that came off my 1991 Mercury 135. The prop is in excellent condition with no dings. Feel free to give me your best offer. $165 obo
  212. FishinArmo

    BNIB tallica 10 for tallica 16 or 20

    Guys I have a BNIB never used tallica 10 2 speed I want to trade for tallica 16 or 20 will pay difference for 20. You all know what they look like its brand new Call or text 818-974-1450 Avo
  213. FishinArmo

    SMB Calicos, etc 5/10 Wind 5/11

    nice report tim, i always see your skiff out there good looking ride.
  214. FishinArmo

    2012 Mercedes Benz C 250

    Bump price drop to $28000
  215. FishinArmo

    Need a charter for calicos???

    Larry heron calico hunter charters
  216. FishinArmo

    2012 Mercedes Benz C 250

    It's my wife's car and we got her the full size e class instead
  217. FishinArmo

    2012 Mercedes Benz C 250

    Make me an offer need to sell the car runs great and great gas mileage still under factory warranty
  218. FishinArmo

    GEOBASS - Fishing with the Drug Cartels

    wow thanks for posting
  219. FishinArmo

    Puerto Vallarta MONSTER SNO0OK

    wow suprised the hooks held up on that little bait way to go.
  220. FishinArmo

    2012 Mercedes Benz C 250

    I Have for sale a 2012 Mercedes Benz C 250 in excellent condition. The car is fully loaded with Panorama Roof. The cars MSRP is over $42,000, my loss your gain. I owe over $30,000 and will pay the difference at the time of sale. Here are some of the main features the car has. The car is silver...
  221. FishinArmo

    SBS Mission Bay

    wtg josh glad you and karl got on the podium
  222. FishinArmo

    San Miguel Island 3-16

    wtg go patrick nice job on the reds and lings
  223. FishinArmo

    Busting Blluefin Tuna Out Of The Lebanese Coast, November 21013!

    Sami, Both my parent where born and raised in lebanon as well, and due to the war they came to the united states in 1976. I have never been able to go see where they grew up and always wanted too, now that i know i can pull on some nice fish i will do my best to get there asap lol. Thanks for...
  224. FishinArmo

    Convicted for the murder of Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III

    I hope this help the family with some closure, RIP Chief Petty Officer Horne thank you for protecting our waters.
  225. FishinArmo

    Lets Go Broncos

    Go Broncos
  226. FishinArmo

    Headed to Park City Utah

    Joni I will be arriving on the 29th, I'm not much of a fly fisherman but do it occasionally up in mammoth. Do you have any pointers on what spinning lures work well
  227. FishinArmo

    F-150 side steps -

    I have for sale 2 pairs of LUND side steps for a 2004- current F150 in Chrome. In very good condition with mounting brackets. No dents make an offer. HERE IS A LINK TO THE CRAIGSLIST ADD
  228. FishinArmo

    JL 10' Sub with power wedge box

    I have for sale in excellent condition a JL W0 10 inch sub in JL audio powerwedge box. HERE IS A LINK TO THE CRAIGSLIST ADD AND PIC . $100 OBO
  229. FishinArmo

    Headed to Park City Utah

    Hey guys im headed to park city end of the month for 3 days and my wife and i wanted to fish for half a day. Any ideas on where to go and what flies or spinners to use? Not looking for any honey holes but would love to enjoy a few hours fishing any tips are appreciated.
  230. FishinArmo

    Wister 12-11: Disappointing Orange

    Hey just wanted to thank you guys for the tips on the mojos, jerk cords and decoy tips. I'm new to this and will hopefully have everything ready for a trip next week. I'm still looking to buy some decoys you guys have a certain number of decoys you suggest I start with and what's a must have in...
  231. FishinArmo

    They taste best barely legal

    congrats on your local deer job well done
  232. FishinArmo

    2000 jeep Wrangler 4x4 with straight 6

    where is the jeep located
  233. FishinArmo

    Kids First Buck - CampPend

    congrats on a great buck and even a better memory
  234. FishinArmo


  235. FishinArmo

    What is this stuff worth? Picture heavy.

    let me know what you want for the kimber and the ruger 10/22 very interested
  236. FishinArmo

    Mountain Goat Down

    Awesome way to go
  237. FishinArmo

    Put my Golden down today

    Sorry to hear that
  238. FishinArmo

    Which pellet rifle?

    Rws by far the best pellet guns my opinion
  239. FishinArmo

    2002 Crestliner 1750 Fish Hawk 80hp 4 stroke Yamaha $8900

    How much? - - - Updated - - - Nevermind
  240. FishinArmo

    Selling estate guns

    sorry to hear about your brother i would be intrested if you pm'ed me a list of what you have
  241. FishinArmo

    Fawn killer down

  242. FishinArmo

    Colorado Elk Hunting DIY

    Awesome report
  243. FishinArmo

    Deer Hunting

    God help us
  244. FishinArmo

    Ammo is starting to come down

    I have seen prices come down as well I purchased 500 rounds of 556 for.37/ rd.
  245. FishinArmo

    Specialty Marine Oxnard

    Hey guys i just wanted to post and give a thumbs up to Eric and the rest of the guys at Specialty Marine in Oxnard. I bought a used Honda from him about 3 years ago and the motor has performed flawless. He has always helped me with my questions as i try to do most of the maintenance myself. He...
  246. FishinArmo

    Countdown to Nevada - Backpack List

    I like having extra batteries and I usually try to put everything in a zip lok cause they can be handy as well.
  247. FishinArmo

    Fishing from Catalina

    I was lucky enough to have the squid boat right outside when I rented a boat took a 5 gallon bucket and loaded half a pass of squid. You will have a great time
  248. FishinArmo

    18 ft Boat Trailer for sale

    Guys i have a 18 ft trailer for sale. Would fit most center consoles, i had a 91 Sea Ray Laguna on it before. Trailer has rust , but the frame is solid lights and brakes dont work used the portable lights with magnets when towing. It is dual axle with bearing buddies and had replaced all...
  249. FishinArmo

    Tanker Corbina Going Off!

    jonathan way to go on the tanker
  250. FishinArmo

    Baja Bassin

  251. FishinArmo

    My life long dream came true today

    congrats now get her bloody
  252. FishinArmo

    Super moon = Super Seabass

    Lets do it again
  253. FishinArmo

    F150 Towing??

    your truck will be fine towing that i have the exact same truck in a 2006 and would feel very comfortable towing that
  254. FishinArmo

    Fathers Day Fishing with my son. SMB

    nice report wish you luck on that anchor
  255. FishinArmo

    06/05/2013 White Seabass on Island Sprit

    nice catch, id say more in the 30-35 lb class im not expert though.
  256. FishinArmo

    LaPaz on new-to-me Grady

    Nice rig Dave, as far as bait is concerned we usually make it pretty easily, if you hang a left out of the harbor there are those two abandoned hotel projects about a mile down just meter around there. Also if you will see the pangeros picking up their clients from the Cortez club in the morning...
  257. FishinArmo

    Rottweiler saves little dog from coyote

    That was awesome
  258. FishinArmo

    Brown Bait Lings - 6/2

    WTG Jonathan i bet that baby octupus put a few on the deck
  259. FishinArmo

    Battery replacement time and a few questions

    If you buy batteries go to Costco you can't beat the return policy
  260. FishinArmo

    MDR 5-19

    nice fish patrick
  261. FishinArmo

    Why Sharks Circle You Before Attacking..

    That was pretty good
  262. FishinArmo

    Like new Shimano TN 20

    Posting this for a friends like new used no more than 2 times. Has penn reel clamp. $250.00 obo will ship if buyer pays call armen 818-674-6888
  263. FishinArmo

    Even when you do everything right...

    Good decision making at the end glad to hear everything is ok gear everything else replaceable not your lives
  264. FishinArmo

    2-8 ft Shimano Crucials

    Are these the newer models?
  265. FishinArmo

    Daiwa Luna 253 like new

    price drop to $150.00 or trade for teramar, crucial , or like quality bass rod in 7'6-8 m-h
  266. FishinArmo

    my son attacked

    Glad to hear he's doing better god bless
  267. FishinArmo

    Daiwa Luna 253 like new

    Posting this for a friend hardly used like new condition $190 obo will ship if needed will trade for left handed reels or 7-8ft bass rod m-h email or call 818 974 1450 [email protected]
  268. FishinArmo

    SBS Mission Bay

    WTG Bri
  269. FishinArmo

    25.5 inch sandy

    By the way I'm 6'0 210
  270. FishinArmo

    25.5 inch sandy

    Gonna have to agree with mike on this one solid fish but not 25 inches sorry seen enough of them the one in my avatar was over 7 if I remember correctly
  271. FishinArmo

    Mako Free Divers VIDEO

    Looks like something tried to take a bite out that mako
  272. FishinArmo

    check this out!

  273. FishinArmo

    3/10/13 PB TROUT

    Wow congrats man beautiful fish
  274. FishinArmo

    SMB 3/31 Scratch some Bass

    Hey Tim nice way to slavage the trip with the google maps i have had to use it before as well.
  275. FishinArmo

    La Jolla Kelpin

    Split the tail on the reeper they work great
  276. FishinArmo

    my son attacked

    How is your son doing? wish him the best
  277. FishinArmo

    my son attacked

    will pray for him tonight i wish him a speedy and full recovery
  278. FishinArmo

    Lead core reel.

    i got a killer price on an older calcutta 700 and it is awesome. It was in great condition and i picked it up for 100 bucks. its hard for me to use anything else now lol.
  279. FishinArmo

    25' Boston Whaler Revenge with Tower, Honda 225, 2mpg xlnt!!

    Beautiful rig Cassey good luck with the sale, and hope everything is going well
  280. FishinArmo

    Refi Suggestions

    Hey guys i own my own brokerage and have found to be able to beet most competitors. We are mainly doing all no cost loans , i personaly pay for your appraisal. i have helped quite a few people from the board. if you have any questions i wll let you know what i could if you go elsewhere no hard...
  281. FishinArmo

    ez loader trailer 14to 16 foot

    Email me I'm interested and local [email protected]
  282. FishinArmo

    The "one" pistol?

    Option 1 glock 23 40 cal I've owned the longest and shoot it the best and goes bang ever time Option 2 colt python with 4 inch the versatility of 357 or 38 and reliability Just be confident with the one you pick
  283. FishinArmo

    WTS/WTT AR-15 in Socal

    Patrick how much for the Kimber and how many rounds through her
  284. FishinArmo

    Favorite Semi-Auto 22LR rifle

    i have a bolt action cz 22 that i will never replace.
  285. FishinArmo


    I'll take a black synthetic
  286. FishinArmo

    2011 F250 Diesel Lariat 4X4 FX4 LOADED

    That's a great price
  287. FishinArmo

    Tikka T3 Lite 30-06

    damm let me know if this doesnt go through?
  288. FishinArmo

    Tejon ranch ?

    It's a horrible place don't go waste of money
  289. FishinArmo

    A nice surprise while rock fishing :)

    way to go dave not to bad of quality on the reds too
  290. FishinArmo

    Lower Lee Vining stockings

    Camp at pleasant valley reservoir you could fish the Owens anywhere from there down towards bishop
  291. FishinArmo

    Lower Lee Vining stockings

    Check the regs I'm pretty sure season is closed.
  292. FishinArmo

    NIB Leupold 4.5X14(sold)

    is this a 30mm tube or 1 inch tube
  293. FishinArmo


    congrats god bless your new family memeber
  294. FishinArmo

    Direct TV

    dont get it if you want to watch any usc,ucls or laker games
  295. FishinArmo

    SMB Cods 10-30

    Good stuff
  296. FishinArmo

    La Paz Tackle Recommendations

    These are musts i have fished with tailhunter for many years. 1) Fluoro 20-60lb 2) Bait rigs 3) Assorted hooks 4) yo yo iron 5) blk/purple rapala 6) quality ball bearing swivels
  297. FishinArmo

    Thresher Shark Killed and Dumped at Wishkaw

    very very sad, and what a fish at least steak it up.
  298. FishinArmo

    jeep thing

    Nice rigs guys lookin for a tj myself, chad you got a bad ass rig
  299. FishinArmo

    Bunch of torpedo sinkers laying around

    I will take them if baja tail hunter doesnt
  300. FishinArmo

    Rolex datejust

    Pm sent
  301. FishinArmo

    First deer

  302. FishinArmo

    Shimano trinidad 16N, Calcutta 200TE & 300TE

    I'll take the 16 Paul I live in northridge ill meet you at your church
  303. FishinArmo

    1990 22' Radoncraft

    That is a bad ass rig
  304. FishinArmo

    SMB 10/14 more bass

    Nice boat Tim I saw you coming in a few weeks back, way to go on the bass
  305. FishinArmo

    Cowiche unit 7x7 Muley 2013

    wow that is a monster congrats
  306. FishinArmo


    Id say carry a 357 before you carry a 45 in the woods does not have the penetration for thick skinned animals. Whatever round you decide on look into Double tap ammo they make some amazing stuff very hot
  307. FishinArmo


    Get a glock 20 10mm you can carry 16 rds and buy yourself some doubletap ammo the specs are almost the same to a 41 mag but in an auto and you have almost 3 times the capacity
  308. FishinArmo

    Mortgage rates......continue to fall......

    Guys i have helped several from this board before no pressure but if you go elsewhere or contact me the going rate should be 3.25% no cost 30 year fixed with 700 plus fico and at least 20% equity. Take advantage of the lower rates.
  309. FishinArmo


    good job , ernie runs a first class operation
  310. FishinArmo

    FS: 1989 Invader 182 Center Console

    Whoever buys this boat I have a stainless quicksilver mirage prop for it in excellent condition will give it away at $150
  311. FishinArmo

    FLW BEST in the WEST

    Congrats guys
  312. FishinArmo

    IV Opener

    Went to the niland area for the first time as my buddies had a great hunt last year , like tunaguy said I was dumbfounded at the things I saw. Hunters lined up all in each others crossfire I will NEVER drive down there again. I left, drove 3 hours back home and went an hour north from home for...
  313. FishinArmo

    2012 Arizona Dove Hunt - Phoenix Metro Area

    wow, man what a nice gesture good for you
  314. FishinArmo

    Info for you dove hunters

    Thanks for the responses guys we have a camper so I guess the hotel part is covered but I appreciate the heads up. We used to hunt Yuma every year so I know the heat your talking about as far as the fishing where are you fishing in the canals?
  315. FishinArmo

    Info for you dove hunters

    Hey guys im headed down to the valley for the first time i usually hunt in maricopa not wide open but i get my limit every year is it worth the 3:30 hour drive?
  316. FishinArmo

    Honda outboard repair

    Shawn, I own a 99 130 honda and i purchased it from eric at specialty marine. They are the pros when it comes to hondas i would not take it anywhere else. I take mine from porter ranch to him even though its a haul he does all my services and maintenance.
  317. FishinArmo

    (Video) 1 bean, and one nut..... is tourist season over yet?

    Wow great video bro, and way to keep your cool.
  318. FishinArmo

    Calico Bass Fishing

    Thats bad ass
  319. FishinArmo

    60,50,40lb seabass and albacore

    Matt that is very impressive way to get em back to back to back.
  320. FishinArmo

    Tragedy and Triumph in Baja

    Way to go guys true angels on the highway. Amazing how things work out timing wise.
  321. FishinArmo

    22' 1997 Hydra Sports Center Console

    wow that was fast bad ass boat
  322. FishinArmo

    La Concha fishing from the beach ????

    ive stayed there numerous times while fishing with jonathan and its mainly all spotties. Take soem 4 inch baits and have fun we have had some good fishing off the little dock. Last time we were down there while on our way back in we passed by tecolote and the roosters were crashing bait tried to...
  323. FishinArmo

    Prayers need for my mom

    Best wishes
  324. FishinArmo

    11th hour reprieve...

    Congrats on the pb mike
  325. FishinArmo

    Shark steals fish

    That is awesome
  326. FishinArmo

    182, 43, 181 Loop.....

    Thanks for puttin in the time for us
  327. FishinArmo

    Happy Fathers Day To Me!

    Awesome read, and happy fathers day
  328. FishinArmo

    ca is up

    Cool got my x12
  329. FishinArmo

    Finally On the Board/We Got Em!!/WSB!!!

    good stuff right there way to get em alone
  330. FishinArmo

    Late report: sharing my WSB story

    Great story and congrats
  331. FishinArmo

    Scout 185 Center Console, with Yamaha 115 FOUR-stroke...CHEEEAP!

    get this boat, you wont be sorry. the number one thing is getting something reliable and a yamaha with 140 hours is going to be just that. Its not small and not to big either
  332. FishinArmo

    Alaska Airlines to La Paz

    I have flown to la Paz at least 6 times. I take my cooler and load tackle and whatever I need as one check in and we usually split a cooler full of fish for every 2 people and one rod tube for. Every 2 people I have the bigger tubes. I also masking the the parts where they telescope just in case...
  333. FishinArmo

    Catalina Sheephead 6/3

    Way to go on getting the kid on some fish and congrats on the new boat. Let me know if you ever want to go bigger and want to sell it.
  334. FishinArmo

    6-01-2012 Cuda Chasing

    good job on getting the garrr. For eating garr you will see a big difference if you get them on ice as soon as there on the boat.
  335. FishinArmo

    Coastal Seabass the hard way

    Way to put the work and have it pay off
  336. FishinArmo

    5/29 Specialist Ben Stevens first White Sea Bass

    Great pic , please thank him for his services
  337. FishinArmo

    2006 F250 Diesel 4x4 Lariat in EXCELLENT shape (**SOLD**)

    damm nice truck how much were you selling it for just curious?
  338. FishinArmo

    SCI with the stupid switch ON!

    Damn Chris way to get em see you saturday
  339. FishinArmo

    In need of Honda Mechanic

    Thanks Matt duh didnt take the time to go through the forum list.
  340. FishinArmo

    In need of Honda Mechanic

    Sorry if im posting in the wrong place but my 99 Honda 115 sputtered and died on me at Castaic lake the other day. Fortunantly I didnt fish the bay and my trolling motor was enough to get us back to the ramp. Sounds like it has to do with hfuel and the fuel pump when i turn the ignition i...
  341. FishinArmo

    A bit of Gun Porn

    Wow deal of the century right there some beautiful pieces
  342. FishinArmo

    Mc Swimbaits?

    Great pics jerry
  343. FishinArmo

    off to texas tomorrow

    Sounds like a great trip take some pictures
  344. FishinArmo

    Rest in Peace Daddy

    Sorry for your loss prayers to you and your family
  345. FishinArmo

    Offshore Mirage sportfishing

    Great crew and skip they are a class act
  346. FishinArmo

    Fishing boat sank 4 dead?

    prayers for the friends and family RIP
  347. FishinArmo

    MDR - Rockfish Limts For 3 W/ A Side Or Crawlers!

    Always a pleasure reading your posts we saw you guys loading the boat when we left the dock. We just fished for some tacos got one legal ling and misc rockfish. The weather sure was gorgeous.
  348. FishinArmo

    Mortgage rates......bottomed out yet?

    Guys it is very cut and dry
  349. FishinArmo

    Mortgage rates......bottomed out yet?

    Hey guys rates are great 3.75 - 3.85% for a no cost 30 year fixed apr will be the same as the note rate. Every scenario is a bit different pm me if you have any questions. I have helped a few from bd already. I own the company and I will make sure you are 100% satisfied.
  350. FishinArmo

    1999 F250 Superduty 31k miles

    nice truck i wish it was 4x4 and i would take it
  351. FishinArmo

    Lab pups

    I would be interested those are some good looking dogs, how much ?
  352. FishinArmo

    Primarily rockcod reel for newb gf

    I founda a Calcutta 700 te for a great price and loaded it with 65 power pro awesome for rock fishing and can handle almost anything locally she loves it
  353. FishinArmo

    Home Refi BS!

    Guys let me know if you still need help i have helped a few here from the site. I take alot of pride in my service, PM me if you need any assistance.
  354. FishinArmo

    looking for a lab

    i had no idea blacks were only good for hunting
  355. FishinArmo

    Looking For: White Lab

    Please let me know as well im looking for a lab myself
  356. FishinArmo

    looking for a lab

    or yellow
  357. FishinArmo

    looking for a lab

    Hey guys looking to buy a white lab for the family and to hunt with. Besides raney ranch anyone know any reputable breeders or where to look. The only reason I said not Raney becuase I spoke to them and looks like they wont have one ready until early summer.
  358. FishinArmo

    Refi 30 yrs @ 3.875% Zero Cost (no pts & no fees)

    If anyone needs any help give me a shout you can reach me at the office 626-403-8230 x211 or 818-974-1450 mobile. Huntington Mortgage - Owner
  359. FishinArmo

    Swimbait Striper Trip To Arkansas

    wow that looks awesome
  360. FishinArmo

    Refi 30 yrs @ 3.875% Zero Cost (no pts & no fees)

    "Brandon & Tim, I appreciate all the info! I have alot of running around to do in the next two days trying to deal with Xmas gifts for the girls before I get them back on Sunday, so I cant really dive into this right now. I have another quick question though.... being that I did a refi nearly...
  361. FishinArmo

    Refi 30 yrs @ 3.875% Zero Cost (no pts & no fees)

    There is such a thing guys im also a mortgage broker and we have been ofering the same deal. 3.875 with no point or fees, this is obviously not the case for every scenario but with good credit and equity. Your loan amount will be for the exact amount you owe. Let me know if anyone needs helps...
  362. FishinArmo

    cj5 4x4 - $4000

    Same here
  363. FishinArmo

    BofA sucks

    Guys give me a chance to earn your buisness I own my own mortgage company. My rates compete and will probably beat most, but i pride myself on service. Most loans are taking 3-4 weeks, I would be lying if I said that is all cases. I will do my best to get you the best rate possible.
  364. FishinArmo

    Great beer commercial

    that was a great commercial
  365. FishinArmo

    SCI - Halloween Weekend

    Great pictures guys
  366. FishinArmo

    Shore Launching off our coast

    I have a 25hp suzuki 2 stroke that has no more than 80 hours (estimate) on it. Its from the late 80's and it came off my dad 13 ft zodiac. PM me if intrested.
  367. FishinArmo

    1964 Ford T Bird $4800

    dont sell it i sold my 65 to make room for the boat and i regret it every day, it was also my first car
  368. FishinArmo

    D13 Buck - God blessed me today

    great local buck bert hopefully heading out next weekend my self
  369. FishinArmo

    SBE I or II, or an M2

    go with the vinci i know it look a little different but i shot some dove with it the last day of the season and it was awesome. I shoot a cordoba
  370. FishinArmo

    Looking to refi.

    "I called Wells to do their 3 step refi again and they said I was not eligible because I had already done it once. They also said that their best no points, no fee rate was 3.75% on a 15 year and noted my current rate is 3.875%. I guess I need to go elsewhere to get the 3.375%?<!--...
  371. FishinArmo

    Looking to refi.

    Hi Guys, rates are very low and probably going to get lower.The going rates right now for a no cost 15 year is 3.375% worst case scenario up to $417,000. For a 30 year its right at 4% with no cost also up t $417,000. Theses rates where as of Friday, they were better on Thursday. Also everyone's...
  372. FishinArmo

    Best Day Ever - Suprise Trip to Cabo - A Fishing Story

    Awesome story. I fished a half day with renegade mike durring labor day weekend. He works his taill off to put you on fish, I highly recomend him.
  373. FishinArmo

    Newell P-322f Trying to get more drag pressure

    try the standard penn ht100 drags they work great
  374. FishinArmo

    Looking to refi.

    Hi Dave I own my ownn mortgage company, the going rate right now for a 30 year fix is 4-4.125% depending on the loan amount at no cost. A 5 year is around 3.375 with no cost. The rate could be a little lower if you pay for the 3rd party fees such as escrow,title and lender fees etc. Let me know...
  375. FishinArmo

    Slege Hammer Donkey

    Nice fish brian was that the same one tied on from the last trip?
  376. FishinArmo

    "Big Bass Specialist" Pt. DEUX....

    Ceez that is a monster CONGRATS looks even bigger than 11
  377. FishinArmo


    Hey guys I am posting this for a good friend and co worker of mine call him directly if you have questions. His info is below. 1999 TOYOTA TACOMA PRERUNNER XTRACAB V6 2WD - $7497 (NORTHRIDGE)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> Color: White V6...
  378. FishinArmo

    Need a good Charter Boat in Cabo

    Guys Im going labor day weekend and did a search and found this post. Thanks a bunch it has been very helpful.
  379. FishinArmo

    USA made sandals

    Sorry about the wrong address. Ye sit is Well lets see the only flip flop we have is the Aloha which is a very comfortable sandal but its all leather so not the best when it gets wet but they feel great. Maybe i should talk to my dad and make a urethane one and see how you guys...
  380. FishinArmo

    USA made sandals

    hey guys my dad has been making high quality footwear in USa for over 30 years now. He was one of few that did not sell out and stuck through while everyone started manufacturing in China. His line is mainly comfort footwear that consist of womens and mens sandals. Many more models for women...
  381. FishinArmo

    HEY HOMEOWNERS.........

    Mike, as mentioned above the only reason your impound account would have a shortage would be beacuse of a change in insurance premium or property taxes. If you refinanced this year it hard to believe any of those changed. An increase of $54.00 sounds like almost a full years insurance premium...
  382. FishinArmo

    VIDEO How no to catch Ahi 101

    why not a flyer??? Just sayin
  383. FishinArmo

    Just a little action

    where are the pictures
  384. FishinArmo


    forget the curado by a revo
  385. FishinArmo

    LB's night in LB

    good call on the trifecta ceez, see you in SD
  386. FishinArmo

    custumer service at MDR bait reciever

    Larry and Mike are great guys and if you need a little info on what direction to go they will point you the right way as well.
  387. FishinArmo

    custumer service at MDR bait reciever

    You should have gone across the channel to In-seine Larry and mike are always there and they don't fish off the doc they are next to the 76.
  388. FishinArmo

    Crop Dusting hogs - with "OO" buck (UNCLASSIFIED)

    That was some fine shooting!!!! Let me try :)
  389. FishinArmo

    Castaic Lake 6/8/11 Good Striper Fishing

    good stuff right there
  390. FishinArmo

    Cape Cod, Massachusetts : Stripers

    Awesome write up, Justin thanks for sharing.
  391. FishinArmo


    nice kill, im looking forward to getting out with andrew twisselamn on memorial weekend cant wait.
  392. FishinArmo

    Playa Del Carmen in July

    Thanks for the responses guys
  393. FishinArmo


    How much for the trinidads and how much for the tld's?
  394. FishinArmo

    [email protected]

  395. FishinArmo

    Big Bass @ Clearlake on vacation 4/16-4/24 2011 full report (picture heavy).

    Awesome trip and thanks for the pics and report
  396. FishinArmo

    Fishing in La Paz

    Tailhunter Intl my vote Jonathan runs a first class operation as far as service and his captians are awesome. Fish with Joel on La Paz side and jorge on Las Arenas side.
  397. FishinArmo

    Playa Del Carmen in July

    Hey guys, I'm headed to Playa Del Carmen from July 20-26. I wanna go out on a half or full day trip. Anybody know a good skipper to fish with? I will be staying at the Royale in PDC and will also be taking some light tackle for surf, any areas or baits recommended beside the standards? Thanks Avo
  398. FishinArmo

    @the LBC WALL 4-26-11

    Quit fishing the wall, challenge yourself. Your not doing anything wrong by law, but I have seen plenty of your posts with pictures of your son and if you want him to go out in 5-10 years and catch some bass start teaching him that you dont have to kill everything that comes over the rail. If...
  399. FishinArmo

    Low Budget 55.6 pound bass!!!

    Nice one guys thats a slug
  400. FishinArmo

    Pedestal seats

    2 pedestal seats in good condition need to go. They are in Tarzana but i can also bring them to pasadena area. $60 for both pm me or call me 818-974-1450- Avo
  401. FishinArmo

    Big Hammer skiff trip

    Ray wish i could make it, i am gonna definitely be on it next year. Anyway have a great trip and take a lot of pictures.
  402. FishinArmo

    La Paz 1 day to fish

    talk to jonathan from tailhunter he will take care of you.
  403. FishinArmo

    New Striper painting 4/20/11

    Thats some great work matt
  404. FishinArmo

    Sick way to lose a marlin "VIDEO"

    Suck to see them gaffing it period why not release.
  405. FishinArmo

    Pops passed away earlier this morning

    Prayers and deepest condolences to you and your family
  406. FishinArmo

    Toyhauler 2004 & F 250 diesel

    Is the truck a 4x4?
  407. FishinArmo

    L A P T O P ! ! !

    Justin I have 2 macs and if you need any extra help let me know but i work in pasadena let me know.
  408. FishinArmo

    New hunter on the way.

    Congrats, the best to you and your family
  409. FishinArmo

    New Green Bass still in the works

    Matt that looks great
  410. FishinArmo

    Danner Boots made USA

    Ive had mine for 5+ years now and love them. I have the pronghorns with insulation they keep your feet warm and also let them breath. Best part about it its MADE IN USA.
  411. FishinArmo

    Another way to follow the SWBA...

    good stuff Eric looking forward to reading your articles
  412. FishinArmo

    Rockfishing 1st time tomorrow(Question)

    spectra straight to ganion
  413. FishinArmo

    Facials - Learn to Love 'em

    Justin where do you get that face mask i see you wearing? My doc advised me to cover up as much as i can, I went in for a check up and showed her a spot I was worried about, luckily it was nothing but she expressed the importance of covering up especially being on the water so much.
  414. FishinArmo

    Buck of a Lifetime (For Me Anyway) & Hog Killin' in Texas

    Sounds like an awesome trip thanks for the report and pictures
  415. FishinArmo

    santa's wasted

    That was hilarious
  416. FishinArmo

    2005 Twin Suzuki DF140s

    5 months too late for me almost worth reconsidering how much are you asking? Are the cables also in the sale?
  417. FishinArmo

    VIDEO - Epic La Paz trip. Kudos Tailhunter Intn'l

    Awesome video Jonathan and Jill have a top notch operation you cant go wrong.
  418. FishinArmo

    Big Thresher in Newport Harbor

    Really Dre i did not know that, are you speaking with experience?
  419. FishinArmo

    S P A C E D L E T T E R I N G

    sweet video
  420. FishinArmo

    Need a captian in Tamarindo

    Fred, thanks for your help depemding on how far im sure i could find a cab or someone to give us a ride to the docs in the morning. I was hoping to possibly fish some offshore and then come back in and finish the day inshore, is that possible?
  421. FishinArmo

    Need a captian in Tamarindo

    Hey guys i will be in Tamarindo Costa Rica in Mid November. I wanted to know if anyone knew any good captains to fish with for the day. Thanks Avo
  422. FishinArmo

    REST IN PEACE SDANGLER (Mark Fretwell)

    RIP Mark, my condolences to his loved ones
  423. FishinArmo

    Very Late Report Mammoth labor day weekend

    We try to make it up to Mammoth at least once every summer with family and friends. So this year labor day weekend was chosen as a good weekend for everybody. The 1st was on a weds so i went dove hunting in the morning nearby. drove home after the morning hunt packed, hitched the boat and took...
  424. FishinArmo

    scouting D11

    Thanks for the tips guys will let you know how it goes
  425. FishinArmo

    scouting D11

    Hey guys its my first season hunting deer in CA. Hunted twice before when i was young with my dad in Utah. So I chose d11 because its close by and i know the area somewhat. I've gone out twice and have been happy with my result, but they have all been does, should i concentrate on the same areas...
  426. FishinArmo

    Success Sportfishing??

    Carey is the man, the boat and crew is top notch.
  427. FishinArmo

    Trailer Tires x 2 15"

    fuck i just paid $150 for one
  428. FishinArmo

    64 foot wave...Jaws ... Hawaii

  429. FishinArmo

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : ! ! ! M I S F I T S ! ! !

    Nice fish ceez, great video and its called a gaff
  430. FishinArmo

    Tejon big boar

    Dre the girl that replaced Barbara finally called me back no private hunts until after February.
  431. FishinArmo

    2000 Shamrock Predator 22 WA

    Seen this boat on the street looks like a fish killing machine good luck with the sale.
  432. FishinArmo

    Sitka, Alaska...And Bass There Are

    Awesome report Justin thanks for sharing
  433. FishinArmo


    Nothing huge but some great brown trout fishing
  434. FishinArmo

    Cat on 7/31

    Thanks for the help guys will be on 72 and will have a REPORT when i get back
  435. FishinArmo

    Cat on 7/31

    will look out for you aaron, only reason i need a pointer is i don't have enough fuel to be running all around the island to find them
  436. FishinArmo

    Cat on 7/31

    Guys headed out to cat on sat on my skiff trying to get a wsb any intel as to what part of the island I should head to, no honey holes needed just a vicinity. Also fin bait or candy ?
  437. FishinArmo

    My 6 year old got his first largemouth 11.4 lb

    so hes done fishing largemouth whats next?
  438. FishinArmo

    Team Basstic - Catalina Calico Combat

    Great video Evan keep em coming
  439. FishinArmo

    Ghost Buster and other stuff..PICS

    Sounds like a great trip thanks for sharing
  440. FishinArmo

    Good ole' Catalina

    that was awesome
  441. FishinArmo

    Calico Hunter in MDR

    Great job scott wll see you in SB
  442. FishinArmo

    City of long beach boat?

    I just fished with the city of lb guys on Monday. Never been on the boat before but Jason and his crew are top notch and really easy going. I would fish with them any time.
  443. FishinArmo

    Offshore The Success Rocks!

    Been on about a 7 charted with them over the last 3-4 years, Cary is a class act and runs an excellent operation.
  444. FishinArmo

    No Butts, WFO Bassin Solo 7/1

    Sounds and looks like you had a great day martin thanks for sharing
  445. FishinArmo

    ST. Jude Charity Fishing Tournaments

    Ben count me in for the LB tournament.
  446. FishinArmo

    Edison Lake...

    I made it up there durring the Thanksgiving weekend as we always camp at Huntington that weekend. What an awesome lake, I caught a brown almost every other cast fishing a red/gold buoyant, it started snowing on us and made the drive back in the dark on snow covered roads very harry. Our asses...
  447. FishinArmo


    prayers sent
  448. FishinArmo

    Long Beach - Pre-fishing

    nice catch cesar
  449. FishinArmo

    and Bass Report...episode-65

    sweet report ceez that pic with jig in its mouth is awesome
  450. FishinArmo

    SWBA LB - Salty Balls

    Way to go Josh.
  451. FishinArmo

    Finally She's here.

  452. FishinArmo

    Calcutta 300 te

    Hey guys let me know if you have one and want to sell.
  453. FishinArmo

    Paul Pierce..........

    I think we dont like him because of the whole wheel chair incident in the finals.
  454. FishinArmo

    Calstar 800XL, Calcutta 300te

    PM Sent on 300 te willing to pick up today
  455. FishinArmo

    what would you have done

    i would do exaclty what you did head back.
  456. FishinArmo

    Cory's New Friends

    Those are some skills right there great pictures. Thanks for sharing
  457. FishinArmo

    5/18/2010 - point sur 3 x 19 + 54

    Great report thanks for sharing
  458. FishinArmo

    From 0 to 60

    Thats a pig congrats
  459. FishinArmo

    DANA POINT WITH FACE DOWN BASS UP! (images included)

    Nice limit there Matt , glad someone got into them.
  460. FishinArmo

    Outboard engine

    Wow this is a helpful treatd i just blew two cylninders on my 1989 mercury 135 so im looking for a 115-150 outboard myself.
  461. FishinArmo

    Crowley- opener

    I think those wooly buggers with the spinner in the front are called pistol petes.
  462. FishinArmo

    War head jig heads

    Ray what's happening haven't seen you in a long time we gotta go out some time. Oh just go to there website and order direct.
  463. FishinArmo

    Outboard 115-150 hp

    Guys I blew 2 cylinders on my 1989 mercury 135 2 stroke. Please let me know if anybody has something I could re-power with. Avo
  464. FishinArmo

    Condolences to Captain Ernie & Family

    Ernie is a great guy , my Condolences go out to his family, GOD BLESS.
  465. FishinArmo

    Taco Tuesdays

    Looks more like an SSW
  466. FishinArmo

    Rods, Reels and stuff..

    Mark if the crucial is in good condition and you can ship it will take it possible one of the spinning reels as well, pm me or call me 818-974-1450
  467. FishinArmo

    A great weekend - GREATEST WEEKEND!

    CONGRATS thats a great move im sure he is the happiest 9 year old
  468. FishinArmo

    12 year old catches limit of halibut

    That sure look like a Sierra one of the best eating fish.
  469. FishinArmo


    Awesome video guys keep em coming
  470. FishinArmo

    Faaaack My Trip Got Canceled

    My friends did a trip with the Twisselmans last Feb 09, they didn't get any pigs but still want to go back and hunt with them, I was supposed to be on the trip but wasn't able to do it last second. They spoke very highly of him. Hopefully ill get a chance to go soon. Andrew Twisselman 805 610 3011
  471. FishinArmo

    A fun day at Corona Lake 4/17

    David priceless smile on your daughter, good to hear you got some quality time with the fam and stuck a couple bass.
  472. FishinArmo

    wanted to buy rifle

    i think the rugers are on sale at turners for less than $250
  473. FishinArmo

    Episode # 33-04072010

    Hey ceez did you use any of those baits i threw in the boat
  474. FishinArmo

    Full Size 4x4 Truck

    Hey guys just wanted to put it out there, I need a to buy a new truck quad cab preferably. Needs to be 4x4 and preferably gas V 8 to tow the boat. Low miles. Let me know if you got anything or know of a good deal. Thanks and Happy Easter to everyone.
  475. FishinArmo

    Rod length and spectra color for Calicos

    I use power pro green and it works great. I actually prefer the green over the white, dont ask why.
  476. FishinArmo

    WSB 3-24-10

    Way to go Bryan im gonna have to tag along with you one of these days.
  477. FishinArmo

    Rpt. Wed 03-17-10 A Gazillion Vermillion!

    Wow is all i can say that looks epic. Thanks for the report and pictures.
  478. FishinArmo


    Ceez congrats on the solid finish.
  479. FishinArmo

    Penn Torque 300 Reels at clearance

    So what price did it show ? I tried going on the link but it shows the regular price.
  480. FishinArmo

    San Clemente on The SeaHorse Tonight!!

    Damm ,100 bucks cant beat it id be there but i busted my ankle with 2 partially torn ligaments.
  481. FishinArmo

    Ultimate 40lb finesse bait reel???

    Baja Special
  482. FishinArmo

    RIP little buddy

    Sorry about your loss.
  483. FishinArmo

    Pig Bomb

    WOW Tim those are some great looking hogs always considered cedar ranch because its so close by. My buddy Steve got this one at Tejon.
  484. FishinArmo

    first boat

    Hey Congrats cant beat it for $200, i bought my first boat for $800 and nothing like that.
  485. FishinArmo

    Pig Bomb

    Thanks for the heads up Tim, i live in san fernando valley and its showing at 11:00 pm for me.
  486. FishinArmo

    2002 Maritime Skiff 20

    That is a great looking boat
  487. FishinArmo

    Anyone hunt with a 7mm rifle?

    I own a 7mm wby mag and love it. I use it for all my big game hunting, the only thing I don't like is the cost of the ammo. I have it dialed in and only shoot a few rounds before a trip to make sure I'm still on target.
  488. FishinArmo


    Cool pics i used to fish with a friends guest pass for years havent been there in a long time. Senkos worked best for me for the nicer models.
  489. FishinArmo


    Thats a Beast awesome job on the release
  490. FishinArmo

    Alamitos Bassin'

    Cool report man thanks for sharing and bass fishing is very addicting.
  491. FishinArmo

    Trolling Motor and Pedestal Seats

    Price Drop Chairs $75 for both Trolling motor $65
  492. FishinArmo

    Smoking good deal on inflatable lifejackets

    Thanks for the heads up guys just ordered a couple
  493. FishinArmo

    Trolling Motor and Pedestal Seats

    MotorGuide MG 18 Trolling Motor Works great with rental boats. Asking $115.00 MUST GO! Two Pedestal Seats $125 for both, MUST GO! Call Avo at 818-974-1450
  494. FishinArmo

    Tanaka 3 hp outboard Must Go $190 obo

    Hey guys, This thing has been sitting in my garage for way to long. We used it on a small inflatable long time ago early 90's has been sitting since. Last we used it it ran great. Has probably less than 20 hours on it. Also willing to trade for Calcutta Te's or Trinidads. First fair offer...
  495. FishinArmo

    Just When You Think You Have Seen It All

    That is just an awesome story, Class Act.
  496. FishinArmo


    Nice fish man especially on the 10lb.
  497. FishinArmo

    Bachelor Party

    Hey Brett first of congrats on getting engaged, i too recently got engaged and was in the same shoes trying where to go with so many guys. A close friend of mine suggested we drive to Bahia de los angeles. So i think where gonna do that and i have never been. I too am not a fan of the clubs or...
  498. FishinArmo

    Let it rain... / Saturday on the Snook Hunter

    Hey nice fish Erik hope they bite for you tourney day. 26 lbs. is pretty awesome any day.
  499. FishinArmo

    Good Aquaduct Day

    That is a pig congrats
  500. FishinArmo

    Offshore Squid at 9 mile bank, 12/27

    Thanks for the report. Sorry to hear about your line, good thing you never hooked a nice shark or big tuna to find out the hard way.
  501. FishinArmo

    coyote hunt pics

    Good job on those dogs tyler, they look like they where nice size.
  502. FishinArmo

    2 Islands 2 Days

    Nice report Jt and Shea looks like some awesome small boat weather.
  503. FishinArmo

    Robert's new sled- 65' Custom Sportfisher

    All i can say is WOW. One sweet ride
  504. FishinArmo

    Jeep wrangler Sahara hard top V-6 auto $13,500

    The year, mileage, color, of the vehicle would help color?
  505. FishinArmo

    First Vine Troll report of the Season

    Awesome report Ken cant wait to get my new to me boat in there.
  506. FishinArmo

    Santa Rosa Personal Best Halibut

    Congrats on the pb try to get the whole fish in the pic next time.
  507. FishinArmo

    "Go to" 40# Bait set-up

    I use a 700 H with a baja speacial use it for bait and jigs. Works Great.
  508. FishinArmo

    Can i tow a Striper 2301 o/b with a truck towing capacity of 5,000lbs?

    I would say it can tow it but you should not do it. It will push the truck around on down hills.
  509. FishinArmo

    i hope this works (my first lures)

    Those look great
  510. FishinArmo

    Want new bino's

    Look at the steiner predators. They are priced right and very durable. You could fins them from $280 -$350 depending on what power you need. Steiner 12x40 Predator Professional Binoculars - Binoculars at Binoculars
  511. FishinArmo

    September 25 - Mission Bay

    Nice fish Pete, and i agree with Josh time for a new hat.
  512. FishinArmo

    Newport Skiff

    Rent a skiff tie up to a buoy and jump around from buoy to buoy until you start getting bit. Its usually pretty easy to find fish in newport. You could also troll some crank baits between the small channels and catch bass and halibut.
  513. FishinArmo

    Early AM calico destruction at PV 9-6

    Erik, Wtg on getting out and having a good day of fishing, hopefully ill be able to fish the st judes tourney again. Will be pre fishing this friday before i go out on an overnighter to kill some tuna. Avo
  514. FishinArmo

    2 strokes in the Eastern Sierras?

    On my way up tomorrow and I have a 2 stroke. Will put a report when i get back.
  515. FishinArmo

    1965 Ford Thinderbird

    White hard top sky blue interior. We are the second owners. My dad gave it to me as my first car hate to sell but need the space for the boat. Needs a tune up hasn't been drivin in a while. Straight car with one dent on rear drivers panel not to bad at all. Little no rust with original black...
  516. FishinArmo

    New to me

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Looks like i just missed out on that fish finder.
  517. FishinArmo

    New to me

    Just purchase this 1989 17' 10 Sea Ray Laguna with my partner Capt Andre. Cant wait to get her wet. Looking for fish finder and gps if anyonw has one they want to sell. Boat and motor have 424 hours and boat is in excellent shape. Trailer needs some touch ups but very solid and tows great. Let...
  518. FishinArmo

    SMB Big Bass and Great White 8/8

    Nice fish Vince, glad to see you got out Gabe.
  519. FishinArmo

    Pacific Quest?

    Great crew, and they will work hard to get on fish.
  520. FishinArmo


    I have one with fresh 65lb spectra and 30lb max top shot will trade for trinidad 16 if you got one.
  521. FishinArmo

    EPIC Santa Monica Bay Bassin' 7/22 w-pics

    Way to get em guys, always a pleasure reading your reports Vince.
  522. FishinArmo

    wide open cudda

    I fished the Icon on Sat afternoon half day after my overnight out of SD got canceled. It was wide open probably got around 20 possibly more on Tady 45 and Salas 7x lite. Guys fishing long shank hooks were doing great on the bait as well.
  523. FishinArmo

    Kid friendly fishing spots in Mammoth?

    fish lake mary from shore or rent a boat, If you rent a boat go straight out from the dock and drift the shoreline to your left with powerbait and crawlers and youll catch some fish.
  524. FishinArmo

    Teramar rod TMC-X80MH 12-25lbs

    Is your 7'6 m or mh if so would you trade it for a 8'0 mh
  525. FishinArmo

    Brand new shimano teramar tmc-x80m

    I have a brand new 80mh you wanna trade?
  526. FishinArmo

    What reel for 700h?

    i fish mine with a baja special with 80 spectra and 50 lb top shot
  527. FishinArmo

    Pig Hunt

    Brian, Congrats on the hunt what was the name of the outfitter?
  528. FishinArmo

    Please say a prayer for my son

    Rick, prayer is sent
  529. FishinArmo


    Jamie or Capt. Tino either of you have any openings to fish this Friday the 26 th for 2?
  530. FishinArmo

    Shimano 300TE vs Daiwa Pluton?

    Kris if you want to sell your 300te let me know
  531. FishinArmo

    SIERRAS 5-13/5-16

    Great report glad you knocked em dead. What kind of worms do you use?
  532. FishinArmo

    Copper bullet reports???

    I,ve hunted Tejon several times and am 100% success rate with copper and they have all dropped in there spot which is huge at Tejon because of the terrain. The rifle was shooting high at 100 yds . Now i have it sighted in at 200yds and shoots great. I shoot a 7mm weatherby mag. Its very...
  533. FishinArmo


    Wow great report and pictures and thanks for sharing. I would love to get a chance to do that before its all over.
  534. FishinArmo

    Santa Barbara - April 28, 2009

    Nice going Pete, that's priceless what a smile
  535. FishinArmo

    largemouth bass

    fly line some small 4.5 inch robos or split shot and work very slowly
  536. FishinArmo

    R A D I O S I L E N C E.V6

    Another great video Justin thanks for sharing
  537. FishinArmo

    Hog Calico from the rocks

    Congrats on a great catch
  538. FishinArmo

    47.5lbs HALIBUT

    Wow that's a pig. Congratulations.
  539. FishinArmo

    Factory Jeep parts source..

    try jeep parts only i think there in sun valley his name is Sam have bought plenty of parts from him for my buddies XJ
  540. FishinArmo

    big black horns!

    Good luck with the hunt looking forward to reading the report.
  541. FishinArmo

    Verizon FIOS

    Did they make you guys sign a contract?
  542. FishinArmo

    I Want To Refinance My House

    Paul, I think bfraser is on the right track. Also a very good question to ask is how many years are you into your current 15 year fixed loan. It would not make sense to add fees like title escrow and misc. Even if it is without any points and to re-start a new term if your more than 3 years into...
  543. FishinArmo

    Archery Hog Hunt Report

    You gotta love Tejon. Those are some big pigs, cant wait to go back there.
  544. FishinArmo

    Hog Hunt with Pics

    Wow, great story and pictures. Nothing like facing a 250lb pig face to face when your on your hand and knees. Congrats. You gotta love Tejon.
  545. FishinArmo

    Wallbanger....for us.

    Lil Ceez sorry to hear about your troubles, I don't know how many times I asked my partner Steve if you guys were in the tournament, since we did not see you at the start. You would have probably taken us down a spot. You guys are always one of the boats I worry about. I'm sure you 2 will make...
  546. FishinArmo

    American River Steelies

    damm that looks fun
  547. FishinArmo

    HOLY SHIT...its a big one!!! MLPA alert

    Just let me know I will be there to support, just remember if you give an inch they will take a yard.
  548. FishinArmo

    R A D I O S I L E N C E.V5

    Nice footage Justin, looks like you guys had a fun day of pre-fishing.
  549. FishinArmo

    gear for las arenas in june

    I used 4-5z mega bait style baits, work great on pargo and triggers. For the live bait i would suggest fluorocarbon for sure. I usually take 20,30,40 and a 60. Might be much but whatever.I would also have a fe of the standard heay jigs like Tady 4/o or salas 6x or 6x jr.
  550. FishinArmo

    1-24 LBZ PB cali @ the wall

    Nice Pig Julian
  551. FishinArmo

    I think I`am addicted to X-Box

    Just finishing playing the most recent fishing game. Very addicting.
  552. FishinArmo

    Don't hunt with these guys

    Can you say panic
  553. FishinArmo

    lake Carona

    Wow tough crowd. Sounds like you had a great time.
  554. FishinArmo

    A little project I have been working on.

    :food-smiley-014:All I can say is wow never knew you could buld a boat like that at home.
  555. FishinArmo

    I think I`am addicted to X-Box

    Was introduced to X-box and call of duty as well, have you played 4 player yet, good stuff.
  556. FishinArmo

    Dust to Glory....

    Great Movie, I own it as well.
  557. FishinArmo

    California Calico Offshore Challenge and the Day After

    Wow way to go Brian, looks like you capped the trip off well. See you on the water.
  558. FishinArmo

    My first visit to Panama

    Great Report and pictures
  559. FishinArmo

    IV Dingos

    Looks like you guys had alot of fun, way to go on the dogs.
  560. FishinArmo

    buying a new rifle

    I would go with a Howa 1500, Tikka or Savage for best value.
  561. FishinArmo

    Looking for a new vehicle

    Jason if your looking for a toureg size car, you should check out the Lincoln mkx or the ford version. I got my mom one a year and a half ago and she loves it. Every time I drive it I get more and more jealous it drives great and has tons of room. I'm 6'0 ,when I take the seat all the way back...
  562. FishinArmo

    Happy Ending lures

    Great colors, the pink and blue is a great color.
  563. FishinArmo

    A fun Calico drift video

    That some sick fishing !!!!!!!!!
  564. FishinArmo


    Browning Pumps are bottom ejecting as well i think there called BPS
  565. FishinArmo

    Beretta or Benelli

    I love my Benelli, I went with the Cordoba and I love it. Very easy to clean, and like the others already mentioned Benelli autos use the recoil energy to cycle rather than gas. The gun shoots the lightest loads with ease never had any issues. My hunting buddy has the X2 and he loves it just a...
  566. FishinArmo

    Market Update Low Low Rates

    Guys, The message I posted was truly to help my fellow BD'ers benefit. The last thing I wanted would be to have a bad reputation for quoting people incorrect rates. If you are truly interested I will give anybody a free consultation, and if they would like to lock in a rate I will provide a lock...
  567. FishinArmo

    R.I.P "Papa" Ret. Col Nathan J Adams USAF

    Prayers go out to you and your family.
  568. FishinArmo

    Market Update Low Low Rates

    Not really the same way we got here no more Stated loans, You have to be able to verify your income. Unless with some exceptions of excellent scenarios with very high fico scores and very low loan to value ratios.
  569. FishinArmo

    Gamo whisper air rifle?

    RWS or Sheridan , Ive had a RWS for 10 years in a .22 with open sights it is a great gun.
  570. FishinArmo

    Market Update Low Low Rates

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let everybody know whoever was waiting for the rates to drop to refinance should look into refinancing now, the rates are great on all fixed rate mortgages 15, 20, 30. Par rates on a 30 year fix is starting around 5.125%. If anyone is interested I would love to show you...
  571. FishinArmo

    Daughter 1st Ram(long)

    Wow, Great pics and congrats to your daughter on excellent hunt.
  572. FishinArmo

    D12 Buck

    Nice buck
  573. FishinArmo

    Ok a drama free post from me Where is your favorite place to hunt

    Never hunted personally out of state before, watched my dad get a buck in southern Utah so haven't had to much experience out of state. But i would have to say I love hunting Tejon Ranch Cali.
  574. FishinArmo

    Finally got us some Quail

    High dessert for me, means Antelope Valley area, I marinate overnight and grill. Very simple marination salt/pepper, garlic, some olive oil,cummen. Thats about it. Goin back up this Sunday maybe try to call in some yotes as well. Will post pictures when I get back.
  575. FishinArmo

    Finally got us some Quail

    high dessert area is right.
  576. FishinArmo

    Finally got us some Quail

    My buddies and I have treked many many miles looking for quail with no success. It finally payed of this Saturday with and epic shoot saw plenty of quail and put a few down. Always told oh you need a dog this and that but the work finally payed off.
  577. FishinArmo

    Dove this Weekend?

    Anybody hunting any dove or quail this weekend in my area?
  578. FishinArmo

    getting a sport shotgun

    Get a 28' very versatile
  579. FishinArmo

    Where can i get cheap Rockfish Jigs?

    Anybody know where to find chrome Jax Jigs any size would love the info. Thanks
  580. FishinArmo

    Saturday-Salt Creek T-Shark

    Great catch guys, enjoy the great steaks
  581. FishinArmo

    What the quail!

    I got owned Sat morning and Sun afternoon
  582. FishinArmo

    Sierra Trip

    Will be up there on Thursday night , looks like I will be at Mary Friday morning.
  583. FishinArmo

    Rainy Lake, Ontario Canada, 10/5-10/11

    great pictures, looks like a beautiful place to fish
  584. FishinArmo

    Mammoth Quail?

    Hey guys, was planning on going up to mammoth on the 23rd , any ideas or general areas i could do some quail hunting. Staying in Mammoth so i need something kinda nearby. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  585. FishinArmo

    Butt Cold in the Sierras

    Im headed up there on the 23rd with the family, planning on fishing convict, basin or the loop area and recent reports?
  586. FishinArmo

    Looking For a Flatbed Trailer

    That is a sweet ride
  587. FishinArmo

    Surf fishing- Saturday, 9-27-08 w pics

    Nice catch, welcome to BD
  588. FishinArmo

    1st A22 filled for the year

    Nice deer Nate , enjoy the great table fare
  589. FishinArmo

    Offshore WFO...Tuna Fishing Part 2

  590. FishinArmo

    Clev. Nat Forest Hogs?

    Sure hope they grow fast
  591. FishinArmo

    camera advise

    Olympus Stylus 830 8 megapixel or the 1030 is 10 megapixel Great cameras
  592. FishinArmo

    Bikini Jam Wrap Up (Lot's of photos)

    Wow thanks for the pictures bogi, really looking forward to making it down there some day.
  593. FishinArmo

    MDR Critter Rpt 9/7 w-pics

    Nice fish guys, cool video scrib
  594. FishinArmo

    Offshore Headed out of MDR 9/6 anybody else?

    Were heading out of MDR early Sat morning, towards the Osbourne anybody else going that direction ?
  595. FishinArmo

    8/28 Catalina Yellow

    How big do you want it to be? Nice catch
  596. FishinArmo

    LA PAZ last minute opening 1 spot 8/27-9/1

    Quick note forgot to mention we are staying in condos not hotel, much more spacious
  597. FishinArmo

    LA PAZ last minute opening 1 spot 8/27-9/1

    I have a trip leaving for La Paz Aug 27th Weds returning Mon Sept 1 with tailuhunter internationl. Jonathan runs an excellent operation. We will be fishing 2 days in Las Arenas and 2 days in La Paz. The trips price is $1000 plus air fare. Let me know if you intrested ASAP
  598. FishinArmo

    Venice Surf

    I have rented a skif and taken it to the quarry area alot of fun. Good Luck
  599. FishinArmo

    D-16 Scouting Report

    Good work, hope the scouting pays off
  600. FishinArmo

    8/17 - Inshore Hammer Time

    Great catch Josh, see you guys Saturday.
  601. FishinArmo

    Offshore 8/14 East Butterfly and Knoll for Bluefin and Ablies Quality Grade

    Nice catch im sure you have many happy friends and family
  602. FishinArmo

    "Its about Time" She finally didn't break off

    Thats is a beautiful fish
  603. FishinArmo

    Offshore Wahoo on an Overnight?

    Thats an awesome fish, goin out on the Success on Moday night hoping we get one.
  604. FishinArmo

    Offshore Albies/Yellows/Dorado- on 18ft Crestliner?!?

    Great trip Steve, I'm glad we didn't pre fish
  605. FishinArmo

    Boise Bass, Salmon, Trout, 7/1-14

    Those are some beautiful fish, nothing beats that fact that your getting them in your backyard. Keep the pictures coming.
  606. FishinArmo

    M.D.R. SWBA tourny.Pics to follow.

  607. FishinArmo

    Bumming hard right now, need your thoughts, prayers, anything.......

    Thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family.
  608. FishinArmo

    July 4 MAMMOTH

    Haven't fished twin in a long time, id fish a couple small split shots and a samll treble with velvetta. Cast out and slow grind in. Thats is if you fish off a boat. If you fish power bait or crawlers make sure to use 2lb leader huge difference and throw red/gold thomas bouyants, we got quite a...
  609. FishinArmo

    July 4 MAMMOTH

    Sorry about the late report just got the pictures uploaded. Been fishing and camping the Mammoth area since i was 5 but never been there during the July 4 weekend. Had a chance to make it up there with my gf and friends Hrag and Lysa. We camped on the shores of Crowley so we could be there for...
  610. FishinArmo

    Fish report, Pics, Diving,and Shark Lady

    Thanks for the report lok like a blast
  611. FishinArmo

    The One That Should Have got Away

    Nice fish Mark and excellent story