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  1. old salt

    phenix black diamond hybrid PHD 760XH and black diamond PSW 700H

    old salt submitted a new listing: phenix black diamond hybrid PHD 760XH and black diamond PSW 700H - phenix black diamond hybrid PHD 760XH and black diamond PSW 700H Learn more about this listing...
  2. old salt

    1 3/8 shaft SS Spurs line cutter $150

    had this on my commercial lobster boat many years ago. it is missing the the strut block.easy to order. i have stainless hardware to mount block. 3 zincs 3 yearly bearings. if you know what this is you know $150 is nothing for this cutter. call or text nine 4 nine 4 six three 5 8 eight two
  3. old salt

    200# rail rod set up.accurate 50 w phenix phd x4h-sold

    Custom wrapped by Tim in Temecula. Phenix PhD 700 x4h accurate 50w blueprinted for 200# by cal easy button.fresh 200# jb hollow. Used a handful of times to fish skipjack for cows.never caught a fish.1 17 day trip.always stored on top deck with cover on.i looked for a...
  4. old salt

    CA commercial lobster package

    package has been sold.update may 21 package currently in escrow.any intrest in a turn key ca commercial lobster business?way to much to list.boat is completely rebuilt 2014 .26 anderson direct drive .450 vinyl traps.permit and everything you need $ me and we can talk details. boat is in...
  5. old salt

    need a handle for shimano TN 20

    handle on my gold tn 20 blew apart.looking for gold trinidad handle 16-40 or torium 16-30
  6. old salt

    shimano trinidad TN40N BNIB w/upgrades

    REEL IS SOLD i bought 2 of these from another member friend already sold 1 of them. i have decided i have to many 40's.this reel is brand new never spooled in orig. box with all still sealed (opened from bottom).upgraded carbontex drags and alan tani clicking dog.will...
  7. old salt

    seeker hercules shs60xh 6ft BFG green factory wrap

    thanks ROD IS SOLD Nice condition, rated 50-100lb. American tackle titanium guides. Couple spectra burns in hypalon. Call or text 9494635882. $175 price drop now $150 firm.rod retailed for $319
  8. old salt

    shimano tn40

    SOLD very clean shimano trinidad tn40.missing 1 lug nut.unknown line.have many of these.cleanest one of all of them.$325 or text mark 949 463 588two
  9. old salt

    WTB SS 2X4

    looking for another super seeker ringed guide rod.will consider new ,used , just the blank, factory or custom.
  10. old salt

    9 ft kencor jig stick

    SOLD SOLD NOW $100 Kencor GPOS 900 XHC 30-80 lb. Made in usa. $150 obo.price drop $125 Factory wrapped. ill throw in a cork puppy with cut studs and lugs for a tn 40
  11. old salt

    need a guide replaced in so. OC

    my local shop doesnt have this guide and doesnt want to deal with it.its a SS 10 ft ulua .its the guide closest to the butt the big one.there are no markings on the guide.its a titanium sic one piece guide.looks just like factory guide .the insert fell out.pretty much solid red thread.simple...
  12. old salt

    vintage tady 45 lot

    these are old school tady .4 pointed surface 2 bk/prpl & white 1 mint 1 blue to white wash.some corrosion on blu to white.zap a gaped it so it wont peel. 2 heavy w/tuna hooks blue/wht and scrambled egg.the stamps on these are hand stamped higher on the jig.will text pics 949 463 5882.looking for...
  13. old salt

    6 seaguar 100# flouro top shots

    SOLD SOLD 6 unused in the package BHP 100# seaguar premeir flourocarbon wind ons 25 ft. $155 shipped usps priority mail.these are $38 apiece at fishermans landing
  14. old salt

    f/s surface iron

    SOLD 5 ironman ss lightweight and 5 UFO pos prolite.most are new just been banging around for many years. 10 full size surface irons shipped to your door for $55.or pickup for $5 apiece
  15. old salt

    WTB super seeker 2x4

    looking for a ringed guide SS 2x4 .custom or factory. boat rash ok .doesnt have to be perfect cosmetically. or It can be new or near new. lets see whats out there. you can message hear or easier to just call me.(949) four 6 three- 5882 mark
  16. old salt

    free stuff

    refitting my 26 anderson. bennett trim tabs working when removed.switch is now toast.tabs crusty but will clean up. resevoir and wiring harness complete. heavy duty swim step and stainless brackets.its wood and could use paint.made by bill anderson so you know its beefy.about 50 lbs or so of...
  17. old salt

    DP ghost 3/24

    caught this beast drifting for halibut. 30# ande dropper loop with an anchovie.had to chase it around for awhile.finally went for the kelp were I carefully pulled it out. personal best 59# bled out.
  18. old salt

    84 Gregor 18ft project boat $600 obo

    boat is SOLD i purchased this boat off craigslist a couple weeks ago.originally wanted the trailer it was on. as i looked at it i got a crazy idea i would fix it up for nor many projects right now its gotta go.swapped it to a POS trailer with no title but clear and pti plate.boat has...
  19. old salt

    penn 113H with tiburon narrow kit $100

    penn 113h with brand new never used Tiburon narrow kit. brand new carbontex drags. insane freespool. great yellowtail reel. $100 reel is in laguna beach. pick up or meet nearby. the kit and drags were over $140 new and have never seen mark 949 463 5882
  20. old salt

    Pro Gear 454 black excellent cond. $100

    SOLD SOLD SOLD rare black pro gear 454 in minty condition. I will not take less than $100 so don't shipping reel is in laguna beach come and get it or meet nearby. this is a smoking deal on a quality unavailable reel.mark 949 463 5882
  21. old salt

    fresh dead squid in dana point.

    i have 5lb bags for $8 and 12lb bags for $15 of fresh dead frozen .the squid was caught last of right now today you can get it fresh if you call quick as its being bagged up and frozen right now in capo beach.if you want quantity we can work on price.this is commercially caught squid...
  22. old salt

    trailer for 7 ton 26 ft shaft drive

    need a solid used trailer for my anderson. i will not be towing long hauls with it.the boat is heavy and will need a 3 axle 15,000 gvwr trailer.preferablly set up for a direct drive.i can do some modification work to make it right.lets see whats out there.thanks mark
  23. old salt

    yo zuri trolling lures

    2 yo zuri trolling pink and a hydro squid $15 for both. mark 949 463 5882
  24. old salt

    nu*mark waist belt and plate

    monster belt by nu mark. fits approx. 32-36 inch waist.not for a big guy. $30 mark 949 463 5882
  25. old salt

    penn 4/0 113HL

    penn high speed light 4/0. great yo yo reel.needs lube and clean up. $40 mark 949 463 5882
  26. old salt

    avet SX 2spd , shimano tn 16 narrow special

    <avet SOLD="" sold<avet=""> AVET SOLD blue avet SX 2 sp new cond. 3/4 full of green 50# trip caught a few schoolie bft $225.shimano trinidad 16N very nice condition.few minor scratches 3/4 full jb light green 65 #$275 NOW $250 obo.both of these reels are ready to fish. mark 949 463...
  27. old salt

    calstar grafighter GX 6.5

    wrapped by fishing rods unlimited .rated 8-20 lb 6 1/2 ft fuji trigger $80. easier to call 949 463 5882 mark
  28. old salt

    furuno fcv 667 fishfinder

    my tube just crapped out on mine.was going to upgrade but dont want to haul out to change transducers.anybody got one laying around?
  29. old salt

    COW gear.mak 20SEa calstar 770XH

    brand new makaira 20 sea in box. never used .filled w/800+ yds 100# JB line one hollow.$600 firm. factory calstar 770 xh one boat ride excellent cond. $300 obo.mark 949 463 5882.reel is brand new if you need pics check the world wide web.rod is 9 of 10 excellent cond. factory wrapped.ill sell...
  30. old salt

    coastal tanker dp

    left the harbor at 4 pm with 1/2 scoop of sardines.1 1/2 hrs later and a couple of boat moves my buddy hooks up with this pig.egg sinker with 6/0 hook on the drift.first coastal c bass for my vessel.
  31. old salt

    pro gear 541 $75

    no clicker.hole hot glued. usual scratches and left side wear.8 out of 10 cosmetic.excellent mechanical cond.sorry pics suck.$75 pick up so. OC
  32. old salt

    excel accurate 16 day 3/27 late report

    here it is.4 days of sea travel.smooth ride with some following weather.down hill no seminars ,poker ,food and day 1. arrive at HB at midnight. 2 am anchor down.i was out on deck about 2:15.watched justin drop a pl 68 glow down and get pinned to the rail.first...
  33. old salt

    greetings from the lower zone

    taking advantage of the new free wi fi on the excel.been emailing home but to busy fishing and sleeping to was the last full day of fishing and was not dissapointing for me.i did have a few slow days but the days when i got bit sure made up for it.lots of personal best on this trip as...
  34. old salt

    2 penn intl. 50 s 2 spds and calstar LRS 655 xh

    REELS ARE SOLD>rod still avail. one reel is 9/10 cosmetic 10/10 mechanical $250. the other is 7/10 cosmetic 10/10 mechanical and nearly full of 100# solid braid.$ both reels for $400.both were serviced by hogans in dana point spring 2010 used on royal star 8 day flushed and put
  35. old salt

    excell march 27 accurate trip

    the accurate 16 day trip is now leaving a day early,17 days on the excell.ill be flying back so really 14 days.cant wait.this is my first ever cow trip.and im hoping i got the right stuff and enough of it.i will be using accurate loaner or boat gear for kite,troll and 130#.i have a brand new...
  36. old salt

    micrologic admiral GPS

    this came off my lobster was a back up unit.i replaced it with a handheld unit as i needed the space were it was works and everything is there.manuals ,antena and power cord.the screen is hard to see in direct sunlight.this was the shizniz back in 1993 when it came out and...
  37. old salt

    Tiburon magnum 30T shimano 30 tld II conversion

    this reel is in pristine condition.bought this here on BD and never used it.reel was serviced when line was spooled on last year.required nothing but lubrication .tiburon topless 30T frame and side plate.tiburon T bar handle.tiburon drag plate.tiburon bearings.brand new 500 + yds 100# hollow...
  38. old salt

    info on makaira 20 II

    i am thinking of purchasing one of the new okuma makaira's.i really wanted a 30 size reel for my 770XH for 100# hollow.but also wanted a topless reel for bait fishing.the mak is not available in topless 30??only 15,20 and much 100# hollow will it hold? the drag specs look fine for 100# to...
  39. old salt

    thank goodness for the MLPA's

    now I can join the millions of amercicans collecting unemployement ,stop paying taxes,get food stamps,,lay around and be lazy,and spend all my money smoking crack now that the state has taken away 75% of the ocean were I trap lobster.well maybe not smoke crack but you get the idea.i am a tax...
  40. old salt

    pier fishing laguna 1920's

    ran across this old photo of the pier that went out to bird rock in laguna.this was at north main beach.just thought id share .this things been gone for over 60 years.imagine the fish they caught back then.
  41. old salt

    rockpile 5/25 chubasco 2

    fished the chubby today after after seeing the internet slaughter the old days it was all hush hush and you could keep a bite quiet for a day or 2 .no more thanks to the world wide web.parking lot out there were a little gun shy from the pressure.i managed 2 nice grade fish...
  42. old salt

    new yamaha on the skiff

    just got the skiff back from rob at san diego boats.couldnt be happier w/the new F115 he bolted one helluva smokin deal too.if your shopping for a new yamaha call rob b4 you buy. pretty sure he'll match or beat anybodies price .thanks to the guys at SD rid of the E...
  43. old salt

    panga with 740lbs. pot washes ashore in dana point
  44. old salt

    18ft stringari CC

    SOLD*SOLD*SOLD*1979 bullet proof stringari.bought this boat last nov. from the 2nd owner who owned the boat since 89.had plans to convert it to a commercial lobster skiff.change of plans.boat is now for sale.custom full boat cover less than 1 yr old.($1200 new).insane custom T top with full...
  45. old salt

    riffe island speargun for wahoo jig stick

    GONE GONE SOLD 6 ft riffe island speargun rear trigger.used but not for seeker ulua or calstar 900h 90 or 100j or comparable 30-60lb jig me what you value of speargun $300.mark 949 463 5882
  46. old salt

    cow worthy?

    I have a custom wrapped 770 XH with a tld 30 2spd topless tiburon w over 500 yds 100# hollow ace spectra and BHP blackwater and seaguar premier 25yd. wind ons in 100 and 130 #.will this be enough muscle?I gut the butt and fish the rail.270 lbs leaning on it.never caught a biggun on a LR only...
  47. old salt

    770 XH

    looking for a 770XH non roller.factory or custom rapped ok.let me see what you got .cash on hand $$$
  48. old salt

    dana point

    brought camera along for first out of the harbor about 730 am to fish the swing tide.nice chovies at the barge.first drift produced several sandbass most drift 21 inch halibut drift more sandies and a nice ling released.few boats and yaks working the...
  49. old salt

    aluminum leaning post $75

    aluminum leaning post /seat.painted tear on starboard corner.fixed with black tape hardly noticeable.came off my stringari 18.includes 16 stainless lag bolts for is 38" wide by 38" could slide a tank in the back.that opening is 29" tall by 34" wide.PM or call mark...
  50. old salt

    T-BAG $20.00 obo.

    pretty sure this is the bigger one but not sure.looks better in person than the pics.its not faded rips tears etc. all zippers function well.came off my stringari. i dont need or call mark 949 463 5882. $20 is less than 1/2 the price of a new one
  51. old salt

    upgraded the lobster hauler to 18 stringari

    been wanting one of these for some time.been shopping the last month and this baby fell into my lap yesterday.its almost a crime to turn this clean machine into a trap puller but thats what I do.I love to rod and reel em more than pull traps and this will do double duty just fine.1979 stringari...
  52. old salt

    7/18 dana point north

    worked the hard bottom that produced last week for me.was out there twice earlier in the week for no love from the one today.8:30 in 64 ft.32 inch nice fish.fished from 6:30 to 10:30 for 1 butt, 3 nice grumpy sandbass (released).and a bunch of short sculpin and cabazon.and one...
  53. old salt

    dana point dissapointment although jackies got a nice butt

    set up at 5:00 am with a secret stash of live squirts.5:45 40 # kelp cutter dropper rig goes off.massive head shakes and a frieght train run. and wham brake it off.6:15 my buddy adams glow egg rig is bit .again massive head shakes and straight to the kelp.15 minutes later pulled hook.3 more...
  54. old salt

    7/9 dana point hard bottom north

    fished my usual selected hard bottom this morning.wasnt expecting much as I heard it rolled and was tuff fishing.drifting sardines on the dropper loop with a trap rig.5:30 am first drop.couple nice cuda prolly a keeper released. couple nice grumpy sandbass also released.few sculpin also...
  55. old salt

    large schools of spot fin in so. laguna

    took my mask and snorkel down to the beach at three arch bay yesterday.just cleared all the crap in the surf zone and was in the biggest school of spotfins I have ever seen.some looked to be 3-4 lbs!!!!.fish were slowly moving north circling around just outside the waves .100's of them.was going...
  56. old salt

    7/1 dana point hard bottom north

    fished my regular area from 8am till 12:30pm .drifted sardines on the dropper most of the morning and BB for about 1 1/2 hrs. at the end. nada on the BB.picked up a decent butt on the drift and 2 shorts.a 23 inch lingcod (returned) and half a dozen sculpin.metered sandbass all over but no...
  57. old salt

    fluke anchor $20 and 250' spliced eye line $45

    nice fluke anchor of unknown make.shank measures 36 inches and is 28 inches wide at bottom.wieghs 25-30 lbs guessing.$20. 250 ft of quality anchor line. mininum use and no problem spots or chaffing.not sure what size the line is.spliced eye with metal insert and can see in the pic...
  58. old salt

    johnson VRO oil tank and pump $60

    the hole shooten match for $60.this was off a 1986 johnson 70 horse 3 cycl. VRO that i no longer own.this can be used for many applications and years .due your home work.this stuff goes for bank on ebay.easier to just call mark 949 463 5882
  59. old salt

    calstar 700H $100

    SOLD custom wrapped 700 H.stainless guides.simple wrap nothing fancy.a bit cosmetically challenged with some dings and boat rash .but a solid tuna stick.heck the blank is worth a $100 .not for the guy who wants impressive fancy shit.for someone who doesnt give a shit and wants to pull fish over...
  60. old salt

    4/27 dana point bounce ball under bait balls

    got up this morning and decided I needed to redeem my self for getting outfished 2 times by my newb buddy on bigger serious and broke out the goose gear .line in 7 am.first fish 8:15 nice one about 9 lbs.kept working the area got another biter that fell off.about 9:15 got another...
  61. old salt

    4/26 dana point north

    nice conditions in the AM.there is so much bait out there right some spots its balled up so tight and puddling you could scoop it with a dip net.Im lazy i bought a half scoop of deans at the barge.made some mac for an atempt at a T on the way back in.spotted one in 100ft off s. creek but...
  62. old salt

    rule 1100 gph tournament series w/new motor cartridge $25

    just replaced my bait pump with the commercial duty teel pump I bought from waynesworld. prior to that I made 1 six hour trip on the new motor cartridge on my rule pump.this pump is $55+ tax at west marine.the cartrige is over $ can have this one for less than 1/2 price $25
  63. old salt

    dana point scratched my butt itch

    headed out at 7 am to drift for butts.usual area hard bottom north.had my construction buddy whoes a newb along so left the BB gear at home.9 am buddy says Im on.tell him nice and steady dont jerk it.nice 31" fish comes to drift same area I bring up a 26 " fish.couple more drifts for...
  64. old salt

    approx 30gal custom foam & fiberglass oval tank $25

    tank measures 24" tall 28" wide 19" front to back.this tank was well made out of light weight foam and fiberglass and is very light .about 10 lbs.needs a good cleaning, a little work around theopening and some paint to look good but functional as is.hey the thing is under a $1 gallon
  65. old salt

    aquaworld UT 29

    this tank is used but in good mounting hardware. . price $70 OBO pics added. you can use the same mounting brackets as the kodiak available at west marine.or on line from for $22.he sells this tank for $263 + shipping
  66. old salt

    vintage 1953 penn 49M

    SOLD !!!this reel is in awsome like new condition.was my grandmothers wire line salmon reel.hardly used.have the 53 catalog not pictured to be included.$60 or make an offer or trade.will take paypal and ship anywhere in US including AK for $10.if your local and pick this thing up all throw in...
  67. old salt

    offshore 65 square

    free tank.major delamination issues but could be repaired .I m over it. has light fixture on bottom.was on my lobster skiff.currently leaking at bottom by fill area.lots of patches.make another and your good to go.tank is in laguna.probably easier just to call.mark 949 463 5882...
  68. old salt

    3/12 dana point

    got out with a rod & reel today for the first time since summer.headed to the usual hard bottom area .late start line in at 9:30 biter that fell off at 10:00.biter that stuck at 10:10..bounced around for another hour for 1 lost rig.called it a day at 11:30. best of big game bounce rig w/purple...
  69. old salt

    anybody fishing the royal star easter trip?

    alijos easter special 8 day april 3rd. my buddy and i are 2 of 5 booked.$1650 great deal.pimpin it because we need bodies.13 and it will go is what Ive been told.
  70. old salt

    any one else have this problem

    every time I open a post that some nut sack with a lame video clip attached to there reply shuts my system down and ends the can this be avoided
  71. old salt

    lowrance ifinder h20 handheld gps new

    this will store over 1000 waypoints.removable SD memory card allows unlimited storage.the cheapest I have found this unit for online is $ mine for $150.00.I will ship it anywhere in US to include AK for $ with paypal or postal mark at 949 463 5882 if interested PRICE...
  72. old salt

    Offshore dana wharf fury 5-5

    hopped on the fury this morning with my friend matt.really wanted to see him get a pelagic as he has not fished offshore this summer at all.well he got a nice dodo on the first paddy stop.boat total for 16 passengers of which about 6 new what they were doing for the day was 5 dorado.couple nicer...
  73. old salt

    Offshore Dana Pride 3/4 day 19 YFT and a Dodo

    went down to dana wharf yesterday to say hey to the guys.tommy white tells me were running offshore tomorrow.6-6 for $59 extended 3/4 day.Im on it.21 passengers .now there are about 4 guys that know what there doing. 2 girls who each landed tuna and cher hooked and fought a 80-100lb. striper for...
  74. old salt

    im that stupid.

    crammed a bunch of skipjack and tuna heads(lobster bait) in the freezer.apparrently some slid and opened the door a 1/2 inch.gone for 2 days fishing.back with more skipjack.freezer open.40 lbs. of vacum packed dodo, albie, Yft ,and yellow tail steaks are now also lobster bait.what a fuckin...
  75. old salt

    happy ending jigs on searcher 4 day

    mike hooked me up with a few of his creations for my trip.1 day of travel.trolled his cedarless cigar plug the first day of fishing for a nice 2 trolled his purple mini bike on a mini squid daisy chain for a YFT in the AM and a mexican flag color abalone head mini biker for a dodo...
  76. old salt

    7/21 SCI on the Sea Horse white & yellow

    fished with tyler and the gang on the horse today.epic day for me with a 30 # class WSB at gray light and 40 minutes later a 20# class yellow.couple other guys dumped fish in the gray and a large 100#+ black was caught.great calico and sheep action later in the day.10# halibut in the...
  77. old salt

    seahorse SCI for tues 7/21

    any BDers wanna fish the sea horse tues leaving dana wharf mon 7/20 10 pm.they currently have 6 reservations.they need 12 to go.with me and 5 more the boat will run.just sold my sport skiff and need to do minor work on the working boat b4 its fish ready.dana wharf sport fishing 949 496 5794 .its...
  78. old salt

    playin hooky

    decided to cut out and go fish.jumpin on the 10 am half day.sum fun out of dana much easier than hookin up the boat and all the clean up.anyway great burgers and good crew.just wanna pull on some fish afteer my bounceball trip for nada on later today on the trip.see ya
  79. old salt

    7/3 dana point found a stupid one

    fished usual areas north of the harbor today 7 am to noon with mike.mike got skunked I got a nice little fatty 11 lb. 30 inch fish (dfg weighed at ramp) at 8 am .thought it was going to be on. 1 short for the rest of the day.happy to get 1 after last of big game bounce ball rigs as...
  80. old salt

    NFIDP struck out on the flatties

    its official there are no longer fish in dana point.herbert and rick have caught all the halibut in dana point.:hali_parkutuli::profile:.not even so much as a sniff of a fish today.current was very different slack tide all day but kelp was all down?lotta snags and hang ups.have to try...
  81. old salt

    6/21 dana point butts on the chew

    fished today with montana mike off salt creek.was going to go yesterday but wimped out on the weather.was heading to the domes this morning but turned around a mile south of the harbor and headed to my usual haunt.glad I did.6 legals and 1 short.gave a 25'' fish to jeff on the bait barge.F&G...
  82. old salt

    6/14 dana point

    fished the usual areas north of the point today with my pal montana mike.mike got 2 on the bounceball.a 10 and a 5 lber.I got a nice ling but it was a 1/2 inch short.the butts hit best of big game yellow double glow with a new penny gulp squid pinned on.ling hit purple haze with white grub.phatt...
  83. old salt

    5/9 & 5/10 dana halibut report

    the flatties showed me some love this weekend.pounded the hard bottom north and caught 1 short 21" 3 keepers [email protected] 24" and 1 30 #. 3 big sandbass, a short cabazon.and a sculpin.have to tell you I was skeptical at first about the bounce ball but those things are like fucking magic.many thanks to...
  84. old salt

    4/5 halibut report dana point

    brought my buddy montana mike along today. he caught all the flat fish all I got was a big sculpin(released).got out to the spot about 8 am.drifts were crappy for about an hour. a 6lber on the offshore drift at 9 am.wind turned and the drifts set up right.10:30 mike gets 11lber and hands it off...
  85. old salt

    42 year old fatman lands 38# halibut

    dana point area kicks out another big flattie.this fish was caught on a sardine in 50 ft of water over hard bottom north of dana point.the small fry was 22'' on the nose.caught in same area same depth.little one at 9:30 am big one 2:30 pm.took it to johns fish market and put it on the scale.37...
  86. old salt

    2/20 sum fun dana wharf

    nice day on the water.jumped on the 10 am half day on the sum fun .thanks to the sea horse returning from an island crew trip we were baited up with plenty of live squid.made for a great day of bass fishing right outside the harbor.all the regulars brought in atleast 5 fish each or more.nice...