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  1. triton91

    KBay 8/30/19 went for Aku, Ahi showed up

    Aloha all: Been fishing off KBay a bit always getting some Aku etc. went out for quick run for a few to smoke and kona crab fishing. Well Mr. Ahi had other ideas! Hooked on the 1000 fathom line between U and MM. birds in the area etc. but no fish showing. Was about to head in getting ugly...
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    Boat Enclosure/Cover

    Having a tough time finding someone who does Isinglass enclosures for boats here, anyone know? Also, in need of boat cover. John
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    40' Jersey Sportfisher 1987

    Well, time to sell the big boat. A sad day indeed but off to greener pastures and she can't go with. Please go see the ad for the boat. I have done many upgrades and she is ready to fish! Price reduced: I am relocating, reasonable offers considered. $79K Here's link to the Ad...
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    FURUNO 1932-MARK2 RADAR FOR SALE, $500.00

    Complete operational: Furuno 1932 Mark 2 48nm radar with 3.5' open array. comes with cable and power cable. Came off my boat was on boat when purchased. Went with Simrad do not need now. $500.00 obo Price Drop call, text or email John 858-922-5977
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    SOLD SIMRAD S5100 Sonar Module for sale, SOLD

    Simrad S5100 for sale, new unit never used except to test system. Went different transducer direction, don't need the module. Comes with all the cables, except two of the 7 to 9 pin adapter cables. Manual included. Unit is in Ventura. Call, text or email. John
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    SOLD Propellers Michigan Dyna-Quad 24"x27" 1.75" Shaft $700.00 for the pair

    SOLD All: I have a pair of Dyna-Quads for sale, 700.00 for the pair. 1.75 inch shaft. 24x27 4 blade props. Came off a 40' Jersey Sportfish. Way too much prop for that boat, so went with correct size. Excellent shape no damage at all. Give me a call, text or email. They are in...
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    Big Fish Transport needs some help

    I know some of you have used Mike at Big Fish Transport to help with your trips. Mike is my Best friend and is always on my boat when I fish, if not it is a rare day. Well if you didn't know Mike started Big Fish because of a health issue with his lungs. He is in need and I am reaching out to...
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    I have four Truline Trolling rods for sale. All early 80's vintage. I fished two of them for years with my Dad, commercial rock cod and they put me through college. all have removable butts. two are aftco and two are chrome brass. Two with aftco butts are: OG80RUB and 80RUB, one is an...
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    SOLD Trailer Bunk Rails -- $95.00

    SOLD All: Set of Bunk Rails single mount. They are 34" Wide and 30" tall from the mount. comes with all the hardware. I had these for my whaler and had them on for a short time before I upgraded the boat. There in Carlsbad. Call or text. John eight 58-922-5977
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    Fish I.D. Drawing a Blank

    Ok, can't figure this one out, or I don't remember what it is. Caught on bottom, dropper loop for YT. put it back in water and it swam down no problem.
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    Hey I have a Factory Wrapped Truline 3X. I actually started fishing with it many moons ago. It went to my buddy, and now it's back with me. In great shape for it's age ready for someone to fish it. I have other 3X's that I wrapped. $200.00 obo or willing to be part of a deal for a 6X, LM9...
  13. triton91

    Broomtail skirt material

    Ok I have searched and cannot seem to figure out where to get this material. It's the nylon skirt material on the broomtail albacore trolling lures. it is like the lawn chair material. any help would be great for a source. John
  14. triton91

    SOLD BNIB--FURUNO 1623 RADAR--$1,000.00

    SOLD Brand New Furuno 1623 Radar: Radar came with boat I bought, I am heading another direction for system and will not use. Still in plastic and shrink wrap, as you can see in the photos. You can ship on your dime. Cash is best, or paypal. 858-922-5977, if I don't answer a PM or reply...
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    BNIB -- FURUNO 1623 RADAR -- $1,000.00

    Brand New Furuno 1623 Radar: Radar came with boat I bought, I am heading another direction for system and will not use. Still in plastic and shrink wrap, as you can see in the photos. You can ship on your dime. Cash is best, or paypal. 858-922-5977, if I don't answer a PM or reply. John
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    Here's link I posted in wrong forum. Help Moderator.
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    RESTORED: 1989 CABO Cuddycon 226/2007 Evinrude ETEC 250hp. I found this awesome boat up in the high desert where it was hiding for almost 8 years. I made the deal for the boat in Late May 2014, towed her back to So Cal, you could see the boat smiling on the way back, waiting to get back to...
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    For Sale: 2 R.W. Bianco 5086 Rods. They are 6 ft. and 50 to 80 lb. in great shape. Early 80's or late 70's vintage. $160.00 for the pair. Would like to sell as pair. John, 858-922-5977
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    I posted over in rods and reels for sale: John Link:
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    For Sale: Truline D8 Blank: Never wrapped. I bought a long time ago and it has lived in the garage for years waiting for me to wrap it! I have not and don't have the time. Someone should buy this and wrap it up and fish it. Purchased in the early 80's from Dana Landing tackle shop or at...
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    Offshore 11/7/14 YFT 3.5 miles south of Catalina

    Hey got one peanut YFT off the ponies 3.5 miles south of catalina around noon. 70 degree water. Was at island dragging rapalas saw big splash way off. No wind so ran out there mega pod of ponies. Threw blk/prle marauder out. 2 mins later bit!! Small YFT. Worked group for another few hours big...
  22. triton91

    10/6/14, Quality YT, PL on "Johnny B. Good"

    I thought I would share this one, have not seen this quality fish out of this area in a Very Long Time. After long day offshore for many many large paddies only holding super micro tails. Ran to PL to fish dropper loop to try and catch some over a pound. First drift about 15 mins. into it...
  23. triton91

    Offshore "Johnny B. Good" does Good! Oside 9 miles

    9/18/14 Well We are done restoring the Cabo Cuddycon 226, and the shake down cruises are done for a few fish, stressing about things breaking. Today was the first killing day. Moose, Woody, Squishy and Pops went to kill for the first time. We went out of Oside 9 miles on 250 heading and...
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    FOR SALE: I have a Penn 349H for sale that I just serviced and installed a slightly used Newell Wahoo Kit. I also installed the Smooth Drag 5+1 Carbontex drags in the reel. What an improvement! I have not spooled any line on the reel but it will make alot of drag and is very smooth. the...
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    Hey: Bedliner from a 2011 GMC Sierra 2500 Longbed 8 feet. It has the tail gate piece too, and the bed rails, all for $30.00. The truck has only 5k miles on it so bed liner is in Awesome shape. Come get it, willing to deal! Heck bring a spac of Stone IPA and it might just be yours! John...
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    Time to sell my Touareg, I just need a truck with a bed on it. Great vehicle and tows up to 7k. I tow my montauk 170 around and it does not even notice it is there. Lux Limited Package w/Granite Leather Interior (12-Way Power Passenger Seat and Poplar Wood Interior Trim), Premium Technology...
  27. triton91

    R. W. Bianco Rods

    Ok I aquired a R.W. Bianco 5086 fishing pole 50 to 80 lb. Does anyone have information on it? John
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    Truline VBG6 6 foot factory wrap

    SOLD Truline 6 foot VBG6 for sale. Factory wrapped. Metal reel seat. In Good condition, still fishable. Only thing is a gimbal was put on it and a screw placed through gimbal, I didn't do it! see photos. $100.00 bucks it's yours. John
  29. triton91

    Old Glass Calcutta Rod Blanks

    I have two Fiberglass Conolon 8 foot parabalic blanks for sale. I found these at an old tackle shop near southeast San Diego off the trolley tracks. He had all kinds of fishing rod blanks and a buddy and I saw a bunch of these blanks in the corner buried behind stuff. We bought the whole bunch...
  30. triton91

    Montauk 170 Bait Tank Set Up

    Hey all: After searching around in the forums and on the whaler sites, I found only a couple informative posts on a bait tank on a 170 Montauk. Has anyone here installed one and how big did you go? I don't think over a 22 gal. where did you put the bait pump? I know the newer montauk's...
  31. triton91

    Whaler Montauk 170

    Got a new toy to play with! Needed a boat and got this awesome little whaler from a friend.