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    Thrasher 2021

    Shit is getting real. I don't post here much anymore however Thrasher has deep Roots on BD. Thrasher Rods has a new partner, Benjamin @Reel Hooker has been a great friend from the beginning and will now be running the business, I will continue with the things I'm good at. We've been working...

    Thrasher salmon rods.

    SOLD!!! I have a pair of 9 foot 10-30 rods with Alps titanium guides and a Winn grip looking for a home, $400 for the pair. These are new, never fished. Jason 425 956 4756


    SOLD!! Not sure what this is worth, $100? Jason 425 956 4756

    Jack Pole

    SOLD!!! I have a tre-fin jack Pole, $200 Jason 425 956 4756

    Coffee grinder

    Thrasher, TRMF 76H, Rasta tuna destroyer. 7'8" popping and stick baits.

    Aftco gaff

    6 ft by 3 inch hook, $60 Renton Highlands. I put a tape measure on the hook but I think it's still considered a 3-inch hook, not sure.

    Custom gaffs

    These two are done and ready to go, they are built on my USA made blanks and utilize a usa-made Winthrop 2" hook. These are American AF and perfect for Albacore. The blue one is 4 ft 5 in, the green one is 5 ft 3 in. $250 each or we can build you a custom gaff.


    What is everybody using? I've been using Terrafin for the last few years but recently saw something about Ripcharts that looked pretty cool. My current subscription is about to end so now would be a good time to change over if it's the better option.

    Just in case

    Doing a one-time run of these super fancy Carhartt rain guard hoodies, zipper or pullover, they're expensive AF, my cost after tax and printing in three locations will be $75. Also doing some shirts and hats, give me a call or text if you want anything at cost. I'll be in Westport August 7th...
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    Oregon boys bring home the win

    Congratulations are definitely in order.
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    Fishing rod truck rack.

    SOLD!!!!! I think everybody seen this before, it's back up for grabs. This interferes with my toolbox and just sits here. Make a reasonable offer, $200 would be awesome, don't be shy make an offer.
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    U Ship

    Anybody know this guy? Maybe heading that way. Does anybody else play with u ship when heading out on a road trip? I may have to make a run down to California and pick some stuff up, a load like this should cover my expenses.
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    Making memories

    Today was one of the best days ever. I'm sure all of us that are raising or have raised children have had these moments. Today I watched my 11 year old son Zak battle a 130lb Bluefin on a rod he helped build, yes he had some help, but watching him pull as hard as he could for as long as he...
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    Battlefish on Netflix

    Cool local fellows killing Tunas. Watch the trailer, season one comes out tomorrow.
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    Anybody heading to Westport Friday

    My son needs a ride down, his mom is willing to deliver him to Westport but I but I thought I'd see if anybody was heading down. He's got a doctor appointment at 2:30 that he can't miss, could meet somebody along their way. Both kids are fishing the WTC with me this year, can't wait.
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    Fire sale,

    You buy them or I'll burn them, the racks are full need a little space and cash. Price range $50 to $400. I have no halibut rods in this lot and fifty bucks doesn't get your much.
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    Same old story,

    Yeah, another family coming to the Big Island on a fishing trip. I'll try and perk this up with a few pictures. I suppose we are a regular old family from the Seattle area. We are coming to the Hilo area for a week at the end of May. I've Got a Friend who will take us out on his boat for a...
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    Bluewater Baller

    I can't imagine anything better than fishing with kids. We found a few of these 65 miles offshore in the PNW on Sunday . My boy is a chip off the old block. He's become a full-on gear snob and elbows me out of the way at the bait tank. Now he says he needs a twin spin for his birthday in...
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    Thrashers for WTC

    What does everyone want to see? There will be 1 rod for the raffle and one rod for the auction. The Red Rod is an 8-foot bait stick, TR-F 80M. The rest are the infamous TR-MF 76H blank, and one of them is a spinning rod. Anyone who wins a rod at the auction or in the raffle we'll also have the...
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    Fire sale

    You buy them or I'll burn them. One brand new Talus, 3 used Penn rods and I've got some Thrasher's that are used or blems with defects in the Finish. All of these rods work well in our albacore Fishery. Would be happy to get half of retail on the non Thrashers and the Thrashers would be...
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    Saltwater White king

    We were out for the opener and I caught a white king. He weighed 17 lb but I've never caught a white king before what's up with that. We worked for our fish but got limits of Kings on both Saturday and Sunday and also got our Ling's on Sunday. We caught fish from just south of the casinos all...
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    Valiant 500

    I bought four of these to fish in Costa Rica because my custom ones weren't done yet. I have one left it fished seven days in Costa Rica. Looking for $375 spooled with 50 pound Power Pro, 30 lb Top Shot and 60 lb wind on leader. Jason 426 956 4756
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    What's going on

    Offshore World Championship, Thanks to John and his crew Bobby, Mike and Carl who won the WTC. Myself, Patrick and our friend Jeff will be joining the team in Quepos for the tournament and Thrasher rods is sponsoring the event. This is a dream trip for everyone involved. Everyone is committed...
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    I've got a bunch of rods with color schemes that don't fit into the production model. It's time to clear them out. I've got prototypes from all the way back at the 2016 boat show. 20% Off I've got some other (non Thrasher) rods that I've had for a while that I'll never use. I'm having a fire...
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    Getting Ready

    Ramping up for 2017. Ryan, Goat, Dog Fucker, I've got your rods. Bud, I've got a spiral wrapped 8 foot loaner for you to try. Benjamin, you need to drag your ass over here. Patrick I'll see you in Roche on the 18th. Lawrence will see you at the boat show. Thrasher Rods is stayin ahead of the...
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    So there's nothing funny about security in schools these days but I got this email earlier today and I had to laugh, especially after seeing stories of suspicious clowns on the news this morning. It's gonna be a crazy month, full of crazy clowns, with the stories in the media that's for sure.
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    Avets X10

    Avet sx blue $160 Avet sx-mc puppy chewed $160 Avet sx-mc 1green 1 orange $190 Avet MXJ 1 silver 1 black $180 Avet LX 1 blue 1 pink $210 Avet LX Raptor 1 gun metal 1 blue camo $380 Everything got new braid this year SX and MX have 40lb LX have 80lb. They are all in great shape even...
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    What's really going on

    Everything I'm hearing seems to be very vague right now. Whether it's about jumpers close in but no word if they're biting and how many were caught. Or mediocre numbers running 60 plus miles. I'd love to hear current reports, like daily, from those who are running. I'm ready to go again but I'm...
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    Garmin GSD 22

    I had Garmin send me a new one while troubleshooting some issues on the boat. GSD 22 was not the problem. They gave me a Smokin deal on it because I was troubleshooting an issue. Anybody want it for $250 is welcome to it or I'll send it back for a refund. Jason 425 956 4756
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    Should Benjamin kick some other clients out of the way and make a priority of doing the vinyl for my truck so it looks cool at the WTC. It looks like a fucking painters truck. He designed a badass new logo for me. But we don't know if he can get it done on my schedule. Either way I'm...
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    Saltwater Wide open

    I was lucky enough to get a deal with Patrick to fill his boat with rookies on Sunday the 17th. So it was me and Zak, my business partner and co-owner of thrasher rods, Jim, but we just call him pockets, and his posse of rookies. It was absolute insanity, Captain Dave Anderson was running the...
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    VHF issues

    So I recently readid a bunch of electronic stuff on the boat. Added another 12 inch screen moved my radios replaced the antennas and replaced the network backbone and cables. So I moved the Standard Horizon gx2200 down into the cabin and installed a ram 3 remote access microphone at the helm. I...
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    Surface iron for Albacore

    So I know you Cali guys are always throwing surface iron so I thought it's gotta work for the albacore as well. Maybe it doesn't maybe it's a well-known fact it's new to me. I bought all these jigs to try what do you think. Mostly 544 and a few Tadys. The albacore reappeared off our Coast day...
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    13 new holes in my boat

    Did some trading with Nick, Badass new rocket launcher the fucking bolt holes even lined up. Think I'm going to powder coat it red. Thanks Nick you're the man.
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    Retarded question

    Thinking about Neah Bay. Anybody have moorage they're not using on Friday night, hahahahahaha. Anybody on an end tie that could let me raft up Friday night. Who says there's no stupid questions.
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    Saltwater Finally got to fish with a Thrasher

    Awesome weekend in Neah Bay last week. Myself and the two sons slayed em 3 days of limits. The weather was so nice my oldest decided to take a dip.
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    Neah bay

    Anyone else going to Neah bay this weekend? Myself and the kids will be fishing Saturday and Sunday.
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    VHF antenna

    I just upgraded everything, this is my old VHF antenna and mount, it worked fine. There's an FM antenna here as well it's pretty beat but it works. If you need this stuff you can have it, If you want to offer up some cash for it that's fine too. I'm in Renton Highlands.
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    Nema 2000

    I just upgraded everything on the boat. There are three T's plus the power source and one long cable. If you need this stuff you can have it, If you want to make a cash offer that's fine too. I'm in Renton Highlands.
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    Trailer tongue weight scale

    I just bought one and everyone is welcome to borrow it. It made the job easy moving boat back and forth on the trailer at the launch to get it where I want it. I weighed the boat and trailer on the scale at the dump. I put 10% on the tongue which for me is 1100 pounds. I wound up moving the boat...
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    Found this on Facebook, yeah I said it Facebook. It only takes a minute.
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    I just signed up again. For some reason it looks like it completely started me over with 12 month free trial this time. I'm just wondering if there are any updates on satfish. It still doesn't work on my phone. Hey Ali are you guys still working on the app.
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    I'm going to destroy some blanks

    I just have questions as to how to set it up. Originally I was thinking I'd make a bracket for my forklift to hold my blanks at 45 degrees and then just pull with the cord coming out of the blank plumb. But I'm wondering if it would be a better comparison if I set it up so that I'm pulling at a...
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    Thrasher a new kind of rod

    Hello Cali, THRASHER RODS | Saltwater Fishing Forums
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    This is just an update for those that are interested. We are going full speed into this. We spent another long day in woodland yesterday finalizing things on the new blanks. This is all driven by our passion for fishing, we are PNW albacore fisherman. We have found a lot of rods with...
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    Last year's Tuna rods

    I have one Penn rampage 6'6", 30-80LB spinning rod. It might be worth 80 bucks. Trolling rods Penn international V. 6'6", 20-40LB. I'd like $100 each. Call, text or PM Jason 425 956 4756
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    We're gonna make some rods

    Well actually our hope is to make a shitload of Rods. We're going to have a go at building badass American made rods starting with albacore specific fishing rods we are also going to make outriggers, gaffs and eventually salmon halibut and bottom fish stuff. Myself and my partner Randy...
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    Shiny Avets

    I need to borrow some. Does anyone have any shiny Avets, they need to be new or like new. We could spool them up with the line of your choice. They will be part of a display at the boat show. Looking for sizes s through J and don't care about color. Wish me luck with this.
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    Acid wrap

    Anybody ever consider this for live bait rods? The geometry sure seems to make good sense when planning on fighting with 30 pound fish all day. I've never fished an acid wrapped rod before, or spiral wrapped as some would say. Do they cast ok who has fished with one before. I'm thinking about...
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    I need a lot of rod guides

    I'm sure this has probably been covered but here we go again. I've never posted in this section before, but my buddy and I are getting ready to wrap 30 + rods. We would love to use all American parts however that doesn't seem to be a possibility. Unless someone here know something I don't. The...
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    10 year anniversary what to do

    Is my 10 year anniversary Saturday. The wife has no idea I'm trying to put something together. She takes a lot of crap in a house full of testosterone. I can drop the kids off at my moms on Saturday and pick them up on Sunday. I'm kind of thinking Four Seasons downtown and an awesome dinner but...
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    Mustang inflatable recall

    Hope everyone is aware of this and I hope the link works.
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    Is this a good buy

    Can anyone tell me if this is a good buy or not. My dad is thinking about buying this boat. I have no idea of the value. I'm going to go look at it with him on Friday. If it is a good deal, don't be buying it it's for my dad he is old and...
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    Saltwater Sun 10/4 Tuna

    My neighbors were out today they went to 55/20. Worked hard very slow start found some kelp later in the day and managed 18 large fish. They fished everything. Best was Halco max 130 purple. But got fish on jigs swimbait and live bait as well. Go ahead and give me shit about my pictures. Good...
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    There's good news and bad news honey

    There's good news and bad news honey. The bad news is we got a few jars of Tuna. The good news is I will go get more. Hahahahaha:finger: The lengths I will go to take care of my family.:-)
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    Tuna carking

    Call me lazy but sometimes I don't want to deal with it. I would assume there are deckhands around the docks that would like to make a couple extra bucks. Anybody have any recommendations or contacts for this.
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    Custom livewell

    Been trying to upgrade my livewell for a while now. I bought the Kodiak 22 gallon Proflo because I knew I could squeeze it into my factory location. I kicked it around for a few days and decided it just wasn't made well and not worth the effort for a 22 gallon. So I found this 30 gallon...
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    Anchor Chain and Rode

    The rode is 220 feet chain is 20 feet anchor is 18 pounds off my 27 foot Grady. The rope and chain are barely used in like new condition. I think it's worth a couple bucks let me know if its not Make an offer it's just sitting in my garage Nobody wants to even make an offer on this shit...
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    Rent your boat trailer

    I have a good friend trying to move a 28 foot Bayliner from the East Coast. Anybody want to rent their trailer he is a professional Shipper and has no problem dealing with bearings breaks or any other maintenance or repairs. He is also fully insured. Worth a shot eh:finger:
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    SOLD 3 Penn international 975 lever drag

    I sold them thanks for looking I just spooled these with 40 pound Power Pro and 75 feet of 30 pound mono top shot. Fished once with new line. I just bought all new Avits and these will collect dust if I don't pass them along to someone who will enjoy them. I'm asking $200 each. It's possible I...
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    Livewell /Baitwell

    I'm looking at the Kodiak PF 22 mainly because I think it will fit in the factory location on my GW 272 sailfish. The factory one does not circulate very well and I continually modify my drain so it doesn't get blocked by all the dead bait. How much bait will the 22 gallon Kodiak keep alive? I...
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    Tuna Tool

    I bought these thinking they would come in handy for something on the boat. On my first Tuna trip this year I reached for them to see if I could use them to bleed the Tuna, and wow they cut through everything clean fast and safe. I'll never use a knife again these things are awesome. I've bled...
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    Saltwater WP. Tuna 7/7 ;)

    Awesome day on the two sons we started out at 46°36 124°47. Never really saw good water temperature snooped around a bit no help on the radio. I was going to head south but two buddies on the boat wanted to go north so I agreed. At 46°57. 125°04 we found good water started trolling at about 59...
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    Saltwater area 4 please

    I'm reporting a lack of info on area 4. Has anyone been to neah bay? I've got Canadian licences for the family and would love to try them out, (Haliboot is good). Or I could just head to WP again.
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    Saltwater 8/5 Tuna Dream

    I've been dreaming about my first tuna trip four 5 months since I got my boat. I took my neighbor and his boys, they have been on a charter a couple times out of Westport. We loaded ice and 1 scoop of bait pulled out of Westport at 6 a.m. by my standards the water was a little rough so we went...