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  1. potuna

    Cow rigs

    What the heck did you say?
  2. potuna


    Sweet rod
  3. potuna

    Avet 50EX 3 Speed

    Still have this for sale?
  4. potuna

    Smallest Charlie Brown Circle Hook for Cow Fishing?

    I like JB hooks but on my last trip I used nothing but J hooks, didn’t miss.
  5. potuna

    Difference Between RUS80 Wahoo & Predator

    My other rigs for the lupe were Centaur with Mak 16 for 80# and Viper with Avet 30 for 100#
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    Recent 10 Day

    Forgot to mention we saw only one Great White and only had one tuna get bite in half but as always it was a big tuna.
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    Recent 10 Day

    I was on a 10 day that got back last week. We fished the entire Ridge, Alijos Rocks and the lupe. Ridge was not good except for wahoo, Raiders and bombs worked and my Tony the Tiger Hooker Intruder was 4 for 4 trolling. Otherwise small tuna, a couple yellows and a few dodos. Alijos was wahoo...
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    Difference Between RUS80 Wahoo & Predator

    Got a 122 yft at the lupe last week on RGP 80 Terminator, Torque 40, 60#. Great lite set up for the lupe, JP fish.
  9. potuna

    Guadalupe Tuna Method Theory

    Do not turn your back to the water while fishing the rail at the lupe.
  10. potuna

    My last box

    Damm Loc that’s a beauty, I’d love to fish with you again.
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    I'm booked on the Indy Nov 26 thru Dec 7 trip - how are bunks / staterooms assigned?

    Tackle box storage is a sore subject for me, Indy unless you have the top row isn’t great. Most guys had large skb boxes and on second and bottom rack you can’t open the top and upstairs gets full fast. RP has a crappy set up for tackle boxes, that duel bench seat doesn’t help. Don’t get me...
  12. potuna

    Indications of Intruders

    I have two of the originals, best wahoo troller I’ve ever used.
  13. potuna

    Which long range boats are best for taller anglers?

    I agree on head smacking on the searcher, hate that. Only boat I’ve been on that was an issue.
  14. potuna

    Makaira SEA 20 or 30???

    Yep 20s all day and night.
  15. potuna

    OSP 2x4 vs. UC 76 Viper

    Another vote for UC, I’ve got raptor,centaur,viper and Invictus
  16. potuna

    Intrepid 3 Day, April 15-18

    Did they fix the port list?
  17. potuna

    Support long range fishing now

    I thought it was made by General Dynamics?
  18. potuna

    New rod & reel for a 16 day in April on the indy

    I’m guilty of custom set ups as well.
  19. potuna

    New rod & reel for a 16 day in April on the indy

    Nice low budget set up, haha.
  20. potuna

    Preferred Reel choices for Long Range

    Does a guy need a raptor for 30&40lb test
  21. potuna

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    VISX handle is too far away from the reel. They’re lighter but vsx is a tank got a 180 on the vsx 16 on 80lb
  22. potuna

    Jig stick set up

    So I went with reaper and a 20a, nice that the reel fits with standard clamp.
  23. potuna

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    No I had visx, sold them and bought vsx. Still have Mak 50,20 and 16.
  24. potuna

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    I had 50,30 and 16 visx sold them all. VSX are better for me.
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    We've made upgrades! Click here to learn more and tell us what you think.

    Don’t see rod and reel classifieds?
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    Best Raptor for yo-yo: HX or HXJ?

    I use my HX raptor for yo-yo, wahoo bombs and raiders. Works great
  27. potuna

    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    I have Mak 16 sea on a 7’6” centaur, great set up.
  28. potuna

    FN 30-06 1952 vintage

    I’ve got a nice vintage 1952 FN 30-06 bolt action rife. Very nice piece of wood except a gouge that I tried to get in the pictures. I showed it to a gunsmith and he said it could be ved out and a piece glued in but was too busy at the time and I didn’t follow through. I bought this many years...
  29. potuna

    Penn 16 vsx, Avet HX, Seeker SHS70H, Super Seeker 6470H

    I’m in San Diego to meet, I can ship reels on your dime. Please PM any questions or reasonable offers, spare me the low balls. Penn 16 vsx excellent condition, it’s been on one trip 178# yft. Full of 80 or 100 blue spectra. $old Avet HX 5/2 very good condition no mc, white spectra was serviced...
  30. potuna

    Jig stick set up

    Anyone tried the UC reaper
  31. potuna

    Jig stick set up

    Idea jig stick set up for yellows, rods and reels?
  32. potuna

    If you had to pick one calstar jigstick

    UC Reaper
  33. potuna

    Gotta report a guy - - it is way good

    That’s some incredible service.
  34. potuna

    Indy 16 day

    Hoping the next trip gets um.
  35. potuna

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Finished stand
  36. potuna

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Stand almost done
  37. potuna

    Yet another wooden box

    Very nice Loc.
  38. potuna

    372 on XL

    I’ll need these fish to hang around for another 6 weeks.
  39. potuna

    New Nomad DTX Colors!!!!!!!!

    Haha mine went to the right
  40. potuna

    New Nomad DTX Colors!!!!!!!!

    Yeah teach them to swim straight
  41. potuna

    To all of you DIPSHITS......

    Up yours
  42. potuna

    Names from the Past Early 80's Who do you remember?

    I fished with Cliff and Charles on the 105
  43. potuna

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Can’t wait to see your next creation.
  44. potuna

    FG Knot Performance

    Below 80 I use the RP knot, 80 and above the FG no failures on fish.
  45. potuna

    Cow Reels

    For chunk or big bait I have a Cal/baker penn 80 narrow, Avet 50 SDS 3 speed for kite and pl68 Penn vsx 50 for big bait/ sinker all on uc Invictus Sea 20 on Invictus sardine Atd 30 on viper Penn 30 vsx Cal special on viper Sea 16, penn 16 vsx and Avet HXW for light line cows The penn visx if...
  46. potuna

    Excellent Torium 20hg, Seeker Captain Grabowski 6470H

    Seeker sold, only Torium still availabl. I dropped price again.
  47. potuna


    I need your write up on the conventional Reaper.
  48. potuna

    What arm pit do you fish with?

    I’m right handed but can use either pit, I’m 6’4”.
  49. potuna

    RP December 8-14, 2020

    Go get em Loc.
  50. potuna

    Accurate ATD30 Topless Like New

    Great guy to deal with.
  51. potuna

    Excellent Torium 20hg, Seeker Captain Grabowski 6470H

    So I went through my gear and this is what I don’t use or need. I’m in San Diego to meet or I will ship on your nickel PayPal friends and family or you pay the 3%. Please message for pics, questions or reasonable offers, thanks. Shimano Torium 20HG with spectra, I bought this new and have used...
  52. potuna

    Shogun Let’s Talk Hookup 6 day Oct. 23-29

    Nice report and way to go on the super, congrats.
  53. potuna

    Royal Polaris 10 day next October

    I just got off the limited load ten day, Captain was the legend and godfather who worked his ass off, crew was excellent. Food was the best of any trip I’ve been on. My only complaint is tackle storage isn’t great on the RP but you make do. I’m going next year.
  54. potuna


    Cuban Montecristo Edmundo
  55. potuna

    Shogun - Police

    Whatever you oblivious weren’t there then and it’s not a contest.
  56. potuna

    Shogun - Police

    Yeah but that was the Wild West back then.
  57. potuna

    Shogun - Police

    I don’t doubt some of that goes on BUT you paint all of them with a broad brush. Theirs a bunch of clean hard working deckhands. I was around in the 80s and 90s and know what went on. Owner operators and captains can’t put up with that, users gotta go.
  58. potuna

    4 Overdose on SD Fishing Boat

    It would be nice to hear how the guys are doing, who and for what was the guy arrested and what the deal was with the Russian?
  59. potuna

    Poachers - SD Mission Bay

    Isn’t that right across from the lifeguard station?
  60. potuna

    Shogun - Police

    It is possible that they came in contact while cleaning the boat. The truth should come out.
  61. potuna

    Shogun - Police

    You think you know, don’t jump to conclusions.
  62. potuna

    Built another box.

    Another work of art, what became of the other box?
  63. potuna

    Royal Polaris 3-Day

    Me, my brother in law and best friend will be joining you. See you tomorrow.
  64. potuna

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    Started out on the q105 it’s in Alaska now, Excel Royal Star Red Rooster Shogun Royal Polaris I’ve had great trips on all these boats, Captains and crew are excellent, trips ranging fro 3-18 days. These days I go on limited load trips, they’re worth the extra money to me. Good luck
  65. potuna

    Why aren’t there more limited load trips now?

    12 on the Star 1.5 day next week. 20 on the RP 3 day beginning of July, can’t wait.
  66. potuna

    Long Range Reopening Plan

    I spoke with the guys at fisherman’s landing yesterday, they said they can go out when phase 3 begins.
  67. potuna

    Red Rooster 111

    I was also on the Rooster with John G and Jorge, 8 day. Learned a lot from Jorge, didn’t play cards with him though.
  68. potuna

    When will we get grander BFT in SoCal?

    Their were jumbos at the lupe back in the day.
  69. potuna

    Guadalupe Island White Sharks

    The think that pisses me off is smaller fish you can catch but hook a big one fight it and get it right to the boat and whitey is right there to eat your fish. I had one well over 100, long fight on 50 and gw are it with a gaff already in it. Was awesome to see but that was jackpot fish.
  70. potuna

    Lets see your favorite landscape photo from a trip

    Here’s a couple.
  71. potuna

    First time trip to Guadelupe November!

    Right to left Conner Joe passenger Davie Capt Paul Tyler
  72. potuna

    Long Range Travel Insurance

    I purchased an annual plan from Bob before this virus started. We had a trip payed for to New Zealand this month. When this virus started I called Bob to see how we were covered only to find there is a pandemic exclusion. When New Zealand started the mandatory 14 day quarantine we were able to...
  73. potuna

    Long Range shutdown?

    A lot/most are in their boat work mode now. So maybe good timing and hopefully back to fishing soon.
  74. potuna

    Plano Jumbo Airliner, rolling rod case.

    Plano jumbo rolling rod case, 67” expands to 112”. Heavy duty $65picked up in SD, excellent condition was on one trip. Half price of new.
  75. potuna

    PENN 70 VIS Silver $ 500.00 Mint

    That’s a great deal.
  76. potuna

    Penn 6/0 (114H) for wahoo trolling?

    I hate those reels.
  77. potuna

    Mak 50 and 50W SEa, Avet Quad T-Rx 50

    I have some extra big reels for sale, meet in San Diego or I can ship usps priority mail for 25 Bucks. PM questions, reasonable offers or other pics. Low balls ignored. Mak 50 SEa gun metal just back from Ken’s service. Loaded with 130 threadlock, this reel has been on a couple trips mostly as...
  78. potuna

    Nomad Madmacs

    They work but still have those crappy hooks, hooker intruder is still the best wahoo lure.
  79. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Bringing this back, I like to reread before every trip.
  80. potuna

    Looking for a new tackle box....

    They really are works of art but not a wall hanger. This is going fishing soon, like a nice stock on a gun. If you’re worried get a composite stock, the trouble either way is they’re heavy when fully loaded.
  81. potuna

    Looking for a new tackle box....

    Even better tackle box, thanks Stan.
  82. potuna

    Looking for a new tackle box....

    This is a tackle box
  83. potuna

    New/As New Avet Silver EXW 4/02 $245 shipped

    Scott, You messed up the site, haha.
  84. potuna

    Makaira 50W Blue, Avet 50 Quad, UC Invictus

    Mak 50w sold and I’m keeping the rest.
  85. potuna

    Makaira 50W Blue, Avet 50 Quad, UC Invictus

    Mak 50W Sea limited addition blue, went on one trip. JB line one #200 on top of 130. $600 Sold Avet Quad T-Rx 50/2, box says blem, looks new unused to me. Need mega drag here you go, these list for 799. I,m going to load this with #200 seagaur threadlock hollow and May keep it, this on the...
  86. potuna

    Penn visx 16 and 30, 70vs

    Brand new in the box Penn visx 16 in silver, loaded with 100# hollow. It has up sized handle and original handle. $550 Sold Penn visx 30 used on one trip as a trolling reel, excellent condition. Spectra with room for a mono top shot, comes with box and clamp. $500 Sold Penn 70vs very good...
  87. potuna

    3 Blue SEa II's and Custom UC Rod outfits

    I bought this lot from Loc, he will ship all of it to me and I’ll be listing and parting it all out, I have too much gear already. So let me know if there’s anything you want. I’m in San Diego and can ship reels or deliver to any landing here.
  88. potuna

    Its go time - 6 day trip leaving 10/26 on The Gun

    You could fish that, if conditions are the same I’d fish smaller reel on a heavier rod. Hopefully for you there’s less or no shark, better bait and bigger fish on heavier gear. Good luck, watch out for whitey.
  89. potuna

    Its go time - 6 day trip leaving 10/26 on The Gun

    You don’t have light 2 speed set ups. Two weeks ago light 2speed great Free spool 8/9’ rods small hooks,4,2,1, 1/0. 100 pound dropper loop, do not sit on the rail with your back to the water ever at the loop. That said conditions can and will change so be prepared. As long as the GWs are there...
  90. potuna

    Sabre G540

    Black and gray but it’s Sold
  91. potuna

    Sabre G540

    Sweet Sabre grafas 540 109” one of the finest jig slingers, $325 obro picked up. In SD can meet at any SD landing. Trouble loading pics, sendinfo for pics if serious, thanks.
  92. potuna

    Super Seeker 2x0

    Sweet stick Tim.
  93. potuna

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Just picked up my new box by Stan the Man. The wood, finish and hardware are incredible. Layout by me with input from Stan, two deep and six regular boxes and plenty of room for everything else. It’s so beautiful I almost don’t want to use it, almost but it will go fishing shortly.
  94. potuna

    Excel-Ballast Point Brewing 8-Day, Sept 2-10

    Ballast Point has lost their way, the 31 flavors of beer.
  95. potuna

    Best Knot for Heavy Line

    What’s the downside of a five turn uni?
  96. potuna

    Kite rods

    UC Invictus with a 50 wide or better yet a 70 or 80.
  97. potuna

    Smallest line for fg knot

    I’m going local fishing Thursday so Island yellowtail and bft outside I guess. I don’t like to fish less than 30 but I’ll have a 20 or 25 if needed.
  98. potuna

    Smallest line for fg knot

    How small can you go with fg and how many turns? Thanks
  99. potuna

    Rail Technique... Left or Right Arm?

    I’m 6’5”, right handed and have the rod under my left arm.
  100. potuna

    Line to leader system?

    Another unnecessary shit storm.
  101. potuna

    Line to leader system?

    Steve I’m not understanding this?
  102. potuna

    Line to leader system?

    Different strokes, I like the fg and always have at least one back up ready to go.
  103. potuna

    Awesome wood tackle box

    Here’s a awesome tackle box 19.5” wide, 14.5” deep and 17” tall. You need this box, a friend is building a box for me so this is up for sale. I paid 225 for it so that’s the price. I’m in San Diego, no shipping but can meet anywhere in SD
  104. potuna

    No Postings??? Help, please.

    It’s a site issue, I don’t have any content either.
  105. potuna

    San Diego Tackle Traders break in

    That sucks and will be on the look out.
  106. potuna

    The Natural History of Guadalupe

    This brings back memories from our last trip.
  107. potuna

    On the water report. 16 day RP trip

    Nice way to start your trip, go get them.
  108. potuna

    Wahoo bomb blow out sale

    Great bombs and even better seller, thanks Richard.
  109. potuna

    RP update....21 cows, 1 super cow and plenty of wahoo and yt

    There’s no place near here by that name.
  110. potuna

    Intrepid JRI 7 Day June 2019

    June 7 day don’t hold your breath for wahoo.
  111. potuna

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    I stand corrected
  112. potuna

    EXCEL new waste management policy

    You are wrong about recycling, it’s going strong.
  113. potuna

    extra efforts re wahoo?

    I had the fortune of getting a lesson from the master on the RR3, I let everybody go ahead,I toss bombs and large korodiles and get bite on the sink. That and trolling hooker xl intruders I’ve got more than my share of wahoo.
  114. potuna

    From Facebook

    A well respected captain told me 4x 6/0 and below are no go for big fish
  115. potuna

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    3 CX 76 Invictus one more being wrapped 2 CX 76 Viper 1 CX 76 Centaur 1 CX 76 Raptor 1 CA 70 HP 1 Tilefish 80 1 RCE 700H-C
  116. potuna

    Eating Fish on LR Trips?

    I’ve had some fantastic wahoo and tuna dishes on lr trips and no I don’t think they’re being cheap, if that doesn’t work for you ask for something else.
  117. potuna

    My new Hero- This guy- 94 yrs old on a 18 day.

    Forgot Len, can’t remember his last name but for sure in that class with Bob and Don.
  118. potuna

    My new Hero- This guy- 94 yrs old on a 18 day.

    Big fish Bob Wolfson and big daddy Don Burnside are two of my hero’s.Both great fisherman and even better people.
  119. potuna

    Seeker Black steel 665

    One more rod to go
  120. potuna

    Penn Trq40nld2

    Screaming deal here on a great reel.
  121. potuna

    Seeker Black steel 665

    Spring cleaning, I will ship the reel, rods local pick up in San Diego all are used. Penn 50 visxs silver, excellent condition filled with 130 hollow. Comes with cover and box. $old Seeker OSP 4X rated 100-200, 30-50 lbs of drag. 7’3” $old Seeker SHS 70xh Hercules 50-100 7’ rod is light and...
  122. potuna


    UPS can and will damage anything, I shipped a painting in a custom made wood crate and they stuck a forklift fork right though it.
  123. potuna

    Jeff Debuys/Independence

    Roy is the number one captain/owner.
  124. potuna

    What makes UC rods so special

    Well I’m 240 so that helps, but I agree viper is fine for 130 Centaur 80-100, this fishes 100 fine Viper 100/130, sardine Invictus 130-200, kite, big bait and chunk. Yes I have 3 of them.
  125. potuna


    Where are you Jamie, didn’t see you at the show?
  126. potuna

    Super long range tackle box price drop, price drop SOLD

    Awesome long range tackle box, African Mahogany. Dimensions without the rod holders 25” wide, 15.5” deep and 17.5” tall. You can fit 10 boxes five on either side with room in between. It came with aluminum racks which I will include but I found the current set up more functional. $500 picked up...
  127. potuna

    Sato starter crimp kit with toro tamer heavy needle kit

    Sato kit with needles, I don’t have the patience or skill to make this work for me. It has extra crimps and the only thing used is some of the tac glue. I’ve heard they don’t sell these anymore. I have over $250 into this, $200 drop to $175 or best offer. Will ship for $12 and have PayPal.
  128. potuna

    What makes UC rods so special

    In my mind if you hook a big yellowfin I want an Invictus to pull on it.
  129. potuna

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    I got to see the stash at Bob Sands, Gary did a great job of painting these. I’d love to have one of each, and no I didn’t get one.
  130. potuna

    New Makaira 20II SEA

    Bump for good seller
  131. potuna

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Nice Jerry.
  132. potuna

    Makaira 50W

    500+ yards of 200 jb hollow
  133. potuna

    Seeker OSP 4X Reduced

    Nice stick Tim
  134. potuna

    Calstar GG 690 J

    Price drop
  135. potuna

    Calstar GG 690 J

    Excellent condition Calstar 690J, 9’ deckhand style jig slinger. It went on one trip only no fish hooked, rated 20-50. Picked up in San Diego $240 big drop $200
  136. potuna

    Makaira 50W

    Another price drop
  137. potuna

    Which braid would you rather use?

    Can you tie an FG with solid?
  138. potuna

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Jerry’s eggplant, your Tony the Tiger.
  139. potuna

    The real deal. RP Line One 18 day, 1-20 thru 2-7-19

    Truly my pleasure to share that adventure with you.
  140. potuna

    The real deal. RP Line One 18 day, 1-20 thru 2-7-19

    So I had xtra tuffs, keen sandals and sperry fishing/tennis looking shoes on this trip.
  141. potuna

    Makaira 50W

    Price drop
  142. potuna

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    I stand corrected the eggplant is a prototype
  143. potuna

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    They’re both originals
  144. potuna

    Makaira 50W

    I have two
  145. potuna

    Production JRI Intruder Makes It's Debut

    Jim my original hooker way out performed everything on the JB one trip. It didn’t get bit on only one trolling rotation. I put it away when the sharks got on the hoo. I have two one eggplant and a Tony the Tiger Gary painted which is the one I used on this trip.
  146. potuna

    Avet 14 day, who’s with me?

    It’s nasty down south now
  147. potuna

    The Dream 18

    Headed south now
  148. potuna

    The Dream 18

    Back is back to good to go, I met Loc, Don and a few of the other passengers. I’m close to the landing so I’m spending the last night in my own bed with the wife. I’m only bringing a backpack with iPad, reading materials and toiletries and a box of frozen giant squid. When I left Loc was already...
  149. potuna

    The Dream 18

    My gear is all stored away in my stateroom. Head out tomorrow morning, can’t wait.
  150. potuna

    Excel Team Hoo Cow Hunt - 16 Day....Jan. 15-31 Roll Call

    Nice on The Who well done, hope you left some for us.
  151. potuna

    Shogun gets them.

    There were 9 passengers.
  152. potuna

    Light line super?

    I wonder how long that took and what line he used?
  153. potuna

    Shogun gets them.

    Rene and crew running a 13/7 fished the inner banks, cows and a super. Well done
  154. potuna

    For those boarding trips.... Prepare for rain.

    Tuesday pm rain, should be ok for Wednesday loading or not.
  155. potuna

    Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Is Coming

    I hope it doesn’t shut down what appears to be good fishing down there now.
  156. potuna

    The RP is getting them

    So was that a missed stroke on the keyboard or something more nefarious.
  157. potuna

    The RP is getting them

    Checked their current conditions, good number of hos and 5 cows and a super for three days. 40 some yft day although half were small, I’d sign up for that fishing.
  158. potuna

    Makaira 50W

    Mak 50 wide gold loaded with 200 JB hollow, excellent kite rig. I had it serviced at Ken’s before my last trip, excellent condition. I will ship Priority Mail for $18 and accept PayPal f&f or you pay the fee. $old
  159. potuna

    Options for stressing - online weather and current data

    We all have our own stateroom on this trip, so no problem there.
  160. potuna

    Options for stressing - online weather and current data

    Dan I’m on the tens machine right now, taking muscle relaxers, foam roller and limiting sitting. After four tough days I’m finally seeing improvement. I haven’t had a back episode in years, 11 days should be good to go.
  161. potuna

    Options for stressing - online weather and current data

    Try and stop me. Back could do it but doing better and have 12 days to go.
  162. potuna

    Options for stressing - online weather and current data

    No I’m taking about a back where you might not go.
  163. potuna

    10 day Intrepid December 2019

    Great start there, hard to say what the fishing will be then. If the lupe a heavier dropper loop set up.
  164. potuna

    Options for stressing - online weather and current data

    I’m not worried about wind/weather, I’m worried about my back.
  165. potuna

    Rail rod technology

    Hell yes viper is a cow machine.
  166. potuna

    Makaira 50Wii SEa

    I got the Mak 50w today, quick shipping and very nice.
  167. potuna

    The Dream 18

    Preparations have begun, its so clear here after New Year’s Eve rain I can see San Clemente Island from my deck.
  168. potuna

    Paul Carramao

    Hard work does pay off.
  169. potuna

    Ideal kite set up

    I really like that penn 70vis, holds plenty of line and is just a bit heavier than a 50W.
  170. potuna

    Looks Like the Really Big YFT are in the Caribbean-480#

    I’ve been told commercial fishermen out of PV have caught yft well over #500.
  171. potuna

    Ideal kite set up

    How’s that gladiator? Rebar?
  172. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    3 weeks to go, start prepping after the first. Happy new year everyone.
  173. potuna

    Paul Carramao

    I was on Paul’s first solo 16 day trip, he did a great job. He is ready for this and with Rene Shogun is in good hands.
  174. potuna

    Ideal kite set up

    That’s what I have except straight 200
  175. potuna

    Ideal kite set up

    Just saw an ATD 80 today, that’s a boat winch. I don’t know how you hang onto that monster.
  176. potuna

    To Much Stuff! How do you cut it down?

    Every trip is different and you never know exactly how it will go. Fairly safe assumptions you will fish sardines so hooks and floro leaders. You can fish the chunk so bigger hooks. You will fish wahoo so bombs, jigs and trolling lures, we will fish the kite, you can fish a chandelier rig deep...
  177. potuna

    Ideal kite set up

    I had an 80S that Cal did but for some dumb reason I sold it. I was thinking of getting a 70 vis or 80 size, no wides though. Avet 80/3 might be the most versatile but I’ve had bad luck with the bigger Avets, thoughts?
  178. potuna

    Ideal kite set up

    What I have is an Seeker osp 4x with a Mak gold 50 wide, 200lb hollow to a 200lb leader. Would a 70 or 80 be better? 130 hollow to a 100 yards of 200 hollow? Leader? Thoughts? Thanks happy new year
  179. potuna

    Why do you go Long Range Fishing? Why do you read this forum?

    Some guy just shot a #480 yft in the Dominican Republic
  180. potuna

    Heavy line hook knot test

    Merry Christmas John and all the bders
  181. potuna


    If I didn’t already have three I’d be on this, stellar work Jake.
  182. potuna

    Accurate Dauntless 600 w/80lb

    I use mine for kite and big bait, you could use it for troll, great rod here.
  183. potuna

    The Dream 18

    One month to go.
  184. potuna

    Heavy line hook knot test

    Got it, how heavy a line will you tie with the 3 turn uni?
  185. potuna

    Heavy line hook knot test

    Bill and David why don’t you go through the eye twice and then tie the uni?
  186. potuna

    Looking for a reel to handle 200lb.+ fish.

    So a Mak sea 20 or a penn visx 30.
  187. potuna

    How sharkey is Guadalupe in September?

    I was there twice this year, in Late July and October. Both times any small tuna were safe but if you had a good one probably 50/50 it made it to the deck.
  188. potuna

    The Dream 18

    Well I have a few thoughts but it will all be up to Roy where we go. Possibly go to the rocks to break up the ride to hurricane. See how that is and go from there. If big tuna bite well we could go inside and fish our way home and get that variety.
  189. potuna

    Mak 20 sea and Avet HXW Raptor

    Final drop on a great reel.
  190. potuna

    Socks, what do you wear?

    Socks yes I recommend them.
  191. potuna

    Reel Choice?

    Of those two reels 16 has nice low gear for bigger fish, but I prefer the Avets. I have a HX Raptor and a HXW Raptor 3 speed. For pick bite fishing 80# I use a Mak 16 and a visx 16.
  192. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    I’ve only done fly down and back or fly home, this 18 day ride down and back will test me. Can you actually spend too much time on a boat? If you can fish your way home maybe, if straight run get me the hell off this boat.
  193. potuna

    Re-gearing up, from scratch.

    I used some large crocodiles for wahoo, not to reel fast but got bit on the sink.
  194. potuna

    Mak 20 sea and Avet HXW Raptor

    Thinning some can meet in San Diego or ship usps Priority Mail for $15 PayPal f&f. Mak 20 sea gunmetal loaded with 100# Seaguar threadlock hollow. Comes with box and cover, this reel has been on three trips. It was serviced by Ken and had the left lug removed to better palm the spool, no fish...
  195. potuna

    Seaguar Pink Label Limited Sale!

    One things for sure John is great to deal with.
  196. potuna

    If HB is very slow or dead, what will happen on an 18 day trip.

    What’s the maximum you can spend at the lupe?
  197. potuna

    If HB is very slow or dead, what will happen on an 18 day trip.

    Seven weeks away, things will change more than once. We’ll see.
  198. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Seems like a strange season so far, Hurricane bank has been dead. The Star is fishing the lupe and getting yft to #180, it will be interesting to see what they do next. My trip leaves in seven weeks, 18 days leaves a lot of time to hit many different spots. Maybe fish our way back up the coast...
  199. potuna

    New rod for Steve

    Can’t go there.
  200. potuna

    New rod for Steve

    Are these Chinese made blanks?
  201. potuna

    Getting in shape for the trip

    I’m a big fan of these for cow fishing, do these 3 or 4 times a week.
  202. potuna

    3 turn uni and Spangler knot test

  203. potuna

    Newell P 235-F

    Excellent condition P 235-F, box and clamp, $135 will ship for $12
  204. potuna

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    Or you could be a starting QB in the nfl with a newly signed 100 million plus contract and leave $5 on a 100 plus bill.
  205. potuna

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    I’ve asked several captains in private what the tip should be, they all said 10 to 15 percent of the trip. So for me I use the same program as I would in a restaurant, you start at 15 percent and work your way up or down based on service and attitude.
  206. potuna

    Accurate 30 ATD, Okuma 16, Newell P338-F & P229-F

    Thinning some, no trades, can meet up in San Diego or ship for $12 Priority Mail, Friends and family or you pay this 4 percent. Accurate ATD 30 loaded with Seaguar threadlock, it’s been on a couple trips no fish caught. It’s been to Kens before last trip to remove left lug and get a tune up...
  207. potuna

    Fly-in Cow Options

    They fish the same area as the PV boats. Fishing for cows.
  208. potuna

    Penn 12 VISX

    So I’m doing a shoot out between Maks and Penn Internations as I’d prefer to have made in the USA if performance is equal or better. Mak sea 50 vs Visx 50 for #130 Mak sea 20 vs Visx 30 for #100 Mak sea 16 vs Visx ? for #80
  209. potuna

    Penn 12 VISX

    Sounds like the 16 is a better option for 80/100.
  210. potuna

    Penn 12 VISX

    Is 12 or 16 visx better for 80lb rig? Where do 20 and 30s fit in?
  211. potuna

    Availability of Jumbo Squid

    Ranch 99 used to have boxes of frozen giant squid. Now they sell individual squid, not as good a deal. I always take some but they haven’t worked for me so far.
  212. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    I’m going through my gear even though we have some 9 weeks to go. I’m thinning out a bit and setting up a large box, I want everything in one spot. Great information in this thread, I reread it before every trip.
  213. potuna

    Wahoo bomb colors

    Chrome on one side, blue/white on the other. It came to me with a large single hook.
  214. potuna

    Wahoo bomb colors

    I know this thread is about bombs and colors but I did really well on the large blue/white crocodile on the sink.
  215. potuna

    Another 76 Invictus for Pete

    Very nice Tim, can’t wait to fish it. Thanks
  216. potuna

    Availability of Jumbo Squid

    Ranch 99 Asian market in San Diego.
  217. potuna


    Good seller here
  218. potuna

    Re-gearing up, from scratch.

    I’d leave the jigmaster at home, your Trinidad 20 with #40 for bait making and a magabait/colt sniper for skippies or small yft baits is the ticket.
  219. potuna

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    Again that’s what was done back The op asked about how it was back then and that’s how it was. So get off your high horse and remove the stick wherever it’s lodged.
  220. potuna

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    David that’s how it was then, you traded a bunch of rock hard frozen tuna for a couple cases of canned tuna. Personally I like how it is now with quality rsw fish professionally processed. I even take a couple whole fish home and fillet and can them. IMO your analogy is way off the deep end and...
  221. potuna

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    Early 80s was a much different time and different limits if they were any. These days crews keep track of your catch and make sure you don’t go over.
  222. potuna

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    8 day on the 105, John Grabowski was Captain. Randy was a deckhand then, early 80s I’m guessing. I pinched a nerve in my back loading gear and spent the entire trip in severe pain. We had back to back 500 plus tuna days at the rocks.
  223. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Bringing this back again as the cow season is coming up.
  224. potuna

    Trinidad 40 reel

    This is a great reel from a great seller
  225. potuna

    Accurate ATD 30 & BV2-800

    Talica plus cash
  226. potuna

    Royal Star 7 Day "The Bight" 10/7-10/13

    Great report Austin
  227. potuna

    Okuma Makaira sea 16, Andros12Slla, Rainshadow RCJB84XXH

    Gone fishing, be back a week from Sunday. 10/14
  228. potuna

    Accurate ATD 30 & BV2-800

    Gone fishing be back a week from Sunday. 10/14
  229. potuna

    My 250th - Why I am here, on BD, perseverating

    I cannot wait to share the rail and converse with you in January. Pete
  230. potuna

    Okuma Makaira sea 16, Andros12Slla, Rainshadow RCJB84XXH

    0 Thinning the herd some more, I’ll ship the reels for 10 Priority Mail lower 48. I except PayPal f&f or you pay the 3.5%. The only trade is a new or near new Talica 16 two speed. Mak sea 16 gunmetal new in the box no line on it. Sold Andros 12Slla been on a couple trips, just back from...
  231. potuna

    Accurate ATD 30 & BV2-800

    So I went through my gear and I’m thinning out the herd. I’m in San Diego to meet up or I will ship USPS Priority Mail for $10. I accept PayPal f&f or you pay the 3.5%. Accurate ATD 30 excellent condition, it’s been on 2 trips no fish hooked on it. Full of 130 threadlock spectra, comes with box...
  232. potuna

    Wahoo trollers

    I have two of the original hookers, first trip it got bit every time it went in the water. Second trip they mostly bit the orange marauders, so I had one of mine repainted in a Tony the Tiger job. I’m going out next month and we’ll see.
  233. potuna

    My First Self-Customized Flat Fall

    Loc, I tried a 250 gram glow at hurricane bank the last two trips and got nothing. The fishing was slow both times, they were stock out of the box not turboed like yours. I look forward to hanging out with you and trying to figure out what makes you tick. Can’t wait to see what you come up with...
  234. potuna

    Help a Brother Catch a Grouper

    Yo-yo jig done
  235. potuna

    First long range trip advice

    Yes fall 8-10 trip, I think that’s a great starting point to get you hooked on long range fishing. When that kicks in you may consider a longer trip.
  236. potuna

    First long range trip advice

    I’d say 8 day to start, variety and less boat ride. This will get you hooked on long range.
  237. potuna


    Tim does great work.
  238. potuna

    lupe reports please?

    He’s there, they like the bigger tuna.
  239. potuna

    Guadalupe Island... Red Rooster... JULY 31- AUG. 5 I just got on

    I’m on the way there now. The captain said most yft is #60 with 4/0 or larger hooks. #100 minimum for dropper loop. Should be in Ensenada soon.
  240. potuna

    Suggestions for taking my new 7'6" Viper and Invictus on airplane

    Loc, If shipping works best for you, you can ship them to me and I’ll bring them to the boat.
  241. potuna


    Nice Tim
  242. potuna

    Irrespective of Captain and Crew, Which boat is the fishiest?

    I agree Q105 was great, PQ too. Might be due to exhaust out the top.
  243. potuna

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    I fished there two years ago and it was great for yft and yt.
  244. potuna

    ???Video tour of a Tackle box??????

    Wow you have room on the other side for a humidor and a whiskey bar. I’m mounting a machete on the side of my box.
  245. potuna

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    Lots of good info but I think you would need two 60# and two 80# bait set ups at least.
  246. potuna

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    What’s an ideal arsenal for a lupe trip? Not a minimalist but all the bases covered.
  247. potuna

    I can't stand it anymore!

    I just booked a 7 day on the Shogun end of July. Looking forward to fishing with the crew at the Lupe.
  248. potuna

    I can't stand it anymore!

    I used the site you quoted for the Shogun and looked up the Royal Star and Supreme and they both came up as Poole boats. Also when I worked at Campbell shipyard Bill Poole’s son was a ship fitter or welder there, the old man Didn’t give him bleep.
  249. potuna

    I can't stand it anymore!

    As a young man I was a crane operator at Campbell shipyard. I hung the new steel to replace the collision bulkhead (bow) and upper side of the wheelhouse on the Shogun after an incident with a tanker. I also pulled the original mains and gen sets on the Royal Polaris and put new cats in her...
  250. potuna

    I can't stand it anymore!

    Bill, Shogun is as you stated LoPreste-Dunne, Royal Star and Royal Supreme are Poole boats.
  251. potuna

    ???Video tour of a Tackle box??????

    Very nice.
  252. potuna

    I can't stand it anymore!

    Bill, I believe they are Poole boats, the Star and Supreme are.
  253. potuna

    I can't stand it anymore!

    I was on a 16 day this last April, the boat work was complete and everything seemed in order. No plumbing issues, Aaron ran the trip and Rene was the second ticket. Captains and crew were great, worked well together. I’d go on this boat anytime.
  254. potuna

    Squid Kite rig

    Could you make this just like a staggered double trouble?
  255. potuna

    Where's the money ?

    I’m not a fan or a hater of this boat, I almost booked a 16 day next year but a different trip on another boat worked better for me. But I have to say this situation bothers me, did regulars get refunds as expected and some new guys get lesser treatment? As I see it they should make sure...
  256. potuna

    SanDiego did great today

    Douche answer pal
  257. potuna

    Rodless Heresies: Fishing for Wahoo All Wrong!

    Different strokes for different folks, it’s your trip do what works for you.
  258. potuna

    RP 18 day JB Line One leaving 1-20-19.

    How did this turn into a chopa thread?
  259. potuna

    Posted at risk of derision: Lastest version the unneeded UV'r

    Leave room for my glow jigs please.
  260. potuna

    Staterooms on the Excel

    I’m 6’5” and don’t have any problems sleeping on any of the boats I’ve been on including the xl. On some of the other boats it’s actually good to wedge yourself in when it’s rough. The xl that’s not needed as it’s between a battleship and a submarine.
  261. potuna

    Re-gearing up, from scratch.

    Geez keep an eye on your tackle, you gotta sleep sometime. I’ve never had a problem, if you need something the boat should have it or the other passengers will help you out if you ask unless you’re a butthead.
  262. potuna

    You All Have Exhausted Me

    You can make it as simple or complicated as you want. You know how to fish, ask the crew, keep your line in front of you with contact to your bait. On a three day you only need a couple knots done. Change your bait unless it’s screaming out and even then after a couple minutes. Watch out for...
  263. potuna

    Shimano Trinidad 40-Gold Reg-PIcs Added-SOLD

    If you had posted pics it would have been sold long ago.
  264. potuna

    Satellite buoys on the Polaris Supreme

    I was on the excel during this time and we stopped on the biggest paddy I’ve ever seen. Limits of dorado for everyone in a couple hours, it was between the rocks and the ridge.
  265. potuna

    Best Raider Jig Color

    My last trip I got a bunch of who’s on a old school large crocodile on the drop.
  266. potuna

    Learning to work with hollow spectra

    Now you tell me right after I bought a Sato kit and needles. I should have known as I always apply the kiss method when possible.
  267. potuna

    Red Rooster Mermaids

  268. potuna

    Physical Training Ideas

    Great minds think alike.
  269. potuna

    Physical Training Ideas

    So I’m 6’5” and I agree a shorter person has a better angle fishing the rail. There rod is closer to 90 degrees while mine is closer to 45 degrees. I put the butt of the rod in my left armpit and the very end of the fore grip on the outside of the rail. I let the fish bend the rod and then bend...
  270. potuna

    Nomad design dtx minnow

    Last trip I was on one trolled fine and got bit once. The other wouldn’t troll at all.
  271. potuna

    Phenix PHD-700X4H, or UC Viper ?

    Viper all day, I have Mak 20s on both of mine.
  272. potuna


    Awesome rod, thanks again Tim.
  273. potuna

    Captain Jimmy bombs

    I fish them right out of the box, they work fine.
  274. potuna

    Roll call. Red Rooster June Heat. 15 day

    Thoughts and prayers for Soda pop, get right and go fishing.
  275. potuna

    Light load 8-day on Shogun June 6-14

    Awesome Captain and crew on the Shogun.
  276. potuna

    Baja Island fishing

    You can fish the Coronado Islands.
  277. potuna

    Brand New Fishdoggary Surface Iron

    Gary does great work, he did a Tony the Tiger on a hooker intruder for me.
  278. potuna

    Re-gearing up, from scratch.

    I use the Mak 20’s for flyline, mak16’s for scratch bite. 50’s for big bait and chuncks.
  279. potuna

    SKB 7200 large tackle box

    I have a large SKB 7200 box for sale. It’s been on 3 or 4 trips, great condition. I’m in San Diego, can meet at the landing.$200
  280. potuna

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    New box, thanks Rudy
  281. potuna

    Looking for a Long Range box

    Thanks Rudy, awesome box.
  282. potuna

    Excel Okuma Trip Lessons

    Every trip is a learning experience.
  283. potuna

    Excel Okuma Trip Lessons

    I had a great guy show me the Spangler knot on my last trip. 82 years young, he got a cow. I called him big fish Bob.
  284. potuna

    Looking for a Long Range box

    Looks like I found what I’m looking for, I’ll know Monday.
  285. potuna

    Excel Okuma Trip Lessons

    Excellent write up Jim, always useful information. Thanks
  286. potuna

    Looking for a Long Range box

    Is this for sale or are you just showing off?
  287. potuna

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Looks like Stan’s
  288. potuna

    Looking for a Long Range box

    That’s nice but I said Not a lot of jig storage. I have a jig bag, need storage for hooks, lead, windons etc.
  289. potuna

    Looking for a Long Range box

    Looking for a nice lr tackle box, I have a skb 7200. Not looking for 1000 show piece but a highly functional box without a ton of jig storage. Let me know what you have, I’m in SD. Thanks
  290. potuna

    Hopkins with buck tails

    I used the gold Hopkins no bucktail and large blue/chrome crocodile a couple weeks ago at hb. A lot of wahoo in the freezer now.
  291. potuna

    Fly Home

    I’m a fly back but I do live in SD, I get back into my world then meet the boat. I’ve done that ride back, usually bumpy and I need to get away from the food and sleep in a real bed. Canning yft as we speak.
  292. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Fly down and back.
  293. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    That trip was slow, better bait and current but slow. Spent the entire trip at hurricane bank. Hook pulled at gaff on a cow which would have made my trip. I’m headed out a week from Saturday to try again.
  294. potuna

    19 days...

    So I had a choice this trip on the xl one spot open or the RP with several spots open. I’ve done several 8 days on the xl and haven’t been on the RP so I went that route. RP trip gets cancelled but I have the option to go on the Shogun flydown/flyback so I took that. If I would know all that...
  295. potuna

    RIP Norm Taniguchi

    Still have my harness from Norm, great guy rip.
  296. potuna

    3 Seekers sold please delete

    Tim does great work.
  297. potuna

    Will Albacore make an appearance?

  298. potuna


    Another nice stick Jake.
  299. potuna

    Remembering Eddie McEwen

    I fished with Eddie a couple of times, great Captain and soft spoken gentleman.
  300. potuna

    how much spectra is enough

  301. potuna

    Joyous News in Our House

    Congrats to you and your better half Jim.
  302. potuna

    Accurate ATD 30 - topless

    Somebody buy this before I do, please.
  303. potuna

    Best meal on a LR boat

    i had the pleasure of riding the rr3 back in the day with Jorge, great chef and fisherman, recently Drew on the Star made one great meal after another. Sadly he's on deck now.
  304. potuna

    Dolphin Motel toast

    From what I read another fancy hotel.
  305. potuna

    Dolphin Motel toast

    Looks like the Dolphin is getting torn down this summer, to be replaced by something fancy and no doubt expensive.
  306. potuna

    Accurate 50 &Super 12, Trinidad 12a, METALOID 5Nll

    Thinning the herd, I can accept PayPal friends and family or plus 3 percent and ship priority mail on your nickel. I'm in San Diego for face to face. Spare me the low ball offers please. First up Accurate 50, I bought this used but had just been serviced at the factory. I had it loaded with 130...
  307. potuna

    Difference between UC CP70xh and CX Raptor

    CPXH 70 with a Avet HXW 3 speed 80/100 is an awesome Lupe set up.
  308. potuna

    Shipping your booty...

    I used to drive from SD to Redding in one day no problem.
  309. potuna


    Where's my xl intruders?
  310. potuna

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year

    Merry Christmas to all.
  311. potuna

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Sign me up for the tiger Mack.
  312. potuna

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    I used mine recently down below, no bites. They only bit bright colors this time, I'm waiting for a pink hooker.
  313. potuna

    Reels that don’t but SHOULD exist

    Super lite weight 30 and 50 size reels.
  314. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Just cleared the point, headed south.
  315. potuna

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    Depends on the boat, my buddies Hatteras burns twice the fuel going from 9 to 11 knots.
  316. potuna

    Polaris Deluxe ????

    It is the breezers.
  317. potuna

    Polaris Deluxe ????

    It's a private yacht on B dock at marina cortez, the name escapes me.
  318. potuna

    Happy Thanksgiving 2017

    Thanks the question now is where are we going to fish?
  319. potuna

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    Facebook says the President will sign the bill Friday.
  320. potuna

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    If I read this correctly the trips leaving after thanksgiving may still be good to fish there. But not for long.
  321. potuna

    Happy Thanksgiving 2017

    Happy thanksgiving to all,couple more days and out to sea.
  322. potuna

    Rainshadow rctb 80xxh

    I dropped that off for you, looked good to me. Good luck.
  323. potuna

    Archipiélago de Revillagigedo FB Page

    Does it say when this goes in effect?
  324. potuna

    Should 16 day trips take a day on the bluefin grounds?

    There was a time at the lupe were there was plenty of schoolies and beyond you just didn't stand a chance on anything over 200 because of the drop off. Unlike the shallow depths on the other side
  325. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    One week to go, are any boats fishing down below? Inner banks?
  326. potuna

    Modern Rail Rod?

    I had a 6'6" rod built for trolling and the harness. I'm going to try to fight a fish this trip and use the harness just for giggles. I'll look for a time probably scratch bite when there's not too many guys fishing. That's my plan anyways, we'll see.
  327. potuna

    Larry Brown 10 day on the Intrepid

    Great report,fishing and most of all great attitude. Way to go.
  328. potuna

    Great Words of Advice- The Scratch Bite.

    Sound advise from the wily sea dog. As for the crew some are reluctant to give advise because there are more than a few know it all fisherman who don't like advise even from a crewman that live on the water. Now if you approach them and ask you will more than likely get some good ideas.
  329. potuna

    Anyone tried a double trouble below a bobber balloon?

    I used the balloon last year at the bank, midday, only half the guys fishing, no current and light wind oh yeah not good sardines. Two of us had balloons out and kept them between the fly liners and the kite. It was a long soak but we both got bit, I'm sure this year will be different but I'm...
  330. potuna

    UC Invictus, Seeker 3X Wahoodad, UC CP 70XH Sold

    Three great cow rods for sale, first a UC Invictus, 7'1" rated unlimited. Went on one trip and never got out of the rack, this was custom wrapped by Timmy D. He built me the same one in my colors. $395 orbro Seeker 3X Wahoodad factory rod, 7'3" rated 100(130)150 went on one trip never got out of...
  331. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Two weeks from today, can't wait.
  332. potuna

    Best Rod and Reel combo for 80lb & 100lb

    I had a Mak 30, I didn't like the width of it. Replaced it with a Mak 50 which I like better, I have it on a UC Invictus.
  333. potuna

    2017 Excel Merritt 10 Day

    It was the bananas, great job congrats.
  334. potuna

    Rainshadow RCJB84XXH SOLD

    Tim does great work.
  335. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Bringing this back again, a little over two weeks to go. I started packing today as part of my garage clean up and there's a bunch of good information here.
  336. potuna

    Let the Listing Begin

    I respect your approach, you and others really helped me get ready for my last trip. That trip no skippies, small sardines, no current, no salamis, only tubes which mainly went to the kite. A few fish on the pl68s, I hooked one and somehow managed to dump it. The conditions made for tough...
  337. potuna

    Let the Listing Begin

    Jim you have more experience than me but I tend to use the kiss method (keep it simple stupid) I have so much tackle left over from last year I hardly need to buy anything for this year. Went to tackle day at the landing today and got what I need, let's go fishing.
  338. potuna

    76 Invictus for Pete

    Even better in person, like three weeks until we go. Cows on the inner banks.
  339. potuna

    Fitness for cow trips

    Those meds will bite you in the long run.
  340. potuna

    Fitness for cow trips

    What fitness, excersizes do you guys do to prep for cow trips?
  341. potuna

    Royal Polaris General Info.

    So with a load of 22 on a 15 day will tackle box storage be an issue?
  342. potuna

    27 assorted jigs

    I have a lot of 27 assorted jigs many are unused, $120 picked up or $135 shipped priority mail in the lower 48, PayPal friends and family.
  343. potuna

    Trip to San Diego

    LA freeways is the problem, other than that nice roadie.
  344. potuna

    Let the Listing Begin

    Call JRI and see if the hooker xl intruders are for sale, best wahoo plug on the planet.
  345. potuna

    PV on the RR3

  346. potuna

    Late cow season trip?

    I'm hoping to go on April,May or June cow trip. I have a trip booked for next month so I need to space it out. Thoughts on boats and trips in this time frame. Looks like choices are RP, Indy, Excel and Rooster, I've been on Excel and the rooster on 8 day trips. Any thoughts?
  347. potuna

    Swapping out a stock handle for a t-bar style

    Funny I've seen a bunch of accurate guys swap the t handles to the knob. Different strokes.
  348. potuna

    1st cow trip LR gear

    I would have your heaviest rig set up with a big j hook set aside for skippies for you and pops to share. PL 68 either will work, more bites on the sink.
  349. potuna

    Spectra sizes for Guadalupe

    I had a big two years ago on 60, got him to the corner, deckhand gaffed it and was lifting it when from under the boat whitey in one bite from the gills back ate my fish. Didn't need to shake his head, was awesome to see a great white feed four feet away but that would have been the jack pot...
  350. potuna

    1st cow trip LR gear

    I was on that trip last year, great group. Between them and the deckhands you'll be well taken care of. The group doesn't fish the kite so you'll have many chances there with the boat gear. As far as what you have you're pretty set just have to rerig some. I would have gone on that trip again...
  351. potuna

    Open Spot on Merritt EXCEL 10-Day trip

    So you can't have a cocktail or smoke a cigar? The rest is sop to me and all the trips I've been on except for that guy.
  352. potuna

    favorite 40-50# bait stick

    I had very poor customer service from Calstar, only have one left. UC and seeker for me.
  353. potuna

    Which UC Rods?

    Tilefish is a great rod for jigs and bombs.
  354. potuna

    "Prowler" Sportfishing? Please help?

    Buzz is a legend and a great guy as well.
  355. potuna

    Anyone use Rainshadow Rods?

    I have one wrapped by Timmy D, it will get tested down below after thanksgiving.
  356. potuna

    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    So after reviewing all of the posts I want to put in my two cents again without throwing gas on the fire. Comparing the two operations hears my thoughts, For ride Interpid is bigger, has stabilizers. Better ride. Bait capacity and fish capacity, Interpid wins. To me Captains and crew, Royal...
  357. potuna

    Labor Day 5 day SoA cliff notes

    Well done.
  358. potuna

    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    I've been on the RS many times and the heads never flooded. Some dumbass must have put something down it that wasn't meant to be in it, that would happen on any boat.
  359. potuna

    The one that got away...

    At the lupe last August, yft were biting. I caught them on 60,80 and 100#. I'm fishing a tac 16 with 60 and hook a tuna. We go around the boat a couple of times and I'm on it for 40 minutes or so. I get it to the corner and Ryan sticks it and starts to lift when from under the boat a big white...
  360. potuna

    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    Add up Randy, Tim and Brian plus the crew equals no comparison. Hey I get the Intrepid has a loyal following which is great, to each his own.
  361. potuna

    Royal Star 15/12 or Intrepid 16

    To me it's about the Captain and the crew, no comparison.
  362. potuna

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    Mak 20 for 100# and Mak 50 for 130#
  363. potuna

    Lacrosse fishing boots on sale.

    Nice find Jeff, thanks for passing that on.
  364. potuna


    Phils is overated.
  365. potuna

    Cedros Sickness!

    Well done, that's a hog.
  366. potuna

    Tropical Storm Lidia

    Cabo got creamed, major flooding and damage. The trailer park is gone.
  367. potuna

    Talica 10ii vs Avet SX 6/4 Raptor vs Okumo Andros 5Aii

    Last year at the lupe we got all the tuna we could keep so I started fishing my sx with 30 lb. I was getting 70 plus lb yft one after another. Low gear was nice then, horse them in and cut them off.
  368. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    I've was lucky enough to get a cow on my first big trip even with the tough conditions, that and the wahoo I caught made it a good trip.
  369. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Jim I have to say I didn't try all the rigs you suggested, this year I hope to have the opportunity to try more of them. I have the gear to do it.
  370. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    I'm on a trip right after thanksgiving this year, I'm pretty sure everything will be different from last year. I just want to be ready for whatever the conditions are and I think I have it covered.
  371. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Got a super 12 and a HXW 3 speed to fish 80#. Last year small bait and no current,lots of sharks. Anyways I think I've got 200 to 80 covered with back ups or sinker rigs, per your thoughts.
  372. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    That's why I brought it back. Great information for my first cow trip and how I modified my arsenal from it. However this year probably will be different.
  373. potuna

    More fish than your freezer will hold? Then what....

    I bought a chest freezer from Costco after the lupe last year, bunch of yft and yt. Shot a pig and a roaster then went on a 17 day trip. 8 wahoo and more yft that filled it to the top. We also canned two 100 lb yft, it's now finally ready for more fish after Thanksgiving 15 day trip.
  374. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Mak 50w, 200, Invictus, kite ATD 50, 150, Invictus, big bait Mak 50, 130, 7'6" viper, bait ATD 30, 130, 7'6" viper, sardine SDS 50 3 speed, 130, wahoodad 3x, pl68/chunk Mak 20, 100, centaur, sardine Mak 20, 100, osp, sinker ATD super 12 80, 1x3, bait HXW 3 speed 80, cp70xh bait Couple wahoo...
  375. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Bringing this thread back because it's about three months until the next cow trip.
  376. potuna

    Rainshadow RCJB96XH SOLD!

    Awesome rod Tim, can't wait to fish it.
  377. potuna

    Rainshadow RCJB96XH SOLD!

    Tim does great work.
  378. potuna

    Guadalupe in August

    I'm starting to think last year was an anomaly, I've fished the lupe since the 80s and never saw that kind of fishing there before.
  379. potuna

    Best phone app for texting from out to sea

    Guys what the best low data app to stay in touch texting? Thanks
  380. potuna

    Guadalupe Fishing

    I was there first week of August last year and the tuna were thick and biting. We had to stop taking on yft after 3 days so we'd have some room for yt.
  381. potuna


    I have a problem with buying a $600+ reel and then spending more to get the gear ratios right. The Mak is cheaper and ready to fish right out of the box.
  382. potuna

    Rod and reel advice needed for 7-day trip.

    Either destination will require more than 2-3 set ups, there is some overlap. Rental is probably your best option. Go on your trip fish hard and the crew and other passengers will help you. After your trip you'll have a better understanding, ask questions, listen and bring a good attitude...
  383. potuna

    76 Invictus for Pete

    Awesome Tim, I'll see you next Friday to pick it up.
  384. potuna

    30 BELOW- 6 Days on the INDEPENDENCE 2017

    Nice report, for some reason I'm hungry.
  385. potuna

    Preferred rigging of Wahoo Bombs

    Last trip I used JRI hooicide bombs that come rigged with wire, caught as many hoo as anyone on bombs. Sometimes I stick to the kiss method(keep it simple stupid). I'll give capt jimmies a go next trip.
  386. potuna


    I believe the gearing is too high on the tac, I had a tac 25, traded it for a tac 20 to fish 80 and bought two mac 20s to fish 100#
  387. potuna


    Mak 20 all day for 100.
  388. potuna

    Just One More Reel is All I Need

    That's not stubborn that's having the right tool for the job ready to go.
  389. potuna

    Heading Out

    Hope you and your son have a great trip. Go get em.
  390. potuna

    Flourocarbon for YFT at Guadalupe

    The pink has worked well for me at the lupe and down below.
  391. potuna


    I was on the excel many moons ago, somewhere down by the ridge on a spot of yft and as you said some leopard grouper were feeding on skippies. Three of us caught them on macs a 80,90 a 100lber. Mine was the 90 and it was tasty.
  392. potuna


    Last trip I used a Trinidad 20a but don't remember the rod for bombs. For trolling you need a hooker intruder xl in eggplant to put meat in the freezer.
  393. potuna

    Excel or Intrepid??

    I've been on several long range boats and have never encountered the cookie/cake/ leftover deserts you speak of. Sushi/sashimi/taquitos/vegi trays/ chicken wings etc. Seems to be a sore subject for you but rightfully so.
  394. potuna

    Guadalupe in August

    Never tee off with your putter, I caught tuna on 80 and 100 last year as well. If we go again this year I would start out with 60 and see where it went from there.
  395. potuna

    Guadalupe in August

    I was there last August and if your fishing tuna you better start off with 60# on a 2 speed.
  396. potuna

    American Angler Calstar 5-Day 6-29 to 7-4

    Great report, I'm a month away from our 7 day trip. Can't wait.
  397. potuna

    Excel 5-day.

  398. potuna

    Excel 5-day.

    Hurricane bank is way far out from the Mexican coast and the fleet all fish there.
  399. potuna

    Excel 5-day.

    I've fished there for some 30 plus years and that was the best bite I've ever seen there.
  400. potuna

    Excel 5-day.

    I was at the lupe first week of August last year and the yft were thick and biting as well as yt. I'm on the same trip this year so we'll see.
  401. potuna

    Making Bait

    This particular trip there was a zone just under the two lights on the one side. 18 guys couldn't all fish under the two lights. Every trip can be different but this trip would have worked better fishing nine at a time. Everybody was up trying every time and if was slow captain would send us off...
  402. potuna

    Royal Star taking the summer off after July 17th?

    If you click on printable schedule you'll get the complete schedule.
  403. potuna

    Hurricane effects?

    I was on an 8 day fishing the rocks and the ridge when there was a hurricane south, it sucked the weather to it and we had flat seas and beautiful weather.
  404. potuna

    Making Bait

    We only had 18 on that trip.
  405. potuna

    Making Bait

    Last trip I was on everybody was up making bait and really we got in each other's way. Would have been better if half the guys made bait one night and the other half made bait the next night. But you never know how it's going to go but everyone was up doing there part.
  406. potuna

    Permit for Guadalupe

    Last year fished the north and south end and all over the east side. I've seen white sharks pretty much everywhere I've fished there.
  407. potuna

    Paint and Colors on Troll Wahoo Lures What is your opinion?

    Tom if they aren't out by then pm me and I'll meet you at the landing and loan you one of mine.
  408. potuna

    NEW Penn 50 VISX

    Looks good, I wonder what the price point is.
  409. potuna


    Sign me up for a pink hoooker.
  410. potuna

    Flat Fall jigs at Hurricane and/or Clarion

    Sounds like a plan, I tried one end of February no luck.
  411. potuna

    SoftSteel 15 day trip report - Royal Polaris

    Great report, gives me the shakes for my next trip down below.
  412. potuna

    Paint and Colors on Troll Wahoo Lures What is your opinion?

    That's awesome Jerry, guys will be foaming all over them. I have two of the originals in eggplant so I'll be looking for a bright color. Thanks
  413. potuna

    Wahoo Lures

    The originals are the best wahoo lure. I hope the new ones are as good.
  414. potuna

    Going on Constitution PV First Time

    Very nice.
  415. potuna

    Options at Guadalupe Island?

    We fished the north end last year.
  416. potuna

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    Mike I'm not going to buy this, every trip I've been on the Captain takes wads of cash and puts it in the pile. I think they would only know who tips really well or very poorly.
  417. potuna

    Paint and Colors on Troll Wahoo Lures What is your opinion?

    Egg plant hooker Intruder xl is the best wahoo lure I've ever used. Last trip in March it out fished three Marauders two to one.
  418. potuna

    Shogun back to back Guadalupe trips

    You can't keep bass at the lupe, tuna, yt and wahoo only.
  419. potuna

    Red Rooster III WiFi

    The sat phone guys have a wifi device you can buy or rent, I have not tried one.
  420. potuna

    Off brand and generic braid (spectra)

    Informed consumer is the answer not anybody else.
  421. potuna

    New Taxes & Return of Fuel Surcharges?

    We're screwed.
  422. potuna

    New Taxes & Return of Fuel Surcharges?

    What's hasn't been mentioned is there's already taxes and fees for roads but they hijacked these to the general fund and spend them as they see fit. Now they want more fees to take care of the roads and bridges they've neglected. Tax and spend at it's finest, between taxes/fees and regulations...
  423. potuna

    Early June Trip. What can I expect

    I hope so too but I talked to a guy that owns a commercial albie fleet and he said no chance here this year.
  424. potuna

    Off brand and generic braid (spectra)

    Never cheap out on line or hooks.
  425. potuna

    UC CP70XH

    I have one with a rail fore grip, have fished 80/100 leader on 100 spectra HXW three speed. Used it at the lupe and midday down below, I like this set up on the rail, Mak 16 would be great on this rod.
  426. potuna

    Guadalupe permits

    I know the feeling, I had one on 60 for about an hour, get it to the corner and the deckhand gaffs it and has its head out of the water when out from under the boat a great white bites it at the gills doesn't even shakes his head just clean swallows my jp fish. Ryan said it was 140/150lb, cool...
  427. potuna

    Guadalupe permits

    I was there last August, fishing was great for yft and good for yt. The ride there and back was also the best I've experienced, all in all my best trip there out of a dozen or so. In the old days when the bft were there it was a quality over quantity.
  428. potuna

    How many wahoo rigs for 15/16 dayer?

    Three, bomb, jig and bait/baitmaking.
  429. potuna

    Nine Days and Counting...

    They didn't consider going to hurricane bank?
  430. potuna

    The adventure begins

    I'm not going to do a big write up,just throw out some random thoughts. The buffer zone started out promising but faded and sharks were a problem causing use to move to hurricane bank. Hurricane bank started out promising, the first evening bite was good. We did have some wind and seas. The...
  431. potuna

    Opinions About EXW-30 versus HXW Raptor

    HXW Raptor with 100 spectra, 3 speed is better but I have the 2 speed as well and 80/100 top shot. Powerful enough for dropper loop as well, light enough to fish the rail all day.
  432. potuna

    Brand new SDS 3 speed locked up.

    I just got back from the buffer zone and Hurricane bank. I used my SDS 3speed for pl68s, first time dropped and wound in a half dozen times with no biters. Second time after a couple drops the reel locks up on me and a couple of fish are hooked on pl68s. So I get it freed up and wind up my jig...
  433. potuna

    The adventure begins

    Good weather, conditions, crew, passengers and food. Whoos and smaller tuna so far.
  434. potuna

    The adventure begins

    An hour out from Clarion now, rigged up and ready to go.
  435. potuna

    The adventure begins

    Watching Cabo lights fade in the distance, next stop Clarion.
  436. potuna

    The adventure begins

    Thirty some years of wanting to go and two years of preparation today I finally depart for Cabo to meet the Star and begin my big tuna adventure. I received a lot of good advise here and through others and I know Blake, Paul, Diego,Drew and Captain Tim will do there best to help, mentor and give...
  437. potuna

    Looking for feedback: Creating a conventional outfit for fishing poppers and flatfalls on 12+ days

    I'm going to try a flat fall on an HXW or Mak 20 in a couple of days.
  438. potuna

    Nine Days and Counting...

    I fly to Cabo Wednesday to meet the boat, hope it gets good soon.
  439. potuna

    Nine Days and Counting...

    Hopefully they get some yellows and run into the bft on the way home.
  440. potuna

    16 year old photos that I found

    My first trip was an 8 day on the Q, fishing was awesome at the rocks. I tweaked my back loading gear and suffered the whole trip but still caught a bunch of fish.
  441. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    So I'm all packed and will be dropping off my gear on the boat this afternoon. Strange not taking off with the boat though as we fly down to Cabo and head out from there. It's unbelievable how much tackle/gear/stuff/crap I've assembled for the trip. I'll try to take notes about the trip and...
  442. potuna

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Neb, awesome right up. I felt like I was there.
  443. potuna

    Getting geared up (12day December)

    You just don't know where you will be going and what you will be fishing for.I'd turn that Talica 25 into a Mak 20 and get a Mak 30 and you should be good to go.
  444. potuna

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Sometimes it takes new eyes to remind me of the things I've seen so many times and take for granted.
  445. potuna

    Which would be more rail room

    I saw the xcel out of the water in a floating dry dock, it's a lot of boat. She's a tank.
  446. potuna

    Fred Hall show Long Beach March 1-5, 2017

    Won't make the show, will be on the royal star chasing cow tunas.
  447. potuna

    Nine Days and Counting...

    I take it they got out at some point.
  448. potuna

    Cx70 Viper

    Beautiful rod Tim.
  449. potuna

    A big thanks to SALTYDAWG custom rods

    I have two new ones for my trip in 12 days.
  450. potuna

    A big thanks to SALTYDAWG custom rods

    How did the rod preform?
  451. potuna

    Acension Island Trip on June 14 - 20 2017

    Yeah but how was the fishing?
  452. potuna

    My Introduction and a Question, re: June LR Fishing

    There's an article on here they are still trying to figure rules out but they want to protect the local panga fleet.
  453. potuna

    BNIB Okuma Mak 16 and 20 SEa

    Bump for a good seller.
  454. potuna

    My Introduction and a Question, re: June LR Fishing

    I thought I read that Cedros is closed to outside fishing, only the Island based guys can fish it now.
  455. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    Mentally yes, but I have to get a broken tooth pulled next week. Gear wise I got my hooks today, now I need some more sinkers, fluorocarbon and some knee pads. Beverages and some Cuban puros and then I think I'm ready.
  456. potuna

    What is an ideal arsenal for upcoming 15 day trip

    21 days until I'm on the boat.
  457. potuna

    Nine Days and Counting...

    Have a great trip Jim, go get em.
  458. potuna

    KNEE PADS for RAIL Fishing

    Great topic, I was going to ask about knee pads. I'm also going on my first 17 day, the only chance I've had to rail fish was last august at the lupe. I'm 6'5" and tried both armpits, sitting on the rod and didn't really find a comfortable position. I ended up just using my rod belt standing up...
  459. potuna

    Long Range Tackle Box

    Beautiful work there.
  460. potuna

    Tom with a nice skinnie

    Nice fish there.
  461. potuna


    I'm worried my trip isn't until March 1st, maybe the meeting between Presidents being cancelled is a good thing. When they do meet cooler heads will provale, I think it's very important to have great relations with our neighbors and big trading partners.
  462. potuna

    The journey has begun!

    11.5 is hauling a for a sporty.
  463. potuna

    Long range trip questions 10 or 12 day Indy or Excel

    If it's me I'd go on the excel, for variety the 10 might be better. It all depends on what the fish are doing then so no way to predict. I've been on two trips solo, the last one was trying at best. I made it through though and the rest of the trip was so good that's what I choose to remember...
  464. potuna

    14 day under way

    Good luck Jake, go get them biguns.
  465. potuna

    Would you bring a bass rod?

    You can't fish calicos at the lupe anymore, I heard they turned Cedros into a biosphere, not sure if that means pelagics only.
  466. potuna

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    If you're worried about cash just bring a check to settle up your bill and tip. But really everyone on board spent a truck load of money on the trip, gear, etc. They are interested in fishing and having a good time not stealing your stuff.
  467. potuna

    free spool

    This is your sardine set up for cows?
  468. potuna

    First post! Hello Fishy, Soda Pop, Wahoodad and all you cool cats of West Coast fishing lore!

    Poor selection, didn't have a decent bottle of grape. So yeah crappy.
  469. potuna

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    I found two of the originals on here, can't wait to hook some hos in March.
  470. potuna

    What satellite phones / hot-spots have worked for you on an LR trip?

    Cut this guy some slack, only he walks in his shoes and knows how to handle his business.
  471. potuna

    Shimano Talica 25 /Salty Dawg rail rod

    Great set up for the lupe.
  472. potuna

    Trokar hooks on big tuna?

    So how long do you wait before going to strike?