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  1. nate

    Best tasting fish

    King Salmon, sculpin, swordfish
  2. nate

    Smitty's Soft Pad

    I saw them at Fisherman’s Landing Tackle Shop.
  3. nate

    Offshore Islander 3-day 9-3 to 9-6

    Thanks for the report Shawn. You definitely earned that fish considering what you had to do to get on board… Cool back story regarding @stp and this trip. One week before we were scheduled to leave he realized his passport was expired 😳. He talked to the landing and they said no way to board...
  4. nate

    Owner Ultra Split Rings: the right pliers?

    I use the Owner split ring pliers. It’s a nice tool. Comes with line cutter and sleeve crimper too. And I agree that it seems that installing the split ring deforms it more than just merely opening it with a tool.
  5. nate

    Inshore Kayak Dorado

    Nice work Matt! Bluefin next?
  6. nate

    Conundrum - Braid with top shot or not for Blue Fin

    I have reels with both spectra to short fluoro and spectra to mono to short fluoro. Basically I start all reels full of spectra. However, sometimes some of the spectra needs to be removed if compromised. So I’ll add some mono to get back to a full spool then use the short fluoro. Eventually I’ll...
  7. nate

    Disposable Knife Jigs..1 and done

    I’ve been using the 7/0 Mustad Heavy Duty Assist Hooks. Very stout hook and cord.
  8. nate

    Disposable Knife Jigs..1 and done

    Is it just the paint or the jig that’s cracked? If paint, don’t sweat it. If it’s the jig, the through wire should hold it together. But if you want to replace it, other colors have been working fine if not better than all glow. And yes replace those stock hooks. They suck.
  9. nate

    eBay Jigs and Amazon Swivels

    What a great offer! Do you record your findings and have any results to share?
  10. nate

    Offshore Islander 1.5 day 6/27 3 days of fishing

    For my 80 lb tackle I set the drag at strike to 26 pounds. However, on hook up I started it less and never slid the lever to strike. The fish came in quick and didn’t feel the need. I was probably at 20 pounds or so.
  11. nate

    Offshore Islander 1.5 day 6/27 3 days of fishing

    Thanks guys. A few more notes on the trip: I saw fish caught on all types and colors of jigs from Mustad, Shimano, Daiwa etc. Some were glow and some weren’t. I got 3 fish on pink/blue with glow but I didn’t use a light to charge them. Drop deeper rather than shallower. Most of the time fish...
  12. nate

    Offshore Islander 1.5 day 6/27 3 days of fishing

    Yes the eyes come stock on the jigs.
  13. nate

    Offshore Islander 1.5 day 6/27 3 days of fishing

    Fish were at 240’-360’. We aimed for 400’ down to allow for line scope and the minimal drift, then worked the jigs up from there. My line was marked, my buddies wasn’t. I told him to drop down until half his Fathom 40 spool was empty. He tried it and finally got one to bite. Last fish and...
  14. nate

    Offshore Islander 1.5 day 6/27 3 days of fishing

    Just got back this morning from a 1.5 day on the Islander. Trip left the dock at 6:00 pm Sunday, baited up and cleared the point by 8:00. Considering how close the fish have been, Captain John said we will start fishing around 10:30 pm! He also said to be prepared to fish all the next day, night...
  15. nate

    sk jigs, where to get them

    I found some orange zebra ones in 200 gram from these guys. Looks like they have 5 left currently.
  16. nate


    I recently placed an order and one jig they sent me was wrong. I emailed them and got a response the next day. They told me to keep the wrong one and sent me the right one in two days. Pretty happy about that. They had a huge sale going and I’m sure they’re swamped. Try a second email.
  17. nate

    Assist Hooks for Flat Fall BFT Rigging & Proper Size Replacement Treble for Colt Snipers?

    I use 2/0 ST-66 for colt snipers around 80-100 grams. When replacing assist hooks on the SK’s or Flat Falls I use either Owner Monster or Mustad (Heavy Duty) hooks.
  18. nate

    Favorite leader to solid ring knot for SPJ?

    What size leader? For 80-130 lb I like a 3 turn uni. Simple to tie, small profile, and strong.
  19. nate

    Jigging Swordfish

    Exactly. Funny looking swordfish.
  20. nate

    Calstar GF800ML is five inches short and has big oversized guides

    Probably a custom rod that was wrapped to look like factory. The customer must have wanted it cut down. I had a 700m with oversized guides that looked exactly like factory. Notice your rod says GF not GFGR? That’s the Calstar blank model. A factory 800ML is a GFGR.
  21. nate

    Mustad Jigs

    I don’t know if they catch fish but they caught me. Mustad has a sale going now on a bunch of stuff including their metal jigs. I bought a slow fall jig kit with 5 jigs, a hat, and split ring pliers for $40.
  22. nate

    Chest freezer Danby 7.2 cf San Diego

    nate submitted a new listing: Chest freezer Danby 7.2 cf San Diego - Chest freezer Danby 7.2 cf San Diego Learn more about this listing...
  23. Chest freezer Danby 7.2 cf San Diego

    Chest freezer Danby 7.2 cf San Diego

    Good condition Danby 7.2 cf chest freezer. Manual defrost-great for fish and game. Runs super cold at -20 F. 3-4 years old and runs perfect. $125 in La Mesa.
  24. nate

    Thinking about buying a Truck...

    I have a F150 four door and I do the same. I can fit 8-10 rods up to 8’ in the cab with me.
  25. Chest freezer Danby 7.2 cu ft San Diego/La Mesa

    Southern California Chest freezer Danby 7.2 cu ft San Diego/La Mesa

    Good condition 7.2 cu ft manual defrost chest freezer. 3-4 years old, clean and runs perfect. $125 in La Mesa.
  26. nate

    Penn International II 50S

    Good condition Penn International II 50S two speed for sale. Typical scratches here and there but inside looks good. One spot on the spool has some corrosion and lost some color but it’s not pitted or rough as seen in the pics. $225 Local San Diego pick up only.
  27. nate

    Danby Chest Freezer

    No they don’t, and you’re a douche bag.
  28. nate

    Danby Chest Freezer

  29. nate

    Danby Chest Freezer

    This thing runs super cold. Holds temp at -25 F° Great for fish and game.
  30. nate

    Danby Chest Freezer

    Good condition 7.2 cu ft manual defrost chest freezer. 3-4 years old and runs perfect. $150 in La Mesa.
  31. nate

    Cuttin bait for lobster

    We use 4-8” floor scraper on a long handle and chop them in a 5 gal bucket. It’s best to put a round piece of plywood inside the bucket so you don’t crack the plastic. It will mush some of the baits depending on how sharp the scraper is but it’s super fast.
  32. nate

    New Islander trips

    The Islander had to cancel their first few shark trips to Guadalupe due to Covid. Huge loss for those guys. They put up fishing trips to replace them. Tonight’s trip is sold out so people are booking the new trips thankfully.
  33. nate

    fishing rod sleeves/socks

    I recently purchased a few of these and like them. Very heavy duty material-good for off shore rods. Not really soft, but it won’t hurt a rods finish. Tapered design is nice and my UC Centaur Rail Rod fit fine. One of the styles is BOGO currently. I didn’t care for the Jaws logo so I removed it...
  34. nate

    Face Mask Options

    I’ve tried the neck gaiters/buffs by Aftco, surgical masks, home made cloth types, and N95 respirators. I preferred the respirators by far. The other styles put the mask material too close to your mouth. The Moldex respirator is a good choice.
  35. nate


    KC 31 SF 21 Thanks Jerry!
  36. nate

    Offshore 2.5 day Islander Sept. 3 & 4-Jerry Garcia

    Thanks for the great report of our trip! The 20 lb. line definitely got you more bites and fresh big bait was key. I caught BFT on 20, 30, 35, and 40 lb. The Islander is a great boat with a great crew. It’s always a good time with those guys.
  37. nate

    Offshore Tunas. 7.5 miles out. U.S Limits

    I’m not the best with math, but I think you need to divide the cost by the weight. $150/600 = $.25 lb.
  38. nate

    Offshore Islander 1.5 day on 8/20 - YFT left them biting!

    The Islander has a water maker so it’s never an issue.
  39. nate

    Charter Fleet Code of conduct

    To answer your question, some San Diego sport boat operations do have a code of ethics listed on their website. It’s nothing “official” but it’s something you may want to check out.
  40. nate

    How to Treat Seasickness

    Like others have already stated, Kwells/Scopace works great. It can be taken even at the onset of sea sickness. Kwells is nice because you don’t need to take it with water-It melts in your mouth. Kwells can be found from many places overseas online. Scopace from a local compounding pharmacy...
  41. nate

    Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag Mods?

    Used for the legs of chairs, tables etc. The isle with the furniture parts like casters, felt/rubber pads.
  42. nate

    Nomad Rolling Tackle Bag Mods?

    I use these and it pretty much leveled it out. Also helps it from sliding. 1 1/4” is the size I prefer. 1 1/8” will work too. Home Depot has them.
  43. nate

    true meaning of he farmed his fish

    I thought it referred to making a living on the sea or on land. If you loose a fish you don’t belong on the ocean and aren’t a fisherman. You are a farmer and should be on the land farming.
  44. nate

    What do you think it weighs???

    79 lbs
  45. nate

    Okuma service Dept!!!

    I’ve been having trouble getting ahold of them as well. I’ve called 2-3 times a day every other day for about a month. I’ve got an Andros 12sIIa that was bad right out of the box. Sent it in twice and it’s still not right. I’ve owned it for two years + and have gotten zero use out of it.
  46. nate

    Fish processing prices?

    A big problem with processing a few hundred pounds of fish yourself is trying to get all of it to freeze within a reasonable amount of time. Depending on your freezer, 200-300 lbs of meat can take 3 days to get fully frozen. Adding that time to your travel home and processing time, you’re...
  47. nate

    Seaforth's New Website - Design Flaw

    Ok, you are right, it’s a bad design... What I explained works on my phone and computer to get the search by boat page.
  48. nate

    Seaforth's New Website - Design Flaw

    On the home page click on “Full Schedule” below where the daily updates are. That’ll open the page to search upcoming trips by boat.
  49. nate


    Sweet! Thanks Jerry.
  50. nate

    First 1.5 day trip on Tomahawk...any advice, suggestions, or tips

    That’s a bummer. Any idea what happened to the boat?
  51. nate

    Offshore Islander 2.5 day August 8th-10th, 2018

    Ali be nice, I’m a little tender right now.
  52. nate

    Offshore Islander 2.5 day August 8th-10th, 2018

    Great write up and pics (except the Mak) Shawn. Such a great time on a killer boat. Definitely bummed I lost that fish but what a blast fighting it!
  53. nate

    Offshore Islander 2.5 days 08/07/18

    I can and did. That’s me in the video pulling the hook and losing my fish of a lifetime. I was absolutely crushed. And I know I’ll be going over that battle in my head for awhile. Such an awesome experience to feel the power of these fish. Using 300 lb kite tackle and drag pressure like I’ve...
  54. nate

    Islander Aug7 2.5days

    What’s up Anthony. Me and two buddies are on the same trip. Love the Islander and Captain John. We’ll be at the landing early for some food and drinks from Mitch’s. Feel free to join us for a pre trip get together.
  55. nate

    Rally people for this trip to go! Searcher 1.5 day- Saturday 6-30-18

    At first glance $135 seems a bit much. However, compared to other 1.5 day trips this one departs at 5:00pm, includes meals and snacks (including dinner on departure night), limited load of 28 instead of 32-37, and staterooms.
  56. nate

    time to sell, need a detailer

    X2 on Pescaloco Mark @ Monsoon Yacht Service. He’s a great detailer and can handle gel coat repairs too.
  57. nate

    Turnaround time for Service

    About an hour. I noticed a problem with a reel last August on a Thursday and was leaving on a trip Friday night. I called Eddie in Customer Service. He said bring it in on Friday and I can wait for it. So I did and they had it done In less than an hour. Also when shipping reels to them the...
  58. nate

    Catalina Vacation

    X2 on Hamilton Cove.
  59. nate


    I’m in. Patriots 27 Eagles 20 Thank You
  60. nate

    Offshore Skip... Skip... They bite - SD Offshore BFT - 7.16.17

    What a day Ali. That definitely doesn't suck!! Good on you for taking the bait guy fishing. Glad to see Justin getting a nice bluefin. He's always been way cool to us.
  61. nate

    Offshore 226-->182 BFT June 14th

    Right on Howie! Hopefully those fish will get with the program soon and start to bite better.
  62. nate

    Offshore Sunday May 28th 371 area YT

    That's funny I read the same from Tunaslam many years ago and have used the technique numerous times with great success. Works better on private boats than sporties since you can really get the rod tip down deep in the water.
  63. nate

    Offshore Sunday May 28th 371 area YT

    Nice report Howie. Good looking fish my friend.
  64. nate

    DI vs. Soft Water

    I had DI water at my house for a few years to wash my boat, cars etc. I owned a 25' pilot house that had lots of windows and stainless steel and a nice gel coat. In the summer I could never dry it fast enough to prevent spots. I got good results doing it as a rinse only. Even better if you wash...
  65. nate


    I'm in. Patriots 34 Falcons 27
  66. nate

    Frank "Big Pancho" Ochoa Needs Help!

    Done deal Matt. Thoughts and prayers to Frank and family.
  67. nate

    SD Hooping 11/19

    Frustrating night to say the least. But I still had a great time amigo. Thanks-I'm ready to do it again! I'll let you adjust the VHF antenna this time though.
  68. nate

    How much does this weigh?

    Not sure. But you could head up to EDCO Station in La Mesa and weigh it there. I took a boat there a few years ago. I don't remember if they charged me.
  69. nate

    Boat workspace or garage

    Here's one option.
  70. nate

    Offshore Knockin'em off the bucket list with Team Accurate - Thursday 8/18

    Well that definitely doesn't suck! Nice work amigo.
  71. nate

    Andros 16 - Braid Line Capacity?

    I put 500 yards of 80 lb solid Izor on mine and have enough room for at least a 25 yard top shot of flouro/mono. Probably could have got another 30-40 yards of braid and still room for the top shot.
  72. nate

    Offshore Big eye tuna?

    Looks like Michael Keaton to me.
  73. nate

    Anyone know the size of this week's round of yellowfin?

    I fished a 2.5 day on the Islander 7/22 & 7/23 in that zone. YFT were 10-18 lbs. I had 5 star process 6 of my fish and total weight was 85 lbs. The guys using 15-20 lb mono/flouro did the best. Most were caught on bait. One guy did really well by adding a small rubber core. Daisy chains and...
  74. nate

    Adventure 16 Gift Cards

  75. nate

    Adventure 16 Gift Cards

  76. nate

    Adventure 16 Gift Cards

  77. nate

    Offshore One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    So just your average day in So Cal huh? You'll get them next time amigo.
  78. nate

    Adventure 16 Gift Cards

  79. nate

    WTB Calstar GFGR 700XH Factory Wrapped

    Looking for a Calstar Grafighter 700XH. Interested in used or like new condition factory wrapped. Local San Diego pick up preferred.
  80. nate

    Adventure 16 Gift Cards

    Selling 2 $100 value gift cards for $75 each or $150 for both. San Diego pick up.
  81. nate

    PASSPORT RENEWAL - Who's done it recently?

    This is exactly what a friend of mine did recently. He booked a trip on one of the sporties requiring a passport which he didn't have. The captain had a form that showed a need for expedited service and gave it to my friend to take to the passport agency. He went in on a Monday and got his...
  82. nate

    Need an affordable way to move boat around my backyard without truck

    Maybe look into getting a four wheel dolly for each tire and the tounge jack. You'll be able to spin the trailer on a dime by yourself by hand. You can even push the trailer sideways. A little more work to set up than a motorized tounge dolly but a lot more maneuverable.
  83. nate

    5IIa reel seat question

    No problem. Enjoy your new reel.
  84. nate

    5IIa reel seat question

    The 5IIa fits on my Fuji 24 & 26 no problem
  85. nate

    Travel insurance.

    Here's the links to the archives from that show.
  86. nate

    WTB 700M

  87. nate

    Where can I find rubber rod clips?

    If you are near San Diego, try San Diego Marine Exchange on Shelter Island. I have got them there in the past.
  88. nate

    WTB Boat Detailing

    I have used Monsoon Yacht Service. Mark is the owner and he does great work.
  89. nate

    Offshore Wifeys First YFT

    Mission accomplished! Nice work Yusef.
  90. nate

    BD Outdoors Sponsored 2 Day Charter Aboard The Dominator

    Looks like the booking page has a typo. It shows the boat returning Thursday night.
  91. nate

    $45.00 Shimano,Daiwa,Penn Reels for sale

    Great deals here. Tony definitely knows how to dial in a reel.
  92. nate

    outdrive bellows

    That's normal. The lower bellows come with holes in them.
  93. nate

    Offshore 8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Well you picked the right year to work on your bucket list. Nice work amigo.
  94. nate

    Any creative live bait solutions?

    They hang from two brackets on the transom outside the boat. Yes you need a pump. Not sure on those bait bag sizes. I'm not selling them, I saw them and thought I'd give you a heads up.
  95. nate

    Any creative live bait solutions?

    Bait bags work pretty good. Here's some in the classified section
  96. nate

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Nice catch Moyer! That's a lot of tacos :D
  97. nate

    Bass knuckles idiots

    Patch Monkey? Anybody that knows you would say you are more of a Patch Sasquatch.
  98. nate


  99. nate


  100. nate

    Saltist 30t

    Yep Steve nailed it. The clamp and paint finish suck, but at around $100 used its a great reel. If you end up keeping it and want another I have one on sale here.
  101. nate


  102. nate


  103. nate


  104. nate


  105. nate


    Price reduced to $130
  106. nate

    Fillet/Bait Tables

    Will sell gimble mount and aluminum plate together for $25 each set.
  107. nate


  108. nate


  109. nate


    This MXL 5.8-MC is a blem and came new with mismatched colors. Great condition mechanically with light scratches on side plate. Spooled with 50 lb Power Pro that has one splice in it FYI. $130 Cash pick up in San Diego. PM if interested.
  110. nate


    Older version Saltist 30T with 4.9:1 gear ratio. Good shape mechanically but has some boat rash. Comes with clamp. Check pics below. Spooled with 50lb Power Pro. $100 Cash pick up in San Diego. Send PM.
  111. nate


  112. nate

    Fillet/Bait Tables

    These two tables consist of three pieces each. The wood top detaches easily from the other two pieces for easier storage. Top measures 36" x 16" and is made of marine ply and oak. Aluminum mounting plate measures 20" x 10" Black anodized aluminum gimble mount fits 30 degree rod holder...
  113. nate

    Just got my new boat!

    Nice boat! I had the 1834-c with radar/plotter/sounder in my Davis. Great unit and ran flawlessly for years. Install it so that the radar overlays on the plotter. Yes you can add another monitor or two. It does make it nice to have one 10.4 inch monitor show sounder only so you can see it from...
  114. nate


    Practically indestructible fiberglass! Perfect for your newbie fishing buddy on your private boat. You know how it goes after a troll stop. Everybody freaks out and forgets to take the jig out of the fish and the rod ends up on the deck flopping around.
  115. nate


    Two Used custom wrapped old school fiberglass trolling rods. I don't know the line ratings on them, but they are very stout. I used them on my boat for 80 lb trolling set ups. They have been rewrapped once since originally built. Both measure 5'10". These rods have all Aftco rollers, heavy duty...
  116. nate

    BEST insoles for XTRATUFF Boots???

    For me, the best feeling insoles are from old shoes I no longer use. They are perfectly molded to my feet from months of use. If they are too thin, use a second set from another old pair of shoes.
  117. nate

    Vagabond 1/23

    Heading out Friday night 1/23 on the Vagabond for a 1.5 day. Anyone else signed up for this trip?
  118. nate

    1.5 Day This Weekend

    Is the Aztec still running? A few days ago they had some trips available. Checked this morning and all the trips are gone from Seaforth's schedule.
  119. nate

    Volvo Raw Water Pump Not Priming From Drive

    After running my AD 41 for about 5 years with no priming issues during flush out it just stopped priming easily one day. So what worked for me is to 1) plug drain hole on bottom of drive with a tapered plastic cap from a tube of sealant 2) put muffs on and wrap bungee cord or similar around...
  120. nate

    Removing Dried Tuna Blood and Stains from Boat

    Gotta have Bar Keepers Friend if you own a boat. Definitely the best stuff out there. Plus it only costs about $3.
  121. nate

    Unfrozen Tuna

    Like said above don't let it sit in fish juice. Wrap and dry meat daily with paper towels and it should last until Friday. Also, next time keep 1-2 fish whole buried in ice in a cooler for a couple days after your trip. Then clean and store some meat fresh for sushi. This will get you a couple...
  122. nate

    Red Fuel in San Diego????

    Hey Freddy, first of all nice boat! I owned a Rock Harbor for 10 years and fished from San Diego to Morro Bay. A good option is to become a member of CFN. They have hundreds of fuel stations in their network that carry many different fuels including Red Dye. Many of their affiliates are open...
  123. nate

    Offshore Yellowfin Wide 182-43 Friday 22 Aug

    Nice work. Bloodydecks salute too-love it! Don't see that much anymore.
  124. nate

    Galvi Boat Trailer Hubs - Where to buy??

    Good luck Mike.... I went down this road with Pacific a couple years ago. Try a search on here for Pacific Trailers and you can find some good(actually bad) info on them. BTW, you can always get some cold galvanizing spray in a rattle can to put on your hubs....:p:
  125. nate

    Galvi Boat Trailer Hubs - Where to buy??

    Maybe FE trailer's price is higher because it's a galvanized hub and not zinc plated like the ones Pacific sold you.
  126. nate

    Best Temperature for Frozen Fish???

    Not sure on best temp but I've always heard it's best to store it in a non frost-free freezer. Here's some info I found on the net that explains it. Typically, they use a timer to trigger a self-defrost cycle several times a day. The compressor shuts off, and a heating coil warms the freezer...
  127. nate

    Volvo Diesel Question

    Yep exactly what mine looked like. When I pulled my filter and noticed it collapsed I was soooo happy=$60 fix. Great news! Go kill some fish.
  128. nate

    Wtb newell p or s 500 series (4.6 or 5.5 gearing)

    Hey Nate, FYI Randy is a great guy to deal with. I bought a rod from him recently and it could not have gone easier. Hope it works for you. Nate
  129. nate

    Volvo Diesel Question

    I had a similar issue with my AD41P. Turbo was fine but air filter was clogged and actually collapsed.
  130. nate

    Whats up with Seeker

    Hi Eric, I've got a question for you guys at Seeker. I ordered a SS 6470-7 through Squidco about a month ago. Apparently it's on backorder. Any idea when you guys will have some available? Squidco didn't know. I assume you are the man to ask. Thanks for your help, Nate
  131. nate

    Tips for Lingcod?

    First, tie J hook on main line. Then cut a short piece of mono/flouro leader and tie it to eye of J hook next to main line knot. Then attach treble to leader.
  132. nate

    Tips for Lingcod?

    Not sure what size exactly. I use the trebles that I remove from megabaits/irons that get replaced with single hooks for tuna fishing. If I had to guess probably 4/0 to 8/0.
  133. nate

    Tips for Lingcod?

    For Lings using large bait I like a big J hook and a big treble hook tied together with mono/flouro. Put the J hook in the nose and the treble towards the tail. The line between the hooks should be about the length of the bait.
  134. nate

    Anyone know what is that new seasick medicine called?

    Meclizine works pretty good. Cheap, over the counter and it doesn't make you as drowsy as Dramamine. But IMO what works the best with the least amount of side effects is Scopace or Kwells. When are you going? I see you live in SD. I've got some Kwells I'll give you if your friend wants to...
  135. nate

    New Backyard PB

    Nice job Matty.
  136. nate

    Anyone know what is that new seasick medicine called?

    Shimano Sea Sick Tablets
  137. nate

    Kwells available in U.S.?

    Hyoscine Hydrobromide
  138. nate

    Kwells available in U.S.?

    I received my 4 packs of Kwells today-about 10 days after ordering.
  139. nate

    Ryobi 10" Table Saw

    $50 cash pick up San Diego.
  140. nate

    4th of July in San Diego

    Check this site out San Diego Bay has a great show.
  141. nate

    Kwells available in U.S.?

    I used to buy Kwells on Amazon too. But like you said it's currently unavailable from them. However, I did order it off Ebay UK this week. This seller limits you to 5 packs but no patient info required. Seller is: medicinesuk 4 packs of 12 tablets each plus shipping to San Diego from England...
  142. nate

    Where to stay Mammoth Mountain?

    We like Crystal Crag Lodge on Lake Mary. Individual cabins-some outdated, some remodeled, but rustic and fun. Probably booked but worth a try. The Village is neat, everything you need is right there. Devils Postpile/Rainbow Falls/Reds Meadow area is really cool. But, in the summer you have...
  143. nate

    One tip

    Exactly. The better anglers get bit at the bait tank. The best looking, fastest bait is what the fish want. Take your time and find "that bait".
  144. nate

    Mission: Seabass-YT Tuna Jihad 5-31-14

    Damn Ali that's a jumbo. Nice work on the good eats.
  145. nate

    Surf spinning reel

    Hey guys if anyone is looking for a good condition spinning reel for the surf check out my post here
  146. nate

    ACR Buoyant Ditch Bag

    Sale pending. I'll keep you guys above updated if deal falls through.
  147. nate

    ACR Buoyant Ditch Bag

    "Used" but never used (thank God) floating ACR Rapid Ditch bag. Has a few scuff marks but otherwise in good condition. Comes with signal mirror, whistle, and floating orange banner. $30 SOLD San Diego pick up
  148. nate

    Bazooka Pro adjustable rod case

    Good condition comes with master lock/key Adjusts from 73"-102" $30 SOLD San Diego pick up
  149. nate

    Skil circular saw New with case

    New 7 1/4" saw and case. 2.4 hp 11 Amp Legend series. $SOLD San Diego Local pick up.
  150. nate

    Ballyhood Trolling Lures

    Mike sent you a pm
  151. nate

    Ballyhood Trolling Lures

    $40 SOLD for the pair. Local San Diego pick up.
  152. nate

    Rapala Magnums, Yo Zuri

    These are all used. Some have rust some don't. Some need to be tuned some don't. Please check out pics. Selling all together for $60.SOLD Local San Diego pick up. May ship at additional cost. 6 CD18 10 CD 14 2 CD 11 2 Yo Zuri
  153. nate

    Magma Catalina Gas Grill

    Nice condition Magma Catalina propane gas grill. This model has an upper and lower rack. Includes adjustable rod holder mount. $175 SOLD San Diego local pick up
  154. nate

    Daiwa Emblem-X 5500A Spinning Reel

    Daiwa Emblem-X 5500A. Great condition surf spinning reel. Good for long distance casting. $100 local San Diego pick up. Shipping at additional cost.
  155. nate

    Newell 540-4.6

    SOLD good condition Newell 540 4.6 $120 local San Diego pick up. Can ship at additional charge.
  156. nate

    Taco Cart Catering Recomendation

    My favorite in SD is San Diego Taco Company.
  157. nate

    I Caught A Big Red Cod

    Cioppino and a Hofbrau. Doesn't get much better than that!
  158. nate

    Offshore 1.5 day on the Islander 8/12/13

    Good job Logan! Great report dad. I've been on the Islander twice this year and I agree with you 100%.
  159. nate

    Yellowtail, Bluefin, its whats for dinne and more.........

    Great pics! Looks soooooo good. You got just about all the bases covered except canned. I can help with that :D
  160. nate

    Brine issue! please help.

    Mmmmm sounds like a candied salmon recipe. Definitely the best smoked fish I've ever had was prepared that way. I've always wanted to try it with bluefin bellies since the fat content is higher like salmon. Thanks for the recipe. Good year to try it out!
  161. nate

    Islander 2.5 day 7/25

    Heading out on the Islander Thursday night. Any BDer's on this trip?
  162. nate

    Penn International II 50s 2 Speed Reel

    For sale Penn Int. 50s 2 speed reel. Great condition mechanically with some scratches. $300 Local San Diego pick up.
  163. nate

    Volvo Diesel Parts

    Marine Parts Express. Check link below for the AD41P.
  164. nate

    Scopase; Scopalimine Tablets for Seasickness

    I found Kwells on Amazon from chemist2go. 4 boxes of 12 tablets each for about $32 total-delivered to my house in 2 weeks from the UK.
  165. nate

    Transmission question

    Yep good advice Ali. My tranny took a shit in my 2001 F250 4x4 last summer. $2700 for a reman. I went to Horizon Performance Drivetrain in Lakeside. Dwight Brinkerhoff at 619-990-1718.
  166. nate

    combing pad replacement

    Try Hoffman Foam and Canvas at 619-584-8599. They did my combing pads and some other stuff. Good work-reasonable prices.
  167. nate


    Hey Gene, I sent you a pm. Nate
  168. nate

    dumb question #1

    My Davis had an interior light in the pilot house that was hot with battery switch off. I did not ask for it that way but ended up liking it. It was nice to be able to have a light available quickly without switching on the batteries. I can't tell you how many times I needed to climb in the boat...
  169. nate

    Lifesling 2 Overboard Rescue System, Type I Offshore PFD's, etc.

    Lifesling 2 Overboard Rescue System. This is Type V and counts as a throwable Type IV PFD too. = $75 SOLD Type I Offshore PFD's with ACR Emergency light and whistle = $40 each SOLD 4 Type II PFD's = $15 for all 4 Life Ring = $15 25 lb. Anchor = $15 Wood Plugs = :hali_olutta: Pick up San...
  170. nate

    Portable basketball hoop

    Looking for a portable basketball hoop with the big plastic base. Must be adjustable. I'm in San Diego so something local preferred. Let me know what you got and what you want for it.
  171. nate

    Offshore 9-21 1010 Trench -The Long Run

    We actually ended up fishing more toward the knuckle. The furthest we got was 68 miles from Point Loma. Floscan numbers: Going down Thur. night at 7 knots = 3.5 mpg avg. Coming home yesterday at 20 knots = 2.2 mpg avg.
  172. nate

    Offshore 9-21 1010 Trench -The Long Run

    It's true Captain Curt, she's gotta go. Going to be boatess for awhile. It sure has been a great boat!
  173. nate

    Offshore 1010 YFT's

    Great report and pics. Nice boat too!
  174. nate

    Offshore 9-18-12 Tuna Fix

    Great trip! Congrats on getting back on the water.
  175. nate

    Offshore Bass Guy Goes Long

    You think that albi is 32 lb? Yeah right. Only if the homo in the picture holding it is 6'6" and 230 lbs. Do you always hold up fish others catch for you?
  176. nate

    What your longest run for a private boater under 35'

    Fished west of the Cortez Bank a few years back in my 25'er. Around 120 miles from the beach.
  177. nate

    Need Upholstry Person

    Hoffman Foam and Canvas 619-584-8599 ask for Memo. I had some stuff done recently and everything came out great and at a good price.
  178. nate

    Mark @ Monsoon Marine- two thumbs up!

    You beat me to it Ali. Mark color sanded, polished, waxed etc. my boat and it came out great. I took some before and after pics for a post but haven't had the time yet. Mark at Monsoon is the complete package. He was professional, honest, reliable, affordable, and performed above and beyond...
  179. nate

    Offshore Last run for the Long Run? 9-2-2012 @ the pens

    Nice report bro, thanks for putting it up. Yeah, it was sloppy all right-we were definitely the smallest boat out there on Sunday rubbing elbows with the Sporties. Many good times on the Long Run through the years. It has been a great ride! It will be tough letting her go when she sells...
  180. nate

    Offshore 8/29/2012 - Pens and Offshore

    Nice score Ali. :hali_olutta:
  181. nate

    Offshore 8/10 Dolphin 3 - 1.5 day Bird/Dolphin Watching Special!

    About time you showed up here I figured you would have put an end to this a long time ago with some :boobies:
  182. nate

    23 Albacore and some amazing video

    Great video. Thanks for sharing.
  183. nate long have you been fishing?

    Since I was about 3. Please tell me sandals with socks were the IN thing back in '75.
  184. nate

    Offshore Grande-Sat, 8-4-12: Gills, girls, & gonads

    Not yet. But I'm an official boat ho now if you ever need one :cheers:
  185. nate

    Offshore Grande-Sat, 8-4-12: Gills, girls, & gonads

    Nice write up amigo. Cool pics too. It's been awhile since I've been on a sportie, and although it was a bit tight, it sure was relaxing compared to taking out my boat. The Grande is a good operation. I would definitely go with them again in the future. And the guy in the nest was Steve...
  186. nate

    Boat Trailer Parts

  187. nate

    Boat Trailer Parts

    Yep, what he said. Aros is a good shop.
  188. nate

    Vessell Assist (Boat US)..........

    I'm really into pictures tonight....:D
  189. nate

    Vessell Assist (Boat US)..........

    I was in Point Loma tonight and renewed my vessel assist at West Marine. They give you 5% rewards if you renew at the store vs. online. One bonus is that on the way home you can stop by Slater's 50/50 and get a really good burger.
  190. nate

    FKG & I at Bridgeport for an epic 6/20-6/25 trip!!!!

    Great report Brandon. FKG's smile says it all. I'm taking the family to June lake next month. Looking forward to having similar experiences as you guys. Well, everything except the wind...
  191. nate

    Buyer Beware Pacific Trailer:

    Sorry to hear of your troubles at PT. Sadly, you are not alone. I would park my trailer/boat before dealing with those people again. :mad:
  192. nate

    Why you should go slow @ night.

    #5 Bait: slower speed = less tank sloshing = healthier bait
  193. nate

    Offshore Team Hanna catches Blue Fin Tuna 6/9!!!!! (Full Report & Pix added)

    Good job guys. Looking forward to the full report.
  194. nate

    It's time........................

    Curtis, there's nothing I would like to do more right now than search for some tuna with Team Hanna! I am a couple weeks out from making my first trip of the year unfortunately. Good luck to you guys. If Fish Killer G is on this one, you guys will kill them for sure.
  195. nate

    It's time........................

    I'm in. Let's do it! :2gunsfiring_v1:
  196. nate

    Offshore Bluefin spotted on Searcher at 200mi Friday

    HaHa nice one! Gotta have your lucky dolphin shorts when tuna fishing.
  197. nate

    Whats your favorite deck cleaning solution?

    Bar Keepers Friend will get that stuff out and just about anything else.
  198. nate

    Where in LA to buy trailer tires

    Check Costco. A few of them here in San Diego carry trailer tires.
  199. nate

    need a few kelp paddy pics

  200. nate


    I know what you mean. In past years I would have made 3-4 trips by now looking for tuna. I can't take it any longer either. I'm planning on a run south about 100 or so the following weekend. Good Luck, be safe.
  201. nate

    Any Reputable Trailer Repair Shops near Long Beach?

    Yeah, Pacific Trailers has really been a major let down to me too. And that's putting it lightly. I have waited almost 6 weeks for parts that Bob told me over the phone were in stock. During this time I sent two emails that were never replied to and at least 10 phone calls trying to get an...
  202. nate

    New boat order long wait

    That sucks but get used to it. I've been waiting almost 6 weeks for 2 hubs for my trailer.:imdumb: Just saying.....
  203. nate

    Remove a Gas stain from the Hull

    Use Barkeepers Friend for the stain. It is very cheap, easy to find, safe for fiberglass and metals, and will work better than most any other cleaners. I buy it in powder form at my local grocery store. Just mix with some water to make a paste. You will be amazed at how good it works.
  204. nate

    Don't read this unless you own a boat.

    Like said above when you use your boat regularly enough the "off season" maintenance list is not as long as others. I try to think safety items that seldom get used. Self test EPIRB and check date on battery replacement. Make sure the auto part of your auto bilge pumps work. Check...
  205. nate

    What to use for trolling on a 2 day trip in June

    If you are refering to either vinyl (plastic) skirted jigs or feather skirted jigs, then vinyl skirts are more durable and the colors last longer and will not fade like feather skirts.
  206. nate

    What kind of pans do you use?

    I have All-Clad and love them. They are SS with an aluminum core. Don't use too much heat and oil is a must.
  207. nate

    2010 redux?

    That's funny I was just thinking about that the other day. It's typical for that area to get dirty water due to major upwelling just south of Ensenada. However, last year that dirty water plume was massive and if I remember correctly it pushed west from baja for 40-50 miles at times and lasted...
  208. nate

    Looking for Kenai River Guide, May

    I fished with these guys a few years back. They fish the Kenai and/or the Cook Inlet. We had a great time even though the fishing was slow.
  209. nate


    IMO Behr is crap. I like Dunn Edwards Evershield (formerly called Enduracryl). Frazee makes good products as well.
  210. nate

    Post on this thread if you read it

  211. nate


    Always look forward to Tommy's tacos at DATD. I think I'll buy 2.......every 30 minutes:D
  212. nate

    Home Alarm / Security System Needed

    Call Jack at Safe and Sound. He has been in the biz forever. Not the cheapest, but arguably the best in SD.
  213. nate

    Temporary Slip in Mission Bay

    Try Campland, they should have what you are looking for.
  214. nate

    My Bro is fighting cancer and needs FISH

    Hey Brant sorry to hear about your bro. I've got some home canned albacore from last year I can contribute. I'll pm you my cell # if you are interested in some.
  215. nate

    Upper Finger Bank Question

    The great thing about the Upper Finger is its size. Many good areas to fish. As with most rockfishing just motor around and check where the marks are or are not. We usually fish anywhere from 250'-400'. I'll pull out some #'s for you tonight and send you a PM to give you an idea which spots...
  216. nate

    Ever get there pictures of your boat???

    You could pretty much get the same pictures with someone shooting from one of the bridges over Mission Bay.
  217. nate

    public weigh station

    I weighed mine at EDCO Station in La Mesa a few years back. Easy in/out, and free if you don't need a certified weight printed out. If you do I think it's around $10.
  218. nate

    Can your catch

    Hey Brian, look at the top of this forum. Or Click here And you are right, it's a great alternative to preserving your catch.
  219. nate

    Super Bowl Tri Tip

    That sounds real good. BTW, for those of you who live in the San Diego area and want USDA Prime Tri Tip check out Valley Farms Market in Casa de Oro on Bancroft Dr. and Campo Rd. Very marbleized and tender and priced right for Prime meat at around $6-$7 per pound.
  220. nate

    Anybody ever fished the bottom on the 224/226?

    I've heard of good blackgill fishing there.
  221. nate

    Rockfishing 1st time tomorrow(Question)

    "Where will you be fishing, it is my understanding rock fishing is closed to boat base anglers as of Jan 1st, Am I wrong?." Mexico. The half day trips out of San Diego have been hitting the lower 9.
  222. nate

    Fuel Polishing on the Sled

    Enough already! Lets go fishing. Think you will be ready for a Punta Colonet trip in March?
  223. nate

    Boat logo/ lettering

    Hats/T-Shirts/Decals Updated Info Enfuego X2. Call Yusef, great work and a good dude.
  224. nate

    Need Advice on Trailering Extra Wide

    Good advice Shad. Another thing to keep in mind for us heavy boat owners is the weight capacity of the stock truck hitch. The stock hitch on my F250 SD was rated to only 5000 lbs for a weight carrying hitch. For a weight distributing hitch it's rated to 12,500 lbs but very few boat...
  225. nate

    Rubber floor matting

    I got mine at a used restaurant supply store. Can't remember the price. I have also seen them new at Home Depot. Sorry can't remember the price there either. They do lock together. Good luck.
  226. nate

    Stolen Boat!!

    Shit Matty that sucks!! Next month we'll have to do a trip. Wherever you want buddy-my treat.
  227. nate

    post a few of your most recent photos thread...

    Fog bank over Morro Rock after an albacore trip in October. Reminds me of a great trip and how good we felt after a safe return to an unfamilar harbor in pea soup conditions.
  228. nate

    What is your favorite...

    For a morning departure: Santana's Buenos Dias burritos and Thermos full of Starbucks (they fill the thermos for the price of a single coffee!). For an evening departure: Venetian pizza and :hali_olutta:
  229. nate

    Chilean Sea Bass Filets in San Diego

    Tommy's Chilean Sea Bass is probably the best thing I have ever eaten.
  230. nate

    Pulled The Trigger :)

    Congrats. again Leo and good talking to you. I see some buddy boating in our future.:D
  231. nate

    Spare bait Pump

    I always keep a spare pump or two on board. I have been using the Rule 700 for years and have noticed they last a lot longer if you flush them out when you clean the boat. I just fill the bait tanks with fresh water and let it drain through the pump and out the strainer.
  232. nate

    Rainbow at dusk

    Not my pic, my brother took it. Shot looking east in San Diego as the sun was setting about a month ago.
  233. nate

    25lb Anchor Fluke Style-used $25, Life Ring-used $25

    Bump. Taking offers or possible trades :hali_olutta:
  234. nate

    Float Tube and Fins $40

    Good Condition Caddis float tube and fins. Two of the fins match, but the other is a single. Pick up or local delivery San Diego only. No Shipping. PM please. $40
  235. nate

    25lb Anchor Fluke Style-used $25, Life Ring-used $25

    Used 25 lb fluke style anchor, unknown manufacturer. $25 Used Life Ring with new reflective tape provided. $25 Pick Up or local delivery San Diego only. PM please.
  236. nate

    Boat Insurance

  237. nate

    Sleeping onboard at the fishing grounds?

    Exactly. And your bait will hold up a lot better when you go slow. We leave between 8-10 pm the night before. Usually I have 4 total on board and we take 1 1/2 hour wheel watches. Anything longer and my crew falls asleep. That way you get at least 4 1/2 hours of sleep before sunrise. I...
  238. nate


    Its worth a shot....
  239. nate

    Canning 101

    I've canned both and they tasted great imo.
  240. nate

    Skippy scuppers.......water entry issues

    Not sure how big a stock skippy scupper hole is, but yes, that is what they are made to do. They work really good. I can measure the holes on my boat and get back to ya.
  241. nate

    Post your Best Kids Fishing Pic

    Katherine and her first catfish
  242. nate

    Photophix your fishing shots

    Here's a few...Thanks!
  243. nate

    2 day weekend after the 4th

    We are heading out Friday night as well. I sent you a pm. Let's go get 'em!
  244. nate


    Thanks and good going on the chickens Chris. Getting same day report and pics is much appreciated :High_Five
  245. nate


    Thanks and good going on the chickens Chris. Getting the same day info and pics from you is awesome.:High_Five
  246. nate

    Offshore Albacore are here.

    "Good albacore fishing yesterday for the fleet. A few good stops first thing in the morning with stops for up to 25 fish for the guys in the zone before 0700. Steady strikes and shorts stops throughout the day, and a few more good stops late. We had 69 albacore, 1 bluefin tuna for 14 guys...
  247. nate


    Happy belated birthday dude!. Angel food cake? I always heard you were into Fruit Cakes:supergay:
  248. nate

    Trim tabs..what are you using?

    My boat (and all Davis's) came with Boat Leveler Co. tabs. Flawless for 7 years--knock on wood.
  249. nate

    Camping at Silver Strand

    There is a dog beach in Coronado but not close to the strand, you would have to drive there. Fishing the beach in front of the campground can be good for the usual stuff found in the surf. If there is a grunion run going on then, the fishing can get real good.... Good Luck and have fun!
  250. nate

    Coronado Islands 6-19-10

    Thanks Matt same to you. Take care.
  251. nate

    6-19 Coronado Island yellowtail up to 41 LBS!!! pics in side.

    Nice one! We were right there with you guys during that battle. That thing looked huge even from our boat. We were in the white and blue Davis. That was a nice little spot for us too. Congrats!
  252. nate

    Coronado Islands 6-19-10

    Actually for the first couple of hours there was an only one or two boats in the area. That picture of all the boats was taken about 11:00 when the fleet moved in to the spot just west of where we were working. Check out this shot of my plotter. Thanks for all the kind words guys!
  253. nate

    Coronado Islands 6-19-10

    Thanks Bryce. Yes it's a diesel, Volvo AD41P.
  254. nate

    Coronado Islands 6-19-10

    Got a pre Fathers Day hall pass and took my buds Frankie and John to the Coronados. Weather reports sounded a bit bleak but wanted to get on the water bad. Slow trolling sardines with 25 lb flouro worked the best for us. Fish bit from 7:30-11:30 in water ranging from 63-65 degrees...
  255. nate


    You will be fine with those rigs. Use the boats trolling gear. Just make sure you bring flourocarbon, 20-40 lb. Good luck. Happy Fathers Day :D
  256. nate

    Do you shit on your boat???

    My boat has a shitter-but we rarely use it. A bucket works just fine and is a lot easier to clean than the head.... Twice last year I was doing my biz in a bucket on the deck while the crew was in the pilothouse waiting for me to finish. Both times while making my grunt sculpture the...
  257. nate

    Volvo AD41 parts?

    Remember he is talking Volvo ($$) parts :indabutt: An oil filter, fuel filter, and impeller kit will cost you well over $100, which will get you free shipping, and there's no sales tax. Holy crap I just looked up an impeller kit and its gone up to $82. OUCH!!
  258. nate

    Volvo AD41 parts?

    I have used many times. Good prices and service.
  259. nate

    Yellowtail 5-22-2010

    Hey guys, lots of fish down there below the islands. Everywhere you looked terns were working, fish were boiling, and there were constant marks on the meter. Lets hope when the weather improves so will the fishing. Long soaks with the dines produced a couple of our fish as packs of fish...
  260. nate

    Going to be busy this weekend........

    Feel like squeezing in a short little trip about 120 south?:D
  261. nate

    Wood Fillet Board Help

    I know you are looking for how to build a wood cutting board--but first there is a lot of misinformation going on here. Oak Poisonous?? If that was true, how is it possible for BBQ restaurants to use it to cook with? Also, go online and search oak cutting boards--there are hundreds out...
  262. nate

    3 ALBACORE Caught @ 115nm south of S.D.!!!!!

    I can't wait to see how things shape up in the next few weeks........ Lets stay in touch.
  263. nate

    3 ALBACORE Caught @ 115nm south of S.D.!!!!!

    You suck....I was going to pm you and see if you wanted to take a look down there.
  264. nate

    prop work

    Call Ed at Propellers of San Diego 619-469-5300. Great work, and a good guy.
  265. nate


    Check with a landfill or transfer station. They will have a scale. I went to EDCO Transfer Station in La Mesa and they let me pull onto their scale for free since I didn't need a certified weight printout.
  266. nate

    low tide BS

    Maybe you need more tounge weight? My boat & trailer weigh 12,000+ lbs. I tow with a F250 V10 4X4 and in 7 years, 1900 hours on the boat I have never had to put it in 4 wheel drive to make it up a ramp. I don't even remember the tires ever spinning either. However, I have never launched...
  267. nate

    Post your Dog Pictures

    Here's Midas in the Laguna Mountains.
  268. nate

    good volvo diesel mechanic/shop?

    x2 on Cogswell. I have used them many times with good results. They did my injectors two years ago. They will remove and replace the injectors but will send them out for the rebuild. Hopefully you will not have to replace any. I had to buy a new one and it was about $330!
  269. nate

    My 1st Yellow Tail for The Year 2/15/10 NADOS

    Nice fish! We caught one Saturday a bit south of that area on a curly tail grub also. Hmmmmmm.......
  270. nate

    Rockpile 2/13 Good rockfishing and a yellowtail

    Hit up the deeper water outside of the rockpile on Saturday. Fished with B.T and John on a pretty rough day with lots of wind. The fish didn't seem to mind the bad conditions and bit really good for us. Managed to pull up Mexican limits of rockfish which included 8 nice reds, 9 Boccacio...
  271. nate

    Canning 101

    Hey Cornfed good question, Distilled water has more than chlorine removed from it. Most impurities and minerals are also removed by distilling. Honestly, I can't say for sure but I doubt letting tap water sit would do the same thing. My guess is that the chlorine would evaporate but the...
  272. nate

    Coleman Dual Fuel Stove

    Coleman Powerhouse 414 Dual Fuel Stove. Runs on white gas or unleaded. Good condition. $40
  273. nate

    Where to Get Rebar Sizes 9-11

    Howie, try Pacific Coast Steel on Mission Gorge Rd. at 619-286-3405.
  274. nate

    Rebar Rockcod Sinkers: No More Lead!

    Hey Jan, you listed the rebar designation numbers and diameters only. The weight of rebar per foot is in the far right column below. For example: Number 7 rebar is .875" or 7/8" in diameter and weights 2.044 lbs. per foot. Bar No. ....Diameter....Weight per foot...
  275. nate

    SD Bay lobster limits and a surprise 1/11

    There was plenty of that too.:_diarrhea_:
  276. nate

    SD Bay lobster limits and a surprise 1/11

    Hooped SD Bay Monday night on my buddy Frank's boat for a steady pick on the bugs. Got a late start and didn't get the first set down until almost 8:00 pm. Made 6 sets in about 40' of water in about 5 hours on the water. Seals were abundant but the lobster didn't seem to care. The surprise...
  277. nate


    I have a regular (modified sine wave) inverter to power my micro. It is 1000w and I run it off of a 4D battery. I believe a true sine wave inverter is necessary when running sensative electronics like TV's or computers.
  278. nate

    What rod do you recommend for Rock Coding?

    Personally I like to use old trolling rods about 5'-6' in length with a small high speed reel. When I am reeling up from 350'+ I don't want my rod to bend much.
  279. nate

    Offshore Perro Malo at the Hidden bank

    So, it seems like the Great White Mola Hunter found a new home at AC. What a perfect match.
  280. nate

    Which design do you like better?

    #1 is cool-just get the boat redrawn.
  281. nate


    Good question. You have it correct. BTW, that is not a run on sentence.
  282. nate

    Canning 101

    Sorry Foss, I just noticed that you are looking for a picture of our tuna without water. The jars in the front with the redish color have canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. Here ya go, all of these jars were done without any liquid.
  283. nate

    Another BD'er saved some coin.

    Hey I know that boat! Yes, its true what you read above. Sherm and 5th Avenue Insurance is the real deal. Saved me a bunch of money AND increased my coverage. It was soooo easy to get a quote, I feel stupid for not doing it sooner. Sherm, you got something wrong though--it took 15...
  284. nate

    Offshore Team Hanna joins the tuna bite 10/24

    Nice going guys! Next time can we borrow FKG? He is definitely a good luck charm. We went through that zone at 02/25 3-4 times and got nothing. Can't complain though--it was a nice day to be on the water and we got a variety of fish- bluefin, albie, dorado, and yellowtail. As always...
  285. nate

    Offshore Offshore Prediction report: Weather/Swell Tailwalker

    Are you guys all moved in to the new place? If so, you have no excuse.....
  286. nate

    Offshore Offshore Prediction report: Weather/Swell Tailwalker

    Heading that direction Friday night-fishing Saturday. Got to give it one more try before we break out the lead for the winter. Hey Saluki, it would be nice to finish this season like we started it with some albies. Hopefully we don't have to go 100+ to find them this time. Good luck...
  287. nate

    Back when there were fish

    Good catch=good memories.
  288. nate

    Offshore 9-24 & 9-25 YFT, ALB, DOR, SJ, ect ect

    Thanks for the call in Chris, next time we'll have a better plan on the radio before we go out.....
  289. nate

    55" Sony Grand Wega

    Bummer, I was looking for a 56". Oh well. Good price though.
  290. nate

    115v deck floodlight (what kind ?)

    Pescaloco, Sorry, misread your post.......just realized you are looking for a 115 Vac. However, I found this
  291. nate

    115v deck floodlight (what kind ?)

    I have 2 of the cheapy Jabsco Tungsten Halogens on my boat and they have worked flawlessly for 7 years. Depending on the size and where you get them they range from about $50-$100 each.
  292. nate

    Your Kidding!

    I was thinking the same thing last week. Something like you see at a house for sale. Maybe flyers on the front doors in a plastic tray so that the public can take one home to read or give to a friend. I have been to many tackle stores and marine parts stores here in S.D. that had no mention...
  293. nate

    ***The MLPA IS HERE! TIME TO ACT!***

    Has the local media been notified? If not, it may be better to give a heads up today than wait for them to show up on their own.
  294. nate

    ***The MLPA IS HERE! TIME TO ACT!***

    I'll be there with my two daughters and my rig in tow. Ali, got a big banner I can put on the pilothouse?
  295. nate

    Sooon ooooova Biiiiiiitch

    It could be worse. Two years after naming my boat "Long Run" I hear of a guy with the same boat name AND the same first name as mine, Nate. To top it off we both live in San Diego. Thought I had a unique boat name and a not so common first name. Oh well, life goes on.
  296. nate

    Icehouse's in s.d / mb

    Here you go. We picked up 340 lbs of crushed and cubed last Friday afternoon for about $50. ice sales and delivery, ice machine sales and service at San Diego Ice Company Hope you catch 'em. Good Luck!
  297. nate

    Offshore 8-15-09 Long Run tuna slam

    Thanks for the post & pics STP. It was great fishing with you, Duke and B.T. I appreciate you guys going the distance to get to the fish. Crappy seas but a great day of fishing. We were able to land every fish that we hooked--which was pretty good in the sloppy conditions. The fish...
  298. nate

    Decisions Decisions Sat 8/15

    We are leaving tonight at about 9:00pm, fishing Saturday. Plan on heading south 80 or so. Seas will be rough but the fishing sounds pretty good. Hope it lasts despite the weather. Good luck if you go. Boat name is Long Run--call us if you get on the water.
  299. nate

    Offshore INDIAN 2.5 DAY TRIP

    Thank's for the post Chris. What a trip!
  300. nate

    Wind Forecasts - Which One?

    Going by this site, Friday looks better. It has been good to me in the past. South California forecast - 3 Days -
  301. nate

    2009 SMM Tournament

    Seventh Annual La Jolla Kayak Fishing - Steve Moyer Memorial Kayak Fishing and Spear Fishing Tournament September 12th 2009
  302. nate

    2009 SMM Tournament

    This is a great event, one that I look forward to every year. See you guys on the water.
  303. nate

    Canning 101

    Good stuff Harry and others. My buddy Shawn and I just got done canning some albacore last night.... We have been canning for about 5 years and have tried quite a few different recipes. Typically we use stuff like jalapenos, serranos, garlic, salt and pepper, canned chipotle peppers in...
  304. nate

    Offshore 1.5 days on the Long Run 7-26 & 7-27

    Thanks Curt! I'm glad we got some, we need to re-plenish our can supply. New ideas in the mix: rosemary and garlic, chipotle with adobo, everything (red serrano, jalapeno, rosemary, & garlic).....what are we missing? Moyer hooked us up with free Ballast Point beers, I love that place! We...
  305. nate

    Offshore 1.5 days on the Long Run 7-26 & 7-27

    Not a new boat-I've had it for 6 years. I have heard about a guy who owns a trawler named Nate and his boat is called The Long Run also. Kinda weird. Thanks to Shawn for the post and pics. Another great trip. Time to do some canning!
  306. nate

    Offshore 16 IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice job Jim, and thanks for calling out the numbers!! We got to the area around 10:30 and picked up 14. That was way cool of you:cheers:
  307. nate

    Long Run 7/26-7/27

    Hey guys, the Long Run is heading out early Sunday the 26th looking around the local banks like the 371/425/Hidden and ??. Depending on the fishing/weather maybe head southwest from there and fish down the line in the afternoon. We plan on staying out on the water Sunday night and fish...
  308. nate

    Steve Ross Baddog gets busted again!

    Almost there.....
  309. nate

    I'm a Canadian Doctor!!!!

    That was great! Best part was him trying to give you a hug without using his bad hand.
  310. nate

    home security system

    PM sent.
  311. nate

    Weather down, Fish come up!

    So, have you heard from the Tuna Jihad yet?
  312. nate

    Offshore Hidden bank sunday

    Thanks for posting Mikey. You'll get them next time.
  313. nate

    Offshore Albacore Saturday 27th on the Long Run

    Thanks again for going and putting up a post. Sorry about your truck. I owe you a wash. Like Shawn said it was crazy how it shut down in that spot so fast. We caught all seven fish in a 3/4 square mile area in about one hour. Worked that spot for the next 4+ hours for no more albies just...
  314. nate

    Offshore Albies and tails Sat. 6-13

    We cleared the point Friday night around 9:00pm and got about 110 miles down before we started to fish at 9:00am. We had a limited amout of time to fish and had to head home at 3:00pm. We did stop on the way home about 50 miles south of the point for 7 of our yellowtail under some birds. Got...
  315. nate

    Offshore ALBACORE!!!!! On Team Hanna 6/13 (With Details & Pix)

    Good job FKG! What a stud going on that journey. Great day of catching despite the lousy weather. We had a blast fishing with you guys.:High_Five
  316. nate

    Offshore Albies and tails Sat. 6-13

    Went loooong in search of some tuna. Met up with Saluki and Captain Curt on Hannah down at the spot and caught a few. We managed 6 albies and 10 yellowtail. They did even better on the albacore with 8. Nice to have another boat to work with. Thanks guys! More details later--need...
  317. nate

    Get rid of pesky rust stains?

    I second the Barkeepers Friend advice. It is only about $2.50, works great, and is available at many places like Wal Mart, and Vons to name a few.
  318. nate

    Offshore My first paddy Yellowtail of 09

    Nice! Looks like the ones we caught on Saturday. Good thing I did not post or else I would be looking at 6 counts of "baby" yellow murder. Go get some more!:cheers:
  319. nate

    Offshore 425 5-16-09

    ...starting in a different area though. Good Luck!
  320. nate

    Trailer Parts- Looking for deals

    Pacific Trailers has just about everything. I had to buy a piston for a disc brake caliper. Kodiak (the manufacturer) wanted $60 + shipping. I got it from Pacific for around $18 + shipping. I paid for the cheap freight but got it in 2 days anyway. Their website has an online store. Good Luck.
  321. nate

    Periodic Maintenace for Radar

    Heard years ago that the best thing for your radar is to use it regularly. Try to turn it on everytime you go out to keep the motor from freezing up due to corrosion.
  322. nate

    Where do Kids come up with the stuff they say>????

    OK, here's mine. A couple weeks ago my wife and I and our two girls ages 2 & 5, were driving in the car when the topic of a vegetable garden came up. I asked my 5 year old what she wanted to plant this year. She said the usual stuff we always do like tomatoes, squash, peppers, etc. Well, we...
  323. nate

    Surface Boil pics

    Southwest of the 371 last year. Cruised around the boat for about 3-4 minutes and laughed at the sardine we threw at it. Cool to see anyway.
  324. nate

    A Friend In Need

    PM Sent...
  325. nate

    Need mileage from Shelter islant to ensenada mex by boat.

    Point Loma to Hotel Coral is about 55 miles. Add about 5 miles to get bait in the harbor of Ensenada. Can't tell you about the bait currently in Ensenada. I believe the next spot for fuel after that is Turtle Bay, about 250 miles more. Past Ensenada you will need to make your own bait...
  326. nate

    Bait Barge Tips?

    Usually $5 - $10 per scoop and a couple Buenos Dias burritos from Santanas.
  327. nate

    40# 2oz.

    Nice one Moyer!
  328. nate

    Rockpile Sunday 2/22/09

    Fished the west side of the Rockpile for a steady pick of assorted rockfish. Most of our catch were quality reds between 3-5 lbs. Kept limits for the three of us of the reds and a few of the other smaller rockfish. Worked some numbers from a previous trip and found a good rock in about...
  329. nate

    Help beat the seal huggers and take back Children's Pool!

    What a pain, that took about 5 minutes of my day to do the 8 emails. Come on everyone lets get going on this issue.
  330. nate

    Fishing Tahiti ???

    Be prepared to spend some coin. My buddy was in Bora Bora last spring and paid $1200 for 4 hours of fishing on a 32' flybridge. If He and his wife shared the boat with someone else it would have been cheaper. They caught one big dorado at about 60 lbs. on an 80 lb. trolling rig and that was...
  331. nate


    What that ramp desperately needs is a "T" dock north east of the breakwall entrance to the ramp in front of the big parking lot. The problem with the current configuration is that when a boat needs to pick up or drop off someone to get the trailer, that boat must enter the ramp area congesting...
  332. nate

    PL Pipe Report

    Thanks for the call to go fishing..... Sorry to hear about no lings. We were in that area on Friday but a little deeper. For two of us we were 2 fish short of limits on the rockfish and managed 3 lings; one short-released, one 25"-dinner, and my personal best ling of 34"/15 lbs-dinner.
  333. nate

    Offshore Late Monday Report

    Beanbag? I was wondering what was on his feet..... Jake, do you have a picture of your hand from our trip a couple years ago? I need one for the boats photo album.
  334. nate

    Offshore Late Monday Report

    Right on Moyer! Nice to see some blood on that boat after 2+ years of sitting.
  335. nate

    skipjack repower reality check

    Give Cogwells Marine in Chula Vista a call. Talk to Pete (owner) or Rick (head mechanic). I have had good experiences with them as have others around here.
  336. nate

    Offshore 8/2/08 371

    Good score Mikey. We tried you on the radio but it appears you didn't need any help finding fish. What a day!
  337. nate


    I believe he is refering to Guadalupe Island.
  338. nate

    Offshore I hate to post a non fish report but with the cost of gas........

    Sorry to hear about the non fish report. It is still valuable information though. Thanks. P.S. I am the guy you sold the two bait pumps to a couple months back. As it turned out, the very next trip after buying them from you, both of my pumps died. I was able to install the two from you...
  339. nate

    Offshore the Outside

    You got to be f-ing kiding me. What a joke. I really hope it wasn't the Sr. Hefe. Or, maybe I do. Because if it wasn't, then we have another boat to look out for. Good thing you guys had your eyes open. Funny how some think they are the only ones on the water.
  340. nate

    Offshore Se

    Or, Maybe they fled the "gray ghost" because the Coast Guard told them repeatedly that under no circumstances should they let the Mexican Navy board their boat. I for one have not had to deal with the Mexican Navy before. Maybe some of you have. But, I bet the Coast Guard has more often...
  341. nate

    Offshore 7/19/08 Albies, Bluefin, and a Dodo.

    We were below the 1010 trench quite a bit. The numbers stp posted are correct, he should have said it differently I guess. We found the best water in the deep canyon that extends south from the 1010. 76 degrees and deep blue/purple. Thanks for posting our trip.
  342. nate

    Tuna Canning supplies?

    I have done yellowfin and have also heard of doing yellowtail. I once knew a guy that would camp in baja for a few weeks a year and would can all of his yellowtail down there. I always keep my jars in the pantry and have eaten it up to two years later. Good luck.
  343. nate

    Cap. Meeting truck and boat parking?

    No worries, I have the latest in anti spyware for my boat. For anyone else who may need to park your rigs there, Ace parking said its O.K. to park in the big dirt lot but they don't monitor it and do not guarantee its security.
  344. nate

    Cap. Meeting truck and boat parking?

    Thanks Ali, I'll try the Hotel. Afry is right we are launching after the meeting. We want to have enough time to get to......uh......hmmmm......La Jolla;)
  345. nate

    Cap. Meeting truck and boat parking?

    Saw the posts on parking for the banquet in the dirt lot. Is it O.K. to park our trucks and boats there Fri. night for the Captains Meeting also?
  346. nate

    So who is in??

    Long Run is in.:cheers:
  347. nate

    Tuna Canning supplies?

    Model 941 is what we use. 32 pints per batch.
  348. nate

    Tuna Canning supplies?

    I can't tell you if its the best place to get one, but I got mine from I use it on my turkey fryer burner. Works great. Good Luck.
  349. nate

    Offshore West Fly WIDE OPEN 8-12

    Thanks for calling out the numbers. We were just north of the 390 with no action and decided to go for it about 12:00. 1 1/2 hours later we arrived at your numbers and hooked up 7 albies in a little over an hour. We ran out of time and left them biting. My buddy got his first tuna that day...
  350. nate

    Campland launch ramp info needed

    Thanks again for all the info. Looks like I will launch at Dana if its low tide. I would like to keep my outdrive attached to my boat.:)
  351. nate

    Campland launch ramp info needed

    Thanks for the info guys. Exactly what I was looking for.
  352. nate

    Campland launch ramp info needed

    I'll be more specific. I am camping there for a week and I would like to take my boat. I have never seen the ramp. Is it especially steep? Any wash down facilities? How is it at low tide? Any issues for a heavy 25' boat? Does it get crowded? Is there a decent dock for my family to board...
  353. nate

    Campland launch ramp info needed

    Anyone have any experience with the launch ramp at Campland in MB?
  354. nate

    Offshore To those who died for our country on the 4th

    What a trip! Thanks for posting our first tuna trip of '07. Now the real work begins, canning 100 lbs. of fish. See you at the house tonight.
  355. nate

    Offshore BD Tourney San Clemente Island

    What's up Ole? Yours isn't too shabby either! We'll get them next time.
  356. nate

    Offshore BD Tourney San Clemente Island

    Thanks for putting up the post of our trip. Slow fishing but what a beautiful day on the water. Good times with good buds. Thank you to all at BD's for a great event. See everyone next year! p.s. Ali has an open invite on the Long Run...but since my boat is only 25' and does not fish for...
  357. nate

    Teacher needs big squid in San Diego

    Thanks for the suggestions guys!
  358. nate

    Teacher needs big squid in San Diego

    My wife's school is having a "Science Discovery Day" Thursday June 7th. The 3rd-5th grade classes are disecting squid. We bought some small squid from Ranch 99 so that all the students could do their own. Recently, I noticed that some Humboldts were back in the area and thought it would be...
  359. nate

    Rockpile 5-17

    I'm sure you already left but to answer your question, we got 3 fish around 9:00 and had a dry spell until 12:00 when we got the last two. I believe the high tide was around 11:00? As a side note we hooked something big on the troll and fought it like a cement rug for 10 min. and what...
  360. nate

    Rockpile 5-17

    Yes, that is Frank. One of my regular ho's.
  361. nate

    Rockpile 5-17

    Fished with the fleet at the Rockpile today for 5 yellowtail between 12-16 lbs. for two of us. 4 came on drifting dines and 1 slow trolling a mini mack. Water was 62.3 degrees. Kinda slow but way better than work.
  362. nate

    Thresher fishing Sunday

    Hey Stan- We are leaving from Shelter Island around 6:00 am and heading north for a shot at the threshers. Good luck!
  363. nate

    Scopase; Scopalimine Tablets for Seasickness

    Scopace works great for me. One pill to start and I may take another after 8 hours if it's rough. It does not make me as drowsy as the OTC stuff either.
  364. nate

    Who's In?

    Long Run is in!
  365. nate

    4-21 LJ Rockfish

    My boss needed the report;) We'll talk later about the Cortez.
  366. nate

    4-21 LJ Rockfish

    Lets do it! Should we take my boat or your yak?LOL
  367. nate

    4-21 LJ Rockfish

    Well, not for us. We flylined a mini mack while we were doing the rockfish drifts for nothing. We did hear of one boat radio in saying they got the "right kind", I assume they meant y-tail.
  368. nate

    4-21 LJ Rockfish

    Got a late start today due to weather concerns. Didn't stop for bait instead we used Gulp and squid strips. Surprised to see great conditions off La Jolla with sun all day. Limits of assorted rockfish for my buddy Byron and myself in 150-220 ft. outside the northwest corner. No lings for us...
  369. nate

    do you have to...

    I do not disagree that BD can contribute to fishing pressure. But to be worried about a couple thousand views on a thread that resulted in only 10 boats fishing La Jolla the next day is silly. And now some members are pissed that other members used that info to go fishing and enjoy a day on...
  370. nate

    do you have to...

    Food for thought. Fish reports have been available daily from the sport boat landings for years in the San Diego Union Tribune newspaper. Current subscriber figures: Monday through Wednesday 334,283 Thursday through Saturday 377,069 Sunday 442,721 But, I am sure the fishing...
  371. nate

    KILL BAG ??

    How is the quality of the bag you got from bass pro? How thick is the insulation? I may order one from them. If yours is too big and does not work for your boat, let me know if you want to get rid of it.
  372. nate

    Philly Cheese Steak

    Thanks! I'm hungry just thinking about one.
  373. nate

    Philly Cheese Steak

    O.K. guys, who has the best in the San Diego area?
  374. nate

    What should you and I pay? Owner & Ho

    If you are going to use an analogy for this topic, at least come up with one that makes sense. The people coming to the dinner party typically have their own house, furnishings, and appliances. If they wanted to have their own dinner party they could. The average boat ho typically does not...
  375. nate

    What should you and I pay? Owner & Ho

    I'll assume that you directed your response to me since I said the comment about being cheaper than a party boat. I could go on and pick apart your post like you did mine and say things like: Maybe you pay for everyone to go on your boat because you truly are an "aroagant self centered...
  376. nate

    What should you and I pay? Owner & Ho

    Well, so far I'm in the minority as a boat owner. I can live with that. I do ask that my ho's pay for all the fuel and bait when there are at least 3 of them on board. If there is less I chip in. However, those are not all the expenses as the poll reads. Actually now that I think about it...
  377. nate

    What's this I caught offshore on Tuesday ?

    Definitely a Widow rockfish.
  378. nate

    anyone ever used the ring and flotation ball anchor retrieval method?

    Is there a limit on the amount of weight(anchor and chain) that those devices can pull up?
  379. nate

    Rock Pile tomorrow

    Geez Mike, 10 posts in 3 days. Work must be slow. Let us know how the 'pile turned out.
  380. nate

    Finger Banks 2/10/2007

    :eek: Shit! Shawn your mom found us. The Party's over.
  381. nate

    Finger Bank Sat. 2/10

    Talk to you then. Good luck!
  382. nate

    Finger Bank Sat. 2/10

    Heading to the Finger Sat. for some rock codding. We will be on ch. 72 if anyone wants to fish the area with us.
  383. nate

    East Cape in April

    Took my wife to Palmas in April a few years back. The hotel is nice-good for the wife if she does not want to fish . It can be crowded (East Cape crowds are not like Cabo) if you travel around spring break. We fished 2 days offshore. 1st day: 9 dorado 15-35 lbs. 1 marlin hooked and lost...
  384. nate

    Any Mason's out there?

    Thanks for the info!
  385. nate

    Any Mason's out there?

    Need a mason to rebuild my fireplace and hearth. Any Recommendations in the San Diego area?
  386. nate

    How Far Does a 5W Handheld VHF Work?

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the transmiting/receiving power of some handhelds vary depending on the type (rechargeable or alkaline) and size of batteries you are using. I received a handheld as a gift that could only work on 2.5 watts when the AAA alkaline batteries were used.
  387. nate

    Squid 1-17

    Hey Chris, don't rule out daytime squid down there as well. We caught some mid morning two years ago at the Finger while codding. We had no squid jigs on board-bait and iron worked good for us.
  388. nate

    Need gas line to fireplace

    Thanks Ali. I'll give him a call.
  389. nate

    Need gas line to fireplace

    Looking for someone to run a gas line to my fireplace for a log lighter. Any recommendations?
  390. nate

    Injectors for AD41P Volvo Penta/ Diesel

    Although they are in San Diego, Advanced Diesel Injection probably has what you need. 619-232-6452
  391. nate

    Deep fry Tuna or YT for fish tacos???

    By far the best store bought breading mix I have found is "Shore Lunch". Although, the only place I have seen it for sale is at SQC Tackle in San Diego. I have seen it available on line somewhere. Get the original rather than the Cajun style. You will not be disappointed.
  392. nate

    Sat Phones

    Never used one, but I have heard that Irridium works better than Globalstar. Saw a thread somewhere a couple years ago about a San Diego company that offers the Irridium. Try
  393. nate

    More on Shelter Island Launch Ramp

    Anybody have any info. on how the meeting went Monday?
  394. nate

    Shelter Island Launch Ramp construction!

    It seems like one of the biggest problems at SI is that when returning to retrieve your trailer you must fight with the boats launching, tying up, waiting in line to enter the basin, and basically too much confusion in a small space. Why not build a small "T" courtesy dock to the north of the...
  395. nate

    Rinse your fillet's?

    I agree with saltwater rinse and pat dry for most fish. Although, a few years ago I stopped the saltwater rinse on albacore and only dry with paper towels after hearing a suggestion from a sportboat crew. The albacore meat definitely seems to hold up better when not rinsed at all.
  396. nate

    Offshore 6/24 5 albies at the 1010

    Fished east of the 1010 Trench (31 47 & 117 35) for 5 albies, 3 bonies and 1 yellowtail. All of the albies were caught soaking bait on meter marks early in the morning. Good grade of fish between 20-30 lbs. Water temp. ranged from 64.3-64.9. Bonies and yellow caught on the troll.
  397. nate

    Cheap Red Dye Diesel

    I got an account with Soco Fuels in El Cajon about 3 years ago. They are part of a system called CFN (Commercial Fueling Network). I have access to red dye, unleaded, etc, all over the Western U.S. As noted above the prices do fluctuate a lot. Lately I have been paying between $2.90 to $3.05...
  398. nate

    Rebuild Volvo Diesel Injectors?

    I used Advanced Diesel Injection Inc. (619) 232-6452. They rebuilt one of my injectors on my AD41.
  399. nate


    Got some abalone from a friend today (Wed.) that was collected Saturday from Bodega Bay. It is fresh and I was wondering how long is it good for? Any help would be appreciated.
  400. nate

    Saltist upgraded frame and clamp?

    Anybody know if there is a frame/clamp upgrade for the Saltist 30?
  401. nate

    South Nine 1-28

    Original plan was to fish the Upper Finger, but one of my crew was late so we decided to stay local and fish the Nine. Steady pick all day for various rockfish. Highlight of the day was a 28" ling cod. Great weather and some good eats for a few days.
  402. nate

    Sat. 1/28 Upper Finger

    Thanks! Forgot about the tournament. I'll probably launch from MB instead.
  403. nate

    Sat. 1/28 Upper Finger

    Heading out of SI Sat. 1/28 a.m. to fish rockcod at the Upper Finger. May head towards Salsipuedes if the wind/seas are an issue. Any other boats going that direction this weekend?
  404. nate

    Mono for Penn 50s

    Can anyone give me 60 & 80 lb. mono line capacity for a 50s?
  405. nate

    S.D. Volvo diesel mechanic??

    Cogswell Marine in Chula Vista. Talk to Rick the head mechanic or Pete the owner. They replaced the turbo and an injector on my AD41.
  406. nate

    Offshore 5/1 more YT limits

    Thanks again for letting us in on the kelp. That one saved the day for us. Cool pics.