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    Official corona virus memes and jokes thread.

    I got bored so I thought I would photoshop something.
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    2007 Yamaha 90 4 Stroke price check

    NADA guides puts it at low retail, $4,075, average retail, $4,580.
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    And watch out for the newbies that play tetherball.......
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    Expired Flares

    Hose attached to exhaust works great for gopher extermination.
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    I hate turkey.

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    Keep fishing or not ?
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    FREE Family Camping Tent

    Last time I borrowed a tent from a friend I went to Walmart and bought the biggest panties I could find and rolled them up in the tent and returned it. Hilarious.
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    what's the lamest excuse your buddy has given you not to go fishing

    There is no excuse not to go fishing.
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    Bradley pucks are easily available from Amazon. Pacific blend pucks are great for fish. Clean the tray with a brush and it won't jam.
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    We Put Our Dog Down Today

    Remember the good times and be thankful for the time you had together. He had a great life with you and your family. RIP Harvey.
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    Helium Prices!

    How much is hydrogen? It's 8% more buoyant in air.....
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    Bradley. I smoke a lot of fish and I've tried other smokers and this works for me. Front loader, easy clean up. Consistent temp, and I bought the cold smoker attachment and smoke cheese with it with no problems. Buy the 6 rack model and you'll be set. For fish, purchase the Pacific blend...
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    SOLD Sold

    Nice. Thomasville is the way to go. That's what I have in my bedroom. Looks like a great deal .
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    Believe it or not! Post your impossible catch stories here.

    I once had a small dorado suck in my bait and blow it out it's gills. Then another dodo picked it up and I had a double on one bait.....
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    $13.00 Burger on a Sport Boat

    MRE. Is that meals ready to eject?
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    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    I'm with you on the optimism and I think we have an awesome fleet of boats with great Captains and crew members. I'll keep fishing with them and I appreciate everything they do. I will keep fishing with them and be thankful of all the hard work that they do to provide us with a great time out on...
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    Sad news about the Chief Sportfishing boat

    Yeah but the San Diego haul out was running a Groupon special
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    What happened to the Chief

  19. fishstomp

    Lost my rig by the rigs

    Mercury is magnetic? Doh!
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    Apollo super cows..

    According to H & M the Constitution got a 275#, 336# and a 346#
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    16ft aluminum boat with 90hp 2 stroke

    You'll have everyone checking out your huge Johnson........
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    Hotrodding/Improving Reels

    Set out a nice clean surface, never over carpet. Take plenty of pictures, have lots of small containers. Lay out parts left to right as you remove them. If you lose something, hold a flashlight horizontal to the floor. Lol.
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    Hotrodding/Improving Reels

    Go to the Alan Tani website. You'll find enough tutorials to keep you busy for awhile. Good information there.
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    I’m not saying it’s wrong....

    That and the soldering is usually done on the other side of the board......o_O
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    Chew on this BD!!!

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    quick question bout pq

    I turn my phone off when I get to the bait barge. I bought an inexpensive waterproof camera for pics. Anyway, here is the bunk layout.
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    Hello! Looking for advice and information....

    Been using #4 hooks lately, (plain old bronze mustad) because the bait has been small. And the hot stick on the last trip was fishing 15# fluoro leader only. I got mine on 20# fluoro. That was 1 week ago.
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    What happened to the Chief

  29. fishstomp

    What happened to the Chief

    It is an epic season. Not a good time for a captain to be left standing on the dock with his deck in his hand.
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    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Boat was the new Tesla autopilot sport fisher version.
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    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Off their Facebook page. Not sure which of their 3 boats.
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    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Why not wait for the answers when they have them? All speculation until they give us some more information. Unless you're an attorney frothing at the bit for a slice of the pie. It just happened, cool your jets. We'll know soon enough what happened. The people that perished are all I can think...
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    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Larmo, you are truly the lowest of all bottom feeders. Good god dude, how do you sleep at night? I realize that at some point you attorneys sell out and go for the all mighty buck, but take it to a entirely different level. A horrible tragedy like this and you're trying to chase...
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    Inattention during the safety brief

    That's odd. I always hear them point out the location of the hatch. And I look for it when I go downstairs.
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    Bed bugs on boats

    I've been riding charter boats since the 80s and never had a run in with a bed bug. Never brought home any either. This is turning into hysteria. Lol. I'm sure there has been infestations over the years. But I think the odds are pretty slim. Anyone have a first hand bona fide experience? Not...
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    UV fl*shlight

    Escolite UV Flashlight from Amazon, $13. Works great for charging Flat falls.
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    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    Looks awesome! can you give us the full recipe? Time, temperature etc.
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    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    Smoke 'em if you got 'em! I'm smoking another batch this weekend. Always a hit on the private charter trips and I always kick the captain and crew a few bags. I took a few bags of smoked into work this week and it disappeared pretty quick. After next week's trip, if we get into the tuna again...
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    Bed bugs on boats

    Last year I went on Amazon and bought a case of 100 disposable medical pillow cases for $24. I just looked, they're now $21. I always have a half dozen or so in my bag. Not going to stop bed bugs, but at a quarter a piece I can cover the pillows up.
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    Spectra color?

  41. fishstomp

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    I was curious where in L.A. you were located so I Googled your zipcode. And damn....yep, that looks like a dick. :rofl:
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    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    And probably gave a bad yelp review for the company that took the wheels off and set the house on the piers.
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    Cedros island is an awesome place to fish.
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    Capsized Parker

    I think I ran over a cat on my way home from work this morning.......
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    Fish processing prices?

    I had 170 lbs of fish last trip. I was tired coming off the boat. (2.5 day trip) We went and had breakfast, they called us to tell us our fish were ready. They loaded my ice chest, put it in the truck, I got home and tossed it in my freezer. I prefer to have it processed.
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    That’s gotta hurt.......
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    5 STAR Makes it right

    I just got back from a 2.5 day and had my fish processed at 5 Star. Awesome as always and I'm back home kicking back by the pool. All I have to do now is clean the rods and reels. Went and had breakfast after getting off the boat and when we were done, our fish was ready to go.
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    Tomahawk 2 Day 9/11-9/13

    I just got back from a 2.5 day private charter on the Tomahawk, awesome boat and crew. Captain Jeff is hilarious and makes sure everyone has a good time. And the dude can find the fish. We were just shy of our 2 day limit of yellowfin, and we caught a bunch of good grade yellowtail as well. Then...
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    Bearing availability?

    Go to Boca
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    For Sale Henriques 28 Express. 2003. $115,000

    Wow. Awesome boat. :beerbang:
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    Snapped a screw head off

    You're not screwed.
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    A day of Loss - 1 Kite Rod, 1 Kite Reel, 1 Gigantic Bluefin Tuna

    Yeehah! A great day fishing! You'll get it in next time.
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    Suspicious rod/reel for sale at Shelter Island

    If it were illegal to photograph someone in a public place all of these group fishing photos being posted would be breaking the law. Lol. It's only illegal if you photograph someone where there is an expectation of privacy. And I think that dude looks sketchy. My opinion. Someone coming up to me...
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    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Come on guys. It's so simple to do the right thing. Bring the carcasses home with you, put them in an Amazon prime box, leave box on porch.
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    Trailer Bunk Wood in San Diego

    Remember to use stainless steel staples.
  56. fishstomp

    Trailer Bunk Wood in San Diego

    My apologies, I recently had a bad experience at Lowe's and I shouldn't have went off over it.
  57. fishstomp

    Trailer Bunk Wood in San Diego

    I've had to dig through boards with 90 degree turns at the home improvement stores. That would be considered crappy lumber. So which store do you work at?
  58. fishstomp

    Trailer Bunk Wood in San Diego

    Lumber yards are the way to go. Lowe's and Home depot usually have pretty crappy lumber. And at the local lumber yard you can have a conversation with someone knowledgeable and they'll pick you out a couple of choice boards.
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    A bunch of 300+ pound Bluefin landed.

    Well, it's not rocket surgery......
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    Ranger 85 2 1/2 day 7/25 Late report

    Pic 17 is awesome. Having fun fishing together.......
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    Poseidon - Saturday August 3rd

    I found my bunk layout for the Poseidon, thought you might want a copy.
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    Poseidon - Saturday August 3rd

    This trip has been canceled.
  63. fishstomp

    Poseidon - Saturday August 3rd

    Poseidon is headed out this Saturday with what looks to be a light load on a 2.5 day. I'm going to give it a try again. Fishing has to pick up anytime now.
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    Monster from the deep...Yellowtail or Seal?

    A yellowtail or a big ole seal, was pulling on my fishing reel I lured him in with a piece of lead, then I crushed his f'n head!
  65. fishstomp

    Half day boats inflating fish counts

    On a half day.....
  66. fishstomp

    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    I was going to post that. Works pretty well. Good method to know.
  67. fishstomp

    Boston whaler 32 stuffed on jetty marina del Rey

    So....rename it, "KEEL ME!"
  68. fishstomp

    Boston whaler 32 stuffed on jetty marina del Rey

    Looks like the motors are still there.
  69. fishstomp

    Monster from the deep...Yellowtail or Seal?

    Probably an opah......
  70. fishstomp

    Top Gun 80 captain/crew question?

    I've been bringing smoked bft. Some for the captain and crew, some for my fellow anglers. Been getting a lot of requests for the recipe. I think I finally got the right combination of ingredients. Seems to be appreciated. Counts have been down though, maybe I should leave out the bananas.
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    Whats up with the ads?

    Ad blocker. No problem.
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    "Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods

    Mark, your plugs are awesome. Thanks again for the ones you made for me. I appreciate quality craftsmanship.
  73. fishstomp

    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    Except H & M, they are charging the 3.5% surcharge on ALL payments. Including cash or debit card. That's f'd up.
  74. fishstomp

    Excalibur Sportfishing.

    I was just on a trip on the Excalibur last weekend. Joel is the captain, his wife Michelle helps out in the galley. Has a nice family feel to it. Mixture of staterooms, and open bunks down the center and in the bow. Almost every bunk is double wide and very comfortable. 120vac receptacles in...
  75. fishstomp

    Fishing shirt wrinkled, please help

    I wouldn’t worry about if my wife can get the wrinkles out of my shirt, as long as she can still get the wrinkles out of my dick......:rofl:
  76. fishstomp

    Ocean Odyssey 1.5 Day Trip Tackle Suggestions...

    For the tuna, 1/0 Mustad demon circle hooks.
  77. fishstomp

    Pacifica on line for 7-5-19

    You do need this.........
  78. fishstomp

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    It could of ended in a really bad way. Let's not forget that.
  79. fishstomp

    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?

    Smoked bft. And Chex sweet and salty.
  80. fishstomp

    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?
  81. fishstomp

    SXJ Reel Clamp

    Here's another option:
  82. fishstomp

    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?

    "If you're not first you're last" Ricky Bobby
  83. fishstomp

    Boat flipped at SCI

    ˙˙˙˙˙˙pǝssoʇ sɐʍ dᴉɥs ʎuᴉʇ ǝɥʇ 'ɥƃnoɹ ƃuᴉʇʇǝƃ pǝʇɹɐʇs ɹǝɥʇɐǝʍ ǝɥʇ
  84. fishstomp

    Albino Tuna!

    Hard to catch, probably moonwalks........
  85. fishstomp

    SOLD Seigler LG (Red) price drop

    Love my Seiglers. That's a $400 reel and it has the extra handle and line. Tempting.......
  86. fishstomp

    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?

    How is there an added expense for food on a 2 1/2 day trip? Every 2 1/2 day trip I've ever booked has been meals included. And none of them has had breakfast limited to just breakfast burritos. And sometimes lunch is a burger, but not always. And if you have certain dietary requests, all the...
  87. fishstomp

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    That's what I have a problem with. Fishermans is honest about it, H&M is charging the fee for all transactions I was told.
  88. fishstomp

    In Need Of Guidance

    Welcome to the deck newguy! So here is my tip. When you get on the boat, after the stop at the bait barge and when things settle down, find a deckhand that isn't too busy. Go up and introduce yourself and tell him you're new at this sport boat thing. Ask him to show you how to pin a bait on. Not...
  89. fishstomp

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    That is
  90. fishstomp

    48" Pipe wrench

    Pretty good price for a sea lion training device.......or somebody looking for a good pipe wrench .
  91. fishstomp

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    Doesn't matter how you pay. I've already booked a bunch of trips for this season. But I'm going to rethink who I book with for future trips.
  92. fishstomp

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    I just noticed H & M has started charging a processing fee of 3.5% on all new reservations. I called and they confirmed that the new fee started June 10th. Add this in when deciding which boat/landing to book with.
  93. fishstomp

    Sea lion out of control

    Apparently domoic acid poisoning also turns sea lions into seals.......LOL
  94. fishstomp

    BFT and Yellowtail - Father's day

    Awesome! Smiles all around.
  95. fishstomp

    Man eating shark caught from beach

    Were you trolling for them? Or us?
  96. fishstomp

    Life Span of Hooks

    If you take a caliper and measure the cross section of the old hook against a new one there shouldn't be more than .001" of wear.
  97. fishstomp

    Spectra color?

    Depends. On charter boats, go with white. Yellow braid is always that guy. Green disappears in an evening bite, making it tough to follow your line.
  98. fishstomp

    Missing trailer ID

    I'm pretty sure that would be fine.
  99. fishstomp

    BFT hooks #2s???

    That was 3 for 3. Second fish straightend out the hook slightly but it held. Third fish kicked my ass and I sat it out for awhile. The bft in this size, (60-80) are really impressive.
  100. fishstomp

    Clamp for SXJ non raptor

    I just ordered some clamps from Duran's. Excellent customer service.
  101. fishstomp

    Clamp for SXJ non raptor

    Yep, I looked at the wrong one. The DFP looks like a pretty decent clamp.
  102. fishstomp

    Clamp for SXJ non raptor

    Checked out Duran’s site. They have the standard hook-holder clamps for the SX, not the SXJ. I would ditch the idea of mounting it on a deck hand rod and put it on a rod with a seat. Any of the clamps out there are so bulky that they would defeat the purpose of fishing such a small lightweight reel.
  103. fishstomp

    BFT hooks #2s???

    Mustad demons, 1/0. Landed (2) 60lb, (1) 73lb. 2 months ago. Small hooks work.
  104. fishstomp

    Poseidon sport boat review ?

    Yeah, they're going to tie up in the harbor and watch the fireworks before we head out.
  105. fishstomp

    Poseidon sport boat review ?

    Good boat, great Captain and crew. It was hot and smoky in the galley because all the windows were solid, but they just got their new sliders installed. I'll post a report after our July 4th trip.
  106. fishstomp

    G/T poopers

  107. fishstomp


    Fished it 3 times last year. Awesome boat and crew. Our group booked 2 private charters for this year.
  108. fishstomp

    Daiwa Saltist LD 30 2 speed problem

    I'm having the same problem with my LD40. Anti-reverse not engaging. I really liked this reel until the first problem. Cheap plastic handle cracked after a few times out. Talked to a Daiwa rep at the Fred Hall show, he told me to send it in, they would replace it with an improved handle. I...
  109. fishstomp

    Understanding a woman

    And in some forum out there, they're asking each other, "Why the fuck does he need so many reels?!!!!"
  110. fishstomp

    Who knew Long Beach LingCod had Balls?? 5/25/19

    Otoliths. Ear stones. "The bodies of fish have approximately the same density as water, so sound passes right through their bodies. Fish have bones in the inner ear, called otoliths, which are much denser than water and the fish’s body. As a result, these ear bones move more slowly in response...
  111. fishstomp

    Catching Crawfish to Eat
  112. fishstomp

    Moon phases bft

    Nope. Doesn't matter. I quit looking at the moon charts a long time ago. Slaughtered the fish too many times when the moon phase said I wouldn't catch fish. It's just people over thinking things. It's fishing. Right place at the right time. I've busted that myth over and over. Spend your time...
  113. fishstomp

    Not fishing but, is a Roomba worth the money?

    “The Roomba vacuum cleaner just beat me to a piece of popcorn I dropped on the floor & this is how the war against the machines begins.” Andy H
  114. fishstomp

    Does anyone tried Blue shark?

    The only sharks worth eating are thresher and makos. I tried leopard shark and it was horrible.
  115. fishstomp

    Does anyone tried Blue shark?

    Sharks urinate through their skin;
  116. fishstomp

    For Sale Baja Beach Fishing Motor Bike

    That rig is Congrats to the new owner. Hope to see pics of your catch next to it.
  117. fishstomp

    CA Boaters Card Exemptions

    I would think this is the group that would benefit the most from a boater's course.
  118. fishstomp

    TRADE Auto body work for fishing gear?

    Hey Isaac, I have a question. I have a 2005 Tacoma that the clear coat is peeling off of. Hood and roof. What are my options?
  119. fishstomp

    Seaswirl 2300 live well question

    It might have a selector valve for the bait/washdown pick up. Maybe call the seller?
  120. fishstomp

    Seaswirl 2300 live well question

    You have to launch it first........:D
  121. fishstomp

    Monterey Bay Bluefin 5/3/19

    Load a bait tank with bait and give it a try. Fish it San Diego style and let's see some fish.......
  122. fishstomp

    Thoughts on the Excalibur

    I was told he will be the captain.
  123. fishstomp

    Need help with fish mounts

  124. fishstomp

    Poseidon Info

    Ian is on board.
  125. fishstomp

    New to different fish cooking methods

    Seared BFT street tacos with mango Thai chile salsa.
  126. fishstomp

    Aztec - Interesting Load Change

    You'll be okay. I heard they put a bait tank on the upper deck and there's room for 10 people to fish up there.
  127. fishstomp

    Looking for fishing friends....

    Pm sent. Nice boat.
  128. fishstomp

    For Sale 23ft Sea Pro Walkaround Cuddy

    And the bidding starts at...........:720icon:
  129. fishstomp

    Big Spring Crappie

    How about this one ?
  130. fishstomp

    The hate is real

  131. fishstomp

    BD sighting - Roatan, Honduras

    I just got back from a Scuba diving trip to Roatan, (Anthony's key resort). Slapped a BD sticker up on the water taxi dock. Below the sticker I put up six years ago, "Does this condom make me look fat?" Lol.
  132. fishstomp

    best small reel

  133. fishstomp

    Mulege lifestyle

    I remember driving down in the '80s and renting a two bedroom house on the beach next to the ramp for $30 a day with maid service. And whatever rods we had leaning up on the porch were rinsed and stacked neatly every day. I walked down to the ramp one afternoon and chatted with a couple of the...
  134. fishstomp

    Happy Happy ThanksGiving to All...

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  135. fishstomp

    Anyone Know Anything About This Boat?

    If that boat could talk......
  136. fishstomp

    Anyone Know Anything About This Boat?

    Well, we know the owner is Wilbur.
  137. fishstomp

    Us vs the seals

    Sea lions are brown and bark loud. But hey, call everything out there a seal if you want. Doesn't really matter too much.
  138. fishstomp

    For Sale Old school line winder

    Well shit, if we're cleaning out our garage......
  139. fishstomp

    Prowler involved in collision

    Very sad. We go fishing to have a good time and then something like this happens to the people we fish with.
  140. fishstomp

    Prowler involved in collision
  141. fishstomp

    What happened to the Prowler?
  142. fishstomp

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Beating it to death at this point. Ais..ais....ais.. Yeah, we get it. Let's wait for the report.
  143. fishstomp

    What happened to the Prowler?

    I wouldn't say one word to anyone on board the yacht. There's going to be lots of attorneys involved.
  144. fishstomp

    Excalibur 2.5 day 10/19-10/21

    Excalibur is my favorite new boat. Captain Joel is awesome and Michelle is such a sweetheart. They made our trips this season really fun. And Chris the deckhand and the rest of the crew were topnotch and really cool. Extremely helpful and always there even when things got chaotic during the wide...
  145. fishstomp

    Fire aboard a fishing boat
  146. fishstomp

    WTB scop patches

    Still the best remedy for seasickness is to go sit under an oak tree.
  147. fishstomp

    WTB scop patches

    Illegal to sell prescription drugs......
  148. fishstomp

    Bunks alone?
  149. fishstomp

    Bunks alone?

    Excalibur. Almost all the bunks are double wide. And the Captain and crew are top notch. I've done 4 trips with them this season and had a great time every trip. And my freezer is full. Our charter master has already booked 2 trips for 2019.
  150. fishstomp

    Overnight out of San Diego this week - what gear

    We were using #4 hooks as well when the tuna got a bit finicky. Fluorocarbon didn't seem to matter on the tuna but it made a big difference on the Dorado so it was worth taking the time to add it just in case. Had a few people chewed off on some nice Dorados. Trick to getting the Dorados on the...
  151. fishstomp

    Wrapping handles on pliers

    Amazon - Style n Craft 70-009
  152. fishstomp

    Dont cook your tuna bellies

    Smoked tuna belly is awesome. Try dumping a bottle of black cherry juice into your brine. And go easy on the salt. Air dry on racks with a fan for at least two hours. I just did this and they turned out a deep reddish/brown color and they were delicious.
  153. fishstomp

    Excel Phenix 10 day 9/23 missing tackle bag

    I'm packing for a trip right now and realized I have my name/address/phone number in my reel bag and duffle bag but not in my tackle bag. I'm going to fix that right now. And I'm also going to ziptie one of the laminated luggage tags I made to one of my rod socks. I hope you find your bag. I...
  154. fishstomp

    La Jolla, 09/30 YT limit, Fish ID needed

    You can grill 'grouper' just like Garibaldi.
  155. fishstomp

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    Get on the radio, take a deep breath and calmly ask what's going on. Talk it over like adults and work it out. Be polite and have a discussion. Throwing jigs is never a good thing. Lines can snap and the jig becomes a projectile with a hook. Nobody wants that. Is a fish worth anyone getting hurt?
  156. fishstomp

    Who is making custom plier sheaths?

    I've heard good things about Stonehedge leather in San Diego.
  157. fishstomp

    Can we get a fighting forum?

    I'm just taking a break from cutting fish up from last week's trip for a huge batch of squaw candy that's headed for the smoker tomorrow. And getting ready for another fishing trip next week. No time for
  158. fishstomp

    Can we get a fighting forum?

    Gets kinda silly, eh? Lol
  159. fishstomp

    Can we get a fighting forum?

    We had a "that guy" wanting to show how tuff he was. Lol
  160. fishstomp

    Where but fresh large squid in San Diego

    We picked ours up today at 88 Ranch market in Temecula on the drive in. Don't know what they have at the San Diego locations. Quality was very good. $5 each, 14 to 16".
  161. fishstomp

    Non Stinging Sunscreen?

    Neutrogena dry touch works well and isn't greasy.
  162. fishstomp

    Just fished the chief

    I hope it doesn't involve another trip on the "Grief"
  163. fishstomp

    Just fished the chief

    And no one demanded a refund?
  164. fishstomp

    Just fished the chief

    Did the a/c work? Didn't on our trip.
  165. fishstomp

    Red Rooster III rescues Mexican Fishermen.

    Back in the 80's we took a trip to Loreto. Had a flat on our boat trailer on the way down on a Sunday, one of the locals was heading to the beach to spend time with his family but he took us to his tire shop, fixed our tire and asked us for $5 for the repair. On the way down we stopped at a road...
  166. fishstomp

    What to do with Skipjack

    I'm smoking some tomorrow. Meat looks good going into the brine. I won't keep it if I'm not going to use it.
  167. fishstomp

    1.5 day trip advice....Tomahawk or Chief?????

    I fished on the Chief for many years and I'll never fish on it again.
  168. fishstomp

    1.5 day trip advice....Tomahawk or Chief?????

    Yeah, the guys with the spinners were knocking it out of the park. You don't need ringed hooks, I got bit on plain old mustad #4 hooks, bring a lot of them.
  169. fishstomp

    Has anyone tried fishing with Helium balloons?

    We've been fishing the nitrous oxcide ballons and laughing our ass off!
  170. fishstomp

    1.5 day trip advice....Tomahawk or Chief?????

    Bring some poppers, Colt Snipers and #4 hooks. The bait is small! We had no problem with hooking the footballs with #4s. Small, castable reel, long rod and get the bait away from the boat.
  171. fishstomp

    Recommend Good 4 or 6 Pack for Big BFT

    Sauerfish! James will get you on the fish.
  172. fishstomp

    Waterproof tote bag

    Go to Leisure Pro.
  173. fishstomp

    Wrapping handles on pliers

    I wrap them using gel super glue to hold everything in place, then dip them in spar varnish 3 times using a brush to get the boogers off the bottom and to break up any bubbles. Wait 2 hours between dips. Found the sheaths on Amazon for $22.
  174. fishstomp

    Wrapping handles on pliers

    Finished the blue set I wrapped for myself. Going fishing this weekend to try them out.
  175. fishstomp

    Mitch's Seafood is ridiculous!

    Point Loma Seafood is pretty good, but their prices are up there. That's why I always head over to Mitch's seafood for the pre-boarding dinner. Awesome menu, never been disappointed. And their clam chowder is pretty darn good. And to top it off, their staff is top notch, always asking if we need...
  176. fishstomp

    What are we doing with the SkipJacks???

    There is nothing wrong with catch and release. If you're not going to eat it, let it go.
  177. fishstomp

    Wrapping handles on pliers

    Yeah, the open cord makes for a great grip and that 30 year old crimper that I dipped in spar varnish never has had any of the cord loosen up. That's a solid loop of stainless wire I silver soldered on there, I'm always looking for a place to hang a hook and pull the knot tight. And thanks for...
  178. fishstomp

    Wrapping handles on pliers

    A set I just wrapped for a friend. My second try at wrapping. Last time was 30 years ago. And I still use those crimpers.
  179. fishstomp

    Sorry flip flops or ??

  180. fishstomp

    Role Call Constitution 4.5 this Wednesday 8/22

    Good boat, great crew and captain. Definitely bring your full arsenal. You will be chasing the smaller models as well as the big ones. And they certainly know how to catch the big fish. I have a 4 1/2 day booked with them in October and we're looking forward to fishing with them again.
  181. fishstomp

    Sorry flip flops or ??

  182. fishstomp

    Considering the Chief ???

    As for the long rods, no problem, the rod holders at the bow are angled, and up front where you need them. Wasn't an issue. As long as "that guy" was not walking a death gripped bait up to the front of the boat to toss it in in the middle of the people tossing jigs.
  183. fishstomp

    Considering the Chief ???

    Our last trip was horrible. But to be fair, they said they have corrected the problem with the A/C. It was unbearable below deck with no A/C. I couldn't sleep for the entire trip. If they can confirm that the A/C is working, it's a good boat, and the crew was top notch.
  184. fishstomp

    "Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods

    These are the most beautiful cedar plugs you'll ever buy. Awesome. And the price is very reasonable.
  185. fishstomp

    Long Range Boats heads and Showers

    I like it. I bought a case of disposable hospital pillowcases off Amazon, 100 for $21. I throw enough in my bag for myself and my buddies on each trip.
  186. fishstomp

  187. fishstomp

    Spearfishing is hard! 8/7/18 Solana Beach Report

    :shake: Here we go.......
  188. fishstomp

    Is this a 50 wide ?

    No boils on that stern! LOL
  189. fishstomp

    Condor 1.5 Day - 6.16.18

    I heard they dusted that asshole of a cook. He was the biggest dickhead of a cook I've ever seen.
  190. fishstomp

    How are they getting the schoolie tuna?

    Practice, practice, practice.........
  191. fishstomp

    Lightening Forecasted

    Yeah, it gets pretty spooky when your rods in the rocket launchers start buzzing.
  192. fishstomp

    Bubba Blade on Amazon PRIME DAY

    Got one! Thanks for the heads up.
  193. fishstomp

    Pacific Queen Cows !

    I want to read a trip report.
  194. fishstomp

    Trebles vs. Singles on your Colt Snipers/Megabaits

    I'm debating whether to change mine out. Wondering what the gang here thinks.
  195. fishstomp

    How's the Condor

    I have a long drive to get to San Diego so I've been hesitant to jump on the 1 1/2 day trips. I wish he would offer more 2 1/2 day trips.
  196. fishstomp

    D batteries

    They make batteries for shark fishing.......
  197. fishstomp

    Opah on 2 day

    If you ever see an opah chasing a bait I really want to see that video.
  198. fishstomp

    How's the Condor

    Great boat, great crew. Lots of room on the sides, good rod holders. Smooth ride.
  199. fishstomp

    Weak wrist position . . . and other common mistakes?

    Is this the correct wrist form for spinners?
  200. fishstomp

    For Sale 23' Center console $13500

    Can't see the pics. Could you repost?
  201. fishstomp

    Moving reel handle to last hole??

    You put it in the wrong hole, you're gonna pay for it later.
  202. fishstomp

    Any tips

    Nice job Patrick. Glad to see you guys are catching fish!
  203. fishstomp

    Opah on Tomahawk - 6/23

    Pretty tight. And the walk way in front of the tackle boxes gets congested at times.
  204. fishstomp

    Mid August I get $5k to buy a boat...

    The motor is the most important item. Check it out thoroughly. Compression test, with you there. Next would be the wiring. Look for diy automotive splices and (ahhh!) wire nuts. Lol. Then ask when the last time was the waterpump impeller replaced. Try the steering, bump to bump. Should be smooth.
  205. fishstomp

    Opah on Tomahawk - 6/23

    I'm headed to K-Mart........
  206. fishstomp

    Close call today...

    Flare gun?
  207. fishstomp

    1 day fishing license for friend from Hungary.

    See #10 From the California Salt water regulations: Identification Required for License Purchase (CCR T-14, Section 700.4) Any person applying for any license, tag, permit, reservation or other entitlement issued via the Automated License Data System (ALDS) shall provide valid identification...
  208. fishstomp

    Mossberg terminates contract with Dick's Sporting Goods

    I have one right around the corner from me. And I never shop there. Prices too high and their fishing gear is not tailored to the local fishermen. Just Walmart type stuff. Oh, and Yeti over priced crap.
  209. fishstomp

    Slime stick galore at the shoe 6/15

    Barracuda fishing is always a blast! Thanks for the report and pics!
  210. fishstomp

    Sculpin off MDR

    Just follow a cattle boat out. :skullbone
  211. fishstomp

    JUMBO Bluefin on Tomahawk - 2.5 day Memorial weekend

    First time for me on the Tomahawk. Great boat, awesome crew. Had a good time. Thanks to the UC rod guys for a fun trip. Fished with a bunch of new people and made some friends. We're going to book another trip soon.
  212. fishstomp

    Rusted hooks?

    But doesn't rusty hooks give the fish tetanus, aka lockjaw?
  213. fishstomp

    Thoughts on Seigler reels

    I own three of them and they are awesome.
  214. fishstomp

    Center console windscreen

    Here is the mold I made to fold my windshield. Plexiglass from Home Depot and a heat gun.
  215. fishstomp

    Your Most Embarasing Long Range Experience.

    What's protocol for that? Yell out, "fresh one!"?
  216. fishstomp

    Educate me on low profile reels ?

    Try out a Seigler SGN. Small lever drag and they are awesome. Very well made.
  217. fishstomp

    FLUKE 189 multimeter

    That's a nice meter for that price.
  218. fishstomp

    WTB WTB old 506HS, RESULT: today's post: New fisherman!!

    Shoot me a pm with your address and I'll have it to you this week.
  219. fishstomp

    WTB WTB old 506HS, RESULT: today's post: New fisherman!!

    If this is for a kid you're getting into fishing all I would ask is that you send me a pic of the first fish caught on this reel and a six pack of Corona.
  220. fishstomp

    Catalina Vacation-Hotel - Fishing

    One restaurant to go to is the Lobster Trap. Local's favorite spot. Excellent poke. Get a table in the boat......
  221. fishstomp


    Back in the 80s I was coming back from San Quintín and stopped in Ensenada at an ATM. No fraud involved but it was hilarious. It was one of those glass walled enclosed ATMs where you had to insert your card to enter the room. Just f'n around I stuck a Los Angeles library card in the slot and it...
  222. fishstomp

    9 ft Jig Stick fit completely inside F-250 Crew Cab?

    I split a piece of a pool noodle and slip it on the bottom of my rear window frame.
  223. fishstomp

    Dont cook your tuna bellies

    I use Evelyn wood to smoke it. It's faster......
  224. fishstomp

    Ranger 85 Reporting In

    327lbs Did they weigh the f'n thing yet?
  225. fishstomp

    Get out of Jury Duty...?

    I'm just trying to get this thread rolling. Lol. My employer pays me full pay to show up for jury duty. But would you want somebody that can't figure out how to get out of jury duty on your trial if you had a case?
  226. fishstomp

    Get out of Jury Duty...?

    Yeah, ignore it. If it didn't arrive via certified mail, how can they prove you received it?
  227. fishstomp

    Beef brisket deal

    I just bought a 15 pound brisket for $2.33lb. Carved off a lot of fat, but still a pretty good deal. It's in the smoker right now. Thanks for the heads up.
  228. fishstomp

    Looks like my parking job (Bow Thrusters?)

    I always thought when you tossed a cat it landed on its' feet.......
  229. fishstomp

    Bloodydecks Tees & Hats are 25% Off for 1 More Day

    Cool shirts. Good price. Just ordered four.
  230. fishstomp

    New guy here - - I have cork puppy question

    UnReel has it nailed. All my deckhand rods have 28mm Cork pups on them.
  231. fishstomp

    What two Mak SE's?

    How many yards of 100# braid will the 20 hold?
  232. fishstomp

    New guy here - - I have cork puppy question

    Or just adjust a crescent wrench to the rod and then measure across the jaws. But Cork puppies are sized in mm so remember to use a metric crescent wrench........
  233. fishstomp

    Concrete Pad DIY...?

    Call around to the local equipment rental yards. Up here most of them have ready mix concrete available in trailers ready to go for these small projects. And they are willing to give you advice on how to do it.
  234. fishstomp

    Deck Hand Rods

    I like my deckhand rods because I can mount the reel wherever I want. And I never have a problem with the reel moving around because they all have Cork puppies on them. I usually mount the reel higher on the rod for tossing jigs. Gives you more leverage with the trebuchet method of jig tossing...
  235. fishstomp

    Help with stuck bolts on my outboard

    Kroil, heat.
  236. fishstomp

    Labor Day 2 day charter San Diego Only few spots left on the Eclipse

    Crew tip collected before departure? Nope. Not interested. Lol.
  237. fishstomp

    Need a set of tools wrapped

    I have the first and only pair I've ever wrapped in the 80's and they're still looking good. Had an old crusty deckhand snatch them out of my sheath, took a look at them, handed them back, said "nice job". It's not difficult and it feels good to do it yourself.
  238. fishstomp

    Chief Sportfishing?

    Here's a pic of the yellowtail snack. And the spicy poke with fried wonton wrappers. James is an awesome chef!
  239. fishstomp

    Chief Sportfishing?

    On the July 28th trip I took the jackpot on Saturday with a nice Dorado, my buddy took the jackpot on Sunday with a 125# bluefin. The Dorado was on 30# flylining a sardine. The tuna was on 130# braid, 100# mono with a sardine, using an 8 oz rubberbanded weight. Our final count was 381...
  240. fishstomp

    Chief Sportfishing?

    Joe still owns the boat. Chris Randal is in Colorado, Jake is the new captain. Crew is awesome, I just got back from a trip and we slayed the fish. No issues with the equipment on the boat, they've done a lot of upgrades lately. And James is the chef, great food and Sashimi plates. I'm headed...
  241. fishstomp

    Dodo advice

    Grab the biggest good looking sardine, toss it out as far as you can, reel it in......worked for me. 30# test, Seigler reel.
  242. fishstomp

    New Shimano Flat Falls 250g Glow

    I don't care if it is the law of supply and demand. If you want to rape your fellow fishing friends on here, you're a friggin tool.
  243. fishstomp

    New Shimano Flat Falls 250g Glow

    Christian, I think you should change your name to Ron Jeremy, because I'm pretty sure whenever you enter a room, everyone says, "Wow! What a dick!" Really? You're trying to make that kind of profit off the recent lack of stock on these lures?
  244. fishstomp

    Fighting a Jumping DoDo

    I just let it do its thing and go back to winding when it's done. Worked out Saturday when I took the jackpot with this fish. 30# braid, 30# fluoro leader and a sardine on a Seigler SGN reel.
  245. fishstomp

    Bluefin set up without breaking the bank

    Point Loma rents two speeds but they're not cheap...... $100 for 1 to 3 days
  246. fishstomp

    Where's the rest of the trailer?

    You buy the boat at full price and the trailer is half off............
  247. fishstomp

    WTB EZ Weights Egg Sinkers

    Outkast fishing tackle?
  248. fishstomp

    Funny Boat Names

  249. fishstomp

    Any Toyota salesmen here

    Walk into the fleet department and just tell them what you're willing to pay.
  250. fishstomp

    Water Line for Refrigerator/Ice Maker DIY...???

    Open the door to the dishwasher and look for two tabs at the top of the front of the dishwasher. There should be two screws screwed upward into the bottom of the counter.
  251. fishstomp

    7-7 Up 9- 182

    Jeez......this is getting ridiculous. Nothing wants to bite. Have you tried this lure? We've thrown everything but this at them this year.......
  252. fishstomp

    Is leopard shark good to eat?

    "Sharks do not urinate as most animals do. Sharks convert urine to urea; a toxic compound which is converted to ammonia. Urea is absorbed in the flesh of the shark and expelled through the skin. When a shark dies this urea is converted back to ammonia. That is why shark meat has a slight ammonia...
  253. fishstomp

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    The Cantina, Mos Eisley, Tatooine.
  254. fishstomp

    parking a trailer on an incline

    Turn the steering wheel all the way to the right.........
  255. fishstomp

    Any strippers south lake havasu?

    If you want to catch and mount a stripper, make it rain! :cheers:
  256. fishstomp

    Galley Grub

    How about maybe some New England clam chowder with dinner?
  257. fishstomp

    Is there a product to decrease fish scale accumuation on a rod.

    And it gets you a stateroom all to yourself!
  258. fishstomp

    What is this line?

    Sending down a bucket of lotion?
  259. fishstomp

    6/10/17 - 189lb BFT on the Kite! @302

    Nice! Looks like I'm gonna have to go out with you guys and try it again!
  260. fishstomp

    Talica Rental?

    Yeah, boats and kids are expensive......
  261. fishstomp

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    Throwing a jig for barracuda and catching a 45lb thresher, (my first).
  262. fishstomp

    Talica Rental?

    If you can buy a boat, you can buy a rod and reel. :finger:
  263. fishstomp

    Talica Rental?
  264. fishstomp

    Purchasing safety shoes

    I wouldn't try to buy work boots online. You have to try them on and they have to fit well. Ask your coworkers where they get their boots. Or look up a local safety shoe store.
  265. fishstomp

    Rampage Yacht PNW style....

    Nice job....... That is awesome.
  266. fishstomp

    Tweeker Free Zone

  267. fishstomp

    Cedar Plugs made with Exotic Woods- come on albacore!

    I asked my nephew for a couple of your cedar plugs for a birthday gift. I have to say, your lures are absolutely awesome. Thank you. I'm blown away by the craftsmanship and work you put into these. Nice!
  268. fishstomp

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    Be "That Guy", and show up at the dock 1 hour later than the boat is supposed to leave. You won't get seasick.
  269. fishstomp

    Ab poacher sought, Cabrillo National Monument tidepools (pix)

    Grab some abalone, stop and eat an ear of corn through a chain link fence.........
  270. fishstomp

    TIP OF THIS WEEK-dont tell me what to tip on bloody decks

    I only give the crew money if they get me some tuna over 200#s. But I'm from Bakersfield where the only thing we understand is cow tipping..........
  271. fishstomp

    Rpt- 2 day trip on the Chief ending 03-26-17.

    He sets the bar pretty high for reports. Great job of writing it up.
  272. fishstomp

    Best all around 1/2 day reel

    We all have our But I would start with a sl20sh. Caught a lot of fish on a Sealine. Including a 40# tuna. But the pic is of my new favorite......
  273. fishstomp

    Rpt- 2 day trip on the Chief ending 03-26-17.

    I'd have to wait for the movie to come out......
  274. fishstomp

    NEW Released Accurate BV500 Reel Sweepstakes

    I'm entered......yee-haw!
  275. fishstomp

    20,000 posts

    I don't know if this has been posted before but here you go Carl.
  276. fishstomp

    20,000 posts

    That is a lot of posts.
  277. fishstomp

    20,000 posts

    I think he should at least get a BD shirt with his name and "20K posts" embroidered on it.
  278. fishstomp

    Life Vests found on I-5 south sure that doesn't mean, probably fulla dope? Were they kinda heavy? :smoking33: Oops, just noticed you said South, not North......nevermind.
  279. fishstomp

    Any furnace techs?

    It's a thermocouple, not thermocoupler......sorry, but I'm an instrument tech and thermocoupler makes me
  280. fishstomp

    New Year's Eve party

    Yeah, that's where they're gonna have the cross country skiing seminar...........:gay:
  281. fishstomp

    VERY SAD...

    At the end of the day you should be allowed to crack open a cold one.
  282. fishstomp

    Helpful hint's from the horrified grammer Nazy in me!

    So, while we're on the subject, ......what guages do you have on your boat?...........
  283. fishstomp

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    Yes, his cage is made of WTF.
  284. fishstomp

    Bitch'n bug it legal?

    Had this mermaid show up in the net. Released it.
  285. fishstomp

    How did you come up with your boat name?

    :D:D:indabutt: I did get laid by a young lady, and I put my name across her stern. Worked for me.
  286. fishstomp

    Jose Fernandez Killed in Boating Accident

    Looks like they came in at full speed.
  287. fishstomp

    This was one lucky angler fishing for Wahoo

    Happened to me in Santa Monica bay fishing for bass. Had a friend set down my borrowed spinning outfit in gear, (after I warned him not to), and a makerel took it over the side. I reeled it in on my rig 5 minutes later , let the fish go, and set the rod back in the boat. He didn't notice it for...
  288. fishstomp

    Find what is missing in this picture

    I see two nice fish, what looks like a father-son team, and two great big grins. I didn't notice anything missing........
  289. fishstomp

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Why would you leave Bloody Decks? I think most of the people on here value your first hand report on a tragedy like this. I certainly wouldn't want it to happen to me. I was very happy to hear that you made it back safe and sound. Stay with us. You have more friends on here than those clowns...
  290. fishstomp

    Coronados - Sep 5th

    I've heard it's kinda hit or miss at the Coronados.........:eyepoppin
  291. fishstomp

    Plano 3600 tray storage?

    Search Amazon for: "Organized Fishing Large Utility Box Wire Rack 14 Capacity"
  292. fishstomp

    Gloves & Thumb Protectors for Casting?

    If you are even thinking about putting your fingers anywhere near the reel after the release when casting a spinning reel, you're that guy. And you need to learn how to cast a conventional. Two wraps of tape on your thumb and you'll be okay. You don't need to be the douche-bag with 3 yards of...
  293. fishstomp

    Need help with squeaky Curado 300EJ

    Hey, it works.......
  294. fishstomp

    Who says Bonito isn't good eatin'?

    Bonito caught on a 1/2 day or 3/4 day boat and tossed in a burlap sack are awesome! Because if you have a concrete job coming up and need something to hold the forms in place, they're perfect! Just hammer them into the ground and tie off your 2x6s to them.
  295. fishstomp

    Who says Bonito isn't good eatin'?

    What's smellier than a bonito? A bonito's pussy!
  296. fishstomp


    Look under the dead hooker.......that's where it was last time......
  297. fishstomp

    Need a 3 phase electric motor

    If you're trying to run a machine, (lathe, mill) that has a three phase motor and you only have access to single phase power, there are better options than a phase converter. Pm me.
  298. fishstomp

    I need longer reel clamp screws for a25n

    You're not trying to stack the stock clamp on top of the cork puppy are you? I did see someone doing that.......
  299. fishstomp

    Tuna eats Seagull

    The tuna have been spitting out a lot of my lures lately as least that's my story.
  300. fishstomp

    Need 1" Railing Section Bent?

    Well, what did you end up doing? Just curious. Might help somebody else out.
  301. fishstomp

    Small 17 Ft. Center console steering cable issues

    I just sent an email to Boat works. Let's see how they respond.
  302. fishstomp

    Small 17 Ft. Center console steering cable issues

    This is a forum that reaches a hell of a lot of people in the boating world in southern California. If I were Boat Works I would certainly go all out to make it right. Sounds pretty F'd up. A lot of money spent and they did not fix the problem.
  303. fishstomp

    LAX Hotel/Motel recommendations

    Parksleephotels Coupon code "summerfun" This is what I use when I go down there diving.
  304. fishstomp

    Files to large issues???

    Email it to yourself. You will have the option to resize it.
  305. fishstomp

    Small 17 Ft. Center console steering cable issues

    And I'll bet he didn't even lube it......
  306. fishstomp


    I think passports are a good idea, but I don't believe they're required if you leave U.S. waters and never land or get within 12 nautical miles of another country. Do you need a passport when you boat straight out into international waters and then return back to the US? The following is from...
  307. fishstomp

    tackle recommendation for the Thunderbird overnight.

    Mint green surface iron, flat falls, mega baits. Torpedo sinkers and rubber bands to hook them on. And the fishing outfit pictured here......
  308. fishstomp


    This is off the H & M website : "While many of the trips departing daily from H&M Landing fish in Mexican waters, a passport is NOT REQUIRED unless we are fishing near the Mexican coast or near any of their offshore islands. During the summer months, most of our trips are scheduled to fish...
  309. fishstomp


    If the boat fishes within 12 miles of the mainland or any of the islands, while in Mexico, everyone needs one. If everyone on the boat has one it gives you more options. Unfortunately, even if the trip says it requires them, it seems there's always people showing up without them.
  310. fishstomp

    Need 1" Railing Section Bent?

    I just called our shop and they said they charge $10.00 a bend for 1" and thats a 5 or 6" radius. Hope that helps. (Ace hydraulics in Bakersfield) Your local shop should be comparable.
  311. fishstomp

    Need 1" Railing Section Bent?

    We bend stainless tubing at work all the time but our benders only go up to 5/8". When we need 1" bent we take it to the shop that makes up our hydraulic hoses and tubing. You might check with a shop that sells hydraulic hoses and fittings. Worth a shot.
  312. fishstomp

    Need 1" Railing Section Bent?

    I hear if you park it in the Shelter Island parking lot someone will come by and bend it for you........
  313. fishstomp

    Poor Mans Bait Receiver...

    Mackerel? Couldn't you just make a top for a shopping cart and toss it over the side of the dock? Hmmmm....
  314. fishstomp

    Beginner learning to use penn reels

    If I were you, I would pay the shipping to send your reels to him. Sounds like a pretty good offer.
  315. fishstomp

    7/15/16 16.4 NM TRUE WEST PT LAJOLLA

    High five on hooking a beast of a bft. And yeah, if I can still be fishing like that at 69 I'll be happy. But you got it to the boat and got to see it. You'll boat the next one. If you can give advance notice I'd head out with you. I' ve done the solo thing before and it's always an extra risk...
  316. fishstomp

    Bull Mahi in OC

    Very nice looking dorado! Great color. And nice to see your co-captain getting some time at the wheel. Glad you had such an awesome time out there!
  317. fishstomp

    Beginner learning to use penn reels

    I say son, I think we found your problem. Ya done got yer pole heading north and yer dang reel headed south!
  318. fishstomp

    Beginner learning to use penn reels

    Yeah, hook on something about the weight of a sardine and keep practicing your flip. You should be able to get some decent distance with a 500.
  319. fishstomp

    2.5 Day Offshore Freelance on the Chief 7-21 to 7-24

    I'm really glad the pricing keeps the whiners off the boat. Talk about "tight ass" lol.:finger:
  320. fishstomp

    Beginner learning to use penn reels

    Are you using one of Dad's old rollered broomsticks? :-)
  321. fishstomp

    How to avoid getting seasick?

  322. fishstomp

    The Chief - 6/27/16

    Forgot about the WON tournament. The boat is not scheduled to be back until 7pm. I heard we're leaving at 9pm. I guess there is no hurry to get to the dock. And parking will be a bitch. :(
  323. fishstomp

    15 - 20 lb Smelt

  324. fishstomp

    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    Wahoo! Hand me a burger and a beer! And, uh.....go fishing and turn off the Internet!
  325. fishstomp


    When I bought my boat, I asked the seller what he could tell me about it. He said, "She has a nice personality". It's been like a blind date.......
  326. fishstomp

    The Chief - 6/27/16

    Thanks to any of you that signed up for the trip. We made the minimum, we're going fishing. See you on the boat!
  327. fishstomp

    The Chief - 6/27/16

    Guess I have to add a disclaimer.....* I am not saying the trip on the 27th was a wide open bite. Only that it shows the numbers of yellowtail are increasing and that the yellowfin are starting to show. Maybe things are going to pick up. I do not know what size the fish were, I wasn't on that...
  328. fishstomp

    The Chief - 6/27/16
  329. fishstomp

    The Chief - 6/27/16

    The Chief just posted a report of 64 yellowtail and 4 yellowfin tuna for 20 people on board. Looks like it's about to start happening again. We're trying to get out on the Friday trip, 7/1/16 for a 2 1/2 day trip but we need a few more people to make it happen. Let's go fishing. I've seen...
  330. fishstomp

    triangle line winder SC125

    They had it over in the baseball section. No where near the fishing department. Probably why it sat there so long. I'm not
  331. fishstomp

    triangle line winder SC125

    Offered the manager $200.00, he counter offered with $250.00. It was marked 450.00, dropped to $375.00.
  332. fishstomp

    triangle line winder SC125

    I got the one in Bakersfield for $250.00. Plus tax, it was $268.00.
  333. fishstomp

    WTF is this?

    Whale larva. Protected. You had better put it back in the water.......
  334. fishstomp

    What do you use or could I make/attach to stabilize the SKB 7200?

    I like the SKB boxes. Well made. Just don't park them on a boat where they're not going to stay upright with rods in them. And with rods in the way of people trying to cast. I watched two of them dump all their tackle on the deck on my last trip. Didn't get in my way. Just entertaining. Lol
  335. fishstomp

    What do you use or could I make/attach to stabilize the SKB 7200?

    We always make bets on when they're going to fall......they're great boxes. But if you bring them on charter boats, don't put your rods in them. Use the boat racks. DOH!
  336. fishstomp

    Spearfishing BFT?

    We saw guys jumping in on our last Chief trip. Didn't see if they scored anything.
  337. fishstomp

    bring your heavy gear, BFT at 302

    There is no way that thing is less than 180#s. On a popper?
  338. fishstomp

    Losing irons during cast

    Take the reel out of gear?
  339. fishstomp


    Happy New year!
  340. fishstomp

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    :finger: Merry Christmas BDers!
  341. fishstomp

    Bastards stole my Christmas lights.

    I haven't had any problems since I started using non-insulated extension cords.........
  342. fishstomp

    Tool Belt and Dykes?

    Is that Rosie?
  343. fishstomp

    You Avet Critics Crack Me Up#

    Just my 2 cents, my Avet is already grinding, after one year, but my Diawa reels are still doing great. I have an sl20sh that is still kicking ass after 20 years of pulling in tuna. I've caught more fish on that reel then all the reels I've bought since.
  344. fishstomp

    The Chief, this Friday. 1 1/2 day trip. Let's go!

    Let's end this season with a great trip on the Chief! Light load, with the best crew and cap't in the fleet. We have eight people on board so far, we need at least six more people to sign up to make it happen. Hope to see you onboard.
  345. fishstomp

    Hoo dat hoo dat

    Nice, thanks for the report! Glad you had such an awesome day! Get's me motivated to head out again.
  346. fishstomp

    Tool Belt and Dykes?

    Where do you get the replacement blades? I can't find them anywhere.
  347. fishstomp

    Overnight/ One Day - What To Bring ?

    Flat falls.....
  348. fishstomp

    $450.00 REWARD

    Wait until one of the Casino divers spots the arm. Probably gonna freak out one of the open water classes.
  349. fishstomp

    $450.00 REWARD

    Gust gonna have to head out yander and see what I can find......
  350. fishstomp

    Been painting some Surface Irons...

    I like the green ones. Nice!
  351. fishstomp


    i'm prepared for any kind of encounter so I always carry this.....
  352. fishstomp

    Dana Point 9/30

    I've never hooked a marlin and if I did I would prefer to catch and release. My question is, how common is it for them to die during the fight?
  353. fishstomp

    Pizza and pussy joke

    So..........what smells worse than an anchovy? An anchovy's pussy!
  354. fishstomp

    How NOT to fish a kelp paddy 9-27-15

    Come in slow......approach the paddy so you don't drift over it, catch fish. What the fuck is so difficult about figuring this out? And how come so many people defend the guys flying in and parking right on top of a paddy. If you don't know how to do it, stay the fuck away. Play nice.
  355. fishstomp

    Long-range: Comfortable sleeping ensemble ??

    Yeah, but I missed the other photo op. When you dropped that jig and bent over to retrieve it. Four seagulls and a pelican all spontaneously regurgitating simultaneously while that poor woman sipping her latte spewed it into the morning air creating a fine brown mist vignetting the whole...
  356. fishstomp

    Long-range: Comfortable sleeping ensemble ??

    Yep. Saw you get off the boat and start fishing off the dock. You are a fishing machine!
  357. fishstomp

    BD secret rules

  358. fishstomp

    BD secret rules

  359. fishstomp

    2yft ,1 Dorado ,5 new tires

    Just more proof of a Good year............
  360. fishstomp

    New to the forums

  361. fishstomp

    Just for fun, dorado jaw

    That is cool. What is your method? I'd like to try it.
  362. fishstomp

    Fishing with GreenHorns....tell us some of your stories.

    I saw something new on my last trip out on the Chief. The deckhand told me to check out the dude at the bow. Newbie standing right at the bow with one of the boat's trolling rigs in his hands. After we had a jig strike, he wound the troller in, walked up to the bow and dropped the pink feather...
  363. fishstomp

    Love for the Deckhands

    Cut the strings off the tampons, the crabs are learning to bungee jump.......
  364. fishstomp

    1979 corwin enterprises 21ft "ghetto build"

    Build it! I look forward to seeing what you make of this. Keep that positive attitude.
  365. fishstomp

    dont be fooled by all the big fish report numbers..

    Hanging out with Ian and Jeff.
  366. fishstomp

    dont be fooled by all the big fish report numbers..

    I had an awesome time on the trip. I've been fishing with Capt Randel since the 80's and chartered the Indian a few times. I'll keep going out the Chief. Crew is great.
  367. fishstomp

    Foodsaver Deal Hurry

    The vertical ones suck. And not in a good way.
  368. fishstomp

    52# Blue Fin

    We let one get past us?! Dammit!
  369. fishstomp

    La Jolla 8/29

    Way to go on the Father-Son trip!
  370. fishstomp

    Local T-Top installation question

    I can shoot you pics of my installation of a Stryker top. And yeah, they're very easy to install.
  371. fishstomp

    Boat Rewire Question

    Nitrogen? I think you mean're breathing around 78% nitrogen right now.
  372. fishstomp

    93 Marlin Chinook! SUPER CLEAN 11,500 LOADED

    Throw a magnet on it and get back to us.......
  373. fishstomp

    people destroying kelps?

    I got a pic of one of the dudes with a grappling hook.....
  374. fishstomp

    coyote problem, need some advice

    Lawn chair in the back of a pick up, 80lb spectra, big treble hook baited with a hot dog. Have your gaff ready.......coyote fishing.....
  375. fishstomp

    8/22 Report YFT Tuna and Dorado

    Nice! I like the creative pic!
  376. fishstomp

    Bon Voyage Jared

    I can respect that.
  377. fishstomp

    Bon Voyage Jared

    Wow. All the experience comes out.......I don't know what the fug you're talking about. And I don't want to......
  378. fishstomp

    HH to 277, plus Make your bait last longer, a lot longer
  379. fishstomp


    I like your attitude..... And I would fish with you anytime. :cheers: Bloodydecks!
  380. fishstomp

    O'side sunday. "that guy"

    Uh........was he driving the boat?
  381. fishstomp

    scoop thru hull

    Slots towards the bow. And you can turn the pump off when you're at speed. Saves your batteries. Not too hard to remember when to turn it off and on. Unless you're busy talking on the radio.....
  382. fishstomp

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

  383. fishstomp

    Does this party boat look too close? 8-15-2015

    Get out your light rig, tie on a treble hook (loose knot) and snag their anchor rope. Break it loose. Repeat over and over until you run out of hooks.
  384. fishstomp

    Any advice for my CCW interview with OC Sherrif next week

    Go to Fox news, read the comments, repeat what you've read.
  385. fishstomp

    Chief out of H&M - Question?

    I'll be headed out on the 3rd with them. Looking forward to it.
  386. fishstomp

    Getting blood off the deck

    :finger: I'm more concerned with getting blood ON the deck......
  387. fishstomp

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Nice! That is too cool.....I want one!........:finger:
  388. fishstomp

    Sea sick patch and dramamine

    Best remedy for seasickness is to go sit under a tree......
  389. fishstomp

    Freelance 8/2 - Proud Hubby!

    Nice catch! And the fish is pretty good too!
  390. fishstomp

    Avet grinding noise

    Pinion bearing. I've heard if you over tighten the drag you trash the bearing.
  391. fishstomp

    Charkbait, Midway drive, San Diego

    We just left there after spending $650.00 between our group. They'll survive without you. Excellent prices and great service.
  392. fishstomp

    7/28/15 Great Day on Huge! Yellows But we killed a Marlin Not cool :(

    Tequila? I like your attitude! Now it's a party! Let the games begin.....that would be one helluva hellacious get together. Lol. And we can discuss which fish to keep, what defines paddy poaching, can you smoke on a cattle boat, and.....are you "that guy"?
  393. fishstomp

    Sauerfish YT and Dodo limits.... And a Whale Shark...???

    I'm bringing a mask, snorkel and fins on my trip........
  394. fishstomp

    A Black Day for Hunters

    I read today that he had closed his dental office. He is getting quite a bit of fallout from this. I'll wait to see how it plays out.
  395. fishstomp

    7/28/15 Great Day on Huge! Yellows But we killed a Marlin Not cool :(

    Was he in the jackpot? Maybe he gave his winnings to the crew? But it was his decision to keep it. I probably would have released it, but again, his decision.
  396. fishstomp

    Avet reels... so many of them need some info

    I'm probably going to catch some crap for this but here goes.....I bought an Avet and the pinion bearings are already making noise. I would suggest going to the Charkbait site and looking at the Diawa reels. 2 speed, sttdld40-2spd is $349.00 with free mono over braid spooling thrown in. All my...
  397. fishstomp


    Nice fish and great pics! What kinda camera were you using?
  398. fishstomp

    Another Vacuum Sealer

    If it will do retort bags I'm going to order one.
  399. fishstomp

    Another Vacuum Sealer

    Will it seal retort bags?
  400. fishstomp

    Smoking Section on Sport Boats

    Anyone going fishing soon?
  401. fishstomp

    star drag vs lever drag casting

    Yep, either your reel is in gear, or out of gear.
  402. fishstomp

    star drag vs lever drag casting

    I never have my drag in play when I'm casting. I usually put it in free-spool to cast. Call me crazy......
  403. fishstomp

    Everything changed on 7/22 – Big Tuna are now possible. Two new Personal Bests* on the day.

    Nice fish! And you owe the guy that sunk that gaff a beer! Excellent shot.
  404. fishstomp

    1/4 turn shut off valve

    McMaster Carr........they ship super fast.
  405. fishstomp

    State room sleeping. Best bunk location?

    :finger: Or stay up late, get drunk as fuck, go downstairs and crawl into an occupied bunk and go for the "snuggle with a struggle"..........
  406. fishstomp

    Again bluefin bite off the hook with troubles but saved trip

    Good karma on the bait hand off. Nice Bloodydecks! Way to go.....nice mako.
  407. fishstomp

    State room sleeping. Best bunk location?

    Which boat? And to keep from rolling out if it's a little rough, lift up the mattress on the outside and put something under it to keep it slanted toward the wall.
  408. fishstomp

    Gaffing an Opah?

    Don't ruin the meat, just bounce it into the boat.......
  409. fishstomp

    MLPA Violation - Penalties?

    I was thinking blue and chrome......
  410. fishstomp

    MLPA Violation - Penalties?

    What color mask do you wear? How fast do you run? Revolver or auto?
  411. fishstomp

    Tuna jerky perfected

    Using your recipe, got six racks in the smoker right now.
  412. fishstomp

    Furuno 1622 Radar,,,SOLD

    Will you ship if I pay the cost?
  413. fishstomp

    Jimi Hendrix weave completed

    Nice job on the rod.......
  414. fishstomp

    7/2/15 N9-Mid9-302 late

    What model Garmin do you have?
  415. fishstomp

    you buy the gas and bait tuesday AM

    Under 180, ready to go! Lets do this!
  416. fishstomp

    Pray for Goatram

    Arrrrrgh! You need to get a parrot.
  417. fishstomp

    Another 150 report

    That is an awesome pic!
  418. fishstomp

    Pray for Goatram

    :finger: I hope you heal well and get back out there soon! And put a Bloodydecks sticker on your cast
  419. fishstomp

    slang for small fish?????

    Poptarts - (sanddabs)
  420. fishstomp

    Hand made "Cedar Plugs"

    Those are awesome lures ......
  421. fishstomp

    100 + BFT weighed at avalon 6-6-15

    I think you just broke your own rule.....
  422. fishstomp

    100 + BFT weighed at avalon 6-6-15
  423. fishstomp

    Long Beach coastline closed from oil spill
  424. fishstomp

    Little Man- Big Fish

    Too cool! Give The kid a high five for me. Way to go Tallon!
  425. fishstomp

    Navy in fire fight with boat shooting sea lions?

    Why would the Navy stand down when there was live fire being directed at Navy seals?
  426. fishstomp

    on board tv question

    Just go on Amazon and buy a 12 volt tv/dvd combo. They have them pretty cheap.
  427. fishstomp

    To the boat that was leaving Big Salmon Marina behind me Sat @ 5am

    Were you looking at it in your rear view mirror?
  428. fishstomp

    Evening Drinks?

    Tap out..... Score! Easy way out. Lol.
  429. fishstomp

    Evening Drinks?

    That guy.....
  430. fishstomp

    Evening Drinks?

    I guess we were brought up differently. My Mother and Father taught me that it's nice to share. And I usually do share with the folks I spend time with on a fishing trip. And the sponsors and fellow fisherman I fish with are usually pretty generous with leaving a bottle or two out for everyone...
  431. fishstomp

    Evening Drinks?

    If left on the table it usually means "Here's a bottle I brought to share". I've had charter masters set a few bottles out, and I have set a few out myself. If you want to keep it to yourself, well, keep it to yourself.........
  432. fishstomp

    Evening Drinks?

    Captain Morgan and diet Pepsi, otherwise known as a "Skinny pirate" Or what I renamed it, give me a "Somalian"
  433. fishstomp

    Garelick Kicker Bracket Easy Steer System for Sale

    Dude, you haven't been home in a long time.........
  434. fishstomp

    SOLD 1991 cabo 266 cuddycon I/O SOLD

    That is a really nice boat. Wish I had the funds.......
  435. fishstomp

    Best home remedy for seasickness

    What is a 1/4 day trip? Fishing at the bait barge? Anyway......tell your buddy that the most fool proof sea-sickness cure is to go sit under a tree. Works every time.
  436. fishstomp

    Can I get clearance Clarence? And quit calling me Shirley.......
  437. fishstomp

    WTB castle nuts for Trinidad 14-20 rod clamp

    order some from McMaster-Carr and relax.......
  438. fishstomp

    Bottom paint color

    Maybe paint on some fish that the local fur bags like the most. Right in front of the prop.
  439. fishstomp

    Music on Cattle boats

    Only if it's, "Girls, girls, girls....." Blasting, and a gal twirling on a stripper pole mounted on the bait radio? Really? Lol
  440. fishstomp

    Sea Lions- To Kill or Not To Kill
  441. fishstomp

    Sea Lions- To Kill or Not To Kill

    And the ruling is.......
  442. fishstomp

    ¡ɹǝʌo ʞɔɐq ǝɯ dıןɟ ¡ʎǝɥ

    ¡ɹǝʌo ʞɔɐq ǝɯ dıןɟ ¡ʎǝɥ
  443. fishstomp

    baitrunner 4500 b bail

  444. fishstomp

    baitrunner 4500 b bail

  445. fishstomp

    baitrunner 4500 b bail
  446. fishstomp

    And, The mother of the year award goes too.

    They would have made her branch manager........
  447. fishstomp

    What do you say when you get hooked up?

    "Hey, does this rag smell like chloroform?"
  448. fishstomp

    Tufin Bluena

    So you released it?:rofl:
  449. fishstomp

    Just an FYI...

    High 5 on taking the trip to the island!
  450. fishstomp

    TOYO TIRES & RIM P235 75R 15

    Dammit! I was looking for some Foro tires on Toyota rims! Guess I'll keep look'n!
  451. fishstomp

    OK, who was the idiot
  452. fishstomp

    Check this out! never get stopped by Mexican Navy!

    . And ask you if you like fish sticks.......
  453. fishstomp

    Anyone have one of these they would part with?
  454. fishstomp

    panfish technique/bait question

    For bluegill, mealworms. For crappie, live minnows. A trick for crappie is to take a mason jar, poke a hole in the lid, tie a string through it, fill it with water and a few minnows and suspend it at the level where the fish are at. The flash of the minnows swimming around in the jar will bring...
  455. fishstomp

    Captain Needed

    Captain Ron?
  456. fishstomp

    putting a truck motor in the boat?

    Or you could do the opposite.......
  457. fishstomp

    Worst party boat trip ever.....
  458. fishstomp


    I'm gonna start bleaching some of my old Newells.........
  459. fishstomp

    Cedar plugs?

    Yeah, this weekend I'll be tuning a bunch of my egg sinkers. It's great when you get them to drop just right.
  460. fishstomp

    Theft from Newport Dunes dry storage. ** Hit again**

    I hope karma kicks in and the SOB's boat sinks.
  461. fishstomp

    18ft seaswirl striper center consol

    The covers are made by Tempress.
  462. fishstomp

    What's a good surface iron reel and no Newell info please.

    I like small reels. Diawa Saltist sttld20 if you want a smaller 2 speed 6.3:1. Diawa Saltist sttld40sha 7.1:1 if you want a larger high speed reel. Both are $289.00 at Charkbait loaded with braid and a mono topshot.
  463. fishstomp

    News- Big Bluefins on the offshore banks would you know what you had hooked until you had it to color?
  464. fishstomp

    sand dabs

    Pop them into the toaster......
  465. fishstomp

    Newbie here! any advice for socal much appreciated

    Good luck! Hope you slay the fish! Give us a report.
  466. fishstomp


    Oops. Lol.
  467. fishstomp


    Well.....that was a few years back. But it did happen. And my Newell from the eighties is still doing well and still catching fish. I like their reels.
  468. fishstomp


    Newell is awesome with their service. My buddy took his to the factory and they slapped a new side plate on it and he left there with a new reel.
  469. fishstomp

    Bending 2" EMT Conduit

    Buy pre-bent.
  470. fishstomp

    lake isabella

    Yep, if you have minnows you can kill the crappie. But don't run a boat in the lake. It is super low. Bob's bait and tackle is reliable for bait. If you want to fish the river try the power plant just north of Kernville. Wade to the far side and cast to the fast running water under the trees...
  471. fishstomp

    lake isabella

    Lake-is-a-puddle..... That's what us locals call it. lol. Can't run a boat in it. Just bring some sun screen. And apply it to the fish. You can see their backs sticking out of the water.
  472. fishstomp

    Seal/Sea-lion ate your catch?

    Oh yeah.....
  473. fishstomp

    sold Brand new Okuma rod that came with Andros II $40 SOLD

    Fred Hall show, Turner's giveaway rods when you buy a reel.
  474. fishstomp

    Canvas Lead Shot Bags Or Coin Bags (empty)?

    Don't know if these will work for what you need, but they're pretty heavy duty.
  475. fishstomp

    Fred Hall Show Day One

    Anyone know what kind of deals H and M landing has at the show? On the Chief?
  476. fishstomp

    Boat Crashes into Beach Bar

    Late one foggy night two boaters collide head on while trying to navigate a narrow inlet channel. Both their boats were damaged, disabled and slowly sinking. As they each watched their boats slowly slip away beneath them, the first boater said " You know, this is a sign that we should never...
  477. fishstomp

    Home made Ling jigs copper pipe, lead and a couple ball bearings
  478. fishstomp

    18' radon

    Sweet! Nice looking boat! That thing is cool..........
  479. fishstomp

    Extra Large Center Consoles

    I think I have to talk to my doctor......because I have an erection lasting more than four hours.....
  480. fishstomp

    WTB kicker motor

    P.M. Sent
  481. fishstomp

    1995 Seaswirl Striper 2000wa restoration

    Very nice work on your boat. Looks awesome!
  482. fishstomp

    17 boston whaler! 90hp!

    How much? I'm guessing that those horns play "La Cucaracha".......
  483. fishstomp

    Who is "That Guy"

    Just send a 5 gallon bucket down his line when he's trolling.......they fight pretty good.
  484. fishstomp

    Why is lake fishing so hard?

    What is this Powerbait you guys are talking about? When I fish a lake I always end up with my jig about 100 yards up on the dirt. Guess I can't get the hang of it......and I'm still looking for the bait barge.
  485. fishstomp

    SOLD SOLD Antenna Mount

    Is that the same one as this?
  486. fishstomp

    Super Bowl grub?

    Seared yellowtail with ricotta nachos.......
  487. fishstomp

    Learning more about boats

    I've learned that the tuition for boat repair is pretty expensive. Lol.
  488. fishstomp

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    . Hellooooo!
  489. fishstomp

    San Felipe prohibits consumption of local seafood.

    I thought the clown fish tasted funny...........
  490. fishstomp

    Chief 1.5 day Dan Hrnandez trip Collonett

    He is a nice guy. I was on the boat with him all weekend. You should spend some time with him. And then think about calling someone a "doughboy". Just an observation.........
  491. fishstomp

    Chief 1.5 day Dan Hrnandez trip Collonett

    This was my smallest can see me in the third pic right off the corner.
  492. fishstomp

    Can any of you math dudes figure this out....

    For those of you that are amazed by the math thing.....
  493. fishstomp

    This forum is losing its appeal.

    Take the politics somewhere else.....i'm gonna go fishing. Heading out Friday! And i won't hear the words sheeple, perps, agenda, or any of that other bullshit. :finger::rofl:
  494. fishstomp

    Chief Jan 10th 1-1/2 day report

    I'm ready.......bringing the heavy rigs.
  495. fishstomp

    Chief Jan 10th 1-1/2 day report

    3 of us driving down Friday. See ya on the boat. We're gonna slay 'em!
  496. fishstomp

    What is a "thrust bearing"?

    Hope this helps....
  497. fishstomp

    200+ back issues of playboy, FREE

    Nah......I want to go out fishing this year.....
  498. fishstomp

    best place to buy fishing gear

    Charkbait for reels, rods.......
  499. fishstomp

    How Many......

    And a thousand hares......
  500. fishstomp

    12 Days of Christmas Give Aways-Day 3

    "You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look GOOD."
  501. fishstomp

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

    Phuket, Thailand.........
  502. fishstomp

    MasterBaiters Sportfishing Puerto Vallarta OMG. Who needs a laugh? This is good...

    Is it true what I heard that the owner of Master Baiters is currently recovering from having a stroke?
  503. fishstomp

    Chief Collonett December 6th

    Way to go Randel! Looks like another awesome trip. We'll be on one of the next runs. See ya then.
  504. fishstomp

    Black sea bass

    Yep, they're too cool to kill. Release them. There is plenty of other fish in the
  505. fishstomp

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 6

    Nice pectorals!
  506. fishstomp

    x mas special

    I've been using one of those on my jackpot fish for years!
  507. fishstomp


    Yeah, I'm feeling the Christmas spirit.....
  508. fishstomp

    OT- Tool backpacks..

    Here's one for ya.
  509. fishstomp

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 4

    Count me in....
  510. fishstomp

    I was arrested for

  511. fishstomp

    Diving Point Loma

    Spanish shawl. Awesome shot.
  512. fishstomp

    Diving Point Loma

    Wow......beautiful pics....
  513. fishstomp

    The Chief has a 1 1 /2 day Special Thanksgiveing Rockfish And Tuna Too trip!!!

    2 1/2 day trips work for me. And maybe a 5 day. You guys hammered the fish in November? Wow. Next year is going to be awesome. Really enjoyed the last couple of trips Chris. You run a first class boat. You always find the fish and your crew is great. I'll be looking forward to fishing with you...
  514. fishstomp

    Reel screw driver

    Here's what comes up when you search for "Harbor freight, hammer" ........LOL. Guess where you shop depends on what your skill level is.
  515. fishstomp

    Ferguson - No Indict
  516. fishstomp

    Craigslist Ad......

    I just buy a cart load at walmart and slip them on a lizard fish and then resell them. Selling like hot cakes! Lots of repeat buyers!
  517. fishstomp

    Down sides of taking over a 32' project boat?

    B.O.A.T. =......Break Out Another Thousand, over and over.....
  518. fishstomp

    Biggest bug of 2014?

  519. fishstomp


  520. fishstomp

    Free Asstroglide

    I think my gaydar just lit up.........
  521. fishstomp

    Merry Christmas Fuckers

    Way too early....
  522. fishstomp

    11/7/14 YFT 3.5 miles south of Catalina

    ¿ʇıɟʇno ƃuıuuıds ɐ ɥʇıʍ ʇı ɥɔʇɐɔ noʎ pıp
  523. fishstomp

    Be careful out there!

    But never pick up the burlap wrapped stuff!
  524. fishstomp

    Looking for a girlfriend

    This is how you bread a dog...............
  525. fishstomp

    Free Shipping!

    This is a fish report?
  526. fishstomp


    If it ain't got Chris, it's hit or Go on the Chief. But seriously, I haven't fished with the the new crew. I hope they're treating the Indian right. I had a lot of good times on that boat.
  527. fishstomp


    My friend used to look for the dudes that were looking kinda green in the face and then go over and chew on a live anchovy in front of them. Lol. Always good for a reaction. But I still say, the best cure for seasickness is to go sit under a tree. It's usually the guys that are drinking all...
  528. fishstomp


    Fox news?......... :supergay:
  529. fishstomp

    Ahi Burgers with Sriracha Mayo (YFT)

    Heading for the store.......
  530. fishstomp

    Fish Cleaning ! Out of Control

    I don't clean your fish and I don't rotate your pics. Learn how to do it yourself! :finger: Okay, this one time. But if you want to save money, don't put fish from the bait tank in your sack!
  531. fishstomp

    Trailer light problem

    Okay, here is an easy way to test the wiring. Unplug the trailer wiring. Ground a piece of wire from the truck to the trailer. (Or just hook one side of a set of jumper cables from truck to trailer) Get a 12v bulb/socket assembly and run a couple of wires from it. Locate the running light pin on...
  532. fishstomp

    Does Chris Randal own this web site?

    Chris, I've been fishing with you for a long time and hope to keep fishing with you and Ian and Jeff and the crew. Always a good time and you put us on the fish again and again. A couple of dipshits on here talking crap isn't going to hurt your rep with the people that have fished with you. I...
  533. fishstomp

    Fishing ediquit

    Rainman has gone into dry dock for some repairs..........
  534. fishstomp

    Fishing ediquit

    How much you been drunking Rainman?
  535. fishstomp

    Diver down And the Coast guard put this out: The Coast Guard wants you to Survive Your Dive!LOS ANGELES – As response agencies continue their search for a missing diver in Emerald Bay on Catalina Island, Calif...
  536. fishstomp

    Pizza and Pussy...

    Okay, what have you got to trade?
  537. fishstomp

    Pizza and Pussy...

    In high school I dated a girl who's face looked like a pizza......I turned off the light and went for the pussy.......
  538. fishstomp


    :git:Real simple. If you like to fish, come here and talk about it. If every moment of your life is consumed by politics, go somewhere else. There is a time and place for everything. I just got my boat running again and I'm taking it out on a trial run this weekend. How are things with you? Life...
  539. fishstomp

    Special Reserve Areas on Catalina

    "It ain't for eatin', it's just for looking through"
  540. fishstomp

    The Bad, The Bad, and The Ugly....2day becomes 2.5day Sea Adventure II

    Nice looking galley ...... Doesn't look too bad......but bedbugs?
  541. fishstomp

    9/20 Wide Open YFT and Dipshits at 277

    I like the hands out WTF..........
  542. fishstomp

    Bring Back Bieber!!!

  543. fishstomp

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    Wow. I think you just won the BD douchebag award for the most classless personal attack ever posted.
  544. fishstomp

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    From the CA DFG site: "When fishing in the ocean, however, boat limits are allowed for anglers fishing from a boat. This means that all anglers can continue fishing until the total numbers of fish on the boat are equal to the total number of fish allowed for every angler, despite who actually...
  545. fishstomp

    Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!’s-fish-sept-29/
  546. fishstomp

    Help a brother out!

    You're not allergic to grapes are you?
  547. fishstomp

    Which one of you Clairemont guys is selling fish?
  548. fishstomp

    Spouting off!!! Shimano Flat Fall Jig sellers on Ebay Rip off!

    You cannot sell ammo on Ebay.
  549. fishstomp

    Anyone missing a couple reels?
  550. fishstomp

    Chief 1-1/2 day 7-27-14 report

    I'm gonna call it.......I'm gonna score an opah on the next trip.....
  551. fishstomp

    Chief 1-1/2 day 7-27-14 report

    Badass dorado..... See ya Sept. 4th.......
  552. fishstomp

    Still In Love With The Tuna Pens?

    Those crinkle cut fries start out straight.......they turn into crinkle cut fries after three days under a heat lamp.
  553. fishstomp

    Sportboat busted at pens with BFT by Mex
  554. fishstomp

    Still In Love With The Tuna Pens?
  555. fishstomp

    BD etiquette

    Now that we've heard from a civil engineer, I wonder if we're going to hear anything from an uncivil engineer.......:eek:
  556. fishstomp

    BD etiquette

    This one time at fish camp.........
  557. fishstomp

    Overnight offshore fishing on Tribute on July 18,2014

    You sound like a guy that walks outside when it's raining nothing but pussies and gets hit in the head with a cock...........
  558. fishstomp

    Overnight offshore fishing on Tribute on July 18,2014

    Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?
  559. fishstomp

    Can't wait to see the pics of the 100 lb + Tuna landed at the N9 today

    :Beat_Them Definition of FOUL-HOOK to hook (a fish) elsewhere than in the mouth. From
  560. fishstomp

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Well, he had two chances to spell 'there'. He spelled one of them right.
  561. fishstomp

    BFT ban in Mexico

    There are a lot of rumors floating around out there. Make sure you check with an official source before fishing or hunting. This is the letter I saw: MEXICO Monday, July 14, 2014, 21:50 (GMT + 9) The National commission of Mammals and Fishies ordered the suspension of BFT (Bigfoot –...
  562. fishstomp

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Another thought I had.....maybe they don't want anyone seeing the seiners still out there doing their thing. And they think this will reduce the traffic down there. Keep your cameras rolling if you're down there fishing......
  563. fishstomp

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    So.......we can still fish for yft, yellowtail, dorado, and.......opah. And we can catch bft as long as we catch and release. I'm in. But seeing as we are going to be releasing bft, if you catch it on a jig, how do you release it without losing your jig? That will be the
  564. fishstomp

    what would you advise for offshore megabaits/jigs for overnight to 3 1/2 day trips?

    So far you've called me a "fuck" and an "asshole" And all I've done is try to to give you advice, which you asked for. You don't have to take that advice, that's for you to sift through. This is Bloodydecks. Lighten up.
  565. fishstomp

    what would you advise for offshore megabaits/jigs for overnight to 3 1/2 day trips?

    :finger: You sound upset. Everything okay in your life? Why are you yelling? Why don't you go fishing and relax. It's supposed to be fun.
  566. fishstomp

    what would you advise for offshore megabaits/jigs for overnight to 3 1/2 day trips?

    :frehya2:What's new? Do you think the fish follow what the latest fashion in lures is? I still catch fish with some of the lures my Dad gave me from 30 years ago. I think you need to load up on the latest high priced lures you can find. Look for lots of glitter and a high price tag. Spend that...
  567. fishstomp

    what would you advise for offshore megabaits/jigs for overnight to 3 1/2 day trips?

    Grab your bait firmly! Squeeze the fuck out of it so it doesn't get away. Then toss it next to the boat so it swims into the prop.
  568. fishstomp

    Best Casting Conventional Reel???

    Diawa SL20SH. $100.00 and some change. I've hit sail boats that got too close that no one thought I could hit. That reel can cast! And I've landed more tuna on that reel than any other reel I've owned. 38lb yellowfin 2 years ago. Caught a lot of barracuda on that reel. Get an 8' rod and that...
  569. fishstomp

    Kicker Security Idea?