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  1. twinfin1000

    For Sale LB Seeker Blanks-80xh, 1008, wds 2x4

    Hey guys. Just going through my stash and want to thin the heard a little. I have tons of blanks that I still need to post, but this is what I have time to post today. For you guys that know me, call me if you have any questions or if you’re looking for anything in particular. Send me a private...
  2. twinfin1000

    SOLD Avet HX Raptor

    Avet hx Raptor 9/10 cosmetically 10/10 mechanically. 80 Power Pro. Box and all accessories included. $375 or best offer. Willing to trade for similar condition trini 40n, black torq 25/25n, tranx 500pg
  3. twinfin1000

    SOLD Phenix

    All sold
  4. twinfin1000

    SOLD White Tiger 7x’s and SkinnyButt Uluas

    Sold the Blue Glass blanks. White Tiger SB Ulua $260 each obo White Tiger 7x $220 each obo I can wrap them if you need rod work done
  5. twinfin1000

    SOLD Newly wrapped rods

    Hello guys. I have several blanks that I wrapped recently that I have to let go in order to free up some $. Super Seeker Ulua 10’ honey colored, with silver Fuji mnsg $500 obo Calstar 100j 10’ with black Alps reg xn $375 obo Calstar 700xh 7’, gunmetal Fuji Turbos and fuji reel seat $250 obo...
  6. twinfin1000

    Erasing your accout

    I've been looking all over the boards. Can somebody please tell me how to erase my account, or can a moderator do it?
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  8. twinfin1000

    Rods and Blanks for Sale

    I'm clearing out the excess inventory in the garage. MAKE AN OFFER!!! Blanks Calstar 765m $75 Calstar 760h $75 Rods Calstar 755XH: (All Black Components) hypalon, Aftco roller guides, reel seat, and gimble. Triple wrapped in black C thread. 8.5/10 Calstar 760M: (All Black Components)...
  9. twinfin1000

    Which fuji nsg's

    Hey guys, I'm building several new rods and need some help choosing guides. I just picked up a bunch of graphighters: 900xl(20#), 900l(25#), 900m(30#), 900h(40#), 850h(40#), 800xh(50#), 700xh(50/60#). I was thinking about using the lnsg's for the xl and l, mnsg's for the m and h's, and hnsg's...
  10. twinfin1000

    Want to build an 800XH

    I recently purchased a talica 12 2 speed to fish 65# spectra to short 50# floro for bait fishing yellows. My 800h feels a little soft for me and my 700xh is a little too short for that longer cast that I want to achieve. My question is what type of guides would be appropriate for the 800xh and...
  11. twinfin1000

    Avet Reel Enhancements

    I own several avets from the sx to the 30 and I have been very happy with them so far, but I was wondering if there was some room for improvement especially for the mx series. I own an mxj 2 speed and I was wondering if this reel can be enhanced to comfortably fish 40 or 50 pound test. Can it...
  12. twinfin1000

    Which is the best 50# reel?

    Which is the best all around reel for 50#? Those that have fished 50# on these reels, what application do you use these reels with 50# for? 2 speed JX,LX,HXN. What applications are these reels best suited for? Lets hear from the guys who have used these reels with 50# and have made a...
  13. twinfin1000

    Newell Spool Swap

    Can the graphite spools be placed in the P series reels?
  14. twinfin1000

    Looking for an AVET for 50#

    I need help choosing. I know that all avets from the 30 down to the sx are able to handle 50# duties. I own an sx, mxj2, jx2, hx, and 30 and 50sds, I love the open tops on these reels. I fish 20 and 25 on the sx with 50 spectra, 30 with 50 spec on the mxj, 40 with 65 on the jx, 60 with 80...
  15. twinfin1000

    Which reels for ULUA

    I wrapped a 10' blue ULUA recently and I am curious to know what reels and line test you guys prefer to use on this stick. I was considering a Newell 338. Also I'm planning to wrap a Super Seeker ULUA for the bigger phish with 40 or 50 pound line. I will probably cut it down 6". I was...
  16. twinfin1000

    Shikari blanks

    I know that ATC purchased shikari and are producing many of the blanks from shikari that I love. But I haven't been able to locate any of their blanks in blue. Does anybody know if they still make blue blanks or where I might be able to locate a both a 909 and a 909H in blue?
  17. twinfin1000

    Fishing out of Freeport, TX

    My father moved out to Houston last November and brought along his twin diesel robalo. The problem is that he can't fish. I've been fishing Southern California with neighbors and working cattle and six pack boats since I was a wee little pin head at the age of 11, and I have learned the fishery...