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  1. aguachico

    Winn Grip / Overwrap: Durability?

    The adhesive on the wrap is worthless, Hence I use 3M heavy duty double sided tape going the opposite direction of the winn wrap. I redid the cork tape upper on my UC Delmar. I layer of 3M on the cork, then the winn grip. I railed a 90# bft for 45 minutes. No issues. In the long run, I...
  2. aguachico

    Winn Grip / Overwrap: Durability?

    Only one layer?
  3. aguachico

    Winn Grip / Overwrap: Durability?

    How would you get a rail rod grip over the reel seat? Do you use cork and shrink wrap?
  4. aguachico

    Winn Grip / Overwrap: Durability?

    They will not unravel is installed correctly, They do not last on the rail cosmetically. The finish comes off, but that's ok.
  5. aguachico

    Not Sword Fishing Report

    Nice!. Octopussies! How many times have big cod hit the deck puking octos?!!! Fredhall item list
  6. aguachico

    Yellowtail Does Not Keep Well?

    Be sure to wipe the fish down before Filleting. Keep the board clean of slime. Sashimi, grill, smoke then can it in that order of shelf life. 6 months.
  7. aguachico

    Phenix axis 909h (help please!!)

    Moved my tranx500 from the 909H. Put a lexa400 on the 909h. Small lite iron, small stick baits and poppers. Casts great
  8. aguachico

    Just got a Calstar GG90J, just don’t know wether I should get a avet mxl raptor or the sx raptor, and if I should put 65lb braid or 50lb braid.

    9foot bait or jig? I love my avets, but moved away from them for jig sticks. All of my 9foot rods are on star drags. (Daiwa and Shimano) The MXL is the better reel for dual duty reel. The mxj is a small reel that can get dumped on a long soak or way back slow troll. The Sx is a great reel for...
  9. aguachico

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    This is not a bug report, but a suggestion. Put a reply timer alert of 12 months. If someone clicks reply, have a popup display that they are replying to a thread that is xx months old, are you sure you want to continue?
  10. aguachico

    Don’t Buy RTIC Coolers

    That sucks. Fuck hard coolers. Buy a Dometic portable. I camp Baja. Got my 95liter for $950. pre-cfx3 A 95 liter fridge stores twice as much as a 110 liter cooler. OH and it stays dry. I can have a freezer on one side and a fridge on the other. I can lift it solo, empty. the demand has...
  11. aguachico

    How Importance of Spiking or ikejime your fish?

    Interesting. I have had good results by clipping one gill and placing live fish into the water filled fish hold. They slowly bleed to death and the temp comes down from the fight. They fish is gutted and packed in fish. When we fillet the tuna, there's very little blood on the cutting...
  12. aguachico

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    There;s a 404 error when trying to expand the articles in the post:
  13. aguachico

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Looks like the like button has emojis again!!! Wasn't that tried and removed. Once a gotta a nasty gram from a guy about a post that I ACCIDENTALLY clicked thumbs down on. He was not happy... New format is a lot quicker and more stable. I do miss the latina dating ads though
  14. aguachico

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Noticing a few issues also. Looking for the central bug thread. Shouldn't you be tying knots for tomorrow morning?
  15. aguachico

    BDLA- House for rent/lease

    Yeah the link is broken. one moment. Let's give it 24 hours to let some meta data sync up. The post is coming back not found. can't edit. My experience is to note bugs, but don't expect fixes right away
  16. aguachico

    BOLA or BA in mid-Feb?

    They are catching fish in Tortugas 20-30# YT, that said they are probably catching in BA also, Hitup Shari or Rossman here on BD.
  17. aguachico

    BD Freezes

    Penn Reels is the new ISP. They are failing the SLA. :D
  18. aguachico

    BD Freezes

    Yeah. Have tested on many platforms and clean vms. Been good today though.
  19. aguachico

    Bertram 20 Bahia Mar - Rebuild

    Project looks great. Did you need to add more core to the stern for the bracket? great work.
  20. aguachico

    In Honor of My Wife

    I'm sure she's watching over you and enjoying all the success you have had since.
  21. aguachico

    65lb braid for Lexa 400?

    I use 50# since I fish it with about 17#'s of drag
  22. aguachico

    WTB WTB Grady White 228G

    google 'craigslist parser". I used one when searching for my GW. Almost jumped on a flight to Florida one day until I notuced it was the model with the 9.5 foot beam. I ended up buying mine locally. Trying to find a SV2 hull may need searching outside the state.
  23. aguachico

    FG Knot: Lessons Learned

    I agree with ^^^ 20# floro leader is the hardest to cinch.
  24. aguachico

    Upgrade HXW raptor to Mak SEA20?

    Look like the same reel for the most part. I do not have any experience with Okuma. I got a 145# bft on the hx raptor and it killed it just fine. Upgraded to the HXW for capacity. Filled it with hollow. I have heard a lot of good things about the Okuma.
  25. aguachico

    Spinning rod for Penn Slammer?

    Didn't realize maxcuatro was that much thinner. I like the way it casts, but it ain't cheap. My favorite stick bait is the Orca then the yozuri hydro. I got bit on a braid mega-type bait and a tady-9 also. Didn't get any bft on surface iron this year, though I did watch some good fish following...
  26. aguachico

    Best hand held vhf?

    Been yak fishing for 20 years. Handhelds basically live in the water. Standard Horizon.
  27. aguachico

    Spinning rod for Penn Slammer?

    I had a daiwa spin outfit. 8foot heavy, The reel was good, but the rod was so stiff I could not throw a stick bait or popper out of my shadow. Sold it.
  28. aguachico

    Spinning rod for Penn Slammer?

    I'm adding a spin outfit this year. I'm going with a slammer3. 9500HS w/ 65# maxcuatro on a phenix 909h. The sole purpose of this outfit is run-n-gun bft. The grady is a great chase boat, but I cannot cast from the bow. I want to be able to throw as hard and long as possible without worrying...
  29. aguachico

    WTB WTB Grady White 228G

    Good luck with your search. Try south east.
  30. aguachico

    Any news on the stardrag

    I have a spot for a 20# class star drag. I filled the 40# last year with a Saltiga 40 and it has proven itself. The bar is set.
  31. aguachico

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    DamDang you guys scared me there a bit. Jason just had surgery a few days ago. He's tough add as nails. Prayers sent.
  32. aguachico


    Catching BFT in December should not be a debate, but a celebration. 2019 was such a steady catching year. Having good fishing allows for new things to be tried and tested. Failures do not hurt as the window of opportunity is there on the next trip. If you can go, get out there!!! I wish I...
  33. aguachico

    For Sale Tranx 500hg Twin power sw14000xg

    Yeah. Merry Christmas. Good deal here.
  34. aguachico

    For Sale Grady White 228 WA

    Sweet ride. Anyone who buys this boat, I got some nice hacks to make it a better boat. I want that bait tank :D
  35. aguachico

    El Rosario

    [email protected] 6161072901 saludos
  36. aguachico

    El Rosario

    I sent Ed a message, standby
  37. aguachico

    Wahoo are dangerous.

  38. aguachico


    Yeah I saw them drifting around the 178 yesterday, but no updates to the website.
  39. aguachico

    daiwa.lexa 400 vs. shimano tranx 500

    Yeah I'm not going to read all these opinions. Here's my experience. I own a tranx500 HG, 2 - lexa 400's. They are different reels. The lexa 400 is bad ass. I have them on a 9ft phenix Heavy and 8 foot phenix heavy inshore. The Lexa is versatile and a sweet casting reel. I have landed up...
  40. aguachico

    Finally got my Swordfish ⚔️

    Nice job. How much drag can you put on these fish?
  41. aguachico

    Help Needed On A Bogus CA Fish Violation

    For a legal two day trip, you have to buy a two day permit and leave before 12 pm the first day
  42. aguachico

    What scale for setting drags

    I like the 50# spring scale. DO not use it for knot testing. For knot testing I got the AWS Spring scale is easier for drag testing.
  43. aguachico

    jig stick for lexa 400 hd

    phenix 909h
  44. aguachico

    New Lo An fishes Thursday December 5, 2019

    Go have fun. Weather is good. Fishing is great for December. good luck
  45. aguachico

    For Sale Phenix 909XH

    Wow. Nice rod. Great price
  46. aguachico

    Did you hear that?

    got no more gas money. ready to sleep in on weekends for 5 months
  47. aguachico

    Mid November Mag Bay Report - PLM

    Hi Bill; How's that storm down there? stay safe
  48. aguachico

    Mustad hook question?

    9174. $6 for 50. Great for schoolie tuna and small deens in #4,2and 1.
  49. aguachico

    Keep fishing or not ?

    Good way to kick off the long winter... That wasn't a hook stuck in your throat. Your dream is about something you want to try, but are afraid you will gag.
  50. aguachico

    Whatcha think "Lower Banks" mean?

    There's warmer water on the lower hidden and a good break at the lower 500. Had a friend fishing out of Snada and it was infested with footballs.
  51. aguachico

    Fishing butterfly

    Thanks for the info
  52. aguachico

    Fishing butterfly

    Very cool. What xducer do you have at 800Hz? That's a lowrance head unit?
  53. aguachico

    November fishing ROCKS in Bahia Asuncion!

    Congrats Shari on the good fishing. Fishing here looks to finally start to slow down. Wahoo, tuna and YT sound like a good plan Saludos
  54. aguachico

    Kite Rod Tip Top

    I walked into squidco with the rods and they fitted the tips on the spot. $5
  55. aguachico

    What’s a good drag setting for Okuma Mak 20

    Good info. Wonder what the drag is when half the spool is gone? I like the idea of setting a mark before strike.
  56. aguachico

    First SoCal bluefin tuners...and on iron too

    Kevlar is great stuff. Thanks for the info. Congrats on the fish.
  57. aguachico

    Abreojos and BOLA

    Lots of YT! Congrats
  58. aguachico

    Good lexa 400 rod

    I have 2 400's One is on a Phenix M1 83H and other is on a Phenix 909h. I wish Daiwa would compete with Tranx500. I think the Lexa's are smoother with better cast control.
  59. aguachico

    Can you park car & boat trailer at shelter island launch ramp overnight?

    I have an ecm lock on my ford 250. I also removed the door locks that make that truck easy to steal.
  60. aguachico

    Best On board fish handling??

    How do they bleed tuna?
  61. aguachico

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    sweet skiff, cabo's have a low profile. good luck
  62. aguachico

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    Congrats on making it home. Thanks for the advice. I do not like open transoms and would never buy one. Never like the way the fish. Good info here
  63. aguachico

    Veterans day (Full speed YFT)

    Wtg Cody. 2019. One for the books.
  64. aguachico

    WTB I finally fucked up

    Ain't that the truth. Got tomorrow off to fish, got back spasms from yesterday's slugfest at the butterfly. Youth is wasted on the young
  65. aguachico

    Tragedy at Catalina Today

  66. aguachico

    Butterfly 11-9-19

    thanks for the report. Was going to the island, but have decided to head that way
  67. aguachico

    china. heard china was not buying local spiny lobster this year?

    Bet baja lobstermen are doing well. Good for them. I hope they get top dollar for their bugs.
  68. aguachico

    November in Florida

    Good luck on your surgery. Black fin tuna. Why does the gulf look down upon that fish over YFT? good luck
  69. aguachico

    Asuncion en Fuego

    Get it going Ross.
  70. aguachico

    Pacifica 1.75, 11/6-11/8

    1.75 trip is the best deal going. 2 day limits. Bft bite at sunset. Great price.
  71. aguachico

    A Tribute to Bloody Deckers that have left us.

    Stan was at my place grabbing boat hardware to take to Asuncion a few months before he left us. He was Fucking happy to be in Baja.
  72. aguachico

    Making an sxj faster?

    my SX has been the goto reel this reel for the tiny deens and 20# floro. If you need more line per turn, try the mxj or call Avet.
  73. aguachico

    Balloon Question

    40" balloon contain ~~$60 in helium, so you don't want it to fly away. Yes you can do it solo. Electric reel helps tremendously.
  74. aguachico

    Marina Salina Rosarito

    Yeah I checked out it. Nice place.
  75. aguachico

    Marina Salina Rosarito

    La Salinas is not Mexican cheap. Pier32 is really nice. Fishing here a couple times a year, how do you maintain the boat to be fish ready?
  76. aguachico

    Marina Salina Rosarito

    Hmmm, The marina has issues. Better you go there and launch your boat. The problem is that they built both jetty points directly west. A sand bar quickly formed and they have been struggling ever since. The dock maintenance was a mess. There are big boats stranded. Depending on how small...
  77. aguachico

    Marina Salina Rosarito

    Do you mean Las Salinas Marina?
  78. aguachico

    ID on Clear Popper?

    poppin la flaca
  79. aguachico

    Yft 10/23

    Nice Cody. thanks for the dope
  80. aguachico

    Spin combo 2020 for May/June BFT

    HI Jaime; thanks for the info and rec'. I fish a small grady. Good info on planing the fish. The blackhole rods are very impressive as I watch their youtube channel. $600 rod is too much, will wait until the FH to see if it's better priced there. If $350-400 was the price limit, what rod...
  81. aguachico

    Spin combo 2020 for May/June BFT

    The combo is about $1200. Looks great. The spnnier cast scenario is not frequent for me enough to warrant the cost. I'm liking the Penn 8500HS. Now just need a rod.
  82. aguachico

    Spin combo 2020 for May/June BFT

    Looking at the Penn Slammer series.
  83. aguachico

    Spin combo 2020 for May/June BFT

    2019 was good for me on the top water BFT baits. Got a PB jig fish this year. Had I been able to toss my baits 20yds longer, who knows... So I want a Spin outfit. $500-$700 range. 20-30#'s of drag. 500Yds of 80#. SO If I'm casting poppers or stick baits, who long should the rod be for the...
  84. aguachico

    SOLD Helium Tank - $100

    I thought the WestAir deposit was $150-200 for a tank. Maybe you can just return it and get your deposit back.
  85. aguachico

    Which rod for a tranx 500hg

    Ditto. Just moved my tranx from a 909H to the xhj. It's much happier now
  86. aguachico

    Phenix 809xhj Swimbait Setup. Blacked out.

    swimbait? One of my favorite rods. Kills big fish.
  87. aguachico

    Drone Video of Tuna Following Guadalupe Great White

    My take is that they are removing parasites. Have seen yellowtail do the same
  88. aguachico

    Quick change clip

    The distortion was slight maybe a millimeter. Not something to worry about. I would expect any fishing material to distort under 30% of it's rated pressure.
  89. aguachico

    Quick change clip

    The reels these are tied to max out at 25-30# of drag. The clip size is dependent on the lure size. I would not worry about hooking a big fish. I will test the small clip soon
  90. aguachico

    Quick change clip

    I have them in 75# and 175#(??) They work. They helped me go thru my surface baits while chasing BFT alone. The only issue is with deep face poppers. Just had to add a ring. I've gotten bit with them on. The 175# clip showed a little distortion when testing to 60# of drag, but nothing that...
  91. aguachico

    Kite fishing reel recommendation, new to Kite fishing

    I have tried manual kite reeling for two years. It Fucking sucks. Try it with only two guys and it really sucks. Dead flying is a bit easier. My homie said, get the electric reel it will change your life. He was right. Worth every penny. Still looking for the cow. Just one less thing that...
  92. aguachico

    Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    Thanks for the report. Next weekend
  93. aguachico

    Avet MXL Raptor Catches???

    my mxl is on a phenix 809hxj. lotsa 20yft. 50#bft. lotsa yt. sweet combo
  94. aguachico

    FG knot tips

    My testing, though not as professional as most, shows the spectra will most likely sever the leader as the first loop tightens. I have not had any knot fail before the the leader materials rated strength and most fail beyond the rated strength. I have never seen the leader material pull thru...
  95. aguachico

    How not to pull your boat out

    Yeah or he misspelled PITO. Or Pita it's his wife PITA short for Lupita Either way$$$
  96. aguachico

    Suggestions on new electonics for a new 26' Boat? Advice needed.

    Yup, I know that they are the same company. The components are not the same. Processors, code and features differ. I hate my Lowrance gen3 units for offshore, but they work well inshore. I confirmed my suspicion with the lowrance/simrad rep. Simrad is for salt off shore. Lowrance is a...
  97. aguachico

    Size 28 graphite reel seat

    ^^^ problem solved. I gotta 28 Heavy I got from BD. Only way to reel seat a big jig stick.
  98. aguachico

    Phenomenal morning

    Nice Cody. The 425 has been the missed hot spot... until now!
  99. aguachico

    Who is losing their boat?.....

    Just an appraisal.
  100. aguachico

    Off the beaten path in North Baja

    Love PST. Sam is a great guy. I have been in the big house when the swell was so big at the launch, the windows rattled. Hence the panga launch. PST has been a 50/50 yak launch no matter what the weather report says. One moment it's flat, next it's upside down.
  101. aguachico

    10/4 closures?

    Looks like they just close the backside from 0630-1600 10/5. The areas affected are changed daily.
  102. aguachico

    Phenix PSW909xhj or Phenix PSW700H for Avet HX 5/2

    My hx is on an axis 8 footer. Got an mxl on the 808hxj and a tranx on the 909hxj
  103. aguachico

    One man's trashfish.....

    I have made poke and smoked skippy. Great stuff. Both need handling skills that go beyond throwing it on ice after you catch it. Gotta let it rest a bit, then bled completely. Gilled gutted and iced. It's a lot of work for a bycatch and I can remember hating on these fish for wasting my time...
  104. aguachico

    HDS7 Gen3 Sonar not working- Lowrance repair locally?

    Yah reset to factory defaults after reflashing the firmware.
  105. aguachico

    SOA 7 day

    Are the 13&23 close to the 25 d Polaris bank near la bocana?
  106. aguachico

    SD Weekend Weather

    if you go west: Sat Night Wind W 15 kt with gusts to 20 kt. Wind waves 4 ft. Mixed swell W 3 to 6 ft at 9 seconds and SW 3 ft at 17 seconds. Sun Wind NW 10 to 15 kt with gusts to 20 kt. Wind waves 3 ft. Mixed swell W 4 to 6 ft at 8 seconds and SW 3 ft at 16 seconds. if you go south Sat Night...
  107. aguachico

    San Quitin report

    my last wsb in SQ was on a HAMburcaranda. I reeled in the croc and it snagged a smelt. it sent it back down and it got bit. the good thing about fishing there is that they all share info and get along. amazing eh!
  108. aguachico

    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    un chile
  109. aguachico

    FG knot tips

    No, sorry for the confusion. Doubling the leader - aka pena. Rp or TC was what I used before, but they were too big and broke too often to trust.
  110. aguachico

    FG knot tips

    Yup. If I'm in my garage setting up a few rods, I can go with the teeth method. I like the feel of the spec popping back and forth. I got time to make it right. On the water in my boat or in the yak depending - having tested options is always good. Anytime you double the leader and wrap it...
  111. aguachico

    FG knot tips

    What problem will this address? Open too all suggestions, but don't understand. The pinch method works..
  112. aguachico

    FG knot tips

    Cool discussion. I'm going to test the tension-less FG because it is hard to tie an FG when the boat is rocking and the spectra is in your mouth. I have been happy with 6 half hitches in over/under - by the time it even looks a bit loose, it is time to retie. Just tested 30# mono/ 50# spec...
  113. aguachico

    Spooling Reels near landings, any recommendations?

    Call Squidco. They are very helpful in the phone. They have at least one guy on the reel machine. Call and be specific about what brand, test and color. For a small fee they will do anything you need, despool and Respooled for line count. Splice. If they don't have what you want, take a spool...
  114. aguachico

    For Sale Saltiga SD35HA

    Daiwa has had a hard time keeping our local shops supplied with the 35/40 models. I wanted a 35, but went with a used 40 here on BD because my shop had a 6 week waiting period with no guarantee.
  115. aguachico

    Kayaker barely misses getting ran over completely

    cf3245sm white panga. Did you report the incident?
  116. aguachico

    For Sale Saltiga SD35HA

    Very nice reel.
  117. aguachico

    whiteseabass with mr ron gomez hoff,sq.

    Glad that school is still biting. Go gettum - congrats
  118. aguachico


    HA! Those sharks are bad ass and fast on the turn.
  119. aguachico

    For Sale 1991 Wellcraft 18 Sport CC $5,500 Rancho Cucamonga

    just check the fuel tank and the transom. It's a wellcraft. solid skiff.
  120. aguachico


    Smoked both skippies and YFT from last year's batch. Gave away the YFT. Bleed box with salt water. gill gut and pack on ice. Once cold firm, fillet. The fat content is perfect.
  121. aguachico

    replacing hooks on irons

    it's easy. Got my biggest for the year on a jig I upgraded to a large single hook. Calipers help you understand wire thickness and ring diameter. Use a hack saw to remove the old one. Calipers to measure it. Bought my torch at gas can at home depot. Ordered the silver solder and flux from...
  122. aguachico

    THE BIGHT, 9/15/19

    Great read. no need for pics. thanks
  123. aguachico

    Sunday 9-15. 115 Mile Boatride!

    Yeah Sunday was rough. The seas were so nice, burned 70 gallons solo. First skunk in a while. San Quintin had Wfo sea bass. Go figure
  124. aguachico

    FG knot tips

    Great will give it a try. This came up in my YT feed today. Have not had a chance to watch it with sound.. but will try it also. Love the FG.
  125. aguachico

    Daiwa Lexa - OG, HD, or WN

    I had the pre-HD models that didn't do well in salt water. Now I have the HD models. Love em.
  126. aguachico

    Sunday 9/15

    WOW! Way to get er done!
  127. aguachico

    Red Rooster trip report.. Guadalupe Island and off shore

    WTG. That spool is looking awfully low! Rocking the ACDC shirt. Your guest is a bad ass fisherman.
  128. aguachico

    Clemente overnight info?

    Is it me, or does it seem the cove SHOBA is always closed from 2000-0500?
  129. aguachico


    Full moon sea bass in San quitin beats burning 70 gallons of gas and a scoop of bait watching tuna on the machine.
  130. aguachico

    Sat 9/14 South Tuna Solo

    That tuna is jacked. Caught one of those before, tossed it back. Congrats on catching yesterday, most didn't
  131. aguachico

    2006 Yamaha f250 problem

    Yeah the lpfp feeds the vst. Next time it boggs given squeeze the ball. A bad lpfp can take out the hpfp.
  132. aguachico

    Thursday Offshore Trip

    cool. I got one with me. Hit me up
  133. aguachico

    Thursday Offshore Trip

    I'll be out. Ella Mae.
  134. aguachico

    9/1 tuna

    Last video edit Put the fish on the deck. Thought it was heavier...
  135. aguachico

    Limits tuna monday 9-9-2019

    Nice! Guy on the long stick looked a little green.
  136. aguachico

    BFT being BFT

    I'll post a foto! 90#
  137. aguachico

    BFT being BFT

    The school at the border was a tough school, lottsa run n gun with no results. I had several failed attempts at this point with megabait, live bait and poppers. So I thought I would be sneaky a slow troll live bait past them. Didn't work, but the chrome tady9 did.
  138. aguachico

    DIY Assist Hooks for Bluefin

    Thanks for the fotos. I have been building my own after partying$15 a pair for owner. I use 750# Kevlar. I like those ocean cat hooks. May use them in the future
  139. aguachico

    FG knot

    Will try. Thanks. I use the surgeons knot when I tie mono to floro. Can be bulky. I tested my fg knot that landed a 90# Bft. I tied the spectra directly to a cleat and the mono to a ring. I pulled on the ring with a scale. The knot broke at 32#. Again the line broke at 32#. Old well used 40#...
  140. aguachico

    i want to pump out my bait tank

    Just build a portable with a bilge pump, that plugs into you lighter. With a long enough hose. It will do what you want, it will also serve as a secondary bilge in case of emergency
  141. aguachico

    9/7 - 9/302/corner etc - looking for buddy boat

    Good for you. Sometimes you gotta stick your nose out there to see.
  142. aguachico

    i want to pump out my bait tank

    What happens when you turn off the pump?
  143. aguachico

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    That makes sense. That kid was a fish catching machine. The fish were hung under the paddy and their boat. When I gave them ice, they had a large pile of chunk. He was sneaky throwing tuna and YT on the deck. Never lifted his rod. I'm glad they made it back with a scratched boat and bruised...
  144. aguachico

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    They had a lot of fish. A lot. Wee never really got on top of the past and the fish were under it. We chummed up a school for a few, but they went back to the paddy for the chunk. We gave them 40# of ice. I guess they slipped into cave at low tide. He said his proximity alarm would wake him.
  145. aguachico

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    Another boat called into to join. Wasn't my kelp. He parked on top of it every drift. He denied the request for the other boater to join....
  146. aguachico

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    I believe I shared a paddy with these two guys yesterday evening They asked for bait because they were staying out overnight. I warned them that the 425 is in a shipping lane for boats heading to and from Ensenada. So someone should stay on deck watch. They said they would and have radar...
  147. aguachico

    9-5-19 offshore fishing report El Sueno

    Thanks for the call in Doug. We looked around found a school, just couldn't hold them. Got a few. Gotta get out earlier Great job on the fish
  148. aguachico

    Bluefin are Beautiful

    Very cool thanks
  149. aguachico

    Reliable ice source from I5 to SI

    I have one near me. I use it. Take quarters Twice The Ice 4768 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92117
  150. aguachico

    WTB Helium Tank Wanted.

    You need to check helium availability before you buy a tank.
  151. aguachico

    9/7 - 9/302/corner etc - looking for buddy boat

    The inner banks will be ok for a bit. It all depends on the hurricane down south. Call in sick. Take the wife Friday. Good luck
  152. aguachico

    WTB Helium Tank Wanted.

    Jason; where are you going to fill it? trade in at westair is $175 for the small tank)3 balloons.
  153. aguachico

    9/4 Yellowfin

    I agree, these 20# tuna are not laying on their side and giving up too easy.
  154. aguachico

    Kayaker barely misses getting ran over completely

    CF number is on the video.
  155. aguachico

    9/1 tuna

    it was a tady9 chrome. Seeing the bait that came pour of the stomach, perfect match. My mega bait had an orange belly. Finicky fucks wouldn't touch it
  156. aguachico

    9/2 Limit BFT

    That's what I do, but the anal fin is good also. There are so many mixed schools. Hate to get popped for over limit
  157. aguachico

    Gail Force Catalina Swordfish!

    Fantastic. How much real damage can that fish do to a person?
  158. aguachico

    9/1 tuna

    Hey Vic. that was fun. We worked that school right. First boat comes in from one way and the second boat adjusts to the school. Your boys are fishy fishy dudes.
  159. aguachico

    9/1 tuna

    Change in plans had me fishing solo Sunday instead of Monday. Got dope on a paddy on the 425. Plan was to look at the water west of the 226 towards to corner, 371 and then the 425. Water west was not ready. 371 was ,metering. Apollo was chumming them up. There were a few yachts on a paddy. I...
  160. aguachico

    9/2 Limit BFT

    Nice fish. Congrats. It is hard to tell if they are BF or YF these days. I have been using the fin technic lately.
  161. aguachico

    natulas gallant lady,cleans its bellows in bola.

    amazing. pinche culeros Send this video to their sponsors
  162. aguachico

    FG knot

    Tested my FG yesterday. Spectra maybe 80# hollow. Came on Daiwa 40 HA. About 50 yds of 40# ande attached to the jig stick. 90# bft pulled that knot thru a 9 foot jig stick. I watched every time it creeped thru the guides. This fish seemed to know where the knot was as it pulled it thru the...
  163. aguachico

    9-1 top of 9 and toward 226-

    Was out there with you, may have talked with you. I worked those larger models also. Nothing worked. Had my jig stick. SaltigaHA40. 40# leader. Tady9 with a large single hook. 36 min solo fight. 90#. Fish gotta win sometimes. Next time.
  164. aguachico


    Hey Jeremy; Thanks for the invite. As soon as you pulled up. I threw two nets of chum. and went 5-6 in 90 minutes. Never got near that paddy. You were spot on. cheers
  165. aguachico

    Mag Bay Report - August 27

    Wow!. This looks like the same report from you year after year! Congrats
  166. aguachico

    whiteseabass back in sq,8/28/19.

    Wow! nice looking fish there
  167. aguachico

    YFT 10 miles west.

    Impressive at the ramp repair and getting bit without bait.
  168. aguachico

    New Lo An Two-Day 8/25 - 8/25 Light Line, Small Hooks

    Pulled a 40# and 60# bft that same day. 3oz weight . #1 ringed circle hook. 20# seagaur premier, 6ft leader. FG knot to 80# izor. mxl raptor set to 12#ish. phenix 808hxj. both hook set were corned in a boney part of the jaw.
  169. aguachico

    For Sale NIB Daiwa Lexa 400 xs-p $160

    Yeah Jim. You are right! Thanks I want it. :D
  170. aguachico

    For Sale NIB Daiwa Lexa 400 xs-p $160

    If it's a 7:1 or 8:1 I will take it.
  171. aguachico

    For Sale NIB Daiwa Lexa 400 xs-p $160

    Interested, what is the gear ratio?
  172. aguachico

    8/25 CR tuna report. Awesome.

    Every time we launch and look and look and look. Someone is bound to say how much they miss those butterball albacore. They bite well, taste great. So yes we are greedy.
  173. aguachico

    FG knot

    FG knot is working well for me. Yesterday I tied a 20# floro to 80# izor solid. The reel is an MXL raptor that I normally fish 18-22#;s of drag. My normal light setup just doesn't have the line capacity for weighted deens 75-100 ft for bft. Yesterday boated a 40 and a 60# BFT on the FG...
  174. aguachico

    Shortfin Mako Shark endangered

    Delicious!, but how do we now are stocks(pacific) are fine? I know sport guys are generally good stewards of sustaining. Commercial long liners, shark fin soup eating pendejos, are not.
  175. aguachico

    Transducer help- airmar B175M

    In Fuck. My lowrance is the same setup and it sucks.
  176. aguachico

    Would have been changing my shorts...8-24

    Lucky it didn't get in the boat. Saw one destroy a car from the inside
  177. aguachico

    X Rap Hook Change

    Stock is normally fine. I just remove the middle hook
  178. aguachico

    Question About Fast Pass And Kayak

    Yeah no problem. Expect to get hassled from time to time. Just comply with yes sir yes ma'am. They may threaten you with losing for Sentri, but is a hollow threat. No where on the guides does it say kayaks are not allowed and you understand that you may have to go into secondary. Been there...
  179. aguachico

    SOA 4 Day Report - 8/16 - 8/20

    The SOA - silently killing it year after year. Would be nice to be part of 'CLUB SOA'
  180. aguachico

    8/19 Yellowfin Were Scarce

    Tough one, but you got fish! The fleet suffered yesterday.
  181. aguachico

    Erendira 8/15/2019

    Nice. What was the total cost?
  182. aguachico

    Show off winn grip handles

    yeah. Cork tape. Double sided 3m and the winn grip on a bare over hard rubber grip. I went two cork tape. double sided 3m and then winn on a bare blank. Always change direction of the next layer.
  183. aguachico

    For Sale Yummies ..Ballons .... Release Clips...NEW price drop...

    Shit is not easy nor cheap. This is a good deal, GLWS
  184. aguachico

    Cedros Island 16-18 August

    $1200 total for everything or $1200 a piece for everything?
  185. aguachico

    250 Mile Trip When I Could Have Gone 1...8/16 & 8/17

    WOW! what a long trip. Thanks for the reports from the corner and SCI. I did the 24 hour run to SCI and got two blow ups that didn't stick. I think Mon-Wed of last week was the window. next time
  186. aguachico

    Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    Wow. One of these days he's gonna do that to the wrong guy and regret it. Props to admitting you were too close. It happens.
  187. aguachico

    Ghost Town 8/17

    Tuesday doesn't look good. Wait a few days.
  188. aguachico

    FG knot

    I prefer the FG knot over the other knots. Anytime you double the mono and wrap the spectra around them, they are too big to, IMO, to go thru guides. May as well use a swivel if it's not going thru guide. The FG knot has yet to fail on me with large fish to 50# BFT. That said I had my first...
  189. aguachico

    Yellowfin Tuna Limit's Again for four on the new boat (video)

    Old school seeker. Old school Avet. Nice boat.
  190. aguachico


    Black Sea sea bass suck as table fare. Never ate a small one. Killed a large one. Will never kill one again. Didn't know they are prohibited at Lupe.
  191. aguachico

    Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    Yup, I was under the impression at long as it can be towed BoatUS would tow it. SO now I need to verify with BoatUS and the insurance what is covered and what is not. When a towing service brings you make from Mexican waters, I believe they must stop in customs. tack on an extra 3 hours. If...
  192. aguachico

    Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    It didn't sink. The Jig Strike was towing it, but said didn't believe it could be towed thru the big swell. They cut it loose and the CG jumped and and stopped the flooding, pumped out the water or something. Now for the messed up part. BOATUS was a waste of time. They will not salvage your...
  193. aguachico

    2.5 day returned this morning

    Nice rock fish on that pile :D
  194. aguachico

    Can you fish flyers without a kite or helium balloon?

    IDK, those baby blue sharks are a hassle. I hope to keep my $30 out of their mouths.
  195. aguachico

    Yamaha Exhaust issue 2006-07 F150 AND F250

    Thanks for the input. I should have mine checked... trust, but verify.
  196. aguachico

    For Sale Guest 30 amp Battery Charger

    ^^^ yup. 3x10 is really nice.
  197. aguachico

    Yamaha Exhaust issue 2006-07 F150 AND F250

    How did you know?
  198. aguachico

    Is the 9 mile inshore or offshore?

    Wahoo on the 9 - offshore!
  199. aguachico

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    A dead tuna sinks. I find it hard to believe a carcass floats. Will test it when I score a pig and let you know.
  200. aguachico

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    Yeah the whole scenario smells fishy too me.
  201. aguachico

    MagBay Wahoo

    Nice this is early no?
  202. aguachico

    Yamaha Exhaust issue 2006-07 F150 AND F250

    Remember this thread? This thread detailed what was a known issue with 03-04 yamaha F225's. Just when you thought it was all over. It isn't! I have been hanging around the shop at Boating Dynamics. I...
  203. aguachico

    Screwed up, license expires 08-12 !!!!!!

    Just do it now online If you don;t have a printer - save the file to PDF and to your phone.
  204. aguachico

    Where to stay in abreojos?

    That is so strange. I reconnected with Chelo after 6 years. She invited us to stay ina 'downstairs room' which I thought was strange, but didnt ask why? thanks
  205. aguachico

    Where to stay in abreojos?

    If you want to go to Abreojos, Stay at Chelo's hotel. Great place.
  206. aguachico

    Kayak folks - whats it worth?

    Yeah, understood. Our group has been yaking with thru hulls for decades without incident. Our yaks have 1000's of miles up and down the baja peninsula. We do however, assemble the with a backing plate. We also change the fitting as needed. Actually the most dangerous component is the...
  207. aguachico

    Kayak folks - whats it worth?

    Thru hull bait pumps are great. They have been used for 20 yearsw on kayaks. Long before peddle yaks were invented. The one thing that connection needs is a back plate between the hull and the nut. My extreme filled a rear hatch bait tank with a thru hull pump. Was great. Thru hull...
  208. aguachico

    Spray paint for old irons?

    Never tried it, This guy is a fishing nut and loves to jig fish
  209. aguachico

    PB BFT Sunday August 4

    Nice! congrats. 140#
  210. aguachico

    WTB Baja panga

    OK cool. You have it down, don;t buy Amato. Trust me on that. Since the price of resin and glass has increased significantly and skilled labor has dropped off - a new panga would have to be monitored at every phase. All I can suggest it to hit up the fabrica. If it's dirty and dusty - your...
  211. aguachico

    WTB Baja panga

    Hey Frank. Why a panga, where do you want to fish it?
  212. aguachico


    Nice. Deckhand goes toe to toe. No Rail. no chair. Chingon
  213. aguachico

    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    The TIP is for the crossing the POE. The only time I have been asked for it was at San Ysidro POE, Ensenada and Loreto marinas. That said, me vale madre Conapesca. INM is the authoritative body for TIP.
  214. aguachico

    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    I agree the TIP is not needed, though I have one for traveling to Mex. The FCC license is needed, but never checked. I believe, but have not verified, the the FCC license will allow your DSC to work when in Mexico. The rest of the paper work is easy License, Visa, permit. All can be...
  215. aguachico

    Local Super Cow

    That's a lot of ice
  216. aguachico

    G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    do you only fish the squid at night?
  217. aguachico

    Moo Cow

  218. aguachico

    To the Striper dive boat at the nados... 7/25

    Yeah, maybe on the go pro. Not sure
  219. aguachico

    To the Striper dive boat at the nados... 7/25

    Please excuse the profanity laced radio rant and screaming at you as you snagged my gear in your prop. I was not sure why you pulled anchor, drove all that distance directly at my stern within casting distance, but I now understand. See I give divers way more room than the law states. I don't...
  220. aguachico

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    This is because some people need a reserve permit and some do not. For example, local residents in which the reserve presides do not need a permit. So you cannot tie the two together. Also each agency is directly funded by the product they sell. Hence the need for multiple docs. We should be...
  221. aguachico

    Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort 7/18-7:23

    That's a lot of fish for not being WO. Congrats.
  222. aguachico

    Cedros Advice

    May? That is not the best month, but not the worse..
  223. aguachico

    They're back 7-22

    Congrats!. saw the count uptick. better then driving 80 miles south
  224. aguachico

    Vagabond 7/17-21

    Sounds like you and your brother had it dialed in. The drag problem on both Shimano reels is concerning. You believe trying to tighten the drag mid fight put too much pressure and the line snapped, at the knot or main line?
  225. aguachico

    High Speed Pick Up Overpressure Fix

    I did mine last year thanks to I believe was Kurt here on bd. It has worked. You know it works on the day you blast around flat seas all day. Running 20-25 knots continuously is when the pump fails.
  226. aguachico

    the end of my summer season in bola.

    There are some bft waiting for ya
  227. aguachico

    WTB WFO Small Tackle Bag

    I had two. One I gave away when all the zippers went out and sold the other. I went Plano boththe big and small. No zippers to fail.
  228. aguachico

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    I saw a video where a guy landed a 180# yft in 20 minutes on the rail. It was a high rail. No knees involved. orale!
  229. aguachico

    Screwed up my SX

    One of the reason's I stick with Avet lever drags is the ease of maintenance. I like the way Alan Tani uses the cloth to lay parts out. I've had springs fly off across the room. Call the lovely ladies at Avet to get more and a spare. Remember the clicker retaining clip? Got those in stock...
  230. aguachico

    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    I like those clips, just started using them
  231. aguachico

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    on the grady it's harness. standup and fight like a man. My knee would die if I was on it. Only time I'm on my knees is with a matress.
  232. aguachico

    Screwed up my SX

    dog in the wrong position? :D congrats. I'm so old I have to take fotos to remember... works sometimes
  233. aguachico

    Avet Star Drag

    I have been buying Daiwa star drags and have been happy.
  234. aguachico

    Rossman Wins at Asunción

    Hey Ross, Congrats. I guess the next thing to do is to change your name to Arce. :D
  235. aguachico

    Coronados 7/15

    :D I was there and listened to all that crap. I just can't get into with people while fishing. I just pretend I'm making bait in Baja and it's all good. I don't like when people set upwind of my drift. It happens I know, it's an easy fix. What was fucked up is this guy was berating a guy for...
  236. aguachico

    Coronados 7/15

    Hey Ray. You wearing Red shirt yesterday?
  237. aguachico

    My BFT Flat Fall leader system

    Looks good. I use the same components. I started looping my own #750 kevlar.
  238. aguachico

    12hr Tour 279/209/181/43/312/182

    Wow. We need to sacrifice someone to get the bite going.
  239. aguachico

    7/12 3 strikes I'm out

    The fish are there as the divers are sticking good ones. Unfortunately the fish are not on our schedule and divers can kill what they see. I hope the fish settle in and become easier for the small skiff. Thanks for the report
  240. aguachico

    FYI Mexican fishing licenses and annual biosphere permits are available

    You should have been prompted to print the PDF. Log back into your account and look for the doc. I believe it's under 'your pinche papers' or something like that. I save the pdf to my pc and then send it to my phone. Then print it when you get a chance. Let me know if it works out, I can...
  241. aguachico

    FYI Mexican fishing licenses and annual biosphere permits are available Did this a few months ago. Used a credit card that I use intentionally so there was no issue.
  242. aguachico

    SOLD Selling All My Gear - All Sold - Thanks And God Bless

    Hope you are able to get well and be comfortable. Saludos
  243. aguachico

    Tranx 200/300/400 minor issue and fix

    Thanks for this. Can I just remove the brakes not in use?
  244. aguachico

    New LA Blue Fin Tuna Record

    Beast! Incredible
  245. aguachico

    Vonny's fleet reports

    Facebook is your best bet.
  246. aguachico

    Liberty 7/11 Touch and Go

    Nice - "but it's swimming really good!!!"
  247. aguachico

    Threading hollow over solid to Fluro

    Very cool. There a sense of accomplishment and nervousness when doing your own. I want mine to look like bhp's, just don't know how.
  248. aguachico

    Yet another "what do we need to fish MX" thread

    That should be good, though he should have the FCC license for the radio. Proof of liability in Mexican waters. When being approached by the Mex Navy, please put on your life jackets. My crew buys the FMM for 6 months and annual biosphere JIC.
  249. aguachico

    Threading hollow over solid to Fluro

    Post up a pic of your serve please. I think the setup it's good.
  250. aguachico

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    No worries. You have rebuilt that boat better than Amato ever could, you should rename it :D I fished on a panga that the hatches were high... tripped a lot :D
  251. aguachico

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    Ah ok, so when you install the sea-dek, it should level out the hatches? That'll work. I think your idea is best, because if you recess the hatches, then you will to route the water. Too much work. saludos
  252. aguachico


    I have had good success using the kill box as a bleed box for fish up to 60# fill with about 20 gallons of water cut one gill to preserve the pressure placing the fish in the kill box, it will swim out the blood I don't spike the tuna. I like hearing the tail beating as it swims out the blood...
  253. aguachico

    SOLD Lexa 400 wn price drop

    M1 and a Lexa 400. My fav.
  254. aguachico

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    Nice Pete. We need to talk about recessing those hatches :D!!!
  255. aguachico

    7/7&7/9 Offshore tuna

    I have been out a couple of times at the wrong time or place over the past few weeks for a nada. Sunday I was to go out with a friend that called out, so a solo trip to the 302 was in order. I like to leave early so I hit the area of 30/30 with info from a few friends that they were eating the...
  256. aguachico

    Full Speed BFT 7/8

    Thanks orcas loaded
  257. aguachico

    7/7/19 First popper fish madness (video)

    Nice. I'm guessing that cut is from holding the line when it decided to run?
  258. aguachico

    For Sale Yozuri marauder lot $150 or OBO or trade

    This is a lot of 3 nib, three took a ride, but did not swim. One megabait which is used but unbitten. Will trade for a Lexa 400 HD 7:1 or a Tranx 400 HG. Total is 7 for $150 or OBO. Buyer pays shipping. PayPal FF or add %3.
  259. aguachico

    Question about hollow core spectra

    I went down the same rabbit hole. I was not happy with the RP knot and wanted to be able to change top shots. I have a 50,hwx,hx,hxj,jx, and mxl. I added loops to them all and started building my own windon leaders. After hours of learning, testing and building. Now, only my 50 and HXW...
  260. aguachico

    Shimano Coltsniper Stick Bait

    Pulled4-5 inch anchovies out of the stomach yesterday, so the bait schools are mixed in size.
  261. aguachico

    Fishing trip to bola

  262. aguachico

    Trailer issue

    Guys at SD trailer helped me. Drew a measurement map. Working on a trailer with the boat on is a PITA, but it sounds like you need the boat on to see the issue I hope your hardware is not too rusty. I bought an electric impact wrench from harbor, BEst $35 ever spent.
  263. aguachico

    BOLA 06-30 thru 07-02

    Wow. Great report. I love how all the skippers get along when fishing with each other. Going too try that here in San Diego this summer. :eyepoppin
  264. aguachico

    WTB Looking for rod to pair with Lexa 400 HD

    My 400 is on a phenix m1 8'3" h. Love it
  265. aguachico


    Great foto spread. Good for you towing back the other boat!
  266. aguachico

    Top Gun 80 3.5 day

    Thanks for the report. Those bonies properly handled are such great meat...properly handled. Glad your pinoy knows how to makes lemon-aid out of lemons. I see you have a boat, so you know the deal. The counts don't match the hype as they did in late May, early June. I hope to catch a 1.75...
  267. aguachico

    For Sale 24’ OSY CC REDUCED to sell fast $17k OBO

    This is a solid looking skiff. GLWS As for the exhaust, I personally have never heard of an '06 with the issue. If you are serious about buying it, arrange an inspection, drop the lower and look at the exhaust. At 1000 hours, that motor is cherry. Robby at Boating Dynamics is a good choice...
  268. aguachico

    BD is going down the wrong hole.

    I was getting them, but it was only when browsing BD. It's the same spam browser virus you get from facebook. It stopped a few days ago.
  269. aguachico

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    I guess that's a rhetorical question. Hence your opinion matters just as much as mine. suerte.
  270. aguachico

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    you know what to do jefe. There's nothing else to learn on this disaster. I gotta friend, excellent skipper and fisherman. He jumps on my boat for late night run to SCI. I tell him to put on his lifejacket when running in the dark. He says 'no', there's no need. I say 'ok' and put on my...
  271. aguachico

    FREE Thank You BD- titan05

    Hey Jim; glad you are back and doing well. Take it easy and heal. Those fish will be around next year.
  272. aguachico

    San Carlos, SON. Bite is on!

    Yeah, we will just leave it. Thanks for the report!
  273. aguachico

    Daggett's sport fishing..Bahia de los angeles

    Wow; that's some good fishing there! congrats
  274. aguachico

    Need help from some BFT guys

    what did you rent and how much did it cost? Looks like you got one congrats.
  275. aguachico

    Pacific Queen suddenly got ultra popular?

    remember when the queen was the top albie boat?
  276. aguachico

    Need help from some BFT guys

    From the landing The Pacific Queen returned with 38 Bluefin Tuna (60-90#) on their 1.5 day Offshore trip for 33 anglers. Recommended tackle for these Bluefin trips should include a 25# outfit for kelp patty Yellowtail, a 40# live bait set-up with a 1/0 sized circle hook and fluorocarbon, a 50#...
  277. aguachico

    06-27 Bluefin show/no go

    Thanks for the info.
  278. aguachico

    Looking for new friends to fish Ensenada

    boat name is "lucky two". PM if you want to go. Fished inside the bay and had fun catching halibut.
  279. aguachico

    One of our own needs help and prayers la tigra

    Prayers sent to the boss lady. hitting the Gofundme also. Suerte amiga.
  280. aguachico

    If'n it ain't one thing, it's another

    Orca's are bad ass! Top predator in the ocean. Don't fret, there are commercial guys all over the world that have long lines picked clean. Orca's a way too smart. All the skills are taught mother to son/daughter. Glad they are not around my boat...
  281. aguachico

    6/24/19 425/371

    Thanks for the info
  282. aguachico

    Difference Between full braid to short fluoro and braid to mono to fluoro

    I set the mxl 15# on a 809xhj and the jx at 20# on an axis 8++ foot 30-80# just don't remember the model. good luck
  283. aguachico

    Difference Between full braid to short fluoro and braid to mono to fluoro

    I have a mxj loaded with 60#, then about 50 yds of 40# mono and a 6ft piece of 40# floro. The JX will have 25 yds of 60# mono and 6ft of 60# floro.
  284. aguachico

    Difference Between full braid to short fluoro and braid to mono to fluoro

    I have moved away from a short floro top shot on the bait rods and added a mono length. I connect the braid/mono with an FG knot and the mono floro with a surgeon's know up to 80#. I'm hoping it will help with these finicky BFT tomorrow.
  285. aguachico

    6/22 BFT and Fails Video

    Sticking it out for 12 hours getting a fish on the deck. Looks good to me. Watching the young boys scamper around a cuddy with the long rods, "youth is wasted on the young". Good job.
  286. aguachico

    Coronados Friday - YT

    Good stuff there. Looks like a soy/sesame marinade? My favorite. Cuda is an underated meat.
  287. aguachico

    Coronados Friday - YT

    Nice and you cooked them right up!
  288. aguachico

    Fuel Tank Capacity

    I would be surprised if there is a poly tank at 120 gallons. I'm guessing the 120 config is two tanks. I found the archives, but it was deleted. You can try the hull truth. Those guys have a lot of info.
  289. aguachico

    Three species hidden bank 6/17

    WTg on the tuna Dave. Going to test the no launch on Tuesday.
  290. aguachico

    Getting Mexican fishing license will be harder to get now

    Thanks for reminding me. I saw my license expires next week. So I just here and completed my advance yearly license in 5 minutes.
  291. aguachico

    A limit by 7:30

    Good job Ross.
  292. aguachico

    100 hour service needed help!

    Hitup @ShadBurke here on BD
  293. aguachico

    For Sale 45 cubic ft helium tank

    That's a great deal. GLWS
  294. aguachico

    Solid braid to solid braid?

    penn 6/0 can max out at what 15-20#'s of drag? I don't think it will break much. uni-uni and if you wanna get fancy.. doubleuni-double uni, but the knot is big
  295. aguachico

    For Sale 45 cubic ft helium tank

    Good deal there, when does the certification expire?
  296. aguachico

    TIP - I'm confused...Do I need one to fish outside of the 12 mile limit.

    I think the Visa and TIP are being confused here, but at the end of the day - all Mexican paper work is easy to obtain and affordable.
  297. aguachico

    TIP - I'm confused...Do I need one to fish outside of the 12 mile limit.

    TIP is for putting your boat in a slip/marina in Mexico. Also should have it if trailering. If your POE is SanDiego and you don't plan to touch land, don't worry about it.
  298. aguachico

    Vagabond June 13-16 quick report

    Good info there. Way to get a few.
  299. aguachico

    Bluefin Kamikaze?

    Yeah a 50# next to the tuna pens....
  300. aguachico

    Daggett's sport fishing.Bahia de los angeles b.c

    Wow. Sweet fishing right there! Felicidades
  301. aguachico

    Update on one of our brothers Titan05

    Jim is the man! So cool. Could talk fishing with him all day. Get er done Jim. You'll be back on the deck soon.
  302. aguachico

    Bluefin Fail #2 6/12

    Thanks for the report. I'm itching to get back OTW and your route was my plan. I've had so many of those BFT skunk miles it's a shame. You will get them soon.
  303. aguachico


    Yes the booths a CBP south bound. They will be mainly looking for money. Cherry picking it before Mexico can get it :D. The process is going to suck. add +- 30 minutes heading south.
  304. aguachico

    Mexican money

    This is good to know and I just verified this. Process requires two trips and 24 hours for delivery, but it's always good to have options. saludos
  305. aguachico

    Liberty 249 and 223 lb BFT 6/11/2019

    Thanks for the info and congrats again. enjoy
  306. aguachico

    Pray for Jim today....

    Prayers sent. Good luck and get well Jim.
  307. aguachico

    Liberty 249 and 223 lb BFT 6/11/2019

    Congrats!! These fish were hooked on?
  308. aguachico

    Mini-Range on Royal Star 6/7-6/10

    popper fish are great
  309. aguachico

    LA Bay 6/3-6/7 --- Short Report

    Nice. I love slinging iron. Wish I could open a bait barge there.
  310. aguachico

    Pacific Voyager 3-day report June 6-9, 2019

    Sounds like a good trip.
  311. aguachico

    Older Grady’s white

    I can't think of any, any boat can be made into a fishing boat. I've seen dual consoles out on the 43.
  312. aguachico

    Older Grady’s white

    Oh snap it's a dual console. Start cutting and make a center console :D
  313. aguachico

    Older Grady’s white

    Two things that helped me work on my grady. She's a '90. I installed a large square hatch in the cockpit pit where the small round hatch is located. Gives good access to the conduit. Also I cut out the rear bilge wall that holds that useless bait well to access the entire bilge from the...
  314. aguachico

    Older Grady’s white

    Check the scupper thru hull connections. If nylon, replace. The ones forward are the hardest to replace. Fill the gas tanks and check for top leaks.
  315. aguachico

    Goto Knife Sharpener

    YUP^^^ and a syderco triangle
  316. aguachico

    Screwdriver for Avet reel nuts

    Very cool
  317. aguachico

    Mexican money

    Costco is OK, but their rate is not the best and the limit. When I have to exchange dollars face to face, I use ABC Exchange San ysidro blvd. You will have access to three cambio houses in the same block. Be sure where ever you go, 'no commission' is displayed. The commission is built into...
  318. aguachico

    BOLA with Capt Juan 6/1-3

    Brisa is the launch master. She offers several boxed lunches that are excellent. Remember everything is 20% higher than normal in BOLA. She runs from the parking to the ramp to get all the boats in the water. Most important person in BOLA
  319. aguachico

    BOLA with Capt Juan 6/1-3

    Wanted to get this post out here for the guys heading down. I will add fotos later. I used Remitly to transfer dollars to pesos to my Mex bank and got the best rate possible. BOLA has some seriously jacked up exchange rate. So if you are going down and your charter is in dollars, ask the...
  320. aguachico

    Assist Hooks for Vertical jigging and Flat Falls

    I am making my own also. I'm using #350 and #700 Kevlar. I prefer hooks with welded eyes And yes as stated above, be careful with the heat shrink. The reason for building my own is they are not cheap to buy and they are not all made the same. I have dissected a few and am surprised at the...
  321. aguachico

    For Sale JB 100lb hollow

    It's in used rods and reels. Just post again in used tackle. GLWS
  322. aguachico

    Moon phases bft

    Fish gotta eat
  323. aguachico

    Mucho Cudo's to Nomad lures

    ^^^was thinking the same if you don't know the problem is solved,
  324. aguachico

    Easy inexpensive solution to insulate a Kill Box

    The downfall of only having two guys on the boat. :D
  325. aguachico

    Easy inexpensive solution to insulate a Kill Box

    Good job. Be sure to do the lid. I prefer soft coolers. They hold 40# of ice and are easily b stowed. But may use your method on the dedicated Beer cooler
  326. aguachico

    1.5 Chief

    Good plan b
  327. aguachico

    Chancing it

    4 feet @ 7 seconds to watch BFT roll around on tiny squid. Nope. I'd go to SCI instead. Tight lines
  328. aguachico

    BOLA 5/19 - 5/24

    Hey Mark; Thanks for the info. Way to make it out in get on the fish. Looks like the wind is bad for the next week, but south island is better. Sardeneras = cabrilla? saludos
  329. aguachico

    Best floro to mono knot?

  330. aguachico

    For Sale Daiwa Saltist 35 H

    Nice. Waiting on my 20.
  331. aguachico

    replace EVA grips

    If you can get a reel seat over the butt that you like. Use a cork tape base. double sided 3m tape over that, then winn grip ithe fore grip. Then use tuna cord on the butt section.
  332. aguachico

    Burbank JOBS! Crane Aerospace hiring for quite a few good paying positions.

    forwarded to two bright engineers.
  333. aguachico

    Bahia de Los Angeles May -17 -18-19

    Thanks for the report. Wind is up and down in the report. saludos
  334. aguachico

    Overnight pricing

    1.75 day trip is the one. Two day limits. Cost is relative to the cost of the hunt.
  335. aguachico

    Open spots fishing Bahia de Los Angeles with Capt. Juan Cook.

    Wow. I'm glad we got our dates in.!!! I have one more reel to buy. I want to get one of those fat cabrilla and a baqueta(sp).
  336. aguachico

    SOLD Torium 30 $100...

    I did this from my phone. When I get home I will do it from the PC
  337. aguachico

    SOLD Torium 30 $100...

    I'm seeing pics. One moment
  338. aguachico

    SOLD Torium 30 $100...

    Can you tell by the fotos? Not a big Shimano guy.
  339. aguachico

    SOLD Torium 30 $100...

    Bought used last year from the ultimate tackle HO, sealskinner. Nice reel. 50# spec with a 40# top. Can ship on your dime. Price is firm. I think I paid $150. Too much reel for the application. Going down too a 16. Regret selling the 20, but oh well. 15580536943351116612929132534520 by...
  340. aguachico

    Full Moon Fever & BFT

    I was going to take to skiff overnight for full moon BFT. I'm waiting for the weather to get better.
  341. aguachico

    WTB Lexa 400.....

    Great reel, If you buy new, squidco has a fathers day sale coming.
  342. aguachico

    Been to Santo Tomas lately?

    Been twice this year. Contact Sam. He will rent you a nice safe place with hot water and clean comfy beds. [email protected] Tell him I sent you.
  343. aguachico

    Fish report Bahia de Los Angeles

    6/1-3 for our group. Staying at Vientos and fishing with Juan.
  344. aguachico

    SOLD Used Daiwa Saltiga 40HA

    PM sent Eric. Give me call, will get it today.
  345. aguachico

    BFT South

    See ya out there. Ella Mae
  346. aguachico

    New boat Hull failure

    Sounds like my Amato Panga.
  347. aguachico

    Catalina vid fighting Yellowtail!

    look at that balance.. youth is wasted on the young! congrats
  348. aguachico

    Hey, San Diego BTF! ?

    go down the beach
  349. aguachico

    5/7 - 302/East of 390/SSK no tuna

    Good try. I donated my 80 of fuel last week. Tough fishing, but hopefully soon.
  350. aguachico

    Lowrance Owner: Wet Willy Needs Your Help

    Hit me up. 858-603-3600
  351. aguachico

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Get 'er done Cory and a speedy recovery. Prayers sent.
  352. aguachico

    Braid breakage

    Take a foto.
  353. aguachico

    Kite reel? What are you using?

    Hey Ali, yup have heard of that disaster... What size balloon are you flying with a kite 36 or 40inch?
  354. aguachico

    biosphere annual pass

    Everything that's needed is so easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive. Before the biosfera permits were only locally available. Props to Mexico. Now if they could just keep the web servers up and running - all's good.
  355. aguachico

    Kelp Patty Yellowtail Limits Released Limits Killed (video)

    Hey Corey. Cool talking to ya on Friday. Wind was tough drifting sideways with the balloons. cheers
  356. aguachico

    Boat registration and ticket RANT...

    Break a deal, face the wheel. I got AAA and love it.
  357. aguachico

    Kite reel? What are you using?

    Electric reel would have been nice yesterday reeling in the double trouble in the heavy wind, but it's too much $$$ I use a tld25.. My right arm is popeye'd today! :D
  358. aguachico

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    Here's the link, I just bought this. SHould be good to go. 2019-05-01_7-12-42 by aguachico posted May 1, 2019 at 7:51 AM 2019-05-01_7-37-39 by aguachico posted May 1, 2019 at 7:51 AM 2019-05-01_7-13-21 by aguachico posted May...
  359. aguachico

    4-27 Carlsbad/Leucadia Nearshore Report

    Good try. I ran some laps in MB Sunday and the water was 70.
  360. aguachico

    The best of late April fishing in FLORIDA

    Your posts are always excellent. Thanks
  361. aguachico

    WTB Silver Hxj raptor

    Silver is preferred. Eight586036zero0
  362. aguachico

    What is the fish limit on a 1.75 day trip Let me know when you find out.
  363. aguachico

    1.75 day trips limits

    I've gotten multi day permits from the DFW, but you cannot came back in early with limits of multiple days without taking a risk of a ticket. I was actually interested in the Mexican multiday permit. Years ago the Mexican license used to state you are allowed to posses up to 5 days of limits on...
  364. aguachico

    Ensenada this weekend

    Fished Santo Tomas recently and it was good bottom critters on red chingaderas. Ed's jig and squish jigs in red.
  365. aguachico

    4/25 PM 1/2 Day

    That's a sweet looking rattler. One pound of hurt.
  366. aguachico

    What keeps you awake, other than coffee?

    I can drive all night and fish all day with 20 minute power naps every 8 hours. I will chew mint gum to stay frosty.
  367. aguachico

    1.75 day trips limits

    Does anyone know if this trip has a TWO day fish limit permit.. or one? thanks in advance
  368. aguachico

    Got a new kite

  369. aguachico

    MXJ use

    Great reel that has been a goto for so long. No more than 50# braid. Doesn't have a large amount of capacity. The price is perfect. Quality and tough. Measure your drag and you will see 30# spectra is perfect.
  370. aguachico

    Batteries for a diesel truck?

    two interstate costco batteries. no ask replacements Since they are flooded, you need to keep an eye on them if you go off road,
  371. aguachico

    Tomahawk has LIMITS of Bluefin

    Wow! congrats
  372. aguachico

    4/15 Mission Belle.

    Love the belle. Skipper is a very cool guy.
  373. aguachico

    Stay away from RTIC coolers

    I hace used polar bear coolers for 6 years. Their first modem had issues and they replaced them for free beyond the warranty date. I have since bought more as well as my crew and friends. I can take 200# of ice on 5 bags. When the bad is empty. That for easily on the small cuddy...
  374. aguachico

    Who carries these on their boat?

    I carry them. Got them at Homedepot and tested them to know their limitations. Also be careful when you use them as the barb end comes off at good clip. Can take an eye out with ease.
  375. aguachico

    Bahia de los Angeles Fishing Report + Road Northbound

    Oye Tocayo, I will be there the 1st weekend in June. Hopefully the fishing gets going.
  376. aguachico

    New JX raptor

    Love my jxr.
  377. aguachico

    go to surface iron set up

    Can you tell me how you broke your rods? I am in the market for a good stick. I have a phenix909h, it's a good stick. I'm looking at a UCE9, man are they thin... thanks in advance
  378. aguachico

    Phenix 909H v UC 9 foot series

    I have a custom 909H that has a tranx500 on it. Killed nice BFT under 60# on the stick baits last year. Really like it. I'm looking for a top of the line jig stick( to throw full size sala jigs) witha Saltiga 500/400. I pulled on a UC monster yesterday and it feels fast... just like my...
  379. aguachico


    Nice! casting or trolling those lipped baits?
  380. aguachico

    Bluefin tuna CLOSE TO HOME! Private boat range

    Damn good looking eats! What is the poke mayo type dish?
  381. aguachico

    For Sale Giant Rapala lure

    Very cool. I remember them as a kid in tackle shops. Still available retail.
  382. aguachico

    Any interest in Frozen Flying Fish

    How the fuck do they get it back?... never mind I see the vid. Hmmm nope!
  383. aguachico

    New star drag

    I was waiting for this reel, but have decided to go another route. I will either go Daiwa or Shimano. Both hold their value will enough to sell when Avet gets the product released. I hope it's bigger than a Trini30.
  384. aguachico

    SOLD Tranx 500PG...I'm getting old and lazy and want use a levelwind. GOT ONE!! Have fun.
  385. aguachico

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    I got the same on my stabs. I put the adapter and the filer. and the clip on protectors
  386. aguachico

    For Sale 1993 Toyota Pickup

    Yeah this truck will run to 300k with minimum costs. Especially if you leave it stock.
  387. aguachico

    Thailand 2019 Report

    Very cool.
  388. aguachico

    L.A.R.A from Jackfin New Lure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    do you have video of the lure in water action?
  389. aguachico

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    South Shores has a pump out.
  390. aguachico

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    Does this mean we can take our trailers there and leave them? Making lemonade! Free trailer storage.
  391. aguachico

    For Sale 1993 Toyota Pickup

    sweet ride. My ex had her '94 stolen from the trolley station last year. Better get a good kill switch. Those things are gold!
  392. aguachico

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    youtube "seattle is dying"
  393. aguachico

    No Sierras this year in South Baja - Pacific Side

    I hope it's just mother nature, but the small boat gill netting is out of control. We saw gill nets for the first time in 15 years in the tortugas area targeting YT and Corvina. Massive take. Killing birds. It was sad.
  394. aguachico

    Ensenada and Hotel/Marina Coral

    The Coral has been running a promo for $99 per night lately.
  395. aguachico

    Great White vs Pinneped

  396. aguachico

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    That is slated for Condo's, no?
  397. aguachico

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    This is my got spot for solo launching. I have seen all kinds of shit there, some not too bad. :D Remember when trucks were being stolen out of the launches? That was bad. Now you just can't leave shit in your truck. OK, that's easy. The bathrooms are ok, but take your own paper and some...
  398. aguachico

    Almost Cabrilla time!

    Looks like I'll be down there the first of June. It's been 10 years since fishing that area.
  399. aguachico

    Most Durable Low Profile Reel for Shallow Water Rockfishing?

    lexa. My tranx is used for offshore stuff. Lexa is a good self servicable inexpensive reel.
  400. aguachico

    Almost Cabrilla time!

    On the list this year Ali, did you roll out of BOLA or Gonzaga?
  401. aguachico

    Inverter question.

    It's the peak!. Buy a $15 plug meter and see what the microwave pulls.
  402. aguachico

    WTB Grady 228G

    but this instead: I have a Seafarer and it had an ox66 when I got it. That was the first thing to leave the boat. 9 seasons and my '03 4 stroke has started everytime - everytime!
  403. aguachico

    Taco Whore

    never ever criticize someone's cooking ideas. listen, learn and maybe try. For example, ever smell fish sauce? Smells like old trash. But tjhe shit is great in certain situations. Once I friend wanted to grill bacon!! What? I only know how to fry it ... now I grill and smoke bacon. Anyone...
  404. aguachico

    Mexican Permits 2019

    goto squidco. call first.
  405. aguachico

    6.7L Ford Diesel - Tow Vehicle

    Can't go wrong there. Those trucks are on 805 south hauling an Auto trailer to auction all the time. When I got my Lemon BB, the dodge were 30-40% more than the Fords. Was outta my budget. My mechanic is East COunty Diesel for anything engine related. I see every brand of truck in the that...
  406. aguachico

    Marias Isla Prison Closure Announcement

    Met a guy in ensenada. Govt official. He fished that island with military guys. Big tuna and sharks very close.
  407. aguachico

    Solid to solid connection for 100 lb

    That's good info. Sure it's important to LR guys that want to get the bait away from the boat.
  408. aguachico

    6.7L Ford Diesel - Tow Vehicle

    I bought a Lemon BB. 12 years ago. Good discount. whatcha gonna get a dodge 4500?
  409. aguachico

    6.7L Ford Diesel - Tow Vehicle

    I like Bill Hewitt. I use archoil oil additive. The injectors like it also. The part about the egr system is interesting.
  410. aguachico

    Solid to solid connection for 100 lb

    I respooled my Avet hx with 100# izor hollow and went from 500 to 700 yds. These are not exact numbers, I'm an old fart and can't remember exactly.
  411. aguachico

    Solid to solid connection for 100 lb

    I have started using hollow over the past few years. It is thinner than solid. Anyone? I get more hollow on the reel.
  412. aguachico

    6.7L Ford Diesel - Tow Vehicle

    Hang your head high! My 6.0 dropped lifters at 220K. Dropped an '06 engine in her - 60K miles and 4 years ago. She has seen a lot of rough roads and never missed a beat. She's been towed three times in 12 years. Starter, injectors and lifters. Keeping this 6.0 until she can't take no more.
  413. aguachico

    Solid to solid connection for 100 lb

    How about just topping it off with 100# hollow? Run the solid into the hollow and serve the splice, you will also get more hollow on the reel than solid.
  414. aguachico


    I got this one about 9 years ago for $130 online. It's paid for itself and it's great for those large anderson clamps also.
  415. aguachico

    6.7L Ford Diesel - Tow Vehicle

    Diesels were great when the fuek was cheaper then low-test gas. Also before the EPA made them clean. They are not made to run 400K miles anymore. They are made to run the length of the warranty. That said, 6.7 is better than the 6.4. They are really nice and quiet and strong. My home boy...
  416. aguachico

    For Sale Life fitness elliptical x9

    Not sure of the weight. I rolled out around. Would be great on your LR trip. Put it on the bow.
  417. aguachico

    For Sale Life fitness elliptical x9

    $500 Commercial grade Great shape. In San Diego Art 858-603-3600
  418. aguachico

    FREE Delco 27 Batteries

    Good on you. Surprised they didn't core those
  419. aguachico


    I now use the term is that 6pm Latina time?
  420. aguachico


    Best thing I ever did for my boat was buy a good battery lug tool. Good luck
  421. aguachico


    Look at the starter motor amps. Measure the distance. There are many online charts. For example. West marine. 100 amps 15 feet. 2 gauge.
  422. aguachico

    Shorten Cables ---Who can?

    standard rj-45 plug and crimpers. You should be able to see the color coding line-up in the old plug. Take the cable into any networking firm and they can do it for you. Which NMEA? 0183 or 2000?
  423. aguachico

    How bout them Pats

    They suck Bird and McHale blood before each superbowl. Soon secondary's will be two groups. One to guard the typical black speedster and the other to guard the patroits.
  424. aguachico

    Ice Machine at Shelter Island boat ramp

    There's one at euclid and Logan. There's one in Clairmont somewhere.
  425. aguachico

    Ice Machine at Shelter Island boat ramp

    I get 20#@ $2.50 from the ghetto vending. Need to contact the owner for a kettle competition.
  426. aguachico

    Poly Bait Tank Repair

    Call OEX kayak. They have a poly welder. The repair holes.
  427. aguachico

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    I'm sure you can handle draggin a big boat behind you big diesel. I have been doing it for a while. Seems every year, more and more idiots are getting their licenses and have not been taught how to respect large towing vehicles. If I had a nickle for everytime I had yell "WTF are you doing?"...
  428. aguachico

    Who has better cell phone coverage off shore and around Catalina?

    I have an ATT Mexico plan and can get a signal at the 425. Never tried it at SCI. ATT towers start 9-11 miles off shore from mission bay down the line. I also get signal at the nados.
  429. aguachico

    SOLD Sold Used Avet reels

    Nice. I love it when a BDer offers a great deal on good gear. Merry Chistmas.
  430. aguachico

    EZ weights are BACK!!!

    My order was filled no problem.
  431. aguachico

    EZ weights are BACK!!!

    The connector shift was not a problem. Just something I look out for. It's kinda like checking your leader after you catch a fish. I lost maybe two weights over the course of many fish and 10 years.
  432. aguachico

    EZ weights are BACK!!!

    I have been using these for 10 years and love them. When I got two guy fishing with me on my grady, we drift bow first. two fly liners - normally not room for a third. I slip on a weight and I'm under them. Them I can reel in remove the weight and boogie. I have noticed that after the few...
  433. aguachico

    What kind of chain for a Lewmar windlass?

    I have the profish on my grady. I ordered a 300foot 1/2 on 8 plait rode with 30 feet of 1/4 chain from seco south. in 2012 for $300 delivered
  434. aguachico

    So cal Offshore Boat Question on size needed for offshore fishing

    \ My last failed attempt for a cow BFT outside SCI was a solo trip in my 22grady. At 11pm with a bad winds coming from the north I was facing another 70 mile run back to port. All the big luxury boats were snuggled on the hook drinking beer and grilling steaks. My 22footer rides fine 3ft @...
  435. aguachico

    EZ weights are BACK!!!

    I agree. My last order was ten years ago. Still have a few left. I received an invoice, but no email drif PayPal. I just went to PayPal and sent the money as a friend.
  436. aguachico

    EZ weights are BACK!!!

    Just put my order in. I love these weights.
  437. aguachico

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    Hey Pete; How are ya? Didn't recognize your login at first. saludos
  438. aguachico

    New @ Costco Coho Soft Cooler

    Polar bear soft side coolers are 2x1.
  439. aguachico

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    Before you go throwing a lot of money into rigging it, you need to inspect the stringers attached to the hull. That plug was originally 26 foot, so it was shortened to 23 feet. While it's still a mess, cut inspection holes in the deck and use a scope it to look at the hull to the stringer...
  440. aguachico

    Mounting Offshore fiberglass bait tank.

    I went with the small WM leds. In white. Added two. One died at the end of the season. What a pita. Good thing I had two.
  441. aguachico

    FREE Committed Not Available - trailer for 25 foot boat

    WOW; I could use this trailer... but I'm fishing tomorrow. PM sent.
  442. aguachico

    Winn grips overwrap to replace cork tape?

    Oh, clamping. Sorry missed that. I would not clamp over winn. Cork and xwrap. Winn for the fore grip. Tuna cord for the butt.
  443. aguachico

    Winn grips overwrap to replace cork tape?

    I bought a Phenix BD, 8' 30-50# hxj or something like that. The fore grip is really thin. I bought a Winn wrap and was not happy with the adhesive on it. I added 3M double sided tape, it has a small layer of foam as an under wrap before applying the Winn wrap. Came out really nice. Have...
  444. aguachico

    Tecate Border Crossing

    Thanks for the info.
  445. aguachico


    There's a law. It's an "act" sounds like the "taft act", but isn't. Same reason Mexican border patrol asks you for your car registration. This is a good law.
  446. aguachico

    Buddhist monk buying and releasing all the baits at MDR.

    chum, cast net and sabiki, easy cheesy
  447. aguachico

    Yamaha Service Shelter Island

    Robby Gordon. That is all.
  448. aguachico

    Condom bank or bust!

    Gotta look. I was about I to hit the condom bank from sci when the radio said it was dead. It's tough fishing unless you are in the right place with a small window.
  449. aguachico

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

  450. aguachico

    Epic video of Giant Bluefin crashing halfbeaks (saurys) before taking a bait

    Cool. How far down are the baits from the balloons? Did you land the fish? Congrats
  451. aguachico

    WorkSharp sharpener

    Love it.
  452. aguachico

    9-15 on the Mustang- Full day

    Sounds like a good time fishing the big boat
  453. aguachico

    Offshore Weather This Weekend?

    good weekend to stay home. fish look like their biting, but not taking a pounding. Outside of SCI would be bad in a 22footer
  454. aguachico

    Been to Santo Tomas lately?

    Punta Santo Tomás? South of ensenada?
  455. aguachico

    For Sale 2003 Parker 23 with Yamaha 225

    Nice boat. Tell your friend to update the motor info with exhaust corrosion fixed
  456. aguachico

    SOLD Avet HX Raptor - silver

    Back on the market. Still $400.
  457. aguachico

    Ur thoughts about reel covers

    I use them to protect from fine sand when yak fishing. I'd use them if I were on a cattle boat to protect against the hose spray and swell spray.
  458. aguachico

    Prowler two day

    nothing wrong with easy fun fishing.
  459. aguachico

    Waterproof tote bag

    LL bean.
  460. aguachico

    Need bilge hatch gasket

    I needed some gas proof gaskets for containers. Went to san diego seal, they hooked me up.
  461. aguachico

    BAJA...Beware at check points, Bad Experience

    I have said this a few times. I prefer driving MEX1 at night, especially thru the desert mountains. Yes there are times when headlights are optional, but truckers are well lit and I can see them, for the most part, well before I pass them. I don't recommend driving at night to newbies, but...
  462. aguachico

    For Sale 1997 Ford F350 4x4

    Sexy. You always have cool shit for sale!
  463. aguachico

    12V Batteries Combined in SERIES - Different Size/Capacity OK?

    I like AGM deep cycle if they are buried on a place with not a lot of venting, so I went with Lifeline for the house. They are pricey, but have a good warranty and rep. Group27, parallel buried in the bow. I use a group 29 deep cycle for camping and solar. It's an interstate battery. Wet...
  464. aguachico

    8/21 bluefin grounds

    Dorado, not a bad consolation prize.
  465. aguachico

    Super glue and knots

    My fg has about 5 tight overhand knots. Doesn't unravel. By the time it starts to wear, the leader needs changing.
  466. aguachico

    Super glue and knots

    use tac glue on my windons. no need for the fg-knot
  467. aguachico

    Going to cedros...

    Thanks for the report!
  468. aguachico

    Smelt for YT?

    Smelt work.
  469. aguachico

    Spending the night offshore

    There was a sailboat that went missing a few years back outside of la salina. It is believed the guy fell asleep on his watch. Those container ships haul ass. Saw one move eveyone out the way west of the 43. it had to be doing 20 knots. Was not yielding. Even the sporties moved.
  470. aguachico

    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    Wow! cool story. Can you explain why the reel was not at strike on the first run? Sometimes the fish win!!!
  471. aguachico

    Max Cuatro breaking

    Well there you go. I have it spooled on my Tranx, works great no issues. Good to know there's a procedure to solve issues.
  472. aguachico

    Let's leave these biting cows and catch yellowtail

    The Vag is one of the top open water BFT killers. Fished it once and the skipper was was already pointing home. Deck cleaned, fish filleted. He gets on the loud speaker and tells everyone to re-rig... it was on until he had to leave. That said. Cow BFT fishing is great for some, not for all...
  473. aguachico

    8 hour tour 43 then back to Oceanside 7/31

    Spuds huh? I used to feed macs squid bits, but the spuds sounds good thanks
  474. aguachico

    Condor or Tomahawk?

    Tomahawk has been hot this year.
  475. aguachico

    Going to cedros...

    Go to
  476. aguachico

    Going to cedros...

    Depending on when you are going, you should keep you eye on next weeks storm prediction.
  477. aguachico

    Budget kite fishing...

    Just do it!!! the more line the better. Still looking for my first. I think it comes down to being on the water. If the reel gets torn in half... then the fish won.
  478. aguachico

    Knife sharpening San Diego

    Thanks guys. I have a Ken onion and syderco. At times I would like to reset the blade, remove some steel. Was wondering what local services are available and how much.
  479. aguachico

    Knife sharpening San Diego

    I sharpen my own knives with a Ken onion and syperco. Where do you guys take your knives into to be professionally done and how much guess it cost?
  480. aguachico

    SOLD AVET EX 4/0 gold two speed

    Sale fell thru. Guy never showed, go figure Reel still for sale.
  481. aguachico

    A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    Hit up Owynn- Dos Bellenas here on BD. He's a fish geek. He will know. I'm thinking basking shark, but wtf do I know.
  482. aguachico

    SOLD Avet HX Raptor - silver

    Email with pics sent again. Reel is still for sale.
  483. aguachico

    SOLD Avet HX Raptor - silver

    Sent again. Let me know
  484. aguachico

    SOLD Avet HX Raptor - silver

    Really. I them. One moment
  485. aguachico

    Recent Cedros Fish Report

    I love this place and have been fishing spots close for 14 years.
  486. aguachico

    Choosing a new radar

    I've had a Lowrance 3G for 8 years. Love it. Doesn't scan well beyond 8 miles, but I'm sure it's the angle.
  487. aguachico

    Recent Cedros Fish Report

    Hey Luke; thanks for the info. I will be in that area in two weeks. What were the WSB caught on? saludos
  488. aguachico

    EGR Delete

    You can delete them, but have to undo it before your smog. The 6.0 needs a program for a delete or the CEL will come one. The new smog removes any programming before the test.
  489. aguachico

    SOLD Avet HX Raptor - silver

    All pm's answered.
  490. aguachico

    EGR Delete

    The difference is HUGE. It really sucked when I had to remove the EGR plug from truck - Fuck Cali. I would do it in a heart beat if I was registered elsewhere. '04 260K -
  491. aguachico

    SOLD Avet HX Raptor - silver

    Not interested in any trades ATM thanks
  492. aguachico

    Nados 7.21

    good looking meat there
  493. aguachico

    SOLD Avet HX Raptor - silver

    all pms answered. still for sale.
  494. aguachico

    SOLD Avet HX Raptor - silver

    $400 Two years old. 100# izorline. Box can ship at cost. Art 858-603-3600
  495. aguachico

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    They have returned and were parked outside of MB last night. No YFT along the beach this year.
  496. aguachico

    Green Card/Non US Passport to fish Mexico

    I have a green card. I have not been asked for my passport when I showed them my card. I do not carry my passport on my boat for many reasons, I do however have a copy of the passport onboard. You cannot buy an FMM when you have a green card, doing so will void your green card. If I were to...
  497. aguachico

    Brine to smoke Tuna and YT???

    Buy or make your own soy vey very very teriyaki. Marinade for two days.
  498. aguachico

    Trickle charger

    Interesting. I use solar for camping, but am not aware of a panel that is saltwater proof. What panel did you mount?
  499. aguachico

    Help me with FG knot please

    Can you tie simple over hand knot in the spectra and break it by pulling? If so, then what kind of spectra? If not, I would check the weave, This is an interesting thread.
  500. aguachico

    Help me with FG knot please

    Just to be clear, the spectra or the leader breaks? The half hitches should encompass both the main and the leader. There's not much tension on those. During the weave, the leader remains straight.
  501. aguachico

    Help me with FG knot please

    Having a hard time understanding where it broke. So try it in steps. Make your weave, tie it off with just a few over hand knots. DON"T TRIM the leader. then pull. Let me know if it breaks.
  502. aguachico

    Help me with FG knot please

    The one thing I have felt when tying the know is it rolling back and forth as the weave is developed. After you 20+ turns and a few overhand know to seal it, then I cinch it. If it's gonna break, it will break at this point. All the finishing know stuff it to protect the tag. So tie a...
  503. aguachico

    HX Raptor free spool problem

    and the solution was?
  504. aguachico

    OK, which one of you guys is familiar with a Seastar 1.7 Helm?

    This is the method I use. You will want 4 condiment bottles. Two should be full and two empty to start, depending on the size of the system. Sue sound like three check balance is open. Probably dirty fluid. I use shell aero brake fluid.
  505. aguachico

    Advice/Experience - Avet HX Raptor

    Increase your line capacity by using hollow braid spooled at a shop. My ex50 took 900 yards of 80# solid izor. 1500 yds of 100# hollow. I then pulled 400 yds off for the top shot and to use the extra for windons. My first hx raptor worked A big tuna in no problem. Chased it a bit to gain...
  506. aguachico

    Do I really need a washdown pump?

    Ask your crew.
  507. aguachico

    OK, which one of you guys is familiar with a Seastar 1.7 Helm?

    If the check valve is stuck .You can unstuck it when you change the gasket. They are easy to service. .
  508. aguachico

    7/11 evening 9 mile.

    Crossed the 9 yesterday afternoon. 8 seiners and the spotter plane.
  509. aguachico


    Thank god the Mexicans fleet is busy tending the pens. Guess I'll head to the border .... like the rest of the sportfleet.
  510. aguachico

    7/11 evening 9 mile.

    Going to repeat the same today. Fucking seiners are thick right at the border, so I'm guessing the bite moved west de la linea.
  511. aguachico

    Trickle charger

    Yes. Noco waterproof charger.
  512. aguachico

    On water report: Tomahawk on COWS now

    Congrats. The one hooked and landed was on what please?
  513. aguachico

    battery upgrade time.

    Yup. That is the one.
  514. aguachico

    upgrading drag on avet lx

    Yup. Sell it. Your rod will need to handle the extra pressure. Measure your lx at strike and full. Remember the drag will increase as the spool decreases. Maybe you need an entire combo to fit your goal.
  515. aguachico

    battery upgrade time.

    And West Marine had a good return policy with the plus system
  516. aguachico

    battery upgrade time.

    I have two lifeline agms in the cabin. Removed the portApotty. Two interstate wet starters in the bilge. When I removed the oil tank and installed a 4 stroke. I added the starter battery. 4 strokes are hungry. They will drain a group 24 starter before you figure out the problem. These are all...
  517. aguachico

    battery upgrade time.

    Sounds good. I crimp mine with the same crimper they use at sd marine exchange. One down side of series 6 volt is no redundancy.
  518. aguachico

    Where to buy bamboo for gaff building in san diego

    Squidco will cut it for you
  519. aguachico


    I keep mine simple. no glue. no fancy finish. Landed 3 40# BFT on a fg knot, short leader, major head shakes. Knot was perfect. 65# max cuarto, 60# floro. 20# of drag.
  520. aguachico

    Where to Get Mexican Insurance For Waverunner?

    yup. you will need insurance on the trailer.
  521. aguachico

    Pacific Queen 6/30

    Yeah the Queen got 53 bft and the Condor got 7 bonito.
  522. aguachico

    HX Raptor free spool problem

    I would pull the lever and verify the Y chingadera is in the correct position. It is installed on the side plate. The cam rides again it creating the drag pressure and locking positions. 'bait and strike' hit me up if you need help. Have fixed them before. The one leg need to point in the...
  523. aguachico

    United Composites Jig Stick

    Eric is a good guy.
  524. aguachico

    US Seiners on the BFT?

    Anyone see the commercial boats on the BFT? Any word on the season, quota and this years catch?
  525. aguachico

    6/30/18 Tuna Report

    thanks for the pic. Still skipping for my first. I keep going back and forth on the treble. Your's looks solid.
  526. aguachico

    help please. Looking for soft cooler material

    If you need join two pieces of vinyl over the closed cell foam, use hh-66. use tuf-stuff vinyl. Tuf-stuff is nylon enforced vinyl. Great stuff.
  527. aguachico

    United Composites Jig Stick

    Have them a call last week. Nada. I always shop squidco first. I hit charkbait or anglers as backups.
  528. aguachico

    United Composites Jig Stick

    I'm in the market also and squidco doesn't carry them. So it's charkbait.
  529. aguachico

    Cedros Yellowtail

  530. aguachico

    How to clean your bait tank

    Wow I've always used bleach. Only when I see algae.
  531. aguachico

    Why No Clicker?

    I have a tranx. I cannot remember exactly, but I do not think a clicker would work on the spool release mechanism. Meaning I am not sure it is feasible to change the sideplate design to install a clicker. I would love a clicker on my low profile baitcasters' Shimano and Daiwa.... but it...
  532. aguachico

    Knot for spectra to swivel

    Double uni.
  533. aguachico

    Marina Coral Or Puerto Salina Marina?

    Fish the yak and boat from both locations. If you want a chance at YT from your boat. Fish out of the coral
  534. aguachico

    Surface Iron Rod Shoot-out..!! UC vs. Calstar

    Thanks. I'm in the market for a jig stick combo.
  535. aguachico

    New battery or dual batteries???

    Sorry for the confusion. Two batteries is always better, but not necessary. A dual battery starter/deep combo if you only have one battery. I like interstate starters and the guy at the store is really good.
  536. aguachico

    New battery or dual batteries???

    What does the motor gauge say while underway. If you do not know, there are many cheap 12 volt gauges for your dash. If you have one battery, you need a dual battery. I have two starters dedicated to one large 4 stroke motor. They have an amp hungry starter.
  537. aguachico

    New battery or dual batteries???

    $109 for a battery jumper? F-that. Be sure the alternator/strator is charging while underway guey. Should read about 13.4 volts.
  538. aguachico

    Puerto Las Salinas Marina

    Hit up Derek(yellowklr). I passed by there a few weeks ago and it looks like the dredging was a success.
  539. aguachico

    TIP Needed In Ensenada For Jet Ski?

    Call the Coral. I needed a TIP for a week in the slip. Your biggest check point will be at the border. Have all your paper work. Duplicate.
  540. aguachico

    Where to Buy Raptor at Summer 10% Sale w/ Spectra (not in CA)

    Squidco is my goto store for the best service and pricing.
  541. aguachico

    San O 6-16

    31# nice fish and a fish of a lifetime for most. You, just another day at the studio. Congrats
  542. aguachico


    Oh. I'm in the same boat as the OP. I would rather throw them all away and do them again then to lose a fish. I have been bench testing them. I remember an episode of Local Knowledge where they were fishing PV and a windon came undone.
  543. aguachico


    Why not?
  544. aguachico


    Post up some pics of you serve!
  545. aguachico

    Early fathers day present

    Great memories there! Congrats
  546. aguachico

    FMM?land or internet?

    I agree with the above comment. Follow the rules to the letter. Let me know what you do when the weather changes your plans, what do you then? Eat $80 Mexican toilet paper?
  547. aguachico

    FMM?land or internet?

    I have not emailed a manifest. They pay for the visa and that's it. I love Mexico, but the email system at the government level is bad
  548. aguachico

    FMM?land or internet?

    My crew buys theirs online. For 180 days. Once it's checked,