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    Panbo review of the new GArmin 743xsv unit
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    SD card info on new Garmin uits

    Just a heads up.. On the new units such as the 743xsv ,943xsv and 1243xsv with card slots in the back.... Garmin included a 8g Sd card already installed in the card slot. And customers are a bit confused what they are for. These 8g are blank.......and you use them as you like. So......On the...
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    Garmin now shipping the new G3 Vision cards..

    For anyone with a Garmin unit...the new G3 Vision charts are now out. The G3 has Navionics data added. Here are a few now available: VCA004R....Bay of Fundy VCA005R.....Halifax-Cape Breton VCA006R.....P.E.I-Chaleur Bay VCA007R.....LEs Mechins-St George Bay VCA008R.....Newfounldland West...
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    Garmin's new 8610xsv, 8612xsv are now out.

    '][/URL] '] [/URL] Garmin's new 8600 units have started to ship. Many new features.... One of the interesting things about the new units is they have 3 sonar ports. 1- LVS black box required..uses the LVS-12 transducer 1 -12 pin Scanning sonar...can use the GT34UHD
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    Garmin now shipping units with G3 charts and GT transducers.

    Garmin now is shipping echoMAP and GPSMAP units with the new G3 charts preloaded.and more Garmin is again shipping bundled units with the GT transducers instead of the cv ducers. And the G3 charts have Navionis data....with auto guidance..
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    Garmin's new G3 card will have Navionics integration These cards will be for all current units..and backward compatible with most Garmin Legacy units. and the new Garmin 8612xsv and 8610xsv units will have this preloaded.
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    Garmin's New High Definition Sonar...

    OLATHE, Kan./March 15, 2018/Business Wire – Garmin International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ:GRMN), today announced Ultra High-Definition scanning sonar, a new technology that uses a higher frequency range to deliver stunningly clear images and detail of structure and fish below and...
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    Garmin Prevails over Navico in Patent dispute Final Federal Circuit Court of Appeals order Tuesday, June 13, 2017 12:18 pm CDT Public Company Information: NASDAQ:GRMNKYG372601099 "This ruling confirms our strong belief that Navico’s patent...
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    Garmin's New GPSMAP Charttploter /combo units. Link to new Garmin units. OLATHE, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ:GRMN), today announced the addition of several new networking chartplotters and combination models to its popular GPSMAP product...
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    Airmar's New In Hull Transducers.

    New from Airmar. These transducers ship with the Airmar Mix and Match connector system. The P50C, P83C are listed as Wideband...meaning they can be used with either conventional or CHIRP units. 1) P50C-LHW....Wideband • Depth • Optional fast response water- temperature sensor •...
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    Simrads new GO7 XSE units...

    From Simrad..they have replaced the Go7 with a new unit. These new Go7 XSE units will have the ability to use the new TotalScan skimmer transducer as an option. Pricing will be released Jan 1, 2016. From Simrad: INTRODUCING THE NEW - EXPANDED SONAR EDITION - INCLUDING THE GO7 XSE AND...
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    Here are the new CHIRP transducers that will be shipping from garmin later this month. I have tested these..see screenshots..and find them all very high quality. Gil 1) Can be used with the echoMAP CHIRP, STRIKER, xs and xsv units. Garmin GT8HW-TM Plastic, Transom or Trolling Motor Mount...
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    New Garmin 7600xsv series user screen walk thru...

    Below is a basic walk thu of the pages on the 7600xsv using the demo mode so members who have not seen this unit can get a feel .. Pre loaded User manual with key board and word search feature. All adjustment pages very easy to see and use. Dual radar range. Weather...
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    FIY.. Transducer Install and Deadresie...

    I get a good many questions sent my way about determining the correct tilt for transducer install. Just because the manufactures listed dead rise for a boat is lets say..20 degrees..that is not always what determines ones tilt of the transducer. It many times may be correct but... On many...
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    Garmin really opens up the playing field....Panoptix forward Scan

    Check out this new transducer from Garmin. [/URL]
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    The big changes here beside full range of screen size in touch xsv units: 7 ", 8", 10" and 12" screens. All have the built in 1 kw Dual Band CHIRP sonar and the built in CHIRP Side/DownVu for the xsv series. Plus Garmin has many new transducers for all the new units. The 2 that I am excited...
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    Garmin's new thru hull transducers for the GCV-10.

    The testing is complete ( and VERY successful )..and the new Garmin CHIRP thru hull transducers should shortly be available from all your favorite retailers. One thing to note about these new units...they can be used with or without the fairing. On smaller boats such as a 17' Bay boat...mounting...
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    New Garmin units..down scan..side scan and more.

    Garmin has really opened up the playing field:
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    Airmar Announces New Wide Beam CHIRP Transducers.

    Here is the newest Airamr Press release: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> AIRMAR EXPANDS CHIRP PRODUCT LINE WITH RELEASE OF WIDE BEAM BROADBAND TRANSDUCERS New Wave of Transducers Deliver Expanded Bandwidth and Increased Performance to Sportfishing Customers MILFORD, NH. (October 17, 2013) AIRMAR Technology...
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    New FREE Airmar Ipad/Phone App..Everything you need to know for transducers This is a must have for anyone who has a boat....I love this app. Gil ........... The App is free and designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod smart phones and tablets running iOS 6.1 and newer. This is a virtual toolbox ..The Gemeco iNstall...
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    Furuno' New DFF1-UHD CHIRP now out in the US

    Furuno finally enters their new CHIRP unit into the marketplace. Now we shall see how it compares..I will be hooking the DFF-1-UHD to a TZ14 this weekend for a test drive and am very anxious to see the comparison to the GSD-26 which I have been running. Brochure...
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    Opps..Raymarine sued over Dragonfly.

    Navico v. Raymarine
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    The New Furuno Combo's GP1870f now out The New Furuno GP1670F & GP1870F are going to hit the streets in a few days. I have used the GP1850F..a nice has the same sonar as the FCV587. Both will have 600/1000 watt sonar capability...and will both have AccuFish...
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    Raymarine DragonFly..$650 CHIRP

    This may be a VERY interesting unit. Link:
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    Furuno CHIRP to Debut at the Miami Boat show.

    The new Furuno CHIRP will debut at the upcoming Miami Boat show with delivery to start in the Spring. Furuno CHIRP demo in Miami.
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    Furuno FCV587 & FCV627 now shipping in the US

    Good news for Furuno users....the new FCV587 and the FCV627 will shipping this week to dealers and retailers in the US. These units are the replacements for the FCV585 and the FCV620 and they are plug and play for anyone wishing to keep their existing power cables etc. FCV587...
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    Airmar Bracket recall for Tm260,Tm258,Tm270w,Tm265

    Airmar Bracket Recall TM258, TM260, TM265 & TM270W (5/22/2012) AIRMAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION - PRODUCT RECALL ANNOUNCMENT May 22, 2012 Product: 1kW Transom Mount Support used with TM258, TM260, TM265 & TM270W Transducers Advisory Summary: Product Recall - 1kW Transom Mount Plastic Support...