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  1. ztunamann

    Shimano TLD 2-SPEED 30

    ztunamann submitted a new listing: Shimano TLD 2-SPEED 30 - Shimano TLD 2-SPEED 30 Learn more about this listing...
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    WTB Propeller

    ztunamann submitted a new listing: WTB Propeller - WTB Propeller Learn more about this listing...
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    Sea Fox 256 Pro Series Center Console

    ztunamann submitted a new listing: Sea Fox 256 Pro Series Center Console - Sea Fox 256 Pro Series Center Console Learn more about this listing...
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    Toyota Prius

    ztunamann submitted a new listing: Toyota Prius - Toyota Prius Learn more about this listing...
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    WTB Toyota Tundra 4x4

    ztunamann submitted a new listing: WTB Toyota Tundra 4x4 - WTB Toyota Tundra 4x4 Learn more about this listing...
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    WTF Stainless Prop for Yamaha F250 4-Stroke

    ztunamann submitted a new listing: WTF Stainless Prop for Yamaha F250 4-Stroke - WTF Stainless Prop for Yamaha F250 4-Stroke Learn more about this listing...
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    Aimpoint T-1 Red Dot

    ztunamann submitted a new listing: Aimpoint T-1 Red Dot - Aimpoint T-1 Red Dot Learn more about this listing...
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    Propeller - Stainless WTB

    ztunamann submitted a new listing: Propeller - Stainless WTB - Propeller - Stainless WTB Learn more about this listing...
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    WTB kite rod $50

    ztunamann submitted a new listing: WTB kite rod $50 - WTB kite rod $50 Learn more about this listing...
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    NIB Reels for sale

    ztunamann submitted a new listing: NIB Reels for sale - NIB Reels for sale Learn more about this listing...
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    Evans Waterless Coolant & Prep -$100

    Evans Cooling Systems waterless coolant - $100 2 gallons High Performance waterless engine coolant 2 gallons Prep fluid Cost $170 new Sorry won't separate. If your viewing this its still available. Price is firm!
  12. ztunamann

    Evans Cooling Systems - Waterless coolant $100

    Evans Cooling Systems waterless coolant - $100 2 gallons High Performance waterless engine coolant 2 gallons Prep fluid Cost $170 new Sorry won't separate. If your viewing this its still available. Price is firm!
  13. ztunamann

    Outboard 115HP - 150HP

    Looking for 2010 or newer good condition 4 stroke 115-150HP with under 999 hours. My budget is around $5K. TIA, ZImm
  14. ztunamann

    Shimano reels - NIB

    Selling the following reels - ALL are brand new in box - never opened: TAC20IICAM TALICA 20II Mono Drag Cam - $500 TAC25IICAM TALICA 25II Mono Drag Cam - $525 Forcemaster FM9000A electric reel - $800 TAC16IICAM...
  15. ztunamann

    1989 Mercury Classic 50 2-Stroke

    Make me an offer: Thanks! Zimm
  16. ztunamann

    Multi NIB reels for sale - So OC

    Shimano NIB (New In Box - Never even opened) - prices firm SOLD BEAST MASTER 9000 A $1,512.00 SOLD SOLD SPEEDMASTER II 16 $281.00 SOLD SOLD TALICA 20II Mono Drag Cam $691.00 SOLD SOLD TALICA 25II Mono Drag Cam $713.00 SOLD SOLD TALICA 10II LEVER DRAG 2 SPD $540.00 SOLD SOLD...
  17. ztunamann

    Skiff - Mako/Hobie/Livingston/Whaler/Key West/etc.

    Hoping to find a nice 15' - 17' skiff for $6K - $8K cash in hand. I know its gonna be tough in that price range but maybe I'll get lucky for once =) Thanks!
  18. ztunamann

    No bottom paint on slipped boat

    So I've always thought that if your boat is going to stay in a slip it needs to have bottom paint even with a monthly diver. Lately heard that for short term lets say June/July/August putting it in a slip without bottom long as a diver cleans every 10 -14 days is an option. Anyone...
  19. ztunamann

    USCG Life Ring & Oar/Paddle

    Need to buy excellent condition life ring & 4' paddle for safety inspection. Dana Point Thanks! Zimm
  20. ztunamann

    Trailer spare wheel & tire

    Need a good condition 215/75 - 14 5-lug spare trailer tire or two. Thanks!
  21. ztunamann


    RTIC 110 Roto-Molded Construction, Heavy Duty T-Latches, Freezer Grade Gasket, Molded Tie Down Slots • Up to 3" of Insulated Walls, Non-Slip Feet, Integrated Locking System, Bear Resistant • Rapid V-Drain System, No Fail Hinges, No Sweat Exterior, Cool Lift Design, Molded Side Handles Brand new...
  22. ztunamann

    Need Painter & Floorer South OC (San Clemente)

    Hey guys looking for an experienced painter who does quality, reasonable interior painting and light drywall/construction and/or also need luxury vinyl plank flooring installer (hopefully BD'er with special BD hook-up price for both) ideally professional do-it-all guy. Any recommendations...
  23. ztunamann

    Pool Table SOLD THX BD!

    Pool Table Good shape High end - $2500 new Sell - SOLD Make offer Dana Point TIA Zimm
  24. ztunamann

    Magma Marine Kettle

    Magma Marine Kettle Never used in carry bag. Gas like new (carry bag a little crappy) W/ deck/ground stand (see pic) Cost: $250+ Sell: $100 cash
  25. ztunamann

    SOLD! Dock Box Thanks BD!

    REDUCED AGAIN: Dock Box - Large 2' x 6' In good condition With FREE power cord (see pic) Cost new: $800 Sell: SOLD! similar to: no interior shocks Email if interested: [email protected] Will deliver...
  26. ztunamann


    Looking for a clean older 24' - 26' center console with a 4-stroke Yamaha or Suzuki (or no power) in the $25K range (I know at this price point its gonna be an older 80's or 90's boat/hull like a Mako/Grady/etc etc). Not worried about electronics/trailer/bait tank/etc and NOT interested in a...
  27. ztunamann

    WTB Trailer Jack

    Need to buy new or like new trailer jack to replace Fulton rusted out POS. Anyone got and oldie but goodie laying around I can get for a cheap price? TIA Zimm
  28. ztunamann

    Wheeler FAT Wrench

    Wheeler FAT Wrench #553-556. New in box MSRP: $59.99 Midway USA: $49.99 Sell: $30 each - great Xmas gift Zimm-Dana point...
  29. ztunamann

    Riffe Metal Tech Series 56" Speargun With slip-tip

    Riffe Metal Tech Series 56" Speargun With slip-tip, 3 bands, used 1x and sat in garage. Paid over $1,000 plus slip-tip. See link: $350 Dana Point Zimm plz PM me for pics
  30. ztunamann

    Riffe Metal Tech Series 56" Speargun

    SOLD!!! Metal Tech Series 56" Speargun With slip-tip, 3 bands, used 1x and sat in garage for years. Paid over $1,000 plus slip-tip. See link...
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    Canon Image Stabilizer bino's

    sale pending
  32. ztunamann

    Canon Image Stabilizer bino's

    sale pending
  33. ztunamann

    Bada$$ Gun Cases
  34. ztunamann

    Gun Cases
  35. ztunamann

    Rogue River and surrounding areas dope needed PLEASE

    Have to head to Rogue River next week to visit the in-laws and I want to bring some fishing gear and check out the area (don't mind driving an hour or two away from Rogue River either if you know of a good spot worth traveling to (i.e. the pacific ocean.). It's my first time to the area so I'm...
  36. ztunamann

    NEEDED: Dana Point boat detailer

    I have a 22' center console (on trailer) and looking for a good detailer to do a full buff on boat and t-too. Any suggestions? TIA, Zimm
  37. ztunamann

    Hardigg Weapon Cases

    PSI Cases Hardigg rotationally molded Hardigg shipping cases and containers are heavy-duty, lightweight, shock resistant, air tight, water proof, and extremely durable. Built for air and ground transportation of specialized equipment, these cases are made from a high-impact polyethylene shell...
  38. ztunamann

    WTB Tacoma (Boys 1st car)

    Looking for a clean Tacoma prefer 4x4 or pre runner. Budget only $10k and Thats why I need help lol.
  39. ztunamann

    WTB: Shakespeare 8700 or 8900 antenna NEW

    Anybody got an extra laying around?
  40. ztunamann

    Best fishfinder??

    Need some advice guys...I have a Garmin combo unit with GPS/sonar/radar and I'm wanting to install a dedicated fish finder and use the Garmin for GPS/Radar only. I have a 22' center console. So my question is: first...what is the best fish finder out there regardless of cost? And...
  41. ztunamann

    WTB: New & Never used VHF Antenna

    Bought a new vhf and want to get a new 8' or longer VHF antenna and cable too... Anyone selling or know of a smoking deal? BTW what's the best vhf antenna on the market? TIA, Zimm
  42. ztunamann

    Drive from Bahia Asuncion to Punta Abreojos Question...

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to drive semi-along the coast from Bahia Asuncion to Punta Abreojos in a F250 4x4? Or do you need to head back in to Mex 1 from Asuncion and go south to the turn-off to Punta Abreojos? Looking at a Mid-March trip. TIA, Zimm
  43. ztunamann

    Need fiberglass/bait tank master...

    Bought a east coast style center console with a live well that even with new pump doesn't keep sardines worth crap. Need a knowledgeable bait tank whisperer to modify it to a true west coast style bait tank. Know anyone you can refer me to? In Dana Point. TIA, Zimm
  44. ztunamann

    Loreto Rental

    I have a nice little pad in Loreto (Loreto Shores Villas two bedroom (2 queen beds), one bath, full kitchen, three a/c units, gated property w/ 24hr security, pool, boat wash/fish cleaning station. $75 per night (3 night minimum) $50 cleaning fee $20...
  45. ztunamann

    Loreto Rental

    I have a nice little pad in Loreto (Loreto Shores Villas two bedroom (2 queen beds), one bath, full kitchen, three a/c units, gated property w/ 24hr security, pool, boat wash/fish cleaning station. $75 per night (3 night minimum) $50 cleaning fee $20...
  46. ztunamann

    Loreto Rental

    I have a nice little pad in Loreto (Loreto Shores Villas two bedroom (2 queen beds), one bath, full kitchen, three a/c units, gated property w/ 24hr security, pool, boat wash/fish cleaning station. $75 per night (3 night minimum) $50 cleaning fee...
  47. ztunamann

    WTB Ice Machina/Ice Maker

    Looking for stand alone ice machine for the garage not the boat. Anyone? TIA, Zimm
  48. ztunamann

    WTB 23' - 25' Center Console

    Looking for a clean 23 - 25 foot center console with 4 stroke (preferably Yamaha). Is my $25K budget enough to make it happen? TIA, Zimm
  49. ztunamann

    HUGE rod & reel garage sale Saturday Dana Point

    CL ad updated 7/31 2:30pm Edit: I got hammered with emails and pm's so a garage sale Saturday ain't gonna work...too many people at once. I'll start try to keep list of stuff updated. Check out the CL link below for all of the info. I don't have further details so please just come check it...
  50. ztunamann

    WTB: Inflatable boat w/ 4-stroke motor

    Looking for a quality brand (Zodiac, Avon, Caribe) small 8' - 9' inflatable boat w/ 4-stroke motor in excellent condition. TIA, Zimm
  51. ztunamann

    SQ GPS Numbers?

    Can anyone provide San Quintin GPS numbers for the offshore spots like the 240, Tuna Hole, etc., etc. or tell me where I can find them? TIA, Zimm
  52. ztunamann

    Slip in San Diego?

    I want to get a slip in SD this summer for better access (compared to Dana or NB) to the pelagics. Boat is a 26' FB and 29'11" OAL. Where should I look? How much will I pay per month? TIA, Zimm
  53. ztunamann

    Loreto update??

    Heading to Loreto manana for 12 days...whats biting? Water/air temp? Wind? Thanks, Zimm
  54. ztunamann

    Silver Fox 32' Blackman?

    Who owns this boat? Heard it is for sale? In San Diego... TIA, Zimm
  55. ztunamann

    Loreto Fish Report???

    We depart this Friday Nov 15th with 22' Bayrunner in tow for 15 days in Loreto. Wondering if anyone has fishing dope and/or reports for the Loreto area? Was down two years ago same time frame and it was roosters, yt, and cabrilla/grouper/reef stuff. Side it possible to do a...
  56. ztunamann

    Auto Painter needed

    Looking for a good and reasonable auto painter...went to Maaco a couple years ago and lets just say :shithappens: TIA, Zimm
  57. ztunamann

    Ensenada Bait Situation

    The last time I fished out of the Coral a few years ago...bait could be purchased in Ensenada harbor at Mike's bait he still in business? Other options? We will be at the Coral the first week of July! :hali_olutta: TIA, Zimm
  58. ztunamann

    New Bayrunner WELDER Person

    The rough ride back from BOLA tore the friggin eyelet right out of the aluminum on the bow of the bayrunner and lifted-up some aluminum around it...can you say "Thank gawd it didnt happen on the trip down"? I need a repair shop that is familiar with aluminum boats and can do aluminum welding...
  59. ztunamann

    Ford F150 SuperCrew 4x4 NICE!!!

    2005 Ford F 150 Four Door Super Crew 4WD, XLT, 5.4L V8, 130K Freeway Miles (I commute to Ontario every day), Brand new Toyo Open Country AT ($1,500), Tow Pkg, New Ball Joints ($750), New Wet Okole seat covers ($300). This truck is sweet and gets a lot of compliments. It does have some dents...
  60. ztunamann

    Fix holes that were drilled in Kodiak baittank???

    Bought a used Kodiak bait tank and it has two or three holes drilled in the sides that piss water out...What is the best method to plug these holes? TIA, Zimm
  61. ztunamann

    Shimano Calcutta 401D (Lefty) New

    Brand new Shimano Calcutta 401D (Left Hand) It has never had line on it and obviously has never been fished...100% Like New condition. No Box I paid $379.99 plus tax (over $400) and I will let it go for $300 cash. No Box TIA, Zimm
  62. ztunamann

    BOLA GPS Numbers

    We are taking the new boat to BOLA the first weekend in May and I was wondering where I can find GPS numbers for the area??? TIA, Zimm :hali_olutta:
  63. ztunamann

    Outboard mechanic South OC Suzuki 4 Stroke

    I need a little maintenance done on my Suzuki DF115 and was hoping to find a really good, honest, reasonable mechanic in Dana Point area...I know I'm asking too much but any recommendations would be appreciated. Zimm :hali_olutta:
  64. ztunamann

    South OC Trailer Repair??

    Does anyone know a good place in South OC (I am in Dana Point) to bring my Pacific trailer for some maintenance that is honest and has reasonable prices? TIA, Zimm
  65. ztunamann

    Vessel Assist

    I know there are some discounts available out there for Vessel Assist...anyone know where? Fred Hall?
  66. ztunamann

    Need a ride

    Looking for a ride out fishin 7/16 - 7/20 for me and my son. Got gas/bait/lunch money!! TIA, Zimm
  67. ztunamann

    Passport needed for minors flying to Cabo???

    We are taking the kids fishing in Cabo this summer...flying Santa Ana to Cabo. Do they need a passport or will a birth certificate suffice like it does when we drive to Ensenada?? :cussing: TIA, Zimm
  68. ztunamann

    Casitas in Loreto???

    Last minute trip to Loreto next week and or usual beach front place is rented out in Loreto Shores and so are all of the other casitas in there. Where do you guys like to stay in Loreto? I'm not too into hotels but rather an individual casitas prefereable on the beach. TIA, Zimm...
  69. ztunamann

    Robalo 1820 Center Console

    1995 Robalo 18' center console, Mercury 150HP 2-stroke, Pacific galvanized trailer, aluminum t-top, 2 new batteries, ICOM VHF, new CD-AM/FM, many extra's. Motor starts right-up and runs great. Not sure how many hours but not a lot. View in Dana Point. $9,500 obo.
  70. ztunamann

    150 - 175 HP 4-Stroke Outboard

    In the market for a very clean 150 horse four stroke with low hours. Need controls/gauges/prop also. TIA, Zimm
  71. ztunamann

    Bay of LA

    It has been many years since my last trip to BOLA. We are heading down in mid June. What is the best hotel these days if air conditioning and location are the top two requirements? Also, we want to super-panga offshore one day and panga near shore another...who would you recommend? Any and...
  72. ztunamann

    Need a New Whip

    I am in the market for a truck (needs to have back seat for the kids) or a SUV. Prefer a Ford or Toyota in 4x4. I have $8K cash. What ya got? What ya seen? TIA, Zimm [email protected]
  73. ztunamann

    Ruger Mini 14 .223

    Ruger Mini 14 .223 Lightly shot and well maintained. SOLD!
  74. ztunamann

    NEW 2010 Yamaha YZ450F NEVER RIDEN

    Cost $8,200 you'll pay $9,000 out the mine it has NEVER BEEN RIDDEN for $7,000! Injury forces sale!
  75. ztunamann

    Lowrance HDS-5 w/Thru Hull Ducer

    Guys, Looking for a Lowrance HDS-5 w/ thru-hull 50/200 transducer in new condition. Anyone? TIA, Zimm
  76. ztunamann

    Need Ride Sunday

    Anybody need another for Sunday fishing tuna? Zimm [email protected]
  77. ztunamann

    Need Cat Dope

    Headin to Catalina Wednesday night fishin Thursday & Friday.......anybody heard what is biting and where??? i am aware of the existence of Fishdope but looking for a little help is all...geez! TIA, Zimm
  78. ztunamann

    Need Cat Dope

  79. ztunamann

    WTB XXL Free Dive wetsuit

    I am looking for a Free Diving suit in XXL. The Riffe suit is WAY too expensive for me and thought maybe someone had one for sale or knew of a killer deale on one! TIA, Zimm
  80. ztunamann

    I need a ride Saturday......

    I am looking to crew on a tuna run fishin Saturday. Thx, Zimm [email protected] 714.822.1955
  81. ztunamann


    Need to replace the junk batteries that were in the 18' center console Robalo when I bought it used. The motor is a Merc 150 2-stroke but plan to upgrade to a Yamaha 150 four stroke this winter. What do you guys recommend for batteries? Size/Amps/Brands/Retail/etc....... I want it all...
  82. ztunamann

    Compound Bow

  83. ztunamann

    Compound Bow

    Selling my Buckmaster G2 Next Generation compound bow (right hand) that has been shot VERY lightly. Bow retails for $500 plus $200 in accessories (Case/Quiver/Sight/Release/Misc. Arrows) for Total paid $700 plus tax. I will sell this sweet set-up for $300 cash FIRM. Review: Buckmaster G2...
  84. ztunamann

    Glock 22

  85. ztunamann

    GPS Spots

    Hey guys, just bought a new (used) boat and wanted to load the GPS with all the local banks and wrecks...where can I find a good listing of GPS Spots w/ LAT/LON??? TIA, Zimm
  86. ztunamann

    E-Collar FS

    D.T. Systems H20 1820 training collar used one time...SOLD Cabela's -- DT Systems H20 1820 Series Training Collar
  87. ztunamann

    WTS: Electronic Collar

    D.T. Systems Super Trainer H20 1820 Electronic Collar I paid $295 @ BPS and used it once. Sell for $175 I am in Laguna Niguel Cabela's -- DT Systems H20 1820 Series Training Collar
  88. ztunamann

    WTS: .270 WSM...Like New

    Kimber 8400 Classic in .270 WSM Kimber - Continuing The Legacy Leupold VXIII 3.5 x 10 Leupold || VX-III 3.5-10x50mm With sling and case...used on one elk dead bull. I have well over $2,000 into this fine rifle and will let it go for $1,400.
  89. ztunamann

    Yak fishin Loreto

    Heading down to Loreto for the next couple weeks of R&R...bringin a couple yak's... Tryin to figure out what is the best lure/area/technique for kayak fishin off of Loreto? Any good spear fishin spots from the yak? What type of critters? Sure appreciate it! Hola! Zimm
  90. ztunamann

    Loreto Dope.....

    Heading down to Loreto this weekend for a couple weeks of R&R...bringin a couple yak's and we will also hire a pangero a few of the days. What are the HOT artificials to use down there? What is the best lure/area/technique for kayak fishin off of Loreto? Any good spear fishin spots from the...
  91. ztunamann

    WTB: Need Fishing Kayak for CHEAP...

    I am heading to baja for a couple weeks and need one more yak (with seat & paddle)for the about $300 to spend...anyone seen a screamin deal out there??? Thanks in advance! Zimm
  92. ztunamann

    WANTED: Loreto Beach House

    We are heading to Loreto (or points South) over the Thanksgiving Holiday and want to rent a beach house...Anybody have some info on a good rental in or near Loreto? Thanks All!
  93. ztunamann

    What is the best book???

    Can anyone tell me what there favorite baja fishing and/or camping book is??? Planning a 10 day trip over Thanksgiving. Thanks!
  94. ztunamann

    Remington shotgun for sale...

    For Sale: (Edit: SOLD!!!!!!!) Very cool gun...engraved Remington 1100 in .410 (only auto .410 ever made). Very good condition, in original box. Has adult stock and custom youth stock also. Maybe three or four boxes of shells thru it. SOLD Custom Springfield 25-06 rifle. Beautiful...
  95. ztunamann

    Dog trainer San DIego??

    Does anyone know of a good dog trainer in the Sandy Eggo area? I have a semi-trained yellow lab that needs some work. We mainly hunt upland. Thanks!
  96. ztunamann

    Dent Removal

    My 2005 F-150 looks like a 1995! :hali_ruahahaha: Anybody here give BD'ers deals on dent removal?
  97. ztunamann

    Need a ride Thursday TUNA.....

    Anyone going out Wednesday night/Thursday morning fishing Thursday for Tuna? I am available to chip in gas, bait, cleaning!!! Zimm
  98. ztunamann

    Mtn. Quail

    I was able to take a little hunting trip that I disguised as a family camping trip! Headed up to the southern sierra for the weekend with the two kids and dog in tow. Went to a killer little camp ground a buddy of mine told me about at around 7,000 feet. Scouted some good lookin canyons on the...
  99. ztunamann

    Lab For Sale...

    I have a beautiful, 18 month old, smallish yellow female lab. She is bred out of Orion Kennels in Redbluff and has spent the last seven months training with Steve Stevens at Applewood Retreivers. She is an awesome hunting dog as well as a super sweet family dog. I am painfully letting her go...
  100. ztunamann

    FL Keys

    Fished Islamorada last thurs - fri for all you wanted sailfishin...sight casting live balihoo on 20 lb spin gear(FL guys love the coffee grinders!)= ton-a-fun! Fished Key West two days with Capt. RT and it was windy but the wreck fishin was a blast for grouper, snapper, jacks, king fish and...
  101. ztunamann

    Lost GSP???

    From JHO: Zimm
  102. ztunamann

    chuk, chuk, chukar

    Sunday, November 13th, 7:00 am, Mojave desert: Took me and my nephew out to look for some partridge Sunday morning. Birds were up high in the rocks atop the ridges, heckling us as usual. Still feeling the effects from Friday nights festivities (yes a two-dayer...gettin old!) began the...
  103. ztunamann


    Where does a brotha find the best source of info on yak fishing? I want to get into it and buy a good used yak. Where should I start? Zimm
  104. ztunamann

    San Jose Del Cabo HELP!?!?!?!?

    I will be in San Jose Del Cabo Sept 2nd thru 9th. Where is the best place to hire a Super Panga? We want to target yellowfin tuna, not interested in billfish. How much is a day of fishing and can a panga make it to the tuna grounds? Any and all advise welcome please! TIA, Zimm
  105. ztunamann

    HO-Pin 2 HO Friday

    My ride fell thru for Friday anybody need one for tuna? TIA, Zimm
  106. ztunamann

    What up at Catalina???

    Heading to Cat tomorrow (Saturday) and need some dope (Info) :) TIA, Zimm
  107. ztunamann

    Trout fishing trip help needed...

    Hey Guys & Gals, I am taking my kids (6 & 9) camping the first week of August and need some advice. We will be in a 4x4 truck/camper with a aluminum boat. I am into getting off the beaten path and getting somewhere up high. Somewhere pretty of course with lots of tree's and a lake...
  108. ztunamann

    Who needs a BIG HO Tuesday?

    Looking for a ride Wednesday for Albies or SCI...Anyone??? Zimm
  109. ztunamann

    Need a ride Sat

    Anyone fishing Albies or WSB need a crew of 1 for this Saturday? Let me know I'm game! TIA Zimm
  110. ztunamann

    Amato Super Panga's...Any Good???????

    I am looking at a 1999 Amato Marlin 26' SuperPanga with a GAS 5.7 Merc with Duo-Prop. Pretty bare bones but in good shape. Seller says she carries 110 fuel, cruises at 30 knots, and has 250+ range. Says she is an "excellent" blue water boat. Does anyone have one or have experience with one...
  111. ztunamann

    1999 Johnson Oceanrunner 200

    Saw a nice boat for sale with this power and I was wondering if anyone had an experience with one...good, bad, indifferent? I think I remember hearing of major problems with these's motors that were so prominent on Seaswirls around this vintage??????? Thanks, Zimm
  112. ztunamann

    Paint a 22' Center Console???

    If you were going to have a 22' Mako center console painted...How, Where, What, When, Why, WHO would you use? I have heard the guys in Ensanada do a bang up job for 1/2 price vs. state side. Please help me out with your knowledge and experience! Mucho gracias! Zimm PS Any guesstaments...
  113. ztunamann

    Ensenada questionona?????????

    Guys, Me and one buddy fishing out of Ensenada Saturday. What panga captain would you recommend and do you have any contact info? Will any of them chase exotics or is it only a Todos Santos deal? Anyone gonna be down there need crew? Thanks in advance, Zimm
  114. ztunamann

    Skip 24 re-furb?????

    Guys, found a cheap 1978 Skip flybridge with a deisel and trailer for cheap. It needs a lot of work, can you help answer a few questions for me? cost to have the whole boat painted with LP including prep and trim? cost to rebuild volvo diesel AQD40? cost to completely re-wire the right...
  115. ztunamann

    I'm available to crew Saturday...

    Anyone need experienced crew Saturday fishing YFT? I am goin nuts lookin at these counts!!! Fished Sunday out of the Coral and only got YT! HELP!!! :nopity: Zimm [email protected]
  116. ztunamann

    Hope for a ride Saturday

    EDIT: Moved to OFFSHORE board... Zimm [email protected]
  117. ztunamann

    I need a ride tonight...

    Anyone need a good stick for tuna and tails tonight/tomorrow? Got gear (Shimano slave). Got cash for fuel, bait, yada, yada. Zimm :notworthy [email protected]om