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    New squid color

    Tecurr Recurring theme for me dating back to when I didn't use digital photography. I guess it still bothers folks that I will never post a photo on this site. LOL I've kept my word to myself and those that trust my professional reputation in my industry have made plans to fish this squid...
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    New squid color

    Never. That would break a personal vow.
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    New squid color

    Three Rivers Marine in Woodinville is the first to stock our new Golden Bait 3.5" squid. OKM314R , a color the Washington Trollers association had in the cuttlefish size as their lure of the year a while back. Basically the UV pearl body with Aqua blue and spatter on one side. I was So , SO...
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    Don't think they compared with some bar crossings on charters at Westport, but we hit some nasty green water coming back from Hope Island in the mid eighties in our 20ft cabin cruiser. Only time I ever heard dad say " Boys, I think we should get the life jackets out" The constant waves washing...
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    Hunting Plans / Expectations ????

    Kinda comes and goes. Since the 96 winter kill and the 3Pt minimum the cycle seems to produce them just before we have some banner years again. Personally, I do think poor horn genes come into play. The big forkies survive into the down cycles. I did see a group of five yearling bucks all...
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    Hunting Plans / Expectations ????

    DUST! Cough, cough , cough. Egads was our spot dusty! Armies of hunters. Not many deer hanging either. My brother filled his whitetail doe tag. I had a big bodied buck dead to rights on Thursday but couldn't put a third point on him. Lots of grouse, mostly blues. Only one turkey sighting. Best...
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    Scotty brake handle

    I need to invent an electric downrigger that sounds like a bad ass chainsaw revving its motor so all you asshats can feel like your dick is bigger while you use it! Jeez so much Cannon/Scotty hate.
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    Disappearing licenses?

    Just the license. The CRC has its own reprint fee to discourage those who 'lose' their card to get around the annual limit species. Same thing for game tags. Now, the dealer terminals did get replaced recently. Maybe this trick doesn't work anymore. My local dealer lets me behind the counter to...
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    Disappearing licenses?

    I was a dealer for 20 years. Served as a dealer advisor committee member for 18 of those years. My committee opined that the paper stock was a mistake and unsuitable from day one. Unfortunately there are very few companies that do this sort of business and the state has entered into a contract...
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    Picky Tuna - What to Do? Albacore, PNW Only

    If you took some of the bend out of it it might swim ok at 5kts. They get kinda crazy at 4 fishing coho. I was thinking casting them after the troll hook up. Interesting that there was a krocodile mention above, we have a small amount of casting weight spoons in the parts room that's been...
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    Picky Tuna - What to Do? Albacore, PNW Only

    Try a coho killer. This came up when Cornfed a great tuna talk I attended a few years ago. General consensus was the tuna would hit them , but they would straighten out and tater up the lure. I suggested the Harvey Kelly tie ( RIP Harv!) but don't know if anyone ever tried it. Tie your leader to...
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    2021 coho derby intel, for free! Sorta kinda maybe

    The closer any salmon gets to maturity and its home river the tighter the scales. Transitioning back to fresh water makes it a survival trait. Yes, blackmouth in particular have very loose scales, those 2-3 year old fish might not survive netting and releasing because of it. Even with soft...
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    2021 coho derby intel, for free! Sorta kinda maybe

    Generally size, amount of sea lice,they're shaped a bit different. They fight harder and tend to follow the known migration routes. The residents tend to hang around their feeding grounds. Takes some experience and a good eye and you'll know one when you see them
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    2021 coho derby intel, for free! Sorta kinda maybe

    Hit area ten this morning with dad and my brother. Wanted to get some crab after laying off them for a few weeks and look for some early coho ahead of the derbies. Now we have our Edmonds derby tickets so I can't give away too much, BUT we did kill 4 ocean coho with stinks jumping all around us...
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    Pacific cod in A9, A10

    We used eat them on the boat as we caught them. One of the reasons we removed the two burner stove and turned it into a tackle station was the lack of cod fish to eat fresh while salmon fishing.
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    Hunting Plans / Expectations ????

    My group just noticed how very liberal this years fall turkey season is. Quite a few combination guns in camp the last few years. ( I was the first to get one) Might be some extra tags filled in deer camp this year.
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    Solo netting tips and tricks?

    Try to find one of the how to books on mooching written way back in the day. Those guys used incredibly light leaders , soft glass rods and often fished solo. They also were experts on adjustable sliding leaders that closed the fishes mouth on hookup to tire them out. Might be some tips worth...
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    Drift jigging in the Sound

    Run your drift, reel up and run to the head of the drift and repeat. Maybe use the kicker in reverse a bit jigging. Mooching we always drift no motor. Motor mooching is a different sort of game. Almost, not quite trolling Set up as for a drift, drop your baits to the bottom for kings and kick...
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    WDFW Picking On Tribes!!!

    Anyone who is foolish enough to buy shellfish without seeing a health certificate regardless of the sellers affiliation deserves whatever toxin, bacteria or pollution they consume. Clam poachers dig on closed beaches all the time. The June heatwave has vibrio levels through the roof right now...
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    Saltwater Got lucky

    Man, it would be really, REALLY expensive to retool the die so the spoons wouldn't have coho killer stamped on the belly!
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    Westport Crab

    Dude, if you're posting about Westport crab in the hunting forum most folks will assume you mean the jumping variety and that you are a a DOG! Awwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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    Saltwater Top new tip for 2021

    Got better today. Somehow managed to fumble my glasses overboard wearing gloves in between crab pots this morning. Just wanted to wipe water off one lens and knocked them right off my face. I've had my share of stumblebum dumbass moments aleady this season and I'm probably not done yet. Get yer...
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    Saltwater Top new tip for 2021

    Never ever, EVER let a bottle of Garlic Bloody Tuna fall, break off its top and spill all over the inside of the cabin! Man, PEEEEEEEEE-yew, lemme tell ya.
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    Saltwater A10 Jeff Head Coho

    Every farmer has to harvest the crop. I am always astounded how some see the seaweed, hold course, plow through it and complain. Yeah, there are days we all end up farming the crops and the weeded up rip lines are great places to fish. Drive smart and check gear often. I don't leave the rods in...
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    My #2 Go To Lure for Big Kings

    that's not just a turd, its an ULTRAVIOLET turd!
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    Brunswick acquiring Navico

    I had a Brunswick bowling ball I liked alot
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    Saltwater Port Ludlow - July 4th weekend

    Crabbing will be open by then. There used to be a pretty big open market in Pt Gamble most weekends, and sometimes a midevil faire......maybe too many covid rules still? Up the other way, getting a burger at Fat Smitty's on the bottom end of disco bay is always worthy. Might be a few good blooms...
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    A puzzle

    Trimmed along the edge of the walk and there was a hole in the ground that got exposed. Then there was a small cloud of angry residents around the weedeater head. I probably killed some, but backed away fast rather than tally up the dead.
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    Saltwater Area 10 report June 21 2021

    On fathers day I don't think I once got more than three minutes of clean fishing time on a rod before it got jellies. Looked like there was an algae bloom going on too. The water looked gunky.
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    A puzzle

    My premonition was valid I guess. I discovered a ground hornets nest right on the edge of my front walkway when I mowed the lawn this week. Yellowjackets it looks like. Didn't get zapped, but they didn't care much for the weedeater.
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    A puzzle

    Bears. No way would the deer still be there. We have a cinnamon sow who has had triplets at least three times since 2015 that we know of.
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    A puzzle

    What's the fire danger from that in uber dry east side conditions?
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    A puzzle

    Those are the top two choices before my post. Smoke was suggested too. My drag rope I carry might???? be long enough.......maybe. After dark, well the bears would be a-ok with daring some hornets for deer. Shit, they'd just eat both!
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    A puzzle

    So this has been bothering me for a couple of weeks now. Once I had all my permit apps in the dreams of dream hunts started their annual parade through my brain. One dream wasn't so great and left me with a puzzle tough enough that my peers who have heard this story shudder and curse me out for...
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    Wa permits

    Nada for me. Dad was a bust, as well as two more of our camp. BUT, my brother and two others in our camp put in as a Group and drew Second Deer Whitetail Antlerless for Chiliwist. Now I gotta convince those bozos ( read my brother :-) ) to learn how to set up and use a fawn bleat instead of...
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    Time to sell your boat

    This is old news. We were briefed on this at NOF. It would only affect us in really bad years. Nice knee jerk reaction though.
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    Delivered yesterday

    Since I hired on so many paints have been discontinued by manufacturers. Watching Kelly and the paint shop work out processes on paint they've never or rarely used makes me glad it is not my job! What I have learned is getting any paint to stick to chrome or laquered silver is almost impossible...
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    Delivered yesterday

    So, I texted instead. Soon, soon.....oh the anticipation. Sweet
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    Do I just suck at lingcod fishing or what?

    We lost a few brood years back around 2015-2017. With several age classes of fish mostly missing that should have been keeper size.....well, don't be too hard on yourself.
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    Saltwater MA10 salmon season delayed

    I say let those A10 coho have the delay. They'll be four bites per fillet instead of two bites. As for 8-1 the only advice I really have is the fish ride the tides, and Deception Pass must be fun for them! Shwoosh
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    Saltwater Prawns 2021

    I was at the bottom end of Brown's Bay, as usual and the crowd was very, very much lighter than the opener. Right in front of the Edmonds marina did seem a bit more crowded. Up by Meadowdale didn't look too packed.... We called it early 13 shrimp short of our fourth limit. Had a few issues! No...
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    Delivered yesterday

    After many requests Kelly and the paint shop worked out the process to create spoon color #390 Bob Marley on a Coho Killer. It's a complicated sucker too. I delivered part of the initial run to Three Rivers Marine yesterday just before closing. I'm making sure to post about it because I saw they...
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    Saltwater Prawns 2021

    We got our four limits, working just three traps. Reset the first two, stacked #3 after the first pull. About 90-100 prawns per trap. It was a shit show north of Edmonds. Way more boats than last year and more than a few of them decided to drive like crazed maniacs in the sloppy seas. Two of our...
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    Razor Clamming

    If the weather stays nice the clams will start to spawn. Ewwwww. Milky soft clams with all the fat in the diggers gone.
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    Works everywhere but WA

    A recent article in California Sportsmen really caught my eye. Private trout farms have been hired to raise Chinook . Hatchery space limitations and water quality issues preventing new hatcheries or expanding existing facilities led to the move. The trout farms have good water, existing ponds...
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    Works everywhere but WA

    I've been following the fishery down there rather closely. Reading all kinds of stuff ranging from DNA differences between springs and falls to the trucking of fish we're talking about on this thread. The price paid for trucking and barging is the 'stray rate'. Removing the fish from their...
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    Works everywhere but WA

    Works well to. One of our clients, Capt Khahn has been sending Kelly daily pics of 8 fish limits of Chinook on his charter boat. Thursday he had his customers back on the dock by 7:30 AM with their fish.
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    Area 13 Emergency ESA Closure

    Can't remember exactly off the top of my head. Going through review, public comment and formal adoption of the LOAF now. I betcha about the time everyone's halibut, ling and shrimp jones get somewhat dealt with you'll be greasing your salmon reels and pinching barbs on new lures:-)
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    Area 13 Emergency ESA Closure

    Ok, so without a permit from the feds we can not authorise any fishery or activity that has 'take' of an endangered species. For a number of years now we have not had a 4D permit that has more than a years length. Our last submittal of a multi year Chinook management plan was deemed...
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    I see that action and sometimes wish those were rigged with a single hook! Looks killer and some of the colors look a lot like sand shrimp.
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    We sell a ton of that style on the east coast, here on the west coast not so much. Guys here like to run multiple jigs and when they don't see a loop on the bottom for an easy tie up they tend to pass. I do know that for finesse fishing the jigs of that style with the forward belly weight have...
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    The early summer squid guys in the know chase in Elliott Bay are super small. Use your smallest spider hooks. I am going to keep a rigged rod handy this summer. Start doing some drops on the bait balls I mark. They can be caught in daylight too. They've never been shy about grabbing Buzz Bombs...
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    Tackle management recommendations?

    Boxes. Cardboard, metal, tackle. Bags. Cabinets with lots of drawers. Shelves. Heck even my pockets, and when that wasn't enough I salvaged peg board panels from closing down Ed's Surplus and hung them on the walls of my shop to hang tackle all over the walls too! The ceiling is next.
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    Saltwater Razor clam digging on the long Beach Peninsula - big delay

    Latest I ever remember a dig was early to mid May. Doubled up the weekend with a Westport halibut charter, which was super cool. The clams had started to spawn a bit though. A tad milky and the fat in the diggers was going a bit soft and dark. I betcha the warm weather this week could trigger an...
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    Local knowlege for Rod and reel for Halibut

    The gear and bait used for halibut is typically too large to interest many yelloweye. Gear used to target other fish tends to be smaller and more interesting to the fishes that don't deal with barotrauma as well. I got the chance to participate in a NOAA rockfish/barotrauma catch and release...
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    Offshore energy

    Yes, the coast of Washington is considered prime for oil and gas drilling. Clearly marked as such on my 1978 copy of Moen's Mineral Resource Map I got from the state Geology lab in Oly. Lots of ideas on different large scale power infrastructure and their merits. If I may add my two cents; I...
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    Mooching with mooching reels?

    Estate and garage sales. Look for six pack captains who retire. Three times at Ed's I bought extensive parts collections from retired charter operators who preferred to work on their old reels. Buy every parts carcass you can find. Spend up for new unused drag washers, drive gears, pawls and...
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    Mooching with mooching reels?

    I think part of preference for levelwind in the sound is how deep we tend to mooch. Out in the ocean I've done ten foot drops often. Three pulls is all you need. For fussy kings and blackmouth those long single action rods are perfect for long, light leaders. That being said, the latest...
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    Bait Utility Knife

    So silly, all this talk of just one knife. There should be as many knives on your boat as there are fishing rods!
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    Any advantage to buying a trailer out of state?

    Make sure it is Washington legal too. Every state doesn't require brakes on all axles the way Washington does. Back when Ed's was a King Trailer dealer we sold numerous no brake trailers for use in Alaska and hoo doggy did we have to make a damn clear paper trail to prove it would never roll on...
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    east elliot bay wild kings

    Green/Duwamish river Chinook are an integrated stock. Zero genetic difference between clipped hatchery fish and natural spawners. Green river fish were extensively used in most hatchery programs around the state for decades.
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    Saltwater How far north do squid go?

    The squid don't like fresh water much. The Skagit, Stilly, and Snohomish puke too much muddy water after a good rain and it pushes the squid away. Down on the Edmonds Pier once high slack is over the timer starts. When the muddy brown water pushes down from up north its over until the next incoming.
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    Killing fish one tire at a time

    I suspect things were worse back when we still had lead in our gasoline. But, back then we also had the best hatchery system into the world to mitigate things.
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    Razor Clams closed due to Toxins

    Domoic Acid wasn't quantified until recently, true, but its effects have been embedded into popular culture for longer than I've been alive. The amnesiac symptoms in sea birds off the California coast was the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock's classic The Birds.
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    First hunt of the season is always sketchy

    I must confess, I had a heck of a time this year. After a long search, I found most of the herd neatly put away, clean and tidy in a drawer. Something must be wrong with me.
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    Saltwater Meadow Point

    Hoochies. I like herring strips hit with herring/anise , Lunker Lotion or Smelly Jelly liquid. Then VERY liberally sprinkled with pure krill powder. I usually rub the carked out herring all over the flasher every time I reset too. The krill is crucial, there's always a bunch in the coho.
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    Saltwater Meadow Point

    Another thought, if anyone is feeling brave. Try those big spinners guys troll for coho on the Columbia. Dave Lee of Three Rivers Marine suggested it at a PSA SnoKing meeting a number of years ago, but I never heard if anyone tried it.
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    Saltwater Meadow Point

    Bust out the old metal flashers too. F4 Piscator with a super short leader, 1-1.5 flasher lengths. More vibration in the metal blade. Adding a Colorado or willow leaf spinner in the middle of a leader can help too. Gotta piss em off.
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    First hunt of the season is always sketchy

    The great annual boot sock hunt is about to begin! Where did they migrate to since I last needed a pair in February? How many mated pairs are in mourning for a lost mate? Do I have the whole herd or is new stock about to be introduced??? I didn't get any for Christmas last year, so this might...
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    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    One for three. Tough day out there. Farmed up several bales of seaweed.
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    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    Brad's Super Cut plugs. I like the blackjack pattern. After carking out your herring strips , chop up what's left add scent and stuff some inside the bait. Just be sure it's a Gold Star squid or an Ace Hi Fly you're putting the strips on!
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    Everett Coho Derby 2020

    Dad, Russ and I will be out on the MUGWUMP representing Silver Horde. We'll be fishing our metal flashers. I now have a BB12 in the #837 MUGWUMP pattern! Got a fresh jar of pure krill powder for my herring strips. Ready to roll, even bought dads ticket for him because I am a good son. Take that...
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    bra adds

    Oh CRAP. I got the same ad for bagels TWICE! And a ad for an album; The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins. I assume I now have to beg for some sort of forgiveness from the gallery?
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    Adds are silly

    Advertising works in unintended ways..... I am now convinced that Geico will NEVER GET A SINGLE CENT FROM THIS DRIVER!!! Fucking piss poor marketing strategy.
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    Adds are silly

    Don't forget, the G in Geico does stand for Government!
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    Boat window hard water spots

    Leave the water spots on. It has to be good training for dealing with cataracts. Unless you have cataracts already and just THINK your windows have water spots!
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    Sunglass holder

    When we redid the electronics and dropped the CB radio dad turned the empty slot in the overhead into a mini glove box. No door, but it holds all the paperwork for a CG inspection, microfiber cloth for wiping down screens, a couple of wallets, sunglasses and maybe a cell phone. Except like most...
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    Seigler Reels Anyone?

    The only way for a righty to properly use a LH reel is to turn backwards to the fish, rod over the left shoulder. Left hand holding the butt and right hand cranking! And yes, I do repeat myself with this reminder! :-)
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    Sea lion culling

    if you can find a copy of Inside on the Outdoors by Enos Bradner you will find an article and photo about L. Morrison who killed a sea lion back in the forties by Apple Tree Pt. If I remember correctly he unloaded 7 rounds of buckshot to 'quell the beast' . A few years back a sea lion died of...
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    How do you guys cram pots onto your boats?

    Gotta ditch the bowrider. Get the bigger boat:-)
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    Road trip with fishing

    Years and years ago I caught a pair of huge rainbows at Horsethief lake near Cascade Resevoir in Idaho. Shore fishing. Caught each one after the water truck came down to fill its tanks. Suction stirred up the action. Cascade itself had some dandy perch way back then too.
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    Anyone used the Edmonds sling on a weekend recently?

    The worst parts about using Edmonds these days is the porta potty and when the whale watching boat is loading and unloading passengers. The sling/gas dock staff have been doing great. We'll see how crazy Wednesday's shrimp opener gets.
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    Rebuilt the hunting tent today.

    If I posted a pic I would be breaking a vow.
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    Downrigger Upgrade

    Egads those Magnum Metal riggers are butt ugly and ungainly looking with the motor sticking out the back. Kinda surprised they're not offering a steam punk version! That being said, the company is out of the Great Lakes. While downriggers were invented out there, I cite the full history. Early...
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    Rebuilt the hunting tent today.

    The old one took a serious whollop in a wind storm at 4600 feet last elk season. I converted a Costco 10X20 backyard shelter/ garage into a wall tent about 15-16 years ago. Been a great set up on the cheap. Put a 12X14 pop up shelter in front for a kitchen, added a wooden door, a wood stove and...
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    Halibut in the straits again?

    Back in my tackle shop days I had a very few customers who loaded 600 feet of cable on their riggers and towed big plugs for halibut out of Sekiu. Working 250-400 feet of water. Said there wasn't the same structure out there as there was on the more easterly banks. They wanted to avoid dogfish...
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    Halibut in the straits again?

    Run 7" plugs off the downriggers in deep water.
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    Miss Manners Raises Her Ugly Head

    Ah, the bitterness of dark, dark winter on the first day of August!! Warms my wretched evil heart. I just fuckin knew the second pot of coffee was a good idea:-)
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    Found crab pot protocol

    I agree that enforcement's priority is pots in the water. After 18 yrs at a tackle shop I take a rather strict view of the regs. So many folks are always looking for that loophole. Then when they got ticketed it was my fault, along the lines of, "but you SAID......" {Sigh} So, over the years I...
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    Found crab pot protocol

    no more than two pots per person, no limit of total pots. I have to throw two pots in the back of the canopy every time the one seasicker on our crew bags out at the last minute. And the case where I pulled that pot was unique, with the buoys being unmarked.
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    Port Angeles Mooching: The 1970's

    That "leather patch" is called a Thumbstall . I believe the advent of the new braided lines could bring about a come back of the old tool. There's been a couple of times on fish or a bottom snag with my ling cod jigging stick when I burnt my thumb!
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    Saltwater Where are the area 9 and 10 pictures

    Only saw two nets fly at Pilot Pt yesterday and both fish got nabbed by seals. Neither fish looked very big. We popped a few shakers and released one wild coho off Norwegian Pt later.....certainly as slow a start to king season as I can recall.
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    Found crab pot protocol

    If your own crab gear is on board you can go over your two pot per person allowed on the vessel. The only floater I've ever pulled had no markings on the buoys. Dumbass set a double buoy stick on an unweighted pot. All brand new with the price tags still on it. It was in 600 FOW in the shipping...
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    Help out a brotha? Chinook fishing

    SOG on the plotter is great info.......BUT, it is no substitute for keen observation. When you set your gear, watch it! I like to get down just enough to watch the flasher rotation and lure action . Then adjust the speed until I see what I'm looking for. Sometimes trolling with the tide flashers...
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    Navionics accuracy

    KimH nailed it. What data was used to draw the chart in the first place? If the chart data is old or inaccurate the GPS location puts you 'on paper' in relation to that data. Navionics didn't send out survey and mapping teams to write them new charts, that's for sure. My collection of 3.5 minute...
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    Test tank

    So, a few months back the last fish in the tank died. I'm considering turning it into a lure test tank! The tank is 48"X15"X16" . Not quite wide enough to test a 11" flasher, but maybe an 8? Was thinking of using a DC bilge pump and scavenging the power dial off an old electric trolling motor to...
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    Thanks For Nothing!

    The one day I shrimped in MA6 this year was very definitely the most buoys I've seen on that bank before. I did see the plane do the fly over too. That said; was it the usual pilot/plane - observer crews doing the work? If not , how experienced were the crews working? In normal years buoy counts...
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    Looking for help in area 10

    I would concentrate on the west side of ten for the king season. The strength of the run is Puyallup and Nisqually fish this year and they tend to migrate down that side. Early the north part of the Marine Area, then follow the fish south. If the fishing is hot the quota may not last and guys...
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    Saltwater Shrimping area 6

    If You set up your own Spot Prawn Autonomous Zone you'll just have to live in the SPAZ :-)
  100. H

    Weapons on Mass Destruction

    The Stepford Fishing Reels???? Variety is the spice of life ya know! :-)
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    I never stopped calling that Historic Building the Seattle Center Colosseum when Key Bank paid to add their hideous signage. Amazon doesn't have enough money to make me change my ways now either.
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    MA13 Rock Crab

    Because the numerous ne'er-do-wells, cheaters, poachers and general scum of the earth would use a rock crab season to steal dungies.
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    Time for a Pot Puller

    I used a Scotty puller once. It was plenty strong. It was also mounted way to low for my bad back. Just slapping one onto your DR mount is going to give you The Hunch. The pullers capstan was so small it made tight coils of the line that made line management tougher. Was glad to get back on the...
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    Pop ups....

    Pop up ads very clearly inform me which douche bag companies I will NEVER spend any of my hard earned dollars with.
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    Wa Permit Hunts

    The Not Selected Club got full attendance from me and mine. Sigh, this club sucks.
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    An organization to get behind

    Its going to take a long, long time to get the reek of Curt Smitch out of FNW.
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    Can anyone identify this transducer

    Are you sure the Heisenberg Compensator doesn't need replacement???? :-)
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    Sekiu halibut opening

    I'm always impressed by the guys who have stones big enough to anchor in the shipping lanes. Seen a few rather small boats almost get plowed under.
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    Gov. Inslee Fucks Small Business Again

    I call dibs on Jack Straw from Wichita for my contact tracing persona. You can find me on Shakedown Street. :-)
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    Saltwater Chasing sanity - dabs, greenlings, and lingcod

    A Puget Sound Box Crab?!?!?!?! Is that what I see there??? Wow, how on earth did you encounter that?
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    Dungeness Crab, area 11

    SQX is the markings for the Squaxin tribe.
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    What is the plan?

    The only portion of a fishing license that goes to the general fund is the portion of shellfish and combination licences needed for the dept of health for shellfish toxin testing. This particular battle was WON over a decade ago.
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    No holds barred opinion

    What you thought the good ol' U S of A would be propaganda free?
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    What is the plan?

    There is no possible plan for the 2020/21 season. PFMC is over and the feds wrote the Language of Agreed Fisheries, or the LOAF and that's it. Law has been written. All the various groups are planning on how to get them back for 21/22 and beyond. Its time to quit bitching, fish where and when...
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    But yet we cant fish....

    I prefer Kim Jung Inslee. Rather than confer any semblance of royalty, lets start hoping he rides his unicorn over the rainbow to some liberal Shangri-la and never bothers us again 8-)
  116. H

    GO TO Olympia Protest Sunday 4-19 @ 1:00 PM

    I, along with many many others had zero problem entering the national forests when they were 'closed' during federal government shut downs. I will hunt this fall and am saving my ultimate defiance for when I am armed. That being said I would participate in a on the water Fish In on the 4th of...
  117. H

    What can we do?

    Remember, we did force a no agreement and walked away in 2016. The BIA stepped in and issued the tribes a permit and they went fishing without us. WDFW had to cave and director Unsworth lost his job. (Deservedly, for multiple reasons) I strongly suspect that even if and when the 10 year Chinook...
  118. H

    RIP blackmouth fishing

    Plan to make time for whatever summer on the water time we get. No pandemic ever had just one wave. We're gonna get locked down again anyway.
  119. H

    Fishing closure statewide

    Hahaha........HA! Never once a petition to WDFW actually worked.
  120. H

    Fishing closure statewide

    Love the sarcasm! The Lowest Common Denominator Club found their poster children on BD! BWAHAHAHAHA
  121. H

    Port of Everett Boat Launch Closed

    The bathroom facility is the sticky wicket. If they can't keep it clean then the facility is closed. I guess theft of public restroom TP has been an issue of late as well.
  122. H

    Whomp there it is

    Follow the money. Huge tax revenue in pot. Mini marts sell lottery and highly taxed alcohol and tobacco products.
  123. H

    Winter boat projects...

    Dad wants to install a rear view camera so he can watch the rods from the helm without driving sideways and twisted around.
  124. H

    Trip to Leavenworth for October fest.

    My hunting rig gets ogled every year as I tool through on 2. Almost as much as I ogle touristas dragging their men further and further away from that Subaru........
  125. H

    Digging Razors In The Dark Question

    If the surf is up, sharing a digging tool and having your digging partner watch for waves is a huge safety bonus. Unless they save the lantern and bail without saying anything. Getting abandoned in the dark 10 seconds before a soaker rushes you from behind is so much fun!
  126. H

    Downrigger Rod Holders

    I run the extension on both corner downriggers. I kept the original boom mount holder , as I prefer the tube style holder. I drop them down until they are almost touching the top of the rigger lid. I did this when my niece and nephew were small and reach was an issue. Recently we added an 1106...
  127. H

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    We fished the area around the yellow can and Jeff Head on the MUGWUMP yesterday. Dialed in three rigs and boxed 4 coho. Three were dinks, but my brother Russ took 7th place with a hatchery fish that weighed 6.55 gutted. Biggest fish of the day was a very nice blackmouth that looked to be a bit...
  128. H

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    Kelly had a family wedding to attend tomorrow, but have no fear! He entrusted me with Silver Horde's traditional box-o-spoons to hand out to the kids division. Be at the weigh in ceremony at Edmonds for sure. :-)
  129. H

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    MUGWUMP is in. Representing Team Silver Horde of course!
  130. H

    Is this considered Hypothetical

    " My dad is a tv repair man. He has a mega set of tools. I can fix it!" Long live Spicoli
  131. H

    Looking for some knowledge about a reel I've never seen before today.

    He found the right reel at least. Three years after I sold the one I scrounged at Ed's and not quite a year after the store locked its doors.
  132. H

    Freshwater Look who's out for a swim!

    Bear naked skinny dipper!!
  133. H

    Where is the video?

    The proper way to use that reel is to turn your back to the rail, put the rod over your left shoulder and crank with your right hand.
  134. H

    A7 Pink salmon tips?

    Coho killers. Green or pink. Use some krill scent. Behind a diver alone or with a white dodger or flasher.
  135. H

    Lowbrow heaven.

    Get the call that your leagues 21st annual fantasy football draft is this Saturday on 48 hours notice. Remember you got a Seahawks themed slow cooker with locking travel lid for Christmas. Go shopping at Grocery Outlet and raid basement pantry for previous G O purchases. Brown off one 2lb tube...
  136. H

    Porta porty

    The MUGWUMP has a porta pottie. Rule # 1. He who uses the porta pottie MUST CLEAN IT. Rule #2 She who uses the porta pottie has her He clean it. Rule #3 Little kids who use the.......wait a minute, WHO invited these brats?????? Recommendation #1 To avoid rule #1 develop super human...
  137. H

    Washington Permit hunts

    Not Selected for my 8 applications, as well as my dads 5, my brothers 5, our hunting camps combined apps......Haven't heard from one hunting partner yet on his senior doe, cow elk or moose draws yet, but I'm not going to hold my breath. On the bright side, we heard the USFS is fixing the road...
  138. H

    Understanding a woman

    The paths of a woman's mind are tangled with thorns, and not even she knows the way through them. Robert Jordan
  139. H

    North of falcon lawsuit

    Our permit is the Chinook management plan. Which, if you recall caused an uproar when a federal judge took then director Unsworth behind closed doors with the comanager treaty tribes and oversaw closed door meetings that produced a document which led many of us to demand Unsworth's firing. NOAA...
  140. H

    North of falcon lawsuit

    I doubt Thurston County Superior Court can do more than apply a fine for breaking state sunshine laws and/or negotiate a settlement with the suing party. Both a hit to the department's already thin budget.
  141. H

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    Folks should have to pass a History Test, a Civics Test, a Tribal Treaty Law Test AND read Miss Manners before responding to threads like this.
  142. H

    Hunter 'pink' now legal!

    I just gotta think quite a few of the lurkers around here are out shopping for their new fashion statements! 400 square inches of florescent pink is supposedly just a safe as the same amount of blaze orange........I sure hope WDFW makes game wardens go pink as well! Sheesh, what next?
  143. H

    Salmon season looks less than stellar, again.

    Ha! I don't get to see the back of my own head very often:-) When I first went to a NOF meeting, I looked around the room and thought " Wow, all these dudes are old!" Seeing the back of my head in that photo, all a sudden I'm one of them!!! Crap.
  144. H


    I helped organize that protest on the bridge in La Conner. We were not protesting the method used that day, we were loudly protesting the broken NOF PFMC negotiation and permitting process under Section 7 of the ESA that let the tribe net spring Chinook while the state stakeholders were without...
  145. H

    VHF radio testing

    " radio check, radio check, radio check" and hope someone is listening.
  146. H

    Bait jars

    I found the threads get worn too.
  147. H

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    Low hanging fruit is all on the same branch. I've done my share of finger pointing, placing blame and demonizing gill nets and other types of industrial commercial methods. Usually while keeping those I demonize faceless and at a distance while I surround myself with like minds. Now, I have had...
  148. H

    Spotting scope suggestions

    Good binocs and a small tripod might be a bit more packable than even the smallest scope/tripod combo. Most folks can't hold more than 12x steady enough to not need the tripod or some sort of rest. Some walking sticks and trekking pokes have binocular mounts optional. My favorite is my dad's...
  149. H

    Salmon season setting is starting

    Got my days off requested. I'll be at the forecast meeting, NOF #1,NOF #2, probably the Mill Creek 2 hour bitch fest..... EXCUUUSE me, Mill Creek group hug meeting and will undoubtedly burn up my phone battery several times listening to conf calls and keeping up with various stakeholders in the...
  150. H

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    The city of Kenmore plow made it to my neighborhood sometime yesterday and I had to park across the street until I could shovel through the wall to access my driveway. My neighbor came home while I was destroying my back and tried to ram through her drive with a Toyota XTerra. She got high...
  151. H

    Clear those flat roofs

    The bird netting over my raspberries collapsed at three am Saturday. Cracked two 2x4's in half. Right outside my bedroom window too. Lost a big branch off of two different trees. Been using my 6 1/2 ft gaff to knock snow off my trees! :-)
  152. H

    Saltwater Seattle Party Boats?

    A couple of months? Bottomfish opens off the coast in early March. Go get a bag of white meat out of Westport.
  153. H

    How often do YOU replace your line?

    There is no one answer, other than to say if you have any doubt about what is on your reel, change it! Types of line, strength , type of use, amount of use......all variables that end up with different results. Note all the comments about stripping an amount of line off the reel; quite often I...
  154. H

    WDFW License Question

    I'd have to check the commission schedule now that I don't work for a license dealership. But yes, once the commission approves the 2019/20 regulations for both hunting and fishing all the various endorsements, applications and such all become available. Those buying the Fish Washington license...
  155. H

    WDFW License Question

    The crab endorsement will be available later.
  156. H

    A definite winter question, about LED lights.

    What I have been thinking with the LED conversion as well, the potential is there to add them without removing the original fixture. Beer advertising is collectible ya know! Also the 520 lux is a minimum light requirement. 5000 lux and beyond is considered glaring light by tournament rules...
  157. H

    A definite winter question, about LED lights.

    Ok, I have been enjoying my pool table this winter as usual. My problem is with my pool table light. I have a really cool Bud Light model with the bottle lying on the iceberg top. The fluorescent light source sucks ass and gives me fits. It uses these stupid ignighter thingies that are about...
  158. H

    Actually going to 'attend' the Sportmans show!

    Instead of working my ass off at it! First time in 18 years I think. Pretty weird. RIP the mini Ed's Surplus I loved to build for the week too!
  159. H

    What the ?

    Looks like a muffin top:-)
  160. H

    Worst boat names

    OK you sicko, have your fun. You will NEVER ruin a Doris Day movie for me no matter how gross you are.
  161. H

    Worst Shot Ever..

    At least you all shot! I put my 15 year old nephew on a dandy muley buck this year. Easy 125 yard shot. I watched the damn bruiser stand up out of his bed and almost crapped my pants. Even with the naked eye I could tell he was one of the biggest I've ever seen and I'm carrying a 16ga SxS ! Sean...
  162. H

    Worst boat names

    So I saw a bad, bad boat name last night. Decided to watch the Glass Bottom Boat last night. The movie opens with Rod Taylor on a nice looking cruiser called the " Sea Whiz" !!!!
  163. H

    New fishing charter in Oregon, check it out!

    Hmmmm......glitter on strippers or herring scales on the deck hand?????? Which is better? Has anyone ever been in dutch with the lady of the house for coming home with herring scales on their face after a day of........Hmmmm, Motorboating??? :-)
  164. H

    Busted a masked bandit on Christmas Eve!

    I hear ya LJB. I happen to have a soft spot for the durn critters though. When I was 11 dad brought home an eyes closed kit that we fed with a baby bottle and raised as a pet. Don't think I could kill one unless is was rabid or suffering. I do think if the coons get any braver around my place...
  165. H

    Busted a masked bandit on Christmas Eve!

    After a peaceful dinner at my dad's, feasting on elk heart!! I came home to a few unfinished Christmas eve tasks at home. Mainly, the second batch of smoked salmon air drying in the smoker needed its brown sugar and the smoke. Get to the kitchen, but don't hit the lights since my hands are full...
  166. H

    Christmas Communication problem

    We all expect to see perfect pleats and no wrinkles on your rain gear from now Norm.
  167. H

    Help me understand (6.5 Creedmoor)

    Elmer Keith made comments about recoil. Appropriate since he ad so much to do with the biggest cartridges around! A smaller man himself, he noted large tall men want to stand up to the recoil and take more punishment from the forces than slighter men (like Elmer :-) ) who roll with the recoil.
  168. H

    DR Clips...

    The Sam's Release from Silver Horde is similar to the Pro Release and easier to find.
  169. H

    Razor clam recipes

    Clam sandwich Chopped razor clam, I prefer the necks Chopped green onion Fresh chopped garlic Bacon thick sliced, cooked off ahead of time to desired crispiness Pancake batter Cheese slices, your choice, but I like cheddar and provolone Croissants Mayo Mix pancake batter into a somewhat thin...
  170. H

    Halibut season setting meeting

    They state ' the preference' but not the rejected alternatives. Don't like Thurs and Sun? Imagine what was rejected:-) Saturday Sunday was never offered as a choice. All about effort, and effort and angler participation more than doubles on weekend days. Want a one weekend a year halibut...
  171. H

    Night clamming tips

    I have found many of the older LED lights with the blue tone light reflect off the wet sand and makes it difficult to see the ' shows'. White light is best, whether LED, halogen or lantern. Carry spare mantles! Racing away from waves breaks them fast. I also prefer to share digging tools at...
  172. H

    Everett marina fire.

    Just saw some nasty live shots on the morning news. Someone's boat and or boats is blazing away tough. Lots of black smoke. Yuck. Good luck everyone..........
  173. H

    WorkSharp sharpener

    My freinds are scared to death of my knives and would never touch them. My dads knives will slice you open if you look at them funny. Ask Ron Garners son Jon about that!
  174. H

    WorkSharp sharpener

    Learn how to hone your knives and you'll never need an electric sharpener! I had a demo worksharp at Ed's for years until it finally died of abuse on the counter. Worked as advertised. As a knife snob I did not care for the shape of the knife tip after using the worksharp. I have little desire...
  175. H

    Saltwater Puget Sound Coho Reports

    Dad and I pulled three 7's and a 5 between 7:30 and 10:20 yesterday just south of the 9/10 line. 650 FOW, went 4 for 5 and three mystery pops. Well, one of those mystery pops shook the whole downrigger but didn't stick. Hot rig was a Gibbs green moon jelly flasher with the red stripe, followed...
  176. H

    Need to Read....Crazy fishery ideas/myths

    I joined Puget Sound Anglers at the very beginning of what we called the Crab Wars. PSA is ready, we know how to organise our members and supporters. Many of the other leaders have the same opinion as myself; Work with us now to solve these orca/salmon issues, because If you pick a fight we know...
  177. H

    Guess what fish

    Flatfish come up in the water column all the time. Go to any of the local fishing piers and you have a good chance to see them near the surface. They are attracted to the lights just like anything else that swims. A few years back I was a salmon mooching trip on the Hula Girl out of Westport and...
  178. H

    Saltwater Puget Sound Coho Reports

    Had the sling opened up at 6 instead of 7 we might have boat limited. It was really wet early, but not too choppy until we got in the water. We did get three, biggest around 8. All on the the same rig. Green spatterback hootchie , aurora twinkle with a herring strip behind a Gibbs UVGMRS...
  179. H

    Edmonds Coho Derby is Back! This Saturday Sept 8

    The tickets I was delivered two days ago at Ed's were in the high 800's!! Better get you one, or four! Unlike past derbies Ed's Surplus WILL NOT be open until 9pm. We close at 7pm tonight, so all the last minute fence sitters and stragglers better get a plan together. See you on the water and at...
  180. H

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    It only takes 90 days to establish residency in Washington. Showing a state ID, drivers licence, lease, utility bill, or voter registration allows a WDFW agent, such as myself, to enter anyone into the W.I.L.D. database as a resident. The only scenario where an individual would have to wait a...
  181. H

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    Not debating any of that Goat, as I agree with you. Just correcting the misperception that the lions share of our license dollars goes to the General Fund.
  182. H

    Might just be time to quit this damn state!

    The only portion of recreational fishing licence dollars that go to the General Fund is from Combination and Shellfish licenses for the Dept of Health to do toxin testing on clams, mussels and oysters. Many anglers, including myself, worked hard to fix that for you all a number of years ago. A...
  183. H

    Mistakes in middle age.....ooof

    No matter how good they are, and they were really, REALLY good!!! Venison tacos at 12:30 AM when you're 48 is a really, REALLY bad idea! Ooof, urp, and egads I shouldn't have ate 5 of them!
  184. H

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    The MUGWUMP is in!
  185. H

    Saltwater Scotty plug o-rings

    The spec sheet for that plug is on the Marinco website. The diameter of the plug is .89" where the o-ring sits, if I read it right.
  186. H

    Saltwater Area 12 - chinook salmon

    Slow mooched herring worked well for some oldtimers down there last year. they were fishing out of small 12-14 foot boats with minimal equipment too. Perfect for the facilities in that area.
  187. H

    Sound the Alarm for Orcas

    I was there too. I think there was more than 80 boats. The whales definitely checked us out, without fear. They did move north lazily didn't they?
  188. H

    San Juan island boating ban

    Last Sunday I was fishing Apple Tree Pt during low slack. There was a big fleet of boats working the point bar and nets were flying. My buddy Adam says , Look! Orcas! As I turned around I heard one blow, and sure enough there went a pod. They cruised right along the outer edge of the fleet and...
  189. H

    Saltwater Kingston 8-12

    Penn 209 had the perfect retrieve for mooching!!! Sometimes when a hot coho charges the boat off the downrigger they are a bit slow and you have to crank like a madman!!!
  190. H

    Brad’s Super Baits and Coho

    I have used the Brad's Super Cut Plug on coho with excellent success.
  191. H

    Saltwater Area 10 Aug 5th

    Fished 10 with dad yesterday. Slung the MUGWUMP in at Edmonds when the sling opened at 6. Popped a 10# hatchery less than 5 minutes after I set the rods, just south of Edwards Pt. The farming of seaweed was about what I expected.....might have harvested 2 bales of crops before we were done. It's...
  192. H

    18’ Tiderunner Boat

    I remember going down to Gig Harbor in the 80's on the day my grandpa, Big Papa! Picked up his new built 16' Tiderunner. Pretty cool little boat. Ran soft, comfy for two adults and two boys. He even splurged and put one of those new fangled flasher style depth sounders on it!!! Pretty bad ass...
  193. H

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    1. Its summer and its fishing season whether that be 5 or 7 days a week. This rant of a thread seems far too winter like:-) 2. New director takes the helm 5 days from now and expecting anyone in the dept to step above and beyond.....or just to stick their necks out, between then and now is silly...
  194. H

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    This thread should be locked.
  195. H

    Saltwater Newbie looking to get some shrimp but don't know where to go.

    Marine area 12, Hood Canal does not have a coonstripe shrimp season. Once the spot prawn season is over you will be ticketed for dropping shrimp pots near seal rock. The 150' line is a depth restriction to keep your small mesh pots OFF the spot prawn beds. Please spend some time in the shellfish...
  196. H

    Freezing Crab meat

    If you are tempted to freeze are catching too many crab.
  197. H

    Coho Colors?

    Just about any color this time of year, these fish are hungry! Bright sunny days, white for sure. I do like the white glow with green spots and a flat silver twinkle. Always have faith in a glow green spatterback hootchie!!! As the ocean fish come in the bite can go from whites, uv purple and...
  198. H

    Downrigger control system

    Running the spread and dialing in is a finely honed SKILL. Don't be lazy, as soon as you rely on all that auto bottom tracking, let the computer do it for me stuff you are NO LONGER using the best tool you have......YOU!!! Sitting back and not working the rods yourself means you will pay far...
  199. H

    The right way and the wrong way to hold a fish.

    Too bad you can't long arm your....ummmm, well.....uh.......oh, never mind!
  200. H

    Building a pseudo outhouse for hunting camp.

    We use Mr. Chair under a Stansport Cabana shelter. Mr. Chair you ask??? A steel frame folding chair with the padded seat replaced with a toilet seat! The above suggestion of an auger is a great one to be sure, but a post hole digger an some elbow grease is more economical and practical. With 6-9...
  201. H

    Freshwater Looking for a good trout stream.

    Gonna be a DRIVE anywhere from Seatac......all the way over Snoqualmie Pass on I-90 is a world famous Blue Ribbon, Fly Fishing Only kind of place called the Yakima River. Real purty, both the trout and the scenery.
  202. H

    Salmon jigging rod?

    In spinning, from a boat any sort of inshore stick should do. For beach and dock casting, make sure the lure rating can handle the jigs you want to throw. 2-1/4oz Darts can be cast quite well on a rod rated for 1-1/ long as you don't He-Man on it like a Neanderthal. My favorite...
  203. H

    Canada-origin salmon transport

    Am I the only one who finds it appropriate and ironic that these transport rules are finalized just as BC is closing most of the adjacent waters along the US border to fin fishing for the supposed benefit of Orcas?????
  204. H

    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    Not one of you jokers mentioned the one mandatory item! Sheesh COFFEE!!!! Coffee and and more coffee!! Preferably in a battered and battle worn stainless steel thermos whose dents, scratches and scars tell tales of previous adventures:-)
  205. H

    Saltwater MA10 weekend fun

    I call those ' Bread n Butter' coho. Almost always willing to bite and something nice to take home. Those net pen projects work! We need more!
  206. H

    Saltwater Area 10 Dungeness

    Just got done eating crab dinner from 10! Not the crabapalooza of recent memory, but 33 keepers in two days.:-)
  207. H

    As far as I can see and read, HALIBUT is now closed!

    Or they work on Saturdays like I do!
  208. H

    Someone forgot to shave!

    I double dog dare you to drag that hull to an Aquatic Invasive Species inspection site:-)
  209. H

    Special Hunt results are up

    I didn't get drawn for shit. Dad got a senior antlerless deer tag.
  210. H

    Close call today...

    Plug sea lion into the NOAA search engine on their main page. Your vessel is your property and you do have legal means to deter them from damaging your property. Same deal as a shoreline or dock and what we have already been doing to haze them while fishing. I saw some pretty gnarly encounters...
  211. H

    Like I needed another excuse!

    Just read a great article about Bee Lawns. The premise being, lazy lawnmowers who let clover and other flowers grow in their long grass are pollinators best friends! Wow, looks like I'm 'ahead of the curve ' again :-) Seriously though, the concept is sound and bees have been in a bit of trouble...
  212. H

    How many of you throw a hook for pots?

    I have one of the Kufa hooks. I have it handy on rough days. Sometimes a wave will rebound off the hull and push the floats away at the critical moment. A quick toss of the hook saves a pull around and another pass. Drag floats behind the buoy stick. Shrimp, two 5x11 floats on 4-5 ft of rope and...
  213. H

    Freshwater Cranberry Lake???

    Troll black wooly buggers. Size 6 & 8 for rainbows andthe bigger for Brown's. Leech flies with lots of marabou up to sz2 forthe brown trout too. That's what most guys who hit Cranberry seem to key in on at the store. The San Juan worm works well there too. Nearby Pass lake was one the first fly...
  214. H

    Freshwater Lake Wa Cutts

    Come up to Kenmore and launch way cheaper! Free I think. Just need your WDFW yellow parking pass. Sheridan Beach and Arrowhead Pt hold nice cuttys. All those drop offs and ledges from Arrowhead down through St Edwards.....if there wasn't a bait restriction on the slough I'd walk across the...
  215. H

    Disabled youth hunt area?

    Get online and start digging into the land owner program on the WDFW site. Make a few calls and emails and to WDFW staff and landowners and opportunities for will follow. About 10 years back I met a dad with a wheelchair bound daughter who wanted to to hunt. She has MS and has to sight her rifle...
  216. H

    Crabbing-When Does the Other Shoe Drop?

    Notice in the press release it states there will be no commercial tribal opening in 11 & 13. Undoubtedly they will engage in Ceremonial &Subsistence. The real trick there is the road/dock side cash sales. Rather than raging about lack of enforcement on the fishers and sellers perhaps a page...
  217. H

    Saltwater Salmon Fishing Suggestions?

    Marine area 10 will be open for resident coho and C&R Chinook just south of Edmonds in June. I think the Tulalip bubble will be open on weekends, kind of an odd fishery and there is usually one weekend it is closed early each summer for the Tulalip's summer wedding ceremony. I'd need to dig into...
  218. H

    Going Green!

    Yeah, just having fun. Actually got led to the NW invasive plant site because I bought some sundried white mulberries, liked them, and was researching if they grow here or not. They're invasive and noxious. Saw the artemsia on the looooonnngggg list of nasty weeds. Among some of the notables was...
  219. H

    Going Green!

    If I've been walking right over the top of it without knowing, why not? Seriously though, seems like a potential moneymaker. Could probably get subsidised to remove the listed noxious weeds and then distill and process it for sale.
  220. H

    Going Green!

    Just found out that absinthe wormwood is an invasive noxious weed in Washington state. Introduced in the 1800s. Smells a bit like sage brush and grows in the same places. While poisonous to ingest, the active ingredient can be extracted with pure alcohol in a maceration relatively easily! While...
  221. H

    PSA Sno-King presents Brett Rossom and fishing the San Juans Thursday, May 10,.

    Edmonds Senior Center. 6pm. Right on the waterfront, just south of the ferry terminal with a view of the Edmonds public fishing pier and our net pen fullof of baby coho.
  222. H

    Saltwater Wish I could still fish with my old man !

    I was with my dad yesterday. I'm gonna take every day in the field with him I can get too.
  223. H

    Cleaning Elk Ivory Teeth???

    So the old guys in elk camp who told me you're supposed suck on them like a jawbreaker were lying to me? Ornery old coots ain't no good fer nuthin!
  224. H

    Saltwater Big Balling The Shrimp

    We stacked our fourth pot after the first pull. Had a three way tangle in other gear on pot 3 and goobered the puller on 4 when the rope popped off the 1st pulley. Definitely lost shrimp farting around with those. 62 shrimp into the 3rd of 4 limits after 4 pots. We rail dumped half a limit after...
  225. H

    Ling and Current question

    Use the downrigger to back troll. Swim baits, big curl tails like an 8" Power Grub or a whole herring. You'll see a few guys doing just that on the flats at Possession. The other thing is to study your charts. Look for back eddies on the other side of points and structure. Short drifts looking...
  226. H

    Barbless hooks for Hali?

    Bait rigs with j hooks, sickle hooks or circle hooks I have had little trouble without barbs. Makes the 12-24 oz jigheads absolutely worthless! Halibut starts to bulldog on the rod and it will lever right out pretty quick. A buddy nabbed a chicken in the straits a couple of years ago on a pipe...
  227. H

    LFS Bellingham at Monroe Sportsman Show Starts Friday

    I gotta say this has been a fun pile of stuff to show off:-) Most guys have said it on their own, I've clued a couple in; None of us have a tackle problem! We can all honestly say we do NOT. This sale proves it. Wooo! We managed to rearrange a bit and sort today, so our display is a bit more...
  228. H

    LFS Bellingham at Monroe Sportsman Show Starts Friday

    I was wondering how long that Loomis was going to last. You were the third person go pick it up I think. I'm surprised no one latched onto either of the LCi rods on the rack though.
  229. H

    LFS Bellingham at Monroe Sportsman Show Starts Friday

    To be honest, it was only three truckloads of gear:-) That pic of the table full of Tomics does look cool!
  230. H

    RIP Patrick

    I don't believe you ever did manage to keep a straight face reading his work! I never did or tried!
  231. H

    Monroe Sportsman Show Begins This Friday April 20/21/22

    Gonna be fun! My order from Gibbs arrived yesterday. Didn't get All the Skinny G's I ordered, but I got in the Wee G's! Also, Dick Figgins will be working out of the Ed's Surplus booth this year! Got Dick Nite's, his 4/0 dodgers and he is bringing his Xtractor flashers too. Dick is a kick in the...
  232. H

    More Batteries??????

    We studied how many batteries it takes to run a microwave with an inverter pretty tough. sad to say, the MUGWUP's I/O 4 banger won't want to push as many as the smallest microwave takes. Put as many batteries as you can push weight wise. being able to zap a Hot Pocket or a danish would be sweet.
  233. H

    I have been accused of being Tackle Drunk!!

    Way too organized! I'd be afraid to get your gear dirty, ya got it all pitcher parfect, and fancy pants upped:-)
  234. H

    I have been accused of being Tackle Drunk!!

    Second garage got cleared. I bought 759, yes, SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY NINE Tomic Plugs!!! Older colors, most new, quite a few with teeth marks. 3-7 inchers. Packed in the 6 pack commercial boxes. Eegads what pile o plugs. Gonna be $5 per plug at the Monroe Show.
  235. H

    RIP Patrick

    Love his writing. Felt like I've lived that life! I have certainly lived through my share of Crazy Eddie Muldoon adventures my boyhood and young adult chums and I cooked up and failed miserably at!
  236. H

    I have been accused of being Tackle Drunk!!

    Number 4's and 5's and 6's, in Blue Fox and Mepps. Yep. Marked at $3 each in the pack.
  237. H

    2018 ocean fisheries

    In Inside on the Outdoors, a collection of Enos Bradnor articles there is a late 40's article with an accompanying photo from the paper of one L. Morrison one the beach by Kingston next to a dead sea lion. Caption stated it took multiple blasts ( I think 7 if memory serves) of 12ga buckshot to...
  238. H

    I have been accused of being Tackle Drunk!!

    Hey guys, sorry to have been away from the keyboard. Been pretty burnt out this week! Slowly working my way through that stuff. Gonna be lots and of Rapalas (bass/trout size) , river plugs, including Heddon Tadpollys.....lots of them. Lots and lots and lots Mepps and Blue Fox. More corkies, spin...
  239. H

    I have been accused of being Tackle Drunk!!

    And yes, it's true. I am. I gots the fidgets, I pace back and forth at home, I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about TACKLE!!! As some you know I buy, sell and trade used gear. Last week I took two loads in my GMC Canyon and one load in dad's 3/4 ton Dodge out of the estate of a...
  240. H

    when was the new sign installed

    I want that pic on a t shirt!
  241. H

    Graduation gift

    A deer hunting buddy of mine killed his first javelina in Texas this year, said it was the absolute WORST tasting meat he has ever tried. Make sure that is a hog hunt.
  242. H

    Did WDFW slip in a 4 Fish Butt Limit?

    $12.10 for a duplicate as well. I've been on the license dealer advisory committee for a decade and a half and I've seen all the tricks.
  243. H

    Did WDFW slip in a 4 Fish Butt Limit?

    $12.10 for a second card. Pretty simple. The first four halibut being worth far more than $12.10 AND knowing the fuel burn rate most of you horsepower nuts go through.....quit yer bitchin' already!
  244. H

    Jigging or mooching

    Jeez, no I gotta live up to being a GREAT PEOPLE???? Thanks........I think
  245. H

    Jigging or mooching

    In a candlefish zone? Jig. Herring balls all over the place? Mooch or jig, prefer mooching myself. Lots of 6-1/2 to 7-1/2 sticks out there for bass and muskies and inshore gulf/east coast type of fishing that'll work. A softer tip for salmon can be nice. I just LOVE vintage fiberglass for...
  246. H

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    Don't let the name Tokeland fool ya either!
  247. H

    Washington v. United States

    Actual fish blocking culverts should be replaced. Seasonal ditches that are dry 9 months of the year? No.
  248. H

    Plenty of good reasons to renew fishing and hunting licenses soon

    The assorted ditch pickles are calling! Seriously though, permit application time on Big Game can pay off for the dedicated.
  249. H

    Bearing buddy covers

    Better pay up for those. My supplier told me the factory in Puerto Rico burnt down after the hurricane. Bearing Buddy's are going to get scarce.
  250. H

    Owner Cutting Point vs Mustad Ultrapoint for Salmon?

    I have straightened 4/0 and 5/0 Mustad ultra points numerous times. Always off the downrigger on a heavy current day. Have to tighten the drag pretty good to keep the bend in the rod and not let line bleed out with every motion of the boat. That first run before you can grab the rod and reset...
  251. H

    Old Salmon spoons and plugs

    Those aren't that old! Shit, I almost got excited......
  252. H

    Green pigs

    Robodad posted one. It is a marketing ploy by a real estate company. Scatter garbage all over so people will be aware of you kind of deal.
  253. H

    Green pigs

    Anybody else seen them? Some sort of marketing ploy by a Denver real estate company I guess. I suggest gathering up as many of the things as you can! They look like awesome targets.
  254. H

    Joe Sthor acting director for WDFW

    Double tap. Stupid tablet
  255. H

    Joe Sthor acting director for WDFW

    We should be flipping NOAA the bird and drop kicking their sorry keisters out of the state of Washington entirely. Let the fucking feds manage from DC??? No thank you and no way.
  256. H

    So disgusted

    Early February and my lawn is already growing!
  257. H

    New WDFW Beta App Available Now

    I tested the app during construction last year. My older droid didn't like it. I DID NOT care for turning on my location at all. I didn't bother to test on my new phone, the notifications asking for permission to keep tabs on everything I do and everywhere I go was bothersome and quite...
  258. H

    2 WA Claim Diggers Die

    If the surf is up, I like to designate a spotter. Watch the waves and give warning. In years past saving the lantern was part of that job too. To avoid becoming separated we share digging tools. Heck, if the clams showing well you can be done pretty fast anyway, why not dig together sharing a...
  259. H

    Mule tape question.

    Welp, about like I thought. Thanks everyone. The guy at the show had a bunch, I hope he saves it for something else! My dads spool wasn't leaving the hunting kit anyhoo.
  260. H

    Mule tape question.

    At the Puyallup show a customer asked me a question about mule tape, and I had no answer. He wanted to know if it would make a good line for shrimp pots. Now, I have hung deer over meat poles with the stuff and winched a deer up a slope with it and have seen elk hunters haul big ass bulls up...
  261. H

    Joe Sthor acting director for WDFW

    The acting director and staff will be reporting to the commission every two weeks as they take a more active role while the search for the next director occurs. The day to day nitty gritty should be more than enough to keep the acting director well occupied. The merger of the old Dept of...
  262. H

    Go no Go

    There is no end all be all answer. Every boat is different and every crew member and captain has different skills and tolerances. How big are your stones?:-) Seriously, trust the Coast Guard about bar crossings, KNOW YOUR BOAT, have buddy boats and trust that your own skills and experience will...
  263. H

    King 5 interview on Director Unsworth

    The run forecast meeting is in late Feb/1st of March. That will be our first look at what bad or good news we get to negotiate through. Since we appear to be under a regime of impacts similar to last year, I think a summer chinook season in 7 thru 13 lining up with last years is a reasonable...
  264. H

    Halibut Bill on Catch Card

    As a License Dealer Adivsor I have been complaining for YEARS that halibut CRC's should not be available after the season closes. Licensing staff never talks to anyone and Heather Reed and Michelle Culver wouldn't listen if they did.
  265. H

    Anybody Know What's Up With The Charterboat "Rampage"

    Randy is great. Not gruff enough by my book. Anyone ever fish with Art on the Sugarfoot? Crusty old salt might do him justice.....
  266. H

    Saltwater perch fishing

    When I was a kid a buddy and I set the standard. Summer vacation, reach down and pull the tube worms off the underside of the dock. Peel off the shell and cut bait. Peer in between the slats of the dock until you see one or more of the bigger red tailed or purple ones. Hand line down some slack...
  267. H

    Yamaha corrosion

    Anti-theft camoflage obviously.
  268. H

    Fictional Fishin Friday

    Boy Howdy you're not.
  269. H

    Puget Sound Chinook Harvest Management Plan-terrible for Washington State

    If NOAA is so damned concerned that this proposed plan is not conservative enough, WHY aren't they advocating for some harvest relief for these stocks in the PST renewal talks? I'm getting pretty damned sick of supporting northern fisheries with our sacrifices in opportunity and dollars spent on...
  270. H

    WDFW to buy Olsen's in Seiku

    You beat me to it! But.......BUT, it wasn't WDFW that put in the new dock. They let the city of Kenmore do it when the voters approved the the paved park walkways. There is a boardwalk/paved walkway connecting the park/senior center to the ramp facility now. Not such a bad cross government...
  271. H

    Saltwater Rod/Reel Advise

    Save the 209 for mooching. The 3.2-1 gear ratio is nice for retrieving cut plug herring at the right speed. The drag however, will get worn down running divers pretty quick. A brand new 209 with HT100 drag discs might screw down to 8-10 pounds of drag when new. The older discs (pre 1985 or so)...
  272. H

    WTH is This-Martin Tackle Co Seattle Wash it says......

    Might have been used as a trolling spreader by those old wire line trollers. They used 20-32 ounce sinkers sometimes with the old Kelp Kutters and Les Davis Dodgers. I've seen a lot of old Martin Tackle, but I've never seen those. According to my copy of Salmon Plugs of the Northwest by Jim Lone...
  273. H

    Merry Christmas to Us

    Nice. Fiberglass too, good move!
  274. H

    To quote my dear departed mother's annual holiday message.....

    "Merry FUCKING Christmas you assholes! I hope you're satisfied with yourselves ......."
  275. H

    Trooper hits deer.

    I wonder if that trooper misses his old Crown Vic? That new ride looks awful wimpy. Replace after every Pitt Maneuver?
  276. H

    Porcupines and dogs

    Never been there with a dog myself thank goodness. I have read and been told by trainers that many dogs once 'got' remember the pain but the how/why. The porcupine becomes the enemy and must be dealt with before it gets the dog again. Now, I have had dogs who did this exact behavior with bees...
  277. H

    I am not eating this fish...

    That is probably what the active ingredient in Viagra is extracted from.
  278. H

    GPS recommendation

  279. H

    GPS recommendation

    Good point! I learned this elk season that blood on the touch screen isn't a good option even when it is not cold. The buttons on my Rhino were easier to use and clean with bloody hands. As a salesman, I must note that our beloved wool fingerless gloves have been rebranded as 'texting' gloves...
  280. H

    Puget Sound Chinook Harvest Management Plan-terrible for Washington State

    Court order or no court order, writing this plan behind closed doors clearly violated the fish and wildlife's commission policy C-3608 that requires management of salmon be done in a clear and transparent manner. While WDFW leadership may have felt compelled to go behind those closed doors, that...
  281. H

    GPS recommendation

    Garmin Rhino
  282. H

    How's the fishing in Seattle in January?

    January 1st kicks off clam and oyster season for my family. All DYI and easy. check out to find open areas and links to the DOH toxin tests.
  283. H

    Fresh meat

    Every single notched tag is a trophy! Way better than tag soup. While I would never tell someone not to buy another gun, try 140's instead of 160s in your 7mag and if you handload drop the velocity a bit. Easier on your shoulder, easier on your case life and easier on the meat. Dad and I have...
  284. H

    Razors - Nov 3-5

    Good call. I went on a winter dig with a cold a few years back and came off the beach with a nasty ear infection. Forgot my beanie and the ear on the windy side got it good. I STILL feel the cold in that ear!
  285. H

    Everett Blackmouth derby

    Congrats to Adam! A lurker here by name of sharphooks. Also a PSA SnoKing member and former vice pres. Told him he DESERVES and NEEDS to get a better GPS/plotter/fish finder with the winnings, but he is resisting.
  286. H

    Another Handle Retired

    Not enough Captain Morgan!
  287. H

    Temptation won this round.

    Funny stuff reading this. I went with Weaver bases and Burris rings. Dad actually wanted the Bausch and Lomb scope and gave me a Nikon Buckmaster 3-9 in trade. Bore sighted it and did some gravel pit shooting after setting up deer camp. Knew it was doable, and probably "worthy" with the 165gr...
  288. H

    I think this Blue Friday business has gone too far!

    All you bitches suck. Good thing deer season starts next week. My rifles are the best friends I got.
  289. H

    I think this Blue Friday business has gone too far!

    Probably the pot calling the kettle black as I am wearing a Seahawks tie dye right now........BUT, I saw a guy walking as I drove to work today wearing an ARGYLE SWEATER VEST in hawks colors and a hawk logo on the front! C'mon, team colors ARGYLE VESTS?????? That is just not right.
  290. H

    What is it? Fish id

    I don't know what I did....maybe I got beer on this tablet or sumthin....
  291. H

    What is it? Fish id

    Yep. Batten down the hatches. If I remember correctly, isn't it a creepy coincidence that dead deep water oarfish wash up just before earthquakes????? Subduction zone or one of the Puget Sound faults? If you tell us where, I bet the bruthahood would be pretty bad ass at predicting when and where!
  292. H

    What is it? Fish id

    Yep. Batten down the hatches. If I remember correctly, isn't it a creepy coincidence that dead deep water oarfish wash up just before earthquakes????? Subduction zone or one of the Puget Sound faults?
  293. H

    Temptation won this round.

    Into every life things come and go. Women, cars, jobs. Each with their own temptations. As hunters, firearms tempt us sorely as they come and go and this week I gave in and bought a rifle.....10 days before deer season fer cryin' out loud! I have to bring it, of course, but it needs new scope...
  294. H

    Military collectibles

    Going out box by box, item by item. The boss is keeping most of the pristine, perfect stuff. This is our winter project. Some items may end up on a internet auction later to maximize value, but that is happily NOT my responsibilty.
  295. H

    Military collectibles

    The boss is FINALLY sorting through her storage locker and freeing up duplicates out of her massive collection of uniforms. Probably the last best chance for WWII, Korea and Viet Nam surplus items we'll ever have for sale here at Ed's other than a piece or two here or there....stuff is getting...
  296. H


    100ft makes no sense to a northern boat. Ya gotta talk in METRIC for them boys to get it!
  297. H

    Saltwater Edmonds fishing on 9/17 is gonna be windy

    There has been a bunch of late kings. I hope the rain sucks emissions up their rivers.
  298. H

    Saltwater Edmonds fishing on 9/17 is gonna be windy

    Run south and let the wind troll you north. Pick up and repeat. Caught some of my biggest and my personal best (16.4#) doing that very drill in MA10.
  299. H

    Suggestions on where to go to pattern my shotgun?

    Go to the national forest, bring a sheet of cardboard. Do some grouse hunting and when you see a gravel pit or old cut road with a good backstop for safety put up your cardboard, pace off your yardage and pattern that sucker. Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes and three or four shots.
  300. H

    Saltwater HDS9 HELP

    I've been researching the new hds units too. Dad wants a third screen in the rear that we can watch with the rods. Hoping the HDS7 GENII or the GENII Touch will fit in the dash where the HDS5 GENII Is now. Don't think we want structure scan, but do want to chirp. That new Hdi transducer looks...
  301. H

    Saltwater Edmonds coho

    The north part of 10 has some upwellings out in the shipping lanes. Makes meandering tide rips that we just follow regardless of tide unless it is a raging minus. Had limits for 3 before 9:30 this morning. Used the radar in the fog for the first time in forever too!
  302. H

    Ash from rust spots

    Cover the spots with BLOOD and reapply with more BLOOD regularly!
  303. H

    Football, beer and venison tacos

    Warm up the smack talk! Had our annual get together for the Fantasy Football draft. Too much testosterone, almost too much beer and shots and NOT ENOUGH venison tacos. Got a feeling the little kids birthday party going on next door learned some words they weren't supposed to.......Never saw 3#...
  304. H

    A7 Atlantic Salmon open

    Bring a bag of dog food or pea gravel. When you see jumpers ease in front of them and start chumming. The sound of the gravel or dog food should draw them right in like a dinner bell. Cast spinners, spoons, darts, what have you.
  305. H

    Saltwater Cohos or Pinks in MA10?

    Most of Western Washington is 'abnormally dry' on the drought monitor. We were drier than this with lower rivers in 2001 and that monster run of pinks spawned just fine.
  306. H

    Saltwater Cohos or Pinks in MA10?

    We took some pinks in 10 the day after kings closed. Released one unclipped coho and had a couple of others shake hooks on jumps. The beach anglers on Whidbey are crying the blues a bit. That plus a few other observations make me think the schools are scattered and in deep water. We saw that...
  307. H

    Got me some winter reading.

    A customer passed on a gift. He was given these years ago and is done with them,but didn't want to toss them. Three boxes of American Rifleman magazines........from 1930 to 1970! I opened a July 1930 randomly to an article written by Colonel Townsend Whelen! I have heard mentioned in awe and...
  308. H

    Close Marine Areas 1 (Ilwaco) and 2 (Westport) to salmon fishing.

    Queets. Ask why the Queets coho is in such poor shape and putting the hurt on the entire Washington coast before casting blame on the charter fleet, the troll fleet or the rec fleet.
  309. H

    I figured this is the best place to get opinions

    Considering at one point I heard rumors Inslee was considering a tribal member for the commission, I'd say this is great news.
  310. H

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Somebody call Tues before he isn't our favorite asshole anymore! Alice=:deadhorse:deadhorse:deadhorse
  311. H

    Multi Season leftovers 2017

    Be ready to take a morning off. 10AM Tuesday August 15th any leftover Multi-Season Elk tags go on sale first come first served at you local license dealers. At 10:10 the deer go on sale. I don't know how many elk are left, but they tend to sell out in 30 seconds or less. Generally the deer never...
  312. H

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I better buy stock in a popcorn company.
  313. H

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Ahhh, the Jeff Koenings era perhaps? No wonder you're a shit for brains jackwagon.
  314. H

    Saltwater MA 10 Saturday 8-5

    Gross. Dogfish pee through their skin.
  315. H

    Saltwater MA 10 Saturday 8-5

    PENALTY!!!! PENALTY!!!! All pics of nasty, NASTY bow-wows are not welcome here!
  316. H

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    All of your posts on this thread should be sent to the Fish and Wildlife Commission, the Senate Natural Resource Commitee, the state Auditors Office and the State Attorney Generals Office.
  317. H

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    WDFW LEO would not pull a shellfish pot, be it tribal, commercial or recreational unless there is some illegality involved. Closed area, closed day, floating rope on the surface, ect.
  318. H

    Saltwater Area 9 Yesterday (near Appletree Cove and PNP)

    Every late summer, but especially into Sept and early Oct ditch the spoons. Can't keep em in the water long enough the shaker BM's clobber onto them so fast. I know it is hard, but do try to check and clear every rod every 15 minutes or so. Any longer than that and you are dragging salad or...
  319. H

    In Season Management for Puget Sound Crab?

    The majority of non returned CRC's, whether fish or crab, have nothing but blank spaces on them. In the nearly 20 years I have been a license dealer folks have never been able to comprehend the importance of correctly counting zeros in sampling data. The rec fleet is CONVINCED the WDFW only...
  320. H

    Saltwater Port Townsend 7/28

    Most of my best kings have come before the sun was on the water. Thats when they are up on the surface. Cloudy nights and nights when the moon is small make the first light bite less of a thing. Blazing hot days like this week, doubled up with the moon getting bigger and putting out more...
  321. H

    Whole carcass bags

    We just got three crates of GI mattress covers in. Just the perfect size for a whole carcass of deer, bear, antelope or a small elk. A bit heavy for cooling the meat, but once the 'skin' has formed that protective glaze on your tagged animal they are perfect for keeping the meat clean and...
  322. H

    Saltwater Port Townsend 7/28

    "There is no eternal reward for wasting the dawn!" Jim Morrison
  323. H

    Saltwater No one talks about the beach

    Try it with tandem octopus tied about 1" apart. Slide a pink mini hootchie over the top hook for the pinks, then run whatever color the coho like for the lure. Zak Attacks over Buzz Bombs.
  324. H

    Canadian fisherman survives sexual assault by dozens of seals

    Does Plan B work on seal sperm? I feel sorry for his wife. Now she is going to have to "play seal" whenever he gets those cravings!
  325. H

    Advice on painting fiberglass boat

    No help here for the paint, but I am curious if there is a camo wrap you could go with instead of paint.
  326. H

    Crab pot thieves....

    The most efficient pot thief will be working hard this weekend. Big minus tides will be stealing many, many pots......but OF COURSE no ever, ever mis-sets a crab pot, right?
  327. H

    It's come down to this...

    We have a saying on the MUGWUMP when we pick up flounder on the troll; "Bottom bangers get sole!"
  328. H

    Saltwater Any Dungeness?

    We got 12 dungies and 9 red rock in one 4 hour soak of 6 pots on sunday, our best day yet this year. Yesterday, one dungie in a 3-1/2 hour soak of 6 pots in almost the same spot. 3 pots blank. I do think there is some overfishing involved, yet I have trouble believing the co-managers can get...
  329. H

    Saltwater Four men took my virginity this weekend

    Ah jeez, even fish porn is now POV?
  330. H


    Be very, very wary of greed even in the smallest and lightest forms. It is one of the 7 deadly sins for a reason.
  331. H

    Pic of cute furbag sunning at Long Beach!

    Was the lower jaw with the skull? I've always thought that a complete seal or sea lion skull with a spring loaded hinge in the jaws for "chomping off" adipose fins would come in handy! Maybe because my dad collects animal skulls to decorate his sheds and barn with.......
  332. H

    Baker lake sockeye

    Shit, I bet your parents are real proud of the 8 years of art school they ponied up for!
  333. H

    Things not to do while fishing

    Rinse the salt off your reels after each trip!
  334. H

    Saltwater July Coho...

    In 2008 we were getting huge roving schools of resident coho in Skunk Bay coming up from deep water with candlefish in their bellies and their gill plates all scratched up like winter BM's get. I zoomed in on your photo last night and a couple of those fish did look like their plates had...
  335. H

    Long Beach Wa

    Gold panning! Lots of that blue black sand.
  336. H

    Saltwater July Coho...

    Deep coho, hmmm. What was in their bellies?
  337. H

    Sockeye area 7 worth trying?

    Please try! As a whole, the sport fleet has very, very low success and not much info on HOW to succeed catching sockeye in the salt. It would be awesome if we could develop a red meat fillet and eat opportunity for ourselves! A real poke in the eye to a couple of river netters too! I would love...
  338. H

    Crabbing This Weekend

    Our spot in 10 had been pounded. We got 9 in three sets of 6 pots. Not like the last few openers. The sling guys at Edmonds said they hadn't heard of much success. We got off the water before high slack though........maybe it got better. Sanen got sick of the chop and wakes, and now that I'm...
  339. H

    Crabbing This Weekend

    14 and under are free, unless they have a non reporting penalty from last year. Then its $10.
  340. H

    Saltwater Is the state goi g to let us fish?

    I will be on the water closure or not. Powers of the government in Oly have NEVER been given, always We the People have lent, LENT our state government powers to legislate and manage. Shutting down all outdoor recreation over a demorat/republiturd budget squabble is not the wise management and...
  341. H

    Any Area 10 Charter Recommendations?

    I love the mooching, it's the C&R on hatchery fish I have a problem with. Plus.......PLUS, this is BLOODY DECKS not froo-froo white collar fishing forums!!!!
  342. H

    Any Area 10 Charter Recommendations?

    You should qualify this. Book with Keith if you want to mooch and catch and release.
  343. H

    10-year fishing moratorium in San Juans

    San Juan county officials have zero power or authority to issue or enforce a fishing ban. Even if they try, Foregone Opportunity would just shift the harvest and impacts to other areas.
  344. H

    What's Up With Salmon Fishing In Areas 8-1 & 8-2?

    Skagit and Stilliguamish rivers have endangered chinook and this year the coho and pink runs to those rivers are in deep trouble. Next years coho return will be dismal too as the fish that spawned in the drought of 2015 return.
  345. H

    It's happening.........

    Not Selected X8 for me. Nada X3 for my brother and his two buddies. Dad is out of town so, cross my fingers for him!
  346. H

    Multi-day crab trip

    This thread is starting to attempt to justify greed. It is all too easy to harvest more seafood than one family can eat as it is. Greed results in tickets.
  347. H

    Multi-day crab trip

    They will keep best IN YOUR BELLY!!! Don't pack much food and chow down while it's fresh.
  348. H

    Saltwater Crabbing spots in Marine area 6 near Deception Pass?

    Don't mind all the the jackwagons and asswipes here Jason. Crab buoys are required to 1/2 red and 1/2 white. Look for a party and hope your bait is better than theirs. Using unweighted pots during max ebb or flood conditions is how most folks start out.
  349. H

    Saltwater Neah bay day trip

    Never caught a tiger, but have seen three over the years at Westport. On charters. I always considered them high on my list for mounting. Not the biggest fish,, so you'd save on $$$ but they look just awesome.
  350. H

    2017/2018 Washington Regs are out

    Complete bullshit to issue regs in July. Please flood the commission with complaints. [email protected]
  351. H

    Crab Seasons?

    I was excited to see MA9 opening on the 24th and started making plans.......until I opened the tide book. -3.6 on both Saturday and Sunday around noontime. Not very crabby. Lots o current = tough pot fishing. Geoduck tides.
  352. H

    Freshwater lakes, boating and fishing...ideas?

    Don't forget the walleye in Roosevelte. They need to be thinned down and they eat good.
  353. H

    Hit and run

    My renter claims "On your left" means get out of my way before I run you over with my bike in lesbian.
  354. H

    Who is going Sunday?

    I see the small craft advisory changes to a gale warning 2pm today thru 5am Monday. Yikes, be safe and get in early.
  355. H

    Who is going Sunday?

    My bad back saw the small craft warning for tomorrow in the straits........nope, I'm out.
  356. H

    No Yeti products for me

    Yeah, if there is a bar inside the building then firearms are a no go. Alchohol and firearms DO NOT MIX. That being said; if you are properly carrying your concealed pistol with your permit no one will ever know you have it.
  357. H

    Crab Seasons?

    Should be the usual summer season; early July through Labor Day. Thursday-Monday each week. Expect the official announcement soon. The question is, will the 4th of July itself be open as it is on Tuesday this year. The importance of being able to crab on the holiday has been heavily stressed to...
  358. H

    Life of Starter batteries on boats

    Not every battery gets exposed to the same things. One in the motor well of an open run about and a sloppy or cracked box, or no box? Or one in an engine compartment or enclosed transom? Two different life spans. Dad is on his third year with the onboard charger/battery conditioner. So far, so...
  359. H

    Treager Grill or Green Mountain

    My old charcoal Weber has kept goin for a couple of decades now. Replaced the grills once. Wood handle on the lid is mostly gone, good thing I got hot mitts.
  360. H

    Chevy and GMC Trucks.

    More than likely every single vehicle manufacturer installed sort of cheat into the emissions systems of every vehicle made since .......well, whenever circuit boards and computers took over! Who the hell knows what the states are even measuring in THEIR tests anyway!! Just keep drivin' boys.
  361. H

    Area 7

    Oh, stroke as in brain damage! NOT what you all are really good at!
  362. H

    Area 7

    I thought MA7 had been removed from all maps, charts and discussions to lower the stroke rate among BD users?
  363. H

    Special Permit Deadline extended!

    I knew the new system would crash and it did. Between 8:50 and 10:30 due to high volume. So, dealers were notified today that the deadline has been extended to 11:59pm May 25th 2017. That's tonight. Bonus for all the slackers out there I guess.
  364. H

    Special permit applications due May 24th!

    Yeah, why should there be a place where a license, out the door, is cheaper? The contracted licence dealers and the state are NOT in competition with each other! We are participating in a time honored public/private partnership.
  365. H

    6" Cop Car Coyote spoons $1

    My middlemen dropped the 6" coyote a while back and I dropped it and the 5" for lack of sales a few years ago. Not sure, but I think Luhr Jensen may have dropped production of the 6". I'll have to check...........Yup, only the Cop Car and Nickle Silver Prism left to choose from on the Rapala web...
  366. H

    Special permit applications due May 24th!

    No shit! I called this months ago. System bogged down, still under phase II construction and full of faults and no one, I mean NO ONE over the age of 50 or so is dealing well with the new user name and password business after the security breach.
  367. H

    New Rule!

    And the government forces employers to pay the bad ones 11-15 dollars an hour for minimum wage just to figure out if they will be trainable. Sure be nice to give an individual a raise based on merit rather being told to give everyone else a bump whether they earned it or not.
  368. H

    Awww, look at the cute sea lion.

    I just saw that on yahoo! Just up in BC too. Stupid tourists. Not only do they break every known 'rule' of encountering a wild animal, they managed to minimize the real dangers and problems the west coast is having with pinnepeds via the negligent way they endangered that little girl! Shit, what...
  369. H

    New Rule!

    (snicker) Well, it IS summer hiring season. Kid will learn. Trained a bunch of kids for their first ever jobs over the years and even though I was convinced our society was plain doomed a long time ago it STILL hasn't happened yet...... I think. Anyway, be sure that kid did learn a bit from you...
  370. H

    Small Boat Check

    I don't see a kicker. One of the more harrowing boating (mis)adventures I have ever been on was in a 15-1/2 foot runabout out of Neah bay. Fog rolled in, the 40 horse shot one of the spark plugs right through the motor cowl and we were dead in the water with no motor, near the rocks in the fog...
  371. H

    Giant Bluefin Of The Pacific Northwest

    The wanna-be's around here only hope to one day be Wicked!
  372. H

    Special permit applications due May 24th!

    Quitter. Take the easy way out.
  373. H

    Special permit applications due May 24th!

    The new system is still in Phase II of it's construction and full of faults. One we just saw this week is some big game tags have been issued without a weapon choice and then you can not do your applications because you don't have the proper tag! WDFW can tell when you don't have the right tag...
  374. H

    Saltwater Northend Report

    I see delicious ORANGE sea creatures!!!!!!!!!!
  375. H

    Saltwater Cabezon!

    Blue meat?
  376. H

    Saltwater Lets hear those Shrimpin reports....

    We got our 4 limits on Saturday out of MA9 in two sets of 4 pots. Was a bit worried when our first pot came up with only 1, but it had 153 in the next pull. We rail dumped about one extra limit. The herd cleared out of Browns Bay pretty fast once slack tide hit....those that were struggling had...
  377. H

    Interesting halibut write up

    They do provide training. Right now they are training dealers to issue all species because the new system will charge you for your 'second card' if you decide to chase another specie later. I informed the licensing division manager Peter Vernie over a month ago that this error is out and out...
  378. H

    Trolling for halibut?

    #1 or #2 dodgers and a big herring. 1-1.5 kts.
  379. H

    Tribal Clam digging

    Shellfish poachers have been making an easy living selling dirty seafood to marginal eateries for years. Tribal or otherwise. Never buy a manila clam, dig your own a beach that has been tested! The Intertidal Shellfish Enhancement Program rocks! It might be the only program in WDFW that deserves...
  380. H

    Multi season

    Unclaimed permits will go out for sale after the purchase deadline. You gotta be the first in line at any shop to get an elk, but the multi season deer have never sold out. Pick one up anytime between when they go out for sale unclaimed and the start of the first archery deer season...
  381. H

    Heads Up!

    I'll be there. Going like gang busters at the Ed's Surplus booth!
  382. H

    Which Casino to go to

    Anywhere in Nevada.
  383. H

    Fun Stuff - your fishing name

    Not a very good name chart. My brother and I were born on the same day four years apart and I'd rather not share the same silly 'fishing name' with him!
  384. H

    RIP Chuck Berry

    I have a bootleg of that set.......number threes refrain should probably be used on BD a bit more often! ' That's right, the women are smarter!'
  385. H

    RIP Chuck Berry

    95? Wow. That was quite a week. I saw 5 shows in 6 days. Plant Page at the Tacoma Dome, 2 Dead shows at memorial Stadium ( would have seen the first, but for the Plant page tickets) and then a day on the road before the 2 shows in Portland. My dad let me borrow his 73 Ford with the 76 Pilgrim...
  386. H

    RIP Chuck Berry

    He made it to 90 yrs old, not too shabby in rock-n-roll circles! My mom played his music a bunch when I was young, can probably sing along with most of his work word for word....just like I can with Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and most of the rest of that era's rock stars. I got to see Chuck...
  387. H

    Boat name survey

  388. H

    Wdfw to anglers: drop dead!

    There is a glaring lack of non-old guys at most NOF meetings!
  389. H

    Boat name survey

    Try a radio test to a crappy radio on another boat. "Grappler, Grappler, Grappler" If you don't get tongue tied,and the guy on the other end can understand on his crappy radio AND you can understand him back when he calls "Grappler, Grappler, Grappler" ,then you got a good one.
  390. H

    Anybody going to the

    I will be there, but need to be in the Puget Sound discussions.
  391. H

    Ocean Salmon

    Option3 look to be a Queets coho issue like last year. I hope Queets doesn't force option 3.
  392. H

    Wdfw to anglers: drop dead!

    The feds told WDFW last year 18 months for our own Section 7 consultation and the same to approve the work WDFW did to secure a 4D permit. So, more like two years of waiting. I'd rather have the 4D and I'm pretty sure 'we the people 'can be obnoxious enough to speed up that 18 month timeline.
  393. H

    anyone have ALEXA at home

    My dad has one his wife got at a company Christmas party. Kinda creepy having that thing listening. I never hear him say much about using it, but he is too deaf to listen to music, still makes shopping lists on paper and really, REALLY misses his flip phone, sooooooo probably a waste of effort...
  394. H

    What do you want for Westport salmon - Tell them now

    Don't count on June kings. Klamath and Sacremento are down. Klamath, record lows. Probably won't be an opener until they all swim by and get south of the Columbia.
  395. H

    Must have Salmon Gear

    Can you shoot me a PM with some better descriptions of your stolen gear please? I am just about to start buying again for the season and would love to nail these twerps if they try to unload it on me.
  396. H

    Cowlitz smelt dip this saturday!

    Water is probably still too cold.
  397. H

    Interesting Clamming Reg

    Oh, come on now guys.......who the hell wants to CLEAN a hundred razor clams??????????????
  398. H

    Glenwood Springs Hatchery Funding Cuts

    Pretend? I never pretend to do anything. Pretenders and posers can be seen through and are dismissed. This call to save funding via PSREF is a call to preserve the status quo. The easy way out. We all know all too well that the status quo sucks. Ron Garner and a host of other folks in rec...
  399. H

    Glenwood Springs Hatchery Funding Cuts

    Sorry, Swanny disagree. Just like our school system we need to identify where we throw good money after bad instead of flushing funds to places it does not benefit the majority. Gonna add an edit. If we as anglers and taxpayers can secure funds other than PSREF dollars for Glenwood Springs I...
  400. H

    Glenwood Springs Hatchery Funding Cuts

    The last time I attended a PSREF meeting the funding for that facility came up as discussion. Apparently the vast majority of Glenwood Springs production is caught by the Canadians. Not as many of those fish are actually caught in 7 as you would hope and I for one don't feel an intense need to...
  401. H

    To buy or not to buy, that is the question.

    Probably won't, but the product name I just saw should sell to Lynnwood's street-folk set just by name. Finishing up my Seattle marine spring order book and see a line listing for Resin Crackzilla! Some sort of 2 part epoxy. I'm sure it has to be just as good for you as whatever else the street...
  402. H

    Man down.

    Thoughts and best wishes to the family. Solo trip in winter is something I might not do too often. Had many adventures where my buddy saved me from harm or vice versa. Thanks for all the links to the safety devices everyone!
  403. H

    RIP for another big game hunter

    Larry missed deer camp this year. So, we knew his health was getting poor. The entire 30 years I knew him he struggled with a bad leg. Old injury, BUT I never saw anyone else struggle through the woods with a rifle and a friggin' CANE like Larry did either! Our camp mayor Jim is his brother in...
  404. H

    RIP for another big game hunter

    Just got word my camp lost one of our hunters to a heart attack. RIP Larry, 30 years wasn't long enough to know ya. My heart healthy spinach salad tasted a bit like ashes today, but this loss does make me appreciate the hard work I put in on my diet this year.........keep healthy out there...
  405. H

    Anybody see this tasty tidbit? Ban on all lead bases projectiles on Federal lands

    The lead ban in the condor zone down south didn't do a damn thing. Lead levels continued to go up in California condors. Science is in and solid on that score! Our state ban on lead wheel weights will do more to keep lead out of any and all ecosystems in this state than any bullet or sinker ban...
  406. H

    Thurs Feb 9 Win Scotty DR with Kevin Klein-Fishing the San Juans

    Why? You boys ain't gonna catch em anyway! Ditch the meat rods and get a downrigger!
  407. H

    There are No-Contact orders with the waters of Puget Sound

    Bio closures of shellfish beaches will linger in those areas affected for a longer period than the no contact advisory too. Always call or check the DOH advisories before you harvest bivalves!
  408. H

    San Juan Channel is a-shakin'

    I often take a peek at the earthquake tracker maintains on their weather page and between the end of January and February 3rd there were over 20 earthquakes in the channel between San Juan Island, Jones Island and Yellow and Low Islands. From a .2 up to a 2.8, all about 10-12km...
  409. H

    MA11 Opener

    Am I the only one who could care less which team wins the Superbowl as long as Lady Gaga has a wardrobe malfunction at half time?
  410. H

    Saltwater Squid around?

    Steamer clams for the next three months. We hit our favorite beach in Hood Canal last Sunday. It opened on the 1st and it was obvious we were the first ones to harvest this year. No scratched up ground, no shucked oyster shells. Just a few small divots where the DOH toxin tests were sampled. A...
  411. H

    Saltwater Squid around?

    The few braving the cold have found squid in Elliott Bay, but it appears to be pretty much over everywhere else. Ron Kess who runs the little food/tackle shop down by one of the piers told me a funny tale of squidders having trouble removing their catch from the jigs. The little buggers have...
  412. H

    Reporting winter crab catch

    We have been seeing that page far too often on our dealership terminal too.
  413. H

    Mom and Pop stores

    Not on my diet anymore! 204lbs today, down 66 since March!
  414. H

    Reporting winter crab catch

    Oops, Jan 10th is the hunting deadline.
  415. H

    Reporting winter crab catch

    They changed the system when the new licensing terminals came online at the end of the year. Poor timing and many got bit. Don't think you'll be able to void the $10 penalties either. Deadline was the 10th and many missed it.
  416. H

    Mom and Pop stores

    Huh. Usually when someone forces utube down my throat it is a vid of some doofus failing to use anything right and injuring themselves badly. You WILL catch more fish and game if you put the damn phone down once in a while!
  417. H

    Mom and Pop stores

    Glad to see the support! Too bad so many just don't 'get it'. Andy stated things well when he talked about the wealth of knowledge available in our local shops. Time was, we traded our knowledge for sales. Now once a (usually younger) customer does come in the store they whip out their device...
  418. H

    Dowrrigger/mooching rod is it possible!

    I won't repeat any of my preferences for vintage fiberglass rods....again, but I will point out that mooching rods should have a longer butt than what you find on quite few downrigger rods. Every time I have spent more than a few hours mooching with a 'rigger rod I get some left arm fatigue...
  419. H

    2017 license

    Instead of trailering our nice boats to Olympia, we should all scrounge around and find some boats and trailers buried under black berry bushes. Buy em cheap, drag them to the capitol for a protest and just unhook the dead weight.....AND LEAVE THEM THERE!!!!
  420. H

    2017 license

    I will probably not but a combo-fish for the first time since it replaced the hunt/fish combo. Shellfish and crab, perhaps saltwater or a one day for the lingcod opener and my hunting tags and permits. Might dump some fishing $$$ into the big game raffles. Down 20 fishing days in the field for...
  421. H

    With age comes wisdom, or I'm just a weenie.

    it was a good decision. I went to bed sunday night with a sore throat and hit a black nothingness for the next 13 hours. If I woulda went razoring in the wind and snow I'da got pnumonia for sure.
  422. H

    With age comes wisdom, or I'm just a weenie.

    Back in the war room studying maps, tide books and regs.
  423. H

    Where to sell Taxidermy?

    If any of the racks made a record book, Pope and Young, B&C or Safari Club or something there might be a collector interested......if you can hunt them down! We have taken in more than few donations of ani-mules as the boss calls then over the years here at Ed's. Having your trophies at your...
  424. H

    With age comes wisdom, or I'm just a weenie.

    Had a thought to bomb down to Copalis after work on Saturday to dig some razors. Been on the beach on New Years before and it can be pretty cool to holiday dig, even though dodging drunks out on Amateur Night on the way home can be a white knuckle sketch fest. Now the oh-so accurate weather man...
  425. H

    What would you do?

    You will be happier if you have something for smaller fresh waters in 2017. Not the most optimistic of prognostications, but that's my take looking ahead.
  426. H

    New Year's Eve party

    New Years party for BDers? I thought this crowd knew how to DRINK damn it! My grandma informed me in my twenties that SHE taught me how to drink and no grandson of hers would even consider going out on AMATEUR NIGHT!!!!!!!! Crap on crutch, time to get with the program!
  427. H

    Don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house

    If you think OSHA is a small town in Wisconsin, you're in TROUBLE!
  428. H

    Deadline for comments Jan 6th; commission NOF policy c-3608

    North of Falcon Policy is up for renewal and the draft is on the WDFW Commission page. There are some changes to in season management proposed that are worth looking at, BUT we have a small window of opportunity to change prioritization of pink salmon harvest away from the commercial side of...
  429. H

    Thieves in Bothell

    Do the crime do the time. That is exactly what the corporate prison system wants as well. When government runs a jail or prison, those incarcerated are just a number. When a for profit corporation is contracted to run those facilities they put a dollar sign in front of that number. No more rehab...
  430. H

    NOF Process Article

    Nice that Alison is still covering these issues. In years past no one in local media would have touched that story with a ten foot pole.
  431. H

    PT Barnum eat your heart out.

    Ok, that's funny!
  432. H

    PT Barnum eat your heart out.

    There REALLY is a sucker born every minute! Just got the 2017 Gamehide catalog. They are touting their new HECS Stealthscreen camo clothing line. Has a built in carbon fiber grid based on Faraday Cage technology. Yes,, the same thing in the door of your microwave that block the dangerous...
  433. H

    Book review: Clamming the Pacific Northwest Coast by Ken Axt

    Just got this in and it is a nice add to anyone's 'How To' fishing library. Heavy on Razor Clamming and heavy on the Oregon side of things. Good maps in a large format. Excellent photos of clam shows, different species as well as different conditions. Excellent step by step photos of how to...
  434. H

    Saltwater Razor Report

    The clams 'show' better on some days than others. Pounding surf makes them go deep and a small v notch or a tiny dimple is all you see. In those conditions I will sometimes sink my tube in the beach randomly and work it up and down like a pump. Often I will then see clams showing around where I...
  435. H

    Razor Clam Opener Rollcall

    Dad and I hit Copalis about 2:30 on Sunday. Finished up about 3:35. Clams were showing nicely as soon as the tide uncovered them. Didn't get a full test of my "bling tube" prototype as we finished before dark, but had no trouble using a clam tube with a power cord running to my pocket. Didn't...
  436. H

    Family traditions and secret recipes.

    The votes appear to be in, pie is always more important! I wasn't going to refuse to pass on the knowledge, by the by, it was just the way and from whom the request came about that made me doubt the manliness of the situation. Notice that dad is NOT asking to learn the method himself!!
  437. H

    Family traditions and secret recipes.

    OK, you got me. Proper English would have been worded differently. Suffice to say my dad robbed the cradle and married my mom about 6 weeks before her 18th birthday. Just don't track down my high school English teacher and rat me out!
  438. H

    Family traditions and secret recipes.

    Wow, the things that happen. Of all the things I have learned in my life; skills, lies, bad habits, how to shoot straight and tell the truth and being a darn good cook, I never, never though it would come to this. Back story. In the late 60's my father took his soon to be teenage bride to...
  439. H


    When I get home I'm gonna punch your mama right in the mouth.
  440. H

    Black Friday Deals

    Only if you wish. Just don't use your amex card!
  441. H

    Black Friday Deals

    Black Friday is a marketing scam. You should just say no.
  442. H

    Winter boat projects.

    Ha! The MUGWUMP will get covered with a tarp after being winterized. Go big or go home! (snicker)
  443. H

    2016 Washington Mule Deer

    You CAN eat the heart, the best part of the deer in fact......and you shot a hole through it!!!! Jeesh.
  444. H

    New Name- South Sounder

    Now things have REALLY gone south......
  445. H

    Double check your licensing needs.

    Just got word the old Point of Sale terminals will have their last day of operation on December 17th. There will be NO WDFW LICENSE SALES STATEWIDE DECEMBER 18TH! The new terminals go online December 19th. As the last two terminal roll outs were not, ummmmmm.....smooth, I am not expecting the...
  446. H

    3 Days Halibut!!!!!!

    Looks like I will not fish halibut for the second year in a row. Better ways to spend my hard earned $$ and vacation time than to get pigeon holed into a shot gun start craphole of a so-called "season".
  447. H

    Adding a marine head - how difficult?

    He who uses the porta-potty cleans it! She who uses the porta-potty has her He clean it!!!! I suggest developing great powers of 'holding it'.
  448. H

    It has been an Honor and a Pleasure

    Going to miss your shindig at Ron and Jean's place. Opening day of elk season after all. See you at NOF then. Gonna miss you two, you made SnoKing, Ocean Anglers and so much more better and bigger for all your efforts. Florida better appreciate who they are stealing from us!
  449. H

    1992-2016 RIP to a lifesaver of a good buddy.

    Coffee is life. Pics are nothing without life.
  450. H

    Pocket Fuel.

    I thought the two she missed with me were relatively easy. Maybe a 100yds. She stuck with the RH model 700 in 243 she hunted with last year, even though my dad got her a semi-auto for her left handed shooting. She had only shot the 284 one day and didn't feel comfortable with it. The RH bolt...
  451. H

    HALIBUT 2017

    I think UW still has a research vessel the fisheries students use on the sound. Everything from plankton sampling to gear testing to training for observers. Could be wrong, but could be right too.
  452. H

    1992-2016 RIP to a lifesaver of a good buddy.

    My 20cup percolator coffee pot died during hunting season! Black on the bottom and sides, dark brown on the inside, a half crushed pour spout and a perk top replaced multiple times.......and this deer camp the guts fell apart. It will boil, but it will not perk. Man-o-man, I can not tell you how...
  453. H

    Pocket Fuel.

    My niece had two days to hunt. She missed a doe twice with me on Saturday and missed another once with her dad on Sunday. Don't need horns to get buck fever, she discovered. Grrr. Not too many deer in the winter range. I had two days where I did not see a single deer. My brother got a dandy 3pt...
  454. H

    2016-MA13 Minter Creek Coho Returns

    We get to spin our own tale as well. NOF 2017 is already in the works among PSA leadership. I, for one, am gearing for battle and preparing to make some ugly, UGLY noise.
  455. H

    Pocket Fuel.

    Got an update on the pocket fuel. I went with apples, peanuts in the shell and boiled eggs. Did put a Fiber One bar in my pocket one day, but it made me kinda explosive. (rooty-toot-toot!) Most days did just fine with 2 boiled eggs, an apple and a sandwich baggie of peanuts. The peanuts and eggs...
  456. H

    Need a place to hunt for my Disabled daughter

    Contact your local WDFW Regional office or Olympia office. The hunting program really makes an effort to help out folks like your daughter. I met a young gal in similar circumstances a few years back and WDFW got her on property for deer and geese right quick and she scored. Even became a bit of...
  457. H

    Alpine Grouse Report

    First things first. My niece has a youth doe tag to fill before going back to school. My 6'1" 13 yr old nephew is going to find out being tall doesn't mean you get a man card. He killed his first deer last year and we're making him sleep in the wall tent with the men. Grampa's cushy trailer is...
  458. H

    Razor Clam Opener Rollcall

    I've been on the razor clam beaches in some nasty, nasty conditions. If the wind is relentless and the rain driving, the clams go deep from the pounding surf and the rain scours the shows before you see them clearly. If the storm comes through in bands, you can get a window to race down and...
  459. H

    Winter tires for a dually

    The best snow tire in the world won't fix the biggest problem with all 2wd pick ups. No weight over the drive tires with an empty bed!
  460. H

    Alpine Grouse Report

    Friday is the first day of my vacation, and I earned it. C'mon Friday!!!!!!
  461. H

    Alpine Grouse Report

    The grouse were too wily for me yesterday. Went and set up the wall tent and met the camp the camp mayor, Jim and his wife Dee and hunted the next day. Saw three blues. The first two flushed at 100yds and the third at 70. Grrr. All flushed and glided way, way down the mountain. Did find fresh...
  462. H


    Naw. Naughty, skanky or slutty clowns would tend to edge towards creepy. I DO have a tiny bit of class left, I'll hold out for a lady to define sexy for me.
  463. H

    Got my first deer

    Welcome to the club killer. We need every Big Game Hunter we can get!
  464. H


    How do we get some nice ladies to patrol the streets as Sexy Clowns?
  465. H


    Trump and Ronald have the same hair!!!! Are they related?
  466. H


    JP Patches is rolling over in his grave........
  467. H

    Oops! Our Bad

    Don't forget, it was the whale huggers that also forced the public lands commissioner to cancel the state's leases on the sand shrimp tracts after gray whales were observed eating some off Oak Harbor.
  468. H

    Oops! Our Bad

    Phrases come to mind....."best laid plans of mice and men"........"road to hell is paved with good intentions"........
  469. H

    Getting Ready for Freezing Temps

    The MUGWUMP is an I/O and dad drains the saltwater side of the exchanger before hunting season in case it freezes a bit while we are out of town. Checks the anti-freeze on the other side of the exchanger, drains the water tank, ect. On super cold stretches he hangs a shop light with an 80 or 100...
  470. H

    Freshwater Fished the Upper Skagit Yesterday

    Fresh or salt, boats come too close to the bank angler then they are simply a target. 75 feet? That's easy to take care of. Guide name and number on those boats? The F-bomb by itself is enough reason to warn the brutherhood not to book a trip with jackwagons.
  471. H

    WP Marina coho

    I bet those sea lions in the harbor seem HUGE from that wash tub!
  472. H

    Emergency supplies, better buy NOW!

    If you are not watching Hurricane Matthew is at Cat 4 and going to hit Jamaica and Haiti on Monday. Over the years I have seen these sort of natural disasters create a good spike in business. The PNW has a bunch of first responders, a whole bunch of folks with good hearts and others who see a...
  473. H

    Burlington shooting

    We had awesome bottle rocket wars. Pretty hard to hit anyone, but we still ducked lots. Some jackwagon always ruined it with a roman candle or two.......THOSE you can aim, and 70's polyester was NOT good stuff to wear when a roman candle fireball is stuck to you!!!
  474. H

    Skagit and Cascade Rivers Open for Coho Today

    The Aero Twitchin' Jigs in 3/8th and 1/2 oz have been hot sellers for river coho. Pre 2015 anyway (sigh) .No float. Make it look like a creature searching for eggs and they hammer it.
  475. H

    WDFW data breach update.

    Got mine AND one for my mother....who passed away in 2004.
  476. H

    Crab catch card.....

    Processing cost? The dealer fee goes to the dealer. The transaction fee is 9.5% of the transaction to the service provider. Though most of that has been used up in fines levied for poor performance.
  477. H

    Lake Washington coho

    This fishery is ALWAYS slow fishing! Lk Washington coho are a joke of a lock jawed "opportunity" at best.
  478. H

    WDFW data breach update.

    Depending on which page the hacker got access to, more or less of your info was available. Notice WDFW shut down online sales first and has yet to reopen online sales I believe. When a dealer calls up your customer info only the last 4 digits of your SSN are shown, but all of your drivers...
  479. H

    Educational Reminder- Gun Hunters

    Cheater long gun hunters? A hunter is a hunter. We are all in the same club with the same enemies. Watch your language.
  480. H

    Sort of an odd hobby.

    An old boy came into the store today, picked up a folding shovel for digging sand. I asked if he was beach mining, since razor clams are closed and he said 'nope'. He flies giant kites. So big he needs to anchor them so they don't pull him across the beach. Fills up a 8x10 tarp with sand and...
  481. H

    Happy truck!

    You betcha. Jim's hidden expertise is that he is a Toyota Land Cruiser buff, the old school ones. Helped some for my old 69 Bronco, which he did alot of work on for me. Including my James Duff racing quality front end.
  482. H

    Burlington shooting

    Is that mall one of those gun free zones?
  483. H


    I watched that show from the east coast Swords, that ran for one season. Long lines are disgusting.
  484. H

    Happy truck!

    100k tune up, cleaned throttle body and a new serpentine belt and belt tensioner. Made my little pick up VERY happy! My long time mechanic Jim from Inglewood Auto got the job done in a half day and I was outta there for $270. Ready to roll for deer and elk season.
  485. H

    Squid jigging from a boat question

    Page 131 of this years fishing regulations state; No min. size. Daily limit 5 qts. or 10 lbs., plus up to 5 HUMBOLDT SQUID. Legal gear is a forage fish jig, a maximum of 4 squid lures, forage fish dip net, or a hand dip net. Each harvester must have a separate container.
  486. H

    WDFW data breach update.

    It does appear that this breach was more of a stunt for bragging rights in hacker circles at this time. Watch King5 tonite. Alison Morrow is on the story.
  487. H

    Saltwater Squid everywhere

    I just ordered a new light from Nebo for the store I'm kinda excited to see. Model 6206. 60 UV LEDs, 24 white LEDs and 12 green LEDs. Aluminum diecast housing, tilts 90 and rotates 360 degrees. Powered by an internal rechargeable battery. I have yet to hear of local squidders using UV lights...
  488. H

    WDFW data breach update.

    Learned yesterday that only those who created a WILD account with WDFW before 2006 has potentially had their drivers license data from their file compromised. All us buy your license every year types. 2007 for Idaho. The state must, by law notify within 45 days of discovery. Letters sent out to...
  489. H

    Squid jigging from a boat question

    They do like to lay their eggs on logs and nets and cables and such, so that is attractive to them later in the spawning season, but early period I think the lights are what they home in on.
  490. H

    Shotguns, rifles, chainsaws and truck winches, oh my!

    Wind with a wet snow load early in the winter is what our local friends told us. Both tops of our meat pole trees broke off. At least a dozen dead falls in camp. Plenty of firewood handy at least! General Modern deer. My niece has a youth doe tag.
  491. H

    Shotguns, rifles, chainsaws and truck winches, oh my!

    I was on the cable guide stick, level lining. No free hands and those old guys don't video. Besides, I have yet to post photos on this site and I made a vow to NEVER post a pic on this site and I will not break any vow.
  492. H

    Shotguns, rifles, chainsaws and truck winches, oh my!

    Went to the Methow Valley Sunday and Monday. Staged dads travel trailer at a buddies place and scoped out the damage to deer camp and the road going up to it. Made some measurements and have a plan to get the rigs past a washout using planks. Made some plans for the downed timber goobering camp...
  493. H

    You are responsible for your wake

    " My dad is a tv repair man. He has a mega set of tools......I can fix it!"
  494. H

    Rain? Good or bad for tuna?

    My one relevant story; In 2006 on the Rampage we saw a shower in the distance. Trolled right through it and got on a bait stop. My glasses got so rain covered I couldn't see and of course my hands were full of hooked up fish and got to do the tuna dance over and under blind! Crazy. Captain Randy...
  495. H

    Stuck on land

    Twins? Not's a lefty!
  496. H

    Stuck on land

    Go on a date with Rosie Palms?
  497. H

    ELK or TUNA Friday?

    I'm very biased. If you hunt elk in GMU 346 please go tuna fishing. There are no elk in Little Naches!
  498. H

    Nets Are In at The Locks; Ugh!

    Coho Willy is set up on A dock in Shilshole.
  499. H

    Modern rifle elk hunters beware!!!!

    A local business is nefariously planning to do you dirty when you are out of town! I was at McClendon's in Woodinville today looking for an oddball size replacement percolator top (which they had) and as I was in line to check out I see a sign. McClendon's is inviting folks to enjoy Ladies Night...
  500. H

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    More $$$ has not educated a single child yet. Down with McCleary!
  501. H

    This what happens when I get gloomy about fishing.

    All those do is taste good. My tie dyes don't approve! (snicker, snicker)
  502. H

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    I do have to say, this thread is a whole bunch better than the butchering our national anthem usually gets from the so called artist performing it! "The land of the FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" is so overdone it is HARD to...
  503. H

    She's Gone

    Isn't this supposed to one of the two happiest days in a boat owners life?
  504. H

    This what happens when I get gloomy about fishing.

    Yardwork!!!! Ok, been having success with my third year of growing black raspberries and thinking of adding another berry specie. Doing research on gathering or buying cultivars of one of our wild native trailing canes; rubus ursinus or rubus leucodermus. Wild mountain blackberries or...
  505. H

    Coho fuckery

    It is not a con. It is a bludgeon. backed and supported by the Federal Government against their own citizens.
  506. H

    Coho fuckery

    As many pics as possible of net sets by everyone and anyone who sees them would be useful. The co-managers advocated for ZERO coho for everyone. The non fishing public deserves to be educated on what zero apparently means.
  507. H

    Got my first deer

    Welcome to the club. Those tuna guys talk about the dark side, but there's no going back once you're a killer. Congrats, blacktails are tough to hunt.
  508. H

    A not so gentle reminder.....

    Oh, I wasn't complaining about poor crabbing. Dad got quite a few without me. Just too used to being a multi-activity planner and poor fishing or no fishing makes it hard for me to get jazzed up about just going crabbing. My 12 crab was about 8% of the total take on the MUGWUMP.
  509. H

    A not so gentle reminder.....

    I hear ya Matt. I only had a dozen crab on my card this year. Mostly from only going a couple of times. We sucked so bad going fishless during the 9/10 season that it got hard to justify the expense of splashing the boat.
  510. H

    A not so gentle reminder.....

    Don't forget to submit your Summer Crab Cards before October 2nd jackwagons!!!!!!!!!!
  511. H

    Alpine Grouse Report

    I saw this thread and was just about to call dad to head to the hills on Sunday when I got an invite to bottomfish outta Westport.....guess the birds are safe for another week.
  512. H

    Deer down.

    I haven't finished eating last years deer and I am still jealous! Nice work.
  513. H

    Wolf kills

    Not encouraging the Three S's at all,.......BUT, the brutal reality of Shoot Shovel and Shut up is very probably the only thing that keeps the wolf huggers from rejecting the wolf management plan completely. Many of the pro wolf crowd advocates for ZERO management of wolves nation wide. I do not...
  514. H

    The grouse have one week to live!

    I am supposed to be at a trade show in Reno this week, but am writing orders from here instead. Massive DEADLINES to kill. grrrrr Much rather be hunting!
  515. H

    The grouse have one week to live!

    Should have taken the day off! As well as tomorrow and Saturday.........working when I could be KILLING?!? Stupid responsibilities.
  516. H

    Name change - SalmoGairdneri to TonyG

    Isn't there some sort of ceremony required to change your screen name to avoid bad luck? Just like renaming a vessel? Let the hazing begin!
  517. H

    WDFW offers free fishing while license sales are suspended

    Licensing machines are back up and running. Free fishing thru the 30th has NOT been rescinded however. Hunters come and get your tags and license!
  518. H

    September Tuna?

    A couple of Puget Sound captains will be moving their boats to Westport for September tuna as well. More spaces will be available. Steve Kesling's Adventure Charters is going to take both boats down. 206-789-8245
  519. H

    WDFW offers free fishing while license sales are suspended

    You know how the Chinese hacked the Pentagon don't you? Someone on a public tour dropped a memory stick in a candy bowl in a reception area. Janitorial services gave to IT. IT plugged it in and a video game came up. They played it and their supposed 'secure' system was instantly compromised.
  520. H

    WDFW offers free fishing while license sales are suspended

    As of now, we are supposed to be back online on the 31st. Will the issue be resolved then????? OUR system is soooooo old and has so little short term memory left in it (what I have been told and trained on. Certainly I am NOT an IT sort of guy!) any patch or fix would seriously disrupt what...
  521. H

    WDFW offers free fishing while license sales are suspended

    Multiple states are hit with this. Olympia was not hacked.....the vendor in Tennesee that provides the hardware and software is the ones on the hook for this.
  522. H

    Just in From WDFW

    I do wonder HOW EXACTLY I am supposed to continue selling Discover Passes when my terminal does not connect to the online system. We can not even get past the 'so sorry we screwed up' page that pops up when we turn the terminal on. I guess there are good reasons the Point of Sale machines are...
  523. H

    Just in From WDFW

    A fresh news release just came out. The system is so FUBAR'd that WDFW has announced FREE FISHING through Aug 30th. No license, no catch card, no Discover Pass required until Aug 31st. Hunters must wait to purchase tags and licenses, but they want the waters available to folks.
  524. H

    The grouse have one week to live!

    Mostly encounter ruffed grouse. We do get a 'blue bomber' up higher often enough that it is not a celebratory moment......some braggin' anyway. I have still to this day killed more grouse with a head shot using my deer rifle than I have with a shotgun. I got some chinese lettuce wrap marinade...
  525. H

    Just in From WDFW

    That is a Federal Law that requires your 15 year old son to provide his SSN. US Title code 42, chapter 13, subsection 666.......all to make sure deadbeat parents pay child support.
  526. H

    Just in From WDFW

    I got an email yesterday that the online sales through the state was down. We issued licenses just fine until a bit after 8pm last night. This morning I got an email saying the whole shebang was down. Facts; The touch screen units at the dealers are three years past their contracted end of...
  527. H

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Shotguns for jumpers on a bait stop?
  528. H

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    It is always dark, wet and depressing in some peoples hearts.
  529. H

    The grouse have one week to live!

    Tick, tick, tick, tick.....c'mon September 1st......need me some shotgun time!
  530. H

    Coho fishing in northern hood canal?

    Dabob Bay has been popular with fly casters for many years. Smaller fish usually, in the 4-6# range. Find some tide rips and work em hard and you should find some fish. Pay attention to the tribal net schedules in 12 and try to avoid fishing the day after a net set. I am much more interested in...
  531. H

    Pocket Fuel.

    This one is interesting to me, as well as the Cliff bar suggestion. For some reason I have never been inclined to eat first thing in the morning. Even as a little kid, mom would rail at me trying to get me to eat a bowl of cereal before she went to work. Not usually ready to eat until 10am or...
  532. H

    Pocket Fuel.

    I quit even bringing smoked fish to camp for that reason. Eat some in camp and that's all I can smell, even after hand washing.
  533. H

    Crab depth?

    Careful. Not much of a stretch from swimming crab to jumping crabs!
  534. H

    A11 closing early

    Donkey ass might just better than what we got for salmon seasons this year.
  535. H

    WTborrow scotty mount puller

    If you order a new motor off the Ace site it only takes a couple of days.
  536. H

    Crab depth?

    Not in the canal, but we found some honkers at 75' and 110' last Sunday. 75-85 has produced best for us this season.
  537. H

    NOAA Rockfish Recovery Plan released today 8/16

    I got to go on a tagging study in MA9 and MA8-2 as well. We did get two boccacio a couple of coppers and a small brown. No canary or yelloweye. As a tackle salesman, I came away from that trip with a deep respect for Steve Kessling's kicker handling skills. Keeping us over those teeny tiny...
  538. H

    Multi Season leftovers

    The 30 second timeline was correct. We had three guys waiting at 10AM and only the first one in line got an elk multi season before they were gone.
  539. H

    Not Pissin' on Muffs yamaha 250

    You're trading a quick rinse for mill foil inspection Tom!
  540. H

    WTF is it

    Jeez, if the bathroom stall was occupied could you guys at least taken that out to the parking lot?
  541. H

    Hog Wild-mini battlewagons

    Hooo-doggie! Pick up the September Boating magazine or go to BOATINGMAG.COM and check out Jeff Hemmel's article on fishing from customized PWC's! Some of these rigs have better arches with more rod holders than some of the tuna boats that get bragged about here! Cooler racks, extra batteries for...
  542. H

    Pocket Fuel.

    Been on a bit of a successful diet this year. Broke my big toe over the winter and sat on my ass in too many NOF meetings and teleconferences and got so pudgy and soft I disgusted myself. Down 40 pounds since early March and hope to drop another 20 or so and get to 200. Been pondering and...
  543. H


    Don't forget to take a bath before you hit our border!
  544. H

    Michael Phelps

    Corning the gold market! DAMN! Makin' Mark Spitz look like a dinosaur.
  545. H

    Nootka advice, leaving Thursday.

    I'm warming up for football and deer camp smack talk. Gotta poke some grouchy bears during pre season!
  546. H

    Rockfishing Inquiry -Seattle Area

    Had a customer tell me a 20# and a 23# came off the Seacrest Pier in Elliott bay to day. Saw no pics, but he was pretty stoked up.
  547. H

    Nootka advice, leaving Thursday.

    Uh, aren't you kinda pissed....all the time?
  548. H

    Multi Season leftovers

    Here's another one that just came through on the WDFW terminal. The sale happens at 10:30 am August 16th. Elk first, and they are expected to SELL OUT IN 30 SECONDS! Deer will be available at 10:32. Anyone who wants both will have to buy them separate. You WILL have to surrender you general...
  549. H

    Multi Season leftovers

    Multi season elk is a bit over $182, if memory serves and as of today no update on the actual sales day.
  550. H

    Saltwater ma7 no fish

    Keep wishin'. No one is going to follow that drumbeat and you know it!
  551. H

    Bumping Elk

    Your points are cubed. If you have one point, you get issued one chance. If you have 10 points, you get issued 100 chances. If two people apply as a group and one has 10pts and one has 2pts, the average is cubed, in this case to 6pts for 36 chances. Everyone who applies for category; Quality...
  552. H

    MA7 Crabbing

    Don't leave binocular range! Had a few boys look rather sheepish and confused at how fast we can clear three downriggers and charge up on someone and save our gear over the years.
  553. H

    MA7 Crabbing

    Was it chopped up or whole baits? Not much scent leaches out if they are whole. I have used herring with success many times.
  554. H

    Multi Season leftovers

    Got word today that the unclaimed multi season deer and elk tags will come up for sale within a week or so. Just ironing out the details of what day and what time. Around 200 or so elk unclaimed (last year about 100). The elk went in an hour or so last year, and we had a line of 5 or 6 guys...
  555. H

    Skok fishing

    Snaggers are not people, they're snaggers.
  556. H

    Endless fish bags

    With all the 'big swingin' dicks' around this joint, why not use a condom?
  557. H

    Need ideas-crab pot repair

    Something that will not rust. Ha, that's some funny shit.
  558. H

    Bumping Elk

    Invite em to your camp then. Last guy I invited to deer camp lasted two days. He couldn't hack it. Why let some "some dude" wander your unit and maybe even learn it, when you can control their experience and make sure they know who owns the woods? Or, my up new camp neighbors...
  559. H

    Tuna canning

    I have been looking around half heartedly for a decent used cooker with weights. I have two different pressure cooking cook books that clearly state the cookers with weights are preferable to those with gauges. Gauges need to be calibrated at least once a year or you will not be cooking where...
  560. H

    Heading Out of Port Townsend Friday

    MA12 south of Ayock has a 4 king limit.
  561. H

    Bumping Elk

    Find 'em up high and try to figure out which ridge they are getting pushed down by the weather and or hunters. Mark out plenty of camp sites. Some rigs will move in before archery season and won't move until mid November. Bumping is one I need to learn as well. No coho to interrupt your scouting...
  562. H

    Cheap source for scopolmine patches?

    I guess a price can be put on pukin'. Keep yer chin up Yelloweye!
  563. H

    Best BD Recommendation I've gotten

    Three boys and a puppy? Brave man. You're just a Red Bull or two away from hitting the Richter scale every 10 minutes!
  564. H

    Kolonoscopy...Kali Style

    We really didn't want to hear about your vacation Dave.
  565. H

    Westport Tuna Rollcall for 7/30

    So you're saying if Hillary gets the Oval Office it will be red tides 24/7?
  566. H

    And its over before it really began.....

    By far my WORST king season ever. Have not seen a single unclipped chinook yet, legal or shaker.
  567. H

    Boat launch carnage!

    You sure that's not Muklilteo?
  568. H

    PSA Needs your help-Anyone have access to a PA system for next Saturrday

    What? Where is Woody?!? If he MC's you won't need no stinking PA!
  569. H

    Mukilteo BS

    Live and learn.
  570. H

    shepherd scope

    There are plenty of ballistic programs to figure where your load will drop in relation to the reticle circles. Shepherd probably has it on their website just as Nikon, Leupold and other do. Dad and I sent off load data on the Nikon website for 284Win, 30-06 and 257 Roberts not too long ago for...
  571. H

    Tica Wasabi Rods?

    I own quite a few Tica rods and reels, but could never stand that Kali wasabi green they built those rod in. Remember I am rather color blind.....if I can actually tell something is green AND decide it is hideous, it MUST be eye blinding. Been begging Alex to make those rods in another color for...
  572. H

    Need any VTR forms?

    I just got a fresh stack of Voluntary Trip Report forms sent here to the store. If anyone who is awesome enough to use these for WDFW needs any please pick them up at Ed's Surplus. 5911 196th st sw Lynnwood. Eliminate the guesswork for the summer hire fish checkers and hand them their own...
  573. H

    Saltwater A9 with the kids

    Big smiles on little kids! Way better than the dumb cow look my 6'1" 13 year old nephew and his humongous clodhopper feet sported on Sunday! Egads that kids brain is about a decade behind his body.
  574. H

    Posting Coordinates: Reminder

    Teaching blind monkeys to type......I thought winter was over!
  575. H

    Big D!

    Just like an estate, don't declare ANY asset you don't have to. No experience with marriage or divorce, but them lawyers will carve up dollars faster than anyone can earn them. Find someone to hold your firearms for you until it over.
  576. H

    Port of Kingston schedules launch closure during King Season

    Most good king fishermen will be up and at em loooongggg before the pavers are up and working. Just use it anyway. Might get some sealant on your boat on the way out is all.
  577. H

    Saltwater Check out what we caught Wednesday

    Old Dick Johnson wrote about salty metal heads in the Fishin' Holes magazine way back in the day. When he trolled commercially he said he always knew when he had a steely because they went ape jumping all over the place. Even more jumps than a silver.
  578. H

    Whose into juicing?

    I'm still waiting for someone to just mix the sun block into the fishing scent. Then there's only one bottle on the boat!
  579. H

    a cod question.

    These fish were nearly wiped out back in the 80's. Leave em alone for another decade or two.
  580. H

    Just Chillin'

    A goat and ducker, totin' tuna went to a bar...............
  581. H

    Day at the range....50/50 results

    Time for an update to my crooked shooting '06!. Kinda went up and down on this project because of life's ups and downs. Broke my big toe this winter, had a couple of deaths and funerals and of course North of Falcon going 7 weeks longer than usual! Anyhoo, Dad and I did work on the gun this...
  582. H

    Venison roast recipe needed

    I've made some awesome slow roasted deer/elk/bear that I glazed and basted with red wine and my grandma's spicy plum chutney. Fresh cherries in a glaze or sauce this time of year goes good with game too. Bit different than the usual salt/pepper/garlic. Last spring I put some rougher cuts into...
  583. H

    Saltwater Westport 7/2-3

    More fun than the laundry and lawn mowing I did on the 4th!
  584. H

    Firefighters please....

    I have known many firefighters. They ALL love fires and explosions. They ALL take chances with fire that no-one should.
  585. H

    Firefighters please....

    Had you posted this last year during the drought you might have been secured for public safety by those of us not wanting our houses burnt down. This year? Blow your fucking fingers off, see if I care.
  586. H

    Tribes vs State of Wa - Culvert Ruling

    My biggest issue with the culvert mandate is I see lots of fish blocking culverts not getting worked on, but teeny tiny DITCHES that are dry 8-10 months out of the year are getting dug up to replace the culvert???? Huh? I have a whole bunch of trouble believing the importance dry ditch beds have...
  587. H

    Newcomer to West Coast

    Learn what an adipose fin is Cameron. Don't kill fish that still have them. Best advice I got for a newcomer. Congrats for toughing it out with these guys.....ain't easy!
  588. H

    What's this lure for,

    I've bought and sold a couple of those used over the years. Usually it is the pier crowd who picks them up as a buzz bomb/dart alternative. Admin Leave's trolling suggestion is a new one on me, but sounds intriguing. Most of our vertical and casting jigs will start getting good action , or...
  589. H

    Electronics install on my new work ride

    I didn't see the compass.
  590. H

    Rod holder Radar tower How much do these co$t

    Dad designed one to go with the 7/8" rails we already had on the roof. Built it for about $500 and then added 4 of the West Marine stainless holders to it. Not as tough as the bigger ones, but dad did pull ups on it to test the strength before he mounted the radar on top. So, tough enough I'd...
  591. H

    Cannon Downrigger Repair

    Yup. Walt closed down at the end of May. Last fall and winter were too brutal with all the closures. Do not have a recommended repair shop for the Cannon's or the electric motors as of yet.
  592. H

    Thinking about mooching this summer.

    Only when anchovies are in the area. They don't move through Puget Sound all that numerously or regularly.
  593. H

    Salmon Seasons announced!

    That is the exact question we CANNOT forget as we finally get on the water. There is a whole bunch of work to do or this years hoopla and crapola of a shit-fest will quickly become the new normal. Celebrate or show the slightest hint of satisfaction over this years season outcome and it will be...
  594. H

    Proposed License Fees

    Be an ass if you like. Thats what it means. We didn't put together protests this spring in support of fee increases after all. Putting the budget burden on hunters and anglers yet again when the bird watchers and wolf huggers and other ilk get WDFW services and programs without contributing a...
  595. H

    Proposed License Fees

    I warned WDFW via my position as a license dealer adviser that there would be major backlash over a fee increase considering the losses suffered the last few years. Many of us involved in NOF reiterated that very strongly. Obviously the director feels he has no choice. Unsworth seems to be a...
  596. H

    Deeeeeeep water crab?

    I have tested large swivels to coast lock snaps, swivels to prawn snaps, loops to halibut snaps and various knots. Have yet to try the c-links, though I just started stocking them from SMi/Beau Mac this year. Best test I did; assembled three types of connector on about 25 total feet of rope into...
  597. H

    Deeeeeeep water crab?

    I have shots to add. There are several types of connector that will feed through pot pullers pretty well. 100ft master ropes of lead line and a tub of 50 and 100ft shots we can add if needed. Early season the deep sets don't produce as well as the 70-85ft range, but the last two seasons we have...
  598. H

    Just for the FNG's.

    Because summer brings out the noobs, newbs, bozos, yayhoos and idjits.
  599. H

    Just for the FNG's. Try some learnin' before you ask us a-holes stoopid questions!!!!!!
  600. H

    Yellow Legged Frog Survey

    King county didn't even ask permission to place the gypsy moth trap on my property this week. Just tacked it to a tree in the front yard and hung a flyer on the front door telling me not to mess with it. I have a couple of dead moths of some sort on a window sill in the kitchen....should I...
  601. H

    Chart Study: Do you look before you leap?

    I still use paper charts and maps for study at home. Lay them out on the pool table and walk 'round and 'round musing and planning and thinking. On the MUGWUMP I do use the chart plotter more and more, BUT my huge stack of the old Bottom Contour charts are still on the boat with my decades of...
  602. H

    Port Ludlow Dungeness Crab Help

    Selling lots of crab gear today. I expect the canal to loaded with boats this weekend.
  603. H

    Lapush series of events

    We forgot the bilge plug 14 years ago and dunked the brand new motor dad had dropped in the MUGWUMP. Rinsed, Salt-a-way, Corroision-X and redid some wiring connections. Yeah we got some rust, yeah the starter and alternator had a shorter life. That motor got dunked again halibut fishing when we...
  604. H

    Port Ludlow Dungeness Crab Help

    Pt Gamble around the corner. Had enough customers giving me decent reports from there the last 3 years that I want to go prospect a bit too.
  605. H

    Saluting the short bus

    The mayor of our deer camp still whines about an old school bus with a push button transmission he used as an RV back before I was born......why do you old guys always give up the cool shit you love? Just so you can whine about it?
  606. H

    Special Permit results are up

    Nada for my 7 apps, or my dads 5, brother 2 or my nephews 2, but my niece drew Chiliwist youth doe.
  607. H

    Special Permit results are up

    Be picky, very, very picky. Lots of bucks and if you kill one in the first ten days you might regret it. I drew Alta in 2014 and just observing all the bucks and thier rut behavior was a worthy education.
  608. H

    SST Time

    I have a question; How many of you addicts on this thread have finished eating all the tuna you caught last year?
  609. H

    It's back; fishing license "upgrade" to combination.

    Yup, or figure $11.35 per each day of freshwater fishing on a one day and do the math against your plans.
  610. H


    Hell no! Way too late for anyone planning summer vacations. Fix the damn NOF process so we have known salmon seasons by April 1st would be my first choice. Second would be printing a game fish booklet by April 1 and a food fish booklet whenever halibut, salmon and shellfish seasons are known. No...
  611. H


    You all SHOULD be bitching about the 3 months of buy your license now and we'll tell you what you might be able to use it for in July. Classic bait and switch con game. New regs must be available when we renew our license!
  612. H

    Saw this joke on a Woman's Forum

    Many men go fishing their entire lives without knowing it is not fish they are after. —Henry David Thoreau More folks should listen to Thoreau....we'd be better off
  613. H

    It's back; fishing license "upgrade" to combination.

    You are forgetting the shellfish portion. That's another $14
  614. H

    Area 3 & 4 Hali 6/11??

    June 11th is the first day of Free Family Fishing Weekend too. No license required. There is a FFFW catch card available for those retaining halibut.
  615. H

    It's back; fishing license "upgrade" to combination.

    Had a WDFW License Dealer Advisory Committee meeting today. As of tomorrow a program we tried a few years back is returning. So many folks opted not to buy a combo fish this due to the uncertain outlook for Puget Sound salmon fisheries.....So, if you bought a fresh or salt water license you may...
  616. H

    Washington National Guard listen up!

    On June 9th a new WDFW program approved by our legislature goes into effect. Active Washington Guardsmen and women can apply to WDFW for free hunting licenses! Your local dealer will not be able to issue these, you must request and submit the proper forms to WDFW proving your status with the...
  617. H

    Get your salmon gear ready....

    WDFW just can't seem to go more than about 6 months without screwing up a news release. I trusted the sources I heard from today and then it all went the other direction? jeez. Too bad for Alison and King5 for getting into another WDFW boondoggle.
  618. H

    knife sharpener

    I met this guy at the ShotShow a few years back. Nice guy and some of his stones are more artwork than tool.
  619. H

    Charter fishing ending soon

    The only sammich I ever heard a BDer eatin' was a SHIT sammich!
  620. H

    knife sharpener

    Take a bottomfish trip out of Westport and WATCH the deckhands hone their fillet knives on a stone in between each fish they fillet. I repeat, HONE, not sharpen. If you let your fillet knife actually go dull someone should take it away from you.
  621. H

    What are the odds for a lucky SOB?

    Got to teach him shoot before he goes after a once in a lifetime animal. One day in a gravel pit with him last year was pretty funny.
  622. H

    What are the odds for a lucky SOB?

    Well-a-day, it finally happened. After a decade and a half of knowing him, this years limp coho forecast convinced a fishing buddy to finally buy his first Washington deer tag. I got him applied for a second deer and a quality deer hunt and he has always been one lucky, is he...
  623. H

    PSA recognized by WDFW as the organization of the year

    Quite the honor.....especially since PSA achieved this despite my trouble making and rabble rousing!!!
  624. H

    Reminder: What's really important

    "Conan, what is best in life?" " To see your enemy driven before you and hear the lamentation of the women!"
  625. H

    Protest Anacortes

    Makes me want to go up with a sign with my favorite miner quote just to freak the kayativists out with the truth; " If it can not be grown, it MUST be mined!"
  626. H

    Time to Fix NOF

    NOAA did not approve our last 5 year chinook management plan. That would have given the state a 4d permit and kept us away from riding the tribes nexus with the feds for a section 7 permit. Seems very, very coincidental that we lose the 4d permit just in time for the 'blob'/El Nino fisheries...
  627. H

    Removing seals/sea lions

    Wasn't an Obama hope and change program he instituted? I seem to remember him bragging up how his admin would seriously look at any petition than got the required signatures.
  628. H

    Retarded question

    "To fish or not to fish" is the only retarded fishing question I've ever heard!
  629. H

    Funny shit said at the docks

    My favorite is seeing the model/year boat as your own, that still looks like it did, rig wise when it was on the dealers lot. Two years back on Edmonds coho derby weekend dad and I saw another Bayliner Explorer like his. Looked immaculate, no mods. We went down to talk to the owners of course...
  630. H

    Tribal Commercial Fishery opening tomorrow-Ralleye for Fisheries Equity

    Wish I coulda been there with you guys. Work sucked ass today too. Short handed, busy and bad news and more bad news all day.
  631. H

    Have you seen Mike's boot?

    Das Boooooooootttttttttt!!!!! It's full of beer and doing the frat party circuit.
  632. H

    Are you ready?!?! Gill net protest TOMORROW MAY 4TH

    We had over a dozen show up at Pioneer Park on such very short notice. Thank You, thank you! KOMO, King5, Seattle Times and the Skagit Valley herald were there. We got them out on a chase hear the nets were up river. We froze on the bridge for a couple of hours.....a few middle...
  633. H

    Are you ready?!?! Gill net protest TOMORROW MAY 4TH

    bump...spread the word. Tomorrow morning the Skagit. Thursday at noon the NOAA offices in Lacey! I told ya we'd need BOOTS ON THE STREET and here we go. Solidarity my bruthas!!!!!
  634. H

    Fishing in the marine park, really?

    I was working that area on Sunday with my dad. I saw two boats around 10:30 get just inside two buoys on the south side of the park. One had motor issues when the fire dept rousted them and drifted a bit further in before his motor fired. Was not fishing at that point. After that the fire dept...
  635. H

    Lake WA Perch in mid-June -- help needed!

    Lake Washington CLOSED TO ALL FISHING on May 1st 2016 until further notice!!!! Very possible your perch outing will not happen on the big lake.
  636. H

    Are you ready?!?! Gill net protest TOMORROW MAY 4TH

    Rainbow Bridge, La Conner 9am. On the bridge or at the boat ramp under the bridge. Also looking for a trailer boat to take out media to observe the fishery. This is what I was asking everyone to prepare for, and I am very sorry for the short notice......but this came about very quickly. Be there...
  637. H

    What do you do when fishing is closed for the season?

    Wow! I thought I went overboard rescoping my 30-06 and buying a new gold pan to use up fishing time. Enjoy that beautiful boat. With no fishing it should stay clean enough for bikini cruises this summer eh?
  638. H

    Tribes again call off talks

    You're not a lazy stink ass government lackey with an agenda of treating Washington citizens as second class either!
  639. H

    Tribes again call off talks

    it has to do with the Federal Nexus malarkey. The ESA has a consultation process for permit to take an endangered species know as Section 7. If an entity has a 'nexus' of federal monies spent on that specie, then a Section 7 may be written for that year. The tribes have that nexus via the BIA...
  640. H

    Tribes again call off talks

    CCA's and PSA's Action Alerts will be our petitions. It's the when , where and why's of boots on the street that need to be figured out.
  641. H

    Tribes again call off talks

    They lose their permit as of May 1st too. The kicker is they have a fast track to a permit we lack on our own. Public pressure to fast track our permit is in the works and everyone will need to help. The CCA Action Alert that went out yesterday is the beginning of that, look for the PSA's Voter...
  642. H

    Inverter help

    Lots of battery. My inverter dreams on my dads boat died a quick death for lack of battery space.
  643. H


    I was 14 when that happened and did not remember it. I just recently read about that initiative in Frank Haw's Washington Sport of Kings. That initiative PASSED and is still on the books. State laws can not touch federal domain. Heck, just reading the petition sheet it could be Eyeman'd into...
  644. H

    Special Hunt apps due May 18th

    Got mine done. Quality Elk, Bull Elk, Antlerless Elk, Quality Deer, Second Deer, Any Moose & Antlerless Moose. I've got 9 pts in Quality Elk, Bull Elk and both moose categories. Could get lucky I suppose. One of my elk camp neighbors got Peaches Ridge Quality Elk twice in a row, the SOB! 12 pts...
  645. H

    NOF process

    I like it! Good work. Keep their feet to fire and give them no rest.
  646. H

    Only 2 days late!

    Just got the 2016 hunting regulations shipped to the store. May 18th is your special hunt permit application deadline!
  647. H

    FREE, electric wheelchair

    I think I am having a Red Green moment!
  648. H

    Some insight to PS salmon..

    Well it seems the guvs office has about a half day of pull......welcome to our world of good faith negotiating with the co managers JT Austin!!! Sorry for the snark but damn, THAT didn't last long.
  649. H

    Some insight to PS salmon..

    As of yesterday the tribes had not come to any agreement with each other, and have not yet filed a fishing plan to seek their Section 7. Since the guv's office is trying to restart talks they won't file until the 'real' deadline to reach agreement has passed. Support for Director Unsworth has...
  650. H

    How the Tribes can fish when we don't

    If NOAA had approved the Puget Sound Chinook Management Plan, oh 'bout 4 years ago the state would have a multi year permit to harvest too, but nooooo the feds play games and sit on our plan just like the steelhead and hatchery management plans. That leaves us begging for a permit each year and...
  651. H

    More Ocean Salmon info

    Kevin is right. If the dock samples show suspiciously low coho encounters the dept might have no choice but to spend way too much scarce budget dollars on test boats....and we know what happens when the test boats go out.
  652. H

    News Release from WDFW on Puget Sound Salmon

    We were told that there will be a public comment period of at least 30 days before any NOAA fishing permit would be issued. A third party will undoubtedly sue whoever the feds issue a permit to. There are tribes who want to fish spring chinook. Nooksack, Skagit, White Springs/Minter Creek. Those...
  653. H

    island clamming frustration

    Varnish clams hold red tide longer than other clams. Do not eat them!! The various county Dept of Health work with the state DOH and WDFW to do toxin testing. Red Tide (PSP) Domoic Acid (asp) and vibrio virus are our trouble makers. If I remember correctly San Juan county cut their DOH budget...
  654. H

    Any NOF updates

    Earlier this week we heard about the horrible problem of impacting salmon in our freshwater trout fisheries. Yeah right. They are pointing the finger at everyone and everything so they don't have to look in the mirror.
  655. H

    Any NOF updates

    Circle the wagons, call out the troops and bring on the cavalry. The planning for what is next starts TONITE at the Edmonds Senior Center. PSA SnoKing's monthly meeting will host Tom Nelson of the Outdoor Line and I am sure he will talk about NOF in addition to his scheduled topic of fishing the...
  656. H

    Any NOF updates

    yet they take part in their own rod and reel fisheries. Hypocrites.
  657. H

    Any NOF updates

    Probably in the testimony of the Hatch/Fryberg nail salon poaching case.
  658. H

    Any NOF updates

    I wish everyone on BD could have heard what we said to Director Unsworth this morning on the teleconference. He is probably feeling pretty pummeled on. Tribal intransigence, threats from Bob turner of NOAA trying to force him to cave followed by 100% unanimous support by the advisers and...
  659. H

    Any NOF updates

    4, edging towards 5. Many stakeholders in the room and on the teleconf this morning were urging all out fight.
  660. H

    Any NOF updates

    WDFW's math is not the fuzzy portion. Take off your blinders and focus on the feds and the tribes. Lack of institutional control by NOAA over their own proceedings and timelines has allowed the tribes to take the process and the science hostage. The fuzzy math is ALL politically motivated data...
  661. H

    Any NOF updates

    Doesnt matter.
  662. H

    Any NOF updates

    Always hold out hope......DEFCON 5 is when we are on the beach looking at gill nets killing fish that swam by us.
  663. H

    Any NOF updates

    3.5 and wondering if the locks have disengaged on our own nukes so they won't blow up in the silo.
  664. H

    Any NOF updates

    1st joint coho model was sent out at 4:45pm. A model run a couple of weeks to a month later than required by the schedule. I know the modeling staff did their utmost to produce something, anything tangible......but I would not feel comfortable using the ones and zeros I know are not true on the...
  665. H

    Any NOF updates

    So I see no one has chimed in lately....nothing to say, I suppose. WDFW has been rather stoically taken a bunch of abuse from the co managers, apparently asking them for inputs for the models is now a cultural offense to grandstand on tribe by tribe, drainage by drainage rather than get to work...
  666. H

    Any NOF updates

    I don't know the history of the ups and downs of Queets coho to say that over fishing by any user group is the main reason for low returns. Poor ocean conditions are hurting fish survival worse than anything anyway.