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  1. Jiggermeister

    Penn Slammer SLAIII 4500 and 6500 Bass Pro Deal

    Thanks for the link, I saw this add on Black Friday but everything was sold out.
  2. Jiggermeister

    UC 76 Centaur

    76 means 7.6, and it’s blank, but factory built it is a RR
  3. Jiggermeister

    Cousins RSW 909T Lexa-wn 400 combo

    Want to split the rod?
  4. Jiggermeister

    Top gun 80 canceled!!!

    Poseidon just canceled as well, I’ll be glad to be home in this kind of weather.
  5. Jiggermeister

    Trinidad 14a or 16a?

  6. Jiggermeister

    Offshore NLA Oct 15-18

    Best short range cook.
  7. Jiggermeister

    Like new UC RCE 800 Monster-CT for like new UC RCE 800 Del Mar-C

    Try the US80monster, it is faster and you can get a factory built reel seat.
  8. Jiggermeister

    Flatfalls/Knife Jigs Q?

    I would say most predictable time of year to have a night time jig bite. Each trip is different but November on a multi day I’d bet on it.
  9. Jiggermeister

    Pier Drama

    Hahaha, so true. I used to love to fish piers back East but nothing to catch here…
  10. Jiggermeister

    $190 Penn Fathom 30 2 speed on Amazon

    Yeah I tried looking yesterday and couldn’t even find it then, must be dynamic pricing for me☹️
  11. Jiggermeister

    Shimano talica 16 dc

    Does it come with clamp and studs?
  12. Jiggermeister

    Insane custom Phenix combo

    how much for just the rod?
  13. Jiggermeister

    which reel?

    Specifically the Tesoro 5s when I was looking to maybe replace my TN14A but I could very well be wrong.
  14. Jiggermeister

    which reel?

    Also I haven’t owned any Tesoro’s but found them to be heavy, what did you think?
  15. Jiggermeister

    which reel?

    I’m sure there’s an after market that will fit.
  16. Jiggermeister

    2nd set up

    I would go with a Daiwa BG400 (Gomexus handle upgrade) and an Okuma PCH custom or inshore spinning 801mh or 801h, or 760mh or 760H
  17. Jiggermeister

    Slow pitch gear

    Can I see what the rigged ones would look like p
  18. Jiggermeister

    Offshore San Diego Full Day 9/8/21 Yellowfin Identifying as Bluefin

    The only time you get chewed off is if your hook is further down in the fishes mouth, so you send the chaffe tube down and it protects your line from being chewed through.
  19. Jiggermeister

    Offshore San Diego Full Day 9/8/21 Yellowfin Identifying as Bluefin

    That’s when you use #6 circle or send down a chaffe tube if you want to stick to #4 j hooks
  20. Jiggermeister

    Offshore San Diego Full Day 9/8/21 Yellowfin Identifying as Bluefin

    Looks like it’s time to bust out the Japanese 17# flourocarbon😂
  21. Jiggermeister

    WTB Kicker Heavy

    Jiggermeister submitted a new listing: WTB Kicker Heavy - WTB Kicker Heavy Learn more about this listing...
  22. Jiggermeister

    Southern California WTB Kicker Heavy

    WTB Kicker 25 Heavy. I just wanted to try a few. Let me know what you have and how much to ship to San Diego.
  23. Jiggermeister

    Offshore WAtch out !

    The Top Four is indisputable, but definitely ppl can disagree on the rankings. Also rankings change whether fishing the islands or going offshore, bc offshore I would put one of your top two, dead last among the Four😝.
  24. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Pacific Queen 8-15-20th reports

    Great report, looks like a great time on the water.
  25. Jiggermeister

    Condor Bunks

    HH is my favorite as well
  26. Jiggermeister

    6 Pack Recommendations

    I’m looking to book a 6 pack early October. I was thinking about a day trip or an overnighter at most. The trip would be for YT, YFT, BFT and dorado, basically whatever is biting and biting well. The people are inexperienced fisherman. I’m looking at the: Invader out of Mission Bay PrimeTime...
  27. Jiggermeister


    I have no problem just tying 20 flouro to the 30 flouro, especially if it’s a wind on leader of 25 yds or more. My 17, 20, 25 lb outfits usually have a ~100 ft of mono to to a short 3’ section of flouro. I find that this presentation gets bit when it’s a really finicky bite.
  28. Jiggermeister

    trade lefty penn fathom 15 xtra narrow 2 speed for right handed version

    How much to buy, and what type of braid?
  29. Jiggermeister


    How much for the reel?
  30. Jiggermeister

    Okuma pch inshore 801mh

    Wish you were in SD
  31. Jiggermeister

    Advice on gear for yellowtail.

    I would put it on a 801h or 801xh. But it also looks like the first two setups fish 30-60 if you wanted to. If you’re looking at the 270H-8, it’ll fill in that 15-25lb slot really well, and you can put anything from an avet sx/mxj, TN14A, penn fathom 12-15, Lexa 400, sl20sh, whatever you want...
  32. Jiggermeister


    It’s usually people taking home more than their limit, rather than crew taking it home. I guess it could happen but unlikely.
  33. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa FK Jigs?

    Haven’t been able to fish them, but the glow is the strongest of any of the jigs, Shimano super glow (white), flat fall glow/chartreuse, daiwa SK, Mustad dagger man, all of it.
  34. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Producer overnight front yard BFT

    What did you notice your friend doing different?
  35. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Producer overnight front yard BFT

    Looks like you have had upgraded owner and mustad on the ends and you got bit on the stock hooks, bummer man.
  36. Jiggermeister

    Offshore El Capitan 1.5 day 6/4

    Thanks for the report!
  37. Jiggermeister

    Tough question for the 20-30# range

    Have the same on SS270-H 8, btw if you upgrade the handle on the SL to a Tiburon handle, it makes it a lot more enjoyable to fish.
  38. Jiggermeister

    WTB sealed BNIB Shimano Tranx 500HG

    M and M down in SD has them.
  39. Jiggermeister

    Inshore Holy flat fall Batman, these things really work!

    Only when you’re rock fishing and you want catch anything on the way down. If you’re fishing pelagics it is the opposite, let free fall without tension or your jig looks like a torpedo sinker.
  40. Jiggermeister

    Recent Malihini Experience?

    Fished with Bill last year on a 1/2 day for calico. Got my first limit of calico fishing out of San Diego. He was very friendly and knowledgeable.
  41. Jiggermeister

    Offshore What worked for BFT 4/27 Polaris Supreme

    I believe they’re Cavitu, it’s a Japanese brand. It let me horse in a couple of 80s in about 15 minutes a piece, so no problems at all. I had a 3rd at color which I lost to a hook bending out but I’m pretty sure the hook fatigued after the deckie had a hard time pulling the hook on the second fish.
  42. Jiggermeister

    Offshore What worked for BFT 4/27 Polaris Supreme

    I feel like the action is better with the upgraded assists first an oversized Jobu or the like.
  43. Jiggermeister


    Pm sent
  44. Jiggermeister

    Offshore What worked for BFT 4/27 Polaris Supreme

    That 160 size sardine FF is deadly during the day.
  45. Jiggermeister

    How do you mark your reels/rods?

    Sealines and Penn Carnage rods are my good stuff😆
  46. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa Saltiga or saltist

    I know I’m late to the party, but hands down best for light line bait is an sl20sh just upgrade drag and add Tib handle. I love the SASD15HA, I prefer the TN14A over the SASD20HA, but what’s really badass is the new Saltiga 15ld2 and 20ld2 both free spool like a star drag.
  47. Jiggermeister

    Islands San Diego 4/6

    Thanks for the report, and congrats!
  48. Jiggermeister

    Islands Easter fun on the San Diego

    I thought they might get it back. It’s a bummer, especially if it was your lucky jig.
  49. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa Saltiga 15ld2

    Anyone find a knob replacement for the new Saltiga 15ld2 that they like? TIA
  50. Jiggermeister

    Islands Easter fun on the San Diego

    I was jonesing to get back out on the water, but all the full day boats in San Diego were booked weeks in advance for the weekend. I just so happen to check the reservations on Thursday and 3 reservations popped up for Sunday on the San Diego. I ended up grabbing the last reservation. I’m...
  51. Jiggermeister

    Inshore Full day San Diego 3/21/21

    They’re still doing boat work
  52. Jiggermeister

    “The San Diego “

    I was out this past weekend on the San Diego, and Mat was driving. I liked the the fact that even while rock cod fishing, Mat kept an eye on the island to see if there were any signs of fish. We made a run back to the islands late in the day to pick up the other 1/2 of our fish count.
  53. Jiggermeister

    Inshore Full day San Diego 3/21/21

    Yes, there were some nice grade mixed in for sure.
  54. Jiggermeister

    Inshore Full day San Diego 3/21/21

    I saw Mat come down throw into a school and get bit instantly on surface iron.
  55. Jiggermeister

    Inshore Full day San Diego 3/21/21

    Short report Went on the San Diego. Boat caught 33YT/34ppl. The wind and seas were up most of the day. Fish were off of North Island, full sized yo-yo jigs worked best, color didn’t matter. Caught 1/2 of the fish in the AM and other half PM. A lot of bait out there, fish did come up high in the...
  56. Jiggermeister

    Looking for a dedicated yo-yo reel

    Penn fathom 40N let for the lazy.
  57. Jiggermeister

    Uc US/GP Predator 76/80 catches

    Both of these on a class lower, US80 monster, no problems, didn’t feel like it bottomed out, lost a 3rd at color when my hooks bent out.
  58. Jiggermeister

    New Torque 15XNLD2 Silver

    Just out of curiosity how did you have your other reel set up, line, #, how much, and what rod?
  59. Jiggermeister

    Accurate Valiant 500n for 500n lefty

    Only looking for narrows to jig with in lefty, I fly line bait righty.
  60. Jiggermeister

    Knot puller?

    I used to get my fingers cut every time I set up on the boat the night before we fished. I tried making my own and ordering cheap ones, haven’t been more satisfied than with thirty fathom’s set of knot pullers. I actually have two one for my offshore bag and one for my inshore.
  61. Jiggermeister

    Rod Advice for 20#~25# Duty

    SS 270-8h
  62. Jiggermeister

    Surface Iron Video

    Love the drone shots, so much fun watching the skinnies chase after the jigs.
  63. Jiggermeister

    Graphite or Aluminum reel seat for Reaper?

    You should try the alps aluminum reel seats they have on the Okuma PCH custom rods, they are super slim and light weight.
  64. Jiggermeister

    Need help picking rods

    Rods are way too preferential to suggest. But for 20/25 lb bait I would go smaller. Saltist 15/20, fathom 12/15, avet sx, trinidad 12/14A.
  65. Jiggermeister

    Jx Rator LH x2 with Penn carnage rods

    Maybe a picture showing the braid to see how full it is?
  66. Jiggermeister

    Jx Rator LH x2 with Penn carnage rods

    What type of braid and how full?
  67. Jiggermeister

    What arm pit do you fish with?

    Left pit.
  68. Jiggermeister

    UC 76 Centaur - SOLD

    I’ll take it, txt you
  69. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 10/23-26 Pacific Dawn 2.5 day

    What leader on the sinker rig?
  70. Jiggermeister

    Visx20 penn international

    What line, lb and maker and how much did you get on the reel? Clamp?
  71. Jiggermeister

    BNIB - Rare Daiwa SLX Aluminium Frame

    I know that they don’t make these kits anymore but do you know if they made the handle or sourced it out? I’m want to know if I can buy that handle somewhere.
  72. Jiggermeister

    Black Torque 25n star drag

    Lol a trq25nld, does mean it’s a lever drag.
  73. Jiggermeister

    Accurate Valiant 500n for 500n lefty

    I have the 300 as well. Was looking for the 500N to swap.
  74. Jiggermeister

    Clear Popper Help

    This is not the Noeby but looks to be made the same. I see the metal piece in the face of the popper on this one as well, but it is not a through wire.
  75. Jiggermeister

    Clear Popper Help

    It is not, but I don’t believe the Feed Popper is through wire either.
  76. Jiggermeister

    Clear Popper Help

    I was wanting to turn some colored poppers into clear. I dipped some in acetone but I want to polish it clear again. I was wondering what polishing agent and Dremmel tip I could use to polish these again. I tried a cotton wheel and tooth paste and couldn’t get it as clear as I wanted it. Thanks...
  77. Jiggermeister

    Cousins cpx rod woth reel seat

    I have a 9am NWT and deck hand if interested.
  78. Jiggermeister

    Makaira 15Tii sea x2 and Makaira 10ii sea

    What line on the 15T and how much did you get on?
  79. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa SK jig

    Throw int into the school or just past, let it sink for 3-4s, then burn it through just sub surface.
  80. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa SK jig

    That’s a lot better idea than us on the West Coast. I threw it into the middle of foamers on a 9.5’ rod, lol.
  81. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa SK jig

    SK Katy Perry
  82. Jiggermeister

    UC Rod Comparisons

    Also how is the US80tilefish looking faster than an US80predator. Also what am supposed to fish on a tilefish, always thought it was 40lb.
  83. Jiggermeister

    UC Rod Comparisons

    What is the difference between a RUS designation and a US designation. On the UC site a RUS80monster is 30-60, while a US80Monster is 20-40?
  84. Jiggermeister

    Tackle house clear feed poppers

    Can you post picks and how did you exactly polish them?
  85. Jiggermeister

    WTB Lexa 400!
  86. Jiggermeister

    Wtb tranx 500

    You should post this in the classified, rod/reel with a WTB title.
  87. Jiggermeister

    Tranx TRX401AHG

    Tranx 401 with a Trinidad handle
  88. Jiggermeister

    Tranx TRX401AHG

  89. Jiggermeister

    Want to Buy Calstar Rods

    I have a G270H-8, DH, gold guides, located SD. PM if interested
  90. Jiggermeister

    BNIB Black Makaira 16

    Thanks for the interest, but not at this time.
  91. Jiggermeister

    BNIB Black Makaira 16

    It’s BNIB but I’ll post some when I get home.
  92. Jiggermeister

    BNIB Black Makaira 16

    For sale BNIB matte black Makaira 16. Asking 550, local sale San Diego.
  93. Jiggermeister

    Grande 8/23/20

    Aren’t you glad I didn’t call it a #20 yellowtail:D
  94. Jiggermeister

    Grande 8/23/20

    Full day on the Grande. The counts were bad for the whole week. I thought about canceling, but I had a friend coming in to fish and I had cancelled on him once so I decided to just suck it up and go. I knew the water at the islands had turned several days before from other people’s reports, but...
  95. Jiggermeister

    WTB UC Mega or Monster 800 or similar rod for 30/40 bait

    There’s one for sale in the classified and it’s local to you.
  96. Jiggermeister

    Who got it?

    I think they scored the 6480 and 270H-8 as well.
  97. Jiggermeister

    Rod advice to match with Penn Fathom 40NLD2

    I have my FTH 40N on a US80Monster. I know you wanted a 50-60lb, but I caught a couple of 80s (BFT) on FF and both came in under 15 minutes.
  98. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa Grandwave or SL 30 - Broken Reel or Sideplate

    Looking for an aftermarket handle for the GW20, would you recommend that one. Also where can I get one?
  99. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa Grandwave or SL 30 - Broken Reel or Sideplate

    I don’t know if the GW 50 side plate fits on the 30, but there is one on OfferUp for sale. GL
  100. Jiggermeister

    Colt snipers

    What sizes do you have?
  101. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Liberty 7/18/20

    It depends what grade they’re, if it’s this 20-50. I don’t really worry about the stock trebles, if it’s more I change out to assist hooks.
  102. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Liberty 7/18/20

    It was the first overnighter in a couple of years. I got asked to go on a private charter by a friend. It was the a very limited load of 21 people on the Liberty out of Fisherman’s. My first overnighter in a couple of years. The bait was not the best condition, 1/2 was nice the other 1/2...
  103. Jiggermeister


    For sale 3 unused JRI 5s, 35 dollars local sale San Diego.
  104. Jiggermeister

    M&M Duran Clamp

    I’ll take it if it falls through.
  105. Jiggermeister

    Used Phenix BD 909xh

    For sale used Phenix BD 909xh, DH. 220 Located in San Diego.
  106. Jiggermeister

    Is there a rod clamp that would attach a Daiwa Lexa 300 to a deckhand grip rod?

    How did you get the ARC clamp to fit flush. I tried on my silver Lexa 400L and it would not fit flush. I would hold the reel but you couldn’t tighten everything the correct way
  107. Jiggermeister

    Factory LB super seekers or blanks

    How can you tell the difference between a PH and Greenie?
  108. Jiggermeister

    Calstar 700ml 140

    For sale used Calstar 700ml-c 20-40 lb. The one guide with oxidation is shown in pictures. Local sale, San Diego.
  109. Jiggermeister

    SEa Mak 30 and SEa Mak 20 with matching rods

    How did the PCH rod perform on that grade of fish?
  110. Jiggermeister

    Coronado Islands - San Diego full day 6/27/2020

    4 YT out of 16👏👏👏. What setup was that saltiga 15, with a mega or mag?
  111. Jiggermeister

    REDUCED Seeker Hurcules 80xh

    What reel did you use with this?
  112. Jiggermeister

    76 cx raptor blank

    Where are you located in SD?
  113. Jiggermeister

    Sea Watch or Excalibur full day.....San Diego

    Excalibur a couple of weekends ago. 85fter.
  114. Jiggermeister

    25/30# bait set up...

    Tri Helix + fathom 12 6485 + tor16 850l + tern 400
  115. Jiggermeister

    LEXA 400 HD 400H-P 6.3 to 1 Gear ratio $170.00

    Willing to part out the clamp? If so, how much?
  116. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa Sealine SL20SH JPN

    How much for the one on right? What lb spectra and did you find if it’s JPN? I just need a stand in until mine comes back from service.
  117. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa Sealine SL20SH JPN

    Like the title says, WTB sealine sl20sh in good condition, Japanese made. Located in San Diego.
  118. Jiggermeister

    Lexa 400 knob/handle upgrade

    I found that the Gomexus knob fits directly so I just replaced that knob, not the whole handle.
  119. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Excalibur full day 6/13/20

    Thanks, definitely exceptional but probably more lucky than good.
  120. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Excalibur full day 6/13/20

    We were parked close to the Vendetta most of the day, so must have been SKR.
  121. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Excalibur full day 6/13/20

    That bag was full of barracuda and bass, but looks like yellowtail
  122. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Excalibur full day 6/13/20

    I want to say most of our fish came 10-1pm anchored off Pukey Point, but I could be wrong.
  123. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Excalibur full day 6/13/20

    It was my first trip back after quarantine and first trip out of H and M Landing in who knows how long. I don’t know why but I wanted to hit the Islands rather than go off shore. I booked my ticket earlier in the week. As the week progressed the Islands option started looking better and better...
  124. Jiggermeister

    Sold Soldsold

    Do you have any lefty’s in this?
  125. Jiggermeister

    Accurate Valiant 500n for 500n lefty

    Want to trade accurate valiant 500n for a lefty version, this one is a red/silver.
  126. Jiggermeister

    Lexa 400 knob/handle upgrade

    I am looking to replace the power handle on a Lexa 400 (gray). I was wondering if any of you guys have replaced the handle + knob or knob of the Lexa 400. If you could post results good/bad and pictures. Thanks in advance.
  127. Jiggermeister

    Gold trini 14 clamp

    The talica 8 or 10 clamp and screws work for the TN14
  128. Jiggermeister

    PL68 JIGS

    Sorry they’re sold pending funds, I’ll let you know if it falls through.
  129. Jiggermeister

    PL68 JIGS

    4 PL68 jigs for sale as set, 20 dollars local pickup, San Diego
  130. Jiggermeister

    Gear help.!!

    The rod
  131. Jiggermeister

    Calstar 220 honey blank

    What reel are you planning on fitting to it?
  132. Jiggermeister

    YoYo jig best gear ratio ?

    I caught a pair of 80+ BFT on the fathom 40N, took about 15 minutes a piece, on a 80 monster. It seemed like plenty enough reel for them.
  133. Jiggermeister

    Favorite Surface Iron and Color

    Mint/gold/white combo, JRI and Killer both make them
  134. Jiggermeister

    Where can I fish?

    Now, where to order the fish from?
  135. Jiggermeister

    Where can I fish?

    I’m located in San Diego and would like to fish from shore. I know a lot of city maintained spaces are closed off, and so is all of Mission Bay. It looks as though San Diego Bay is not closed. Does that mean I can fish Shelter Island? Has anyone tried recently? Thanks in advance.
  136. Jiggermeister

    Post your last fishing Pic!

    End of last month on the San Diego.
  137. Jiggermeister

    Penn Fathom 25N ld2

    How much and where are you located?
  138. Jiggermeister

    Penn Fathom 25N ld2

    Like the add says WTB penn fathom 25N ld2, in good condition, and hopefully local to San Diego.
  139. Jiggermeister

    On the sandiego 2-29

    Way to go, it was fun fishing with you again.
  140. Jiggermeister

    San Diego Yellows, 2/27

    Went 2/29, 19 yellowtail for 49 ppl. Also someone caught a nice 40lb halibut.
  141. Jiggermeister

    Tranx 401A

    Where are you located?
  142. Jiggermeister

    Fathom 30 used 200$

    What line is on there?
  143. Jiggermeister

    Tranx 500 handle upgrade

    I put the Tranx 500 handle on my 400, and then put the Trinidad 16/20 on the 500
  144. Jiggermeister

    Tranx 500 handle upgrade

    The Stella knob is a nice touch
  145. Jiggermeister

    left hand saltwater conventional reels

    What handle did you put on the Lexa and was it a simple swap?
  146. Jiggermeister

    Penn fathom 40 II speed

    Caught a couple of 80lbers, using 100’ of 50 mono, to 80 spectra, throwing a FF, on a RUS80 Monster. Didn’t really get to even test the reel or rod, both fish came in around 15 minutes a piece. Super impressed with the fathom line up, better free spool than my Talicas
  147. Jiggermeister

    UC Monster (REDUCED)

    It’s the GUSA version 30-50 I believe
  148. Jiggermeister

    Please delete

    Almost too pretty to fish. I would buy this if I knew how to fishLOLLOLLOL
  149. Jiggermeister

    Trinidad 20 gold, 225

    Hey sorry bro, I just saw your message. I don’t know why I didn’t get an update but unfortunately I sold the reel.
  150. Jiggermeister

    Trinidad 20 gold, 225

    Last price drop 225
  151. Jiggermeister

    Penn Fathom_ 40nld2

    How much line and what type of line?
  152. Jiggermeister

    Penn Torque 15 star in black

    Booo! One of the few reels I regret selling...
  153. Jiggermeister

    Penn Torque 15 star in black

    Also the 12 holds the same line as a TN 14A. I can’t think of many instances where the TRQ 15 will get the job done when the 12 can’t, and the 12 is a nice narrow size :-):-):-)
  154. Jiggermeister

    Penn Torque 15 star in black

    Anyone know how much Dana Landing is selling the 12 for?
  155. Jiggermeister

    Trinidad 20 gold, 225

    For sale Trinidad 20, with gold clamp. 65 lb izorline spectra. Asking 225, located in San Diego.
  156. Jiggermeister

    Phenix M1 82MH

    Coming down to SD anytime soon?
  157. Jiggermeister

    Yes, it is available. Txt me if you’re interested, 423-504-2184.

    Yes, it is available. Txt me if you’re interested, 423-504-2184.
  158. Jiggermeister

    Torium 16HG

    Bump for price drop.
  159. Jiggermeister


  160. Jiggermeister

    Gold Trini 20

    I have one, located in San Diego. Shoot me a PM if you’re interested. Filled with 65 spectra to the top, also has the Shimano gold clamp.
  161. Jiggermeister

    Torium 16HG

    Shaddup, wouldn’t know.
  162. Jiggermeister

    Torium 16HG

    For sale great condition Torium 16HG, 65 spectra up to the top, clamp and box included. 165
  163. Jiggermeister


    Sorry, I just got rid of a JX, recently. But thanks for the inquiry.
  164. Jiggermeister


    Revo Toro NaCl60- 65 lb spectra to 25 lb mono. Sold Trinidad 12A, 50 lb spectra to the top. Sold Saltiga 15H, 40 pound depth hunter, drag could use servicing, 290 Lexa 400 HD, left handed 65 lb spectra, Sold Lexa 300 PWRL, left handed, jigging world handle and original handle, 50 Samurai...
  165. Jiggermeister

    Price Drop SKB 7100

    Sorry, forgot about post. It’s sold!
  166. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Outstanding tuna bite

    Hey I was wondering what your thoughts weee about the STS, especially the 17. I recently tried out their 20lb and was really impressed.
  167. Jiggermeister

    Avet JX MC

    I hope you enjoy the reel and kill a lot of fish!
  168. Jiggermeister

    Avet JX MC

    All sold, thanks guys.
  169. Jiggermeister

    Avet JX MC

    Saltist is pending, Avet is the only reel left.
  170. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 8/25/19 Liberty Full Day

    Update, just got my fish back from the processor and cooked a fillet up, ended up having worms.
  171. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 8/25/19 Liberty Full Day

    It’s now his lucky fishing shirt
  172. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 8/25/19 Liberty Full Day

    It was my first time going out for yellowfin this year. My friends and I booked the trip two weeks in advance. It looked pretty promising but Saturday’s counts dipped and with the boat traffic it looked like I might become a pick bite. I brought a friend who had just caught his first yellowtail...
  173. Jiggermeister

    Price Drop SKB 7100

    For sale SKB 7100, located in SD. Pick up only. No trays. Asking 165.
  174. Jiggermeister

    Calstar 220. ?

    I have a T220, really nice anchovy rod or if the bait is super small. It’s probably more of a 20lb instead of a 25 lb rod. I’d say get a seeker 270-8h or gfr 800l for 25lb. Also would be fun to bass with the rod.
  175. Jiggermeister

    SOLD: Accurate BV2 500N (left hand)

    Willing to trade for same model except single speed right handed version with cash on top?
  176. Jiggermeister

    Shimano Trinidad (Gold)/Torium

    Is that a Talica clamp on the TN20
  177. Jiggermeister

    Coronado 7-14-19

    Worth it on this occasion to make sure my friend got his first yellowtail.
  178. Jiggermeister

    Stickbait for tuna

    Thanks for the info
  179. Jiggermeister

    Coronado 7-14-19

    Jumped on the Liberty 3/4, reservations said 62 ppl. The last counts said 56 so maybe 6 ppl slept in? It looks like we had 160 yellowtail for the day. The bite was super early, most of our fish came before 10:30 am. All techniques worked. I regretted not taking a YOYO setup bc a lot of the fish...
  180. Jiggermeister

    Stickbait for tuna

    Aren’t the dorado sliders very hard to find?
  181. Jiggermeister

    Stickbait for tuna

    I’ve been seeing a lot more people throwing stickbaits on the tuna when they’re on top. Any advice on brand, size, and retrieval to get bit. Also what hooks are you changing the stocks out for, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  182. Jiggermeister


    Will you split and if so, how much for the fathom?
  183. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 6/22/19 Liberty

    Nope, the ones getting bit had lighter setups.
  184. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 6/22/19 Liberty

    Also don’t over dress the FF on this grade of fish, let it do it’s thing.
  185. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 6/22/19 Liberty

    Did they tell you how deep to fish the flat fall? They were busy on the kite so had to fish it blind. Casted 400 ft down wind and started cranking when the jig came straight with the boat. All 3 times, jig got stop on the call, no love on the retrieve
  186. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 6/22/19 Liberty

    Was this Gavin H. from the Pac Queen? Yes
  187. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 6/22/19 Liberty

    Yes but I used if for 3-4 minutes per fish, made the mistake of going to low too soon on the third fish which came to the surface and shook the hook because I couldn’t stay connected on low gear.
  188. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 6/22/19 Liberty

    Not so big, 70 and 72 dressed and bled on the processor scale.
  189. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 6/22/19 Liberty

    Yes sinker fish All jigs where sunk out and fished deep.
  190. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 6/22/19 Liberty

    Fished the Liberty on Friday with 34 other ppl. Bluefin where 60-80, one straggler at 30lbs. It was about 3 hr boat ride until we started fishing, which isn’t bad at all. Fished within site of the Nados, everyone was in the same area. Long drifts with the same school or different schools coming...
  191. Jiggermeister

    Oxnard Mirage 2 day trip

    Look up YouTube vids, it looks like WSB with halibut and yellowtail as bycatch.... Sounds like a boring trip, you should sell your spot to me.
  192. Jiggermeister

    Suggested rod for a Daiwa Saltiga 15h

    I’ve used the 15h with 20lb leader on an okuma pch801MH for BFT to 35 lbs.
  193. Jiggermeister

    Calstar XLH reel choice

    TN 12A, only if you have reel dead.
  194. Jiggermeister

    Avet JX MC

    Sorry, it’s sold
  195. Jiggermeister

    Cousins 90J or 95j Mag

    Fisherman’s access, or fisherman’s landing
  196. Jiggermeister

    Mak 15 II Black Out edition

    Is the handle swap for the Avet 30 a plug and play or do you have to modify it?
  197. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 5/11 New Lo-An BFT

    Thanks for the report!
  198. Jiggermeister

    Avet JX MC

    It’s pending.
  199. Jiggermeister

    SOLDPhenix Hybrid 809xh price lowered

    You should add that the custom is by Infinity Structures, might bring more attention.
  200. Jiggermeister

    Carlsbad is 45 min to an hr north. I’m open to offers

    Carlsbad is 45 min to an hr north. I’m open to offers
  201. Jiggermeister

    Help with a new 50lb set up

    My #50 is tac12ii with 70 predator
  202. Jiggermeister

    profile content gone???

    I thought it was just a temporary glitch... that really sucks.
  203. Jiggermeister

    Open eye Siwash hooks-what gives?

    It’s so you can connect directly to a jig or plug. Like if you wanted to replace the treble on a surface iron to a single or if you want to connect directly to a flat fall.
  204. Jiggermeister

    Avet JX MC

    For sale Avet JX MC, I don’t remember what it’s spooled with, but looks like 40 mono on top. Comes with box and clamp. Asking 150 Shimano Curado 301e, Sold Daiwa Saltist 35ld 2spd, spooled with 50 jbraid with enough room for top shot, box and clamp. Asking pending Located in San Diego
  205. Jiggermeister

    GFR 800ml and Daiwa SL30SH

    for sale: the GFR 800ML is used a handful and is pretty clean, tuna cord and turks, 200 SL30SH was clamp, no box, and 2/3-3-4 full of 65 lb izorline spectra, 60 Located in San Diego
  206. Jiggermeister

    Tranx 301 and Daiwa Coastal

    301 means it’s a lefty
  207. Jiggermeister

    Shimano,Avet,Daiwa,Okuma,Canyon Reels EVERYTHING IS SOLD!!!

    Someone scored on the Komodo, I would have bought it if it was a lefty...
  208. Jiggermeister

    Talica 16 or similar reel

    I have a used Talica 16ii, no line, good condition for 375, located in San Diego.
  209. Jiggermeister

    Talica 16 Reel

    Where are you located, I have one, located in SD.
  210. Jiggermeister


    What lb test is the metered line one braid?
  211. Jiggermeister

    Which shimano reel

    TN 12A
  212. Jiggermeister

    Liberty. North Island.

    Yeah I ended up with Mex limits on the trip. I was also using the JRI 66 and it seemed to be working well in the conditions.
  213. Jiggermeister

    Liberty. North Island.

    The talent was definitely above average on the boat. It was snotty conditions and with multiples hookups people were pretty good at controlling their fish.
  214. Jiggermeister

    Fred hall report - Wed

    I believe they had a 50ld2 in silver as well
  215. Jiggermeister

    Fred hall report - Wed

    Can’t wait for this to come out.
  216. Jiggermeister

    San Diego Bay 3/2/19

    I have been itching to go fishing, thought I’d make the rockfish opener this past weekend but the weather didn’t cooperative. I hit up San Diego Bay for a bay bass session. High tide was around 8:30 pm, we started at about 7 and fished for about an hour and a half. I took a friend who has never...
  217. Jiggermeister

    Seeker CEX 70H

    How much to buy?
  218. Jiggermeister

    Talica 50II Handle

    I’ll take it if deal falls though and you’re willing to ship.
  219. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa saltiga 35n SJ sold

    Looks closer to a 15H size, gearing is slower than the 15, and drag should be higher.
  220. Jiggermeister

    Most Durable Low Profile Reel for Shallow Water Rockfishing?

    Komodo 364 is the most durable low profile I’ve fished.
  221. Jiggermeister

    Black Penn Torque 12 and 25N star

    Did you end up finding a 25n?
  222. Jiggermeister

    GF 800 XLH vs GF 800L

    XL 15 Xlh 20 L 25
  223. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 2.5 SA80 11/10-11/11

    It was probably wise to fish heavier line just incase the bigger models ever showed up.
  224. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 2.5 SA80 11/10-11/11

    You were fire the whole trip. Guys who started off hot the first day didn’t catch anything the second day and vise versa, nice fishing with you man.
  225. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 2.5 SA80 11/10-11/11

    Boarded the Sea Adventure 80 for a 2.5, leaving 11/9 but fishing two days 11/11-11/12 on the banks, Cortez and Tanner. Both days we had a plunker bite. It was a fun couple days on the water, we failed to catch limits. The fish were 20-60lb grade, mostly fly lined deans, a handful on FF. The bait...
  226. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Big Boys are Biting 1.5 day Tribute 11/6

    I just hope the bite lasts through the weekend, haven’t had the chance to get out in a while.
  227. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Liberty Full Day 10/3

    Great trip and report, always love the videos.
  228. Jiggermeister

    New saltiga or Tesoro

    If you’re looking to bottom fish, the saltiga with the spool lock is pretty nice for the application. Also the new Torium PGA has 30+ lbs of drag and the old school ocea jigger tbar handle, something to think about.
  229. Jiggermeister

    New saltiga or Tesoro

    If it’s mainly to bottom fish, maybe a lever drag would work better.
  230. Jiggermeister

    How light is too light?

    15 is pretty standard on a pick bite.
  231. Jiggermeister

    San Diego popper/jig sizes and leader????

    Last trip my buddy was on, the skippies were eating the popper. My last trip only yft were eating it, it changes everyday but a popper fish is always more fun than a bait or jig fish.
  232. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Catalina Offshore - Limits of Dorado and some Yellowfin

    WTG, killing them as usual. Congrats on the new ride!
  233. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Myth debunked, Pride 8/24/18

    I didn’t get to experiment with colors or sizes, I was using the blue 100g coltsniper.
  234. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Myth debunked, Pride 8/24/18

    Def next time, didn’t even think of that!
  235. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Myth debunked, Pride 8/24/18

    I’ll keep that in mind next time, but I don’t know if they have a lot of barbless options in the styles of hooks I’m using.
  236. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Myth debunked, Pride 8/24/18

    My heaviest setup had a MH rating.
  237. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Myth debunked, Pride 8/24/18

    All the usual boats were booked up for the week, so I made a last minute call to fish with a friend on the Pride. It was a limited load,14 people, fishing overnight. When I arrived at Seaforth it was packed, especially for a Thursday night. I took this picture on Friday when I got back, but...
  238. Jiggermeister

    Yellowfin bite...

  239. Jiggermeister

    Schoolie Rig

    Daiwa sl20sh filled 2/3 with 40lb spectra, and 20lb mono to the top. Or Trinidad 12/14A or Daiwa Saltiga 15/20HA Rods T220(calstar), seeker 270-8h, calstar 800xl, pch 801 mh, psw 808mh, any 8fter you like. Also Tranx 300, 400, Lexa, Komodo all work.
  240. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Overnight On The Dominator

    3 out of the 5 fish came off flouro, 15-20#.
  241. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Overnight On The Dominator

    The entire boat got 5 that day....
  242. Jiggermeister

    Ideal # for my Trinidad 14a, 20a and Calcutta 400b

    Sounds right on the line and the rod setup as well. I would put the 20A on a jigstick and fish a 16A on the 838mh. I’ve fished the 14A on a 760 ml and loved it but looking back a 12A might have been more fun.
  243. Jiggermeister

    sold and sold

    Trinidad or Trinidad A?
  244. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Flatfalls

    Adjust the spool speed
  245. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 7/11 evening 9 mile.

    What website are you using for this information?
  246. Jiggermeister

    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 day 7-9-18

    Thanks for the details in the write up!
  247. Jiggermeister

    3 day trip rod and reel recommendations

    Just go out with the gear you have. My friend went out on the pac Queen last week. The boat ended up having boat rods with mak20 he could use.
  248. Jiggermeister

    ShimANo, Shimano and more Shimano

    How much for the Komodo? I pmd you, don’t know if you received it, pm me back with specs on reel and pictures.
  249. Jiggermeister

    Plan B worked out

    Nice fishing with you again, and congrats on the JP, 3 in a row is hard.
  250. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Coronado Islands on the San Diego 6/19

    The JRI 3 has a wider kick and can be fished slower than the JRI 7s. The fish probably didn’t commit to the 7 because when you paused it you lost the action immediately, with the 3 the action probably continued for slightly longer after you paused it getting more committed strikes, either way...
  251. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Fathers day on the Freedom

    Maybe that Sabre would rather be used as a jigstick instead of a rockfishing rod:-)
  252. Jiggermeister

    Right rod for the job.

    If you find the 9ft heavy in the Proteus, it’ll probably we a stellar combination, it just might be hard sourcing one.
  253. Jiggermeister

    surface jigs. 2 lots

    How much for the OCT and killer jigs?
  254. Jiggermeister

    3/4 Day Patriot local fishing

    Great video and report!
  255. Jiggermeister

    Upgraded Tranx 500pg

    That’s a Tranx done right.
  256. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Decided to jump on the San Diego

    Did any of you guys try using anchovy?
  257. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    Thanks, I have found that a single beefed up hook like a 9-0 Jobu will interfere with the action and I like the idea of marlin rigging it, but just didn’t know if it affected the action or decreased hook up rates.
  258. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    What has been your experience rigging that way?
  259. Jiggermeister


  260. Jiggermeister

    Real or just a drill ?

    I wish they would do this to ppl stealing reels on boats.
  261. Jiggermeister

    Seeking Long Sleeve SPF 50 Fishing Shirt Recommendations

    Columbia PFG, the ones with a hood, but just a warning their sizes run big.
  262. Jiggermeister

    Offshore New Lo An - Blown Out - Late Report 4-28-18

    That picture makes my tuna look respectable, #32. LOLLOLLOL
  263. Jiggermeister

    Tranx 500pg with tiburon clamp

    Do you have the original handle as well?
  264. Jiggermeister

    Liberty (all day FRI) vs. Tribute (overnight FRI - SAT)

    It looks like most of the fish is within the 3/4 range, I don’t see any upside to sleeping on a bunk if there isn’t a grey light bite on the FF for BFT.
  265. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Late Report: Combat fishing on the Liberty 5/4/18

    I told you to ditch the Lexa and go with the saltiga 15, looks like it would have been perfect on this trip.
  266. Jiggermeister

    Used SKB Tackle Box

    It looks like the rope section that holds the lid opened at a 90 degree snapped and needs to be placed, looks like an easy DIY fix.
  267. Jiggermeister

    WTS Saltiga 35n-SJ

    Is this a size 15H?
  268. Jiggermeister

    Yeah, I’m in Apple Valley. It was a scratch bite at the end of the year, right?

    Yeah, I’m in Apple Valley. It was a scratch bite at the end of the year, right?
  269. Jiggermeister

    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 4/28/18

    I told those guys they could get a plastic bag from Point Loma for 4 dollars. I hope they listened LOLLOLLOL
  270. Jiggermeister

    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 4/28/18

    We went all over but caught 57 miles south.
  271. Jiggermeister

    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 4/28/18

    Try leaving work early on a Friday to catch a boat, and something at work will mess it up. I got a late start and a long ways to drive down to San Diego. The problem was the GPS said ETA was 6:30 pm but I needed to catch a 6:00 pm boat. I called down to the landing to see if they’d wait for me...
  272. Jiggermeister

    Moving and getting rid of almost everything

    Looks like a typo on the Tranx, given the price and picture??
  273. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa SL20SH, SL30SH, and SL50Sh

    The only one complaint about the reel is the handle feels awkward.
  274. Jiggermeister

    The SD 3/28 Quick Report

    Great report, and great intel. Thanks for posting.
  275. Jiggermeister

    Shimano Tranx 500HG / Extra Handle

    Whoever bought this, if you want to sell the extra knob, LMK.
  276. Jiggermeister

    Diawa Saltiga-Saltist Acc.reel seat clamp

    I’ll take it if the deal falls through.
  277. Jiggermeister

    Unicorn BNIB Trinidad 16DC

    Glad you got your price
  278. Jiggermeister

    Old School Avet MXJ

    Wanted, the old Avet MXJ with the metal Tbar handle. Let me know what you have through pictures and how much you want for it, must be willing to PayPal and ship.
  279. Jiggermeister

    WTT: Shimano Trinidad 12A

    I have a single speed talica 10 if you’re interested
  280. Jiggermeister

    Seeker Black Steel G6465H $100 - Calstar GFGR 875H (30 - 60) Excellent condition $215

    Interested in a factory wrapped, new with tags Calstar GRF 850M?
  281. Jiggermeister

    Revo toro right hand

    I have a revo toro nacl 60, great shape, pm if interested.
  282. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa ARSC1 Clamp

    Found, please delete.
  283. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa ARSC1 Clamp

    Like the title says want to buy a clamp new or used, pm with price and condition. Must be willing to ship and accept PayPal.
  284. Jiggermeister

    Shimano Calcutta TE Lucanus Jig CTE400LJV - SOLD

    Just out of curiosity is that lever on the right side a spool lock?
  285. Jiggermeister

    1/26 DP

    The rig looks cool, how did you have the willow blade set up?
  286. Jiggermeister

    FS-Red Avet clamp kit $25.00 shipped

    Looks like a Stella knob on a Tranx 500 or Trinidad arm
  287. Jiggermeister

    Offshore PQ Colonet 1/12-1/14

    What Yoyo were you using?
  288. Jiggermeister

    WTB Phenix M1 rods

    Is this a custom since it is DH?
  289. Jiggermeister

    WTB Phenix M1 rods

    Like the title says looking for Phenix M1 MX-S78M(spinning) and MX-74ML(casting). It is the M1s with the brown handle. Local pickup in the IE or possibly San Diego.
  290. Jiggermeister

    Tokyo Japan. what should I buy?

    I love the pink one the most!
  291. Jiggermeister

    Seeker TAC80 reviews please

    I felt like it was a solid 30-40 lb stick. I just felt that overall the rod was a bit heavy and I especially felt the extra weight later in the day. I have been leaning toward graphite rods these days so that might have been a factor. The rod felt a lot stiffer than the black steels and SSs I...
  292. Jiggermeister

    Low profile reel for the bay

    Thanks for the suggestions
  293. Jiggermeister

    Seeker TAC80 reviews please

    I put a trinidad16a on mine
  294. Jiggermeister


    Hey already sold them, you probably won’t get a response soon.
  295. Jiggermeister

    Low profile reel for the bay

    I’ve been fishing the bays from shore lately. I just got a light rod 4-10 lb to throw swimbaits or drop shot with. I didn’t have anything to put on it because I usually use spinning rods to fish the bay, so I made do with a Curado 301e last night , not fun. I was looking for more of a 200-100...
  296. Jiggermeister


    Are these the new black versions?
  297. Jiggermeister

    Just wrapped gusa 701... $70

    Hey russel, I’m the one that called about the rod to pick up Saturday, I’ll give you a call back later today
  298. Jiggermeister

    WTB Lefty 300 Lexa with power handle.

    Where, I can’t find it online
  299. Jiggermeister

    Great Halibut fishing Sunday and Lapaz

    Don’t get discouraged, great report!!
  300. Jiggermeister


    It says it’s the full 10’, so uncut
  301. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 12/2/17 Pacific Queen

    I saw the reports of bluefin for the past couple weeks with most boats catching limits. I decided to chance it late in the year and go out one last time. The boat was on an overnight trip and got in around 8-8:30, they had 29 BFT and had to leave them biting to make our trip. The boat was...
  302. Jiggermeister

    Torium 16hga

    Torium 16hga
  303. Jiggermeister

    ROD recommendations for BFT (Trinidad 20a + Talica 16ii)

    How much of 80 did you fit on?
  304. Jiggermeister

    ROD recommendations for BFT (Trinidad 20a + Talica 16ii)

    But compared to a real cow reel and rod it was night and day. If its all you got then go ahead, but if you can get something heavier, bring both. How did you have your fathom setup?
  305. Jiggermeister

    Which reel to put on custom 9" Rod being built for throwing jigs?

    You see a couple torque 25ns as well
  306. Jiggermeister

    WTS/WTT Calstar Grafighter 800H

    No way it’s conventional, guides are not right.
  307. Jiggermeister

    Phenix PSWS-760H Or???

    The psw760h is probably a little heavy for the Saragossa 8k and for what you’re targeting. Also you’re sacrificing a lot of casting distance with that rod, it makes a great bait rod but I wouldn’t try casting artificials with it. I would suggest an 8’ rod in a mh, although you might do well with...
  308. Jiggermeister

    300lb test leader on a 250 glow flat fall. too much?

    Why type of crip is that, looks extra long and sturdy.
  309. Jiggermeister

    WTB : Curado EJ Handle

    Ic, good luck with your search.
  310. Jiggermeister

    WTB : Curado EJ Handle

    I saw some at Bob Sand's
  311. Jiggermeister

    Eldorado from Berth 55

    I don't know about the new captain but in my experience when going out of Berth 55, we never get priority baiting up. I heard from the captain of the boat (not the Eldo) the same people who own the 22nd St. also own the bait barge. I might be totally off on this but during two trips out of Berth...
  312. Jiggermeister

    Phenix BAX

    Hey can anyone tell me any information on a phenix blank BAX908, I can't find any information on this series. Did phenix make a limited run or what's up, any information would be helpful, thanks in advance.
  313. Jiggermeister

    WTB Okuma Komodo 364 Lefty

    Okuma Komodo 364 lefty, the older model, must be in good condition. PM with prices and pictures. Thanks in advance.
  314. Jiggermeister


    How did they rip you off through PayPal?
  315. Jiggermeister

    Black Gold Penn Torque Stardrag Clamp

    Thank you for your quick response.
  316. Jiggermeister

    Black Gold Penn Torque Stardrag Clamp

    I was just wondering if the penn torque 15 BG in stardrag came with plastic or metal clamps. Also if anyone can send a picture of the clamp assembly that would be much appreciated. Thanks I'm advance.
  317. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Pacific Star 8/20-8/23 2.5 day

    So was this Desperation Reef or Cortez?
  318. Jiggermeister

    8' Phenix Rod

    It would help if you had the blank information, for example PSW 809h. If you know which line of phenix rods it is, you can figure out the exact blank if the custom wrap has a line rating. Hope this helps.
  319. Jiggermeister

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    PHD 838MH and TN 14A
  320. Jiggermeister

    Trinidad 14 a $320

    Better pictures of side plate please
  321. Jiggermeister

    tackle bag ideas

    Fanny pack will hold everything you need for surf fishing.
  322. Jiggermeister

    Backup live bait set

    Saltiga + UC 80 monster
  323. Jiggermeister

    WTB Avet SXJ MC Right Hand Reel

    I have a lightly used blue sxj raptor if you're interested.
  324. Jiggermeister

    WTB Daiwa SL20SH

    You interested in the sl30sh?
  325. Jiggermeister


    Seeker SJ 90F, interested in rod or blank.
  326. Jiggermeister

    For Sale- Daiwa Sealine SHA and Daiwa Saltist Reels- All Reduced

    Standup guy, and easy to work with. Shipped out the reel same day!
  327. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 7/22/17 Grande

    Only one guy threw a colt sniper, but he was only throwing it on the last stop for a pair of YT. I'd assume they would have worked all day, especially since the YT wanted the iron a little sub surface and they were also hitting it on the drop. I've had my poppers came back at me to hook me...
  328. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 7/22/17 Grande

    Exactly. Especially because I left a freshly wrapped T220 at home :hali_ruahahaha:
  329. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 7/22/17 Grande

    The last stop was yielding better grade yellowtail, several 17-24lbs, but the majority was 5-8lbs. The dorado were 8-14 lbs, I saw a bull following my doe that was 16 lbs? I was curious if they would hit poppers like they did a couple years ago, but didn't get a chance to try.
  330. Jiggermeister

    Offshore 7/22/17 Grande

    It looks like all the off shore reports are all the same so I'll keep it short. I jumped on the Grande because I thought it would be a lite load, ended up with a full house. It was wide open on the yellowtail, plus we had a a good amount of dorado in the mix. The last stop of the day was wide...
  331. Jiggermeister

    Seeker SJ 90F

    Worth a try
  332. Jiggermeister

    Seeker SJ 90F

    Do you think I could persuade you to build out the blank for me?
  333. Jiggermeister

    Seeker SJ 90F

    Called and they quoted me 3-4wks to order.
  334. Jiggermeister

    Seeker SJ 90F

    Hey guys I was wondering if you guys knew of a shop carrying these blanks, it seems like I have to order them at most stores and it'll be a while. Thanks in advance.
  335. Jiggermeister

    My Phenix 909h, not working as a jig/popper stick

    That a boy! Go kill some tuna!
  336. Jiggermeister

    My Phenix 909h, not working as a jig/popper stick

    Do you have a hook up on UC? Also US or CE monster
  337. Jiggermeister

    Snowflakes are among us

    The guy was probably wearing leather sandals..... :rofl::rofl:
  338. Jiggermeister

    My Phenix 909h, not working as a jig/popper stick

    Try casting with two brakes in on the Tranx, I have a similar setup one a 909xh, and after warming up I'm hands free almost on the cast while on straight spectra to a short top shot.
  339. Jiggermeister

    Torque 12 or trini 12a ...

    The torque casts better but the trini feels smoother reeling. But like someone else said I'd decide on which one feels better on the rod, the torque is a lot wider than the trini but on a xlh I don't think the width would matter, just go by how they feel in your hand. I have the torque 12 on the...
  340. Jiggermeister

    Wtb seeker white tiger f100 1st gen

    Just so I can tell in the future, how do you know?
  341. Jiggermeister

    MB 6/1

    Don't know the weight but taped out 42 inches.
  342. Jiggermeister

    MB 6/1

    That Hali in my avatar was caught in Newport and the calico action during the summer is way better than at either MB or SD. But at 120 it makes you think twice about whether it's worth it.
  343. Jiggermeister

    MB 6/1

    Isn't Newport still around 120 for full day?
  344. Jiggermeister

    Rod choice for big poppers

    I was out last weekend throwing a Halco 160 on a Phenix 909xh and Tranx 500 HG. I wasn't unhappy with the distance I was getting but after every big cast as the popper was going out there I would feel my rod excessively wobbling (think boingggg). I felt that my rod choice was lite for what I was...
  345. Jiggermeister


    You have a 25n laying around?
  346. Jiggermeister

    WTB Stella 14k or Twin Power '15

    How much are you willing to let it go for?
  347. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Intrepid 1.5 day 5/30

    It looks like the 177 lber off the SD was off a Tranx....
  348. Jiggermeister

    Shimano What application for 3000-6000 size reels?

    I caught a 32lb bluefin last month on a 6k with no problems.
  349. Jiggermeister

    FS Jigging and Popping tackle

    Might want to try and post on 360tuna, they seem to like popping and stickbaits better
  350. Jiggermeister

    Create My Dedicated Chovy Set Up (Please)

    Calstar 196/SS 804 matched with TRQ15/TN14A. See which combination you like between those. I have a TN12/14, TN12a/14a, TRQ 12/15 and Newell S 220-5, but my go to for anchovies is still a Daiwa SL20SH with Tiburon handle .
  351. Jiggermeister

    Flatfall buy one get one free

    Just went to Turners and saw them on sale, buy one get one free!
  352. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    Anyone know how long it takes to install everything?
  353. Jiggermeister

    Offshore SCI. May 2 Thunderbird

    They eat seals, the pesks we deal with are sea lions. But wouldn't mind thinning them out a bit at the islands.
  354. Jiggermeister

    Daiwa sl20sh upgrade kit from So Cal Fishing-hunting?????

    How long did it take you guys to install new kit?
  355. Jiggermeister

    3/4 out of SD

    Looks like the Malihini, Liberty and Prowler got into the big boys today, definitely go out if you can.
  356. Jiggermeister

    Mission Bay 4/28/17

    The weather was up offshore so a friend and I decided to putt around the bay in a skiff. We launched from Seaforth and fished mission bay with swimbaits. The fishing was difficult, the wind was ripping through the channel. Final count 1 spotted bay bass, 2 sand bass, 1 calico, and 3 halibut...
  357. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Late report, Pacific Queen, monday 4/24

    Where ppl just under gunned or was it terminal tackle failure?
  358. Jiggermeister

    Shimano Rods for Talica 16 and 20?

    ^who are you getting them wrapped by?
  359. Jiggermeister


    How long is the us90 from where the Tranx is sitting to the butt?
  360. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Liberty 4/15/17

    I often wonder if letting ppl know is doing the right thing......
  361. Jiggermeister

    Dockside breakfast Mitches

    Try the monchong, corvina, WSB, sheephead and swordfish when they have it.
  362. Jiggermeister

    Psw 760h for 50lb set bait?

    I've caught a 93 BFT on the 760h/tac12, I used a 60lb leader but only because I had a flat fall attached to it. I wished it had a little more lifting power for that grade of fish. I think if I was running bait, I wouldn't go more than 40#.
  363. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Liberty 4/15/17

    I had been wanting to go fish for while, the counts have been good, the weather was supposed to be good so I decided to take the wife on her first "real" fishing trip, one that was targeting something other than rockfish. The swell was pretty bad getting out and I thought it would lay down as...
  364. Jiggermeister

    Unloading some reels

    Is the blackhole, a blank or finished rod?
  365. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Malihini Offshore 3/26

    Thanks for the post, I was wondering what grade they were catching this weekend. It's nice to see what exactly the fish counts were made of before deciding whether to go or not.
  366. Jiggermeister

    25 lbs Rod: Okuma Makaira or Seeker Black Steel?

    It has a softer tip and will cast bait better than the makaira.
  367. Jiggermeister


    I just picked up a challenger 801mh and a two piece 9.6 Striper nano blank. I was hoping to get them wrapped. I was wondering if you guys have got any of these rods wrapped here locally (SoCal) and if you guys would recommend the wrapper you used. Thanks in advance.
  368. Jiggermeister

    What do you guys think of my red crab imitation?

    Let me know if you do.
  369. Jiggermeister

    WTB: Tranx 500 handle with the white knob

    Do you have any problems with the clutch engaging with the heavier handle?
  370. Jiggermeister

    Custom wrap for blackhole

    I just picked up two blackhole blanks a challenger 801mh and a cap cod striper 9.6 2 piece. I was wondering if you guys had a recommendation on where to get these wrapped, location doesn't matter because I will have to drive anyways (southern califonia), perferably someone who has wrapped some...
  371. Jiggermeister

    Recommendations on a 4 pack

    Thanks guys for the suggestions if you think of anymore keep them coming, I'll look into these boats today
  372. Jiggermeister

    Recommendations on a 4 pack

    Trip will be at the end of the month.
  373. Jiggermeister

    Recommendations on a 4 pack

    I was going to get a trip together with some friends, want to target shallow water rockfish and yellowtail, any suggestions on on four packs, pretty flexible as far as landings go. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  374. Jiggermeister

    WTS Shimano trinidad 14a

    You might want to give it another shot, I have the 12, 16, and 20. I first thought it was a little small.... but after using it, it is my go to for fish sub 25#. Last year I let my friend borrow it for YFT 20-30 lbs, I had my limit and he was having a hard time getting bit, but went 3 in a row...
  375. Jiggermeister

    Shimano Clamp for TN12

    It does fit!
  376. Jiggermeister

    I need color ideas for 2 yellow glass rods

    I got a t220 wrapped recently.
  377. Jiggermeister

    Slow Pitch/Mechanical Jigging Trip

    A guy posted on the offshore forum not too long ago about a Colonet trip, he was mainly using knife jigs. It made me want to use butterfly jigs at colonet instead of yo-yoing, but last weekend's trip canceled....
  378. Jiggermeister

    Reels for slow pitch rods

    Where do you guys usually order these JDM reels?
  379. Jiggermeister

    WTB Talica 8 or 10 clamp

    Like the title says want to buy either size clamp, must take PayPal, must be able to ship. PM what you got with price.
  380. Jiggermeister

    Shimano Clamp for TN12

    Does anybody know if the clamp assembly from the Talica 8 will fit on a Trinidad 12 gold? Or if there is an aftermarket clamp that works well with the reel? Thanks in advance.
  381. Jiggermeister

    Tranx reel rod combo

    Psw 909xh
  382. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Colonet YT 2/11

    I didn't say I wanted to go out in these conditions, just that the boat hasn't made the decision to cancel yet.
  383. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Colonet YT 2/11

    The Liberty said they'd make their final call tomorrow morning to go or cancel
  384. Jiggermeister

    FS Shimano Trinidad 12 and 14

    Sorry guys I bought both, and James was very pleasant to work with.
  385. Jiggermeister

    Offshore Pacific Queen...Yellowtail Limits ! ! !

    Did you have any problem getting to the bottom with 160 g?
  386. Jiggermeister

    Reel deal gone bad

    Since the box was opened and then left, makes me think the delivery worker took it. Why would someone spend the time to open a package right on the street and then leave the box there, too much of a chance of someone seeing.
  387. Jiggermeister

    Shimano What u caught on your Calcutta 400D???

    I was using it to throw bait and a popper last time I was out on the water, mainly for yellowtail and bonito.
  388. Jiggermeister

    Shimano What u caught on your Calcutta 400D???

    What rod do you guys fish on the 400d?
  389. Jiggermeister

    Shimano Trinidad 14A

    I find that my go to for fish under 30 lbs is the trini 14A.
  390. Jiggermeister

    Shimano Swapping the Knob on a Trini?

    What handle do you use for the 12 and 14?
  391. Jiggermeister

    WTS Accurate BV Valiant

    What model and size torque are you looking to trade for?
  392. Jiggermeister


    Open to trading your 90F?
  393. Jiggermeister

    Charkbait Sale

    I was at Charkbait yesterday and found out they were no longer carrying Seeker and Calstar. The seekers were 50% off sticker and the Calstars were being sold at cost. If you guys are local to one of these stores, it might be worthwhile to go check it out. I'm not affiliated with Charkbait...
  394. Jiggermeister

    Older Penn Torque star drag

    Lol, sorry I meant backwards
  395. Jiggermeister

    Older Penn Torque star drag

    Yes, they have a live spindle which before you put into freespool you have to release the tension by thumbing the spool forward.
  396. Jiggermeister

    Knot Pullers for Spectra and Hooks - $20 - $30 (Models A and C Available)

    I would also like to buy some, let me know what I need to do.
  397. Jiggermeister

    Rods for sale - OTI, Calstar, Seeker, Shimano

    Is the OTI sold, I know is was pending
  398. Jiggermeister

    FS calstar gfgr875h

    What are you looking for, I'm local and I'm down to trade gear.
  399. Jiggermeister

    WTB Trinidad 16DC or 20DC

    Hope you find your replacement
  400. Jiggermeister

    Curado EJ

    For sale shimano Curado 300 EJ, with white 65# power pro. It has a few minor dings, located in Chula Vista, SD for this weekend only. 175, send PM with number for pictures. No box, reel only, great mechanical condition.
  401. Jiggermeister

    FS Pro Gear 541 (black), Saltiga LD20ii, Sustain 4000FG

    Can you switch the handle on the sustain to the left or is it fixed?
  402. Jiggermeister

    Wife says to start thinning it out...SOLD

    C'mon the deal sounded way too good to be true!
  403. Jiggermeister

    Calstar & Terez

    What type of handle does the 900xl have?
  404. Jiggermeister

    WTB 7.2, 7.8 Terez Spinning

    Thanks for looking out, I PM'd him.
  405. Jiggermeister

    WTB 7.2, 7.8 Terez Spinning

    Still looking for Terez spinning rod
  406. Jiggermeister

    WTB 7.2, 7.8 Terez Spinning

    I have a trip coming up and will be going with my father, this will be his first time fishing and I thought a spinning setup might be easier for him to use. I'll be leaving for SD from Riverside so anywhere along the way that is convenient to pick up from is a possibility. Also I have a lot of...
  407. Jiggermeister

    New Penn Squall 25N and Shimano Baitrunner 8000D SOLD

    Also interested in baitrunner depending on location
  408. Jiggermeister

    gloomis GL2 8ft H 12-25lb REDUCED

    Model # and your location?
  409. Jiggermeister

    Paddle board Calico bass Fishing - Baja

    Looks like tons of fun.
  410. Jiggermeister

    Mint phenix 700xh PHD hybrid

    Only if you were closer
  411. Jiggermeister

    Deal at jigging world

    I'm wondering how long it'll take to fulfill orders?
  412. Jiggermeister

    Deal at jigging world

    Did anyone get charged shipping? I got charged 10 dollars for a trinidad 16A
  413. Jiggermeister


    Always customizing, it looks super clean.
  414. Jiggermeister

    WTB Calstar GFGR875H grafighter

    Let me know how you like the combo.
  415. Jiggermeister

    Shimano Trinidad 16ns fs! "Goldie Lox"

    Good deal I guess I was too late
  416. Jiggermeister

    Shimano Talica, Trinidad, Toriums and TLDs

    Free bump for great seller, reel shipped out in timely manner, thanks again.
  417. Jiggermeister

    A word of caution when shipping stuff...

    I have started to ship stuff to where I work. If no one is there, there is always a secure compartment they can leave it in, higher chance of some one being at work than at home when the mailman comes.
  418. Jiggermeister

    Reduced!!! Rods and reels for sale

    Free bump for great seller, thanks for the reel!
  419. Jiggermeister

    All Sold

    Fathom LD or star?
  420. Jiggermeister


    The 15 was mint, and packed well. Bump for a great seller!
  421. Jiggermeister

    Talica 10 II

    How do these old posts get resurrected?
  422. Jiggermeister


    Does the Trinidad come with any line?
  423. Jiggermeister

    WTB OG Killer Jigs

    PM with pictures of what you have and how much you want for them.
  424. Jiggermeister

    FS: Saltiga 30

    Made in Japan or Korea?
  425. Jiggermeister


    Hey is this a raptor, it must be a raptor and you just posted the wrong pictures? If it is, can you post new pictures it will be much appreciated, and at 200 I'll take it. PM sent!!!!
  426. Jiggermeister

    WTS: Swimbait Setup

    Is the Lexa a power handle or paddle style and is there line on it?
  427. Jiggermeister

    Trinidad 20a, 30a, Talica 12ii, Lethal 100, Thunnus 12k ci+4, Torium 16hg

    Free bump for great seller! Talica and Trinidad in great condition.
  428. Jiggermeister

    WTS: Swimbait Setup

    Daiwa lexa or Luna?
  429. Jiggermeister


    Great deal on an awesome looking rod!
  430. Jiggermeister

    Shimano Torium 16HG

    where are you located?
  431. Jiggermeister

    Electric grunion

    If anyone is interested The Longfin has the LC flash minnow in electric grunion as of 3/22/15.
  432. Jiggermeister

    Shimano lefties, Torium 30 and Phenix rod.

    I'll take the 301e if everyone else backs out
  433. Jiggermeister

    Dolphin 3/4 day

    Some of their PM 1/2 days are extended 1/2 days and they have gone out for YT, YFT, and dorado.
  434. Jiggermeister

    WTB Torium 20

    I have one that I will let go for 125, it's full of new #40 mono (izorline), I can meet up in riverside possibly. I'll be fishing tomorrow but PM me if interested.
  435. Jiggermeister

    Torium 16 or Torium 20?

    16 will not fit many deckhand style jig sticks causing the screws on the clamp to dig into your handle
  436. Jiggermeister


    Are these still for sale?
  437. Jiggermeister

    Newell P220F

    Where are you located?
  438. Jiggermeister

    Vintage surface iron!

    How much are the killers?
  439. Jiggermeister

    Looking for a ride out for tuna Sunday 20th

    Hey Robert by any chance did you fish puerto lobos several months back?
  440. Jiggermeister


    Where is the picture of the mxj?
  441. Jiggermeister

    Pride Charter Fishing September 11th and 12th-I have a few spots left

    What time are you leaving Thursday and what time do you get back on Friday?
  442. Jiggermeister

    Shimano Terez Rods

    Thanks for the terez Matt.
  443. Jiggermeister

    Avet SX Silver

    PM me if the deal falls through, I can pick it up tomorrow.
  444. Jiggermeister

    7'6 Heavy Teremar

    Can you post pictures?