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  1. Shimano Penn

    5' Gaff

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: 5' Gaff - 5' Gaff Learn more about this listing...
  2. Shimano Penn

    (3) Cheap 8 and 9' Spinning Rods

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: (3) Cheap 8 and 9' Spinning Rods - (3) Cheap 8 and 9' Spinning Rods Learn more about this listing...
  3. Shimano Penn

    Sand Spikes (4)

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Sand Spikes (4) - Sand Spikes (4) Learn more about this listing...
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    12' Surf Rods

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: 12' Surf Rods - 12' Surf Rods Learn more about this listing...
  5. Shimano Penn

    Penn Defiance Combo

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Penn Defiance Combo - Penn Defiance Combo Learn more about this listing...
  6. Shimano Penn

    T-Bar handle for TLD 20, 30/ 2 speed

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: T-Bar handle for TLD 20, 30/ 2 speed - T-Bar handle for TLD 20, 30/ 2 speed Learn more about this listing...
  7. Shimano Penn

    Penn International 50SW Like New with upgrades

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Penn International 50SW Like New with upgrades - Penn International 50SW Like New with upgrades Learn more about this listing...
  8. Shimano Penn

    Phenix Axis HAX720X3H 60-130#

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Phenix Axis HAX720X3H 60-130# - Phenix Axis HAX720X3H 60-130# Learn more about this listing...
  9. Shimano Penn

    Penn International 30SW2

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Penn International 30SW2 - Penn International 30SW2 Learn more about this listing...
  10. Shimano Penn

    Parts organizer/ storage boxes

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Parts organizer/ storage boxes - Parts organizer/ storage boxes Learn more about this listing...
  11. Shimano Penn

    Guy Harvey print, nicely framed

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Guy Harvey print, nicely framed - Guy Harvey print, nicely framed Learn more about this listing...
  12. Shimano Penn

    Acrylic Fishing Trophys

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Acrylic Fishing Trophys - Acrylic Fishing Trophys Learn more about this listing...
  13. Shimano Penn

    Rigged Yummy Flyers

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Rigged Yummy Flyers - Rigged Yummy Flyers Learn more about this listing...
  14. Shimano Penn

    Peir gaff and bait bucket

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Peir gaff and bait bucket - Peir gaff and bait bucket Learn more about this listing...
  15. Shimano Penn

    Large Rockfish Jigs Lot

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Large Rockfish Jigs Lot - Large Rockfish Jigs Lot Learn more about this listing...
  16. Shimano Penn

    Megabaits and Irons Lot

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Megabaits and Irons Lot - Megabaits and Irons Lot Learn more about this listing...
  17. Shimano Penn

    Swimbait Lot

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Swimbait Lot - Swimbait Lot Learn more about this listing...
  18. Shimano Penn

    Telescoping Tigress Center Rigger (no base)

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Telescoping Tigress Center Rigger (no base) - Telescoping Tigress Center Rigger (no base) Learn more about this listing...
  19. Shimano Penn

    Prodigy P2 Brake Controller NIB

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Prodigy P2 Brake Controller NIB - Prodigy P2 Brake Controller NIB Learn more about this listing...
  20. Shimano Penn

    Magnetic tow lights

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Magnetic tow lights - Magnetic tow lights Learn more about this listing...
  21. Shimano Penn

    Malone Seawing Kayak Saddles (2)

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Malone Seawing Kayak Saddles (2) - Malone Seawing Kayak Saddles (2) Learn more about this listing...
  22. Shimano Penn

    Easy Up small 4 X 6 gently used

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Easy Up small 4 X 6 gently used - Easy Up small 4 X 6 gently used Learn more about this listing...
  23. Shimano Penn

    Easy Up 10 x 10 BNIB

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Easy Up 10 x 10 BNIB - Easy Up 10 x 10 BNIB Learn more about this listing...
  24. Shimano Penn

    Reliable Kill Bag "Yellowtail" 48 X 28 like new.

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Reliable Kill Bag "Yellowtail" 48 X 28 like new. - Reliable Kill Bag "Yellowtail" 48 X 28 like new. Learn more about this listing...
  25. Shimano Penn

    Suites (7) shirts and ties - 42L

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Suites (7) shirts and ties - 42L - Suites (7) shirts and ties - 42L Learn more about this listing...
  26. Shimano Penn

    Wire Line Rod

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Wire Line Rod - Wire Line Rod Learn more about this listing...
  27. Shimano Penn

    Help with Mexican visa ?

    I am looking for an immigration professional to help me navigate my application for either a temporary or permanent visa, I lam planning to permanently move to Mexico early next year. If you are such or can recommend someone please let me know.
  28. Shimano Penn

    WTB Daiwa Saltist LD35-2Spd

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: WTB Daiwa Saltist LD35-2Spd - WTB Daiwa Saltist LD35-2Spd Learn more about this listing...
  29. Shimano Penn

    Fishing rods on MTS

    Does anyone know if you can board an MTS bus with a couple 7’ rods? Was thinking of just parking at Liberty Station (Von’s) and taking the bus a few blocks to the landings.
  30. Shimano Penn

    Need rubber butt caps

    Figured you builders would know where to get these, either local B&M or online. All my rods have aluminum gimbal butts and I want some of those rubber butt caps that fit over them. Pretty much picked through what Squidco has in stock, need some other sizes.
  31. Shimano Penn

    Sportboat Schedules, who understands?

    So I look ahead at the schedules understanding that in the current market you just can't wait until the last minute. Problem I see is that they do. Using as example I see that the Pacifica has 4 count 'em four trips posted for September. Really? One overnight and three 1.5's???? That...
  32. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Tribute 1.5 07-02

    Left late about 0930 +. Traveled far, started fishing (hunting) at 0500 just off Ensenada. Conditions were nice, reasonably calm. Not mill pond but very manageable. No fish in the dark, no love on the jigs. Pick bites here and there on 25-35# models all on sinker rig sardines. One good mid...
  33. Shimano Penn

    Man Up or spend money, what would you do?

    I am a 63 Y/O 6'-2" ectomorph with a basketball sized gut, got "dunlaps" disease. Upper body strength was never my claim to fame but I could run a marathon with the best of them in younger years. Used to be in good shape but got too old to actually work and now sit on my ass all day finger...
  34. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa 30H Excellent Condition

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Daiwa 30H Excellent Condition - Daiwa 30H Excellent Condition Learn more about this listing...
  35. Shimano Penn

    WTT FTH25NLD2 Cal Sheets blueprint for BNIB FTH25XNLD

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: WTT FTH25NLD2 Cal Sheets blueprint for BNIB FTH25XNLD - WTT FTH25NLD2 Cal Sheets blueprint for BNIB FTH25XNLD Learn more about this listing...
  36. Shimano Penn

    (2) Super Clean Shimano TLD 30/2 trolling reels

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: (2) Super Clean Shimano TLD 30/2 trolling reels - (2) Super Clean Shimano TLD 30/2 trolling reels Learn more about this listing...
  37. Shimano Penn

    Splicing hollow core braid - lesson learned !

    I wanted to get a jump start on my 1.5 coming up next Friday so I sat down earlier this afternoon to do some set up work. Changing topshots on the bait rigs mostly and splicing mono to solid braid with short sections of HC, done it many times. Also adding a new loop connection to my heavy FF...
  38. Shimano Penn

    2013 Transit Connect work van $10,000

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: 2013 Transit Connect work van $10,000 - 2013 Transit Connect work van $10,000 Learn more about this listing...
  39. Shimano Penn

    7' spinning rod choices 30-40-50

    Looking to upgrade my spinning rod, reel is a Penn Slammer 3 5500. Currently have a 7'-6" rod best suited for 30# , I want a heavier 7' model. What I'm looking at is Phenix Black Diamond PSW700XH 30-80 and United Composites Elite Composite RCE700XH 40-60. Both at the same price point $309 and...
  40. Shimano Penn

    Who can explain “In Possession” ?

    Often there is a difference between law and enforcement, we all know that. We are each allowed (2) BFT per day but we fish “boat limits” and even if the boat limits out you typically have some guys with 4-5 of them, some with 1, 2 or 3 and a bunch of folks with none 🙄 1). If there are 4 fish in...
  41. Shimano Penn

    Saltist LD20 2 Spd

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Saltist LD20 2 Spd - Saltist LD20 2 Spd Learn more about this listing...
  42. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 06-18-21

    We left Seaforth at 9pm and were fishing by 12:00. Weather was great, calm conditions but unfortunately no sunshine all day Saturday. Easy to keep line straight up and down, made finding depths simple. I Hooked up at 4 am, second fish of the night. I was using a Savage Gear 280g Squish, 70...
  43. Shimano Penn

    Pacifica 1.5 tonight?

    Anyone on this trip leaving tonight from Seaforth?
  44. Shimano Penn

    UC RCE 700M and RCE 700H C+ factory wrap

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: UC RCE 700M and RCE 700H C+ factory wrap - UC RCE 700M and RCE 700H C+ factory wrap Learn more about this listing...
  45. Shimano Penn

    UC Centaur 70 or 76 - factory wrap preferred.

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: UC Centaur 70 or 76 - factory wrap preferred. - UC Centaur 70 or 76 - factory wrap preferred. Learn more about this listing...
  46. Shimano Penn

    Penn Int'l 30SW2 Super Clean $350

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Penn Int'l 30SW2 Super Clean $350 - Penn Int'l 30SW2 Super Clean $350 Learn more about this listing...
  47. Shimano Penn

    Phenix HAX 720 X3H 60-130

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Phenix HAX 720 X3H 60-130 - Phenix HAX 720 X3H 60-130 Learn more about this listing...
  48. Shimano Penn

    Set of four (4) TLD 30/2's excellent condition ready to troll.

    Shimano Penn submitted a new listing: Set of four (4) TLD 30/2's excellent condition ready to troll. - Set of four (4) TLD 30/2's excellent condition ready to troll. Learn more about this listing...
  49. Shimano Penn

    Thoughts on going old school on these BFT?

    Please if you are too young to have ever actually used this gear keep your thoughts to yourself, I am asking guys who actually have used it. I still have my 90's era gear including a couple IGFA 80# class Penn Int'l 2 5'-6" stand up rods paired with 30SW2's blueprinted and hot rodded by Cal...
  50. Shimano Penn

    Specs for older TLD 30

    Easy to find specs for the current 30A model but I have the older ones. Probably very similar or even the same but I’d like to verify.
  51. Shimano Penn

    Fathom freespool - beating a dead horse :)

    In another thread I complained bitterly about the out-of-the-box freespool on some FTH40NLD2's I bought for primarily flat fall and flyline use. It's terrible. I sent them off to Cal Sheets for blueprinting as I have done with (2) 25NLD's and a 30. The modified reels are awesome. I was...
  52. Shimano Penn

    Is this a thing? (photo)

    Top rod in this photo, is this a thing? If so what is it? I saw it again in a random google search but can't find it now.
  53. Shimano Penn

    What makes it a "rail" rod?

    Okay so I just know I am asking for it here, I know how you guys love to shame people :( , but seriously we all know that any rod can be laid on the rail. Is it simply a matter of the foregrip? Length? Material? Or is there something in the actual construction of the rod? I ask because I...
  54. Shimano Penn

    Latest versus New Posts?

    I give up, what is supposed to be the difference? I see the same threads under both 🙄
  55. Shimano Penn

    Torque free spool?

    I have always been a loyal Penn enthusiast and still have all my older INT II reels, but ever since FathomLD2's showed up that is pretty much all I fish. I have 8 of them 8-) However I feel that the "out-of-the-box" free spool leaves much to be desired compared to other brand reels and so far...
  56. Shimano Penn

    Sardine sinker rig for larger BFT?

    The sinker rig is pretty popular so far this season, my problem with it is trying to impale a sardine with a hook worthy of a 60-120 lb BFT and then actually expecting him to live, much less swim :rolleyes: No one is going to take the time to bridle a bait on a sportboat so I'm wondering if...
  57. Shimano Penn

    Can you tell fluorocarbon from nylon monofilament ?

    I have always wondered if there is a way to tell fluoro from regular mono, maybe some trick with light or involving submersion in water? Sometimes I pull out a jig or something I rigged two years ago and can't for the life of me remember how I rigged it, hate to throw away perfectly good fluoro...
  58. Shimano Penn

    Soldering solid rings; who where what when ?

    I want to learn how to solder solid rings on jigs. I'm guessing there are U-tube videos :rolleyes: What about supplies? Tools, correct torch, open rings, solder... School my ass, how do I learn this?
  59. Shimano Penn

    Turner's: Walked in to pull on rods, walked out with a new reel.

    So the truth is I've never really taken Turner's seriously as a tackle shop, I've always sort of thought of it as a Big Box type store like Bass Pro or something. However I wanted to compare some Axis rods and was right near the Clairemont Mesa store so I went in. They had the rods I wanted to...
  60. Shimano Penn

    Easy on the wallet 60 lb 7' rod ?

    I want to buy a 7' rod for 60lb FF/ LB use. I have a bunch of reels that could work; (1) 40NLD2, (2) 60LD2s and (2) HXW Raptors. Also a couple Cal'd out 30SW2's from the 90's. I did have M&M wrap a couple of UC's for me, one Centaur and a Viper both 7'-6", but I never used them and sold them...
  61. Shimano Penn

    Please explain how 2-3-4 day trips work.

    I normally take trips with a .5 at the end, drive by night and fish by day. I am looking at several Polaris Supreme 2-3 and 4 day trips that leave at 10AM ??? So do you actually fish on the first day or is it literally drive all day and night to get somewhere? I know... call the landing. I...
  62. Shimano Penn

    Best price on Reliable Kill Bag?

    I want one, probably 28 X 48. Unless anybody wants to sell one used in good condition I'll just buy a new one. Who has the best price?
  63. Shimano Penn

    Table top propane grill ?

    Figured this was an okay forum for this, apologies if not. I need a new table top propane grill, I live alone and cook for one so I don't need a big grill and I have a Traeger for serious work. For years I had an Aussie Grill which was perfect. It finally died and when I went to replace it it...
  64. Shimano Penn

    Hand held GPS recommendations?

    So for a long time I have thought about buying a hand held GPS just to toss into my bag and have for emergencies when fishing friends boats. Also I thought it would be fun (and a bit crafty) to track the voyage of party boats I fish :cool: Then weekend before last I found myself adrift on a...
  65. Shimano Penn

    Van / RV insurance ?

    A few years back I bought a 1994 dodge conversion van and added it to my existing AAA auto insurance policy. Then I made a camper out of it. It does not have running water but it does have a propane camp stove, a propane heater, solar panels and shore power with an inverter/ charger and a...
  66. Shimano Penn

    Very clean Phenix/ 'gosa popping set up

    This thing is immaculate with very little use and no fish ever. It's a style I tried but did not get into so it's just been sitting in the shop last two seasons. Phenix MPX-S 800H Megalodon spinner and Shimano Saragosa SW10000. Loaded with 80lb solid. Bought and spooled at Fisherman's so...
  67. Shimano Penn

    Morrow Bay Sunday Oct 11th, sold out?

    I got all excited because I just found out I have a three day weekend coming up and Saturday is my birthday, I finally have a chance to get back up to Morrow Bay and fish the Avenger or Endeavor. Bubble burst... both are sold out for Sunday. Is there another boat/ landing I might try?
  68. Shimano Penn

    Gold HXW Raptors like new with 100# J braid

    So back when I had the boat I bought 2 HXW Raptors thinking I would use them as trolling reels. Yea, right. Ever hear the clicker on these reels? Pretty weak, it's a bait reel, NOT a trolling reel :rolleyes: So they have been pretty much sitting in my shop for 3 years, occasionally going on...
  69. Shimano Penn

    Torque 60LD2 or VISX 16 ?

    How is the Torque as a trolling reel? Is the clicker audible? I can see that both the 60LD2 and VISX16 are in many ways comparable reels but I do like the lighter weight of the Torque and the difference in gear ratios doesn't really matter to me. What about the physical size? Is the Torque...
  70. Shimano Penn

    Diawa Proteus 76XH, 76H and 80H

    I have settled on the rods I actually use and have no need for these. I have pretty much the entire line of Proteus rods, I do not believe there is a better rod for the price out there. Better rods maybe, but no better value. Do a search and you will see that it is generally agreed that these...
  71. Shimano Penn

    UC Centaur and Viper Blacked Out custom by M&M

    Like most tackle ho's here I buy way too much stuff that never gets used. Such is the case with these two rods I had built in 2018. Thought I was gonna be a cow slayer, never happened. I have never used these and doubt I ever will, I do need some new trolling gear for Mexico so I'd like to...
  72. Shimano Penn

    Dorado still around?

    Didn't make it off the dock last weekend but trying again Saturday. Two weeks ago we saw plenty of dorado and last week there were plenty of reports here on BD. Pretty quiet this week, are they gone? How about those marlin they were seeing on 181-182 ridge? Edit: I can see the sport boats...
  73. Shimano Penn

    Changing wind on leader

    Any tips or tricks for loosening a loop to loop connection to change wind ons? Toothpick? Wet line or dry line? I don’t want to damage either the main line or WO if I can help it🙄
  74. Shimano Penn

    FTH 60LD2

    New or like new- used. I’d just get one at Squidco but they don’t have it in stock. Before ordering online I thought I’d check here.
  75. Shimano Penn

    Off Grid Solar Free Labor

    Hey folks, I was an electrician for over 40 years doing residential and commercial new construction and service. I spent about two years installing grid tied solar systems both small and large scale but that was 6-8 years ago and the tech has changed since then, I'm out of date. About two...
  76. Shimano Penn

    Need Dentist in Algodones

    Guys I need help. I am 62 and have serious dental issues, quoted $30-$60K here in San Diego. That is simply not an option. Have used dentists in TJ for minor stuff, looking for references to Algodones for major dental work.
  77. Shimano Penn

    Rock fishing Channel Islands ?

    A couple years ago I took my little camper van to Morrow Bay and did some rockfish trips, really enjoyed it. It’s a hike though, 5-6 hour drive. Oxnard/ Channel Islands Sportfishing is a lot closer, same or similar experience? Better options? Looking at Cobra or Sea Jay for full day islands...
  78. Shimano Penn

    Upgrading trolling reels, what do you think?

    I have (4) older TLD30/2’s unused since last service and new line (last summer). I am headed to Zihuatanejo, Mexico for a couple months when things open up. 40-50 lb wahoo not uncommon. 1) Do you think it’s necessary to upgrade ? 2) If so do you think going to FTH60LD2 is enough jump...
  79. Shimano Penn

    Morrow Bay in March (like next week)

    So in all likelihood I will receive confirmation later today that I am about to have a little unplanned time off. I am on a project at MCAS Miramar and someone sneezed yesterday so they sent us home and will likely shut down our jobsite :( If so I'm taking a road trip to visit a friend up...
  80. Shimano Penn

    Anyone here a CHST ?

    I have been a construction Super/ QCM/ SSHO for the last 4-5 years, was an electrician/ electrical contractor for 40 years prior. I want to go for a CHST certification, not sure where to start, there are Soooo many study guides and courses offered on the interweb. Would appreciate some...
  81. Shimano Penn

    Which of these reels for jigstick ?

    So a friend of mine who hasn't fished for years but was born and raised here (SD) is slowly reducing his collection. Today he gave ne a 9' stick that I'm sure is 20+ years old. It's a custom wrap and he is sure it's a Calstar but has no clue which blank. It seems to me to be a 30-40 rated...
  82. Shimano Penn

    Question about IGFA rod rating

    I have (4) older International 2 IGFA 50# rated stand up rods from the 90's. (2)IGFA1755ARA and (2)1760ARA. I have always wondered about the standard, is it "light" or "heavy" ? In other words are these considered to be more like a 30-50, 40-60 or 50-80? To me they are beasts, I'd say 50-80...
  83. Shimano Penn

    AFTCO unibutt question

    I have four older Penn Int’l 2 IGFA 50# stand up trolling rods, I wanted to make two of them bent butt. I have determined the butts are UB-1, which apparently AFTCO does not offer in a bent version. Does anyone know if there is another manufacturer that makes a compatible product? Also AFTCO...
  84. Shimano Penn

    Bait tank plumbing - big boat

    Yesterday we replaced a pump on my friends 48' Mikelson, in the process I learned a couple things. My experience so far has been only with much smaller boats so this stumps me. The pump I replaced was a Rule 17A, 3800 gph 12VDC pump. In following the plumbing and locating the seacock I...
  85. Shimano Penn

    Caught a bandit ! What to do ?

    So me and this masked bandit have been at war over my vegetable garden for almost a week now, then last night around 10:30 I heard him at war with some of the local domestic pets, it was quite disturbing. I'm sure there are laws about releasing wild animals wherever one feels like letting them...
  86. Shimano Penn

    Adventure 16 closing/ everything is on sale

    I went to A-16 today and found out they are closing. Too bad, I've always liked that place. Sort of like REI without the arrogance, more like a Mom and Pop shop. Anyway I thought since I didn't know maybe you didn't either, just a heads up. All merchandise is 20-55% off, looking around it...
  87. Shimano Penn

    Why is Santa so jolly?

    Because he knows where the naughty girls live :p
  88. Shimano Penn

    Who knows UC blanks?

    Specifically CP (Platinum series) versus CX (Extreme Composite series). I am looking to buy or build a pair of 6' 50-80 or 50-100 trolling rods, most factory wrapped stand-up trollers come with RS/RT or all roller guides. I have plenty of those and want something different. I am looking at...
  89. Shimano Penn

    Family Camping Tent

    Not sure what size this is but pretty big, maybe 9 X 14 ? Haven't used it in years but it should be in good shape. IIRC it has a divider so two room tent. Chula Vista, come get it today or tomorrow before 5PM. No wise cracks about the third photo :rolleyes:
  90. Shimano Penn

    Coleman 4 person tent

    9 X 7, I know the bag looks a little beat up but the tent itself is in good shape, only used it a few times. Chula Vista today and tomorrow before 5 PM.
  91. Shimano Penn

    Winter Storage - Reels

    My gear is all kept in a storage unit I am getting rid of, I need to stow everything away and have limited space. I got the rods figured out, the reels will probably get individually wrapped in towels and placed into something breathable like an old suitcase which will be kept in a closet. I'm...
  92. Shimano Penn

    Dorm sized freezer $20

    This is a freezer not a fridge. Get your bait out of your wife's refrigerator, happy wife = happy life :D 18 x 18 x 18. Not sure the capacity, 1.5 cu ft sound right?
  93. Shimano Penn

    Ryobi Table Saw with stand $75

    I bought this to do one project 2 years ago, has been collecting dust ever since. I'd say it's in excellent condition, no rust and the blade should be nice and sharp. Clearing out storage unit, it has to go. I think it was around $300 at HD.
  94. Shimano Penn

    Contico Tuff Bin storage box

    Clearing out storage unit, this has to go. 36" x 23" x 21"H.
  95. Shimano Penn

    120 quart Igloo cooler - beater - $20 or trade?

    Old and ghetto but gets the job done. 40" x 18" x 18". Clearing out storage unit, gotta go. $20 or trade for trolling lure(s).
  96. Shimano Penn

    Man Cave Art - Mermaid $20

    Bought this print years ago when I had a marine tropical fish hatchery, had it professionally mounted. It's nice, not tacky. I am clearing out a storage unit so it needs to go. 21" X 17". .
  97. Shimano Penn

    Mono to mono connection using hollow core braid?

    I'm upgrading my old trolling gear to take to Mexico and leave there. In the past I fished straight 50# mono with a bimini twist to either a snap swivel or a wind on. The problem is that the bimini is awkward passing through the rollers, it does work but it's tight. I don't really want to...
  98. Shimano Penn

    Roller guides and braid, your thoughts?

    Roller guides are out of fashion, I get that. Yet still the vast majority of trolling rods manufactured feature them. I have read about braid getting caught between the roller and the guide frame but has anyone actually seen this happen? It's really hard to find a quality stand-up trolling...
  99. Shimano Penn

    Halibut tips please?

    A friend with a nice boat wants to take some people out to fish for halibut in the bay this week, I honestly know nothing about fishing for halibut and believe he knows even less :rolleyes:. I'm guessing 20-25# gear with Carolina rig and sardine? Look for flat sandy areas? Grass? Any...
  100. Shimano Penn

    Cal'd out FTH25NLD2 for stock 60LD2

    Cal Sheets blueprinted FTH25NLD 2 speed, I have two and don't need both. I want another 60LD2 for a trolling reel, don't care about braid but it's a plus. Needs to be in 10/10 condition. The 25 has 65# Daiwa J braid to 100 yard 30 mono t/s. Check out this freespool !
  101. Shimano Penn

    Believe it or not! Post your impossible catch stories here.

    In another thread here... … there are some good stories of impossible catches. Well I have a fresh one from just last week... Last Tuesday I hired a panga to fish dorado in Mexico, we were trolling along and...
  102. Shimano Penn

    114H2 ?

    Was on a boat yesterday that had a 114H2, never heard of that one before. Can anyone tell me what the "2" signifies, what's different about it ?
  103. Shimano Penn

    Limit out or keep looking?

    What would you do if you were in charge? Recently on two separate 2 day trips I found myself and my fellow anglers killing it on a WFO bite of small grade 12-20lb YFT very early on the first day. Everyone was having a blast and no one was thinking about the "now what?" we were about to face...
  104. Shimano Penn

    I don't think she's coming back.

    My girlfriend left me, we had an argument about money. She told me we couldn't afford to buy beer anymore. Then I caught her buying some expensive makeup. I said "Hey, how come I can't have beer but you can buy makeup?" She said she needed the makeup to look pretty for me. I told her that's...
  105. Shimano Penn

    Another FMM question.

    A guy I know with a nice boat wants to go fish the Coronado's, he is asking each angler to obtain his own FMM online. I didn't think it worked that way, IME the captain gathers all the angler info and gets the FMM's. Does his way work? I recently visited Mexico by air and was able to set up...
  106. Shimano Penn

    Large round fender $25

    It measures something like 28 X 22 but from looking at the Taylor list on West Marine I think it's a size 21.
  107. Shimano Penn

    Cheap Calm Water Kayak $150

    I bought this last summer when I was up in Shasta/ Trinity fishing lakes and wide, slow rivers, this is NOT for La Jolla. Maybe Mission Bay. It's a Lifetime Tamarac Angler, you can buy one brand new for ~$300 but this has many extras and upgrades. I think it's 10', forgot to check that...
  108. Shimano Penn

    Shimano Baitrunner question

    Does anyone know if the selected drag setting on the reel affects the baitrunner drag? On my 6500 I have 40lb super slick to the brim and fish a short 30lb fluoro leader, I set the drag at 10#. Even at the lightest setting a sardine really can't pull so the BR function is useless. Would...
  109. Shimano Penn

    2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee - broken

    Motor blew up, mechanic says it's not worth fixing. ~170K miles on chasis. If you have one it may be of value to you. Leather seats, CD changer, K&N cold air intake, magnaflow exhaust, almost new set of BFG AT ko2's, sunroof etc etc, this is the Limited version and from what I can tell was top...
  110. Shimano Penn

    Charter Masters; Cancelations? Coming up short?

    I'm not working right now but a job could pop up any day so I'm trying to fish a lot while I can. Mostly interested in 1.5 or 2 day trips but will entertain anything. Short notice is okay too, even same day for evening departures. I am rigged and ready. Not tonight though, got some business...
  111. Shimano Penn

    Marking braid with a sharpie?

    I have been making depth marks on mono with a sharpie for years, I'm convinced it does not affect the line. I'm assuming the same for braid but thought I'd ask if anyone knows differently.
  112. Shimano Penn

    25N, 30, 40N, 60 reel clamp cap screws

    Talking about the female threaded cap screws that hold the reel clamp. Are they the same for all models? Maybe there is a better (proper) term for them but you get the idea, right? Anyway I'm now in the habit of completely breaking down all my gear after fishing since the "new order" of...
  113. Shimano Penn

    Car guys need advise

    Is this a good deal? Do I want this? My beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee died, it's beyond reasonable repair. Don't need AWD or 4WD necessarily. Was thjinking of going smaller and lighter than the big...
  114. Shimano Penn

    Screwed up, license expires 08-12 !!!!!!

    I am leaving in a couple hours for CBX-TIJ-PVR. Thought I had covered all my bases for a 4 week trip. Just realized my Mexican fishing license expires on Monday. Squidco doesn't open until 8:30 so I'm screwed. Does anyone know where in Puerto Vallarta I can renew my license tomorrow...
  115. Shimano Penn

    Boat ads: hours vrs years

    As much as I am trying to resist I look at all the ads for boats, owned a few already and try to say "never again" but then something comes along...:D Anyway I am always skeptical of 8-10 year old motors with 3-400 hours on them. Really? The boats I've owned suffered 100-200 hours a year...
  116. Shimano Penn

    Anything but Tuna!

    Fighting words to SD anglers I know... The thing is I miss my old life in St Thomas where we always caught mahi and often caught wahoo, king maceral, white marlin and blue marlin. In a couple other threads here I have talked about my impending trip to PV area and I'm still looking for advice/...
  117. Shimano Penn

    PV area (Barra to Sayulita) 08-08 to 09-05

    I am going to spend 4 weeks in the area. Plan to do both surf fishing and panga fishing. Any one going in that time frame interested in splitting costs hit me up. Any intel on spots, techniques or pangeros please comment. Hotel in Sayulita? I have Barra and PV covered. Basically any and...
  118. Shimano Penn

    Surf fishing Mexico

    What lures should I take? I have some 2 and 3 oz kastmasters, what else? Have a 8'-9" travel rod and a Slammer 3 5500.
  119. Shimano Penn

    Need a place to leave my car for a month.

    Wasn't sure where to post this. I am going to Mexico for four weeks 08-08 to 09-05, I need a cheap or free (safe) place to leave my car. It's a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee, not a beater, not hard to look at. It won't bring down your property value :rolleyes: I live in Chula Vista so hoping to...
  120. Shimano Penn

    Stepping up in class (6 pack?)

    So let's just say for argument's sake that you are an experienced angler who has decided he can't afford to keep a boat but still wants a better experience than the cattle boat fleet has to offer. You have tried to find a "boat ho" niche but it's random and not reliable. You tried "charter...
  121. Shimano Penn

    Old guys: Stand Up vrs Rail

    So I'm having a really hard time adjusting to this "rail rod" thing, anyone else hear me? I'm 61 years old and 6'-2" tall. My flexibility is not great and that f'ing rail is at my knees. I came up offshore fishing on fast nimble boats so I get that being strapped into a harness on a barge at...
  122. Shimano Penn

    Slammer Three bail issues

    Last year I bought a Slammer 3 5500 and spooled it full with 40lb super slick, I usually fish a short 30lb fluoro leader and set the drag at ~9#. I mostly use it for tossing colt snipers, megabaits and that sort of thing, sometimes I'll flyline a dean with it. I also plan to take it to Mexico...
  123. Shimano Penn

    Rod nomenclature ?

    Hey rod geeks, are there words I want to learn for talking about fishing rods? Specifically I am wondering... if I am holding a conventional rod as if fighting a fish am I looking at the "top" side of the rod? The "front" side? The guide side???? Is it even reasonable to call it a "side" ...
  124. Shimano Penn

    Cheap trolling rods (set of four) and gaff(s)

    A friend recently bought a boat that I will probably fish a few times but he is not a hard core fisherman and there isn't much gear on the boat. I will be carrying a ton of gear back and forth on each trip. I'm thinking I could save my back a little if I just put some basic stuff on the boat I...
  125. Shimano Penn

    Which rolling tackle bag?

    The backpack just keeps getting heavier as I get older, what's up with that? I want a rolling tackle bag. I only fish 1-3 day trips but I bring the kitchen sink so larger sizes preferred. Calcutta? Nomad? Some other? Likes? Dislikes? Pros and cons? Quality? Features? I figure there...
  126. Shimano Penn

    Any Tribute or Aztec intel ?

    Now that Tomahawk is no longer at Seaforth I'm going to try Tribute and probably Aztec as well. Any tips ? Pros/ cons? Bunk selection? I mostly do 1.5's. I do fish Tomahawk, PQ, Liberty and occasionally Grande but sometimes I just don't want to deal with the parking/ congestion at Point...
  127. Shimano Penn

    Fenders, docklines and rope

    This items were stored on board as backup, emergency equipment so some wear but no actual use. (2) Taylor fenders 6.5" X 22" one new with tags the other like new. 100' X 3/8" three strand twisted nylon rope new in package. (2) 1/2" X 15' braided docklines with spliced eye loop at one end...
  128. Shimano Penn

    Big Three Parking, Crazy Talk?

    Remote lot and shuttle during peak season? Or does that just make too much sense?
  129. Shimano Penn

    NIB 12 AMP Dual Bank Marine Battery Charger

    Pro Mariner Pro Sport 12, they sell these at West Marine for $170 normally or $136 on sale. This one has been sitting in my garage for 2-1/2 or 3 years, I never installed it and sold the boat. Never been out of the box. $75 in Chula Vista or by other arrangement.
  130. Shimano Penn

    Bahia de Navida?

    Anyone fished or spent any time in Barra de Navidad? I'm planning an extended trip to PV later this year and that bay looks interesting, was thinking about going down there to check it out.
  131. Shimano Penn

    Question about travel rods

    Figured you guys would know... is a travel rod made by taking a standard blank and cutting it up? If so is it reasonable to think I can take any rod I own and make it into a travel rod? Or is that just crazy talk? To be more specific I have some older Penn Int'l 2 trolling rods with Aftco...
  132. Shimano Penn

    Best travel rod?

    Any suggestions for a quality telescoping or 3-4 piece spinning rod for 15-20 # work? I’m not that price sensitive, willing to pay for quality. Would be used for surf/ bay fishing on a planned trip to Bahia de Navidad.
  133. Shimano Penn

    Retiring in Mexico/ Central/ South America?

    Couldn't figure out which forum would be best for this so I guess "personal news" will do ;) I have been doing some preliminary research online looking at low cost yet tropical retirement destinations. The two biggies for Americans seem to be Ecuador and Costa Rica. Cost of living...
  134. Shimano Penn

    How people get "hooked" on sportfishing :)

    So I was on the Tomahawk this past weekend, a 1.5. Was talking to a guy, maybe late 20's, early 30's, who has NEVER been offshore before but likes to fish. I dunno, maybe bass? Anyway we get into the most incredible WFO bite I have seen in a long time, total bloodbath mayhem for over an hour...
  135. Shimano Penn

    Anybody on Tomahawk 1.5 this Friday 10-19?

    This will be my first time on the T-hawk. Really looking forward to it, read so many good reports here. AND my first adventure at Seaforth, looking forward to easy parking. :D
  136. Shimano Penn

    re-frozen fish

    I came home with a 1/4 share of a cow BFT processed at Mario's in August. I placed 8-10 big chunks into a "dorm sized" freezer I have. Came home from work last week to see the door seal had failed and everything was completely thawed yet still ice cold. I sealed up the door and re-froze the...
  137. Shimano Penn

    Weekend Warrior Once Again

    Well after 4 glorious months of freedom camping, hiking and fishing all summer long I am back in the hampster wheel doing the M-F thing. Got bills to pay ya know. Sucks but it's my life. For me the best way to maximize my fishing time at this point is to seek out 1.5 day trips that leave...
  138. Shimano Penn

    Sport Boat Insurance??????

    Okay so it's about to become obvious that I am bored and my mind is wandering into some odd places. Was just thinking about all these trips I have been taking on the sport boat fleet, for me 3/4 to 4.5 day trips. Not working right now so fishing a lot. I got to thinking about the value of all...
  139. Shimano Penn

    Fish cleaning; on board, at home or processor?

    What do you guys think? I've always had fish "filleted" on board because I know it's part of how the crew makes money. The thing is they do a pretty crappy job, I can do much better at home. I trim and cut with a stingy eye, they do it pretty fast and dirty so a lot of meat is lost. Then...
  140. Shimano Penn

    Parking at Seaforth

    So I understand that the parking at Seaforth is not a problem like it is at FL but I do have a question. I have a van I converted to a camper, I like to go down the night brfore an early AM departure and just chill, sleep in the van and not have to get up and drive at o-dark hundred. At FL...
  141. Shimano Penn

    Best rods for tossing iron?

    Never really got into the surface iron thing until a few days ago when I was having a blast up on the bow tossing megabaits to football YFT. I was mostly using a spinning rig but also tried my RCE700 40-60 with a Saltist LD40/2, that did not work out so well. :rolleyes: I have an 8' Proteus...
  142. Shimano Penn

    Blacked out stand up ~100

    Looking for a totally black on black 5'-6" stand up rod rated 80-130. Quality rods only. Can have one built but checking here first. All rollers, RS/T or all ring guides considered. Must have aluminum gimbal butt. Willing to pay a fair price, not looking to steal it.
  143. Shimano Penn

    Centaur and Viper reel decisions

    After endless hours of self debate and pestering you all for advice here is what I came up with for these rods custom built by M&M. I plan to fish 100 on the Viper and 80 on the Centaur and see how that goes. I was toying with buying two new 20 and 16 VISX or Mak. I already own an older Int'l...
  144. Shimano Penn

    Looking ahead to next year, 7/8 day suggestions?

    So I did a 4.5 last year and I'm doing two more this year. 08-22 and 10-07, both on the Constitution. I waited too long and this was all I could get. Next year I'd like to step it up a notch and try something more like 6-8 days. Open to suggestions. More interested in quantity and variety...
  145. Shimano Penn

    Anyone done a recent local multi day?

    I am heading out on the Constitution 4.5 this Wednesday, sure would like to know what the likely gameplan is. I know someone is going to say "call the landing", well I have never found the guys at H&M to be all that chatty. FL yes, but not HM. I will stop by there tomorrow and try. Hate to...
  146. Shimano Penn

    FS or Trade Masterbuilt Charcoal Smoker

    This thing is no high end model, I think I paid around $100 for it at Walmart 2 years ago. It's a front load with two racks. My idea was to put a hot plate in it and make it an electric smoker. Yea, I can be kinda dumb sometimes. Needless to say that didn't work out so well. So basically I...
  147. Shimano Penn

    Just bought a Traeger but re-thinking.

    So I just went out this morning a bought Traeger Tailgater Elite 20 at HD for $450. I have not yet unboxed it, I'm wondering if I want to. The reason is that I was watching you tube videos on smoking and one guy says that you need a "dedicated" smoker for fish as you will never get the fishy...
  148. Shimano Penn

    Offshore Grande full day trip 8-17

    On a whim I decided to go on a 3/4 day (now full day?) Coronado's trip, the only boat with open spots I found was the Grande out of H&M. Never fished it before. I can tell you I WILL fish it again :D Captain and crew were top notch. Food was great, beer was cold. Boat is comfortable and has...
  149. Shimano Penn

    Role Call Constitution 4.5 this Wednesday 8/22

    Anybody? I've never fished this boat before, heard good things though. I'm assuming it's going to be 4 days at SCI trying to boat the Big Boys. Wondering if I should even bother bringing 20-30-40-50 gear. Well definately a squid rod :cool:
  150. Shimano Penn

    Setting up HXW 5/2 Raptor for the big boys

    Well after many threads and discussions, weighing all the opinions, looking at options... I'm NOT buying any new reels right now. I have two 4.5's coming up and I'm fishing the HXW Raptors I already own. I am however willing to strip them down and re-spool, so what would you recommend? My...
  151. Shimano Penn

    Never thought I'd whine about fish being too big.

    Geeesus man, how big are these things gonna get? I have always been perfectly comfortable fishing 50-80 lb stand up gear for larger models (yea I'm old and that's what I'm used to). Never been beaten by a fish, of course I've lost some but NOT from inadaquate gear or fatigue. But nooooooo...
  152. Shimano Penn

    Best 20-30 star drag for local 8-15 lb YT/ Dodo ?

    So I'm re-thinking my strategy here, these are small fish. I think most of my gear is too heavy for these small sardines we have been seeing and unnecessary for the grade of YT and dorado typically encountered. I have been using a FTH25nld2 for 30 lb, I think it's overkill. The deans can...
  153. Shimano Penn

    Another 100lb reel thread

    I've pretty much gone through all the threads I can find on this. So many opinions... I recently had two rods made "rail" style, a 76 Centaur and a 76 Viper. What I have is a couple of HXW 5/2 Raptors. They both have about 80% spool of solid spectra. I am convinced that they will be fine at...
  154. Shimano Penn

    Fishing the rail 101

    Recently I had two rods built at M&M, a UC 76 Centaur and a 76 Viper. My intention is to use the Centaur for 80 and the Viper for 100. I have never fished a "rail rod" before and never really paid any attention to anyone using one. I have watched a few you tube videos, that's it. My concern...
  155. Shimano Penn

    FTH 60: Can I trust the pop up harness lugs?

    Those things look sketchy to me. I was thinking about taking it as a troller on some local trips but the thought of it just hanging there on one of those sport boat rail straps scares me a bit. I could add a safety line I suppose but I think people would give me the stink eye. The only reason...
  156. Shimano Penn

    Mustang/ Diawa Pacific/ Relentless

    All three of these boats are running an overnight trip out of H&M Thurs-Fri and I need to pick one. I know nothing about any of them. They vary in max load and price with DP having the lowest load (18) and middle price ($245). Looking for opinions about Captains and crew, general fishyness...
  157. Shimano Penn

    Fresh water lakes; SOT or sit inside?

    I just got back from Shasta/ Trinity area in Norcal. My friend is buying a house there so I plan to visit often during the summer. I noticed that "sit inside" kayaks are by far the norm. In fact the only guy I saw that looked serious about fishing (most are just fooling around) with a SOT...
  158. Shimano Penn

    Camprgounds near Redding, CA ?

    You guys gave me some good intel in my other post for BLM land. Now I have a reason to go up to Redding for a week or so and I'm looking for a campground or BLM area. All I can find on the internet is glitzy RV parks at $50 per night. Suggestions?
  159. Shimano Penn

    Coconut Oil Fish Fry

    So about ten days ago I was up in Morro Bay just killing it on Vermillions and Lings fishing the Avenger and the Endeavor. Was listening to some guys talking about cookin' up the fish and one guy says he uses coconut oil to fry fish. Sounded interesting so I tried it last night. Did the...
  160. Shimano Penn

    Transmission Work Needed

    Hey folks, I have a 1994 Dodge Ram 250 conversion van I have built out as a camper. I bought it cheap knowing it would need work, have already put a lot into it. The transmission has issues, can probably limp along for a while but eventually it's going to need to be repaired or replaced. I am...
  161. Shimano Penn

    Joe's Jigs ?

    Looking for a brick and mortar in SD or an online source for Joe's Jigs, specifically the octopus with the assist style hooks. Bought one at FH and want to get a couple more. Google turned up nothing. I did e-mail Joe but have not heard back. Any help?
  162. Shimano Penn

    Morrow Bay 5-6 and 5-8

    Well I just got back from a 7 day work/ camp/ fish trip to Central Cal. It was AWESOME ! Hats off to captains and crew of the two major sportboats out of Morrow Bay Landings, the Endeavor and the Avenger. I set up camp at El Chorro Regional State Park on Friday, couldn't get a ride for...
  163. Shimano Penn

    80lb gear: light vrs. heavy

    With all these BFT around there are a LOT of discussions on here about 80# gear. I consistently see people posting about "light" 80 and "heavy" 80 class rigs. Okay so I assume you guys are refering to the drag settings you use, maybe 20-22 for light and 25-27 for heavy. Is this what you...
  164. Shimano Penn

    Question about fish cleaning on Sporties

    How big is too big? Let’s say a 3/4 day boat has a stellar day and limits out on 40# class BFT. Do they cut them up? Do they notify a processor to meet at the dock? Those guys have minimum size requirements, right? Just curious about what happens with “mid grade” fish, especially if there...
  165. Shimano Penn

    Any BLM land in So Cal?

    Or other free places to camp? Been building out a camper van, got the solar on and hooked up this weekend. The idea is to be comfortable "off grid" and not pay for KOA or State/ County campgrounds, it's just gotten ridiculous. I camp a lot and didn't mind paying $25 a night or so in gov't or...
  166. Shimano Penn

    Educate me on low profile reels ?

    Every trip I go on I see guys with Lexa or Tranx type reels, what's the deal? I have never owned or used one, am I missing out on something? They are usually on long whippy rods and tossing plastics, right? Trigger handle rods? Fill me in, maybe I'll try one. For 30# and under work I like...
  167. Shimano Penn

    Reel Decisions for 80 and 100

    I am having my first ever custom rods wrapped at M&M, a 7-6 Centaur and a 7-6 Viper intended to fish at 80 and 100 respectively. This is in anticipation of a real LR trip next year. The reels are an issue I am trying to work out. I have a couple of "like new" HXW Raptors, one has a single...
  168. Shimano Penn

    Los Cabos/ Cabos San Lucas ?

    I want to go, just don't know anything. I was planning to fly Volaris out of TJ, I see no flights to CSL, just to Los Cabos. Is there even and airport? Does it matter? Where to stay? Who to fish with? Best time of year? Basically any feedback at this point is helpful. It could be soon...
  169. Shimano Penn

    Local JB Hollow?

    Any tackle shops in SD have JB Hollow? I want to get a reel filled with 100lb and hopefully have someone teach me how to splice in a loop.
  170. Shimano Penn

    Constitution and Legend

    Well I waited too long and there isn't much left to choose from. I just booked a 2-1/2 day on the Legend August 25th and a 4-1/2 day on the Constitution Oct 7th. I'm sure I can pick up some overnight or day and a half trips as well. Looking ahead to next year, how far out can you book a trip...
  171. Shimano Penn

    Shamrock Pilot House CC, what do you think?

    I hope this link works, if not you can see it at Boat House of Anaheim website. I'm not in a rush to buy another boat but this looks pretty interesting to me. Anyone care to guess what the fuel burn might be on this puppy? Probably overpriced but then there isn't much to compare it too...
  172. Shimano Penn

    FTH 60ld2 as a "local" 80 lb reel?

    I don't anticipate going on any serious LR trips anytime soon. My fishing is restricted to local banks, Tanner, SCI ... 3-4 days max. Not exactly Cow Town. I have redundant 50 and 60lb gear that works just fine but would like the extra drag pressure of 80lb terminal tackle. What do you...
  173. Shimano Penn

    Rod Rating Rant

    In another thread I finally read someone post a thought I have had for years, WHY are rods rated by "line size" ? This is ludicrous, there are some very high end high $ rods out there with ratings like 40-100. Really? So this rod performs equally well if I'm a 25% guy fishing 40 or a 33% guy...
  174. Shimano Penn

    Older Penn International 11 30T

    In excellent or very good condition only. Circa 1990's. I thought I saw one on here recently but can't find it now. SDTT probably has some but they are really inconvenient for me.
  175. Shimano Penn

    80 lb bait rod, 7 vrs. 7-6 ?

    So I'm going to plunk down $500 or so on a new rod for 80lb, it will carry an HXW Raptor. Looking at Centaur my choice is 7 foot or 7-6. I am most comfortable with a 7 footer but see the longer rods are pretty popular. What are the pro's and con's to the 7-6 model? OR if go with Axis I guess...
  176. Shimano Penn

    Upgrade Older Internationals?

    I have a couple International 30SW2's and one 50SW2 circa 1990's. I love them to death but they are clearly obsolete. Bulky and heavy compared to more modern reels. Still they are rock solid performers. Would it be reasonable to have them upgraded to be useful as 60-80-100 lb reels or is it...
  177. Shimano Penn

    80 lb Rig ?

    First of all I don't think I really need an 80 lb set up for the fishing I do, it's mostly local up to 3.5/ 4.5 days and I have taken BFT to 100 lbs on 50 with no issues. I have 60 lb gear I have never even used, ( well lets say deployed but not actually hooked up). However things change and...
  178. Shimano Penn

    Pick my 4.5 - 5.5 ?

    Thinking Sept/ October but flexible. TG 80 offers what I want but I did a 3.5 with them in ‘16 and would like to try another boat. Reasons are commonly discussed in these forums . Not saying never again, just interested in seeing how other boats operate. Any suggestions?
  179. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa x20SHA

    In excellent condition only. Just checking here before buying new.
  180. Shimano Penn

    HXW Raptor for 100lb?

    Not that I currently need a 100 lb reel but you never know what the future may bring and I have two of them. I'm sure it's a fine 60 but I have FTH 40N and 60 LD2's for that. Probably a decent 80 but again I have two so if I get the chance to get off the porch and go fish with the big dogs...
  181. Shimano Penn

    Warfare vrs. Defiance ?

    Is Warfare really much of an upgrade from Defiance? I'm putting together some cheap rockfish rigs and have a Defiance 30, was considering replacing it but it looks like they are pretty much the same reel.
  182. Shimano Penn

    Seeker Black Classics Cheap

    Conventional sold, spinner still available. Tired of looking at these. BSC 670-7 conventional rated 20 (30) 50 $100 and BSC 270-7s spinning rod rated 12 (20) 30 $75 Text 619-865-1295 Reels in photos NOT included.
  183. Shimano Penn

    Shimano/ Black Tip 20/25lb Combo's (Bay/ LJ/ kids rods)

    I have a couple combo's I set up for kayak fishing La Jolla a few years back. Used a couple times then bought a real boat. Reels are Shimano TR200 Charter Special level wind. They have braid just don't recall, maybe 40 or 50. Rods are Black Tip (West Marine) 6'-6". Very clean, no rash...
  184. Shimano Penn

    Need builder advice, San Diego

    So I ended up with this blank and I'd like to pay someone to build a rod for me. Is there a list somewhere here of shops and individuals who do this? Should I gather all the components myself or let them do it? It's not going to be fancy, straight black to basically look like a Proteus. I...
  185. Shimano Penn

    Suggestions for 7' light weight fast action 30lb rod?

    I want something for flylining sardines for schoolie YT and YFT. Will sport a single speed lever or star drag reel like the MXL MC or Diawa 30/ 40 SHA's I have or the Fathom 15 I might buy or ... Open to suggestions. I want a faster action than Seeker Black Steel or UC RCE but I do like the...
  186. Shimano Penn

    Proteus Swap? 80H for 76MH

    Long shot I know but I want a PRTB76MH 15-30 and before I go buy one I thought I'd check to see if anyone wants to trade for a like new PRTB80H 20-50 that I bought but don't use. Text 619-865-1295 or reply here.
  187. Shimano Penn

    United Composites RCE 700XXH-C+ $225

    SOLD Factory wrapped rated 50-80 Mod-Fast. This is the "plus" model with upgraded aluminum Alps reel seat, hypalon grips and aluminum gimbal butt. Went on ONE 3.5 day on TG80 and caught ONE 54lb BFT. Been in the rack ever since. Was $309 + tax at Charkbait, $225 Text 619-865-1295 Pick up...
  188. Shimano Penn

    Avet MXL MC Gold $160

    Sold please delete Extremely light use, I didn't like it. Been sitting in box a couple years. Has braid 50 or 65, not sure but knowing myself probably 65. Box, clamp, cd. Like new condition, no rash no scratches. $175 Text 619-865-1295
  189. Shimano Penn

    Anchor 14 lbs Delta Plow

    SOLD Brand new with tags, never been wet. $129 at West Marine, sold boat. $75 Text 619-865-1295 P/u at Chula Vista Marina.
  190. Shimano Penn

    Moro Bay in April

    I am planning to fish the Endeavor full day Sat 04/07 and 12 hour trip Sun 04/08. Looking for advice on gear and tackle, info about the boat (did I read “bare bones, no galley?), bait situation, etc. Also I’ll be camping in my new home made “class B” so any suggestions for a campground would...
  191. Shimano Penn

    NIB Garmin echoMap 74sv

    I bought this almost a year ago and never installed it, now I've sold the boat. Never taken out of the box. Originally $1200, was on close out at West Marine for $600, Asking $450. Text 619-865-1295. Transom mount transducer included.
  192. Shimano Penn

    Central Coast Info Please

    Hello BD'ers! I'm looking for info on fishing from Moro Bay North to maybe Half Moon Bay at the farthest, I am currently building out a camper van (think Class B) and plan to make some trips this Spring/ Summer. A few years ago I did some kayak fishing at Cambria (launched at Leffingwell) and...
  193. Shimano Penn

    Is Yeti worth the cost ?

    I look at the price tag on Yeti coolers and just have to wonder. I do believe in the basic axiom "you get what you pay for" in most instances but, Damn, those things are expensive ! Anyone buy one and think it IS or ISN'T worth the extra $$$$ ?
  194. Shimano Penn

    Trailer Service?

    My trailer has been in storage for nearly two years. I have the boat up for sale and feel that any prospective buyer should have the trailer checked out and serviced if necessary. I know there is a trailer place on University around 60th I have used before but wonder of there is something...
  195. Shimano Penn

    Grady White Offshore 24_ 225 Yamaha 4 Stroke $12,500

    SOLD please delete I have come to the sad realization that I cannot keep this boat. In answer to the "why are you selling" question that always comes up it's basically because I can't afford it. When I bought it (February 2016) I had a really good paying job and a $158 a month dock to keep it...
  196. Shimano Penn

    Any interesting first boat stories?

    Some people grow up fishing and boating, others are lured in as adults and for some it's probably just pure chance, like your neighbor gives you his old boat or something. I grew up land based fishing from the time I could walk but my first boat was purchased in 1992 in St Thomas, USVI. I...
  197. Shimano Penn

    One to Three spots open for Saturday 08-05

    After two back to back long hour very expensive trips offshore chasing BFT with the kite I am ready for a more relaxing and less costly day. I see the YT bite is good slow trolling at La Jolla. Anyone interested? Boat is in Chula Vista, plan to get off the dock at 5:00, hit the bait barge for...
  198. Shimano Penn

    Any SF Bay Area commercial contacts? Need tugboat!

    This may rank as one of BD's oddest posts but I have a friend in SF who runs tours for people with unusual requests. He has a (very wealthy) client who has every type of maritime experience you can think of short of one, he wants to be on a commercial tug, preferably while it is working but...
  199. Shimano Penn

    60LD2 for 80lb bait rod?

    I currently have my 60LD2 set up with 100lb braid and a short 60lb mono topshot. I have an HXW Raptor with 100lb/ 80lb but I actually like the Fathom better. I can see that the Raptor offers a bit more max drag but both reels exceed my planned settings so I'm not so worried about that. Also...
  200. Shimano Penn

    Kite shop

    I was sure there was a "business" forum here but I can't find it ????? Anyway just wanted to say that Victor at Kite Country is a pretty awesome guy and very knowledgable. If you need kite repairs he is your man. He has been doing kites for 40+ years and can advise, teach and fix. It's rare...
  201. Shimano Penn

    Avet MXL(s) 5.8 and 5.8MC

    MC in mint condition, $160. Non MC in excellent condition, $140. 65# braid on both with 30# top shots. Text 619-865-1295
  202. Shimano Penn

    WTB kite rod

    I know they aren't expensive, just thought I'd check to see if anyone wants to sell a used one before I go out and pay retail. If I buy new any recommendations on where and which one?
  203. Shimano Penn

    Any hoe's wanna troll around on Saturday?

    Looking for one or two guys who enjoy trolling. Planning to hunt YFT at the 9, 182, corner, 43/ 226 area unless something else looks better by Friday. Not paddy hopping but will swing the jigs by to see if anyone's home. Bait barge is optional but do plan to make macs in the morning just in...
  204. Shimano Penn

    Need HO's for tomorrow Sat June 24

    I have a Grady Offshore 24 w/a with a reliable Yamaha 4 stroke. Outriggers, bait tank, basic electronics. I am going to the 182/ corner/ 226 area to hunt YFT and BFT tomorrow. I can do it solo but it's easier with help. Mostly troll for YF stopping to soak a mackerel only if BF are in the...
  205. Shimano Penn

    Canvas and isinglass guy?

    I am ready to redo my bimini and add full isinglass enclosure. Need someone mobile as the boat is slipped in the South Bay, not going to trailer it to some guys shop. Any references?
  206. Shimano Penn

    Need radar expertise

    So when I bought my boat the seller said "radar used to work, doesn't work now, I don't know why". It's an old boat, probably an old unit, and I frankly wasn't going to base my buying decision on the radar. Last summer I had a 20 something kid out one day who spent an hour reading the manual...
  207. Shimano Penn

    Garmin echoMAP 74sv ?

    Do I want this? Any owners/ users comments? It's on sale (50%) at West Marine, seems like a bargain. Comes with GT41-TM transducer, $500. I'm kind of a dumb ass when it comes to electronics but I need a better FF, not so concerned about it's chartplotting capabilities. Mostly concerned about...
  208. Shimano Penn

    Where does the beer money go?

    So many hot tipping threads, I DO NOT want to go there. But I am curious, where does the beer money go? Most boats charge $4 for a bud/ light/ tecate... the cheap stuff. A twelve pack at retail is $13-15. That's about a $34 profit on every twelve beers. The same basic math should apply to...
  209. Shimano Penn

    Understanding the Mexican requirements.

    I have most of it figured out I think, have tried to read all the posts on the subject. One thing I have not seen addressed... right now the fish are in the 425 area just outside of the 12 mile line, okay great. But the sporties drive right past the Coronados on the way home with a load of...
  210. Shimano Penn

    Proteus fans, 30?

    As some may already know I drank the Proteus Kool-Aide and own six of them, I use them for 40-50 and 60 lb applications. Is anyone using the M or MH for 30? In my view the H (20-50)is a definite 40 lb stick and too heavy for 30. While most agree that the line ratings on Proteus rods are low I...
  211. Shimano Penn

    12 volt motor for DIY dryer build?

    The only place I have to work is my storage unit, no power. I built a hand wrapper but need to rig a 12v motor for drying. Any ideas?
  212. Shimano Penn

    WTB Rod Riggers

    I actually have outriggers on the boat but they are the telescoping type and easy to remove and stow. Extended they tend to be in the way for casting and such so I'd like to have a pair of "rod riggers" on board for certain days when I want to troll but plan a lot of paddy stops. Anybody got...
  213. Shimano Penn

    Thank you anglers and crew Prowler 04-14/15

    I was on the overnight, we hit a couple nice patches of rat yellows 3-5 lbs but while some guys were pulling them in left and right I was one of only two guys with empty bags after the first stop. We found another school later in the day and I managed two but again others were cleaning my...
  214. Shimano Penn

    Anchorage outside of SD Bay, North Island area

    So sorry I don't have a more specific description of the location but as you exit SD Bay there is a long jetty extending from NASNI, South of it you always see a dozen or more sailboats at anchor. What is the deal there? Can anyone just drop a hook or are those actual regulated moorings? What...
  215. Shimano Penn

    Colt Sniper/ Megabait for surface YT ?

    I know the :jig:is the norm but I did see a guy nail a really nice YT at the Coronados last weekend with a silver Sniper, the larger of only two YT's caught. He said he has caught many with them and (obviously) that's what he chooses to throw. Anyone have an opinion or is the best percentage...
  216. Shimano Penn

    Rent Rods, talk to me

    So I know (we all know) what rent rods look like on 1/2, 3/4, overnight and 1.5 day trips. Basic "git 'er done" equipment. Last fall I was on a 4.5 day BFT trip and my Bunkie had a rent rod, it was basically a 6470H or = with a SS JX or LX, I don't recall. I got to thinking about this guy...
  217. Shimano Penn

    FF vrs combo FF/ Chart Plotter

    I am perfectly happy with my gps/ chart plotter, it does everything I need it to do. What I need is a decent fish finder. It seems that combo units dominate the market so I have to wonder if there is any $ savings looking for a stand alone ff unit or if I'm destined to buy a combo that I feel...
  218. Shimano Penn

    United Composites RCE700 xh and xxh

    Factory wrapped RCE700xh (40-60) and RCE700xxh (50-80) purchased last summer for a 4.5 day BFT trip. The xxh has one 54 pounder on it, the xh just sat in the rod rack. These were $309 each plus tax so $667.44 OTD @ Charkbait. $275 ea or both for $525. I can text photos but they look just...
  219. Shimano Penn

    United Composites CP vrs CE question

    I considered posting this in the rod building forum but figured everyone looks at "new posts":) I have a factory RCE700XXH 50-80 which I assume is the CE700XXH blank. How does this blank compare to the CP70HP ?
  220. Shimano Penn

    WTS/WTT Tiagra 50W LRS excellent condition.

    SOLD Purchased and used in St Thomas for big game trolling, I have no use for it here as I only fish local waters and occasionally up to 4.5 day trips. Nearly mint. Spooled with Sufix IGFA 80lb high viz yellow. $350 cash or will trade for 6.5 or 7' UC factory wraped 80-100+ rod ... Mint...
  221. Shimano Penn

    Shimano Saragosa 8K/ 10KSW weight the same?

    Looking at Shimano's website both reels weigh in at 24.3 oz. To me that would mean they are physically the same size? Is this right?
  222. Shimano Penn

    What's happening on 3/4 day Coronado's Trips?

    Have not been watching reports, itching to fish this weekend. Been doing the 1.5 thing at Colonett but can't swing that this week, anything happening at Coronado's?
  223. Shimano Penn

    TRQLD2 vrs FTHLD2 ?

    At twice the price is Torque twice the reel? What are the differences? I have (3) FTHLD2's but before I buy any more I want to understand what I'm buying better :)
  224. Shimano Penn

    Opinions on UC rod ratings?

    I have a couple of factory wrapped UC Elite Composite rods, an RCE 700xh (rated 40-60) and a 700xxh (rated 50-80). I fish them at 50 and 60 but was told (by the sales guy) that they can be fished at the top of their range. What do you think, 60 and 80?
  225. Shimano Penn

    Re-wrap or build new?

    This a general question for you rod building guys. Lets say I have finally settled on the 8-10 rods I can't live without. I'm happy with the components, I just want them all to match. They are Seeker Black Steel/ Daiwa Proteus/ UC RCE/ Phenix Megalodon. I'm not DIY, I would pay someone to...
  226. Shimano Penn

    WTB Daiwa Proteus 9' PRTB90HF/ 8' PRTB80HFS Spinner

    Just looking to add to the Proteus collection. Only interested in very good condition or "like new". NO "boat rash" :D
  227. Shimano Penn

    Proteus as jig stick?

    I have some Proteus rods and I love them. The 7' 30-60 model took BFT to 90lbs last fall easily with a Penn FTH30LD2. I also have an 8' 20-50 model with a FTH25NLD2 I bought as an entry level jig stick. I was thinking about upgrading to the 9' 30-60 Proteus but want some opinions before I...
  228. Shimano Penn

    Fathom 25N or 30 LD2 as yo yo reel?

    What do you think? At 5.5:1 and 38" per crank is it fast enough? I'm currently using a Daiwa x40sha (6.1:1, 46" per crank) but the Penns are soooo much smoother and who knows, maybe that low gear could come in handy some day !
  229. Shimano Penn

    Power handle for F25NLD2/ F30LD2 ?

    I have no issue with the handles on these reels but wondered if there is an after market upgrade I should consider. If so des anyone have comment on whether the upgrade is worth it?
  230. Shimano Penn

    What to do with Tiagra 50WLRS ?

    So I have this reel circa 1998 in basically mint condition. I used it as a troller when I lived in St Thomas but I left there in 2000. It is essentially useless here and has been kept in storage. I suppose if I was able to do some serious 15 day LR trips I could use it, I'm guessing it would...
  231. Shimano Penn

    Trying the Liberty

    Next weekend, Colonett I presume. Any tips? Bunk selection? Never been on this boat but in general I have learned to avoid the aft bunks. Do they let you select when you sign in in or is it a free for all FCFS style deal? Anything else to know about this boat? If I like to fish whole squid...
  232. Shimano Penn

    6-7-8 days; when, where and what boat?

    So I plan to treat myself to about a week long trip this year. The longest I have done so far was a 4-1/2. A week is about all the time I can afford to take off work and about all the trip I can afford. My priority is action, IOW I'd rather catch three 33 pound fish than one 100 pounder...
  233. Shimano Penn

    Tackle swap meet Cardiff?

    I saw a post on CL saying there is a swap meet in Cardiff on Saturday but can't find any other info. True? Details?
  234. Shimano Penn

    BFT ?????

    I was at Colonett on Saturday, we saw plenty of BFT down there and others have confirmed this. I don't see ANY posts about anyone fishing for them. On that site we don't mention here they confirm they are there but again no one chasing them? What gives ?
  235. Shimano Penn

    Want to fish this weekend, which trip?

    I am debating between a 3/4 Coronados trip or a 1.5 Colonett trip. Pros and cons? I have never done the Colonett, is it worth twice the price? Weather looks promising and I'm itching to fish so I'm inclined to pick the longer voyage. As always, TIA for your input :)
  236. Shimano Penn

    Old Glory or New Lo-an ?

    Both are leaving tomorrow night on 1-1/2 day trips, both are $300 and the load is about the same 30 on OG and 32 on NLA. I notice the Glory has 24 open spots and the New Lo-An is nearly sold out with 7 spots left. Is there a reason for this ? Curious minds want to know :)
  237. Shimano Penn

    Fuel tank advice wanted

    I need to either fix or replace the auxiliary tank on my 89 Grady Offfshore 240. Not sure where to begin. It looks bad, a lot of rust and corrosion, The previous owner (who so far has proven to be totally straight with me on the condition and issues of the boat) told me the output fitting...
  238. Shimano Penn

    (2) TLD 20's

    I have two TLD 20's I don't use. Both are in good condition and have reel clamps and Tiburon power handles. Spooled with straight 40lb mono. $100 ea or both for $180. Text for pics 619-865-1295. P/u in Imperial Beach, Chula Vista or Pt Loma by arrangement. Possible trades for some old...
  239. Shimano Penn

    Any La Jolla yt/ rockfish ho's out there? 11/12

    SATURDAY I think I'm done with offshore for the year, not enough boat for SCI/ Tanner Bank. Still the weather is nice and there are fish to be had. What I'm thinking is head up to LJ stopping at the kelps outside of Mission Bay for macs, I'm also bringing squid and whole shrimp from market...
  240. Shimano Penn

    Six foot spinner?

    I like to keep some gear on the boat for last minute, unplanned trips. The cuddy will only hold 6' rods, have plenty of conventionals but looking for a spinning rod or two. Doesn't have to be high end, these trips are always bay and inshore outings. Any Penn, Shimano or = "off the shelf" rod...
  241. Shimano Penn


    State Certified (current), C-10 licensed since 1982 (inactive). I had a cushy NAVFAC QC job so let the C-10 expire but it's renewable. Company went belly up so now I'm deciding between another job or just going independent. Meanwhile looking for some small jobs to keep myself afloat...
  242. Shimano Penn

    Fath30LD2 "self repair"?

    First let me say that I LOVE this reel. Only caught two fish with it so far (65 & 90 BFT) but what a pleasure! For the price I honestly doubt you can beat it. Anyway here's the thing: first fish (65#) the basically brand new reel would NOT stay in low gear. I'd shift and it would hold a few...
  243. Shimano Penn

    What's biting off IB ?

    I have a buddy working on the new Seal training facility down in IB. He called this morning and said that one head boat and a grip of privates were in close out from the pier and up along the strand. He reported the same thing a few days ago before that swell kicked up. Bonita run? Calico's...
  244. Shimano Penn

    Replacing top shot with braid

    So I have a pair of HXW Raptors set up with mostly 100lb braid and 125-150' mono topshots. Now I wish I had just filled them with braid and used short leaders. It would be $$$$$ to re-fill them so what if I just splice on more braid? Probably not ideal but is it really any different than...
  245. Shimano Penn

    BFT for dinner ?

    I have read posts here that indicate BFT is great for poke and sashimi but not so great on the grill. Most seem to think YFT is much better. Opinions? In other words if you had a choice, which would you prefer?
  246. Shimano Penn

    Mulri-day noob question #2

    So my first multi-day trip, a 3.5, comes up next week. Thinking positively I've considered the luxury problem of having too much fish. I live alone, have a small freezer, and really have no use for more than maybe one or two nice tuna and maybe some yt. So what are my options? I don't want...
  247. Shimano Penn

    Seeker American Seies question

    Did Seeker make 8' rods in this series? I don't believe I've ever seen one. If yes, and anyone has one they'd like to part with, I'm interested.
  248. Shimano Penn

    Anyone here on Top Gun 3.5 day 09/05 ?

    Nicodemus is going, anyone else?
  249. Shimano Penn

    My first United Composites rod

    So I wanted a 50-80 lb rod and I wanted it fast, no time for custom. Online it seemed that my choices were many, I know that Calstar is very popular but I have mostly Seeker and several in the Black Steel series so that is where I was headed but based upon info here and from friends I have...
  250. Shimano Penn

    Fath30ld: 40 or 50 bait?

    I have a Fathom 30LD2 paired with a Proteus 70XH (rated 30-60). I was planning to use this as a 40lb bait rig on a 3.5 day run. People are telling me it would make a good 50lb setup as well. What do you think? Should I change the topshot (~100') from 40 to 50 and have the option of switching...
  251. Shimano Penn

    Seeker Black Classic Rods (2)

    I bought these last summer and immediately upgraded to the Black Steel versions of each. The conventional is a BSC 670-7 rated 20 (30) 50 and a matching spinner BSC 270-7S rated 12 (20) 30. Both probably have minor scratches from a couple party boat trips, neither ever fought a fish that I...
  252. Shimano Penn

    Help me choose a trip?

    I have only been on 3/4 day and overnight trips, it seems I have the week after Labor Day off so I'm looking at options. Looking just at H&M I see a 2-1/2 day on the Chief ($699) and a 3-1/2 day on the Top Gun ($1050) that fit my schedule perfectly. The longer trip is a LOT more $, like an...
  253. Shimano Penn

    Penn FTH60LD2 vs. Shimano TLD30/2- trolling application

    I have two older model TLD30/2's and was thinking about buying two more (the newer 30A series). I know these reels are rock solid and time honored, no issues there. However I notice that for the exact same price the Penn FTH60LD2 has the same or slightly greater line capacity, higher gear...
  254. Shimano Penn

    Are there mackeral in SD Bay?

    I see guys catching bait while waiting at the bait receiver, are there mackeral there? Any other spots inside the bay or close like Pt Loma? I was thinking about going out the afternoon before a trip and getting some nice baits.
  255. Shimano Penn

    WTB or build bait receiver

    Any good deals or nifty DIY ideas? I don't want to spend a fortune because I'm not even sure if the marina will allow it or it may just be too much of a PITA but I'd like to try it. Thinking I could go out one evening and load up on macks so I'd have them in the morning.
  256. Shimano Penn

    Need an anchor

    I need a small/ med danforth or similar anchor, I dunno maybe 10-12 lbs? It's just going to be used as a stern anchor to back my Grady 24 up to the beach in calm water (bay) so I can fiddle with the trim tabs and such. I'm in Imperial Beach. Needs to be in South Bay or close. Don't need rode...
  257. Shimano Penn

    Daiwa Bite N Run Spining Reels

    When I fish my boat I take my better gear like Penn Fathom and International, Shimano TLD and Tiagra and Avet reels and nice rods. When I fish party boats where stuff tends to get beat up a lot I take old Seeker American rods with old Toriums and Daiwa SHA-X reels. I absolutely love my...
  258. Shimano Penn

    WTB Seeker Black Steel G6470

    In like new condition. Just checking here before I go pay retail for one. I have some like new Seeker Black Classic rods I could offer up as partial trade if interested, one Conventional BCS 670-7 20(30)50 and one Spinner BCS 270-7s 12(20)30. I bought these new and immediately replaced them...
  259. Shimano Penn

    WTB - check your garage

    I am looking for a Seeker American series spinning rod, preferably A 270-7s but open to others. I'm trying to fill out a set I've been collecting. I'm absolutely certain someone has one in the corner of the garage somewhere :D
  260. Shimano Penn

    Aftco unibutts F/S

    I have two brand new UB2-B all black Aftco Unibutts i bought by mistake, needed UB1. $100 for the pair (less than half of retail). Text for pics 619-865-1295.
  261. Shimano Penn

    My girlfriend left me...

    We had an argument about money. She said we couldn't afford beer anymore and I'd have to give it up. Then I caught her buying some expensive makeup. I said "Hey, how come I have to give up beer and you get to buy makeup?" She said she needed the makeup to look pretty for me. I told her...
  262. Shimano Penn

    Best Credit Card ?

    So my g/f thinks I'm an idiot, what's new. Upon reflection I'm thinking that in this (rare) case she's right :D I pay for everything with my debit card, I have the money in the bank, why not? Groceries, gas, fishing gear, everything. She says I should be using a rewards type cc for millage...
  263. Shimano Penn

    Open spot for angler (HO) this Saturday.
  264. Shimano Penn

    tossing iron; rods and reels

    So I'm getting the hang of this jig tossing thing and have a couple questions for you experts on equipment. I have a few reels to play with like Daiwa x40sha's, Avet mxl 5.8's, older Torium 20, brand new Penn 30ld2. So far I'm liking the Penn best. I'm not opposed to buying the star drag...
  265. Shimano Penn

    BFT at 178 ?

    So yesterday three of us were enjoying a boat ride on the 9 mile bank, not much going on in the way of life. Occasional birds and dolphin, no biters. About a mile or so north of the 178 we make a routine stop on a paddy, toss some baits and an iron at it. As we were all focused on our work we...
  266. Shimano Penn

    Please explain "2X4"

    Rods are generally denoted by line class and length, materials used, reel seat/ guide styles... at least that's what I'm used to. I always thought just reading posts I'd eventually figure out what 1X3 and 2X4 mean but I haven't so I now humbly expose my ignorance, WTF ?
  267. Shimano Penn

    Tomorrow Sarurday 05-07

    What do you think? I'm pretty new to fishing the area so just wondering what you vets think about conditions tomorrow. Wind and seas look very manageable but rain is no fun and t-storms are dangerous. Was planning to fish the 9 mile/182 area US waters.
  268. Shimano Penn

    Reel suggestions for 40 lb

    I have a 7' custom rod I've had for 20+ years, I won it in a tourney and it's sort of special to me. There is no writing/ rating on it but I've always used it for light trolling 30-50 lb, originally with a Penn 30TW and later with a TLD 30/2. I'm thinking I want to set it up for larger grade...
  269. Shimano Penn

    WTB Tiagra 50W lrs

    In good condition, no "boat rash".
  270. Shimano Penn

    WTB - Live Aboard $5- $15 K

    Looking for something I can stay on during the summer, most likely at CV Marina. Don't need a floating palace but not a total beater either. 28-34' would make the dockage affordable but will consider up to 38'. I would like it to run if possible but that isn't carved in stone for me, might be...
  271. Shimano Penn

    Looking for serious anglers for local fishing

    I recently bought a 1989 24’ Grady White Offshore W/A Cuddy with a low hours 2003 Yamaha F225 4 stroke. Motor was checked out and serviced at Sea Which Marine and seems to perform flawlessly. I have Boat US just in case. Large bait tank, plenty of cockpit space. Fixed and handheld VHS, GPS/...
  272. Shimano Penn

    Bluefin on the troll ?

    BFT are new to me, we didn't have them where I'm from. We had yellowfin, blackfin, little tunny and bonita. All were quite regularly caught trolling ballyhoo, feathers and small chuggers. Most if not all of the reports I'm seeing are about catching BFT with live bait, jigs/ irons and flat...
  273. Shimano Penn

    WTB: Right angle rod holder inserts (?)

    Not really sure what they are actually called, they slip into flush mounted rod holders to position the rod at 90* to the boat, like outriggers. I've seen them but I can't find them online anywhere.
  274. Shimano Penn

    Fishdope, 976 bite, something else or not worth it ?

    What do you guys think? Are these helpful or a waste of money? My problem is a serious lack of "local knowledge" so they do look tempting.
  275. Shimano Penn

    SD Bay Fuel Dock with quick/ easy access ?

    Looking for the easiest, quickest in and out fuel dock in SD Bay. Not knowing any better on Sunday I went to Pearson's Shelter Island. What a drag, endless 5mph added almost an hour to my trip home. Has to be something better :) Harbor Island West looks good on map. ?????
  276. Shimano Penn

    Boat wiring questions

    Yesterday was the first real test of the new-to-me Grady. We left Chula Vista, exited the Bay and ran up to La Jolla for some rock fishing. Some things went well and worked flawlessly, some things not so much. The big issue is this; every time I stop to fish and turn off the motor, the...
  277. Shimano Penn

    Speed Limits in SD Bay ?

    Coming out of J Street Marina I know about the "no wake/ 5 mph" restriction area but once I get to the marker line I am told the rest of the bay is wide open. True? What I mean is if you are heading from the South Bay to the inlet and you stay pretty much in the center avoiding the Navy and...
  278. Shimano Penn

    Mission Bay Inlet tomorrow ?

    Well my "new to me" Grady Offshore 240 is finally ready. She is currently on the hard at Driscoll's Mission Bay. My plan has been to put it in the water tomorrow and motor it to my slip at Chula Vista. In another thread there is some apprehension being expressed about the conditions tomorrow...
  279. Shimano Penn

    Shimano Reels: Tor 30HG, Tor 20, TR LD and TR stars.

    Bought most of these on impulse when I had the yak and decided to go with Avets now that I have a "real" boat. The Torium 20 is the older silver style which I bought used off BD, the rest I bought new last summer. All line is smoke blue P-line new last summer, most have never seen a fish. Tor...
  280. Shimano Penn

    Source for replacement rollers ?

    I need to replace a few Aftco rollers on some ~20 year old rods. Squidco has some brass ones but these appear to be stainless steel. Suggestions ?
  281. Shimano Penn

    Need trailer storage

    I am putting my new girl in the water tomorrow and don't plan to take her out for a LOOOONG time if all goes well. Trailer is ~25' long tip to tip (24' boat). South or East Bay preferable. Any ideas?
  282. Shimano Penn

    Service Guys Reccommendations ?

    Now that I am, ehem, a boat owner ... I need to start putting together a list of reputable service guys. I plan to keep the sled in a slip in the South Bay and need to find as many reasons as possible to not pay storage on the trailer, would love to get rid of it actually. So what I'm looking...
  283. Shimano Penn

    Setting up boat, need some things.

    Lets see, I need a gaff for sure, have a couple short ones but need something 6-8 feet I guess. Planning to add some of those 3-gang plastic rod holders around the bait tank so need those. Need a good long handled brush too as well a short handled one. Always good to have a spare ~100' of...
  284. Shimano Penn

    Teach Me the Secret Handshake !!!!!!

    It's official, I'm in the club :) I am now the proud slave of my very own hole in the water. She's a bit rough around the edges and a tad ghetto looks wise but she's all mine and I love her :D 1989 Grady 240 Offshore W/A with '03 Yamaha F225 on factory bracket. I guess I just got tired of...
  285. Shimano Penn

    Need help moving boat this weekend !

    So the happy happy joy joy is that after 2-3 months of searching and several near misses I finally bought a sled :) It's an '89 Grady White Offshore 240 W/A with a 2003 Yammie F225. It's not pretty and a little ghetto but I'm happy with it, a few weekends of elbow grease and it will be fine...
  286. Shimano Penn

    GW 208 W/A vrs GW 20 Overnighter ?

    Can anyone explain to me the difference between these two hulls???????? Is the 208 just a newer version of the Overnighter?
  287. Shimano Penn

    Need work space

    Any self-serve boat yards around here? I'm thinking of buying a boat that needs a little love, nothing major but simple stuff like bottom paint, electronics installed, etc. No major fiberglass work, maybe some light sanding and drilling. I live in a condo and have no place to work. Looking...
  288. Shimano Penn

    AAA for boats ?

    Vessel Assist? Sea Tow? What does SD offer and what do you guys recommend? I am getting pretty close to buying now, trying to get my ducks in a row here. Boat will be 20-24' W/A cuddy with single outboard 200-225. I have the $, slip is lined up, I want to be ready to pounce but do not want...
  289. Shimano Penn

    Shimano TR2000LD Charter Special

    According to Shimano website this little reel has a maximum drag of 33 lbs. and a strike drag at 22. Really? That has to be a mistake, right? Also they show the exact same braid capacities for both the TR200LD and the TRN200G but radically different mono capacities. The mono capacities shown...
  290. Shimano Penn

    Avet "mc" feature advantage ?

    So I just bought those two mxl's that were in the classifieds, one is "mc" and one is not. The plan is to use one as a live bait flyline rig and the other for casting irons or dropping flatfalls. I assume the "mc" feature is best used for the flyline rig but I really don't know. Thoughts?
  291. Shimano Penn

    2002 Yamaha 200 HPDI

    Well as some of you have figured out I am on the hunt for a platform with the dreaded "limited budget" so I'm looking at older hulls with good motors, mostly smallish walk arounds. There is a boat I might like that has a 2002 Yammie 200 HPDI "rebuilt" in 2012. What does "rebuilt" mean ? I...
  292. Shimano Penn

    CL trolling rod deal - awesome if true

    Not mine, been on CL for about a week. If it's for real it's a great deal.
  293. Shimano Penn

    Rod Building class?

    Can anyone tell me if this is still a regular thing? I was planning to come tonight but with the weather/ traffic maybe next week is better?
  294. Shimano Penn

    WTB or WTTF Daiwa X30 SHA

    In very good or like new condition. No "boat rash" please. Can pay cash or trade for any of the following: used Torium 20 / used Daiwa X40 HA / like new Shimano TLD 15 / like new Shimano Charter Special TR 2000 / like new Shimano TR200 / barely used Penn Defiance 30 combo (rod and reel) / like...
  295. Shimano Penn

    Getting started ?

    sorry double post, can't delete?
  296. Shimano Penn

    Getting started ?

    So I think I wanna try my hand at rod building. Been looking at youtube videos, poking around online suppliers and local shops and of course lurking around this forum. I was thinking about visiting the group in the sticky above to see what I might learn there too. A few basic questions; is...
  297. Shimano Penn

    2000 Evinrude FICHT RAM 200 ?

    I'm interested in a boat on CL but getting no love for this motor on the internet. Also hours are unknown. Any personal experiences with this engine?
  298. Shimano Penn

    Another kayak

    Yea I'm loaded with these things. :) This is the first one I bought before the PA 14, used it a few times at La Jolla and Cambria. Definitely "like new".
  299. Shimano Penn

    Marine Survey - what can it tell me?

    So as I get closer to buying I've been searching posts on surveys and surveyors, seems this Mike Dickson is a popular and well liked guy. I get all the mechanical, electrical and plumbing stuff but what can they do to determine the condition of the wood under glass? Do they x-ray the damned...
  300. Shimano Penn

    1988 BMW 325i Convertable - $1200

    This has always been a second or third car for me and has mostly sat in garage/ storage for as long as I've owned it. Basically I bought it as a toy for the beach and Sunday drives to Julian but now I want a toy that floats so it has to go. I'm tired of paying storage on it. I have always had...
  301. Shimano Penn

    Can I sell this?

    I have a car with expired registration (August) because it won't pass smog, can I legally sell it as is ? I suspect it needs a new cat converter but I'm no mechanic so I'm not certain about that.
  302. Shimano Penn

    Thoughts/ experience Chaparral 234 ?

    I have seen a number of these over the years but know nothing about them as to quality of construction. Are we talking Bayliner or Wellcraft here? This one certainly looks clean, any comments of the boat or motor? As always, TIA for your input...
  303. Shimano Penn

    2012 Hobie PA 14 with 2015 trailer $2200

    All the bells and whistles; Lowrance HDS 5, OEX bait tank, more. Turns out I'm not as into the kayak thing as I thought I would be, this has sat in storage since April while I spent $1000 - $2000 on cattle boats this season. Hence the boat search in other threads :) For pics and details see...
  304. Shimano Penn

    Skipjack advice ?

    In another thread I am getting some help choosing a small boat for SD fishing with a budget of around $15K. I'm starting to really like the Skipjack 20 open but I'm afraid of I/O's and know nothing about them. This boat will kept in the water, not trailered if that matters. There are so many...
  305. Shimano Penn

    Isn't this "too good to be true" ?

    Anybody know anything about this?
  306. Shimano Penn

    Weekend Warriors- engine hours?

    So you're an average working stiff with honey-do chores and family obligations on top of your 40 hour/ week job. You have a boat and love to fish. You fish a lot in the summer and not so much in the winter. How many hours per year do you think you put on your engine? I'm guessing maybe...
  307. Shimano Penn

    Best small boat for SD?

    Probably not the wisest decision I could make in life but I am seriously considering buying a boat (again). The last one I had was a 1985 Wellcraft 248 Sportsman WA cuddy with a brand new 200 Yamaha Saltwater Series motor. I had this in St Thomas where conditions on average are rougher than...
  308. Shimano Penn

    Another rod selection thread...

    Last few trips out, 3/4 days and overnights, I've felt like I want to go a tad lighter. I watch guys tossing sardines easily with long, whippy rods and light reels while I struggle with my mostly ~30lb rated and all 7' sticks. The reels I usually take are; Torium 20, Torium 30hg, TLD 15, Diawa...
  309. Shimano Penn

    Dumb thief? Or just "considerate"?

    So yesterday I leave at ~4:00 AM to catch a 3/4 day on Fisherman 3. I take 4 rods from the overhead rack in the garage and leave five behind. My g/f has tile guys scheduled to finish up the grout on the tile they laid Friday. I come home (with fish) and go to get my knives. One seems to be...
  310. Shimano Penn

    (3) 30lb set ups and Spinner

    All 7' rods. Not exactly top shelf but good for starter rigs, loaners or backups. Good: Penn Defiance 30 combo, basic Penn value and reliability. Matching black/ red rod and reel in very good condition, very pretty. I bought this last summer in the hopes I'd get the g/f interested, even put...
  311. Shimano Penn

    Line counter - will this work?

    I have this idea ... you smart guys can tell me if it will work. I have a line spooling set up similar to others posted here ( I really love the tennis balls one ). I want to be able to measure line, if there is a device available to do this that's great but I'm wondering if I can't just buy...
  312. Shimano Penn

    5'-6" trolling rod blank?

    Can someone suggest a good blank for a stand up 50-80 trolling rod? Looking over just the United Composites choices is mind boggling, then there is Seeker, Calstar... I plan to have (4) made up, (not by me). (2) will be Slick Butt true 5'-6' and (2) will go on Aftco Unibutts (UB2) to make a...
  313. Shimano Penn

    Will HO for HOO

    Looking for a ride this Saturday Oct 31st to hunt for wahoo if it seems they are still holding in the area. I have a lot of experience with these guys, I spent 11 years targeting them in St Thomas. I have trolling gear and appropriate tackle and I make for a pretty good mate. Will cover my...
  314. Shimano Penn

    Replacement Skirts for Lures

    I have checked Squidco, Fishermans Landing and Angler's Choice, not much selection for skirts. Other than online sources any place else I might look? As always TIA for your help :)
  315. Shimano Penn

    Help Me Enter the 21st Century

    My nearly 20 year old Tiagra 50/2 looks and performs as good as it did when I bought it and I love it to death. However, times change and I have not kept up with technology. The other day I had the opportunity to bring in a nice fish with a friends HXW Raptor and I was sold, time for my inner...
  316. Shimano Penn

    For sale or trade - Seeker Black Classic BSC 670-7 20(30)50

    My inner tackle ho made me buy this on impulse, no good reason at all. I quickly realized I'd rather have the 20lb version, BSC 270-7 or 870-7, still not clear on the difference. Both are rated 15(20)25 ? I'd really like the graphite G 870-7 and would add cash to a trade if needed. If I...
  317. Shimano Penn

    Trolling Strategy - have you ever...

    A long time ago in a place far, far away I had a boat and regularly trolled for tuna, dolphin, wahoo and king mackerel. Because I could meet any of the above at any given time I always pulled a mixed spread, different types of lures and bait/ lure combinations for the different species. I...
  318. Shimano Penn

    WTB a large planer or Z-wing

    Title says it all :D San Diego local, need it tomorrow!
  319. Shimano Penn

    Shimano Baitrunner clarification please

    From reading here and elsewhere I'm pretty convinced I want a Baitrunner 4500. Looking online I see baitrunner "D" and baitrunner "OC" but not any 4500. Older model? Difference between D and OC ? As always, TIA for your help.
  320. Shimano Penn

    West Marine Blacktip rods

    Does anyone know where these stand in terms of quality/ value? I have searched this site and a couple others, as well as the internet in general, and I can't find any info on them at all. No reviews, user comments, nothing.
  321. Shimano Penn

    Line to Line Connection

    I was planning to use the double uni knot to connect fluoro to mono and probably still will but I came across this in an old post in this forum: "tie the two ends together with a simple overhand knot. now tie a dopper loop with the line, as if it were one piece. trim the tag ends after that...
  322. Shimano Penn

    Overnight/ One Day - What To Bring ?

    Hi guys, I am going out next weekend on a one day. I was looking at the H&M and Pt Loma sites for a recommended gear and tackle list but don't see one. I'm thinking mostly 30 lb. class gear, yes? Maybe a 20 as well? 50 is too heavy? 2/0 live bait hooks, a few 6 & 8 oz torpedo weights just...
  323. Shimano Penn

    WTB Seeker American Series 30lb 7'

    Older rod A 670-7 20(30)40. Somebody must have one laying around :) No North County please, I'm in IB. Text 619 865 1295.
  324. Shimano Penn

    Thorium 50

    Do you guys think this (or any 50 for that matter) is overkill for the local 3/4 day and overnight cattle boat trips? I want one, just not sure I need one :) Rats, can't edit title. TORIUM ;)
  325. Shimano Penn

    Shimano TLD/ Torium comparison

    I am old and old school, a bad combination if you're trying to use a cell phone or select a new reel. I am from St Thomas where men are men and wahoo are scared, we TROLL offshore with big fat 30 and 50 lb shiny gold 2 speed reels with names like Tiagra and (insert competitors name here) for...