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  1. FloMar

    Gettin' BUGGY again, SMB lobster 12/5/2019.

    All I can say is "I got the itch!", and when you get the itch you need it scratched. I also saw what I felt was a good weather window . . . Bryan and I grabbed the boat from storage early Thursday AM, 6ish. We got the boat home, loaded the hoop nets onto the boat, and the rest of the gear and...
  2. FloMar

    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    I'd just sent the following info to another person, and I got to thinking I should be able to give this to everyone without compromising myself and/or others. My take is, I hate the MOON when it comes to Lobster. That said, I plan on hooping this Saturday 16th in the location I hoop. Yes the...
  3. FloMar

    Lobster - Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages?

    I've been thinking about something for 5 weeks now, since the lobster opener. Cages versus tubes, tubes versus cages. I use cages, always have, and it's likely I always will. Why? Cages give lobster a more accessible opportunity to get a meal. Lobster eat once a week, yes it's a fact. How do I...
  4. FloMar

    Broken record Lobster report, 11/2/2019.

    Epic weather, Epic sunset, Epic fishing, Epic catching, Epic dinner. Dropped our 10 nets at 2ish with sardines in the cages. Started pulling at 640, and the 14th legal lobster was on the boat by 740. Depth 23-24 feet, 8 short lobster, a few other misc=species released also. Decent quality, 2...
  5. FloMar

    Pretty sick lobster fishing again, SAT, 10/19.

    Dropped our 10 nets at 145 PM. Fresh frozen Sardines for bait. Depth was 25-27 feet. Weather turned out to be beautiful, mostly flat, no wind. A couple more boats in the general area. Sun going down we ate some sushi, listened to music, and got geared-up. We started pulling about 645 PM, and it...
  6. FloMar

    Lobster report, 10/2/2019.

    The wind is crazy out there, we stuck with it though. 31 feet, sardines in the cages, and managed our limits in 55 minutes. 5 males and 9 females, good quality, and done by 820 last night. Enjoy, and be safe out there, good luck everyone.
  7. FloMar

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    Like clock-work, that's all I can say. Bait is sardines, depth 30 feet, location is ocean, DANIELSON HOOPNETS, my partner and I limited opening night in 12 nets 30 minutes, 1.98 pound average for the 14 lobsters. Limits night 2 which was last night in 12 nets 34 minutes, 1.54 pound average for...
  8. FloMar

    Halibut fishing for White Sea Bass, SMB, 6/22/2019.

    Bait from Redondo Bait, sardines and some Spanish Mackerel, Fished Hermosa for 2 drifts and one 14 inch San Bass released. Shot across the bay, took 40 minutes, dropped the rigs in 65 feet. Managed a legal Calico Bass and another legal Sand Bass, it got quiet. Bait came through, and 3 sticks go...
  9. FloMar

    I found the right one this time, SMB, 6/7/2019.

    Launched @ Marina Del Rey, and WE headed down south to pick up some nice Sardines @ Redondo Bait. Fished the corner for 2 quick drifts for nothing, and then headed across the bay 18 miles. Finally managed the right kind at 11:45 AM, a 33 pound Halibut. Been trying to add the PIC, but it keeps...
  10. FloMar

    Blind Squirrel syndrome, SMB, SAT, 5/25/2019.

    Set out for Halibut, not a scratch, called it quits at 115 PM. Did manage this slug that weighed 69.1 pounds at the Redondo Bait receiver. 3-way swivel with sardine 3 feet from 8 ounce torpedo. 60-65 feet, around 8AM this morning.
  11. FloMar

    End of season Lobster report, SAT 3/16.

    Headed off with my partner Bryan, hadn't hooped since 2nd week last November. Went to the recommended spot, which was conveyed on opening night this season, last October. Bait = barely dead sardines, all we needed. Depth 30 feet. Sometimes I get summoned by the KING Lobster, and it happened...
  12. FloMar

    Late 11/3 Lobster report.

    MY fishing partner and I had dropped the Lobster for month while we enjoyed our chasing Halibut and Bonito, both trips very productive. I'm usually sleeping with the Lobster the day before, kind of a intro to taking up residence in one side or another of my 80 gallon split bait tank. This day...
  13. FloMar

    Lobster no problem 10/4, Mother Nature quite the PITA!

    Got to the spot mid-PM, dropped the nets, yep 31 feet, sardines for bait. Then Mother Nature said FU John! We dropped the hook, and then became yo-yos for the next 3 hours, up and down and up and down, absolutely sucked bobbing up and down. Nobody else around until 6, then a group showed up...
  14. FloMar

    Lobster, 9/29 and 9/30, pretty good fishin'.

    Saturday night we (2 of us) fished an area with 14 other boaters, managed 12 legals and 27 shorts, shut it down at 9PM, sardines for bait, 31 feet deep, you'll have to figure out the rest. Wasn't fooled by Mother Nature or those idiot weather forecasters, Sunday night it was beautiful out there...
  15. FloMar

    More Brownfin Tuna, no paddies, 9/8.

    Managed to get out again with my fishing partner Bryan. FN fog was fairly thick, so we took it easy heading to Redondo for bait. Met Mike just before 6AM, and we were plugged with week old 6-7 inch sardines. Handed Mike some Monster drinks and various 4-packs of Starbucks Frappacinos. Headed...
  16. FloMar

    Brownfin Tuna off a paddy.

    Fished from 6-11 for a Sand Bass and a few rake marks. At 11AM found this Paddy, and from 11 until 1225 we put the screws to'em, and left'em biting and called it day, we had enough to go around. 4 legals from 25 inches to 27-1/2 pounds with the 2 middle fish 10 and 11 pounds. Enjoy, and please...
  17. FloMar

    So-So Halibut 7/15/2017, FN sick.

    Told my partner after catching' a few legals early AM last week that we'd be lucky to get any outside of noon to 3 PM today. Partner nails 15 pound fish at 7:15, all gravy at this point. We Sardined around until noon for 4 shorts between us, and me losing count of all my raked baits. Went to...
  18. FloMar

    Cowcod and BSB bonanza, great on the BBQ, 7/6 and 7/7.

    That's exactly how I hook all my fish. LOL! Had a few days and went Halibut fishing. Absolutely great bait (sardines) from Marina Del Rey Sportfishing both mornings, had decent slime on'em too. Yesterday at 7:30 AM, 60 feet, 27 inches and 8 pounds. Today at 7:45 AM, 78 feet, 28.5 inches and 10...
  19. FloMar

    Gettin' it done again.

    Had a small window to take my Son Lobster fishing for the first time. He and his wife are here from Texas. My hooping partner and I set a goal to get him 4 so he could have a dinner with his wife parents before they head back Friday. We did better than that as he pulled a limit and we shut it...
  20. FloMar

    Lobster report for Friday 10/21/2016.

    Why am I posting this report? Because I have to take the bad with good IMO, and vice versa. Headed to the Freeway at 6PM, and arrived at our destination at 7PM. Headed to spot 1369 and dropped 10 nets anticipating a bang fest. Minutes after the 10th net went down I realized there were divers in...
  21. FloMar

    Last nights Lobster for 10/6 trip.

    Hooped the same general area as on the opener, in-addition to Tues/Weds/Thurs. 30 feet of water with only fresh caught Mackerel in the cages, forced-into/smashed-in not cut in half. Started at 715 for only 1 legal in first 10 pulls so had to put thinking cap on as boats were starting to show for...
  22. FloMar

    I can still ride a bike.

    Hooped last night, started pulling at 715 and done by 830, me and my partner Bryan. Had not hooped in 3 seasons, but seems I can still catch a few. Sardines and Mackerel for bait. The rest is all but gone now, the ocean calls. Happy birthday Tommy Holmes, rest in peace!
  23. FloMar

    Looking for Yamaha mechanic Mike Clark.

    Anyone know if Mike Clark is working somewhere as a Yamaha mechanic after Johns Custom Marine in Stanton closed? Any information and/or feedback appreciated, thank you. John.
  24. FloMar

    If you get seasick don't bother.

    If you love the Ocean . .
  25. FloMar

    Picking away.

    Early on the weather sucked, and you can only listen to so much music while on the anchor for 4 hours. So we we're literally rockin' with the guitar riffs. Damn moon played a role at 76% and up by 4PM Friday PM, but we picked away until 10:25 last night. My friend Bryan pulled the nice one on...
  26. FloMar

    Quick Monday AM report, SMB.

    Had a 1/2-day to burn so I went fishin' 6:30-10:30. Fished 3 miles north for one 20-25 pound BSB, released unharmed and she swam back down. If you only knew how bad I could taste that fish and smell it on the BBQ. Hey DFG! :finger: Thanks for mis-managing that species also. :finger: Fished...
  27. FloMar

    Out of the basement.

    4 nice fish today, 8:30AM to 11:20AM. SMB. Good fishing to everyone!
  28. FloMar

    Would you jump in the water with Humbolt Squid?

    YouTube - The Giant Humbolt Squid YouTube - Giant Humboldt Squid Documentary YouTube - Sea of Demons: Demonio Rojo For me, not a chance. I'm glad these things have the life span of a Dorado, very short. John. Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
  29. FloMar

    So you want to fish in Mexico.

    I try to give a heads-up before things happen, but in this case forget it . . a done deal. Shark Permits for 3600 Pangas. The 50-mile zone is no more. It's now down to 10 miles in the Sea of Cortez and 20 miles on the Pacific...
  30. FloMar

    Attention Recreational Fisherman.

    I'm posting the following on behalf of Bob Franko the President of the Coastside Fishing Club in Northern California. Please take a few minutes to read this, and if you feel compelled take a few more minutes and send your letter of support. You want your recreational fishing voice(s) heard...
  31. FloMar

    Attention Recreational Fisherman.

    I'm posting the following on behalf of Bob Franko the President of the Coastside Fishing Club in Northern California. Please take a few minutes to read this, and if you feel compelled take a few more minutes and send your letter of support. You want your recreational fishing voice(s) heard...