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    Greenpeace at it again

    This time the Spanish Navy gets to have some fun with these fools.
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    Great Winter Fishing in San Quintin!

    Wanting to take advantage of the beautiful weather, my son Roy Jr, his buddy Greg, and myself decided to run down to San Quintin for a few days. Our plan was to make it a wintertime freezer filling run, targeting the usual reds and lings but were treated to some great deep water yellowtail fun...
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    San Quintin 10/4-10/5

    Made a run to San Quintin with Pete M and fished Fri & Sat. Both day’s we launched our boat and easily made bait (rocket mac’s and sardines) then ran 25+ offshore to spend the day’s in epic weather conditions and 70 degree cobalt blue water. Day 1 we found a big paddie early...
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    Cali Boyz

    My Son Roy Jr (BDr) and his teammates Dan and Harold represented Cali well yesterday by placing 1st at the U.S. National Spearfishing Championships held in Rhode Island. Hawaii placed 2nd with Florida taking 3rd.
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    Bad ass of the week!

    Bad Ass Indeed...
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    San Quintin 240

    Short version Doug M, (fishshirts) rolled into town Friday afternoon to get in on the slugfest at the 240. <img src="" alt="Image Hosted by"/><br/> <img src="" alt="Image...
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    San Quintin yellows

    8/8/2012 The plan was to buddy boat to the offshore tuna grounds with friends Marty and Cal who had fished the day before and got a yellowfin and a couple do do&#8217;s, we launched the boats and made bait in the bay and were on our way in stone glass perfect conditions. We hit the 240...
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    Let the games begin :D <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    USS Harry S. Truman Going Tokyo Drift

    The ship is the USS Harry S. Truman, the eighth Nimitz-class aircraft carrier in the U.S. Navy fleet, doing a high-speed training maneuver called a “swing check”, which is basically a counter steer to stop the movement, or swing, of the ship’s bow.
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    San Quintin Jan 29 2012

    Sunday - launched at 6:30 am, with my friend Roger. Limits of reds, + assorted cods, lings, etc. The bite shutdown around 10:30 and we were done, we hung out for another hour in the epic conditions and called it a day. Scored a fast limit with Ed's Tiger stripe Jig. Roger was fishing a...
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    Fishing Trip of a Lifetime!

    Check this out! These guys were fishing adjacent and pretty much UNDER the Deep water Horizon when she blew! Fishing Trip of a Lifetime! - MudInMyBlood Forums
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    San Quintin Road Trip Report

    I met up with the gang Caesar, Mike, Gus, Ed, & Mike at the boarder at 7 am. Mike would be traveling with me on this trip, Caesar was towing his boat and the drive down was incident free. we made a few stops along the way and arrived around 1 PM. Caesar asked if I would put in an order for...
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    San Quintin Trailer Boat Caravan

    Talked with Ed last night, he said 4 or 5 boats so far. If you have never been, well, you cant ask for a better guided tour. This trip is very affordable if you take your own boat...
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    Kelly just called and asked me to pass this on to the board, as his internet is still down. Kelly said the local radio station just announced at 6:30 pm the road is now officially open (both directions).
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    Baja's Bridges Washed Out

    This is from the Baja Nomad's site. Baja Highway unpassable in some areas...Jan 22, 2010 Hi everyone, I do not know if this information is already here, if so I apologize in advance. There are several places of Highway 1 unpassable at the moment, due to the heavy rains: -- The...
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    San Quintin

    Fished this week with "Pinche Gringo". The offshore tuna action was pretty bleak as the water rolled earlier in the week, cold & verde 30 miles out. We fished rockfish a few times for taco meat and did ok. Sunday we hit the Island and trolled up 4 yellowtail and a few San Quintin bluefin...
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    Laguna Mayor Is pissed off & will mount campaign against reserve

    Riled mayor is opposed and refuses to sign letter approved by majority supporting restrictions. By Barbara Diamond Updated: Friday, June 19, 2009 12:46 AM PDT There are No comments posted. heated two-hour hearing Tuesday pitted commercial and recreational fishers against...
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    BOLA Reports ?

    Anyone have a recent weather report ?. Thinking about leaving S.Q. tomorrow afternoon or early Thursday morning.
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    Mexiican Beauty Queen Busted

    Mexican beauty queen arrested in gun-filled truck - Yahoo! News By ARTURO PEREZ, Associated Press Writer Arturo Perez, Associated Press Writer 1 min ago GUADALAJARA, Mexico – A reigning Mexican beauty queen from the drug-plagued state of Sinaloa was arrested with suspected gang members...
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    Military Pics

    Cool Pictures - Military
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    Tinted windows in TJ "No Mas"

    On tonight's news it said starting tomorrow, TJ cops have been ordered to give $50 dollar tickets to all vehicles with non factory tinted windows. This is being done for security reason's.
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    Lost at Sea "Survival Test"

    A simple IQ survival test.... PressAnyKey - The Survivial Test - test your survival IQ
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    160-square-metre kite

    Commercial Shipping is looking to go green. The 132 metre long MS Beluga SkySails completed its maiden voyage using a 160-square-metre kite developed by SkySails GmbH & Co. KGs. on February 5, having sailed from Bremen, Germany to Guanta, Venezuela. SustainableShipping: (S) News - Beluga...
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    John Deere 1270D

    You gotta love the ME's that came up with this thing. YouTube - John Deere 1270D with 754
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    Citizenship Test....

    This should be easy. :D ....I missed one..... U.S. Citizenship Trivia
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    Her Hips Don't Lie

    YouTube - Bamboo Hips Don't Lie - [2006 FIFA World Cup] HQ
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    A Professor with BALLS !

    Hooray for A Michigan State Professor! ************************* The story begins at Michigan State University with a mechanical engineering professor named Indrek Wichman. Wichman sent an e-mail to the Muslim Student's Association. The e-mail was in response to the students' protest of...
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    Our boys in Iraq

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    I need to sharpen my Knife...

    Tuna YouTube - Filet a Tuna for Sashimi Dorado YouTube - How to Filet a Mahi
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    San Quintin 8/9

    Thursday 8:00 am launch and the wind had been blowing all night. Three miles off the point I get on the radio for some reports. Capt Kelly is 20 miles out and say's "No Bueno" water has rolled. There went plan A for us, no paddy hopping today. Back on the radio I get a hold of my neighbor who...
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    San Quintin 8/5

    Fished Sunday 8/5 with my San Quintin neighbor Brian. First BIG paddy we come across at 17 mi is loaded with jumping Dorado. Brian gets the first bait in and is hooked up instantly on a fly lined mack, the fish is gaffed and onboard. Then we head back to the paddy for nada, we look at them for...
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    7/24 Paddy Pounding!!!

    Brandon Wahlers, Brandon Chin, Roy McDennon jr and I set out for a day of paddy hopping. 30 miles Offshore with epic weather conditions and cobalt blue 70 degree water was the setting for our day. I had been on the water for the past two day's fishing in an area that was plugged with paddy's and...
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    San Quintin Tourney !!!

    Anyone here plan on fishing this.....
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    Job Interview

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    San Quintin July Tournament

    SAN QUINTIN JULY TOURNAMENT--Official poster for the 4th Annual San Quintin Sportfishing Tournament on July 21, 2007, with $75,000 in prizes including a Triton boat. Entry fee is $50 plus optional side jackpots, with categories for tuna, white seabass, yellowtail, sandbass, and lingcod...
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    Cali Spearo's

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    New Boat Tax being considered ?

    California Considers $1,500 Tax On Boaters A Boat Tax Of Up To $1,500 Dollars Per Vessel Being Considered More Local News More Seen On CBS13 (CBS13) SACRAMENTO The state of California is considering a plan to charge each boat owner $1,500 a year to put their boat in the water. There are...
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    New Boat Tax being considered ?

    California Considers $1,500 Tax On Boaters A Boat Tax Of Up To $1,500 Dollars Per Vessel Being Considered More Local News More Seen On CBS13 (CBS13) SACRAMENTO The state of California is considering a plan to charge each boat owner $1,500 a year to put their boat in the water. There are...
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    Fuel prices for March 2007... Current gasoline prices: Magna.............$ 6.52 pesos per liter Premium..........$ 8.02 pesos per liter Diesel..............$ 5.53 pesos per liter These prices are in liters and 1 gallon = 3.7854 liters. Today (March 3) 1 dollar = $ 10.70...
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    Do you have the balls to do this.......

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    Surf's up

    When I was a kid, I thought M80s were fun....... Free kitesurfing Video,Free kitesurfing TV, Free kitesurfing shows, Free Academy kitesurfing, Kitesurfing video, Kitesurfing shows, Europe kitesurfing, Australia kitesurfing, Africa kitesurfing, Asia kitesurfing, kitesurfing world academy,youth...
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    3,000 solders, Federal police headed to Tijuana By Luis Perez January 2, 2007 TIJUANA, Mexico – The Mexican government announced Tuesday that it is sending more than 3,000 soldiers and federal police to fight drug gangs in the violent border...
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    Mother of the year

    And the leader is...