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    FUD check please?

    Saw on another local to SD website that Mission and San Diego Bay launch ramps have been closed? Not looking to spread FUD or rumors, was wondering if anyone has first hand dope or clarification?
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    Offshore 10 off Torrey

    Sunday 8/19 One stop shop for YT, full on foamer. Dodo on the kelp wanted nothing, receiver bait, macs, nada. Done by 10:45
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    Auto Body Work

    If any of you guys in S.D. are in need of bodywork or custom paint, check out Took my 1995 Jeep Cherokee out there to have some rust issues addressed. Other shops wouldn't even get back to me with an estimate for the work. They gave me an estimate on the spot, got...
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    What happened to the Parker Boats Forum?

    Did it get moved?
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    Must see!!!

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    Looking for Tady

    Anyone know where you can purchase Tady or Salas T-shirts/Hats? Local to San Diego, or online would be good as well. Thanks!
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    That is all...

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    WTB Seeker Black Steel 6470

    Anybody in San Diego got one?
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    Can we fight back???
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    Attention Voters!!!

    This is shared from a Turner's post on FB. This is how your Assy. members (who are up for re-election) voted on the latest gun bills. Vote accordingly!!!!
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    SSE Wishlist

    Anyone got plans of end of year purchases before SSE goes away thanks to DeLeon and his cronies? Just put a Gen4 Glock 41 in 10 day jail today. Anybody have any experience with the Smith/Wesson M&P VTAC pistols?
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    Why your team sucks.....
  15. Bigpondonly

    2 Day Charter on the Fortune

    Looking to fill 5 spots....jump on board!!!
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    Help locating part!!!

    Can someone point me in the right direction? Lost one of the locking bolts for my tower....pretty sure it's 3/8" thread. Anyone know somewhere in S.D. one (or three) of these can be located? Don't even know what search terms to use to google it. Thanks, Dave
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    Offshore Another successful birthday mission 8-17

    Love getting my son Cory out on the boat with me. Doesn't happen often enough, and when it does, it is always a GREAT time. He is everything and more that a father could ever hope for in a son....and a fisherman. Stuffed the killbag full of YFT 5mi. SE of 302 highspot...far away from the...
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    Turner's El Cajon

    Anyone checked out the gun/ammo dept. at the new store?
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    Whale vs. Zodiak at the 9
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    Gander Mountain 500rd.Brick 22LR $24.00

    Go get some!!!!
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    Cabela's deal on a gun vise!!!

    And free shipping with code "3WINTER"...
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    Narrow Forums???

    Did i jack up my settings, or are there really 4 inch wide ads on each side of the forums???
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    "That Guy" (or girl)

    Follow your fish!!!
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    A funny thing happened at casting practice...

    Need more practice!!!
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    Looking for this in San Diego area. Thanks Dave
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    Chargers sign Freeney

    Moving to more of a 4-3 based defense????
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    HOLY SHIT!!!

    SD boat rescues men in western Pacific |
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    Why is it???

    We can get "old fishing shit" forum....but not a lobster specific forum to keep the inshore report from being cluttered up with hoopin' shit???
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    N. Korea threatening again...

    Another missle launch
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    Hooray for good samaritians!!! Anybody hear about this???
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    Looking for input on a good quality pair of 7X50 binocs. What are your favorites? Not looking into a pair of image stabilized just yet, not in the budget. What brands/models give you best bang for your buck? What to look for, and to avoid. Thanks, Dave
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    Darwin award....
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    Thanks to Boating Dynamics!!!

    For the quick turnaround on taking care of my Yamaha powered Parker. Great customer on Thursday morning, out on Friday morning. Robbie's shop is the go to place for you Yamaha owners. Not affiliated, just a satified customer. Dave
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    Tuna weather at Tanner Bank

    Who's in....????? Wind Direction (WDIR): NW ( 320 deg true ) Wind Speed (WSPD): 27.2 kts Wind Gust (GST): 33.0 kts Wave Height (WVHT): 17.1 ft Dominant Wave Period (DPD): 10 sec Average Period (APD): 7.9 sec Mean Wave Direction (MWD): NW ( 320 deg true )
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    BlackFriday Deals

    Anybody got any good fishing/boating black friday deals going on???
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    LED Lighting Ran across this place looking for a replacement bulb. Ended up getting LED's to replace all my navigation/courtesy/cockpit lighting bulbs for under $100. Great site to navigate, easy to use and helpful. Great warranty too! Not affiliated in any way, just a satified...
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    22' CapeCraft Center Console

    Sold 2001 CapeCraft CC; 2001 150HP Mercury Optimax, serviced and dyno tuned by Sunset Marine 10/12, New compressor, complete tune-up including waterpump, thermostats, plugs, filters, lower-end service. Very reliable and economical, approx. 2-2.5 mpg depending on load. PYT T-Top w/6 Rod Holders...
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    Need welder

    Looking for someone in San Diego (east county) to do very small job on a cracked stainless bow rail. Thanks Dave
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    Pay Attention!!!
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    Fries with that salute?

    Eastbound 52 @ convoy
  41. Bigpondonly

    Latos traded to Reds!!!
  42. Bigpondonly

    Yo Raider Fans

    I think your team signed the WRONG Palmer....
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    East Cape Cruisers

    Anyone know the manufacturer of the "standard" 28' cruiser? You know the one, flybridge; fishbox/bait system/tunatubes molded into the transom; mid mounted, louder than shit diesel that has a upholstered cover for lounging; port-side vac-u-flush head and a small v-berth? Port side lounge in...
  44. Bigpondonly

    East Cape Trip!!!

    First timers to EC....the girls are already planning the next trip! A special BD "THANK YOU" shout out to Slater and Mikey for all the tips and answering all my "Eastcape Virgin" questions!!! And if anybody needs a rental car hookup in Cabo, PM me. Hasta, Dave
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    Slipped boat???

    Aside from your slip fees, what are the other costs incurred when slipping a boat. Have always been a trailer boater, and am considering a boat (26ft.) that would be kept in the water. Have no clue as to what else is involved. Have searched forums and found a little useful info. Would like to...
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    Punta Colorado Reports?

    Any updates? Fishing the first week of September. Dave
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    It's a Dad's Life

    <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    New Upholstery

    Here's some before and after shots of my tired upholstery. Thanks to the guys who referred me to Lowell here on the boards. Great guy, good pricing. Awesome quality and attention to detail. Sorry, pics are out of order, I'm a dork Thanks Lowell Dave
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    Huge thanks to PYT!!!

    Just wanted to give a huge shout-out and props to Tom at Pacific Yacht Towers. Got my boat in this morning and took care of it while I waited. Tower is 7 years old but he called it "warranty" work. Also fixed a cracked bow rail (that wasn't PYT built) at a very minimal cost. Great customer...
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    The Banners/Ads are gone!!!

  51. Bigpondonly

    Taser Cam

    Sorry if this is a repost...
  52. Bigpondonly

    We need more parents like this...

    Video: LMFAO: Father Gives His Nephew An Old School Azz Whoopin On Webcam For Acting Hard On Facebook & Forced To Put The Video On His Wall! "Put That On Your Muthaf*ckin Wall"
  53. Bigpondonly

    CPU Power Supply Help

    Any you tekkie guys know where in San Diego I can get a PS for a Dell 2400 Dimension? "Dps-200pb-146b Dell Power Supply Desktop Power Supply 200 Watt" Thanks Dave
  54. Bigpondonly

    Curado 300 Question...

    Have searched through the forums and haven't found a real definitive answer. Which "model" 300 best stands out as a performer? Older style, newer style? What to look for and look out for in purchacing one of these used. Thanks Dave
  55. Bigpondonly

    Looking for Home Theater...

    Looking for input on home theater equipment. What do you guys like/use? Just got new 52" Samsung and want to get blu-ray and some sound system. Budget is $500-$700...looking for some opinions. Thanks Dave
  56. Bigpondonly

    Browser Question...

    Gateway 500GR desktop, 200GB harddrive, 2GB RAM, P4 processor, wireless connected at 54Mbps. Running IE-7. Kasperski anti-virus. Looking to upgrade browser. Firefox, Chrome, mozilla, IE-8??? Looking for your guys opinions and experience. CPU is used primarily for internet surfing, mafia wars...
  57. Bigpondonly

    Starter Bars

    Fred thanks for all you input on the boards, I was wondering if you could answer a question for a small (22') boater. If there were a "must have" set of bars for tuna/albies of of San Diego/N. Baja, what wouls they be? I usually drag 4 lines with a whiskey line down the middle. Thanks Dave
  58. Bigpondonly

    WTF? Tanner buoy down now?

    First the Clemente basin buoy, now the Tanner buoy? It's a freaking pelagic conspiricy. That's it, I'm done paying taxes til they fix these things. Dave
  59. Bigpondonly

    External Hard Drive

    Is there a "best" manufacturer? Or read that most reliable. Don't need anything fancy, 250-300GB, who has best prices in San Diego? Thanks Dave
  60. Bigpondonly

    1st PV trip May 21-25

    First off, HUGE thanks to Manny at Pacifico. With his help, we had an awesome trip to PV. He went above and beyond even before we got there, booking our fishing trip online was just the start. He was able to help organize some other activities for us first time gringos in PV, and took great care...
  61. Bigpondonly

    Trying to submit a report

  62. Bigpondonly

    IB 5-17

    Hit it up with buddy Dave, watched Crazy Hawaiian boat a toad flat one. Did the butt drift deal trying to clean up after Steel Leader sloppy seconds (good to see you guys out there). Got the sandies and rattlesnakes to go, no butts for us. Ran down to the pipe to land a couple nice calicos...
  63. Bigpondonly

    Pursuit ends bad for this guy

    YouTube - El monte Chase High fives all around people
  64. Bigpondonly

    Calico Weave

    VERY impressed with all of your guys work.Was wondering if any of you guys have done (or seen) a checkered calico weave? Would like to get a bass stick wrapped for my son and thought that he might dig the "sportcoat" look. Pics would be helpful if you have any. Thanks Dave
  65. Bigpondonly

    PV May 21-28

    Heading to PV 3rd week of May for vacation with the Fun Warden. We're staying at the Sheraton Buganvilla(sp?) downtown area. She's not into the all day Tuna hunt, but might be willing to do some inshore for Roosters, or possibly amberjack. Any hookups out there for 1/2 day inshore type fishing...
  66. Bigpondonly

    New Tunes Rockin'!!!!

    Just finished up installing and testing new sound system. 4 years with this sled and no sounds to kill the time trolling or traveling. Looked around alot and ran across this setup on "The Hull Truth". Soooo easy and it rocks my whole neighborhood. Installed Infinity 602M speakers in either...
  67. Bigpondonly

    Screw Baseball! Real sports here...

    San Diego, California, National News - The San Diego Union-Tribune
  68. Bigpondonly

    Fuse size question

    I'm installing an amp on the boat. Max draw is 28amp. Running 10' of #10ga. to provide power. What size fuse/breaker do I need to run inline to protect? Thanks Dave
  69. Bigpondonly


    Wow! Corb, We just wanna know how you were able to hold on to your jigstick? :rofl: Determined swimmer fights police -- Union-Tribune Newsblog
  70. Bigpondonly

    Escondido Tackle

    When did the tackle shop in escondido on valley parkway close? Damn!
  71. Bigpondonly

    BD'er in Santa Barbara?

    ok, who's the sleaze best of craigslist : you said you would send cock pics - w4m
  72. Bigpondonly

    Albie weather

    Tanner Buoy: Wind Direction (WDIR): WNW ( 300 deg true ) Wind Speed (WSPD): 25.3 kts Wind Gust (GST): 31.1 kts Wave Height (WVHT): 12.8 ft Dominant Wave Period (DPD): 9 sec Average Period (APD): 6.8 sec Mean Wave Direction (MWD): NW ( 305 deg true ) Atmospheric Pressure...
  73. Bigpondonly

    Donks so thin at running back...

    they signed Jesus to the practice squad. I don't think even he can help save Cutler!
  74. Bigpondonly

    Donks fans are running scared

    Official Game Day Thread: Bills vs Broncos - Page 65 - Broncos Country Message Boards
  75. Bigpondonly

    Padres deal Greene to St.Louie

    for some pitching scrubs!
  76. Bigpondonly

    11-8 Islands and IB

    Fished with Cory (Deckboss) and Paul (Tittytweaker) saturday. Started at pipe, a couple lings, some turdrollers on the TJW's and plastics. Paul hooks big flat kind and short battle ensued, Cory hit it with the perfect one-timer gaff shot. Cory got raked and popped on a dine, then Paul hooks up...
  77. Bigpondonly

    Tampa Bay lids...

    what's with the elmer fudd hunting hats?
  78. Bigpondonly

    Lil' Bill at it again!

    YouTube - Little Bill vs. Barney Frank
  79. Bigpondonly

    Hooray SC Basin Buoy is back up!!

    NDBC - Station 46086
  80. Bigpondonly

    My nephew is rockin!!!

    My bro's kid has been doing commercials and tv/movie work for a few years now. this by far is his best work. YOU GO JARED!!! Lil' Bill O'Reilly is Today's BIG Thing - OCT 02, 2008
  81. Bigpondonly

    Mobile screen repair

    Anybody out there have a hookup to someone in San Diego who does mobile screen repair. Have a couple odd sized sliding glass door screens and a few others to be done. Thanks Dave
  82. Bigpondonly

    Gun Store in S.D.

    Looking to pickup a 10/22 for plinking. Is there a "go to" gun store in San Diego? Also, do you guys shoot ranges, or are there still any open space areas that allow target shooting in San Diego county? Thanks Dave
  83. Bigpondonly

    Spearfishing Gear

    Got a buddy who's new to San Diego and wants to get equipment for freediving. I told him I only fish from the dry side of the water. If he wants to get gear, where in SD are the diving hookups? Thanks Dave
  84. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Wifey's annual trip 8-28

    Late start out of SI, 8 boats deep at EB at 0430. Quick check on the mammals on the 9, no love. Triple peanut albies on the jigs at 32.25/117.42. Took her on a sightseeing tour of the islands, bonie on the x-rap. She had her fun for the year, now she's passed out and I get to scrub. Fun day on...
  85. Bigpondonly

    Link to catalog

    Anyone have the link to the pdf. catalog of Fred's products they could share? Thanks Dave
  86. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 7-16 Non-catch report

    Tired, short one. ran down to the finger of water that looked similar to 238 water inside hidden bank; bordering on 32.01/117.17 and 31.59/117.10. Great water conditions, some giant patties (one VERY large at 32.00.40/117.17.48 with solid marks from 50-150ft.) seiners and pens. rougher than...
  87. Bigpondonly

    Are SST's Broken?

    10:15pm sunday. Radio buttons wont click for Chloro or SST's. Glich? Dave
  88. Bigpondonly

    Mex License

    Anyone know of a place to get Mexican license in the evenings? Does FL or Seaforth sell them? Like to get it done tonight instead of launching late manana. One of the crews' is expired. dumbass!! Thanks Dave
  89. Bigpondonly

    Man, that HAD to hurt!!!

    How do you wipe after that?
  90. Bigpondonly

    Where to buy Electronics?

    Looking to purchase new Garmin Chartplotter to replace old unit. Any BD hookups out there? Or where have you found the best deals online? Thanks Dave
  91. Bigpondonly

    To the tire slashers...

    in San Carlos last night. Hope you catch a fiery case of herpes!!! Both left tires on my CC and work van hit. O/B skeg came down and now I have fluid leaking from my tilt cylinder. If I catch you no amount of begging will get you mercy. Karma will get you! Rant off!!
  92. Bigpondonly

    Lean post/seat help

    For the 2nd time the substructure to my lean post seat has cracked. Any upholsterers' out the with the 411 on what is the best material to use? I had 1/2" starboard-like marine board on it, and Hoook-up's ass put the 5" diameter pedestal mount right through it as we hit a smallish swell. Also...
  93. Bigpondonly

    Alaska in june

    Am looking to book a june honeymoon trip to alaska. Would like to spend at least one day, maybe two doing some halibut/salmon fishing, and the rest of the time doing the wildlife, wilderness, tourist stuff. Any reccommendations? Wifey too be was looking at the princess rail trips on the Kenai...
  94. Bigpondonly

    fishing after xmas

    looking at the swell/wind predictions (NOAA), what day(s) this week would you choose to fish local SD kelp or the coronados. wanna take my kid out. but it's lookin kinda shitty. Thanks, Dave
  95. Bigpondonly

    Noah's Open???

    ...on Xmas eve? Thanks Dave
  96. Bigpondonly

    what time does the charger game start?

    or when do we start playing?
  97. Bigpondonly

    $$$ for a 4/0???

    All I can say is wow. For a 4/0? Penn/Accurate 113H with ball bearing sideplate. - (eBay item 320153307755 end time Sep-06-07 07:51:07 PDT) :imdumb: Dave
  98. Bigpondonly

    Re-wrapping rods

    I have no knowledge of but a great appreciation for what time and effort you guys put into the art you do. OK, all ass-kissing aside, is it worth the $$ to have my existing rods re-wrapped, or start anew. How do you remove old guides and epoxy? Seems like alot of work. How much would it cost to...
  99. Bigpondonly

    Music downloads

    Who is the best (read that cheapest) online place to download music from? Last time I did that was years ago and I think I used Kazaa. Thanks for the help. Dave
  100. Bigpondonly

    Big Fish tourney

    Anybody know where I can find results for tournament this past weekend? Thanks Dave
  101. Bigpondonly

    Vacuum Sealer

    What is the vacuum sealer of choice here at BD? Birthday coming up, GF thinks thats a good present. Thanks Dave
  102. Bigpondonly

    The Fish Fence of Shame...

    They could not resist... How they got that way...
  103. Bigpondonly

    Rod selection

    whats your ideal blank choice for TLD30 (upgraded to fish60). trolling local and heavy live bait. Thanks Dave
  104. Bigpondonly

    PG 251

    just put my 251 back together and it growls loudly about 1 turn of handle before it smooths out and feels/sounds normal. what did i miss? Thanks Dave
  105. Bigpondonly

    Black scuff remover?

    What do you guys use to take off the black scuffs from bait receiver tires? Thanks Dave
  106. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 7-22 late bite

    short report left receiver at 1:00pm, 6mi west of 302 by 2:20, jigs in. 2 mi SW of 302 highspot, find the terns, they are on the fish! B/P and RainbowRunner catchy spinner double; throw bait, fish blowup! jigs out a single and one on bait. braile bait 2-3 scoops and fish blowup 10ft. off my...
  107. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Tricia's 1st Tuna

    Took GF out on Wed., fished between 43 and 182. Cedar and BP catchy spinner. She boated 4 troll fish and I got 1 on bait. She even did a great job doing a couple over/unders on the hanging jigs.It's was cool watching and hearing the excitement of a first timer. She was WORKED after the 4th...
  108. Bigpondonly

    New Roadsign

    Gas ahead
  109. Bigpondonly

    Furuno vs. Raymarine

    Ok, finally going to color FF, transom mount ducer. Which unit, RM's Ds600x or Furuno's FCV620. Opinions and experience please. Thanks
  110. Bigpondonly

    Newell Differences?

    Sorry if this has been asked about, I tried a search and couldn't find anything. What's the difference in the letter series on these reels? Which ones are nore desirable? Which ones to stay away from? Thanks
  111. Bigpondonly

    Airport not Fart Friendly

    beware of the infared detectors!!!
  112. Bigpondonly

    Raymarine FF

    Anybody got any feedback on the Raymarine DS600X finder? Want to upgrade to color from my old Garmin. Thanks, Dave
  113. Bigpondonly

    F-250 Alarm/Killswitches ??

    Anyone have hookups to the goods to keep my truck/trailer safe from the theives?gunz Thanks, Dave
  114. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 371-425 Wed.8-16

    425 at graylight water 72.2, one stop shopping for dodo's to 17lbs. Limits then C&R, called out the #'s and headed on to 371ish for 4 YFT to 20lbs, and 3 YT to 20. YFT under the mammals, dropping sardine chunks ones and twos brought them up. Pics to follow. Dave Add!! With all the bad vibe...
  115. Bigpondonly

    Heading So. 8-16

    Leaving SI approx. 0300 heading to a starting point somewhere near the 425. Anybody else fishing midweek, give me a shout. Dave
  116. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Sat. 8-12/ SW 302

    Ran solo out of SI, baited up and cleared jetty at 0330. Flat moonlit ride to Sw of 302, nearer to the 230. Trollers in before gray and zzzzzz, 12lb dodo hits the deck. Shut it down and waited. Gets light enough to see the lettuce, about the size of my baittank, with dodo's EVERYWHERE. I filled...
  117. Bigpondonly

    Byeye on his way to work...

    stay outta the carpool lane!
  118. Bigpondonly

    Walk it off !!!

    Friggen' puss
  119. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 6-18 302 Yellowsday

    Hit Phatboats' #'s 32-23/117-34 fromsat. Thanks for the late night report, I owe you. Water 67-68. Found the boat sized patty you posted about at graylight for one stop shop on 10-12lb tails. Called in Reel Fun and Cyclops2. Done by 8:30. Ran into another big kelp 5 mi. E of 302, good marks...
  120. Bigpondonly

    PL & Bay 4-9

    Short shakedown trip on the boat yesterday, ran out to the point and threw plastics for a couple of turdrollers and a sculpin. No power to electronics box meant no radio, radar, headed back in and landed a few spotties. Back at the ramp I landed a smallish Boccacio on a...
  121. Bigpondonly

    Couple of questions

    1. Where in San Diego has the best deal on 1/2" starboard for making a bait tank cover/cutting board? 2. Anybody have a link to a good Ditch bag? 3. How much anchor line do you guys recommend for fishing locally? 150'?? 200'?? (Rockpile, Islands, LJ, etc.) I've got 23' CC. Thanks Dave
  122. Bigpondonly

    FHS on Sat.

    Hit the booth and said Hello's, walked thru and picked up a couple of Forschner sheaths, renewed my VA and saved a few bucks on that (damn seatow!), a couple generic jig bags and a cute kitty shirt for my girl that Ali was kind enough to model back at the booth. (Looks good on her and matches...
  123. Bigpondonly

    Sleep well tonight son...

    if you can... Disclaimer: NOT my kid!
  124. Bigpondonly

    Props to Aim Marine Service!!

    Just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to the guys at Aim. Took great care of the warranty work on the "Shark and Awes'" 150 Optimax. Replaced the defective oil res./sensor in a timely manner, and a prompt call letting me know the boat was ready and could be picked up at my convience. All marine...
  125. Bigpondonly

    Where your seatbelt?!!!

    Why it's good to wear your seatbelt when runnin' from the cops...
  126. Bigpondonly

    Boat Accident-Ensenada

    Copied from another site, moderator please delete if I am in error. Anybody have any info on this? Boat Accident At Punta Banda...ensenada..please Read.. AT PUNTA BANDA THE ^FISH MAGNET^ WAS CRUISING AT 20 KNOTS, WHEN THEY IT A VERY BIG PIECE OF THICK ROPE, IT STOPPED THE BOAT, TIMOTHY...
  127. Bigpondonly

    Islands and 9

    Middle grounds at graylight nada, down to so.kelp with 6 other boats, couldn't find the yellowkind, trolled dines back up the lee sides to escape the wind (FUCK the weather reports, I was DRIFTING dines faster than I was trolling them.) so. side of N.Is was good for a small flurry af cuda on the...
  128. Bigpondonly

    Couple of questions..

    As the water becomes too warm for the chickens to hang in, do they stick it out and stay on the bait they're feeding on, or just bolt out NW away from the warmer water that's pushing up? Second question, where do patty yellows come from? Do they just one day say "Fuck this Guadalupe place...
  129. Bigpondonly

    Careful fishing the I.B. Pipe....

    Found this crustacean leeched to my hull...
  130. Bigpondonly

    Nice pic La Russa!!!

    Whaddya thinkin? :FU: Those big A.L. mashers just sittin' and poundin' your boy Oswalds' heater. Good job picking him over Hoffman you polesmoking fucktard!
  131. Bigpondonly

    Bloodydeck sighting

    SurfDoc headin' EB on the 54...wrong way bro.. Dave
  132. Bigpondonly

    My Rig

    2002 22' Cape Craft, 150 Optimax (That runs like a raped ape now! :jigga: ) Furuno Radar, Garmin Chartplotter/GPS and Garmin FF, Offshore Products 1 scoop tank w/ lean post, PYT T-Top w/ launchers, full eisenglass, Standard Horizon VHF, 90 gallons fuel, dual batts., backup radio, GPS.
  133. Bigpondonly

    Chum buckets

    Anyone know who carries the frozen chum buckets in San Diego? Thanks, Dave
  134. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 6/29 302-230-371

    Left 4:30, 1/2 scoop and ran solo to a small break between 302/230. Shitload of bait and birds on the 9, 65deg.water there. 302 water looks clean, 64-65deg., lots of porpoise and bait, but no weeds to be found. Carrier games just outside 230, so. to 371 temps come down but water stays nice and...
  135. Bigpondonly

    425-371-302 question

    I know everyone's planning running long for chickens, but does anyone have any reports of water conditions in these areas? SST's show good temps for paddy hunting, but is there any info on clarity, conditions, etc. Thinking about doing the 425-Hidden-371-302 loop on Thurs or Fri. Thanks Dave
  136. Bigpondonly

    6/26 IB-Coronados

    First off, Thanks mucho to all who offered up suggestions and help on the Optimax troubles. Ran from Mission Bay-PL-LJ back to MissionBay on Saturday like a top. Sun. a.m. hit IB for 1 calico on the plastic in water that looked like shit. Had no patience for the bullring-S.Is turdrollers. Went...
  137. Bigpondonly


    Red tide inshore like a bloody bitch, get your ass handed to you in the washing machine offshore, take your pick. I think we need to sacrifice something or someone. Oh well at least I have this fuckin' optimax to keep messing with to stay entertained. :jo: :FU: :nopity: Out Dave
  138. Bigpondonly

    Stalling Optimax

    2002 Optimax 150 just serviced, new fuel filter, new Racor separator, new batteries and cables. Engine quits (like you turned off the key) intermittently at any RPM, without any alarms,etc. Put it in neutral, turn the key and it starts right back up. It will run at 4000rpm for 2 miles and quit...
  139. Bigpondonly

    On the Water again...Fuckin' optimax

    Ran solo just to trial the boat (been off the water since October) and maybe pull on something. I did filters and batteries and cables and every other maintenence related thing I could think of. Launched at S.shores no problems, got 1/2 scoop no problems. Clear the jetties, I'm...
  140. Bigpondonly

    My new favorite word...

    I owe somebody 50 cents! "Fucktard" Laughed my ass off first time I read it, been droppin the Fucktard bomb around past few days. Everybody seems humored except my boss. Well :FU: that fucktard!!! SeeYa
  141. Bigpondonly

    I Got Big Wood!!!

    Just went and rescued my boat from divorce purgatory. Took it to it's new temporary home, cleaned off/out the 2 inches of dirt and muck. Had a hair up my ass, turned perko to batt.1--VROOOOM!!! Batt.2--VROOOOM!!! (Can you tell I'm stoked at this point?) All lights, bait, bilges, washdown, Radar...
  142. Bigpondonly

    Where for Batteries?

    Looking to replace both batteries and cables in the boat. Any suggestions on who has good pricing in S.D. or east county area?
  143. Bigpondonly

    Sunday 1-4

    Heading out of SI at crack of day. Working south along the coastal rocks and stringers. Possibly the islands and/or lower 9, weather cooperating. Monitoring 72 or 69. Give a shout.
  144. Bigpondonly

    Goat Question?

    Keep reading about guys pullin' up the Sheepshead at the Rockpile. We have yet to sack one on my boat. (One C&R in U.S. waters last week) Without giving up secrets you'd have to kill me after telling me...Is there a target depth for these fish? And I'm assuming sqiud is the usual cut bait for...
  145. Bigpondonly

    12-28 Rockpile & North

    26 degrees in good 'ol Santee at time of departure. Winter SUCKS!! Got boat loaded while Bobbyboy stayed warm and slept in. (Kiddin' bro) Headed to the pipe after scraping ice off the deck. Slow pick on the bass on the plastic in 60-70ft. 12 bass total, 8 kept as Taco filler. Storm rolled water...
  146. Bigpondonly

    12-23 Pics (I hope)

    Hope this attaches...
  147. Bigpondonly

    Tue 12-23 SD Coast

    Took the 2 deckhands out for the day, nice steady pick on the Calico and Sand bass from 8:00 til 1:00, with an endangered sheepshead and a couple of lings thrown in. Totaled 42 bass with 12 kept as tortilla filler. Fish ate the plastic in 60-90ft. A couple bait fish thrown in on 1/4oz slider...
  148. Bigpondonly

    MC Swimbait Site

    Anyone know if MC Baits has a website? Who in San Diego area carries a decent selection? Thanks, Dave