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    What is this?

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    Who’s on Thunderbird

    Remove plz
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    Mission Belle Monday ?

    Who’s on the Belle Monday the 26th ?
  4. Caseymcv

    July 4th YT

    I would love to fish for YT the weekend of July 4-5, any suggestions?
  5. Caseymcv

    I thought I’d lost my Pinhead

    Haven’t been doing a lot of fishing lately due to the worlds problems. I got a bug in my head and went to see something on my Seeker PH D8, HOLY SHIT , it’s gone! I loan rods to some but not my good stuff. I tried to think who has been in my garage and where the hell it went. After...
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    I need a rod for my Battle 8000

    Caseymcv submitted a new listing: I need a rod for my Battle 8000 - I need a rod for my Battle 8000 Learn more about this listing...
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    7-8 ft rod

    Caseymcv submitted a new listing: 7-8 ft rod - 7-8 ft rod Learn more about this listing...
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    “The San Diego “

    How do they do it when others come up blanks?
  9. Caseymcv

    Need a rod for my 30 LD 2

    Looking for a rod for my Penn 30. I want to use it for YT and tuna, sport boats, what’s you opinions ?
  10. Caseymcv

    Triton, San Pedro opinions or comments

    Was thinking of taking a trip on this boat but have no experience with it. What are your views about this?
  11. Caseymcv

    Scottie rod

    Looking for a 6-12 # spinning rod for Spotttie bay fishing?
  12. Caseymcv

    Recomendations plz

    I just bought an Okuma Avenger ABF 30 form Okuma for a great deal, $29, now I need a matching rod to toss lures for spotties. Give me your opinions plz , thanks.
  13. Caseymcv

    Harbor gear

    I want to fish the harbors, jetty’s, kayak maybe, want gear would be best? Spinning or conventional? I’m trying to fish something other than the sport boats as they are getting pricey.
  14. Caseymcv

    Favorite 20yr old reel !

    I have a bunch of older gear, some of it original some rebuilt. Just wonder, what’s your favorite 20 yr old reel? I’m using my G220, Mag525, Calcutta 400s....
  15. Caseymcv

    Halibut drift w/granddaughter

    I’m going to take my 10 yr old granddaughter fishing Sunday. Thought we try Dana Wharf and the halibut drift. Anyone have a pic or diagram of a good trap rig?
  16. Caseymcv

    Jerry’s Marine?

    Anyone been there? Sounds like a road trip (SD) might be in order...
  17. Caseymcv

    Blue Horizon status

    On short notice I got Monday off, every boat is full but I found a spot on the Blue Horizon for a 3/4 day. Opinions on this boat and crew?
  18. Caseymcv

    Battle 8000 mate

    Looking for a rod to match with my Penn Battle II 8000....
  19. Caseymcv

    Shimano 20/40 chatter

    i have 2 ..20/40‘S good reels in great shape but when you turn the handle they both have that chatter from the dog clicking. Is there anything that can be done to quiet this down? Thanks
  20. Caseymcv

    YT boat?

    I wanna fish YT on Monday the 15th. What boat? So many are concentrating on tuna.
  21. Caseymcv

    Triton GailForce

    See that these have some open spots at a great price, any preference as which is a better boat? I know the usually run together at the same Landing
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    I didn’t see any viruses around the boats! Let’s go fishing!
  23. Caseymcv

    L.L.Bean fly rod never used, graphite 5-6 wt kept in aluminum tube

    No use for this. never been used, was my fathers, it has been in the aluminum tube for the last 8 years. Perfect condition $175...I’d rather not ship but if so it’ll be your $$$$..possible trade
  24. Caseymcv

    Looking for guide repair

    Anyone in the Temecula Valley/ Murrieta area do rod guide repair?
  25. Caseymcv

    NOS L.L. Bean fly rod

    NOS never seen a river or used. It’s been stored in it aluminum case for years , I have no use for it. I don’t know what if worth, I did see a listing on EBay put it looked excessive +$300, my guess $100-150
  26. Caseymcv

    Braid cutting

    Looking for a pair of scissors or cutter to cut braid. I have IZORS but they don’t hold and edge, any suggestions?
  27. Caseymcv

    Who’s at the helm?

    Heard the Premier was sold to the owners of the Pursuit, John and Gus. Who is going to take over the helm at H & M?
  28. Caseymcv

    Deal or No Deal?

    Got this in an email
  29. Caseymcv

    Tuesday morning?

    if you had Tuesday off work, where would you fish for the day? I’m an hour out of SD or OC...
  30. Caseymcv

    Spinning rod suggestions

    I recently bought a Coronado CDX-60 to use on sport boats, now I need a rod.. what would you suggest?
  31. Caseymcv

    Extra spinner

    I have a Penn Battle II 8000, that my wife was using. It’s too big for her now what do I do with it? I’m not a spinning reel guy, anyone have any ideas?
  32. Caseymcv

    Mustang Friday?

    The Mustang is running offshore next Friday the 23rd, 6am-6pm, who’s going? Only 1 so far...
  33. Caseymcv

    Yellowfin due when?

    When are the YFT going to show up to the one day fleet?
  34. Caseymcv

    Coronados Tues A.M.

    Left Shelters at 5am and got what was 1/2 scoop ( 4 passes) of perfect dines. Headed out in some fog and calm seas to the islands . Cruised at 15-17 Kts . Went between N. Island and mid for nada, headed south towards the pens and found everything. 1 1/2, 2 , 3 day boats all picking at the...
  35. Caseymcv

    Dana Wharf

    My wife and I are taking our grandkids on their first fishing trip, so we decided the 1/2 day out of Dana Pt. Anyone been on one of these, it’s specifically set up for kids so I assume it might be chaos...
  36. Caseymcv

    Need help matching a reel..

    My wife has a Penn Battle 8000 and needs a decent rod to go with it, any suggestions?
  37. Caseymcv

    Excalibur Coronados

    H & M is going to run the Excalibur to the Coronados on Monday, anyone going? I though it might be great way to get a feel of the boat without spending a ton..
  38. Caseymcv


    Has anyone fished the Excalibur? It’s filling in for the Grande to the Coronados.
  39. Caseymcv

    Spiral guides?

    What’s with the spiral guides on the rods? Is this some advantage that I don’t know?
  40. Caseymcv

    Sorting out...

    Can someone please match this gear up? Rods.. Daiwa VIP 870-7’...15-40 Daiwa VIP 196L-8’...8-20 Seeker PH D8-8’CT..25-50 SSJ85-8’. CT..20-30 BCSW 708-7’...12 (15) 20 BCSW 858-8’1/2...15 (20) 25 BCBW 659-6’...20-30 Shimano...
  41. Caseymcv

    Building a line winder?

    I wanna build a line winder, I’ve got a 1.5 amp motor with foot pedal, is this a mistake or should I buy one?
  42. Caseymcv


    Im not in the loop, what is a Shikari rod and how is it different?
  43. Caseymcv

    Two speed?

    I’ve never owned one, most of my gear is 10 yrs+ old, but at what point do you need a two speed? All of my fishing is done on sport boats 1/2 - overnight trips...
  44. Caseymcv

    Ultimate drags

    anyone know where in OC or Temecula area where I can buy Brian Young drag kits?
  45. Caseymcv

    YT on New Seaforth

    Yea wife had a Monday off so we jumped on a 1/2 day out to Seaforth. Sunday the boat had about 20+ YT and the SD boats were bottom fishing so... We got 20+ on our first stop and finished with 60+ for the wife has never caught a YT so my goal was to get her one, well she hooked two...
  46. Caseymcv

    What to expect..

    Going offshore on 5am-5pm trip out of SD, realistically, what can I expect to catch? I have 4 others going with me who have NEVER been on more than a 1/2 day....I know, good luck...
  47. Caseymcv

    Midwesterners looking for YT

    I have my two brothers in law coming out in Sept. and they’d like to fish for YT. Neither has a passport and it’s too late to get one, so I was thinking of an overnight or Catalina trip. Toronado, El Dorado, Freedom....etc. any opinions?
  48. Caseymcv

    Penn Battle II 8000

    trade or sell something smaller, too big for wife to cast, used once!
  49. Caseymcv

    Starting a new adventure

    Leaving the restaurant business after 40 + yrs and would like to finish my working time with a job that involves fishing. Impeccable references and I like working hard, early hours are great any ideas?
  50. Caseymcv

    Boat tracking

    is there an App that will show me where we went while fishing one of the sport boats? Something I can show after the trip..
  51. Caseymcv

    3/4 day targets?

    so with the San Diego and the Liberty getting BFTand YFT, does this mean they are no longer going to target yellowtail?
  52. Caseymcv

    Liberty recap

    Debated yesterday wether to take the Liberty or the San Diego for a day at the islands. Chose the Liberty as I have never been on it and it had a fewer RSVP’s. Left the docks at 5:45 and spent about 30min. loading up on sardines and headed out. Got there and ran south of the islands looking...
  53. Caseymcv


    anyone been on the since she’s been back? I’ve heard good things in the past...
  54. Caseymcv

    Daiwa vs. Penn

    which would you take for $40? Sealine 50H or Penn 535?
  55. Caseymcv

    SD parking

    Going out on Sunday, I’d rather not pay but if no other choice. Have any suggestions on where to park?
  56. Caseymcv

    Jump on...

    Patriot Full Day Trips Start May 21st Patriot is going to start our summer schedule starting May 21st. Monday. Full day trips 6 to 6. We will be on the hunt for gamefish. Rockfish will be last resort. We plan on fishing...
  57. Caseymcv

    San Diego or Liberty?

    Going Sunday, can’t decide which one.....
  58. Caseymcv

    Trade for salty gear

    I’ve inherited this rod and have no use for it, would like to trade for saltwater rod or reel I’m not sure what my end is worth, thanks
  59. Caseymcv

    Jewel or junk

    I’ve inherited this and have no idea what’s its worth and have no use for it. Willing to trade for saltwater rod or reel Please help if possible
  60. Caseymcv

    Junk or jewel?

    I’ve inherited this and have no idea what’s its worth and have no use for it. Willing to trade for saltwater rod or reel Please help if possible
  61. Caseymcv

    Donate old rods

    where can I donate some older but good condition rods for kids?
  62. Caseymcv

    Okuma CSD-12

    just picked one of these up for a good $$$(100), now I have have to figure what to do with it! Opinions appreciated...
  63. Caseymcv

    400s vs 400b

    Suggestions, I have both of these reels, what rods and line would you use on them? I plan on using them on 3/4 and overnights, live bait etc.
  64. Caseymcv

    Calcutta power handle part number

    anyone know the part number for a power handle for a Calcutta 400b ?
  65. Caseymcv

    Pawn shop catches

    anyone know of any good pawns shops on So Cal where they might have some used reels to fix up?
  66. Caseymcv

    Trout Unlimited float tube

    great shape, bladders good, no leaks, only used a couple of times, no fins or waders only the tube $100/ obo
  67. Caseymcv

    Drag washers find

    where can I find an assortment of drag washers in OC or Temecula area?
  68. Caseymcv

    Daiwa vs. Okuma

    Trying to decide between a PCH or a Proteus, any opinions? 20-50#
  69. Caseymcv

    Dual dog bridge

    does someone make a dual dog bridge for a 505HS ?
  70. Caseymcv

    Old Sabre and Fenwick

    I would like to sell or trade these but I really have no idea what they are worth? Help please
  71. Caseymcv

    What are these worth?

    Delete post
  72. Caseymcv

    Black Friday

    anyone know of any good deals coming up in SoCal?
  73. Caseymcv

    One reel, one rod?

    if you were to own one rod and one reel, what would it be?
  74. Caseymcv

    535 bearings

    Are the bearings in the 535gs the same as any other bearings in the Penn line?
  75. Caseymcv

    Yellows south vs. north

    are the yellowtail still small down south? The ones over at the islands are 15+....
  76. Caseymcv

    Solar eclipse

    will the eclipse affect Monday's bite?
  77. Caseymcv


    kudos to Jason and his crew aboard the Dolphin, runs a clean tight boat, thanks...
  78. Caseymcv

    Rod guide repair

    anyone know someplace to get a guide wrapped in Temecula Valley?
  79. Caseymcv

    Kids 1/2 day?

    At what age would you start a kid on a 1/2 day boat? I'm dying to take my grand daughter out she is 7...
  80. Caseymcv

    3/4 San Diego

    headed out Monday, any tips?
  81. Caseymcv

    WTB Okuma star Drag

    looking for CSD 10 or Cortez 5
  82. Caseymcv

    Pacific Star

    any reports from the Pacific Star this season? They just finished up a 2 day...
  83. Caseymcv

    Spinner for wife

    suggestions for a spinning reel for my wife, the longest she'll stay on board is a 3/4 day, don't wanna break the bank, thx
  84. Caseymcv

    Pacific Star

    Anyone with opinions on the Pacific Star? Thinking of going on a trip in June.
  85. Caseymcv

    Shimano Tallus reel

    Trying to match a reel to a new Tallus Tlc66xh I currently have an old Sealine 400h or a Cedros csd12s Any suggestions?
  86. Caseymcv


    fished Monday with Mike on Western Pride afternoon, emptied the bait tank. Most fun I've had fishing bass in years, thanks Mike and great crew!
  87. Caseymcv

    WTB Okuma CDS10s

    Anyone have one around they'd like to get rid of? pm please
  88. Caseymcv

    3/4 day

    thinking about fishing 3/4 on Monday, Mahalini or San Diego?
  89. Caseymcv

    Penn/Accurate conversion

    I have a Penn 4/0 Accurate "Yellowtail Special" that has never been fished, what can I get for it ? Cash or trade
  90. Caseymcv

    used rods

    Does anyone know of a place where I can find a good selection of used saltwater rods?