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  1. Bigpondonly

    2 dead, more than 20 hospitalized after vessel overturns off San Diego coast

    Fixed it for you. Democrat, Republican, both as fucking corrupt as the other. Neither gives 2 fucks about constituents. Just lining their pockets with our money. burn it all down, and rebuild it.
  2. Bigpondonly

    Tuna Tower without controls worth it?

    Definitely. You will see things you would have missed.
  3. Bigpondonly

    Kern river free lance camping

    What about the Colorodo river? There is BLM land adjacent for boondocking.
  4. Bigpondonly

    Group/Hands on hand-gun instruction... Matt at ASDS has it down to a science. Female and family friendly courses as well.
  5. Bigpondonly

    Custom bench seat

    Cabinet guy made these in my 2120.
  6. Bigpondonly

    FUD check please?

    Saw on another local to SD website that Mission and San Diego Bay launch ramps have been closed? Not looking to spread FUD or rumors, was wondering if anyone has first hand dope or clarification?
  7. Bigpondonly

    Cannot buy ammo?

    Newsome hosed us. He had the time, he was warned. He could have banned this coronavirus from California, and it wouldn't have come here. We'd all be safe, and out prospering and enjoying our lives.
  8. Bigpondonly

    Prepare now

    GTFO fake russian operative!!!
  9. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Changes DO happen, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. Even the Coast Guard evaluates itself and uses lessons learned from these horrific accidents to improve their procedures. Documents/5p/CG-5PC/INV/docs/boards/fishnfool.pdf And the NTSB...
  10. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Informative read....
  11. Bigpondonly

    Progressive or non progressive press

    Another vote for the dillon 550. 9mm, .45, .223 are all easy peasy.
  12. Bigpondonly

    Local cerakote?
  13. Bigpondonly

    SD place to buy reloading supplies

    Fine Firearms in La Mesa This place too. I drive to AZ twice a year....
  14. Bigpondonly

    2014 Parker 2120 Sport Cabin

    Says 59K at the very end.
  15. Bigpondonly

    Went rokfishing off L J Need a fish ID

    Good to know there is reproduction taking place out there...
  16. Bigpondonly

    Y'all Remember the Old BD

    Capt. G.???
  17. Bigpondonly

    Please delete , im beating a dead horse lol

    Gary, is there a new CL listing with pics? The original link has expired.
  18. Bigpondonly

    Drainage for Parker 2120

    I hookup a piece of 1/2 tubing to my shop vac and clear the water from that hole if necessary. Also helps when you are done washing down to put a piece of 6x12" under your jack and lift the bow WAY higher than normal until it all drains out, then I'll use the shop vac to totally drain the bilge.
  19. Bigpondonly

    Parker vs Davis rock harbor

    Why would you ask AFTER you bought it?
  20. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 10 off Torrey

    Here's a little something to go along with your "fishy"...
  21. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 10 off Torrey

    Sunday 8/19 One stop shop for YT, full on foamer. Dodo on the kelp wanted nothing, receiver bait, macs, nada. Done by 10:45
  22. Bigpondonly

    best shocks for a DD

    I run 5100's on my Jeep. Zero issues or complaints.
  23. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    Fuck that. I think we should start a collection to post their bail. I'll put in the first $50. As long as we are privy to where and when they are released. Mojave desert is a LARGE place....
  24. Bigpondonly

    Yamaha Oil Recommendation

    Good job. You'll have no regrets. It has always amazed me when folks try to "cut corners" on maintaining their boat. Same goes for safety equipment. The ocean can be an unforgiving bitch. I can't imagine potentially putting my crew at risk to save a couple bucks.
  25. Bigpondonly

    Support Carl

    Didn't know Turner's had a "Women's" department...
  26. Bigpondonly

    Ruger Mark 3 22/45

    Bump for a smokin deal on great pistols!!!
  27. Bigpondonly

    Question for the jeep guys

    It is a vacuum line for the fuel pressure regulator and the EGR valve.
  28. Bigpondonly

    I don’t carry a gun to kill people!

    Over 10,000/year killed in drunk driving accidents.Many of them children. Even MADD isn't calling for a ban on cars or booze. They want tougher, no bullshit consequences. Use a gun in a crime, you're dead. Steal guns, you're dead. No lengthy, drawn out appeals process. More laws won't stop the...
  29. Bigpondonly

    Brass questions

  30. Bigpondonly

    Where can I shoot legally in San Diego County?

    Nope...gotta go to the desert still.
  31. Bigpondonly

    California Ammo Laws 2018 - No more private ammo sales

    Riflegear is only charging $5 for PPT Ammo transactions...
  32. Bigpondonly

    Just wondering if... is a authorized vendor for Freedom Munitions. He isn't charging any fees to have your order shipped to him, you DO have to pay commiefornia sales tax though. What a great guy. I've bought rifles and parts from him, very knowledgeable and professional.
  33. Bigpondonly

    Favorite 22 mag rifle...looking for comments

    A 30 year old Winchester is an awesome rifle. The Henry is today's version of that. Hand crafted in the USA, at a decent price.
  34. Bigpondonly

    Favorite 22 mag rifle...looking for comments
  35. Bigpondonly

    3 weeks until douchebag-magedon

    My buddy "Dillon" and a shit ton of primers/powder will keep me well stocked.
  36. Bigpondonly

    taking my boat to the 60 mile bank??

    Something other than a Bayliner...
  37. Bigpondonly

    Recommendations for Outboard Engine Cowling Painting
  38. Bigpondonly

    What is Your Dream (Realistically Affordable) SoCal Fishing Boat such thing as a Realistically Affordable boat.....
  39. Bigpondonly

    Need a good transmission shop, just destroyed my 6L-80e

    They do everything driveline related. They are go-to for transmissions, axles, transfer cases. Amazing shop with years of experience and no BS. If they can't fix you up, they certainly can refer you to the people who can.
  40. Bigpondonly

    Need a good transmission shop, just destroyed my 6L-80e

    Nate, have you talked to the guys at MIT Driveline in El Cajon?
  41. Bigpondonly

    Racor fuel separator problem?????

    Racor filter bowl - Page 5 - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing ...
  42. Bigpondonly

    BB Ban Back

    Do you have any pics you could post of the takedown pin/thumbrest? Thanks Dave
  43. Bigpondonly

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    Barrett Junction fish Fry....back in the day.
  44. Bigpondonly

    Boat Shirt Design Poll

    Do you have a link to who is doing the shirts?
  45. Bigpondonly

    New favorite guy

    You can always tell on BD when the tuna are JUSSST out of range and the weather is up....
  46. Bigpondonly

    Russian ammo. Have you ever had a problem?

    No problems at all.
  47. Bigpondonly

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    SO this is why I have my own boat....
  48. Bigpondonly

    Who in SD has black powder supplies But they are pricey!!
  49. Bigpondonly

    Offshore tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    It coincides with the "Post Fred Hall" annual membership drive. Stay tuned for the following threads.... 1. "Can my boat make it to the _____?" 2. "What do I need to fish Mex waters?" 3. "What rod for a ____ reel?" 4. "What reel for ___ rod?" I always like the Boat: "Yours" answer....No...
  50. Bigpondonly

    Bait&Tackle shop robbery

    I'm gonna go by there and buy something even though I don't need jack. Almost assure you whoever it was has been in there before. Douchebags
  51. Bigpondonly

    Cleaning Simrad structure scan ducer help

    Use the power washer on the diver first!!!
  52. Bigpondonly

    New to reloading.....

    I have a Dillon 550B. I load 9mm, .45, and .223. I've invested in multiple toolhead/powder setups so changing calibers is a snap. I load about 250-270 rounds/hr.; all my loads have fired properly, and have been as accurate as factory boxed ammo. There are sooooo many benefits to loading your own...
  53. Bigpondonly

    .45 raptor or .260 remington AR build

    That's funny too!!! I did just finish a Glock lower 9mm pistol....and then it fell overboard, whoops!!!
  54. Bigpondonly

    Auto Body Work

    If any of you guys in S.D. are in need of bodywork or custom paint, check out Took my 1995 Jeep Cherokee out there to have some rust issues addressed. Other shops wouldn't even get back to me with an estimate for the work. They gave me an estimate on the spot, got...
  55. Bigpondonly

    Multi day permit and lobster possession

    THIS!!! And BD should have a totally separate forum for the hooping/lobster deal.
  56. Bigpondonly

    Questions for fuel & water separator for 2007 Parker 2320
  57. Bigpondonly


  58. Bigpondonly

    Need shop for engine swap in the 75 Jeep CJ5

    These guys get rave reviews.....
  59. Bigpondonly

    Ordered a Furuno 12 inch screen, mounting ideas please

    Here's some storage ideas and my bait tank cutting board
  60. Bigpondonly

    Ordered a Furuno 12 inch screen, mounting ideas please

    My Navnet 3D screen is overhead, and another screen in the dash. Just to left of steerage is another monitor.
  61. Bigpondonly

    My Parker 2120

    I like standing, but there's something about sitting while the AP is on and you're watching the radar....
  62. Bigpondonly

    Don't be this guy!

    I don't think that spear is Ca. legal anyway. Looks like an "assault spear".
  63. Bigpondonly

    Winch bumper for T4R 03-05 or other option

    Keep us posted, sound exciting!!!
  64. Bigpondonly

    What to do with all those shorties

    We been wondering the same thing about some of our rifles. Although the state of california says they will take them off my hands.
  65. Bigpondonly

    Ken's and Cal's

    never used Cal, but Ken's is my go-to!!!
  66. Bigpondonly

    More Patience

  67. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Eileen Inseiner!

    If you like your tuna, you can keep your tuna.....
  68. Bigpondonly

    My Parker 2120

    Congrats!!! That cutting board is sweet!!!
  69. Bigpondonly

    A Good Yamaha mechanic...

    Anyone have any experience with "The Boat Grotto" on El Cajon Blvd. in La Mesa?
  70. Bigpondonly

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed
  71. Bigpondonly

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Who told you that? Jerry Brown? De Leon? Kamala? Leland Yee? Commencing July 1, 2019, the vendor shall electronically submit to the department the information required by subdivision (a) in a format and a manner prescribed by the department for all sales or other transfers of ammunition. Here's...
  72. Bigpondonly

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    There are alot of consequenses to registering. Not being able to sell, or pass them on to family just to start. I'm on pause for now. One AK is already featureless, I might take the AR47 that direction too.
  73. Bigpondonly

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    With the recent events pertaining to firearm bans the political discussions have been unavoidable. The moderators of BD have been driven nuts by monitoring every thread that goes on in the Gun Talk section. Until further notice the Gun Talk section is allowing MILD political discussions about...
  74. Bigpondonly

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Or, convert the EBR's to featureless. Then the BB comes off. Just say no to registering as AW.
  75. Bigpondonly

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Left to right, top to bottom. Reading is fundamental.
  76. Bigpondonly

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Pace've got til 2019
  77. Bigpondonly

    AR 15 build

    Fuck Palmetto. Go to Primary Arms, or better yet, support your local gun store.
  78. Bigpondonly

    Time to call/email Brown 12 new gun bans

  79. Bigpondonly

    You dirty gun owners

  80. Bigpondonly

    My take on the latest current events

    You need to bring the port rigger in a couple wakes, these schools are too wise.
  81. Bigpondonly

    My take on the latest current events

    I'm good on powder and primers. Deep. My wife, son, daughter-in-law as well. They'll never have to buy a round of ammo of they so choose. That's what they will "regulate" next, if their Ammo ban passes here in CA.
  82. Bigpondonly

    Well there you go, San Diego is screwed

    I don't think so. But I'm about ready to leave SD and move to Idaho, or Northern Arizona and just order fish from Tommy. This state is so fucked up ass backwards it is pathetic. I've lived in San Diego all my 53 years, and I'm now embarassed and ashamed of my state.
  83. Bigpondonly

    The new ride

    You can never go wrong with too much horsepower.
  84. Bigpondonly

    Varmac D7

    Great looking work Cory!!!
  85. Bigpondonly

    online site for Leupold scopes?
  86. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 1.5 returning 4/20...

    Shocking. It's April.
  87. Bigpondonly

    What happened to the Parker Boats Forum?

    Did it get moved?
  88. Bigpondonly

    Anyone have a Yamaha trim cap spanner wrench in San Diego?
  89. Bigpondonly

    commander bobtail build

    Beautiful work!!!
  90. Bigpondonly

    A little advice on marine Radar

    It's only necessary when fishing/transiting at night, or when there's a possibility of fog.
  91. Bigpondonly

    Ares armor 80% rudius 1911 design flaw

    Have you contacted Ares?
  92. Bigpondonly

    Executive Action On Gun Control

    Really? Do you honestly believe a law is going to change the behavior of people ALREADY breaking existing laws? How's that working in Chicago? D.C.? How about enforcing/prosecuting/punishing existing laws? No, wait, need more liberal bullshit laws like Prop.47 that let these douchebags run free...
  93. Bigpondonly

    Executive Action On Gun Control

    This has nothing.. zero.. to do with crime. Crime is the crisis.. the excuse.. to scare the herd. This is about banning and controlling... thats it.
  94. Bigpondonly

    Must see!!!

  95. Bigpondonly

    300 Blackout pistol

    Understandable. Have you tried listing your pistol on Calguns forums? AR/AK pistols sell very quickly there.
  96. Bigpondonly

    300 Blackout pistol Here's one in Vista. I can also post a link to one in Rancho Cucamonga if that's closer.
  97. Bigpondonly

    300 Blackout pistol

    "You can no longer purchase an AR pistol in stores in California"...actually not true. You can still dros "AR style pistols" through an 07FFL.
  98. Bigpondonly

    So your fishing in the channel and your boat breaks down

    Should have at least put bumpers out....
  99. Bigpondonly

    Looking for Tady

    Thanks guys, was looking to get as Xmas presents. I gotta start shopping earlier.
  100. Bigpondonly

    Looking for Tady

    Anyone know where you can purchase Tady or Salas T-shirts/Hats? Local to San Diego, or online would be good as well. Thanks!
  101. Bigpondonly

    NightLite in safe?

  102. Bigpondonly

    It's back online!!!!
  103. Bigpondonly sucks. Kamala and Newsome are behind it.
  104. Bigpondonly

    MK 12

    The 1/8 shoots the 55 & 62gr. very well.
  105. Bigpondonly

    MK 12

    18" Wylde chambered barrel--a Spikes upper, and Leopould optic here.
  106. Bigpondonly

    Ruger 10/22

    After California bans them they will be....
  107. Bigpondonly

    More gun law crap

    Policitians aren't "elected" in our state....they are bought. This and this fucktard need to be fought tooth and nail! If you haven't yet, join NRA, Calguns Foundation, and every other common sense gun origanization out there. If you think MLPA's are bad for fishing, wait til this eco-douche...
  108. Bigpondonly

    Place to buy trailer tires?

    Preston's...right in La Mesa!
  109. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Okuma sponsor would be nice after this one?

    He should probably get his own TV show also....:nopity:
  110. Bigpondonly

    Cheap 70 Caliber

    Not much is anymore....
  111. Bigpondonly

    First Deleted Post Then Blocked?

    Free Byeye!!!
  112. Bigpondonly

    AR build

    Very easy, watch the videos, tape is your friend. It helps to have a nice set of punches, AR vice blocks...but these are far and away the best tool possible for assembling a lower...
  113. Bigpondonly

    That is all...

  114. Bigpondonly

    You wanna see two PUNKS?!?!

    Future teammates of Aaron Hernandez....
  115. Bigpondonly

    Friday 8/28 SD-MB bait report

    Yeah, make-a-wish should be a hoot. Remember though, it's for a good cause.
  116. Bigpondonly

    Offshore How to gaff a fish

    Maybe easier to just grab the tuna by the tail.
  117. Bigpondonly

    Open For Discussion Where Any Man's Opinion Has Weight

    Post the pics of his boat so we know whose patty to stomp on...
  118. Bigpondonly

    Parker 2120 wanted

    Nice!!! Post up some pics in the "Check out My Boat" section. Nice you can keep it in a garage...envious!!!
  119. Bigpondonly


    We grow by our willingness to face and rectify errors and convert them into assets.
  120. Bigpondonly

    Getting blood off the deck

    You shouldn't ever have to worry about it...your boat ho's should have it handled before it's a problem. Maybe new ho's?
  121. Bigpondonly

    WTB Seeker Black Steel 6470

    Anybody in San Diego got one?
  122. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Reel Adventure II gets the luck today,,,7/24/2015

    I was stuck working in had more fun
  123. Bigpondonly

    I need Trailer Hubs.

    Aros trailer in Escondido. They are "bloodydeck" friendly.
  124. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Reel Adventure II Does it again.....Gets Lucky.....

    Nice work. We skunked out. We baited/hooked a HUGE Mako that did a cool aerial display for us...and weather was nice.
  125. Bigpondonly

    From chunk of wood to custom stock.

  126. Bigpondonly

    why do I suck so bad at trolling?

    I sharpen even brand new hooks every trip. Turn slightly toward the loaded rod to pull the rest of the jigs over the school; I keep it in gear a 5-7 count. And as already been said, do not pump rod with troll fish. I troll HEAVY gear, the drag settings are a feel thing, I dont want fish getting...
  127. Bigpondonly

    What are your best upgrades?

    Autopilot, 1kw transducer
  128. Bigpondonly

    Pulling The Bilge Drain Plug

    "It's just the wiring"...because a fire would be much better than taking on water and sinking.
  129. Bigpondonly

    Parker 2520 Sport Cabin Seating

    Very nice, welcome to Parkerville!!!
  130. Bigpondonly

    Fujinon/Nikon 14X40 and lens filters

    What sunglasses/lenses are you wearing to get kelps to pop like that?
  131. Bigpondonly

    5.56 ammo question

    I shoot the Wolf gold with no problems as far as accuracy goes...I should say any as far as my equipment goes. It's reasonable in bulk @ .31/rnd.
  132. Bigpondonly

    Offshore I have a helmet on my head.

    Heard you on the radio today Max. I had same luck as you, with the bright side being it much easier to clean the boat. Next time.
  133. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 7/2 @ the 9

    Thanks for the timely report Dave....awaiting 111's report after he boxed your area!!!
  134. Bigpondonly

    Robbie Gordon, Yamaha dealer?

    +1 for Boating Dynamics
  135. Bigpondonly

    Tips for boating in the fog.

    #1 Tip...Stay out until it lifts, or go another day. I've got radar and my biggest concern is the guy who doesn't.
  136. Bigpondonly

    Whats this look like to you??

    One rolled taco
  137. Bigpondonly

    ? whos best to Crimp battery cables

    Broadway Auto Electric
  138. Bigpondonly


    Stop complaining about sportie captain/crew bump.
  139. Bigpondonly

    Navy in fire fight with boat shooting sea lions?

    My $$$ is on the Navy, they aren't limited to 10-round mags like us civilians are. Maybe it was these guys...???
  140. Bigpondonly


    Yep, couple years ago.
  141. Bigpondonly


    Sunday bump for a great guy, and an Awesome fishing platform!
  142. Bigpondonly

    Local gun powder?

    Wilde Built Tactical is beginning to carry reloading supplies, don't know what their inventory is like. (619) 667-WILD (9453) Also, if you're a Facebook guy, there are a couple San Diego "firearm/accessory swapmeet" type pages. PM me if you want more info on it. I see powder...
  143. Bigpondonly

    Ideal go to, first rod??

    Another vote for the 700ML
  144. Bigpondonly

    Can we fight back???

    There is a California Penal Code law that allows anglers to carry a gun while fishing and while hiking to and from their angling site. California Penal Code, Section 12025, prohibits carrying concealed firearms in California, but Section 12027 provides the following exemption to this...
  145. Bigpondonly

    Can we fight back???

    Now I understand why it's legal to carry a sidearm to, from and during the course of sportfishing. They better do SOMETHING, I can see it now, every time there's a furbag within 20 feet of a vessel "I felt threatened for myself and my crew's safety".
  146. Bigpondonly

    Can we fight back???

    Sea world should be held accountable. Hand feed them back to health, and guess what, humans=food.
  147. Bigpondonly

    Can we fight back???
  148. Bigpondonly

    Win 94 scope mount
  149. Bigpondonly

    Feds to halt Sardine catch.Just saw this. Is this going to screw us for bait?

    If you like your sardines, you can keep your sardines.....
  150. Bigpondonly

    Private boat required to carry a net?

    Bait net with a 18" handle....
  151. Bigpondonly


    That's fucked up.
  152. Bigpondonly


    No shooting allowed.
  153. Bigpondonly

    Parker 2320 helm chair

    Raceway is easily accessable; I'll get chair info and try to get a couple more pics up.
  154. Bigpondonly

    Parker 2320 helm chair

    Here's mine....20-30 miles are a breeze!!!
  155. Bigpondonly

    Looking to trade AR15s and a Beretta Skeet gun for some hunting guns.....

    Could you post prices of ammo for sale, or are you just looking to trade?
  156. Bigpondonly

    The Mile Maker

    I don't think I could sneak THAT one past the wife.....
  157. Bigpondonly

    any custom 10/22 recommendations?

    Start here!!! This is a smokin' deal!!!
  158. Bigpondonly

    I was called by the DFW San Diego office today for a random interview

    I get almost those same questions from my wife....
  159. Bigpondonly

    Fair price for 22lr ammo?

    I still say keep it. Ship it, take it with you, something. .22 availability at a good price is too sporadic to ditch your stash, IMO. Here are a few cut and paste ad's from Calgun's Ammo classifieds, as you can see, prices are all over the map..... Up for sale is (1 box) of Remington Thunderbolt...
  160. Bigpondonly

    Fair price for 22lr ammo?

    Shipping it would be the best idea. Sure, for the most part .22 is down slightly in price. But FINDING it in any quantity at that price is difficult, as you're limited to one box. Keep it and ship it, how are you planning to move your guns to your new state? Your local FFL can ship the ammo to...
  161. Bigpondonly

    Local AK parts source

    Rifledear is in OC. What are you looking for?
  162. Bigpondonly

    Any .223 ammo deals out there?
  163. Bigpondonly

    Any .223 ammo deals out there?

    Alot of the usual low price leaders are out of stock. Maybe everyone got AR's for Xmas!!!
  164. Bigpondonly

  165. Bigpondonly

    Local AK parts source

    Direct Action Solutions in Solana Beach has a great selection.
  166. Bigpondonly

    The last pistol I am puchasing

    Very nice. I had one more slot left. I left it blank after 4 months of back-to-back 1 in 30 purchases. Now hopefully the roster gets overturned in court and we can buy like the rest of the free states do, without SSE.
  167. Bigpondonly

    Home Defense Question !

    Haha! Haven't you learned the "Biden" administration accepts no liability for ANYTHING!!!!
  168. Bigpondonly

    Home Defense Question !

    There are no warning labels on the side of my firearms, similar to what is on the wasp spray. There are laws written, that allow me to protect myself and my family in my home. I know what those laws are....I train and practice with my firearms under all kinds of different situations and...
  169. Bigpondonly

    Home Defense Question !

    Don't do may go to jail. Using Wasp Spray for anything other than its intended purpose is illegal. Wasp spray is also not recommended for self-defense because it is illegal to use it in such a manner, leaving a person open to lawsuits not only from the attacker, but also from the...
  170. Bigpondonly

    Home Defense Question !

    Sorry folks, but this is the real world. This punk has a COCKED REVOLVER as he commits his daylight burglary. I personally will not wait and try to determine if he wants my stuff, to rape my wife, or kill me and my family. (Or all of the above) I will ventilate him at first sight.
  171. Bigpondonly

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread Wolf brass, BLM friendly....$289/case shipped to San Diego. Good price on the steel, but that lacquer make a mess in my barrels.
  172. Bigpondonly

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread $20 with free shipping! Feed that new Turners 10/22 you bought on black friday
  173. Bigpondonly

    Turners Black Friday $99 10/22

    FEED IT----Cabela's $34.00 box of 500 .22LR. Use code 4WINTER for free shipping. Available now!!!
  174. Bigpondonly

    Best Optimax Mechanic or Service Center in SD/SoCal?

    Sunset in El Cajon did great work for me.
  175. Bigpondonly

    Gun cabinet advice
  176. Bigpondonly

    Looking for good scope

    So what did the OP get???
  177. Bigpondonly

    Cannondale Prophet Excellent Condition - $900

    Wow, what a wild looking fork!!! Been out of the mountain bike loop for a LONG time. Good luck with sale!!!
  178. Bigpondonly

    hydro dipping
  179. Bigpondonly

    9mm and 12 gu 00 buck San Diego Ca

    How about you just post up what you paid for it and/or how much you want for it? Maybe a mod can move it to the classified section???
  180. Bigpondonly

    Looking for good scope

    This Primary Arms optic is a great budget beater...leaves you $$$ for mount/rings. They also have a nice Nikon on sale....
  181. Bigpondonly

    Looking for feed back -Galcier Bay 2690 Pilot House

    Small cockpit, not much fishing room
  182. Bigpondonly

    Scope Mounting Kit

    This is a great one as well. Perfectly levels optics and gets you very close, fine tune at the range.
  183. Bigpondonly

    Attention Voters!!!

    This is shared from a Turner's post on FB.
  184. Bigpondonly

    Attention Voters!!!

    Correct. These are all the members who are trying to erode our gun rights.
  185. Bigpondonly

    Attention Voters!!!

    This is shared from a Turner's post on FB. This is how your Assy. members (who are up for re-election) voted on the latest gun bills. Vote accordingly!!!!
  186. Bigpondonly

    WTB gun safe

    This guy is legit.
  187. Bigpondonly

    Offshore hooping at its finest!!!

    I thought it was bad when the Lobster stuff clogged up the Inshore reports, now it has invaded the offshore reports too....
  188. Bigpondonly

    looking for a ffl

    Matt you may want to egister and ask your question
  189. Bigpondonly

    1990 parker 2520

    You will definitely need more than 225.
  190. Bigpondonly

    1994 Jeep Wrangler

    PM sent
  191. Bigpondonly

    SSE Wishlist

    Anyone got plans of end of year purchases before SSE goes away thanks to DeLeon and his cronies? Just put a Gen4 Glock 41 in 10 day jail today. Anybody have any experience with the Smith/Wesson M&P VTAC pistols?
  192. Bigpondonly

    wtb decent pair of binos

    There's been a nice set of Steiner's on BD for a while now. Love mine, everything pops off the water...see birds you didn't know were there.
  193. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Limits Before 9am Today!

    That's where he cut the 20lb.'ers in half.....LOL
  194. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    Dear MLPA and all other anti-fishing groups. Please understand the opinions/actions of people who don't follow the regulations set forth by the DFW do not represent the bulk of responsible anglers and/or Captains. Please don't use threads such as these as fodder for your future plans at...
  195. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    David Tran with one lame-ass post to BD.... please explain to me how a simple question rates a "bieber" reply? Or are you just a tool trolling these waters? "What did you guys use to catch the BFt. I heard that they don't have good bait right now"...
  196. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 2 day charter complete rip off!!!

    If DFG had rolled up, and done a tag count, would anyone over 10 fish be fined for overlimits? Not trying to be a DB....just looking for the straight info.
  197. Bigpondonly

    Ali and Jason

    I'll call him and tell him his best picture uploads didn't survive the forum upgrades....LOL What was the name of that "other" sub-cult private BD knockoff site that was up for a few minutes years back?
  198. Bigpondonly

    Spouting off!!! Shimano Flat Fall Jig sellers on Ebay Rip off!

    Real fucking simple....DON'T BUY THEM!!!!!
  199. Bigpondonly

    Stay away from Mission Bay this weekend, boat races

    Thinking of taking wifey out for a short trip to N.9/LJ Canyon, she's pretty useless as far as launching goes, pretty much doing it all solo. So. Shores is usually mellow; I don't like taking up all the extra time/room at Shelter on a busy weekend.
  200. Bigpondonly

    Best Price and Most Efficient Fish Killing Machine on the Market

    A buddy with a advice.
  201. Bigpondonly

    Rigging 6 inch Bonita/Maurader lures?

    I just straight tie mine...they run very true; and can be pulled a little faster.
  202. Bigpondonly

    All Coast Website???

    I miss the old days of Byeye....his ability to "put together words" like these: "Look, I remember having pizza at an apartment in Oceanside about 9 years ago. We sat around and talked about getting kicked off the BBoard. I remember folding shirts in Ali's shop late at night and laughing a lot...
  203. Bigpondonly

    Offshore absoltue YFT slaughter SW 425 9/5

    Not hard at all. Just got off a 2 day on the Fortune. 25YFT for 20 anglers. Did I mention it was 2 days? I :ele: owning my Parker!
  204. Bigpondonly

    Offshore unprofessionalism of the Thunderbird Captain

    Wow, Allcoast is closed down for a week and look what happens.....:shake::shake::shake:
  205. Bigpondonly

    Why your team sucks.....
  206. Bigpondonly

    Offshore unprofessionalism of the Thunderbird Captain

    Forward them to an admin....they can track the IP address
  207. Bigpondonly

    Offshore unprofessionalism of the Thunderbird Captain

    Careful....the patty police are coming to town....
  208. Bigpondonly

    2 Day Charter on the Fortune

    Thanks to all who have responded. At this point I believe the trip is full. You can contact the Fortune office 619-972-9161 ~ Tish, to confirm this and/or get on a standby list. Thanks again, Dave
  209. Bigpondonly

    2 Day Charter on the Fortune

    Your wife said it's ok, sucks to be at work when we're slaying them bump
  210. Bigpondonly

    2 Day Charter on the Fortune

    Limited to 20 anglers bump
  211. Bigpondonly

    2 Day Charter on the Fortune

    Tip included bump
  212. Bigpondonly

    California's Ten Day Waiting Period Ruled Unconstitutional

    The bill that looks like the biggest bunch of shit is this one....
  213. Bigpondonly

    2 Day Charter on the Fortune

    Looking to fill 5 spots....jump on board!!!
  214. Bigpondonly

    West Coast weather tips on a small boat?

    Right on the money. You can also compare NOAA's "forecast" in close to real-time by cross-checking the data being transmitted by the buoys. I've cancelled more than 1 trip because I awoke and saw the Clemente buoy was blowing 18 knots at 0150. Here's a couple more links...
  215. Bigpondonly

    Prop guru's?

    Ed at PSD is great...gave me 3 different props to try before buying one. Great service
  216. Bigpondonly

    Help locating part!!!

    Dave, you are the man!!!! Thank you so much for the lightning fast reply!! :appl::appl::appl: Edit...these are different, the bolt is fixed to the handle, doesn't release like the saftey handle. But thank you again, you've put me on the path.
  217. Bigpondonly

    Help locating part!!!

    Can someone point me in the right direction? Lost one of the locking bolts for my tower....pretty sure it's 3/8" thread. Anyone know somewhere in S.D. one (or three) of these can be located? Don't even know what search terms to use to google it. Thanks, Dave
  218. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Another successful birthday mission 8-17

    Love getting my son Cory out on the boat with me. Doesn't happen often enough, and when it does, it is always a GREAT time. He is everything and more that a father could ever hope for in a son....and a fisherman. Stuffed the killbag full of YFT 5mi. SE of 302 highspot...far away from the...
  219. Bigpondonly

    Post-op day 2 fishing

    DON'T do it!!!! The jarring from the boat ride will be very uncomfortable. And make sure you get yourself some comfy tighty whities and a dozen of frozen peas. Enjoy the hydrocodone though. I though i was going to be rambo or chuck norris and do without the pain meds......FAIL
  220. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Went catching today..

    You're killing it this season!!!! Congrats...:appl::appl::appl: Edit question...was the bump all day, or pickup in afternoon? How'd the bait hold up? Thanks Dave
  221. Bigpondonly

    Galvi Boat Trailer Hubs - Where to buy??

    Aros does still give a BD discount
  222. Bigpondonly

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    No disrespect was intended by my comment Uglybones....sometimes keyboard rumors get WAAAAY out of control here on BD.....:hali_olutta:......carry on.
  223. Bigpondonly

    Pens closed..... AGAIN

    Mike, OP is into a bottle of scotch.....I'd look elsewhere for legit info...:hali_olutta:
  224. Bigpondonly

    All boats full? I wanna fish!!!

    The Fortune has a FB page that shows both 1 and 2 day trips avail.
  225. Bigpondonly

    Ruger & Smith& Wesson Semi Auto's no more in CA

    Better get your U-haul reservation....unfortunately more gun grabbing shit is coming down the pike.
  226. Bigpondonly

    Cleaning the scales...

    Woody Wax
  227. Bigpondonly

    BD conspiracy's and pissed a thread got removed put it here

    Conpesca reopened BFT to us because of this thread.....:deadhorse
  228. Bigpondonly

    Should I install a Pacific Pilot house?!

    From my CC...get rid of your jacket for a while. Keeps everyone dry.
  229. Bigpondonly

    Offshore navigation hazard towards 371

    Govt. in a nutshell...spend $5k cruising down and blowing it to kindling.....OR $200K for a full-on rescue with helos, cutters, medi-vac...etc for the poor bastards that hit it.
  230. Bigpondonly

    BD conspiracy's and pissed a thread got removed put it here

    Were you the client? If not, why does the Skipper owe you an answer to anything?
  231. Bigpondonly

    Bluefin back OPEN in MX??

    Since we all know Conpesca is reading this....I want to say a big THANK YOU!!!! :appl::appl::appl:
  232. Bigpondonly

    North or South: Best YFT Chances??

    "F" on the fish report teach. Back to school.
  233. Bigpondonly

    En route to Shelter Island - boat plug needed

    Good on you for offering up Mike. Offshore trip plan fail....:(
  234. Bigpondonly

    Ruger & Smith& Wesson Semi Auto's no more in CA

    Kamala and DeLeon need to go away!!!!
  235. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Got done early!!! 8-2

    Excellent job Brian!!!!
  236. Bigpondonly

    Turner's El Cajon

    Yes, nice having an upgrade from Big5. East county needed this. I appreciate the smaller brick/mortar stores, but competition is good for the consumers.
  237. Bigpondonly

    Turner's El Cajon

    Nothing in particular; new store is close to my house (Fletcher Hills)....saw their online grand opening ad. And some guys over at calguns posted up some sweet un-adversided ammo deals they scored. Remington bucket o' bullets (1400- .22LR) for $99.00. Not really a Turner's shopper...not a fan of...
  238. Bigpondonly

    Turner's El Cajon

    Anyone checked out the gun/ammo dept. at the new store?
  239. Bigpondonly

    Overturned 20' Alum Skiff SW of Cornado

    Hope all are well. Doesn't look too bad out.....
  240. Bigpondonly

    Who's going shore

    I'm in. Dave on Parker PH "My Dream". Leaving S.I. approx 0300. Going to run a little So. of the 302 and work the E/W break there; then work north. I hate being around the "fleet", and don't fish much weekends. But a couple buddies who can't get off during the week talked me into it.
  241. Bigpondonly

    Offshore While you were local...

    We have tuna....and these....
  242. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Paddy Poaching

    This thread.............
  243. Bigpondonly

    Boat Crash on El Capitan Reservoir, 1 dead, 1 missing

    Me too. Sold the Ranger and bought a CC that week. Too many people, not enough surface acres. Prayers to all involved.
  244. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Local Tuna! 7/31/14

    Nice Tuna slurpee!!!!
  245. Bigpondonly

    Spineless Cousinstackle2

    That works! I just turned my monitor and it fixed it!!
  246. Bigpondonly

    Flood lights
  247. Bigpondonly

    9 mile bank on an 18 foot parker

    Must of missed your report....good job on gettin out.
  248. Bigpondonly

    Spineless Cousinstackle!

    Sounds like choi needs new buddies and a new rod. If they borrow it and break it, they replace it. Period. And if you're new to BD, get used to taking some shit. Or you may be better off whining over at
  249. 1620545_207294136142026_48232205_n


  250. 20140503_151516


  251. Bigpondonly

    Did some 4 x 4, broke something....

    "Can I make it to the 9 mile bank in this truck???" LOL Seriously, run it by Slater...he's the resident Ford diesel guru. I also remember the Parts mgr. at Sunrise Ford in Fontana offering a smoking dealio on parts for BD members.
  252. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  253. Bigpondonly

    Whistler buoy?

    It enrolled in obummercare.....
  254. Bigpondonly

    Offshore hard work

    Good job Doc!!!!
  255. Bigpondonly

    Did a lil shopping
  256. Bigpondonly

    Did a lil shopping

    Like the Yamaha on the back of his Striper?????
  257. Bigpondonly

    Did a lil shopping

    "it means an m-16 and all it's military brethren , we're designed to DEFEND USA, AGAINST ALL WHO , PUT US IN HARMS WAY. Marines may use whatever they deem fit, to defend us. You are not defending anything. Half the guys on this site, get pissed off , if someone buys a reel, that's not AMERICAN...
  258. Bigpondonly

    snack ideas

    Chocolate is always good...
  259. Bigpondonly

    Question about trolling

    We'll give that a go this Monday...
  260. Bigpondonly

    Washington is Killing Albacore.

    Where is Washington?
  261. Bigpondonly

    Question about trolling

    The small marauder got hammered all day on monday.....purple
  262. Bigpondonly

    5 Rods | 3 Reels

    Then you can surely post prices as outlined in the forum rules....I raise my offer to 12.51
  263. Bigpondonly

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    I'm guessing the profit margin is greater on the pens than it is on the sporties.
  264. Bigpondonly

    Your Honest Opinion.

  265. Bigpondonly

    Guy in aluminum Catches tuna out side north island.

    This thread should end the "Can my boat make it to the _____?" posts.
  266. Bigpondonly

    A Little Help

    How about Campland in mission bay? And I personally, like the mods cleaning up the forums. If someone isn't smart enough, or respectful enough to follow rules or directions for a simple fishing forum, do you want them on your boat?
  267. Bigpondonly

    Question about trolling

    Count 3 wakes and 4 wakes back. There is where the jigs go. 7-8 knots. Repeat.
  268. Bigpondonly

    Check your Death Bolt

    It does go hard over...broke a steering cable at 25kts and almost crushed the T-top tubing with the grip I had put on it to stay in the boat.
  269. Bigpondonly

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    If you like your can keep your bluefin.
  270. Bigpondonly

    9 mile bank on an 18 foot parker

    If you HAVE to ask that question probably shouldn't be making the trip.
  271. Bigpondonly

    Manhattan Pier CLOSED to Fishing

    Next they will want to limit us to 10 round mags....oh, wait.
  272. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Overturned boat by 43

    So. according to the CG, now it's just a nav hazard for someone else to hit?
  273. Bigpondonly

    Storing boat on home driveway in San Diego....why not in front of house?

    Move to Sherm's district, you wouldn't believe the things we do here.... :cheers:
  274. Bigpondonly

    Whale vs. Zodiak at the 9
  275. Bigpondonly

    My apology to Sean Keating @ Breakwater Yachts & all Bloody Deck members

    Boats come and go. kids don't. Take care of your little ones. Good on you for putting this out there. There is no shame in being wrong, only defending being wrong.
  276. Bigpondonly

    YT @ NI

    Nice work Ron....I miss Byeye. The enforcer.
  277. Bigpondonly

    Sport boat on fire?

  278. Bigpondonly

    What caliber next???

    Been researching the smaller calibers for a while. Leaning towards the .17WSM.
  279. Bigpondonly

    Looking for Suggestions on Single Speed 40 lb reel

    Progear 545.....and have Ken's gear it down a little more. Bulletproof. Torium20 is 2nd choice.
  280. Bigpondonly

    Question about Shooting Location out in the Ocotillo area
  281. Bigpondonly

    Big Calico

    somebody's testing thier trolling spread.....
  282. Bigpondonly

    chovie Rod

    196-7 saber....
  283. Bigpondonly

    where to get fairing block cut in El Cajon or San Diego area?

    Call Honor Marine, oh wait I just saw Surg's post, nevermind.
  284. Bigpondonly

    San Diego Upholstery

    Lowell IS the man!!!!!
  285. Bigpondonly

    260 rds 223 55gr fmj

    $91.00 final offer. $.35/round is the going rate for clean plinking ammo.
  286. Bigpondonly

    Wtb, .17 hmr Here's a nice deal Nate!!!
  287. Bigpondonly

    04-18-14 coronado Islands and Mexican Navy experience!!!

    Good on them for being so courteous....poor decision on your part taking passengers out on a questionable running boat.
  288. Bigpondonly

    Official In Stock Ammo Thread

    Thanks for the heads up on the 2 accounts thing earlier. Signed wifey up and got her a Club Visa card too. If you go to you can set up email alerts when whatever caliber of ammo you want falls below a certain price per round.
  289. Bigpondonly

    Glock Store input

    No, not on the roster. Gen4 is LEO or SSE only. Direct Action Solutions in Solana Beach can hook you via the SSE route.
  290. Bigpondonly

    Cheap brass .223

    Sorry about that. Here's the link.
  291. Bigpondonly

    Cheap brass .223

    Here's the same ammo...little better deal on the shipping brings it to $.36/rd., shipped to the 619. "Wolf's "GOLD" line of 223 ammo uses a BRASS casing with a BOXER primer that is fully reloadable. The projectile is a copper jacketed lead core bullet and this ammo is 100% non-corrosive." I've...
  292. Bigpondonly

    .17hrm scope?

    I have this one on my Savage, mounted with Burris low profile rings. It is amazingly accurate. Makes Red Bull cans dance out to 175 yds.
  293. Bigpondonly

    Gander Mountain 500rd.Brick 22LR $24.00

    Cabela's did the same thing to me on 2 seperate orders.
  294. Bigpondonly

    Rifle Build Gun Porn

    That's a work of art!!!
  295. Bigpondonly

    Weight question

    I like the gray or silver ones....
  296. Bigpondonly

    Manuals for Every Firearm

    Thanks for that!!!!
  297. Bigpondonly

    Rifle Build Gun Porn

    Beautiful rifle!!!
  298. Bigpondonly

    1K rounds .223 Brass $349.95 Free shipping

    Reloadable brass....and props to South Bay!!!
  299. Bigpondonly

    Gander Mountain 500rd.Brick 22LR $24.00

    I forgot to mention free shipping! Glad you scored!
  300. Bigpondonly

    Gander Mountain 500rd.Brick 22LR $24.00

    Go get some!!!!
  301. Bigpondonly

    Del mar gun show

    I didn't go, busy with Xmas stuff. Here's the Calguns take on it.....
  302. Bigpondonly

    You gotta see this game changer!!

    DOJ eat a dick!!!!
  303. Bigpondonly

    fishing clothes

    This dude Levi Strauss nailed it a few years ago.
  304. Bigpondonly

    Scope for your ruger 10/22 ?

    Nice grouping!!! Has your 10 days run it's course yet?
  305. Bigpondonly

    powered hoop pullers no more?

    You will have to register your motorized puller as a "assault puller". It's CALIFORNIA, don't cha know!!!
  306. Bigpondonly

    Cabela's deal on a gun vise!!!

    And free shipping with code "3WINTER"...
  307. Bigpondonly

    5.56 Ammo?

  308. Bigpondonly

    Looking for a varmint ar upper, need input!

    Rock River Arms.....very highly regarded. Not affiliated.
  309. Bigpondonly

    Looking for a entry level AR 15.. and some insight .....

    Congrats!!! Here are some good links to getting affordable ammo for it. These guys are great, and have great shipping rates to San...
  310. Bigpondonly

    2004 PARKER 2120 CC Fuel mileage

    Do you have Yamaha fuel management? If not reset your chartplotter to "0". Head south until you run out of fuel, note miles traveled, then call vessel assist for a tow back home.
  311. Bigpondonly

    Looking for a entry level AR 15.. and some insight .....

    Sub $700 AR.....nice deal.
  312. Bigpondonly

    Looking for a entry level AR 15.. and some insight .....

    Turners has PSA complete assembled lowers on sale tomorrow (Sunday 11/24) for $239.
  313. Bigpondonly

    Looking for a entry level AR 15.. and some insight .....

    There have been alot of good reviews for the Smith and Wesson M&P15 Sport. Turner's had them for $700 something recently. The 2 Ali has for sale are nice weapons as well. Dave
  314. Bigpondonly

    Hunting squirrel in Descanso

    No no no....I apologize if that came out wrong. I didn't know there was a difference. I would hate to get a ticket for shooting a tree squirrel that happened to be running around on the ground.
  315. Bigpondonly

    Hunting squirrel in Descanso

    Stupid question. What's the difference between a ground and tree squirrel?
  316. Bigpondonly

    Aros vs FE for Repair/Maintenance

    AROS.....they are great, also a BD discount.
  317. Bigpondonly

    AR-15 DID WHAT?

    Nice job Jim!!!
  318. Bigpondonly

    Catch Big Halibut tips and book

    you don't need a kindle to read it. amazon has a free app you download to your pc and/or smartphone to read it. it's a good read for ashtray change....not affiliated
  319. Bigpondonly

    ***FMM Visa info for fishing Baja Coast and Coronado Islands***

    Fuck this, anybody want to buy a Parker????
  320. Bigpondonly

    22 LR Ammo

    Added those 2 sites, thanks !!!
  321. Bigpondonly

    22 LR Ammo

    Right now on .10/round is the lowest; with most of the ammo being at .14-.15/rnd.
  322. Bigpondonly

    East county SD public land pig kill

    Ban him.....little douchepig
  323. Bigpondonly

    East county SD public land pig kill

    Would make a cool halloween yard decoration....
  324. Bigpondonly

    crossing on whaler

    Start in the bay....then the kelp and running up/down the coast. Then hit up the island fishing. Gain some experience in seamanship, navigation, "on-the-water-problem-solving", reading conditions, etc. Newbie mistakes have the potential to kill the OP and/or his crew.
  325. Bigpondonly

    crossing on whaler

    If you have to ask here, you have no business doing it.
  326. Bigpondonly

    East county SD public land pig kill

    Nice work!!!
  327. Bigpondonly

    Chargers at Raiders

    Stadium won't be full. Most of the Raider fans have to be back at work-furlough program by 8:00PM. Costumes are due back at 7:00.
  328. Bigpondonly

    Stolen Fishing Gear

    I've got an all-roller old Saber broomstick you can have to go with the electric reel above. I'm not to far away, in San Carlos. PM me your contact info. Dave
  329. Bigpondonly

    AR 15 not feeding

    Do you have a buddy who has a couple "known good" mags you could borrow? Or maybe hit someone up at the range?
  330. Bigpondonly

    cornado islands... visa needed again??

    Just let us all buy boat permits like we used to do, and be done with it.
  331. Bigpondonly

    AR attachments, pros and cons about sling options.

    That's funny shit right there!!!
  332. Bigpondonly

    Got a couple lobster but bigger concern divers!

    SWEET. Another year's worth of lobster whining, lost and/or "stolen" nets, "where are the mackerel", "somebody took my spot!" "fucking divers, DFG, googins, you fill in the______whah, whah".....dooshing up the inshore fishing forum...
  333. Bigpondonly

    Hit and Run

    Looks like a P.E. square bait tank with a viewing window on the port side....
  334. Bigpondonly

    Thoughts on Ruger M77 .30-06

    Don't discount Savage Rifles. Very accurate, adj. trigger pull, floating barrell. This one comes as a package with decent 3-9X40 Nikon optics. MSRP $675.00, but you can find it for less, alot of places will match online pricing these days. Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter XP
  335. Bigpondonly

    Great White Attacks Seals off PV on 9/19/13 - Caught on Video

    We need that X10,000 at LJ and the Coronados.
  336. Bigpondonly

    My new toy - 6.8 X 43 SPC

    Calling DOJ today. Calguns has PAGES of stuff like this in their forums. Filled out their class-action form and will move forward with whatever I have to do.
  337. Bigpondonly

    AR15 sights

    Nice deal, wish they were black.
  338. Bigpondonly

    My new toy - 6.8 X 43 SPC

    Very nice!!! My new AR lower has been "delayed" by the nice folk at CA DOJ.
  339. Bigpondonly


    I pull a Parker PH with tower, gear, 200Yamaha, full of fuel with a 2012 F250. You don't even know the boat is back there. Stops wonderful as well.
  340. Bigpondonly

    SPLATTERED.......warning graphic

    Nice!!!! Reminds me of a slinky.
  341. Bigpondonly

    Radar dome

    I may have one, I'll check the #'s on it and get back to you.
  342. Bigpondonly

    Thanks to the boat that caught the David fish

    Good juju to the boat that picked him up!!!
  343. Bigpondonly

    Parker or Defiance or Pacific Boats or......?

    You can take the 2120 Parker off your list, notched transom only.
  344. Bigpondonly

    Aluminum tower corrosion removal

    X2 woody wax
  345. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 8-7='13, Just past the 9, YT and a patty poacher

    Throw a dye marker on it, that way they know it's yours.
  346. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 07/29/2013 Catch and Release....

    It would look cool hanging from the ceiling in my game room.
  347. Bigpondonly

    Chargers 2013 OFFICIAL Football thread!

    Alexander tears ACL, Rivers seen crying in locker room. Time for Meachum to earn his keep.
  348. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 2 Hour+ Battle?? Result??

    We heard that too, those radiofish are tough...
  349. Bigpondonly

    Is Anyone Fishing Offshore

    Roger that. The reason I got rid of the bass boat 20 years ago was too many people in a confined S.D. lake. Any of them. I want to be able to go out and be away from people.
  350. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Fish of a lifetime 600# Mako at the 267

    Those black eyes look EVIL!!!! Hopefully she'll go dine on a couple dozen seals to celebrate her freedom. Great job!!!!
  351. Bigpondonly


    You should run it by the guy with the Ax in his hand....
  352. Bigpondonly

    Narrow Forums???

    PM's not working
  353. Bigpondonly

    Narrow Forums???

    Did i jack up my settings, or are there really 4 inch wide ads on each side of the forums???
  354. Bigpondonly

    2005 Parker 21SE CC For Sale

    Weekend bump for a beauty Parker...
  355. Bigpondonly

    Is my Low IQ a Prerequisite for Being on BD?

    The answer to your question is simply, yes.
  356. Bigpondonly

    Hey Jason & Ali

    I thought it said "Feedbag Score"
  357. Bigpondonly

    pro gear question

    I'm not 100% sure, but I think you could gear up a 545. I know Ken in O-side gears them down for YFT
  358. Bigpondonly

    I got a big deck...

    If we all come over to enjoy it, we can call it....Buddiedecks
  359. Bigpondonly

    What do you get with a couple rednecks and a Ford Raptor?

    Still under warranty I hope!!!
  360. Bigpondonly

    Holy Sh... Rescued seal released back into the wild

    It's like fishing the kite for sharks...we should fly them off scripps pier.
  361. Bigpondonly

    Prayers needed

    Prayers sent.
  362. Bigpondonly

    2013 Yellowtail Tournament Feedback

    Where can we read about the winner's story???
  363. Bigpondonly

    "That Guy" (or girl)

    Follow your fish!!!
  364. Bigpondonly

    A funny thing happened at casting practice...

    Need more practice!!!
  365. Bigpondonly

    Happy Birthday Saluki!

    Never heard of him.
  366. Bigpondonly


    Thanks Ian, looking to just add right now.
  367. Bigpondonly

    Seeker Black Steel

    Torium 20
  368. Bigpondonly

    Pads @ .500

    When did Al Davis buy the Dodgers? I musta missed it.....
  369. Bigpondonly

    Gotta love the Raiders

    Then they can used that prime draft pick to draft someone with a heart transplant...or a double amputee...fuckin' raiders.
  370. Bigpondonly


    Thanks Dale, have a couple of "M's" looking to add another 25-30lb. stick.
  371. Bigpondonly


    Looking for this in San Diego area. Thanks Dave
  372. Bigpondonly

    Gotta love the Raiders

  373. Bigpondonly

    Crazy homeless fishing

    You should have call Filner....
  374. Bigpondonly

    Curado 300ej

    Shipping time 1-3 MONTHS??? Are they walking it there?
  375. Bigpondonly

    Boat Parking Question

    You need a front mount receiver. You take the entire length of the truck out of the equasion.
  376. Bigpondonly

    other sushi and sashimi grade fish

    Where is Tommy? I'd like to hear the Fishmonger's advise on this.
  377. Bigpondonly

    Record Mako?

    "almost all of the meat will be donated to the homeless." .....they are the only ones they could find to eat it.
  378. Bigpondonly

    High Surf Advisory

    It is my understanding that they are closing La Jolla during this advisory.....
  379. Bigpondonly

    Yellows going off in La Jolla

    Code groups are alive and well on BD.....and not on BD...LOLLOLLOL
  380. Bigpondonly

    Preseason Updates

    Very nice!!!!
  381. Bigpondonly offshore wind model

    SCCOOS: Surface Winds Click on the chart
  382. Bigpondonly


    "Vessel:Yours" I'm not thinking so....
  383. Bigpondonly

    The New Battle Wagon (Custom Skippy)

    Leave it green. When the Tuna blood has made it's mess, it will look like Xmas day massacre.....
  384. Bigpondonly

    I thought only the Cubs........

    That's why they made the Astros move to the American league...
  385. Bigpondonly

    Chargers sign Freeney

    Moving to more of a 4-3 based defense????
  386. Bigpondonly

    What do you eat when you're fishing?

    Our tradition is Chicken in a biscuit.
  387. Bigpondonly

    BD Forums is infected with redirect

    bomb the hacker with gay porn....
  388. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Went Big, But Only Got Small

    Thanks Gary, props for going out looking.
  389. Bigpondonly

    Help Wanted........... Chargers Outside Linebacker.

    Urlacher is currently on the same team Teblow is....If they are able to claim work comp benefits in Ca., I wonder if the can collect unemployment too?
  390. Bigpondonly

    Small boat to Anacapa Island???

    These kind of posts always amaze me. If you have to ask "how far will this boat go?" or "will this boat make it to ____?".....well then, you probably don't have enough experience to be taking it out there and putting people's lives at risk. Period.
  391. Bigpondonly

    Binoculars, Steiner

    These are $400.00+ Bino's, Jack is giving someone a smokin' deal on these....
  392. Bigpondonly

    Smallest 40# Reel You'd Use???

    Progear 545
  393. Bigpondonly

    Take a look...Pads 9 and 3 in their last 12

    Magic Johnson's
  394. Bigpondonly

    Go Padres...

    If the scores hold, the doyers will be IN THE CELLAR tonight....
  395. Bigpondonly

    Shelter Island launch area Friday

    Our insurance rates are higher because of people like this....not so funny.
  396. Bigpondonly

    HOLY SHIT!!!

    SD boat rescues men in western Pacific |
  397. Bigpondonly

    Launching a Porsche at SI ramp

    Maybe this guy can answer it for him..... Crashed Lamborghini still not claimed |
  398. Bigpondonly

    Free Agent Left Tackle Bryant McKinnie punks the Chargers & Signs Deal w/ Baltimore

    Fuck him, I think he would have been as much of an asswipe as Gaither. Send the bill for the Chargers wine and dine to the Ravens...
  399. Bigpondonly


    Thanks for all the input guys!!! Picked up a set of Steiner Navigator's 7X50 on ebay.
  400. Bigpondonly

    Manti Te'o to the Chargers......

    This. And I can't wait to see Fluker vs. Phillips.
  401. Bigpondonly

    NFIO Halibut

  402. Bigpondonly

    Any skiff guys with bad backs?

    You will be fine post surgery, just follow all the rehab instructions. I had L4-L5 done, and did my 22' CC for years afterwards before I got my pilothouse. Golfing too. Just do the work they want you to do after surgery. Best of luck, Dave
  403. Bigpondonly

    Manti Te'o to the Chargers......

    Fluker will pancake Phillips. Then comes the Phillips retaliation and the 15 free yards. He won't be worth a damn in Denver's altitude and without a Stingaree...good riddance, now we can run at Phillips all day!!!
  404. Bigpondonly

    Why is it???

    We can get "old fishing shit" forum....but not a lobster specific forum to keep the inshore report from being cluttered up with hoopin' shit???
  405. Bigpondonly

    Manti Te'o to the Chargers......

  406. Bigpondonly

    Vertical rod rack

    I do...good shit!!!
  407. Bigpondonly

    hds shuts off with engine start - help

  408. Bigpondonly

    Your Favorite Place to Eat in CSL

    Agreed!!! Maro's is da bomb!!!
  409. Bigpondonly

    Fix holes that were drilled in Kodiak baittank???

    How big are the holes???
  410. Bigpondonly

    Fix holes that were drilled in Kodiak baittank???

    Screws, nuts and rubber washers?
  411. Bigpondonly

    The Mortality Rate Needs to Be Higher

    Nature is self-correcting, the "savoirs" are disrupting that. Whatever happened to survival of the fittest? So NOAA has federal $$$ to shove sardines down a seal pup's throat, but not enough $$$ to keep an Air Traffic Control tower open in Ramona that could potentially save lives and...
  412. Bigpondonly

    Padres break the Dodgers......

    How much is our payroll??? We have a 3rd baseman named Puto?
  413. Bigpondonly

    Padres break the Dodgers......

    Grenke gone...Capuano gone....who's next???
  414. Bigpondonly

    N. Korea threatening again...

    Another missle launch
  415. Bigpondonly

    new boat owner

    Sunset Marine in El Cajon...excellent service department!!! Aros Trailers offers a BD discount on trailer supplies!!!
  416. Bigpondonly

    Hooray for good samaritians!!!

    Glad they are all safe....good karma to the assisting boat.
  417. Bigpondonly

    Hooray for good samaritians!!! Anybody hear about this???
  418. Bigpondonly

    Another Mexican insurance question

    Thanks for doing all the homework for us Nick!!!
  419. Bigpondonly

    Padres break the Dodgers......

    Who gives a fuck. It's the PADRES
  420. Bigpondonly

    Padres break the Dodgers......

    Carlos Quintin now has more career sacks and tackles for loss than Larry English.
  421. Bigpondonly

    Sea Lion pup die-off 2013:

    MLPA's .....not enough fisherman to feed the seals.
  422. Bigpondonly


    Looking for input on a good quality pair of 7X50 binocs. What are your favorites? Not looking into a pair of image stabilized just yet, not in the budget. What brands/models give you best bang for your buck? What to look for, and to avoid. Thanks, Dave
  423. Bigpondonly

    New Laptop Advice
  424. Bigpondonly

    Catchy Tackle Spinner Baits --SHIRT'S

    A couple years ago he met me in No. County and gave me a bunch of skirts and mylar. I cant find his number now, I will do some research too...great guy and great product. I do believe Charkbait carries replacement skirts
  425. Bigpondonly

    Catchy Tackle Spinner Baits --SHIRT'S

    Call the mfgr., he will hook you up.
  426. Bigpondonly

    Furuno 1621 Radar Shuts Off After Warming UP

    If the dome is the problem, I have one from a NN2. I don't know if it's compatible, but I could send you Model and serial # to check with Furuno.
  427. Bigpondonly

    New Laptop Advice
  428. Bigpondonly

    Furuno 1621 Radar Shuts Off After Warming UP

    Try posting here... The tech moderators are very quick to respond to questions. Best of luck!!! Dave
  429. Bigpondonly

    Darwin award....
  430. Bigpondonly

    Best bank for financing a boat?

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: I just used U.S. Bank as well; their loan terms and interest rate are very competitive, actually lower than the credit unions were. They base their loan amount on wholesale book, so in my case I needed to come up with additional funding for my boat. And be SURE to ask your...
  431. Bigpondonly

    my son attacked

    Amazing Tom!!!! Glad to hear things are getting better. Prayer DOES work!!!
  432. Bigpondonly

    Yellows at Coronados on Pacific Voyager 4/5/13

    Was gonna ask how the breakfast burritos were on the PV....better not.
  433. Bigpondonly

    What setting should my ff be on???HELP
  434. Bigpondonly

    my son attacked

    Tom, how is everything going with your boy?
  435. Bigpondonly

    bermuda street in point loma /ocean beach

    Nah, just come in through the MB surf to deal with.
  436. Bigpondonly

    Teak Nightmares
  437. Bigpondonly

    "Fishing for baby seal at Children's Pool"

    1st annual BD Children's Pool Fishing Tournament????
  438. Bigpondonly

    Another Mexican insurance question

    Thanks Scott. Kimberly e-mailed me the policy yesterday, I can't cut/paste the PDF, or I would have posted it. The wording how they describe mexico is kind of confusing.
  439. Bigpondonly

    Another Mexican insurance question

    My policy states "not covered for losses that occur more than 75 nautical miles from the coast of the United States" Does not say specifically mexican waters are covered. The primary grounds (60mi., 1010 trench, 390, Hidden, etc.) are international waters within 75 miles. Agent ASSURED me I...
  440. Bigpondonly

    Have a safe fishing trip on the Pacific

    Dowel plugs and/or wax toilet bowl rings for emergency hull penetration repair. Mask and fins Hope you don't need either...
  441. Bigpondonly

    Rescuing furbags

    Its the MLPA'S. Not enough sportboats out there to feed them. Fuck them, sharks and crabs gotta eat too....
  442. Bigpondonly

    Another Mexican insurance question

    Hey all, I just checked with Norma at 5th ave., as they are my agents for my Progressive policy. I am covered into Mexican waters 50 miles. I didn't ask about trailering, as I don't have plans for that. Thanks to Sherm for chiming in, now go get that filner tool. Edit: Policy was just changed by...
  443. Bigpondonly

    Another Mexican insurance question

    Wow. I'm covered by Progressive as well, and like Mike, was told I was good in Mexican waters. Gonna make some calls tommorrow. Thanks Nick.
  444. Bigpondonly

    Suck it LeBron.........

  445. Bigpondonly

    Lurker from Alaska

    Cool video, thank you for sharing!!!!
  446. Bigpondonly

    another advantage for having a trailer spare tire

    Way to go Doc, thanks for posting. Might keep someone else from having a similar situation. I applaud your lack of pride and posting this up here. Better than a broken off root tip!!!
  447. Bigpondonly

    Another Mexican insurance question

    Nick, can I ask who you are with now? PM me if you don't want to put it out there. I was wondering about mex. insurance needed for Hotel Coral slip.
  448. Bigpondonly


    This guy could fix it....
  449. Bigpondonly


    Dog training at the Children's pool class starts a 7:00PM tonight.
  450. Bigpondonly

    New Ballast Point Beer garden for Padres @ Petco

    Who won Sherm's raffle???
  451. Bigpondonly

    Thanks to Boating Dynamics!!!

    For the quick turnaround on taking care of my Yamaha powered Parker. Great customer on Thursday morning, out on Friday morning. Robbie's shop is the go to place for you Yamaha owners. Not affiliated, just a satified customer. Dave
  452. Bigpondonly

    Getting Married.

    What's the lucky guy's name with whom you are tying the knot???
  453. Bigpondonly

    Wide Open Yellowtail on the MALIHINI! 3-21-2013

    I think Danny has plenty of credibility. I appreciate him sharing info. I wish he wouldn't post it here, and just leave it all on FD.
  454. Bigpondonly

    Battery/Fish finder issue

    Weak voltage...FF shuts down for self-preservation.
  455. Bigpondonly

    Childrens pool hooligans!

    When are you going to post a fish REPORT??? All of your threads started in the "Reports" since you've been on BD are some "sharkbite" or "Can't we start a lobster forum" bullshit. Jesus dude, go wet a line!!! Or go to the U/T's website with all the other shit-stirrers.
  456. Bigpondonly

    working radar

    If your other deals fall through, I have a Furuno Dome that came off my Navnet2, you will need head unit and cable.
  457. Bigpondonly

    No Cowcod allowed in Calif?

    "Mexican Cod Smuggler" it!!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  458. Bigpondonly

    New Raymarine displays...which way would you go?

    Word...much better customer service.
  459. Bigpondonly

    Offshore San diego on the yellows

    It always seems to happen this time of year. There will be the "What rod for my new ___?" or "What is the best color iron?" or the all time favorite "What do I need to fish in Mexican waters?" I attribute it to the post Fred Hall BD recruitment drive.
  460. Bigpondonly


    So tell us, much 25lb. mono did you get on your Zebco???
  461. Bigpondonly

    What's The Longest Time your cat has been gone (and come back)?

    We are in San Carlos Alan, my crazy cat wife has probably been feeding your cat for the past month.
  462. Bigpondonly

    Looking for used truck consumer reviews
  463. Bigpondonly

    Fishing Charter Recommendation Puerto Vallarta
  464. Bigpondonly

    My SEVENTH "thread".......'nuf said.

    Building taller soapbox...
  465. Bigpondonly

    Fishing Charter Recommendation Puerto Vallarta

    Manny took good care of me...
  466. Bigpondonly

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    Are those the 1/2hr. or 1hr. rates?
  467. Bigpondonly

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    Ex-lurker needs to write both of them a letter....
  468. Bigpondonly

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    Bunch of Mensa's...taking on a fueling ship???? WTF???
  469. Bigpondonly

    My FIFTH post...or "thread"...with one reply.....Its going to get personal boys...

    I think Ali and Jason should give him a BD Outdoors column.
  470. Bigpondonly

    My FOURTH post...some of you guys really need mental help...

    I remember when people smoked in grocery stores. And on airplanes. Remember when people would have to jump up/down on their bumpers to get their cars separated???
  471. Bigpondonly

    My FOURTH post...some of you guys really need mental help...

    You forgot about the cookies in the oven...don't worry, we got your back oldtimer. It's how we roll on BD.
  472. Bigpondonly

    Where to buy plastic molds
  473. Bigpondonly

    Sequestration-I'm screwed

  474. Bigpondonly

    My THIRD a few friends...

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  475. Bigpondonly

    Sequestration-I'm screwed

    Maybe we can enlist Sherm's help to get the ball rolling....:fighting0061::fighting0061:
  476. Bigpondonly

    Sequestration-I'm screwed

    THIS....!!!!! Congressional Reform Act of 2012 1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they're out of office. 2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional...
  477. Bigpondonly

    Sequestration-I'm screwed

    Start at the top...5% pay and benefit cuts at the white house, congress, senators, etc.....AND all their staff as well.
  478. Bigpondonly

    what do you think

    Shhhhh....don't tell Ryan Leaf or Gaither about this!!!!
  479. Bigpondonly


  480. Bigpondonly

    My THIRD a few friends...

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  481. Bigpondonly

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...
  482. Bigpondonly


    Call 911 and report a fire everyday he sparks it up. Just doing your civic duty.
  483. Bigpondonly

    SECOND post to a few LESS idiots...

    I think it's the kindler, gentler Byeye. Incognito, of course.
  484. Bigpondonly

    La Jolla MLPA DFG watching you

    LIKE!!! By this DFG agent's (or whatever they are called now) reasoning, one would not be able to transit a closed MLPA sector while in posession of fish caught outside of closure area. I would think they would have to witness you "taking" fish in a closed area.
  485. Bigpondonly

    La Jolla MLPA DFG watching you

    Sorry to hear about the hassle Nick. How did the Sea-suspension work for you today?
  486. Bigpondonly

    Do you have a pill problem? I do.

    In addition to plenty of water and food to flush your system, it will also be helpful to rub one out everytime you feel the need. The BOTD forum can be your best friend!!!!
  487. Bigpondonly

    Do you have a pill problem? I do.

    Good for you bro...been there, done this. LOTS of water to flush your system will help.
  488. Bigpondonly

    Ex LAPD/Ex Navy Christopher Dorner

    He's coming as Barry Bonds stunt double???
  489. Bigpondonly

    Lifesling 2 Overboard Rescue System, Type I Offshore PFD's, etc.

    Hey Nate, Broyles buddy Dave. I'll take the 2 type I's...PM sent with contact info.
  490. Bigpondonly

    Ex LAPD/Ex Navy Christopher Dorner

    He's gonna be laying low, waiting for the funeral services. His manifesto spoke of "concentrated HVT's". Nowhere near that mountain by now.
  491. Bigpondonly

    Ex LAPD/Ex Navy Christopher Dorner

    That uncensored manefesto....holy shit.
  492. Bigpondonly

    NFL player arrested for kicking his BF ass

    Better than getting his ass socket blown up and having a steel plate there!!!
  493. Bigpondonly

    Microwave for 1000w generator

    Bring on the burritos!!! Thanks for sharing the pics Brian Dave
  494. Bigpondonly

    2006 Parker 2820XLD sport cabin $61,000 reduced

    Try running that by the bank...they don't care.
  495. Bigpondonly

    Microwave for 1000w generator

    Hey Brian, could you post some pics of your microwave install? Was thinking of putting one in my Parker as well. Thanks Dave
  496. Bigpondonly

    20% TO 40% OFF ON FORD PARTS

    Just picked up a new 2012 F-250 from the folks at Sunrise Ford, specifically Bobby Williams and Ricky Estes in the fleet dept. Not affiliated in any way, in fact, I drove from San Diego to Fontanta to pickup this awesome deal...beat any price in S.D. by a HUGE margin. Well worth the drive. This...
  497. Bigpondonly

    Chargers new GM is

    There already is one. It's in the "Jokes Forum"
  498. Bigpondonly

    New sled (to me)

    Are those wheelie bars I see?
  499. Bigpondonly

    Huell Howser Dies

    Shows were great. I've been trying for months to find the one they did on the history behind Diamond Valley reservoir. RIP
  500. Bigpondonly

    Let's See Your Kids Fishing Pics!

    Then...and now.
  501. Bigpondonly

    Parker owners..rear seat/table ideas?

    If the seats are thru-bolted to the cabinet, you could replace the underside hardware with stainless wingnuts for quick removal of the seats. Or mount the seats on a base similar to this one. Then fab up a table out of starboard to use in it's place when you dont need the seat.
  502. Bigpondonly

    Firing Norv Turner

    LIKE......We led the league in sacks given up. Give us a O-line that can block. Rivers does the job when not on his back; and maybe our next head coachs' play calling won't be as "predictable"
  503. Bigpondonly

    Parker owners..rear seat/table ideas?

    Nick, can you post up a couple pics of your seats?
  504. Bigpondonly

    Firing Norv Turner

    Norval is going to the.....wait for it.................. BEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  505. Bigpondonly

    Raiders vs Chargers

  506. Bigpondonly

    Firing Norv Turner

    It's gonna be the Saint's O-coordinator, Pete Carmichael. Or Brian Billick
  507. Bigpondonly

    Firing Norv Turner

    They do....
  508. Bigpondonly

    Firing Norv Turner

    One endzone should be painted "GOODBYE NORV" and the other "GOODBYE AJ" !!!!
  509. Bigpondonly

    VHF "play back"

    I think VA will also give you radio check.
  510. Bigpondonly

    View from Camera on Space Shuttle's booster cup holders.
  511. Bigpondonly

    View from Camera on Space Shuttle's booster

    That's awesome Deb, thanks for sharing!!!
  512. Bigpondonly

    New member saying Hi

  513. Bigpondonly

    New member saying Hi

  514. Bigpondonly

    Want a Parker pilothouse?...CHEEEAP??...Here ya go...

    Rob's got thicker skin than me. Seems like everytime he throws some kind of deal up for BDer's, it turns into a whining tampon-fest for a bunch of butthurtyoudontcallmewhatsthelowestyoucangohowcanigetaholdofyou bitch-fest. If you aren't a buyer, or have any positive input about the vessel for...
  515. Bigpondonly

    Made in China

    What's for dinner?
  516. Bigpondonly


    Grandma re-gifted you...she's no dummy.
  517. Bigpondonly

    Raiders vs Chargers

  518. Bigpondonly

    Tuna weather at Tanner Bank

    Yep....built a new computer and forgot to transfer the link to the site.
  519. Bigpondonly

    Tuna weather at Tanner Bank

    Who's in....????? Wind Direction (WDIR): NW ( 320 deg true ) Wind Speed (WSPD): 27.2 kts Wind Gust (GST): 33.0 kts Wave Height (WVHT): 17.1 ft Dominant Wave Period (DPD): 10 sec Average Period (APD): 7.9 sec Mean Wave Direction (MWD): NW ( 320 deg true )
  520. Bigpondonly

    Panthers beat the living shit out of the Chargers thread

    They can have this one.....
  521. Bigpondonly

    Truline, Fenwick, Newell 322,Shimanos,more

    $100 for these three....Trinidad 16, 16n 40n
  522. Bigpondonly

    Like...where did it go?

    It's only temporary...the new button will be "lick"
  523. Bigpondonly

    Elementary School Shooting

    Was in shock and couldn't focus all day at work. Hell my kid is 21 now and bigger than me, but he'll always be my little boy. Changing my avatar to pics of my son. Rest in peace little ones, educators....prayers to all the families of the dead, and prayers to the living victims as well.
  524. Bigpondonly

    Rods and Float Tube

    Thanks for the rod Matt. Bump for gear that's in great condition.
  525. Bigpondonly

    Cleaning off the black stuff

    Soft scrub....easy peazy
  526. Bigpondonly

    DFG called my cell

    Maybe they were looking for handouts?????
  527. Bigpondonly

    Rods and Float Tube

    PM sent on the 7'6" Crucial Dave
  528. Bigpondonly

    Chargers kick the living shit out of the Steelers thread

    Scott gets sworn in....Chargers win. I see a trend here. Keep up the good work Councilman Sherm.
  529. Bigpondonly

    surf fishing cabo at night?

    Email Minerva's she'll hook you up. She's got pics of some guy catching HUGE sharks from shore in her place. Great place to stop in while you're in Cabo.
  530. Bigpondonly

    Wedding announcement

    Oh.....I thought it was a welding announcement
  531. Bigpondonly

    Cat problem

    WTF??? Whining about a little cat problem? If you can't take care of that, maybe sell the boat and take up streetball. NY'ers just survived terrorist attacks, a hurricane, Rex Ryan and you're getting owned by a CAT? Next....
  532. Bigpondonly

    23 foot Trophy Walkaround

    Congrats on the sale Nick, now you can enjoy that pilothouse!!!
  533. Bigpondonly

    Bye Norve, Bye A.J.

    Jimmy Ray??? Or Spanos jr.??? Didn't they evaluate all this "talent" that has been drafted lately?
  534. Bigpondonly

    surf fishing cabo at night?

    Hit up one of the markets, get some shrimp or squid, a 12 pack and a lawn chair. Done deal.
  535. Bigpondonly

    Cheap fishfinder

    I think I found something in your price range.....
  536. Bigpondonly

    Wanna Read a GREAT LR Report?

    Found it....thanks!!!!
  537. Bigpondonly

    Wanna Read a GREAT LR Report?

    What's Allcoast???
  538. Bigpondonly

    Fireman Ed

    Rex and Sanchez are prolly coming to the spanos dog and pony show...
  539. Bigpondonly

    1990 22' Radoncraft

    Back to the first page. Can't believe this boat hasn't sold, and Chris is a great guy.....
  540. Bigpondonly

    BlackFriday Deals

    Anybody got any good fishing/boating black friday deals going on???
  541. Bigpondonly

    One more Superstition Mountains trip with Pops.

    I call BS WITH pics....he's a politician now for god's sake!!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  542. Bigpondonly

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    Wow...wish my wife would help work on the boat.
  543. Bigpondonly

    Thank god tHe enviro-nazi's are there to save the bass world...

    City lakes post reports for LMB inclusive of fish released. Sportboats could do similar in their counts to let the folks perusing the catch reports make their decision whether they think they fishing is "good" enough to go spend their dollars. We would quickly find out if it's about "fishing"...
  544. Bigpondonly

    Winterize SoCal style

    There's a winter in San Diego?
  545. Bigpondonly

    Hoopers in the channel...

    What is the best reel for my 9' jigstick?
  546. Bigpondonly

    Who broke the web-site??

    Looks like it went on a diet....forums are skinny. But it DOES allow for more/bigger ads. Hey, whaddya want for free?
  547. Bigpondonly

    ? BD voice pop ups SPAM SHIT

    I leave the sound muted unless i'm watching porn....
  548. Bigpondonly

    Octopus looking lure

    Have had many a ling puke up an octopus when it hit the deck....
  549. Bigpondonly

    LED Lighting

  550. Bigpondonly

    LED Lighting

    Good looking out Frank, fixed it. I'm blind from tightening ALL the screws, nuts, bolts, and misc. fastening hardware on the boat today. And I'm a dumbass.
  551. Bigpondonly

    LED Lighting Ran across this place looking for a replacement bulb. Ended up getting LED's to replace all my navigation/courtesy/cockpit lighting bulbs for under $100. Great site to navigate, easy to use and helpful. Great warranty too! Not affiliated in any way, just a satified...
  552. Bigpondonly

    What your longest run for a private boater under 35'

    Very nice!!!!!!! You like apples Tex???
  553. Bigpondonly

    22' CapeCraft Center Console

    Sold. No problem Chris, hope you enjoy.
  554. Bigpondonly

    Evinrude Mechanic

    Have you tried Sunset Marine in El Cajon? Great service dept. there as well.
  555. Bigpondonly

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    Wow. He will be missed. One of the true originals.
  556. Bigpondonly

    San Diego CHEATERS????

    Stick-em??? WTF??? The Chargers need Block-em, Tackle-em, Pass Rush-em, Conerback-em, and most of all......Head coach-em!!!!!!
  557. Bigpondonly

    Tackle store of the past

    Forgot about Poway B/T....And Dana, bought my first ever newell there 25plus years ago. What about SQC down off logan? That place was like a fishermans walmart!!!
  558. Bigpondonly

    Tackle store of the past

    Remember "B&R" tackle in spring valley? Bob's in Casa De Oro?
  559. Bigpondonly

    Latest T-Top from PYT.

    Nice work Tom!!!! This one you made is 10 years old. Still going strong and looks great. Testimony to your craftsmanship!!!!
  560. Bigpondonly

    22' CapeCraft Center Console

    PM replied to. Cody, the canvas was made by the guy who does all the work for Sea Witch Marine in Vista, I can't remember his name.
  561. Bigpondonly

    22' CapeCraft Center Console

    Sold 2001 CapeCraft CC; 2001 150HP Mercury Optimax, serviced and dyno tuned by Sunset Marine 10/12, New compressor, complete tune-up including waterpump, thermostats, plugs, filters, lower-end service. Very reliable and economical, approx. 2-2.5 mpg depending on load. PYT T-Top w/6 Rod Holders...
  562. Bigpondonly

    Mercury outboard mechanic in SD

    Sunset Marine in El Cajon is also top notch. Mike is awesome OB mechanic, staff is great.
  563. Bigpondonly

    Mercury outboard mechanic in SD

    Marshall Marine 3781 Bancroft Drive Spring Valley, CA 91977 (619) 464-6647 Bruce is one of the best, most honest, reliable mechanics I've ever used.
  564. Bigpondonly

    bait tank light...

    Always. I just hang one through the hole in the bait tank lid.
  565. Bigpondonly


    Cheifs after game snacks....
  566. Bigpondonly


    I've seen this movie. This is the part where Norval takes his foot off the gas and the other team catches up and wins.
  567. Bigpondonly

    Need welder

    Thank you Frank!!!
  568. Bigpondonly

    Need welder

    Looking for someone in San Diego (east county) to do very small job on a cracked stainless bow rail. Thanks Dave
  569. Bigpondonly

    Chargers play a 3-4, yes???

    "I didn't know Burger King played a 3-4 defense".....OWNED!!!
  570. Bigpondonly

    427-pound Yellowfin Tuna in Baja

    Gonna need a 55 gallon drum of mayo to make sandwiches with that big boy.....
  571. Bigpondonly

    New RevoToro 50 or Inshore?

    Toro fiddy
  572. Bigpondonly

    Official Mc Fadden runs over AFC west thread

    Raiders signed new long snapper today. This guy's the real deal.
  573. Bigpondonly

    Offshore What you might find south of the border

    I put everone's ID and license in the same gallon ziplock bag together. No license, no get on the boat.
  574. Bigpondonly

    Official Mc Fadden runs over AFC west thread

    Won't work....a Jamarcus Russell jersey will always be a loser's jersey.
  575. Bigpondonly

    Nice Dorado School VIDEO

    Wow very cool. They don't seem to do quite the acrobatics when they've got a spear shaft running through them!!!
  576. Bigpondonly


    How would you know anything about a scale? 84 posts on BD, not one involved you with a fish. Searched for "Fish reports posted by seymour" and came up with "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms."
  577. Bigpondonly

    Lighten the fuck up "management"

    I just re-read this whole thread now that it's in this forum....and now it's really funny.
  578. Bigpondonly

    Lighten the fuck up "management"

    Hahaha!!! Instead of closing it, maybe they could have moved it here...
  579. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Last run for the Long Run? 9-2-2012 @ the pens

    Way to go Shawn...Nate will be back with another boat. Has been great buddy boating with you guys and Broyles. Dave
  580. Bigpondonly

    Baja Bound? Kelp? Nine-Mile Dodos? DVL? Sierras?...Check this one out!

    So, you got any 22'-23' pilothouses in stock Rob? Wife says we gotta get rid of this center console. PM if you want. Dave
  581. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Weather Update 8/22

    Not working with firefox....
  582. Bigpondonly

    Red Rooster III 5-Day 8/11-8/16 (Tons of Pics)

    Thanks for sharing the report of your trip Chris. And another thanks for the weather updates, it's a shame none of our local (SD) guys ever thought of it...but truly appreciate yours. Maybe a move to SD? You'd be closer to the fish!!! And no triple digit summer temps! Maybe when John Coleman...
  583. Bigpondonly

    Launch Ramp Etiquette

    Maybe he left the kids there to watch the boat while he hoofed it over to west marine to get the drain plug he forgot?
  584. Bigpondonly

    How bout this for a camping rig!!

    only 70 gallons of fuel???
  585. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 8/12 Finger bank produces!!!!

    Did it look like this one???
  586. Bigpondonly

    Pay Attention!!!
  587. Bigpondonly

    My dog just met a skunk

    Tried that with my German Shepard, but she didn't appreciate my insertion technique. When we were finished though, all the neighborhood male dogs were lined up to get a whiff....
  588. Bigpondonly

    My dog just met a skunk

    That nature's miracle stuff works good....used it several time om my german shepard.
  589. Bigpondonly

    Evinrude Mechanic

    Marshall Marine (619) 464-6647 3781 Bancroft Dr, Spring Valley, CA Bruce is a great guy, takes care of a lot of BD'ers
  590. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 7/31 local banks

  591. Bigpondonly

    Fries with that salute?

    Eastbound 52 @ convoy
  592. Bigpondonly


    Us too....headed to Bahamas in 3 weeks.
  593. Bigpondonly

    International Star Auctioned today for $50k

    Was it Hustler???
  594. Bigpondonly

    Offshore 106 miles of paddy hopping

    Nice report, appreciate the info. You'll find them!!!
  595. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Gear Check 2.5 day

    No problem bro. Make sure to let us know if you need driving directions to the landing.
  596. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Gear Check 2.5 day

    Like I said already, there is an appropriate forum. Nevermind though, waste of my time.
  597. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Gear Check 2.5 day

    Maybe post in the correct forum, i.e. (Fishing Chit Chat (58 Viewing) Fishing Tips, Questions, How To's, Discussion) BEFORE your trip...and when you return, enlighten us with tales of your slayfest report. Or do a search, I'm sure the question has only been asked and answered a couple of dozen...
  598. Bigpondonly

    Will this wiring catch on fire?

    Smoke is the thing that makes electrical circuits work; we know this to be true because every time one lets the smoke out of an electrical system, it stops working. This has been verified repeatedly through empirical testing by countless EE212 students. When, for example, the smoke escapes...
  599. Bigpondonly

    03 Parker 2520Xl

    It says I'm guessing $53,000USD. Beautiful boat BTW.
  600. Bigpondonly

    Chinese Hurdler Doesn't care

    Are they midgets?
  601. Bigpondonly

    Reel repairs

  602. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Bluefin on 1 and 3/4 Day Boats

    Fuggetaboudit....everybody knows the fish don't bite on weekends.
  603. Bigpondonly

    Boat Trailer Parts

    Aros trailers in El Cajon. BD discount, they are GREAT!!!!!!
  604. Bigpondonly

    BD not displaying correct on firefox

    Mine's fine as well.
  605. Bigpondonly

    Vessell Assist (Boat US)..........

    I renewed online...paid same as Nate. But I didn't get a tasty burger. Dave
  606. Bigpondonly

    Vessell Assist (Boat US)..........

    Online...I looked through all my flyers and didn't see any special offers. What did you find?
  607. Bigpondonly

    Vessell Assist (Boat US)..........

    I checked everywhere for the past couple luck. Pulled the trigger just now.
  608. Bigpondonly

    6/29 Oceanside to La Jolla aboard the Sea Trek

    Wow, thanks for the on-the-water info!!!! Dave
  609. Bigpondonly


    If it's $$$ they need, why don't they just go back to making us get boat permits in addition to used to be much simpler.
  610. Bigpondonly

    Good Read for Bass Anglers fishing the LB Break-Wall

    I'm in...I'm in S.D. and have never fished the wall. You never know, Zuniga might be next!!!
  611. Bigpondonly

    Need f'ing computer help!

    Register here.... Ask your question of these guys. Not trying to be a dick, but guys on this site are as knowledgeable and helpful about anything "tekkie" as guys on BD are about fishin'. Good luck!!! Dave
  612. Bigpondonly

    Offshore Team Hanna catches Blue Fin Tuna 6/9!!!!! (Full Report & Pix added)

    Nice job guys!!! Curious, why did you get the visas? I thought we didn't need them outside 20 miles? Awesome report!!!
  613. Bigpondonly


    Bump for the same boat I have....excellent fishing platform!
  614. Bigpondonly

    Wakeboard, Towable Tube, Ropes, Etc.

    Hey Jay, is that a tube rope/harness in the pic on the far right? I'll take that. Are you still working in San Carlos? Dave
  615. Bigpondonly

    Asking for too much? Condo in East Cape

    I know next to Palmas De Cortez they have some pretty nice condos available. Check their website.
  616. Bigpondonly

    Collision suspected in yacht mishap that killed 3
  617. Bigpondonly

    Fish Storage to save space

    catch small fish....
  618. Bigpondonly

    Laptop for my son
  619. Bigpondonly

    What Did u get for Christmas ??

    A new head coach and possibly a GM as well......
  620. Bigpondonly

    Latos traded to Reds!!!
  621. Bigpondonly

    mlpa closures

    Map PDF file Boundary: This area includes the waters below the mean high tide line within San Elijo Lagoon southeastward of a straight line between the following two points: 33° 00.980' N. lat. 117° 16.857' W. long.; and 33° 00.962' N. lat. 117° 16.850' W. long. Permitted/Prohibited...
  622. Bigpondonly

    mlpa closures

    No swimming, surfing this area??? That's gonna be fun to watch being enforced...
  623. Bigpondonly

    Polishing Gel Coat

    I would check with CaptainCabo....(no disrespect intended for Gonzo25's knowledge and advise)
  624. Bigpondonly

    Who should the San Diego Chargers hire for their next head coach?

    ESPN is reporting the Chargers have reached a deal with a new head coach; he is flying to Jacksonville to take over the team for Monday's game.