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  1. Kool-Aid

    Sportfisher charter recommendations

    Headed down to Cabo at the end of the month (between the big tournaments). I’ve seen a lot of recommendations for panga style charters but no recommendations for the 35-40 foot class of boats. Does anyone have any recommendations for those charters that run something bigger than a super panga?
  2. Kool-Aid

    anyone with a killbag for sale?

    Figured before I ordered one somewhere....if any of you have a NEW (not used) Kill bag for sale...shoot me a PM with the size and what you want for it. Thanks,
  3. Kool-Aid

    Westport Moorage available...short term

    Turn N Burn is headed back to the lake this weekend. Have a haul out scheduled and will be trying to run a few sunset cruises on Lake Union. My slip will be available after Sunday through the first week or so of July before I'm going to get it back. $400 sound reasonable??? Just calculated...
  4. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater New Captain with a business on float 12

    Just wanted to finally let everyone know that I decided to pull the trigger and start a charter service this year. Come say Hi on Float 12. We should be making the trip around the corner mid April. I have sort of a crazy year planned with halibut trips in May, then running the boat back to...
  5. Kool-Aid

    Anyone looking for a troll/halibut boat set up?

    I figured I would post this up here before looking at marketplace or anywhere that I would have to ship. Anyone looking for a 4 rod set up that can double duty for halibut or can be used for trolling albacore??? Anyone interested shoot me a pm. I can send more pictures, just pm me your cell...
  6. Kool-Aid

    Shimano Trinidad 16DC used

    Sold Selling a used 16DC Has some outside wear but the reel mostly took boat rides and didn't really get used too much. Only used to cast into jumpers if we got luck enough to slide up on them. Asking $850 OBO
  7. Kool-Aid

    I’ve asked this of others...but this seems like a good place to get feedback.

    Currently trying to decide between going with the valiant 300 or the Fury 400N for albacore. everyone has said the fury is the way to go...but there’s something bad ass about the valiant when I have it in my hand. Assuming you were outfitting your boat...which reel would your choose to use for...
  8. Kool-Aid

    Accurate boss 870 magnum.

    Linking my post in the Washington forum. Willing to ship
  9. Kool-Aid

    Couple of lamiglass rods

    I’ve used all of these as bait sticks although the inside ones are a little on the light size. $40 each. If you buy all three then I will make It $100.
  10. Kool-Aid

    PENN international 30 reels

    Not sure if any interest on this vintage of a reel but they are indestructible and these have been better taken care of than what I have seen on the market. Asking $325 including shipping. That price is for each. Also please note that there will be no line with these. Reel #2
  11. Kool-Aid

    Avet HX 4.2 reels

    Not sure this is acceptable but rather than Reload a bunch of’s the link to the Washington classified. willing to ship for those out of state.
  12. Kool-Aid

    Pair of AVET MXJ reels

    Sold. I have a couple of avet mxj reels for sale. One with magnetic cast one without. Both spooled with ace hollow core braid. To take advantage you would need to have someone make a loop with needles for tightest top shot.
  13. Kool-Aid

    Avet HX 4.2

    I have 3 avet HX 4.2 single speed reels I would like to sell. Asking $250 for each of them. Would like to sell all three to one person and would discount to $730 for all 3 We used these for halibut and trolling reels for tuna. All spooled with braid thats in the 60-80 lb range. reel #1...
  14. Kool-Aid

    Penn Albacore Lever drag reels

    SOLD. Only one pictured but have two in the same condition. Spooled with 50lb braid. Ready for a new top shot and are fishable. Have under 10 trips on them. Model is Fathom FTH30LD Retailed at Sportco for around $230 and then paid for line. Asking $175 each.
  15. Kool-Aid

    Accurate boss magnum 870 twin drag

    For sale is an Accurate Boss Magnum 870 twin drag With power handle. Single speed reel with zero use. Spooled at one point but not used. Do not have box. Asking $280.
  16. Kool-Aid

    FLIR MD625

    Anyone on here running a FLIR MD 625 ? Looks like it is has a lot better resolution than the lower version but it’s has a fixed position. On some forums the flir stuff gets mixed reviews in morning situations where things like crab pots have sat on the water all day. Trying to figure out if...
  17. Kool-Aid

    Any spearfishers? Koah Fastback

    I had all intentions of getting back into diving and it just didn't play out that way. Koah fastback 45" in almost perfect condition. It hasn't been in the water. Purchased from a guy who got it, had a baby and, like me realized his plan wasn't going to happen. Asking $400
  18. Kool-Aid

    Misc Archery stuff

    T.R.U. Ball release. Not sure of exact model but know I paid almost $100 for it. Sticker shows tested to 100lbs. Asking $60.00 I have some arrows that have never been used...and some that have. Read pictures if you can. Gold tip Velocity 400 spines 30"1/2 dozen are new in the box the...
  19. Kool-Aid

    Hoyt Maxxis 31

    I have a Hoyt Maxxis 31 that has been sitting around for a few years. IT’S LEFT HANDED i can’t remember the draw length but pull was 50lb. has an eliminator pro site (kind where you don’t have to use the peep hole). And a stabilizer. Asking $320.00 for bow, sight, stabilizer and the case...
  20. Kool-Aid

    Ford undercover tonneau cover

    Ended up getting a canopy. anyone with a Ford f150 with the 5.5 box this is a great little tonneau cover for cheap. All hardware included. Including keys. Undercover model number is 2146 so you can look it up but should fit 2009-2014 5.5 beds. It’s not absolutely pristine but gets the job...
  21. Kool-Aid

    WTB primers

    As the title says....I’m looking for some large rifle BR-2 or 210M primers...anyone have some they are willing to sell?
  22. Kool-Aid

    9mm and 10mm ammo for sale

    I have some ammo for sale. Sorry it’s not cheap...but its less than market rate at a store...if you could even find it. 300 rounds of 9mm. About 3 months old $30 per box 200 rounds of 10mm. About 3-6 month $30 per box 500 rounds of brand new federal American eagle 10mm $35 per box
  23. Kool-Aid

    Tribal calendar for crabbing and semi-rant.

    Is there a tribal calendar somewhere for their crabbing schedule? What I witnessed yesterday in 8-2 was something I have never in my life seen and I hope the area stays open for us recreational guys through the end of the year as the pressure I saw in one day was equal to a month of...
  24. Kool-Aid

    WTB over under shotgun

    If you have a 12 gauge O/U that might be a safe queen you are looking to get rid of please shoot me a pm. looking for a 5 stand/hunting type over under...not just a trap gun. needs are something in the 28” inch range, choke tubes, and NOT a beretta.
  25. Kool-Aid

    Captain’s license courses

    I’ve been toying with the idea of getting my captains license (6 pack). I’m rolling a bigger boat now and just feel maybe it’s time to bump my knowledge up a notch. Having said that I can’t take a week off work and was hoping for online or night classes. I saw something on Craigslist theough...
  26. Kool-Aid

    Westport slip available starting Saturday

    Turn N Burn is headed back to the lake Saturday morning. My 40 foot slip will then be available for the remainder of the year as I don't have any intention of coming back before 2021. If you are interested in subleasing please PM me. Based on the way the year is going tuna should be good well...
  27. Kool-Aid

    Love it when a plan comes together Turn N Burn has arrived

    Well after countless hours of Getting her dialed in since December when she arrived this was the weekend for the run from Lake Union to Westport. Mapping it on my iPad I figured close to 250 miles. It ended up being right at 230 miles. With the logistics of getting it through the locks and...
  28. Kool-Aid

    Want to buy: Kill bags for sale

    Anyone have a new/almost new kill bag they have sitting around and want to sell? could use one...maybe two. and looking new or in great condition...not one slathered with RTV silicone or 5200
  29. Kool-Aid

    Race for the Blue 2020

    Saw a thread about the 2019 tournament but nothing about whether or not any BDers gave it a go. If you did...what was the experience like??? It seems like a HUGE commitment, not just on the $$ side of things. But sometimes bold move yield bold results. And yes...I'm entertaining an entrance...
  30. Kool-Aid

    Bait Tank pump recommendation

    Boat is in the yard about to get my new 48 gallon bluewater tank installed. I'm looking at pump options. Randy from Bluewater is recommending the Jabsco Cyclone pump but it's a below the waterline style pump. While it may be a great pump I'm still worried about an air lock AND trying to find...
  31. Kool-Aid

    June Westport Moorage

    If anyone is looking for moorage for the rest of the month in Westport shoot me a pm. My slip is most likely not going to be used by me until the first week of July. I think it's as simple as a note to the marina office.
  32. Kool-Aid

    Rupp center rigger

    Rupp center outrigger for sale. Pole only. No base. 1.5 inch base. 16’from end to the top of the tip. Will ship out of Washington state. Asking $250.00
  33. Kool-Aid

    Rupp Center outrigger pole

    Next to impossible to take a good picture extended. Three pieces, two collars and a tip 16’ Rupp center outrigger Overall length. Pole only, do not have a base. Looks to fit an 1.5 ID base. Pole typically retails over $500. Asking $250 as it’s older and shows some wear.
  34. Kool-Aid

    Who was looking for reel/rod donations?

    I can't remember who was looking for reel and rod donations...or if I even read it here or if it was somewhere else. I was cleaning the garage and I have some older penn reels and might have a rod or two to donate to the cause.
  35. Kool-Aid

    22-26 ft outriggers

    Let me know if you have any 22-26ft outriggers with a 1.5 base that you are looking to get rid of AND WILLING TO SHIP TO WASHINGTON. looking to just get something a little longer than the ones I currently have. NOT looking for ultra expensive carbon fiber stuff.
  36. Kool-Aid

    WTB...22ft outriggers

    If any of you see any 22-26 foot outriggers for sale...or have any for sale...let me know. im not looking for the $4,000 carbon fiber style. Just something a little longer than what I have. must have 1.5 inch base.
  37. Kool-Aid

    Off topic. Used jet ski recommendations

    I had a co worker ask me about used jet skis for her family to use on the lake. That’s completely out of my wheelhouse of knowledge but I told her I would ask around to see if anyone could offer up any ideas on the subject. Is there anything that’s a viable sit down style jet ski that can be...
  38. Kool-Aid

    Drift sock or sea anchor

    Looking for a large drift sock or sea anchor for my Carolina classic. boat is 25,000 the bigger tube better. pm me witch what you have. Would need to be able to ship to Washington state.
  39. Kool-Aid

    Westport crab pot setup

    Well as I’m getting near rounding the corner with Turn N Burn To put her in her slip, it brings up the idea of crabbing out of Westport. I’ve done it exactly once and it was too long ago for me to remember if I did well or not. Just remember a lot of females. How do you guys set your stuff up...
  40. Kool-Aid

    New set of rod holders

    Well I’m getting closer to getting the new to me boat ready for my april departure to Westport. Shout out to Nick and Colin Rudnick for finding a way to squeeze my project in. If you need some customer stuff done...these are your guys. A few pics. Rod holders may be added at a further date...
  41. Kool-Aid

    Aluminum tower/rod holder repair recommendations

    Shit is happening fast and I'm behind the 8 ball. I wanted to do something with my aluminum arch to add rod holders. Who do you guys recommend? I've used Who Dat and they do great work....but logistically the boat is in Everett and they are in Centrailia. far as...
  42. Kool-Aid

    Lift Raft or Survival Suits

    Curious as to what everyone's thoughts are on the subject. I have a 6 person raft that came with the boat but it is going to be due for a repack so I've got to figure I'm going to be in it $700-$1000 It takes up a lot of room in the cabin and is a pain in the ass to always be finding a spot...
  43. Kool-Aid

    Electra-mate 612-pm w/penn

    Selling a elec-tra-mate 612-pm reel with a penn 114H 6/0 senator reel. $300.
  44. Kool-Aid

    Cannon swivel mount w/rod holder

    Two cannon swivel mounts attached to angled cannon rod holders. assuming Cannon hasn’t changed their mounting holes in years but these were for older magnum 10a looking to sell as a pair $150.00 for both.
  45. Kool-Aid

    Albacore spreader bars

    Tell me what you have. looking to buy some spreader bars this season for our albacore fishery.
  46. Kool-Aid

    Garmin 3D vision card w/relief pics

    Well a few of you pm’d me asking me to let them know about the Garmin vision card if I got it. So I figured I would share with everyone so they can see it. Bottom line is that it’s not going to be for everyone but it’s a great visual representation of what’s going on under the water. Bottom...
  47. Kool-Aid

    Recommendation Fiberglas guy for custom transom bait tank

    Well the new boat has a transom live well the wasn’t quite as big as I wanted. So I’m faced with two options. 1) buy and oval tank and put it in the middle of the dance floor. Could add a little table to it and it be a nice addition but it will take up a lot of room in the middle and because...
  48. Kool-Aid

    Furuno electronic package. radar, mfd12 and fcv-585

    Expanding my reach outside of Washington state. Here's the link to the ad
  49. Kool-Aid

    Vault rotor/hub combo

    Garage cleaning continues. Vault hub $75 or make me an offer. I think these are $150 or more online but I’m too lazy to look it up right now so if anyone wants to make sure I’m not gouging...feel free. see pics for parts details. Vault 5 lug hub and bearing combo. New and never used. If you...
  50. Kool-Aid

    Viking life raft

    Viking 4 person life raft. OFFFSHORE MODEL. Needs repack as of 2/19 New boat and I need a bigger one so selling this. gone 5/31
  51. Kool-Aid

    Furuno set up for sale. Open Array Radar. MFD. Fish finder

    all sold. Pulled some gear off the new to me boat for an electronics swap. Up for sale is the stuff I removed. All in good working order Furuno FCV 585. Asking $500. Furuno Navnet3d MFD12 asking $600.00 Furuno 6kw DRS6A radar asking $1300 SOLD Product link as it will work on this...
  52. Kool-Aid

    Coated cannon downrigger balls

    Pair of 8lb cannon coated downrigger balls PLUS the clips on them. Coating is Ok but not perfect $30 for the pair with the clips
  53. Kool-Aid

    3 cannon downriggers for sale

    All sold. Guys selling three cannon downriggers that came with the new boat. I kept my high speed scotty’s when I sold my boat so I don’t need these asking $150 each. if you feel that’s too high...shoot me a pm and I might entertain a lower price 2 magnum 10A 1 marlin HP. The magnums have a...
  54. Kool-Aid

    Highs and lows of 9 footitis

    Well she’s here....she fired up like a champ...slid her into her slip and the next day loaded the family up to go drop some crab pots. Three days off mixed with Christmas and my week on the water was set...or so I thought. I’ve never called the coast guard or sea tow or been set adrift...but...
  55. Kool-Aid

    Garmin G3 worth it?

    anyone running the G3 charts? There’s a sale on them with a rebate. Just curious if anyone is running them.
  56. Kool-Aid

    Something wicked this way comes

    Some of you know via Facebook...but I figured I would celebrate here as well. This beast will be working it’s way from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest next month. I’m beyond excited...and a little nervous because it’s game changer in how I handle it and what my capabilities on the water...
  57. Kool-Aid

    World Cat 266sf

    SOLD.... Ink is drying on the contract for the new time to put the current one up for sale. She’s treated me well for 4 years and I’m hoping I can keep it on the west coast for someone else to enjoy. Those that have been on it know how well it rides. It’s a fish killing machine that...
  58. Kool-Aid

    1999 World Cat 266sf

    Well I finally moved up and now it’s time to sell the current boat. 1999 Worldcat 266sf. Asking $44,995. She has E-TEC 150HOs that will push her close to 42mph at WOT. Ocean cruise usually get us around 1.7 mpg on our albacore trips. Engines push this boat great with plenty of pep to get a...
  59. Kool-Aid

    Boat transport company

    Looking for recommendations for a boat transport company. Called a guy out of gig harbor...wasn’t his cup of tea so he declined. Not going to do u-ship. Also going to need a company with their own big trailer and not feasible to have a trailer made. Boat coming out of the Midwest. Thanks...
  60. Kool-Aid

    Anyone had new scotty’s or loomis rods stolen?

    I’m probably over thinking...but $650 for a pair ofscotty high speeds with mounts and practically “new” throws red flags for me. Then there’s a separate add for a couple of loomis rods that seem pretty discounted. If dude is legit...sorry. But if dude is also sold yourself short...
  61. Kool-Aid

    Manitowoc ice maker

    Asking $650.00 Model UY0140A-161B. Runs off 110 so it's plug into the wall and water and you are making ice. Makes 140lbs of ice per day. Bought it about a year ago. It works and I can demo it. Removing it to make some room for reloading. In full disclosure...Right after I bought it the...
  62. Kool-Aid

    A couple of ladner shrimp pots for sale

    I have two Ladner pots for sale. I bought from another bd’r. Selling for the same price. Used for one season. $90.00 These are the ones with the 35" bottoms.
  63. Kool-Aid

    For those running Sportfish cruisers to the tuna grounds

    As I can't seem to find a cat in a setup I am looking for at a price I can afford I started looking at bigger sportfish boats (30-33) foot range. For any of you running that type of boat, how has your ride been out on the big pond? Microwave fall out...? Shit rattle all over the place..? Or do...
  64. Kool-Aid

    A little spring cleaning

    Doing a little spring cleaning. All this stuff is NEW. Just never used it Shurflo macerater pump. $80 Jabsco rebuild kit for macerator pump $35 Scotty wire still in the container $10 I want to get rid of this stuff so come get it or I can meet you close to my house. Don’t want to hold...
  65. Kool-Aid

    Full totes available

    I have a line on a few full size totes for sale. All are new and have just been sitting in storage. Xactics is the manufacturer. Two models available. 07-2501 25 cubic feet 1,500lb captivity 07-3503 35 cubic feet 2,000 lb capacity 2501 I'm asking $425 3503 I'm asking $525 These are WITH...
  66. Kool-Aid

    Cleaning the safe of a few items

    Looking to clean the safe of a few items in order to make room for some other stuff. 1st up is my old duck gun that I just don’t use anymore. Winchester Super X2 with a sure cycle kit installed. 28” barrel with chokes and an extra light modified choke. Can take anything from a 2 3/4 to a 3...
  67. Kool-Aid

    E-TEC viper props

    Garage cleaning continues. Pair of evinrude Viper props that came off my 150HO etecs. 14 3/4 X 17P Standard and counter rotating Asking $550 for the pair.
  68. Kool-Aid

    15lb do-it downrigger mold

    In garage cleaning mode today. DO-it downrigger mold. 15lb with a bag of downrigger eyes. Asking $65
  69. Kool-Aid

    Used ACE line hauler

    SOLD I’m having a new puller built so time to let this one serve its purpose with a new owner. I can’t remember how long I’ve had it but it still works great although the power coating is coming off in spots. Asking $325 and it comes with the carry bag. Also be willing to look at partial...
  70. Kool-Aid

    Anyone scuba dive?

    Just curious if any of you dive. I gave it up 15 years ago and now my older son wants to learn so I'm going back through the certification class with him. Any of you guys out on a regular basis? I'm looking to get back into this vs. diving once every 6 months like I did back in the day.
  71. Kool-Aid

    Ladner pot and misc shrimp pot

    I have two pots for sale. One is a Ladner that will need the new metal rings and bungees. Mesh is ok 36" across the bottom 18 inches tall. Asking $75 The other pot I have no idea who made it. 12 inches high by 24". Probably weighs 15lbs. Asking $50
  72. Kool-Aid

    Duck gun

    Well I've been out of the duck game for a long time. I still have a Winchester super X2 in the safe. Because I'm thinking about it...any new guns that have come out in the last 10 years that might be worth looking at?
  73. Kool-Aid

    2007 1-ton dodge dually 6.7L diesel

    Sold.... Well something newer sits in my drive way so time to sell the old one. I've had it for about 2 years and done all the necessary services. Will need front two tires soon but other than that and a steering was given a clean bill of health at the Kirkland dodge dealership...
  74. Kool-Aid

    World Cat 266sf

    Well after getting her all dialed in I'm looking to upsize. She's a great boat that can put fish on the deck or go for a Sunday cruise with the family. 1999 Worldcat 266sf. With 2015 etec 150ho with BEST warranty until 3/22. Engines currently have 210 hours on them. Asking $54,995 Boat is in...
  75. Kool-Aid

    1/2 Tote For Sale

    I bought a Bonar from TT but just didn't use it like I thought I would. Offering back up for sale for what I paid. $300.00 Thing is in good condition no poke marks through the casing. See pictures. Lid sits down fine but is just slightly warped. Would recommend new Velcro tie down straps...
  76. Kool-Aid

    Anyone rolling 9-7 for tuna?

    Just curious if anyone is running out of Westport Friday. Plan on being at the bait dock first thing and rolling out as soon as I can make sure I'm not going to hit anything.
  77. Kool-Aid

    Open seat Westport

    Looks like I am going to have an open seat for this Thursday out of Westport for Halibut. Shoot me a PM if interested. Looking for someone who has their own gear as I'm a little light after breaking a couple of rods our last outing.
  78. Kool-Aid

    Sables out of Westport

    So if I manage to get out on the 21st I want to actually dedicate a little time to catching some sable/black cod out of Westport. And feel free to pipe up about how they taste like shit...SO LONG AS YOU follow it up with some helpful information on how to target these little bastards. If you...
  79. Kool-Aid

    Weekly inside storage???

    So the swap has begun... and as I'm about ready to go try to pull wires in 35 degree weather to de-rig the thing it got me wondering. Does anyone know a place you can rent weekly or for the month that is inside? The cat is 13' tall so I would need a place with a 14 foot door. Just thinking...
  80. Kool-Aid

    Ruger 10/22 mossy oak camo

    Selling my ruger 10/22 (mossy oak camo version) so I can go get a different .22 platform. It's a fun little gun to shoot and there was a limited run of these if I remember correctly. Will come with the scope. Scope is a traditions scope with the round reticle. $250 and buyer pays transfer.
  81. Kool-Aid

    Twin Yamaha saltwater series 150hp

    To boost the signal...posted in the Washington forum but will be willing to ship.
  82. Kool-Aid

    Twin yamaha saltwater series OX66 150s (pic heavy)

    I''m going to do a repower so it's time to sell the existing engines. They are 1999 yamaha 150 OX66 standard and counter rotating. Current engine hours are 554 These engines have run flawlessly for me on multiple 100+ mile days on the water. Will come with controls, gauges and the oil...
  83. Kool-Aid

    Bi-pod and spotting scope recommendations

    Well I have a little Christmas gift card money floating around and while I rarely shoot my Remington 700...I wanted to look into getting a bi-pod for it and a spotting scope for the range. As far as the spotting scope goes vortex and leupold both make a 20x60x80 that are in the $350 range...
  84. Kool-Aid

    Help me name this girl

    I figured I would call on the BD group to throw some things out there in hopes than one may stick before my wife gets her way. Here's the new addition to our family. She's a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever. She looks a little light now but once she blows her puppy coat her fur will be a...
  85. Kool-Aid

    The 11th hour open seat

    Posting this because I might have an open seat tomorrow for tuna. Shoot me a pm if you have any interest. I'm cramped on time so if you don't hear back from me I apologize in advance... it just means the spot is filled and I ran out of time to send you a note back .
  86. Kool-Aid

    Ash from rust spots

    Anyone else have this...or just lucky me? I went to clean the ash off the boat that had been dumped by all of these forest fires. Ash blew right off with a pressure washer...but I have all these orange dots that look like rust. They look like little rust spots and don't just brush off. Any...
  87. Kool-Aid

    Scotty High Speed WTF

    I'm in rant mode. Well I was last weekend and forgot to post so it's a little delayed. But I'm still pissed. I bought a pair of Scotty high speed downriggers in August 2014...and never used them. Well...I used one of decend rockfish on our deep water days (so let's say one saw 10...
  88. Kool-Aid

    Dive ladder

    This came off the Worldcat and I ended up changing the design. I don't have the part that connected to the transom. Pretty sure it's powder coated steel because it's heavy as hell. Thinking $75 OBO.
  89. Kool-Aid

    Genesis Mini Bow

    For anyone looking for a nice Christmas present for their little kid. i bought this for one of my kids a few years back and he wasn't really interested. New they are $150.00 with no bag. $100.00 for the bow and the bag. I may also have some...
  90. Kool-Aid

    Got the itch

    Sometimes browsing the web is not a good idea. Now I can't concentrate on anything else Waiting on some more info.... Of course I will take a bath when I sell mine but 7 more feet and 2 feet of beam is looking really really really good right now.
  91. Kool-Aid

    Alaska advice

    just curious if any of you have and fishing advice for me. I'm headed up to Alaska with my kids for 4 days. We land in Juneau, hop on my moms boat and head south to Petersburg where we will fly out. Basically we will be on her boat for 4 days just checking stuff out as we head south. Having...
  92. Kool-Aid

    Lake Shasta and two stroke outboards

    I was hoping someone may know the answer to this as reading the rules are like trying to interpret our fishing seasons up north (you almost need a lawyer to figure it out). I'm trying to find out if lake Shasta allows my two stroke engine. From what I've read if it is direct injection then I...
  93. Kool-Aid

    Anyone used these switches

    in the middle of designing the layout of the new front panels and ran across these switches. Anyone tried these before? Looks like it can save me some room vs. using the rocker switches.
  94. Kool-Aid

    Old canvas enclosure

    not sure there is any market for this but I'm not sure I will ever try to connect any of it to the new top. This was the canvas enclosure on the boat before I had the hard top made. It's ten years old. One front window is scratched the other two front are crazed. Side panel...
  95. Kool-Aid

    Front panel replacement

    Anyone know any companies that will build me a front panel? I can do the cut outs...I just need the panel cut out. Front panel express is a cool idea right up to the point I need a cad drawing because my panel isn't perfectly square (more like a trapezoid). There's a trophy place in port...
  96. Kool-Aid

    Need recommendation for lights for front bumper light bar.

    Well thanks to a great BD classified deal, I picked up a front light bar for the truck. Turns out it fit just fine and it kept the front tow hooks in tact. Any recommendations on lights without going into overkill. I have room for 4 but think two would probably work well.
  97. Kool-Aid

    Anyone else having trouble around prime time

    Is anyone else having loading issues around 6-10pm with the site? Or is it just me? I can't get anything to load most nights lately. Just started happening so I don't know if it's my iPad or something else that is going on I can fix on my side of things. And it's just this site. Using the...
  98. Kool-Aid

    Anyone running Suzuki 175s

    Well like the post said....anyone running Suzuki 175s? I have a repower on the brain. Whether or not I do anything about it is a whole different story. The boat is rated to 400 total hp so up to a 200. The current salt water series Yamaha 150s push the boat great but are gas hogs and smoke...
  99. Kool-Aid

    Deer gun suggestion

    Well a little Christmas funds mixed with a bass pro shops gift card and I decided I mine as well look for a long gun considering I had to borrow a buddies last year for my first ever deer hunt. In my 700ish price range I've narrowed it down to the Browning X-Bolt, a tikka t3 light and the...
  100. Kool-Aid

    Seeker and misc. rod repair

    So this year's tuna season was a little rough on my gear and I want to get on the repair now instead of waiting too long. I have a seeker rod and a lamiglass rod where both of the inside eyes have popped out. Meaning the whole guide is still there, just the inside plastic portion the line...
  101. Kool-Aid

    Day Island Launch closed?

    So I'm either out of the loop or you south sound guys just may know this. I got the hall pass Christmas morning to go drop some crab pots in my favorite winter crabbing area (nisqually). So I load the boat and head down to day island and am there right before daylight hits. I start to get...
  102. Kool-Aid

    Tuna Sunday???

    Just curious of who else might be headed out. I'm assuming bait isn't open until 6am...but anyone know about ice? I haven't done ice on a Sunday in a while so I don't know what time they open up...and or if I need to call ahead of time to make sure they have it available.
  103. Kool-Aid

    Open seat tuna saturday

    looks like I may be putting a last minute trip to Westport on Saturday for some tuna. Shoot me a pm if you have any interest.
  104. Kool-Aid

    Everett moorage for derby

    does anyone know if The Everett marina does a weekly moorage? Thinking about doing the derby but will have the kids so it would be nice if the boat was already in the water. Likewise I wouldn't mind getting a prefish day in after work. I did it once but that was just for a day or two and was...
  105. Kool-Aid

    A little help for a friend in Westport

    Anyone down in Westport with a little engine knowledge willing to help a brother out? My friend Dave just got his boat back from being serviced and launched today but can't get any throttle. This may blow his holiday weekend. I have a feeling they may have not clipped the throttle cable back...
  106. Kool-Aid

    windlass recommendation

    I think I want to throw an anchor on the boat and am looking at recommendations. The defiance had a free-fall Lewmar profish on it and I never had any troubles with it. Having said that I read some reviews that were a little unfavorable. Since that one came with the boat...I didn't really...
  107. Kool-Aid

    Open halibut seat Saturday at neah

    Well...let's try this again after Thursday's debacle.. I managed to swing Saturday off. I'm planning on an epic one day run and have an open seat for Saturday. Bottom line is that the details are liquid right now. Nothing is set in stone other than I want to kill some fish and I need to be...
  108. Kool-Aid

    open seat for a neah turn and burn

    This is way last minute. I might have an open seat for neah bay on Thursday for halibut. I'm still ironing out details but in typical fashion I will warn anyone interested it will be a turn and burn trip. Leaving either tomorrow night if I can find us a place to sleep or Thursday morning...
  109. Kool-Aid

    Custom kill bags

    So the worldcat has two massive storage areas along the side of the center console. Only issue is that they both just drain into the bilge area. I have three figure out how to add mascerator pumps which is wiring...holes...panel switches etc. labor intensive and a pain in the...
  110. Kool-Aid

    Makrolon for canvas.

    So much for waiting until April to try to get three pieces of canvas made. I called everywhere and am waiting for a couple of call backs but thus way Im getting any canvas work done before the May westport opener. So this frees up some research time. Anyone gone to a makrolon front...
  111. Kool-Aid

    Freshwater Lake washington perch in april

    just curious if these fish still bite early in the year. Everything I can find focuses on late summer. If anyone wants to share some tactics it's a fishery I want to learn. The boats on the water...just have to hop on and scoot out to the spot. Any info would be of much help.
  112. Kool-Aid

    trailer guide post set up

    I took the side load rails off of the trailer before I put the boat on it. I wanted to reinstall them but two questions popped up. 1) how far away from the edge of the boat should they be? Right now I have them about 2 inches off the edge. 2) how do you deal with fenders. I keep thinking...
  113. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater Cat Prawn Party

    A few weeks back I got an invite from Badfish Pat and Brian D to head up to Roche Harbor and have a little catamaran rendezvous with them, wdlfbio, and myself. Laurence couldn't make it so it end up just being two 266 Worldcats. Let's just say they were great hosts to myself and my friend on...
  114. Kool-Aid

    Bait sentry or rule live well pump?

    I'm replacing the live well pump in the boat. I have two pumps sitting in front of me. The bait sentry 1100 magnetic drive pump, and a rule 1100 cartridge style that I used on the defiance. The boat came with the magnetic drive 800 GPH with a 3/4 inch outlet. Both these pumps mean I'm going...
  115. Kool-Aid

    Lake Washington fishing opportunities

    Well, since a certain someone is getting transferred to Utah...I jumped on his moorage spot at least through September of this year. I have a trailer, and yes I will be fishing in the salt like I always do, but the price was right and the moorage is 15 minutes away from work. I'm just south...
  116. Kool-Aid

    And the T-top is on...pic heavy

    Well I have the boat back, and the T-Top has officially made this boat what it was designed to be...a center console fish killing machine. Whodat Towers were fantastic to work with through the whole process. I wish to say I had a lot of input other than "I want a lot of rod holders," but the...
  117. Kool-Aid

    Topless someone take a picture at the show

    So the boat is still down in Olympia getting the top done by Who Dat Towers Evidently the work has come out nicely and they were thinking of bringing it to the boat show for display at their booth. They asked my permission and I told them no big deal...take it. They've been great to deal with...
  118. Kool-Aid

    Gas tow vehicle

    Just curious if any of you are running a gas tow rig. I know most of us have diesel and I think I'm going to sell my 1997 powerstroke. Not looking for anything fancy...just $15,000-20,000 range. Diesel is commanding all the money like it always has...but I'm not needing the capacity that I...
  119. Kool-Aid

    Cleaning nasty life jacket

    So new to me boat...not as good at keeping out the moisture. I ended up leaving my mustang inflatable life jacket in the boat and now it's got those nasty little mold spots all over it. At the inflatable part is attached to the fabric, it's not like I throw it in the washing machine. Any...
  120. Kool-Aid

    Stud vs studless

    Figured I'd throw this out there to get a few opinions. I sold my duramax and bought an older ford. The ford came with 4 studded snow tires on rims, but i also have 4 blizzak studless snow tires that I could also use that came from my Chevrolet. I've never rolled studs before...anyone like...
  121. Kool-Aid

    BD group hug... Hoghunter to hand pumps

    I've been trying to sit down and write a thanks to many since Sunday but I just haven't found the time. With all the negativity that seems to be floating in the air I'm going to throw out some positive vibes. Thanks to Hoghunter for shining up the new to me boat. It's a 1999 that has a hull...
  122. Kool-Aid

    Buddy boat Sunday 28th

    So I need to make one run to tuna town before the season is over. Fingers crossed this south wind holds the fish a little closer and that it dies down by Sunday. I need to get a shakedown cruise set up. Not in the sense of engines or anything, but to see how the bait tank functions, how I...
  123. Kool-Aid

    Sonar hub simrad

    Anyone running the sonarhub for a simrad or lowrance product? I'm trying to find out how it performs in the sound and out in the deep water off LaPush for halibut. I'm not so interested in the side scan stuff. Just normal chirp performance.
  124. Kool-Aid

    West Coast Trailers

    Well not that a lot of you guys are in to need of a brand new trailer but I figured I would post this up in case anyone ever does a search. The Worldcat is a different beast when it comes to trailers and Wayne was the man as far as knowledge goes. That and some good reviews here and a personal...
  125. Kool-Aid

    Auto pilot hoses Seattle area

    So I'm installing my new simrad autopilot. The pump didn't come with hoses like my raymarine unit did so I need to get some made. Does anyone have any recommendations on who can build me some hoses in the Seattle area? I know some places in tacoma but it's too far to make a lunch run to tacoma.
  126. Kool-Aid

    Anyone using simrad?

    I'm wondering if anyone has any input on the NSS stuff. Looking at a NSS12 for the boat but was wondering about real world use. Looks like touch screen but I can still use the buttons to select things. I have been a raymarine guy for a long time and am comparing it to a C125. Then the...
  127. Kool-Aid

    Back in the saddle again...riding a cat (pic heavy)

    Well here she is. The canvas top on this will be coming off as it completely destroys the idea of fishing a center console..having said that, the previous owner didn't even fish out of it. Just used it to go from port Angeles to a place up in the San Juan's and back. The details are 1999...
  128. Kool-Aid

    Coming soon to the tuna grounds near you....

    A teaser...because I'm excited. I have a crap ton of stuff to do to it before it's ready to head to the tuna grounds, but it's ready for the sound for some crabbing. If all goes well it will be in my possession by Saturday.
  129. Kool-Aid

    Who makes hard tops?

    I've never really needed to pay doesn't someone here make hard tops for center console boats? If so who in the hell is it. I need to pick their brain for a possible project. And if now one does, but knows where to go looking, I will take that info as well. Much thanks...
  130. Kool-Aid

    XD-100 oil

    I have two gallons of ETEC XD-100 oil. Boat is sold and I don't need it anymore. Please understand that I am pumping this out of my 16 gallon drum and putting them in original containers. So it's new oil..I've just reused the container. I haven't tried to completely empty the drum so...
  131. Kool-Aid

    2009 Defiance 220EX w/2012 etec and 2011 kicker (the first one fell off)

    So I'm learning that life has it's twists and turns...bottom line is that I'm going to be put in a position to sell the boat. As most of you have seen me floating around know this boat kills anything in the water. It's 100% set up for fishing. Once I have time to list...
  132. Kool-Aid

    Smoker in the $300-500 range

    Ok...figured I would ask here. I'm looking to replace my little chief smoker with something a little more substantial. Throw out some ideas. I'm looking to spend $300-500 on a good quality smoker. I have natural gas plumed to the outside of the house so it would be a good fuel source but I...
  133. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater I love MA13 in the winter

    I kept trying to make it out for a little winter crab action but something always kept getting in the way. Last night I got fed up with the excuses and started getting the boat ready. I figured I was going to be alone but both the kids piped up that they wanted to come along. It was going to...
  134. Kool-Aid

    Possible open seat tomorrow

    Contact me via pm. May have one open seat for tuna out of Westport tomorrow. I have one person in the hopper but no back up beyond that.
  135. Kool-Aid

    Canning smoked tuna

    So....I have about two ziplock bags of tuna that I smoked about 1 week ago sitting in the fridge. I'm curious if anyone has ever tried canning smoked tuna. Keep in mind the batch wasn't cold smoked with the idea it was going to be canned. It sat on a brine and was smoked for normal...
  136. Kool-Aid

    Anyone rolling for tuna Sunday 9-15?

    Just curious if anyone else is stupid enough to go out on a Sunday and then have to work Monday? I promised myself I'd never do it but if the weather holds it looks like it should be a good day. -Jason
  137. Kool-Aid

    Open seat Sunday

    I may have an open seat for tuna on Sunday. Shoot me a pm if interested.
  138. Kool-Aid

    How good is your scale???

    I was just looking at the WTC results now that they have the weights down and it got me curious.... How fancy of a scale do you have? It's amazing how close everyone bunched together. Granted I knew I wasn't going to win anything but picking one fish vs. the other fish that was "about the...
  139. Kool-Aid

    Question for Grady owners who do the tuna thing

    I'm helping out a guy who was met by a friend at the wounded warriors thing last weekend. we are taking his Grady cat (yes I said cat) out on Saturday. Here's the question. I'm used to defiances bait tanks (which we all know are awesome beyond belief), but his tank is kinda under the port...
  140. Kool-Aid

    Open seat for tuna WSP this Saturday

    God I hate posting with an ipad. So I have one open seat for Westport on Saturday for tuna. This will be a one day run. We can either meet at the launch or meet at my house in auburn. Shoot me a pm and let me know what you bring to the table. I will have a couple of guys on the boat that...
  141. Kool-Aid

    Special Thanks to Tailhunter International and the WTC-a LaPaz report

    It all started with a raffle win at the 2012 WTC. I was lucky enough to win a 4 day 3 night trip with Tailhunter International out of LaPaz Mexico. The trip included one day of fishing on a private panga for two. As it turned out, when booking I decided to purchase an extra day so that we...
  142. Kool-Aid

    The shrimp-fest continues

    Oppppssss that should say shrimpfest...damn ipad. Now if only I can take yet another day off to pursue our latest shrimping opportunity.... Recreational spot shrimp fishing to reopen in 2 areas of Puget Sound Action: Recreational spot shrimp fishing will reopen for one day (Wed. June 5) in...
  143. Kool-Aid

    How easy to remove spool on MXJ and HX

    So I'm headed to LaPaz next month and I wanted to bring my reels. Only issue is I'm loaded with braid and they want mono. Out of respect to the way the charter does this I was either going to have to pull several hundred yards off of each reel, put it on something so I can rewind it later, and...
  144. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater Lapush: The Turn and Burn

    So sitting at my desk Wednesday morning I was upset that I didn't go what's the best way to make yourself feel better??? Do something crazy like a 24 hour turn and burn to LaPush for a little deep water halibut. The normal crew all had to work, so I sent a text to my mom's...
  145. Kool-Aid

    Team BLOODYDECKS...the hali opener

    Ok, maybe this may sound a little emotional...but I just slept next to Lance Romance AKA the Dutch Rudder for three nights in a row, so maybe that's attributing to it. I know we all will have reports to post and pics to add to our own adventures, but I want to say this...I couldn't be more...
  146. Kool-Aid

    Shrimp opener weather

    I hope everyone stayed safe out there today. I saw some shit that just made my head spin. I know it's not my right but when a 10 year old kid gets loaded into a small 12-14 foot aluminum lake boat and heads out to shrimp in the worst weather I've had to deal with in the last couple of...
  147. Kool-Aid

    What rod/reel to bring to LaPaz if any

    So I'm headed to LaPaz to fish for only two days with the Tailhunter International folks. I won a trip at the Washington Tuna Classic raffle last year and I finally got everything scheduled. Having said that, I just don't know if I should bother bringing one of my set ups down, or just fish...
  148. Kool-Aid

    Make salmon burgers

    So I have a lot of pink salmon that I canned. I was thinking of making some salmon burgers for the folks at work. Post up your favorite salmon burger recipe if you would please so I can do a little experimentation to find something that works for me. Much thanks...
  149. Kool-Aid

    Aluminum dog crate

    This is an old aluminum crate that I bought from a guy I used to train dogs with. He was an old field trainer and had this attached to multiple kennels. It's old and beat up but the advantages of an aluminum crate out in the field is priceless if you train in the summer months. I'm asking...
  150. Kool-Aid

    2 ladner pots for sale

    Mods please delete sold One unweighted pot left. pot only, no rope. This one has the 37 inch base and is what they all their mid steel. It's has some use so there is a little rust around the steel wrap. Asking $60.00 Pm me if interested or contact me at 253-350- eight five zero two. I'm...
  151. Kool-Aid

    Just throwing it out there for those headed to Defiance Marine 4-27

    I'm just throwing this out there for anyone who may want to join in. I will be doing the Kitsap Pogie fishing event with my son in the morning, then we're headed for the Defiance store for the trade/swap and maybe a seminar. Sometime during the event I was planning on heading to my mom's...
  152. Kool-Aid

    GoPro mounts

    So I just picked up a new gopro hero 3 black edition. Just curious what type of mount you guys typically use for mounting on the boat. I think maybe something around the rocker launcher may work best but figured you guys know better than me. Likewise any other mounts that you think I...
  153. Kool-Aid

    To the guys who think its worth it

    This is little rant to the assholes who think they can run at top speed in the dark with zero visability. From a little experience at the Anacortes Derby this weekend. If you think it's worth your life and the member of your crew' be it...but when you run up on me and nearly...
  154. Kool-Aid

    BC trailer clarification

    Can someone fill me in on the whole trailer regulation thing in Canada again? I think boat loaded with normal gear is approx 6,000 lbs. Dual axle but only has surge brakes. I was planning on flying to Port Hardy to meet my mom and fish of their 14 foot whaler that they use as a tender and...
  155. Kool-Aid

    LaPush and boat trailers

    Just a heads up.... I just got off the phone with a gal at Oceanside Resort in LaPush. Anyone camping on the property will not be allowed to park a boat/trailer anywhere other than the designated area (which is by the Lonesome creek site). So whereas last year I just disconnected the...
  156. Kool-Aid

    Sirius Weather

    Does anyone have a subscription to the Sirius Weather application on their chartplotter. Just installed a new radio and was thinking it would be nice to have a satelite radio, that then morphed into....hhhhmmmm...if I get sirius, maybe I can just buy the weather module and tie that into the...
  157. Kool-Aid

    A non-fish report

    Well, this has nothing to do with fishing...but it reminded me that I don't need to have a line wet to enjoy the water. That and there was a little bit of the cool factor as this was my first time officially taking my mom's new (to her) boat from her boat house (in port orchard) to tacoma...
  158. Kool-Aid

    Deep water halibut dates

    Anyone confirm what the deep water bottom fish dates are for 2013 out of LaPush. I think I figured the 16th/18th for May but that was when I was looking a year ago so my buddy could put in for vacation. Has anything been confirmed yet and I just missed it???
  159. Kool-Aid

    Ace line hauler accessory-The Bull dog

    One of the interesting things I saw at the boat show was the ace line hauler accessory called the "bulldog" It looks like it is supposed to auto coil, as well as hold pressure on the line so you don't have too. Anyone have any experience with this thing??? I couldn't say it's a huge...
  160. Kool-Aid

    Anchovies for shrimp bait

    Ok, I'm asking this a little early but I was just out at the freezer and I have a ton of left over anchovies from last year's tuna trip. I just threw them into ziploc bags, but if I get bored over the next few weeks, I was thinking it was time for them to hit the food processor to make them...
  161. Kool-Aid

    lamiglas factory sale

    I just saw that they are having their factory sale again coming up December 1st. But then with a little research it looks like they may open it up a couple of saturdays rather than just one. I have no affiliation with them or anything. I just scored a couple of nice tri-flex rods for tuna...
  162. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater Winter crab weekend MA13

    Well, after last year's epic winter crabbing I figured I'd round up a friend and my son and hit it this weekend. Only MA11 so I was out of my element. I headed for MA13 with hopes and dreams of delicious crab, and we hit the motherload. Two days of crabbing using tuna...
  163. Kool-Aid

    Johnson 2.9 gpm washdown pump

    I bought this at Englunds at the WTC when my 5gpm one went out. I don't need it as it doesnt match my mounting holes. It served it's purpose until I had a chance to get another (about 3 weeks). Salt got on the paint and flaked it but it is in good working order. Paid over $125. Looking...
  164. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater westport tuna 10-4 they're out there

    On edit....10-5 friday Well forgive me this is coming from my phone but i know a lot of guys are on the fence. Fished yesterday in some of the nastiest washing machine water i have ever been in. The Nw swell and a NE wind made it a bit bumpy. Bottom line is that there are fish out there...
  165. Kool-Aid

    Am I nuts tuna tomorrow, who's in

    Alright since the other thread got too confusing for me.....who's in for westport tomorrow? Looks like the swell is down to a 4 ft, but that NE wind coming against a NW has me a little concerned. I'll be at the bait dock between 6-6:30, monitoring 68.
  166. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater Team Defiance: Through-bolted hits Everett Derby

    Well this is a little bit of a late derby/boat report, but I haven't thrown anything up in a bit and we had a great father-son here we go. I finally finished pulling the rest of the old wrap off and designed a little something with the guys from Wrapjax in Tacoma. I liked the color...
  167. Kool-Aid

    Who's rolling the Everett Derby?

    Just curious if any BD'ers are headed for the derby. Last year there was a pretty good showing at the awards ceremony. I'm running into kids soccer stuff on Saturday but have a clear shot on Sunday.
  168. Kool-Aid

    Open seat for the Smackdown....maybe

    This is kinda wishy washy of me and of poor taste and probably an asshat move, but I'm kindof in need of one crew member for the Smackdown. Having said's what I have shaking. We origninally weren't planning on fishing the Tuna Smackdown and so my original crew have all made plans...
  169. Kool-Aid

    Get anchovies to Ilwaco

    As I'm trying to figure out the logistics to get myself and my guys down for the Tuna Smackdown, one question popped do I get anchovies??? They had some the second day of the OTC, but I wasn't sure if that was just because of the OTC I thought some guys were transporting, but how...
  170. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater 3 rookies hit Westport 8-24

    I haven't posted any reports in a while but I've been improving consistantly and getting myself dialed in with a regular crew of guys. And, while our trips have been great, there's something to be said about taking a rookie...or make that three rookies. I still remember my first time a tuna...
  171. Kool-Aid

    The Karma Gods smiled- off to La Paz but when

    O.K. I'll chalk this one up to good Karma. The WTC raffle tickets I purchased paid off. I ended up winning the 4 day 3 night stay in La Paz. It included a one day guided fishing trip with tailhunter international. So here's the question as I've never been to Mexico and I've never fished...
  172. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater The art of applying learned knowledge WP 7-29

    Well, it's been bit since I've posted a report, not necessarily becuase I haven't fished, but I've been waiting for something that I could write about that would be worth the read. Well, I just got back from a three day marathon of tuna fishing. 129 tuna brought to the deck in three days. Day...
  173. Kool-Aid

    Eating shrimp while shrimping

    So, I can't find it anywhere in the regs. Is it legal to eat shrimp while out on the water? With salmon and halibut and such you have a catch card where it would have to be recorded that you caught the fish, but with shrimp, there's no head retention requirements any longer, so I don't know...
  174. Kool-Aid

    Is there a derby prize for gear removal?

    I just got done fishing the Everett Blackmouth derby. Other than a nice ling cod and a shaker we got blanked. But after pulling up 4....yeah...4 deralict crab pots....I think that there should be a prize given to the boat that collected the most deralict gear in the derby. 4....WTF. The...
  175. Kool-Aid

    1099 electric scotty downrigger

    sold!!!!! This is a used 1099 Scotty downrigger. It comes with an extra belt, the swivel mount and the updated locking style plug. Shoot me a pm or call me at 253-350-eight five zero two.
  176. Kool-Aid

    2 scotties for sale

    I have one 1105 and one 1099. Asking $325.00 for the 1105 and $225.00 for the 1099. If you buy the pair I'll sell them at $525.00 Both have the updated locking style plugs. The 1099 has a different power cable than the factory but has a brand new plug end installed. Tom down at sportco...
  177. Kool-Aid

    Browning Citori 425 grade 1 ported

    SOLD...mods can remove it. New price is $1,000. I'm selling one of my shotguns that I just don't shoot anymore. It's a Browning Citori 425 12 gauge o/u grade 1, ported 28" barrels. This is the made in Japan model. Invector plus chokes 2 3/4 shells. It comes with the 2 spare triggers...
  178. Kool-Aid

    best prop guard for kicker

    I don't even know if I really need one, but it's christmas I figured I could throw it on the list. I guess I have two questions. 1) If you've never caught your downrigger wire on your kicker (insert me knocking on wood), is there any other reason to put one of these guards on? 2)...
  179. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater Tuna report...better late than never 10-16

    Well, for those that may or may not know, I've failed at tuna. 4 total trips for a total of 12 fish. Granted it was always late season stuff and my expectations were never high, but nontheless, I've never put more than 5 fish in the boat on a single trip. Sunday was our day....we baited up and...
  180. Kool-Aid

    How long for silvers in MA9

    Since the edmonds/shipwreck area is new to me this year, I was curious as to how long the silvers stick around. We were out on Sunday and had 3 by noon. Nothing of great size...but fish. I just don't remember ever fishing salmon in October... I ask as I'm going to be in Houston on my...
  181. Kool-Aid

    Anyone thinking tuna saturday?

    I'm curious if anyone is in a holding pattern for Saturday. I was planning on it, but it seems to be a run and gun scenario as of lately, and if the water is a little dicey, isn't it going to be a bitch to try to spot any jumpers? I'm new to the tuna thing and have only seen jumpers one time...
  182. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater Everett derby w/son and product placement

    Well it wasn't a 9th place finish this time but I had a hell of a good time. I arrived in Everett at 8am on Friday to stick my boat in the marina. I was alone so I parked the truck in the lot and then hopped in the boat and headed to the marina. As I was alone, I was smart enough to throw my...
  183. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater Edmonds coho knee (just one) hurts

    Someone...if you have a picture of me running...burn it. My derby started with a little trip to Blackvelvet's boat to talk about fishing strategies. So I get a game plan put together while running out of Everett. Bottom line, no fish where I went, but I get a phone call from Ted telling me...
  184. Kool-Aid

    Moorage near Everett boat launch

    Is there any overnight moorage in the Everett area right next to the boat launch? This would just be for this Friday night so it's definately not a long term thing. I will be most likely fishing the Edmonds Coho Derby with my 10 and 8 year old on Saturday and it would be nice not to have to...
  185. Kool-Aid

    Misc rod and reels

    PM me if you need pictures or further details. Shimano TDR aeroglass with shimano tr 200g reel. Both have been used but in decent condition. $50.00 for the combo. Tidewater Shakespeare tw 66 6/0F 6'6" heavy action rod 40-80lb line with a Penn 330 GTI. $100.00 for both. Recommend...
  186. Kool-Aid

    San Juan pinks help

    I was planning on taking the kids for one night of camping on Sunay out in the San Juans. Probably just camping on an island or something of the sort. The question is...are there any locations to target pinks by either casting for them or by running downriggers? It was on like Donkey Kong...
  187. Kool-Aid

    Tuna/salmon reel

    So with my one nice salmon setup at the bottom of the ocean...I was thinking that I need a new setup. The rod will be a 10'6" something or other....may go with another loomis or a Fethastyx. But here's what I'm thinking...why not buy a reel that I can also use for tuna. So when salmon is...
  188. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater Really...I mean really...westport

    So I don't know what the hell it is....but there's something about being around the bloodydeck boys that just means bad shit happens to me. Last time it was my god damned kicker motor that fell off the boat...This about a loomis rod and a tekota reel. We were out yesterday in the...
  189. Kool-Aid

    Ilwaco or Westport Sunday?

    Anyone looking at that same decision or is it just me??? Westport salmon...but the tuna may be a guessing game like the last time I was out. Chloro breaks not too far out...but I know nothing about the area...and I've never fished out there so tuna yes, but I don't know...
  190. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater 1st westport tuna trip of the year

    Well, I wished I could post a beautiful report of an epic bait stop and a plugged boat...but I cannot. We headed to westport sunday morning to make our first attempt at tuna this year. We should have known better for what the day had in store for us as the omen of bad things befell us on...
  191. Kool-Aid

    Who's fishing the Salmon Smackdown

    Just curious of any BD guys are fishing the smackdown this weekend. Story of my life this summer is that I have too much kid/family stuff to do and its messing with my ability to fish any derbies. Just hoping a BD brother takes it home.
  192. Kool-Aid

    Top shots on trolling rods for albies

    Ok...I'm new at this pardon if this is an idiot question. Do you guys top shot your trolling rods with a heavier mono, and then tie a leader to whatever you are trolling. With my whopping 3 trips out in my boat, I didn't even think about it. 60lb power pro to a swivel and then a...
  193. Kool-Aid

    Ice questions---how to

    Ok, so I have access to a commercial grade ice machine. I can fill up almost 2 of the big white coolers at a time. I know you all like the shaved ice, but I want to know why...Can you pack more tuna in because of a space issue? Is it colder? Is it just that it's there and easy to obtain...
  194. Kool-Aid

    Roll Call Westport tuna July 23/24

    Well, I figured I'd throw this up there.... Who's headed out this weekend??? After RTBs blood got flowing and I'm committing for at least Sunday, and maybe, just maybe Saturday. I'd be nice to have a few of us out there trying to figure out where they're at. God knows I need...
  195. Kool-Aid

    Canning Pink Salmon

    Just curious as you all can your you ever can your salmon? I have one friend who does and, while I've never tasted it, he claims that it is awesome. If so, anything you add to the salmon other than a pinch of salt? I figured with all my pink that got in Sekiu I could give it a...
  196. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater MA5 kids and loving the Break-away

    Alright...since all this Kool-Aid stuff started a while back I haven't personally caught a bunch of salmon on the Qcove flashers. Well....I'm in love. I took the kids up to Sekiu for the weekend. Knowing full well that there would not really be any king fishing for me. The bottom line is...
  197. Kool-Aid

    double duty hali reel/tuna trolling reel

    My cheap Okuma halibut reels have lasted me the last 4 years and are getting pretty worn down. As last year was my first attempt at tuna, I used them as my trolling reels, and they seemed to work, but, as I said, they're getting old. So I'm looking to upgrade to a better quality reel that...
  198. Kool-Aid

    Mercury Enertia Prop

    I have a brand new mercury enertia prop for sale. Part number 48-898988A46 It is a 14P right hand rotation 15.25X14 I bought it, put it on the boat, ran it for about 45 minutes and but like my mirage 13p prop better. It also comes with a flo torq II hub kit. Asking $500.00 plus shipping...
  199. Kool-Aid

    leader lengths for canada

    So my mom and her boyfriend are headed to canada the first week of July and will be staying there for almost 4 weeks. They have a 37 foot tolly, but are brining a 14 foot whaler to fish, crab and shrimp from. I believe that they are headed toward the Broughton Islands. As they both have...
  200. Kool-Aid

    Kicker at the bottom of the ocean..afterstory

    Well...I didn't want to jinx anything until all was said and done. I hate insurance companies with a passion for the simple reason that it always seems something goes wrong. For those that don't know the backstory...opening week of halibut out in the super rough seas my kicker fell...
  201. Kool-Aid

    Lee's Outrigger bases

    Model is OH277T. I beleive they are a 1 3/4 pole but I will re-verify tonight (6-2-11) Found them online new for just over $700. These are used but in good condition. I bought them, but just never got around to installing them. Asking $450.00 but will take a reasonable offer. I can ship...
  202. Kool-Aid

    Lee's Outrigger Bases OH277T

    SOLD So, I bit off more than I can chew, and there's just no way I'm going to use these this year. They take a 1 3/4 pole. These are the bases only. I bought them used but they are in great condition. A quick google search and I found them new for just over $700. Asking $450.00 for them, but...
  203. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater LaPush...dude...your kicker is gone

    Well with the plethora of reports that will probably get thrown up, I figured why not, as my story may have a moral in it. Spoiler alert....the moral of the thru bolt your god damned kicker. The story starts with me swinging by the Defiance store to pick up a new kicker bracket...
  204. Kool-Aid

    LaPush crab

    I've never tried dropping a pot out of LaPush. Anyone know if it's worth the hassle??? For the first time, I'll have that middle day to just do whatever, so throwing is something I can buget some time for. I know we have ocean currents, etc., I'm just curious if there is anything out...
  205. Kool-Aid

    I love you guys....

    So, I don't feel like working...and in light of the other guys mangina hurting...I just wanted to say I love you guys... I'm actually serious. This site has taught me more about fishing the last two years than I ever thought possible. I never thought I would fish tuna. I never thought...
  206. Kool-Aid

    Who's in for some Kool-Aid at the Sno-King?

    Alright....I'm staring at a box of shirts.... If you are going to be at the meeting tonight, and happen to be reading, can you please post up so I know that you will be there and will make every attempt to track your ass down. Several guys prepaid, and the crown and pespi must have gotten to...
  207. Kool-Aid

    Now I'm ready to scream...shirt update...

    I have shit go wrong everyday at work, it's the nature of my business...and to expect this shirt thing to go off without a hitch, was stupid of me. I had one chance to wow you fuckers...and I'm going to let you down...kinda. My plan was to try to get shirts ordered and done by tonight so I...
  208. Kool-Aid

    Kool-Aid Lovers part 2 (confirmations)

    For the love of all things holy....I would have put this on the original thread....but after those flasher sunglasses.... You asked for it...and I think he delivered. Still a little hard with a three fingered guy, but we have middle finger up and a little nub of a thumb. We now have 2...
  209. Kool-Aid

    Alright Kool-Aid lovers....

    I told you I was working on a little something.... so here's my new shirt for the BBQ. I had a friend do a little copyright infringement. He does shirts and I figured you guys would see the humor in it. And this is all in fun, I'm not hating....AT ALL :finger:. I told you my buddy caught a...
  210. Kool-Aid


    With the Anacortes derby behind us, now my focus changes to those tasty little buggers.... Is anyone for certain about the season on Hood Canal yet??? I haven't seen anything official, and it's been the first Saturday of the month of May for a while. Just didn't know, with the month...
  211. Kool-Aid

    Qcove (the follow-up), a derby, and a sip of Kool Aid

    Well, mods move this to the report section if you feel it necessary. First off, Ken (Flasher) is a hell of a guy (never doubted it, but it rang true). I've been busy getting everything ready for the derby so I kinda put this post on the back burner until I had the chance to meet him. At the...
  212. Kool-Aid

    Qcove flashers...I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid yet

    I may get flamed for be it. Also let me start by saying that I'm not knocking the product. Everyone has seen great sucess with them, I'm just giving my first experience, and I haven't even fished it yet. After tonight's experience... I don't know if I'm on the bandwagon...most of...
  213. Kool-Aid

    Hotel room for Anacortes Derby

    I don't know if this will work or not, but I figured I'd throw it out to the brotherhood first. I got a room at the Cap Sante Inn for the derby. It's for Friday and Saturday night. Plans have changed, and we're going to bring up the camper. This means I don't need the room anymore. So...
  214. Kool-Aid

    Shrimping in Canada pot question

    So it makes me sound like a teenager....but my mom is heading to canada for 3-4 weeks with her boyfriend in their 37 foot tollycraft she bought. She's not a fisherman to say the least, but she wants to crab and shrimp. The crabbing she has down so we're good there. I can teach her the...
  215. Kool-Aid

    Boat BBQs

    I don't know why, but I want one. Actually I do know exactly why I want one. Cuz I'm fat and like to eat. Do any of you guys have one of the rod mount style ones? Makes me a little nervous only having one center support, but I'll have to assume it works or they'd be pulled off the...
  216. Kool-Aid

    Knocked out some of the to do list

    Well, after a few nights in the garage...I'm finally on the downhill slide of my winter boat projects. New radar. Fore leaning seaview mount to get it up above the spotlight that was already there. The electronics package. Raymarine c80 up above for dedicated fish finder and back up chart...
  217. Kool-Aid

    6 pole arch...maybe

    This might be an ass move...but I feel like asking, so I'll ask.... I just put an order in on an 11 rod arch for my defiance. They told me my old one (the boat is an '09 so not too old) was worth a couple hundred to them (the boys at defiance). Assuming, like anything, they will give me...
  218. Kool-Aid

    Left over Raymarine stuff

    I have 3 things for sale. 1) Raymarine C90W trunnion bracket. Still in the package. $30.00 2) Raymarine 10m radar cable. For the digital domes. I bought a shorter cable, this is unused and still wrapped like it came from the factory. $125.00 3) Raymarine C90W power/multicable this is the...
  219. Kool-Aid

    Everett Derby

    Any of you guys participating in this? I didn't even know about it until I looked at the salmon derby series. Then I forgot about it until a friend happened to be somewhere up in Everett, made a phone call to me, another to a buddy, and we're in. I figure it will be a good boat shakedown...
  220. Kool-Aid

    Jerry Brown Spool question

    So my wife, with a specific list of what I wanted for Christmas, ordered me some 50 lb Jerry Brown in blue. It finally arrived here's the question. Maybe it's just one of those mind trick things, but I don't want to open it and find I'm right...that it just doesn't look like...
  221. Kool-Aid

    Two projects down, a few to go

    So, since I can't get my boat out to fish, I figured I'd show you guys what I have done. Probably useless information to most of you, but I'm getting good at Raymarine if anyone gets stuck, I might be able to help. Up first was the battery management system. The boat started with...
  222. Kool-Aid

    2 group 27 batteries

    I have two stow away group 27 batteries that I don't need. They were new in 2009 when my boat was made. I'm moving to a 3 battery system in group 24 size. I think they are actually a napa battery. Asking $25.00 each. Shoot me a pm. I'm in auburn and for the price you get to come to me...
  223. Kool-Aid

    ocean halibut dates

    Does anyone know when the dates are released? Trying to get my work vacation figured out. Sooner my name is on the board, the less I have to worry. Between shrimping and halibut I always can seem to figure it out ahead of time. This year with the 1st on a Sunday, I'm thinking the halibut...
  224. Kool-Aid

    Anacortes salmon derby tickets

    I see they have this years dates set. Anyone k.ow when the tickets go on sale. I didn't see anything on the website other than the places that would be selling them.
  225. Kool-Aid

    who uses outriggers

    As I'm new to this whole tuna game....are outriggers that much of a benefit to helping find the tuna???? Just trying to figure out if it's worth the investment.
  226. Kool-Aid

    hollow or solid for albacore

    I've done a search and most info I could find was for guys doing long range trips of fishing for monsters...I will be doing neither. I have a few new reels that I need to load Avet mxjs and trinidad 16dc. I will be fishing Albacore off the washington/oregon coast, and nothing more. Since...
  227. Kool-Aid

    Lowrance 525c df finder and lgc-3000 gps puck

    EDIT***************SOLD******************* I'm upgrading electronics, so I'm pulling out what is in the boat and selling it. I have for sale a Lowrance 525 color dual frequency fish finder that also includes the lgc-3000 gps puck. I also have transducer and speed wheel that came with it...
  228. Kool-Aid

    Am I supposed to do something first?

    Call me an idiot, but I thought I remembered people writing that you needed to do something with a new AVET to break it in. It was something about cleaning or lubricating, but I can't rember, and now I can't even find it on a search. I have my first AVET mxj, and don't want to mess it up by...
  229. Kool-Aid

    looking for a good tackle bag system

    The new boat doesn't have a built in like the last on did so I'm looking for a soft bag tackle system. Does anyone have any recommendations. I'd rather not have a completely different box for salmon, tuna, halibut, ling cod, etc. Something with a main soft bag where I could then stack in...
  230. Kool-Aid

    new mxj spectra staight to spool?

    Ok, I now have in posession my first AVET reel. My plan was to put 50lb jerry brown on it with a top shot of 25lb mono. When spooling the spectra, do I need to start with mono for the reel to have something to grab onto, or can I start with the spectra?
  231. Kool-Aid

    Downrigger mounts

    These are made in the Pacific Northwest and went by the name of Offshore mounts. They have predrilled tops so that they fit scotty and penn mounts without having to drill the top plate. Pull the release pin and it swivels the base. Or, if you want to remove your downrigger, simply pull the pin...
  232. Kool-Aid

    belt/suspender knife I bought

    As I will now be making the attempt to be a tuna fisherman, I went on a search to find a knife so that I would always have one on my person while on the boat. I've always been horrible about having a knife on me, and it's one of my New Year's resolutions....if I'm on the boat, I have a knife...
  233. Kool-Aid

    Free Rule 1100 gph baitwell pump

    I just had the Defiance boys upgrade my baitwell pump to the tournament series pump. They took out the older style pump and housing. The pump cartridge was brand new, but I wanted the other style. The housing is used. Free to the first BD guy who can PM me and figure a way for me to get it...
  234. Kool-Aid

    Offshore downrigger mounts

    I have two white offshore downrigger mounts for sale. I bought them to just use the tops so I had spares. The bottoms have never been mounted. I think I paid close to $100 each at Three Rivers. Asking $65.00 each. Shoot me a PM and I will get in touch with you.
  235. Kool-Aid

    any westport tuna news today?

    Just curious if anyone has heard anything today. I have everything as a go for tomorrow, just curious if there are any fish out there. I know the best answer is "does it matter? " but I'm an info whore. I'll take what I can get. That, and I'm sitting at the airport in san diego...
  236. Kool-Aid

    Late season tactics

    As my tuna experience is ultra limited, I have little knowledge about tuna in general, but especially late season (like right now). With a pending trip Sunday, I want to try to increase my chances of at least putting something on the boat. I've only ever trolled plugs and x-raps. Are swim...
  237. Kool-Aid

    Who's in; WP 10-2?

    I'm on the fence. Watching the NOAA sight like it's my daughter on prom night..... It might be a last minute call for me as I'm itching to get the boat on the water. Worse case senario, can I fish the harbor? I've got to check the regs on that next. -Jason
  238. Kool-Aid

    Trailer modification for the garage

    Saturday I got done late with the kids' soccer games, and I knew I couldn't get to the Defiance BBQ in time to see any presentations, so I went to work getting the new boat to fit in the garage. Before the purchase, we measured, measured and measured again to make sure the new boat would fit...
  239. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater Westport 9-23, the Defiance gets it's first action

    CAN'T MODIFY THE TITLE. MAKE THAT 9-22. TAKING DAYS OFF WORK TO FISH FOR TUNA MAKES ME STUPID AND I CAN'T KEEP DATES STRAIGHT. I figured everyone else posted their results, and while my performance was lack-luster, I felt the new boat deserved a thread of it's own. All I can say is what a...
  240. Kool-Aid

    Westport Tuna 21st or 22nd?

    Alright, the new boat needs to get bloody, and it's looking like midweek might be an option if I can get the day off. Anyone going up on Tuesay or Wednesday? As I'm new at this bar thing, it would seem Wednesday works for a longer day of fishing (as it's probably going to take me a while...
  241. Kool-Aid

    New boat in the garage: Defiance 220ex

    So, let me first start off by saying that I've been a Defiance owner since 2006 before anyone really knew anything about the Defiance line. Bo and the factory have helped me when I've had a couple of mishaps on the old boat and took customer service to another level when it came to helping me...
  242. Kool-Aid

    How long before the tuna disappear?

    As this is my first year of tuna fishing, I'm curious as to how long these guys hang around. I'm stuck at home this weekend, but have the last weekend of September available to fish. Should I plan on a trip south, or will they still be reachable out of Westport?
  243. Kool-Aid

    W/A that can keep 4 dry 22 foot range

    Alright, I'm looking to update my Defiance 200 to a 22-23 foot boat. I have my eye on another defiance but I have garage space issues, and while I love the 220ex, it's a little too long for my 30 foot garage. This leaves me with the 220nt but it has a notched transom, and I haven't sea trialed...
  244. Kool-Aid

    Lessons learned 1st time out

    Alright, if someone wants to move this to the report section, so be it. My intent it to make this informative. Sunday was my maiden voyage in my boat for tuna. I've been out in the ocean for halibut, salmon, ling, etc, but never tuna. I don't want to talk about the weather, swells, bar...
  245. Kool-Aid

    Trolling 3 or 4 rods

    Sorry if I missed this but my search results were over 3000 and I couln't seem to find what I was looking for. I am fishing tuna for the first time this sunday. As I've read about the W and V patterns, I came up with a question/concern. I will only have the ability to troll 4 rods. So, am...
  246. Kool-Aid

    defiance or palmer tiderunner owners

    Ok, Wavedancer (Ken) was nice enough to put me on his boat this weekend and put me on my first tuna ever. Now, since the boat ride home, all I can think about is how I can set my boat up for tuna. I know that there is a ton of info on the site, but I'm looking at specifics from defiance and...
  247. Kool-Aid

    Westport vs. LaPush water

    I'm making an attempt to fish Westport this weekend for salmon for the first time. As a veteran of the LaPush area, I can read the NOAA and know what my boat will handle. Having said that (and I know this is going to sound stupid), but is the water the same at westport as it is at Lapush? I...
  248. Kool-Aid

    Westport rookie

    So I've never done the westport thing, other than two charters and they were so long ago I don't remember anything about them. I've read as much as I can, but am missing some of the little stuff that may put my mind at ease. If anyone wants to fill in the gaps it would be much appriciated...
  249. Kool-Aid

    Saltwater LaPush Quadzilla (kindof)

    Well, I had a crew ready to head out to the deep water and aim for the Superfecta of Halibut, Ling, Sea Bass and Salmon out of LaPush on the 19th. Here's the set-up. With hopes of the weather being half way decent I had friend on board who fights seasickness on the big water and a guy...
  250. Kool-Aid

    two shrimpin' questions

    1) I read in the regs that catches must be kept separate. Is this when you touch the shoreline or as soon as you put them on the boat. I ask only because I usually have 3 people on board and I just throw the shrimp into the live well until we are done. We just keep a running tally of how many...
  251. Kool-Aid

    looking for these swivel mounts

    I put these on my boat a couple of years ago, and can't find them anywhere now. A friend of mine bought a used livingston and he needs this type of skinny base for his downrigger mount as well. The scotty swivel bases are just too wide. I also need a couple of new tops for mine. Anyone...
  252. Kool-Aid

    t8 running out of fuel

    So today after a few hours of trolling, my 05 t8 starves itself of fuel and dies. I find that the bulb has no pressure in it. Figure an internal "that's wierd" pump the bulb up, fire it up and make another 30 minutes of trolling and it does it again. I haven't pulled anything apart yet...
  253. Kool-Aid

    1st time at Snow Creek

    I was lucky enough to get this thursday and friday off, and managed to secure a cabin at snow creek for those two days. I was thinking about taking the kids (8 and 6) for their first salmon adventure. Anything I need to know about Snow Creek that would be considered helpful hints? I've...
  254. Kool-Aid

    yamaha t8 won't crank

    I have an 05 yamaha T8 with both electric and manual start. Last fishing trip, hit the electric button on the motor and nothing...not even a click like it was trying. Manual pull start works just fine, so the trip wasn't a loss. Got it home, checked that I have power, and I do. Any...
  255. Kool-Aid

    neah/sekiu help

    A friend is trying to convince me to head up to sekiu for the hali derby this weekend. As I've been out at LaPush waiting a whopping 1 minute between bites, I'm probably going to fall a sleep trying for them at Sekiu. Any recommendations on places and gear out there? Does it turn into a bait...