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  1. jrodda

    Boat Review FV New Hustler

    Chris is a great dude who runs a great operation, I'm glad he gets his due with the respect from the fishing community. Even still, an underrated seabass captain!
  2. jrodda

    Rockfish jig

    Rockfish of any size have good size mouths, they could jump on it.
  3. jrodda

    What do you think...Is the Calico Bass the most caught and released fish in SoCal?

    Ya'll need to get off your Parkers for a minute.
  4. jrodda

    Swimbait reel

    Personally I'm fairly comfortable with 1/4oz-2.5oz on a 200. Kinda prefer spinning reel under 3/8oz and I'd step up to a 300 or 400 after 3oz.
  5. jrodda

    Inshore 10-17 Shoe/PV Half Day Bassing

    Just the report I was looking for, thanks for posting. Looks like a beautiful day. I recently did the impeller on my 6hp Merc and the hard (holy hell frustrating) part was putting the lower drive unit back on. Turns out the whole lower drive is what needed replacing anyway...but the impeller...
  6. jrodda

    But is was a brand new reel...

    I got an Avet JX G2 6/3 several months ago that sounded hella dry even though it was new. I used your video at that time to get the confidence to pop it open to re-grease it. First time operating on a 2 speed and it was a cinch. Love my 4 Avets and they're wonderfully simple machines to maintain.
  7. jrodda

    dinghy fishfinder

    Here's a good AB video of Clearvu vs CHIRP. My main takeaway is the Clearvu picks up on the finer details of structure, but, counterintuitively, doesn't pick up on fish as well as the CHIRP does. I personally target rockfish and open water fish the most, so I like to see fish marks, and most...
  8. jrodda

    dinghy fishfinder

    I almost upgraded to the Vivid 4CV because it does seem like the way to go, but if you read into the reviews, the standard transducer only works in the Clearvu mode, although they advertise it does CHIRP and Clearvu (comes with a GT20 transducer but needs a GT22HW to do both=$100 upgrade)...
  9. jrodda

    dinghy fishfinder
  10. jrodda

    dinghy fishfinder

    X2 on the Garmin Striker 4. I used it on a kayak then carried over to my 15’ inflatable that I stow rolled up. I also just got an aluminum sliding transducer mount off Bass Pro that feels solid, so that I can put the transducer a little deeper while on the move and still get readings.
  11. jrodda

    Offshore New Ride - Same Old Kids

    Awesome awesome day, thanks for the report. I must have launched within 20 minutes of you leaving the harbor, but my impeller gave out as I was revving up at the breakwall, so no fishing for me...I had the exact same game plan (minus the live bait) so I'm jealous but great to see the plan would...
  12. jrodda

    How/when do you like to use your baitcaster; Komodo, Lexa, Tranx, etc.?

    I like my Calcutta 400 and Komodo 364 for swimbaits and light iron, and rockfishing. I don't wanna think about laying line on the spool for lure retrieval unless it's surface iron fishing. Power handle, levelwind and small frame make rockfish more fun for me. Right now I'm at a point where all...
  13. jrodda

    Who chased the Newport tuna bite today?

    I was out there. Ran this route. Launched from HH, out to the mussel farm, followed the ridge all the way to Laguna and back. Zero surface action all day. All the terns I saw looked tired from the last couple days, lounging around. FF was being fickle so I wasn't able to read marks today. I...
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    East county bait and tackle bad business.

    still in fishing chit chat as far as i see.
  15. jrodda

    Looking For Saltwater Bait caster

    +1 for Komodo 364. 400 size was too big a frame for my tastes. Can't go wrong with a Calcutta 400 either. I bought one off eBay fucking FILLED with mud (unbeknownst to me or the inexperienced seller) but I gave it a good clean and fresh bearings (plus the anti reverse bearing was fucked) and...
  16. jrodda

    SoCal Inshore Thresher Fishing

    On the same train as you, so it's all fresh on my mind. In a nutshell: Haven't got one yet, but I'm pretty confident with the info I got. Tight to the beach, inside 40' of water or a couple hundred yards of the beach. Find birds, you'll find bait, and maybe sharks. Off color water a plus...
  17. jrodda

    San Juan Seamount on a PB

    It's about time they rebooted that show! Asshats from BD edition.
  18. jrodda

    76 Predator, epic fail and recovery

    I see what you mean that the diamonds didn't quite pop as a main event per se, but you did an amazing job reframing it and keeping it as a beautiful subtle texture under the pinstripes.
  19. jrodda

    San Juan Seamount on a PB

    I've spent some time daydreaming about a private boat trip to San Juan Seamount (as well as Rodriguez Seamount). Consistently gnarly conditions in those areas. 15-30kn wind and 6-10'+ swells on the regular, or so the internet/forecasts say. Haven't been there so I wouldn't know. I hear there...
  20. jrodda


    I follow Warren's fishing ventures on instagram. Cool to see you crafting a beautiful rod for him.
  21. jrodda

    What does your quiver look like?

    Traded a Graphtech for the 270h, sold a Komodo 463p, and won the Torium 14 on eBay for $125. I guess I still paid money for what I sold and traded, but the checkbook stayed balanced through this week, believe it or not.
  22. jrodda

    What does your quiver look like?

    Added a 270h yesterday and a Torium 14 today....
  23. jrodda

    What's on the soundtrack tonight

    Jimmy is a seriously underrated songwriter, and his band kicks ass.
  24. jrodda

    Islands Quick Trip CIH 3/14

    Inside the 100 fathom line, my guy.
  25. jrodda

    Islands Quick Trip CIH 3/14

    My weather sources were all over the place for today. One said barely a whisper of wind, another said 20-30mph all day. So I figured I'd head down to the harbor, and if it was too windy at the launch then I'd turn around and head home, but otherwise I'd just plan for the afternoon wind. And with...
  26. jrodda

    Braid color???

    I just go with whatever makes my rod and reel look cute.
  27. jrodda

    Santa Barbara 3/4

    Good luck, I haven’t been on the Stardust but it looks like a great operation in an epic locale.
  28. jrodda

    Backpacking Fishing Rod and Reel Suggestions

    FWIW, I've bought 3 KastKing telescoping rods (6'6 L Spin, 7'6 MH Casting, 8' H Spinning) and while they are pretty nice, I've broken the tips on both spinning rods, I think from bending the tip section with the lure on the hook keeper. The tip section is way too flexible. I still use the 6'6...
  29. jrodda

    Santa Barbara 3/4

    Wow, never thought there'd be browns so close to my house. That motivates me to try again soon. Thanks! PVC 15' kaboat inflatable + 6hp Mercury 4 stroke. Lots of positives to the rig, and just as many negatives, but I'm getting my money's worth and then some. As Snow White so famously said...
  30. jrodda

    Santa Barbara 3/4

    At the end of my last trip (PV last week, ~20 miles roundtrip for a turd, a scorpion, and a few big macks), my outboard didn't want to start back up at the ramp, or even turn over after running/idling the whole 7 hour trip. Thankfully, when I got back to my house, my boater neighbor happened to...
  31. jrodda

    Striped Bass in long beach??

    The fishery in SoCal is not well established, but it does exist. At the right times, they're in the surf from SB to SD (and beyond SB, obviously), and some seem to catch them with some predictability. I am not one of those people, but I know of a couple people who have managed to stay on top of...
  32. jrodda

    Slow start, great weather

    Nice report, I saw 3 humpbacks stuck inside the jetty last week at San Pedro. There when we launched and there when we landed.
  33. jrodda

    Round trip miles around Catalina

    ^Google Earth is great for it on your computer or your phone. San Pedro launch- 90 miles if you do it this way:
  34. jrodda

    Okuma PCH 12-25 rod braid rating.

    Match that mono rating with your ideal leader, or at least the weakest link. If you're trying to run 30-40# mono leader with 50lb spectra, then I suggest a 20-50# rated rod for best results. But if you're falling in love with the feel of a 12-25# rod and really wanting it to be a 30-40# stick...
  35. jrodda

    Who else is looking forward to new rockfish spots?

    Decided to approximate those coordinates on Google Earth to make the 100 fathom line for my locale. Santa Barbara Coast: Ventura/Malibu Coast: What an agonizing exercise...somebody else do a few.
  36. jrodda

    Who else is looking forward to new rockfish spots?

    Not sure how well circulated this fact is around here, but there was a recent distinction of a new species called the Sunset Rockfish that looks basically identical to Vermillion Rockfish. The only seemingly usable distinguishing factor for the species (outside of genetic testing) is that the...
  37. jrodda

    CIH Dabbin'

    Oh yeah those are wild. I can't imagine the chaos of one of those. What happened?
  38. jrodda

    CIH Dabbin'

    I'll get a side view of my solo layout next time. Pelagic? Pelagic octopus? Tried a google and couldn't find much. I'm interested in the story of your experience.
  39. jrodda

    CIH Dabbin'

    7 days ago it was forecasted to be quite windy today and through my weekend. Thankfully that forecast changed a couple days ago, so I got to daydreaming on what I could do with the Mosquito this time. It may sound strange, but I managed to work up the desire to go sand dabbing. I figured, if I...
  40. jrodda

    What's the weirdest fish you've caught in SoCal?

    Caught a sarcastic fringehead in the kayak in SB. Popped off the hook and into my lap and that big mouth was wonting for the family jewels... Also foul hooked a ~15# chinook while rockfishing off Anacapa 10 years ago. I was bringing up a rockfish or two in 200ft of water, when midway up my line...
  41. jrodda

    Shark ID Palos Verdes

    Soupfin indeed!
  42. jrodda

    Replacing Glued on drag washers?

    I know that Avet glues down their drag washer to the spool and they claim for it to be a lifetime washer, and not to remove the drag washer yourself. They suggest sending it in to them and they would handle the issue if it is a problem. Doesn't look like yours is an Avet, but I think all of that...
  43. jrodda

    Fashionista or Fisherman

    from spar urethane to that! you and johnny sound like a sweet couple 🥰
  44. jrodda

    That 70's Blank

    I don't think it's painted, unless they painted the inside as well before they rolled the blank.
  45. jrodda

    OC spots to practice throwing jigs

    Jetty would be best, you might even find a stray snot stick. Surf works too, except for when it doesn't. Back bay is also an option.
  46. jrodda

    Oxnard/Morro Bay

    I don’t know if they’re itching to go after the waters that opened up (450-600ft) but it’s common for 3/4 day boats to do 200-400ft of water, while overnighters (like the New Hustler) at the outer islands will do 100-250ft more often than not, with some calico/YT/WSB shots mixed in. So, 300-400...
  47. jrodda

    That 70's Blank

    Did some research based off of you what you said. Didn't find anything but I'm gonna keep my eye out for Shakespeares and Conolons that match. If you were implying the 70's were without graphite, Fenwick was first on the scene with them in '73, followed shortly after by Lamiglas, Garcia Conolon...
  48. jrodda

    That 70's Blank

    Just bought this off a buddy who is a serious rod geek, but he couldn't figure this one out. I'm far from an expert myself so I'm very curious if anyone can drum up a story on what brand/blank this might be. He mentioned it's probably one of the original incarnations of graphite rods. Some...
  49. jrodda

    Please delete saltist 15p

    PM sent if it falls through.
  50. jrodda

    A little Dab will do You - DP 11.29.20

    Soupfin jaw pictured below. According to Dr. Milton Love, they'll go down to 1500ft so it's totally possible. Normally in the surf they'll pull off some world class runs before coming in, but maybe the deeper water/fight angle made it a little sleepier. Real chunk below. In fact, the...
  51. jrodda

    A little Dab will do You - DP 11.29.20

    Good read, fun mystery until color. 6-7' sand shark? Normally I think smoothhounds when I hear sand shark, but they aren't 6-7'. Super curious what you got.
  52. jrodda

    Late Report - Santa Barbara Island 11/22 on the Pescador

    Very cool. How deep was the water? Looks like prime conditions to shoot that video. Although a little scary to send the camera into those piles, hope you were using a breakaway leader past the camera or something. I wanna get one now.
  53. jrodda

    New Hustler On the Big reds

    Gotta love Chris's operation, nice trip.
  54. jrodda

    Offshore Old Glory 11/17/20

    I didn’t have eyes on the struggle but I think he was on the wheel for it. I think it was the cook, the deckhand Steven (?), shorter buzz cut decky and then a Central Valley guy who was there to fish but helped with crew duties throughout. Those were the guys complaining about not getting the...
  55. jrodda

    Offshore Old Glory 11/17/20

    Was that the Sea Adventure 80 trip? Apparently 3 guys from this trip were on a trip a couple weeks ago where a drunk couple got brought back to shore. I'll add that he might have said to somebody that he was high as well. Oh, and he shit his pants during his tirade, and got it on the floor of...
  56. jrodda

    Offshore Old Glory 11/17/20

    (Overnight: departure 8pm, 11/16) I wanna post a report on this trip particularly because the fish counts don't tell the story of why the boat didn't get limits of tuna, instead reading: 30 passengers; 150 YT, 116 YFT, 1 Skipjack. Arrived at the landing around 6pm, 2 hours before departure...
  57. jrodda

    Copy. Check your Conversations.

    Copy. Check your Conversations.
  58. jrodda

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Name: Jeremy Age: 25 Location: Thousand Oaks Availability: Weekdays Contact Info: PM for number Smoke/Drink?: I'll smoke a cigar References: None. 3/4-Overnight experience. Kayak fishing experience. Just got a 15' inflatable + 6hp as well for coast/inland. Fish finder experience. Know and have...
  59. jrodda

    Inflatable Boats: Lean Post Mod Feasibility?

    I've been infatuated for a few months now with the idea of putting together an inflatable rig. I'm thinking a 15' aluminum floor style with a 20hp 4 stroke tiller. I really like the idea of the inflatable in that it's light, fuel efficient, and exceptionally seaworthy. This hull seems to be...