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  1. thrasher949

    Dana Point Launch Ramp - Big Update!

    Hey thanks for putting so much effort into finding this badass loophole! Seems like these organizations only care about themselves anyways. Maybe the coastal commission will speed up the stack now lol
  2. thrasher949

    Over dozen boats around tanner rt now.

    Just came back from there on the Tribute. We had probly 10 blow ups on the kite, only 1 stuck at 225. They didnt want the sinker rig at all, or any flylined baits. They did love the anchovy color flat fall during the day. We hung 3 on all on that same color jig 350g to 160g, but broke off and...
  3. thrasher949

    Re-Power yamaha 225 to 300 On a 2320

    Maybe you need the right prop.... I had the same boat/motor.... 15x15 mercury enertia 3 blade is the answer topped out at 37mph, got our of the water much faster cruise 28 near 2mpg. That 19 pitch factory prop was GARBAGE. Hit up Ken at propgods
  4. thrasher949

    Is this normal?

    my 225 was always like that even with a new impeller
  5. thrasher949

    Dana Point Launch Ramp - Big Update!

    I got the same reply from Brenda... "were looking into it"
  6. thrasher949

    Dana Point Launch Ramp - Big Update!

    add this to your emails: The current parking configuration does not suit the launch ramp in the following ways: Incorrectly sized for public use. Parking stalls are not long enough for truck and trailers. (if you have a boat 25’ or larger, the over length of the truck and trailer combo will...
  7. thrasher949

    Dana Point Launch Ramp - Big Update!

    oh man!!!! THANK YOU! Ive also been stirring the pot with this for the last 2 yeas. Ive been barking up the wrong tree apparently. I kept reaching out to Kelly Rinderknecht, btw her email is [email protected] She claims that boats are allowed to use the overflow lot and that...
  8. thrasher949

    This was an open party trip with Bight Sportfishing

    This was an open party trip with Bight Sportfishing
  9. thrasher949

    Offshore Tanner on a Freeman

    We joked that we were waiting for the strippers to pop out of the floor hatches with funnels of beer. lol
  10. thrasher949

    Boat road well, sat in front almost the entire time. The boat doesnt launch or slam live a V...

    Boat road well, sat in front almost the entire time. The boat doesnt launch or slam live a V hull. I was able to drink beer and film while heading straight up swell into 4 footers. Down swell its got a little bit of sneeze when we went through 4s and 5s. If your off angle going down swell thats...
  11. thrasher949

    Offshore Tanner on a Freeman

    Big Bluefin Fishing on Tanner Bank
  12. thrasher949

    2001 Parker 2520 value

    The hull is worth 22K if theres no rot, so if the motors work your scored.
  13. thrasher949

    The 9 at SCI

    People fish it all the time, I just wouldn't anchor there. Yes its in the restricted area, I would def monitor channel 16, they will yell you on the radio if they dont want you there. Even in the fog..... they know where you are. If you check the island schedule you can see if there is other...
  14. thrasher949

    These water temps??? WTF

    La Nina had its toll, but lets be honest..... some of the best dorado and BFT fishing since the last el nino
  15. thrasher949

    Polaris Supreme 3 Day

    Let me play devils advocate here based on the facts provided (if this is all true) so far... For a small $6.95 clerical error DFG confiscated a bunch of fish and partially ruined some paying customers trip? I'm all about enforcement of poaching and actual conservation, but it just seems like...
  16. thrasher949

    Offshore Overnight on Tribute 8/18

    Tyler started as a deck hand on that boat. Hes solid and has plenty of experience on the water with Mike.
  17. thrasher949

    2009 Maratime 25' Patriot for sale

    CLEAN AF! This should move
  18. thrasher949

    Offshore Bluefin Foamer Fishing - Numbers, Lessons Learned and a Request for Cow-Fighting Tips

    First part was dead on! There is no replacement for time and experience on the water. Second part... I would never use bass gear for tuna. Not sure how big of a private boat you were one, but a center console you should work the rod around the boat with your tip down as far as possible. If...
  19. thrasher949

    just an iphone...

    just an iphone...
  20. thrasher949

    Love fishing with Phil

    Love fishing with Phil
  21. thrasher949

    No I brought bigger stuff.... they just wanted the strings tho.... finesse fishing

    No I brought bigger stuff.... they just wanted the strings tho.... finesse fishing
  22. thrasher949

    Offshore 2.5 Day Amigo

    Trip Report: 2.5 Day on the Amigo. Outer Banks, SCI and upper ridge.
  23. thrasher949

    Frequent Flyer (BFT)

    You can get em online now also
  24. thrasher949

    Frequent Flyer (BFT)

    H&M landing has them
  25. thrasher949

    Islands Amigo 7-3-21

    Theres some new DFW guys harassing the sportboats over some ticky tack stuff like the size of skin tags and things like that so dont be surprised if they ask you for your license. At this point the sportboat captains are just trying to stay off the radar for this nonsense. Its been a total waste...
  26. thrasher949

    Gonna Try this again, Looking for A week day fishing buddy.

    check out this facebook group
  27. thrasher949

    Offshore weather forecast link on BD? choose your county, then everything you need is there. for wind models
  28. thrasher949

    sick boat btw

    sick boat btw
  29. thrasher949

    thats me

    thats me
  30. thrasher949

    Islands 5-16 SCI Pyramid Cove

    I was on the Amigo, we left SCI do to poor conditions. Almost zero current, cooler water temps and very little response to chum. Tried Pyramid and up the line to purse sein on the lee side. Headed southwest to pound the bluefin, they didnt really cooperate until the night bite. Fish 20-50lbs...
  31. thrasher949

    Opinions on the o side 95?

    Fished this boat a number of times, HUGE boat, staterooms ice old AC. Ricks a pretty good captain. Its only cheap because they are located in Oceanside. The customers are usually drunk marines holding a spinning reel the wrong way or old salty dudes from Oside which keeps a shortage on fish...
  32. thrasher949

    They bit @ the Tanner

    mine was 180, biggest that made it to the deck was 265
  33. thrasher949

    They bit @ the Tanner

    We both did, they were gaffing, while someone was winding the kite back in while I set up the next one for release. When the bite is that hot it’s a team effort to hit those numbers back to back to back
  34. thrasher949

    They bit @ the Tanner

    EPIC Bluefin Trip Offshore Banks Full report with video
  35. thrasher949

    Parker 2320 Batteries

    you can fit group 31's FYI
  36. thrasher949

    Shogun - Police

    More info on "The Russian" please... Also I couldn't agree more, there should be more transparency in regards to the incident. You don't have to name the people, but more than saying you shit canned them is owed to the customers. And, to restore faith in your customers, you should say how...
  37. thrasher949

    USCG documented vessel

    It can not be seized by another nation permanently because it would be considered property of the United States. People also do it to try and skate by the California personal property tax. Although you are still required to pay it, it doesn't register with the state most of the time and you...
  38. thrasher949

    USCG documented vessel

    The boat technically doesn't qualify, but if you do the manual measurements on your application you can fudge it enough to get it through. Ive seen it done. Expect no less than 90-120 day wait time to hear back at a minimum.
  39. thrasher949

    Shogun - Police

    Man you guys are digging deep... #dontfuckwithrussians is the the new #dontfuckwithcats
  40. thrasher949

    Offshore Paid subscription weather forecasts

    I like Their wind model is one of the best, the rest of the features are almost worthless. Then take a look at the NOAA actual buoy readings for real conditions. Someone put this website together called, they just kinda pile various sources of info onto each page by...
  41. thrasher949

    Offshore Any fish showing up around the 267/209/14 lately?

    sporadic kelps from oceanside to 267 8-13 miles from shore, dorado found yesterday
  42. thrasher949

    Offshore Offshore/west end of Catalina

    Had the same results on Saturday
  43. thrasher949

    Offshore Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    this guy knows..... and REPORTS!
  44. thrasher949

    SOLD 2008 Parker 2320

    2008 Parker 2320 225 Yamaha 4stroke 535hrs on Armstrong bracket 2019 tandem trailer with disc brakes $76,000 This boat is a turn key offshore machine. Would be a perfect boat to run charters in So Cal. Performance: Top speed 38mph, cruise 30mph at 2mpg. 150 gallon tank Electronics: Garmin...
  45. thrasher949

    Offshore 8/9/20 Save Your Fuel Just Don't Go_Upper Hidden+Coronado Canyon+Lower 9

    I think the La Nina percentage is gonna tick up... The NW winds haven't quit all summer, water temps haven't really gotten over 72 for any period of time. ALL the tropical energy has never gained any strength. As far as the current shitty fishing the last few days, I agree its just a lull...
  46. thrasher949

    Offshore 267-277 and gasoline

    Checked some local banks with descent speed Saturday going sideways in the wind swell. Good temp break between the 2 banks almost 1 degree. Pretty sure I saw Decker and Eric going side by side with me on their way to SCI. Couple paddies in the zone for nada, came back to the south side of the...
  47. thrasher949

    Offshore fishing SOLO for MONSTER BLUEFIN

    This is the ONLY awesome thing that has happened in 2020!!!! My Gawd I just watched a fishing pornography.... this is literally the trip guys jerk off too..... Even Billy K is hard right now. FYI, the gold fish taste good, you should try the smaller ones at Catalina ?!!! Keep living the dream...
  48. thrasher949

    Offshore 5/31 BFT Report

    Concur it was bumpy as fuck out there on the west side. Made it 5 miles west of the 371 couldn't keep the yummy skipping even trolling downhill lol. Perfect day for a pilothouse.... wipers were on the whole fucking day. Called it early, just over 2hrs to get back... doesn't look like the wind is...
  49. thrasher949

    Offshore 5/28 upper hidden, 425, 371

    some moved more northwest along the temp break, has anyone looked below the upper hidden lately?
  50. thrasher949

    Offshore BLUEFINN 5/21/20 Blue water

    There is lots of fish around this diagonal temp break upper hidden/lower hidden south of the 425. Get some
  51. thrasher949

    Offshore 05.20 BFT

    More POSTs like these please!!!! No Bullshit! No hiding.... Nice one boys! Get some
  52. thrasher949

    Dana Point Ramp

    Agree with all of this 100%. Im curious to see how many boats move to the stack from the yard. Based on the number of small slips that are being eliminated, seems like those will be the ones moving to the stack. There is minimal boat storage in south county so it will be interesting how this...
  53. thrasher949

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    Ya that’s my next purchase for sure! When I saw that you can get that without a giant array that’s a game changer!
  54. thrasher949

    Head to head marine electronics competition 2020

    You using just the regular 4g? Did you see the new Halo dome? Id be interested in that for the bird feature alone. Cheaper than an array....
  55. thrasher949

    Dry Boat Storage - South OC

    You will find most spots in OC was a 2X what it should be for outdoor storage. When I checked around a 33' long space was $400 south county. Theres a few in Westminster/garden grove area under the power lines for $140-180
  56. thrasher949

    Dana Point Ramp

    The parking in the harbor is open as of today. SD boat ramps are open now.... hopefully it chills out. The "other" parking not is not controlled by the Embarcadero launch ramp, and the Harbor manager has no intention of it EVER becoming available for overflow. I tired several times to convey the...
  57. thrasher949

    Offshore Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    he didn't say what year.... link please
  58. thrasher949

    Cat west side 5/9

    Started at silver canyon, poked around a bit, weak current moved down to little harbor area, super crowded nobody bendo. Slid a bit north found some current, bass, bonito, and barracuda all you can catch. Heard on the radio wide open yellowtail west end. Found a ton of boats and no yellow tail...
  59. thrasher949

    DP 4/25 Fishing Report - Good fishing

    I wanted to see Dale hold a fish 😁
  60. thrasher949

    Offshore San Diego City - some fishing OK starting Monday AM

    Just put a lifeguard sticker on your boat :)
  61. thrasher949

    Cat for the Bs

    I couldn't agree more! I have called, emailed, no one seems to care. I also emailed every single SD Board of Supervisors to add recreational fishing with household members to their list of acceptable ocean activities. Let em know.... Squeaky wheels get the grease [email protected]
  62. thrasher949

    Cat for the Bs

    Dana ramp was a total shit show... thanks to San Diego. Had to ditch the trailer in a spot and then find another for my truck. fog was thick but that’s why I have radar. Plenty of boats in their way to catalina. Started at seal rocks, picked up a bass. Pulled around back Orange rocks was full...
  63. thrasher949

    Offshore 4-25 209 and vicinity

    water cleaned up at the east end, Bs all day. Super streaky all the way across though
  64. thrasher949

    Offshore Tricks to use in a picky bite

    Theres so many.... Jigs... 1. Change the speed of your retrieval faster/slower 2. change the count of the sink before start reeling 3. sudden stops, pauses and change in direction 4. toss a flat fall in the back corner when the deckhand is tossing baits. You wont get tangled cause your jig is...
  65. thrasher949

    Commercial hacks

    I couldn’t agree more! Now they are paying for a security guard. I wrote a nice letter to city council today to ask them to stop embarrassing the city and start using some common sense practices. It’s required they have to read it out loud on camera 😀. Its sad that it’s come down to these...
  66. thrasher949

    Why is San Diego Bay Closed where LA Bays are not?

    If you want change start picking up the phone and call your politicians. You got to fight for your right!
  67. thrasher949

    its gone

    its gone
  68. thrasher949

    Calstar and Phenix rods (OC)

    Price reduction, last rod left
  69. thrasher949

    Helium setups and where to get Helium in Pedro/long beach area?

    If you have your own tank it will he harder to get someone to fill it for you. I like the aluminum tanks, no rust and they are light. Huge shortage on helium, one of my work vendors (Praxair) wouldn't even sell it to me when I've been buying other gas products from them for over 20 years.
  70. thrasher949

    Looking for YT setup!

    I got a Calstar 800M paired with a Diawa LD35H and 50lb braid ill let go for $300
  71. thrasher949

    Offshore Trip cancellation 3/18

    So happy I bought my own boat last year.... not ready to make a 110 mile run for BFT into mexico yet.... gonna let em come closer its only March.
  72. thrasher949

    Diawa LD35 2 speed

    Diawa LD35 2 speed with 50lb spectra $220
  73. thrasher949

    PENN new product wish list

    1) Electric Swordfish reel 2) high speed kite reel like a 10 to 1 or 12 to 1 with short rod combo
  74. thrasher949

    Calstar and Phenix rods (OC)

    Phenix SOLD Price drop Calstars
  75. thrasher949

    So Cal Fishing Forecast 3-5-20

    So Cal Fishing Forecast 3-5-20
  76. thrasher949

    Moon phases, what do you guys think?

    Allen Watson - he was on the Cast and Crank Podcast recently
  77. thrasher949

    2008 2320

    You will find that your 2008 boat more than likely has a 2006-2007 motor since there were not a whole lot of boats made in 2008. My boat was the same year and I had it checked out prior to purchase. You have to drop the bottom end to inspect it (usually costs 250-350 bucks) and make sure its ok...
  78. thrasher949

    Offshore SCI Night stay

    Depending on what map you have on your plotter some of the boundaries are shown. I think on my C-Map version on my Simrad, all 8 of the standard boundries are shown if you zoom in. The outside boundary is always 3nm. The additional large "activity zones" always change in shape and size. It...
  79. thrasher949

    Offshore SCI Night stay

    Understanding The San Clemente Island Schedule
  80. thrasher949

    Offshore SCI Night stay

    I think I can put that together pretty easily
  81. thrasher949

    WTB: Montauk 150 with Yamaha 4s or Similar 16' Skiff

    Sold my 2006 150 Montauk last year. Great boat! Picked it up in Oregon. That Mercury 60 sips fuel. Buy the 30 gallon tank that goes under the seat. Do some looking on craigslist. Your gonna spend 15-17k for a California boat and 12-15K out of state. Easy to trailer back.
  82. thrasher949

    Sunday Rockfish Opener?

    I just started it.... that's the plan for the season. Just helping guys make the best of their weekends
  83. thrasher949

    Sunday Rockfish Opener?

    I would say not a good idea
  84. thrasher949

    2320 Parker

    I love this boat.... I see it all the time in the harbor
  85. thrasher949

    Airmar B275LHW on a Parker 2120?

    I got the p79 in-hull version works descent while moving. Then I use the Simrad transom total scan for under 10 mph
  86. thrasher949

    Offshore No BFT 2/20 Newport report

    thanks for the reports...Ill be out sunday out of dana. Theres a chlorophyll line from San Mateo to the 279 forming... might investigate that but theres a quick storm coming though tonight so it will probly all change
  87. thrasher949

    Looking for any info on this fish, or his friends

    You don't soak your fancy feast in BANG before your sprinkle it in the tank?
  88. thrasher949

    Looking for any info on this fish, or his friends

    With how green the water was between the islands and the mainland last year Im not surprised. There has been so much bait around they hung around. Most of the fish were spotted from whale watch boats. Most people were fishing bass and this shit popped up and they had the wrong gear. Last year I...
  89. thrasher949

    2017 Parker 2320 sl bulkhead 2nd station

    Depends on your motor, some are electric and some are cable. The steering you just put 2 t fittings in and bleed the hydraulics.
  90. thrasher949

    2320 head and wall liner replacement ?

    Ive got a yard or so of the matching carpet if anyone needs it. I was able to clean and scrub mine pretty good last year, got 98% of the spots out.
  91. thrasher949

    Pacific Edge bait tank install.

    $1000 for install is about right depending on your setup. Don't be shocked.... cyclone pump $350, brass valves and thru hull another $200 or more. If you didn't already have a pickup with a seacock add another $300. Then add the price of your tubing (double for a split tank). It all adds up...
  92. thrasher949

    Offshore 10/27 - Catch Report

    At least I didn't suffer alone.... Made it to the 14 for nada, then followed the express back to dana for a lesser but still bumpy ride.
  93. thrasher949

    Offshore WFO YFT 10/24 - 3 Miles North East of 226

    bunch of damn murders!!! well done boys! its all about team work sometimes
  94. thrasher949

    Deep V versus Mod V = So Cal Fishing

    These guys are dead on... were fuking spoiled! Easy waters to navigate, wind protection and all the damn sport boats you can ride if you don't want to take your own. Personally I would only get the DV with these boats on the west coast with a nice set of trim taps. They ride descent for a pilot...
  95. thrasher949

    I want a parker BUT?????

    You can if you want.... You would need to setup some kind of pole though.... Depends on outboard also.... a 200 wont get it done. A 225 with a 15 pitch prop probly would. I don't know if I would want a pilot house on lake mead though. I think a center console would fit your needs better.
  96. thrasher949

    Offshore 14 mile bank bluefin

    I do the same, fish reveal on 83 and 200 chirp. You get a real nice view
  97. thrasher949

    Offshore Skipped the 371, spottie Sunday

    Remember yall….. Happy Wife. Happy Life :cheers:
  98. thrasher949

    Offshore Skipped the 371, spottie Sunday

    The plan was to kill it on the 371 again. However that wind swell didn’t drop enough and the ride out of mission bay made the wife a bit uncomfortable. 5-6ft at 10 seconds and a bit steep at the entrance. We made it out and the wave heights didn’t really drop outside in the deeper water. Made...
  99. thrasher949

    Offshore Condor 1.5 yft limits and hole in my gas tank at the landing

    Turn it in to your insurance it will be a few grand for a tank and installation. No shady repairs will stand up to ethanol. sorry to hear.
  100. thrasher949

    Offshore 10/12 371.... get some!

    Trulys were also consumed lol
  101. thrasher949

    Offshore 10/12 371.... get some!

    Left from mission bay, got to the 371 area around 730 with a scope for 2 guys. There was some sports around so we hung on the outside to do our own thing. Trolled for maybe 5 min found a ton of fish, didn’t hook any on the troll. 1 big chum turned into a 7 hr drift. Lots of casualties on 20lb...
  102. thrasher949

    Offshore Slide, 277, 209, 279, 14

    Same here brotha, long day looking, enjoyed the glassy start
  103. thrasher949

    Offshore Tuna Seiners

    I saw 2 seiners, on the mackerel bank, they maybe got some yellowfin or skippys at best. Bluefin quota was filled in like may
  104. thrasher949

    Offshore Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    Same at the dunes, the yellows are there, I think they are stuck on the squid that was there. They didn't want the dean or jig.
  105. thrasher949

    Offshore Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    Took a look, not much to see. Super fishy on the northwest corner but no fish. About a mile North of the 9 fathom spot I metered 2 solo swimmers. Cruises down to the dune area and didn’t see much going on. Spoke to a couple guys on the radio and they saw a few dolphins for nada. Water temp was...
  106. thrasher949

    Offshore Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    Exactly why I bought my own boat, most sport boats wont fuck with them or will only attempt them on a 2 day trip with some meat on the deck already.
  107. thrasher949

    Chief going up for sale: SALVAGE

    Saw on IG, boat got damaged so bad at the boat yard it is not worth fixing. Anybody know exactly what happened?
  108. thrasher949

    Offshore Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    Last few days they were on the north part of the backside, but its hard to get good intel when the Navy keeps closing stuff off. People can only fish where they are allowed to, not necessarily where they have the best chance. Ill be there sunday… hail "High Class Hooker" on 72
  109. thrasher949

    Offshore Jumbos still at San Clemente island?

    Markland got 4 yesterday, they are around.... but they move. Sunday is open
  110. thrasher949

    Offshore SCI 9/28 - PB BFT x2

    Nice one! I wanted to roll but the wife didn't like the bumpy ride by the time we got to the 267. Ill see you out there sunday
  111. thrasher949

    Offshore 182-9/24

    They always want "the wood"
  112. thrasher949

    Offshore whole lotta nothing

    I saw some yellowfin there last week, but they were stuck on that microbait. Keep checking the chloro chart, theres a clear water arm starting to stretch up that way.
  113. thrasher949

    Offshore 8/24 226/302/corner

    Mr. Wong for the win!!! :rofl:
  114. thrasher949

    Offshore 209 8/21/19

    you were a day early.....
  115. thrasher949

    Offshore San Clem Tuna and MORE!

    Reminder most of SCI is closed.... check the website
  116. thrasher949


    Some tuna were spotted near the 209... don’t give up hope
  117. thrasher949

    12 miles out MEX license only?

    Thanks gentlemen just wanted to make sure
  118. thrasher949

    12 miles out MEX license only?

    If you stay 12 miles from shore all you need is mex fishing license on your own boat? If your inside then you need the FMM and TPP and biosphere correct? Just want to be in the clear.
  119. thrasher949

    Tuna in range from San Pedro?

    These sportys are all fishing in mex between the 390, 371 and 230. Look at the AIS today, there was like 30 sportys within 10 miles of each other. SCI is pretty much closed and all the water on the US side is pretty green.
  120. thrasher949

    Just Wait Till Weekend

    and Clemente is pretty much closed
  121. thrasher949

    SCI 8/16

    Keep watching the schedule.... they just closed the small window that was left on Saturday
  122. thrasher949

    2120 seat mount slider help

    me too, the little plastic guide piece keeps falling out....
  123. thrasher949

    Morse twin lever control saftey lock

    They bypassed the neutral safety switch on mine. As far as bypassing putting the boat in gear, I don't think you can, Its purely a mechanical movement.
  124. thrasher949

    Morse twin lever control saftey lock

    I have the same Morse throttle setup, and mine is bypassed as well just like you mentioned.
  125. thrasher949

    Best option in socal Slip/trailer storage or Trailered boat storage for 3 months?

    And that’s why they are always empty now....
  126. thrasher949

    Dana Point Action?

    The area has been slow.... don’t worry it will perk up soon
  127. thrasher949

    Offshore White sea bass out of Point Loma

    drown the dine.... ill write that down.... Nice one man!
  128. thrasher949

    DP Boat Ramp parking FULL

    I couldn't agree more.... I remember the nino… shit show and 2hr wait for bait at 5am.... sounds like they could care less
  129. thrasher949

    DP Boat Ramp parking FULL

    FYI, As you know the harbor is under construction and they have dramatically reduced parking at the ramp. They were 100% out of parking on Sunday at 11am. Please email [email protected] express your concern. Or plan to use another launch ramp.
  130. thrasher949

    Dana Point Launch ramp parking

    My bad thought that’s where I dropped it lol
  131. thrasher949

    Parker 2320 Livewell

    I believe that’s only for the 2013 and up that already have the small live well. 2007 has the 4 folding doors for fish storage.
  132. thrasher949

    Parker 2320 Livewell

    Its a weird shape, I store by fenders, dock lines and flip flops in there.
  133. thrasher949


    Theres a window open at the island on sunday… then closed for a long ass time lol
  134. thrasher949

    Offshore Possible Heads-up!

    Agree 100% BFT are anti-social
  135. thrasher949

    Parker seats

    Bench SOLD Helm Chair and Bimini top still available
  136. thrasher949

    Parker seats

    48” wide, 27” tall
  137. thrasher949

    Trolling motor- minnkota?

    I asked a couple guys on the Sea Hunt Facebook group that had em
  138. thrasher949

    Parker seats

    bump new price
  139. thrasher949

    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    sweet ride, ya the long cabin would be the way to go... then they can compete with those kingfishers. 3500rpm at 32mph :drool:
  140. thrasher949

    Parker seats

    Transom fold bench seat SOLD Captains chair $70 Also have a Blue Bimini Top All removed from 2008 Parker 2320 Pick up in San Clemente or Los Alamitos
  141. thrasher949

    Trolling motor- minnkota?

    I looked into this, the east coast guys use these a lot. You need to have a separate 36V battery bank and a charger. They said they last about 2hrs on one charge. So your gonna be like 3k all said and done. Also don’t let it hit the kelps, they can break in those. I think 1k for a windlass is...
  142. thrasher949

    Offshore 12hr Tour 279/209/181/43/312/182

    Went out looking for the annoying bluefin and we found em. There’s a ton of fish swimming around but they just were not interested in playing. We had no bait (tank is not ready yet) so we tossed poppers/pencils/flat falls and dragged cedar plugs/rapalas ect Launch at DP... 5am 279 nada as...
  143. thrasher949

    Helm Chair Upgrade

    Link is in the video description. Overtons has some Good Sam club thing that gives you 25% off if you sign up to their mailing list.
  144. thrasher949

    Helm Chair Upgrade

    You need to drill holes in the new chair, they don’t match the existing ones on the bracket.
  145. thrasher949

    Helm Chair Upgrade

    Installed this thing a few weeks ago. I ran across it being done before somewhere but couldn't find the post for the life of me. Anyways.... you do have to drill new holes. I think I paid $280 with coupon code, no sales tax and free shipping. Cant beat the bargain.... and its comfy too.
  146. thrasher949

    OC boat detail

    Found Paul from Lighting Detail from another member recommendation on the forum. The Parker turned out great! If you need some work done give him a call and tell him Jeff with the Parker sent ya! Remove Boat Oxidation [Part 3]
  147. thrasher949

    Fuel Tank Size

    yes, my 08 has 150
  148. thrasher949

    Garmin - Airmar P66 transducer

    Garmin/Airmar P66 transducer works great, just took it off my boat this week for structurescan. $100
  149. thrasher949

    Permatrim um-9

    bump for a great product, super easy to install
  150. thrasher949

    Permatrim and 18" trim tabs

    The instructions were specifically on top.
  151. thrasher949

    Offshore 6/28 Tuna Report and Analysis of Pelagic Catches vs. Moon Phase

    Great write up man! I know it takes some time to put all that data together. I know everyone wants to go fishing whenever they can, but if you are planning a destination trip moon phase is important. I can speak first hand of this on a trip to Panama. If you can eat all night under a full moon...
  152. thrasher949

    Permatrim and 18" trim tabs

    You can do the permatrim yourself, pretty easy
  153. thrasher949

    Offshore Boat on Rocks SCI

    I don't see any threads on the pacifica, did they go on the wrong side of the jetty on the way back in? couldn't tell from the new report.
  154. thrasher949

    Boat flipped at SCI

    Heard he was running in the dark too close to shore. USCG rescued him and he was alright. Markland posted a pic of the boat upside down. I guess another boat was able to flip it back over towing and and turned it with a winch.
  155. thrasher949

    How to setup and connect NEMA 2000

    Heres a quick video on what NEMA 2000 is and how to hook it up.
  156. thrasher949

    Trim Tab repair and upgrade

    Made a little video a Lenco trim tab repair and upgrade on my Paker. Went from broken switches to upgraded led. Ill be posting a second video showing how to replace a broken actuator also.
  157. thrasher949

    Local SoCal banks?

    The local banks around dana have been dry. Dirty water and red tide inshore. I went cat last weekend and there was a ton of boat traffic. There was a ton of life on the front east side visible with the eye and sonar but it was mainly bait, sharks and dolphins passed the 14. Seems the islands are...
  158. thrasher949

    Looking for new people to fish with

    I believe the proper term is "boat hos" :smoking33:
  159. thrasher949

    Yamaha offshore Spare parts,fluids and filters

    Small tool kit, voltmeter, jumper cables. Boat US gold package.
  160. thrasher949

    Make a kite reel

    Made a quick video on how to add a nut to a fishing reel to reel your kite in quickly. No need for an expensive electric reel, we are not reeling in swordfish, just a kite with a helium balloon.
  161. thrasher949

    new whip, who dis?

    Ya those are a staple on boats. I heard about some Z-Tuff pads that are agedly a little more durable. Gonna try those out too.
  162. thrasher949

    new whip, who dis?

    a 2320 what else? Well its a 2008, new to me anyways. Searched over winter and found a 2320 in Boston. Took forever to get it here for a few reasons.... 1. First boat got sold out from under me in Florida. 2. New England had a hell of a winter and no one wants to perform an accurate survey in...
  163. thrasher949

    Cleaning up the boat

    Hey guys, here's a video I put together on some of the stuff I use to clean my boat. What products do you like? Part 1
  164. thrasher949

    Parker 2320 livewell

    I have seen mixed answers on the putting 4200 down around the tank. Some say don’t do it so if you have a leak u can see the water hit the deck. For your pie plate, did u leave the cap off? Or cut holes to run the hoses through the plate cap?
  165. thrasher949

    Parker 2320 livewell

    can you share your list of materials? Just ordered a PE60D and a jabsco last week. I will be installing this myself as well same boat. I know the gas tank position changes with model year.
  166. thrasher949

    Question for those of you who bought a boat on the East Coast and shipped it to California.

    He wanted $2 a mile to tow it.... there are way cheaper options.
  167. thrasher949

    Looking for boat transport

    thanks for the info, I was in need too. anyone on Uship gets charged 20% for booking so ur price will always be higher
  168. thrasher949

    Looking for boat transportation.

    good to know... got a Boston to OC delivery needed soon
  169. thrasher949

    Bonefish SD Bay ( video )

    one lost bonefish lol awesome!
  170. thrasher949

    Second helm..

    Sometimes solo, or maybe a couple buddies
  171. thrasher949

    Second helm..

    The second helm on the deck is an option.... For those that don't have it, do you wish you did? or prefer roof helm instead? For those that have it? Do you use it? Fishing in California....
  172. thrasher949

    Tower build. Stainless or aluminum

    what did they charge you for that setup?
  173. thrasher949

    Offshore 2 islands 1 weekend tradegy

    I don't know if they had a life vest aboard, I didn't see either person wearing one. I was hoping to find a news article of some kind to hear what happened from the captain of the sailboat. I can only report what I observed.
  174. thrasher949

    Offshore 2 islands 1 weekend tradegy

    I double booked my self last weekend, 3/4 day company trip, followed by a overnight charter with friends from the same landing. 3/4 day Truline Catalina trip - fished the front side closer to 2 harbors. Early bite was ok but faded pretty quick. Lots of barracuda early. We got 1 nice home guard...
  175. thrasher949

    15' Boston Whaler Montauk 07'

    Considering offers, if your interested please get in contact with me asap
  176. thrasher949

    15' Boston Whaler Montauk 07'

    18'8 long with the tongue folded, drive down and turned. It will fit no problem in a short 2 car garage on the diagonal, or a long single car.
  177. thrasher949

    15' Boston Whaler Montauk 07'

    This has been a great fun little boat for the last 5 years or so but its time to move on up to something bigger. Boat is located in Orange County, CA. See my craigslist add below. I already have one low offer.
  178. thrasher949

    slow fishing BUTT rewarded!

    Almost forgot the details... try not to laugh.... 7' Sabre rod with broken/missing guide ring (purchased at Big 5 years ago), Diawa Saltist 40 Level wind, 60lb spectra with 40lb Seagaur Floro leader, 2/0 hook (bent a little after), using a dropper loop style rig with 10oz weight with live...
  179. thrasher949

    slow fishing BUTT rewarded!

    Early Season fishing is always tough. The weather is still unpredictable and conditions change rapidly. My first trip of the year was going to be on the Ultra with the usual crew. I was very much looking forward to being on the water after the 7-month winter hibernation. Last years first trip of...
  180. thrasher949

    Offshore SCI 9/24

    We were pushing it down with butt end of the gaffs for like 15 min to make sure it was ok
  181. thrasher949

    Offshore SCI 9/24

    Fished a charter trip on a 1.5 at SCI weird conditions but we were still productive. Wind and current going opposite directions. Finished with some good grade yellows and a managed a 150lb Black Sea bass on the iron which was super fun. My personal best to date and was successfully released. We...
  182. thrasher949

    Titties and the box

    thats right..... took a break from the slow offshore scene and went to San O. Lots of bait in 60ft of water. Tossed the colt sniper the the busy bait and landed a nice 6.5lb bass. Went to box canyon but nothing was happening.
  183. thrasher949

    Offshore 9/9 14 and 279

    Ya I have never seen that many ever and I spend a lot of time on the water.
  184. thrasher949

    Offshore 9/9 14 and 279

    Flat glass til noon then 15kts
  185. thrasher949

    Offshore 9/9 14 and 279

    There was a few BD boys out there on the 14... tough trip, green water and my fish finder took a poop before i could get to the bait dock. The bait guy said the dines had been in there for 3 months lol. Anyways.. trolled the 14 for nada oil 930, made south a bit. If i had a dollar for every...
  186. thrasher949

    Offshore 14 mile bank - 9/6

    Thanks for the report. I'll be out there sat and Sunday in my skiff. I'll be on 72. Anyone fish 279 lately?
  187. thrasher949

    Offshore First String/Todo Santos Offshore 7/10

    I was hoping to be on the big Bluefin but the Cap decided to head south instead. That part was pretty frustrating when thats what I asked to go on when I called the landing. We fished about 30 miles offshore from Todo Santos to Bahia Soledad. Checked a bunch of paddies, most had small YT, only...
  188. thrasher949

    Offshore 60 Mile bank 4/17

    Went out for an early season try at the Bluefin on the O95. I knew this trip would be a gamble because it still pretty early in the year and the wind was up pretty heavy the day before. I figured before we left we were going to 60 Mile or Cortez, cap said 60 Mile so there we went. Bait was a...
  189. thrasher949


    If you change ur mind and want a 600 I got one too... Ill take $125 local to you
  190. thrasher949

    Offshore Cortez.. Anything biting right now?

    Fished 2 weeks ago, there is a ton of small yellowtail there and skippys. If you get in the right spot you can get some yellowfin, most where smaller but 10% where grande 40# or so...
  191. thrasher949

    Anyone have a report for the 14 and Avalon bank maybe Catalina ??

    Theres a ton of boats on Osborn and the fishing has faded, listed to the Tbird report from this morning
  192. thrasher949

    10-2 O95 to the 43

    Finally got on this boat, seen it several times on the water with barely anybody on it. Huge boat, little older, little worn but plenty of room for the group of 25 that were on the trip. Captain said we were gonna fish in US waters so be ready to fish as dawn. Woke up and fished jigs in the dark...
  193. thrasher949

    Dana Point

    all small fish for sure
  194. thrasher949

    Offshore 9/20 14 mile bank area - YT, Dorado, Turtle

    Nice Royce! This is Jeff, daves buddy
  195. thrasher949

    Offshore 9/19 Wide Open

    Which direction did u go to be alone?
  196. thrasher949

    San diego or Dana Point?

    Bait has been thin at Dana, the chovies are really small and if you have to make macs, there is barely any outside the harbor. You will have to flee south to San Clemente kelp line to make bait. I would fish San Diego or Oceanside, and I fish Dana pretty much every week. They havent had sardines...
  197. thrasher949


    the fish were there sunday... weather changed
  198. thrasher949

    Offshore O'side 9/17

    I think the tsunami freaked em out... even bluefin on Osborn turned off like a switch
  199. thrasher949

    Oside YF WFO for newbies

    sounds like trolling is starting to work again.... i swear no one got bit on the troll for like a month
  200. thrasher949

    anybody been to Cortez?

    I saw Pacific Quest killed it out there.... My suspensions are right on.... bFt will be there soon
  201. thrasher949

    Offshore Osborn Bank on the Black Pearl - Limits BFT

    Fished the same spot same day on another boat. I counted 28 boats when we left with limits.... Bait got picked up and dropped so many times. What worked best was 20-25lb floro and use 1/0 hooks. 2/0 got dropped a lot. It's no secret BFT on Osborn and they were jumping everywhere.
  202. thrasher949

    anybody been to Cortez?

    Its getting to be the time of year.... anybody fished cortez or tanner?
  203. thrasher949

    Offshore Dana Point 9/11

    same problem day before
  204. thrasher949

    Offshore 9/9 Dana point WFO

    Do you guys weight your chunk hooks to keep them low or just let them slide out real slow?
  205. thrasher949

    Offshore DP 8/30 YT and Hammerhead

  206. thrasher949

    Offshore DP 8/30 YT and Hammerhead

    Last week did some traveling pass the 267 for a bunch of empty paddys only to find tuna 5 miles outsdie of the harbor so took a closer to home approach this weekend with the full moon. Launched at 6, bait was good size 50/50 dines and macks, but the dines rolled pretty quick. Did some paddy...
  207. thrasher949

    Offshore If I hear "chunk" one more time...

    The only problem is the small poppers like the halco 80 or 105 dont have any weight to cast them out. Ive tried slow trolling them with dines and working them on top with no luck so far. Which popper is this?
  208. thrasher949

    Offshore DP 267 8/23-8/24

    MotionX-GPS is the app... Its not that I didnt see fish... I saw em everywhere they just didnt want to play. There was life everywhere. I would have gone further but I only have a 15' whaler so... 209 is not really a good idea. I must have stopped on 30+ paddies yesterday... some where empty...
  209. thrasher949

    Offshore Oside 8/24 - Nice Boat Ride

    Same deal.... Sunday and today... I was ready to just run em over to kill em.... So frustrating
  210. thrasher949

    Offshore DP 267 8/23-8/24

    well I have officially fished my ass off.... For nada. Spent the last 2 days fishing around the 267. The good: Best bait I have seen in a long time. Kelp paddies everywhere on the 267. Plenty of life!!! I've seen flying fish, two tones, jumping tuna, dorado ect.... And not to mention the...
  211. thrasher949

    DP 8/16

    Foggy weather got the best of us. Fished the 267 the day before for nada so I headed more south. The fog took over and visability was minimal in the am. Really challenging to spot paddies in the bright grey. Trolled about 10 miles offshore while trying not to get ran over by people speeding in...
  212. thrasher949

    Offshore 267 for nada

    Ya def seemed more life more south. Every kelp leaf all alone had bait fish on it, no birds though
  213. thrasher949

    Offshore 267 for nada

    longest bait line ever... 1.5hrs. Chunked, slow trolled and trolled for nada. Checked at least 10 patties all holding lots of micro bait but no love.... Water temps were up to 74f at the 267.
  214. thrasher949

    Shimano Flat Falls Lot..

    they are $12 in the store...
  215. thrasher949

    Offshore Dana Point 8/10 - 6 Miles Short of the 277

    at least you had dines... they were out sunday
  216. thrasher949

    Offshore 8 7 15 Tough day Dana Point (hour by hour play)

    Suprised you left dana to go to the 209? 267 has had plenty of fishies. Same bait experinece last 4 weekends. The trailer spots are gone because there is an outrigger race today and they all launch there.
  217. thrasher949

    FOR SALE: Penn Fathom FTH60LD2 BNIB

    My man they are on ebay for the same price just letting you know
  218. thrasher949

    Offshore Fish ID?

    Yes that's it! Thank you my mind can rest
  219. thrasher949

    Offshore Fish ID?

    ok I've now seen like 3 of these and can figure out what it is.... Half way back from the 279 I stopped on this fish (I think). It's looks like a stingray but the body swims vertical like an opah. It's grey on color, probly about 3ft around. Usually swimming with the top fin flickering around...
  220. thrasher949

    Offshore 7/26 dp 1 YFT

    Left the harbor at 6:15 with some dines. Fished south since the North trip didnt work out saturday. Found a temp break 2 miles in from the 267, you sould see the current switch in the water. Zig Zagged trolled south with a couple other boats. Stopped on a few patties for nada. Found a bundle of...
  221. thrasher949

    Offshore DP 7/25

    launched at 515, super long line for bait, took a full hour. Headed out where some fish were caught yesterday, a shit ton of boats out. Got away from the crowd a bit and slow trolled some dines. found a small little former, tried the live bait and threw some flat falls for nada. Of course...
  222. thrasher949

    Dana Point 7/19

    Made down a little late, launched at 630, dines and small macks from the barge. Water was glassy 70-72f. Headed down about 12 miles off the domes where I picked up some BFT last week.... lots of boats but no life. Went back up to the 267, nada.... Went back down south past the domes, slow...
  223. thrasher949

    Yellowfin...yellows and Dorado off DP!!! 7-19-15

    what were u trolling with that got bit?
  224. thrasher949

    Offshore Bluefin Go stupid WFO in OC

    Its Murda!!!! Hola Hola!!! Nice decks dude! DMX style.
  225. thrasher949

    DP 7/11/15

    Late report.... Should have left earlier OMG. Usually launch 545-6am, total shit show, bait line was exactly 1 hr. Long story short finally got out. Found 4 pilot whales and birds working close about 3-4 miles out. Trolled plug rapallas, halcos, feathers for nada. Switched to slow troll with...
  226. thrasher949


    I see where ur looking and I understand, but at the end of the day the market dictates the price. Maybe add some value of in reassurance of the motors? If they were 4 strokes I would have bought it already if they had low hours. No hour meter makes uncertainty, maybe show some receipts. Looks...
  227. thrasher949


    My man, the boat has not moved in 6 months, your probly priced a little high, just sayin
  228. thrasher949

    7-7 Dana Point No Fish Report

    furry and reel fun getting yellows and tuna.... right there.... probly need to do mor exploring
  229. thrasher949

    Newport report 7/5/15

    I don't think those even bent the rod.... More action from Macks.... Preserve it man. You were prolly in a MLPA zone too
  230. thrasher949

    DP 6/28

    Heres what happened lol
  231. thrasher949

    DP 6/28

    No my little 15' doesn't go that far.... Definetly a wet ride home today.
  232. thrasher949

    DP 6/28

    headed out with good dines, charts showed green water circle like 7 miles around Dana point and the water temps in the 70's.... Well the water was green, but temps never got over 65 all day. Went offshore paddy hopping about 7 miles out. Found a paddy while slow trolling dines, hooked one but...
  233. thrasher949

    More help for the newbie . . . this time inshore kelp

    Agree with everything stated above. I see boats fish that kelp line all the time, sporties too. Ive had much better luck south of the San Clemente pier also. A little further from the harbor keeps the pressure off. When the wind is light i go offshore because i have a small boat, but pay...
  234. thrasher949

    boat storage in OC

    anybody got something in south county? Im paying $340 for public storage for a 10x20...
  235. thrasher949

    Offshore Better Lucky than Good?

    sometimes i pour beer in the water.... budwiser does the trick
  236. thrasher949

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

    64.5 lbs
  237. thrasher949

    Dana Pt 6/8

    Like paying taxes
  238. thrasher949

    liquid assasin whaler killed the yt today

    Ja Rule once said "it's murda"
  239. thrasher949

    6/6/15 searching for life

    Did the same thing of the yesterday the 7th.... but got blown out by noon. Found 1 good area, whales working, propose, some bird action, fish on the meter but no love.
  240. thrasher949

    6/6/15 14 Mile Bank

    Dines at Dana?
  241. thrasher949

    Indecision yellowtail

    wheres the NWC and 3/4 area?
  242. thrasher949

    6/5/15 Los Alamitos

    how rough was it? how heavy was the wind?
  243. thrasher949

    6/1 Dana Point

    Motion X app for Iphone. You download maps for the area you want prior to leaving, and as long as your phone or Ipad has cell service turned on (not necessarly connected to service) the GPS antenna is active. I use a suction cup mount and use it as my own plotter. You can track your speed...
  244. thrasher949

    6/1 Dana Point

    15' Whaler with a Mercury 4 stroke 60hp
  245. thrasher949

    6/1 Dana Point

    The tuna was not close enough u to tell the difference between yellow fin or bluefin. The YT is the the photo....
  246. thrasher949

    6/1 Dana Point

    Loaded the boat with a buddy. Launched at 5:30 right on time, sky was overcast but looks like it wasnt too thick. The day before I heard they were out of dines so we headed out to the point and loaded up the tank with Macs in about 10 minutes with the 3 other boats at the same time. Figured we...
  247. thrasher949

    14/150 6-1-15

    Be safe out there man... Im a small boat guy too, 15ft and usually dont go offshore more than 6-7 miles. I usually fish dana alot and have been stuck down by San O. Done that long uphill run in wind chop that takes forever. Ran 70 miles yesterday also out of dana on 7 gallons.
  248. thrasher949

    Ultra WSB

    My fav boat by far... Jacob, Dom and John got it down
  249. thrasher949

    Carlsbad solo trip

    Show us the jigs :)
  250. thrasher949

    5-28 to 5-30 HB to DP

    Thanks for the report
  251. thrasher949

    Offshore Pac Queen 2.5 5/25

    Nick was the cook, definitely did not go hungry that's for sure!!!
  252. thrasher949

    Offshore Pac Queen 2.5 5/25

    Sardine 130gram. I fished it unconviential though. Threw on the downwind corner at a 45 angle and reeled it up when it was veritical dead behind the boat. Tried to stay out of the flyline tangles that way, the bow was filled with people trying to land fish, or lazy retrievers. Worked good...
  253. thrasher949

    Offshore Pac Queen 2.5 5/25

    Got em on 40lb floro, they were not any more aggressive on 25lb cause I tried. Captain was Joe, and the co-cap forgot his name was on Red Rooster III.
  254. thrasher949

    Offshore Pac Queen 2.5 5/25

    First trip of the year..... Headed down south to San Quintin Area about 50 miles offshore. Trolled and patty hopped all day. Water was blue and 64ish. We stopped on a couple paddies and all that was there was rat YT. We finally got 1 YF on the troll with a purple halco at was about 20lb. Wind...
  255. thrasher949

    Freedom SCI - 4/28/15

    What was in the stomachs? Anyone fish yoyo? Red crab color 6xjr worked for me non stop last trip
  256. thrasher949

    FS Shimano Tek600

    price drop $140
  257. thrasher949

    FS Shimano Tek600

    Shimano TEK600 Ive only used this reel 3 times. The first trip a screw backed out of the end plate. I forgot to pick one up. Its got about 200 yards of 65b power pro on it. $160 shipped to your door. Jeff
  258. thrasher949

    2003 21' seafox center console

    how many hours on the boat? How big is the fuel tank?
  259. thrasher949

    2006 Boston Whaler 15' Montauk

    I can attest great boat, I have the same one..... That little motor will sip fuel all day. Ran 45 miles on 5 gallons with plenty of WOT action. trips to catalina though? You have got some juevos..... Free bump
  260. thrasher949

    1989 cabo 226 cuddycon

    any pics of the sleeping area, dashboard? any issues with corrosion on this outboard?
  261. thrasher949

    Custom Rods for sale

    got more pics of the reel seats ect?
  262. thrasher949

    Past experiences on Thunderbird / Oside 95 / ultra?

    Really enjoy the Ultra, Jacob and Jeff find the fish, and Josh is always a crack up. Not to mention only fish with 9 other guys is worth the $$$ everyday
  263. thrasher949

    Overnight 3/10 on the T-Bird

    Sometimes you get what you pay for.... Thats a killer deal and I had a similar experience last year. Captain was cool, he did the best with what he had, but everyone else on the boat was lame. No one wanted to be there, everyone was a grumpy guy more worried about smoking than getting the gaf...
  264. thrasher949

    Win a PENN SSV-10500! Contest Ends November 11th

    longfin Tackle in Orange, Ca
  265. thrasher949

    Yellowtail bites out of Helgren's Oceanside

    gonna hit up the monday trip tomorrow
  266. thrasher949


    I can confirm that the quality of these rods is excellent and like new since I bought the 800M from this set. :urno1:
  267. thrasher949

    1993 Tiara 29' Open

    Thats one clean Tiara!!! GLWS!
  268. thrasher949

    Offshore Top Gun 80 2 1/2 day Fishing still great at Cortez Banks

    Tbird fished tanner on the overnight Friday day, 1 yellow fin that was it
  269. thrasher949

    Line Test for Pole Question....

    I know poles have a test rating, but if you are using a lets say larger reel with 80lb braid, can you fish that reel on a smaller pole thats rated say 30-60 if you use a 50b leader or top shot? Obviously our not casting with this.....
  270. thrasher949

    Ride Sharing / Boat Ho List

    Name: Jeff Age: 31 Location: Mission Viejo Availability: Weekends, occasional Mondays Contact Info: [email protected] Smoke/Drink?: ill drink a few beers with ya if you want References: I have my own small whaler, but can't take it to the islands..... So ill ho if you want to fish the islands...
  271. thrasher949

    8/10/14 Paddy Hopping DP

    Nice work.... Went out the same day and got skunked. Matter of fact have almost the same damn boat, 15ft whaler lol. Got some bass and bones san clemente kelp line this morning