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  1. Steve Dee

    How do you gulp?

    Maybe it’s supposed to look like the species where the rounded belly is on top?
  2. Steve Dee

    How do you gulp?

    Am I the only one that noticed the chartreuse gulp on the home page is rigged upside down?
  3. Steve Dee

    Will pay for nados ride this Saturday!

    I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but taking paying passengers requires a US Coast Guard license.
  4. Steve Dee

    Sea Adventure 80

    They were advertising for a captain a few weeks ago.
  5. Steve Dee

    Not starting. Not a peep.

    Is the quick disconnect safety cable attached under that spring button?
  6. Steve Dee

    Inshore La Jolla 9/3/21

    Gotta watch out for the MLPA going from Mission Bay to LJ.
  7. Steve Dee

    Long Fall?

    Now that ICAST is over, may we hear about the rod or the rod family? Thanks in advance.
  8. Steve Dee


    I went on a boat out of Long Beach that had engine trouble. We made it to Catalina, got some fishing in, anchored in 3 different spots and made it back to port. They gave us 100% refund.
  9. Steve Dee

    Who else wears sandals on boats ?

    Foot injuries take a very long time to heal. I don’t want to step on a hook or get stepped on. ExtraTuffs for me. Flip flops the rest of the year, just not on the boat.
  10. Steve Dee

    Who trolls while fishing offshore and why?

    I was on the Liberty yesterday 7/21/21 and we only caught two tuna, both on the troll. One football size YFT and a 60-lb BFT. None on bait or jigs. Yellow and red tuna plastic skirt for both.
  11. Steve Dee

    Cutting your teeth - reruns available?

    Just go the the bdoutdoors home page. There’s an ad for an online seminar on saltwater bass sponsored by Costa.
  12. Steve Dee

    Cutting your teeth - reruns available?

    I've only been able to catch a small percentage of the show...will any "re-runs" be available, or will it end up on YouTube, etc? Thanks in advance.
  13. Steve Dee

    TR SPJ rod comparison

  14. Steve Dee

    TR SPJ rod comparison

    Maybe they need to update their website…says all but one SPJ model out of stock.
  15. Steve Dee

    Terminating a short topshot for artificials

    They look exactly like the Tactical Anglers clips.
  16. Steve Dee

    Long Fall?

    Ha! It was the rod that I was most interested in...
  17. Steve Dee

    Long Fall?

    Thanks…tell us about your setup and jig. Thanks in advance.
  18. Steve Dee

    Navagante boarded by fish and game today

    I get boarded about once a year. They must figure that a mild mannered 65 year old won’t cause any problems. I was solo one day and got the lecture about having a throwable pfd within arm’s reach. I agreed but then started to wonder who is going to throw it to me if I fall in.
  19. Steve Dee

    Bronze Thru Hulls w/ Built in Scupper

    Here's a Groco bronze thru hull with strainer scoop. I'm sure you could find this at San Diego Marine Exchange or West Marine.
  20. Steve Dee

    Newell specifications

    Going through some stuff and found the complete list of Newell reels specifications. So I'm posting it here if anyone has interest.
  21. Steve Dee

    WTB Newell 533 any series except C

    The 533 is narrower than the 540. On the Newells, the first number is the line size and the second two are the capacity. 533 = when using 50 lb mono, the reel will hold 330 yards 540 = when using 50 lb mono the reel will hold 400 yards.
  22. Steve Dee

    1 pass bait option for boats in San Diego

    A few years back they would sell a kayak scoop, but only to kayaks. When I sold the kayak and got a center console, they would make me buy 1/2 scoop. So that wasn't good for me because I was only out for a couple of hours.
  23. Steve Dee

    Colt Sniper vs Flat Sided Jigs

    Good question. I hope someone in the know will answer.
  24. Steve Dee

    Shimano lucanus flat fall jig for seabass

    Here's a Lucanus Fl;at Fall
  25. Steve Dee

    Slow pitch for SD rockfish?

    Do you know who might stock these in the San Diego area?
  26. Steve Dee

    Do you know if anyone stocks these rods in the San Diego area?

    Do you know if anyone stocks these rods in the San Diego area?
  27. Steve Dee

    Slow pitch for SD rockfish?

    Thanks, tunanorth. When your rods are rated 100g, does that mean "not to exceed 100g" or "100g optimum weight" ? Thanks.
  28. Steve Dee

    Slow pitch for SD rockfish?

    Hey tunanorth, Are the Battallion SPJ rods spiral/acid wrapped? Both the Penn website, TackleDrirect, etc. don't say one way or the other. The pictures looks as though they are not spiral/acid wrapped. Thanks in advance.
  29. Steve Dee

    Fraser gyro binoculars

    Yes, still available.
  30. Steve Dee

    Fraser gyro binoculars

    Fraser Optics model S250. This is the new, lighter model. Less than a year old. 14 x 41. $3,600 firm. No lowballers or trades. Includes hard case and rubber eye shields.
  31. Steve Dee

    Seastar Power Purge Jr

    Like new Seastar Power Purge Jr for bleeding Seastar hydraulic steering systems. Probably used 3 times. Much faster and does a better job than bleeding manually. These are $999 at West Marine and $968 on Amazon. Will sell for $450.
  32. Steve Dee

    2WD launch vehicle for San Diego

    I have a 2wd truck with locking differential. Never slipped even at low tide.
  33. Steve Dee

    All glass Calstar Chovy Rod

    Is the 220 the parabolic design?
  34. Steve Dee

    Injector Service

    Yikes! Bad experience! I must have got him on a day when he was taking his meds. He’s probably sniffed too many gasoline fumes in his life. Sorry it didn’t work out.
  35. Steve Dee

    Offshore Need A Deckhand For Your Boat?

    As a USCG Master license holder, be aware that you cannot count any days on the water until you are 16 years old. Hang in there and follow your dreams.
  36. Steve Dee

    Injector Service

    In the past I've taken injectors to San Diego Carburetor on University Avenue.
  37. Steve Dee

    Sky Dex Sea Shocks helm pad

    Sorry, it's sold.
  38. Steve Dee

    Bleeding Hydraulics Recommendation

    I have a very lightly used Power Purge Jr that I’d sell....
  39. Steve Dee

    TaylorMade Fenders

    I'm back in San Diego. Are you still interested?
  40. Steve Dee

    TaylorMade Fenders

    I lowered the price from $50 to $30
  41. Steve Dee

    Anchor line.

    The nylon plait will store is about 1/2 the room as three strand or double braid. Plus it won't kink as benrd81 pointed out. All chain rode has a caternary that softens the surge.
  42. Steve Dee

    Anchor line.

    You should get nylon anchor line because it stretches. Amsteel has zero stretch
  43. Steve Dee

    80' anchor rode

    80 foot long x 3/8 nylon three-strand anchor rode with galvanized thimble on one end. $20
  44. Steve Dee

    Anchor rode

    200' of 3/8 nylon three-strand anchor rode. Has stainless steel thimble spliced into one end. Retails for $110 For sale for $50
  45. Steve Dee

    TaylorMade Fenders

    A paid of 22 x 6 1/2 dark blue TaylorMade Super Gard fenders including attaching lines. Retails for about $105. Will sell for $30.
  46. Steve Dee

    Sky Dex Sea Shocks helm pad

    Sky Dex helm pad measuring 32.25 x 17.25 gray color. SKYDEX Sea Shocks helm mat utilizes SKYDEX’s patented impact and cushioning technology to cushion your course through smooth sailing or the perfect storm. These anti-fatigue boat mats are engineered to handle a wide variety of boat speeds and...
  47. Steve Dee

    Yamaha F150 prop

    You should be getting to 40 mph or so. Highly recommend the 4-bladed prop.
  48. Steve Dee

    Yamaha F150 prop

    I went from a 19” pitch three bladed prop to a 15” four bladed prop. Eddie at Propellers of San Diego will get you dialed in. He will also let you demo props until you find the right one.
  49. Steve Dee

    Yamaha F150 prop

    Where are you located? Thanks
  50. Steve Dee

    Yamaha F150 prop

    I have the same boat and engine and get around 5 mpg. WOT RPM around 5500.
  51. Steve Dee

    25ft Bertram.... Anyone have one?

    I had a 26' Bertram Moppie from about 1990 to 2001 or so. It had twin Crusader 165 hp inboards (General Motors six-cylinder engines). Very sweet boat. Very heavy, too. One of the best improvements was adding trim tabs. Loved the inboards. I could thread a needle and spin on a dime with those...
  52. Steve Dee

    How did you pick your boat name and why?

    Running with Scissors What you’re not supposed to do...spend $ on boats.
  53. Steve Dee

    FE Trailers (Baja Built)

    FE built my last two trailers. They are the best!
  54. Steve Dee

    Retirement move to socal

    Many areas here won’t let you park the boat and trailer on the street. Most HOAs won’t let you park in the driveway. So check that out before committing.
  55. Steve Dee

    Sunset Marlins

    A month with no new content? I this going the way of "The Bight"?
  56. Steve Dee

    Show us your Steiger Crafts

    I've spent a number of days on the Steigers owned by SDYC. The both have 200 hp Yamahas. If I were to buy one, I definitely buy more horsepower for faster acceleration and top speed. Also, compared to my Grady, the ride is much harsher, even with full trim tabs down. Plus I find the seating...
  57. Steve Dee

    Show us your Steiger Crafts

    San Diego Yacht Club bought two Steiger 23 Miami’s for their race committee last spring.
  58. Steve Dee

    Anyone using the Flex XC 3401 VRG positive drive orbital polisher?

    In the San Diego area some of the auto detail stores have a full line of polishers they let you try on a car hood in the store. Maybe you could call around and see if some shops in your area have the same. The one here is called Detail Garage the Detail Superstore. It might be a chain.
  59. Steve Dee

    Anyone using the Flex XC 3401 VRG positive drive orbital polisher?

    I decided to get the Flex PE 14-2 150 which is a rotary. Kinda based on this comment from the rep at Shurhold: Forced rotation DA polishers are, in my opinion, a really cool tool that works great for specific applications. For instance, when working clear coat on cars a forced rotation DA is a...
  60. Steve Dee

    Price slashed - Yamaha propeller 13 3/4 x 19

    13 3/4 x 19 Painted stainless steel Recently tuned up by Propellers of San Diego Fits Yamaha 4-stroke 150hp - 300hp Replacement cost about $570 Every boat should have a spare propeller onboard Selling for $150 Price reduced to $75
  61. Steve Dee

    Sea Anchor - Fiorentino

    Fiorentino parachute sea anchor 6-foot diameter Includes rode and tripping line Has very high quality stainless swivel and ring Rated for boats 15' - 30' up to 10,000 lbs Cost new was about $330 Selling for $150
  62. Steve Dee

    Aftco aluminum gaff - good for kayaks

    Scripps Ranch Near I15 and Miramar/Pomerado roads
  63. Steve Dee

    Aftco aluminum gaff - good for kayaks

    3' long with 3" gap tapered aluminum shaft for less water resistance = faster Never used (sold my kayak) $35 (new cost was about $75)
  64. Steve Dee

    What happened to The Bight magazine?

    I agree, and actually embarrassing because I gave a gift subscription to my brother who hasn't received a single issue almost a year later.
  65. Steve Dee

    Yamaha Service Shelter Island

    Robby Gordon all the way. Found and fixed problems that an “authorized” facility couldn’t sort out.
  66. Steve Dee

    Best price on anchor chain?

    Defender online
  67. Steve Dee

    What happened to The Bight magazine?

    Does anyone know what happened to the Bight magazine? I didn't see it at Fred Hall, nor in local tackle shops anymore. Thanks.
  68. Steve Dee

    para tech

    Kinda thought so, but worth a try.
  69. Steve Dee

    para tech

    I have a Paratech 6-foot coastal sea anchor if you are still interested.
  70. Steve Dee

    Magma cutting board.

    I have a barely used Magma 12.75 x 20 with levelock mount if you’re still interested. $40
  71. Steve Dee

    18' Grady-White center console

    SOLD - one call, one viewing, one sale. Thanks BD!
  72. Steve Dee

    18' Grady-White center console

    Thanks, Brett. I forgot to bring the seat cushions when I went to take the pictures. From bow to stern, there is a large cushion for the front casting platform. There is a cushion and backrest for the front of the console. And at the stern each of the corner seats has a cushion and backrest...
  73. Steve Dee

    18' Grady-White center console

    It's a single axle trailer. I'll have to take and post pictures tomorrow.
  74. Steve Dee

    18' Grady-White center console

    SOLD 2008 Grady-White 180 center console 150hp Yamaha 4 stroke with approximately 450 hours 2015 - Custom single axle galvanized four bunk trailer with disc surge brakes & aluminum wheels by FE Trailers 2015 - Furuno GP-1870F GPS chartplotter and fishfinder with C-Map 4D chart 2015 -...
  75. Steve Dee

    How would you repair this keel damage?

    Looks to me that it slipped off the trailer and slid down the ramp.
  76. Steve Dee

    This is only going to get worse

    With the Shelter Island launch closed, I've had to go to Pepper Park or Chula Vista to have access to the Big Bay. A couple of weeks ago I launched at Pepper Park. All the yellow lined parking spaces for trucks with trailers were full. I parked in one of the white lined spaces for cars and got...
  77. Steve Dee

    Grunion for Bait

    Did you get the grunion on sabikis? Congrats on the ring shopping!
  78. Steve Dee

    Kicker quick clips

    Google “tactical anglers power clips”
  79. Steve Dee


    Will you post San Diego spots in the future?
  80. Steve Dee

    I got yo-yo problems...

    It’s on the Shimano website
  81. Steve Dee

    Shimano Tescata replacement?

    Why not the Trevala F?
  82. Steve Dee

    NEED a reliable sat phone

    Not an actual sat phone but a Garmin inReach GPS has satellite texting worldwide for about $450.
  83. Steve Dee

    4 or 6 pack chater

    I’ve had great times and good fishing on the Josie Lynn.
  84. Steve Dee

    Shimano West Coast vs. Southeast vs. Northeast actions

    Hi, Can you explain the differences in these regional actions? Thanks.
  85. Steve Dee

    Black Hole USA attends Fred Hall Show in Long Beach, CA

    Will you be in San Diego too?
  86. Steve Dee

    Where do buy salmon head in SD

    Try Lucky Seafood on Mira Mesa Blvd
  87. Steve Dee

    Astral V8 kayak PFD

    Big price reduction!
  88. Steve Dee

    Shimano Ocea Plugger

    Bantam, Thanks for the feedback. Can you describe how they are different and/or similar? Difference in action, feel, shutoff, parabolic vs non parabolic, casting distance, etc.?
  89. Steve Dee

    Shimano Ocea Plugger

    Would the Ocea Plugger be a good So Cal surface iron rod? If so, which model would you recommend? Thanks in advance.
  90. Steve Dee

    Slow pitch jig hooks

    When you catch a fish, are they usually hooked on the top or tail hooks?
  91. Steve Dee

    Remove Rust/Ozidation from Jig Hooks

    Brass wire wheel. Fast and clean.
  92. Steve Dee

    What's the best way to makeover your old Irons jigs? Sharpen hooks, repaint?

    Can't believe that "Sueno" is asking this question. He's usually answering these questions...
  93. Steve Dee

    Shelter Island launch ramp update pictures

    They have a guard who opens and closes the chainlink gate for the seal boats.
  94. Steve Dee

    Balloons Blow / The Mylar Round Up: Gaff em and Trash them

    You have earned the title “Jaques Custodian”
  95. Steve Dee

    What to use under reel for deckhand rod...

    Wasn't sure what X Tube was until I googled it. How does that help from crushing the rod? JK :eek:
  96. Steve Dee

    What to use under reel for deckhand rod...

    Shrink tube and then cork puppy.
  97. Steve Dee

    Merry Fishmas!

    What a great day! Congrats on the father son time. Any yellows on the macks?
  98. Steve Dee

    Filling screw holes on transom

  99. Steve Dee


    Mix a high ratio of Yamaha Ring Free (or de-carb of your choice) to gas in a portable fuel tank. Maybe 6 gallons. Connect the portable fuel tank to the engine and run it at all RPMs in the water. Disconnect when almost empty and re-connect to your main gas tank. Then you've cleaned your engine...
  100. Steve Dee

    Yamaha engine service going rates

    If I DIY my 100 hour service this time, do I need to warm up the engine first? I’ve heard both versions. I have a vacuum pump. Thanks.
  101. Steve Dee

    What's a good new boat trailer to buy?

    Oops, thanks for the reminder... When I bought my "new to me" boat, the trailer that came with it was garbage. Brake lines had been cut, tires were rotten (one blew out on Hwy 67 going to FE) lights didn't work plus it had those scary EZ Loader rollers. FE built me a nice box frame galvanized...
  102. Steve Dee

    What's a good new boat trailer to buy?

    I had FE build my trailer 2 years ago. Will fill in details when not at a traffic light.
  103. Steve Dee

    Los Coronados 411

    I used to anchor at the cove on the north side of the south island. I have no idea what it's like today, with all this FMM, TIP, etc. hoopla.
  104. Steve Dee

    Dianne Feinstein and Ethanol

    Thanks! Good explanation.
  105. Steve Dee

    Dianne Feinstein and Ethanol

    I've tried to find ethanol free fuel. Next to impossible in CA. You can buy ethanol free racing fuel in cans for amout $8 per gallon. Imagine a 80 gallon fill up? Maybe the tables need to be turned and get the engine manufacturers to use parts not affected by ethanol. All the car manufacturers...
  106. Steve Dee

    Advice on freezer type requested ???

    I've never seen a frost free chest freezer.
  107. Steve Dee

    1974 Mako 19'?

    Wonder why the trailer has jack stands in the back? Maybe the boat isn't balanced on the trailer, or is too big for the trailer. I think the tongue weight needs to be about 10% of the total weight. Also may want to consider a higher freeboard boat for ocean use. This one looks like a bay boat.
  108. Steve Dee

    Fluorocarbon Leader for Live Bait

    What he said.
  109. Steve Dee

    Boat Detailer in east county?

    Mark at Monsoon Yacht Service
  110. Steve Dee

    Knots for heavy leader

    I've heard that Dana and Fishermans have pre-made flat fall leaders for sale.
  111. Steve Dee

    La Jolla 7/29

    Cool. I was out there Saturday too, but a little later in the day. I fished the west end of the MLPA and got five yellowtail fast. I was trolling with some old jet head feathers. I was getting double hookups. I never saw a mark on the meter.
  112. Steve Dee

    Best bet to find mackerel off of Long Beach?

    If you don't have squid you can tip the hooks with a tiny piece cut from a Gulp lure.
  113. Steve Dee

    Cheap reel for sabiki rod?

    Any suggestions?
  114. Steve Dee

    Taking daughter out for the first time

    Non drousy dramamine or she will sleep all day. Trader Joes has ginger candy that works. Seasick patch cut in half, too.
  115. Steve Dee

    Most Popular Hardbaits for Calico/Sand/Spotted Bay Bass...?

    Matt, do you use the floating or sinking ones? Thanks in advance.
  116. Steve Dee

    Fixing/upgrading autopilot

    Use a string potentiometer that matches the input for your rudder feedback unit . Probably $100 - 200. I'll post a picture.
  117. Steve Dee

    New motor from the boat grotto

    Buyer beware!
  118. Steve Dee

    AutoPilot Install Cost

    I'll guess it's a one full day job so $800 to $1,200. Just a WAG...
  119. Steve Dee

    Trim tab installer in San Diego?

    Can anyone make a recommendation? Thanks in advance.
  120. Steve Dee

    Sea Shocks Helm Pad.....Just buy one!

    That's the right pad. I got mine from Amazon because delivery was two or three days.
  121. Steve Dee

    Sea Shocks Helm Pad.....Just buy one!

    I'm pleased with mine. When I'm running into the wind chop in the bay, it 100% cuts out all the vibration. I also like the extra height. Bigger chop and boat wakes are smoother, too.
  122. Steve Dee

    snap ties

    Home Depot has them.
  123. Steve Dee

    Anyone Ever Use Tactical Angler Power Clips?

    I have the tactical anglers clips and like them for the medium to large jigs. For smaller jigs I use the Mustad fastach clips. Saves me from having to find my reading glasses every time.
  124. Steve Dee

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    Yikes, over a month after closing and one dock is gone and the environmental reports are not finished.
  125. Steve Dee

    Best 7 Inch Fishfinder/Chart Combo

    I have the same unit but with a 600w transducer. Which 1kw transducer did you get? BTW you can mark points by a quick push on the event/mob key. Quick push gives you a quick point, long push gives MOB.
  126. Steve Dee

    bruce/claw anchor safety tie?

    I think it would be safer to shackle the chain in the normal place and have a float attached to the front hole.
  127. Steve Dee

    Point Loma July 3rd

    Anchored or drifting?
  128. Steve Dee

    bruce/claw anchor safety tie?

    Plastic zip ties.
  129. Steve Dee

    Sea Shocks Helm Pad.....Just buy one!

    Thanks fot the intel. Mine was delivered Thursday. Looking forward to trying it out this weekend. It will be great not having pain from hips , knees and ankles.
  130. Steve Dee

    Bait tank plumbing

  131. Steve Dee

    Cuda Time

    Krocodiles are $ too.
  132. Steve Dee

    Need Mech for outdrive reseal

    Sunset Marine in El Cajon. Ask for Randy.
  133. Steve Dee

    Checked out shelter island launch ramp yesterday June 1 beware!

    That guy in the video wasn't the best... IDK, two skilled drivers might be able to launch simultaneously. JK
  134. Steve Dee

    Checked out shelter island launch ramp yesterday June 1 beware!

    That's north not east. Anyway looks to me it's designed for the seal boats because it's a blind side backup for trailers and zero room to maneuver.
  135. Steve Dee

    What's your go to wax for the boat??

    I used the Shurhold pair last Saturday and thought it looked good. Took the boat out on Sunday and it picked up an oily waterline stain that I had to work hard to remove. With Meguiars the stain would have washed off. Next time I'll go back to Meguiars.
  136. Steve Dee

    Yes, still available.

    Yes, still available.
  137. Steve Dee

    Coronado Islands

    I am surprised you didn't scream it at me in all capital letters based on your use of so many exclamation marks. If you knew Doug, you'd know that he always uses exclamation marks. He's an enthusiastic guy. BTW, he knows what he's talking about, too.
  138. Steve Dee

    Barracuda Tackle/Gear...?

    If fishing live bait use a circle hook so the teeth won't cut the line (hooks in the corner of the jaw). I've had chrome krocodiles outfish the surface lures.
  139. Steve Dee

    Yamaha 150/Defiance 220 EX question

    When I switched from 3 to 4 blade on my Yamaha F150, I went from 19 pitch to 17 and then to 15 pitch. Lessons learned- you will be very happy with the 4 blade and the 4th blade pushes a lot of water. Prop shop kept giving me props n/c until I got it dialed in.
  140. Steve Dee

    Electronics Installer needed in San Diego

    I've heard Dr Electron is out of town for a year or so...
  141. Steve Dee

    What's you biggest tuna on 40lb?

    60# bft on 20# test with old school Newell 220.
  142. Steve Dee

    WTB Seastar Power Purge Jr.

    If you have a Seastar Power Purge Jr. that you don't need anymore - I'm a buyer. This is the power unit for bleeding Seastar hydraulic steering.
  143. Steve Dee

    Anchor rode - price reduction

    New England Ropes 200-feet, 3/8 nylon three strand. Used maybe three times. Has stainless steel thimble spliced into one end. Cost $100 new, will sell for $50.
  144. Steve Dee

    Looking for someone to clean carbs You could ship your carbs if the drive is too far. He got his start with carbs, but does a lot of injector work now.
  145. Steve Dee

    Trailer wiring question

    I use non-insulated crimps, then solder and top off with marine grade adhesive shrink tube.
  146. Steve Dee

    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    That's what Vessel Assist is for.
  147. Steve Dee

    Boat and RV storage

    Rancho Bernardo Storage. Secure, friendly, super clean. Plus they have a wash rack and pumpout. I've seen the staff go around and clean off spider webs from trailers and rv's.
  148. Steve Dee

    Marine upholstery in San Diego

    Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  149. Steve Dee

    New boat electronics

    The AP will be your best friend.
  150. Steve Dee

    Bare Minimum Electronics...?

    Both. Now I have electronics. Back in the day I didn't even have VHF. But I always traveled in daylight and good weather.
  151. Steve Dee

    Bare Minimum Electronics...?

    I used to go from San Diego to Catalina and back with just a compass back in the 70's and 80's. Not anymore.
  152. Steve Dee

    SeaTek Faux Teak

    How about flexiteek?
  153. Steve Dee

    Trailer suspension question

    Thanks for the replies. I finally had a chance to float the boat and measure the torsion deflection. Clearance from tire to fender is about 1.5 inches with the boat on the trailer and about 3.5 inches with the boat off the trailer. Does that suggest that the torsion springs are working?
  154. Steve Dee

    Need some advice picking out an autopilot setup for my boat.

    No, either use the dedicated control head for the autopilot, or use your existing MFD to control it. That's why I suggested it might be awkward.
  155. Steve Dee

    Need some advice picking out an autopilot setup for my boat.

    Might be awkward but you could use the MFD as the control unit and save $400 - $500.
  156. Steve Dee

    Need some advice picking out an autopilot setup for my boat.

    I think your budget will get you the autopilot but not the installation.
  157. Steve Dee

    "Quiet" boat ramp locations/times - San Diego area

    Sunset Marine in El Cajon. Ask for Randy. Great shop with probably 40 years presence in town.
  158. Steve Dee

    Bow Rail Replacement Contact

    Thomas Marine in San Diego
  159. Steve Dee

    "Quiet" boat ramp locations/times - San Diego area

    Here's the typical crowd at South Shores
  160. Steve Dee

    I need my Seastar bled.. help

    I found a shop that has the Seastar power purge machine. This was able to get out ALL the bubbles in a few minutes with no mess.
  161. Steve Dee

    Trailer suspension question

    I checked the sticker on the trailer: 4200 GVWR 3150 load capacity ST 225/75R 15 tires Would it have 4200 lb axles?
  162. Steve Dee

    San Diego Bay "Fish Count"...

    Agree...maybe it was 70 feet on a high tide. Mid 60's is typical there.
  163. Steve Dee

    Trailer suspension question

    The trailer is about 1.5 years old. It has radial trailer tires I keep at 50 psi.
  164. Steve Dee

    Trailer suspension question

    I tow an 18-foot center console on a single axle trailer. Boat and motor combined weight is probably 2,300 lbs. Looking in the rear view mirror when going down the road, I see the tires flexing, but no noticeable travel in the suspension. It has torsion axles. Is this normal? Would the axles...
  165. Steve Dee

    (Dumb) Newell S229-5 Questions

    Clean the parts with mineral sprits. Only use a very light oil on the bearings and re-oil when needed.
  166. Steve Dee

    San Diego Bay "Fish Count"...

    West side of the bay, south of the tip of Shelter Island, north of bait barge. When I have my meter set at 60 feet the bottom can go off the meter there.
  167. Steve Dee

    How to fix gel coat?

    Mark x3
  168. Steve Dee

    Water getting into bilge

    I was getting bilge water too and found out it was coming from leaky deck plates. I got new seals/o-rings and it's now dry. I don't know what you 're set up is, but just a thought.
  169. Steve Dee

    2106 - the year of shit you don't have in your tackle box

    And now glow in the dark flat falls with special uv flashlights.
  170. Steve Dee

    Looking for some info.

    Brandon is a great guy. Just pick up the phone and tell him what you want in a charter and I'm sure he will accommodate you.
  171. Steve Dee

    Fuel Fitting Through Transom

    I just bought the parts to have the same setup as ben. Gonna be clean!
  172. Steve Dee

    Pt Loma 10/25: Rockfish Limits for 3 in Two Hours

    I'd like to know more about the secret fish attractant from HI. Guaranty I'm no threat to your success. X2 on the bait price increase.
  173. Steve Dee

    Shimano Service turn around time

    I got my reel back yesterday; ballpark three weeks turnaround. They did replace the clutch plate, so maybe they had to wait for parts. The thumb lever wouldn't pop up completely when I sent it in, now it works perfectly. Thanks, Shimano!
  174. Steve Dee

    Shimano Service turn around time

    How long is the turn around time for reel service? I sent my Curado to Irvine in late September. Any idea of when it might be done? Thanks.
  175. Steve Dee

    How did you come up with your boat name?

    Because it's NOT what you are supposed to do (Spend $ on boats)
  176. Steve Dee

    Astral V8 kayak PFD

    Astral V8 kayak pfd for sale. Used a few times. Clean and like new. Size is marked Large/Extra large. Chest size 45 - 51 inches. Mesh back and front vents help air circulation. Back flotation sits above my Hobie PA 14 seat back which is a fairly tall seat back. $15 pick up in San Diego.
  177. Steve Dee

    Morad VHF antenna 6db gain

    Cost about $200 new. Less than 6 months old. This is the brand the Coast Guard and commercial boats use. Will fit on 1" x 14 tpi mount. Model VHF 156 HD. Handmade in Seattle, WA $150 pick up in San Diego.
  178. Steve Dee


    Dana landing has them (if you're in the area)
  179. Steve Dee

    Stainless rail fabrication in San diego

    Thomas Marine near Shelter Island.
  180. Steve Dee

    Grandson's 1st on rebuilt boat

    Looks like a great time! Don't want to be Debbie Downer, but kids have to be sixteen to wear the inflatible pfd. Maybe he is - I can't tell. Sweet ride!
  181. Steve Dee

    Captains License

    Coast Guard requires 80 hours of classroom time; this can also be done with online courses.
  182. Steve Dee

    Boating Dynamics and Staff

    Guy with the beard is Mike. He was able to fix a problem with my F150 in 1/2 hour that other shops couldn't figure out in months. I'm a lifetime customer.
  183. Steve Dee

    Drift sock - 32"

    Oceansouth drift sock - $10 32" diameter Approx 28" in length
  184. Steve Dee

    Opinions on a Good fishfinder/Gps

    This one: FUX525STPWD Furuno Transom Mount Transducer with Speed and Temp
  185. Steve Dee

    Lookin' for love on Saturday

    I got two yellows last Sunday, plus a handful of calicos. La Jolla. Late morning, early afternoon.
  186. Steve Dee

    Opinions on a Good fishfinder/Gps

    Ditto on the Furuno 1870F - I put in on last summer and never regretted it for a moment.
  187. Steve Dee

    Shimano Trevala F snapped in half

    Hi Shimano, My TFC-63-MH broke above the second guide (from the bottom up) on a nice yellowtail yesterday. This was the first fish on this rod. It was new in November 2015, and finally got a chance to use it. If I send it to Shimano with the receipt, can I get a refund, instead of a...
  188. Steve Dee

    Drone flying

    These guys in San Diego seem to be on the cutting edge of what we're looking for:
  189. Steve Dee

    WTB Chart Card for Lowrance Elite5

    Here is a picture of the Nautic Insight West HD chart that I used on my Lowrance Elite Chirp 5: Any reasonable offer accepted.
  190. Steve Dee

    WTB Chart Card for Lowrance Elite5

    I have a Nautic chart that I had in my Lowrance Elite 5. Out of town until Sunday. Will send specifics if you're interested. About 18 mo old.
  191. Steve Dee

    Shimano Specifics of Teramar Rods

    Guessing that the 5 inshore models are the 5 with cork grips.
  192. Steve Dee

    Trailer Valet

    Did you get my pm? Not sure if I did it right...
  193. Steve Dee

    Trailer Valet

    Sorry for the late reply. It's the 5x model.
  194. Steve Dee

    Lee's outriggers for sale

    I have a set of Lee's gunnel mount bases and elbows. What is the OD of your outriggers (they came in a few sizes)?
  195. Steve Dee

    Trailer Valet

    Trailer Valet for sale. About six months old. Some surface rust, just cosmetic, not structural. Includes the drill attachment. I have about $425 into it, including the drill attachment. Works great, but I got a storage space where I don't need it anymore. Will let it go for $275. Thanks. SOLD
  196. Steve Dee

    Need auto body shop referral

    I've had great results and service at Luxury Auto Body off Miramar Road.
  197. Steve Dee

    Shimano Shimano rod questions

    Mike, It's a TZCWX80HA Would be great if Shimano would do a trade. Thanks.
  198. Steve Dee

    Shimano Shimano rod questions

    Mike, Thanks for a great reply. I bought a Tranx HG and asked the tackle shop for help with a rod to match for surface iron. They sold me a Terez Waxwing. 8-foot heavy. Sounds as though I got the wrong rod for the application. Do you I'm going to have troubles with this rod? Do you think...
  199. Steve Dee

    Shimano Shimano rod questions

    Can someone tell me the difference between the Terez and the Terez Waxwing rods? Also, what are the differences between the Terez and the Teramar series? Thanks in advance.
  200. Steve Dee

    Island Sheepshead Jackpot

    After seeing this post, I stopped by Lucky Seafood on Mira Mesa Blvd:
  201. Steve Dee

    Does shimano's waxwing actually work?

    Must be a Pittsburgh joke.
  202. Steve Dee

    Yamaha Service

    Robby Gordon x2
  203. Steve Dee

    Coronados Yellows

    Looks like a great day. Are you the owner of the "How to catch any fish" website?
  204. Steve Dee

    Help me find a piece of hardware

    REI or any other store that stocks climbing gear.
  205. Steve Dee

    Pre Easter Yellows

    Wow... Nice fish! Where did you make the mini macks?
  206. Steve Dee

    Another battery question

    I currently have two Group 27 starting batteries on my boat. They were new in 2012, so when they die, would anything be wrong with buying one starting battery and one deep cycle battery? I'd start it and run with the battery switch at ALL. When anchored or drifting with the bait tank pump...
  207. Steve Dee

    Hoisting a Parker question

    A few years back I had Thomas Marine in San Diego build a three point stainless sling for my Chris Craft. Attachment points were the inside of the stern u bolts and a spot in the center of the boat near the helm. He fabricated a beautiful ss plate...
  208. Steve Dee

    Need advice? Need windlass or something ? You tell me. Cant pull up my anchor anymore

    You'll need a rope to chain splice to get it through the gypsy. Make sure you get a windlass that handles both rope and chain, and the right size rope and chain. I put a manual windlass (Lewmar) on my 26' Bertram. Used a winch handle to turn it. Currently I use the anchor ball method.
  209. Steve Dee

    new prop help

    Here's my experience with 4 bladed props- My Grady 18 CC with Yamaha F150 came with a Yamaha 13 3/4 x 19 three bladed SS prop. WOT was 5,500 at 44 mph. It would fall off a plane in following seas and on turns unless going very fast. Moved to PowerTech SCE4 stern lifting 14 x 17 four bladed...
  210. Steve Dee

    Yamaha F225 - low RPM stumble

    Problem solved! Took it to Boating Dynamics on Mission Bay. They immediately found that the thermostat was stuck open, and the engine running cold all the time caused a host of problems. In addition to a new thermostat, they set the throttle position sensor and idle speed sensor to the factory...
  211. Steve Dee

    Yamaha F225 - low RPM stumble

    Hey, Reel Kahuna... Can you tell us what he fixed? I've spent a lot of $ at a five star dealer with no results. It would be great to know what they found. Thanks.
  212. Steve Dee

    Yamaha F225 - low RPM stumble

    I have a Yamaha F150 that stumbles and stalls on slow acceleration. Have to go from idle to about 2K rpm to stop the stall. Makes for some exciting docking maneuvers. I've spent a small fortune at Sea Witch Marine with nothing to show for it. Does anybody have recommendations for a good Yamaha...
  213. Steve Dee

    Shimano Borona Tackle Bag - large - $75

    Like new tackle bag, used twice. Paid $140. Takes three size 3700 tackle trays. 17 x 12 x 12.
  214. Steve Dee

    How hot does your merc run?

    I have a Yamaha 150, so I don't know if the following applies....however, my owner's manual says NOT to run the engine with a garden hose attached to garden hose connector: "Do not perform this procedure while the engine is running. The water pump (impeller) may be damaged and severe damage...
  215. Steve Dee

    SKB Rocket Launchers - new in box

    I have SKB rocket launchers, set of four, new in box with hardware. Will fit all three sizes of the SKB tackle boxes. $25.
  216. Steve Dee

    Halibut SD Bay Nov 15th

    Sounds like fun!