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    Which Boat for a 2.5 day next month?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions…I really appreciate it!
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    Which Boat for a 2.5 day next month?

    Our 2.5 day on the Constitution leaving today was cancelled due to bad weather, so looking for a replacement before the season is over. I like that most the fleet has been heading south vs Tanner. Our choices are the Condor (fished them last month on a 1.5 day) but the other choices are on boats...
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    Top gun 80 canceled!!!

    What boat are you on? Just curious which boat didn’t cancel?
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    Top gun 80 canceled!!!

    Our 2.5 day leaving tomorrow night on the Constitution cancelled our trip about 5 hours ago. Supper bummed!!!!!
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    Weather this weekend 10/22-10/25

    My 2.5 day on the Constitution leaving tomorrow morning just cancelled.
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    Offshore My first bft and it was over 300lbs!

    Every fish caught is a winner. Yours is epic! Nice report and a job well done! Congrats!!!🍺🍺
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    Best Place To Rent Rod/Reels

    Just heard back from the Condor. Said he will need to rent from the landing. So which landing has the best heavy rod/reel rentals, or are they all pretty much the same? Thanks in advance!
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    This is one of the best reads ever! It makes perfect sense. thanks!!!

    This is one of the best reads ever! It makes perfect sense. thanks!!!
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    Best Place To Rent Rod/Reels

    Thanks everyone for the advice! I sent the Condor an email to see if they have rentals on the boat. Super excited for this trip!!! I’m taking my adult kids mid October on the Constitution for a 2.5 day, so just anxious to get in some practice on this trip!!
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    Best Place To Rent Rod/Reels

    Booked a 1.5 day on the Condor out of Fisherman’s Landing this Wednesday, September 8th and my friend needs to rent his gear…so any thoughts which landing (Fisherman’s, Point Loma, H&M) has the best rentals?
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    Rod and Reel Recommendations?

    I agree that Phoenix Fishing Supply is the go-to fishing store in Phoenix! Mom and pop type place and been around for a long time. Had all of my reels respooled there about 3 weeks ago. My intention is to figure out what I want, then have them order it to give them the business before our late...
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    Rod and Reel Recommendations?

    Thanks for the reply and suggestions…and thanks to those who posted suggestions prior. I also appreciate those who said renting would be the most cost effective, but two of the three I’m buying for have been out with me quite a few times and will continue fishing multi day trips for years to come.
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    Rod and Reel Recommendations?

    Hi all, My two adult kids, son‘s girlfriend and I are going on a 2.5 day October 21st out of Fisherman’s Landing and would like to surprise them each with their first good rod/reel setup to call their own. I’m paying for the entire trip for all four of us including tickets, meals, additional...
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    Offshore Typical Bluefin Fishing

    Of all the recent posts…yours I kept on reading (although they are a good). You will be telling this story for years to come! So really…how did the Mola taste?
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    Offshore Pacific Queen - Wide Open Tuna Fishing - Aug 1st (Video)

    Been on the Pacific Queen a couple of times over the years, and it’s a top class boat! Your video was the best! Late October I’m taking my son, daughter and my sons fiancé on a 2.5 day out of H&M. For one of us it’s a first time tuna trip…not to mention the other three including myself have...
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    Fish processing

    Three of us went on a 2.5 day on the Tomahawk Nov 1st. Limits for everyone. We drove from Phoenix and with the boat getting at 6am were anxious to start the drive home with 505 lbs of tuna. 5 Star met us at Fisherman’s and had us heading home within 4 hours They are top notch and did the best...
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    In light of the Conception fire, which boats are equipped properly?

    Think about the topic before posting Seriously! Given the subject from the OP, your comment is in poor taste!
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    Be Safe Out There

    You need to read my post one more time...perhaps maybe twice. I was not disagreeing with what was posted, but simply commenting on the article that was mentioned. He stated that he saw an article giving a reason to not wear a PFD. I was only disagreeing with the article he referenced.
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    Be Safe Out There

    ^^^ Not sure I agree with whatever article you are referring to. Making the decision to no longer wear a PFD due to one isolated (unfortunate) accident, is like no longer wearing seat belts because of reading where someone survived a car accident because they weren't wearing a seat belt. Just...
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    Offshore 209 Report- Theft at Dana point

    Although I've never offered any contributions to the BD forum, I do appreciate the valuable insight its members have to say. But when I read the comment posted by beerman1, I was a little taken back. Don't get me wrong, it was great to hear a story where some dirt bag thief finally got caught...