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  1. mark stevens

    rcbs 1010 scale new $125

    Brand new in the box rcbs 1010 scale for sale sells for 190 in the store sellong for 125
  2. mark stevens

    deer down

    Just joking any one know a chevy diesel mechanic thanks.
  3. mark stevens

    destroyer 340

    Pick mine up next week been thinking about this bow for a long time now what should i put on it. Code red 8 inch stabilizer Sight ? stuck on spot hog for some reason
  4. mark stevens

    mathews bow

    wanna sell my mission eliminator 29 inch draw up to 70 pounds winners choice string and cables $200 bare bow. 619 325-9861 Mark..
  5. mark stevens


    I was one of the sutherland turkey hunt winners my wife was my partner we roosted a long beard last night this morning it was on we snuck in and sete up on the other side of a tree between us and the roost like I dreamed before I went to sleep they woke up and all hell broke loose. One tom 3...
  6. mark stevens

    Laguna Slut....

  7. mark stevens

    Laguna Slut....

    Spot and stalk in the rain all day sunday 25 yards with a rage they work just fine for me.
  8. mark stevens

    Nice buck

    I found this buck 2 days after I filled my tag and told a guy about it and he killed it this morning.
  9. mark stevens

    270 short mag

    Does any one have and recomedations on ammo for the 270 short mag picked one up the other day. Browning X bolt thanks
  10. mark stevens

    Dead deer

  11. mark stevens

    Dead deer

    Dead deer and it's mine beat story later.
  12. mark stevens

    Dead deer

  13. mark stevens

    Dead deer

    There's another dead one but not mine.
  14. mark stevens


    Want to buy a tripod any one have one for sale. legs that open wide and light thank's
  15. mark stevens

    Mathews bow for sale

    Mathews mishion eliminator 11/2 year old new winners choice string,oversized peep,ripcord drop away rest,6 pin sight with light,string stop and string silencer thingy's and 5 arrow quiver 70lb draw weight 29 inch draw perfect condition. $400 obo pm or contact at [email protected]
  16. mark stevens

    90j for sale

    `got a calstar 90j gg for sale cork tape $100.00
  17. mark stevens


    My new spot public spot.
  18. mark stevens


    Look at this guy.
  19. mark stevens

    90jgg for sale

    Calstar 90 j gg cork tape graphite/glass with sealine 40 new p line $200
  20. mark stevens

    How cute

    A true fonzi.
  21. mark stevens

    Dove opener

  22. mark stevens

    Dove opener

    Realy good opener on the res in east Ca lots of birds most were real small but a great shoot. There was a third shooter in the group.
  23. mark stevens

    When do you climb out

    When do you guy's climb down from your stand. Before sun set so you can make it out with some visability or after the sunset and in the dark when it's creepy.
  24. mark stevens

    Arrow weight

    Can some one explain to me about arrow weight and how do you deterimine what your arrow should weigh example I shoot a gold tip hunter xt 7595 I pull 70 pounds. From knock to farthest part of the insert is 29 3/8 and I have 100grn field point's Thank's.
  25. mark stevens

    Camp ROBERTS

    Does any one here hunt camp robert's for deer and pig they are open this weekend for a 2 day Ao hunt. I have a friend moving and he want's to do one last hunt is it worth it ? any previous experience of advice would be cool thank's.
  26. mark stevens

    peep problem

    Doe's anyone ever have a problem with there peep sight tunrning when they draw. I have one of those big peeps with no plastic tube thingy and it twists almost every time driving me crazy. Any help from my team thank's
  27. mark stevens

    Hornady sst

    Does anyone know where I can find Hornady sst 165 grn 30 06 besides bass pro and cabelas. Thank's
  28. mark stevens

    pro gear for sale

    Pro gear 545 anodized gold 2 years old new gears at the end of last season mayby 5 yellows caught on it $100.00 Also have a Seaker inshore composite/grafite bcws 708-7't 12 (15) 20 rod for sale trigger grip blue foam grips great plastic rod a year old $75 Or best offer on both. pm me if...
  29. mark stevens


    Any one here use a tripod for a long period of time. Any that you would recomend for durability and weight thank's
  30. mark stevens

    Finally She's here.

    Finally after the last 15 week's of pre term labor with our 2nd pregnancy. Cristina said friday opening day at the fair we should go and take the kid to the livestock and cruz okay but I had other intentions.we just hit the safe zone of pre term 37 week's I figured screw this I'm sick of this...
  31. mark stevens

    Back yard hunting.

    Finally got that little turd. My 2 year old boy is running around the back yard with his dog screaming get the gofer get the gofer. The wife and I are watching something girly and he comes in and says dady get your arrow Cristina say's are you gona try to shoot him, yep me and the gofer's have a...
  32. mark stevens

    Private land 2010 bow first turkey

    18 yards 21 pounds 1 3/16 spurs 9 inch beard 1 of 2 killed today
  33. mark stevens


    can a remington 870 that accepts 2 3/4 & 3 inch shells shoot a 3 inch magnum load. I looked online all I could find different in remington is that they make a magnum gun that shoots 2 3/4 - 3 1/2 nothing states that all other wont shoot a 3 inch mag any advice .
  34. mark stevens


    Starting the one on one time with the boy thinking of a over nighter at pine zanita camp ground in the state park anybody been there from what I here there a catfish pond for the kids.
  35. mark stevens

    The wife said you know I want to hunt deer.

    The wife just told me I want to hunt deer this year schedule my safty course put me in for my doe tag and go buy me a gun. Well I said that meens we need to buy you a pack,boots,cloting,optics and a scope and gun. Her responce was get on it. Any advice on what caliber I was tossing up 270 win...
  36. mark stevens

    Somthing new to talk about

    Wwhat turkey calls do you prefer to use
  37. mark stevens

    Fred hall show

    Any one going to fred hall show time to pick up plastic's
  38. mark stevens

    Turkey vest

    For the last 4 un ucsessful season I have been useing my day pack calls, decoys what not thinking about a vest with a hydration option any one use a vest
  39. mark stevens

    Gomplin what choke?

    what choke or if any choke for turkey do you guys use I have an 870 with a modified barrel and no choke tubes whats everyone think. What about loads?
  40. mark stevens

    Archery turkey

    Who's gona hunt archery turkey this spring anyone want to go.
  41. mark stevens

    ruger m77 tang safety

    My grandfather passed away and left me a m77 tang safety in 30 06 and 270 win mag when I recieved the guns the 270 came with out the bolt. the 2 guns were manufactured the same year and ruger said they do not manufacture for that model, does any one know if the head spacing is the same is it...
  42. mark stevens

    2010 pork

    Vandenberg pig 95 yard's about 100 pounds with a gun wish I had my bow that morning:Bawling_e
  43. mark stevens


    So there's no new a22 posts, Is everyone at least ready for the holiday's
  44. mark stevens

    Bow for sale

    Mathews mission eliminator 9 month's old new winner's choice string and cable,cobra 3 pin sight, whisker biscut, oversized peep 29" draw 70lb max includes 5 arrow quiver $400
  45. mark stevens

    A22 my buddy Andrew

  46. mark stevens

    A22 my self

  47. mark stevens

    A22my buddy Jacob

  48. mark stevens

    Got a couple on my profile uploaded so far

    Finally got a couple on the profile
  49. mark stevens

    How do you post a picture?

    Still cant figure out how to post a picture
  50. mark stevens

    First public land buck

    Finally, been hunting my ass off seeing alot of deer missed one last week was deep and steep bumped a doe and an hour later a train of does came through at 150 yard's. Picked up the gun and 2 buck's came out first one very nice tall wide and thick he vanished and the next by no means big but...
  51. mark stevens

    How long does our socal rut last

    Everyone has been seeing buck's chasing doe's for a good three weeks now how long do you think it last.
  52. mark stevens


    Did you hunt today.
  53. mark stevens

    The guy that miised 11 shots today?

    Some one on jesse hunting posted that he missed 11 shot's this morning then went and resighted his rifle came back and missed more. I call bs I hunted this morning like gatorfan said not another person until the sun came up shit ton of hunters walkingall over the place. I sat on a ravine that 2...
  54. mark stevens

    Where's all the pigs that were talked about.

    Saturday I saw lots of road hunters in a area that funnels the direction of that article were's the update.
  55. mark stevens

    Hard start to this season

    These deer are not playing fair they love to come out and play right when the sun goes down. Well tommorow night there will be one less deer on the mountain I am pretty confident that I have figured out what needs to be done will post back with my results tomorrow.
  56. mark stevens

    Bone head move

    4:30 pm I look behind me and a fast moving doe dives into the brush 7:10 pm the brush move and I see legs arrow knocked release on full draw. It's a buck 13 yards 3 on one side 2 on the other I grunt to stop him drop the arrow and right over his back he runs 50 yards turns back and checks me out...
  57. mark stevens

    Brand spankin new trail cam GONE!

    Okay guys I bought a mathews 5 months ago and shoot every day alot more fun than that rifle I hunt with. Any way I'm a freak when it comes to hunting I fall asleep with deer in my head. I decided to hunt the rec on my a22 tag been seeing scattered deer but can't pin there location so what do I...