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    Jesse, what is the indicator for May???

    i dont mean to start anything...just a thought...if u dont eat fish too often and are going to freeze them til an unknown date...why kill em?? u obviously fish enough to take fish anyday of the year, so why not go out and catch a fresh bass and eat it when u do feel like eating it instead of...
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    W.O.N. Jackpot Tourney May 16 & 17

    anyone fishing it???
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    Squirt Bait

    san pedro and lbbc both have boxes and i think newport does too...boxes are fully capable of holding squid
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    Pencil Fly

    what do u fish that thing on?? gotta be a bitch to cast
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    Need a fish ID

    wrap that bitch in bacon
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    largemouth bass

    drop shot some small worms or try a jerk bait to get a reaction for me
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    What Pier in OC or LA

    its not very hard to drink a few beers in public....use your heads guys...shit i drank 40s on my high school campus
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    Cat Cbassss Goose Egg

    nothin like circumsizing...i mean circumnavigating the island...good luck next time
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    late report redondo harbor with pics 4/25

    im sure jared would love to go on your boat...hes a good kid he was my pin head last year...he works his ass off and kills fish,
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    late report redondo harbor with pics 4/25

    jared has mad skills for bein 13 wait the is in his 20s, this kid is gunna murder some shit
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    MarDiosa Limits of WSB 4/23 - up to 50lbs

    was that fish in the second pic caught at eagle reef???? those fish are brutal
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    late report redondo harbor with pics 4/25

    nice visor jared!!!! and thanks for letting me know about sunday. call me i wanna fish up there
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    Lake Perris

    i heard the marina is doin pretty good... that was a few weeks ago tho. go in the office and they will tell ya where to go
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    it sure helps your boat get off the dock tho ryan...hows your dad doin??
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    rocky point seabass...

    anyone gave the area a shot lately?? and how is pv doin
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    First Swimbait

    does it swim?
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    Fishing Newport This Weekend

    i took a boat from newport to dana today and saw skiffs spread out close to the beach all the way down. the kelp outside saltcreek looked the most fishy. try there if theres some current or some of the boilers on the way down if u wanna catch a bass. ur other best bet is to get some rock fish...
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    redondo harbor red tide

    the fish will be ok jared...its only plankton
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    New 7" Calico Clone SwimBait

    a black will eat that calico....ive hooked a few on calicos while winding em in
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    Green Bass TERROR

    ninja bassin is the shit
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    More Terror

    u guys are fuckin hilarious
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    Izors - numbers please

    whats the big deal??? izors is no big secret. u guys act like there will be 20 boats on izors everyday now that this thread is if he said he was taking a kid out u guys wouldnt hate...chill out
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    why do kids get lucky?

    funky clip job what happend to the one tail clip...looks deformed
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    More Terror

    wheres your sense of humor dude?? this guy is the shit....rape on and stay off broadway
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    redondo harbor

    maybe he finally wants to pay u
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    so how much does it cost.
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    fished the city of redondo

    is laurie runnin the boat??
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    rod repair long Beach

    moon at fishermans depot is the man...very clean work and good prices
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    Bolsa Chica inlet 4/9

    nice shorts
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    Second Station Tower

    a tower on a boat that small would probly throw the stability of the boat way off. just get a T top
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    I first made these "Sledheads"

    where can we get some soft lead??
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    the meter looked good...didnt know the greenies stacked up like that in water that shallow
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    New boat at Redondo

    why did the spitfire leave redondo??
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    March contest winner is.......

    it was caught on squid!!!!
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    were are the yellows?!

    why would you need to drop heavy irons on breezing fish??
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    were are the yellows?!

    thre in the ocean....go get em
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    no wonder we cant catch em pics and looks like fun but a few of those are goin a little overboard
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    Indicator for APRIL...

    the shaka gets thrown up in pics all the time...should be something less comon so people cant send in old pics...i have a pic of a 10.5 sandie where im reppin the shaka...can i send that in??
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    4/1 H.Harbor before work

    where do u launch in hh??
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    4/1 H.Harbor before work

    that thing is a trip....gotta be a hybrid or inbred
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    nice goin on a ninja mission here when it gets dark...keep bangin!!!
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    Crappie fishing with Team Panfish 3/28

    nice fish u been on the ocean latley?
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    inexpensive waders...

    where can i get some??? wanna take my float tube out and need some new waders. i live in long beach but im also willing to do the mail order thing....thanks
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    Bone Fish in Back Bay

    just read this thread for the first time...comedy!!!
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    maybe I am just delusionally tired...

    fuck gunna call right now
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    Matt Koch at work (fishpainter)

    thats a mean lookin bass!!!
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    that pic looks like the one of u at the fred hall show
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    wide open for the past few years at cat...head north and come get em
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    Whale lost in SD Bay

    happens in la/lb harbor all the time...ive seen em right next to the queen mary headin toward the river
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    for the Catalina Angler "Your Welcome"

    why did u put isthmus reef on there??
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    Boats dead...

    if u ever get the itch to hit the harbor or somethin pm me ill take ya out
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    hunington harbor

    so u sayin we can fish from your dock??
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    It ain't rocket science.

    cant catch fish? all your pics are with other peoples fish???
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    fred hall show

    i tryed 2 get some stickers there 2day and they said they were out....what a joke anyone else get stickers 2day??? i think i was there around 2
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    It ain't rocket science.

    is there anything u cant do when it comes to fishing G??
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    how strong was his knot??
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    This is, by far the most

    the japanese have the coolest shit...and what are those diving boards for?
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    BLACK FLYS,booth at FHS

    the black flys booth workers are always a pair of shades last year for half of what they were askin for cause the dude was wasted and i hooked him up with a few cigs.
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    Anyone willing to train me as a deck hand?

    i got started off by goin down to the boats at my local landing and asking the deckhands and captains if they needed a pinhead...just tell em what u said on ur post and they should hook u up if they need a hand...the hardest part is gettin ur foot in the door....once its there more opportunitys...
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    Anyone know how to ID a male or female Black Perch?

    wow jesse...for someone who is talkin shit on this u are way too into it...4 post in 18 minutes....slow down buddy...go fishin
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    cant wait for the open party bat ray trips
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    February Avet Reel Contest

    how do we know these were all caught this month??? need an ok sign like the bass contest...
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    which pier should i hit up??

    vinice has a pier?? and why the hell would u take a sting ray home??
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    Dana Point area 2-28

    those bass look funky
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    Who Will Win the Manny Ramirez Sign or no Sign Bet

    change what avatar??
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    Another Lucanus Clone

    come on now it cant be that easy...
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    Long Beach 2/28/09

    why do u need numbers to fish halibut??
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    Another Lucanus Clone

    how did u modify the mold to that shape??
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    who's the lucky bastard?

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    Bait Barge Tips?

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    Squid boats @ Cat?

    good to hear...too bad what happend to nick...he could have drove that road a million more times and that never would have happend again...he was a great guy
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    Live squid available of La Jolla

    whats that thing doin way down there??
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    Eye Test :Everyone Needs To Take This:

    i knew it was a dude
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    Squid boats @ Cat?

    whats up with the dee dee marie??
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    The bass were asleep...

    did u go 2 the spot???
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    The mother of all sculpin

    thats things face looks crazy...did u catch it on the bottle??? maybe its drunk
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    Capt.G's rod Part 1 Well qualified to represent the LBC..

    some jackass drove there car thru american beauty...but i hear they are opening back up
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    What is your favorite most reliable 20 to 60 pound reel?

    doesnt get much more durable then a newell
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    Wow We Won the Wall Banger!

    who put on the tourney??
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    "Kid" Yamamoto is credited by the Tuna Cowboys

    that kid is bad ass......
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    better reel for yoyo iron - saltist or JX

    newell and Diawa
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    Hey Fretwell and Arvin....

    that it was a bad call in that game and the UCLA game.
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    largemouth question

    im goin on a ninja mission tonight
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    Bounce balling help

    if thats the way fishing should be we might as well shut this website down...:finger:
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    What Boat should I get on this weekend

    the bass fishin is best in redondo right now
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    New approach to setting up too hoop?

    lol date u....sorry i dont swing that lookin out for u and ur health john.
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    New approach to setting up too hoop?

    first off i dont give a fuck 2nd off...ur a tool and ur not funny try again 3rd off its raining and im sick... as for u being an attention whore...u never shut up...u have a comment on everything and half the shit u say has already been said u just reword it a little bit...u come on here...
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    New approach to setting up too hoop?

    your the biggest attention whore on this site johnnn...i agree with dizzole.
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    Which rod for throwing light iron

    332 is better then a 338....338 are only good if u have huge hands...its easier to keep the line even with the 332
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    Awseom day of bass fishing

  91. H

    Lobster limit question

    asian markets are loaded
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    Welfare-econo-crisis luremaking for the budget conscious california resident.

    thosethings are sweet...what is that mold made of??
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    Hooping last night

    i like how u think
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    Meet "Ruca"

    what kind of action does that thing have??
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    DVL shoreline fishing

  96. H

    Hooping last night

    should of punted his ass or stuck a jig in his face
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    Be a Dick........ at the Fred Hall Show?

    saw a trout from the kids pond in a toilet...pretty funny shit
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    Cat. seabass... 2nd hand report-reliable

    very good any chance was your friend name tino valentino?? thats Week Old News
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    Big Game 90

    the 2nd ticket has got an account on here...big game kid....he can tell u whats goin on
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    SWBA Opener - Newport

    no bueno on the banana boat...should figured it was that earlier in the day.
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    get any bugs?
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    Dezzert Lake Preserve

    damn u killed it
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    lamar lookin good...killin the boards
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    panty hose strikes back

    got 5 in 2 about 3lbs.....had 2 head in early cause the oil light was blinking...did an oil change and now its legit...i was bummed we had 2 call it a night it was starting to clear up when we left
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    panty hose strikes back

    might have been me u were talkin to early in the evening
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    Long Beach Monsters

    im stoked u got em ...good job
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    lets hear his little talk at the end
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    Best time for albacore, yellowtail?

    right now....go go go
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    Hooping ticket thrown out!

    come on up here to LA and well show u how to fish 69R....gotta have skills to do it up here:_gore__::slap::finger:
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    panty hose strikes back

    did u do a radio check on 11 last night??
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    Late report 1/31/09

    thats all i wanted to reason to jump on my case....didnt mean to sound so
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    Late report 1/31/09

    where did u hoop??? lb/la...smb??? details??
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    USC Football Recruits

    All the recruits do. Steve I agree with you. FUSC.
  114. H

    USC Football Recruits

    UCLA last year and the year befor that and so on. But I give SC basketball team good props, they are a good team, they just had a bad game.
  115. H

    USC Football Recruits

    I dont thinks so. UCLA is up and is taking FUSC down piece by piece. Tell pete to stop paying his players and to let the kids deside if they want to go pro, instead of being a shithead about it. Beside FUSC guys need focus on your basketball team.
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    Any glass guys / Long Beach area?

    need a new employee?...i can work a few days a week and i know how 2 open a door
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    where is this

  118. H

    Shark Fishermen You Need This!!!! does it work??
  119. H

    A little project I have been working on.

    fuck no....that shit makes me sick
  120. H

    Need a Boat Name

    jamacian me wet
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    A little project I have been working on.

    across from mcChevron...the south east corner i guess u can say...behind the bushes...i can hear the drive thru at night when they have the speaker cranked up
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    What Kind of Dead fish do you think it is?

    mutant tom cod that the ddt finally got to
  123. H

    A little project I have been working on.

    that pic is on bellflower and delamo....i didnt realize how close other BDers were too right down the street...
  124. H


    yeah they got the dope
  125. H

    LB Wall

    how was it??
  126. H

    Grundens ries it localy?

    norby....what a guy...i work with that old man when he had the legacy in lb....hell of a fisherman and a cool dude...i sure wouldnt want to be on his bad side tho. i hear hes in vagas now
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    Halibut seminar Feb 5th

    shit i filled up quick...should do a 2 nighter im sure u can fill it up for 2 nights
  128. H

    Rod for Avet HX??

    not an ulua....go shorter easier to bull on em....u gotta be a big buy to handle the ulua...u will end up fightin the rod more then the fish with a 10 footer on big fish
  129. H

    WINNER for January Contest IS.......

    keep it up...we gotta keep the title in lb
  130. H

    Grundens ries it localy?

    marine hardware..its now called pedro...give em a call or u can also get em on line
  131. H


    how much weight should be added to the rapala rig to fish about 50'??
  132. H

    UFC Penn or GSP

    GSP is a wat better athlete then penn...the dude is a stud....too bad hes canadian...penn can handle his shit but GSP is gunna get em....hes too quick
  133. H

    Lobster cards must be sent out by January 31st!!

    i lost mine overboard a few weeks into the season...went to dfg office and they didnt know what to do about it....sold me a new one and told me not to worry about the first one, so who knows what they are gunna do
  134. H

    just curious

    it was windy yesterday...its nice 2day...go 4 it
  135. H

    Recommendations For 8' Graphite Blank?

    wait for fred hall...look around for a 8 footer that u like....u can get em as cheap as 20 buck i think...might be seconds but they do the job....just make sure there straight
  136. H

    Angler Profile: Brian Marshall (DENEK)

    well qualified to rep the lbc
  137. H

    Transporting fish for filleting

    get em gill and gutted on the the boys out
  138. H

    promar netting

    ask saba slayer
  139. H

    Radio Question

    set a bunch of channels on the memory and put it on scan
  140. H

    Are there any Open Party hooping boats?

    look on 976 tuna...i think the cobra out of somewhere in SMB does em on the weekends...dave hansen on the liquid coast highway knows his shit...try to jump on there
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    Catalina hoopin video

    sick vid...nice bugs...good times
  142. H

    Bad Lobster

    lol...what a joke...the things people do now a days to save money...
  143. H


    slimy kitchens are the best
  144. H

    Catalina Saturday 1-24 "Where's the Honey"

    its hoopin...thats how it works...if it starts slow try improvement...time to move...
  145. H

    Do Trout eat other Trout?

    sure that wasnt a dean??
  146. H

    My X-Mas present has arrived

    now mass produce em so we can all have one...
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    New Strike Pro Flex Crawfish

    looks like the old castaic craw...they had a rubber band goin from the eye of the hook to the barb to make it weedless
  148. H

    San Diego Anglers 2009 Bay Tournament results

    was that 5 fish per team or what?
  149. H

    Loser site dogging out fishermen

    that asshole probly hooked those cats himself and put a bunch of bullshit in the rest of the video to make people think that its accualy happening...what a scam
  150. H

    young BDer gets shot with paintballs,..

    hilarious...he sounds like a little girl when he gets mad
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    Hooping in LB Harbor 1/20/09

    thats the zone...stay out to avoid citation....there is some good hoopin there but its not worth it...there are plenty of spots in the rest of the explore
  152. H

    Hooping in LB Harbor 1/20/09

    I've been told 3 times this year that the area between pier j and the la light is off limits to hoopin and divin because they do not want anyone to put anything in the water since 911. I got 2 strikes next one is a fine and impounding my boat so I think everyone should avoid this area
  153. H

    Waverunner fishing 1/19

    dolphins are mammals
  154. H

    While NOT fishing the cod.....

    shoulda cooked that bitch right there
  155. H

    I want one of these lingasourous,,,,WOW

    works fine now
  156. H

    What do you do?

    send some my way...
  157. H

    R A D I O S I L E N C E V.4

    so sick...keep it up
  158. H

    But ended up with white sea bass...?

    fish that size can be caught on the lb wall all year....ive seen it with my own eyes...good job matt
  159. H

    oceanside squid?

    cast from the beach...12 ft rod and 100 lb test with a big squid jig
  160. H

    Mexicio fish brought back to US

    u all sound like a bunch of assholes compairing dick sizes....fill out the form and bring em back gill and gutted....filet later......who cares who is stateing the correct laws get over it and go fish
  161. H

    32" hoopnet rings

    whats your plan with the ring?
  162. H

    Chargers strike first

    not for long....steelers back up....chargers gunna fall apart 2nd half
  163. H

    Ben Rothlesberger to play next game without a groin

    even if he is cross eyed in this game he will lead them to victory
  164. H

    LaDainian Tomlinson To Play Next Game Without A Groin

    chargers goin down!!!! 17 10
  165. H


    anyone been fishing there latley...when was the last trout...and any bass to be had??
  166. H

    LB 1/4/09

    Damm must been a big bottle. how fast were you going?
  167. H

    Take this apart

    Yea its 19ft gergor. thanks for the info guys. I will give it a try.
  168. H

    Take this apart

    ok what about the cables, should i leave them intact to.
  169. H

    Take this apart

    wondering if someone can tell how to take this stering column or cables apart. so i can put a new floor board in.
  170. H

    Need help finding a 2008 lobster card!

    dfg office tackle shop or wal mart...
  171. H

    Long Beach 12-27-08

    u gunna come all the way up to the horseshoe to catch a seabass john??? what a joke....i caught a 30 pounder 100 yards off the wall this past summer fishin cuda...there out there keep tryin
  172. H

    Saturday 12-27 on the Pac Adventure

    the captain is like 19....not that good in my opinion....make sure u wear a way to hide from the sun on that boat and no seating in the galley...good luck
  173. H

    Stinky salmon slays them, 12-18 limit report

    that ship is the uss artilary ship....cant go with in 1000 yards of the thing here til sunday i believe
  174. H

    Two Day Lobster Pass

    thanks for that....good to know
  175. H

    Two Day Lobster Pass

    what are u talkin about??? ur only allowed 7 in your possesion....that counts your freezer
  176. H

    Offshore PAC VOY YELLOWS

    those are some slugs bro
  177. H

    Best Eating Fish in So Cal?

    great whites garibaldis and black sea bass......duh
  178. H

    Does Anyone Watch Whale Wars?

    the last episode was a joke....fuckin kooks couldnt even put a boat in the water without fuckin somethin up or hurting someone...then they try 2 send a bunch of women on the jap boat....what are they thinking??? and the boat isnt even built to go through ice....they lose an engine and they lost...
  179. H

    You Flaming...

    thats a sick bait....hook it up
  180. H

    great white sharks from shore....check it out

    crazy aussies... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
  181. H

    furuno or lowerance?

    Considering a furuno 620 vs a lowerance lms 525. Any advice?
  182. H

    Buggin' with the boys

    we pulled two nets at the same time just like that at the island that night we saw u at the a week and a half ago
  183. H

    Buggin' with the boys

    nice report and congrats on the quick TRIPLE sent
  184. H

    Catalina Island 12-10-08

    dalton is the man!!!!
  185. H

    Bounce Ballin for Butts

    go to pacific edge...Behdad will tell u everytthing u need to know
  186. H

    12/8 Great Goats Man.....

    true that....they sucks to clean but they taste sooooo good.....rather cut 100 sheeps then 2 trigger fish tho
  187. H

    I Hope this wasn't a Bder OW!

    how the hell does that happen?
  188. H

    L.A Harbor MNL report for 12-9

    another limit for B...what a suprise
  189. H


    it was wide sunday right at the bait barge...we doin circles around the barge and we murdered em
  190. H

    Waitress of the Month

    lol...clumsy bitch
  191. H

    turkey and seviche

    lol...ur the biggest cock sucker around...and i read about u and ur halibut shinanagins....what a tool...looks like u and trout killer think the same way...go join green peace and hug a tree
  192. H

    Best Inshore Reel

    i like the newell 220
  193. H

    turkey and seviche

    ur a homo john
  194. H

    Late Shark Report

    wait til bigfish96 sees this....its should be good reading
  195. H

    Cat island and a surprise fish! 12-2

    funny u say it was slow....we just got back from the island...limits for 3 by 745...very slight up hill current but they still crawled...our last two nets we pulled had 17 total and a limit of legals to finish up our night...try a new area
  196. H

    turkey and seviche

    nice belly john
  197. H

    Offshore 14 fMile Bank.....11/28

    im guessin a trouser trout or shamu
  198. H


  199. H

    PL Pipe Report

    he said it was peas soup wet a is that nice day on the water??
  200. H

    BIG GAME 90 2day Turkey Trot ROCKER ninja aaron holding that ling looks like he needs a nap or someone just punched him....and poking the "bladder" hanging out of the mouth of a rockfish will kill it...thats the stomach not the air bladder...gotta get a special needle with a whole in the middle to help deflate the air
  201. H


    automatic raises...u gotta be kidding me...deckhands make shit for there wage...i should know i do it
  202. H

    turkey and seviche

    lol....couldnt have said it better myself jaydog
  203. H

    turkey and seviche

    then why u kill it? probly the same reason ramiro killed that shark :ashamed:
  204. H

    turkey and seviche

    wow 5 leopards in a halibut derby...good job
  205. H

    R A D I O S I L E N C E V.1

    S O S I C K. . . W H E N D I D U F I L M T H A T ?
  206. H

    outboard not spiting any water out....

    got it fixed guys thanks alot...the air compressor trick did the job now its pissin like crazy
  207. H

    turkey and seviche

    i love it....cant wait for his response :_smack_:
  208. H

    turkey and seviche

    have u ever killed a T?? sure u have...look at ur avitar....u need to get a life and quit lookin for people on BD to talk shit on u loser :ashamed:
  209. H

    Bouy #4 11/28/2008

    is that ling legal?
  210. H

    turkey and seviche

    lol...that guy just loves to rip on people
  211. H

    What is the best reel for throwing chovies?

    took the words right out of my mouth
  212. H

    outboard not spiting any water out....

    where is this witness line that he is talkin about? can anyone help?
  213. H

    outboard not spiting any water out....

    its a 4stroke not a 2 stroke
  214. H

    Oh what a day!

    u guys killed em
  215. H

    Quality time with my son thanks to Bigeye2k. Near roach limits w/pics

    circumnavigation!!!! nice to see the whole back side on one trip....must have burned alot of fuel
  216. H

    Another great night hoop'n 11-24

    sorry u dont believe me bigfish...guess there have to be pics on this site for anyone to believe its true...will post the pic on here as soon as im on my own comp...
  217. H

    Another great night hoop'n 11-24

    we were out last night 5 keepers one was 8.5....nice pics to post tho...
  218. H

    Cow at the Rock Friday 11-21-08

    everyone is entitled to their opinion...looks legit but like someone said earlier 99 out of 100 times that thing gets hooked on that gear that fish goes bye bye if the reel doesnt blow up first...good job by the captain...not sure if u have already answered this but what pound test did u get...
  219. H

    Nice night of pulling 11-22

    way to go behdad!!! got em again!!!
  220. H

    DFG night fishing

    those guys are tards...the thresher is pretty easy to identify...havent they ever heard of a look out???? they deserve to get busted
  221. H


    ive been goin out everyweek...hit me up
  222. H

    between two and twenty fathoms...

    im just happy to see that it isnt 100 bucks face price...i can see why it would cost so much cause im sure its worth it but ill wait for the show...went into pac edge yesterday and behdad said the same thing about the show...i know cat pretty well so and not so much local so i would rather have...
  223. H

    Lobster Nets in Long Beach

    no worries...busy this weekend of these days...good luck this weekend
  224. H

    between two and twenty fathoms...

    anyone got a copy there willing to part with??
  225. H

    Lobster Nets in Long Beach

    bummer man....lynch the assholes that did it! we need to go fish some day
  226. H

    cali hali

    what u mean by ambush water?
  227. H

    Will it hang with the big dogs?

    i guess its different strokes for differnt folks...personally i think they are shit...the drags always suck, u cant pull as hard with a conventional rod and u dont get the same feel fishin bait as u do and a conventional...ill never go back to a coffee i said befor learn to throw...
  228. H

    anyone know whats going on with the liberty?

    wow...thats fucked up...greg is a good his ass off to put fish on the boat...hes a little crazy but he knows his shit
  229. H

    Bloodydecker sighted

    that might have been my bro
  230. H

    Favorite line?? (mono)

    smoke (blue) pline....only way to go
  231. H

    Beauty and the Beast II

    wow thanks jim...a simple la or sd or somthin like that woulda been fine...guess we gotta pay u to take us out to get that kind of info huh???
  232. H

    Beauty and the Beast II

    where u go out hoopin this time?
  233. H

    Spitfire Wide Open Sculpin and More 11-11-08

    sucks he had to cut that is tough like cuttin threw a mix of sandpaper and leather
  234. H

    Forget The Bones- Where Are These Cat. Yellowtail !?!

    the squid was around almost the whole summer...they cant stick around forever
  235. H

    Will it hang with the big dogs?

    i can never see spinning rods hanging with the big way....learn to cast a jig leave the coffee grinder at home...sorry
  236. H

    Long rods need to be more parabolic

    lmao!!!!!:devil: i feel ya
  237. H

    Good Fillet Knife

    forschner....8" WOOD HANDLE wrap it with some seine twine and go to town...its super sharp when its new but u can easily keep a good edge on the thing...ive been a deckhand of almost 10 years and this is the way to go...
  238. H

    Hoop Net Floats

    tackle shop
  239. H

    la jola kelp beds mixed bag

    either a peacock bass or a pirana
  240. H


    just got back last condition anywehre.....light variable wind and 0 current.....managed a few bass and bones along with some bottom stuff...sheephead white fish rock fish (some very nice reds)....all quality fish....all in all it was a beautiful day on the water and a good time
  241. H

    Newport surf fishing...getting started?

    theres a hunting area in newport??
  242. H


    works for my paintball gun ready....gunna try hoopin too
  243. H


    any1 been there goin across 2nite whats bitin out there?
  244. H

    A See Sawfish of a Day

    breathing...the suck the water threw the bottom and pump it out the top
  245. H

    Lure colors for Boneheads

    anything shiny
  246. H

    Hoopin' Cat + Nice Yellow - 11/2

    nice fish and nice time take a pic with ur back to the ocean so we cant tell where ur fishin unless u dont care to share....i can tell whre u are but i wont say...the next little point above u produces some nice bass with a down hill current and it rips at that spot....pulled alot...
  247. H

    Long rods need to be more parabolic

    get an old harnell they bend all the way to the butt...and what is that butt joint system....thats some trippy shit...and what are those reels????whtas next for those japs???
  248. H

    Sundy night Bug'n report 11-2

    good job on the goin out 2nite...let u know how i do
  249. H

    Triggerfish Question

    good luck filleting that thing...toughest skin out there
  250. H

    lobster bait question...

    has anyone heard of useing rock fish carcases (i think that how u spell it) i was workin on the boat 2 years ago and remember a guy takin all the rock fish carcases for bug bait...he seemed to know what he doin....he said the red rock fish like vermillion or a stary were the best.....thanks for...
  251. H

    Scumsucking THIEF WARNING

    Hi fishkillers, Would have been cool to have him go thru the act of possession quitely taking a picture of him and the boat (him being un-aware of it) until one ask if he would pose AGAIN with the boat at A DIFFERENT ANGLE !! See what the guy would say !! tsurikichi what are u talkin...
  252. H

    anyone need a hoop puller in lb/oc or even in the bay???

    im lookin to go hoopin...more then willing to pull the if ur interested....almost anynight is good...
  253. H


    stupid...just stupid....
  254. H

    Long Time no post, Bug Report...

    what harbor were u fishin
  255. H

    aluminum welder

    splash zone. surface doesnt need to be dry
  256. H

    Damn that fog

    whats tit back?? lol
  257. H

    Reality check non-loby report 10-30

    ill come pull prob at all. let me know
  258. H

    Double limits... well earned!!!

    i caught one of those swell sharks in one of my nets...only a foot long tho....funky lookin thing. i thought it was a leapord too
  259. H

    Check this out!! ESPECIALLY YOU DIVERS!

    grab em like u do a sculpin.....just like a football
  260. H

    Bay bass on the chew

    spotties are so cool....
  261. H

    Went buggin'

    wtf is that all about t bickle??? nice pic
  262. H

    Hooping & Diving For A Epic Night

    how many u get in the hoops?
  263. H

    Anyone help with the local bonito bite out of long beach?

    find the half day guys...that will give u an idea....i think the bite has slowed tho
  264. H

    Long Beach Hoop'n, Saturday Night

    i prey to hear that flap on everynet...not that easy in lb tho...good job guys...i know how tough it could be to get bugs in lb
  265. H

    Thank's for the help on 5.7 VP, and good Lobie at C I.

    sounds like the nuwbie will expect it to be that easy all the time...take em local and see how much they like it....where abouts at cat did u get em? how deep?
  266. H

    L A Halibuts again

    looks like ur in lb not la
  267. H

    LINE COLOR whats the best?

    smoke (blue) p-line what is wrong with u people spend a few more bucks its soooooo worth me
  268. H

    10/17-SD Bay Hoop'n with the kids....then OUCH

    try gettin poked under ur finger nail then come talk 2 me...thats a bitch
  269. H

    10/17-SD Bay Hoop'n with the kids....then OUCH

    cut off the dorsal spines and the fins n the bottom side with spines in em theres 3...also wear a glove on ur non knife hand to handle em...just watch the spikes on the head when ur cuttin....shouldnt have a problem with the spines off and a glove
  270. H

    Saturday-Salt Creek T-Shark

    ur pole is in ur pants and a rod is what u fish with...never let a friend use ur pole
  271. H

    10/17-SD Bay Hoop'n with the kids....then OUCH

    quit bein pussys, piss on the poke or soak it in hot water or coffee...then keep hoopin. ive been poked many times workin on a boat and u just gotta grin and bare it....its soar but it really doesnt hurt that bad....let ur balls drop and be a man
  272. H

    10-15 Catalina Island

    good job phong. let me know next time u go hoopin
  273. H

    LA Bait company??

    if ur talkin about the san pedro bait co. barge the usual bait guy anthony hasnt been there for a few days...the new guy is kind of a douche. i work on a sportboat in pedro and see em almost every morning. anthony is a good guy and the new guy is a douche....just so u know...he also coulda been...
  274. H

    Our first attempt at hooping 10-12 LB

    thats a rubber lip and i cant believe phong didnt know what that was....
  275. H

    Anchovy flipping rod?

    screw the chovie fish the dean...shikari em out
  276. H

    heard about a new hoopin book out...

    that was quick thanks
  277. H

    heard about a new hoopin book out...

    anyone know what its called and who its by.....i know it came out recently and forgot the name help me out...
  278. H

    lobster report card...

    so i went to dfg in los alamitos and told em my story and they didnt know what to do about the lost one so they sold me a new one and said dont worry about stupid can they be??
  279. H

    lobster report card...

    emailed em with no success... looked like an auto responce with links that might answer my question. thinkin about goin 2 dfg in los al
  280. H

    lobster report card...

    lost my lobster report card...think it flew in the water...what do i have to do about turning that one back in? no problem buying a new one but whats up with the return part. dont want the dfg on my ass.......also anyone have any tips on hoopin lb spots...anything would be...
  281. H

    removing shark jaws??????

    can someone tell me how to remove a mako jaw...caught one at tanner yesterday and want to remove the!!!!