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    Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    Can we make this post of the week?
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    Sculpin Carcasses/Heads Wanted!

    Just look at the fish count data to find out what happened to the sand bass. 3,591 bass a day? Doesn't take a study to figure that out.
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    Offshore Around the 226 8-28. Only got two, but one was a biggun5#

    Saw you guys on that fish and it looked like a good one. Was the douchebag you mentioned the one in the newer dark blue hulled Parker that decided to run donuts around after he got called out for drifting up on someones swim step?
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    umbrella rig advice

    Mutant tackle makes the best a rig for calicos I have found. The wire and hardware are extra heavy duty and have stood up great. I've fished clemente and catalina with it and have had plenty of doubles and triples of solid bass without any problems. I have been rigging them with the Mutant jig...
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    Lexa 300

    I have 3 300s and a 400 and absolutely love them. Tons of power and have held up well.
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    Early season Bass/Yellowtail fishing at Cedros Island

    I love my 18' Parker. It handles more than any other 18' I've ridden in. I do want to re power though because my fuel consumption sucks with an older 2 stroke.
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    Early season Bass/Yellowtail fishing at Cedros Island

    Jose has it completely dialed in. 1st class operation from the moment they pick you up in San Ysidro till the moment they drop you back off.
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    Winter Bottom Bouncing

    Usually it seems it's the smaller fish that are biting the tails off of the larger baits. If I am fishing a tournament I will keep throwing the larger baits and try and keep it away from the smaller fish or even switch to iron to try and get that bigger bite. If I am fishing for fun I will...
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    Trying to find MC 5" Weedless swimbaits

    The 5 inch weedless are geared more towards fresh water. East County Bait and Tackle had a bunch last time I was in there.
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    Great write up on the event. I was amazed at how many 13-14 inch fish there are right now.
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    Winter Bottom Bouncing

    There are so many variables to consider when fishing the leadhead. Depth, current, type of structure, fish behavior, food source, etc. I typically fish 1-2 oz. Mutant toxic heads. They are weedless and the head shape is slightly different. It has a small bump out on the bottom that seems to...
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    Explain the Trolling Motor

    I wish I had one for fishing docks and tight structure spots for spotties, and they are a must have for fishing lakes. I am not sure how confident I would be with one in the ocean though. I can see the benefits for cruising the kelp line or rockfishing but I wouldn't even consider using one...
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    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-Day 2

    40 lb. Yellow on the bass gear.
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    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    I don't need no stinking visa.
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    Bare Hand BFT Catch From the Beach?

    Watched SurfDoc do that off the Coronado strand once. It was the middle of a nasty winter storm and the pens at the Coronados got ripped up. Poor Bluefin were so screwed up in nasty dirty 50 degree water they were beaching themselves. Wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it.
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    Mission: Seabass-YT Tuna Jihad 5-31-14

    Nice write up Mikey. Had a great time fishing with you and Ali. The best part was Ali talking crap about how halibut fishing isn't finesse fishing and the big ones just take it. A few minutes later his rod in the holder starts ripping. It's nice when the all nighters pay off. Plenty of good...
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    SBS Island/Inshore Tournament 5/17

    Congrats. That fish was a pig. The fishing was all time on saturday. I couldn't believe there were 15 bags over 20 lbs. and 3 over 30.
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    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending May 16th, 2014

    Come on guys........ I want to throw a bait on this paddy.
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    SWBA question

    Thanks guys. I will shoot them an email. Looking forward to it.
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    SWBA question

    I have been fishing the SBS this year and wanted to give the SWBA a shot this coming weekend in Mission. Does anyone know if I can sign up the morning of or do I need to sign up prior? I do not have a membership yet. Also is the captain's meeting mandatory? It's a long haul to go Dana if it's...
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    I hate tweekers

    To the tweeker that climbed into my boat in my driveway and unbolted my oil tank, I hope you are the next artificial reef. I went to check the oil before going out in my 18' Parker cc to find I didn't have a tank anymore. Someone had the balls to climb into my boat in my driveway, under the...
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    SBS Mission Bay Ballast Point

    Gerry has a really good thing going with these events. This was my second one and I'm hooked. Looking forward to the next one in LB.
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    SBS Mission Bay 2/15/14

    Is it just spotties, or all bass?
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    Offshore 8/8 on The Pride overnighter

    Hands down, best boat in the fleet. The capt. and crew are top notch.
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    Win a new PENN Torque Lever Drag 2 - Spring Species Photo Contest ends Apr 15th, 2013

    5 in. x-mas tree in the thick stuff.
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    Win a new PENN Torque Lever Drag 2 - Spring Species Photo Contest ends Apr 15th, 2013

    Pulled this out of the kelp last year. Didn't weigh it just ate it.
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    SD Bay Hooping w/Seals

    One piece of 3 inch drain line,20 3 inch caps and a 5/8 inch drill bit. Less than $40 and you can make enough for you and buddy. Did this a few years ago and haven't had a seal problem since.
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    I can look past the 18 ft. boat comment, the right 18 ft. boat with the right captain is great offshore, but the comment about people getting what they deserve is bullshit. If you go offshore with no worry then you must be a passenger and someone else is doing the worrying for you.
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    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    Thank you so much Shari. You and Juan did such an amazing job with everything. Also a huge thank you to Chuck for driving the family down and helping out with everything. You are a true friend. It was amazing to see what an impact a lonely old fisherman looking for a place to get away and...
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    Remembering Stan "SurfDoc" Stutzka ** Picture/Story Thread

    Earl, That was me. Another story to add to the rest. Hope things are well for you.
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    Remembering Stan "SurfDoc" Stutzka ** Picture/Story Thread

    I think I could write a book with the amount of shit I have had the pleasure of getting into with stan. Here is one of my favorites. It was July 3rd and the albies were full speed at the butterfly Stan called me up and was itching to take out the Surfdoc. That night I had to work late and...
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    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    I don't know of anyone with as big a heart. He was one of the few people that tells you "call me if you need anything" and really meant it. I have known and fished with him since I was a kid and have never seen an angry or mean hair on his body. He will be truly missed. He was an honorary...
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    Pellet Guns in Mexico

    I've been bringing one down since I was a little kid. Just make sure you let the federales know you have it before they stumble acrossed it. I've had them pull it out and want to shoot it. We ended up spending half an hour laughing and shooting cans on the side of the road. Be nice and...
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    Throw away your GPS spots!

    MPAs are taking the inshore from the tide line out and this is shrinking our fishable area from the outside in. Do you see a consitent theme here? The writing is on the wall. I spoke with a DFG officer the other day that was patroling one of the MPAs. He said he felt sorry for anyone he...
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    You know it's bad when you can't stop to take a piss without 5 boats gunning over to see what you are doing.
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    ? Fish Dope ?

    FD sucks........... When you are stuck at work. I have tried most the other sites out there and none of them come close to the amount of info and resources fd has. Daily reports are awesome to start with. The fish icons being color coded by date helps find a trend for the few days prior. You...
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    Win a 29' SeaVee - Caption Contest ends July 25th, 2011 at 5 PM

    I know it's an old thread but I couldn't resist. "What happened to Stan?"
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    Surfline runs add supporting mlpa

    Just checked surfline today and saw a new add titled something fishy. Clicked on it to find a laundry list of why the mlpas are necessary for the health of our ocean and all the "lies from companies that profit from the commercial raping of our ocean." Subscription canceled:finger:
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    Pacific trailer for an 18' skiff

    I have a single axle Pacific trailer I had my 18' Parker cc on. 2 new tires, new tongue jack, bearings were replaced about 4 months ago. It needs some work on the bunks. It is an older trailer and has alot of rust. Asking $300 obo.. UP FOR SALE AGAIN BY FISHSHRTS. PM Doug Fishshirts
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    SWYC bottomfishing tournament...Capt. Diamond Dave Hansen is THE MAN!

    Thanks for the invite Jason. It was alot of fun and the boat is a beauty. It was great fishing with you Mikey thanks for the sandwiches, that ling was a toad. Thanks Captain Dave for running the boat. It was a pleasure fishing with you. You have changed the way I will be rockfishing from...
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    MLPA san diego area.
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    Red Tuna Shirt Club - Caption Contest - Ending April 16th, 2012

    So glad I could find a dew rag to match my ring and bracelet.
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    Gear stolen from my boat

    Lesson for all boat owners. Boats are tweeker magnets. Don't ever leave anything in them. I've had some low life tweeker get into my truck in front of my house twice. Piece of shit got my Baja Directions California atlas with three typed pages of unreplaceable numbers that I hadn't put into...
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    Buddy got t-boned on his bike by an old guy that was supposed to yield at dusk and was given a ticket by the cop for no light because he "had to right something up" as his face was bleeding all over the sidewalk. Cost him $180.
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    Sunday South 9

    Hey now! I knew I should have charged you something for the GPS. The numbers are worth more than the unit. Good luck deciphering the complex codes I used to name everything.... 0001, 0002, 0003,0004...:D
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    Any one fish Sedona Az?

    My wife's family is getting together in Sedona Arizona for Christmas this year. I might be looking to get in a little fishing while I'm there. Any info about the area would be greatly appreciated.
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    Surfdoc's NO Star fish processing service...

    There's no phone call from the lifgaurd tower the next day about all the carcasses on the beach down there.
  48. ibfishin

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    I knew I should have done a package check on the hooker in Cabo.
  49. ibfishin

    Fog and bugs=adventure

    Nothing like a tanker coming out of the fog on you in the channel to get the pucker factor.
  50. ibfishin


    Topwaters work great from the beach. Ranger plugs are my favorite from the surf for both roosters and toro. Look for fish swimming in the shore pound or bait balls getting pushed into the surf. You can also make your own plugs by wedging a wooden dowl rod into a piece of PVC pipe and cutting...
  51. ibfishin

    R.I.P. Britt Clamp

    My brother knew him alot better than I did but he was one of the nicest guys I have ever met. The first time I ever met him he gave me a transducer for my new fish finder, just because he had an extra one, and wouldn't take a dime for it. My brother was camping with him and his family when...
  52. ibfishin

    Help Jon Apothaker Save the Giant Black Sea Bass!

    His attorney is representing him pro bono. How much money does he need for his defense? Sounds like he's collecting for his fines. Perfect example of one retard fucking it up for the rest of us. Unfortunately this guy is representing us as fisherman.
  53. ibfishin

    Commercial lobster gear washing ashore...

    We used to pull traps out of the surf all the time. A couple of guys have died getting caught in them down here. It's pretty scary when you get wrapped up in one in the impact zone.We were told by a park ranger that the traps were considered salvage once they washed in, however keeping the...
  54. ibfishin

    Chillin and Killin on the Capt Ron Point Loma Variety Show Trip to Descanso Oct 18

    Thanks for putting this together Maggie. My hats off to the capt. and crew. They work there asses off and Capt. Ron is great guy to have in the wheel house. He will definitley put you on some fish. If you are new to fishing these guys can teach you alot. I don't do the party boat thing very...
  55. ibfishin

    Special Event for Bloodydeckers - Captain Ron Freelance Variety Show to Descanso!

    I'm busting out my wife's secret chinese chicken salad recipe for this one. Thanks for getting me in on this one Stan. I've fished this area before and the hype is well justified. It's like Jurassic Park down there. Come on blue meat.
  56. ibfishin

    Offshore worst fishing experience of my life (rant)

    You guys made it to the 302 on the Road Soda?
  57. ibfishin

    Best Hot Dog

    Hands down. Try there combo sandwich, hot link with beef brisket.
  58. ibfishin


    Fucker should never even see a courtroom.
  59. ibfishin


    He looks like Utah would have been more comfortable laying on the anchor rope:D.
  60. ibfishin

    Bass rod setup database

    I love the new Curado 300. I've got it on an older Shimano 812XFA that was made in the good old US before Shimano shipped everything over seas. 50# power pro and 25# floro. This set up kicks ass in the kelp.
  61. ibfishin

    6'1" Stu Kenson shortboard

    Need to get rid of this to pick up a new one I ordered. I'll throw in the Merrick for your kid brother or the cool little grom down the street.
  62. ibfishin

    Golf Course amd small pond fishing (LM Bass)

    It's probably not a good idea to be posting about where you are planning on trespassing on a publicly viewed forum.
  63. ibfishin

    ib beach fishing

    IB is OK for surf fishing. Lately there has been a lot of kelp and the water is a little stinky after that last south swell. The bite is usually better on the silver strand. The water is usually cleaner and the perch fishing is usually really good.
  64. ibfishin

    Paver hook up

    Any body looking for a deal on pavers? I no longer work in that trade but I am still in contact with all my old subs. Wouldn't mind throwing them some work and saving a BDer some money at the same time. These guys are pros and do majority of the jobs for all the big companies here in San...
  65. ibfishin

    6'1" Stu Kenson shortboard

    I've got a 6'1" Stu Kenson shortboard I've only ridden a handful of times. It's a little small for me. $300.00 No dings and in mint condition. Comes with a set of Future fins (not in the picture). You'd pay at least $600 for it brand new in a shop. I also have a 6'1" Al Merrick Rob Machado...
  66. ibfishin

    Looking for work

    For the first time in my life I'm having trouble finding work. I have over ten years of construction experience from grunt laborer to project supervisor. I can frame, glaze, hang rock, plumb, pull wire, paint, read plans, pull take-offs, hang doors and windows, roof, set pavers and block...
  67. ibfishin

    Zuniga Jetty

    How deep were you fishing around Zuniga?
  68. ibfishin

    IB WSB 5/14

    That explains all the boats down here this morning. :1041677399: Nice fish though.
  69. ibfishin

    fishing mag bay

    Check out Baja Directions Baja Atlas. It has all sorts of good info.
  70. ibfishin

    La jolla

    Since your wife said you couldn't have a boat you must have to put up with alot of deckhands. If that's not a real job than you better be really good at filleting fish.
  71. ibfishin

    One last drift PLEEEEASE! YES!

    Is it summer yet. You guys have way too much time on your hands (Oh wait I just read this whole car wreck myself.) :zelfmoord Thought I'd add another pic though. This one went 12 lbs.
  72. ibfishin

    old sabre rods

    A little while back Big 5 had The Strokers miss marked for $39.95. I grabbed an 8' 20-40 and an 8' 30-50. For 40 bucks they were well worth the money.
  73. ibfishin

    Lagoon, Evening mish Halifish 10/14

    Are you guys netting the smelt?
  74. ibfishin

    Offshore went fishing caught fish

    I love it when you stop to take a piss and boats start turning around to see what you're doing. It's really funny if you hang a hook on the cleat and pull like your hooked up.
  75. ibfishin

    looking for a killer brine recipe for tuna

    Cherry Cider, a little bit of soy and some brown sugar works great with Albacore. I like using alder for the wood.
  76. ibfishin

    Offshore Albies ,BFT 302,371 6-26

    A couple of jig strikes can make for a great day with two or three guys, but the sporties need more than that to not "swing and miss."
  77. ibfishin

    Flying Halibut?!

    Sometimes during the grunion runs you can get them on top waters. They come completely out of the water but they seem to miss the bait alot
  78. ibfishin

    A Fish Recipe...............

    Please don't take the big sand bass out of the water.
  79. ibfishin

    a peek at ib and some bay action on wed

    The signs are up and the beach has been closed. The south wind has been pushing the brown trout right up the coast. I love living close to the border.
  80. ibfishin

    First legal 'but on my boat plus mystery fish

    Looks like a half digested chovy to me. Maybe a big but spit it out on your trap rig.
  81. ibfishin

    Proudest day of my life! W/ pix 04-13

    Just took out my two year old for the first time a couple weeks ago. We've been out three times since. I can't get home early from work without hearing "dad, let's go fishing." Haven't left the bay yet but he keeps bugging me to see some dolphins. He was pissed when I went without him the...
  82. ibfishin

    Truck hookup

    My Chevy Silverado was recently plowed into by a county sherriff while parked in front of my house. It is being written off as a total loss and I need a new truck. I'm not sure how much I'm willing to spend but I can put down at least $8,000. I am looking for a 4WD extended cab preferably a...
  83. ibfishin

    Goleta Surf Fishing for Exotics W/Photos 3-28-08

    One of my all time favorite beachs to fish. The halibut used to love the 3" rainbow trout Fish Traps.
  84. ibfishin

    Barely legal

    It seems my diver buddies kill alot more bugs during the season then the hoopers do. I think the amount of people diving has increased just as much as the people hooping also. A limit is a limit no matter how you come across them. You are as much to blame as the rest of us.
  85. ibfishin

    SD Bay 5/7

    The seaplanes haven't used those docks for a long time. I don't think you can still land in San Diego bay.
  86. ibfishin

    Nados 3/2

    It is definately your lower unit. I just had to replace mine on a 115 yami. Mine blew the main bearing and detonated the entire unit. Yours doesn't sound so bad. It's probably a gearing problem with the reverse and forward gears. I took mine to Bruce at Marshall Marine and he took good care...
  87. ibfishin

    Anyone else read about the new jig system?

    Their reasoning about the mouths being differant doesn't seem to hold water when you catch a red on the top hook of your ganion and a boccacio on the bottom one. It's seems to be more about fishing the right area. Reds seem to be on the edges of structure such as rock piles and ledges while...
  88. ibfishin

    What is the best mono??

    Is that you Dan? Can't beat fresh Ande. Cheap enough to fill up every trip or two.
  89. ibfishin


    Try rimming the glass with lime and Old Bay. Stay away from the tobasco and use more horseradish if you want more kick.
  90. ibfishin

    marine grade plywood ?

    Check out HG Smith off the 94 if you're going with the ACX. I just got some for around $35 a sheet. As far as pressure treated, you don't ever want to put it up against the aluminum it will corrode the metal.
  91. ibfishin

    Yamaha Mechanic?

    Thanks, I'm gonna give Robbie a call.
  92. ibfishin

    Show me your BASS...

    La Jolla Kelp. I'm guessing 2lbs.
  93. ibfishin

    Yamaha Mechanic?

    I'm in need of a good Yamaha mechanic in San Diego to work on my lower unit. It is a 1990 V4 115. I am hoping it's just the dog slipping but am not sure and don't have the time. I have had issues with certain shops in the past and I don't know where to go. She's hung on an 18' Parker CC.
  94. ibfishin

    Offshore trolled @ least 35 miles= goose egg

    Too far for me but the Boomerang southeast towards the dumper has a nice break with blue water.
  95. ibfishin

    9/15 Nados yt- 100 rounds fired...

    I have been traveling in Baja since I was a little kid with my dad. We have always had BB guns with us. We use them to rid the casa of mice and rats. We always left the guns out in the open and have been asked about them many times. Most of the guys are stoked on the BB guns and want to...
  96. ibfishin

    Steve Moyer 2007 winning Yellowtail on the Kayak

    Looked like the I.B pier to me. That's one hell of a paddle in a yak.
  97. ibfishin

    Offshore 8/25 Dorado YellowTail & Happy Canadians Pics

    Good job putting some newbs on some fish. That is a nice tail you got there. Now you just need to teach Stan to quit picking on the handicapped. Bet your glad you didn't go long.
  98. ibfishin

    San Quintin 8/4

    Hey Jason maybe one day we can make it down there at the same time. I just noticed this, check out the meatball on the surface in the shot with the tail.
  99. ibfishin

    San Quintin 8/4

    Fished on Saturday with Kelly's son Oscar. Went down the beach in search of WSB. Found some huge balls of bait being worked to the surface. Chucked some chrome for one nice yellow and got one smaller grade WSB on bait. Things were kind of slow so we went off in search of kelp. Twenty miles...
  100. ibfishin

    Offshore No Love Boat Ramed at the Dock

    Shelter Island = DROP OFF GET THE FUCK OUT!
  101. ibfishin

    Offshore Excellent albacore sign/fishing

    The corn cob is almost as good as the ribbed trojan.
  102. ibfishin

    Building Plans

    We have an in house plans guy that is really good. He also does his own work. Not sure what he charges but I know he is good at what he does. He works out of the Four Seasons Sunrooms office on Pacific Highway. I don't know his personal number but you can usually reach him through our office...
  103. ibfishin

    Offshore Do you wear your underwear twice before washing?

    Try keeping the boat moving when your hooked up to multiple fish. It helps keep the lines tight. Nice yellow.
  104. ibfishin


    Thieves suck. Best way to deal with one if you catch him is throw him in the trunk of your car with a shovel and take the long way to the police station. Let him ponder about what the shovel is for.
  105. ibfishin

    White cap probability and other cool stuff

    Check this out. also check out.
  106. ibfishin

    seirra trip tips needed

    Panther Martin's in gold, and black and yellow have always worked well for me.
  107. ibfishin

    Gone to Baja Trip report May 7-10 Fishin like a Rock Star. Lots of pics

    I'd try to stop you. Baja is slowly changing for the worst. The easier it is to get some where the more stupid people you have to deal with.
  108. ibfishin

    K&M 4/21 and alot of partying

    And the winner is ....... not this guy. Picture quality sucks because Chris was laughing so hard when he took it. Due to the lack of fish to gaff, Stan also attempted to gaff his YF. At least go for the head shot. You're fucking up the sashimi...
  109. ibfishin

    Which Plastics are the best?

    If your going after quantity the chartreuse w/ silver flake kalin 2" single tail grubs kick ass on light jig heads and light line. You'll still catch bigger fish but alot of small ones. Big Halibut and Corvina will hit them so be prepared to get your ass kicked. I also like the 3" Hammers in...
  110. ibfishin

    looking for disc brake help

    I have an 18' Parker on a trailer with no brakes. Barely notice its back there. Depending on your truck you shouldn't need brakes.
  111. ibfishin

    Tourist Cards

    I've always gotten my tourist card if going past Guerrero Negro. It's is the only place I have ever been asked for one in twenty+ years of traveling Baja. Most of the time they don't even ask for it there. However when politics get a little uneasy between us and them they always seem to be...
  112. ibfishin

    Need some bass basics for this weekend

    If you want to get the kids into some fish I suggest shiners if they are legal to fish. Also meal worms for the pan fish. Small 4 inch worms carolina rigged usually will put you on some fish.
  113. ibfishin

    Surf butts with pic

    Try the Gold.
  114. ibfishin

    Good Tube lakes in San Diego...

    Upper Otay is fun for the tube but make sure you don't fish bait and you pinch your barbs. It's catch and release only. DFG does a nice job of guarding this place.
  115. ibfishin

    need a sheet metal guy

    I have a project in north Carlsbad that I need some metal made up for. I need a custom chase for a chimney. It is a little complex and would probably be best if it was fabbed on-site. PM me if you're interested.
  116. ibfishin

    Squid fishing questions

    Try to get on the early boat with RJ. I went out last night on the later boat and the boat blanked. Not even a bump for thirty anglers. Captain put in the effort but all for not. I think RJ nailed them earlier.
  117. ibfishin

    Phone report from Stan in Todos Santos 1/1/07

    18-20 hours. It's about 60 miles north of Cabo.
  118. ibfishin

    Phone report from Stan in Todos Santos 1/1/07

    Just rolled in last night from down in Todos. Stan and I fished on New Years day in my uncles panga. We went in search of wahoo since there had been quite a few caught recently. My uncle had a quad jig strike on the hoo and landed three up to 75# just a week prior to us showing up. All...
  119. ibfishin

    Review: Baja Directions 2007 Sportfishing Atlas

    Merry Christmas to me. Ordered one of these puppies last week. Called in my order direct and it showed up the next day. To my surprise the bottom composition and attention to detail far surpassed previous maps I've seen. The inshore maps show so much detail it's almost overwhelming. It...
  120. ibfishin

    Anybody have this problem with an MX?

    A bought a mx about three months ago. I've only used it four or five times and the clicker is not fully disengaging. Last weekend I went to cast a bait and the reel made a clickin noise. It seems that the clicker is not fully disengaging. If I push up on the clicker and hold it there it...
  121. ibfishin

    How far out can you go ? 21' CC

    WEATHER PERMITTING is a way of life for a smaller CC. I've taken my 18cc past the 390. Would never want to be that far out with shitty weather. Your boat can handle more than most people would ever want to put up with. I live in my orange pilot house (Grunden bib and jacket) on those wet...
  122. ibfishin

    Lower Unit?

    It's a '90 Yamaha 115.
  123. ibfishin

    Starting a charter business

    Making money doing something you love is a great motivating factor. However making money running a small charter business with no reputation in a place that is flooded with large charter businesses with reputations and established clientele is no easy task. I wouldn't put up the house but if...
  124. ibfishin

    Lower Unit?

    Thanks guys. I haven't had time to check it out this week. I really hope it's the prop but the clanking is what has me thinking it's something else. I didn't hit anything and it started clanking out of no where. Is the shaft coupler a major repair? Is there any way of testing to see if it's...
  125. ibfishin

    Roosterfish in Baja

    Surface plugs work great if they're chasing bait hard into the shorebreak. Ranger plugs in white/ blue or white/ green are my favorite. You can always make your own with 3/4 in. PVC, a broom stick, an eye screw, a double tuna hook, and some 40lb. If the surfs up it can be real interesting...
  126. ibfishin

    Lower Unit?

    Saturday was not meant to be. After spending 20+ hours pulling an existing steering cable and replacing, (extra hour or three because of cable length:drugs: ) I got it back together for the afternoon bite on Saturday. Headed out towards the outer edge of the tempbreak working up the Coronado...
  127. ibfishin

    2 year olds first fish

    Uncle Chris showed up for my one year olds b-day with rods in his car and a plan to take my two year old to catch some blue gill the next day. After shaking off the night before, (kid parties can get pretty crazy) we loaded up my daughter and headed off to Sweetwater. Neither of us had been...
  128. ibfishin

    Offshore BARRACUDA FROM THE ROCKS.... CAT. ISL. 8/16

    Nothing like holding fish up for a picture in the house.
  129. ibfishin

    Need Help w/ my new sled

    I have an 18' Parker CC and I love it. I don't have a T-top and wouldn't want one for this boat. It depends on what you plan on using this boat for but as far as a fishing platform the T-top takes up alot of casting space especially if you like throwing iron. As far as the GPS it all depends...
  130. ibfishin

    seized steering

    Thanks for the feed back guys. I've soaked for three days with the best penetrating oil I could find and used a BFH to try and bust it free. I never planned on reusung the cable once I got it loose. I've unseized corroded things in the past by heating it up. I'm just not sure if the heat...
  131. ibfishin

    seized steering

    Steering cable is completely seized up on my yamaha 115. Can't get it to budge. I've tried penetrating oil and a dead blow but no luck. I plan on replacing the cable when I get it out. Will heating it up cause any damage to any surrounding parts?
  132. ibfishin

    Offshore Limits Dodo/YT 7/27 Get Some!

    Fucker!! :finger: I got to work in the arm pit of San Diego (also known as El Cajon) all day. Maybe next time. When I got home the ocean looked pretty rough. I think I almost saw some chop.
  133. ibfishin

    Seared YF w/ soy ginger butter sauce

    One of the best ways to cook YF IMO. WARNING: I never measure anything when I cook. Following measurements are my best guess as to what I actually use. Blackening spice: Paprika 2-3 tbsp Emerils essence 1-2 tbsp black pepper 1 tsp cayenne pepper 1 tsp sea salt 1 tbsp Ground ginger...
  134. ibfishin

    Offshore 7/16 Just Shy of the 425 Dodos Galore!

    Dead batteries suck. I've had to hand crank my 115 before. I was on a long hali drift with Surfdoc forgot I had the pergo on both. The look on Stan's face when I pulled out the rope was priceless. He was like what the fuck are you gonna do with that. It only took two pulls to start but I'll...
  135. ibfishin

    Saw a lot of corbina today

    gold kastmaster!
  136. ibfishin

    Smokin question

    Cherry cider works great as a sweetener. Just add it to your brine.
  137. ibfishin


    The grunion runs are my favorite time to shore fish. The grunion usually run two nights before till two nights after the full or new moon. If you can find the right beach the topwater bite can be amazing for corvina and halibut. That's right HALIBUT ON TOPWATERS! If the grunion are around...
  138. ibfishin

    Offshore Offshore Map

    Baja Directions is the best one I've found. Their numbers seem to be right on and having both the headings and distances home sure can save your ass.
  139. ibfishin

    Best Steak Joint?

    My favorite would be the Boathouse 1887 in Coronado. It's right across from the hotel del in the old chart house building. They serve up a mean Jack Daniels New York, and great prime rib. The service is great,they actually know their shit when it comes to the food and the wine. The atmosphere...
  140. ibfishin

    Offshore YF close to home 9/18

    Left Sunday morning at about 4am. Launched at Glorietta with a friend on my Parker 18cc. The day started out with the bait pump humming and sucking air. A folded sandle wedged between the pump and the hatch fixed that problem. Picked up a nice scoop of bait and headed out in the dark. No...
  141. ibfishin

    Trout fishing trip help needed...

    Lake Edison is in the high sierras. It's above lake Hunington. It's been awhile since I've been there but it sounds like just what you're looking for. There's only one road in (it might still be dirt) and most of the lake is only accessible by boat. They have camp sites set up around the...
  142. ibfishin

    Gamin combo unit?

    Time to replace the electronics on the boat. Both the fish finder and gps are in bad need of replacement. I've been looking for a combo unit to save space on the dash. I'm looking for a color unit with 400watt output+, dual frequency, and thru-hull transducer. Garmin seems to have what I'm...
  143. ibfishin

    Freezer filler 1/8

    Finally back out on the water for the first time since the birth of my baby girl. Me and a friend left SI about 8:30 looking for something to pull on. Nothing but tiny dines at EBs. Headed out towards the islands for some bottom critters and maybe a shot at some yellows. Checked out Pukey...
  144. ibfishin

    Yamaha 4 stroke ?'S

    Haven't had any axperience with the four strokes but after having a two stroke I don't think I'd go with any other brand, wether it be a four stroke or a two.
  145. ibfishin

    Otay 11/8 pm

    I've heard of some nice fish on the frogs but none out of Otay. A friend of mine's dad always talks about how he used to poach Otay at night using really big plastics. He poured them himself but I've seen a few plastic makers are pouring them now. They were 20"-22". Dark colors. Black or...
  146. ibfishin

    How to: Flyline a livebait

    If the bite gets real slow you can always call in your friend's boat and practice your aim:D Or if you're on a sport boat aim for the captain, they love it when you do that. Just ask Jason. You might even end up getting to see the top of the wheelhouse when you have to clean up all the dead...
  147. ibfishin

    4 nuns

    Four nuns die in a car crash. They line up at the gate for the saint to look over their lives. The saint looks over the first nuns life and has one question for her. "Have you ever touched a penis?" After some hesitation the the nun replies "Yes, but only with this finger." "Then place it in...
  148. ibfishin

    10/6 Damn Yellowtail

    The paddies went completely wide open for yellowtail. Only three out of about twenty paddies we found weren't holding. Left late (8:30ish) with my friend Lance. Didn't clear the channel till after 9:30. Started out on a heading towards the 371. Stopped on our first paddy about five miles...
  149. ibfishin

    How bad is it?

    Was doing the once over while cleaning the boat the other day and noticed a small crack in the side of the cone right where the prop is mounted. It is about an inch and a half long and starts right on the edge of the metal lip behind the prop. I didn't lose any fluid on the lower unit and the...
  150. ibfishin

    picky YF 9/17

    Just had one of the most frustrating days on 9/17. Fished every square inch of the nine and Coronado Canyon. Chasing birds and crashing YF. Couldn't get them to go. I tried every trick I've ever heard of. Pulled up above them threw half the bait tank at them. Tried iron tried megabaits...
  151. ibfishin

    302 Skippyfest

    Fished the 302 on a friend's neighbor's boat on Thursday. No kelp but started getting some good marks just shy of the high spot. Shut it down and started throwing some chum. one guy hooks up pretty instantly and high sticks one for the farm. An instant later I'm on. It's a skippy. after a...
  152. ibfishin

    Fishing in Indonesia.

    I'm taking a surfing trip to Indonesia in four weeks. We will be staying on a 60' power cat for two weeks in the Mentawai island chain. The info on the trip said there will be fishing poles and tackle provided. However I haven't got a reply to my e-mail yet about what was offerred. I was...
  153. ibfishin

    Point Loma calicos and seals 6/26

    The trip is in four weeks. Can't wait. Stan let's try and get out there next week. Hopefully I'll have my bathroom done by then.
  154. ibfishin

    Opening up the lings?

    I just wanted to check and see what the deal was with lings becoming legal again. Are the size limits the same and are there any other species that are being added to the legal catch list.
  155. ibfishin

    Point Loma calicos and seals 6/26

    Headed out to Point Loma yesterday 6/26 for some calico fishing. I took along my dad and his friend and my brother's 13 year old stepson. The bite was decent for calicos. It was the kids first time calico fishing and he definately had the hot stick. He got three really nice fish over 2 lbs...
  156. ibfishin

    smoke stack 6/8

    I just meant make sure it rotates smoothly on the ring. You can check by holding the ring and making small circles. :)
  157. ibfishin

    I Hope My Season isn't Blown

    Just put the rod in the rod holder and crank like hell. This technique also works when you don't want to put down your beer.:D (You might want to try circle hooks though.)
  158. ibfishin

    Offshore 6-7 tuna!!!

    I work at the Boat house in Coronado and I always see that boated docked right next door. I was wondering what the story was on that boat. I was told it was a research vessel.
  159. ibfishin

    smoke stack 6/8

    The booger is by far my new favorite color for surface iron for yellows. The salas 7x has been the ticket. Just make sure it spins smooth before you buy it. Sometimes there's a small piece of material left in the hole and the jig won't swim right. Thanks for all your posts. Sounds like your...
  160. ibfishin

    Launch Ramp Follies!

    Last year I watched a guy at Shelter completly miss his trailer in a 23' cuddy and ended up beaching himself on the ramp. The guy in the truck had to help push him back out so he could try again. After about 5 minutes of foward reverse, foward reverse he finally got it on the trailer. The guy...
  161. ibfishin

    05/13/03 Report - Rockpile

    Thanks for the info.
  162. ibfishin

    05/13/03 Report - Rockpile

    Nice to pull on something Jason? Glad the skunks off now I can take you out again:D . Thanks for the report guys. What kind of yo-zuri did you hook up on? I'm heade out tomorrow. Hopefully it's not a total parking lot out there. Can somebody please find some albies so all these people will...
  163. ibfishin

    Bwahahahah midnight again

    The tides are starting too look good again. Let me know if you're going again tonight maybe I'll meet you over there.
  164. ibfishin

    5/12 Report - Rockpile

    Thanks for the report guys. It's good to see there's still fish out there after every body in Southern California with a boat was out there all weekend.:rolleyes: Hope you can help get Jason a fish on the boat so I can take him out again. Let us know how you did.
  165. ibfishin

    Bait pump?

    Thanks. I'm going to give it a try this afternoon.
  166. ibfishin

    Bait pump?

    Anybody know of a way to check and see if my bait pump is burned out without putting the boat in the water?
  167. ibfishin

    Saturday RP and the islands

    I'm headed out on Tuna Patrol's 2520. I swore to myself I wasn't going for a while after Jason, Kevin, and I went for a mogul run on Thursday. The dry ride and the extra seven feet of boat convinced me. We'll try and keep in touch with any other Bloody deckers. We'll be monitering 69 & 72...
  168. ibfishin

    Coronados, one of those days. 5/6

    I normaly don't like to drink beer untill after we get blood on the deck. After a ride like that I figured we deserved at least one. The first beer was almost gone and still no blood on the deck. I had to think fast so I cut myself pretty deep while making a bottom ornament. Plenty of blood...
  169. ibfishin

    Midnight Madness!!!!!

    The grunion are running and the fish are going crazy. If you have a chance try any sandy beach inside the bay at hight tide. Top waters work great if the grunion are going strong. The sammy 100s in flourecent green shad or the zara spoooks in shad colors work the best. Look for birds lining...
  170. ibfishin

    Gone "Noodling' for the big "Cats"

    I don't know about you guys but sticking my finger in a hole is reserved for nice soft pink holes thats don't have teeth. You guys are fucking nuts. All the respect in the world.
  171. ibfishin

    Coronados, one of those days. 5/6

    Anybody else ever have one of those days? I left at 6:30 this morning with surfdoc. Headed towards the islands getting are asses kicked the whole way. The eighteen Parker handled pretty good but the seas were definately against us. Got out to Pukey about 7:30 no signs of life. We worked a...
  172. ibfishin

    Yellow Tails in BIG numbers

    Thanks for the info looks like there might be a bug going around. I hate being sick when the weather is so nice. barf
  173. ibfishin


    Any body know of any free SST sites? I've found a couple but the images are really bad and they never seem to be up to date.
  174. ibfishin

    4/27 WSB by Lenocean...HUGE

    Anybody know what time it was caught. I've heard most of the yaks have been getting the hogs predawn. My neighbors buddy has gotten two over fourty lbs. in the last three weeks both before the sun came up. One on a mack and the other on a swimbait. I'm taking Stan out to La Jolla on...
  175. ibfishin

    Coronados north island/middlegrounds 4/26

    Stan still thinks a big fish compensates for something else. I'd have to admit though it was a nice ling. Looks like he's on his way to coming one fish short of the ironman contest. As for the hang over it wasn't the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last. Stan always makes for a good...
  176. ibfishin

    Coronados 4/24

    Made it out to the islands on Thursday. The slicks were worth their weight in gold. Nothing like a flourecent orange pilot house on the eighteen. My friend got soaked but I was dry and warm :D . Made it to the middle grounds around 8:30. No sign of yellows so I decided to try and get my...