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  1. Lugnutimus

    Offshore The good, bad, and ugly 8/14 (YT Dorado)

    Another fun day on the water! We had so much fun last weekend we had to do it again! This time a different direction and different target! Shaun loves dorado so that’s what we’re after. Last minute herd about a good YT bite around the rock pile and since we would be headed south anyways we...
  2. Lugnutimus

    Offshore On the road again

    Headed out today, hope to bring back more than a story! “Heads up” SD bait barge small sardine looking mediocre but hopefully do the trick! GL EVERYONE out this weekend! See ya on the water!
  3. Lugnutimus

    Offshore Long Over Due

    Late post But had to share…. FINALLY had the chance to get out this year. My good buddy Shaun threw down an invite for me and my lady to go out on his 24’ scout CC. Had many a good trips with him on this boat before! Since I wasn’t racing this weekend, I couldn’t say no. Watched some UFC fights...
  4. Lugnutimus

    Tri-helix rods

    love these rods, but time to go! Been bassin a lot and want to get a few more bass rigs. Both rods in perfect condition 7’6” bait rod with reel seat rated 15-40 awesome rod in perfect condition $150 9’ jig stock deckhand style with Turks head 25-60 in perfect condition. $165 $300 for both...
  5. Lugnutimus

    LEXA 400Hd 7.1:1

    next to new used just 3 times. 55lb braid and a short 30ln too! Perfect condition! 7.1:1. ... no trades. Text 619-518-6670 $200
  6. Lugnutimus

    Lexa 400HD Tranx 300

    For sale Local pick up only Daiwa Lexa 400HD 7.1:1 perfect condition used once 180yds 65lb Jbraid and 30lb top shot $260 Tiburon clamp with it for extra $20 Tranx 300 brand new never even put line on it $225 Dm, comment or text 6195186670
  7. Lugnutimus

    Avet, Daiwa, Shimano (great reels)

    AVET SX, DAIWA BG 20, TORIUM 20HG DAIWA LEXA 400HD All in excellent like new condition(avet SX has very minor boat rash) otherwise all good inside and all spooled with 50/65lb j braid fresh! All reels but lexa come but clamp Avet SX $130 Daiwa Saltist BG20 $130 Torium 20HG $175 Daiwa Lexa 400...
  8. Lugnutimus


    Daiwa Lexa 400HD $180 excellent condition Torium 20HG $175 excellent condition Torium 16 HG SOLD Daiwa Saltist 20 $140 excellent condition Avet SX Blue $140 great condition Phoenix black diamond SOLD Californian 7'6" 20-40 (tri-helix) $130 9.8/10 Californian 9' deckhand (tri-helix)25-60 jig...
  9. Lugnutimus

    Lexa 300HD rh, Okuma rod, Cousins Raze

    Lexa 300 HD right hand in perfect condition with 50lb j braid $150 Okuma Shadow stalker 8'6" is 15-30lb perfect condition $50 Cousins RAZE 839T 8'3" 20-40 perfect condition $150 or trade only for 909t Raze
  10. Lugnutimus

    Accurate FX-500GS / Calstar GG670C

    great reel, immaculate condition. Used once for 3 drops of an iron! Never hooked a fish on it! Perfect mechanical and physical condition! With box, papers, clamp and filled with 65lb jbraid white! $220 Calstar rod GG670c 20-50lb with x wrap handle and reel seat 7' used only twice perfect...
  11. Lugnutimus

    Nuts for TORIUM HG/ Trinidad clamp

    lost one and need a replacement nut for the rod clamp if any of you fine folks have one sitting around LMK
  12. Lugnutimus


    80 yft today on the OUTERLIMITS, going again October 3rd private charter! Great people and a fun time at a great rate! Still a few spots available! It's not over yet at all
  13. Lugnutimus

    ONE WEEK TIL OCTOBER 3rd overnight trip on the OUTERLIMITS

    Got just a few spots left! Gonna be a great time and cheap rate for an overnight trip! Limited Load, with great people, fun people, and hopefully lots of bloody decks! Pm me for details and thanks to STAY BENT outdoors for donating some apparel to all the fisherman on board Hit me up before...
  14. Lugnutimus

    OVERNIGHT ON THE OUTER LIMITS 10/3-10/4 giveaways and great price

    $220 limited load. Great people, good times, and epic trip to be had! Pm me for more details! Will be looking offshore obviously
  15. Lugnutimus

    WTT Avet SX for Avet MXJ

    looking to trade my blue Avet sx single speed that has only been used twice for an equivalent condition MXJ in blue black or purple Lmk
  16. Lugnutimus

    Phenix M1

    SMX-82MH Might as well be brand new! Used once in a half day while waiting to get my custom done. Caught 2 calico bass and is in perfect condition! Save $50 or more this one is $175 8'2" 15-35 1-6oz Pics tomorrow or look on Internet this one looks exactly like one in the shop and same condition...
  17. Lugnutimus

    Cal star Grafighters

    gfgr 700mL 20-40 good condition $160 Gfgr 765L 30-80 good condition. $190 Factory wrap Fuji reel seats, grips, wrap, guides and blank all in good shape
  18. Lugnutimus


    next to new, great condition. 10/10 mech 9/10 cosmetic $390
  19. Lugnutimus

    Trini 14A

  20. Lugnutimus

    WTB lexa 300HD and 400HD in prestine condition

    Looking for 7:1 but 8:1 may work. Looking for solid reels in the sandiego area Lmk Thank you
  21. Lugnutimus

    Newbie shopping for equipment... Please help

    Hello fellow fishing fin addicts. I've been itching to get into rod building and I'm about ready to invest in some equipment, looking for some pointers on what I need and where to get it to be able to start building rods besides the obvious thread, blanks, seats, and eyes! I'm not sure what...
  22. Lugnutimus

    WTS: Torium 20 great shape

    torium 20 in great shape (not hg) silver! A couple minor cuffs but works excellent! Carbon drag upgrade. 8 trips and got a couple footballs and a couple decent yellowtail! Half full 65# izor braid green topped with 100yds 40# P-line mono $120 Inbox or text 619-518-6670
  23. Lugnutimus


    Like new, 9.8 Outside and 10 mechanically, black, loaded with 55# jbraid green Avet MXJ with clamp box disc and lube, no true visible scratches $160 Inbox or text 619-518-6670
  24. Lugnutimus

    Trolling Rod FS

    Baja slammer 40-100 all stainless rollers and real seat $70 (Pic shoes two but only one for sale)
  25. Lugnutimus

    Wtb calstar 800M or 800ML deckhand

    looking for a factory wrapped or custom wrapped Calstar 800M or 800 ML deckhand only no real seat
  26. Lugnutimus


    excellent condition factory wrapped looks brand-new only a couple scuffs on alps reels seat from reel mounted! $200 firm
  27. Lugnutimus


    been searching for a ride for a specific purpose and finally decided that PSW – 700 M is the ticket. If you got one and you're willing to let it go hit me up and let me know how much. TIA
  28. Lugnutimus


    been searching for a rod for a specific purpose and finally decided that PSW – 700 M is the ticket. If you got one and you're willing to let it go hit me up and let me know how much. TIA
  29. Lugnutimus


    I have a daiwa Lexa 300 with 170yds of power pro 40 braid and mono top shot mounted to a shimano teramar inshore series 7'6" Rod rated 15-25lb, used the combo 3 times fresh water caught a few largemouth on it! I love it but want something different. No rash perfect condition needs a good home...
  30. Lugnutimus

    Lexa 300 on teramar combo

    Selling nearly new used 3 times in fresh water daiwa Lexa 300 6:1 with paddle handle and 40# pp topped with 15# mono mounted on shimano teramar inshore 7'6" 10-25 Rod! Both in great shape, only selling to get a different combo I'll use more! Bought both about 4 months ago and only used 3 times...