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    Cabo 11/26-30

    Fished with Diablo Loco after a recommendation by Sammy velvet. 26th Turkey day. Catching was tough for the vast majority. 1 marlin first thing. Fished shallow, fished deep. Live bait shallow and deep. Trolled etc. Spent some time in amongst a large fleet off light house. Did not see a single...
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    Cabo this past week

    Fished only 2 days, Monday and Thursday. Was booked with Jaime, but Jessica not quite ready, He did put boat in water Wednesday. No top yet, and needs some finishing work. Anyway, he met me at dock and apparently had found me another guy(his uncle 2 slips down), to fish with. No worries, just...
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    Boat share Sep 30 and Oct 3rd

    Fishing with Jaime on hopefully the refurbished Jessica on those dates. Anyone in town and want to split boat? Your split is $125 + tip and half bait buy.
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    Oregon fishing

    With deep reef lingcod open, tuna wide open, nearshore rockfish on fire, salmon not too shabby, you can’t go wrong. The time to fish is now!
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    Great last week of season

    Had good consistent shoots all season. Took the last week off from work. Not shabby
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    Salmon Update

    check ODFW website. Estuary fishing for chinook getting changed. No fishing above tidewater, 1 Fish a day. Something like that. Long overdue
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    Educate me about February in Cabo

    Earliest I’ve ever been was May and latest Oct. I decided to give up a bunch of Feb steelheading here in Oregon to dry out and warm up way south this coming year. Going through old posts seems like it is a sierra/pargo/yellowtail show? Panga fishing only. Also weather. Sure the winds have a...
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    Oregon Ducks

    not football! Opener last week, a few good hunts and the new pup is doing fantastic.
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    Good thing coho closing

    Well, they showed up in numbers. Tillamook. Wild to hatchery 1:6 ratio.
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    Cabo report

    fished jun 28 and the 30th. Upwards of 20 boats pangas and cruisers fishing right at the arch for amberjack. Lots of boats deep dropping for bottom fish. Seems like the big boats got into pelagics. Saw wahoo/dodo/tuna getting filleted. Water green and 68 the 28th, green and 71 the 30th...
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    9/2 Cabo.

    Fished with Jaime. 8 dorado(5 flip flop sized), 2 in the teens. 1 yft around 20# 1 striped around 110#. Not complaining but Marlin was a fluke. Chasing porpoise around, followed them to the buffet boil. Big Yft crashing in amongst the porpoise, pitch a live one in the middle of the froth...
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    Gbaldi tuna 7/20

    Ocean flat, tuna decent. Saw jumpers 3 miles before hali hill. Cast jig, hook up. No more fish. Found more jumpers just south of hill put a few more in box. 63 deg water. From 124 30 out to 43, 62.6 water and a desert. More fish found around the 47 line. Busy day on ocean, boats everywhere...
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    Cabo report on the Jessica

    Fished with Jaime and his mate Jorge on the panga "Jessica" 27th and 30th May. 27th we targeted near shore on the Pacific side for Roosters and Pargo. Sloppy ocean. 3-5's and whitecaps. Live bait and throwing big poppers. Great day. Ran up to the Flemish cap hitting rock outcroppings all the...
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    Good day. Booked 2 days with a panga in late May Los Cabos, on the Jessica. One day I would like to scratch 2 bucket list species off. Yellows and a rooster. Doable on same trip? Fish calendars say good/best for both species. Unsure if prime habitat is close by. Not that important to...
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    Sushi Time panga

    Good day, anyone have any positive or negative experience with this charter? Fishing 2 days out of a 5 day trip and will be solo. Thank you in advance
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    besides fishing...

    My wife and I will be taking our newly graduated daughter to CSL for a week. She wanted Cozumel...needless to say, I pay, I choose. Anyways, been down there a bit, but all trips have been fishing oriented. Anyone provide some land based fun options besides hanging upside down at gigglin marlin...
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    as someone who spent half his life living on the oregon coast...what the hell is OTC?
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    probably not the right place..

    but i gots to knowLOL as a kid, I was raised in San Pedro, walking distance to Cabrillo. Havent been back in 25 years, first fish i ever caught was off the breakwall, and many phenomenal days after that, Bonito, Cuda, butts, cabezon etc, plus sticking a few fish with the hawaiin sling. They...