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  1. MikesOcean

    Inshore Sunday Izor’s and the Shoe. Ugh.

    I agree with you on the weather. it was snotty AF!!
  2. MikesOcean

    Islands Cat 9-5 With my nephew. YT

    Left Cabrillo marina on Sunday with one mission to put my nephew on a yellowtail. So proud of the kid for being 2 years sober. Picked up excellent bait at SP bait and cleared the harbor about 6am. Being that I hate to fish holiday weekends I decided to fish the backside hoping to avoid the...
  3. MikesOcean

    Islands Limits of Bluefin on the Anchor at Catalina with Pop

    So badass ! Me and my buddy Matt went out again this last Monday on the 9th and had a similar experience. We started hooking football size BFT right on the island as well. One of them I played tug of war for 20 minutes with a seal. Looks like you got more meat back than me 🤣. Congrats again...
  4. MikesOcean

    Offshore Pissed off, then i was stupid now beyond pissed.

    Fucking best post ever without pics. Keep it up. Can’t wait to read your post when you finally get one.
  5. MikesOcean

    Offshore Revenge on BFT

    Here is a cool video of me fighting a tuna with a finback whale in the background.
  6. MikesOcean

    Offshore Revenge on BFT

    Thank you Khanh!
  7. MikesOcean

    Offshore Revenge on BFT

    The ride out was pretty decent. But coming back was lumpy. All fish caught fly lined.
  8. MikesOcean

    Offshore Revenge on BFT

    They didn’t seem to want the 60lb fluoro top shot. 50lb top shot was the magic number. Not too thick and heavy enough to pull hard.
  9. MikesOcean

    Offshore Revenge on BFT

    Prior to Covid I was always going out. This whole Covid screwed me uo and kept me busy at work making it hard to get out. Maybe 6 times in 2 years. WTF?? Monday August 2nd I made plans to get out with my buddy Matt who handles all my electrical needs in Cabrillo marina. A week prior I went out...
  10. MikesOcean

    What handheld VHF radio do you guys prefer?

    Love my 890 for backup. Awesome handheld
  11. MikesOcean

    Garmin 8612XSV and B-175HW install/review with pics

    Sick rig and setup. Our setups are almost identical. I’m running a 7610 XSV with the B175HW and the Fantom 18. Absolutely love it. Congrats on the killer setup.
  12. MikesOcean

    I Found a Mobile guy for custom enclosures (San Pedro, MDR, LB)

    Haha all good man! This part is funny! Especially saying this comment to a guy who owns a business in LA county for several decades specializing in Rolex repair/service. So don’t challenge your watch collection against mine. You will lose. 😂 Have fun out there and be safe. 🍺
  13. MikesOcean

    I Found a Mobile guy for custom enclosures (San Pedro, MDR, LB)

    He told me to remove contact info that he is way too busy. 🤷‍♂️
  14. MikesOcean

    I Found a Mobile guy for custom enclosures (San Pedro, MDR, LB)

    Sorry for you bud that you were not happy. That sucks! I had it done in April of last year. Definitely was his slow time which helped me I’m sure. Over a year later and I still have been very happy with mine. He used all Sunbrella material on mine and all stainless steel hardware. And why...
  15. MikesOcean

    Offshore Full Speed BFT 7/8

    Very nice!!! Congrats!!!
  16. MikesOcean

    Offshore Epic solo half day 7/8

    Badass! Congrats!!!!
  17. MikesOcean

    Offshore Insane Topwater Yellowfin out of San Pedro - 7/7

    HELL YA FELLAS!!!! You motivated me to leave out of Pedro and make that long run. Better than sitting in traffic towing back. Kick ass! Joe is looking quite happy. Btw... beautiful pics
  18. MikesOcean

    Always carry an extra battery pack or battery!!!

    Sucky situation. Hopefully it does not happen again. If it does, next time have another boater pull you in to deeper water so you can drop the anchor. Much safer to be on the hook while waiting for help. At least in your situation.
  19. MikesOcean

    Your experience with Fishdope

    Me personally, I hate fishing around too many boats. If FD says fish are on the east end of Catalina. Be ready for a thousand boats there. I usually have more fun doing the opposite. Hit the west end with no boat traffic and materialize your own bite. It works.
  20. MikesOcean

    Offshore July 4th of yellowfin madness!

    I see your profile says you live in Whittier. Very cool. So do I. Bottom of Spyglass Kick ass job neighbor!
  21. MikesOcean

    Rpt.-Wed.-07-03-19 Cat. where I violated my Doctor's orders!

    Nothing stops someone with passion. Not a wife nor any doctor. Truly fantastic that you got out and caught some fish shortly after your surgery. And a nice tail to boot!! Congrats Cory! And welcome back!
  22. MikesOcean

    Need a Pro, anu\yone know one?

    Definitely bubbles. Change location
  23. MikesOcean

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna Heart Break ( Video )

    This is the part of fishing that gets our adrenaline going and makes us more excited to get out again. HC I hope I have half the energy and passion you have towards fishing when I’m your age. You are a BEAST and I love it!!! Your bluefin is coming.
  24. MikesOcean

    102 at the Shoe!

    Very nice. Any good size of fish?
  25. MikesOcean

    Catalina serves up humble pie – and fish tacos

    Thank you for always posting great reporrts. Father and son memories like that to me is priceless. Just remember, catching is just a bonus. I will be doing a father/daughter at cat tomorrow. We are so looking forward to spend time together. I will have a blast just pulling on calicos with...
  26. MikesOcean

    Catalina report 6/14 yellows and Dad

    Hey Oliver, 2 for 6. Let me know if you are planning to go out. Mike
  27. MikesOcean

    Catalina report 6/14 yellows and Dad

    No worries man. All good. We have all been guilty of doing the same. But You immediately reacted, changed your course, and apologized. Not like other ass clowns who don’t have a clue and drop anchor in your chum line. I have never lost so many fish because of human error. We were fishing 20lb...
  28. MikesOcean

    Catalina report 6/14 yellows and Dad

    Awesome memories you will have with your father forever. Totally priceless. Congrats on the Fish. I was the guy in the CC at empire that you talked too.
  29. MikesOcean

    Arima 19 ft. Sea Ranger 2008

    You are correct. That is because he edited after I brought it to his attention.
  30. MikesOcean

    SCI - Thunderbird - BIg Bluefin Lost

    This is when everyone gets bluefinitis and spends their whole load every week on new gear and fluorocarbon. All you need is a Lexa LOL
  31. MikesOcean

    Arima 19 ft. Sea Ranger 2008

    Nice boat. But I think it will help if you had a price. Unless I missed it?
  32. MikesOcean

    Easy inexpensive solution to insulate a Kill Box

    This type insulation is easy to scrub and rinse. I highly recommend not to permanently install this insulation. You don’t want fish guts and blood getting under it where you can’t clean. So much better to just pull it out and rinse after use.
  33. MikesOcean

    Easy inexpensive solution to insulate a Kill Box

    Hey Gary, I don’t know how’s other fish boxes drain but mine definitely drains through the bilge. What makes this reflective insulation so great is that you can easily pull it out and rinse and clean both sides without damaging it. Totally waterproof. Here’s a copy and paste from the Home...
  34. MikesOcean

    June 7 Catalina- Went for yellows but instead..

    Thank you Victor. Yes safely released! As tasty as it looked, I always release calicos.
  35. MikesOcean

    June 7 Catalina- Went for yellows but instead..

    Oops. You are correct. I sent a pm to an admin to correct it. The date should be June 7. Thanks for bringing this to my attention
  36. MikesOcean

    Fastest Offshore boat 21-23ft

    Make sure whatever boat you pick, the outboard you have is the max HP that the boat is rated for. That will be a good start for better fuel efficiency. Otherwise the boat will lag. And FYI... I am going to have to agree with Shad Burke. My little CC can go 40+mph But I cruise at 22 kts so my...
  37. MikesOcean

    June 7 Catalina- Went for yellows but instead..

    Loaded up on dines from San Pedro and headed to Avalon to load up the 2nd tank with squid. Worked the front side all the way west with no luck doing everything I can not to be anywhere near where there was a cluster of boats. Got restless waiting for the high tide to Fish Yellows so I decided to...
  38. MikesOcean

    I found the right one this time, SMB, 6/7/2019.

    Congrats. That’s badass. The picture problem is not because of you. I’ve been trying to post a report up too but it says image is too large. Never had a problem before. Again, congrats. Hellava Fish
  39. MikesOcean

    Pristine! Boston Whaler 255 Conquest, Suzuki 300 150 hours Warranty! Fully Rigged!

    Awesome boat. I think you should use it for the whole season thou and sell it to me next year.
  40. MikesOcean

    Center console boat 15’-17’

    More than likely you are looking for a boat that’s really worth 10-15k for 5 grand. If that’s the case, I’m sure someone here rather buy it themselves and flip it for a profit. Regardss, good luck on your search. Worse comes to worst, save for another year with a higher budget. We’ve all...
  41. MikesOcean

    Best Way to Remove Boat ID #s

    I would try the solutions above first. If none of those work, an eraser wheel will get it done. Just be careful with the gel coat.
  42. MikesOcean

    Anyone with VHF radio mounted under t-top?

    Mine is mounted to my T-Top with the bracket provided with the radio. I love it. Actually it is mounted just under the electric box. Instead of inside like it use to be. Never could hear shit! Now I hear it great. So much more convenient for me.
  43. MikesOcean

    Easy inexpensive solution to insulate a Kill Box

    Thanks JC! Glad this helps. YES! That’s the exact product. Hope it helps you too. Let us know how it worked out for you if you end up doing it too.
  44. MikesOcean

    Easy inexpensive solution to insulate a Kill Box

    Hey Gary, Yes my kill box does have a drain. My only concern is the Fish blood and guts that run through the drain getting stuck in the hull. I’m thinking it could cause a nasty Oder in the hull with some of the guts that get stuck in the middle and never gets flushed out?
  45. MikesOcean

    Pulled some hooks on big Yellowtail at San Clemente

    On your 30lb hookup it Definitely Doesn’t sound like your drag was too tight if you were practically spooled. Maybe a little loose? You can pull pretty hard with 30lb if the drag is set right.
  46. MikesOcean

    Easy inexpensive solution to insulate a Kill Box

    Yep! As I said in my post, I cut 2 similar size pieces. One for the bottom and one to cover the ice and fish. Works awesome!
  47. MikesOcean

    Easy inexpensive solution to insulate a Kill Box

    No problem! Hit me up anytime. My boat is in Cabrillo marina (San Pedro). This reflective insulation is good stuff.
  48. MikesOcean

    Easy inexpensive solution to insulate a Kill Box

    I just thought I’d share this with the bloody decks community. I always had 20 lb bags of ice completely melt after a few hours making my fish box useless to preserve fish. So instead I just used a kill bag until now. I went to Home Depot and bought a roll of 4’ X 25’ of reflective insulation...
  49. MikesOcean

    Barney style, please tell me how to catch Yellowtail off San Clemente Island/Catalina!

    I want to catch a yellowtail with my bare hands But they swim by me too dam fast!!! LOL
  50. MikesOcean

    Offshore G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Wait... do you not add a hook to your flyer or use fluoro? You did a complete breakdown of cost using giant squid but you never did a comparison with a fresh flyer. Lol. Definitely will not argue that a fresh one for 30 bucks is a kick ass bait. Just don’t rule out fresh giant squid. I’d...
  51. MikesOcean

    Offshore G Fly Flying Fish Baits Now In Stock

    Prime candy right there! For you guys who don’t want to spend the money on this. Find a local fish market with fresh giant squid. Add a 12 odd circle hook, rubber band a torpedo weight, drop in the zone and your good to go.
  52. MikesOcean

    Cory update Thursday

    Cory, you have to be one of the most respected and admired people here on Bloody Decks. It is absolutely awesome to see the love you bring to this great community and the love and support given back to you. We are all rooting for you and know you are going to come back stronger than ever before...
  53. MikesOcean

    Whale breaches near skiff

    I launched out of Dana Point about 5 years ago with Sully owner of Trout King. We were on my old Crestliner about 40 miles out. This was one hellava site to see a blue whale right near the boat. We both knew our lives could have ended in a split second and agreed this experience would make it...
  54. MikesOcean

    Offshore Liberty Killed it...

    Wow!!! Things have changed. I’m sure Striper owners are relieved that it’s all about Parker owners now.. Hahaha
  55. MikesOcean

    What is this??? Need ID help!!

    To me it looks like both. The sea lion was ripping apart a ray and some sort of bird dove on the carcuss. Pissing off the sealion, it ripped apart the bird too. My 2 cents. Don’t fuck with a dogs bone!
  56. MikesOcean

    89 and counting...

    Native Sun has to be the rudest captain of all sport boat captains to other boats out there. While I don’t blame them (NS) for getting pissed at skiffs being up their ass, they need to learn to be courteous to other boats already fishing in a spot. Instead of trying to swamp the small boat...
  57. MikesOcean


    Imagine if all the threads from this glitch landed all the old post from 2015? Hahaha I can see it now, everyone would be trolling marauders all along the coast to Avalon tomorrow.
  58. MikesOcean

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    We are all rooting for you to have a Speedy recovery Cory so we can read more of your incredible fishing adventures! Best regards, Mike
  59. MikesOcean

    5-3 Report: San Pedro/Cat West End/Backside/Isthmus/Mussell Farm

    Great report and info. I think I saw you out there. I was at the farm on Friday with my buddy and he was dedicated to catch em on a popper. So I drove while he was on the bow waiting for them to come up. We decided to work the SW corner where at the time had no boats except another center...
  60. MikesOcean

    First time boater

    Nice boat neighbor! I think I recognize your boat if you are in Cabrillo too. To the OP, good luck and make sure you do your research before you buy!
  61. MikesOcean

    Minimum Boat Size "Safe" for Outer Banks

    This made me chuckle. What about 3mpg with a full load and 48 gallon bait tank running? LOL
  62. MikesOcean

    4/30 Local Yellow Bite

    Very nice!!!! A friend of mine was on a private boat the other day locally and they were chasing YT boils. Good sign
  63. MikesOcean

    Center console enclosure

    Thats all great and dandy. But I called him and left 2 messages to do my job and He never called me back. So I had to keep looking until I found Jose who was willing to help me. That poly carbonate is very nice but it would not work for my application. You can’t roll poly carbonate. Glad you...
  64. MikesOcean

    Marine Electrician needed in Dana point

    West Coast Marine in Costa Mesa if you can’t find someone. They installed my floscan and I was very pleased.
  65. MikesOcean

    Garmin 1042 and 5.7 Engine Sensors

    Funny you asked this question. I have a Garmin xsv unit too and I have floscan as well. I just asked my installer during the weekend if he can tie this all in to my Garmin too so it reads everything off my 2005 Yamaha OB. He said he definitely could do it but it is a big job and would cost me...
  66. MikesOcean

    150 hp Honda trim question

    Not sure if I’m understanding you correctly. But if I am, you are referring to a power steering leak? I had a similar problem with my Yamaha OB. I paid this guy in Santa Fe Springs to service my ob. He was one of the founders of SWBA bass tournies and is a great marine mechanic. He suggested he...
  67. MikesOcean

    Center console enclosure

    I have a post about a mobile guy that I highly recommend.
  68. MikesOcean

    I Found a Mobile guy for custom enclosures (San Pedro, MDR, LB)

    I just had Jose do my T-Top in Black so it will match my enclosure too. Very pleased with Jose. Since I’ve done mine quite a few guys have used him too and have been pleased. I also installed a new antenna and added Garmin's new Fantom Radar. Pretty awesome radar. Targets going away from you...
  69. MikesOcean

    Custom bait tank

    It cost more so it must be better. It is one thing to brag about someone’s work that you are happy with and the quality of their work. It’s another thing to bad talk the competition. Your post would have been great if you left that nonsense sentence out with toilet in it. I expect your...
  70. MikesOcean

    Rockpile and Islands 4/14

    Good stuff right there fellas. It’s only April. Good friends with some good laughs! Catching fish was a bonus!!!!!!
  71. MikesOcean

    I Found a Mobile guy for custom enclosures (San Pedro, MDR, LB)

    Haha I know I have a lot of rod holders. But it works out great for me because they are always out of my way. I’m not sure what you mean about the flap? Are you referring to the gull wings? I paid 1250 for everything including the wings. I had another place that was highly recommended to me by...
  72. MikesOcean

    I Found a Mobile guy for custom enclosures (San Pedro, MDR, LB)

    I’m not sure if he does that. You can call and ask? He told me he can do my canvas on the t top in one day as long as I remove the antenna for him and I install it back when he’s done.
  73. MikesOcean

    I Found a Mobile guy for custom enclosures (San Pedro, MDR, LB)

    He does all the measurements at the boat and I think he completes it at his home. As you can see he used the actual fabric to measure, mark, and cut at the boat.
  74. MikesOcean

    I Found a Mobile guy for custom enclosures (San Pedro, MDR, LB)

    Jose completed my center console this morning and I couldn’t be more happy in dealing with him and his quality of work. He didn’t play any games with me and finished when he said he would. I couldn’t recommend him enough. He does upholstery as well. I had him paint my upholstery too and it...
  75. MikesOcean

    CA Ban on High Capacity Magazines Unconstitutional

    California sucks! But I still love it here and I’m stuck! Bunch of commy bastards here
  76. MikesOcean

    I Found a Mobile guy for custom enclosures (San Pedro, MDR, LB)

    Update: The fabricator said he thinks he should be done by tomorrow and is planning to install the enclosure tomorrow. I will post up pics when he’s finished for those who are interested and I will post up his contact info as well. Mike
  77. MikesOcean

    Marine Electrician Contact

    I can’t say enough great things about Matt in San Pedro. He’s the Goto guy in San Pedro. Class act too. But looks like you are much more south. Good luck
  78. MikesOcean

    Bow rail loose

    You would most likely have to make access panels all around the rails to get to each bolt. Maybe Use 4200 and call it a day. Good luck
  79. MikesOcean

    Garmin 8610 Reviews

    Garmin was a great choice! Love my 7610xsv. I assume you meant B175 HW and not B157? I’m very happy with my B175HW that I also purchased with Gil from Semperfifishig Game Change Enjoy the new toy. Mike
  80. MikesOcean

    Fujinon Binos filter

    Thank you so much for that Jarrod! Order placed
  81. MikesOcean

    2018 Fujinon Techno-Stabi 14x40

    If you find it for less, Your next mattress is FREEEEEEEE! Hellava deal. You will sell them fast
  82. MikesOcean

    Fujinon Binos filter

    Can someone suggest a good amber filter for the fujinon 14X40. The one provided in this thread does not seem to be available on Amazon. Baker’s marine too? Unless someone could suggest another one. Thanks in advance
  83. MikesOcean

    I Found a Mobile guy for custom enclosures (San Pedro, MDR, LB)

    The reason I’m posting this is because I see a lot of random post of other BD’ers looking for a recommendation for someone who is mobile that does enclosures with eisenglass or Strataglass He was referred to me by a guy who’s in my same marina as me. (Cabrillo marina). The boat owner who has a...
  84. MikesOcean

    Garmin feedback

    Ditto! I have the exact same set up and love it.
  85. MikesOcean

    3/21/19 - 3 hours and 60 ft of vacuum seal

    And here is one of my Loreto Yt. I need to plan another trip there. Awesome town.
  86. MikesOcean

    3/21/19 - 3 hours and 60 ft of vacuum seal

    I loved your post Steve!!! You brought back so many great memories for me when I went about 7 years ago with a few friends. We brought our fish to a restaurant for them to cook it up. And they had the best clams. Is this the same place you were at?
  87. MikesOcean

    Stolen Yeti Cooler 65Qt - Beware

    I don’t care what a chick looks like. If her name is Fat Tony, I ain’t getting a stiffy. Good luck to the poster. Hope you find your cooler.
  88. MikesOcean

    Canvas and isinglass place that comes to marina???

    I tried calling this company today several times and it went to a generic answering message. Not your typical voicemail recording you would hear with a business. Nonetheless, I left a message this morning but never received a call back?
  89. MikesOcean

    Canvas and isinglass place that comes to marina???

    I’m in San Pedro and I was about to start my own post with the same title and question. Any recommendations for that area for me from anyone here?
  90. MikesOcean

    SD Bay Light Line Corbina Released ( Video )

    Nice job as always Corey, Haven’t heard or seen you around at all on social media either. I always enjoyed your post. I hope you been good and life is serving you well. Looking forward to future post from you.
  91. MikesOcean

    Bisquit without the Gravy !!

    Huge congrats!!! Straight up trophy right there. Most of us will never experience a biscuit of that size in our lifetime. Especially local. Our chances are better to land a cow bft. Enjoy the moment. You have paid your dues and deserve it. TANK!!!!
  92. MikesOcean

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    You’re still a douchebag! Kids should never be allowed near you. My money is on Lynndeva that she outfishes you 5 to 1 Btw...just a friendly reminder. You made a fool out of yourself here all because of Fish. Just remember, that’s all it is. And you are a bigger fool to degrade her because...
  93. MikesOcean

    Funny rattle Yamaha 150 Balance assembly issues

    2004 I wish I was. But Yamaha will not cover it after 14 years. Idiots! Lmaoo
  94. MikesOcean

    Funny rattle Yamaha 150 Balance assembly issues

    Thanks for the reply Shad! Do you think this upgraded assembly gets rid of the rattle like they said and am I in the clear now since I have upgraded it?
  95. MikesOcean

    Funny rattle Yamaha 150 Balance assembly issues

    I had a routine 100 hour outboard service scheduled for May 8 with West Coast Marine. Plan was to drop it off Tuesday morning and pick it up Friday morning. Basically it was just the basic service for lower unit oil, filters, plugs, zink, etc... I told them to check and replace if necessary the...
  96. MikesOcean

    Fave 30# Mono for Live Bait?

    I am going to have to totally agree with this statement. I always get Big game over izor because I feel it has less memory. Totally preference I get it. That being said, growing up doing a lot of multiday trips, captains use to make fun of the guys using fluoro. Back in the day, it never...
  97. MikesOcean

    yamaha f150 4 stroke tilt/trim(showa)

    If I understand you correctly, you are trying to add power steering fluid? If that is the case, there usually is a little cap on top of the steering wheel to add steering fluid. You do need to purchase an adapter to pour it in so you don’t spill it all over the place. They sell this adapter at...
  98. MikesOcean

    Till and Trim Hydrolic Pump Leak

    I had a leak problem a couple year as well with my Yamaha 150. A mechanic told me that the only way to fix it was to replace my entire seastar hydrolics. Said it would be 1500. Figured I would pass. Then my next service I used a different mechanic for service and he said he could fix it for...
  99. MikesOcean

    What's the best bait pump brand and size for a 80gal split tank?

    The only pump that works for me faithfully with my 50 gallon bait tank without burning out every trip is a 1100 gph Shurflo. (Piranha) Tried other brands and they would burn out on me mid day while out every trip. Other brands could not handle the high pressure with a scoop style pick up and...
  100. MikesOcean

    Blue Water Bait Tank 2016 Parker 1801

    Very nice setup Brian! I had the same exact experience as you with Mark and went with Randy a few years back. I wanted a 50 gallon bait tank so I called Mark hot with cash in my hand to order one. I hung up the phone feeling so bad I bothered him. Then I called..:: Randy with Bluewater and he...
  101. MikesOcean

    It begins again...

    God Dayaaam Ron! I don’t know how I missed this boat. Absolutely bad to the bone! Fuck meeting you in SD to buddy boat. Just take my money now I’m going with you. lol Huge congrats Ron!!! I’m sure you deserved it. You paid your dues, now enjoy it.
  102. MikesOcean

    Boat drives up in Newport....nobody onboard.

    Very sad news.... In 2015, I was one of the idiots chasing those stupid wahoo and never got one. On one particular solo mission, I left early in the dark with a heading to Catalina. I hit this big swell in the dark that threw me clear across the boat that literally almost threw me out of the...
  103. MikesOcean

    This could be a line class record

    Next time leave a tip to nacho and your next trip you might actually get bait and catch something. Otherwise,entertaining report!
  104. MikesOcean

    4/15 pv kelp beds

    Shit is so fucked up right now with nothing going on with fishing that I actually read each and everyone’s comment. Entertaining shit..... Great report and thanks for the good laugh! Btw... just promise to lip that white when you catch it and post up the pics here.
  105. MikesOcean

    Mobile Yamaha 4 stoke service San Pedro?

    Thank you Shad for the heads up. I was not aware they did that. I love dealing with them. I’ve actually had them work on my boat several times and I was very happy with the service from Gonzalo and Nick. I just didn’t feel like towing it from San Pedro to Costa Mesa. And then go back to pick...
  106. MikesOcean

    Thoughts on new electronics?

    7610 XSV here with a B175 HW. I totally love it. I think you are safe with either Garmin or Simrad. Just like others said, don’t skimp on the ducer. I have no problem graphing at 25 -30 knots The one cool thing about the Garmin that I don’t think the Simrad does, (maybe it does now) I...
  107. MikesOcean

    Mobile Yamaha 4 stoke service San Pedro?

    My Boat is in San Pedro Cabrillo Marina. I have used one of the guys in Cabrillo marina that several people recommended and I had a very bad experience. Ya theft ain’t good and even worse when you catch them and their excuse was they didn’t think I wanted these things so they took it...
  108. MikesOcean

    Garmin 942xs or 1040xs?

    I own a Garmin 7600 XSV series that is touch. While my part of me loves it how easy it is, the other part can’t stand it when my fingers are wet. It could suck. I wish they made it with both options like Lowrance. Or maybe they do and I am not aware of it. The 1 inch screen is better but it...
  109. MikesOcean

    150 YFT?

    Sorry Father
  110. MikesOcean

    150 YFT?

    It would be awesome if it was tuna. Not doubting it. But..... it could have been bonito. Many people confuse the two. And from a distance, crashing bonito looks like tuna. But I will stay optimistic
  111. MikesOcean

    Grady White Offshore 24_ 225 Yamaha 4 Stroke $12,500

    If my life wasn’t so busy, I’d buy this in a heartbeat and trick it out. Even if the motor was jacked up and needs a repower, still worth it. Looks like a an excellent boat to build up for someone’s dream boat.
  112. MikesOcean

    Where to mount that big 12 inch MFD

    As far as what looks nicer, flushmout wins all the way. If a bracket mount obstructs your visibility while underway, your dilemma is a no brainer. I own a CC too. And I wouldn’t know what it is like to sit while driving. Unless I want to sit on top of the leaning post. lol Ram mounts are a...
  113. MikesOcean

    I have someone to recommend for fiberglass repair-San Pedro area

    Here you go. Guess I should have just posted it. Didn’t realize I was going to get so many pm’s Anyone who calls him, just say Mike with the Key West referred them. ‭1 (310) 714-2321‬
  114. MikesOcean

    I have someone to recommend for fiberglass repair-San Pedro area

    Just wanna give a huge shout out to this guy Antonio who came highly recommended in Cabrillo Marina. I had some chips, scratches, and cracks I needed repaired. Everyone in Cabrillo kept bragging about this man. They all said that no one can color match like him. And he had 35+ years glassing...
  115. MikesOcean

    80lber yt landed at lupe

    Amazing Catch!! And on the Angler to boot! American Angler was always my goto boat for trips. My pb yt was on that boat in the early 2000’s fishing lupe. I only had a minute of fame pulling in a 50 pounder. Then watched the guy next to me land A 60. Guadalupe island delivers the slugs of...
  116. MikesOcean

    Is this a warning light? Yamaha outboard...

    If I was to guess, I would guess he ran over kelp or some crap while under the gun. Causing the alarm to trip as a warning not to burn the engine out. (Don’t ask me how I know that) Crap must have got caught in the prop and other crap got stuck in the speedo. That should be an easy fix to...
  117. MikesOcean

    Fish Regulations

    I couldn’t find the new limit on black seabass?
  118. MikesOcean

    Boat insurance

    Ya I agree. I have a kick ass rate with AAA too. I have al the cars and homeowners insurance all bundled up. I think adding my boat was less then 200 too.
  119. MikesOcean

    Garmin 18 XHD inquiry

    Thank you Ben for the response. I was afraid I was going to get a response like this. I was hoping you’d say how great The 18XHD was, and not worth getting the Fantom. lol.
  120. MikesOcean

    Garmin 18 XHD inquiry

    I have a Garmin 7610XSV paired with A B175HW. Thinking about getting this radar unit. (18XHD) at $1350. Need some feedback. Will it pick up buoys & lobster traps? Is it worth the money or should I be getting the next upgraded unit Fantom. Thanks in advance. Mike.
  121. MikesOcean

    Offshore I suck at fishing, 182 nothing 9-23-17

    Thanks for the report!!! Don't give up. Keep at it. Everyone of us know the feeling of a skunk. And they suck. When you have a great day, it makes up for at least 3 bad days or more. Pay attention to everything on your trips. Water temps, temp breaks, birds, etc.... always fish tides. Focus...
  122. MikesOcean

    Offshore 9/5 Late report - getting the BFT

    Huge congrats again. Ignore the crying. Some people don't know how to say nice things. They want to bitch and complain about everything. Next time give the cry babies a live cuda report. Because that's all they deserve.
  123. MikesOcean

    Offshore Left them biting near the 182 today, Wed 9.20...WFO Yellowfin

    Right on Doug! Glad to hear you nailed them. I'm happy to hear my ice wasn't a total waste and it went to good use. Throwing away ice sucks!!!! Good shit again.
  124. MikesOcean

    Offshore Anglers Wear Offshore and Islands trip! 9-20-17

    Nice job Doug and It was great talking to you the other day.
  125. MikesOcean

    Offshore No one posting, but it ain't no secret!

    Thanks for the report. Good job on catching a few. No secret at all. Find the fish, chum, and catch fish. Then go home and post all your pics on Facebook and tell everyone your a genius
  126. MikesOcean

    Offshore The Reel Brothers fishing Yellowfin Dorado & Skipjack 9/[email protected]

    That is so badass HC! This just gave me a woody Congrats again. On fire
  127. MikesOcean

    Clamp on Extended/Standard Fishing Rod holder - 316 Stainless

    Thank you Joe! You are a Stand up guy Now my skiff holds 15 rods!
  128. MikesOcean

    Izor / 150 really stoned

    About the bud...
  129. MikesOcean

    Izor / 150 really stoned

    Btw.... give us more details
  130. MikesOcean

    Izor / 150 really stoned

    At least this guy included pictures!! Funny ass post actually. BD'ers hook line and sinker. Not doubting he was high. No biggie. But you guys are more gullible then my grandma.
  131. MikesOcean

    Weather/Water condition website

    That's my goto
  132. MikesOcean

    Clamp on Extended/Standard Fishing Rod holder - 316 Stainless

    Hey Joe! I will take 3 of the extended ones if you still have them. Maybe I can pick up a fillet too. lol
  133. MikesOcean

    Weather/Water condition website

    Don't worry about how high waves are so much. The most important thing to Pay attention to is WIND. Wind swell is your enemy. Then look at the period between swells in seconds. If you are 10 sec and above you are Good. And if there is no wind, you are Gold! Then go fishing
  134. MikesOcean

    Titties and the box

    Oh Gawd! This thread needs help too.
  135. MikesOcean

    Catalina Island 9/9

    Fishing must have really slowed down this week for me to have nothing better to read at night then this silly post. And I hate post without pics. So I will add one. Carry on....
  136. MikesOcean

    Offshore 3/4 day sportking 9/8

    Btw.... I don't know what is worse. The fact that you told a captain where to go, Or you coming here on BD telling us you told him where to go.
  137. MikesOcean

    Offshore 3/4 day sportking 9/8

    I'm surprised Bruce didn't throw you off the boat I guess it was your lucky day
  138. MikesOcean

    So who installs bait tanks in the LA area these days?

    I could not answer for him. But I don't see why he wouldn't. But I will say that your #1 priority should be, Build your boat around your bait tank!
  139. MikesOcean

    Fished the Thunderbird

    Good on you and props to the Cap't Real men fight fish Not push a button expecting it to do it for them.
  140. MikesOcean

    So who installs bait tanks in the LA area these days?

    Kurt, congrats on the new boat. Very nice. I would recommend Randy with Bluewater. He made me a custom leaning post with a built in 48 gallon bait tank. I absolutely love it. Holds about 2 scoops with just about Zero die offs. Just order a smaller version.
  141. MikesOcean

    Monday Newport Coast

    I think bonito too
  142. MikesOcean

    Offshore Topwater Yellowfin - 9/2

    Good shit on making it happen local. I'm the guy that talked to you at the gas dock in Pedro. I know your buddy was amped up to fight that fish on 25 even if it took 4 hours. lol I told him I would cut the line. I know my odds bringing a knife to a gun fight. But it sure in hell would...
  143. MikesOcean

    Catalina Island- great fishing until--

    Thanks for the report. Sorry for your loss. I was there last week hooking big yellows wishing some of those ass clowns would give me at least 20 yards while I was on the anchor. Had a guy literally drift over my bow and actually hitting it. I Asked him if he wanted a sandwich
  144. MikesOcean

    BFT @ SKR 9/1

    You should have posted up that you got fish inshore at La Jolla to keep the pressure down Offshore. The kayakers are trying keep it on a Down low
  145. MikesOcean

    Catalina Tradition 8/22 Part 2-Get the pop corn

    Some yelp reviews you just skip and move on. Sounds like a vindictive post to me. Tough fishing eh? Good luck with the rant.
  146. MikesOcean

    A minute later would have been a minute too late

    Your trip was meant to be! Regardless of what your fishing report is, Your trip was a success in my book. Good shit!!!
  147. MikesOcean

    Offshore The one that got away, a fish tale.....

    Your reel could have had unlimited pounds of Thumb drag thou. Badass story nonetheless
  148. MikesOcean

    Offshore The one that got away, a fish tale.....

    Sick write up. Great effort. But after 1 hour on 30lb I would have cut the line
  149. MikesOcean

    Offshore 181 report

    Can you imagine me not like trolling?
  150. MikesOcean

    Offshore 181 report

    Good shit on the dodo and great report. But Fuck Wahoo.... Cuz I am one of the unlucky ones And now I hate trolling
  151. MikesOcean

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast: Preview

    Love my Toro! Excellent for casting Handles big tails no problem.
  152. MikesOcean

    Offshore Rpt.-Sun.-08-13-17 Dorados on the Ducky!

    I am gonna have to agree with you Sydney. Mike is top notch and runs a first class operation. Never done me wrong. And on the contrary, I have been getting stellar bait. I don't think Cory meant deliberate harm. But his negative post about his bait Doesn't help his business either. Hey I...
  153. MikesOcean

    Offshore Rpt.-Sun.-08-13-17 Dorados on the Ducky!

    So awesome when the plan pans out ! Good shit Cory, Lal, & Dave!
  154. MikesOcean

    Offshore SCI 8/12... 1 for 1

    Epic with the son! Priceless memory for you And priceless picture.
  155. MikesOcean

    Offshore Mahi Mahi 14 mike bank & 267 Friday 8-11

    I hope someone found this paddy today and scored big on it. There was a ton of fish on it when we first pulled up to it. I wanted to mark it with a big black trash bag but forgot. Next time
  156. MikesOcean

    Offshore Mahi Mahi 14 mike bank & 267 Friday 8-11

    We fished dines the whole time. Hot bait was key.
  157. MikesOcean

    Offshore Mahi Mahi 14 mike bank & 267 Friday 8-11

    I saw in the weather report too that the wind was coming up after 1. We headed towards Dana in flat calm seas and it remained that way the whole time we were there. But it was bumpy on the way home. Winds were really picking up.
  158. MikesOcean

    Offshore Mahi Mahi 14 mike bank & 267 Friday 8-11

    Just off the water Debated if I should tow south from Cabrillo marina in San Pedro. Was too lazy so I decided to leave from Pedro and work the 14 to the 267. Wasn't long after the 14 (1/2 way from 14 to 267) me and two other buddies started working kelp. All While watching another boat work...
  159. MikesOcean

    Dana Harbor & 81 miles later

    Ya don't use bait. It never works
  160. MikesOcean

    Dana Harbor & 81 miles later

    Thanks for the report. I respect the fact that you didn't fish bait. But if you think bait would not have made a difference, I wonder why us boaters chum
  161. MikesOcean

    Shimano is smart

    I have a few extra glow 250g flat falls for 700 bucks each. Just in case someone is Desperate. I dont want a cow that bad. I could stick with tails, dodos, and small tuna and be perfectly happy. Easier on the back too. Just saying....
  162. MikesOcean

    Y off a thru hull?

    I have a seacock ball valve (bronze)under bait pump and this flow adjuster after the ball valve in plastic. I don't see it being a problem if it properly installed and sealed. If you ever have issues in The future, just shut off your ball balve.
  163. MikesOcean

    traveling with rods and reels to Mexico by air

    That's awesome. Sounds like you have it dialed in. Not sure if you are flying back and fort with fishing equipment thou? And maybe You speak fluent Spanish to make things go smoother? Loved the trip and being there. Just didn't like the experience me and my buddies had. My reels were f'd up...
  164. MikesOcean

    Best 7 Inch Fishfinder/Chart Combo

    Ya I agree! Your electronics sounds like shit. Throw them in the trash. While your at it, get a new computer Programmer
  165. MikesOcean

    Warm water...will we see another Socal run of Wahoo this year?

    Fuck Wahoo. Cuz....I was one of the losers that didn't get One.
  166. MikesOcean

    traveling with rods and reels to Mexico by air

    Good luck with that. Me and couple buddies flew to Loreto A few years back and they straight up Started to take my reels apart looking for Shit. Apparently they thought I was the cokerunner Fuck that noise. Never again. Rather fish the breakwall.
  167. MikesOcean

    300+lb Bluefin Landed

    This is gonna turn into straight up Wicked tuna shit
  168. MikesOcean

    4 blade prop Yamaha 150. Size and experience?

    Pain in the ass trying to find a Yamaha prop turbo ultima In 14 1/4 x 15. No one has it. Presently I run a 14 1/4 x 18 3 blade SS Ended up ordering a solas rubex SS 14 1/2 x 15 with west coast marine. I hope I don't regret buying this brand. And I am concerned with the little bigger...
  169. MikesOcean

    WTB yamaha stainless 4 blade prop 14 1/2 x 15

    I have a 2005 Yamaha 150 Please pm me what you have or text me I don't want a beat up prop. 562-417-3863 Looking for a turbo ultima 4 or reliance. 14 1/4 x 15 (4blade) and might be open for 14 1/4 x 13 (4 blade)if price is right too. Thanks in advance Mike
  170. MikesOcean

    Grand daughters first fishing trip 7/20

    Priceless HC! And she is absolutely adorable!
  171. MikesOcean

    Offshore What a day.... 7/20

    Great video and awesome report. I think this post pumped up a bunch guys Who are not chasing the cow bft. Including myself. Right on!!!
  172. MikesOcean

    Offshore 7/15 report... Oceanside offshor

    IMO... we would be way better off if there wasn't so much bait. Then those stupid fish Would bite way better. Too much forage. Great report. Hope you get them next time.
  173. MikesOcean

    Removing Silicone, 4200, 5200 - Use Debond!

    Great advice! Joe! I wish I knew that before Monday. Scraped for hours my offshore bait tank to remove all the silicon and replace the hose and install a T- Clamp. Uhhhh.... that's what I get for letting the installer install a ribbed hose. Never again!!!
  174. MikesOcean

    Yamaha f50 cranks but wont turn over

    I agreee with the person that said clogged fuel line. I think you may have a clog due To water in your fuel. Check your water separator asssuming you have onE and Check for water. And if you have water in your fuel that means you have a leak in your gas tank. No bueno. GL and keep us posted.
  175. MikesOcean

    Release the small tunas guys

    Did someone say bluefin.... Tell me where, I need to go protect them.
  176. MikesOcean

    7/8 izors, shoe, red

    Badass Joe! Congrats on the maiden voyage. The helm looks awesome
  177. MikesOcean

    Rpt.-Sat.-06-24-17 Ginormous Catalina Tails!

    Wow! That is unbelievable. Its almost like fishing Guadalupe island in our back yard. Treating 28 pounders as dinks. I love it!
  178. MikesOcean

    Fixing stupid aggravations on the boat

    Oops. Aww yes. My vhf radio. Lol
  179. MikesOcean

    Fixing stupid aggravations on the boat

    Thank you for that link. I'm gonna look into the smaller speaker.
  180. MikesOcean

    Fixing stupid aggravations on the boat

    Most of the tine I keep it on channel 16. I ain't chasing no radio fish.
  181. MikesOcean

    Fixing stupid aggravations on the boat

    Funny thing, I did buy that speaker. But that Dam thing is so big. Wasn't sure if I wanted to add that to the dash. Was thinking of returning it since I moved the radio outside. I dunno. Do you guys have one? And if so, how does it work for you?
  182. MikesOcean

    Fixing stupid aggravations on the boat

    I know! Some things are so lame and not such a big deal. But I get so excited when Things irritate me and I finally fix them. Am I alone? For me, the last couple years it has been driving me crazy that my cb radio is inside the electric box on the t-top. I can't hear shit! And when I'm on...
  183. MikesOcean

    Kill Bag 30x60

    I'm on the corner of Lincoln and Washington. I share the same parking lot with Walgreens
  184. MikesOcean

    Kill Bag 30x60

    I will buy it from you if I can figure out a day to get it from you. My business is in Marina Del Rey.
  185. MikesOcean

    NORTHRIVER SEAHAWK OS A few pictures added

    I know exactly which boat in Cabrillo you are talking about too. I've been there with my small CC for a couple years now. I drool over that red aluminum pilot house every time I see it. FYI... that boat in Cabrillo is new and cost Waaaaaaaaay more. The cabin alone is absolutely sick
  186. MikesOcean

    New tank in the Ranger Bahia 'Lil Mijo'

    Badass Eric! Randy built me the exact 48 gallon tank with a leaning post. Your gonna love it. It's the shitzzzz Here's mine
  187. MikesOcean

    Sea Shocks Helm Pad.....Just buy one!

    Scratch that. I just ordered one. Thanks again
  188. MikesOcean

    Sea Shocks Helm Pad.....Just buy one!

    Thank you for the post. I want one. Been feeling beat up the next day after each trip. Can you post up a link for me to order. I think this is what I been needing.
  189. MikesOcean

    Does everyone else get the same disappointment from their sonar?

    There ya go I fixed it for ya
  190. MikesOcean

    Does everyone else get the same disappointment from their sonar?

    Btw... what's a framer? Never heard that one
  191. MikesOcean

    Does everyone else get the same disappointment from their sonar?

    Most people say transom mounts will lose a reading once on plane. But IMO... Installed correctly and you will not have a problem. For a few hundred bucks it is a dam good one. But a thru hull is way better and well worth it if you can pull that off. Good luck!
  192. MikesOcean

    Islas Coronado 6/15

    Nice slug Ron!!!
  193. MikesOcean

    Offshore Rpt.-Thur.-06-14-17 The 302,226 and 371.

    Great step by step report Cory. I know it is frustrating being out there seeing the fish and not catching them. But it is a lot more frustrating hearing about the fish and not going out looking for them. Kudos to you for your consistency going out and reporting all your trips good or a bad...
  194. MikesOcean

    Does everyone else get the same disappointment from their sonar?

    X2 I run the Gt23 on a split screen with the B175HW I purchased from you and they look pretty dam close next to each other.
  195. MikesOcean

    When you take your buddy to Catalina....

    My boat is a 20' Key West CC
  196. MikesOcean

    When you take your buddy to Catalina....

    Sorry to hear that you have friends like that.
  197. MikesOcean

    When you take your buddy to Catalina....

    Thank you Cory! But I really would have liked me some of those slug yellows you guys got.
  198. MikesOcean

    When you take your buddy to Catalina....

    And he gets a trifecta. Fished Sunday June 4th I swear I think I get more gratification taking my buddies fishing and watching them catch fish. He came all the way down here from Bakersfield. We hit the East end of Cat with dines and squid. Both worked great. Thank you Jason on helping...
  199. MikesOcean

    Blanket wrapped outboard on the way to Catalina

    I am gonna go out this weekend to Catalina again. I guess I will just pay close attention The prop did spin freely in neutral thou.
  200. MikesOcean

    Blanket wrapped outboard on the way to Catalina

    I was On the way to Catalina just passed 6am from Cabrillo 4-5 miles out traveling about 18knots when my engine just shut off. (2005 Yamaha 150) At first I thought I had run over kelp until I trimmed the motor up. Basically had to get half way in the water to pull a fucking blanket...
  201. MikesOcean

    Making bait in Cabrillo marina San Pedro

    Ya true. But the only time this seems to have worked well for me is when the receivers have Anchovies.
  202. MikesOcean

    Making bait in Cabrillo marina San Pedro

    Thanks for that. That deep super tanker channel will have to be my next goto. I'm assuming you're referring to where Jankovich station is
  203. MikesOcean

    Making bait in Cabrillo marina San Pedro

    Need some help for making bait in Cabrillo Marina San Pedro. I'd rather buy the bait for convenience but rare they have macs. And macs last all day without a single casualty I have absolutely no problem in other harbors, but for some reason I struggle finding the macs where my boat is...
  204. MikesOcean

    Get your Team Ready - Sign Up for the MDR Halibut Derby

    Sounds like it was an awesome Derby Keith. I wish I was able to make it. Hopefully next year. Did you end up getting that boat?
  205. MikesOcean

    NRA/CRPA file suit against CA Assault Weapons Laws

    The lawsuits aren't gonna change anything for me in California. No ones taking my guns.
  206. MikesOcean

    Electronics Installer needed in San Diego

    Scratch that. I see there is a sea bound marine too.
  207. MikesOcean

    Electronics Installer needed in San Diego

    Joe, Do you mean Dave at Seaside?
  208. MikesOcean

    Raymarine C80 for Sale

    No disrespect to you. But I don't know how serious you could be, when My number is included in the post and I have not heard from you.
  209. MikesOcean

    Raymarine C80 for Sale

    No I have not. Still available
  210. MikesOcean

    976 tuna

    The Russians did it
  211. MikesOcean

    Offshore Do you throw your brother overboard for tuna? Tribute 4/1-4/2 17

    This post wins! Best post on Bloody Decks I have ever read. This should be on the front cover of this site, the front cover of Won magazine, and any other fishing related site or magazine. Proud of you, your little brother, and your father. I would have paid double fare on that trip just to...
  212. MikesOcean

    Raymarine C80 for Sale

  213. MikesOcean

    Post your screenshots

    Just picked up a Garmin 7612xsv the end of last season and installed a B175HW. So I never got to see it in action. Looking forward to put it to good use soon I hope this unit doesn't disappoint. Feel free to post your screenshots regardless of what type of unit. Just please specify your...
  214. MikesOcean

    Fishdope down?

    I know it was reported fixed already. Thank you! In the last several years maybe 2 or 3 times I have had this problem with fishdope. My advice for anyone here, delete your cookies. It has worked every time for me when I have had these problems. Including today's problems. I couldn't log on as...
  215. MikesOcean

    New Garmin 7610xsv with B-175HW

    Awesome screen shot and thx for the reply. Congrats on the nice fish!
  216. MikesOcean

    New Garmin 7610xsv with B-175HW

    Wow! No one uses Garmin here?
  217. MikesOcean

    New Garmin 7610xsv with B-175HW

    Just updated my electronics. I would love to hear from guys who run the same setup. Pros and cons, And would love to hear what are your sonar settings. And please, post up your screenshots. I would love to see them. I do have to say, I think it is gonna take me some time to get use to the...
  218. MikesOcean

    Offshore 182 9/8

    Way to go Ron! I need to get my boat out there and have at it!
  219. MikesOcean

    Offshore 90lb's of radiation at Desperation Reef 9/10

    He brought a microwave to cook the tuna Bft=radiation
  220. MikesOcean

    Making bait in San Pedro Cabrillo Marina?

    Funny thing is... I launch everywhere along the coast and make bait without a problem. Been in Cabrillo Marina for over a year. For the life of me, I struggle finding the macks in there. Would love some help from guys who have been getting them there lately. Thanks in advance! Mike
  221. MikesOcean

    Learn How To Catch More Fish!

    Best tackle shop in town! Bar none!
  222. MikesOcean

    Offshore Dana to 209 DICKHEAD report

    I have had trips where I see a boat on a paddy where all the guys in it our hanging fish. I usually will cheer them on and keep driving. Unless they call me in. Otherwise, I keep on going. I was fishing with Monty (Monster) on this day. And let me say, this guys mouth needed a bar of soap in...
  223. MikesOcean

    Offshore 7/29 Oceanside 8 miles out.

    Funny looking cum stains
  224. MikesOcean

    Offshore Big eye tuna?

    You need another picture to identify properly. I'm gonna have to agree with fisherman that the pectoral fin does look too long in this pic to be a bft. Could be the angle. My profile pic for this site is of me holding 2 big eye. Nonetheless great catch!
  225. MikesOcean

    Offshore Bluefin 80 lbs 7 miles

    Popper Who cares about reading reports. I just want to see pictures!! Hehe Awesome on the water report
  226. MikesOcean

    Offshore WE KICKED BLUE FINN ASS 7-14-16

    I think 2 of them are yft. Congrats guys! Great report. Sounds epic to me
  227. MikesOcean

    Offshore 425 dorado

    Right on Ron!
  228. MikesOcean

    Anyone using a B175-HW?

    Great thread. I have the gen 3 as well as one of my units. Looking to install the same ducer that you have. After using it for a year, would you still recommend this ducer to someone else? I've had s constant problem will my POS ducer now when I'm in deep water. The graph doesn't pick up...
  229. MikesOcean

    Offshore Wed. 6/29 Tuna Triangle 226-Corner-182 and N9.

    Awesome report! Great job on the hookup. That's the downfall of fishing straight braid with a short top shot. Can't fish as tight of drags as mono. No stretch. That's why you had a bent hook. Drag was too tight. Nonetheless, great job on bringing dinner home. And you got to play tug of war...
  230. MikesOcean

    osprey attack

    Rlmaoooo! Sorry to be laughing. Your alive and I'm sure you will be okay. That be one hellava funny ass story.
  231. MikesOcean

    Floscan vs Older Yamaha fuel management

    I have a 21' Key West CC with a pre 2005 4 stoke 150. Outboard was manufactured in 04 without the digital connecter. So I can not install the newer Yamaha fuel management gauge. Need advice from guys here with experience. Is the Floscan more accurate then the older Yamaha fuel management...
  232. MikesOcean

    Rpt.-10-28-15 Tails, Bonito and Bass!

    Great report Cory! And tails in almost November to boot! Sure looks a hellava lot more fun then burning fuel for one stupid fish like I have been doing. You guys made a great choice and it paid off.
  233. MikesOcean

    Lovely day for a cruise, 150 & Catalina

    Yes I did! And in this case, I feel like it backfired on me. I think when I gunned it, I yanked the marauder right out of its mouth. if I get a next time, I'm gonna let it peel line off for awhile longer then just fight the fish with the boat just in gear
  234. MikesOcean

    Lovely day for a cruise, 150 & Catalina

    I had a screamer Sunday west of the rigs on a marauder and by the time I grabbed the rod it stopped, so I reeled it in as fast I could in case it was charging the boat. But nope, it was gone. 3 trips two hookups and no fish. Not to mention a shitload of fuel, and a shitload of wasted ice for...
  235. MikesOcean

    Lovely day for a cruise, 150 & Catalina

    Nice report Randy. Nothing like having quality time with the family.
  236. MikesOcean

    Lovely day for a cruise, 150 & Catalina

    Ya a friend of mine did too on Sunday. I hope we don't have the same friend. I want to stay motivated that there are many catches daily at the rigs. Haha
  237. MikesOcean

    Offshore Hoo Heartbreak

    I feel your pain Dave. I was out on Monday at Catalina trolling marauders and a mean Joe green. After 5 min of dropping the spread Port side mean Joe green goes screaming, my buddy clears the spread and I fight this beast for a little over 5 min Keeping pressure only to have a unbuttoned hook...
  238. MikesOcean

    Offshore Two Wahoo 10/17 at the 9 on the line

    Nicely done! Reports of Hoo are coming in so fast that it is so hard to see em all. Congrats
  239. MikesOcean

    Offshore Strike 2HOO

    Good on you Mike for the persistence. Yours is coming. Lucky for you all the action is in your backyard. I want a hoo!! I guess I'm not gonna get one if I'm not targeting it. Time to change my game plans.
  240. MikesOcean

    Ram mounts for poles

    I know it may be not be the best section in BD to post this. But I put it here since it has to do with electronics. I need help trying to find the right ram mount for a pole. I just picked up an HDS 7" gen 3. I don't want to clutter the dash. I already have a Raymarine C80 on the right. Any...
  241. MikesOcean


    Say it ain't so? You fell in the drink?? Your not the unknown fisherman??? Bawahahaha
  242. MikesOcean

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    WTF?? We are all breaking down and getting soft. I took a break this last weekend too. Just beat up from the feet up. I couldn't agree more. It's so much dam work with a boat and the pressure as a captain to put everyone on fish. And when we do, we are heroes in everyone's eyes. And when we...
  243. MikesOcean

    Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 ducer advice

    Is the HDI Transfucer you are buying a chirp ducer?
  244. MikesOcean

    Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 ducer advice

    Thanks Mmonti for the reply. The TM-150 is the one I was originally looking at. But I found out it only has a medium frequency. Which means it will be a 83/200. I think? Just not sure if this One will be affective for me in the ocean.
  245. MikesOcean

    Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 ducer advice

    So I have a 1500 gift card to bass pro And decided I would order the 7 gen 3 from them. Presently I am running a Raymarine C80 with an airmar P66. I want a new unit for purposes of backup GPS and also for better radar capabilities. Problem is, bass pro doesn't offer it with a 50/200...
  246. MikesOcean


    I am sure someone here might be kind enough to invite you as a ho. Maybe you will get lucky and they will hook and hand to you. Tie your knots and set your drags too. Shocking to all of us that you didn't limit out. Crazy... Not to mention about the bait. shocked you didn't have extra bait...
  247. MikesOcean

    Good tuna fishing on the 267!!! 9-12-15

    Great job Jeff! Nothing better then watching a kid fighting a fish. Except fighting one side by side with them. :)
  248. MikesOcean

    Offshore Dana 9/11/15

    Right on Khanh! Glad to see you killed it with Norm!
  249. MikesOcean

    Offshore Went catching at the 14. 9-7

    Nice kill! Glad to see Ozzie fuck them up with you!!
  250. MikesOcean

    Christmas Bluefin?

    On the Contrary! I want everyone to hang there gear up. Best time for me to go fishing. Less crowds & better bait! :)
  251. MikesOcean

    Striped marlin at the 150

    Great Report Robert! I heard you on the radio shouting out for help. I agree with you about all the drunks. And here I thought you had several people gunning to help you. I'm so sorry, I truly thought you had several people coming to you for help. Congrats on the great memory you will have...
  252. MikesOcean


    Right on Corey!!! Maybe we motivated everyone to take there kids out and spend quality time with them. Congrats to you and your daughter. That's what life's all about right there!!
  253. MikesOcean


    Thank you everyone for all the nice comments. Now it's Daddy's turn!! :)
  254. MikesOcean


    Yup I couldn't agree more. I just didnt have one laying around in the boat. Great suggestion.
  255. MikesOcean


    Thank you Joe! Before you know it, you will be doing the same with your little boy. They grow too fast.
  256. MikesOcean

    Mission Yellowtail - Lil' Mijo in Long Beach

    That's badass! Congrats to them on the blood shedding.
  257. MikesOcean

    105 8/24

    Monty it was Nice meeting you out there Yesterday. I hope those dines I gave you pay off today.
  258. MikesOcean


    Here's a video to support it.
  259. MikesOcean


    Let cabrillo at 830 with my princess. My only plan was to spend quality time with my daughter. And if I could put her on one fish that would be the cherry on the cake. All by herself she landed her 1st Yellowtail at 13 years old! Worth a million bucks to dad. A priceless moment that I will...
  260. MikesOcean

    Offshore 8-21 Yellowfin Tuna Fishing with Kevin and Chad Gross (video)

    Your an animal!! Kick ass video. I need to haul my boat down south and get in on some of that. Your Frikken killing it and nothing is stopping you Corey. I love it!!
  261. MikesOcean

    Saturday 8/14 Marlin in Santa Monica Bay

    Amazing!! It's one thing when someone knows how to do it, it's another story when they Care so much to save it. Congrats on the catch & release and so close to boot!!
  262. MikesOcean

    August 16 Horseshoe yellows on macks

    Left cabrillo from the dock at 530 and went straight to San Pedro bait. I was eager to try my new 50 gallon bait tank from Randy with bluewater. Guy yells sorry we only have Macks. I say right on!! He replies "Really, everyone else is mad" Cool give me a scoop. Well I didn't realize he was...
  263. MikesOcean

    Offshore Saturday 8.15.15 report - Would you like fries with that?

    Excellent report! Buying a few large fries now from McD's For chum tomorrow. Should I dip them in ketchup before I chum it? About the hook, uhh... Oh YA. Wear it on a necklace and call it your lucky charm.
  264. MikesOcean

    Leaning Post with 4 Rod holders built in

    Thank you Mike! Sorry it didn't fit on your boat.
  265. MikesOcean

    Freedom fish count

    No counts= No good Great counts= fish reports 3rd day is a charm. Go gettum!!
  266. MikesOcean

    Leaning Post with 4 Rod holders built in

    Not the way the fishing has been locally for me. Lol
  267. MikesOcean

    Leaning Post with 4 Rod holders built in

    i have a leaning post in very good condition. Removed from a Key West Center Console. Total length 38" Price $450 Pick up in Marina Del Rey Contact Mike 562-417-3863 With foot rest up With foot rest down Removal back rest to use all four Rod holders.
  268. MikesOcean

    WTB: 45 gallon FG Bait tank

    Randy from Bluewater did a top notch on this custom 47 gallon tank. He finally finished it and installed it today for me. I'm very pleased! Now it's time to go kill some fish! I highly recommend you call him if you want one! Just be patient because he is slammed.
  269. MikesOcean

    Offshore Maiden Voyage (video)

    Huge Congrats Corey! That is absolutely sick!!!!
  270. MikesOcean

    Well it's about time :)

    Great job Tony! Your persistence paid off and making your wife happy was the big bonus. Her smile says it all!
  271. MikesOcean

    Best Place To Get a Bait Tank Installed in Central/North SD

    So who is Kyle? I ordered a new custom leaning post with 47 gallon bait tank from Randy weeks ago. Is Kyle a better choice for install or am I better off having Randy doing it?
  272. MikesOcean

    Tails are back near the 150

    Right on Vic!!! Looks like you had a blast catching those toads! And congrats on a successful day. Ummm... Next time I'd appreciate it if you dropped off a slab since you live down the street. Haha jk Great job again!!!
  273. MikesOcean

    7/28/15 Great Day on Huge! Yellows But we killed a Marlin Not cool :(

    Right on to the OP to feel HE should preserve the Marlin. That's what's great about owning your own boat. You could do whatever the fuck you want. But not when your on a party boat. There rules!! And no one was breaking the law. PERIOD!!! So your just as guilty killing a bunch of yellows even...
  274. MikesOcean

    99 Aluminum 16.5 ft Crestliner Deep V side console

    Bump Still available Killer deal here. Spent 600 on new tires and rims including spare recently Almost 300 on radio in June Lowrance hds 5 with GPS Anchor + 150ft in rope Built in livewell great for 1/2 scoop and will get you on these tuna off Dana Pont Boat runs excellent Willing...
  275. MikesOcean

    Relentless overnight 7/25/15

    This thread is Awesome! Sorry you wasted 290 bucks and didn't catch but you know the saying, you should have been here yesterday. Next time you want a for sure thing, go to a whore house with 300 bucks. I'm sure you will get action. Complainers don't do well here on BD Your complain is...
  276. MikesOcean

    99 Aluminum 16.5 ft Crestliner Deep V side console

    Still available. Turn Key. Runs excellent. But today fish tomorrow.
  277. MikesOcean

    99 Aluminum 16.5 ft Crestliner Deep V side console

    I measured total width from tire to tire a couple days ago and it was 8 feet 2 inches. I don't think total length exceeds 21 feet. Theres no name that is tagged on the boat. I always made jokes when I took it out that I have an appointment with my Therapist. My buddies always put a space...
  278. MikesOcean

    99 Aluminum 16.5 ft Crestliner Deep V side console

    Thank you Nick for the kind words. I know you were shocked how wide it is for an aluminum. Again it was a pleasure meeting you and your father. Hope you have a killer summer.
  279. MikesOcean

    99 Aluminum 16.5 ft Crestliner Deep V side console

    I will try to check by tomorrow and let you know since I have it in storage. I assume it's about 21ft with trailer. And yes it is 100 % welded. Foam insulated and will NOT sink. These are one of the best aluminums made.
  280. MikesOcean

    2 Trolling marine batteries. 122 amp hours

    I have 2 Marine batteries that are practically brand new that I will also include the cage for each one. It's a one shot deal for 2 identical batteries with 2 cages. 125.00 for both batteries and both cages. I live in Whittier and work in Marina Del Rey. I can arrange either place for...
  281. MikesOcean

    Fiberglass bait tank.

    I have an awesome oval fiberglass Bait tank for sale. Only used once. Size. 27"L X 14"W X 17" H This is one of the the better ones that is even painted inside blue to keep the fish calm. This is tank only and hose. You do your own plumbing and get your own pump. Live in Whittier and work in...
  282. MikesOcean

    WTB: 45 gallon FG Bait tank

    Well I went with the much more expensive way replacing my whole new leaning post so I do not lose so much space on the boat. The new leaning post with 47 gallon tank built in was 1700. Plus pumps and labor. Gonna end up more then 2500. But looks beautiful. Here's how it will look when it is...
  283. MikesOcean

    WTB: 45 gallon FG Bait tank

    I ended up ordering a whole new leaning post with built in custom 47 gallon tank from Randy with Bluewater. I hope it comes out great and works awesome. Unfortunately I am spending much more on it then I anticipated. I hope it pays off and I am happy with it.
  284. MikesOcean

    99 Aluminum 16.5 ft Crestliner Deep V side console

    SOLD month), antenna, and bilge pump. live well works awesome. Keeps 1/2 scoop alive all day. Well maintained. Also has good storage compartments and comes with 4 Scotty Rod holders for trolling. 15 Rod holders installed throughout boat. PLENTY!!! I even took this boat out last year to...
  285. MikesOcean

    boat storage in OC

    Btw...all you guys saying 130 a month is not so. You must be grandfathered In for that price because it's about 175 now. Kinda strange, never had a storage place tell me to bring tax returns. Not to mention a credit check. lol. Whatever..can't seem to find a better options with 24 hour...
  286. MikesOcean

    boat storage in OC

    I just called and left a message with sunset aquatic marina. Interested in taking my boat out of cabrillo marina and putting it there. Do they have freshwater hookups for flush and power access? Thanks in advance Mike
  287. MikesOcean

    Newport report 7/5/15

    He had a boat full of people. Learn how to count!
  288. MikesOcean

    Newport report 7/5/15

    Great Job Brandon! Fuck these guys! Go back tomorrow and kill 10 more and post em up. Kill em all! I feel like skipping tuna now and looking for the elusive rats just to post up here and piss off these no good asswipes that never have anything nice to say. Congrats again!
  289. MikesOcean

    WTB: 45 gallon FG Bait tank

    Just Purchased a boat on BD and need a 45 gallon fiberglass tank. If any of you have one to sell in great shape, please pm me. Or if you know somewhere to order on line. Or a company Thanks in advance. MO
  290. MikesOcean

    Look what MikesOcean's getting!

    Looking forward in killing some fish on it Ron! It wasn't easy seeing a couple guys coming out of the water early with tuna and not being able to fish yesterday. It was amazing to see that boat plane in less then 3 sec with 3 guys and almost hit 39mph. Of course with a light load and no gear...
  291. MikesOcean

    2003 PARKER 1801

    Good luck dealing with the seller. lol
  292. MikesOcean

    Look what MikesOcean's getting!

    Ron, do I really have to wait for the dam morning to get it? Dammit I want it now. Haha Thrilled and feel great about the whole thing. Thank you Ron! Also, thank you Mike for the therapy! God knows I need all the help I can get. Haha FH, that's too funny. Looking forward on seeing your new...
  293. MikesOcean

    local wahoo

    Thank You Ron! :)
  294. MikesOcean


    Prefer a minimum of 19' CC I need fuel range 4 stroke only Yammy preferred 115+ Eager to buy and ready to pull the trigger on the right boat. Price point 17-25k Feel free to pm what you have. Might be open to others but prefer these. No trophies Thanks in advance Mike
  295. MikesOcean

    WTB Parker 1801

    I think I missed the size of the boat, fuel tank, fuel range, WOT, bait capacity, and mpg? Thanks in advance Mike
  296. MikesOcean

    Boat Loans?

    It baffles me that people think it is there obligation to tell the OP what they should Do or shouldn't do. The OP did not ask for your advice. He simply asked for advice on where he could get a boat loan. Many of you live to fish. While many of us fish to live. GL with the Loan bro!
  297. MikesOcean

    Looking for a new boat

    Thank you Andy! YA finances are all good! No credit lines needed. FYI... My business is in Marina Del Rey and I can't believe there isn't a place there that sells what I'm looking for. Unless you have a suggestion?
  298. MikesOcean

    Looking for a new boat

    Thank you Darren for the quick response. I will check it out tonight.
  299. MikesOcean

    Looking for a new boat

    Can you guys point me in the right direction. Kinda frustrated. Aggressively and ready to buy another boat and BD ads are either not Coming in fast enough or seller not returning my messages. Craigslist is frustrating to constantly look at and going through different areas because I am not...
  300. MikesOcean

    Light Line Yellowtail on the 150 area (video)

    Right on Corey! Great Video and not shocked you got some. And on light line. WOW. GOOD JOB! Nacho is the Man! Shame on the yacht. CHEAP FUCKS! Always tighten up Nacho! You might even do better that day. Last time he was getting mad that I gave him too much tip and was trying to give it back...
  301. MikesOcean

    1998 Klamath aluminum CC

    Nice boat! What is WOT?
  302. MikesOcean

    Long Beach coastline closed from oil spill

    I believe the closure was this evening. But not sure. I guess we will find out tomorrow with everyone's reports.
  303. MikesOcean

    Long Beach coastline closed from oil spill

    I heard tonight tar balls are washing onto shore and Long Beach shoreline closed. Anyone know if this includes davey's launch ramp and have any other info? Thanks in Advance. (I put it in report because I felt this was the right audience to know) Mike
  304. MikesOcean

    local YT Slugs all on surface Irons

    Steve, i was using green and white and my buddy was using blue and white. Both worked great.
  305. MikesOcean

    local YT Slugs all on surface Irons

    Launched Sunday May 31 (with my buddy Mike) and it looked like a parking lot out there. I went in a different direction. If you want to catch fish, Stay away from the fleet and find your own bird school! And Don't run the fish over. Quit early Cuz these fish tore us up. Haha Slugs 18-30lbs
  306. MikesOcean

    Tip of the month

    Ok ok didn't have time to read this whole thread. All I caught was some kind of tip who to follow. Someone clue me in, Who do I follow?
  307. MikesOcean

    Fishing next to sport boats

    This really sucks!! Some bonehead whines for a year that he doesn't get called honey on a boat, comes here to trash talk the boat, and that thread goes 3000 pages. I read something fkn awesome the Seeker does and see no one has made a comment to give props to the Seeker since last year!!! BUMP
  308. MikesOcean

    Rpt.-02-19-15 A 2 day Yellowtail Frenzy!

    Excellent Post!!! Huge congrats! Very nice grade yellows And in February to Boot! WOW! I enjoyed the post and you made it feel like I was there with you. Man I'm exhausted..
  309. MikesOcean

    34 Pound Yellowtail from Kayak!!! Photo and Video

    Good chit bro. Even more props landing it on the yak!
  310. MikesOcean

    Looking for a little talent

    I hate to see people fighting here. Can I pm you my adress? I love two piece rods!!
  311. MikesOcean

    For Sale: Hi Peformance Lake Boat $500.00

    If the boat is still available to see, I think I might be interested. Can I bring my rods to test it out? Just asking...:)
  312. MikesOcean

    San Diego 3/4 Day 9/14/2015

    Sorry to hear that Ian didn't have a good trip. Better luck next time. I do have to say.... This San Diego boat needs to put Ian on there payroll. WOW what great publicity there getting from here. Everyone protecting and bragging on how great this boat it is. Can't wait to give it a shot!
  313. MikesOcean

    36.3 lb YT of N la Jolla

    Don't kid yourself!!! The size of a person can drastically affect the way a fish looks. I am an extremely big guy holding a fish that is a little over 20lb. Bet you would never know, huh ? Btw...Nice fish to the OP!
  314. MikesOcean

    Offshore Anyone see the UFO @ 5:30am today leaving SI ??? WTF!!!!

    It appears to me that everyone saw a solar flare. Maybe google what a solar flare is and you can confirm if that is what you saw?
  315. MikesOcean

    Offshore 8/26 solo tuna slay in OC

    Great job on the solo run. But time fish 6lb P-line!!! Stroooong stuff!
  316. MikesOcean

    Offshore 8/27/14 THE KOLOMONA BANANA SLAY!!

    FH, would have loved to go out this weekend but the wife is dragging me away to Palm Springs this weekend. If swells are down, I prolly will go out next Friday. And the following week I will be doing an overnighter with my pops, uncle, and my nephews. If your up for next Friday hit me up...
  317. MikesOcean

    Offshore 8/27/14 THE KOLOMONA BANANA SLAY!!

    Right on Blake!! Glad to hear that Jeff is still on fire!!! Great job on the better units too!
  318. MikesOcean

    Offshore 8/21 Oside 10 miles

    Great job on putting your son on a nice yft. I thought from that pic is it was a BFT. Nothing beats quality time with the kid! Thumbs up!!!
  319. MikesOcean

    Yellowtail Bite in La Jolla.

    Hahaha. This almost made me piss in my pants!! Too funny! Agreed on the rag!! Btw... I've seen bloody fish, but Seriously did your buddy bleed the fish on himself? WTF Nonetheless awesome job!!
  320. MikesOcean

    Offshore Yellowfin, Tern Birds and Bloody Decks ( Video )

    Good chit Corey! Great video and I love all the action.
  321. MikesOcean

    2 1996 seaswirl captains chairs

    Check your pm. I'm not too far from ya
  322. MikesOcean

    should i worry about any storms in loreto end of July

    Okay, well I have been real excited about a trip planned to Loreto end of this month. Well, today I looked at 10 day forecast and it says storms on the 29th of July when I arrive. My trip is booked and paid for! I'm fishing on the 30th, 31, and the 1st. Could I be fucked!!! I'm...
  323. MikesOcean

    Drowning doesn't look like drowning

  324. MikesOcean

    Loreto - wahoo, blue marlin, yellowfin, and dorado, too.

    Nice Job Bill! I hope I get into some good multi species end of the month when I am there!!! One of my customers in L.A. lives in loreto as well. He is just starting his bed and breakfast there. I will be his first client. :) Hopefully we get em!!!
  325. MikesOcean

    Loreto Dorado????????

    Thx guys for the update. KickeMall? Did u say Bigeye as in Bigeye tuna? Or are you referring to it as baitfish? Thanks MO
  326. MikesOcean

    Loreto Dorado????????

    Its nice to hear what's going on there. I will be heading down there at the end of the month. Keep the reports coming. Being that I have never been there, can I expect to see yellow's end of this month or Wahoo?:hali_olutta: