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    Which Boat for a 2.5 day next month?

    Our 2.5 day on the Constitution leaving today was cancelled due to bad weather, so looking for a replacement before the season is over. I like that most the fleet has been heading south vs Tanner. Our choices are the Condor (fished them last month on a 1.5 day) but the other choices are on boats...
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    Best Place To Rent Rod/Reels

    Booked a 1.5 day on the Condor out of Fisherman’s Landing this Wednesday, September 8th and my friend needs to rent his gear…so any thoughts which landing (Fisherman’s, Point Loma, H&M) has the best rentals?
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    Rod and Reel Recommendations?

    Hi all, My two adult kids, son‘s girlfriend and I are going on a 2.5 day October 21st out of Fisherman’s Landing and would like to surprise them each with their first good rod/reel setup to call their own. I’m paying for the entire trip for all four of us including tickets, meals, additional...