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    W.O.N. Jackpot Tourney May 16 & 17

    anyone fishing it???
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    rocky point seabass...

    anyone gave the area a shot lately?? and how is pv doin
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    inexpensive waders...

    where can i get some??? wanna take my float tube out and need some new waders. i live in long beach but im also willing to do the mail order thing....thanks
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    anyone been fishing there latley...when was the last trout...and any bass to be had??
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    Take this apart

    wondering if someone can tell how to take this stering column or cables apart. so i can put a new floor board in.
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    great white sharks from shore....check it out

    crazy aussies... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
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    furuno or lowerance?

    Considering a furuno 620 vs a lowerance lms 525. Any advice?
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    between two and twenty fathoms...

    anyone got a copy there willing to part with??
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    any1 been there goin across 2nite whats bitin out there?
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    lobster bait question...

    has anyone heard of useing rock fish carcases (i think that how u spell it) i was workin on the boat 2 years ago and remember a guy takin all the rock fish carcases for bug bait...he seemed to know what he doin....he said the red rock fish like vermillion or a stary were the best.....thanks for...
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    anyone need a hoop puller in lb/oc or even in the bay???

    im lookin to go hoopin...more then willing to pull the if ur interested....almost anynight is good...
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    heard about a new hoopin book out...

    anyone know what its called and who its by.....i know it came out recently and forgot the name help me out...
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    lobster report card...

    lost my lobster report card...think it flew in the water...what do i have to do about turning that one back in? no problem buying a new one but whats up with the return part. dont want the dfg on my ass.......also anyone have any tips on hoopin lb spots...anything would be...
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    removing shark jaws??????

    can someone tell me how to remove a mako jaw...caught one at tanner yesterday and want to remove the!!!!