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  1. Kevin D.

    Offshore Islandia catch report 7-29

    Any one else see Islandia catch report for today (07-29-04). Overnight trip on Dolphin 2 nine anglers 45 YFT 45 Dodo’s 20 chickens 2day on the Blue Horizon 14 anglers 140 YFT 140 Dodo’s Its looking real good.
  2. Kevin D.

    Offshore 06-25, 182/43

    If you are going this weekend you may not want to waste your time at the 182 and the 43. Hindsight is 20/20. Should have listened to the reports from yesterday and went to the 371, but that still would not have helped seems how one of the crew had no Mex. permit. Oh well, it beats working any...
  3. Kevin D.

    N. 9 and N/W 5-14

    Short report, very tired: Ran out to the North end of the 9. Water was between 66-67 clean and blue with a slight swell. Began working N/W for most of the morning. There were very limited signs of life. Found only one paddy and it was loaded with YT. Tried to get them to go several times they...
  4. Kevin D.

    8-24/ 302, 425 Or 371

    Will be out on Sunday, Aug. 24th. Heading to the 302, 425 or 371 depending on everyones Sat. report and weather. Will be on 72 and 69.
  5. Kevin D.

    9mi bank sharkin 08-09.

    Ran out to the north end of the 9 mi. bank for Mr. Mako. Got to our spot and began setting out the chum slick. Twenty minutes later hook up. My buddy lands about a four-foot mako (released). Then, nothing else but a few rat blues that would play with the bait. Water was flat, 70-72 and a...
  6. Kevin D.

    07-21/ La Jolla

    Got a late start arriving to La Jolla at about 0730-0800. Breezy out there today. Water temp was 69-73 depending on where you were. Started at the north end near all the yaks getting a few short to barely legal cuda (all released) all on bait. Made a move to a few spots along the kelp working...
  7. Kevin D.

    Got Caught Red Handed

    Here’s a funny picture someone sent me the other day. The story with this guy is that one night, he met a police land bearing fur shark while burglarizing someone’s house when they were at work. Ok you say cool he got caught and is going to jail. The funny part about this story is if you...
  8. Kevin D.

    E. Sierra Trip 5-29/6-02

    Sierra trip, 05-29/ 06-02. Took my son to the Sierras for some trout. Stayed at Tom’s Place and fished several lakes and streams (Upper and lower Rock Creek, Rock Creek lake, Convict Lake and Grant Lake to name a few). We caught approximately 75 fish during our stay with my son getting the...
  9. Kevin D.

    Vermonster CK your PM

    Sean check your PM.
  10. Kevin D.

    Jack bill board

    Hey Rich thought you might like this after seeing your avatar.
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    more beer
  12. Kevin D.

    send me home

    These could be very helpful.
  13. Kevin D.

    You know its a bad day

    You know its a gona be a bad day when you see this
  14. Kevin D.

    france sucks

    An old American absent mindedly arrived at French customs at Paris airport and fumbled for his passport. "You have been to France before Monsieur?", the customs officer asked sarcastically. The ancient Yank admitted that he had been to France before. "Then you should know enough to have your...
  15. Kevin D.

    New Country

    A Resolution will be proposed in the UN next week to form a new country between the Turks and Kurds. This new nation would be called the Turds. France is expected to veto the measure because of their long-time, historical rights to the name.
  16. Kevin D.

    Another Master Card add

    Got this the other day from a friend.
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    Anyone see this before

  18. Kevin D.

    Beer is good for you :cheers: