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  1. GunSlinger60

    Islands San Clemente west end

    Overnight trip on the Amigo 9/4 Wifey out fished me again. Navy kicked us out then let us fish the west end
  2. GunSlinger60

    Okuma service Dept!!!

    Here’s my two cents worth, Bought a MAK16 and wasn’t happy with the way the drag felt. I own four other Makairas 10, 15, 15T, 20. Never a complaint, butter smooth drags on all of them except the 16. Contacted Mike Bennett through his email that I saw earlier in this post. Told him about my...
  3. GunSlinger60

    Offshore 37 BFT over 150 lbs on a 1.5 day- Aztec 11/17/17

    Awesome report! I hope everyone has had the chance to experience this Epic season of Personal Bests.
  4. GunSlinger60

    Royal Polaris General Info.

    My wife and I love the RP!
  5. GunSlinger60

    Hooping Newbie

    Thanks Pal!, Ha! Raising kids took a whole lot of time and resources. Now I'm finally doing the things I always dreamed about and doing it with the person that means the most to me. My Hardcore Long Range fishing Wife Diane!/ Deck Boss!
  6. GunSlinger60

    Hooping Newbie

    She wants a bigger boat!
  7. GunSlinger60

    Hooping Newbie

    Between 30 & 60ft
  8. GunSlinger60

    Hooping Newbie

    my wife wanted to go for Lobster, so I got geared up and we went to Catalina!
  9. GunSlinger60

    Offshore RP at the 43

    PB #140 lb. and 1st. Place Jackpot!
  10. GunSlinger60

    Slow Pitch Jigging Blank

    I'm using a Jaws J17603 blank 20-40 lb 250-400g. blank and a Okuma Cedros star drag reel Jigging World Slow Pitch jigs good set up for west coast
  11. GunSlinger60

    The 31 Bertram Build

    I pass by your boat all the time i've been wanting to walk up and ask you a million questions!
  12. GunSlinger60

    Cedros 10 Drags

    the first thing I do with a brand new reel is disassemble, clean, grease and lube. It's like that commercial, "there are many reels but this one is mine"
  13. GunSlinger60

    Hi I used to work and Fish with one of your club members "B.C." He was an Inspector for UAL and...

    Hi I used to work and Fish with one of your club members "B.C." He was an Inspector for UAL and we would work all night and Salmon fish in the daytime. If you could have him contact me on this forum I'd appreciate that. Sorry to hear about your trip, My Wife and I are on the labor day trip(3day)...
  14. GunSlinger60

    Persistence pays off

    I think what worked for me was a 50yd. 30#mono top shot to 4ft. Floro leader. Jogging uphill until I was where the birds were working before I started my drift, the group of boats that kept that pattern were the ones that got bit.
  15. GunSlinger60

    Persistence pays off

    Yes, with the Pilothouse
  16. GunSlinger60

    Persistence pays off

    things are finally coming together for me on my boat. No Spearfishing this year until my neck heals, so I set the boat up for hook and line. Late afternoon bite on the 150