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    Avet, Newell, Penn

    Is the Newell box still available?
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    Daiwa Saltiga star drag 10h

    Let me know when you decide to sell, thanks
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    Phenix Axis 820H (25-60lb)

    I have a 820MH, sending you message.
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    Kencor fiberglass jigstick....

    I have a 8 footer, sent you a text.
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    Factory LB super seekers or blanks

    I have a LB greenie Super Seeker 6480H for trade. Looking for 1st gen WT's 8' to 9' and Trini 10A.
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    Looking for Shimano Trinidad 10A

    Looking to buy a Shimano Trinidad 10A in great condition. If you have one available to sell, please message me price and pics, thanks!
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    Custom Seeker 1st gen White Tiger 60XH

    Custom wrapped Seeker 1st gen White Tiger 60XH. Fuji guides, gray base, gray double wrap, black aluminum seat and gimbal, hypalon grips, 50-80 rating, mint condition. Brought it out once last summer on a tuna trip but only got a boat ride. Sold
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    Catalina YT 6/15/2018

    Great work, nice catch!
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    Newell problem

    You can also try a little nail polish around the edge of the spool if it is centered and still having that issue.
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    tackle swap meet

    Hi Mike, thank you for the update. I greatly appreciate you letting me know!
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    tackle swap meet

    I'm curious when the next one is too.