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    Vagabond 10 day Nov.5 roll call. Who else is on this ultra fun adventure?

    Wishing I had one more day to get ready but will be there. Nick - your poles are in my car now - see you sometime tomorrow night
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    10 Day Return - Thieves SUCK (HM lot)

    The landings do not control the lot. It is a private company - Ace parking -- that is in control. For those wanting cameras, direct your requests to this company. The landings are not involved. One could also ask the San Diego Port District to do more as they control the land the landings...
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    What to leave home?

    trip actually leaves on Friday Nov 5th, not the fourth. But then arriving the 4th will probably get you first in the boarding line. I just double checked the schedule just now - 9 am on the 5th. so far the only info Mike has put out on the trip is : Wahoo/Tuna/Yelloewtail-LL 21 So any and...
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    Fisherman’s landing parking lot sale?

    What I heard is a smaller scale with only 1 seminar stage due to high volume of cars in parking lot due to hot fishing. Same vendors expected. Bummered for missing the sale but on bright side I leave that AM on a 10 day
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    Just my idea that worked with bluefin

    Hi Mark. sent the $ for the hooks- Paypal. thanks for the taco tips. Bummer I am diggin shark teeth on Wed and Thurs -maybe leave a bit early and see you Tue Pm @ the taco cart. Always like your posts as you are spreading/sharing info to those that want to learn. Never enough days on the...
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    Cow BFT on PENN 16VISX

    just waiting to put my 16 visx to that same test. Congrats
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    Just my idea that worked with bluefin

    It was great to finally meet you in person on this Vagabond trip. Hope we meet again soon. Tuesday taco nite maybe but forgot the name of the place: Las Palmas, Don Perico, or ???? it definitely was a tougher pick bite. I was using the Mustad 94151 BN J hook size 2 the whole trip as this is...
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    Overflow Parking Cost?

    never had problem parking in over flow lot.. friend had truck stolen in regular lot
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    Ride Home from Guadalupe, Need Boat Advice

    Done more than a few trips since they opened up a couple of years back. Always fished the Vagabond. One does not go directly uphill into the swell as if they were going directly to San Diego. No direct or almost direct pound into the swell. Lucky you. but what you get instead is side to side...
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    Hog Yellowtail!

    thanks for the update Terry. Figured as much. Fantastic catch. still trying for mine.
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    Hog Yellowtail!

    Hey Nick, what is the rest of the story like where was this caught. Been wondering since I saw the photo. One of those is on my biucket list still. Think they put all the people behind the fish to block out Lupe's silhouette ( Vagabond trick). P.S. Let Mike know we want stateroom for next...
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    2022 Guadalupe specific trips?

    8-22 Thursday June 23, 2022 at 09:00 AM Friday July 01, 2022 at 06:00 AM 8 $2,995 Rocks/ Ridge/ Lupe SPOTS OPEN Limited 22 Passengers Book Now This is from the Vagabond's here There are limited # of boats that have all the various permits needed to fish there. This trip...
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    Trip Insurance

    Even though you already are going to Bob Dawson, keep going to Bob Dawson. Also, you may be able to go to Let's Talk Hookup Archives where Bob was the guest and covered A to Z about how it works. Great show.
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    Do I need more..,

    Welcome to the 10 day world - I love this place, 10 day range, as it has the most variety of types of fish to offer. Downside - to me it is not a downside = bringing all the gear for all the options Do not get worried or stress over the list below. You will have a great time. The vessel...
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    KIDS FISHING????????????
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    Red Rooster III 5-day August 26th-31st **NO GUADALUPE BECAUSE 2 PASSENGERS DON’T HAVE PASSPORT**

    what I learned recently. A "sponsored" trip means that a company/person just is promoting something and usually hands out things etc. This means the boat/landing fills the spots themselves and has all the responsibility of the $ involved if they do not fill the trip- not the sponsor. Also the...
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    Offshore San Diego Full Day 8/23/21 Mucho Jellos

    late add on to the report to the area that held the fish . Fished Mon the 23rd also on the Vendetta ( older small Vendetta). first we hit the Coronado Islands proper - north, south and also middle grounds. Found a good calico bite but cooler water around 67 and the yellows were a no show...
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    June 8 day 2022 on the American Angler

    one thing the archives will not show is Guaalupe Island as it just opened up againat the start of July this summer.Soit could also be a possibility. Checkout the reports for the long range fleet last June as most ofthe boats have 7 or 8 day trips in Juneto start off the seaon - MANY MANY TRIPS...
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    Glad you started this thread. I have a UC viper that I must do the same to. Have cold shrink tube to put on but not sure if there should be an adhesive applied or not. I removed the hypalon by grinding jigs so much at night for Bluefin that I wore off the hypalon on one side by rubbing on...
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    Offshore 3 day report: 8/9-12-> Vagabond

    Another great trip on the Vagabond. Just got in this AM and had to get straight to work. Great boat and they got it done again. Left bait barge Mon 1 pm with a load of mid sized deans. Went to the grounds inside of San Clemente Is. with Catalina on the horizon. Same area all the other boats...
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    Recommend a boat for us please

    JIMIKINZ says he wants " VARIETY" & also not picking @ big bluefin. _______________________________________________________________ just got back from Lupe Tue AM. It is a tougher place to fish for someone who is new. IT can be frustrating. Great white sharks are there. I you are new to...
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    Quick Lupe report

    RR was there with us and I think they did well also. They came up the line just a few hours behind us. I too can not wait to get back there
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    Quick Lupe report

    Sharks are there from around mid ish July to the end of October. They just up and leave fast so my trips in Nov are shark free. October trips we still feed them. This is their natural cycle for Lupe. Forgot to mention the wristbands & forgert to take my bands home for a souvenir. There are...
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    Quick Lupe report

    I was hoping we could get a shot at the BF and brought my heavy BF gear. Many reasons caused us to not fish for BF Time - 6 day trip total & rules say drive to Ensenada & check in w/ their customs & more. Then go to Island. Then return to Ensenada to check in before going back to states. Plus...
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    Quick Lupe report

    Not using floro was for 80 lb test mono and higher. Tying on the floro creates one more knot in your whole set up and this creates one more place for a possible failure to occur. That is the reasoning behind it.
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    QUICK REPORT: Vagabond 6-day PFU returned 8/3/21

    Thank you Steve for sponsoring our trip again and to the outstanding service we always get aboard the Vagabond from all - Captain Mike, crew, and cooks. Our cook Jojo got his personal best YFT this trip - over 100 lbs easy. I am still unpacking, licking wounds, and making cevivche & poke now...
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    FYI guys. I think the bedding has gone away for all the boats. Just got off a 6 day on the Vagabond ( Lupe trip) and we did not have to bring pillow and blanket. Both provided. But a couple of trips I took the first 2 weeks of July I had to bring both and that meant taking another small...
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    Quick Lupe report

    Just got back yesterday AM from Lupe fishing on the Vagabond on a 6 day Penn sponsored trip. It gets said a lot but I'll say it again. Great boat, captain, and crew. Mike Lackey was driving this trip again( done it last 8 ish years ). Good weather at the island but rougher going to and going...
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    Pac Queen 3 day prep

    Ditto - bring some heavy knife jigs - 400 gr rip/roll, Mustad - blue and pink have a few. Start hunting for gear now due to shortage and do look online and order with time to deliver. I am in San Diego - no Penn 16VISX reels in town,no Depth Finder spectra also. Got both online. Leave...
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    NEW AT ICAST 2021: PENN Carnage III West-Coast Specialty Rods [part 2; heavy]

    I do know what you mean of shortages of everything. I have been lucky to get some new gear but had to scrounge around online to various places whether it be a reel, spectra, jigs, even split rings. Hope I get to see the 2 piece 250 gram to see why its' 2 pieces. Returned my SLP rod as guides...
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    Guadalupe conformation

    Mexican officials decided to not do a 3 day limit. It was part of the plan before the real deal got put in place at July 1 of this year P.S. Can not wait to pay the fee - 3 days till I leave. :-)
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    Phenix/Vagabond 3day 7/18-21

    Thanks for the heads up. I just signed up for this one for next year as his trips book fast. Many times the returning people get the spots and the trip is full before it hits the schedule. Had to think a few seconds on this trip as it adds a back to back trips for me( trips 13 & 14). Can...
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    NEW AT ICAST 2021: PENN Carnage III West-Coast Specialty Rods [part 2; heavy]

    tunanorth wrote: " New for 2021, the Carnage III Slow Pitch models feature RCB2 rod construction consisting of a rolled composite core and outer layers of longitudinal glass, which provides a lightweight, thin, and parabolic blank that flexes from grip to tip, distributing weight for extra...
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    8/1 Izorline 6-Day on the AA

    I'll wave to you from the Vagabond as we are down there then but leave SD a few days before you. AA is just arriving to Lupe this AM - can'twait for the reports. Been good YT & YFT for the boats that were there ( Red Roooster). Anticipation......
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    Disposable Knife Jigs..1 and done

    After my last Vagabond BFT trip, I went out and bought 8 more jigs due to jig casualty. Mine were various line accidents but one of the boat rods had a similar CRACK/BEND AT THE EYE END incident with a 280 gram Kensaki knife. You may want to try putting the hook on top on the split ring. Then...
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    late report: 3 day ending Wed 7/18

    Hi Nick. This was a trip from 2018 that got a recent reply and shot it back up to the top of the posts. Will post again when I get back from my Lupe trip on the Vagabond Aug 3rd. Recent reports look really good Red Rooster report. YT are biting too. Will focus on them also as a big model is...
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    Paying the Tip?

    Cash is king for sure. Crew works so hard so long for so little, especially with this bluefin bite going on. My thinking is checks get taxed while cash does not. I hope the government does not come in and mandate automatic taxing tips @ 15% rate even if customer gives less. They did this...
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    Penn fathom 40nld2

    I stand corrected. And thanks as I may be selling a new F15 2 speed soon. Will check this one out. Claims to have sold 70 of them so far.
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    Penn fathom 40nld2

    fathom 15 single speed is $200 2 speeds are 250
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    Vagabond 4 day

    I was also part of the spectra basketball that got cut off. Lessons learned = bring an extra spool of 100 lb as the boat has no extra spectra, only mono. Plus have a few more knife jigs ( got 7 more ). sleep management is a must,. I think I got to tired and made a few mistakes. I was...
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    Is This Enough Wahoo Bombs for an October 10-Day?

    Welcome to the world of wahoo. It can be addicting. Depends on how you rig them and how well you rig them. If you are not familiar with working with wire and crimping, have the deckhands help you as you travel south on day one. They should help you. A bad crimp and there goes a bomb...
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    Vagabond 4 day

    also Mustad has new hooks, black coating, BN = black nickle. They have worked well on the Vag as per Mike Lackey and are not too expensive. all sizes and should go to # 2's or # 4's. problem i s supply as stores can be out of everything lately. Shop now or look online if you have time before...
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    Vagabond 4 day

    Not sure on the charter or charter master as one opening got posted on the Vag's schedule so I sucked it fast. Same with the trip before this one ( did back to back trips). Sleep was hard to come by and I ended up losing my 3 knife jigs ( all smalls) during the first trip. Managed on large...
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    Vagabond 4 day

    Another fantastic trip on the Vagabond for your group. Itching to get back out on my next trip after your report. Did you ever sleep? The crew works night and day and keep doing a great job Said hello to some of your group as I got of the Vag trip that unload as you were in line. My comment...
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    news says Relentless sunk today

    fyi here is the link
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    Owner Assist hook differences

    One difference is the cord that attaches the hook. Monster has the thick, braided, multiple cords while stinger has single cord. Some stingers also have longer single cord and others shorter cord - long cord can tend to wear on teeth quicker & similar with single cord that is shorter. The...
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    Did a 3 day and did not sleep for a chunk of time but instead set timer for 1 hour to 2 hour intervals. It took a toll and I recovered days after the trip. The fish were biting 24 hours a day but at a pick rate. Better question would be what do the BF want to eat during your trip and if you...
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    Vagabond 1 1/2 day. SMASHING BFT 6/7-9

    I will be on that one but doing a back to back trip for the first time. Fishing the 4 day trip July 7 to 11 before the 3 day. Looks like you are making a long haul down this way from Oregon. Will meet in person in the line up.
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    Fathom freespool - beating a dead horse :)

    One thing you will find as you do them, do them one after the other. Tehyare very much the same except for a couple of parts( fathom 15 up to the 40 ). I just finished taking apart to each individual piece sand then rebuilding 9 of the Fathom series. They went faster and faster once I got the...
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    Vagabond 1 1/2 day. SMASHING BFT 6/7-9

    The Vagabond gets it done. Way to end the trip. Counting the days till my trip in a couple of weeks. What was working for this school of BFT ?
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    1.5 day for BFT; how does the day/night unfold?

    Did a 2.5 day on the Searcher and returned last week Thursday AM. We left Memorial Day Monday at 6 pm. Fished outside of Ensenada with the whole fleet. Arrived a little later as we made macs at the bait barge and stopped again at North Coronado Island to make more as there were almost none...
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    Offshore What worked BFT Searcher 3Day...........

    I know that orange lure in the picture very well - was so tempted to use it while you were sleeping but did not( never would - just thought of it). I was on the searcher trip with you and was next to you many times in the bow watching you hook up - especially the one night where you got 4...
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    Guadalupe 2021?

    The latest Lupe information was given out by Frank Lopreste last weekend when he was the guest on Lets Talk Hookup Radio. Been too s=busy to listen to it yet. link to archived show he talked new pricing system I heard. There ius another BD post on this somewhere. Can't wait to fish with you...
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    ROYAL STAR ROLL CALL (June 26 thru July 3--Dave Beruitch Trip)

    I am headed out a few days before you on the Vagabond for a 7 day . Did the first June trip last year and it was good. June has a high number of boats headed down south for week long plus trips starting early June. check out IT has the...
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    Quick Report: Searcher 2.5 Day 5/14-5/17

    Thanks for the report Steve. Gearing up now for this weekends' Searcher trip. Glad to hear you were picking away at them all trip long. One report had the American Angler not getting many till the last evening and then they passed the bite off to you. If you did not catch it, Mike Lackey &...
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    Guadalupe 2021?

    my trip has Guadalupe as a go. Frank Lopreste has been very optimistic about this working out for this year. I am just waiting and counting the days till I leave. Very happy Mexico is letting us pay to play
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    Tackle questions for 11 day trip.

    Hey all . Can someone remeber the name and contact info of the guy who runs the "send me your gear from out of state" and I get it to you at the boat and return it. Recent post here was danger of driving with all the gear cross country and what if it is stolen. I am lucky to live 15 minutes...
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    Tackle questions for 11 day trip.

    for JTE Fathom 40 2 speed will handle tuna up to at least 150 lb. they were used extensively at Guadalupe fishing 80 lb braid and 80 lb mono. I have a few of them and rum 50 to 80 lb on them. The boat should have a large reel for 100 to 130 lb if you ask them ahead of time. i use a Penn 20...
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    Tackle Box Height?

    Only other thing is the taller they get, the more they may tip over in rougher weather. I have seen many boxes spill all over - especially when one loads the rocket launchers with poles that increases the tilt on the box. bring along something to tie it down if you hit rough weather. Some...
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    Is Fisherman's Processing still down

    Congratulations to you, Sean, and the whole crew as it has been a long road to get it all going. Will see you this AM to check out the store. Still looking for the garlic infused oil from Costco that you were talking about. Hopefully you are working today when I come by
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    Is Fisherman's Processing still down

    Kristen, is the store open yet for walk in purchases of rubs, spices, etc. Od see processing is happening, but have been waiting for the storefront. Please let us know.
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    $3 Wahoo wired bait leader keeper idea

    Yo Nic. Talk Vag trips at the end of this post. I have been using ziplock baggies of late and like the way it is working. Most of my leaders are Knot2Kinky but I also have some titanium from American. I use snack bags that are about 5 by 5 inches and store about 4 leaders in each baggie. I...
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    Bayrunner Hull Corrosion

    I have a 1985 hull, Westcoaster which is similar to Bayrunner. Have had the boat for 25 years or so. 19 feet 11 inches is my foot hull hull length. usual ritual is every year or so I fill the hull with freshwater and use a big crayon (like the ones carpenters use ) and circle every leak. Then...
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    Marking off Depth Indicators on Line for Deep Drops

    sharpie markings on spectra here,. But I do use a longer topshot of mono that gets shorter as I cut and retie so you have to keep a mental note of changing topshot length. One can do this by pulling out 2 feet of topshot at a time to figure out how much is there. worth the effort. Now start...
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    Evaluating LR trip in mid June or early Dec

    best way to evaluate them is to do both.
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    8 day advice

    Another thing you can do is also bring extra reels so you can change your setups depending on where and what you will be fishing. Many poles can handle a range of reels/pound test line Example: When in BFT country west of San Diego area, one can have extra heavier reels on poles that can...
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    quesrtion about the breaking strength numbers you posted. Were those all for the crimped wires ? And want to clarify that these numbers DO NOT included when you tied the regular knots w/out kinks. One thought about your numbers is that your crimping and your knot tying tests came up with...
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    Royal Polaris Location

    I think they hit tuna limits and were here going for beaver.
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    Vagabond Sportfishing Long Range Credit ($587)

    Second What Steve K said. What did the office say when you talked to them? Will they accept this transfer ?
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    Got time? How about washing your spectra?

    Hi Mark. Thanks for the post as I just found it for this new year. Now I have down time to clean up my spectra. I was wondering how you soak your Swifty spools of spectra. How long a soak in fresh water for each ? How often change out the fresh water for each spool ? I have mine soaking in...
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    Vagabond 10-day Report Part 2 and conclusion

    I think I may be on this trip. Trying to get a november trip in but the schedule has been getting changed so much. must wait to hear form Mike Lackey on this one. Will keep you in the loop but hope to be fishing withyou all next year
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    Vagabond 10-day Report Part 2 and conclusion

    What, no BEAVERS this trip ! Hopefully next year we can be fishing on the same trip. Saw the pictures of both of you in this post and it brought back fun memories. Finally did my last trip of the season I think and almost finished licking my wounds. Except for my physical therapy appt in the...
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    On the water 9 day fishing report

    Yo Nick. Sitting in my chair now still stiff from pulling on those huge YT. Got back to the dock Sunday AM, yesterday. We hit the same high spot with big baits and they bit all night long. They were also hitting the yoyo during the afternoon hours before the night bite. Scrambled egg color...
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    Shogun Surf Trips

    It took many years for ONE trip to be pulled off due to the near perfect conditions that must be present to surf it. First trip ever took many years. Google search the data for this trip
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    Penn & Tackle Days @ Fishermans Landing on 11/7 9 am

    Hi Steve. Are you going to be at the tackle days at Fishermans Landing ? not sure if you will have a Penn booth there but see you on the speaker schedule twice. See you will be talking "jig fishing" so will be there to hear more of slow pitch if it is in the 9:30 am presentation. For others...
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    Vagabond Pheonix rods 10 day

    Thanks for the trip report Nick. Could not make the offload. WAHOO !!!!! So happy to hear that and that it was not one or 2 wahoo for the boat. Thinking my next trip may shoot straight south as the wind will be up at 23 knots constant in the BFT grounds for the first few days of the trip...
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    Pacifica sleeping situation

    Please do check with your local Ca fish and game to confirm regulations. Commercial sport boats fishing MEx waters are not allowed to fillet. All trips on Liberty in Mex waters I fished on did not fillet. the nice RSW (refrigerated saltwater) system the fish were put in immediately and kept...
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    Vagabond Pheonix rods 10 day

    Rivers, still have a kink in my shoulderblade area from all the flatfall winding. Should see the chiropractor but have been too busy. Plan is my upcoming 8 day should work it out. hey Nick, you in town now for the trip ? Better have voted before you leave ! Thought you said you may be here...
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    Pacifica sleeping situation

    The Liberty is a great boat and they have bunks. Some of their trips are 2 day or day and half. would reccommend Liberty over Pacifica in a heartbeat especially after having my fish pout on the deck for 3 hours in the sun while fish were filleted. My fish were not being filleted but still sat...
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    Which LR boats come in this Sunday

    check out this website for the schedules
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    Vagabond Pheonix rods 10 day

    quick P.S. been super busy and have not checked reports. Do know when we got in last weekend reports had water temp at the ridge going down to 76 degrees from 84 here is report just stumbled on. Wahoo are biting better. check out this website if you have not heard of it...
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    Vagabond Pheonix rods 10 day

    Tic Toc ------ you time is getting closer....... wanted to add in some falt fall info on how to fish side vs rigging etc. Fish were biting on the retrieve rather than the fall. So the flutter in the fall is not really part of the picture now. Instead you are mimicking the darting about of a...
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    Vagabond Pheonix rods 10 day

    Hery Nick, here are some notes for packing for your trip. Flat Fall fishing: Captn Mike says not to use knock off brands but use shimano 250 gram glow in the dark ones. Make sure they are rigged properly like they do them on the VAg ( anti chaffing, big ass Mustad assist hooks made for...
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    Vagabond Trip 34

    34 is my lucky number. This is my trip. I am so ready for a breedak from land life. Wish I could say I was packed and ready. First time ever I have been this late to getting ready but work has sucked. Not a single thign packed but I got a good list and this will be third trip so far this...
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    Looking for cooler water

    The answer to the question to where will the boat go. Longer trips of 8 days or so: you probably will do local big blue fin AND down to the ridge to fish there ( lower Baja Coastal yellowtail bite included in ridge ). So do they do the ridge at the start of the trip or the end of the...
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    Offshore Options for mexican permit (site down)

    to all. The site can be tough at times. They have a place to email them if troubles. They actually got back to me and then site worked for me but you must be very careful of all the settings ON YOUR COMPUTER for their sited to work. Won't say more. Go search for my previous response and...
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    Searcher tackle tip video "Finesse Live Bait Rig"

    I was fishing with STeve on a recent trip and had an outfit like the 20 LB rig. Actually was using one of his personal reels( Fathom2 15 star drag, single speed ) set up this way. I put it on one of my poles and used a CALSTAR 196 - 8 foot, rated at 10 to 25 lbs. This set up worked good. I...
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    I can tell you why I think they should have removed the other thread. I was about to PM the moderator to do just that. Glad it was removed. Before any evidence was released, people were making comments about the business, the boat, and the crew the was not good for the fishing industry as a...
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    hey nick, if you r on the 10 day oct 30 to Nov 9, we can wave at each other off of Ensenada/ san Quentin area. I AM LEAVInG ON ANOTHER 7 day on the American Angler from Nov 8th to the 15th. then going again from the 20th to the 23rd hunting the BFT on the Vagagabond so far next year's...
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    Newbie Info

    one DODO advice comment. Try , if you can, to not catch them early in the trip. they stay in the RSW longer so meat is not tip quality but more important is that early dodo will be buried under much weight of later fish and get squished. But, waiting too long.....then you do risk not finding...
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    For thoise in San Diego who can not get PIT Bull pliers ( spectra cutters & split ring pliers), East County Bait and Tackle is the only place I could find them at. Called all the usual suspects near the bays - do not carry them. I love the small spectra cutters( replaced my big dikes with them...
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    4 Overdose on SD Fishing Boat

    Slow down and wait for the truth to come out. For all the speculations: How about this one. They are cleaning the boat for a turn around and they come across "trash" to clean and toss it ( left clothes - who knows what) it spills and then multiple people have serious issues. For doubters...
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    SKB 7200 custom

    beware SKB users. lifting the box is good. But box is unstable and top heavy. Boxes have rolled over off the counters/tackle tables in not that rough conditions. Long range gets bad at times - rolly side to side. Add on taller rocket launchers with the added top havy weight of 4 poles, they...
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    Going on the AmericanAngler for the first time. They say they provide internet access for all. My usual boat had to cancel a trip but it does not have internet but has a sat phone for very limited use So check out what the boat has Someone told me you can contact your phone company and they...
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    Newbie Info

    So much equipment talk so I will just add some of the fish limits and planning for what to keep. On any long range trip you get only 3 days fish limits ( Mexican waters fishing limits = 30 fish total, but only 15 max of a single species). Basically 5 fish per day of any species X 3 days = 15...
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    Big Boat Lupe

    I have longer trips in June,Aug, Oct, and Nov. Lupe can be part of these trips each time. This year no trip to Lupe due to the harbor at Ensenada being closed. AS many have said, sharks can play a part in the trip. Aug trips have the sharks - can be three cruising around at the same time...
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    Offshore San Diego full day 9/19/2020

    Great Report Mark. Love Matt & Ryan on the San Diego. Was curious how close you were fishing off the pens. Been a while since I have done that. It is the light line and tiny hook time of the year. Glad to see you are consistently getting out on trips and doing well. Got to fish with you on...
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    Flat Fall question

    Buy from store. Fish the flat fall. Hook BIG fish. fight it a while and then it cuts off leader. your are left with nothing and you might have missed your one bite for that day. Rerig it: LAnd the fish you hook if you know what your are doing - correct drag setting and know how to change...
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    Got a new rug for the front door.

    Hi Steve. Congratulations on a great door mat. Now get another one for the back door. Wonder how long it will last before you eat it all. Do a weight receipt!
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    Long Range and La Nina

    watch this video about itclick here
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    Offshore Navigational hazard 9/9

    best hope is BD folks post its position each time they see it. then all can get a rough drift pattern for it to think about. Driving at night is dicy and that is why slower speeds at night is required/better than running at high speeds.
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    Excel 10 day

    I got to wait for next month to get into wahoo territory. Glad you all got some. "I took my slow pitch and had a great time on the yellows. When people look at the pole and gear for the first time they just shake their heads. The deckhands eventually warmed up to the outfit after they saw what...
  103. R

    Offshore New YFT schools

    YFT info in a moment. Mercury - got mine tested on a whim a couple of years ago. Was about 10 times over the limit. I was at 66, limit was around 8 or so. Quit eating fish for long stretch - maybe year and it slowly came down. Ate plenty smoked, jerky, ceviche, poke and just cooked it...
  104. R

    PENN "2020" 2-Day trip on Pacifica September 2-4.

    Hi Steve and to any others on this coming weeks charter. Just got off the phone with Seaforth Landing paying off the balance of the trip. So thought I would post what they told me about trip as this is my first time on the Pacifica and have not done their loading / check in before. NOTE to...
  105. R

    Offshore Pacifica Killed the Big Boys yesterday!

    congrats. What a great fish beerfest. A trip to remember. My first trip on the Pacifica in 5 days - hearing many, many good things from BD about the crew and the boat. thank you
  106. R

    First time using 25NLD2

    for tuna, you want to make sure that the fish has done all the powerful major runs before even thinking of putting it in low gear. This could be it does the runs and then finally you start to get it near the boat and into the up and down circle fight at the end But.........So if the fish...
  107. R

    Offshore Pacifica Killed the Big Boys yesterday!

    any news on what they used to get them ? KIte, bait on weight, flat fall/sniper, etc ? On the Pacifica this coming week for a 2 dayer.
  108. R

    PENN "2020" 2-Day trip on Pacifica September 2-4.

    Hi Steve. Trip is coming up next week and was wondering if you would post any info about it here before we left. Let us know. News just said water temp at Scripps Pier today was 79 + degrees. I have hit a few bumps in the road as of late so have not got back to any one online/email/etc. Fyi...
  109. R

    Shogun Surf Trips

    Cortez banks surf trip. THe first group that surfed had to wait many years, maybe 10, for all the conditions to be correct to do it. Huge swell coming in but at thge same time need glassy-ish conditions. Cortez is not smooth seas usually. Then there window of opportunity was small.
  110. R

    BFT at SKR 8/18

    Glad to hear the Island is picking up speed. Thanks for the good news
  111. R

    Offshore On line Mexian Fishing license not working - anybody tried lately?

    Mex license: issued only but Mexico government. covers all mex. not like us where each state has a license
  112. R

    First 7-Day

    something a little different for you. Assuming your in Mex waters the whole time. Keeping track of types of fish and your limits. 7 day trip = 3 days limit of fish = 30 fish, max 15 of any species.. except ! 'Dorado: in Mex, 2 of them are equal to 5 of another species so 6 of them = 15 YFT...
  113. R

    Offshore On line Mexian Fishing license not working - anybody tried lately?

    had this issue in July this year. previous BD thred by me on this: highlights from thread. try all the things posted below in BOLD +++++++++++++++++++++ Am Tue 7/28, the website gives me this 502 Bad Gateway When I try to pay for the year long license. all info is entered correctly and...
  114. R

    Does anyone have more info on Diver run over at the 312?

    one post on bloody Decks fishing forum said the diver had speared a LARGE Blue Fin Tuna ( possible 300 lb) and was beinfg towed around by it. His partner in the boat was following and accidentally ran over the diver. Not very much info has been released or is posted online anywhere. RIP
  115. R

    Vagabond Phenix 6 day Oct 4th-10th

    Found only 1 place in San Diego that sells them but they are out of stock now. East County Bait and tackle. $12.99 same as the PitBull website. FYI and I will just wait for the next order to come in soon
  116. R

    Offshore Three Day Offshore on Red Rooster III - 8-12 to 8-15

    Only fishing area in Mex that is closed now, THAT I KNOW OF, is Guadalupe Island and that is because the port of Ensenada is closed to all. Thus the sportboats can not check in there as required before they can go too the island. FYI
  117. R

    NEW TRIP: PENN "2020" 3-Day trip aboard the Searcher, September 17-20, 2020

    Steve, do you run a wait list ? Mike just cancelled my Nov 8 day to lack of fisher people
  118. R

    Big tuna explosion: Vagabond 6-day trip July 29-August 4 results

    Panic, thanks for the pics Bringing back good memories at the right time. Today is first day back to work at school. I am panic'ing myself as Mike had to cancel my Nov 8 day due to too few signed up. Can't swing another OCt trip as they are wrongs dates or too long for me to miss work. I...
  119. R

    Offshore VAGABOND Aug 7-10

    Have been on 2 Vag trips this summer (7 & 6 Day trip). Just tell Brandon, the chef, ahead of time and he will set you up will food to take outside. They also were extending the eating times so they had fewer eating at the tables at the same time. 10 day trip = wahoo country:drool:. have fun
  120. R

    Vagabond Phenix 6 day Oct 4th-10th

    Any local San Diego tackle shops that sell the Pitbull split ring pliers ? Fishermans landing and Squidco do not. Think I have to buy direct from Pitbull. I have the braid line cutters and they are great
  121. R

    Tuna on PENN Torque and Fathom 15LD2's

    ? = define "medium grade" 2nd = many mixed sized schools I would say no as had a fathom 15 star drag, 25 lb mono, on not so heavy rod. Had a 70 lb BFT bite instead of the smaller models. Got it to the boat many times but it took up 1.5 + hours and there were no other fish biting for the...
  122. R

    Big tuna explosion: Vagabond 6-day trip July 29-August 4 results

    Thanks Steve for putting together another great Penn University trip - great gear to test and try. Plus the usual very generous prizes - the Fathom 15 for big YT will be morphing into a Torque, just not sure which size. Great picture of Nathan holding up a BFT. Now is the time for all to book...
  123. R

    Guadalupe still being fished this year?

    Just got back from my yearly 6 day Vagabond trip that usually goes to Lupe to start August. No go this year as we could not check in at Ensenada port as it was still closed. So we headed to the area west of San Clemente Island and got into the BFT - Most all got 2 jumbos on the kite along...
  124. R

    Offshore NEed help - online yearly Mex Lic

    SOLVED @ 1 pm. Can not say exactly what got fixed but just printed my License. Thanks to all for the help. I emailed the Mex Gov @ the email they have on the license website. Got an email response in about an hour saying they will have IT dept look into it and to try back later today. It...
  125. R

    Offshore NEed help - online yearly Mex Lic

    Using the SAC website to link to the MExican Goverments online purchase of a yearlong fishing license. Tackle shops do not sell them - they refer you to the online system. Never had a problem in the past. Just now Am Tue 7/28, the website gives me this 502 Bad Gateway When I try to pay for...
  126. R

    Problem w/ MEx fish license webpage

    Usinbg the SAC website to link to the MExican Goverments online purchase a fishing license. Never had a problem in the past. Just now 10:45 Am Tue 7/28, the website gives me this 502 Bad Gateway When I try to pay for the year long license. all info is entered correctly and accepted by the...
  127. R

    Offshore Pacifica 07/25

    thanks for the replies. good thing I am an early bird arrival. love the wide sides advice. looking forward to this trip. Captain Andrew Viola is a top notch captain from talking to many of the long range fleet. fishing fun is what u make it
  128. R


    app for phone it works even when u have no signal tackle shops sell the tide books now
  129. R

    Offshore Pacifica 07/25

    Congrats on a great trip. I have a 2 day trip this Sept and have never been on this vessel. GLad to hear you have good reviews of it. Can you comment on tackle box storage space it has. I have seen it from a distance and it is only concern. Thanks
  130. R

    Any news ? - Penn Vagabond trip in 4 days

    P.S. -- any Slow jigging demo stuff this year ? Was watching a few of the videos in Japanese video link. Interesting thing was the guy has a special pair of pliers( photo below ) that he always uses to adjust the assist hooks. He bends them gently along the bottom curve to make them more...
  131. R

    Any news ? - Penn Vagabond trip in 4 days

    Weather is looking to be good. Wasn't sure if we would go for the Ridge ( wahoo gear). Poor sharks must be hungry without us to feed them again. Plenty fish on tap lately though. Want to watch you do the slow jig this trip - if I get it correct, the amount of line one reels each movement...
  132. R

    Any news ? - Penn Vagabond trip in 4 days

    Hi Steve. Exactly four days till departure to the minute. Wondering if you have any new news about our trip or things to bring ? Appears Lupe is not in the picture as I noticed my online balance just got a credit back equal to the Lupe fee. Hope I am wrong though. Starting top pack today...
  133. R

    Guadalupe still being fished this year?

    possibly could be. You on this one ?
  134. R

    Mag Bay-Adolfo Lopez Mateos

    Mag bay outfitters link to their website They have been there a while. Long time friend moved there long time ago and built house. He knows these folks and they have good reputation. Good starting point for you
  135. R

    Cedros covid info

    link to show here Open up this link. Go to June 20th show where Rosie of Cedros sportfishing is the guest. She talks about the difficulties and wht is delaying the opening. Do this and you will hear straight from the real source. My recollection = 2 problems at same time problem # 1 = Covid...
  136. R

    Cedros Corona Status

    link to show here Open up this link. Go to June 20th show where Rosie of Cedros sportfishing is the guest. She talks about the difficulties and wht is delaying the opening. Do this and you will hear straight from the real source. My recollection = 2 problems at same time problem # 1 =...
  137. R

    Guadalupe still being fished this year?

    Leaving on a 6 day next week that usually goes to Lupe. The online booking account just showed $ refunded that equals the cost of visiting Lupe so it appears Lupe is not happening this trip. Still awaiting for the trip details to arrive via email. Ensenada Harbor is still shut down by the MEx...
  138. R

    Offshore nado report???

    was there Monday PM. Fished outside for tuna in the am and went inside for an hour or 2. it was dead. only a few bass . was on a full day trip charter with local fishing club. half the stops had zero bites. had great mix of chovy and sardine. many also fished hook up baits, surface iron...
  139. R

    Offshore Tips on Long Range

    One of the "extras" that I have given the crew that has been a VERY appreciated item is bags of socks from costco. Did not realize how such a simple thing can be so appreciated. We forget how they end up living intheor boots while they take care of us in so many ways. I try to come up with...
  140. R

    Offshore Pacifica 1.5 day (7/11/2020)

    I will be fishing the Pacifica on a 2 day trip coming up. Never fished the boat before but have seen it close up. What is the tackle storage like? plenty of room for ALL the passengers boxes ?
  141. R

    RP Report

    royal Star Report for today - WAHOO ! Leaving for a 7 day Fri AM on the Vagabond. "Another stellar bite this morning on 25 to 40 lb yellows produced limit style fishing here at the rocks. In addition to the yellows we also boated a couple wahoo so hopefully they start moving in for the...
  142. R

    Parking at Fisherman's, Point Loma & H & M

    I fished last Sunday. arrived at the lot about 4 am and there were about 9 spots open ont he PT. LOma/H & M side. Did not even look a the fishermans landing side but others on our charter did park there. When we came back after fishing at around 6 pm, lot was full. There also is the overflow...
  143. R

    Sun 6/21 Nados report

    Was out fishing with my fishing club, the San Diego Anglers, on the Vendetta, with Ray and crew. Another fun day on the water. The number of private boaters seemed to equal the number of sportboats fishing the islands today. 15+ sport boats there today - maybe 40 ish boats total but it was...
  144. R

    PENN "2020" 8-day aboard Shogun, June 19-27, 2020

    Hey Steve. I my plans go as planned, I'll see you Fri AM as you are in line waiting to leave on the Shogun. Want to see what their 3 day brings in then and pick your brain for my 7 day that leaves the week after. My summer officially starts at 10 am this Friday after one last Zoom staff...
  145. R

    Who’s booked on the shogun next week

    Hey Steve. I my plans go as planned, I'll see you Fri AM as you are in line waiting to leave on the Shogun. Want to see what their 3 day brings in then and pick your brain for my 7 day that leaves the week after. My summer officially starts at 10 am this Friday after one last Zoom staff...
  146. R

    Offshore Say what?!?

    Well hello Nicodemus. been a while since we fished on the Vagabond. Hoping you 2 would show up again for that charter. had much fun fishing together. What have you been up to ? After a crappy time during the covid clousure and lock up, things are getting better each day lately. The dorado...
  147. R

    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    "Keep asking questions" & "The group really makes a big difference" Once you narrow down your choices, ask the captains about the trips you ARE ABLE TO JOIN. Many trips are closed charters where a person has booked the whole boat and the group has been going many years together. It is hard...
  148. R

    Recipe suggestions, too much bluefin, need help...

    try canning some out of the bags. works great
  149. R

    Sculpin Carcasses/Heads Wanted!

    Sorry for the typos but you got it correct. Do hope you get some support from the fishing community. This project is not funded by by anti fishing funds. It is basic science research and our community does need some basic science behind us to stop some of the non science actions like the...
  150. R

    Offshore Rod and reel type

    "Rod and reel is mostly choice". Bold # 7, I do like that part of your last post. Different reels have different drag capabilities and line capacities. Different rods have different lifting capabilities. Targeting bluefin that range from 20 to, still waiting for 400 lber, that is quite a...
  151. R

    Sculpin Carcasses/Heads Wanted!

    Hi Jake. Please do tell us who is finding your project. If you do not repsond some folks may take it as a negative sign. Please post the full disclosure of your project, including which professor you are working under. Thank you
  152. R

    Videographer's ????

    Are you looking for someone who will be paid for their time and the expenses ? Or is it you will cover all the cost of these trips in exchange for video taping ? Or just come along at your own expense ? Just wondering.
  153. R

    Offshore Bad idea fighting these bigger bluefin on lighter line

    You landed it and that's what counts. Please do post in the AVET forum when the reel comes back after servicing/looking at it and let all know how it did hold up under this pressure. Can't wait to get back in the saddle again.
  154. R

    landings say we are opening

    pt loma office and also Rick Maxa at fishermans landing say we are a go fir this week call them
  155. R

    Skin Cancer; Need Fishing Hat

    This subject is high on my list as I regularly get pieces carved off and sent to the lab. SO far so good. One thing I have not found in a hat yet, have not looked hard though, Is a hat that breathes but also gives protection on the top of my head. I like a straw hat, at times, because they...
  156. R

    PENN "2020" 8-day aboard Shogun, June 19-27, 2020

    good news Steve for this trip. Ken Franke of SAC was on Let's talk hookup Saturday saying things should be a go by the end of the week. All is in place and boats will be checked starting tomorrow. think the drought is about to end. On a reel note, it is nice to have many of the same type of...
  157. R

    Northern California PENN-sponsored trips aboard the California Dawn

    Glad you were able to get out fishing and it looks like great results. The photo shows you are getting the Nor Cal folks to turn the halibut to the "top side" for the photos, half way. Was wondering if you drove up or if you flew up. figure you drove as you always bring so much gear and gifts...
  158. R

    Penn Visx 20 or 30?

    putting together my lineup for longer-range trips This is the application you said you were doing - so my reply is based on that. For the kite, you will be using the long range vessels set up that they control it and pick who is on it when Have had a VISX 20 for a few years and do like it for...
  159. R

    need help & trick for removing handle: Fathom 25NLD2

    Thanks Steve for the cleanup rundown. Have all the supplies you were talking of to do the post trip routine. I have gotten so many reels along the way that I wanted them to all be on the same maintenance schedule and do a better job of upkeep. Some really need the deeper cleaning and some I...
  160. R

    need help & trick for removing handle: Fathom 25NLD2

    Thanks Steve for the help. Got it off with dental tool. Still got 6 more Fathoms to finish after this one. I did try adjustable wrench with tape on the teeth but it still was leaving damage but I gripped it from one outer edge to the other. I like Tony's needle nose tip pulling using the...
  161. R

    need help & trick for removing handle: Fathom 25NLD2

    Actually was using this exact post as I was going thru things. This post does not have the pic I posted. It has a berfore and after this step. Just can not get the Shift Catch Holder 173A to slide off the 2 metal posts. Will end up opening up another Fathom to see what happens at his step
  162. R

    need help & trick for removing handle: Fathom 25NLD2

    great pics. I just can not get the Shift Catch Holder 173A to slide off. Stuck at that step. Hopefully it will come off with soaking and patience
  163. R

    need help & trick for removing handle: Fathom 25NLD2

    EDIT JUNE 1st - figured it out and got the part off. will post pics. Removed the shift button and got down to the part that is supposed to slide off the 2 metal pins whose tops are showing in the picture below. Anyone have any tips on getting them to come off ? Could not find online help...
  164. R

    NEw FAthom 25NLD2 - greasing/degreasing ?

    Thanks Steve. Just opened my new Fathom 25NLD2 from Fisherman's Landing. Here is what the grease looks like. Appears less in some places when compared to a Alan Tani post from 2014 which i will put at the bottom. But so much grease on dragwasher metal, it pulled the ratchet out of the dog...
  165. R

    NEw FAthom 25NLD2 - greasing/degreasing ?

    Hi Steve. Just got another 25 last week. I can't tell when it was made ( box bar code has "ver 1" ). My question deals with how they grease them NOW as we have talked much of earlier years, etc. Have they changed to less grease since the earlier models or are they still greasing them the same...
  166. R

    Offshore Upper Hidden 5/26 & Fish ID?

    here is some reading for you on this subject Handbook for the Identification of Yellowfin and Bigeye Tunas
  167. R

    Tunanorth(county) - need recc on pole

    Thanks for the info. Decided not to wait and I just picked up the Calstar 800MH. Think this will do the trick for my midrange lines. I got a 800XL for light lines and motrin to remind me to NOT use an 8 footer on heavy string. Mike only has max 7.5 foot loaners to play with in June & also did...
  168. R

    8 day weather

    been looking at lately and lots of wind offshore all the way down to Guadalupe. Doing my first June 7 day next month. ALways have done a few summer & fall trips, but not an early june trip. Looking forwards to it lupe weather forcast consistent 13 to 23 Knot winds for the next 7...
  169. R

    5/16 and 5/17 Newport

    Definitely would like to see your rebuild thread. I got a 20 foot Westcoaster 1988 hull that I have had for about 25+ years. Time to strip it again for new floorboards, plugging holes etc. Curious to see what you did and how
  170. R

    Fishing license Mexico online?

    use the SAC website Sportfishing Association of California scroll down to 1 year license link. When yo go to print yours. first save as PDF on your computer, then print copy. If you lose yours, just open PDF and print another
  171. R

    Jetty fishing Shelter Island

    Here is the link to the San Diego city lifeguards sd city of what is open to do what. They determine Mission bay usage. I assume SD Bay is different as this is the Port District/Harbor Police. Been wanting to suck ghost shrimp and fish but Mission bay is closed. Not sure if the Jetties...
  172. R

    Tunanorth(county) - need recc on pole

    hi Steve. Slowly but surely getting ready for all my trips. got a 7 day in June on the Vagabond to start. 2 part question: reels but mainly focusing on a pole. Needed a little more in my lighter line reels. Have a fathom 15 & 25 2 speed level drags( plus similar 15 of "other brand"...
  173. R

    Passport Purgatory

    A person is able to get a passport card ( the credit card version ) Plus a paper passport. One thing I have heard but not tried is this. You get these 2 documents with different expiration dates. Thus as one is being renewed, you still have the other to use for your fishing trips. So if...
  174. R

    Update - Shelter Island Launch ramp CLOSED sat 1 Pm

    John, how was water quality when paddleboarding? been thinking of sucking ghost shrimp and fishing bay/beach. but just waiting till water quality gets better. Glad to hear of bait fish with birds working
  175. R

    Fished the Coronado Islands 5-9-2020 without a mexican fishing license.

    Here is the link to the SAC websiteALways use this link to get mine. Before you print it, save it as a PDF on your computer. that way of you lose yours, just go print another copy free
  176. R

    Offshore Shelter Island Launch ramp closed SAt 1 pm

    late post but thought it may help some. The Port Authority had Shelter Island Launch Ramp closed at 1pm yesterday due to THE LOT BEING FULL.. New social distancing for parked trucks w/trailers has them utilizing fewer of the parking spaces by keeping them apart. So when they determine no...
  177. R

    Update - Shelter Island Launch ramp CLOSED sat 1 Pm

    late post but thought it may help some. The Port Authority had Shelter Island Launch Ramp closed at 1pm yesterday due to THE LOT BEING FULL.. New social distancing for parked trucks w/trailers has them utilizing fewer of the parking spaces by keeping them apart. So when they determine no...
  178. R

    Avet missing part

    Ron, Avets current hours. not responding to emails. no walk ins AVET Mon.Wed, Fri -7 to 330 pm 818-56-9895
  179. R

    Avet JX Raptor 6/3 service video

    Hi Mark. I have watched many of your videos. Thank you for the knowledge. I was hoping you would see this and have an answer for me. The issue is no proper skematics for my reel. Was sold mini CD disc I can not open & paper web site listed not supported by Avet anymore. Plus assuming...
  180. R

    Is Avet open?

    AVET Mon.Wed, Fri -7 to 330 pm 818-576-9895 hours pacific time till further changes. Avet is in Chatsworth - no walkins now, maybe later
  181. R

    Avet serial number

    You need to know the year made. One thing to note, the skematics change as years go by for the same model. I am having issues as I do not have a paper diagram. Avet gave a mini CD disc I can not read their printed webpage for the diagram is not linger supported. Make sure you learn and get...
  182. R

    Avet Reel comparison To okuma and penn

    I have had an Avet HX 5/2-MC raptor : serial # hx5/2-mcr-02089 : bought 2005 I have used it primarily for long range trips and have had it with 80 pound braid with 80 lb mono top shot. It saw much work at Guadalupe Island catching tuna up to 150 lbs and it did well. No complaints at...
  183. R

    need diagram help HX 5/2-MC raptor

    Avet new phone hours but can change @ anytime. Mon, Wed, Fri. 7 to #30 pacific time. No walk throughs. Tougher to get through to them to ask ? on phone. No response via emails Will be doing work myself, so not taking it to a shop ( not the solution I am looking for now). I have an older...
  184. R

    Offshore First time offshore

    Lots of advice given. Here are a few tips i did not see and most will focus on your gas: volume, use, and MPG #0 = have vessel assist or TowUSa or similar to tow you in without cost if something happens offshore. Without having one of these yearly plans, it can be in the thousand(s) to get...
  185. R

    Picking My 1st LR Boat For a 3-Day

    Lots of great vessels and crew to choose from. You will probably end up having a favorite that you will always use if you keep going on long range trips. Vagabond has been my choice since 1990's or so. Crew, captain, fishy, etc are the reasons. I have fun and we usually get fish. Just...
  186. R

    City of San Diego - some fishing OK starting Monday AM

    Best guess is that w/ no motor, keeps all fishing very close to shore. Thus, lifeguards/coast guard/harbor police are not spreadout covering inshore and offshore areas. It is also keeping the number of vessels very low. I wonder how crowded the launch ramp will be on day one when it opens...
  187. R


    2 simple reservation system questions for Canyonman who started the thread about Vikings reservation system. Please let me know your company policy on these matters. Below in red is from your post. There will be marks every 6 ft between anglers to be able to maintain the social distancing...
  188. R

    Allowed on LR boats?

    I have been asking to use something similar the last few years on one unnamed long range boat since the bluefin would sit on the surface staring at me as we are dragging the kite. Problem: think the F & G laws state that speargun must be used int the water. Not sure if they call that thing a...
  189. R

    Offshore San Diego City - some fishing OK starting Monday AM

    posted this in Inshore forum too just now. Latest news update this am had lifeguard/police announce beaches & bays open to fishing BUT .... in the CITY OF SAN DIEGO ONLY. Some other North County beaches amy be opeing too. Solana Bean and Del Mar not opening yet. ,,,,,,,..... CAN NOT used a...
  190. R

    City of San Diego - some fishing OK starting Monday AM

    Latest news update this am had lifeguard/police announce beaches & bays open to fishing BUT .... in the CITY OF SAN DIEGO ONLY. Some other North County beaches amy be opeing too. Solana Bean and Del Mar not opening yet. ,,,,,,,..... CAN NOT used a motorized vessel yet - that is in phase 2 w/...
  191. R

    Surf fishing????

    I am in San Diego and was wondering as 2 issues ago, Western Outdoors News was publishing you can surf fish still. But with their deadlines early, its' news can be behind the current situation...
  192. R

    Long Range Travel Insurance

    Getting a policy from Bob Dawson tomorrow. Talked to him last week about various policies he offers. Answers to your questions: 1. One yearly policy covers all trips you have booked already or decide to book later in the year that policy covers. NO LISTING AHEAD OF TIME. If you make a...
  193. R

    Offshore San Diego in April/salt options

    FYI. Before you plan too much: Due to the C virus, all commercial sportfishing boats out of SD bay have been grounded for 2 weeks ish. Was at the landing yesterday. For April, it is a wait and see. If you are North Bend, WA - Wa hit harder than other areas so traveling to here ..... long...
  194. R

    Offshore Trip cancellation 3/18

    FYI. The SD sportfish fleet is grounded for about 2 weeks due to virus. Was at the landings yesterday. So anyone should call before driving down. After 2 weekish, time will tell.
  195. R

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    Just an FYI. The commercial sportfishing fleet is not leaving port for 2 weeks or so. This is an insurance coverage thing - After that, time will tell when trips will resume. Was at commercial basin yesterday and it was VERY quiet. Travel insurance update: they are still selling it now...
  196. R

    Is April too early for SD tuna?

    Not too early BD post from yesterday 3/7/2020 Yesterday at 3:47 PM So Fishermans Landing shows the PACIFIC QUEEN has 30 BFT on board (40# - 60#). That was per Capt Gavin at 10 PM last...
  197. R

    Report: Tomahawk 2.5 day , Nov. 12-15, 2019

    Way to go Steve. Best is the 40 minutes instead of an hour forty. Now go to Costco to buy another freezer. Wondering how the weather was on that trip. Did you get the good weather or did that storm come in on you. you got to get up and tell your story at the next club meeting in a couple...
  198. R

    Which stateroom for the Vagabond?

    For H & I rooms. If you have the lower bunk, I feel it is better to have your head pointing towards the stern even though pillow will be on the sink end. Lower bunk by the sink becomes a vibration chamber as you have wood walls above & below PLUS to left and right due to sink cabinet. New...
  199. R

    Vagabond 10/25-11/4

    The permit for Natividad area is different than the now closed Cedros Biosphere area. Mike has had the Natividad permit for years. Does not always fish there though.
  200. R

    Vagabond 10/25-11/4

    Love this report, especially the whooo talk. Packing now and leaving with Mike on the Vagabond for 8 days this Saturday. What were the whoo hitting ? heard more reports of jigs/bombs verses bait lately. Sounds like you had an excellent trip all around. Wish I could have been at the unload...
  201. R

    Offshore Dana Wharf review Oct. 2019

    What were they targeting fish wise ? And what did you catch. Got free couple from a CCA raffle for a 3/4 day trip there. In SD and wondering when to drive up. Hoping for YT or something like that. Heard the bass are biting it think. let me know if you can
  202. R

    Free gaffing an airborne wahoo

    this shows why you always leave your bait in the water after the wahoo cuts it in half. They will come back! Hope they are this fired up and in close for my Nov trip
  203. R

    Offshore Monday 9/30 report- full day club charter on Liberty

    Lots of looking, not much finding. Some skip jack to start the day off. At least some fish coming over the rail. More skippies later, some on the troll w/some bait. Cloudy AM hitting a smaller purple colored skirt troll lure. Later on sunny & warm, still hitting dark color but also...
  204. R

    Searcher Guadalupe Report

    Did anybody on your trip try chunking using the tuna that the GW taxed ? Curious as this would work even when they were line shy and only small live bait was in the wells.
  205. R

    So you go on a 8 day trip

    yes they definitely have it for weather related changes. They even prorate by number of fishing days lost. Check it out
  206. R

    So you go on a 8 day trip

    If you had purchased insurance for your long range trip, you could have collected $ since the trip did not fish where they said they were going, Even with you fishing local, you still could have got $ back. No kidding. Do the research, But you must purchase the insurance right about the time...
  207. R

    Offshore Kite policy on sport boat

    only know a long range boat policy. poker chips with numbers into a hat. pulls the numbers for the order. But later on will put on the kite who are skunked so they have a better shot at first fish. If you already have fish, skunked folks are put in front of you. I agree with this. being...
  208. R

    Offshore Sunday 9-15. 115 Mile Boatride!

    Sunday was one tough day. Was on the vessel San Diego and fish were there but not biting the hooked bait. We were out 371 to 302 guessing with a few party boats and a few private boaters, but most spread out. water temp 71 to 72. Little kelp - one small trash can size I saw on the way in...
  209. R

    Searcher 3-day report; 9/12 to 9/15, 2019

    Steve puts on the best show in town for learning and for being able to try the gear along with the tips he gives to all freely. Can't wait till my next Penn trip. Glad you all got fish. Sunday the fish were very picky and did not cooperate much. you all were in the right place at the right time
  210. R

    Bait Report?

    Bait was great Sunday on a full day trip out of Mission Bay which tends to have warmer & lower water quality than SD Bay. Hardly any died. Nice small 5 to 6 inch medium deans. Few missing scales or having red spots. Fishing on the vessel "San Diego" and there was plenty to chum, plenty to...
  211. R

    Long range 6 day trip to guad, next week.. setup rec

    The more recent reports have the fish size getting bigger and the pound test being used getting heavier. I was there last Aug and 50 lb was the go to line and if used 40 lb, you basically feed the sharks. Fish were from 40 to 90 pounds mostly later reports had size of fish getting bigger the...
  212. R

    Offshore Putang.... pardon me. I meant The Mustang

    9/11 Liberty trip for San Diego Anglers: day 1 = limits day 2 = 2 fish fishing vs catching vs having fun wish I could have gone on this trip with my friends but work sucks and took priority this time.
  213. R

    Clamp studs on fathom - visx

    for the jig rods/cork rods, I will just put the screws on when I have the reel just under the first guide where it is just the rod, not the cork. Diameter is much smaller here. Once screws are safely secured, I just slide the reel/clamp/screws down onto the cork portion of the rod. Just do...
  214. R

    Left handed reel question

    Fathom 30 2 speed comes in left handed. Here is some info on the ? "too small" ? My biggest YFT was 84.5 lbs gilled and gutted. I was using the Fathom 30 as 50 lb bait rig at Guadalupe a the start of Aug. It worked well on the fish up to around 100+ lbs. It was much easier to cast for...
  215. R

    Mercury Levels

    Glad you put this up as I was wondering about others. On a whim, last April, I decided to have my blood mercury tested as I eat a lot of fish. Ate fish daily. Some days start eating at AM with smoked and jerky and just continue through the day with cooked fish. Forgot the ceviche too...
  216. R

    2019 OC Tuna - Royal Polaris Summer 8 day trip report

    Chunking question tied into the hollow spectra guys. Did they have a tougher time with the chunk as far as sinking out rate, etc? One problem we had was the scad would mob your chunk unless you chummed them first and tried a long cast away from the boat. Once it got thru them, one wondered...
  217. R

    2019 OC Tuna - Royal Polaris Summer 8 day trip report

    They were definitely ass kicking fish and lots of fun. Definitely very similar to what I had 7/31 to 8/6 Lupe trip I think I see me fishing on the Vagabond in the background of your first picture. We were fishing at the same time as your trip but we had to leave:hali_parkutuli: and you all...
  218. R

    Steve, want rod recc after our Penn Lupe trip

    Steve: here is your answer to someone's 800H rod ? As you know, I only check to see which reels the anglers are using, that's why I added "or equivalent". Being able to cast was important, and 7-footers don't always get your sardine out far enough. MY QUESTION: Going through my fishing notes...
  219. R

    Offshore Left rods and reels outside of H&M landing

    Fantastic. The landing is much more safer and nicer now than it was in the past years. Some unsavory folks have got the boot (retraining order ) for bad behavior and it has paid off. Kudos to the unnamed savior.
  220. R

    Questions about future trip to Guadalupe Island

    Bring your own knife as crew may not want you borrowing their knife for safety/insurance. Unfortunately there will be plenty of partial tunas to cut chunk from due to the taxman( great white). Cut some extra smaller pieces to keep tossing out in front of and behind your larger chunk. Try the...
  221. R

    Vagabond 6-day trip report

    Going through my fishing notes and gear I had on the trip, was looking for a rod recommendation. I brought a 7 foot and a 7.5 foot bait rods that max out at 50 & 60 lbs rating that I had Fathom 25 & 30's paired to them.. My 30 to 80 lb bait rod was only 6.5 feet long and had the Fathom 40 with...
  222. R

    Vagabond 6-day trip report

    Thank you Steve for another fantastic FUN trip. Got most of my gear cleaned up but still licking my wounds from the battles. We'll see what the morning brings when I wake up. You covered the fishing and the gear. Weather was fantastic and even hot. In the lee of Lupe, it was sunny and light...
  223. R

    50# / 60# Guadalupe Set Up?

    Just got back this AM from the lupe. 40 lb got bit but the taxman was collecting heavily. 40 pound left them hanging longer than you would want in that last 50 foot deep circling range. 50 lb was the norm small line size and the go to for most. Vessel ran out of 50 lb line even with a...
  224. R

    PENN "2019" 6-day aboard the Vagabond July 31-August 6, 2019

    Thanks for Fathom 15 info. Dialing in my new one as we speak. Wish Alan was on this trip to meet him for the first time and to absorb some more fishing info from him. I saw that tiny hook picture earlier. Makes me wonder if the holes the hooks make stay constant whatever the hook diameter...
  225. R

    Flashback Friday: Bigeye Tuna 1986

    I missed that bite as I was surfing then verse fishing. Dwayne P. would tell me 9 mile bank stories that always had the sounds ZZZZZZZZ of the line racing out with a pow at the end as the reels blew up.
  226. R

    PENN "2019" 6-day aboard the Vagabond July 31-August 6, 2019

    Got a new Fathom 15 2 speed. On this trip, I want to max it out to see what it can do,. Please recommend the biggest braid & mono/floro you would push one to. You must get the huge wood spools of line for what you use on these trips. Wondering how you do your winding. Does Penn let you take...
  227. R

    PENN "2019" 6-day aboard the Vagabond July 31-August 6, 2019

    Tick tock.....tick tock...... The time has come :deadhorse Mike gets in this Sunday July 28, 2019 at 7:00 AM........ the last time in port before out trip leaves.. Will you post here our tentative plans for packing or will it some other method( email ?). So happy I am on the mend enough to...
  228. R

    PENN "2019" 6-day aboard the Vagabond July 31-August 6, 2019

    Hi Steve. Getting very close to departure day. Just starting to spread out all my gear to go through. Have you talked to Mike about possibilities so I can start to organize the gear without bringing it all and slowing the boat down? Ridge is to far. Could be a Lupe trip or BF and offshore...
  229. R

    Offshore Better Late than Never

    Sucks losing the rig but do love the greasy calm seas photo. Plus getting the last fish takes the sting out of it. check if your renters or home owners insurance will cover some/all cost if it was an expensive set up. Had the same type of rod holder break in same manner and the rod & reel...
  230. R

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Just saw it on the news . all ok and the vessel is OK
  231. R

    More about Guadalupe Island reels

    late reply as I missed this part. We ignored all the numbers on the reel and ignored Sunset. We used a scale to set the drag and just marked each drag setting with a simple line using a sharpie
  232. R

    Offshore Vagabond 1.5 Day

    excellent vessel. great service, do a few trips each year and only on this boat. fyi = bluefin will be bluefin be prepared, with all the different strategies & with heavy to not that heavy gear. ask the crew for help/advice/gear you need
  233. R

    Regulations for children Coronado islands

    My opinion = get your kid a regular US passport( paper) and at same time get him a "passport card" ( plastic like credit card ). Hope kid goes long range soon = want to bring paper passport so if medical emergency, vessel can go into a Mexican port and kid can be flown to US for help. Passport...
  234. R

    Steve - DAy @ Docks update - specials

    Any Idea on specials going on for Penn. Slammer 3 7500 for me as it was sold out at Fred Hall Might even get the 4500 @ same time Another Friend wants a 16 VISX. Can you let all know what specials may be happening for this event and where we might go to see the ads before the event starts...
  235. R

    First Long Range Trip Looking for Tips and Advice Please!

    listen to the deckhands as Fishybuzz said before. DON'T BE SHY - ask the deck hands about anything if you do not know or if you are unsure. Especially if you are not that good at tying knots with heavy line. Also take SOME fishing time to watch what others are doing( especially if it is...
  236. R

    Punta Cabras

    little late as Happy Thanksgiving today. Maybe use this for the next trip. Been 20 years plus since going there. So there is the mile ish long sand beach with rocky points at the end. I am talking the last long sand beach till the cost turns rocky again. . At the point to the north end of...
  237. R

    Time to change fish processor

    Hey Nick. It was my fault from the 4 tags I used. When you eat some of that Wahoo, you will forget about it all I hope. Glad 5 Star got back to you and that all worked out well. So remember this on the next trip and just give me all your over the weight fish, especially the wahoo if we can...
  238. R

    Lupe or the Ridge

    the ridge. Mike. just got the email we r headed to the ridge instead of Lupe. Wahoo is all i can say
  239. R

    PENN "2019" 6-day aboard the Vagabond July 31-August 6, 2019

    Want to try out the difference between the 7500 and the 6500 due to the weight difference just due to a little carpal tunnel wrist issue I deal with. Braid capacity and drag go up for the 7500 but same with the weight. Figure my use will not be geared towards big bluefin/ big yellowfin but...
  240. R

    Lupe or the Ridge

    Hey Mike. Lupe or Ridge ? good question and have you heard anything from Mike/Vagabond yet about where we may be going ? Heard the wahoo were biting well with some at the ridge and this has me interested. But love the tuna too. Hope there are yellowtail to round out Lupe if we go there...
  241. R

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    Here you about the limits. did not realize what I had till the pile started at the docks 9 from the mid 1980's). Do not even want to say more as things have changed. Wish I would have had 5 star to help me cut and package it all. Finally cried uncle and got a local butcher shop to help. the...
  242. R

    Prowler/Atessa - Coast Guard Rescue Footage

    Sadder as just heard a death occurred for one of our fishing family
  243. R

    Offshore What happened to the Prowler?

    Larmo. not best with PM's. Just saw this news report of death from this accident and passenger calling news to report his story. Hope this helps us all Wonder if we know each...
  244. R

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    1985. Sept to October time frame. 10 day on Polaris Supreme with Tommy Rothery as the captain. We fished the ridge and Alijos.The variety of fish and the time one got to fish hooked me on multi-day trips verses overnight boats. Fished night and day with all kinds of stuff coming off the...
  245. R

    Lupe or the Ridge

    This trip is # 34. It has been changed to trip 34-A that is not showing up on the website schedule. The trip has been extended 2 days leaving Mon AM instead of PM nite and comes back on Veterans day Monday. Was 5.5 now 7 ish Mike needs 22 to go I believe( and I hope he gets them as I am...
  246. R

    Lupe or the Ridge

    I am on the Nov 7 day coming up. My vote = the ridge for the wahoo and variety but voting this way because I unexpectedly went to Lupe this Aug on the Penn Schol 6 day trip. So I got a good whack at the LUPE YFT already. If I did not hit Lupe already. would vote Lupe. I am just stoked to...
  247. R

    American Angler Nov. 5th 7 Day Trip

    Did you get the email about extending the trip and possibly going to the ridge for this one ?
  248. R

    PENN "2019" 6-day aboard the Vagabond July 31-August 6, 2019

    Fantastic Steve. Love checking out your new gear. Does this new series get released in Nov/Dec of this year ? Hope you bring another slow jigging rod that lasts a little longer on this trip ( guy busted yours when he cast his jig). Talk to you aboard the Condor @ your surface iron seminar @...
  249. R

    Offshore 10/18 liberty 3/4 day limits of fun! Baby fish

    I was on this trip using a free coupon. Thank you to the Liberty for supporting local groups by donating the coupons ( CCA for mine ) Usually do charters with my fishing club. Nicknamed this OPEN PARTY TRIP the "scream therapy charter" as a couple of the guys would be screaming at everyone at...
  250. R

    PENN "2019" 6-day aboard the Vagabond July 31-August 6, 2019

    Hi Steve. Got my deposit in last week for this trip. Love this trip and can not recommend it enough to all. Will you have a Spinfisher for me to try out? Will be getting one but need to figure out the size of it by trial and regular spinning vs long cast model. Main use will be tossing...
  251. R

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Cost is $2 when you go on a landings boat. HEard the landing will charge al little more. Not sure how much. Asked Fishermans landing and they have them. Supposedly you can buy them ahead of time for use on following day. Call them. Do hope less will fish Mex waters cause they do not want...
  252. R

    70 pound Bigeye Tuna on PENN Torque TRQ40NLD2 aboard Prowler

    Way to go Steve. Still looking for my first big eye. Maybe this year. Mike had a huge haul today of big BFT on the Vagabond( on long range board). What a year! Glad to see you on the other side of the camera.
  253. R

    Ur thoughts about reel covers

    Thanks for the replies. Been off line for a bit and found my thread on top again. Must be the VAGABOND counts again. Started this thread the day they had a great Big blue fin count. They had a better one today. 29 over 200# largest 275#...
  254. R

    Guadalupe Clarity

    The Vagabond has the permits, etc but this time of year has 3 day trips going so they do not head back till later when longer trips start agin. Went to Lupe at the start of Aug on Vagabond but that was because the trip was the longest for this summer schedule @ 6 days. Good YFT fishing, few...
  255. R

    5 Day JRI Vagabond Nov 5 to Lupe

    call 5 star and make an AM appt as they only have a few early time slots to process the fish the same morning as you arrive. Friends do this with no trouble but I have not as I live in San Diego near 5 Star so no first hand experience . 619.299.9996 4:30 fly...
  256. R

    Offshore Grande full day trip 8-17

    I fished the Grande the day before, Thursday, Aug 16th as I won H & M's "3/4--full day" raffle at Suidco's Day Before Fathers Day event. I have known the boat for years but this was must first time on it( I do long range on Vagabond or else club charters where you know everyone & they can...
  257. R

    "The Shark ate my hat!" PENN's Vagabond 6-day scores big time

    Steve, thank you, Penn, and all the other sponsors for putting together another great trip for all of us. Just woke up and still tired ( filleting fish yesterday for friends) but so happy. I can not believe I even lost 2 pounds on this trip. Hope to lose my "cow status" (be less than 200#'s)...
  258. R

    lupe reports please?

    Saw your post of last minute addition to your loop trip and w Saw your previous post on getting a last minute spot for your Lupe trip. Was wondering how your trip went. I was on the Vagabond and sounds like similar fishing except for the taxmEn. They hung with us each day and got more than a...
  259. R

    lupe reports please?

    Just got in yesterday from 6 day. We were able to time check in and check back into Ensenada to allow for mid day paddy hopping & looking for dolphin schools holding on the way out and back in from Lupe. UInfortuantely did not find the right schools or paddies and just got a few small...
  260. R

    August 3-day

    I leave on a 6 day Wed AM on the Vag. Wondering where we are headed and what to bring. Looks like bring it all as not sure if BFT @ Clemente, the Lupe, bomb to the ridge, or kelping by Colonet & further south. Last 2 three day trips, Vag has stayed around San Clement the whole time except for...
  261. R


    Search bar was my friend till I found out I missed the deal and then found out how may others almost got it but got the switch. Glad you scored.
  262. R

    5 Day JRI Vagabond Nov 5 to Lupe

    I am also going.
  263. R

    Guadalupe Island... Red Rooster... JULY 31- AUG. 5 I just got on

    I would say pack some larger hooks up to a 7/0. Most used 6/0 to 7/0 circles at Lupe last Nov and all were getting bit fine using larger sardines on the VERY long soak. Only 2 replies talked of hook size
  264. R

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    I am on trip # 34. First week in Nov approx. You better check out the schedule There are very few open spots for the rest of the year. Most trips are full with standby lists only. This is why I I end up putting my deposit down as I leave the...
  265. R

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    As soon as I heard Mike L put up the Lupe trip last year, I sent $ to him for a spot. I thought it would be already sold out but was happy to hear it was not and I got a spot. Put my deposit down for this year as I got off the boat last year and plan to do this trip each year unless I can pull...
  266. R

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    Mike has more than a few Penn Fathom 40 2 speeds with 80 lb spectra with 80 lb top shot of mono that he has as loaners. They were working very well last November on the 120-150 lb YFT that were there. Basic policy is that if you lose the spectra, then you pay to get it put back on. They also...
  267. R

    500 gram FlatFall

    here is the link to The Longfin Tacle store with pics etc. One question/concern is that the 250 gram drops so fast, the 500 will go way faster. My understanding is that if you do not give the jig the proper no tension on the line as it...
  268. R

    500 gram FlatFall

    Fall Flat Glow Tuna Jigs Fall Flat Tuna Jigs from Lead Master are modeled after the popular Shimano Flat Fall Jig, the slow sinking fluttering action and extreme GLOW finish have taken the local Bluefin Tuna fishery by storm. Available in 500g, 400g, 300g, 250g, 200g, and 160g rigged with an...
  269. R

    Vagabond BFT Score

    For rigging flat falls. So many ways out there. Here is what the Vagabond does on their rigging. I do what they recommend as they see way more than I. They are crimping at each end of the 2 foot HEAVY floro carbon leader. Not tying knots. They are using the abrasion resistant cover for the...
  270. R

    location of bluefin/ fish processing

    Private boaters can have the shore based processors do their fish( see last part of post). The BFT ( w/ mixed YFT) have been in California waters for a few weeks now with most if not all boats going to a smaller area below San Clemente Island. Bigger long range boats do not fillet/cut the fish...
  271. R

    ISLAND IN THE SUN -Independence 7 Day 2018

    Thanks for the Lupe post. You got me all lathered up now for YFT. Have a Nov trip to the island I have to wait for but may end up getting their sooner if my 5.5 day in the first week of August decides to leave the CA BFT's alone and bomb south. Looks like a FUN and relaxing trip of catching...
  272. R

    Vagabond Got Um

    Hey Gary. Sounds like your trip did well like the last Ishi charter trip. From Mike L.'s twitter post today shown below in BOLD. I planned to meet the boat at the dock this AM but a doctor appt got in the way. ETA is 6:45 with a nice load big ones! Such a fishy boat & crew. Leaving in 7...
  273. R

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    Mike, are you on the first trip in Nov that goes 5th to 11th ? I am on it and looking forward to it. On the same one last year and had a great trip. Were you on this trip last year? Looking forward to talking to you. I was also on the Vag the trip before the one this thread is about...
  274. R

    After catch care of current Bluefin

    Most, if not all, of the bigger sportfish boats, not private boats, will remove all the gills as if left in, the decay releases heat which is not good for the meat. Removing them also allows the fish to cool from the INSIDE as Ice/RSW goes into the opened body cavity to cool meat. Fish also...
  275. R

    Offshore 2.5 Day Gear Recommendations

    I was on a recent 3 day trip on the Vagabond and brought 20, 25, 30 , 40, 60 , 80 , & 100 just because the variety in the sizes of the fish and the pickyness of the bite. Got more bites than others using 25, 20 , & 30 # test and use Floro on all. Got bit off twice on the 20lb as one had to do...
  276. R

    ICAST Video: PENN Spinfisher VI spinning reel

    Any chance a larger model Spenfisher will make it on the Vag Penn Trip this coming Aug ?
  277. R

    Which Fathoms?

    FAthom 15 2 speed. It is so light and small. Ditto the comment about 50 lb braid and then I just change out topshot depending on what I am after. Lately using it as 20 lb rig (topshot) and was doing 15lb floro leader for bass. Then 20 lb floro for the blue fin that were picky but got bit...
  278. R

    Ur thoughts about reel covers

    Hi Steve. Looking forward to the 5.5 day on the Vag. 9 days and counting and coming fast. :D Think you can post now about the PENN trip as Mike is happy. This morning( Sun 7/22) the Vagabond returned from a great 4 day trip. There were 26 Bluefin Tuna ranging from 140 lbs to 277 lbs for 25...
  279. R

    BEST BfT trip ever.

    Happy to hear you got into them this trip. I was on the 3 day trip before the Ishi charter and the fish were frustrating Mike & all of us. Avoiding the bait and not hitting the yummy flyer either. I should have been at the dock when you got in but slept in. Mike & the Vag are the best @ BFT
  280. R

    late report: 3 day ending Wed 7/18

    Still tired. Meant to post this into OFFSHORE but not sure how to move this. MAybe a moderator can do this quicker
  281. R

    late report: 3 day ending Wed 7/18

    Fished the main area where everybody is near the 43. Fish are all over. schools a mile wide or more with the meter solid red & some are BFT mixed sized ( 20 to 200+ # ) plus some mixed BFT( 20 to 200+ # ) & YFT ( 20 - 40# for us). Picky bite on bait as we had large sardine mainly ( not huge)...
  282. R

    How are they getting the schoolie tuna?

    Just got off a three day. Tired. Got a 184 BFT and lost one over 200. Both on flat fall, 250 gram glow in the dark. Both during night time. 8-10 pm shift that I got & the one I lost in the 4 -6 AM. Tonnage of fish, school a mile wide making the meter red acroos the screen constantly but...
  283. R

    Offsite parking option for Fisherman Landing

    Do watch out for the "overflow lot" which is to the east and across the four lane street from Fisherman's landing. It is in an out of the way area that has fewer people and fewer eyes watching. A few bigger trucks have been stolen and last time I parked my small truck, I came back to find...
  284. R

    NEws on the Penn 6 day @ start of August on Vagabond ?

    Hi Steve. Just looking over the posts on your other trips this summer & fall and did not see anything about the Vagabond PENN trip. When will you start postng tidbits of info up about it ? I know Mike rearranged a few early trips due to the re-power ( I wanted the 6 day @ end of June but...
  285. R

    Where do I go/Who do I go with?

    Go where the fish are if you can but see you have tight schedule. Here are todays counts from the SAn Diego (3/4 day fishing vessel) out of Seaforth landing. Great boat and crew. Seaforth Sportfishing Fish Counts as of March 30, 2018 Boat Trip Type Anglers Fish Counts ETA San Diego Full...
  286. R

    Favorite crew photos

  287. R

    Fighting Harness on Guadalupe tuna

    Ditto the part of handing your rod off QUICKLY as many times there were multiple times that 2 or 3 fish were hooked and caught in the spectra tangles. The crew looked like a set of weavers unwrapping the poles and putting them through holes to try and get the fish out of tangles. For 10...
  288. R

    More about Guadalupe Island reels

    For more on what drag to have........ Was at Lupe at the start of Nov on the Vagabond. Mike advised us to mark the spot on each reel that had around 16 lb of drag ( 80 & 100 lb line) and to go up to that mark as the fish took the bait and made their first big run. If you start with higher...
  289. R

    More about Guadalupe Island reels

    Steve, I was on the Vagabond lupe trip at the start of November with Dwayne and had a good time using the VSX 12 that I won on the Penn 5 day charter in Aug. Thank you again for a fun August trip. The 12VSX worked great with 80 lb braid & 80 top shot. Fish were equally biting the 80 and 100 lb...
  290. R

    Penn INT VISX In Stock

    I was able to purchase a VISX 20 silver form Fisherman"s Landing Tackle in San Diego at the very start of November. Very fortunate to get that from Doug and I also called all over SD looking for other stores that had it but none had it for sale. Was leaving to Guadalupe Nov 6th so did not try...
  291. R

    ordering a Penn Fathom 40 handle

    Finally got an answer about why it took so long to fix a reel handle. The local San Diego shop, Squidco, who said 2 weeks to get it done, took them over a month because they "bundle" their parts orders to save them $ on the shipping. They never told me this but just said we can not find the...
  292. R


    Hi Steve. Need reel and rod recommendations for new reels. Need rod to match the VSX 12 I won on the Penn trip( no line yet but want 80LB braid ) Need rod to match VISX 30 2 speed ( or 20 VISX if I change it due to ? to you below) About to get the 30 VISX for the lupe trip but wanted a...
  293. R


    Hi Steve. I liked the photo of you and your Hooo. I started adding up the number f days fishing and the number of trips you are doing. Amazing and FUN!
  294. R

    ordering a Penn Fathom 40 handle

    As of now reel and handle are in the shop awaiting the arrival of the part. I told shop to not toss the old handle as I wanted to show it to Steve Carson. If push comes to shove, will bend it back and see if I can bum the handle from another friends fathom 40 to use as backup if something...
  295. R

    ordering a Penn Fathom 40 handle

    Steve, I have been waiting a while for a replacement handle for my Fathom 40 2 speed. Are these back ordered or in low supply ? My local SD reel service place has been waiting 3 weeks for one to come in and nothing yet. I still have 2 - 3 weeks before a Guadalupe trip and hope one will come...
  296. R

    PENN "2017" 6-day trip aboard the Searcher; September 13-19, 2017

    Steve, what area did the wahoo come from on this trip ? Trolling or kelp patti ? Gearing up for a 6 day Lupe trip on the vagabond and would love to pick up a stray hoo. Also have 2 reel questions. thank you again for the 12VSX reel I won for jackpot on the 5 day Vag Penn trip. What would...
  297. R

    Offshore KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay/SUSPECT PHOTOS

    The dump in the head will give DNA profile so hope police took sample. If not , have someone do it. US Custom's and all the other dept's seems to know where every boat is at all times so another slim chance they can tell you if it docked at any other locations to offload stuff. Did they take...
  298. R

    PENN "2017" 6-day trip aboard the Searcher; September 13-19, 2017

    Gave this a bump to the top since you are leaving soon. Sent you a PM about the Penn prototype rod I had. It is current at Fisherman's landing tackle waiting for you. More details in the PM. Hope to hear a Lupe report as I am headed there With Mike L. soon
  299. R

    Cortez hurricane remnant 9/3?

    bring a jacket if they go. I would call them now to see what they say. ZZ775-030130- Waters from San Mateo point to the Mexican Border Extending 30 to 60 nm out including San Clemente Island- 1012 AM PDT Sat Sep 2 2017 ...SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY NOW IN EFFECT FROM 3 AM SUNDAY THROUGH SUNDAY...
  300. R

    not fish but fyi on weather this weekend

    from NOAA and tropical storm Lidia. Stay safe Storm Special! View the latest observations near Atlantic Hurricane Irma as of Advisory Number 13 @ 1100 AM AST Sat Sep 02 2017 and East Pacific Tropical Storm Lidia as of Intermediate Advisory Number 16A @ 1200 PM MDT Sat Sep 02 2017. National...
  301. R

    not fish but fyi on weather this weekend

    from NOAA and tropical storm Lidia. Stay safe edit: added 30 to 60 miles out at top. coast to 30 miles out at bottom Waters from San Mateo point to the Mexican Border Extending 30 to 60 nm out including San Clemente Island- 1012 AM PDT Sat Sep 2 2017 ...SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY NOW IN EFFECT...
  302. R

    The Overnight Problem

    Boats going outside are trying for better quality( size) and also shots at dorado & yellowfin. Boats staying inside have lots of small fish that pump up the counts. Have to think what you want. I prefer longer multi-day trips to give a chance to get into areas further south with better grade...
  303. R

    What does a "Sponsored by..." trip mean?

    It can vary quite a bit on what the "sponsor" does. There is always the charter master who sets the trip up and that would be a person to ask. Charter master can be the sponsor or not. Some trips the "charter master" pays for the entire vessel and finds the folks to fill the spots and...
  304. R

    PENN "2017" 5-Day trip aboard the Vagabond, August 2-7, 2017

    Another outstanding Penn charter on the Vagabond is in the books. Big thanks to Mike and his crew. Special thanks to Kyle for rigging for my jackpot fish. Extra large socks will be at the dock this Sunday AM for you. Great boat, excellent crew, plenty of fine food, and a good group of...
  305. R

    Long Range August 2017- 7-day Trip general questions?

    Here is the closure & permit run down as explained from a long range captain on a 5 day I just got off. Guadalupe = permit must be acquired separately from all other places and some currently have this permit. Note: fishing was slow the last few days there but there were larger numbers of...
  306. R


    We would clip the tail of the bait some to slow its swimming down. We used the smaller skipjack that we caught as the bait. This was for fly lining the shallower water when anchored up. We also fished some DEEP pinnacles near Alijos Rocks on the drift. Heavy sinker to keep line up and...
  307. R

    PENN "2017" 5-Day trip aboard the Vagabond, August 2-7, 2017

    Thanks for the info. I have been checking out your info on the VISX's coming out. Most interesting for me is how the line capacities have increased with the redesign. It is like stepping up the the next larger model ( the new 30 is like the old 50) . My plan will be wait for the 30VISX in...
  308. R

    PENN "2017" 5-Day trip aboard the Vagabond, August 2-7, 2017

    Guadalupe dropper loop ? for you Steve. You always bring a ton of demo stuff with you. Will there be anything that works as the dropper loop rigs that you are recommending for this trip( any Lupe trip) ? From what you say in a couple other posts about Guadalupe gear, Fathom 40 's are out for...
  309. R

    PENN "2017" 5-Day trip aboard the Vagabond, August 2-7, 2017

    Here is a list that came from the Vagabond website. Hope it helps. If I need to find lodging near the boat, where do I go? Lodging close by the Vagabond Comfort Inn at the Harbor 5102 N. Harbor Dr. San Diego, CA 92106 (619) 223-8171 Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside 4875 North Harbor Drive San...
  310. R

    PENN "2017" 5-Day trip aboard the Vagabond, August 2-7, 2017

    Hi Steve. Checking in early for the upcoming trip as I have a feeling July will fly by. If I got the Biospehere rules correct, Cedros and the Benitos islands are off limits. Geronimo too. Is this how you see it ? Looking forward to the trip and had a great time listening to the stories...
  311. R

    Size of recent YTs in the Coronado's?

    try this link for the weather updates
  312. R


    Just got off the Vagabond on a 5 day trip. Great boat & crew as posted earlier in this thread. As for where you might fish for a 6 day trip. Offshore looking for tuna schools and kelps with Cedros most likely on the menu and maybe the Benitos Islands. Possible is San Martin Island with...
  313. R

    PENN "2016" 5-Day trip aboard the Vagabond, August 3-8, 2016

    Looking forward to the trip Steve and packing already. I am wondering which spinning outfits you will have for us to try out this year. Would you have a torque 7 or maybe even the new Slammer in a larger size ? Hope your drive down is an easy one. starting this coming weekend they will be...
  314. R

    BFT on the 43 sunday, lost float

    what dead weight can the float support ( if fish died would float be on surface) ?
  315. R

    Trying to order Touque 7 spin reel

    Put in an order before the 4th of July at a local San Diego tackle shop for one. Hoping I could get it for a trip tomorrow. They just called and said Penn is back ordered for a month to 2 months. Hope I get it before my 5 day now at the start of August. Anyone know anything about Penn being...
  316. R

    Offshore Tough day 209 to 181 7/1... Then stuff got real BADDDD

    definitely check your homeowners insurance as they cover personal property when away from the home. There are limits to specific types of stuff. If you do not have homeowners but have renters insurance, this works just as well. Lost $4,000 in camera gear on a surf trip to Indonesia in the...
  317. R

    Offshore 3 day trip report June 23-26

    Bit more info: Mike :urno1: I asked Mike if I could bring a crossbow next time, detachable tip arrow, with spectra going into my rod/reel set up for the puddlers. Not sure of this is legal though. About YT counts you see: We through back many smaller YT unless it was a bleeder and we drove...
  318. R

    Offshore 3 day trip report June 23-26

    Thousands of blue fin of various sizes up puddling around ( cows too) - great view to see..... but after a while of them not biting anything it gets old. Slow fishing with I think 3 blue fin ( 60 ish pounds and 2 @ 30 ish), 1 YFT football (troll) & 1 [email protected] 15 lbs, 4 YT in the 15 lbs range and...
  319. R

    PENN "2016" 5-Day trip aboard the Vagabond, August 3-8, 2016

    Glad you did the reservation. If you like collars of yellowtail, don't forget to request them as they do a few for free. If no request, collars go elsewhere. Just picked up some fish from them & they said reserve it is the way to go. Some reserve months( a year) in advance as soon as they...
  320. R

    ? for you Steve. Spining reel/rod combo

    Thanks guys and Steve for the replies. I figured what I want but I should have been looking earlier as many things are not in stock and I leave too quick to do an order. I really think the TRQ7 is the one that fits best but am still unsure what rod - longer jig rod for distance or shorter and...
  321. R

    ? for you Steve. Spining reel/rod combo

    Finally getting around to shopping. Was on last 5 day Penn trip in Aug on the Vag & used your popper set up to win one of the 2 speed Fathoms you gave away. Thanks again. Saw where Buzz used it for the big bluefin. Looking for a popper set up. Want 100 lb braid capability with the higher...
  322. R

    PENN "2016" 5-Day trip aboard the Vagabond, August 3-8, 2016

    THIS IS FOR THE FISH PROCESSING ? buzzforme2 had. Hi Steve. looking forward to it. Will post a rod & reel ? for you on another post. 5 star. Last year one Norcal guy ( 50 cent) caught a big blue fin last day of trip & needed it and the others processed the same day we arrived for the drive...
  323. R

    Anyone have a report: 10 day on vagabond that returned last Thursday - San Diego Anglers charter?

    Could not make it to meet the Boat Thursday AM due to work. thanks
  324. R

    PENN "2016" 5-Day trip aboard the Vagabond, August 3-8, 2016

    I got my deposit in Steve. Looking forward to it. Great trip last year. Thank you very much for the Penn Fathhom 25 prize that I won. Great reel and it has been getting used. Love it.
  325. R

    Mexican Licenses

    FYI. If anyone is fishing from your boat in Mexican waters, every single person on it must have a Mex fishing lic. EVEN IF they are not fishing. Boat does need a license - they got rid of that one a few years ago. Then you must also get an FMM visa for each trip for each person on board if...
  326. R

    Trip/Vacation Insurance

    Others beat me getting you the name. His name is Bob Dawson from Dawson Insurance in LA Mesa. Check it out
  327. R

    Trip/Vacation Insurance

    Wish I could remember the name of the insurance guy that just spoke Wed PM to the San Diego Anglers Club about insurance for fish trips. He does much of the insurance for many of the sportfish owners in town(landings, etc.). Will try to dig up his name. Basically said the coverage is for each...
  328. R

    PENN "2015" 5-Day trip aboard the Vagabond July 29-August 3, 2015

    Thanks for the paperwork head ups. Got all the paperwork in and done as I was on the boat last October for a 10 day trip. One thing I want to look into is the "credit card" like passport card they issue now. Not good on planes but good for boats and one does not risk getting the paper...
  329. R

    PENN "2015" 5-Day trip aboard the Vagabond July 29-August 3, 2015

    waited too long, trip filled @ Fred Hall, but got on due to someone dropping out. Question is stay around SD chasing tuna or to Cedros area. What do you know on itinerary?
  330. R

    Offshore late, i know SD the 8th

    school has lots of fish and are close together, fins hit each other as they swim and get banged up
  331. R

    Some free floating kelp questions . . . I know, I'm high maintenance!!

    You will also find different species different distances from the paddy. Sometimes the tuna will be up to 1/8 mile or so away from the paddy but still circling it. Just hang out way off soaking bait and they swim thru so often. Get close to the paddy and you may pick up more yellowtail. One...
  332. R

    Coronado Islands 4/2/15

    Fun day and fresh fish. Did you see any signs of tuna ? Were the fish on surface iron or yoyo? Jig looks like surface iron infirst pic. Mission Belle 3/4 day had 4 bluefin in their counts for yesterday(4/2) and figured they were fishing in your area.
  333. R

    Coronado Islands 4/2/15

    Fun day and fresh fish. Did you see any signs of tuna ? Were the fish on surface iron or yoyo? Jig looks like surface iron infirst pic. Mission Belle 3/4 day had 4 bluefin in their counts for yesterday(4/2) and figured they were fishing in your area.
  334. R

    Vagabond 10 day -spot available!

    Mark, you will have fun. Let me know if you need anything. I will be on the trip with you. Dwayne probably filled you in on things. If you need rod/reel set ups, tell Mike in the AM before we leave and they will pull it out of the office for you. WAHOO!
  335. R

    Offshore Fallin' for Dorado, hidden bank,9-20

    Great day on the water and Dodo are always fun. Can't wait to get my fill with a 10 day trip in 3 weeks. An earlier post mentioned good there was not a big swell. Safety note: Saw the part of the video when a four were on one side near the corner. Got a flash back of when a boat...
  336. R

    What not to catch - can I get confirmation

    Bold is from me. Not bold from email. If you can confirm the filleting thing, please reply. I am in a fishing club(stays unnamed) and just got an FYI email letting us know that Cal Dept Fish & Game was at Seaforth Landing inspecting sportboats coming in from fishing on Thursday. They are...
  337. R


    Keep a spare bait pump on the boat($30-40 or so) to swap out. Much cheaper than having to let the bait die, cut the trip short and waste the gas on the water and on the raod, plus all the time prepping etc.
  338. R

    Offshore Eclipse 2.5 day July 21-22

    Congrats. Outstanding bluefin.I can not figure out the counts they reported for your trip. They reported zero bluefin caught. I heard the Eclipse's 976 phone report of big bluefin and went to meet a friend who was on your trip. But guess your late start made a late return. I was there at 6...
  339. R

    Question about the 3/4 day boats

    Here is your info. Maybe too much. Won a pass via the San Diego Anglers for a free 3/4 day. Seaforth was great enough to let me use it on the offshore trip Monday July 21 on the "San Diego" that runs out of Seaforth Landing on their "offshore" 3/4 day trips. Great boat but Booger had this...
  340. R

    Torrey Pines AM 7/17

    fished from 7:30 to 11:30 just south of the State parking lot at tower # 1. Sight fishing corbina and saw many all morning in close but could not get them to bite. Saw most in 4- 6 inches of water just 10 to 20 feet off the edge of the water. I was using very large 5 inch ghost shrimp I...
  341. R

    Quick FRI PM Twilight trip SD - Seaforth

    Friday Nite Twilight with San Diego Anglers family on the New Seaforth - mainly fun for the kids. Forgot the exact water temp but I think it was 69 ish. Bait = Nice 5 inch chovies plus smaller versions & cut squid. Chovies worked fine and we had a constant pick on the calicos with a few...
  342. R

    Point Loma calicos, June 13

    You need to get on his email list. He sends out the info on when the charters will be and then you sign up for them before they fill up which they can do fast. Please don't just show up as you will make the drive for nothing and you can not even have a friend tag along with you if you are on...
  343. R

    Grunion run

    Not an expert on the laws but you should be fine as long as you do not use any for bait.
  344. R

    4/11 on the San Diego

    Second that and change the earlier report. Wishful thinking. . Live less than a mile east of Mt. Soledad and it just disappeared in the fog bank. Hope you all have radar.
  345. R

    4/11 on the San Diego

    Just woke up after yesterdays trip on the San Diego. Has that high pressure look to the sunrise. Weather looks way better today than yesterday. Yesterday heavy fog made it hard to find the birds, thus the fish. Fog lifted about noon to 1 pm and we could see. The best bet was first casts...
  346. R

    San Diego 3/4 day - Sat 1/18 w/ Booger

    You can't pick a better Booger and I've picked more than a few
  347. R

    GPX for Baja coastal 12-mile limit?

    You may wan t to check the details of the new permit. Latest is that you still need the FMT permit for fishing in ANY Mexican waters. Below is some of the info. Hope it helps. NEW MEXICAN VISA/FMT REQUIREMENTS I have some news regarding fishing in Mexico. They are rolling out their...
  348. R

    1 opening 10 day on the Vagabond Oct 20th

    Due to work difficulties(the boss), I am unable to go on the 10 day charter sponsored by the San Diego anglers. Trip info: Sunday, October 20th-30th: 10-Day Charter (Vagabond, Point Loma Sportfishing) Cost: $3,315. This is a limited load trip with only 16 people on board and that means...
  349. R

    Ay Caumba ! need Advise : just broke right wrist and have a 7 day in 3 weeks.

    If you go, maybe borrow a harness so you do not have to pull as hard and are not tempted to try pulling with the broke hand. If you do not go and sell your spot, I am looking for someone to take my spot on a 10 day trip on the Vagabond due to my problems. Trip dates : leave Sat Oct 19th &...
  350. R

    point loma to TJ report

    Water rolled on Point Loma kelp to 59 degrees this AM so we headed south instead of fishing the kelp line. Annual trip where San Diego Anglers Club takes kids from the Muscular Distrophy Association out fishing. We got a late start fishing wise around 9 or 10 AM. Stopped at three spots on...
  351. R

    Offshore 9/12 425 Crazy Day

    You can get a small(foot long about) pair of bolt cutters at Harbor Freight( one in El Cajon, another in South bay I think)for a very reasonable price. Easy to store even on my small skiff. After hearing a call for bolt cutters a few years back, I went out a got a pair. Lucky they have just...
  352. R

    Offshore Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda....

    Hi Jason. Glad to see your making a mess on our boat. hope it continues. I heard you talking with friends yesterday PM on your way in. How did you do on that big paddy you found about 10 miles out ? Did not come back as I was puttering in the garage and you were busy putting them on the...
  353. R

    Offshore Wed. 8/20 YFT at the 182

    hi Steve. Are you fishing Friday leaving 2am Fri or fishing Sat. leaving 2 am Sat ? Can't make the Friday as school has started so I am back to the weekends. UGGHH. Al Staz called to fish tomorrow but I had to say sorry - no way. Tony, if I heard Al right when I called him, you are headed...
  354. R

    Offshore 8/16, 302 ish YFT, Dodo, alby, marlin

    I looked at the Terrafin charts for Sat and they still showed some cooler water to the west of the 302. We never could find it. I guess it is there. As we finished cleaning the fish today, one of the crew said he did call in with the marlin report on today's show. I was still sleeping at...
  355. R

    Offshore 8/16, 302 ish YFT, Dodo, alby, marlin

    Might have forgot BFT in title but we were not paying attention - too busy gaffing. Tired - short report - numbers on other friends boat. Started out east of 302 trolling/paddy hopping to the west. Go 2 nice dodos on bait from a couple of paddies east of 302. Tried to find a 69 degree temp...
  356. R

    Offshore OOOOOOPAH!!!!

    That could be a world record for kids if it gets weighed on a certified scale. Hope you have not ate it yet. Check into it. I think the all time record was around 109 until someone recently caught a bigger one ( in latest WON I think).
  357. R

    Offshore 8/9 bait rolled, how was yours?

    I fished on Friday and also Saturday - bait both days from Mission Bay. Saturday bait was good, big chovies. details later. Friday's bait I picked up around 4:30 AM was all dines, most larger models, and 3/4 plus rolled by the middle of the trip. I felt fortunate to have some left alive...
  358. R

    Offshore 8/9 dodo 182/226 area & warning

    Hi Mark. Was thinking of street parking but was not sure of leaving 10 year old daughter alone with boat or boat alone while she and I walked. Even if you saw a spot, no guarentee that it would be there after launching cause there were 10 plus boats launching and parked waiting to go plus many...
  359. R

    Offshore 8/9 dodo 182/226 area & warning

    Warning is for launching at shelter Island parking or lack thereof. Due to later start( forgot daughters life vest, harder for her to wake up for first offshore trip, me not trying to make her wake up at 3 AM, etc), NO PARKING SPOTS AVAILABLE at Shelter Island launch ramp at 6 ish. After...
  360. R

    Offshore 8/8 Fri - 182 YT, Dodo, ALbie

    Short report: most fish came from a bit south and east of 182 to a bit south of 182. water was in the 72 degree range. 42/34 = small dodo(bleeder) on troll.small pink/black jig. 41/39 = small dodo(bleeder) on sardine @ paddy. 41/34 = 2 yellows on sardine @ a double paddy. 40/41 = peanut...
  361. R

    Offshore 8/3-Dodos Bite everything,and Yuppies just Bite!!

    Glad you got home and some fish also. Don't know your wiring configuration for your batteries but here is a way to set them up that may help prevent this in the future. Many boat manufacturers just hook two batteries together and then they act as "one" battery. They don't invest in a little more...
  362. R

    Offshore 8/3-Dodos Bite everything,and Yuppies just Bite!!

    Glad you got home and some fish also. Don't know your wiring configuration for your batteries but here is a way to set them up that may help prevent this in the future. Many boat manufacturers just hook two batteries together and then they act as "one" battery. They don't invest in a little more...
  363. R

    Offshore 8/3-Dodos Bite everything,and Yuppies just Bite!!

    Glad you got home and some fish also. Don't know your wiring configuration for your batteries but here is a way to set them up that may help prevent this in the future. Many boat manufacturers just hook two batteries together and then they act as "one" battery. They don't invest in a little...
  364. R

    Klamath boats

    I saw an aluminum, boat for sale in the union tribune(san diego paper) for $1,100. 17 foot maybe. Price seemed right. you may want to check it out. But, smaller boat lenght will no get you farther offshore. I took my time looking for a 20 footer for sale. They have 18, 17,16,14 foot boats...
  365. R

    Klamath boats

    First off, I'm very tired after full day fishing and then cleaning etc, fish. If set on Klammath, That is that. If not, then there are many other makers of aluminum hull boats in many sizes. Older hulls are thinner I believe and therefore less weight and better gas mi;leage. Newer ones...
  366. R

    Offshore 8/1 fri - YT, Albie, Blufin, dodo

    Sorry for the late report. Got home late Fri, clean fish till midnight, still smoking them now, and Sat. the kids had me busy. Plus I know most want pics and the wife misplaced the download cable. Not good pic as it was late and my daughter used the camera for the first time. Can't tell if...
  367. R

    Throw me a bone will ya's

    Get a vessel assist membership first so you know that you have help and not shelling out hundreds plus of dollars on a tow/help. Ditto for a GPS. Just like you do in a car, miles divided by gallons EXCEPT: mpg varies depending on the weather(glassy versus beating into a swell/chop AND how...
  368. R

    Offshore Wed. 7/30 Dorado & Albacore 371 to 302

    Hi Steve. Got into a fight with my engine and won so I will be out tomorrow. Close call though. Hope to get a very early start. I'll talk you on 72 in the AM. I'll be down and out. John on the Roadrunner
  369. R

    Offshore Wed. 7/30 Dorado & Albacore 371 to 302

    Sounds great Tony. If all goes well, I'll be in that area tomorrow. So did you keep any fish or was it all cathch and release?
  370. R

    Offshore Dolphin II 7-15 Albies, BF, and an Orca

    I hope this is not a trend as the sealsare bad enough. I watched a video on "you tube" i believe of an orca eating a salmon that was almost to the boat. This was a smaller boat and the orca hung around and kept swimming back and forth off the stern. Try googleing for this video and you may...
  371. R

    2 day boat opinions

    As Fish Hawk said earlier, the "Success" is an excellent boat. If they have a charter open, go for it. Holds 12 max and has plenty of fishing room. It would be great for your group if you can get it to 12 people as then it is just your group. Great crew with just your friends, but not too...
  372. R

    Offshore July 3 & 4 Success Charter

    As for pics, couldn't figure out where my camera was. Found it on my return hanging on the bedroom doorknob. Maybe others on the trip will post. Just woke up and will start cleaning, etc so will post a few pics of fish from the trip. Other info I forgot from being sleepy. Troll speed was 7...
  373. R

    Offshore July 3 & 4 Success Charter

    Limits for all on albacore and we had to be dragged away from them leaving them biting. Weather was outstanding, especially today, Friday. Just got back and finished icing the albacore for cleaning and smoking tomorrow(Sat). We left Wed Pm on a day and a half charter on the Success out of...
  374. R

    Offshore Albacore 302, 371, 230 Friday

    Hi Tony. Sounds like you had a great day. Were you on your Cabo 21.6 yet ? I've been gone a few days and just got back. I'm heading out on the Success trip in a couple of days. Are you going to be on that trip ? I'm just starting my summer vacation and hope to be out that way chasing the...
  375. R

    Offshore 8/18 coronados YT

    Size 6 sabiki was what we used. Smaller would have been better. We chummed heavily witht the dead sardines - crushed them by hand to get a fine chum but left a few chunks ( head, backbone ). Kept them around . They would feed n frenzy and we would get them. Many were snagged along with a...
  376. R

    Question about OceanSide Harbor...

    Don't know what size boat you have but the weather is getting better. Albacore and YFT are at the West Butterfly area which is not in Mex waters. You may want to try out that way. Check out reports from this area last few days. I was fishing the Coronados today and heard the NAvy talking...
  377. R

    Offshore 8/18 coronados YT

    Quick report. For Sunday, Start your day at south kelp, then check rockpile. North Island/Pukey slow to nothing. Same middle grounds. Main action was at the South Kelp. Got there later in the AM. Slow trolling mini macs in 130 feet of water at the high spot/ridge south of the kelp...
  378. R

    Offshore 390, 371 not much

    Fished today, 8-13, Mon. All I got was a hat I found on a patty. Went to the 390 as the west fly weather was not good for my boat today. Went to a bit of cooler water a few miles above the 390. Found a break from 70 to 68.6, some birds but no marks. Saw a bunch of bluefin but they were in a...
  379. R

    Water temps online???

    I have uswed terrafin for years. Terrafin Software - Index
  380. R

    Offshore 7.25 182upANDdown for ZERO

    Hula-fish, I was out on Wednesday and got skunked too except for hauling in a very large empty ammo can that could do some damage to a boat in the dark. BUT it was a great day on the water - weather, some whales, some porpise (no YFT ) and my brother who I haven't fished with in a long time...
  381. R

    Offshore NO late bite 7/25 PM @ 182

    Fished all day long except for a late start when running light switch failed. Semi quick hotwire got us out but missed grey light fishing. Started at the east side of 302 but water was warm (68.9)in the AM and we were not metering fish. Many boats but none doing much. Went to west side...
  382. R

    la jolla on Friday 7/20

    Quick report for those going tomorrow. More to follow later. Water temp up to 69 from 67 on Thursday and the half day boats are up in that area again. Daughter got one Yellow, 8 lbs, good enough for a $100 first place in the San DIego Anglers Yellowtail tournement. Only yellow brought in by...
  383. R

    late lj 7-19

    What was the water temp today ? Yesterday the temp was around 67 in the AM with no yellows around. I heard the Dolphin (1/2 day boat) say they won't return till the temps go up. Not much happening for most who were flylining but I got plenty of cuda''s and some calicos by slow trolling with...
  384. R

    late report 4/14 big butt

    Sory for the LATE post. With the wind that hit Saturday night and continued Sunday, no one should have been fishing ( small craft advisory) and I figured I would post the report Sunday or so. Short report – one BIG butt from South Coronado Island on Saturday, 4-14. Pics attached Long...
  385. R

    need references for 18' boat gate

    Thanks for the pics Ron. The gate is exactly what I have been thinking of. I've downloaded them and will take them into the shop tomorrow to talk to them. your situation is just like mine - want metal frame but wood siding. I also need the gate for my bayrunner (actually a Westcoaster but...
  386. R

    need references for 18' boat gate

    I need names of any companies in the San Diego area who build large gates. I store my boat in the side yard of my home and need a gate that is going to be approximately 18' across and 6' high. It would be a swinging/rolling in and out gate, not one that rolls parallel to the fence/gate ...
  387. R

    Offshore 8/4 dodo & YT just west nados

    Solo trip today. Boxed an area 117.25 to 117.20 and 32.30 to 32.20. After hearing reports of fish in this area, it was the best bet. I was using up an old half tank of gas so stayed close. Many kelps in close to North Island and also west of middle grounds. Best dodo was 15#'s, other...
  388. R

    5-26 O-side

    I live just behind the Mt. Soledad (the big hill that makes the point at La Jolla) and the wind was up at 5:30 this am and never did stop. Same thing as yesterday. Check tghe weather reports before heading out this weekend. FYI. John
  389. R

    Offshore 10/16 -Hidden bank/ne 1010 - YFT, YT, Marlin

    Hey Tailwalker. Damm mouse again. I think the fat lady is singing on my doorstep the last few days. Don't think things wil survive this weather but I hope it will settle back intot the indian summer for another trip or 2. todays paper still had copunts of YFT and a couple of BET. I keep...
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    Offshore 10/16 -Hidden bank/ne 1010 - YFT, YT, Marlin

    Sorry for the doulble post - mouses fault not mine. Hey Jason. It is me. Haven't seen you for a while but hear you more from on the water. It is me. I did miss much of the middle of summer with engine trouble follwed by mechanic and parts trouble. Got some time in before school...
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    Offshore 10/16 -Hidden bank/ne 1010 - YFT, YT, Marlin

    Short report. Tired. Did not catch a marlin. For the marlin guys, saw 2. Tailer at 31 50.8 11721.2 in 72.8 degree h2o. Saw a feeder chasing small football YFT ( they were flying out of h20) at 31 51.8 117 20 .9 in 73.1 degree h2o Only one YFT, 12.4 lbs at 31 57 .2 117 18.37 in...
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    Offshore Big game 90 9/24

    I think this is the boat ALWAYS doing the 2 for 1 specials. My math wonders half the fish for twice the people ? At least they caught fish.
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    Offshore 6 packing on the OSPREY 10-2

    Sat I fished the 371 area, a bit west and some south. SOO many huge paddys, 20+ feet wide I lost count and couldn't believe that some were double paddy's so big and so close. But they held little. Wish I had side scan sonar. the YFT just seemed to be going any which way for no particular...