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  1. wheresmypliers

    LB&T Smash and Grab

    Fucking Katana..............
  2. wheresmypliers

    Lobster 10/3

    There not actually dead. They just like to hang out on the rail. They where released from his back yard unharmed. BTW I love the look on your kids face lol.
  3. wheresmypliers

    Saltwater Legit Yellowtail bite off Westport, Ablies, and the Opah report!

    there's some shit you don't see every day. sweet!
  4. wheresmypliers

    Depoe Bay lingcod

    that's a nice ling! But why the hell are you bundled up in cold weather gear already???
  5. wheresmypliers

    For Sale: 2005 25' Davis Rock Harbor long cabin--diesel

    my dream boat right there. man that's beautiful.....
  6. wheresmypliers

    Proper etiquette

    just drive right up and fish. remember to say thanks as the other person motors off tho, its only polite. Had a couple of jokers in a bayliner do this to us. the best part was, 20 miles off and they still had there fenders out LOL
  7. wheresmypliers

    Patty "Hoping" Dana Point Saturday 9-19

    good job dad LOL. that blurfish looks huge!
  8. wheresmypliers

    90" Davit complete tear!

    awesome post. cant wait to see the end result. just a tip tho, you might want to add another clamp or two while glueing that up LOL
  9. wheresmypliers

    BD secret rules

    rule: don't post in the Washington forum. All you will receive is whining and bitching.
  10. wheresmypliers

    Woman Vandalizes Southwest Geographical Monuments

    get her a handfull of toothbrushes and have her clean it up. or face jail time. her pick.
  11. wheresmypliers

    Offshore hooping at its finest!!!

    Here, your gonna need these for a future report. ........................................... Feel free to use as many as you like.
  12. wheresmypliers

    OK, who was clingling to their flipped skiff?

    that's a class act right there. calling that sporty in on the paddy
  13. wheresmypliers

    Offshore yft, yt near 302, hammerhead blowup, crazy site

    fucking hammer ate our third place fish. whatever, it was cool to see. he was probably 6 or 7 feet. funky swell with a wet ride home but it was fun. fuck the profish LOL
  14. wheresmypliers

    Offshore YFT MADNESS, great day with my BD boyfriend Chad

    fun day on the water. stop bringing me into your love story's................
  15. wheresmypliers

    Missing child, please help

    glad your boy was found!
  16. wheresmypliers

    Missing child, please help

    put your sons poster up in my offices. we'll keep an eye out here in san marcos and esco.
  17. wheresmypliers

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    best story on bd in a long time. congrats on a solo fish of a lifetime!
  18. wheresmypliers

    camp Pendleton evacuations

    money's not a factor but thank for the offer man. did this the last time base burnt and it worked out well for some of the boys in the barracks. gotta help when ya can.
  19. wheresmypliers

    camp Pendleton evacuations

    means if you live on base and need a place to put your stuff, i'll loan you a unit till you can go back home. just bring your mil id and your own lock
  20. wheresmypliers

    camp Pendleton evacuations

    looks like they just issued a total base evac. any of you boys need a place to put your stuff, come see me. stax up storage 458 e. mission road, san marcos 92069. i'll comp ya a unit till they let you back on base.
  21. wheresmypliers

    Opah out of Oceanside!!!

    lucky fuckers. congrats I guess.
  22. wheresmypliers

    I hate fires!

    they just brought in the dc 10 for the san marcos fire. pretty awesome to see that thing drop
  23. wheresmypliers

    I hate fires!

    tough sitting here watching peoples houses burn. my prayers to them folks up on the hill.
  24. wheresmypliers

    Bitch Slapped by a Thresher

    yoda wants his eyebrow back.
  25. wheresmypliers

    Saltwater Clams!

    reports are bullshit without pics, so there ya go
  26. wheresmypliers

    Spiders on Drugs...

    now that shits funny
  27. wheresmypliers

    Can anyone Identify this fish?

    click on the left image, you can see the tail and pattern on the back. some kinda mackerel??
  28. wheresmypliers

    Found an interesting beer today

    local stuff for us in san diego. good chit man. enjoy
  29. wheresmypliers

    Best, safest, convenient, best price boat storage in San Diego

    liberty boat and rv in san marcos. when they have the space. depending on the width of the trailer, i have covered spots at my place in san marcos.
  30. wheresmypliers

    fish identification! anyone?

    california roach. no really, thats what its called LOL
  31. wheresmypliers

    halibut hunt, san diego bay and kelp line

    funny how she thought I was cool that she could call a sealion to the boat with bait...............damn kids LOL. fun day on the water none the less.
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  33. wheresmypliers

    LED vs Plasma tv

    Sharp Aquos LED x2. that 4th color really makes a difference
  34. wheresmypliers

    Check out my

    she said impressive rigidity and short shaft. i giggled a little :D
  35. wheresmypliers

    North Dakota Porn

    cabelas should put that in there catalog. beautiful dog!
  36. wheresmypliers

    371 and 40 Minutes to get Limits

    and we've been together for 5 years now LOL
  37. wheresmypliers

    Websites to visit when BD is down or FUBAR

    Saluki's facebook page?
  38. wheresmypliers

    It's so hot...

    move tues head out of the way to improve airflow
  39. wheresmypliers


    its about oil. lots of it LOL
  40. wheresmypliers

    Tues on Ignore!

    LOL gotcha!
  41. wheresmypliers

    Tues on Ignore!

    you mean this one???
  42. wheresmypliers


    rich kids on lsd? wtf LOL
  43. wheresmypliers

    North County Lightning Show Tonight Thursday 8/22

    We sat out on the porch and had dinner watching it. Saw a bolt shoot out the top of the clouds. Pretty cool stuff
  44. wheresmypliers

    fishing jacksonville/camp lejune in november

    Thanks for the info man. Im actually not opposed to inshore stuff at all. Looking at maps of the area shows alot of good bay fishing i would think. Whats biting that time of the year inside?
  45. wheresmypliers

    fishing jacksonville/camp lejune in november

    gonna be in jacksonville, nc late november early december. anybody got the skinny on whats biting and where? looking online and dont see much in the way of sportfishing other than a few charter services. no sportboats in the area?
  46. wheresmypliers

    Local Blue Marlin

    Why insult hillbillys that way. Damn.......
  47. wheresmypliers

    Son's first ocean trip

    Solid performance by your boy and the chubasco. Good stuff indeed
  48. wheresmypliers

    Low 9, 226, west,182, high 9 and and in with Yellowtail

    Guess I'm supporting cast right now.......whatever, least in fishin. Next run you spot all the paddys and I'll catch the fish lol. Naked dance!
  49. wheresmypliers

    I am a Sucker for "As seen on TV"

    Potlicking. Must be a washington thing...........
  50. wheresmypliers

    beer in boat while fishing

    California moves in on your post and you get your flannels all in a bunch........have a beer and relax dude, its just fishin.
  51. wheresmypliers

    Erasing your accout

    your a good man Charlie brown
  52. wheresmypliers

    Erasing your accout

    that ain't the magic word. Pm tues for the proper info
  53. wheresmypliers

    Erasing your accout

    Originally Posted by twinfin1000 BiggestT, you're Steve Mras right? Do you remember me? It's Steve Schrieken. We met back when you were extremely passionate about setting world records for you and your wife. You were out fishing Long Beach harbor bounce balling for halibut and trolling for...
  54. wheresmypliers

    Kelp paddy Yellowtail and boxing tuna 8/5

    the fuck you mean right on Ted? I did all the work! Sob sleeps all day and only wakes up long enough to catch fish. Next time I'll make sure your all baited up before I wake you LOL. you forgot the Mola tailwrap...........
  55. wheresmypliers

    Dock chat prior to heading out, for newbies

    two rules i've learned over the years fishing other guys boats a: show up ready to work. paying or not, once you step on the boat, your crew b: dont be afraid to ask questions. every skipper is different in the way they want things done on there boat. remember those and you will get invited back.
  56. wheresmypliers

  57. wheresmypliers

    Offshore First of the season - HUGE Opah

    nice job guys. fish of a lifetime................o fuck it LOL
  58. wheresmypliers

    What keeps you coming back to BD?

    Which douchebag brought back a 6 year old post??????
  59. wheresmypliers

    Fish on for OTTO!.....poway trout derby, Chad's kid hits the board

    Good times good times. Thanks again teddy for putting the kid on fish. She was stoked all day. Nice to see you again Otto. Love that chubby cheeked smile LOL
  60. wheresmypliers

    Offshore Whats the best hoopnet bait?

    any fresh ground pinniped will do
  61. wheresmypliers

    Prestorm crawl, MB Jetties again, nice score! 2/7

    I see you didn't include a pic of you "flushing" the boat LOL. Nice solo haul dude
  62. wheresmypliers

    Lake Poway kids fishing derby

    X2 on the mini jigs. Thats what we score best on. The kid and I and teddya2 will be camping that night and fishing the day. Looks to be rainy but fun...
  63. wheresmypliers

    Any tips for trolling in the rain?

    Fish don't mind water, rain ain't gonna change a thing. Wear a raincoat LOL
  64. wheresmypliers

    More lobster and some bassin in the lil bay, 2/4

    Your not gonna let that release go are ya.......... Next time I'll just fillet it up and eat it right there. I'm bringing the paintball gun next time.
  65. wheresmypliers


    tues the one holding the beer can on his head :D
  66. wheresmypliers

    How does a Seattle Seahawk fan find a sheep in tall grass?

    Why does bloodydecks have a Washington board? So Californians can laugh at something other than the chargers.
  67. wheresmypliers


    NFC..........noone fucking cares. Who won? LOL
  68. wheresmypliers

    Broncos vs Ravens

    that's not what your wife said......
  69. wheresmypliers

    Broncos vs Ravens

    The Superbowl won't be nearly as good. Intense game for sure. Peyton fucked up.........
  70. wheresmypliers

    Rose Bowl.......... Wisc vs Stanford

    Lets hope its as good a game as the carolina/ Michigan game. What an ending!!
  71. wheresmypliers

    Double Dog Dare You.............

    bumpass's!!!! Sons a bitches!!!! LOL best line ever
  72. wheresmypliers

    2 Free Thunder Jet Hats -Christmas Cheer

    Nice looking boat but what the hell is with the shark cage getup on the back?
  73. wheresmypliers


    yes! New pic for Brandon LOL
  74. wheresmypliers

    #1 reason why you don't bet your avatar on the Bears.......

    I like it. You and tues look good together.
  75. wheresmypliers

    Panthers beat the living shit out of the Chargers thread

    I missed it. Who won?LOL
  76. wheresmypliers

    BD Secret Santa?? NSFW

    LOL that's funny shit. You guys are idiots.........
  77. wheresmypliers

    Like...where did it go?

    how many times did you click it?
  78. wheresmypliers

    Elementary School Shooting

    Pray for the Leo's that have to clean that disaster up. That's the shit that will scar you for life.
  79. wheresmypliers

    Elementary School Shooting

    So sad. Rot in hell motherfucker...
  80. wheresmypliers

    Last minute TOOL ideas for Christmas gifts....

    lol I love it. The manual chainsaw is great.
  81. wheresmypliers

    Excellent Shallow Water Lings & Reds!

    You two are always dialed in...... Nice report boys
  82. wheresmypliers

    Spanos can't make up his mind!

    Bump :D
  83. wheresmypliers


    that's what grandparents are for..........
  84. wheresmypliers

    Colts vs. Packers

    that Indy one looks awesome!!
  85. wheresmypliers

    I've got wood

    Ask me in an hour, the beers just kickin in :D
  86. wheresmypliers

    I've got wood

    Update: I've got no more wood. The holidays will do that to ya........... Looks like I'll start cutting in January for the next batch
  87. wheresmypliers

    What team? Loyal fans only.

    You bronco fans are welcome, I guess.....went to the chargers/broncos game. I loved it :D
  88. wheresmypliers

    What team? Loyal fans only.

  89. wheresmypliers

    Steelers uniforms tonight?

    No one fucking cares......
  90. wheresmypliers


    Odin's a good solid name. Congrats!
  91. wheresmypliers

    Sd Bay Lobster , crawling late but nice score!

    What's with the goggles??? Good to see you wearing the vest when you solo.
  92. wheresmypliers

    Get it Jaydog

    LOL. Get you some
  93. wheresmypliers

    My poor dog is miserable

    the cone sucks. go rearrange your furniture :D
  94. wheresmypliers


    I thought it was a great game :D
  95. wheresmypliers

    Chad made me do it....425/371/302/9 and in

    Guess you won't listen to my weather assessments anymore LOL. I thought it was lovely weather. Wet all day, boat pounding so hard my jaw hurt, 1/2 pound of salt in my beard, what's not to love. Good times mang. Time for hoopin.....
  96. wheresmypliers

    Offshore how Not to fish someones paddy

    Funny shit happens when John sleeps. I got picture proof LOL
  97. wheresmypliers

    Pl kelp, the beach, finished in the big bay for a variety

    Go fuck yourself. What Ted eats has nothing to do with his mental condition.:D
  98. wheresmypliers

    What do you do with Old Electronics?

    find an e-waste donation center near you.
  99. wheresmypliers

    Bluefin tuna & Yellowtail = Good Eats

    Brandiye says she's on the way over. She likes your cooking better than mine LOL
  100. wheresmypliers

    Offshore 7/29-Tuna ,YT, Dorado @ the 238 and out.

    You guys suck. Congrats anyways. I'm showing your wife that pic :D
  101. wheresmypliers

    baby bassinet and breast pump

    Better watch what you wish for dude. This IS bloodydecks LOL
  102. wheresmypliers

    Prayers needed for a Bloodydecks brother

    Keep us posted mike. Our thoughts are with you and yours. Kids gonna be alright man.
  103. wheresmypliers

    Offshore Legend overtnight turned into 1.5

    I'm gonna mail you a bag of periods dudeLOL. Other than that, great report.
  104. wheresmypliers

    Prayers needed for a Bloodydecks brother

    real nice kid. get well soon dude
  105. wheresmypliers

    Sat night, Chassin Kitties @ Lake Poway, 8lber and more

    The Sammie looks good man. Nice work on the hand jobLOL
  106. wheresmypliers

    Website issues?

    Fucking Marcus..........
  107. wheresmypliers

    Deck Gun

    "avast ye neighbors!" LOL you gotta post a video when you shoot that off. to cool
  108. wheresmypliers

    End of an era

    you bring back a 3 year old post so you can look at boobies............ask smudge, he might be able to help you LOL
  109. wheresmypliers

    Gopro Super Tanker battle video from 5-27

    "there it is!" "o shit!" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. awesome
  110. wheresmypliers

    San Diego Boats is hiring.....

    any man that can stare that kinda job description down and say "i can do that" might just be a keeper. that being said, fuck that shit LOL
  111. wheresmypliers

    Captain's Mtg. Yellowtail Tournament 2012 Pics

    Some of us have been waiting for the results. Info already!!!!
  112. wheresmypliers

    Over 90,000 members........

    90,000 members and like 40 of them are worth a shit LOL
  113. wheresmypliers

    Good moving company around Escondido?

    california liftgate services. 760-734-3838. ask for kelly. we recommend them to alot of our customers in escondido and san marcos. real nice dude
  114. wheresmypliers

    Girl Scout troop 4062 Thanks you Bloodydecks!!

    Our Girl Scout troop 4062 wanted to put a huge thank you out to all the special bloodydeckers that helped out our troop with items for our raffle, you helped the girls to raise almost 450.00 to add to our budget to work on our Silver Award. I did not have my camera all night, but I got a couple...
  115. wheresmypliers

    Twilight for a first timer Loking,..

    Thats rad. Good stuff man.
  116. wheresmypliers

    It's time........................

    Love that pic. Jerry can balls LOL. Go get em gentleman
  117. wheresmypliers

    SHARK-from sea to plate Mako nuggets.....fkn delish!

    Looks good dude. Not as good as your crab cake recipe tho......
  118. wheresmypliers

    Mako shark off La Jolla , on the troll

    Your an evil little man. I dont like you LOL.
  119. wheresmypliers

    100 pounder BSB

    Uuhhhhhhh........ Nice. Next time put the gaff on him, it will save you from being pulled in....
  120. wheresmypliers

    girl scout troop 4062 needs help!!

    Jason, (Papa J) We would also like to thank you for your donation as well, You were kind enough to take time out of your holiday weekend for on of my girls to stop by and pick up some items. I know your donation will help and we can not wait to report back after the dance to share how it went...
  121. wheresmypliers

    a BIG thank you to Fishermans Landing

    Troop 4062 wants to send a HUGE Thank You to the staff of Fisherman's Landing . They were kind enough to send us a couple passes to put in the raffle basket for our Father/Daughter dance in a couple of days. We know it is hard with such a short notice for such a request and we are very grateful...
  122. wheresmypliers

    girl scout troop 4062 needs help!!

    Hi Dan!! We just wanted to thank you for your donation as we truly appreciate it. Now I just have to keep them away from Chad til the event and we are golden!! Brandi- troop leader
  123. wheresmypliers

    girl scout troop 4062 needs help!!

    When cookies come around again, I got your number!! Or I mean PM!!!
  124. wheresmypliers

    girl scout troop 4062 needs help!!

    Hi, We are the wife and daughter of Chad (wheresmypliers). We are the leader and troop member of Girl Scout troop 4062. Our troop is hosting the father/daughter dance for the Escondido area on June 9th, 2012. We are hoping some of you might be able to help us out. We are trying to put together a...
  125. wheresmypliers

    Isn't it time for these?

    What the fuck is tues gonna do with that much shark??
  126. wheresmypliers

    1969 GTO Judge

    Beautiful car man. Wow
  127. wheresmypliers

    ID this Sea Creature?

    whatever the hell it is, that thing in the video is in waaay better shape
  128. wheresmypliers

    How many times can you watch???

    And this is why i read all posts first...... Not gonna open it.
  129. wheresmypliers

    I've got wood

    your very welcome pete. nice meeting you and thanks for the brew man. enjoy splitting that LOL
  130. wheresmypliers

    Name this BD'r......

    And its not a mini van. Lynndeva?
  131. wheresmypliers

    Golden Heat bar to reduce moisture in cabin

    Dude makes a deal with you then tells you to go fuck yourself. Damn......:_diarrhea_:
  132. wheresmypliers

    Getting rid of a family of Possums

    theres one in escondido. right now they have all three size traps on sale ranging from 5.99 to 24.99 for the big one.
  133. wheresmypliers

    What kind of fish is this?

  134. wheresmypliers

    3 halibut in 2 days, for all the haters and juvie WSB catchers in tube socks...

    Nice fish. Now stop with the "look at me!!" bs, makes YOU look like a kook. And fuck you, tube socks are comfortable.
  135. wheresmypliers

    What is with this whole zombie fad?

    And what exactly is a gun dork?
  136. wheresmypliers

    SD Police / Border Patrol

    Its not like there sneaking up on you. You see em coming. Get out the proper docs, and be nice. Done and done. Dont start nuttin, wont be nuttin LOL
  137. wheresmypliers

    White Sea Bass in Carlsbad

    Holy shit, we got us a cock fight LOL very entertaining
  138. wheresmypliers

    Shelter Island Launch ramp parking lot repaving closure.

    The time of the year when you say" albie damned, skunked again" LOL
  139. wheresmypliers

    A day on the bay w/Chad.....Sd Bay 4/23

    You and your fucking pictures LOL. Good times man. Funner times watching you fall in rhe water:D
  140. wheresmypliers

    I've got wood

    I'd rather have beau over. I like dogs LOL. And yes max you can being kurt. I guess.......
  141. wheresmypliers

    I've got wood

    Leave the wheelbarrow. I got one there. And dont bring frank or gil please LOL
  142. wheresmypliers

    I've got wood

    @-ez has got the first batch for friday. When he's done i'll open it back up for dibs
  143. wheresmypliers

    I've got wood

    alot man, we're two trees into a 24 tree cut. gonna have wood flowing for the next couple of weeks.
  144. wheresmypliers

    I've got wood

    because the last thing we need is another ten page thread bitchin about the mail LOL. turn the a.c way down and enjoy the fireplace :D
  145. wheresmypliers

    Shooting Slugs in a Choked Barrel

    yea yea, other way around LOL.
  146. wheresmypliers

    I've got wood

    for you sweetheart, i'll overnight it
  147. wheresmypliers

    SD Anglers Bass Tourny

    nice bycatch and top three! well done
  148. wheresmypliers

    I've got wood

    and plenty of it LOL. fresh cut eucalyptus, cut fireplace size. the bigger stuff will need to be split but thats your problem. i'm avalible thursday-saturday for pickup. shoot me a pm and i will get you the address. sorry no pics of my wood :finger:
  149. wheresmypliers

    Shooting Slugs in a Choked Barrel

    You can shoot slugs thru a choke. I've always found mine shoots better thru an improved choke, but some guys like a full choke. Just make sure they are sabots and not slugs designed for a rifled barrel
  150. wheresmypliers

    Prior to purchasing............

    holy shit, you just one-up'd saluki. thats awesome :rofl:
  151. wheresmypliers

    HOLY HALIBUT! NEW PB 4/17 Pics Included

    halibut dont have feet smart guy.......
  152. wheresmypliers

    Who did Harry & Tues blow........

    now we all know frank aint gonna pay $160.00 for anything....which leaves the question, who did he have to blow to get a discount LOL
  153. wheresmypliers

    Who did Harry & Tues blow........

    can i get one??
  154. wheresmypliers

    It's here!!!

    Its booming here in esco. Big big thunder
  155. wheresmypliers

    Stupid Dog

    LOL gotta love beagels. and i thought my miss b haven was a fatty.......
  156. wheresmypliers

    Applications now being accepted

    i'll start. baby killer!! :D
  157. wheresmypliers

    Anybody wanna take me fishing?

    protective/splash resistant eye wear LOL wtf over?
  158. wheresmypliers

    Well good morning!

    LOL get used to it. it only gets worse!
  159. wheresmypliers

    Recreational Espionage 101 being in the loop-er

    ?Yag si ikulas. Never would have guessed it. I thought seut was.....
  160. wheresmypliers

    Recreational Espionage 101 being in the loop-er

    llew enod stnega! fun read for sure
  161. wheresmypliers

    Automatic Snow Chains.........

    anti-tailgating device...... i like it
  162. wheresmypliers

    Lobster/Sd Bay nice finish to the season!!!

    big ole crab! im surprised vicky held it up for your photo session LOL
  163. wheresmypliers

    Tolbert leaving the Bolts to become a.........

    LOL i see a new date for carl is in town
  164. wheresmypliers

    Manning gets $96 million

    maybe we can get the chargers to move?? wait, nevermind, fuck that.
  165. wheresmypliers

    Manning gets $96 million

    i think it was a great deal :D
  166. wheresmypliers

    Hoopin SD bay Revenge style

    already been done. rivertakes shit is way nastier LOL
  167. wheresmypliers

    Epic Spearfishing fail!!!

    LOL you shoot my guy!!
  168. wheresmypliers

    pic of 115lb bat

    Someone ban simon. Thats the most fucking annoying sig ever LOL
  169. wheresmypliers

    pic of 115lb bat

    LOL fuck you. Our season's gonna suck harder than tues after happy hour. And marcus your right, calling somebody a blue bander is a sure fire ban :D
  170. wheresmypliers

    pic of 115lb bat

    the way i read it, gpaul threatened the ass whoopin, in a joking manner. the kid responded with "you dont want to go there" sounds like he was holding his ground LOL. i dont give two shits about this kid but maybe a time-out with a shut the fuck up would have been more appropriate
  171. wheresmypliers

    I'm a little loud...

    next time your "wife" wakes up, tell him to go make you a sandwich
  172. wheresmypliers

    pic of 115lb bat

    So its not ok to whine about a catch you think is bs, but it is ok to ban someone for having an opion. Damn marcus your getting mean.....
  173. wheresmypliers

    Now we know why so many dad's showed up for Parent / Teacher conferences....

    i'm guessing you weren't the teachers pet type in school........
  174. wheresmypliers

    pic of 115lb bat

    another valid argument for closing down public piers........
  175. wheresmypliers

    Peyton Manning Signs with San Diego!!!!

    gonna be a looooong season next year..............again. fuck
  176. wheresmypliers

    Indian announcement today

    that sucks. good luck in alaska skipper
  177. wheresmypliers

    Brisket Burnt Ends on Weber Grill

    Good stuff. Gotta try this one
  178. wheresmypliers

    I'm Gay...(Apple Question Too)

    doesnt matter what you use. your still gay
  179. wheresmypliers

    Aluminum T

    You wouldnt happen to know the width of the cc it came off of by chance woyld you?
  180. wheresmypliers

    Question re:'Like' Etiquette

    Who the fuck cares?
  181. wheresmypliers

    Sd Bay more lobster and crab in the rain...2/13

    funky ass night man.least it didnt start raining till late. fuck your photo op :D
  182. wheresmypliers

    Sd Bay bad weather=good lobster crawl, got some

    Lets do this. Cold and wet tonight. Yay......
  183. wheresmypliers

    From the trout derby, kids last chance -got some

    Fun day. Windy as hell to start, but turned out nice. Otto is a hardcore fisherman. I like that kidLOL. You seriously need to wear a shirt tho dude......
  184. wheresmypliers

    The banned list game

    misuse- guy was a dick
  185. wheresmypliers

    Nice night!!

    they sure do. and do 90% of the work. stand around and have a beer, pull when its your turn. relaxing way to spend the evening.
  186. wheresmypliers

    Help me track down my stuff PLEASE

    must be one of those smart cars.....
  187. wheresmypliers

    Sd Bay-midnight lobster and big crab....

    nice size crabs teddy. bummer about the bait. plug that shit in :D
  188. wheresmypliers

    ***Official BD Beer Geeks Thread***

    theres an easy nine bills......damn
  189. wheresmypliers

    Stone brew response

    when will the next batch be ready :D
  190. wheresmypliers

    Stone brew response

    donating a six pack of levitation to the bum down the street. no mas stone for me
  191. wheresmypliers

    Eli Manning...........

    "blue" chubby pants. And yes he would have LOL
  192. wheresmypliers

    Giants VS 49er NFC Championship game

    Theres a manning in the superbowl. Fuck yes.
  193. wheresmypliers

    Big boat lotsa lobster-Jig Strike @ H&M

    bring your own card, they will even help you fill it out. and yes the jig strike is out of h&m. fun times and no gear to clean up afterward
  194. wheresmypliers

    Just camping & Trout fishing.

    x2. thats a badass little rig right there
  195. wheresmypliers

    Lobster and crab-ocean to table-good eats

    sitting in the boat with no shirt on does not make you look any younger......
  196. wheresmypliers

    Lord Ceezar, or "Ceez"

    sleezer dont need that shit. lemme get it.
  197. wheresmypliers

    Real Life Spying in Los Angeles Footage

    Awesome first post. Thank you for that........
  198. wheresmypliers

    Aluminum rack for hoop net storage/rigging

    i like it. thats really cool. added bonus, on the drive home the nets get a good air dry.
  199. wheresmypliers

    Sd bay Lobster report monday night-got some

    t shirt weather last night! no joke about that sheepshead thing, nothing in those nets all night. good times man
  200. wheresmypliers

    Sd Bay lobster, sunday night report......

    Ghetto ass beer. I'll bring some high class tecate tonight.
  201. wheresmypliers

    SD Bay a few

    you left me for your wife..........great.
  202. wheresmypliers

    MNF Colts vs Buccs

    fuck you guys. just passing thru............
  203. wheresmypliers

    I'm Making Jalapeno Poppers...Video Report

    What do you think about the chargers? " there gay ". Awesome LOL
  204. wheresmypliers

    I'm Making Jalapeno Poppers...Video Report

    looks good so far. lose the commentator tho, sounds like a complete fag
  205. wheresmypliers

    fish finder problems

    how did you mount the transducer? did you use the bracket or did you glue it in?
  206. wheresmypliers

    Ninja toobin!

    gotta love them slayer heads. good stuff boys
  207. wheresmypliers

    LJK & PLK good fishing & good eats!!!-9/19

    water was dirty, the birds were there but not a problem. it was nice and quiet all day. good times for sure
  208. wheresmypliers

    2011 BD NFL Survivor Pool

    went with the browns this week. should be an easy win.......
  209. wheresmypliers

    Raiders vs Broncos on MNF 9/12 (Double Header)

    Mother fucker that fat ain't hopped up on nothing but brownies LOL. Hell of a kick
  210. wheresmypliers

    Raiders vs Broncos on MNF 9/12 (Double Header)

    You get me all fired up and the throw that lame ass comeback??? Asshole. I was ready to argue some more LOL
  211. wheresmypliers

    Raiders vs Broncos on MNF 9/12 (Double Header)

    Do you read before you post???? I said already this evening that Brady was a genius..... Try reading the whole thread before you run your mouth. The constant comparison between the two just shows how great they both are.
  212. wheresmypliers

    Raiders vs Broncos on MNF 9/12 (Double Header)

    Can't say that for your family....... Your sister has that covered by herself :D
  213. wheresmypliers

    Raiders vs Broncos on MNF 9/12 (Double Header)

    Second all time in career starts.... You might wanna grab a mirror and redefine the meaning of pussy
  214. wheresmypliers

    Raiders vs Broncos on MNF 9/12 (Double Header)

    We already have our token old guy....... Thanks tho
  215. wheresmypliers

    Raiders vs Broncos on MNF 9/12 (Double Header)

    I said on a normal day. This year ain't gonna be a normal day. The colts got there ass handed to them. Big reason, no Peyton( spelled with an e not an a) Now go fuck yourself. Yup I'm gonna be pissy the whole season
  216. wheresmypliers

    Raiders vs Broncos on MNF 9/12 (Double Header)

    Brady's played like an evil genius tonight. Kinda like Peyton on a normal day :D
  217. wheresmypliers

    Chiefs, Steelers, Colts fans.........

    go fuck yourself
  218. wheresmypliers

    power outage in SD county

    Los Angeles and riverside have power out to. Holy shit
  219. wheresmypliers

    power outage in SD county

    News just said as far east as el centro.
  220. wheresmypliers

    power outage in SD county

    Out in Escondido and San Marcos
  221. wheresmypliers

    Now That's A Bow Rail!

    thats pretty bad ass. add a spray shield to that
  222. wheresmypliers

    NFL Opening Day - Packers VS. Saints

    fudgepackers 24 taints 17 both teams are gay
  223. wheresmypliers

    2011 BD NFL Survivor Pool

    im in for $20.00. and a long season of football.......... go colts
  224. wheresmypliers

    2011 BD NFL Survivor Pool

    this shit is gay, but i'm in again
  225. wheresmypliers

    I typically spend the better part of my day...

    google map escondido. all you can see is franks boat
  226. wheresmypliers


    Fucking fire Vaughn..........
  227. wheresmypliers


    Greenbay IS gay.......... And down by 4 :D
  228. wheresmypliers


    It's wheresmypenis not wheresismypenis.........dismal preseason at best for my boys. Pack will win and your still gay
  229. wheresmypliers

    Peak of the season, middle of Summer, WTF.. Clams?

    seems to be a trend. your sister didnt give me any either
  230. wheresmypliers

    Oh No I think someone thought this was a Mako! Its a Great White to me HB PIER

    from jason's i.d links- Juveniles have slender teeth and so may be confused with shortfin mako (I. oxyrinchus). thats a white. poor dfg guy LOL
  231. wheresmypliers

    NASA warns of attack.......

    so i have to put my zombie apocalypse shit away and get out my alien invasion stuff ?? cripes
  232. wheresmypliers

    custom built milk crate tackle box

    i like it. wouldn't pay two bills for it, but i like it. might put a hasp on the lid and that eyebolt could double as a lock.
  233. wheresmypliers

    Mexican Navy Boarding

    would you wanna be the guy on board while your buddy covers you with an m60 bouncing up and down.......fuck that. zodiac with a 2 man boarding team. one for paperwork and one with eyes up.
  234. wheresmypliers

    LJ kelp sunday- Sheepshead, calico rockfish

    thats a handsome fella in that pic LOL. good times man. and that new seat made a huge difference on my back
  235. wheresmypliers

    Don't Ask.............Don't Tell.

    the sheep were to conspicuous LOL
  236. wheresmypliers

    Don't Ask.............Don't Tell.

    anyone know why the navy keeps marines aboard there ships?
  237. wheresmypliers


    tommy's specials, rescuing those of us that suck at fishing LOL
  238. wheresmypliers

    Offshore What's up with all the seiners? nope. not the same drama queen for sure :D
  239. wheresmypliers

    Saluki is down, but not out!

    good to hear your alright asshole
  240. wheresmypliers

    Want to change User Name

    can i get mine changed to asshole :D
  241. wheresmypliers

    Saltwater Hood Canal Shrimping Ripper Family Style! (PIC HEAVY)

    outstanding post! that's a fantastic way to spend the day with the family
  242. wheresmypliers

    Lots a life off PL....6/21-fish'n w/a friend

    damn man, you been out everyday this last week........ must be nice. love the upside down spinner LOL
  243. wheresmypliers

    Guess the weight - Typhoon Yellowtail Shootout

    24 pounds 6 ounces at point loma. fixed :D
  244. wheresmypliers

    Guess the weight - Typhoon Yellowtail Shootout

    24.6 at point loma
  245. wheresmypliers

    6/16 off pl and then Sd Bay.........

    i half expected to see two dead sportcoats LOL. thanks for the invite asshole
  246. wheresmypliers

    Redneck Race Fans!!!!!!!!

    you shoulda been at that race. 1 million jr fans hollering there ass off one second, then one giant ohhhhhhh noooooo!!!! it was hilarious.
  247. wheresmypliers

    DFG is after me

    evidence siezed "u/s halibut". did the officer jump in and chase it down? sounds uhhh fishy
  248. wheresmypliers


    we all saw "inshore big yellow". we all clicked on the link to his webpage. an effective way to advertise is what it was LOL
  249. wheresmypliers

    Tsharking on Hanna Sat 5/14

    were gonna have to work on improving fkg's aim :D
  250. wheresmypliers

    Facebook fiasco

    i can :D
  251. wheresmypliers

    Gun wisdom

    i'm betting kurt has more guns than arizona :D
  252. wheresmypliers

    PL Kelp/Sd Bay, tried to get some.....

    thats a sorry looking mac man
  253. wheresmypliers

    Name this baitfish

  254. wheresmypliers

    4/18 NPH: 1st Time Kayaking

    pelican outcast. wide and slow. ditch the rod holders behind the seat. they suck.
  255. wheresmypliers

    SD Bay with Sasquatch, a mai tai, and fish

    sasquatch LOL love the nickname. next time i see that ten pound spinner on the boat i'm breaking it
  256. wheresmypliers

    Lake Hemet "Cat" the Eagle

    been a long while since hemet was that full. nice to see. love seeing those eagles nail trout
  257. wheresmypliers


    im calling bullshit on this one. no self respecting man wears a purple shirt
  258. wheresmypliers

    New member story

    just send em to me. i'll proof and post them for ya :D
  259. wheresmypliers

    This is no April fools! Yellowtail local.

    that water looks clean to. nice fish man
  260. wheresmypliers

    What a Badass gun that I have in my hands........

    if you had one i'll bet it aint as "purty" :D
  261. wheresmypliers

    What fish is this?

    i say the next guy thats posts a "whats this" midshipman or lizard gets banned
  262. wheresmypliers

    Identification Help?

    Monogamous Sand dollars. Who would have thought it. I thought they liked to sleep around
  263. wheresmypliers

    Identification Help?

    aquatic crop circles, or the little mermaids top
  264. wheresmypliers

    Some of the Newest Pictures out of Japan

    that's almost a funny picture.
  265. wheresmypliers

    These guys have some big sac

    some of those gaps were insane. was that dude wearing a suit?
  266. wheresmypliers

    PoW ... SmacK ... BanG

    Just like my wife. Way to easy to bait LOL
  267. wheresmypliers

    PoW ... SmacK ... BanG

    Lynndeva- spelling Nazi. WTF does she want from a bunch of fishermen??
  268. wheresmypliers

    PoW ... SmacK ... BanG

    LOL i nominate you for moderator of the new bloodydecks dating forum
  269. wheresmypliers

    PoW ... SmacK ... BanG

    women..........cant sneak anything past them
  270. wheresmypliers

    PoW ... SmacK ... BanG

    i'm not fixing mine :D and we used missles today not bombs.
  271. wheresmypliers

    PoW ... SmacK ... BanG

    a nuclear physicist one day and a highschool dropout the next. it's "borders" honey LOL
  272. wheresmypliers

    PoW ... SmacK ... BanG

    110 tomahawk missles up the ass. that had to hurt LOL
  273. wheresmypliers

    Dog Feels Guilty

    My beagles would have said " fuck you dude, we didn't see shit"
  274. wheresmypliers

    New shark painting 3/18/11

    reminds me of a goblin shark
  275. wheresmypliers

    I want free fishing rods and reels.
  276. wheresmypliers

    Nuclear Albacore

    sidescan geiger counter, the newest in fishfinding technology
  277. wheresmypliers

    I want free fishing rods and reels.

    of byeye's cock?? im sure someone around here can accommodate you with that request. be careful what you ask for LOL
  278. wheresmypliers

    I want free fishing rods and reels.

    i've been here longer, i got dibs on the free avets
  279. wheresmypliers

    weekend at the poway derby......3/12

    not sure what gayer, your pink shirt or your scarf :D
  280. wheresmypliers

    Darwin vs Tsunami........

    Crescent City Councilwoman Kelly Schellong. now thats a catchy name LOL
  281. wheresmypliers

    South 9 mile 3/10

    "its like EEEYYAAAAA!!" LOL. cool video
  282. wheresmypliers

    Can someone identify this fish???

    looks like a great blowjob to me
  283. wheresmypliers

    Bloodydecks to Launch Bigger and Badder Site

    now we have 2 gay websites to choose from. awesome
  284. wheresmypliers

    Watch out Taliban, BD is here........

    wonder if the pilot will give a bd salute upon release
  285. wheresmypliers

    New tatoo

    shoulda used mustads, they'll last longer
  286. wheresmypliers

    All Members MUST READ... (please)

    this place is gay. merry christmas anyways
  287. wheresmypliers

    Colts vs Titans game.......

    Seen him!!!!! That's to funny. Colts are looking good tonight
  288. wheresmypliers

    Gil = Bitch move

    Hiya corb
  289. wheresmypliers

    Gil = Bitch move

    LOL girlfight :D
  290. wheresmypliers

    "Carl's Official" Raiders at Chargers Thread

    LOL dudes gonna stick out like a sore thumb. Can't wait to see that
  291. wheresmypliers

    "Carl's Official" Raiders at Chargers Thread

    And you can go fuck yourself. Norvs not going anywhere, the mannings could give two shits whether you hate them, and the colts didn't lose nearly as bad as the chargers did. I thought it was a great game :D
  292. wheresmypliers

    "Carl's Official" Raiders at Chargers Thread

    its 21-3 raiders :D
  293. wheresmypliers

    Reel ID

    its a pflueger for sure. my guess would be the 40's heres a pic of a clean one
  294. wheresmypliers

    Navionics ap for the iPhone. Anybody use it?

    thanks for the links and the money back guarantee marcus. i dont care what they say about you, your a good man LOL. bought it and like it. just sitting at home its got some cool stuff to play with
  295. wheresmypliers


    About time...
  296. wheresmypliers

    Navionics ap for the iPhone. Anybody use it?

    Looks pretty with some cool features, but is it worth the 10 bucks?
  297. wheresmypliers

    Perfect kid

    buahahahaha i love it
  298. wheresmypliers

    Official Chargers Thread 11/28/2010

    I'll tell you what, the chargers have Peyton gun-shy. Always one of my favorite matchups but this is a beating for sure. Good job San Diego
  299. wheresmypliers

    Official Chargers Thread 11/28/2010

    Free touchdown..... Bet no one in San Diego saw wettle do that...
  300. wheresmypliers

    F/S Nintendo Wii HOT CHRISTMAS DEAL!!!!

    your girlfriend plays call of duty, guitar hero, and punch can admit its yours dude LOL
  301. wheresmypliers

    Which .22LR pistol is your favorite?

    old model mkII target. had mine since hector was a pup, and its still as accurate and reliable as day one
  302. wheresmypliers

    Week 12 Picks

  303. wheresmypliers

    Open Invite for Thanksgiving

    i was thinking the same thing. dang family LOL
  304. wheresmypliers

    Countdown to T-Day

    got 2 big birds and a ham going in the smoker first thing thursday morning. cant wait till 4 am to get to work on em LOL
  305. wheresmypliers

    BD Poker night III...anyone want to play?

    i was gonna go till you decided to show up......
  306. wheresmypliers

    The Official Bloodydecks Survivor Pool!

    saluki said he will pay mine. thanks man :D
  307. wheresmypliers

    Killin' them ol' fleas w/o killin' the damn dog?

    frontline man. my beagles tromp thru brush all day and never have fleas. treat your carpet to. . .
  308. wheresmypliers

    Which is your Day in Day OUT NFL Team?

    votes dont mean your a fan. driving around in downtown sd with a colts sticker on your car and not fearing a broken window does :finger:
  309. wheresmypliers

    Which is your Day in Day OUT NFL Team?

    colts since i was a kid. i remember my grandpa saying johnny unitas was a better man than jesus LOL
  310. wheresmypliers

    need advice

    whatever you get, load it up with these. just plain nasty house rounds Cabela's: Winchester® PDX1 Personal-Defense Shotshells
  311. wheresmypliers

    World Series

    "rangers in 7" LOL good inning for sure
  312. wheresmypliers

    SD Marina mystery solved.

    if you put tinfoil on your remote it will work just fine
  313. wheresmypliers

    Please stay away from me!

    would you like to take my wife on a date. i'll pay :D
  314. wheresmypliers

    Buying a used car, DMV process

    C.A.R.S 27625 Jefferson Ave # 105B Temecula, CA 92590-2619 (951) 694-4331 my sister in law's company. she's done a few things for me all through the mail and quick. ask for nancy
  315. wheresmypliers

    Raiders vs Broncos

    i think i heard all of denver stfu
  316. wheresmypliers

    Sd Bay 10/18- killed some lobster........

    good times ted. the weather and water couldnt have been any more perfect. monday night football, hoops, and kfc snackers.......and your goddman camera. man i hate that thing LOL
  317. wheresmypliers

    Help me identify this rattlesnake

    good old western diamondback. if it was a mojave rattlesnake, the white bands on the tail would be wider than the brown bands
  318. wheresmypliers

    Legal help

    If I Have Been Subpoenaed to Testify, Do I Have to Go? A subpoena is actually a court order telling you to appear at a legal proceeding, so you must appear at the place and time designated on the subpoena. Also, if the subpoena requires you to bring certain documents or other objects, you should...
  319. wheresmypliers

    Happy Birthday Corb!!

    happy birthday corb
  320. wheresmypliers

    10/10/10 The Autumn Wind is a Raider

    2-3 on the season......with a one win streak......yup, i would start the shit talkin and get ready for superbowl. you go raiders fans. this is your year for sure
  321. wheresmypliers

    Mother Nature Just Kicked my ass....but we are getting back up.

    i keep looking at that pic, i cant imagine how scary that had to be with your family there. glad you guys are safe.
  322. wheresmypliers

    10/7-lobster a plenty-early crawl SD Bay

    dont go to pull hoops, go to watch. i've never seen a guy with such sloppy gear fish so precisley LOL. truly a learning experiance
  323. wheresmypliers

    chargers!!!! a good omen-check it!!!!

    all there thinking is " why is that creepy guy staring at us " LOL
  324. wheresmypliers

    10/7-lobster a plenty-early crawl SD Bay

    vicky looks scared LOL. nice start man. your usual haunts?
  325. wheresmypliers

    Lake Hemet, Family camping?

    skinners got nice campgrounds as well. and a playground for the kids.
  326. wheresmypliers

    Offshore BFT @ 371 long soak got some-

    good job fellas. bummer i coulnd't get out with ya. work sucks. and i call bs on the perfect gaff. i've seen you gaff LOL
  327. wheresmypliers

    I hate the NFL

    i like the pink outfits. they look snazzy
  328. wheresmypliers

    Dick Fishing WTF??????

    that shit is fake.
  329. wheresmypliers

    3 weeks from today..........

    yup. still get a kick out of that thing clearing the table. funny shit
  330. wheresmypliers

    3 weeks from today..........

    kurts .50 in the ground, dead center. problem solved LOL
  331. wheresmypliers

    Padres Starting lineup brought to you by Vermonster

    it's Han solo and obi wan kenobi..............noob
  332. wheresmypliers


    what do you mean we white man. those butts were yours. i was to busy trophy hunting for lizard fish LOL
  333. wheresmypliers

    Hoopnetting Seminar Thursday!

    didn't somebody pull one of those maine lobsters ou of lbh a few years ago?
  334. wheresmypliers


    party in the usa- miley cyrus
  335. wheresmypliers

    Week Two Football Picks

    did you enjoy last nights game? :D
  336. wheresmypliers

    Week Two Football Picks

    its not funny this week....
  337. wheresmypliers

    Will anyone take me on their boat?

    i think your busting in on jaydogs territory. might want to check with him first :D
  338. wheresmypliers

    The Official Bloodydecks Survivor Pool!

    dear mr. thelionsgotrobbed. i am doing well. you will not miss us this year. we cant wait. even the wife wants to go. that is all.
  339. wheresmypliers

    I did it!

    fuck yea, stoked for you man. thats dedication and payoff right there. pretty fish to boot
  340. wheresmypliers

    Week 1 Football Picks

    all the moderators on bloodydecks take it balls deep LOL funny chit man
  341. wheresmypliers

    The Official Bloodydecks Survivor Pool!

    i'm in for 20
  342. wheresmypliers

    Offshore 9-2 Dodo and YFT

    on an ande cortez rod. damn i'm good LOL
  343. wheresmypliers

    Anyone want to contest that this is not a black seabass?

    did you look to see if the mouth was orange with 2 large fangs?
  344. wheresmypliers

    8/31 Afternoon kayaking on the bay with the Sherminator

    he fixed more than that. all the lights work now LOL
  345. wheresmypliers

    10/10/10 The Autumn Wind is a Raider

    LOL good luck with that
  346. wheresmypliers

    Friday thoughts...(deep stuff)

    The shinbone is a device for finding furniture in a dark room. thats the painful truth right there.
  347. wheresmypliers


    fucking preseason game and someones already talkin shit. we'll see if your singing that tune in the fourth :D
  348. wheresmypliers

    Looking for a fishing buddy

    pelagic yellow tails!! white sea-bass tuna!! blue-find tuna!! simply awesome. i love it LOL
  349. wheresmypliers

    Hot Keg still good?

    heat and light kill beer. its gonna taste like ass
  350. wheresmypliers

    To kill a pup Thresher??

    time to beat the horse again?
  351. wheresmypliers

    Went from boating to boatless to debtless

    because you put your daughters schooling first, she will strike it rich and buy you your dream boat
  352. wheresmypliers

    Bow hunting Leopard Shark

    yes it is 28.95. Spears, Harpoons andBowandArrowFishingTackle. Spears, harpoons and bow and arrow fishing tackle may be used for taking all varieties of skates, rays, and sharks, except white sharks. Such gear may not be possessed or used within 100 yards of the mouth of any stream in any...
  353. wheresmypliers

    Tailgate Party for Bears vs Chargers Saturday 8/14

    i'm sure you guys will have a gay old time
  354. wheresmypliers

    baby WSB??

    bottom is juvenile calico. top a juvi salema.
  355. wheresmypliers

    ANGLER PROFILE #16 - Kelpbass_Kid

    nice write-up jesse. kids a bass catching machine
  356. wheresmypliers

    Let's meet Captain Charlie Sims of Maui Sportfishing's Finest Kind

    fuck with the lion, get the teeth. nice job mister misuse
  357. wheresmypliers

    Mega Yacht "A" anchored in SD bay west of Star of India

    The boat costs over $20 million a year to maintain; Filling the gas tank costs more than $500,000. wonder if $90.00 to fish la jolla is a little high for this boat
  358. wheresmypliers

    This has to be a BDer !! Caught Cheating !!

    nope. lets keep it at the top :D
  359. wheresmypliers

    Who jinxed the SoCal offshore fishing?

    its the fucking moderators fault
  360. wheresmypliers

    Offshore Adolph's Bad Day...

    i thought i'd seen that subtitled to many times. this was fucking awesome man LOL
  361. wheresmypliers

    Good Morning........

    fuck this shit
  362. wheresmypliers

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    needlenose, dykes, expensive fishing pliers, they all seem to jump out of my pocket anytime i'm near the rail.
  363. wheresmypliers

    What fish is this?

    thought it was a rock wrasse.
  364. wheresmypliers

    when you're having a bad day, catch tuna!

    persistence. payoff. good stuff
  365. wheresmypliers

    You know the fishing sucks in SD when...

    on the bright side, my gears never been cleaner or more organized LOL
  366. wheresmypliers

    Baitpump/Fishfinder ONE BATT. Small boat

    Battery Terminals used these on my tin boat. worked just fine
  367. wheresmypliers

    online license: wtf am i doing wrong

    pesos not dollars. makes perfect sense. i'm an idiot LOL. thank you sir
  368. wheresmypliers

    online license: wtf am i doing wrong

    so i get to the part where you pick your license type. individual for a year. i get $38 bucks for the license and $490 bucks for a resource fee. what the hell is that? $520 bucks for a year feels steep to me LOL
  369. wheresmypliers

    I would like to introduce......

    very nice marcus. congrats to you guys
  370. wheresmypliers

    Offshore salmon shark off catalina

    see the secondary keel at the base of the tail? found only in the porbeagle and salmon shark
  371. wheresmypliers

    Offshore We went the distance for the Albacore

    When bait is caught and brought to the receiving pens, it's handled and travels through changing water temps which are both stressful. Curing is time in the receiver to regain strength and health. Cured bait looks great, fresh bait suffers the white spots, poor color and condition. When the...
  372. wheresmypliers

    Yes or No

    buy your own truck
  373. wheresmypliers

    Baby on the way

    and thats it in a nutshell. listen to the woman dude
  374. wheresmypliers

    Need Manifolds/Risers PCM Ford 302

    your gonna want a new distributer to :D
  375. wheresmypliers

    Fish I.D???

    pacific electric ray. or to much time in the bay :D
  376. wheresmypliers

    Owner or Gamakatsu???????

    i use whatever i can cut off of other peoples rigs.
  377. wheresmypliers

    Post your favorite blond joke

    LOL 9:25 in the morning is way to early to be that drunk
  378. wheresmypliers

    Crowley Perch Slay 6-15-10 w/pics

    thats what i was thinking as well. here's what they are... cool looking fish...
  379. wheresmypliers

    What do you shoot with!!

    remington 870 taurus 686 ruger 10/22
  380. wheresmypliers

    how to connect mono to flouro with a knot

    that makes sense....i was picturing a tady 45 on 8lb LOL. try the blood knot. works well for me and is easy to tie
  381. wheresmypliers

    how to connect mono to flouro with a knot

    what kind of jigs are you throwing on 8lb test?
  382. wheresmypliers

    Guys, would you hit this?

    first there was this mess...... and now this mess.......followed by 20,000 monkeys with peckers. 2 perfect reasons women should not be allowed to post
  383. wheresmypliers

    A good dog for my son?

    LOL aint that the truth. other than that little fact, there fantastic dogs
  384. wheresmypliers

    looking for (non-creepy) mentor

    am i the only one that see's the resemblence??
  385. wheresmypliers

    Hypothetically - $1 Million to spend:

    Osprey Pilothouse im not greedy. thats my dream boat
  386. wheresmypliers

    original "Gangsta" how to shoot

    "The nautical theme is ever popular as is seen by this militiaman wearing a stylish Kapok life jacket. It wont stop a bullet but it sure looks Boo-yaa!" LOL that had me in tears
  387. wheresmypliers

    Has BD really grown that big?

    هذا المكان تمتص
  388. wheresmypliers

    Pesky bycatch LJ 4-7 yak style

    he does. i'm the one that catches the fish :D
  389. wheresmypliers

    anybody fish around mount holly, north carolina?

    gonna be out there for 10 days in may. wondering if anybody had any intel on whats biting that time of the year and what works. never fished east coast fresh water, so it should be an experiance. thanks in advance
  390. wheresmypliers

    FKG's new ride..........

    thats gonna look real nice behind your van :D
  391. wheresmypliers

    in our 13' Whaler. The legend continues.

    balls. you guys have em. nice trip fellas
  392. wheresmypliers

    Advice for activities in San Diego for a 5 yr old

    fiesta island has fire rings and nice areas to put the yak in. the zoo and wild animal park have a 2 day package for $70/adult $50/kids. gives you day passes for both parks. the new elephant inclosure and polar bear plunge are both open and really cool
  393. wheresmypliers

    spectra is F*&KING EXPENSIVE

    why in the hell are you talking about spectra when the thread starts like this???? wow
  394. wheresmypliers

    any 1 seen cudas out there?

    how about you two grab a ruler and compare dicks..............cripes
  395. wheresmypliers

    3/12-3/14 Irvine Lake Campout with Roxy, Bill, & The Booger Eaters.

    fkg burning shit up LOL. that boys got a knack for fire
  396. wheresmypliers

    Earthquake Preparedness........ Are you ready?

    just watched on the news, the city of conception near the 8.8 epicenter moved 10 feet west. wow
  397. wheresmypliers

    To Be A Crustacean

    ryans ugly. you guys did good. now i want a newcastle
  398. wheresmypliers

    Radar For Sale!

    wow.a 9 page circle jerk.......
  399. wheresmypliers

    Serious Question - Pit Bulls

    bottom line is, all dogs have personalities just like people. some are assholes some are sweet. its up to you to bring that pup up right. lots of work and love will go a long ways. pit, rot, collie, or beagle, there all gonna bite when there in a bad mood.....
  400. wheresmypliers

    Class lll Reciever?

    except when the douchebag doing the install fries the wiring in the back half of your truck. do that shit yourself.
  401. wheresmypliers

    Official Super Bowl Thread... Who Dat vs The Colts.

    thats the funniest thing i've ever read on bd. thank you sir LOL LOL LOL
  402. wheresmypliers

    Official Super Bowl Thread... Who Dat vs The Colts.

    LOL i do have that effect on people.
  403. wheresmypliers

    Official Super Bowl Thread... Who Dat vs The Colts.

    the game sucked balls. the beer was good tho
  404. wheresmypliers

    Hey Dog folks.

    ditto that. jesse, one of the dogs in our play group just went thru the same surgery. she hated watching the other dogs play while she sat there with a cone, but shes right in there with them now. deffinatly worth it
  405. wheresmypliers


    uh, yea, negative
  406. wheresmypliers

    Need help finding a Tool

    and a great value at four bucks
  407. wheresmypliers

    hooping lobster after the charger game 11/22

    buy a goddamn gascap already LOL
  408. wheresmypliers

    INDY vs. Balt

    :D good game
  409. wheresmypliers

    Yaking DVL tomorrow 11/20

    taken from there website: Kayaks and canoes, at least 10 feet long, non-bailing and with seating for all passengers inside the boat, are allowed. No sit-on-top kayaks are allowed
  410. wheresmypliers

    SD Bay--11/7-late night lobster-good score

    i've told him the same thing. i dont think we're gonna see that anytime soon LOL
  411. wheresmypliers

    SD Bay--11/7-late night lobster-good score

    killed it. you always score better by need better deckhands LOL
  412. wheresmypliers

    Halloween Boobies!

  413. wheresmypliers

    gps for vehicles

    ECLIPSE AVN6620 DVD Navigation System with 7inch Wide TFT Display and Dual DVD Multi-Source Receiver AVN6620 | Fujitsu Ten this is the one i have in the durango. not cheap but does everything you could ever want
  414. wheresmypliers

    FKG parent / teacher conference.......2009

    father of the year right there
  415. wheresmypliers


    'A pumpkin? Shoot.... is it midnight already?' i would have let him go after that LOL
  416. wheresmypliers


    or paddles with jokes this bad
  417. wheresmypliers

    Hey Jaydog..............

    did i miss something? did the chargers lose again :D
  418. wheresmypliers

    What kind of spider is this?

    yep orb weaver. cool spiders
  419. wheresmypliers

    Anyone interested in a NFL Survivor Pool....

    looks like the ball is in corbs court now. holy shit that game was scary....
  420. wheresmypliers

    Anyone interested in a NFL Survivor Pool....

    not looking good for you so far.............or me :imdumb:
  421. wheresmypliers


    <TABLE class=tablehead cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=3 sizset="11" sizcache="8"><TBODY sizset="11" sizcache="8"><TR class=colhead><TD colSpan=2>QUARTERBACK RATING</TD><TD align=right>RAT</TD></TR><TR class="oddrow player-28-1428" sizset="11" sizcache="8"><TD style="BORDER-RIGHT-WIDTH: 0px...
  422. wheresmypliers


    stiring up the shit early...........i like it :D
  423. wheresmypliers

    midweek lobster crawl....10/15-SD Bay....

    nice job on the solo run teddy
  424. wheresmypliers

    Anyone interested in a NFL Survivor Pool....

    <TABLE class="std survivor"><TBODY><TR id=row752542><TD class=rowheading>1. BENITOSAN</TD><TD>N</TD><TD class=sps4>SD</TD><TD class=sps4>WAS</TD><TD class=sps4>BAL</TD><TD class=sps4>CHI</TD><TD class=sps4>MIN</TD></TR><TR id=row752513><TD class=rowheading>2. BIG GIRL</TD><TD>N</TD><TD...
  425. wheresmypliers

    Anyone interested in a NFL Survivor Pool....

    a fine pick indeed. see you next week :D
  426. wheresmypliers

    So you want to show the world that you are an idiot....

    i'm confused. are we speaking of making oneself an idiot or an asshole? the title is kind of confusing
  427. wheresmypliers


    so after reading your guys' posts, i ordered these from bass pro shops. both are l.e.d. and battery operated. there also bright as hell. raised my 360 degree light from 24" to 40 ". those combined with the headlamp, flashlight and horn should do the trick.
  428. wheresmypliers

    Anyone interested in a NFL Survivor Pool....

    week 5 should be easy.....
  429. wheresmypliers


    from the way i read the regs, any unpowered vessel less than 16 feet needs only a 360 degree white light. red and green nav lights are not required. am i reading that correctly. i've got the 360 light, an led headlamp, flashlight, and horn. am i good to go or am i gonna get ran over...
  430. wheresmypliers

    Anyone interested in a NFL Survivor Pool....

    cripes this is gonna be a tough week to pick.....
  431. wheresmypliers

    Colts vs Cardinals Thread

    gg. didnt have alot of confidence on this one. cardinals got good offense, we got the better of em tonight
  432. wheresmypliers

    Colts vs Cardinals Thread

    :D we're lookin alright so far.
  433. wheresmypliers

    Lost Dog Southeast of Long Beach breakwater on September 18th

    good luck. hope someone here has your pup.
  434. wheresmypliers

    Not a joke and I'm pissed

    thats right, because every muslim in the united states must be a terrorist:rolleyes:
  435. wheresmypliers

    Posts Being Deleted

    make um pay to play. less asshats that way. hey that rhymes :D
  436. wheresmypliers

    Watching NFL games online?

    the vikings are another safe pick this week i think
  437. wheresmypliers

    Watching NFL games online?

    why bother. your not gonna make the right picks anyways :D
  438. wheresmypliers

    Anyone interested in a NFL Survivor Pool....

    wifezilla take away your fleshlight??
  439. wheresmypliers

    Steelers vs Titans online game thread...

    that polamalu fella sure is fun to watch
  440. wheresmypliers

    Offshore 9/7-monday tuna on the troll

    nice job ted. that rapala sure does get a workout. funny how they go after the plug right under the boat. nice to see you finnaly put a man size sticker on the car :D
  441. wheresmypliers

    HI I'M A CHICK. Deck boots?

    :rofl: now thats funny
  442. wheresmypliers

    Anyone interested in a NFL Survivor Pool....

    LOL your a pussy. play
  443. wheresmypliers

    Anyone interested in a NFL Survivor Pool....

    LOL yup it just kind of flows
  444. wheresmypliers

    Anyone interested in a NFL Survivor Pool....

    already done sir :D
  445. wheresmypliers

    Deckhand rod

    seeker american series a 270h-8 ct
  446. wheresmypliers

    Skater Vs: Gangster Thug W/Gun

    which one is which :D
  447. wheresmypliers

    I can't believe this shit!

    and this is why i walk my kid to class in the morning and pick her up at class........scary shit
  448. wheresmypliers

    lets see your Fantasy line up

    good looking lineup there corb. should do well for you
  449. wheresmypliers

    OK Slater, now what?????

    now thats sexy
  450. wheresmypliers

    This guy has some huge balls!!!!

    thats a real friend that will carry your balls up the stairs LOL
  451. wheresmypliers

    BloodyDecks/Rod Rack 5-day report PIC Heavy

    congrats on the bft dude. cool story and pics
  452. wheresmypliers

    Baja's Getting Rocked Today! 8/3/09

    A magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit near Santa Isabel, Baja California, Mexico at 11:00 Monday morning. Just five minutes earlier a 5.8 magnitude earthquake was felt in the same general area. Two others followed about a half hour later. The epicenter of the strongest quake was 354 miles southeast...
  453. wheresmypliers

    Happy Birthday FishkillerBill

    happy birthday bill!!
  454. wheresmypliers

    Silly love songs(no pics)

    do you ever have a bad day on the water??? looks like fun man
  455. wheresmypliers

    Soldier looking to do some fishing!

    -Was a Deck hand on the Sea Scout boat for about 4 months until the cub scouts took the boat back. (Bastards) wow........really........
  456. wheresmypliers

    Is this paddy holding fish?

    look for the ones holding other boats :D
  457. wheresmypliers

    FishKiller G takes on Canada for some epic fishing!

    that cowboy hat is just the worst LOL hell of an adventure you two
  458. wheresmypliers

    someone please post a cheat sheet

    12" lingcod LOL
  459. wheresmypliers

    gun shop

    classic army.........airsoft guns LOL
  460. wheresmypliers

    News Flash--World Record Largemouth Contender

    well look what the cat dragged in...........your still alive!
  461. wheresmypliers

    Hardbait Hotrod

    i'll never open another one of your threads again, ever
  462. wheresmypliers

    End of an era

    can i have #2?
  463. wheresmypliers

    other than seeker and calstar...

    hastings sw70hplus. my new favorite all around stick
  464. wheresmypliers

    Funny Sh*t Right There

    LOL nice. lets all get bd banners and return the favor
  465. wheresmypliers

    3 Years in Prison for stealing a bike?? Are you fucking kidding me?

    "former bicycle racer myself" LOL LOL LOL
  466. wheresmypliers

    BD/FD on Fish Face Radio this Saturday 10am

    offshore fishing apperatus............LOL dont let that brandon guy hold your rod..... to funny
  467. wheresmypliers

    BD/FD on Fish Face Radio this Saturday 10am

    o shit.......... fleshlight LOL
  468. wheresmypliers

    BD/FD on Fish Face Radio this Saturday 10am

    someone cant figure out how to put on the earphones LOL
  469. wheresmypliers

    BD/FD on Fish Face Radio this Saturday 10am

    this could be fun :D
  470. wheresmypliers


    came across a couple of bags of these, both the sweepers and the hula sweepers. the hulas look like an easy rig, but the regular sweepers are kinda funky. anybody ever use em? how do you rig them?
  471. wheresmypliers

    Skinner stripers

    what days you camping? the family and i will be there saturday and sunday. best luck i've had with the stripers is first thing in the morning out by the dam. look for surface activity and chuck frozen chovies or 3" swimmies
  472. wheresmypliers

    How will you die?

    a three year old thread comes back and makes your head explode
  473. wheresmypliers

    Retarded Logos

    remember this??
  474. wheresmypliers

    Looking for people to fish sci with me need

    LOL smells like thin skin round here
  475. wheresmypliers

    Need storage place in Escondido

    Key for unit#_________<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Please initial appropriate space(s):<o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Benefit of Tenant_______________ Accepting Deliveries_______________<o:p></o:p> I do understand that the...
  476. wheresmypliers

    Need storage place in Escondido

    jason your best bet up in this area right now might be liberty rv & boat depot. kinda pricey, but vehicle storage out this way is kinda full. their number is 760-744-6969. or try mission road self storage. 760-744-7191. if you do get it with a storage facility, make sure you get a hold harmless...
  477. wheresmypliers

    Damn Monkeys!!!!!!!!

    i was done. big dan just wouldn't let go LOL
  478. wheresmypliers

    Damn Monkeys!!!!!!!!

    baboon lasts longer than i do............great
  479. wheresmypliers

    Worst fishing experience ever!

    you wanna pay to catch fish.........find a trout farm
  480. wheresmypliers

    Change to the rules ***no more hand signs***

    good. i couldnt remember what it was most of the time anyways LOL
  481. wheresmypliers

    Gues whos biz-ack!

  482. wheresmypliers

    Bacaruda bite and BD Salute

    feels better when it quits hurting
  483. wheresmypliers

    Happy B-Day Papa J

    i cant match tommys offer, but i do have a jar of gefilte fish in the cupboard you can have LOL. happy b-day man
  484. wheresmypliers

    1/2 dolphin suicidal slime

    jumped on the dolphin for a morning session with 57 other neighbors. grabbed bait and headed for pl. one of my goals this year was to fish the plastics heavy. after pulling up on a basketball sized foam ball, that idea went out the window LOL grabbed the jigstick and went to work. wide open the...
  485. wheresmypliers

    Maybe a Teen section?

    johnny b can moderate
  486. wheresmypliers

    Panama photo report

    now thats an epic trip. those blue trevally have bitchin colors
  487. wheresmypliers

    BD trip aboard the Horse to SCI for YT's!!!

    someone looks like their struggling a bit LOL
  488. wheresmypliers

    My new ride.........

    nice frank. i had a '64 fairlane ranch wagon i wished i never sold. gotta love old stationwagons
  489. wheresmypliers

    Happy B-Day gardenmartha...5-12

    hope ya had a great b-day martha
  490. wheresmypliers

    Happy Birthday wheresmypliers!

    martha that card tops an already great day, thanks for that and thanks for the well wishes fellas. got to hop on the nsf for an afternoon sesh. full speed sportcoats on the plastique. got a good steak and a mini keg o heinekin for dinner. a damn fine day for sure
  491. wheresmypliers

    transducer placement?

    good info. thanks man
  492. wheresmypliers

    transducer placement?

    LOL guess i could have been a little clearer. the meter is on a ram mount in front of me. the transducer will be a permanent shoot thru deal. i thought about putting it over the side, but didnt want it to hang up on anything, so its going inside
  493. wheresmypliers

    transducer placement?

    putting a new fishfinder in my yak. what i want to do is place it near the scupper behind my seat to protect it. my question is twofold, should i place it fore or aft of the scupper or should i place it closer to the center of the yak. also does the air noise in the scupper disrupt the sounder...
  494. wheresmypliers

    Bloody Decks Irvine Tourny...

    big dan and steve in one portta potty? no fucking way LOL
  495. wheresmypliers

    I just love this site

    2 whiney threads in one
  496. wheresmypliers

    Padres vs. Giants photos (56k Warning)

    i like the playboy stuff better, and the zoo stuff
  497. wheresmypliers

    Happy Easter!

    happy easter fellas. everbody eat lots
  498. wheresmypliers

    I would like to thank congress for my new boat!

    and i was just going out to have a smoke........................dammit you guys suck
  499. wheresmypliers

    Mission Belle Yellows

    only one photo........i knew you wasn't on that boat :D
  500. wheresmypliers

    Indicator for APRIL...

    i was wondering what sign this dude used to use.......LOL
  501. wheresmypliers

    good/bad day on the water

    i second that motion
  502. wheresmypliers

    Capt.G, Tsurikichi and VenturaRodandLure claim Victory

    capt g and the plastic man toghether........poor feesh
  503. wheresmypliers

    Drug cash

    LOL that made me laugh.
  504. wheresmypliers

    So I type in "Ultimate Fighter" on Youtube.....

    LOL the meat beater. thats awesome
  505. wheresmypliers

    Derelicts Buying a boat, who has a ticket?

    then convert the bait tank to a hot tub, add a bigger flat screen and a poker table. or a nice liquor cabinet......
  506. wheresmypliers

    BD Blood Drives might need a new home

    escondido or san marcos to far? i'm pretty sure i could get one or both of my facilitys to swing it
  507. wheresmypliers


    gotcha. that makes sense. from the first pic it looks like the wheel assembly was welded to the boat. thought maybe you just drove around looking like that x-wing kayak thing dude had on here a couple of years ago LOL
  508. wheresmypliers


    i've just spent 10 minutes looking at those beach launch wheels. it looks like there permanently mounted to the boat. educate a dummy on how that works
  509. wheresmypliers

    Derelicts Buying a boat, who has a ticket?

    galleys to small for you boys.....
  510. wheresmypliers

    Adios Amigos; Thank GOD no more GAY porn from Saluki!!!

    good riddance have a good trip jay LOL
  511. wheresmypliers

    Best/worst gadgets for fishing?

    cajun red line
  512. wheresmypliers

    SD Bay...fishin and finishin...

    nice way to finish the season ted. now get some work done on that boat
  513. wheresmypliers

    Been considering this for my final resting place.....

    what a creative way to wind up with crabs :D
  514. wheresmypliers

    i went fishing today on my kayak...

    LOL..........i'm gonna kick the wifes ass....
  515. wheresmypliers

    How do i get rid of a cat??? any ideas?

    dont be a bitch. 12g that motherfucker
  516. wheresmypliers

    i went fishing today on my kayak...

    and here is what i saw
  517. wheresmypliers


    well it's not an asain girl with big titties, but it's still pretty good LOL
  518. wheresmypliers

    Stay away from Saltydawg, he sucks

    sarcasm, it's whats for dinner
  519. wheresmypliers

    Saluki, our prayers have been answered!

    you had me at :20. god bless you corb
  520. wheresmypliers

    fishing friday?????

    and a reacharound. a good deal indeed
  521. wheresmypliers

    anybody been to hodges lately?

    cold and slow dude. fished the tules a few times since they reopened for nada. on the bright side, not as many dead fish on the shore as last year
  522. wheresmypliers

    golf car mechanic

    thanks for the tip skip. gonna call them this afternoon. my clubcar has 36 volt, i kinda like the power of the 72 volt. with the onboard charger and other electronics, i wanna stick with the stock battery setup.
  523. wheresmypliers

    golf car mechanic

    anybody around escondido do golf car maintainence? i've got a gem e825 that needs new batteries. 6 12volts is to much electricity for me
  524. wheresmypliers

    Irvine Lake 3/6 - 3/8

    big dan was probably busy. sounds like a relaxing weekend for sure
  525. wheresmypliers

    Cali boy takes on New England Ice Fishing - what a blast! w/pics

    those perch look cool. kinda like a coldwater peacock bass
  526. wheresmypliers

    26" or 28" 20ga. Remington 1100 G3

    my wife says 2" more would be nice, so i'd go with the 28"
  527. wheresmypliers

    And Another one....

    i like
  528. wheresmypliers

    Sd Bay pullin hard, drinkin harder

    nice fishin with ya again brother. what a pleasant evening to be out. the beer was cold, the weather and company were great, the dogs susked ass, and we even got some good critters. a few more cervesas and i'm sure to make skipper LOL. lets do it again before the seasons over. i've got a new toy...
  529. wheresmypliers

    SD Bay Fishing halis and Hooping lobster

    jesus man, clean your boat. see you tom. night :D
  530. wheresmypliers

    Things you can not say while drunk

    3. Proliferation thats hard to say sober
  531. wheresmypliers

    APB on "Dirty Oar"

    i saw squid in lj you can shut this mess down now saluki LOL
  532. wheresmypliers

    Brandon's New Boat-Full race

    do the rod holders add down force?
  533. wheresmypliers

    Steelhead in Irvine -fact or fiction...?

    i did i did. i dont read so well, so i was hoping for visual instruction on the proper use and tecniques
  534. wheresmypliers

    do you know jack schitt?

    YouTube - The Schitt Family
  535. wheresmypliers

    Remington 870 sling

    Blackhawk Universal Single Point Sling Adapter Galco Holsters BATTL Sling for Tactical Rifles and Shotgun these are the 2 pieces i use......comes on and off real easy, and gives you multiple carry positions
  536. wheresmypliers

    SD Bay lobster and more lobster....fri/sat night

    nice dude. glad to hear the boats back on the water
  537. wheresmypliers

    Steelhead in Irvine -fact or fiction...?

    wtf? you take the kids, or you and big dan playin ditch buddy's? we need a weekend camp again. i got a new toy and could use a vacation.......
  538. wheresmypliers

    These guys have to be BDer's

    LOL capt. josh fishin fresh water now?
  539. wheresmypliers

    Lucy is Spayed

    she'll be fine rick. good to hear she got the op. watch the food tonight tho. doc said no go right after surgery. i just picked my beagle up from the vet myself......she decided to eat a 1/2 oz least the hook was in the corner of the mouth LOL
  540. wheresmypliers

    kayaker are safe

    bet you pack an extra paddle next time..... good to hear your ok
  541. wheresmypliers

    Welfare-econo-crisis luremaking for the budget conscious california resident.

    thats cool jesse. never woulda thought to nuke old swimmies, your ghetto in a good way
  542. wheresmypliers

    just for fun

  543. wheresmypliers

    Long Beach 2/15/09

    i went fishing and all i saw was this mermaid
  544. wheresmypliers


    damn close to home. i'll be puttin fliers out to my customers. prayers for her return
  545. wheresmypliers

    Moving to Dana Point - Help

    only one piece of advice i can think of lose the white deck boots LOL
  546. wheresmypliers

    Top Cat / catfish joint (restaurant review)

    wrong...............he doesnt have a dozen harmonicas strapped to his chest
  547. wheresmypliers


    the photog has a nice rack
  548. wheresmypliers

    Squid pics

    thats creepy
  549. wheresmypliers

    looking for a guy

    being of asian decent, i take offense to all the rude names posted
  550. wheresmypliers

    White Man Screw up !

    you got something against riding horses and shooting arrows?
  551. wheresmypliers

    Spots didn't know it was raining and we didn't care!

    nice! looks like a fun filled day
  552. wheresmypliers

    Hailing SHOCKTOWER!!

    right on. good lookin pup
  553. wheresmypliers

    Positive Thoughts For a BD Friend

    get well soon maggie
  554. wheresmypliers

    What Kind of Dead fish do you think it is?

    you know it's winter when a rotten fish gets 2 pages......
  555. wheresmypliers

    What would you do?

    i woulda put ice down his pants
  556. wheresmypliers

    I finally bucked up and got my girl tattoed on me

    wow........... nice way to remember your girl man. looks good
  557. wheresmypliers

    Spottie fishing tonight..

    good luck dude. wear a jacket, its gonna be cold as fuck LOL
  558. wheresmypliers

    Angler Profile: Spike Ivins (SPIKE)

    this pics cool in so many ways. nice write up <?xml:namespace prefix = o /><o:p></o:p>
  559. wheresmypliers

    Angler Profile: Brian Marshall (DENEK)

    hell of a fishing partner you got there d. thats good stuff
  560. wheresmypliers

    To Carry (Concealed Weapon) or Not?

    and that says it all. this could have been said 3 pages ago and argument done
  561. wheresmypliers

    how I spent my weekend.......

    shit looks the same to me LOL guess thats why i dont mess with wires
  562. wheresmypliers

    Sprained ankle..prayers would be nice

    prayers sent. for the dog :D
  563. wheresmypliers

    Shelter Island Ramp rebuild might not happen

    you said a bit more impotent LOL
  564. wheresmypliers

    LINGS y MAS - 1/24/09

    matching lings. good stuff guys
  565. wheresmypliers

    Alberta Cougar, photo help?

    monster cat!!! tree'd or not...that thing had to be scary
  566. wheresmypliers

    01-23-09 Good Rockfishing on The San Diego

    looks like a light load to. nice
  567. wheresmypliers

    Just say no If you have a choice. I didn't

    so i take it the friends not hot
  568. wheresmypliers

    Jim's New Ride / S.M. Bay Bass 1-21

    2 inches forward of your farthest stroke.... with my flailing thats gonna take a while to figure out LOL. thanks for the info smuggler..........heres a suggestion, stop thread jacking, make your own post speaking your peace, or stfu
  569. wheresmypliers

    Winter Bassin' 01 / 21 New Version

    the new layout works well. i like it.
  570. wheresmypliers

    Jim's New Ride / S.M. Bay Bass 1-21

    nice double. those rod holders in the front dont get in the way?
  571. wheresmypliers

    Lets give Mary a proper BD welcome!

    multi quote is your friend dude LOL
  572. wheresmypliers

    I got a story to tell you!

    sorry about your sensitive tip
  573. wheresmypliers

    Lets give Mary a proper BD welcome!

    a pair of tits walks thru the door and you guys start fallin all over yourselves LOL
  574. wheresmypliers

    Home Remodelling..........

    sweet, another one for the ignore list.......
  575. wheresmypliers

    One last drift PLEEEEASE! YES!

    nine wasted pages...........
  576. wheresmypliers

    A little project I have been working on.

    to cool jesse. cant wait to see how she turns out
  577. wheresmypliers

    For all you Steeler haters....

    the first pic is fake, the second pic is a crow, not a raven.......good going smart guy LOL
  578. wheresmypliers

    1-17 hooping Mission Bay, gear stolen

    sucks dome, hope that shit skunks there boat for life
  579. wheresmypliers

    Montana Duck porn........

    i wanted to see pictures off you guys trying to ski LOL
  580. wheresmypliers

    Elvis Squid Has Left the Buidling (9 mile)

    no squid, but the weather was great. we saw one big ass mola on the sea watch last night and that was that . moon wasnt up till 10:00. we ran out of coors light. beats workin anyhow :D
  581. wheresmypliers

    Funniest Thread on BD?
  582. wheresmypliers

    And so you know (AHEM, Josh)

    who the hell has crayons on there boat??
  583. wheresmypliers

    You are the Bolts GM...Now what

    trade sproles to the colts
  584. wheresmypliers

    Chargers strike first

    driving home up the 15........saw the band wagon on fire on the side of the road LOL
  585. wheresmypliers

    Chargers strike first

    congrat steelers :D feel the pain LOL
  586. wheresmypliers


    are clams kosher?
  587. wheresmypliers


    fat man with a trunk load of mini nukes..............take em out in bulk
  588. wheresmypliers

    Cooking Competition Get Together

    smoked rhino leg sounds delish LOL
  589. wheresmypliers

    Now this is SICK!

    LOL good, someones about to catch a big ole karma bitchslap
  590. wheresmypliers

    Cooking Competition Get Together

    some different smoked meats would be awesome
  591. wheresmypliers

    Future Pole Dancing Star

    she had really dirty feet
  592. wheresmypliers

    Now this is SICK!

    please say you were kidding......... that dudes got some serious bad juju on him for that
  593. wheresmypliers


    theres no more room on the bandwagon.....
  594. wheresmypliers

    Fishing Goals for 2009

    same goal i had for 2008.......... bonefish from both bays
  595. wheresmypliers

    Chargers Vs. Steelers - Whats the Dope?

    i wouldnt say it was like a family member dying, but it did sting LOL. lets go fishing dude, football seasons over
  596. wheresmypliers

    Chargers Vs. Steelers - Whats the Dope?

    all of you can kiss my ass......... yes i'm bitter
  597. wheresmypliers

    what's going on a mile or so off Mission Beach?

    thats funny.....were you wearing your harmonnica vest/ammo vest while watching the game?
  598. wheresmypliers

    The official CHARGERS Vs. Colts poll/thread...

    sproles is the mvp for sure. dudes dynamite. gg chargers, imma go drink beer and cry
  599. wheresmypliers

    The official CHARGERS Vs. Colts poll/thread...

    good god, if your gonna facemask somebody at this point...break his fucking neck
  600. wheresmypliers

    The official CHARGERS Vs. Colts poll/thread...

    overtime and the chargers get the ball......fuck. both teams brought there A game tonight.
  601. wheresmypliers

    The official CHARGERS Vs. Colts poll/thread...

    game changing sack right there...... gonna be a nerve racking 2 minutes boys
  602. wheresmypliers

    Torn groin...

    i now have a headache..........
  603. wheresmypliers

    Torn groin...

    LT who?
  604. wheresmypliers

    Torn groin...

    theres a blonde one to
  605. wheresmypliers

    Torn groin...

    that was 2 different chicks dude, look up LOL. exciting game so far
  606. wheresmypliers

    Shooting in the ocean?

    do you take your jigstick to the range to hook a few paper targets?
  607. wheresmypliers

    The official CHARGERS Vs. Colts poll/thread...

    it's peyton......and your gonna see lightning from that hand alright
  608. wheresmypliers

    The official CHARGERS Vs. Colts poll/thread...

    i think its gonna be a high scoring game either way it goes.
  609. wheresmypliers

    Chargers game score predictions

    works for me :D fuck lt.............sproles has looked awesome the last couple of games. he scares me
  610. wheresmypliers

    Hey Gang, Warrior fishing 2009

    what the hell, i'm in. let me know what i can do. if nothing else i can be your miss daisy LOL
  611. wheresmypliers

    The fail boat has arrived,..

    i'm bettin that things more reliable than the deathmobile LOL
  612. wheresmypliers

    Donks vs Bolts

    i hope they both lose LOL
  613. wheresmypliers

    Wachu Get For Christmas?

    miss b. haven. my new best friend :D
  614. wheresmypliers

    Hey Tommy--I hope this meets your approval

    damn roxy, that looks good. merry christmas to you and bill now post the recipe dammit :D
  615. wheresmypliers

    Someone please explain this to me...

    them bitches are from san jacinto LOL
  616. wheresmypliers

    OLD TIME BDers....... How bout a Merry Xmas Rolecall

    merry christmas knuckleheads
  617. wheresmypliers

    colts/steelers/ravens-then panthers

    gettin past the first rounds gonna be the trick :D
  618. wheresmypliers

    What are the odds.......

    why watch sundays games, theres a perfectly good one on now :D
  619. wheresmypliers

    Saluki and big Albacore

    why did you let saluki hold your fish? LOL lets get a full story fellas
  620. wheresmypliers

    NFL lock of the week, absolutely free

    o goodie........:finger:
  621. wheresmypliers

    NFL lock of the week, absolutely free

    thats that. make it a nice one.....
  622. wheresmypliers

    NFL lock of the week, absolutely free

    we shall see. first time i've bet on the colts all year. i probably just doomed them LOL. and i've already got a good one picked out....
  623. wheresmypliers

    NFL lock of the week, absolutely free

    LOL conceded defeat already?
  624. wheresmypliers

    NFL lock of the week, absolutely free

    i think we can cover 17 points. i'll take your bet sir. avatar for a week, and i wont make it as disturbing LOL
  625. wheresmypliers

    NFL lock of the week, absolutely free

    i'll take an avatar bet the colts win :D
  626. wheresmypliers

    Go Bears

    whatever.................go COLTS SO FUCK YOU GUYS :D
  627. wheresmypliers

    Amazing Driver!

    i love how the door chime still works LOL
  628. wheresmypliers


    damn, it's even got a flir. thats sick
  629. wheresmypliers

    Saluki Clause Gifts for 2008

    size nine/light. may i have reindeers on mine?
  630. wheresmypliers

    Rare 50 year Arctic Blast Sets Sights On Southern California

    your the only one in the world that knows its illegal in california, but you dont know about kind of wealth of knowledge are you LOL
  631. wheresmypliers

    Rare 50 year Arctic Blast Sets Sights On Southern California

    Quote: <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=6 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=alt2 style="BORDER-RIGHT: 1px inset; BORDER-TOP: 1px inset; BORDER-LEFT: 1px inset; BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px inset">Originally Posted by wheresmypliers ice fishing the bay.....sounds like fun...
  632. wheresmypliers

    Booty girls,..

    then toss that skinny bitch your with LOL
  633. wheresmypliers

    Rare 50 year Arctic Blast Sets Sights On Southern California

    ice fishing the bay.....sounds like fun
  634. wheresmypliers

    Oolie's mom

    who knew curly fished LOL
  635. wheresmypliers

    F-18 Crashes in UTC

    3 dead, possibly one more. sad for that family and that pilot. dude has to feel like shit
  636. wheresmypliers

    A gallon of gas for less than a buck?

    gas $.97/ gallon by march milk $12.00/ gallon by the same time
  637. wheresmypliers

    well guese who's back

    i heard someone got banned once for thinking the same thing
  638. wheresmypliers

    Official Donko band wagoneer thread!

    i would, but orange is'nt my favorite color
  639. wheresmypliers

    Cat island and a surprise fish! 12-2

    roger that brandon, you have to stop posting. that guy on the right is ugly as fuck LOL
  640. wheresmypliers

    Thanksgiving in the Sierras

    now thats the way to spend a holiday. very nice
  641. wheresmypliers


    they forgot to mention the down side.........the over abundance of queers. dont remember where i heard it, but steers and queers come from texas
  642. wheresmypliers

    Buggin' on the Budget

    lil d looks way stoked. nice bugs guys
  643. wheresmypliers

    All right Saluki, your next........

    that one looks right nice :D
  644. wheresmypliers


    so how exactly does one get a "turkey throat sliting" position?
  645. wheresmypliers

    Happy Thanksgiving

    get stuffed....all of you
  646. wheresmypliers

    11/24 S.D.Bay lobster-limit style-

    the look on your face watchin that kick come at you had ta be priceless LOL. bring the rematch. have a happy turkey day and dont freeze your ass off up there
  647. wheresmypliers

    My Next Boat, a SF

    2000 hp, dual twin turbo diesel's :eyepoppin
  648. wheresmypliers

    Looking for a trailer hitch cargo carrier

    if you want to wait till dec. 27th your welcome to come get mine dude
  649. wheresmypliers

    Looking for a trailer hitch cargo carrier

    what size is your hitch marcus?
  650. wheresmypliers

    Can the Bolts go 6-0 through the stretch?

    that would be a negative sir
  651. wheresmypliers

    Any muzzleloader guys on here??

    Muzzleloaders - Traditional Flint Lock And Cap Lock Rifles - Thompson/Center my hawkens. one of my favorite guns ever for the price look at nef. they have a few inexpensive models ( the mustang i think it's called) that look decent. and that pistol is tits. what caliber?
  652. wheresmypliers

    Any muzzleloader guys on here??

    pussy LOL. like nate says, look at the hawken. i;ve got 1 in .50 and love it. classic lines and built like tanks. and forget the loose powder. go with pellets. there cleaner and so much easier to use
  653. wheresmypliers

    Any muzzleloader guys on here??

    used to get my stuff from the frontloader in temecula, but they closed. most of my stuff comes from cabela's now. our local turners carries stuff every now and then. how traditional you wanna go? percussion or flintlock? cap and ball is fun but theres something about the click, ppffff, boom...
  654. wheresmypliers

    Bolts vs Colts

    chargers are 3 point favorites.....we shall see :D
  655. wheresmypliers

    R.I.P Marlin (Brown Dog)

    bummer to hear dude. sorry for your loss
  656. wheresmypliers

    Fishing boots (xtratuff type) needed for wide foot

    i was gonna suggest semi trucks, but you had to be rude LOL
  657. wheresmypliers

    Fishing boots (xtratuff type) needed for wide foot

    try a pair of kayaks.....or some 50 gallon trash cans