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    Offshore FREEDOM Banks on Tanner 11/27

    The boat was my fist tuna trip in 1976 for Albacore I did not know what I was doing at that time and still had some fish home. I had been last tie on overnight 9/29 this year and we fished Tanner for BF 38 BF or 34 people on 1day very small window to fish I got 3 big one may be 40 lbs . It s...
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    Wooden Tackle Box

    Hi I have one send me you phone # I ll send you the picture My is real oak 14 1/2" x8 1/2" x 9 1/2" Thanks Steve P
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    Offshore Poseidon 1.75 Day 9/15/21 Ticket to Cow Town

    WoW Thank you for your report. Very good trip for you i almost jump on that boat only one spot was open. I need 2spots I am 68 can not pull anyting that big or that long I need to team up. Go fishing
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    Okuma Metaloid 12II

    Still have it? let me know Thanks Steve p
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    Offshore Bluefin Foamer Fishing - Numbers, Lessons Learned and a Request for Cow-Fighting Tips

    I lost a 90+ Lbs fish on TN20 30lbs test almost max out drag see deep color 4-5 time the last 20 -30 ft I nail that star drag all the way still did not come up after 2+ hrs I was out off gas. I could not see where my line was too slow to react to the fish the line maked contace wit the...
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    Black Avet JX Raptor 6/3 MC (RH)

    PM sent Steve P
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    Islands Old Glory overnight 8/1-8/2

    Here you go I need to go again The sea is calling It s going to be my 5th time this year on the Old Glory Nice job Thanks Steve P go fishing
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    Offshore Friday overnight on the 9 - 7/16

    These bluefin is a joke . It was killing me { my lower back} after 2+ hrs 40Lbs test I landed 80+ lbs last week my lag feel like about to buckle going down to the bang . Go fishing Steve P
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    Offshore I hate Bluefin!

    I have been fishing last + 45 years . Bluefin and WSB always give me most disappointment. I have seen beginner luck. and any Joe and Joan form Idaho buy a ticket rent a rod on the boat and land the fish did not even know that was a bluefin. The same time did not get a tap. I have...
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    Offshore 7/10 Newport BFT - Epic Battle - Failed

    WOW You used the rod to it max . Thank you for your story go fishing Steve P
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    Offshore Big Local Bluefin on the Popper - 7/9

    I got a few of 60-80 lbs on a party boat {with a lot of help] It was killing me your did it all by your self I give you a trumb up . go fishing Steve P
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    Offshore Big BFT Everywhere, 7-10-21

    That is a lot bigger than he is good job Go fishing Steve P
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    Pacific Queen 1.5 6/29

    I like your fishing story . I love it. I had been there before . { that s a newbies story } I m happy for you on the fish Go fishing Steve P
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    Offshore Overnight on Old Glory 6/18-6/19

    Wow all the work you did . It happen to me before Your trip were bigger fish . My trip 50-60lbs size hit 30lbs test , the best sardines you can find and cast as far as you can from the boat. You have to feel the sardine run than I know I have the best chance to get hit . and i walk the...
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    Offshore Blue fin on The Old Glory 6/16

    Surfgoose you are right 15-20 lbs mono test anchovy bait Penn Squidder no 2 speed no spectra no fluorocabon . This is the time to go fishing like he said You never know it tomorrow [ look at Albacore] Go fishing Steve P
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    Offshore Blue fin on The Old Glory 6/16

    He is cool was whit us the on the deck all the time busy with us very one cool on the trip . A good fun day on the water. oh I got them on the OLd Grory No just kidding I do not know where I was only 60mile out Mex water I thinks
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    Offshore Blue fin on The Old Glory 6/16

    After last week trip was cancelled I got 2 of my friends to go on the Old Glory for tuna For me my 2nd trip of the year for them the 1st. The Old Glory came in a kind of late. They have to do a quick turn around so here we 25 of us on the boat. We got to the zone at about 5 . Some used jig...
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    Offshore I Suck Again - BFT Own Me

    I feel your pain It has happed to me too. so do not feel bad Thank you for the strory Steve P