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  1. Scot free

    Saltwater Another kick ass Sekiu fishing report

    imagine what the nets do !! how about first 2 (pick a number 20"..22..24" ?? ) and you are done helluva boat
  2. Scot free

    Saltwater Sekiu crossing the line

    Traveled to Sekiu Sunday to fish the Canadian opener area 20... 4 salmon per day 1 wild . had a blast stayed at Van Ripers what great people ! the town is deserted ? what a great trip fished 1/2 day Sunday, Monday 1/2 tuesday nice fish.................... wish I could figure out how to...
  3. Scot free

    Lake WA sockeye fishery

    Racing to zero I am confused
  4. Scot free

    sharkhide who uses it?

    I've had it on this boat since new , 09 . Used a low pressure spray gun to apply it to the hull found I could put a heaver coat on. For the rails and top of gunnels I used a diaper to apply ,then for touch up I use wet fine sanding sponges to remove oxidation and wear, sanding with the grain...
  5. Scot free

    Saltwater Sekui coho.

    Yes, all you need is the customs clearance number to land Canadian salmon in the US, this changed this year, you must call in after entering Can waters and have all the information listed above ,as the Captain gather all the licenses
  6. Scot free

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    Congratulations , my dream boat for sure ,I used to work by the old Almar shop and have watched the Tacoma police boat for years with envy ( same hull )the only thing I would add after owning 2 north rivers is I would have shark hide sprayed on everything possible at the factory if available...
  7. Scot free

    Skagit sheriff's boat

    I Just have to call it a blessing that it wasn't a "partially submerged" boat they landed on top of with mine or someones kids in it ! Complacency kills !
  8. Scot free

    Saltwater Schools appearently in @ La Push!!!

    sorry for the late reply Warren, did'nt see it. and no it was not me all work so far this year
  9. Scot free

    Saltwater Schools appearently in @ La Push!!!

    I work with that guy , best $900 dollar diesel motorhome i've ever seen great tow rig and that 26' North river os diesel is pretty good too
  10. Scot free


    I have a pal and he chased his tail for for a while with a yamaha, turned out to be a linkage issue, he pulled the cover off and ran the boat found it all bound up, just a thought!! or it's shit fuel and an injector problem good luck
  11. Scot free

    Lowrance GPS

    I use the navionics planer it works good and is easy
  12. Scot free

    Pierce County To Buy New Patrol Boat for $700K

    what a croc !! how many boats are we talking? how about the local boat builders? the old boat was an almar sounder how about a almar/north river with outboards? where is the common sense ? they must not have heard things are "little slow" around the sound.
  13. Scot free

    The plunder continues

    I am so tired of this farce, really? are we spending our public money showing tribal and commercial "fishers" where to finish off our natural resources in the sound? maybe it's finally time to stop the "sale" of the sound from Neah bay to olympia, it serves very few and is priceless to the rest...