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    Offshore Aztec Nov. 1-4

    It’s great when the big ones get both bottom hooks...keeps the leader away from those teeth!
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    Offshore Aztec Nov. 1-4

    Congrats on a fish of a lifetime! Retire that jig and hang it on the wall! Lol
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    Over dozen boats around tanner rt now.

    310# BFT on the Polaris Supreme
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    Getting Better at Guadalupe (gear / trip review)

    “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” Kudos, that is next level, when you are able to fine tune your gear down to the smallest details! 👍🏼
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    Monte Carlo - is it kid friendly?

    Yes, super kid friendly! Plus, that boat is very comfortable with a giant galley and plenty of seating. Go fishing.
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    Offshore NLA Oct 15-18

    Kairi is the bomb!
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    American Angler 8-day Oct. 1-9

    Trip of a lifetime! Congratulations!
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    Quiver Questions

    You can’t go wrong with a dedicated surface iron setup, especially for those length of trips. A CalStar 90J and a Trinidad 20a are the gold standard for tossing the iron. Also, imo, spend the money on the higher end reels and buy “factory wrapped” rods. The reels will last you a lifetime.
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    West coast jiggerz

    Johnny’s Sport Shop (tackle) in Pasadena, M&M custom rods in Point Loma.
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    Offshore Navegante 3 Day Report 09/20 - 09/22

    Peter, a suggestion for metering your line. Tie a 7-turn nail knot with 30# or 40# braid over the top of each of your marks on your line. You can feel it go through your fingers as you drop your jig, even in the dark! I got two bites on my last trip fishing the bow in complete darkness!
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    hey guys, can you used the alberto, rp knot

    Caught my first cow…80# braid to 100’ of 80# mono using a 5-turn RP knot. Also had a 200# bite leader. On a knife jig. Landed in 53 minutes.
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    Offshore Liberty 2 Day (9/12 - 9/14)

    As Anthony would say, “Change your bait guys”!!! lol
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    How bad does weather have to be to cancel?

    Just wanted to follow-up on this thread. Fished the Liberty that left on Sunday night, 9/12. Forecast was as predicted. Crew said to get rigged up before clearing the point because it was going to be “sporty” heading to Tanner…and it was! Made for a long and bumpy ride out. Didn’t arrive at...
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    How bad does weather have to be to cancel?

    I’m on a 2-day on the Liberty that leaves Sunday night as well. The wind forecast SW of the Coronados looks much better than the outer banks. The full day and overnight boats fishing that zone have been getting decent hits on the YFT. Good luck on your trip.
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    Best sinker for tuna?

    There has been a lot of talk of pegging an egg sinker (1-6oz) for BFT sinker rigs. Has anyone seen this???
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    Ooops I bought a Fathom 60LD2

    Travis, as far as a rod for that application, you probably want to pair that reel to a rail rod in the 7’2” to 7’6” range with a XH or XXH rating depending on the manufacturer. Personally, I fish a Seeker 7660 and an Okuma PCH 741XXH. The Okuma is super budget friendly at around $269. Hope...
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    Ooops I bought a Fathom 60LD2

    Your Fathom 60LD2 will be fine for a 60# or 80# sinker rig reel. It has plenty of line capacity (w/80# braid) and the drags are solid. Go fish it!
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    Heavy mono for flylining

    Yes, 80# will slow down your fly-lined sardine versus 30#. This is because 80# is roughly 45% larger in diameter versus the 30#. In an ideal world, you would have a dedicated 30# rig. For example, a Talica 10 or 12 with 50# or 65# braid, 30# mono and fluoro. As Bill said, if all you have is...
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    Shimano Speed Master & Calstar Rod

    That SpeedMaster can fish anywhere from 30#-80# (in a pinch), but the sweet spot for sure is 50# & 60#. Butter smooth drags and plenty of power. Personally, I like it with 100’ of mono between the braid and the fluorocarbon leader. Gets bit fine and a little easier with tangles.
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    Offshore 8 mile bluefin

    “Caught not bought” 😉
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    Which Torium for surface iron..?

    Torium 20 HGA s the go-to setup for throwing surface iron with 40# or 50# mono. The higher gearing is preferred because it’s much easier to wind slowly than to wind faster.
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    Offshore Liberty Full Day trip: EPIC Fishing Monday 8/2

    The Liberty program is one of the gems of the entire fleet!
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    Local 1/2 & 3/4 day bluefin

    I was at Catalina today on the Pursuit out of San Pedro. We didn’t see any Bluefin today, but they have been running into foamers. I was talking with the deckhand and he recommended something to throw a Coltsniper and/or surface iron. I brought a Trinidad 20 with 40# for surface iron (which I...
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    Offshore Bft on the Tomahawk 2.5 day

    I caught my PB on the Polaris Supreme in May at 112# on a Talica 12 and 50#. I was going to say the same thing…”I wouldn’t recommend it!”. LOL Congrats.
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    Offshore Bft on the Tomahawk 2.5 day

    You got that 100# on a Talica 8 w/30#??? WOW!
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    Need adivce on a bigger setup 80#+

    Talica 20ii filled with 80# Power Pro HollowAce. 450 yards of braid + 100’ of 80# or 100# mono in-line served. Add a Seeker 7660 and you have a “workhorse” setup with all day at the rail comfort!
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    200 pound bluefin on Pacific Voyager using International 16VISX

    Steve, would you mind sharing Walt’s line setup on his VISX16? Thanks!
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    VISX 16 capacity

    Same, my VISX16 is loaded with 550 yards of 80# Seaguar Threadlock with room for about a 100‘ mono top-shot.
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    Shimano Trinidad 20 A bearing questions ?

    The left side spool bearing, in the frame, is 4x11x4. The right side spool bearing, behind the pin, is 6x12x4. I installed aftermarket ceramic bearings in my Trinidad 20a, with just a drop of TSI321. It is noticeably “faster” and ”noisier”. I like them, but you have to ensure you lubricate...
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    How To: Shimano Talica 50 Power Handle Install on Talica 12 - 25

    @Blind Luck beautiful fish! Congrats! Was that caught on the Cal’d Talica 25 with the 50 handle?
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    My Worst Blue Fin Tuna Trip Was A Epic One For Sure!!!

    Wow...tough break(s)!!! As they say, at least you got bit.
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    FG Knot Performance

    I learned to tie the FG knot this summer and have been fishing it hard for the last few months. 20 turns and 5-turn Rizzutto. I like it for light line (braid lighter than 50#). It goes through the guides amazing! Although, I do prefer to tie the RP knot for anything 50# braid or heavier...
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    What is the smallest conventional?

    Shimano Trinidad 10a
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    Offshore The San Diego Full Day 9/27/2020

    First time fishing the San Diego out of Seaforth, yesterday, 9/27/2020. I’ve been trying to jump on this boat for the last few years, but it just never worked out; always Sold out or something comes up. Anyways, made a reservation 3 weeks in advance! Drove south with a buddy down from LA. No...
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    Fg knot on Doubled braid?

    @yessokk, thoughts?
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    Going on Pursuit 22nd Street Landing

    Yes...didn’t win the jackpot and they did a great job on the fillets ;-)
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    Going on Pursuit 22nd Street Landing

    Fished the Pursuit on the 9/4. I had a great experience and a pleasant day. Disappointed we didn’t see any of the jumbo yellowtail but had excellent Bonito fishing and decent bass fishing too. Lots of naysayers on BD recently, but I have nothing but positive reviews on the boat, captain &...
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    Sinker rig

    This angler was on her first 3-day trip on the Royal Star. A friend of mine said she was the “high stick” of the trip by fishing the sinker rig, exclusively. She would nose hook a sardine, send it down slowly, get it to a depth she liked then put it in gear! From the Royal Star website 7/22/2020
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    Best Accurate for 40-60lbs Use

    Just bought a BV2-500 to use as a surface iron - Coltsniper reel for the larger model BFT. I loaded it with 450 yards of 65# Power Pro Super 8 Slick (same diameter as standard 65# braid). Amazing how much line it holds for such a ”small” reel!
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    Trinidad 20a handle knob clicking

    Dylan, as T. Bui said, the stock Shimano handle is super easy to service. The best solution is to just replace the bearings. You can source them on eBay for less than a buck a piece. You will need one of each of the following sizes: *4x9x4 unflanged metal shielded *5x9x3 unflanged metal...
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    Offshore 6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    Well written! Thanks for sharing!
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    Offshore Royal Polaris re-opening plan May 8th

    IMO, how operations adapt when restrictions ease will really show who prioritize the safety of their crew and passengers versus those that are only driven by “making a buck”. For example, we have an upcoming charter on a local boat and I emailed the owner asking if they are making changes to...
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    Offshore Stripper schooling Los Cerritos channel?

    WTF, where are these said ”strippers”???
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    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    Amazing! just kidding. The 900 yards was required to fill the spool of that small reel. That 12# is so thin!
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    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    I loaded a 14-sized Torium HG with 900 yards of 12# Izorline braid. It really is the ultimate stealth rig. Pretty amazing the feedback you get from your bait when flylining. In my experience, the down side is the connection from the 12# braid to fluoro or mono. Because the 12# is so thin, it...
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    Redondo Beach Closures

    Not boating related but Torrance Beach, Redondo Beach & Hermosa Beach are all closed. So strange to see the beaches and The Strand empty!
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    How about a discount on multiple trips. For example, a full day out of SD is normally $169-ish. How about three trips for $400? Just a thought.
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    Penn sold 20

    Trade for a one boat ride 16 VISXS with 100# Power Pro Hollow Ace?
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    Trinidad torium spool pin removal?

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    Offshore Pacific Queen and Tomahawk reporting big BFT in their counts

    @tomahawksportfishing, what gear recommendations do you have for your passengers for upcoming 1-1/2+ day BFT trips? Thanks!
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    Offshore Pacific Queen and Tomahawk reporting big BFT in their counts

    Do you guys know if those were mostly fly-lined sardine fish? Flat Fall?
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    Shimano reel repair/greasing

    Start by lightly oiling the bearings, especially the ones on the main shaft. Second, apply a super light coat of marine grease on the drive gear and pinion.
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    Looking for an underhand casting video

    Greg, as with any skill, it takes lots of practice. I’ve been practicing to add a solid underhanded cast to my repertoire. Not perfect, but getting there!
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    Looking for an underhand casting video

    Here is a great video from Inside Sportfishing on the Shimano Talica. At 1:10, JJ Gerritson (former owner of the Apollo) demonstrates a sweet underhand cast of a fly lined bait on a lever drag reel.
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    Sea World at it again

    My 12-year old suggested that every time a seal or sea lion is “rescued”, they should be “fixed” as part of their rehabilitation. It’s like “spay & neutering” at your local animal shelter. it would be a start.
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    Shimano Speed Master 12II Review

    Check out this cool Inside Sportfishing video on the Shimano Speedmaster. It was a 2-day charter on the Liberty with a bunch of dealer employees. Love the kite fish scene!
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    Jig Casting reel for 90j

    Shimano Trinidad 20a backed with braid and 125 yards of 40# mono on top, would be perfect with your 90J
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    313-pound bluefin on PENN International 16VISX

    Congrats Steve! Quick question on your reel setup, how much 100# do you have on your VISXS 16? Also, any top-shot? Thanks.
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    Shimano Saragosa sw 10000

    Mike, 225 yards, that’s the # I ended up with. I don’t believe it’s a larger diameter than the standard Power Pro. That coating does allow it to cast smoothly! Good luck.
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    Shimano Saragosa sw 10000

    I fish my Saragosa 10k with 65# Power Pro Super 8 Slick V2. It took 225 yards and casts poppers and stick baits “like a dream”!
  61. Rmpsocal

    Powerpro Maxcuatro vs Powerpro Super 8 Slick

    IMO, the Super 8 Slick V2 is fantastic for applications where you’re throwing a lot of lures: stick baits, poppers, coltsnipers, etc. it comes off the reel super smooth. I have it on my Saragosa 8k and 20k spinning reels. Maxcuatro is my line of choice for live bait setups. Besides the...
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    How To: Shimano Talica 50 Power Handle Install on Talica 12 - 25

    I’ve had quite a few fellow anglers ask how I installed the stock Talica 50 power handle on to my smaller Talicas. I thought I would share the procedure with the BD community. This is a step by step on how to install the Talica 50 power handle onto your Talica 12, 16, 20 or 25 2-speed reels...
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    NEW Shimano Talica 20ii + 400 Yards of 100# Hollow Ace $550 LA/OC

    Up for sale is a BRAND NEW in box Shimano Talica 20ii 2-speed conventional reel loaded with 400 yards of 100# Power Pro Hollow Ace. NOTE: Line is setup with 300 yards of white on top with 100 yards of yellow in-line spliced on the bottom plus room for about 100’ of a mono top-shot. $550...
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    WTT My NIB Talica 25 for your NIB Penn 20 VISX(S)

    Hey Tim, I have a couple of TAC 25s that have been workhorses for me. This one is a backup and just looking to fish something different ;-)
  65. Rmpsocal

    Which shimano reel

    IMO, it depends on what your target species is. You said you were fishing flylined anchovy. If you were fishing for the 3B’s and school-sized tuna, go Trinidad 14a...all the way! If you were fishing offshore for BFT, I prefer my Trinidad 16a. I like the comfort of the extra line capacity and...
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    Best Guadalupe Live Bait 100# Reel

    Congrats on the cow!
  67. Rmpsocal

    Best Guadalupe Live Bait 100# Reel

    Thanks for the insightful comments. Lots of HXW Raptor fans out there! Question for those of you who voted for the Penn International VISXS, what is it about this reel that makes it your favorite 100# reel? Spool weight? Low gear?
  68. Rmpsocal

    Best Guadalupe Live Bait 100# Reel

    Thanks Kevin. AVET HXW Raptor added. Do you know what the capacity for 100# braid is on that reel?
  69. Rmpsocal

    Best Guadalupe Live Bait 100# Reel

    Quick Poll. In your opinion, what is the BEST* reel for live bait fishing on 100# at Guadalupe**? note: If you have a better recommendation for a particular reel within a brand, please post a reply with model. *Best, defined as, performance in terms of casting a live sardine, drag...
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    Shimano Talica 20II 2-Speed + 100# Power Pro Hollow Ace NEW! $575 + Shipping

    $575 + Shipping or local pick up. Price is firm. No trades.
  71. Rmpsocal

    WTT My NIB Talica 25 for your NIB Penn 20 VISX(S)

    I bought a Shimano Talica 25 and decided to go the Penn route. Looking for a Penn International 20 VISX (gold or silver). Must be New in Box PM me if you’re interested. Thanks! Rich.
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    Offshore Aztec first time aboard?

    Just got off the Aztec from an overnighter, fished 9/12. It was my first time on the boat. The relief skipper, Captain Rick, ran the boat along with 2nd ticket Mike, deckhands Justin and Aaron. Ryan was the cook. Overall, a super comfortable platform with an “A-team” level crew. The boat...
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    Shimano Favorite Shimano Branded Rod for Fishing Calicos w/stickbaits

    I’m looking to purchase the Curado DC when it is released and am looking to pair it with a Shimano rod. I want to set it up with 50# Maxcuatro and a 40#-50# fluoro leader to fish plastics and stickbaits for Calico Bass. Primarily will be fishing on a sport boat but occasionally on a skiff. Do...
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    Shimano Trinidad 12a + Power Pro 65# Excellent Condition! $325 Shipped!

    Carlos, please text me at 310-971-5818 and I’ll send you pictures. Thanks. Rich.
  75. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Trinidad 12a + Power Pro 65# Excellent Condition! $325 Shipped!

    Up for sale is a lightly used, adult owned, Shimano Trinidad 12a conventional reel with approximately 175 yards of Power Pro 65# Spectra line in hi-vis yellow. This reel was purchased approximately 18 months ago and was used to fish local Calico Bass and Yellowtail. This reel was just given an...
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    Shimano Terramar or Terez

    Shimano makes a Teramar TMCJ90HB, which is a 9’ rod Heavy with Fast action. This one was made specifically for surface iron. I use both a Tranx 500 with 80# Super 8 Slick or a Trinidad 20a with 40# mono. Rod works great with both setups.
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    Shimano Talica for BFT

    Good info above. Here are the two Talica I always bring when Bluefin hunting. Setup #1 for flyline or rubber band rig Talica 16 2-Speed filled with 400 yards of yellow 80# Power Pro Hollow Ace in-line spliced to 100 yards of Blue 80# Hollow Ace at the bottom of the spool. Once I get to the...
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    Shimano Tiagra 30A vs. Talica 25II

    Thanks for the insight Dan. Pretty hard to beat a Talica for our style of fishing on the Left Coast!
  79. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Tiagra 30A vs. Talica 25II

    Quick question for you guys... I was listening to Let's Talk Hookup this past weekend and Pete was talking about the setups he used for a Guadalupe trip on the Shogun. He said one of his rigs is a Cal's "hot rodded" Shimano Tiagra 30 Narrow. Question is, what is the advantage of the Tiagra 30...
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    RP 10/3-13. Fall variety with a bonus

    Great write up! Signed up for a 7-day next year, my first trip longer than 3 days. Anything you guys would recommend bringing? Not necessarily tackle wise but more "creature comforts"? Thanks!
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    Loop connection for wind-on top shots

    Matt, how many twists when using a Bimini?
  82. Rmpsocal

    Fluorocarbon neoprene covers?

    Has anyone used the Maxima Shark Tooth Line Cutter?
  83. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Tyrnos Handle fit Shimano Talica 25 2-Speed?

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but will the Shimano Tyrnos Handle fit a Shimano Talica 25 2-speed? Thanks!
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    Shimano Power Pro Hollow Ace 80# Hi-Vis Yellow 1000 Yards

    Up for Sale is a 1000 yard spool of Shimano Power Pro Hollow Ace 80# line in Hi-Vis Yellow. I purchased a 1500 yard spool at the beginning of this summer looking to fill two or three reels. I had my local tackle shop fill a Talica 25 with exactly 495 yards from this spool. So, technically, you...
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    Assault Glow Jigs for the Blue Fin

    Question for you guys... How do you fish the AHI Assault jig? Does it flutter on the sink? Fast wind like a yo-yo jig? Thanks!
  86. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Tac12ii UC Raptor Tac16ii UC Centaur

    I actually have my Talica 16 on the UC Raptor and 500 yards of 80# Power Pro Hollow Ace. I was looking to add a "lighter" rail rod setup compared to my Talica 25/Terez Rail Rod XH combo. Doing a trip to Guadalupe in the fall and hoping to put it to use.
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    Shimano Am I Crazy? Tranx 500 Best Yo-Yo & Rockfish Reel EVER?!?!

    So let me start by saying I originally bought my Tranx 500 as my primary surface iron reel. It took me a little while to find a Power Pro setup and rod that fit my casting and fishing style, but my current setup has really worked well for me! Tranx 500 filled with 80# Super 8 Slick, short 40#...
  88. Rmpsocal

    Shimano maxcuatro vs original power pro

    Mid season last year I switched from 65# Power Pro to 80# Super 8 Slick on a Tranx 500. I really like the performance of the Super 8 Slick! Plenty of strength, and seems to come off the spool "smoother".
  89. Rmpsocal

    40 lb. set up

    Talica 12 2-Speed filled with 400 yards of 80# Maxcuatro and a 40# wind-on leader. Matched with a Shimano Teramar 7'6" Heavy.
  90. Rmpsocal

    Pacific Queen is coming home with a 250 lb BF tuna

    Any idea where they were fishing? Looks like the O95 got 4 BFT in the 85# range. SCI?
  91. Rmpsocal

    Offshore First Time Aboard New Lo-An

    Mike, what # line were you tying the Springer knot with? I heard it was great for 80# and above. I've been practicing with it and hope to tie a 200g Flat Fall with 80# fluoro wind-on.
  92. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Talica 16-II reel clamp screws wrong size?

    Call Shimano Fish Customer Service at 877-577-0600. They are in Irvine. Have your receipt handy.
  93. Rmpsocal

    Knot Recommendation for 80# - 100# Fluoro

    Just watched the video above on how to tie the "Springer"...pretty simple and compact. Thanks Mark for sharing.
  94. Rmpsocal

    Knot Recommendation for 80# - 100# Fluoro

    Thanks all for the suggestions. I've never heard of the Spangler, I'll look into it. On the San Diego knot, do you guys always tie it as a double? Seems like it would be bulky with 80#. I am crimping the 80# fluoro leader to my 100# Hollow Ace braid. I will primarily be fishing a Flat Fall...
  95. Rmpsocal

    Knot Recommendation for 80# - 100# Fluoro

    Hey BDers. What's your favorite knot to tie a hook using 80# or 100# fluoro? Thanks!
  96. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Terez Rail Rod Question

    Thanks for the input guys. I just purchased the TZC70XHBL. Now to catch some "bigger model" YFT and BFT on a Flat Fall!
  97. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Terez Rail Rod Question

    A couple of questions on the Terez Rail rod for you guys: 1, How much longer is the foregrip on the Terez rail rod (TZCR72XGBLKA) versus the standard Terez rod (#TZC70XHBL)? Would I comfortably be able to use the "rail technique" with the standard Terez rod? 2. Do you think the XH rail rod...
  98. Rmpsocal

    I don't trust my line to line connections

    A couple of things for you: 1. The best quote I ever heard regarding a connection or knot was from Dale Hightower from Seaguar, "You have to love your knot, not just like it". That really resonated for me. It's a lot easier to take the extra 30 seconds and cut and retie a...
  99. Rmpsocal

    Summertime fishing foot wear

    Definitely Bro ;-)
  100. Rmpsocal

    Summertime fishing foot wear

    This is what I wear when it's too hot for my Xtratuf boots: Salomon Tech Amphibian water shoes. Drains well and cushy like a running shoe. [/URL]
  101. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Teraz TZC-70MH question

    Steve, I have fly-lined sardines with the Terez Heavy and the Talica 12 and a 40# top-shot. It fished perfectly fine, but was definitely a compromise between "feel" and "pulling power". I think you're on the right track factoring in leader size. If you're going to mostly fish that 50-60#...
  102. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Teraz TZC-70MH question

    Steve, for me, it depends on how I'm fishing it. If I'm fishing a Flat Fall with a 60# wind-on leader or a dropper loop with my Talica 12, I fish the Heavy. If I'm fly-lining sardines or mackerels, I wouldn't hesitate fishing the Medium-Heavy. Hope that helps.
  103. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Teraz TZC-70MH question

    I went with the 80MH for the same reason. I have it paired to a Talica 10II filled with 65# MaxCuatro. I'll fish anywhere from a 30# to a 60# leader with it. I fish a 76H for my Talica 12 with 80# MaxCuatro.
  104. Rmpsocal

    79# Yellowtail from the Shogun

    WOW! It makes the one in your profile picture look like a 10 pounder! Well done!
  105. Rmpsocal

    Went all in on Popping gear and got it done!

    Eric, what lure is that? It's cool looking! Great catch btw!
  106. Rmpsocal

    Best Knot for 80# Power Pro Direct-Tie to Swivel

    Quick question for you guys...what knot do you use to tie braided line directly to a swivel or a hook eye? I primarily use a Palomar knot when tying mono or fluoro to a hook. I am looking to tie 80# or 100# Power Pro line directly to a swivel that is crimped to a 130# fluoro leader to a...
  107. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Popping gear for Tuna

    Dan, thanks for the insight!
  108. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Popping gear for Tuna

    Thanks! I'd like a rod that would be versatile enough to throw a popper on a typical overnight, day-and-a-half type trip yet be capable to fish "Guadalupe YFT". I'm definitely a fan of the Terez "conventional" rods, I'm sure the "spinner" rods will be equally as good.
  109. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Popping gear for Tuna

    A related question...any recommendations on a Shimano Rod to match with a 10000 sized Twin Power? I know the rod for the 150#+ BFT will be different from the schoolie sized fish we'll see in the summer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  110. Rmpsocal

    Offshore And it keeps getting better.....big bluefin on the spinning reel.

    Billy, any recommendations on a size and color of the Shimano Orca popper jig? Thanks! Btw, amazing grade on those BFTs!!!
  111. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Best Talica II and Terez Combo for 100#?

    Mike, Thanks for the input. Always much appreciated and well written! A few thoughts: *Buying a whole bulk spool of heavy line is definitely part of the decision making process. That is a lot of money if you miscalculate. *I am there with you about going up one line size from your leader...
  112. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Best Talica II and Terez Combo for 100#?

    BDers, I wanted to get your opinion on what you think the best Shimano Talica II / Terez Rod combo is for 100# Hollow Ace. I am hoping to get a shot at the larger BF in the next week or so and ultimately have this setup for a 10-day trip down the road. I was thinking about the following...
  113. Rmpsocal

    The Maximus

    Just saw the space shuttle fuel tank in Marina Del Rey. Pretty cool story about the tug crew pulling this beast saved the crew from the Maximus!
  114. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Torium 16 Questions

    No upgrades necessary. Great out of the box. Caught the Bluefin Tuna in my profile picture with a brand new Torium 16. Filled it with Power Pro 65# and 4 ft. top-shot of 20# Seaguar Fluoro Premier. Worked awesome!
  115. Rmpsocal

    Island fishing tackle

    Any idea on where the new location will be?
  116. Rmpsocal

    If You Could Only Use 1 Reel

    Shimano Trinidad 16a with 65# Maxcuatro. Great casting and butter smooth drag performance. Plenty of line capacity!
  117. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Ideal Shimano "Light Line" Bluefin Setup?

    Hi Walt! It really is a small world. I was fishing with you on the bow when you went 6-for-6 on the rock fish :-)
  118. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Ideal Shimano "Light Line" Bluefin Setup?

    Quick Trip report and a little boasting about Shimano gear and the Shogun! Jumped on a chance to fish for Bluefin on a 1.5 day on the Shogun this week. Turned out to be an epic trip! Made the run out to the 60 mile bank. Weather forecast was sketchy at-best. Off and on rain throughout the...
  119. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Ideal Shimano "Light Line" Bluefin Setup?

    By the way, just made a reservation for the Shogun "Bluefin Trip" next week!
  120. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Ideal Shimano "Light Line" Bluefin Setup?

    Well written Walt! I'll send you the 63 cents and make it an even dollar! $$$
  121. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Ideal Shimano "Light Line" Bluefin Setup?

    Paul, I'm definitely a Soft Steel mono fan. Top notch products! Also, nice setups you have. I just bought a Talica 8II, filled it with 65# Maxcuatro and matched it to a Terramar 7'6" MH. Can't wait to fly-line a mackerel with it! Mike, thanks for reinforcing that I'm on the right path. To...
  122. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Ideal Shimano "Light Line" Bluefin Setup?

    With some of the first Bluefin being caught this season, I've been thinking about my setups. If the bigger bluefin are biting the heavier line, I think I'll be set with my Talica 12 2-speed with 700yds of MaxCuatro 65# on a 7-1/2' Terramar H. However, if the Bluefin are finicky, as they...
  123. Rmpsocal

    Shimano Shimano Trinidad A 10 or 12 Reel Seat Clamp

    I apologize if this has been asked elsewhere. Does the Trinidad A 10 or 12 have a reel seat clamp? I'd like to use it on an older CalStar 220 that doesn't have a reel seat, just the cork tape. Thanks!