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  1. Preempt

    Offshore Liberty 2 Day (9/12 - 9/14)

    Happy Birthday. Epic trip, epic report. Thanks for the intel.
  2. Preempt

    Shimano Trinidad 30 Gold, TN-30

    Preempt submitted a new listing: Shimano Trinidad 30 Gold, TN-30 - Shimano Trinidad 30 Gold, TN-30 Learn more about this listing...
  3. Shimano Trinidad 30 Gold, TN-30

    Southern California Shimano Trinidad 30 Gold, TN-30

    Clean and serviced Trinidad 30 Gold, minor boat rash. Excellent freespool, great surface iron casting reel, was my goto for Coronado Island yellows. Haven't fished her in a while, hope to find a loving home where she'll get on regular boat rides. Fresh 40lb Sufix Superior Mono, include...
  4. Preempt

    Rod's and blank

    Long shot, but, Do you still have the 990?
  5. Preempt

    Surf Perch Troubleshooting

    For perch I typically use #8 to #4 mosquito hooks on 4lb to 6lb line on a Carolina rig. I find that if you use any larger hook it prevent the perch from inhaling the hook and camo worm casing you to miss the bite when you set the hook.
  6. Preempt

    Torium 20 potential 50# reel?

    Got one on a Torium 20pg loaded with 65lb PP, topped with 50lb Ande mono, and 50lb Yozuri Pink Floro to a TroKar TK619 2/0 mounted on a Terez 80H. It took under an hour but I didnt use most of the 34lb of drag on the reel until well into the fight. The handle on the reel made a huge difference...
  7. Preempt

    Boat Review for Davey's Locker & Dana Wharf

    Parking can be a challenge, I've fished the 3/4 day at Davey's on the Freelance a few times. I can get hairy with how many they load up on that boat. Thunderbird sounds legit, I would try to find someone to drop you off if possible.
  8. Preempt

    polarized glasses

    Almost forgot Oakley's are for the most part still made or assembled in California, the metal stuff are overseas though.
  9. Preempt

    polarized glasses

    Not thing wrong with cheap glasses, just avoid ones that has obvious distortions when you wearing them. Currently I regularly wear Oakley Split Shots with the Prizm Deep Water Polarized, great for days offshore. I also like the Costa Tuna Ally 580g with Green Mirror for shallower inland...
  10. Preempt

    Spooling an Andros 12 II

    On my Andros 12II i have 80# Seagar hollow. I have it looped at the end of the and use wind-on-leaders. Easy way to switch from fluro top to fluro top.
  11. Preempt


    My understanding is a deep freezer maintains a lower temperature and is dedicated unit that does not have to share the cooling responsibility with a refrigerated side. To add to that quality come from how fast the fish is frozen, the faster it is frozen the smaller the ice crystal, minimizing...
  12. Preempt

    Best rig and tackle for 3/4 day this weekend?

    Your hardware is sound. Make sure to bring your yo-yo irons which the Jigmaster would be perfect with a 40lb mono topshot. For live bait I have been using smaller hooks size 4 and 2 j-hooks and found that the bait tend to swim better nose or butt hooked unencumbered by larger 2/0 + hooks. I...
  13. Preempt

    Shimano Torium 14hga

    What would be your line weight recommendation on the 14hga? I plan on getting one for local bass and yellowtail.
  14. Preempt

    Best Budget Yoyo Reel?

    Torium 20, 1st Gen can be had used(prob already loaded with braid backing) for $100 - $140. Torium 20 loaded with some 65lb braid backing and 100 yards of 40lb mono, tied to blue and white 6x jr. I've landed countless Coronado yellowtails.
  15. Preempt

    Avet SXJ Clamps

    I spoke to the guys at the LB Hall earlier this year. They said the SXJ Raptor with the dual drag has more room to accommodate the clamp where the SXJ is a tad shy-too-narrow. This posting got some good solutions too if you're in a bind...
  16. Preempt

    Shimano Torium 20

    I have my Torium 20 hg on a Calstar 800m GFDH-800M, deckhand wrap mounted with a Tiburon clamp. Its been my consistent companion on all my trips out of all my setups. Nice and sensitive I used it mainly for live bait but it's the action just right for using it as my back jigstick. Great combo...
  17. Preempt

    Surf fishing with lucky craft

    I primary target perch and crokers using a Carolina rig to a Gulp camo worm(braid>egg weight>swevel >leader>hook). When I run across a spot where the perch is on the chew, I'll often cut the rig and re rig up to my LC, going from braid RP knot to a 15# mono leader. Often finding that the hali's...