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  1. ibfishin

    SWBA question

    I have been fishing the SBS this year and wanted to give the SWBA a shot this coming weekend in Mission. Does anyone know if I can sign up the morning of or do I need to sign up prior? I do not have a membership yet. Also is the captain's meeting mandatory? It's a long haul to go Dana if it's...
  2. ibfishin

    I hate tweekers

    To the tweeker that climbed into my boat in my driveway and unbolted my oil tank, I hope you are the next artificial reef. I went to check the oil before going out in my 18' Parker cc to find I didn't have a tank anymore. Someone had the balls to climb into my boat in my driveway, under the...
  3. ibfishin

    Surfline runs add supporting mlpa

    Just checked surfline today and saw a new add titled something fishy. Clicked on it to find a laundry list of why the mlpas are necessary for the health of our ocean and all the "lies from companies that profit from the commercial raping of our ocean." Subscription canceled:finger:
  4. ibfishin

    Pacific trailer for an 18' skiff

    I have a single axle Pacific trailer I had my 18' Parker cc on. 2 new tires, new tongue jack, bearings were replaced about 4 months ago. It needs some work on the bunks. It is an older trailer and has alot of rust. Asking $300 obo.. UP FOR SALE AGAIN BY FISHSHRTS. PM Doug Fishshirts
  5. ibfishin

    Any one fish Sedona Az?

    My wife's family is getting together in Sedona Arizona for Christmas this year. I might be looking to get in a little fishing while I'm there. Any info about the area would be greatly appreciated.
  6. ibfishin

    Paver hook up

    Any body looking for a deal on pavers? I no longer work in that trade but I am still in contact with all my old subs. Wouldn't mind throwing them some work and saving a BDer some money at the same time. These guys are pros and do majority of the jobs for all the big companies here in San...
  7. ibfishin

    6'1" Stu Kenson shortboard

    I've got a 6'1" Stu Kenson shortboard I've only ridden a handful of times. It's a little small for me. $300.00 No dings and in mint condition. Comes with a set of Future fins (not in the picture). You'd pay at least $600 for it brand new in a shop. I also have a 6'1" Al Merrick Rob Machado...
  8. ibfishin

    Looking for work

    For the first time in my life I'm having trouble finding work. I have over ten years of construction experience from grunt laborer to project supervisor. I can frame, glaze, hang rock, plumb, pull wire, paint, read plans, pull take-offs, hang doors and windows, roof, set pavers and block...
  9. ibfishin

    Truck hookup

    My Chevy Silverado was recently plowed into by a county sherriff while parked in front of my house. It is being written off as a total loss and I need a new truck. I'm not sure how much I'm willing to spend but I can put down at least $8,000. I am looking for a 4WD extended cab preferably a...
  10. ibfishin

    Yamaha Mechanic?

    I'm in need of a good Yamaha mechanic in San Diego to work on my lower unit. It is a 1990 V4 115. I am hoping it's just the dog slipping but am not sure and don't have the time. I have had issues with certain shops in the past and I don't know where to go. She's hung on an 18' Parker CC.
  11. ibfishin

    San Quintin 8/4

    Fished on Saturday with Kelly's son Oscar. Went down the beach in search of WSB. Found some huge balls of bait being worked to the surface. Chucked some chrome for one nice yellow and got one smaller grade WSB on bait. Things were kind of slow so we went off in search of kelp. Twenty miles...
  12. ibfishin

    White cap probability and other cool stuff

    Check this out. also check out.
  13. ibfishin

    need a sheet metal guy

    I have a project in north Carlsbad that I need some metal made up for. I need a custom chase for a chimney. It is a little complex and would probably be best if it was fabbed on-site. PM me if you're interested.
  14. ibfishin

    Anybody have this problem with an MX?

    A bought a mx about three months ago. I've only used it four or five times and the clicker is not fully disengaging. Last weekend I went to cast a bait and the reel made a clickin noise. It seems that the clicker is not fully disengaging. If I push up on the clicker and hold it there it...
  15. ibfishin

    Lower Unit?

    Saturday was not meant to be. After spending 20+ hours pulling an existing steering cable and replacing, (extra hour or three because of cable length:drugs: ) I got it back together for the afternoon bite on Saturday. Headed out towards the outer edge of the tempbreak working up the Coronado...
  16. ibfishin

    2 year olds first fish

    Uncle Chris showed up for my one year olds b-day with rods in his car and a plan to take my two year old to catch some blue gill the next day. After shaking off the night before, (kid parties can get pretty crazy) we loaded up my daughter and headed off to Sweetwater. Neither of us had been...
  17. ibfishin

    seized steering

    Steering cable is completely seized up on my yamaha 115. Can't get it to budge. I've tried penetrating oil and a dead blow but no luck. I plan on replacing the cable when I get it out. Will heating it up cause any damage to any surrounding parts?
  18. ibfishin

    Seared YF w/ soy ginger butter sauce

    One of the best ways to cook YF IMO. WARNING: I never measure anything when I cook. Following measurements are my best guess as to what I actually use. Blackening spice: Paprika 2-3 tbsp Emerils essence 1-2 tbsp black pepper 1 tsp cayenne pepper 1 tsp sea salt 1 tbsp Ground ginger...
  19. ibfishin

    Offshore YF close to home 9/18

    Left Sunday morning at about 4am. Launched at Glorietta with a friend on my Parker 18cc. The day started out with the bait pump humming and sucking air. A folded sandle wedged between the pump and the hatch fixed that problem. Picked up a nice scoop of bait and headed out in the dark. No...
  20. ibfishin

    Gamin combo unit?

    Time to replace the electronics on the boat. Both the fish finder and gps are in bad need of replacement. I've been looking for a combo unit to save space on the dash. I'm looking for a color unit with 400watt output+, dual frequency, and thru-hull transducer. Garmin seems to have what I'm...
  21. ibfishin

    Freezer filler 1/8

    Finally back out on the water for the first time since the birth of my baby girl. Me and a friend left SI about 8:30 looking for something to pull on. Nothing but tiny dines at EBs. Headed out towards the islands for some bottom critters and maybe a shot at some yellows. Checked out Pukey...
  22. ibfishin

    4 nuns

    Four nuns die in a car crash. They line up at the gate for the saint to look over their lives. The saint looks over the first nuns life and has one question for her. "Have you ever touched a penis?" After some hesitation the the nun replies "Yes, but only with this finger." "Then place it in...
  23. ibfishin

    10/6 Damn Yellowtail

    The paddies went completely wide open for yellowtail. Only three out of about twenty paddies we found weren't holding. Left late (8:30ish) with my friend Lance. Didn't clear the channel till after 9:30. Started out on a heading towards the 371. Stopped on our first paddy about five miles...
  24. ibfishin

    How bad is it?

    Was doing the once over while cleaning the boat the other day and noticed a small crack in the side of the cone right where the prop is mounted. It is about an inch and a half long and starts right on the edge of the metal lip behind the prop. I didn't lose any fluid on the lower unit and the...
  25. ibfishin

    picky YF 9/17

    Just had one of the most frustrating days on 9/17. Fished every square inch of the nine and Coronado Canyon. Chasing birds and crashing YF. Couldn't get them to go. I tried every trick I've ever heard of. Pulled up above them threw half the bait tank at them. Tried iron tried megabaits...
  26. ibfishin

    302 Skippyfest

    Fished the 302 on a friend's neighbor's boat on Thursday. No kelp but started getting some good marks just shy of the high spot. Shut it down and started throwing some chum. one guy hooks up pretty instantly and high sticks one for the farm. An instant later I'm on. It's a skippy. after a...
  27. ibfishin

    Fishing in Indonesia.

    I'm taking a surfing trip to Indonesia in four weeks. We will be staying on a 60' power cat for two weeks in the Mentawai island chain. The info on the trip said there will be fishing poles and tackle provided. However I haven't got a reply to my e-mail yet about what was offerred. I was...
  28. ibfishin

    Opening up the lings?

    I just wanted to check and see what the deal was with lings becoming legal again. Are the size limits the same and are there any other species that are being added to the legal catch list.
  29. ibfishin

    Point Loma calicos and seals 6/26

    Headed out to Point Loma yesterday 6/26 for some calico fishing. I took along my dad and his friend and my brother's 13 year old stepson. The bite was decent for calicos. It was the kids first time calico fishing and he definately had the hot stick. He got three really nice fish over 2 lbs...
  30. ibfishin

    Bait pump?

    Anybody know of a way to check and see if my bait pump is burned out without putting the boat in the water?
  31. ibfishin

    Saturday RP and the islands

    I'm headed out on Tuna Patrol's 2520. I swore to myself I wasn't going for a while after Jason, Kevin, and I went for a mogul run on Thursday. The dry ride and the extra seven feet of boat convinced me. We'll try and keep in touch with any other Bloody deckers. We'll be monitering 69 & 72...
  32. ibfishin

    Coronados, one of those days. 5/6

    Anybody else ever have one of those days? I left at 6:30 this morning with surfdoc. Headed towards the islands getting are asses kicked the whole way. The eighteen Parker handled pretty good but the seas were definately against us. Got out to Pukey about 7:30 no signs of life. We worked a...
  33. ibfishin


    Any body know of any free SST sites? I've found a couple but the images are really bad and they never seem to be up to date.
  34. ibfishin

    Coronados 4/24

    Made it out to the islands on Thursday. The slicks were worth their weight in gold. Nothing like a flourecent orange pilot house on the eighteen. My friend got soaked but I was dry and warm :D . Made it to the middle grounds around 8:30. No sign of yellows so I decided to try and get my...