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  1. bajaandy

    Offshore 7/16, MB-312-181

    Launched the WET-O's out of Dana Landing. Kinda busy for a Friday, but not too bad. 5-6 boats lined up at the bait dock, but they had both sides open and we moved through pretty quick. Ran a little south of the 312 area to see if we could get some foamers away from the crowd. We did, but as...
  2. bajaandy

    Lobster Diver attacked by shark at Beacons
  3. bajaandy

    Offshore They're out there! Any day now!

    Made a run out of MB yesterday with my son Ben and friend Mike. Got to the Dana Landing ramp just before 0500 and headed over to the barge for some nice bait. I think we had maybe half a dozen out of a full scoop roll on us. Bait was a mixture of 3”-4” & 5”-7” sardine and a couple of macs. We...
  4. bajaandy

    Offshore 7/24 Paddy Hopping.

    Is it still considered paddy hopping if it's only two kelps? Went south 50+ miles with my son Ben and friend Mike. Crossed the temp break and found 73 degree water 15 or so miles south of the Hidden Bank. Trolled a few pods of porps for nada. Ben spots a nice kelp with a trash bag marker and we...
  5. bajaandy

    Offshore Thursday 7/20 Report

    Made a shake down after doing some boat maintenance. Boat ran great, got the kite and yumee dialed in. Got into some good looking water at 32.47, 118.10 but never saw a single fish. Worked that general area up and down the 118 line sometimes inside, sometimes out. Oh, and does the Island have a...
  6. bajaandy

    Got a borescope I can borrow?

    Doing the impellers on the Yammi's this week and want to do an exhaust corrosion inspection. Anyone have a borescope I can borrow? Was gonna buy one of the cheapies off Amazon, but I just don't know if they'll do the trick. I'm in Esco, but willing to drive to p/u. Refreshments willingly provided!
  7. bajaandy

    Halco Roosta Poppers on sale at Cabela's

    Just thought I'd pass this along. They've got a few selected colors in sizes up to the largest one Halco makes all on sale for $13.79, which is a pretty good deal since the big ones are usually over $20.00...
  8. bajaandy

    Offshore OPAH on the WET-O's

    Went out chasing those elusive BFT's. Got spanked on that front (zigged when I shoulda zagged), but started the day off with a stop on some birds going crazy over some porpoise right on top of the nine. Mike drops a flatfall and on the first drop, hooks up on the wind up. An hour later and this...
  9. bajaandy

    Need upholstery work. Suggestions?

    Need to have the cockpit padding and tower seat back re-upholstered. Any suggestions for who does good work?
  10. bajaandy

    Yamaha F225 - low RPM stumble

    I've got dual F225's on my Parker, and lately the port motor has developed a low rpm stumble. Starts and idles just fine, runs in high rpm's just fine, but when between 800 - 1600 the motor stumbles and looses rpm. It does not die, just coughs and sputters until it's bumped up above 1600. I've...
  11. bajaandy

    Offshore Didn't kill it, but caught a couple

    Hey, I was fishing with my friend, my son and his bro-in-law? What more can you ask for? Catching is just the icing on the cake! Launched the boat yesterday afternoon (Thursday), partly to avoid the negative low tide at 0500, and partly to avoid the expected crowd on a holiday. It's bad enough...
  12. bajaandy

    O-side harbor police can...

    So after two weeks of what seemed like never ending boat maintenance (impeller job led to new upper main shaft seals on both of the lower units, then the hydro seals were leaking, so both sides got done. New electrical switches, latches, blah blah blah. You get the picture...) it was time for...
  13. bajaandy

    SOLD 2- Penn 6/0 Senators on Tiburon frames SOLD

    SOLD 2- Penn 6/0 Senators on Tiburon frames. These are work horse reels. Well maintained. Equipped with SmooOooth drags and Tiburon cranks and handles. Line is old. Would like to sell as a pair, but willing to split up if the price is right. Not in any hurry to sell, so please keep your offers...
  14. bajaandy

    CDFW Deer Hunter Opinion Survey

    Anybody else get an email from the CDFW about answering a survey regarding deer hunting?
  15. bajaandy

    Offshore MAW quick report

    Fished the MAW today. Headed out Friday night with 2 very nice scoops of mixed sardine and anchovies from EB bros. Had heard that there was no bait, but fortunately they got a load in and we scored. Apparently later that night that they did run out. Headed out to some numbers near the 300 that...
  16. bajaandy

    Offshore Still biting at the 226

    Took my buddy's family out to chase some tuna again today. Don't think any of them had ever fished tuna before, so it was kinda fun. Launched out of SI and hit the line at the bait barge. Yes, a line on a Thursday. Took close to an hour to get served. And then just as we were next in line, some...
  17. bajaandy

    Offshore 8/5/14 @ the 226

    Hit the bait dock just after 5 am. Got a nice scoop of very good bait that lasted all day. Set a course for the 226 trying to avoid the boats headed to the 302. Sea was a little lumpy today, but it was very fishable. Put the trollers in about 3 miles shy of the high spot. Got there and found a...
  18. bajaandy

    Offshore YFT and Yellows at the 425.

    OK, not exactly at the 425. Got a healthy half scoop of very nice 'deans at the receiver. Ran out to the islands at about 22 knts. Went five miles past the islands and put the trollers in: Black and purple cedar plug, dodo cedar plug, natural cedar plug and two black and purple daisey chains...
  19. bajaandy

    182 and vicinity non-report

    Headed out to the 182 and a few miles up the ridge today. Water temp in the area ranged from 67.2 to 68.6, cooler to the south. Water looked good and we rolled up on half a dozen paddies, none with predators, a couple with bait on them. Fished em all for no love. Long boat ride. The stage is...
  20. bajaandy

    Six days solo in Baja

    Six days solo in central Baja. Wasn't really going to try to leave anything behind or do any soul-searching, but those things happened anyway. Wasn't really looking for fish, but found some. Ate well. Got a little surf in a relatively surfless area. Did some outstanding off-roading, using 4x4 to...
  21. bajaandy

    WTB Mossy barrel

    Looking for a used accu-choke barrel for my Mossberg 500 12ga. 24" would be sweet, but anything 20"-28" is good.
  22. bajaandy


    Bomb proof. Some boat rash, but 100% sound mechanically. They have the Tiburon cranks and handles. Thinking $250.00 OBO for the pair. (C'mon... they're a matched set!)
  23. bajaandy

    Launch Ramp Etiquette

    No one in the vehicle, standing around, climbing up in the boat, prepping... Apparently they can't/won't read English.
  24. bajaandy

    ORW: source for trailer brake lines

    This is probably gonna seem like a no brainer... Couple a weeks ago one of the hard steel brake lines failed on my trailer. You know how it is... they corrode and eventually fail. No big deal, I thought. I'll just pop down to the local autoparts store and pick one up. Nope! Went to a bunch of...
  25. bajaandy

    7/20 Nados. Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

    Spent the day at the Nados. If you go, have your paperwork in order. Got an inspection by the navy today. They just wanted to see license and ID. (Oh, and my first aid kit. ???) No mention whatsoever about any FMM or any other form. Oh yeah, and we caught some fish...
  26. bajaandy

    Nor Cal to So Cal, need transpo

    Just thought I'd throw this out there. I'm looking for somebody who can transport a ConFerr roof rack from the Redding area down to the San Diego or even LA area. I'm willing to pay some cash if anyone is making this run and can help me out.
  27. bajaandy

    Made my own bait cages for hooping

    Had some left over expanded metal in the shop so I bent up some bait cages for hooping. They're just a tad smaller than the Promar models, but I think they'll work. Now I just need to get 'em into the water to find out.
  28. bajaandy


    Ok, here's the deal. I've got a Raymarine ST8001 AutoPilot in my Parker 2530. On the initial setting of the auto pilot (like when I start a new trip and input a waypoint on my Furuno 1723C Radar/ChartPlotter and set the bearing on the Autopilot) everything runs just peachy. But here's the...
  29. bajaandy

    Boat Trailer

    My bro is looking for a boat trailer to replace his. Needs to be big enough to fit a 21 ft Sea Ray. Figured I'd ask around here to start.
  30. bajaandy


    The San Diego Rod and Reel Club BIG FISH TOURNAMENT is just around the corner. See you on the water!
  31. bajaandy

    Offshore 7/22 and 7/23 Kidney bank and vicinity

    Fished Wed. 7/22 with a crew of 4. Left SI at about 4:00 and got a nice scoop and a half of very good bait. Not one bait died in the tank. Slow start. Lots of trolling. Good signs of life all around the 302 to the 230. Breaking tuna under working birds as well as flashing tuna on or just under...
  32. bajaandy

    Offshore One Fat Albert 7/11

    SHORT VERSION Left SI at 12:00. Ran to the 1010 Trench. Lines in at 5:30. Breaking tuna five minutes later... no love. Beautiful blue water. 65.4 to 66.7 most of the day. Sloppy choppy windy conditions. Got one fat albert 39.7 lbs. Big enough to win the SD Rod and Reel club tuna tourney. Also...
  33. bajaandy

    Offshore 6/24 Hidden Bank

    To tired and lazy to make the report last night. Wasn't all that great out there anyway. Saw puddlers of bluefin northwest of the hidden bank. Birds diving, the whole enchilada. Thought we could get them to go, but they sank out fast. No go. Got one Albi northeast of the hidden bank. Blind...
  34. bajaandy

    Offshore 8/16 Sat with the fleet

    Sorry, no pictures. Headed out of San Diego on Friday night and parked it near the San Clememte Bouy just to get away from the masses. Started a chum line at about 1:00 am hoping for the grey light tuna bite... it was not meant to be. Started trolling towards the 43 spot, then turned and...
  35. bajaandy

    Making macs

    Anybody been making mackerel bait out of SD harbor? Where's the hot spot?
  36. bajaandy

    Offshore July 30, 371 and 302 mixed bag

    Just a quick report. Hit the bait barge at 04:15 and got a nice healthy scoop to see us through the day. Lines in at 06:00 about 7 miles east of the 371. Twenty minutes later it's a nice little cow dodo off a kelp. Headed on out, then up to towards the 302. Got a bit better version of the...
  37. bajaandy

    Offshore 24 July, 390/371

    Headed out at 0300 with a nice scoop of deans and chovies from birthday boy working the bait dock. Lines in at 0600 near the 371. About 10 miles south/west of the high spot got a double jig strike in 66.7 degree water for two albacore on zucchini and a cedar plug. (12 and 16 lbs.) Trolled...
  38. bajaandy

    Offshore 7/10 at the 209/181/182

    Fished the 209 to the 181 to the 182 por nada today. Just one of those days. Got a good school of porpoise at the 209 and worked it for a while for nothing early in the day. Then went paddy hopping along down to the 181. Big temp break about 6 miles south of the 209. Water dropped from 69.7...