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    Royal Polaris 16 day ... April 24-May 10 ... JOHN COLLINS SPECIAL

    Fishing with John Collins is always a treat.
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    Intrepid 16 Day, Departing 2-17-2019

    Thinking Izorline, optional fly back. So they are headed that way anyway. Maybe look around, find something new while they're at it.
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    Crimping with a Nicopress Crimper

    I looked into this titanium wire for hoo. Same as you. Put it on the bench and pull. And watch it slip. Used it in real life down at the rocks and the end result was no slip, tagged hoo. I did not do the pound tests where things slip or break. Just figured I was pulling too hard on the bench...
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    Trinidad 20 clutch lever

    Fisherman's Landing Tackle is listed as an authorized service center on the Shimano website.
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    Long Range Boats heads and Showers

    Where's the unlike feature?
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    Bluefin Fried My Mak

    I don't think a 775xh is going to fully load at 15, or 20 for that matter. Not even close IMO. And what the marlin angler posted....makes a lot of sense. Even if the angler had a big ass fish on skinny line and had the drag set at 15 or 20, so what? Shouldn't have fried the drags. Certainly not...
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    Penn 30 VISX question

    Knot smacking the frame.
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    Breaking things

    LMFAO! I thought I had it bad. Bullet proof protective glass status here. Good stuff. Keep breaking stuff.
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    FG tested to failure

    A GT popper guy taught me the FG years ago. Snug crosses, finish knot. He would use his index and thumb and pull on the crosses once before pulling the FG snug. Not hard. Easy pull to even out the crosses somewhat. Opposite of bunching up the knot as you are doing(Bill W.). Bunch it, pull it, or...
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    Knife jigs for yellowtail

    I'm using a Black Hole Cape Cod Special 250. Love it. I will say that the rod is a 250 g. minimum rod. Can go heavier(presently using the 168s and it's doable). I'm looking to get a 150g BH CCS for the lighter jigs. The 250CCS just has it's way with the local YTs. 80 spectra w/ a 80/100 topshot...
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    Knife jigs for yellowtail

    Never heard of this "rule" but good to know. This is for flat fall? Not vertical knife...correct?
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    Knife jigs for yellowtail

    I don't know how deep we were. And I don't recall ever fishing on a drift in heavy seas. But everywhere we have fished in Baja(7 to 10 day trips), the 168 had no problem finding bottom fast. These vertical jigs shoot straight down. Action is on the way up provided by the angler. Heck, if...
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    700H #’s

    Same here.
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    Knife jigs for yellowtail

    BD sponsor. "slider style" is a copy of the Williamson turkey sliders. Good price, and rigged. A lot of YT anglers use these. About cried when I lost my only OG turkey slider. Got rocked. Their "flat slided"...
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    Short wind on leader with PR knot ?

    Small mono w/ large spectra, say 30 to 80, sometimes the spectra won't even grip and tighten onto the mono. Mono just slips through. If you can get it to grab, might be a good knot. Might. Maybe. Agree w/ Jonny. 20/40, 50 spectra. 40/60, 65 spectra. What I do anyhow. I don't think those Aussies...
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    Count them as practice. Throw them. I use 30 solid for nails and serves. 50 is fine. I didn't like going more than 50 though. Bench testing is all and good but it's different out and about. I have never made wind-ons of skinny mono into large spectra. Never made sense to me to do so. And there...
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    Yo-yo's for the surface?

    Chrome and blue, blue white, glow back. Big tuna hook. On the drop. Deep. Many a BFT. Fun times.
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    El Nino is back?

    You owe me a f'n keyboard.
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    1. I do minimum 18" to three feet in. 2. I like to keep it close. 80 inside of 80/100, 100 inside of 100/130, 130/130, 200/200. 3. Tight. Nail, nails, nail/nub, serve....tight. 4. Doesn't have to be long, just tight....and glue helps. 5. Depends. I use the FG on small bait rigs. Kite, troll...
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    Yo-yo's for the surface?

    The Tady 4/0 is a favorite heavy to me too. Yeah, you can cast it out and retrieve it before it sinks out, but to me anyway, the 4/0 being a 6 oz. lure, is a bit much as a cast it out there, surface type lure. A Salas 6X Jr. would be better, or it's certainly a more manageable weight for me. I...
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    Best meals for 8-10 days I start the day. Have to mention Mark's roasted chicken on the RP.
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    Tinkering with knots

    Tie the surgeons, then tie the RP on the other ends. Pull test. See what breaks.
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    Drag adjustment knob removal on SEaII

    If the right side and spool was out of the of the frame when you tried to unscrew the drag knob, thinking maybe the spool spindle was turning also. The spindle pin on the left side of the spindle, sits in the left side frame to prevent the spindle from turning. Reinstall the right side/spool. No...
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    Flat fall - Shimano factory hook replacement

    Shimano put out a rockfish jig and we are trying to catch cow BFT with them. Yep, change out the stock hooks. Curious if that is a stock Owner Assist rig. Did you ever cut one apart to see how it's tied up? I use kevlar cord for my assist type hook rigs. Doubled. I'll use an overhand knot...
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    FG reigns over loop to loop?

    This seems like a hitchless FG with a Rizzutto only with the Rizzutto tied using a different method(loop pulled nail). First couple of this method, must say, seemed cleaner, easy and the knot was as uniform as it gets. Also, apologies to the OP. Took the thread a bit sideways. I use the FG...
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    Spectra to swivel/ring knot

    Doubled San Diego Knot.
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    FG reigns over loop to loop?

    Been using the FG for a couple of years now. Curious how others are "finishing" the knot. What do you do after the crisscrosses? A half hitch to lock the crisscrosses? A couple of them? A "hitchless" FG where there are no hitches, c/crosses straight to a Rizzutto? Many hitches over both to...
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    packing spectra on spinning reel

    Spool up with a machine. Install spool onto the reel. With drag backed off, bail closed, pull a cast length of line off. Tighten the drag and wind what you pulled off. Gives the rig a reverse twist. This is your starting point. End of the trip, let the line out behind the boat for a bit and wind in.
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    Black Hole 250 Gram Cape Cod Reel ?

    I have this rod. Love it. Here's my take....Used a 40N but it's a bit much for coastal YTs, WSB. A bit large in the hands for me. Same with the 600N/NN. If I were to target larger fish in bad neighborhoods, I might go to the 40N or 600NN. What I am most comfortable with is a Trini 20 full of 80#...
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    25 HP Yamaha dies after 10-20 seconds

    air vent on the tank open?
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    Drag Pre-set Knob, B2-665 & B2-870

    Are you turning it the right direction? Counter clockwise, minimal drag setting and the preset knob is at its' limit. Can feel stuck at times. Turn it clockwise, (more drag), preset loosens.
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    Which hollow spectra?

    I use both. Can't see the difference. Same line, different label is my guess.
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    Penn 50sw #100 spectra capacity?

    as per BHP...1200 of 80, 800 of 130, 600 of 200.
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    ID this Cal Sheets converted Penn International Reel

    Baker cut some topless frames and spools to convert the 12's into 4's and 6's. Nice reels.
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    Reel Help for Black Hole Slow Pitch Spiral Wrapped B-581H3R rod

    One thing I like a lot, especially on a jigging reel, is an ARB bearing. Trinidads, most Accurates.... Instant stop, no handle backplay while working the jig. Much more satisfying experience. For the mentioned rod, I see no reason for a two speed. I use a Trini 20 full of 80 spectra and a 60/80...
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    Gearing up for Colonet

    Look at the Dec. 31st Royal Polaris report. BFT to 170#s.
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    Spectra question

    Doubled, about three feet in. Single, about five or so feet in.
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    Freespool Sleeve

    I did. Reel freespooled nice out of the box. Now it freespools really, really nice.
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    Loop connection for wind-on top shots

    Solid spectra on reel and a looped wind-on. I'd run the solid about five feet up a piece of hollow and use an overhand knot where the solid and hollow meet. Make an in-line splice loop on the added hollow piece. Quick, easy. Stronger, cleaner than a bimini.
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    I apply Cal's somewhat thick. Squeeze it into the fibers with my fingers. Makes it repel water intrusion. Then I wipe it off with a clean rag. Looks dry, but it's there. The metal side of the drag, I use what is left over on my fingers. No more than finger prints. Some, but less is best. Too...
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    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    "I have never seen water so blue...". You had me right there. As I read your first sentence, I was instantly standing next to you, looking at the blue. Advils, by three. Yup. Well written report. Thanks.
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    Penn 30T Spectra Capacity here you go.
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    Penn 30T Spectra Capacity

    600 yds. of 100# JB hollow with 130 yds. or so of 130# hollow spliced on top, plus better than a short top of 100# mono.
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    Dauntless vs boss extreme

    I think so, as per the Accurate website. I didn't upgrade to the Dauntless as my BX2s are serving me well.
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    alittle info needed

    We (on the RP) spent two full days at the rocks for good wahoo fishing and four full days at Lupe for good tuna and yellow fishing. Ten day October. The Shogun also did both while we were out there.
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    Accurate ATD Shaft Gets Stuck

    Too much grease on the drag washers? ATDs have the retainer ring to hold the drag washers in place. Spring is supposed to separate the washer and plate in free. springs but I have seen where they stick due to too much grease. I do the Tani method by rubbing in Cal's into the washer...
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    8 Day Shogun Trip in September, 2017

    Nice fishing with you. It was two days at the rocks and four at the Lupe. Eight day? Lupe AND rocks? A lot of travel time. In and out of Ensenada and having to meet U.S. Customs at a certain time. Guessing one day rocks and three days at Lupe. Or four days at Lupe and hit the north baja, socal...
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    Rod clamp issue on my BX2 600

    Yes, filed stock nuts shorter. Longer screws from Accurate w/ filed nuts. Works. Two different reel seat companies. Actually, I knew of this problem before having a couple of rods built. Brought it to the builder's attention. Could have used a narrower seat. Whiffed. Oh well. Adapt.
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    Rod clamp issue on my BX2 600

    I had this problem with a 600N and a reel seat. What I did was order longer screws(screws into reel) which Accurate has. They don't have shorter nuts that will stop short of the reel seat so I ordered a set of nuts and filed them shorter. Works.
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    I don't trust my line to line connections

    Wet your line before tightening. Friction/pressure=heat.
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    Saragosa / Stella Spool line protector or use a rubber band or home depot velcro.
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    Just noticed a couple of open spots on the next RP eight day. Light load. 8/6-8/14. Call the office! Texts from boat says the fish just want to die. Big YFT. Big YT. Beautiful scenery. Wish I could go but no can do at this time.
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    Accurate Dauntless DX2-600N

    A 130# YFT off Mag Bay. No problem. Drag washers squeezing both sides of the spool maybe, but it was a short fight.
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    yellowtail popping with spinning gear

    Nine days in October. Yellows and tuna on surface gear is fun. But not as fun as wahoo on surface gear. Explosive surface take at minimum. Or watch a hoo jump completely out of the water with your lure in mouth. Or watch a hoo jump out of the water just to land on your lure. Fun stuff.
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    Handle options

    My ATDs went Tani. My BXs have the rubber.
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    Dumb Question of the day

    A twist tie or two. Once you do the loop to loop, hold the twist tie, move the coil of topshot away from the loop/loop and towards the tag. Like an electrician snake. No tangles.
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    Handle options

    I have Alan Tani's grips on mine (12&30). Quick, easy change. I like the slightly shorter spindle. Makes it a bit more compact. Happy with the fit/feel. edit; just revisited his site...looks like his grips are even better now.
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    Hi's Tackle 7day on the Royal Polaris Trip Report

    Nice meeting and fishing with you Matthew. It was a good one! Hope to fish with you again.Congratulations with graduating from Duke University and good luck with law school.
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    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Agree. Either spin or conventional, being undergunned will tie up the boat. You would be surprised what a proper Stella with a proper spinning rod can do to a fish. Trust the specs of the rod and trust your knots. One long time tuna and GT angler said to let it run( spec drag), then crank the...
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    Help with line capacity of BX 500N and 600N

    500 yards of JB 65 solid on the 600N. Topped out w/ short topshots.
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    ATD Super 12

    Great reel as is, stock. But even better sleeved. I'm fine as is stock with the blueprint. Cal also might be able to change out the high/low button if you want. I'm fine stock with this. But yeah, I'd sleeve it.
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    Tackle Question For First Time Long Range Trip.

    Looks like a yellowtail kind of year down south, so your 90J is going to be a fun stick. Possible wahoo too. Spectra to 40, 50 and 60 is fine. Even any light line 25/30 can be used with a short topshot>spectra. All my reels, from bass to big gear is full of spectra and short tops. If you don't...
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    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Learning bail and cast. Well, here's a learning curveball for you. I learned that one should machine spool the line on. Mount the spool on the reel, mount reel on a rod, back off the drag to zero, run the line(with closed bail) through the guides and pull out a 100 or so yards...
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    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Been fishing conventional for years now and started fishing spinners a couple/three years ago. The statement of "And almost no learning curve". Got to disagree a bit. Don't ask me why. Have not figured it out yet. Plan to do some figuring on my upcoming trip.
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    Bluefin popping with spinning gear

    Aftco and Braid make a "spin strap" to be used with a harness. Anybody use these? Seems these would lessen the ass kicking one would take with a large fish on a spinner.
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    Can a 2 Piece Rod be as Good as a 1 Piece??

    Wax, chapstick. If your popper is stuck, ice the grip.
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    Lead to braid knots

    Nothing wrong about using the FG with heavier line. If anything, less bulk than any other knot out there. Guys using the FG with heavy braid to heavy mono/fluoro to catch cow YFT with.
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    Japanese in the Sea of Cortez?

    Croaker bladders....gill nets that kill everything. The Japanese don't do croaker bladders.
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    Quick question on spiral wrapped rods

    It's my understanding that it has something to do with line lay on the reel. Right hand crank, left side guides. That way you will be pushing the line(with thumb) as you lay the line evenly onto the reel. Or left crank, right side guides. There for, it does matter which way the guides rotate.
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    Vertical Jigging: Bad Vibrations

    Thinking a lot of the noise is from the camera being ripped through the water, not so much from the line. I don't fish with a camera on my line. My other thought about no stretch spectra and short, heavy topshots allows the jig to dance around better. My couple of cents.
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    670 vs 6470

    Calstar or Seeker? Calstar, I think they are an easy 40# rod. 670 for bait or a Tady 9 size jig. 6470 more for a 6x jr.
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    Knot for casting larger poppers

    How long was your topshot? My thoughts are spectra to mono/fluoro knots do not do well being ripped through the guides. I usually have the knot outside the tiptop when I cast. Having said that....I can't remember ever having a problem when using the Pena or the FG when the connection knot is...
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    Work on your own reels?

    Okay, thanks Steve. Just curious. Thinking I got about 500 yards of 65 solid JB on my N. Guessing it would hold at least 350 of 80.
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    Work on your own reels?

    How many yards of 80 did you get on the reel?
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    Power of 5.3 oz Black Hole Cape Cod Slow Pitch jigging rod

    Well, call me sucker then. Purchased a Cape Cod Special a couple of years ago. Much more effective and less work than our conventional yo-yo down on the upper ridge. Soooooo, bought another CCS. Fun, ass kicker rods. This year, a Challenger popper. We'll see how much fun I can have with it this...
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    Royal Polaris tackle storage?

    I'm thinking there's some angle involved as my eight footers will fit towards the aft rodholders but not the forward rodholders without angle. Seven, seven and a half feet rods no problem.
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    Gear for my Oct. 10 Day

    I suggest at least one cow rig. You never know (2005, I believe). I didn't get to fish the lower banks due to most anglers not having this rig. A couple of years later, the skipper didn't even ask. Just told us to get it ready.
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    Cal Sheets Penn 12 Conversion.

    I have a tool I purchased from Cal Sheets. Fits all my Penn two speeds. Once you uninstall the two speed button, thread the tool in place. Holds all the BBs and such in place. Very handy tool.
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    Cal Sheets Penn 12 Conversion.

    I think there is a snap ring holding the large gear to the right side plate. The small gear comes out by undoing the handle/two speed mechanism. Slide that out to expose the large gear. Use a q-tip to wipe off the grease and expose the snap ring. You need a snap ring tool(cheap). Also, keep an...
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    Carolina 20. Denver 17.
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    FS Shimano Trinidad A, Phenix,Accurate

    PM'd you Thursday about the 16.
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    How Should I Fish Krocs?

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    How Should I Fish Krocs?

    Local tuna....medium Krocs are a better flat fall jig than the flat fall jig. Better movement on the retrieve too. Wahoo love the heavier. I've always use a slow to medium retrieve. Doesn't take much to get these to wobble.
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    The FG Knot for catching Cow Tuna - A video demonstration

    How many wraps, up and down, do you do on your Penas? And do you use the same amount of wraps whether it's 40m/65s and 100/100 or do you use a different amount? I use both the Pena and FG. Both are good knots. The Pena takes less time to tie.
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    Intrepid 15 Day - Catchy Tackle - Being the only girl

    Nice report. Thanks. Good to see some familiar faces. Please post up a link to the you-tube FG knot seminar. I use this knot sometimes and would like to see how others tie it up.
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    Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

    She lopped off his dick? I mean, he lopped off her dick? Aaahhh shit, Idk.
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    Flat Fall Hooks?

    My take........rockfish hooks on rockfish lures being used to catch fish larger than rockfish. I have yet to use the couple of flat falls I purchased but when I brought them home and had a look see, the hooks were changed out. Kevlar assist cord to HD gamis.
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    Wahoo thoughts

    Double your piece of 90#. So your half way point of your doubled 90# is where you do the RP/Collins. Cut tag of the 50# but there is no tag to cut on the 90#. If you will, you have two mains of 90 to your lure. -----------rp==========lure. Your photo... ----------rp----------surgeon========lure.
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    Wahoo thoughts

    50# mono to doubled 90# via Collins/RP > double SD or double uni. No surgeons needed.
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    torium 16 mystery...

    Yoke in upside down?
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    Line for Accurate ATD-30

    As per the BHP Tackle numbers...the 30 will hold 700 yds. of 80 and/or 500 yds. of 130 spectra. I think I have 100 lb. spectra with 130 on top of that. Cow capable on your ten or troll with it. What Calstar...depends on what you use it for. Nice reel!
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    TRINIDAD TN 30 - Antireverse parts?

    While you're at it, upgrade the dog to a Trini DC dog/spring.
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    Accurate Dauntless 600n and 500 whining sound

    I think it's the bearings. In gear, wind fast, whine. Out of gear, wind fast, no whine. I don't think there's anything to worry about. Been doing it for years, no breakdowns.
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    Need Help With Torium!

    Press and hold pin and use a tooth pick inserted at the end of the spindle to hold the pin in place. Install star and remove tooth pick.
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    (PART 2) - 7 day charter

    not RS......their loss. Just wanted to straighten this very sideways thread a little. This post is like watching an angler dumping loose spectra on a long soak while the boat is doing wide swings on anchor. Clusterf^*k. Get tight to your bait peoples. Haha.
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    Heavy spectra to mono connections There are tutorials for the Sato tool out there. You don't need all those needles. I just use a small one to pre-open the hollow the first time and a bullet point on the mono will slide in easy. Tool, crimps, glue. Make sure you use the smallest...
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    yellowish pus in bluefin tuna

    I was told it is a glob of fat. Flick it off. No worries.
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    Do you use a swivel when throwing surface jigs and poppers with a spinning reel?

    Popper/stickbait to splitring to swivel to line, but you don't have to. I do not use the added hardware with surface iron. A little more line maintenance for spinners. Line spooled on with a machine, no twists. What I do is to mount the spool onto the reel mounted on a rod. Run the line around...
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    WTS: New Temple Reef STK H Popping Rod

    Can't believe this rod hasn't been bought up yet. Perfect socal/north Baja popper rod. If I didn't have this rod's bro already, I'd be all over this.
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    Tony Pena Knot Realization

    Double overhand with a twice through, same direction with the spectra tag. Two turn uni. Or a Slim Beauty figure 8.....I think you end up with the same stop knot. What I like about any three is the tag of mono stays parallel with the main line. Nothing poking out sideways and it's a double non...
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    Gold Trinidads vs. the new ones

    Old gold....grind the teeth off the variable clicker gear for better freespool. Upgrade to carbontex drag washers. Change out the dog with a DC Trini dog/spring. You can't do anything about the better freespool of the newer model having the bearing that surrounds the pinion. Keeping my old, hot...
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    Tony Pena Knot Realization

    No. The figure 8 stopper is already called the "Slim Beauty".
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    WTB- Spinning popping rod 7'6" This one is as good as it gets for socal/north Baja.
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    shimano trinidad 16 gold drag question, won't tighten up???

    Possibly thinner drag washers. A couple of things I can think of....if there is extra play of the adjustment star between the handle and when pressure is felt, try adding one or two "bearing thrust washers". Part number TGT 0481. I think this is a Shimano part for some other reel but will fit...
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    F/S Custom Built Calstar 700Xh SOLD

    Length of grips? Nice, my colors.
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    First Time on the Royal Polaris

    Tackle rack in center isle is one per, not first come.....
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    WTB Jigging Rod

    spinning or conventional?
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    Dauntless vs boss extreme

    I self sleeved my BX2s. They casted well out of the box but now they cast really well sleeved. I'm not sure but you might be able to have Accurate upgrade your BX2 to a Dauntless. Might need a new sideplate so it's not inexpensive.
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    7-10 Day Heavy Rig (80-100#)

    2005 if I'm not mistaken. We didn't go due to too many anglers having what you have listed or something similar as their heavy gear. Take a couple of cow rods. You might store them most years, but you never know. A few years after 05, the skipper wanted to check out the lower banks. He didn't...
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    Dauntless vs boss extreme

    The BX2s have the AR bearing and the Dauntless has that and dogs....I think. My BX2s are used with 60# and a snug drag. No issues. So I'm not looking to upgrade to Dauntless at this time. Now if I were to bump things up a bit to get fish away from structure using really heavy 60 or 80# drag, I...
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    Rod sling

    Charkbait in the fighting belt section....Izorline shoulder strap/sling.
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    Best Reel for a Black Hole CCS 250G & Challenger 761MH

    Trini 40N, rocks, Lupe. Trini 16/20 north Baja because this is what I have. Wish I had...maybe an Accurate 600NN or a Jigging Master PE of some sort, but going to give what I have a go. I still feel a reel with an AR bearing makes things a bit more pleasant to vertical jig with. My .02 cents...
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    Best Reel for a Black Hole CCS 250G & Challenger 761MH

    30# is way too light for the 250G. 250 CCS, think 60/80# spectra with at least 60# topshot, 250G jigs and 20/25 #s of drag. edit; the 761mh is your lighter jigging stick here as per the numbers on the jig and pop site. I purchased the CCS 250 last year and just tooled the YTs. Purchased the 150...
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    Application/Use for stock Penn 12T

    What pound drag do you get with it before losing freespool? That can give you a better idea what the reel can or cannot do. All my 12s are Cal'ed so I have no idea what a bone stock 12 can do.
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    Best Reel for Black Hole CCS 150g

    I used a buttoned down Trini 20 with the conventional non acid BH CCS250 last summer. No problem with line management. I have a narrow 40 that just needs to be on it but I needed it more on a wahoo stick at the time. I like reels with the anti reverse bearing for zero backplay, especially with...
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    Seeking input from the most knowledgeable anglers : BD SDLR.

    No expert here but jigging and popping are two completely different methods. You might get away with one reel to do both but I can't think of one rod that will do both. Popping.....long and fast(Blackhole 80G), jigging...short and parabolic(Blackhole Cape Cod Special). is...
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    Free Fall jigs for Wahoo?

    I wired one up last fall during a good bite at the rocks and ridge. No love while everything else was working well. What I found out was vertical jigging pretty much means just that....straight up and down. Casting out away from the boat and trying to get that rhythm wasn’t working. Even working...
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    Hopkins question

    I've fished the Hopkins direct tied(no ring) for years without issue.
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    Strongest Loop Knot For Mossback Yellows On Bottom?...

    Mossbacks use structure to break you off. Eighty pound test with a surgeon or spider. Big strong hook. I just let it free swing in the loop, no knot. Swing hard and wind. Get the fish out of the rocks.
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    Capacity Site
  121. R

    First 40lb Set Up

    Get both. You need both on a six day. Trini w/40 and a two speed 40/50 will be used a lot on a six.
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    Stella Sw - Would not retrieve line properly

    Video comes up for me. Rotor/bail assembly is turning fine when turning the handle. The shaft/spool is not moving up and down at all. Shimano mechanic in Okinawa?
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    Anyone familiar with the Ranger 85?

    Just got off the Ranger 85 two day. Limit fishing. Hard working friendly crew. Head shots. Bleed the fish. Clean bunks. Clean heads. Clean boat. When we weren't fishing, crew seemed busy doing something.
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    Circle hook Comparision

    3/0 regular mutu and 4/0 super mutu are pretty much the same size except wire size. Use which ever depending on tuna size. I use regular mutus because I only hook small fish. Same with the mustad circles...3x and 4x, it's wire size.
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    Which ties do u use to secure your rods?

    Ghetto. Cut strips of POS tee shirt. Works good.
  126. R

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    And a bunch of private boaters went to them to ask them to leave, and one of the private boaters flew in throwing lead? The thrower would be facing a court date. I don't recall any LR reports of great WSB fishing during the time of the reports coming out of the San Quintin area. There were some...
  127. R

    Alan Tani's Site

    was just there, no problem here.
  128. R

    Jig Rod for So Cal long range

    I purchased a Blackhole Cape Cod Special 250G from Kil at the Fred Hall show. Used it on a July seven day trip. When it was slow fishing for yellows for the boat, it was pretty good fishing with the knife jigs. When fishing picked up, it was automatic for the knife jigs. All yellows were in the...
  129. R

    WTB Newell G338F

    U have a PM.
  130. R

    Excellent Raider line up for wahoo

    What does R1, R2, R3.........mean on your website?
  131. R

    Problem with BX-500

    Maybe too much grease in the wrong place. Or sounds like something may be gummed up as in the reel is in need of a cleaning. Why would you need to turn the handle while in freespool?
  132. R

    Gun range near riverside county?

    I might be wrong but I heard Riverside County made it illegal to target shoot other than a certified range. Even my farm, but I just tell them I'm shooting rodents that mess with my produce, which is legal......I think.
  133. R

    Boss 600 free spool.

    Slight guess on my part here. Too much grease between drag plate and drag washer and/or not enough grease between drag washer and spool. I use the sticky part of grease to hold the drag washer to the spool and use very little grease between the drag washer and drag plate. I use my fingers to...
  134. R

    Butterfly jigs to fish the slide?

    Flat falls come with hooks on the tail end.
  135. R

    Sick BFT ? Radioactive ?

    A few years ago, caught an Albacore with a deformed mouth, nose. Numerous 1/4 inch in diameter rope like whatever hanging out of both sides. No, did not keep it.
  136. R

    Still In Love With The Tuna Pens?

    It's my understanding that they do not target juvenile Bluefin. Spotter chopper looks for the larger variety as Japan will not take/buy the schoolies.
  137. R

    RP 4 Dayer Coming UP

    Jonathon ran the two trips I was on last year. On the July five, instead of drifting with the rest of the fleet, looked around the fringe and it paid off huge. Same on a fall ten, we killed. Either Roy or Jonathon....can't go wrong.
  138. R


    I use 80# braid and a short top(50/60#) on mine. Bounces around different rods depending what I'm doing at the time. Great wahoo/yo-yo reel.
  139. R

    Halco Max 130's in Stock at Melton Tackle order #131272. Am I going to get the backorder taken care of?
  140. R

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Fwiw Jim, a lot of smoke blowing out of people's asses. They're, heck, we're a bit upset with these new regs. Sportboat limits were fine by me. Complete closure is not so fine by me.
  141. R

    Fishing the slide on jig strikes

    Team 1 trolls, team 2 slides, team 2 trolls, team 3 slides...........Don't slide straight back next to the trollers, slide with a cast sideways. First slider aft makes a nice sideways cast, second slider standing by the gate, makes a crap sideways cast, who's over and who's under? Follow your...
  142. R

    Bristol knot AKA No Name not question.

    Yes, I think you're tying it backwards. Loop in the spectra and ten times over the mono and the mono tag back through the spectra loop. You should view the video by Rodless here on BD and switch to the Pena.
  143. R

    finger / hand injuries when fighting fish

    Make sure you cut those sweatshirt hood drawstrings short. Wind, wind, wind.....oh shit!
  144. R

    Accurate Boss Magnum 665 E Series

    The Accurate reels I looked at, the screw heads are recessed a bit as they sit in the seat. The photo has the seat sitting upright with the screw heads on the table(I'm assuming). Not an accurate photo. A couple of things come to mind. No clamp was used. Boat vibes can loosen the screws. I use...
  145. R

    Trevala tvc 66mh...any opinions?

    The only shop I can think of is Melton in Anaheim. Two that they list is the OTI, Ocean Tackle International Fathom Blade jigging rod and I think, the Seeker Hercules rods were built with jigging in mind. Heard both good and not so good about the OTI and I'm not sure how the Seeker Hercules...
  146. R

    Trevala tvc 66mh...any opinions?

    Thinking JDM in OC is closing up shop. Headed to Singapore(as per 360). Might be having a closeout sale. If so, go see him fast. Picked up a BH 250g. from Kil at the Fred show. Not super cheap but not an arm and leg...
  147. R

    Accurate 50 topless service

    Their phone number is right there next to their name on the BD forum page. You should call them to see if they're stacked up or..........
  148. R

    Anybody fish a calstar GF 100J?

    I have one....I think. It was an experimental stick at the time. Yes, it is stiff. I tend to start the jig up higher than normal on the cast. And I definitely rail rod fighting the fish. It is a bit different but once you get the timing down, it does a nice job. This is the long rod I have...
  149. R

    Bobbin Choices?

    Goggle MC Works PR Bobbin. Works great. But I have to think hand tying mylar/feathers to a hook would be easiest.
  150. R

    Megabait Hook Switch

    Owner Stinger ST-66 Treble Hooks. Match the size of what's on the lure.
  151. R

    Izorline Spectra....How many strands/carrier is the solid line?

    Off the top of my head.....30#, 3 std. 50#, 4 std. 65#, 6 std. Offshore, it is very hard to see green spectra on a good, sunny day.
  152. R


    Might be worth a try at least....pull on three/four pairs of socks. Squeeze on the boots and walk around in a tub of hot water. Reshapes the boots. So what I've been told. Xtra tuffs in mind here.
  153. R

    Tony Pena

    Finishing the FG or PR with a few hitches on the main only is used to buffer the tag from the main. No contact. For the most part, I use the Pena. I'd do a FG or PR just for chits and giggles, have the time(which is not much more) or I'm bored. They all work. I still think solid to a short piece...
  154. R

    Tony Pena

    I found this to be true, be it a FG or PR or other knot where you finish the wraps with half hitches. I just use a couple of half hitches to lock the wraps, then pull and tighten wraps. Lots of saliva on the fingers to protect line and burn a small ball on the tag. A couple more hitches to fill...
  155. R

    Tony Pena

    Sebile/FG knot just as good if not better than the Pena/Slim Beauty knot,,,,just takes a while longer to tie it up. A bit less bumpity bump through the guides too. I use both with complete confidence. Also use the solid to a short piece of hollow to fluoro via Sato crimp. I have yet to find...
  156. R

    Advice needed on best 2 speed reel

    Kind of disagree here. 4:1 low gearing on the Talica 8 and 10. A small circumference spool is part of the line retrieve/gearing. 3:1 on the 12/16, low gears work well with 40/50/60# line. Some of these small two speeds/low gears are too slow, IMHO. Feels like you can turn the handle with a...
  157. R

    tarpon fishing in Costa Rica

    Thanks for the trip report Kil. Brings back memories as I was there about ten years ago. What I recall are the acres of tarpon rolling on surface didn't bite well on plugs. The seahawk or coastalhawk lures and the hairjigs with the rubber tail and the mirrorlure 65 worked for me. Awesome game...
  158. R

    What's your favorite Coffee Grinder???

    What rod? What are you planning on doing with it?
  159. R

    What's your favorite Coffee Grinder???

    OP's $$$ range....Stella is out. I'd get a Saragosa SW.
  160. R

    YOYO tackle recommendations

    Yup, what johntuttle said. Just ordered up a BH 250 conventional from Kil at the Fred show.
  161. R

    What's your favorite Coffee Grinder???

    Goggle "alan hawk". Look at the "lists" link.
  162. R

    Come by the Blackhole booth number 504

    Was there Friday. Good to see you Jamie. Picked up some lures from the Bob Sand's booth. Also good to meet and talk with Kil. Answered all my questions. One concern though(you have an email). Thank you. Purchased a Blackhole vertical jigging rod. Jamie and Kil were two of the busier guys at...
  163. R

    trinidad gold upgrades

    If you run into the problem of not enough drag due to thinner washers, add a couple/few TGT 0481. This is a Shimano part number, formally TGT 0432(no longer available). These washers/bushings(?) will fit above the tube. Works for me. Got this tip from "Hawk". edit; should add these washers will...
  164. R

    Bad news from Shimano......

    The Trini A comes with carbon fiber drags....greased. So I'm at a loss here with the question. The gold Trinis....yeah, I changed out the brittle Dart drags for carbon fiber and greased.
  165. R

    Shimano Torium 14...Looking for local help in Long Beach

    Take off handle and star. Place spring in hole followed with the pin. Hold down and run a toothpick in the end of the shaft to hold pin in place. Screw the star down and pull the toothpick. Install handle. Be carful that the pin doesn't fly off. Reel will work without this pin. Just won't click...
  166. R

    wtf, gout

    Got gout nailed a couple of years ago. Allo was giving me some odd side effects. Got on Uloric. 40 mgs. No side effects. Uric acid numbers fell from 11.8 to 5.9 in a month. No more bad attacks. Sometimes have stiffness when I cheat, but no really ass kicker attacks. Booze is a no no. Shellfish...
  167. R

    What's wrong with this picture?

    No fenders. Somebody is gonna get dirty.
  168. R

    How to get the salt out?

    Spray bottle. Once in the morning (wets your line) and spray again when you rack the rigs for the night. Doesn't drive the water into the inner workings of your reels. I have one next to my tackle box on longer trips.
  169. R

    RSW on a 10 day

    Earlier/later rsw fish...I never could tell which is which, but I don't go out of my way to keep this straight. Can't say I've had a less than stellar quality rsw fish. It is up to the angler to keep track of his/her fish count. The skipper has announced to watch your personal limits during hot...
  170. R

    Something New??

    I use Izorline. Never seen that before. Take it back.
  171. R

    Rod action...reaction?

    Reaction. Do you mean recoil? It's the term I've heard of. When my tackle evolved from e-glass to faster recoil Grafighters, I could feel the difference. So much so, I replaced my entire e-glass arsenal with Grafighters. Instead of gaining a crank, gained many cranks per. Reaction....maybe...
  172. R

    LORETO REPORT/US Ag Inspection

    Multi-Million Dollar Fish Bladder Factory Uncovered in Calexico | NBC 7 San Diego
  173. R

    BFT Meat vs YT Meat. Help a Somewhat New Guy Out.

    Looks to be an honest mistake, that was made good on. First class all the way. YT collars...pretty good stuff right there. Seasoned and baked or a light drizzle of teriyaki and baked. Yum. And now the wife wants more. You are living well.
  174. R

    Rod repair San Diego area

    Salty Dawg Custom Fishing Rods - San Diego, CA Try this guy.
  175. R

    Trinidad 20A question

    My 16A had the blue stuff. But it wasn't a problem getting the screws off. Once off, never bothered to add more blue stuff.
  176. R

    Scenario: 8 day trip. Boat limits our on YT and Tuna by 3rd day . what happens next?

    Slay early on the trip, always leave a few tags unused. You never know what comes up. An couple of unused tags or three for a WSB, Wahoo or Pargo to take home is nice. Who needs 15 yellows and 15 tunas? Boat limits...I'm not letting anybody fish for me without consent. Nor will I tag without...
  177. R

    So what's working for these BFT?

    12/15' fluoro topshots of 40, 50, 60# worked for me on 50 to 90# Bluefin. Saw no troll fish, saw no jig fish.
  178. R


    Main frame and sideplates outside/outside...about 3.055". This doesn't include the lever, knobs, handle, buttons. Sideplate height about 3.135" diameter. BX2 600N. Made short work of a 90# Bluefin a few days ago.
  179. R

    ringed or non ringed

    We used to catch a lot of fish pre-ring days. With anon-loop Trilene knot too. Been using ringed the last couple of years, but I'vebeen thinking about getting rid of some jewelry off my hook.
  180. R

    OK, I Think I am Going To Need A Plan "B"

    Well, besides the XH for your 80#, now you need a H for your 60#. Go for it.
  181. R

    OK, I Think I am Going To Need A Plan "B"

    If you feel the XXH is too stout for 80, why not a XH? All the same lineage. Sense of familiarity.
  182. R


    Wow. Imagine that. Somebody actually attached a good hook on his product. Looking good.
  183. R

    Spectra to flouro getting through the guides

    Is your tag end of fluoro sticking out sideways with the Pena? Try a two or three turn uni at most. Tag should be parallel with the main line. Two turn uni amounts to a "slim beauty" start. Cinch down tight, no fails. I use this with level line bait casters. Knot flies through the little hole...
  184. R

    Gold vs new

    The only "significant" difference between the gold Trini and the Torium was spool weight.....I think. So a worked gold Trini casts a light bait a little better than a Torium. Throw in the $$$ savings...up to the individual. Kind of like spending a bunch of time and money to hot rod a gold or...
  185. R

    Gold vs new

    Forgot about a Cal's drag plate upgrade. Don't know if you need it depending on what gold reel you end up with. If, and you should IMO, change out the dart drags for Smooth Drag carbontex, you might need to make up the difference in thickness with a thicker nylon under gear washer and/or some...
  186. R

    Gold vs new

    Yes, there are major differences IMO. Old gold, I ground off the teeth of the nylon variable clicker. Still have a clicker, just no longer variable. Better freespool. New Trini has the carbon fiber drags instead of the old dart drags. Huge improvement. Not that I ever had a problem with...
  187. R

    New knob my TN20a

  188. R

    older model avet lx 2 speed

    Ted, you have a PM.
  189. R

    Need Help - Lake Powell

    Bucket list. Take a camera and post the photos please.
  190. R

    I'm happy

    Good stuff happens to good people. SCORE. WTG.
  191. R

    bad service

    Sent a reel in about a month ago for updates/service. E-mails sent and answered. Just got a call today for CC numbers for payment. Reel is done and on the way home. So....
  192. R

    Chit ya!

    Wood handle. Does it float if you drop it?
  193. R


    Somebody fix capjimy's shit. My scroll wheel finger is cramping. LMFAO.
  194. R

    Capacity on the Tranx PG

    I lost one of the two magnets in the line counter wheel.Undercounted by half. Radio Shack, drop-in cheap replacement taped on. Good as new.
  195. R

    Capacity on the Tranx PG

    Just read Jamie's (fishordie) review. Think I checked out a gummed up reel on my trip last year. He states that he got over four hundred yards of 50 spectra on his, so I think harddrive is correct with his caps.
  196. R

    Capacity on the Tranx PG

    Doesn't the Tranx have the same caps as a Trini 16? Which would make harddrive correct. JL and FB bought knockoffs? Tried a Tranx last year. Didn’t cast for chit. Opened the left side and disengaged three of six cast doodads, still didn’t cast for chit.Opened left side and disengaged four of six...
  197. R

    BX2-500 vs 600N: Line Capacity - in reality, not specs online

    Yup, the 500 holds a ton of 50 but I wanted a bit more 65 than the 500 holds. Thus, the 600N with 65. I'm happy with it. Long soaks at the rocks is what I have/had in mind.
  198. R

    BX2-500 vs 600N: Line Capacity - in reality, not specs online

    Nope, just looked. The 500 is wider than the 600N. The 600N is taller. I got around 520 of 65 spectra on the 600N. Cannot help the OP as I do not have the same line on the 500. But I think the 600N does hold more line than the 500. I'm thinking about 80 or so more yards. Thinking 400 and change...
  199. R

    Has anyone tried the DPX-400, 500 & 600 reels

    I think they will convert the 600 series and 30 BX2s to Dawg. Having a 600N converted as we speak. Call them.
  200. R

    RP Rocket Launchers

    I don't have a set of these nor do I use them. Having said that, they really are not in the way. But more and more anglers are having these built and there is only so much space. The RP has rodholders (one a piece) above the seats as well as along the house(four each, then extras go forward)...
  201. R

    Is a talica 12 is that a good 40-50 lb reel.

    Used the Talica on 100# plus tuna at the rocks last year. Low gear was not an issue at all. Low enough and then some. A lot of good reels to choose from for 40/50 two speeds.
  202. R

    Off We Go... Excel 17-day

    Most awesome on the water wifi real time report I've ever seen. Keep plugging away Jim.
  203. R

    Blank recs for 40# and 50# rigs for Wahoo

    Calstar Grafighter 7470H. Tosses the iron well and has backbone to drive the hook home on the tough wahoo mouth.
  204. R

    Get ready for a whopper of a hurricane season

    More Atlantic, less Sounds good to me.
  205. R

    What drags and grease? Smooth Drag carbontex and Cal's grease.
  206. R

    Bob Sands knot failure

    Both good knots. The video posted by Tony....the sebile or FG knot, what I do different is to tighten/snug the knot then cut/burn the mono to form a ball. I continue to wrap the half hitches to the ball and some over the ball and on the main spectra line. Finish with a Resetti knot....I think...
  207. R

    In Memory Of Scotty Shintaku

    In Memory Of Scotty Shintaku To all of our loyal Royal Polaris passengers: All of you are well aware of the many years that Scotty Shintaku has been the voice of the Royal Polaris and Shogun office. Some of you were aware that she has not been well the last several years, as she has bee...
  208. R

    Shimano CT400S (help) try looking in the carbontex link.
  209. R

    shimano trinidad 16A

    E-mail sent!
  210. R

    Shogun website...or lack of

    edit; never mind.
  211. R

    How to Sashimi?

    Bleed, chill. Let the fish rest for 48 hours before sashimi.
  212. R

    roll call Royal Polaris 10 day 9/29

    Yeah, I'll be there. Have been on this trip since the 80s when it was the Yo's. Last couple of years, it has been a Shimano charter. Every year is different, but this year seems about as odd as can be. What's with all that super hot water down off Mag bay? Bait killer hot. Never seen this...
  213. R

    fish roe (eggs)

    DA FAQ!
  214. R

    A friend of mine needs help....

    True. But for all intents and purpose of the particular argument/concerns, she should not be disallowed from conducting business on the dock.
  215. R

    Tarpon travel kit

    Fished for tarpon down in Costa Rica a few back. Loaded up some Penn travel rods(too parabolic, imo), which are no longer available...I think. And some G. Loomis Escape Travel Rods. Both the Penn and G. Loomis are three piece rods that fit in a suitcase. I just absolutely love the G.Loomis...
  216. R

    Accurate atd help Click the pre-set adjustment link. Gives you an idea of this nice feature of the ATD. And how to adjust your reel to however you choose to fish it. Couple of tools and easy to do.
  217. R

    Shimano Tranx Review

    Thank you Ken and Mike.
  218. R

    Shimano Tranx Review

    Once you settled on a lure, what was your process of tuning the reel for that particular lure?
  219. R

    gotta vent (SD parking "violation")

    Start the clock. Send them a f^%king bill.
  220. R

    Hey Wes (or any other JM knot fan)

    Nice test device. I was taught the JM with a three turn around the main and a two turn twist before running the tag back. And a 4/3 not getting much more so stayed with the 3/2.
  221. R

    Discounts, oh yeah.

    Might consider a dawg on a 30 or 50 but I don't think you need a dawg on a 4/5/6 B2. Good deal.
  222. R

    Phenix abyss

    Thanks Jim.
  223. R

    Phenix abyss

    Not interested in casting Cs or even 45s. Just the 7x. 50# for ten day trips. What model?
  224. R

    Intrepid or Independence

    What I heard...they are talking with starbucks. :gaygroup:
  225. R


    J.G., I believe.
  226. R

    Which Reel for a 40/50# Set Up

    Tranx have Dart IIs listed. As in carbon fiber. Not those brittle, gunky Dart Is. As per the idle gear, some guy down in GOM has been catching some triple digit tunas with these reels. We keep going smaller, lighter, thinner...we're going to break something, sometime, somewhere. Hey, that can be...
  227. R


    All trips are different IMO. Got enough, go find something else to play with. Things slow down, go find something else to play with. Cods, halis to break up a long ride north and/or to add some color which can be a good thing or not, depending on if YOU sucked, or not, at the rocks. Go with the...
  228. R

    Cash or check for the other half of my fare?

    Take all three types. I use cash for JPs and parking fee. I use checks to settle balance, tackle, tips, processing. Card just because I have it.
  229. R

    clamp for trinidad 16n
  230. R

    Calstar GF Blanks

    Butterfly Vertical Jigging Series Featuring a softer tip for better presentation of Butterfly & Knife Jigs The X. As per a seller of rod blanks.
  231. R

    How are you setting up you lighter rigs

    Same here only with a modified Pena.
  232. R

    If the Lupe is Lost in November?

    Still somewhat confusing. Cedros/LR boat with permits. But then again, why would a LR boat fish Cedros right now anyway. Seems to be way better fishing offshore, including yellows. So if you guys don't see a LR boat at Cedros, it might not mean they can't fish it.
  233. R

    If NBC would show this on the Olympics it would be more interesting!

    That's a Chinese and Russian match? Oh oh.
  234. R

    Well............. I'm not fishing for a little while.

    Happened to me. Sore calf for a while. Odd squishing sound when I rolled the foot around for a year or so. Sign of getting old.
  235. R

    If NBC would show this on the Olympics it would be more interesting!

    Digital penetration is a legal move? Dudes are going to be grabbing packages next. Shit.
  236. R

    Inaugural Ray Jarvis Memorial on the Intrepid July 14, 2012

    Good to meet you at the landing Fishybuzz. Heard the professor likes fishing for squid.
  237. R


    Not that I've been following this with great detail(my disclaimer). But...... you need visas. You don't need visas. You do need them, here's a ticket, show up in court in TJ. Where's SAC in all this? To inform us what is what and some rep in court in TJ. What a f'kin mess. Edit...The BS bad...
  238. R

    Anyone trolling with Rapala X-Raps?

    Guy ran a X rap 30 on our trip. Tangled the crap out of the next guy. Put it back out and tangled the crap out of the guy two spots over. Was about to put it out again while the crew was trying to sort out the first two, but the crew wouldn't let him. Cedar plugs seem to do best on the trip I...
  239. R

    Charkbait's 4-day report.

    That's a nice count.
  240. R

    Ouestio on my 12LT 2 speeded by cal

    What's NOT normal here is the scenario you put your reel through. Drag is not going to change unless you move the preset and/or drag lever. Any change you feel is in the gear ratio. Yes, it will be easier to turn the handle in lower gear. Nice reel.
  241. R

    Stckbaits for Tuna

    Don't know much. BUT when checking a lot of the above mentioned sticks in the pond, have to say, the Runboh is the one bait that put out that beat, that vibe, that consistency. Some of the above mentioned sticks left me with a WTF, why'd I buy this talked up POS?
  242. R

    Stop being a Long Soak Zombie when the bluefin are biting...

    Depends on the boat. Lets just say some boats have a sweet spot other than the bow.;)
  243. R

    Another Reason To Fish 40lb For Schoolie BFT

    Just got back off a five day. Skipper asked that we start with 40 or 50 and adjust. One guy slid with the light line on an 800L and got tooled for an hour and forty five. Big boils hung around enough where I lucked into an eighty-five gilled and gutted. I stayed with 40. I don't know exactly how...
  244. R

    Yo-Zuri New Fluorocarbon

    "Super Clear". No super pink?
  245. R

    Accurate Wiffle Ball Handle on a Trinidad A?

    Okay. See what you're asking, I think. If the whiffle ball will fit the Shimano spindle. Bearing>grip>bearing>screw. Nope, don't know. Have a whiffle, no Trini A. I assume without drilling out the Shimano spindle from the arm. Using the same spindle, different grip.
  246. R

    What does blueprint a reel mean

    Have a Lemme 50SW. Got it from Yo along time ago. Still good.
  247. R

    Accurate Wiffle Ball Handle on a Trinidad A?

    I heard a larger Stella black grip will fit if you want black. I think somebody mentioned Savon Tackle in Santa Fe Springs.
  248. R

    Balloon Bobber

    Current/wind same direction off the stern. Guy whips out his balloon rig. Tangles. He keeps at it, more tangles. Then he wraps up the kite. Kite, balloon rig comes in. Man, that was a hilarious amount of spectra. Crew told him to cut the shit out. There's a time and place for this rig, but not...
  249. R

    What Happerns When Kindergarten Wife Offers to Makle wahoo bombs for your trip.

    Every one of those will catch a wahoo. It's all on you now.
  250. R

    Thoughts From The Tuna Experts

    Photo 1. I need to move the butt off that tender spot after 29 fish. Photo 2. That funkin' Fishybuzz is full of shit. j/k fishy. Temple reef BD 100 with Stella 10K.
  251. R

    Penn 12T

    I Cal'd a 12 to a super 12 and I have a Baker 4/12. Had this done before all the small two speeds came out. Both great reels, still use them. If I were Penn, I'd just narrow a 12. Use all the same parts other than a different frame, spool, spindle.
  252. R

    tuna setup

    How much line do you need/want? A 16 will hold more than 500 yards of 50 spectra. I'd check the reel capacity specs before purchase. Don't forget the 40, 50/60 setup as there are some nice fish out there.
  253. R


    65 or 80 spectra, 50 mono. I use all 80 spectra with a short top (a few feet) of 50. Or spectra to a short piece of wire.
  254. R

    What was your best wahoo trip?

    Thinking mid eightys. Alijos. Nobody there for a few days and had the place to ourselves. Flat calm, gin clear waters. Got there about eight in the morning, got over limits by noon. All cookie cutter77/78 #ers(weighed at the dock). They ate anything and everything thrown at them. Walked out to...
  255. R

    Step Splice

    What comes to mind is; regular splice...why not? spliced loops, loop to loop...why? So...regular splice for me.
  256. R

    Intrepid heads for Alijos

    Wasn't the Excel just there? RP, Indy, blah, blah... they're all been checking the place out. Bunch of YTs and seems the YFTs are filtering in.
  257. R

    Magnets in San Diego

    Google maps. magnets in san diego, ca.. lotsa places.
  258. R

    My Fish Slaying Tools!!!

    JB Weld? Gonna fix the boat?
  259. R

    5 day on the Shogun

    Nice report. Nice count too.
  260. R

    Old Calcutta 400 Roller Clutch Bearing

    Maybe try cleaning the AR bearing with contact cleaner. Get any gunk out(salt build up, grease/oils). The way I maintain these is to drip a couple of drops of Corrosion X on a q-tip and clean/treat the AR bearings. Then clean any excess off with the dry side of the q-tip. Wipe clean/treat the...
  261. R


    Yo yo rod. It's not like you need to make a long ass cast. Just flip the lure over the side. don't need a long ass rod. 6 1/2 footer like a 765L or 7465L or MLs will do.
  262. R

    Need f'ing computer help!

    Click the start button. Type in hibernate where it says Search programs and files. Options pop up. Click Change when the computer sleeps. Or whatever else you want/need to do.
  263. R

    Shimano TranX

    I have a bunch of Shimanos. Great reels and great customer service. Have fished the Talicas for a couple of years along side my small Accurates. Talicas do not blow Accurates out of the water. Both rigged, I pick up the Accurates first. Both are nice, but Accurates are better IMO.
  264. R


    Lets see. Yellowtail, calico, yellowfin, wahoo. And I was just f#*king around with it. They work much better straight tied to spectra or a short piece of single strand wire than straight tied to mono. I spend a lot more time with the surface iron or bait than these. They work.
  265. R

    Glow in the Dark...

    Woke up early down at the rocks. Glow jig. Tuna. Replace trebles with Owner trebles(66s or 76s) or a Mustad 7691.
  266. R

    shimano Trinidad A screw up

    Send it back under warranty. People assemble these things. Some of these are dumb as a plant. Shit happens now and then, get a new one. Preferably not assembled by the same person.
  267. R

    shimano Trinidad A screw up

    Looking at the schematics, it appears the bolts have a different head as the gold trinis. Is the head oversized? Not fabricated correctly? Or is there a problem with the frame/reelfoot assembly? If it were my reel and the problem is the head of the bolt, I would file the head. Or if you are not...
  268. R

    Wahoo Reels

    Any of these would work on a wahoo. I'm going to get one on my Curado this year.
  269. R

    Any Special Wahoo Tricks?

    6 oz. torpedo. Shiney snack bag, sliced, taped to said torpedo. Add a hook and maybe a spinner dealie. 40# solid wire. Done deal. Put this rig against anything out there.:finger: :2gunsfiring_v1:
  270. R

    Thinking outside the box

    Starbucks blowing those ten # bags of french by the truck load for a while now. Check out Costco. I bought one. Not impressed. Sorry, couldn't help myself on this one.
  271. R

    Reels for sale.

    A lot of PMs asking where I'm located. Coachella Valley, northwest corner of the Salton Sea. And it's going to be hotter than chit the next ten days. Will try to answer PMs when I can.
  272. R

    Reels for sale.

    All reels well maintained. All perfect workingconditions(freespool, drags). Boeshield Rx on spool. Cal's grease.TSI 301/321. Corrosion X.... Accurate B2-665H. $450. 60# JB hollow. This reel has been sleeved, greatfreespool. Great condition. Avet LX 6/3(blue) w/ 60# JB hollow.$275. Not a...
  273. R

    I want one...

    Calling bullshit. Not enough smog.
  274. R


    Don't grease the AR bearing. Keep the AR bearing and tube clean and it's good(Rx w/corrosion X and wipe off excess). And/or upgrade the dog with an inexpensive(cheap) DC pawl and spring for peace of mind.
  275. R


    Parked on the street. Chalk marks on my tires. Yup, they're looking for money.
  276. R

    Looking for an underhand casting video

    Scott, you have a PM.
  277. R

    Looking for an underhand casting video

    Inside Sportfishing put out a DVD. "Advanced Casting" with Frank Lopreste and Randy Toussaint. Randy demos the underhand.
  278. R

    Bigger handles I installed these on many of my reels. Great price. Easy install. Just what I was looking for.
  279. R

    Reel Clamp

    Try Charkbait...Strikemaster clamps. Call them, they work with you to get the right one.
  280. R

    Anyone seen this before? Bunch of Halibut at the surface

    Down in Baja waters, saw one get serious air chasing bait.
  281. R

    carbontex in trinidad not working

    Carbontex much thinner than the OEM dartanium. Couple of things you can do as I have. Call Dawn of Smooth Drag and get a thicker nylon washer that fits under the main gear. And/or, there is a washer the same ID and OD as the AR tube. This shim/washer has to fit on the outside of said AR tube...
  282. R

    Which Talica II for 40lb (long soak)

    Was on a trip to the rocks and watched two very good anglers get spooled three times total with 12 size reels, 65 spectra, shot tops. JPs were 130 plus tunas. Who knows what these guys had hooked up. Seen a 158# kite fish there and have heard of larger fish. A 12 with 65 would be minimal IMO.
  283. R

    1.5 day must haves

    Depends when and where.
  284. R

    Transporting Frozen Fish

    RSW on the boat. Five Star cuts, packs, freezes. Not freeze, thaw, freeze this way. Frozen once. Or have some of it not frozen so you can eat the day you get home.
  285. R

    Help choosing the right Trevala Good guys.
  286. R

    new protootype wahoo jigs

    What are they made off? Got video? I like the WTF paint jobs. X2 on the hooks and split rings.
  287. R

    Talk me out of it...Accurates

    True tackle whores DO NOT sell their Accurates to buy a Trini. They keep both. Other than replace the bearing grease with oil, it's all there. I tried a Trini A just to see how well it casted. Damn! And this one had greased bearings. Now I need to whore up and get a couple. BX2s cast...
  288. R

    small 2 speed

    Just pulled a Talica out of the bag. About as quiet a reel there is. No clicking, just a silent reel. And what strike button? There is none. Casts great, smooth drags. Two years running. About the cleanest internals of them all. I put these right up there with my small BX2s.
  289. R

    Surface iron vs Waxwings

    Played around with one down at the rocks last year. With straight mono, they swim left/right/left/right. With straight spectra or with a piece of single strand wire, they do the same only with that “kick”. Very noticeable difference. What I saw, wouldn't think of using these with...
  290. R

    Anybody fishing the Trinidad A's?

    Besides the double dog, which isn'tneeded if you maintain the AR, and the supported pinion gear, there'salso a lighter weight spool and carbon fiber drags. Still has the HEgearing like the gold. Has it all IMO. Except the whitehandle.....which will turn whatever color spectra you're using.
  291. R

    JB diameter question

    One of your numbers is metric, the other in inches. If you're going to use 40 hollow, I'd try Power Pro Hollow Ace as it can be easily spliced. And it is much thinner than 20 mono. Probably thinner than fifteen.
  292. R

    Re-compressing Rock Fish the Easy Way

    Seems there was a study done where they tagged deep caught rockfishes, groupers, blacks and sent them back down with an upside down milk crate or hook devices. They survived and did well. So it seems these devices work.
  293. R

    Dawg Refit Cost and Need

    600 and up, optional. Sounds reasonable to me. I don't use my 600 and smaller for more than 60#. No failures with the AR. But I keep my reels maintained. Don't have a 30N or 30, but I'm thinking about it now. Never had a failure with my Trinis/Toriums either but I installed the DC pawl/spring...
  294. R

    What Brand of Braid?

    Tried all mentioned above. Sufix Performance Braid is what I use.
  295. R

    Best Mex food near landings

    There you go, Aldabertos. Across the street from Angler's Choice, I think. Do a crew run twice a year.
  296. R

    Squid Jig For Cow Trips?

    On the Charkbait website/making bait. The two I carry and use are the Strike Master Weighted Squid Jig#338 and the Yozuri squid jig, 4.375 in pink. I have seen the Yozuri with a slider or rubber core in front catch squid when nothing else worked. Three of us had the Yozuri and pretty much caught...
  297. R

    Trinidad A carbontex

    Well, I haven't upgraded from my gold trinis yet. I just used an A on a couple of trips and liked them. Casted a small bait like no other and had smooth drags. "Dartainium II Woven Carbon Fiber". Never looked at the drags from an A. I was under the impression the drag are an upgrade from the...
  298. R

    Trinidad A carbontex

    The A has carbon fiber drags. Why change them out? The one I used felt smooth.
  299. R

    Poll - Small Accurates

    Is the low gear pin bent/crooked? Is the spring in good shape, installed correctly? Is the handle nut lined up? Easy fix. Love my small Accurates, Sato-san.
  300. R

    talica 16II tbar handle upgrade

    I think what you have in your posted photo is somewhere deep in Japan...for a whole bunch of money. Or you can drill out the spindle of what you have and install one of these. I have some Alan Tani handles on...
  301. R


    I've always wondered if Fishy has some sort of tricked out alarm for the buy/sell boards. Some eye popping deal gets posted and when I scroll down, there's Fishy already. I wonder where he got those "you have to pay me to wear these" camo pants he's wearing.
  302. R

    Pictures of Royal Polaris???

    I'm thinking the RP has about 36 rodholders total above the bench seats. Both sides and some straight up down the middle. Plenty more up the sides and there's room up top.
  303. R

    Hollow to Hollow Splice

    Have been doing 6x6 on the smaller stuff and a footxfoot on the larger stuff. Never had a problem. 3x3 and a cow...good to know. Thanks.
  304. R

    Hollow to Hollow Splice

    I meant insert lengths of the hollow tohollow. Tag of hollow into the hollow and tag of hollow back.
  305. R

    Hollow to Hollow Splice

    What is considered minimum insert lengths? 6 and 6 for 12 total,10 and 10 for 20 total, 12 and 12 for 24 total?
  306. R

    Shimano trinadad 16a or 16

    Yes...big difference. Better drag material, better freespool, better anti reverse.
  307. R

    What happened to the layout of BD???

    FWIW...I get one ad on top and a clean layout left to right. I like this, don't change a thing.
  308. R

    BX2-400 reel seat size?

    Maybe a rod builder can help. What I do know is an Aftco ARS-2M, about 1" OD will work but an Aftco-3M, about 1 3/16" OD, the bolts clear but not enough for the nuts. I needed longer bolts and shorter nuts to make it work.
  309. R

    Reel Knob replacement.
  310. R

    Anti-Reverse Failure?

    Some screws, a clip, a nut, q-tips, corrosion X...done deal. Easy as easy can be. Or send it in now and then. They all need maintenance once in a while. Trying to kill elephants with peashooters...that peashooter better be in good working order.
  311. R

    Hoo at alijos

    I think they may be on a seven now. Didn't the Excel just return from the rocks off a six?
  312. R

    80 lb Hollow to 80 Lb Floro

    Maybe a bit over 300 yards of 80 hollow, I'm thinking. Since JB/Izor spectra overtests, I'd think about 60 hollow with a short piece of 80 hollow spliced on the end. What I do with a Talica 16 anyhows. But I'm not planning on fishing 80 with this reel.
  313. R

    Spectra capacity for Trinidad 40n

    Depending on what spectra. I'm thinking a bit over 400/65 and a bit over 300/80. Use 80 if you're planning on a real short top. 65 if a long top. Jigs(raiders, bombs) and knife(butterfly) two different types of fishing. Wahoo, keep the rod pointed at the fish and grind until line peels off...
  314. R

    San Deigo Fish Processor leaves a bad taste

    FP charges 10 cents/# more for the 5 mil bags. The 3 mil bags have worked great through the years. Nothing to be butt hurt about. FP gave me a 10% discount card. If it's not broke, don't fix it. So, I went 5 Star. And happy about it. It's all about the end product. Albacore in the freezer 2...
  315. R

    Rod And Reel Protection!

    That's pretty cool.
  316. R

    Best Wahoo Bomb reel?

    Don't know about the Daiwas. As for the older model Trinidads and Toriums, you can do a couple of things. One, you can change out the anti reverse pawl with one from a DC model Trini. This is a pawl with a spring. Call Shimano, cheap upgrade. And/or, keep the AR roller bearing clean, free of...
  317. R


    Used to give them to my dog. Until she starting puking them up all over the house. Find something else.
  318. R

    Disengaging Levelwind?

    Dang. I'm batting zero these days. Swear I had one of these and the guide stayed put. In that case...on my CTE, I try to keep all moving parts involved very clean and treated with a very light oil like Rem oil(worm shaft). Clean, oil free spool shaft. Clean, oil free pinion gear.
  319. R

    Problems with Curado 300EJ Design?

    Oops, sorry, didn't know it came that way. To me, it would be a design flaw. I'd call Shimano and see if there might be an option. Worth a try.
  320. R

    Disengaging Levelwind?

    It helps a bit to have the levelwind guide(the little hole in the front of the reel that the line shoots through)centered when you make a cast. Somebody once showed me that as I have my left hand palming the reel, to use the thumb to feel for or use as a guide to center the line guide. If the...
  321. R

    Problems with Curado 300EJ Design?

    Re-install the OEM paddles. Myself and the crew were catching 20# yellows down at Cedros, no problem with the paddle handles. What a power handle can do is strip the threads that hold the nut that holds the handle in place, besides snapping the freespool off in a hurry. You can only ask a...
  322. R

    allbright and RP knot.

    What I've seen is they double the spectra with a seven turn surgeons knot first, then do the albright/RP knot with the doubled spectra. Spectra going in/out mono loop the same direction. I personally use a modified Pena.
  323. R

    Burns Saltwater Outfitters in Carlsbad, CA

    Charkbait has them listed in the "Rigging" section.
  324. R

    New Talica 50 specs.

    Not that I'm getting one anytime soon. My ATDs are more than adequate. Never met Tim other than lurking through the years. Tim feels it's a good workable reel, good enough for me.
  325. R

    New Talica 50 specs.

    Size of main gear, number of teeth involved. 3(or whatever):1 w/a small main or 3(or whatever):1 with a large main I'm thinking has something to do with HEG. But I'm just guessing here. Try pulling up a weight from the deep with an old 3:1 Penn 500 and do the same with a 6:1 Trinidad. See which...
  326. R

    Carbontex drag washers for Torium 14 ?

    Go back to Smooth Drag. Click on the price list. Scroll down to Carbontex. Tor 14 is listed.
  327. R

    Need another set up for LR trip

    What Steve K said. Between a 20 or 25, I'd go with the 20. Both the same except a 25 is a wide 20. With spectra, 20 is plenty.
  328. R

    Jerry Brown vs Izor vs PP Hollow Ace

    Hollow Ace is 16 weave. Even the 40 hollow opens up nice. JB 40 is not workable as a hollow. The JB 60 is a pain so I use it as capacity and splice on some Ace or 80 JB to make it less a pain. Ace costs more. Jerry Brown is a great guy.
  329. R

    BFT/YFT/Yellowtail Rod and Reel Set-up

    The first two that I would think of are the 7/800M Calstar Grafighter with a BX2 500 Accurate or a Shimano Talica 12II for 30/40#. I'd fill it with 50# spectra to the top and fish short leaders. And/or a 7/800H Grafighter and an Accurate BX2 600N or Talica II 16 for 40/50# filled with 65#...
  330. R

    Spool shims for twinspin........

    I don't have that particular reel. But I spool mine closer to an 1/8" from the lip. And like mono, there is no set standard as to diameters and a given rating(#s). You certainly don't want to be beyond the edge. Fill it close, catch a big fish and it will pack tighter. Nice reel.
  331. R

    Fishing the Qualifier 105

    Call them beforehand. Let them know about the rods and outlet. They probably will accommodate.
  332. R

    7 days on the Royal Polaris, 17th -24th

    Nice report. Glad you had a good trip. Been riding the RP for years, never noticed the "knot". Might be a mind thing.
  333. R

    Braid "Blade Runner" for Long Range?

    Even a Marauder will "chew through the leash" if not rigged with a clip. Forgive me as I can't recall the name of these clips right now. Not that I ever rigged these lures, but I recall a skipper having good stops with them.
  334. R

    A WTF moment.

    Nice link John. Missed that one.
  335. R

    Best trolling feather or ? for albies/ bluefin

    I recently obtained both the Shibuki and Brabus with casting them in mind. While looking them over, I did have the thought of trolling them and wondered about this. Have a five day coming up in a few weeks. Just have to try this out.
  336. R

    A WTF moment.

    So I take out my new BD 100/Stella 10K popping rig out to the pond behind the house to check things out. One of the things I wanted to check out was how to work the rod and see how the poppers and sliders acted. A Runboh, a Daiwa Dorado slider, Sashimi popper and slider...all sink types. I'm...
  337. R

    Best trolling feather or ? for albies/ bluefin

    How fast can you troll a Shibuki? Will they start popping up, skipping?
  338. R

    Ray Jarvis aka Iron Thrower..Long Ranges loses a great friend

    Rest in peace Ray. know what I'm talking about. It was great shooting the breeze at your office. We will fish together when I get there.
  339. R

    Shimano Parts In Baja?

    If nothing else works. Heat? Butane lighter on the bushing? Just throwing that out there.
  340. R

    Kite reel/double trouble rigs

    For Alijos...I double duty my troll rig. 50 Penn w/ 130 spectra and 25/30 feet max(otherwise, things get heavy for the kite) of 100/130 mono, if any. Attach an Escape Proof swivel to the end of this rig and pick your leader of choice(double sardine/squid/flyer). And don't use anything heavier...
  341. R

    Reel for 60#

    500/40#, 600N/50#, 600/60#. Twin drags pinching both sides of the spool make short work of fish. Casts great, light in hand. Great support. All you need.
  342. R

    Selling your catch

    Just had a tuna sandwich like the cans. Got a deep freezer and down to two packages of Five Star longfin and shortfin...from last year. Still good too! Have a nice fish list so I share a bunch of RSW>Five Star with family and friends. They love it. Do not sell, trade, barter...
  343. R

    first accurate

    700XH. Now get a BX2-600N or BX2-500 and put it on a 700H. You will use these a lot.
  344. R


    If it was bigger than anything else in the boat, they would have kept it and thrown the smallest. Dumbasses.
  345. R

    Terminal Gear for a Kite Rig

    When an Escape Proof swivel gets a touch loose, I just work on them with pliers. Gets them to close tight.
  346. R

    Terminal Gear for a Kite Rig

    I like to see those sardines dance/swim on the surface with as much freedom as possible. Ringed hooks if tying knots and either ringed or non ringed if using crimps with chafing tube, depending on freedom of movement between the chafe tube and hook eye. Not enough,I go ringed. Big single...
  347. R

    Shimano Calcutta TE 400 Handle

    Nice link. I would definitely do that if I were replacing stock handle. You will still need to keep in mind having the heavy part of the grip in a down position on the cast as it will shift during the cast and the reel will snap into gear. Maybe not with a counter balanced handle as I didn't...
  348. R

    Salton Sea was fishy (cooking techniques?)

    You deleted the part where I stated..."This was a while ago". The study done was when corvina were still there to be caught. Deleted this part...about socal/havasu. F#*k politics.
  349. R

    Recommended "coffee grinder" line type?

    The 40 Ace does splice easily, this I do know. Got 220 yards of JB solid 65 on a 10K, tight. And not enough. And it's not the smoothest of lines for the fingers and guides. And I do not have Basils' super machine with a super add-on device to get 275 of 60 H on. So...having to think...
  350. R

    Recommended "coffee grinder" line type?

    Nice rig. I just picked up the exact same. Good info John, you answered for both of us. What about a 10K/BD100? Thinking 60H may have a capacity issue.
  351. R

    Salton Sea was fishy (cooking techniques?)

    This was a while ago. I always wondered about swimming, fishing the Salton Sea. Read a study done where the water was safer than any beach off socal and Havasu. Soooo.......
  352. R

    Shimano Calcutta TE 400 Handle want a tee type grip on your Calcutta TE? Bit of a warning here. I put a Trini 12/14 handle on my TE and caught tarpon to 90#s. We had to chase, but got the fish. Stripped the threads that holds the handle. Fessed up to Shimano and purchased a new driveshaft and nut and put the OEM...
  353. R

    Jigging rod.

    Thanks once again John. Probably not a double duty reel as I can see wanting both a popper and a jigger available. So...10K popper, 8K with a SOM 16K/Yumeya 12K spool jigger. And yes, was thinking of the H as a more all around rod.
  354. R

    Jigging rod.

    Had in mind, the 8k SWPG (slower ratio)for jigging but wondered about capacity. Thinking Alijos YFTs max. If I want a slower ratio, I'd have to purchase a very large reel which I don't want to do. Thinking 10k but it doesn't come in a PG ratio. Any thoughts on ratios as to jigging? 10k, a...
  355. R

    Jigging rod.

    Was thinking of this rod or the H. PE4-6, 280g. lure. What to do, what to do.
  356. R

    Line Size?

    Either side by side comparison with the reel and spool of line or use a micrometer.
  357. R

    Jigging rod.

    Smith AMJ S56M. Spinning/5'6"/PE3-5/230g max lure. 10kg @ 45 degrees and 5 @ 90 degrees. Cedros to Alijos, teen YTs to Alijos YFTs. Good enough? Too light/heavy? What reel?
  358. R

    Shimano Calcutta TE 400 Handle

    Trinidad 12/14.
  359. R

    Saltiga drag problem
  360. R


    Depends on the weather. Ended up going up to the Morro Bay area ona five day albacore trip(from San Diego). Hooked up on a albacore.One minute, the water is coming through the scupper and up my bootwhile looking down at the water. The next minute, I'm grabbing the rail from falling backwards...
  361. R

    Extra Stella Spool.

    "Between the SOM and Yumeya spools they both sacrifice some drag surface area with a more narrow spindle to increase capacity. This means slightly lower max drag". Being that the max drag is up there to start with. I take it that there is no issue with max nor running drag? Thinking about...
  362. R

    Extra Stella Spool.

    Yumeya 12000 or SOM No Limits 16000. About the same price point. Somewhat the same capacity. Yumeya, hotrodded OEM Stella spool with SS lip/ceramic coating. What does Yumeya do to these(drags)? SOM, what is done to these?
  363. R

    best live bait spinner?

    Best? Stella.
  364. R

    SKB Rocket Launcher Dimensions

    9x1&5/8 id.
  365. R

    Crew Tips

    One check here. Galley tab, tip, tackle, shirts, hats, check. Have Eddie tie all your hooks, cast all your baits.
  366. R

    MC or no?

    Friend bought a MC for his daughter. She racked it. Really sloweda live bait down while set at minimum. Use you thumb.
  367. R

    Trini A vs TRQ (smaller models)

    Trinidad A...carbon fiber drags, double dogs, and a light spool that can cast a light bait a long ways. Not familiar with the Penn. Drop down bottom fish, probably the Penn. Flyline casting an anchovie or sardine, I don't know of a better reel than the new Trinis.
  368. R

    ? on topshots

    I've caught fish with really short fluoro topshots but if the tuna get shy, I'll up it to 2 or 3 pulls outside the hollow(10/15').
  369. R

    Building Your Own Topshot

    Some questions...Besides the nub(internal) on the mono and the nub over the hollow(external)down by the connection point, are you placing another external and inch or so above these? Can't really see this in the photo. Are you applying pressure when installing nub on the mono, relaxing the...
  370. R

    Wire & hook preferences for wahoo live bait rigs

    When I target wahoo with bait, I'll start with 44# single strand haywired to a small ring and a 1/0-2/0 94150 mustad on the 40# rig. Plan B is to use the same setup only using 21 or 27# single strand to a #4 or #2 94150 on a 25# rig.
  371. R

    Saw LoPresti Yesterday

    6 or so surgeons to double up the spectra. 6 or so up and down albright. I'll stick to the Pena.
  372. R

    Anyone planning on going on the RP 6/17-6/24 trip?

    Frank will find a way to fill it. I would bet money the trip is a go. Cool year, but the Shogun did well(YFTs and YTs) on a recent trip. Still have a month and a half, it's only going to get warmer. Good possibility of YFTs and YTs at the rocks. Then there is the ridge, Cedros and the longfins...
  373. R

    Penn International 12T

    You can have it set up to fish both 40 and 50. If you have the 12 already, send it to Cal and have at it. Bulletproof. If you don't have one yet, think Accurate BX.
  374. R

    40# Bait Rig for fishing Alijos/Guadalupe etc.

    I have seen the 870 or similar sized small 2 speed reels get "hosed" at the rocks a few times. Two very good anglers "hosed" a total of three times one day. JPs were in the 130s. Who knows what "hosed them". A guy got a 158 on the kite at the rocks last year...and I know there are larger tuna...
  375. R

    Trinidad Spring-Loaded Dog?

    From Shimano. Part # TGT 1303 anti-reverse pawl and TGT 1304 anti-reverse pawl spring. Parts from a Trini DC. Drops right in.
  376. R

    Need a Camera Bag/Case Recommendation

    Canon 100-DG. Padded, dividers, shoulder strap. I love mine. Less than a 100 if I remember correctly.
  377. R

    Turkey Testicle Festival

    Stop in and HAVE A BALL. Oh shit!
  378. R

    How undersized is this tackle???

    As per the original post...take your 2 30 WIDES, get on the boat and have at it. No need to wait until next year because you don't own a 50. Like I wrote before, try to borrow or reserve a boat 50. Call the boat of choice about the 50, but if alls you have are the 30 WIDES, don't sweat it. Heck...
  379. R

    How undersized is this tackle???

    Went back and read the original question and for the most part, skimmed over the jacking. He said 30 WIDE. I think the 30 WIDE is close to capacity to a regular 50 so capacity won't be much of an issue. Sure...there is the torque and drag diameter issues but a 30 size Avet can get it done. If...
  380. R

    If the 380 lb. fish spit the hook...

    The way I read it was the fish was caught with a double trouble rig. While at the bow, a sea lion came by and spooked the fish. Fish dove down and the second hook hooked into the anchor rope where the hook in the tuna unbuttoned but a deckie gaffed it by the tail before escape. Nice job by the...
  381. R

    advice on camera purchase

    $300 to $500.....mid priced SLR...I don't think so. And that's without a (1) lens. 3 to 5 for a low price SLR, maybe still not doable...unless an older, used model....without lens. But it's been a while since I bought my SLR and lenses.
  382. R

    Avet LX - quest for max free spool time

    Clean the spool bearings with white gas or contact cleaner and let them dry. Add one, only one small drop of oil per grease. Make sure your non spool bearings are greased. 6/7 seconds is pathetic. My .02 cents.
  383. R

    BX2 freespool problem?

    Does the reel freespool okay while casting or flylining/soaking a bait? I can't think of any situation where you will be turning the handle while in freespool while fishing thus I'm confused with the question/problem here. Having said that, I would check the area where the pinion gear sticks out...
  384. R

    Talicas 20 or 25 for Cows?

    Listed about the same capacity as an ATD 12...same gear ratios as an ATD 12. Not sure they have AR bearings but if they are like the smaller Talicas, they have double dogs. They just came out. I don't think anybody has used them yet. I'm with John here...blaze away.
  385. R

    Hollow Spectra Questions

    The weave of JB Line One 60# is a bit loose to work with. I do use JB 60(less expensive) but I splice either some workable JB 80 or a short piece of expensive Blackwater 65 onto the JB 60. Either BW 65 or JB 80 will work fine with 40 or 50# topshots. I do not find it to be a PITA to do what you...
  386. R

    Set ups for a 10 day

    I'd leave the 20 and 25 home and add a couple of cow rigs.
  387. R

    Calstar Grafighter 700H

    700H...40/50, 700XH...50/60 is how I use them. Of course, throw in a 700M, 700MH,765XL, 765ML.........
  388. R

    Freespool Sleeve

    Call Cal and ask. He's not going to sell you something that doesn't amount to much. 626 357 4441. Please report. Thinking about this too. Having said that, Accurates freespool nice out of the box. And I think baja tailhunter might be right.
  389. R

    I won't forget you John...

    Thank you. RIP John.
  390. R

    Momoi Hi Catch vs Momoi Diamond

    Big Game Fishing Monofilament, Fluorocarbon and Braided Spectra Line and Leader - Momoi Hi-Catch
  391. R

    Fishing bait with balloons

    I would suggest that you use it only during wind against current situations. If wind and current are close to being the same, I've seen this cause mass tangles with the flyliners...and kite rigs too. My .02 cents.
  392. R

    Is there a difference?

    Every year is different. Take 40# to 130# and get what you get.
  393. R

    Loading gear the night before departure

    RP...time of deposit also. Cuts down on the guys showing up a day early or, get this, two days early just to be first in line. Or guys just cutting to the front past others because they are That Guy. I've loaded close to last a few times, found a spot and went...
  394. R

    Job opening...

  395. R

    Too feaky to believe

    Saw that once checking it out before throwing it back. A set deep in back. Thought....damn.
  396. R

    A Reel Question

    Isn't that a 40# rod?
  397. R

    Tuna Must Eat

    Fished a 5 day a few weeks ago. While on the move, hanging up at the bow looking down over the rail, saw numerous large bait balls of minnows. I think these are what the bluefins are crashing on. These small baits are all over the place in a large area. Another thing I saw was a whole bunch of...
  398. R

    Fishing Line HELP please

    And it will last for years and pay for itself. Treat your aluminum spools with Boeshield or a good car wax before spooling up. After a trip, strip the mono off and allow the spectra to dry or it starts smelling funky. Learn the Pena or Bob Sands knot.
  399. R

    Anti-reverse on the Avets

    Different design. Avet, pawl/ratchet. Trini, pawl/ratchet and single AR bearing that had issues if not properly maintained. All issues can be eliminated with proper maintenance and adding a DC spring/pawl will give you peace of mind. Accurates, double AR bearings that I've never had a problem...
  400. R


    What? 5/600 yards? Sounds enough to me. What is it about super low, low gearing? Tuna at color and your winding a fast as you can and you can't stay in contact because the reel is too low. Nut up. Go for it.
  401. R

    2 Speed Low Gear Ratios

    I guess it depends on the fish, rods, blah, blah. I'll throw this out there. Sometimes I'm thinking the low gears are too low. Right there at color, wind like a mofo in low and still feel like I'm not in contact. So..............
  402. R


    Torsa. Yep, it would be like slamming your nuts in a drawer.:rofl: Shimano Talica II...2 speed. Maybe a 20 size, full of 80 or 100# spectra. What I probably would do if you're set on a Shimano.
  403. R


    Torsa? I wouldn't do that. If leaning towards Shimano...Talica II.
  404. R

    Fishing with a bum back?

    Opps. Mine was upper back so a belt wouldn't have helped. If you have time, go get a lifting belt and try it out, see if it helps. Double dose meds and a belt....use the rail. Yep, the only thing you can do is nut up or stay home. I'd nut up.
  405. R

    this might be a stupid question

    There you go. Works for me. Hey Mike...madbuck, if you posted a week ago, I could have helped you out. Now I'm home, all the fish has been shared away.
  406. R

    this might be a stupid question

    Can't buy, trade, barter...illegal. Somebody can certainly gift one.
  407. R

    Fishing with a bum back?

    Been there. Double dose Advils. Use the rail.
  408. R

    tuna parasites ID?

    Caught an Albacore with a bunch of those hanging out all over. Felt like rough ropes. Albacore had a deformed mouth too, not that this issue was related. Grossed me out...threw his azz overboard.
  409. R

    ever fish these squid jigs?

    I have seen them used with YTs, YFTs, and Wahoo in mind. I have yet to see a hookup...not one. So.....
  410. R

    Loop-To-Loop Connection

    Loop to Loop Connection :: BHP Tackle one of many turtorials on this site.
  411. R

    Shitty fishing and conditions at the rocks!

    "scupper fucked".... Good one Jimal. LMFAO!
  412. R

    8 day tackle question

    Slide the plastic up the wire and you will probably see the scissor type opening. I use nothing less than 275# cable trolling marauders.
  413. R

    Post your favorite blond joke

    Why do blonds prefer tilt steering? More head room.
  414. R

    Boss magnums/Short throw vs. Long throw?

    Hey Mark...look on the support tab at the Accurate website. Gives you a powerpoint tutorial on making this change. I kept my B2s on long throw. Interesting question. Anybody doing the short throw? Why/what?
  415. R

    Is a Calstar GF 700xh strong enough for cows?

    True, true. I use an older model 700H...kind of like a heavy, newer model 7470H for wahoos. So if the 700XH is too whippy for wahoos...not a cow stick. Bad choice of an example on my part.
  416. R

    Is a Calstar GF 700xh strong enough for cows?

    50/60# non cow rod. Think of fishing cows with a wahoo stick. That's kind of what you would be doing.
  417. R

    Spool Corrosion

    Buff it out and treat the spool with Boeshield. When you're done with a fishing trip, strip the mono off the spectra and allow the spooled spectra to dry before storage.
  418. R

    Trini 16N/16 capacity?

    I've been using a formula of 15/16# mono > 50 spectra and 20# mono > 65 spectra. So... if a reel is supposed to hold 300 of 20, it will hold about 300 of 65 spectra. Seems to be working out for me.
  419. R

    Wind-on Leader storage

    Baggies and twist ties, but I use the large bags. If there is a memory problem...less so with large coils.
  420. R

    AVET 30 v.s. ACCURATE 30

    Had both at one time, sold one. The Accurate is sitting in my bag. While the Avet is a good enough reel, it's not an Accurate in ALL aspects.
  421. R

    Sato Crimps

    Saw some at Fisherman's Landing last year and the year before. Have not been there since last year so.....
  422. R

    Whats the LEAST amount of rigs? 5-8 day.

    2 big ass bundles AND a bass rod tied to my long rods. Enough reels in my reel bag to make the deckie say SHIT when he loads it.
  423. R

    Alijos - If you could take one rod only? rod. I think a 700H, a very good 40 and 50# stick both for bait or yo-yo and wahoo iron. Take your pick with a lot of good choice reels.
  424. R

    my TLD II lost it's drag

    Have seen this problem before. Make sure the ears on the cam under the pre set knob are in correctly. And sometimes the cam is in correctly but will pop out of the right place if the pre set is too loose when you ramp up the drag lever to check drag.
  425. R

    Tide effect on offshore fishing

    "Sometimes when current dies. The bite shuts down, and when the current turns back on the bites comes back. Maybe that is timed to the tides?" There you go. Say you're at Alijos, something else to do. Check your watch, check the current, notice the bite. After a couple of days showing a trend...
  426. R

    Tide effect on offshore fishing

    Maybe something, maybe nothing. Certainly can't hurt. Keep an eye on your watch and notice when bites pick up and slow down. Some of those long trips can be a 24 hour party. Manage your time at the rail or in your bunk depending if the watch shows you some kind of trend. Have done both good and...
  427. R

    Alijos vs. Lupe

    Comments? If I were to leave one, it would be a 30#, not a 50#. Take all 8.
  428. R

    Whats the LEAST amount of rigs? 5-8 day.

    I just love it when somebody uses the trash can to rack his rigs. Then gets a pissed off about the chile beans and soda and coffee all over his rig. Just amazes me to no end.:rofl:
  429. R

    Check in for the Zuker 7 day on the Angler...

    They used to be but changed policy a few years ago. Now, I think it depends when you paid up. Gone are the days when anglers would show up one or even two days in advance and lock an empty box where the line started. Craziness, imo. Fricken manners out the door, taking cuts, being pushy....and...
  430. R

    Sashimi Tech: How soon is too soon?

    48 hrs.....what I've heard.
  431. R

    Rust proof reel bearings?

    After I clean out the factory grease and oil them...I will give them a chance. Not good, bye-bye and replace with aftermarkets. Seems some of my real old Shimanos were sealed and then they switched to open (ARBs???). I know some of these have been replaced, if not all. This goes for all...
  432. R

    Rust proof reel bearings?

    Shimano....ARB, anti rust bearings??? Then again, my maintained SS bearings never had a corrosion problem.
  433. R

    extreme handles??

    Lets not forget about the rubber trini type for the Accurates. Those are really nice.
  434. R

    Boss magnum castability

    Mark...take a look at the support page on the Accurate website. Great powerpoint or video tutorials on service/maintenance. Easy as pie, these Accurates are to work on. Yeah, the lighter the oil, the more you better maintain. Best drags and they cast as good as any out there.
  435. R

    Boss magnum castability

    Whenever I have a spool bearing issue, I soak them in white gas(Coleman fuel). Spin them on the pointy end of a pencil while wet a few times. Soak them more then let the fuel evaporate dry. Add a drop(one) of your fav bearing oil. So far so good. If that doesn't work out, replacing the spool...
  436. R


    Thanks John! Very informative stuff. Have a way better starting point. Will think this info over and go from there. Thanks.
  437. R


    Thanks guys, I'm very familiar with braid and topshots. Been making/using my own for years(serves, nails, crimps). Now that I have a starting other question on my mind. I was thinking spinner because a guy said it is better/easier as to line managemnt, or not having to deal with...
  438. R


    Thanks John. Yeah, read somewhere about the Trevalas as you wrote. Then again, read a post where a group of anglers had one on the boat mostly as an after thought, then were kind of surprized with how well it performed. So...with Alijos(max) and Cedros in mind, how about OTI G3 300 g...
  439. R

    Accurate BX2-500

    Get the reel! Back the cast control all the way out, use your thumb. Small Accurates cast a Sardine as good as any small 2 speed out there. Once hooked up, you have the best reel on your rod that you can possibly have. 65 plus 40 or 50...perfect.
  440. R


    Okay, I'll bite. Complete newb to jig/pop. 2nd tier spinning, so I don't have to manage line...say a Trevala F. ML, M, or MH? What Saragosa? Thinking 60/65# braid and 50 fluoro leader. Cedros Yellows, Alijos Wahoos and Tunas to a 100#s. Yes, read the 360 sticky. It's still kind of like...
  441. R

    Don Here....try this.
  442. R

    RP/Shimano June 8 day

    Couple of friends were on last year. Got to play with the new Talicas and jigging rigs. They had a blast. The RP is the perfect difting boat, imo. Start from the stern or start from the bow, they both work....nobody gets all bunched up in a corner. As long as everybody plays nice and works...
  443. R

    Rod for Talica 12 ?

    Not sure I understand your question. My rig is mostly spectra and a short (10/15 feet) leader. I'm using an B2 Accurate. Don't have a Talica........yet.
  444. R

    Rod for Talica 12 ?

  445. R

    Hollow to Main line

    Before 100 hollow came out, we used 130 hollow for 80. I don't recall anybody having a problem.
  446. R

    How best to use an Accurate Boss 870

    Nice setup. If you're having a problem casting, I would clean the spool bearings with white gas and/or contact cleaner. Once dry, add a drop of your favorite bearing oil.
  447. R

    Crimping Advice

    What Rubberhook said. Pass the wire through 3 times. On a single crimp, 3 times through and use the single small hole on the crimper and "swage" it all together.
  448. R

    Rod selection for 870N?

    Uninstall the hardware, don't use the clamp.
  449. R

    New Dig Camera

    Have an older model SX......great P&S. Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries....may cost more but I don't have to replace or recharge all the time.
  450. R

    Trinidad vbs question

    Are you writing about the brakes on the right side of the spool? I unscrewed mine and put it in a baggie. The spool tension knob on the right side sideplate....I adjust to just off the spool spindle so there is minimal side play but not touching. I use my thumb.
  451. R

    Accurate wiffle handle and new extreme handle

    Call Accurate and get a couple of rubber handles. Somewhat like a Trinidad handle but slightly larger. Inexpensive and an easy replacement. Left hand or reverse threads. Great update for these size reels.
  452. R

    leader length - i seek your guidance

    I usually do a couple/three arm lenght pulls outside the hollow/fluoro connection. So about 10/12 to 15 feet.
  453. R


    C&P'ed on Allcoast.
  454. R

    Question about Sato Crimp System

    Blackwater has the diameters written on the spool. Maybe use that with the data from the pfd. I only use a needle to pre open the hollow. Once opened, a smooth, rounded bullet point just flies up the hollow. This point is important to have as the line is stretching, moving up and down in the...
  455. R

    Erwin Knot
  456. R

    Carbonfiber washers for TN 20

    Come to think of it, Shimano did beef up the plate. Maybe try it first before deciding on a Cal plate. Order the DC pawl/spring from Shimano. They will know what you are trying to do. I have read somewhere that they are out of these parts until end of year but not them. In the...
  457. R

    Carbonfiber washers for TN 20

    Look in the price list link....Carbontex/Trini,Tor. I wouldn't leave them all greasy. Extra grease is just going to ooze out and do nothing but make a mess. You don't have to wipe them complete but I wouldn't install like Alan's photo. Get a Cal's plate. Since the carbontex washers are thinner...
  458. R

    Trolling setup.

    80 or 100. I just double duty a bait rig.
  459. R

    Hurricane to make landfall Wed.

    Forecast calls for t-showers....Sept. 1 & 2.....Yuma.
  460. R

    Pulled a boner last weekend

    How about grabbing the 222 handloads and the 22-250 rifle on a rabbit shoot. Click. Doh.
  461. R

    True Fish Story

    Seen the photos before but your 5 red Xs are nice too.
  462. R

    Shimano denied me!

    Put a power handle on a Calcutta TE. Caught a bunch of Tarpon to 90#s. Stripped the threads that holds the handle on. Called Shimano to order that part. They told me to send it in and they would fix the reel free of charge. Told them my fault but they still said free fix. Went ahead and bought...
  463. R

    A Challenge: Why a narrow spool

    All things being equal other than spool width, the wider spool will cast farther. Physics. Bait fishing...not a lot of difference, so I prefer less than a wide. If a fast wind is important, it's easier to maintain level line with a less than wide. Long surface casts, slow wind, go wide.
  464. R

    torium that clicks, part II

    You can purchase(inexpensive) the DC spring AND pawl. Drop in fix. No need to adapt anything, no cutting, no washer. SnyperP...was that price...per washer or per set? Have to think per set, but.......
  465. R

    Tues 8/18 Wide open tuna near 238!

    That's a long ass fillet knife.
  466. R

    Flour tortillas

    Yup....Guerreros. Right on the stove top.
  467. R

    Dental work in Mexico ???

    Was thinking the same thing a few years ago. Friend of a friend gave me a card of his dentist down in Mexicali. Dental degree from UCLA. Sorry, no longer in contact with friend of friend. Just saying they are educated from places like UCLA. Do it.
  468. R

    Opinions, Gentlemen...

    Other than harder to make bait during 1. I'd say 3...other, as in weather.
  469. R

    Swifty Line Washing Kit

    I got the threaded bar stock with nuts, the line remover and inserts to remove the spectra from the reel. Some people put these in the tank behind the toilet, some throw it in an ice chest and drive around a few days. You will have to transfer the spectra to an empty line spool before spooling...
  470. R

    1.5 day trip on the Holiday

    That's a nice grade of tuna. Good going.
  471. R

    Newell Questions

    3 YFTs over 100#s, Potato Bank....pre spectra, 440 w/straight 40 mono. Watched a skipper catch a 99 YFT offshore, Penn 500, straight 30 mono. Would I use this tackle today? Shit no.
  472. R

    Best Albicore Recepie

    1/2 cup melted butter. 1/2 cup lemon juice. 3 tablespoons of cooking sherry. Pinch of pepper. Brush on and bbq. Italian dressing...bbq. Don't overcook!
  473. R

    Avet LX for 50# & HX for 60# ??

    JX for 40, LX for 50, HX for are fine. I wouldn't go higher, but your list is fine.
  474. R

    long range limits

    Albacore and Bluefin limits on a five day are 15 and 15, 30 fish total. If you kept some Yellowtails, less Bluefin or Albacore. On a recent five day I was on, the boat now has a board with passenger tag numbers. A mark per fish and type of fish. Counts were kept. If you reached your limit, find...
  475. R

    Shimano Curado 300 and 200

    Have a 200e with suffix performance braid, 30#, I think. With reel cover. 150 shipped if in socal. Send a PM. New, just fished a pond once. Nice reel, I just don't do this kind of fishing much.
  476. R

    Crossover Topic Question - Rail Rods

    I have seen x tube shredded, but it is a boat rod. Gets a lot of use.
  477. R

    Stuff for the RP Crew

    instant noodles.
  478. R

    I'm a Canadian Doctor!!!!

    Have to ask....did you consider the string method? It was on BD.
  479. R

    Why don't we hear about Big Eye Tuna?

    Heard a story of Panama seiners wrapping 5# Bigeyes all day long. Are these juveniles or babies? These seiners keep wrapping fish before they even have a chance to breed a couple of times, shit is gonna happen.
  480. R

    Ensenada 295 and beyond

    Congrats with the pinche divorse. Good fishing. What worked?
  481. R

    Curado 300 Drags?

    Smoothdrag has carbontex for the Curado 300 I believe. No cutting, just grease and drop in.
  482. R

    Are Reel Clamps Necessary?

    Reel wobble, alignment......takes but a couple to install, uninstall.
  483. R

    Accurate B870 Magnum question....

    I have 65 spectra on mine. I either have a top of 40 or 50 going with an 870. Come to's all I use this reel for the last couple of years.
  484. R

    Shimano Calcutta Bearings and Repair Work

    Do you, can you, work on your own reels? Or do you just let somebody else do it? I can tell you what I would do before giving up on bearings. Pull the bearings and soak in white gas to clean all the old oil/grease/gunk out and re-oil with a single drop. Pull all the idle gearing and clean and...
  485. R

    Maintaining Reels

    What he said.
  486. R

    Do I really need a 100lb setup?

    Hi Steve K. First, congrats and stoked for your June Heat trip. Yes, it was.....but a couple years later when things were slow again, we went south to look around. This time, the skip just informed us what and where and to make sure your big rigs were set up. Didn't ask if you had it, just said...
  487. R

    Albacore rod

    Keep the Graftec and put a smaller non 2 speed reel on it and have some 15 or 20 for when the fish want anchovies. Keep the Seeker for 30 when fish want to bite well. Add a 270H-8 for in between.
  488. R

    Do I really need a 100lb setup?

    Apologies for the f'ing stay home comment. Ranting. You had to be there. Cows blowing out all over and we couldn't participate. We were right there too. A lot of folks with an Avet 4/0 with 80 spectra for their big gear...."because that's all I needed last year". You never know what you're going...
  489. R

    Calstar rods? has more info of Calstars than Calstar did.
  490. R

    Do I really need a 100lb setup?

    This is how all but a handful of anglers thought during our 05 late September/early October trip. Things were a bit slow, so the Excel and 105 went looking and started the 05 cowfest. We were there but as I stated before, only a handful of us had cow rigs. The boat is not going to carry rigs for...
  491. R

    Do I really need a 100lb setup?

    Remember the 05 Cowfest? We were down there but the skip took a couple laps around the boat and decided that most anglers were not equipped. Guys with 4/0s with 80 spectra as their heaviest rig (wahoo trolling/dropper rig). So…I got to hear and read about wfo cows and not even get to fish...
  492. R

    Accurate B270 2 speed reel

    20/25# test line? The B2 870 is way too much reel. Or 20/25# fish, the B2 870 is still way too much reel. On a five day, 40/50# test line is what to use with jigs. I don't know what the caps are with straight mono with this reel, but with say 65 spectra, this reel is good for 30 to 60 line...
  493. R

    Sealine X Help

    Everything seems to work until you tighten the side cover screws? Make sure the anti reverse spring is correctly inside the spring holder., spring in holder, pawl. If the spring isn't in the holder properly, it all seems to work until you tighten screws that pinch AR parts. Look...
  494. R


    I'm trying to see this by memory, so.... Is the adjustment all the way backed out when you install into the lever(on to the cam track)? Or if the adjustment is not moving at all when the cam is out, it may be stuck on the end. Use pliers to pop it free....go easy. Add a drop of corrision x where...
  495. R


    The side plate screws? Torx, I believe...not allen. That's what I have on the 870 and 665.
  496. R

    spectra question

    It's not like PP where stuff flakes off. Like all colored spectra, some color fades a bit, but no, this doesn't flake all over the place. I usually run the line through a very wet rag when I spool up. Gets that saturated top coat of color off like all colored line (no flakes). From there, it's...
  497. R

    Problem w/Torium 30

    Shimano has great customer service. Let them know it's only a year old and ask for an estimate. I doubt it will cost that much, not even close.
  498. R

    HELP.....which 50 size reel for first cow trip.

    I was going to ask about the 30 and spectra. Thanks Jamie.
  499. R

    spectra question

    Tried a lot of different braids during the years on my bass reels. I'm liking Sufix Performance Braid. It's colored, It's coated. It's far from crap.
  500. R

    Spectra to spectra knot

    Hollow to hollow? Splice knot. 100%, seamless.
  501. R

    spectra question

    What size reel? I do 50 and 65. No use having 400 yards of line on a bass reel.
  502. R

    spectra question

    Can't think of why anyone would have a problem with spectra on a bass reel. It's the only way to go IMO.
  503. R

    HELP.....which 50 size reel for first cow trip.

    The question is what 50. ATD...topless, twin drags, 130# JB hollow w/200# hollow on top. Yeah, it's good to have an ATD 30 too. But it's good to think big. Pissed off supercows.
  504. R

    trolling raplas

    I wrote how we used one and it slayed. Most of the time, from what I've seen, the big boats troll fast and these plugs tend to pop out and/or track off. Or on a turn, they will track different than standard feathers or cedar plugs. You have to make sure these Raps don't go wacko and screw things...
  505. R

    trolling raplas

    Rapalas? We trolled a CD14 B&P once....on the RP. Killer on the longfins. It ran fine then...I don't know about always. Always wondered if a torpedo can be used in front of this rig. Someone told me to try the Yozuri hydromag, supposed to run better.
  506. R

    Avet HOO-X 5/2 $365

    I would consider it if you replace the line with JB 80# hollow to the top, no mono.
  507. R

    tld 30/2 magnum?

    What's a TLD 30/2 MAGNUM? I have an enhanched drag, Tiburon frame on a 30. I have no problem using it with 80#. Used it as a troll/dropper rig last year.
  508. R

    World-record yellowfin may be on the hook

    Not that I give a ch!t about igfa, but if you want a record with spectra, you need to use 100# as 130# will overtest. Anything over 130 gets disqualified. I think....
  509. R

    Calstar BT rods

    These new composite blanks feature a graphite core with E-Glass exterior and are comprised of a 75-25 Graphite/E-Glass blend. The result of this blend yields a series of blanks that share the strength benefits of glass with the lightness and sensitivity of graphite. Because of their graphite...
  510. R

    Dust off your crystal balls

    Every year is different. A five day is the way to go. If the Albacore and Bluefin are still around, great. If the Yellowfin show up at Lupe, great. Yellows at Cedros, standard. A lot of options on a five. So tag a bunch of longfins and shortfins on your way to bigger Yellowfins at the Lupe, then...
  511. R

    You could look like this if you get swine flu..

    See what happens when you fuck a pig?
  512. R

    Mono With Fluorocarbon? Help

    All mono; Tie a three or four foot piece of fluoro on the end of your mono with a seaguar knot or three/four turn surgeon knot. Some braid with a long shot of mono; tie this with a Sands or Pena knot then tie the short piece of fluoro. All braid, I use a Sands/Pena straight to a ten or...
  513. R

    60# Setup

    HX, 6465XH sounds good to me. 80 spectra, short top of 50 or 60. Perfect setup there.
  514. R

    looking for a 60#-80# reel for my calstar GFGR 700xh

    80 on a 700XH? 60, yeah....but 80?
  515. R

    Radio Check *Rant*

    What if your mic isn't working and nobody hears you?
  516. R

    What's the hot digital camera right now???

    I have an earlier version of the SX you have listed. Very happy with it. IS, more zoom, very nice photos. If I were looking today, I'd get the SX.
  517. R

    Avet JX or Saltist 30HT?

    Even though the Avets freespool nice....the Saltist should freespool better than the Avets. If it doesn't, you have a problem with the Saltist.
  518. R

    20# and 25# setups ?

    Sounds like a good plan....put the 229 on a 800L.
  519. R

    Calcutta 700 TE drag question

    if it's like my CTE 3 and is normal.
  520. R

    any computer/camera wizards ????

    Memory card reader to USB. Or memory stick in camera...cable from camera to USB. Try clicking "My Computer" and see if it gets that far along. If it does, open that up and copy to "My Pictures". Windows 98??? Damn. Can't even remember that far back.
  521. R

    Salt-X lost it's blue color???

    2 years old....sitting on a shelf....still blue.
  522. R

    need help choosing between accurate 665 or avet hx for 50#

    Avet, Accurate...both good reels, both slay big fish. Before both these reels even came out, John Baker/Cal Sheets were doing great things with the Penn 12. Angler asked a long time deck hand on a premier boat about his thoughts of a small two speed. Pointed to an old Baker 4 that was...
  523. R


    It's a piece of shit....sell it to me.
  524. R

    Which knot do you use for Heavy Dropper Loops

    good idea....going to do that. you ever try putting the second hook on the "inside" instead of the "outside"?
  525. R


    Momoi fluoro is very good fluoro.
  526. R

    Anyone been on the First-String??

    Fished the First String a couple of invited one day charters. Skipper, crew, food, boat, all top notch. Clean, roomy. Fish her anytime.
  527. R

    TLD 20/40 Star, where`s the titanium?

    Try soaking in oil overnight. If I remember correctly, the bushing just fell out. I have switched a lot of reels to Carbontex. Seems that the greased fiber washers on a TLD Star are very smooth to begin with. Why switch out?
  528. R

    Braided fishing line

    JB, offshore. Sufix Performance Braid, small stuff, levelwinds.
  529. R

    How to Serve a connection

    Iron Thrower is cow fishing with a couple of nails. Also, maybe check out Gary Teraoka(?) in the "Blog" dropdown at the Accurate site, another nail knot method. Good glue is key imo.
  530. R

    double surgeons or Seagar knot?

    Overlap the mono and fluoro 6, 7 inches. Tie an overhand knot...three or four times. Spit and tighten up. Cut tags. Both are good knots.
  531. R

    Best 30/02 size?

    30 wide is a 50 narrow. I'd get another 50 narrow before a 30 wide. Same cap, more torque, less wobble. So it would be 30N and 50N or two 50Ns.
  532. R

    50lb jig combo? Too much

    P533. Doesn't the "P" model come with a metal handle? Did you answer with a metal handle in mind or were you thinking of the plastic handle?
  533. R

    Your 2 favorite jig sticks

    10' grafighter experimental...they don't make them, for 7X light. 7470H for Yo yo, hoos. 50# test line, both.
  534. R

    fish cleaning after trip...

    What Wahoodad said. Frozen, I trade for cans. Probably the best canned tuna there is. Not the best trade but...... RSW to Five Star. Just had some RSW/Five Star YFT caught in Oct. 08, yesterday. Good as gold. The alternative is to build a large fish box for the truck, load fish and a whole bunch...
  535. R

    Many ways to lose.....

    his check swing was strike 3 IMHO. :confused: No way., wishful thinking dude. The pitch was out of the strike zone and the check swing wasn't even a close call.
  536. R

    Finding Needle Applicators Dispensers or Syringes & Needles. Oil & Oilers.
  537. R

    Newell 332 drag

    10#s, greased HTs. 30# and less reel. Hey Arv....extra washer? What, how, where?
  538. R

    kill em all lots of pics

    That head shot photo should be your avatar.
  539. R

    Bait Outfit Upgrades

    2 speed reels for 15, 20, and 30#? Well, you could always put some spectra on them and increase mono size.
  540. R

    Penn 30S INT II - Stuck strike pin

    Oops! Did I write left side plate? Little button is on the right side. Sooooo.... take off the left, pull the spool or take off all the junk off the right side, then the right side plate. Yeah, try the oil soak first, but that didn't work on mine. Thus.........
  541. R

    Penn 30S INT II - Stuck strike pin

    I had a Penn International that did that too. Oiled, still stuck. Took it apart, cleaned, still stuck or would continue to stick. Ended up using a drill bit to round out the hole, clean it up. All good now. Easy fix. Take off the left side plate, pop the clip, pop out the parts, drill out or use...
  542. R

    Torium that clicks

    Although I have never had a single anti reverse failure in years of use/abuse (50#) in any of my Trinidads/Toriums, I went ahead and updated my reels with the DC pawl w/ spring. Easy, fast, simple upgrade. No worries now.
  543. R

    Slickest mono to hollow connection ever

    Thanks Ray. Yup, nail knots with, clean, effective, no failures.
  544. R

    Torium that clicks

    Alan, the Trinidad DC pawl and pawl spring is a drop in fix for the regular Trinidads and Toriums. part #s 1304 spring, and 1303 pawl. I'm guessing you need the pawl to work with the spring.....not just the spring working with the original pawl.
  545. R

    Avet HX MC Vs. John Baker 6

    Welcome to Baker Custom Sport Fishing
  546. R

    Slickest mono to hollow connection ever

    Loop to loop pre mades are good, just have to make sure all four legs are equal. Hollow to hollow splice pre mades are cleaner, very fast and easy to do. No worries of unequal legs. Iron Thrower/Ray, Fishious/Don. Last year, forgot to pack my crimp kit. Cut off some solid off one of my...
  547. R

    Torium that clicks

    It is my understanding that the Trinidad DC pawl and spring is a drop in fix. May be easier.
  548. R

    Alan Tani Reel Clinic

    Thanks for the discussion Coryellk and Alan. Answers some concerns I had.
  549. R


    Pat on the backs....but, they will find a way out, they always do. I don't know if we are even at this point, but time to step on their necks. Don't let off the pedal. Just saying.
  550. R

    Spectra on surface iron reel???

    Maybe I better backtrack with some explanation. I use an experimental (was then) 10' grafighter. One of three made. I don't think they are being made as of today. Reel is filled with 80 spectra with maybe 80/90 yds. of 50 Izorline. I use 7Xs with 3/0 or 04/0 owner trebles. Sure, there are the...
  551. R

    Avet HX MC Vs. John Baker 6

    I consider my Penn/Baker upgrade my most bullet proof small 2 speed reel I own. Freespool, drags, has it all....with no issues, none.
  552. R

    Spectra on surface iron reel???

    If you have straight mono on it now, go toss some iron and note where on the spool you end up after the cast. Take note, mark or measure. Strip the spool of your mono and before you add spectra, treat it with car wax or boeshield to protect spool from corrosion. Fill the spool to your mark with...
  553. R

    5 minutes 40 seconds of freespool!!!!!

    Shimano has open, non sealed bearings, no? Replace grease with oil and freespool gets way better. I think Shimano and probably other reel manufactors grease bearings with the thought that a lot of anglers are not going to maintain their toys well. I'm thinking Alan is liking the extreme reel...
  554. R

    50/60 lb rod

    50/60 Dropper loop with those reels listed....765ML. A really good 50/60 seven footer....700XH. Nice report, by the way.
  555. R

    Tony Pena

    Using the multi turn uni with the mono makes the Pena a Sands knot. I tie a two turn overhand then pass the spectra through the loop created twice going the same direction. It really is a two turn uni but seems the end result of the mono tag tends to stay paralel with the main spectra. I do 12...
  556. R

    5 day trip advice

    25#/30# surface iron on a five day????????
  557. R

    B2-665 handle swap for BX2-600?

    \ thanks for this info. will stay with the wiffle. but then again, i don't really dislike the wiffle that much.
  558. R

    TOPSHOTS....."serve" 'um or crimp 'um?

    Going to disagree here. Sure, it would hold fine, but same size as a crimp, knot(nail?), nub, serve? I don't feel that way. You will have trouble casting an overhand through the guides, ring or roller. Larger mono or long topshots, you will have to reach up above the tiptop and pull the overhand...
  559. R

    for the record

    Damn, that was fast. Good to know of the cap. you got on the 665. No hurry on the BX. Have friends that live close to your shop. When I can get your way, will stop by. Thanks.
  560. R

    for the record

    BHP, Basil has the 665 at 350 yds. of 80#. Think I read where a very good east coast guy put 400 yds. of thin 80# solid on the 665. He uses a very short topshot of mono. What the difference would be as to 80 and 100#, I do not know. The wide version, if it comes out, I have no idea of caps...
  561. R

    Splicing Jerry brown hollow braid.

    Yes, you can........but I find Line One sixty# a bit difficult to work with. I splice a short piece of Line One eighty# onto the sixty and finger cuff the mono/fluoro into the eighty. Or just run your solid into eighty.
  562. R


    Pizza joint?
  563. R

    calstar WC-665H-C

    Calstar 665H is a great 50# rod, yo yo iron or bait. Reel? How much $$$ do you want to spend? Baja sp., 113h, Trini 40, Tld 20 or 30, Accurate 665 or BX 2 600, Avet Hx. Depends....spectra or straight mono(capacity). Yes, it is a great YT rod.
  564. R

    Is one braid better than other braids???

    On my smaller reels(levelwinds), I'm liking Sufix Performance Braid. Have used Stren, Xtuff?, Spiderwire Steath, Powerpro(shit). Sufix gives me the best far. Larger offshore, Line One/Jerry Brown. Small reels, solid. Sixty and up, hollow. Blackwater is good line but way to...
  565. R

    favorite braid/spectra?

    Line One, Jerry Brown for most offshore fishing. Tried many of the lines you listed for the smaller baitcaster reels. Suffix Performance Braid is what I like and use now.
  566. R

    Looking for a 60lb 2 speed reel.

    What Mark said. Accurate 665 or Avet wide. If you go the Shimano/Tib frame route, no need for a 30, a 20 would be plenty.
  567. R

    dispute with neighbor

    Different places, different laws. What is common, I think, is what hangs on your side is your problem. You can cut, and you have to dispose what you cut. Can't just throw it on neighbors property. I would ask city what the laws are. I would document everything.....with neighbor and city. As to...
  568. R

    calstar grafighter tuna rod

    130# spectra w/100# topshot, drop the W. Regular 50, no 50W, no wobble. A lot of big fish has been caught with the 760H but IMO a 7460H or 7465H would be better with 100#.
  569. R

    80 lb. reel advice

    Yup, what Keta said.
  570. R


    Consider a Shimano Tyrnos 20II. Has a Alum frame. No need to upgrade with a Willfish or Tib frame. Nice grip too. Used a friends Tyrnos last summer, I liked it fine. Degrease the spool bearings and oil.
  571. R

    Blackwater vs. JB spectra

    Blackwater is better spectra. Tighter weave. Is it worth that many extra dollars? No, not in my opinion. If I had Bill Gates money, I would use Blackwater. But I don't, so I use Line One and am very happy with it. Best bang for the dollars. And Jerry Brown is a great guy, wonderful to do...
  572. R

    Setting up 40# and 50# reels?

    Chad, what I have been doing as to solid 50 or 65 to hollow is I run a double line solid into the hollow about four or five feet. I serve or double nail knot the connection and glue. Put one together four years ago and it lasted two, working on third until a tangle/cut off. Finger cuff is the...
  573. R

    can it be done?

    It depends. Sure you could.....within reason. Set your strike/drag at 1/4 with a full spool equals 1/2 drag at 1/2 spool, 3/4 drag at 1/4 spool. Start at 1/3 strike/drag, different set of numbers. Also need to consider the "no stretch" qualities of spectra. I think spectra will break way below...
  574. R

    What a deal a free trip on the Intrepid

  575. R

    What a deal a free trip on the Intrepid

    Has to be a 3 and the/a legal JP too, right? I see one free trip per trip if a 3s are landed. I don't read it as if everybody gets a 3, gets a trip. Sounds nice of them to do this.
  576. R

    More on "Code Groups", direct from Tim Ekstrom

    Was wondering where...... ok, the BH. Damn, Jamie.....
  577. R

    John Baker reels

    Have a converted 12 LT to a Baker 4. The most bulletproof small 2 speed reels there none. Freespool, drags are right there with the best. Have had zero issues with years of use. Have the B-2s, Avets, Tiagras....Baker, hands down. REK.
  578. R

    Calcutta 400 handle upgrade

    Keep in mind that you are changing the weight configs. Make sure the knob is in the down position or the reel will SNAP into gear on the cast.
  579. R

    How NOT to cook ribs.......

    Overcooked a bit. How come you have seagulls nailed to the fence?
  580. R

    Shimano 300 TE, 400TE Slay Yellowfin!!!

    Was this reel stock, other than the handle? Drags, bearings....... REK.
  581. R

    Tieing mono to spectra

    I start with a two turn overhand and run the spectra through the loop twice in the same direction as the wraps. This gives me a two turn uni but the tag of the mono ends up straight paralel with the main line spectra. No tag sticking out sideways to hangup on anything. 12/14 times down, 12/14...
  582. R

    Tieing mono to spectra

    Or....tie a connection on one side of the spectra and another connection on the other side. Tie the mono/fluoro tags to hooks or rings or whatever. Use something round or a pulley in the "U" of the spectra and break something. Wear eye protection, gloves, shirts that you don't need. REK.
  583. R


    Drive east on 74. Hills above Bighorn Country Club. Anywhere above Palm Desert.:imdumb::picknose::food-smiley-014:. (smiles so they don't f^*k with me).
  584. R

    Dove Hunting- Updated weather report!

    Just ranting.......sort of. Walked my fields yesterday and today. Saw two whole frickin doves. Got to go somewhere else or sleep in. Thunder, lighting, wind, dust storms this week. Rain today. Little mofos were here a couple of weeks ago.......shit! NW end Salton Sea. Happy hunting guys!
  585. R

    Dove Hunting- Updated weather report!

    Have a farm out ...........somewhere. If you're going to hunt the "POSTED" areas, pick up your fucking trash. AND when you can't hit shit, for fuck's sake, don't pattern the gun on a piece of my equipment. Oh yeah, this one. Oh, look at that cute Cottontail next to this guys' main line. Fuck me...
  586. R

    calcutta scratches

    shiny new rods and reels don't catch fish. drop a new rig on the driveway and kick it around a bit then go slay.
  587. R

    Which fights harder?

    They all have their good days.... YFT BE/BFT Albies
  588. R

    Marlin in Rowboat! You Bet

    I have that exact same boat! Hmmmmm.....need to buy a motor.
  589. R

    What knot is best or the one you use

    Trilene, Miller. Jimmy Lew for a loop. REK.
  590. R

    Splicing hollow to solid spectra

    Yeah, I do this. I double the solid, run it in the hollow 4 or 5 feet. I serve and glue the connection. I know somebody who uses the overhand for the connection, no failures. Not a huge knot but I think he uses long topshots so the knot doesn't impede the cast. Have even used a Sato crimp in a...
  591. R

    Penn 113H Drag Washer Issue..

    Looking at the photo of the drag stack. Isn't it supposed to be key/ear/key/ear/key. Not k/e/e/k/k. Or maybe it's just a photo. Not that this addresses the problem. REK.
  592. R

    what was the worst injury sustained on the water?

    Wait until Rubberhook? chimes in. Something about a nut or both while railrodding. Going to quiet this thread quick. REK.
  593. R

    New Article On Spectra

    Thanks for posting this. REK.
  594. R

    long range jig choice

    I just googled Duncan Imperial, see what I'm missing. Jim, Jim, Jim. Hook, line, sinker. Son of a b.......... REK.
  595. R

    Carbontex drags greased or dry?

    I like the way Alan greases HTs or Carbons. Apply(I rub it in), wipe off. It's there but not in excess. REK.
  596. R

    jb reels

    Have a cut down 12. THE SHIT! Most bulletproof reel there is IMO. REK.
  597. R

    Board problems ??????

    Recently, pages seem to get stuck on an ad. Sometimes clicking the refresh gets it going again. If not, shuts down my entire internet system, have to reboot the modem. Only happens on BD.
  598. R

    SPRO Bucktails

    some colors in some sizes, didn't have all, didn't know when. thanks.
  599. R

    SPRO Bucktails

    Anybody know where I can find some of these. Assorted sizes, colors. TIA. REK.
  600. R

    Question On How To Tie a Trolling Lure Skirt to Jetted Crome Head

    BlackBartInternational,... REK.
  601. R

    Hayabusa Circle Hooks?

    I'll use Owner or Hayabusa circles on larger Tunas but not Albacores. After trying just about every known hook out there, I've come back to the good old Mustad 94150s. Not just because I'm a cheap azz, because I think they are about the best Albacore hook there is. Really, no sh!t. REK.
  602. R


    open the vent.
  603. R

    carbontex washers dont work!?

    Is the thickness of the old and the new the same, including the washer under the gear? If not, try adding something between the bellville spring and the star, maybe another bellville or......... REK.
  604. R

    My low gear keeps popping out

    Seems I had this problem once, it has been a while. If I can remember correctly, I did check the spring and the release arm. These seemed to be working well. I think what it was is that the push knob, the high/low knob was tweaked a bit. Slightly bent. I think I just tweaked/bent it back. Have...
  605. R

    Tiagra 12

    Yeah, it would work. 65 solid or 60 hollow, but I like short topshots. If it were me, I would fill the spool w/spectra and use a 15 foot topshot. Reel specs have plenty of drag both at free and max. Degrease the spool bearings and oil. Strike Master Clamps Click this link for a clamp. REK.
  606. R

    Roddy Hayes /Tony Pena Knot, Spectra to mono connection??

    I have my own sort of way of tieing the Hays/Pena knot. I am interested on your method, though. Please, do the tutorial. Thanks. REK
  607. R

    Travel Fishing Rod

    Penn; G.Loomis; Lamiglas...
  608. R

    Spectra on 300TE?

    BASIC KNOTS TO KNOW Click the above link. Learn how to tie the Tony Pena knot. 2', 4', 10', 20' topshots, doesn't matter. Knot will fly through the guides, will fly through the level wind hole on your reel. I do a two turn overhand stop knot. Pull the tag spectra a little and the main a...
  609. R

    Spectra on 300TE?

    #5. Adjust the cast control features and fling away. REK.
  610. R

    Curado question

    Home > Products > Reels > Low Profile Baitcasting Reels > Curado D You can also follow the tabs for the schematics of their reels. REK.
  611. R

    Curado question

    Nick, From the Shimano website. Customer service tab/reel maintenance instructions/upgrade Curado tutorial. Maybe this is what you are looking for...
  612. R

    right rod for hx

    700XH, 765ML.
  613. R


    sick fucks.
  614. R

    JX vs. LX. vs. HX

    Well, whatever the definition of "scratch" happens to be. They ate the 40 fine, but...... The 50 was getting bit, the 60 was not. JP was 130s(spectra w/50 on a TLD 20). I thought there were 130s and maybe 140s out there at the time. Long soak, you have a lot of line out to begin with...
  615. R

    JX vs. LX. vs. HX

    JX, 50 spectra and 40#. I've seen 65 spectra and 50 on these get spooled at the rocks (3 times by 2 very good, veteran anglers). LX, 60/65 spectra and 40/50. 60 is taking liberties(imo), but have seen it done w/success. HX, 80 spectra and 50/60. IMO.
  616. R

    Barra Del Colorado help!

    Much appreciated, Michael, Thank you. REK.
  617. R

    tackle shop for long ranger in LA and SD

    Lot of R&D by the best of the best IMO.
  618. R

    Barra Del Colorado help!

    Hey Michael, Yup, they did mention a rain jacket. I think the plan is to do it all. Mostly river mouth, a day up river for the small exotics and we have an option for a day offshore. I think I have the reels down. Whether CTE types or SX types, I do spectra. I can change out mono sizes in...
  619. R

    How is everybody killing their sharks?

    Spray bottle adjusted to stream w/hard liquor sprayed in gills? Is this a myth?
  620. R

    Barra Del Colorado help!

    Thanks for even more info Tom. Takes a load off. My confusion was that they recommend H but their line/lure size has MH written all over it. Now I get it. Tom, Tom, Tom, I can't believe you summitted the sailfish photos. Took the prize right out of the little girls' hand. COLD bro! Nice sail...
  621. R

    Barra Del Colorado help!

    Hey Tom, Googled "coon pop". Saw it and thought, WTF! Asked myself, why not a regular leadhead? So, the rig is meant to be thrown off the circle thus eliminating the weight so the Tarpon can't throw the hook due to the weight of the jig. Okay, now I understand completely. As to the travel...
  622. R

    Barra Del Colorado help!

    Thanks Tom. Good info. Looked into 52Ms, I think a half oz. lure. Now I need a lighter travel rod. REK.
  623. R

    Barra Del Colorado help!

    Tom. Understood. I may have to go this route if I can't find a good "travel" rod for heavier line. A problem, I think, is the little transfer plane from San Jose into the jungle(one piece rods). Smaller poppers! REK.
  624. R

    Barra Del Colorado help!

    Tony, Thank you. Great info. Just talked to some guys I'm going with. Flyrodder says they use 16#, spinner guy says he uses 20#, no spectra. So...I'm looking to break some rules. REK.
  625. R

    Barra Del Colorado help!

    Hey Tom, The problem may be finding a heavy "travel" rod to match up with a CTE 700. Maybe Penn's heaviest. No problem finding 20/25 pound travel rods to match up with a CTE 3/400 w/50 spectra and a short topshot (pena knot of course). Some of these suggested lures seem to have weak looking...
  626. R

    Need help in identifying this angler

    Angler's naval about the height of the rail, so he's short or he's standing way back and bending down (to make the already big fish look bigger) or both. The size of the Damn nice YFT.
  627. R

    Barra Del Colorado help!

    Thank you Tony, Like I stated, never been there. The guys I'm going with have been there. Three flyrodders tag teaming a fish for a couple of hours. Conventional guys using twenty mono on spinners on for over an hour. Told me if he got tired he just pops it off. What and how these guys fish is...
  628. R

    Barra Del Colorado help!

    Tom. Many thanks for the info, much appreciated. I can do a small Avet or a similar reel. No, never been there, nor Tarpon. Stoked! REK.
  629. R

    Barra Del Colorado help!

    Thanks for the info Tom. So, what # test line are we looking for here?
  630. R

    Barra Del Colorado help!

    Casa Mar Lodge. Yeah, have to look around for a travel rod(s). Calctta 300/400CTEs w/spectra good enough? Thanks for the input. Keep it coming folks. REK.
  631. R

    Barra Del Colorado help!

    Invited to Barra Del Colorado, Costa Rica in September. Rio Colorado, north Costa Rica, Caribbean. Tarpon, Snook, or whatever. Never been there. Rods, reels, lures? Other? Thanks, REK.
  632. R

    Hollow Core to Mono Top Shots

    In regards to a L2L vs inline splice from main to windon. Some anglers feel it is faster, easier to L2L. Personally, I do inline. I don't think it takes alot of time or effort to do an inline splice. I would have no problem with either connection on my rig. Both would work fine. In regards to...
  633. R

    Hollow Core to Mono Top Shots

    Had a served solid to hollow connection for three years on a small 2-speed reel (65 solid/80 hollow/ mono). Dozens of lupe/rocks yfts. Got in a tangle and was cut off on the forth year. In a pinch, reconnectted with a crimp, worked great. I don't use Powerpro w/ the wax. I use JB solid inside of...
  634. R

    Hollow Core to Mono Top Shots
  635. R

    deflateing the bladder
  636. R

    Salton Sea

    When's the last time any of you guys fish this place? Sea got too salty. There are no fish in the sea, last I heard. None.
  637. R

    Newell and Spectra/Braid

    Have spectra on various Newells for years, tight, no problems. Don't have to take the line off because off corrision concerns unlike metal spools. Just a guess, I'd say the 220 will hold about 300 yds of 50 spectra.
  638. R


    Jerry Brown.
  639. R

    Saltist problem

    When all else fails, read the directions. See the "spool tension adjustment" knob on the right side. Turn it clockwise.
  640. R

    Xtreme Lubricants

    So Denny, you going to send a couple of bottles to Stan and Ron down in the desert to try out?
  641. R

    What is your No. 1 top choice for Wahoo rod

    700H or XH. Anybody try a 7470H for a Wahoo rod?
  642. R

    How do you set your drag?

    What Kevan said. Nothing like watching an angler pulled around a boat three times on a 40# tuna on 60# line. Only so many run and gun opportunities in a day. Wuss drags is how one deckhand defined it. Also check the drag often during the day. Humidity, temp changes can change settings.
  643. R

    knot forum

    I use this knot. Solid spectra to a short piece of dacron or hollow spectra, two overhands. Have caught and have seen caught nice fish, no fails. Do not use with short topshots. The overhand hangs up on the guides on the cast. Backlash and bait snaps off the hook. I only use this setup deep into...
  644. R

    Newell P533 5.5:1 or me decide

    I went with the 4:6 for my lr surface long rod. Still have to slow down wind to keep the lure kicking correctly. Plenty fast enough to skip the lure across the top when "skipjigging". And easier to get winds when on a fish. Have seen and heard both recommended by deck dudes. Happy with the 4:6...
  645. R

    Trinidad T40N, Saltiga 30T or Accurate 870xn

    Spool all three reels with the same type line. Take the rod and a jig to your fav lake and check them out. Spool size will mean something as to casting distance and comfort. I have found that stars will out cast a lever. I think it has something to do with spool/spindle/bearings and...
  646. R

    wanted shimano beastmaster 20/50 or 30/50

    u have a pm.
  647. R

    Calstar Graphiter weight oz ratings????

    I would think about 3 oz. on the M. M is a great caster with the Tady 9 and 45. Not enough for a 6x jr, which is about 4 1/2 oz??? Never casted with a L other than bait. Now if you're just dropping a weight over the side, I have no idea. REK.
  648. R

    Albright or reverse albright

    google tony pena knot. two turn overhand or uni for a stop knot. better imo.
  649. R

    Beastmaster rebuild ?

    Glenn charged me $166 to completely update and service a 30/50 Beastmaster. Changed out the liquidfied drag material for better material. Bearings, and complete service of reel. Freespools as well if not better than any International type reel I own. Well worth the money spent, IMHO. Send it to...
  650. R

    Best Knot for Heavy Line

  651. R

    Shimano TT 50 Beastmaster???

    Shimano TT = Triton Trolling and the Beastmaster is a BM, I think. If I remember correctly, the TT has a gold spool and gold lever quadrant and the BM has a black spool and black lever quadrant. Also, if I can remember correctly, the TT is kind of limited as to what you can do with them. TT 30...
  652. R

    another saltiga problem

    Wow! What does Daiwa have to say about this?
  653. R

    Pre 2005 Torium 30

    Hey Alan, Lee. Just tried to convey what seems to be working for me. Just another opinion, another option. Try it or don't try it. Never said I know more than the rest of you, just putting it out there to check out. So, you don't care for the one way roller bearing. Then why not buy a less...
  654. R

    Pre 2005 Torium 30

    Well, OK. I don't know if when cleaning the roller with a light oil(w/anti-rust qualities), then cleaning the oil off with a dry q-tip is treating the metal in any way. AND, I do clean my reels after every time out on the water, so I have never seen rust. So, I guess, one could lube it and fish...
  655. R

    Pre 2005 Torium 30

    I had the same problem when I changed out to carbotex washers (with a Cal plate). Not enough drag due to running out of adjustment range. Called Smooth Drag and asked for an under the main gear washer that comes with the extreme smoothie kit. This is a thicker, nylon or teflon drag washer...
  656. R


    Google tony pena knot. It's what I now use for solid spectra to mono/fluoro. I either use a double overhand or a two turn uni to start. Once the tag end of the spectra is in the created loop, use a glove and wrap the spectra in one hand and wrap the mono/fluoro in the other. Spit on knot and...
  657. R

    Are Fuel Surcharges BS or Legit?

    Every time I have checked in on the RP, twice this last year, all money owed, F/S, permits, jackpot, and down payment shortage, was done with a check. I have never heard of cash only. I don't carry this kind of cash anyway. This day and age, who does? REK.
  658. R

    Are Fuel Surcharges BS or Legit?

    After all that was said and done...........that's some very funny shit there! LMFAO! Good one Ray.:fighting0061:
  659. R

    handle upgrade for tld 20?

    T-Bar Handles
  660. R

    Any Final words?

    Hey Pence, Been on this charter since 89 or 90 more or less. Big Fred, 26 or 7 straight years on the Yo's 11. Will have John and Steve from AC going again. Good mix of old and new, all polite fishkillers. Bring it all 25/30 to 100. 40 and 50 will probably be used the most. See you Friday.
  661. R

    uneven spooling

    My small 2500 Shimano comes with a few shim/washers that are .020 thick to address this. States that you want the line to bunch up towards the top of the spool when using "hard" lines like fluoro to avoid backlash.
  662. R

    accurate 870.....40lb?

    How much 65 solid, how much 40 mono. What # at strike and what do you get at max?
  663. R

    Torium 20

    20 and 30, all the same except spool and frame width. Lady angler caught a 130# YFT at Alijos on the 30 with 50#. Brad ZZZZZ caught an almost cow down south with a stock 30. No problem, do it.