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  1. bliss

    For Sale Calstar/Seeker Rods and Progear/Avet/Penn Reels FOR SALE

    Great deals! If you still have that Calstar 270 in a week I’ll be in the area and will take it.
  2. bliss

    Tuna on PENN Torque and Fathom 15LD2's

    70-ish Bluefin on the Fathom 15NLD2, when the good size Bluefin were off Ensenada in May of this year. Had it loaded with 50lb PP spectra and a 4 ft 30lb flourocarbon leader. First run took about 3/4 the spool but I was never concerned that I was going to get spooled. Went on to land another (a...
  3. bliss

    Lamiglas GBT84XH

    Lamiglas GBT84XH Anyone wrapped one? If so, what did you do with it? Any idea what they are worth? Only thing i can find is 80lb, 6oz lure wt A buddy gifted me a few blanks found in the garage of a house he just bought. Thanks, Brandon
  4. bliss

    Sewage spill

    I would steer clear for a week minimum, 2 weeks is what I would wait.
  5. bliss

    3-1/2 - Day Pacific Voyager

    My recollection of the trip is love in the offshore report section
  6. bliss

    A few recent builds

    No expert. In fact just starting out. Got to pull on each one of these last week on the pacific voyager and they all work beautifully. 875h purple, grey, black 800xxh white, grey, black 700xh grey black 690t blue, black Going to try more difficult ‘glamour’ wraps on the next one. Thanks for...
  7. bliss

    112-pound bluefin tuna on PENN Torque TRQ15LD2

    Few more on Penn’s from the same trip 202#on the squall 50vsw 100ish# on the Fathom 25nld2 Pleasure fishing with you Corndog. Let’s do it again next year!
  8. bliss

    3.5 day Pacific Voyager 11/21-11/25

    One more, gear ready to kill
  9. bliss

    3.5 day Pacific Voyager 11/21-11/25

    Grab a beer before starting this one. Before getting into any details I would first like to thank Dave B. for letting me onto this private charter, after a late in the game Cabo cancellation I was lucky enough to jump on. Secondly, the Captain and crew of the Pacific Voyager, you made this trip...
  10. bliss

    SOLD Trinidad 14A

    Pending...that was quick
  11. bliss

    SOLD Trinidad 14A

    I have a Trinidad 14A that’s been sitting for years collecting dust. Has the grey handle, no white handle. Quite a bit of boat rash as shown in photos. Comes with box, tools and manual inside. Free spoil isn’t what it should be, could probably use a servicing. Looking for $210. Up for trades...
  12. bliss

    SOLD Trinidad 14A

    I have a Trinidad 14A that’s been sitting for years collecting dust. Has the grey handle, no white handle. Quite a bit of boat rash as shown in photos. Comes with box, tools and manual inside. Free spoil isn’t what it used to be, could probably use a servicing. Looking for $SOLD Up for trades...
  13. bliss

    3-1/2 - Day Pacific Voyager

    Going to put together a write up over the holiday weekend. What a trip!
  14. bliss

    TRADE Penn internationaL 12 VISX

    Interested in selling?
  15. bliss

    WTB Penn VISXS 16

    Preferably within 150 miles of LAX
  16. bliss

    For Sale FS: 7 Calstar Blanks

    Let me know if you decide to split.
  17. bliss

    3-1/2 - Day Pacific Voyager

    Thank you Dave, payment sent.
  18. bliss

    SOLD Costa 580 Sunglasses

    Costa 580 Sunglasses Black Frame, black lenses. Never worn. $100 shipped, $90 if you pick them up in Torrance or El Segundo
  19. bliss

    For Sale Bean Bag Chair

    I’ll get in line.
  20. bliss

    For Sale Owner Hooks

    Great seller, buy with confidence.
  21. bliss

    For Sale Porter 690 router and Stark routing table

    Router is in like new condition, only used on a few jobs. Table has been around and used a little longer but still has lots of life in it. Also will include a very basic set of routing bits. Looking for $150. Willing to trade for Calstar 775XXH blank. Located in Torrance.
  22. bliss

    SOLD Thanks Jerry!

    Good deal!
  23. bliss

    Michael Myers (Halloween) weave

    Incredible work
  24. bliss

    Penn Fathom 15LD2

    Earlier this season I landed a 71 lb bluefin on the 15ld2. Saw the bottom of the spool but landed the fish. Once I figured out what kind of fish we were on I switched over to the 25nld2 and that worked nicely.
  25. bliss

    SOLD Penn Fathom 40n lever drag 2 speed

    I’ll take it if still available
  26. bliss

    Calstar GF700XH

    That one is next on my list, what guides do you plan on using?
  27. bliss

    2nd hand Power Wrappers

    Picked this deal up. Tons of thread and a wrapper that appears to be in great shape. Thanks for the help guys
  28. bliss

    SOLD Penn Squall 12

    Willing to ship?
  29. bliss

    2nd hand Power Wrappers

    What do I need to check for? What are indicators of improper use? Do you think it is worth it? Or is it one of those things you should put out the coin to get new? How you often do you see them pop up for sale? Where is the best place to look for a used one? Thanks in advanced. I don’t mind...
  30. bliss

    SOLD My junk is your junk

    Where are you in LA?
  31. bliss

    SOLD Candybar, Tady 45 and Caivo jigs

    Do you commute at all for work? I'm in Torrance
  32. bliss

    SOLD 3 AGM Batteries

    I'll get in line if by some miracle someone else doesn't take them
  33. bliss

    For Sale seeker and proteus

    What kind of handle on the proteus
  34. bliss

    Motorguide 36v trolling motor

    Need it gone $650
  35. bliss

    Motorguide 36v trolling motor

    Price drop. $800
  36. bliss

    14 ft mirro craft with roof rack $200

    I have a 14 ft mirro craft I bought a few years ago. Never used it never registered it. Tags are from 2015 Comes with roof rack. Originally bought for trips to the sierras, never worked out. Also have a 50 lb thrust trolling motor I'll sell for 50 that was bought for this boat. Used it once...
  37. bliss

    6 flat laying hoops with rope

    Pending pick up tomorrow
  38. bliss

    Gas cans

    6 gal is gone. Other two are still around. $5 bucks for both.
  39. bliss

    Gas cans

    1 6 gal set up to go to an old Johnson I believe -$15 1 gallon tanks, old and faded. I'll take $4 each Pick up in Torrance
  40. bliss

    6 flat laying hoops with rope

    Just like the title says. Some have more rope than others. Have the rope on extension cord holders. Want them gone. All 6 for 30 bucks Pick up in Torrance
  41. bliss

    SCI 9/24

    Looks like they are using the butt ends of the gaffs to push it off/down
  42. bliss

    Reels for sale-Penn, Newell, Shimano

    Is he in La Habra also?
  43. bliss

    WTT : Calstar 770XH Blank for 770H / 775H Blank

    Would you be open to selling it?
  44. bliss

    Heavy Metal Rail Rod

    What number eyes did you use on that?
  45. bliss

    Motorguide 36v trolling motor

    This is a brand new, still in sealed box trolling motor. It's a bow mount 36 volts, 105 lb thrust and 60 inch with tiller control. West marine lists $1,139. i won this one and already have one. PRICE DROP. $650
  46. bliss

    CP80HP Blank for sale [United Composites $100]

    I'll take it if Matt doesn't
  47. bliss


    Where are you located? Ill take the penn 4/0
  48. bliss

    Avet SX and Avet SXJ

    I'm awake, SX still available sorry guys
  49. bliss

    Avet SX and Avet SXJ

    Nope sold. Only the SX left
  50. bliss

    Avet SX and Avet SXJ

    Price drop $100
  51. bliss

    Avet SX and Avet SXJ

    Bump. Looking for Penn 113h as possible trade
  52. bliss

    Dana point 3/4 day yellows- where they at?

    14 second interval. Gunna be a good day to make that crossing
  53. bliss

    Misc boat stuff

    Garmin units pending payment
  54. bliss

    Craftsman grinder

    Old craftsman 1/3hp grinder. Works well, hate to get rid of it but have 2 now and taking up too much space on my work bench Looking to get $65
  55. bliss

    Cressi freediving fins

    Kept these as back ups after I grew out of them in case any of my buddies needed them. Don't do as much diving anymore and don't want them laying around. Used well but still good amount of life left in them. They are size 42-44 (men's 8-9). Run about $130 new, I'll take $40 bucks
  56. bliss

    Misc boat stuff

    I have one rod holder ss. I think it's a 30 degree??? Bought it for a boat I sold last year and no need on the new boat $15 I have a tiny anchor roller that came in a 2 pack. This thing is SMALL see dimensions in pic. Worked well for a aluminum I had. $5 2 Garmin 178c sounders. 1 power cord, 2...
  57. bliss

    Avet SX and Avet SXJ

    No clamp for either, SXJ sold
  58. bliss

    Avet SX and Avet SXJ

    I've had the SX a long time but have too many reels in that class and don't fish it as much as I used to. Good condition, some boat rash as it was well used at one time. The SXJ I have fished once or twice since I bought it a few years ago at one of the landings in SD. Got it for a trip I was...
  59. bliss

    Rods & Reels F/S

    I like #1 but am out of town. Who wrapped these? if you don't mind me asking
  60. bliss

    F/S Super seeker 70XH blank tip broken

    I'll get in line, let me know if the others don't take it. I'm in torrance
  61. bliss

    Need help finding hotel with boat parking in SD

    Mission valley resort in hotel circle is about as good as it gets.
  62. bliss

    16 ft cc 35 hp yamaha

    Any shots of the outboard?
  63. bliss


    I'll go next in line on the LCD meter if for some reason it falls thru
  64. bliss

    Found hoop net Catalina

    Lost one last week, 2 shots of line tied together. Excess rope wrapped on extension cord holder. 2 buoy yellow and orange
  65. bliss

    2007 Seaswirl Center Console Bay Boat

    Very cool skiff. I looked hard at these before I picked up my key west. The ride is very similar to that of the Ranger Bahia
  66. bliss

    SOLD 2006 Parker 2520xl - SOLD

    Seen it at cat couple weeks back. Too much boat for my driveway but someone will be stoked on this killer rig.
  67. bliss

    Xtratuf boots

    Next in line
  68. bliss

    2 New Seats and 180' of anchor rope and more

    Seats still up for grabs?
  69. bliss

    2 boat seats

    Where are you located?
  70. bliss

    2002 Bombardier fish hawk 180 cc with 90hp

    Bump New boats here Monday and I need the space. Make an offer
  71. bliss

    Selling a killer Bass rig

    Got a new rig coming from Florida in 2 weeks and she's gotta go to make room 2002 bombardier fish hawk 180cc Check out the classifieds boat sales. Thanks guys
  72. bliss

    2002 Bombardier fish hawk 180 cc with 90hp

    BUMP back on the market, flakes will be flakes. We all know how that goes
  73. bliss

    2002 Bombardier fish hawk 180 cc with 90hp

    Back on the market, gotta love flakes. Don't do business with Adam Williams.
  74. bliss

    wtb 17-18 ft cc

    Just posted min for sale on here. Have a look. Not a 4 stroke, but she's nice
  75. bliss

    2002 Bombardier fish hawk 180 cc with 90hp

    2002 Bombardier fish hawk 180 2002 90hp Evinrude Ficht 2002 galvanized trailer (single axel) Comes with bow mounted 81 lb thrust motor guide trolling motor (removable base installed) VHF radio Stereo system with headphone jack Bow ice chest with seat cover 27 gallon bait tank Anchor 120 ft of...
  76. bliss

    2 trolling motors F/S

    Bump I'll take 850 for the motorguide
  77. bliss

    2 trolling motors F/S

    1st is a bow mounted motorguide. This is great white addition an is 82 lbs 60 inch shaft and requires 24 volt. Comes with the 360 gator mount. This trolling motor is brand new and still In the box we won it last year and don't new two Looking for $950 2nd is an outsunny 12 volt 50lb thrust...
  78. bliss

    Kayak bait tank FS

    Only use 3 times for tourneys. Works well runs off 6 volt -12 amp hour battery with pelican housing. From my experience the battery lasts for a full day (6hours or so) Has 3 rod holders and 2 straps and I will include a wall charger Not in a hurry to sell and want to get a good chunk of what I...
  79. bliss

    Admin. pls. delete!

    I'll take em.
  80. bliss

    Boat stereo w/ 2 speakers

    Got put on military duty. Won't have access to my sale items or my phone for another week. I will respond to my PM's when I return. If you don't want to wait that's fine.
  81. bliss

    Need a bay reel

    You can pick up a lexa 100 off for about 65-70. Excellent bay reel. GL
  82. bliss

    Boat stereo w/ 2 speakers

    Nothing special, picked it up on sale about 2 years ago. Sold the boat i originally bought it for and the new boat came with one so looking to get rid of it. Has everything you need to hook it up, box is open. $65 bucks
  83. bliss

    React series Seeker 8 foot 20-30

    Bought this about 3 seasons ago and never really put it to good use. Caught 1 tuna and a handful of yellows on it. Good condition with normal wear (few scratches) Looking for $140 NO SHIPPING
  84. bliss

    10 flat laying promar hoop nets

    Used but cared for, nothing wrong with them just got a new set for this season. no rigging just the hoops. 12 a piece or 100 for the set. PM me if your interested.
  85. bliss

    WTB Small outboard 5-15 HP

    I've got a 95 9.9 merc two stroke. In excellent condition. Most maintenance records as well. Let me know if your interested
  86. bliss

    90j and cedros 10 LD

    I'll take the 90j. Where are you located?
  87. bliss

    Plastics pouring station

    What weight plastic is it?
  88. bliss

    2002 Pacific Trailer

    Had a look at it today. Too big for my needs but looks to be In good condition. GLWS
  89. bliss

    lowrance HDS 5 $350

    Does this one have structure scan capabilities?
  90. bliss

    2008 Blazer Bay 1860 "Snook Hunter" for sale

    Makes me think I bought my boat 2 months too soon. Sweet rig. If it doesn't go soon I might have to move my other sled over and make my back yard double occupancy.
  91. bliss

    16' center console Carolina skiff

    Good looking boat. Looks killer for the wall. Glws
  92. bliss

    sea tow membership

    Still have it? Headed down your way Saturday. 100?
  93. bliss

    sea tow membership

    Got paypal?
  94. bliss

    sea tow membership

    Pm sent
  95. bliss

    13ft boston whaler center console

    Sweet rig brotha. GLWS
  96. bliss

    MotorGuide Saltwater TM - NIB - $800

    Still up for grabs?
  97. bliss


    Hit Pv 12-6 lots of pulls lots of shorts lots of seals and almost no other boats out there. Worked hard and got one short of limit. Good stuff
  98. bliss

    16a 16na calstar gfgr 800l 800xl

    Anyone able to get in touch with this guy?
  99. bliss

    FS Gold Trinidad 12 14 & 16

    What's the package deal price?
  100. bliss

    WTT: Avet MXL Raptor in Silver for Trinidad

    Any particular size your looking for?
  101. bliss

    Blue horizon 2 day leaving the 3rd

    Anyone on this trip from LA area? Buddy just bailed on the trip looking to ridepool.
  102. bliss

    Inflatable/ Dinghy for sale

    Bump for a sick dive boat
  103. bliss

    14 ft mirrocraft 9.9 merc

    All original paper work for both. No holes no leaks. Motor runs nice and has always been flushed and serviced. New paint. Comes with roof rack. Trailer available and can be purchased for additional cost. Looking for 1100
  104. bliss

    14 mirrocraft with 9.9 2stk merc

    Bump. Great little skiff.
  105. bliss

    Yellow cobra fish n dive w/ extras

    Comes with a lot of the necessities. I'll throw in a seat,paddle,crate set up w rod holders, roof pads and straps, gaff, low profile life jacket and a few leashes. Also has two hatches one large rectangle one circular. Looking for 625
  106. bliss

    14 mirrocraft with 9.9 2stk merc

    I have a old mirrocraft 14 footer with all original paperwork. Even the brochure from when purchased. Boat is in excellent condition and just got a fresh paint job. As for the outboard it's a 96 I believe and runs like day one. Willing to trade for an outboard in the 15-25 hp range. I'll sell it...
  107. bliss

    Anyone have a slip in king harbor?

    I'm looking for anyone currently docking there boat in king harbor. Need some information thanks
  108. bliss

    14 Ft. Aluminum Skiff Simi Valley

    What's the split cost? Outboard? Boat?
  109. bliss


    Watch Craigslist. If they were dumb enough to steal them they'll be dumb enough to get caught selling them
  110. bliss

    18' Crestliner w/2004 Honda BF 50 A Four Stroke ***SOLD****

    Ican stand behind him and tell you that he is a great/honest seller still own his old bayrunner and still kill big boys on the reg with it
  111. bliss

    tubing newport

    Thanks buddy exactly what i was looking for
  112. bliss

    tubing newport

    wheres a good place to launch? not asking for a secret spot. Even if you know of a beach that would have access and decent parking. Thanks guys :hali_olutta:
  113. bliss

    Lobster Hooping Season Over?

    I was noticing the same thing until the last storm rolled through, ive been having much better luck shallow(10-30ft) Take it for what its worth,but at this time of the year i usually produce in 40ft plus
  114. bliss

    Kodak 32 gal bait tank

    Works perfectly. Has a few Kodak stickers on it Always did its job for me $120 located in long beach
  115. bliss

    5 Promar Conical Hoopnets

    i swooped them up last night. Thanks again Rick
  116. bliss

    Way Out West...

    Great write up looking forward to more pics
  117. bliss

    FS Minn Kota riptide sf80

    sale pending
  118. bliss

    FS Minn Kota Ritide sf80

  119. bliss

    FS Minn Kota riptide sf80

    FS Minn Kota Ritide sf80 60 in shaft with foot comtrol and hand control Everything works great and it needs a new home. 400 takes it Email pics upon request
  120. bliss

    FS Minn Kota Ritide sf80

    60 in shaft with foot comtrol and hand control Everything works great and it needs a new home. 400 takes it Email pics upon request
  121. bliss

    suzuki df 70

    any interest in selling seperatly?
  122. bliss


    X2 The blue and white works well too.
  123. bliss


    heres the pictures The top one has the mounting plate for an idea of size reference There is also a lip that you can see in the picture (less than 1/2inch)
  124. bliss

    Los Alamitos Bay

    There is a bridge out by the ski wing of the harbor, if you can get into the docks on the other side theres a nice little hali whole in there that ive done pretty good at. Might want to try newport if you dont have a boat or tube, they are a little more friendly when it comes to fisherman on the...
  125. bliss


    I know this isnt the specified section to post this in but i also know that nobody will have more insight on the matter than people that frequent this forum. So i have broke down and bought a new trolling motor for my boat. Its a minn kota rt thats 60 in and has 80 lbs thrust. The issue im...
  126. bliss


    It all starts saturday morning 3am. Im dragging ass from the night before but need to get back to catalina after what i saw there wednesday. So i get up pack the gear and call to make sure my dive partner didnt snooze the alarm. He picks up and tells me he is only 5 min away from my storage...
  127. bliss

    Reebs @ Fred Hall

    you guys are too late i cleared him out of all the underground colors yesterday about 2 hours into the show Thanks man
  128. bliss

    Shimano Termar and Curado 300e setups

    ill get in line for a curado
  129. bliss

    nph tomorrow

    Thinking of going tubing during the incoming tomorrow night. Anyone already have plans to that doesnt mind me tagging along?or interested in going?
  130. bliss

    where you guys fishing tomorrow?

    what time?
  131. bliss

    18' Starcraft 3500-

    lets see the pics
  132. bliss

    Looking for a (1980 - 2001) 17ft Boston Whaler Montauk

    I called an hour too late pulled out cash and all just to hear it sold within hours. best deal ive seen in a while
  133. bliss

    last min trip today

    Nice pic on the bass. Ended up with 13 for 3 hours
  134. bliss

    last min wall trip

    anyone want to venture out to the wall at about noon today? got off work early and with nothing to do and a boat ready run im going ill be leaving from daveys launch ramp pm me if you want to go
  135. bliss

    last min trip today

    last min trip ill be heading out on my boat to the wall at about 1130-noon time frame and will be solo unless someone got out of work early like i did and wants to come along leaving from los alamitos send me a pm if ur interested
  136. bliss

    bow mounted trolling motor

    sorry for the lag had to take care of another boat issue heres the best pic i had online ,ill take another on sunday let me know what you think
  137. bliss

    1996 Hydra Sport 22' Ocean-- KEVLAR HULL!!

    beautiful boat man. What are you looking to get for it?
  138. bliss

    Phenix Custom Bass Rod

    What's the length of the rod? Bitchin color scheme
  139. bliss

    California Calico Special

    pics added as well as another rod for sale a sea hawk inshore 706m was 7ft but i took it down about 3in (one eye) professionally done.I used it primarily as a slug rod. well used but still in decent condition. Asking $55 for it california special still $80 and is damn near brand new
  140. bliss

    California Calico Special

    9ft model in 15-40 practically brand new ive taken it out once and caught maybe 10 bass on it $85
  141. bliss

    bow mounted trolling motor

    im looking for a way to bow mount a trolling motor i bought on a 20' bayrunner but with minimal space up front to actually place one im interested in what you guys would try Ive thought about building up the deck in the front however its about a two ft build up and im not sure i would want it to...
  142. bliss

    black friday bassin

    what time? might be game
  143. bliss

    Abu Garcia Revo Inshore LNIB

    still available?
  144. bliss

    Shimano Crucial Swimbait Rod 7'11" 15-30

    where do you work?ever head north at all ?
  145. bliss

    Shore Launching off our coast

    if you can hand launch it (pick it up and put it in the water) theres mulitple places like k street in newport less than 5 min from the harbor exit, redondo has a little dock you can drop it into the water from right behind joes crab shack
  146. bliss

    or sale. abu garcia revo stx

    pics please if not here send them to me at [email protected]
  147. bliss


    I'll give you 25 for em and u can keep the box
  148. bliss


    If there was nothing else itll be around 300
  149. bliss

    Complete Tackle Bag

    if you do break up the deal let me know what you want for the bottom box also what you want for the led heads
  150. bliss

    Garmin Etrex Handheld GPS

    where r u locateed?
  151. bliss

    1986 18' Gregor Center Console $750

    someone buy this before i break the bank and have two boats in the driveway
  152. bliss

    Bay bass rods but that could be used to fish calicos

    hey tuna if he doesnt want that rod give me a location ill take it
  153. bliss

    For sale1988 Bayrunner/50HP Honda 4 stroke

    Cant wait to see it in the morning
  154. bliss


    has this sold?
  155. bliss

    Fishing the red buoy in Newport

    dont forget about the 100000000000000 tomcod that sit there
  156. bliss

    MAKO 17

    hey is this boat still available and if so what price range are u looking to sell for
  157. bliss

    PICS Red light xbox 360 HDD games controller 75 bucks

    woops i need to read better damn 12 hour work shifts
  158. bliss

    PICS Red light xbox 360 HDD games controller 75 bucks

    anything wrong wit it? how many gigs
  159. bliss

    Where to fish Saturday 9/12

    just get as far south as you can
  160. bliss

    trolling lures and biggg rapalas

    all together i have 7 big rapalas [$9-12]in all different colors and 6 weighted trolling lures half of which are mexican flag a few red and a big pink and black sucker for high speed if your interested in these and can pick them up in long beach before friday ill let them go dirt cheap all...
  161. bliss

    trolling lures and big rapalas

    all together i have 7 big rapalas [$9-12]in all different colors and 6 weighted trolling lures half of which are mexican flag a few red and a big pink and black sucker for high speed if your interested in these and can pick them up in long beach before friday ill let them go dirt cheap all...