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  1. xtshawytscha

    Parker 2520

    Maybe this should be in the classifieds, but I'm not selling it and just wanted to pass along what looks like a phenomenal deal. I was going to try to buy it and bring it out here and decide between it and our current boat and keep the one we liked more. In the end, we just like our boat too...
  2. xtshawytscha

    Paint Matching

    We're having a minor repair done on our boat and running into paint issues. The painter is telling us the paint that was shipped to us is the wrong color. He sent a picture of the open can and a test spray. He claims it's the wrong color, but the picture he sent looks like the right color. Need...
  3. xtshawytscha

    Boat Painting Question

    We moored our boat in a slip in Quilcene during shrimp season and it was hit by the boat next to us. The damage is very minor but the company who owns the boat that hit us is doing the right thing and paying to fix it. We have the paint and just need an honest paint shop to do the work. We're in...
  4. xtshawytscha

    Cool You Tube Channel

    I know I'm not the only one on here who spends way too much time watching boating and fishing videos on You Tube. I just thought I'd share this channel with you guys. As a La Push guy, I've rarely had to worry about a real bar crossing like you guys in Westport or Ilwaco. I watch stuff like this...
  5. xtshawytscha

    Avet MC vs non MC

    Just wondering if the magnetic cast control is worth the extra dough on the Avet SX and MX series of reels. Primary use would be casting swimbaits for tuna and secondary would be shallow water (under 200 feet) jigging for bottomfish. I have always fished baitcasters and can cast and control...
  6. xtshawytscha

    Bleach Bottle Waxing

    I know the tin can guys will roast me for asking, but I'm hoping to keep our glass boat looking nice and shiny, and I'm wondering what other glass boat owners use to keep your painted boats protected and looking good.
  7. xtshawytscha

    Dead lings today

    Bummer of a tuna season allowed us to shift our focus to things that live a little closer to shore. Had the whole ocean to ourselves. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon!
  8. xtshawytscha

    Boat Pictures

    Maybe there is an old thread that has already covered this, but I searched and couldn't find anything. I would love to see pictures of everyone's boats. Doesn't matter to me if it's a kayak or a mega yacht, I just love boats and would bet that many of you do as well!
  9. xtshawytscha

    50 gallon ATL fuel bladder

    Unused but a little dirty from sitting in a garage for years. I'll give it a good scrubbing before purchase to be sure it'll clean up ok. 50 gallon petroflex fuel bladder tank. Has underlayment mat for larger 150 gallon tank (the mat is really big). No tie downs. Date of manufacture is 2005. I...
  10. xtshawytscha

    Spending the night offshore

    With the recent reports of fish biting better in the late afternoon and evening, I've been thinking more and more about doing an overnight trip. I'm interested in hearing advice from those who have done it in a small boat. Wondering about things like keeping someone awake on watch, idling the...
  11. xtshawytscha

    Northern Tuna

    Decided to make the run from La Push yesterday and give it a go. Rare day that schedules lined up with nice water. No recent chloro shots and obviously no Intel as I think we were the first boat to try up here made for an uphill battle. Heavy fog made it tough to see any action on the way out...
  12. xtshawytscha

    Bait tank drain question

    Help! In the process of installing our new bait tank and the only place with room to install the thru hull and shut off will place the drain below the waterline. Is this ok? I know it's probably less than ideal, but it's the only option. This is the overflow drain, not the end of day drain...
  13. xtshawytscha

    Used car loans

    It's looking like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get a rig to replace our Tahoe. We haven't had a car loan in a long time, so I'm reaching out to you guys to hear your experiences, recommendations and what I should be expecting for terms. This will be for a used vehicle. Thanks!
  14. xtshawytscha

    Nearshore action

    Flat water and only a handful of boats out of La Push today. Limits of lings and the bass were more than plentiful. 7 flawless trips so far on the new boat and we like it more every time we use it. My brother in law and his boy with a respectable shallow water ling.
  15. xtshawytscha

    Question for Techie people

    I'm looking for an app to share photos and information with a small group of people. Needs to be accessible from Android and IOS, as well as from pc. Ideally, information would be separated in folders so we could add photos and notes specific to the folder. Is there anything out there that...
  16. xtshawytscha

    Permatrim or Not?

    I'm looking for feedback from people who are running or have run a permatrim on their outboard. I see lots of Parker owners running them and everyone seems to really like them. Lower planing speed, improved stability and better economy seem to be consistent improvements reported by people. Our...
  17. xtshawytscha

    If you need a laugh

    My apologies if this has already been posted, but it was sent to me and I thought it was pretty funny!
  18. xtshawytscha

    Upholstery work

    We've ran the new boat several times and so far we're really enjoying it. The only thing we don't like is the side facing bench seat. The guy sitting closest to the bow ends up sliding back and piling into the guy next to him. We're going to cut the box seat back enough that we can fit a forward...
  19. xtshawytscha

    Fisheries Supply

    Had to spend the day in Seattle today which is never fun for me, but it was made better by a stop at Fisheries Supply. What a cool store! I had only been there once before and it was only for a few minutes. Had a little more time today and was able to get all of the parts for our bait tank...
  20. xtshawytscha

    Bait tank photos

    We are working on installing a bait tank in the new boat and I was wondering if you guys would be willing to show some pictures of what you've done on your boats. We already have the tank and will probably be installing up against the rear wall of the cabin (pilothouse boat). I know this is not...
  21. xtshawytscha

    Picked up the new boat last night!

    Just thought I'd share some pictures of our new to us boat that we picked up yesterday. It's a 1987 C Hawk 245 that was fully restored last year. Suzuki 300 with 62hrs. Moving up from our Hewes 220 SeaRunner that we had for 10 years. Hoping we don't regret going to glass!
  22. xtshawytscha

    Western Washington/Portland area shop recommendations

    I'm looking for recommendations for a shop in the Western Washington or Portland area that can install a bait tank and kicker bracket, along with some smaller electrical projects (washdown, lights and a battery relocation). Thanks in advance!